Aug. 20, 2021

A Simple Favor & Masters of the Universe: Revelation

A Simple Favor & Masters of the Universe: Revelation
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Alternative facts, post truth, yes it really is the age of bullshit as far as reality is concerned but movies that are based on real events have always captured the cinemagoer's imagination. Our Top 5 Movies Based On A True Story includes incredible feats of heroism and villainy, and provides a window to the past to allow us to evaluate people or places in a different context. That extra frisson of truth to a story can elevate the stakes as reality truly can be stranger than fiction.

Our main feature this week is Paul Feig's 2018 black comedy A SIMPLE FAVOUR. Based on Darcey Bell's novel of the same name, the film sees Anna Kendrick's Stephanie Smothers, a widowed vlogger, befriend the enigmatic Emily (Blake Lively). As their sons play dates become an excuse to grab a martini or 3 some truly shocking truths emerge emerge. To say much more is to spoil a twisty thriller best watched without spoilers, but suffice to say no one is quite who they seem.

We finish up this weeks show with Kevin Smith's MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATION. Fascinatingly devised as a direct continuation of the toy commercial we adored when we were younger, the voice cast includes a wealth of talent and with perhaps America's most famous nerd behind it, this was always going to be amazing.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads



A Simple Favour

Reegs: welcome to bad dad's film review the film review podcast, which well, and truly knows there's only a finite and limited number of ways to introduce a film podcast. Yes, we're just some idiots with children and microphones, shouting our opinions about movies we missed while our kids were young out into the endless void of space and occasionally bouncing them directly into your ear holes as we sometimes swear and totally spoil the movies we talk about this week's episode is brought to us from the mind of Dan with the top five based on a true story, a review of poor fakes, a simple favor and finishing off with kids. Definitely the kids street masters of the universe of revelation from the mind of Twitter, flirt to Kevin Smith, all that's left is to introduce your host this evening, a quartet of quarrelsome, copulated society Dan

and the returning house.

Howie: Hello me and Jeff Bezos just come back from the moon. And so, all right. He's gentle on the

Reegs: on the approach

Howie: You got me back packing shelves immediately afterwards though.

Reegs: Now some, some of our more recent listeners may not know a lot about you. So you were the man who introduced Brighton rock to the podcast, weren't you? Which still,

Howie: Well, I don't, I'm sure that there has been a film worse than that.

Reegs: Are you going to say cats?

Howie: I, I, I believe based on the fact that was deemed one of the shittiest films in both the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook comments and the podcast itself, and I, and I kind of listened. Yeah, it was nice. I felt really

Sidey: Have you seen it? no

Oh, you should

Dan: definitely

Howie: on, based on the review, I don't have no urge to see Judy Dench get a Perry Muff out

Reegs: No,

Howie: the cat Muff.

Reegs: no. Right. And you also introduced us to the idea of Margaret Thatcher being a sex object way before that became a cool

Howie: Well,

you know fashions change, but style and style sex tapes remain.

Reegs: So yeah, that should give the, the, the listeners a little flavor of, of you.

Howie: yeah, it's a real rounded approach to my persona.

Margaret Thatcher sex tapes. Being banged by Jeff Bezos

kind of really just sum me up nicely.

Reegs: Has anybody been watching it?

Dan: Yeah. I've watched a few films. Are you up in busy this, this week with films? As well as the homework I watched another film on I player called the gangster cop and devil. Now it may be a recommendation. This I really enjoyed it.

It's a Korean movie and a cop and a gangster have to team up to catch a serial killer. I won't spoil it anymore right now, but check it out. It's it's a couple of hours long and it's, it's really entertaining. I started to watch a film called ridiculous six

Howie: Oh, God. Is that the yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Okay. So started didn't finish that.

I think it was about 10 minutes

Reegs: I did actually watch big Stan the other day, which is Rob Schneider. It's not but I think he's in both of those,

Dan: Why was that any

Reegs: No, of course not. No awful.

Dan: no, this, this didn't get, get through inside sort of 10 or 15 minutes. I've watched another movie called rose island kept on coming up on my Netflix is a recommendation and it's a based on a true story of how a guy in Italy built his own island effectively an oil platform,

Howie: I've seen that.

Dan: yeah.

Okay. So I'll watch that.

Howie: precarious at

Dan: yeah,

but you know, it was an interesting idea. And the fact. It got to the UN and they actually couldn't find anything wrong with what he'd done because he'd followed all the procedures and he'd, it he'd even got water and everything for it. It's the only invasion Italy I've ever made and and, and gone on and blown something up and, and start off here.

That's, I'll just spoil it for you, but I mean, that, that's, that's kind of how it goes. Sorry about that. And I watched a film last night with Aiden Brody, Adrian Brody, or you didn't.

Sidey: yeah Yeah.

Dan: Called detachment, which is him playing a sub. Teacher and with with

just that kind of transient feeling of a substitute teacher that comes in, but he has a little more connection with some of the students, but it wasn't one of those cheesy ones where he's, you know, it's a load of rough kids and the wrong side and he wins them all over.

There was a little bit more about that film then he is. Yeah.

Reegs: No. So any pool,

Dan: yeah. Yeah.

Howie: This is quite an audience you're abusing

Sidey: it.

Dan: So yeah, that, that one, but definitely gangster cop and devil. I recommend you check that one

Howie: I I watched a film that so I've now that I'm living at home full stop and don't have a life outside the house. We have one of those elliptical trainers, so I'm making the moment motion now looking like I'm giving hand jobs to people, but you know what I mean, elliptical train and I put a film on and I'll watch it in 45 minutes sections.

Cause that's all directors want, they've always done their films in 45 there isn't it. It's like, it's like when you watch the movies on ITV four or they put the fucking news in the middle of it, you know, it's really important. So I watched guns akimbo with Daniel

Reegs: I saw that. Yeah,

Howie: I, that was an interesting one to watch.

I didn't mind it to be on,

Reegs: I enjoyed the way when it started. I was like, well, up for

Howie: and I kept thinking, he looks a bit like.

Reegs: me

Howie: He was like in his pants, in a dressing gown. I imagine you're there trolling people.

Dan: a million miles off. Yeah, yeah,

Howie: So,

Reegs: in this one, he plays he plays a man yeah.

Coder who has guns bolted to his hands. So he can take part in a sort of,

Howie: death match, real life, crime syndicate type thing.


Dan: with guns.

Howie: well, that's quite a lot of the film is the comedy involved in him needing to go for a PEs with guns for, yeah. I've watched some drivel, but I really enjoy watching 300 and 300 age of empires, you know, the

Reegs: we'll save them for the based on a true story

Dan: My, well, my, my boy told me that he just watched that as well.

Howie: W which one? The S 300 age of empires is a bit rapey, but 300 is a homoerotic.

So you've got, you've got a balance there.

Dan: Oh, you want you go who you want in that series?


Reegs: Honestly, they're both great.

Howie: Yeah. Yeah. I did say I was just like, it's a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Reegs: you'd love him buff guys

Sidey: Yeah. I suppose I haven't seen him. Yeah. I need to go into that. Thanks What do you watch?

Reegs: You have started watching good girls. Anybody seen that? It's a Netflix comedy thing about it's got Christina Hendricks and Christina Hendricks.

Sidey: Massive boobs.

Reegs: Yeah. From madman. And two other actresses that I can't remember their names. And basically they kind of out of boredom and necessity end up robbing a convenience store and they're quite sort of suburbany mum sort of thing will and then.

Sort of further socked into a life of crime. It's quite funny. It's very easy to watch you. I quite recommend that actually.

Sidey: Cool. Oh, we've just been watching loads of YouTube So I've really hooked on YouTube,

I watched endless hours, of cycling content, and then we've just discovered as well as the the ghost town living one, that we watched that We've just discovered Doing a Chateau ones. there's like the channel four series. And in fact, it's been on. The

channel four series.


it's the

ongoing saga of them did not have a shadow

Howie: Yeah. YouTube is dangerous.

I'm trapped in a rabbit hole of carpet, cleaning, car cleaning, Japanese house, building, and furniture made out of MDF. It's a real insight into the inner workings of my mind.

Reegs: I mostly like to watch videos of things being broken. So I don't know if that's

Howie: hydraulic press, that ones

Reegs: stuff that goes on doing stuff in a vacuum is also pretty cool.

Sidey: we, we have a top

five. to finish off last

Reegs: we had strange. Yes. And Dan, this would be a good time for you to drop a train pan. If you had one.

Dan: If I add one, I would, yeah. I'm think I've run out of steam there.

Reegs: Darren lethally he gave us the lady killers. He was talking about it around King's cross.

I'm assuming he's not talking about the dog.

Dan: yeah remake.

is, he's talking about the original Ealing classic.

Reegs: And we had the bonus thing of using his favorite word last week. It's really defenestration. Yeah,


Sidey: The recent weeks We've had

defenestration Pete said soliloquy. who is that Pricker gave us a one star review. that

Howie: Oh

Reegs: Fran.

Sidey: He would be loving this.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: bet he's definitely still listening.

Reegs: PRC gave us source code, which was I think had Duncan Jones. One with Jake Gillan. Holly kind of keeps going back in time for nine minutes sort of thing. I really liked this movie. It's really fucking silly, but yeah, I did

Dan: it was a big scene on the train isn't there where he

Reegs: Well, the whole thing is on a train.

Isn't it? It's about a train blowing up,

Howie: I'm surprised that side he's missed a spirit.

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Reegs: Which one?


Howie: the film, the proper one. We've

Reegs: We've

seen that twice in the last couple of days. Stallion of

Howie: where the train goes down the

Reegs: Yeah, I think we should put Piercey source code in a

Sidey: One top five down? And this week's one Dan, this was what you picked.

Dan: Yeah, I'm good at picking top fives. And and that's a true story as are all these films. Yeah. So I get drawn to these films. I'll get drawn to a true story and

Sidey: a little bit extra when he knows

Dan: Yeah, it is. And sometimes they don't tell you wait till the end and you, it kind of blows your mind even more.

And other times it's, it's upfront and, you know, it's, it's a true story. So I'll, I'll kick it off with a film that I watched recently called no mud land. Yeah. And Frances McDormand. Yeah. And she is basically living out of a van as do many, many people who work around different jobs. At different places during different times of the year and live in these communities of vans and things. And it was just an interesting story of

Reegs: I suppose, I think I'm quite ignorant about this.

What do you mean big, big, like

Dan: So like Amazon. Yeah, no like individuals that meet oh, on the road every, you know, few months or something. And they will find themselves all working in a big warehouse at Amazon for, for three months or something.

And then that work's

Reegs: Oh right I see and they move

Dan: they have to move on to the next place and they support each other

Reegs: I think I'm quite

Dan: life out there. It's a, it's a real community there. They're muds. They're, they're moving around. They have no home and it's not so much that they don't have a home to go to because you see that the characters actually have.

Family that say, why are you doing this? Why can't, you know, you can stay here, you can do this. And they're quite affluent and, you know, whatever, but they just choose not to, it's not their life and, and for

Reegs: a nomadic lifestyle. They are

Dan: for whatever reason they prefer this kind of life too. And it's not an easy life, you know, they talk about everybody's got a bucket, cause that's what you're shooting.

Like, you know, and everybody does it and they've got all these little tips on how to make the most out of that existence and, and where their next job might be. And, and all those kinds of

Howie: it's very much like the man-cave, we've all got a bucket

Dan: we've all

Howie: during the, during the, during this recording, one of us is

Dan: Well, you know, we've limited resources here, but that one, the Oscars as well, didn't it?

Yeah. It's, it's a slow paced film. I mean, there is not any action or anything in it. It's true.

It's one of those films just keeps you watching because you're

Reegs: Well, it sounds like he's shining a light on something that you don't really, I mean, I'm not really aware of this phenomenon in safari, but I can understand what you're

Dan: Well, I remember years ago when I traveled for, for many years just around Asia and things, and you would see people yeah, you would see the same people on the, on the route, you know, you would see, although it's such a big country or big thing, you know, big south east Asia, something huge, you know, but you would, it's bigger than that.

You're right. And you would, it's such a big country. It'd be quite small as well, because you would bump into the same people and go into the same place you were drawn to the same areas and things. And this reminded me a little bit like that. Although it wasn't, you know, space in America and everything

Sidey: I'll go for one then. Apollo 13.

Reegs: I haven't seen Apollo 12, 11, 10,

Howie: There's no such fucking thing. Flat earth

Sidey: is an example of, I think really great storytelling because even the first time you've seen it, you know, the story or a lot of people would have known the story,


I've seen this multiple times and every time you still get that, fuck. Yeah. You know, they made it

back it's it's my favorite Tom Hanks he is often I find quite mundane and boring, but I love this one.

It's really good. The chemistry of the three guys is great. It's kind of scifi without being too Saifai

And they lived to tell the tale.

Howie: It's the only film I've seen on an iMac. And it's amazing.

Sidey: I've never seen

Howie: It was the only film I know that was filmed specifically for that entertainment because it's, it's suits the, the,

Sidey: grand scale

Howie: yeah.

The rocket going up, you see, because obviously the, the IMX suite in London, I went to, I think, is something like five stories, high it's ridiculous. And that could be exaggerating. It's at least 30 stories high the screen.

Dan: To the moon.

Reegs: And that was a true story.

Sidey: I believe so.


Reegs: Dog day afternoon. Anyone seen that. So Sydney Lou may join a star in Al Pachino and it's based on a real 1972 Brooklyn bank robbery. And it kept many of the details of real life, which are really quite extraordinary. Particularly the motivation of the robbers, which is for Pachino Sawhney, who is a Vietnam veteran.

He needs to steal enough money, which in those days was two and a half. That was in dollars for his wife Leon man to have a sex change It's a really incredible, it, it starts really, it's just this kind of three amateurish guys going in. And then it's the bank job that goes out of control Pachino is of course magnificent in it.

And Sydney Bloomie's direction is like very steady and then very violent when it needs to be. And it's just such an extraordinary story. They changed a few deal parts of the story for the movie. The, particularly the ending. So in the ending Sonny Pitino, his character sells out the his lover, Leo egg in exchange for a plea bargain.

And then that put him apparently in bad, the real Sonny, when he was in prison, when the movie came out and the prisoners saw it, they were like, oh, you sold him out and blah, blah, blah. So he was getting a load of hassle. Yeah, so he, he had a reputation of a rat, but it's a terrific movie. I don't, if you've seen it.

Howie: Long time ago. Yeah.

Reegs: This is 1960. Yeah. Eight, something like that. It's an older one. It's good.

Howie: Now my movie choice, I thought of you, I thought of Friday night lights and the trauma that goes with you.

Dan: Yeah.

Howie: And I want it to put this to right, because you wanted a story. Yeah, where they win. Now, remember the Titans is that film for you? A Denzel Washington, 2000 film summer of 71, the newly integrated TC Williams high school and Alexandra, Virginia Denzel plays, Herman Boone, a black head coach who was supposed to lead the black high school's football team.

He's assigned to the coaching staff under a current white coach who previously led the school to be basically the best team ever. This high school of fame, all that sort of stuff. To plicate racial tensions, they basically decided to change course and named Boone. The hedge coach now goes it's that classic.

All the black players, all the white players, they hate each other Boone brings them together. You think how unlikely, blah, blah, the quarterback is this. Us white, you know, like the, the model is pupil and he leads them all the way to the finals. And just before the finals, he gets hit by a car crash and becomes a paraplegic, watches them from the hospital bed and they let's win it for him.

And they, they do win it for in, but while celebrating the victory. He's so, but so basically the true story is Jerry is now unable to play due to being paralyzed from the waist down team goes on to win a Mount, to come back in the fourth quarter. It's all that sort of hero stuff. They win the state championship.

He remains paraplegic the rest of his life. He there. Wins the gold medal in a shot, put in the Paralympic games. And when said, when you see the bit afterwards, that explains that it's all a true story, but then he dies immediately afterwards in another automobile accident caused by a drunk driver. So the film starts with them all around the graveside as old men type of thing, but it's proper hits all the cheese.

There's singing. There's a Memorial

Dan: hairs standing up on the back of the

Howie: there's there's the, there's the racial tension. That's sorted out by a good old sing song. You know, all that sort of stuff you need to watch it. It will right. The wrongs of Friday night.

Dan: Right. Okay. Well, I I've got one about this little boy who was left home alone.

Reegs: We've already had that nominated as well.

Dan: that, okay. Bye. I'll leave. I'll leave that one. Life of PI was A book that I read actually first. And then there was a film that came out Jamanz Martell, I believe wrote the book. And this was based on the story of an Indian family who owned a zoo in Pondicherry in India and were then moving that zoo too Canada or somewhere across the water where their boat gets into a huge storm.

And nobody survives apart from one life raft, which has one


on it with a tiger and a couple of other animals that they slowly get picked off by the tiger. I think one of them was in a rang, a Tang injured and things. And it was it was, it, it was quite. An ambitious film, actually, the way they shot it and everything, because it, it seemed to use CGI and everything to, to obviously make the, the animals come to life is as much as possible.

But when you think of this being a true story and actually the

Reegs: well, that's really the idea of the book isn't it is. And, and the film is like, whether he says it's a true story, actually they strongly hint that he was in a boat with a number of other survivors. And one of the guys went rogue and killed them all.

Dan: They were the animals

Reegs: they, yeah. So one of the chef, I think, was the orangutan guy and the donkey was one of the

Dan: mother or whatever it was. Yeah. And, and the insurance company who needed to assess the situation and speak to the, the one survivor when they come to give him the story and everything he says, look, do you really expect me to believe this, that there was a tiger on the thing?

And he goes, okay, well, the other story is, and exactly like that, he puts the, he changes the animals for people and says right where you want to write. And the insurance guy thinks tiger. It is then. But yeah, I really lovely film.

Reegs: Yeah. I remembered, I remembered remembering, liking that. And then when I said it on the pod a couple of weeks ago, though, I liked that movie.

My wife was like, no, you didn't, you hated it. You said that the book was miles better. So I've been called out for that. But I remembered liking it so I should watch it again.

Sidey: What should we go for?


Dan: So many on there. I mean, that's it,

Sidey: yeah, there are lots and lots. The king speech

is a film about some doofus what can't

talk proper. And it's a good one. I think

Reegs: I like to

Howie: got it on my list is with Jeffrey Rush. Isn't it?

Sidey: Jeffrey thrush and Colin's girth

Reegs: He was the guy who directed cats.

Sidey: Was it really? Yeah. Wow. Which one was better? Do you think,

Reegs: I would say the King's peach

Sidey: think this one just shades it it's


could have been a really dull thing, of, you know, just some guy not being able to talk and you know, getting coached through it all, but somehow they managed to weave this far more entertaining tale

Reegs: making me feel sympathetic towards a member of the Royal family was really quite some achievement

Sidey: They could do some PR like that


Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: But no, it's it's highly unsafe thing.

Reegs: Do you reckon if Andrew just developed a stutter now the whole

Dan: instead of what instead of,

Howie: Yeah. How will he cope? How will he

Dan: of just sweating

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: no sweat, no sweat.

Sidey: Let's move on.

very quickly.

Howie: That's what he said

Reegs: girls in the mist

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: is about the naturalist Diane Fossey played in an Oscar nominated performance by Sigourney Weaver. She moved to Rwanda to study girls and devoted herself to. Sh and she was advocating for their protection from poaching. Amazing

Sidey: in a saucepan


Reegs: Takes a long time to poach.

A gorilla ban really

Sidey: to shave it first. Yeah.

Reegs: have to start while they're asleep. Otherwise

Howie: Definitely a YouTube

Sidey: I think you have to, you have to put them in the freezer. first so that when you put them in the water, it doesn't shock them.

Reegs: exactly, exactly. Beautiful scenes of Africa. I could see Dan's like chomping at the bit. You'd probably love this movie.

Dan: I do love this movie and I'm and Sigourney Weaver I know is still um I'll just leave that there. I, I know, I know that she's still passionate about goals and, and conservation and things. And maybe it all stem from this film. I don't know.

Sidey: I haven't seen this one.

Reegs: No. It's good. Plenty of gorillas in it.

Sidey: gorilla

Reegs: Yeah. Amazing. If we ever did top five gorillas, one of the films. Yeah, for sure.

Howie: So true films, Indiana Jones and the crystal skirt. No,

Sidey: truly awful

Howie: yeah. One that I watched couple of months back on Netflix, the highway men with Costner and Halston. Yeah, I did too. This is about the hunt for Bonnie and Clyde and it's really worth watching, merely for the fact that at the end, when they show the real footage of Bonnie and Clyde being brought to justice, It's horrific. So when they, so when they were sh you've seen the infamous, or you may have seen the infamous photo of them both shot to pieces in their car. So the car was towed in to the local city, the nearby city with them still in it, and the locals all crowded round, like to get, to touch them and grab them. And that they basically had a crowd control problem where people were reaching into the car and ripping chunks of hair out and crying hysterically would like to get memorabilia.


The film is quite good for the two main characters in that they were both very much antiheroes for the moment they hunted and track them down and they wanted nothing, nothing afterwards. They just want it to go back to the normal lives. And what they did was pretty, it was, they were basically reapers.

They were death dealers. Whether these two men, man, they were sent out just to get the worst of the worst. And they did it in a. For the, even at that time, an old fashioned way of

Sidey: Yeah. There were two retired.

dudes when

Howie: Mt. Hunters. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. It's kind of redemptive story for him as well. Isn't it? But very, very much worth the watch on Netflix.

The Highwaymen

Dan: Okay. Yeah. I've, I've seen it advertised, but I hadn't locked her into it yet, so I will do There was a film that I watched probably about a year ago called lion. I don't know if any of you got around to seeing

Reegs: No Dave Patel. I've wanted to see that. I will see that at some point we should nominate that for the product share. I,

Dan: I would, I would like to, I like to, because it's it's whereas one odd visit again. It stems around a boy in his straight area who realize he's he's adopted and is trying to find his, his past roots and things, which are from India.

And the story is that he and his brother when they were young, they got on a train and he fell asleep and I never found his family again. And it was A really lovely film as he retraces his steps and the small bits of his memory to try to find how we can do that and using Google maps and all that kind of thing is as the technology changed to try to piece together more evidence of, of who he was and where we came from and everything.

It's a tear jerker. Yeah. It's a tear jerker. And it's it's brilliantly acted by, by dev Patel as well. So that that's one. But I've got so many, so I'll, I'll also mention patio which is another classic film we've talked about on the pod before they've redone it. I'm talking about the original with Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen.

It's Henry Sherri, the guy who got accused of a murder. A bad guy on the wrong side of the tracks, but not a murderer ends up getting sent to a French Guyana and and repeatedly escapes and, and tries to get away ends up on devil's island and still trying to escape it. There's another book actually, after puppy on they never made into a film.

I couldn't understand why, because it's a great film called Banco. And it's the further adventures when it gets to Venezuela and and goes to live there which is brilliant as well. We've got lots of, lots of really crazy stories of this guy's

Reegs: Yeah. It was all based on a true story.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: As, as

Dan: As this, this is,

Howie: when he was in Venezuela. Did he see dont hereto and become part of the family and drive fast

Sidey: You see the most recent one,

Howie: I want to, and I have seen a trailer of yeah,

Sidey: actually driving. a car and space for them. That's not a true story, that I don't think, but I've got a, a


of kind of journalism, true story films. First

one spotlight is about,

Reegs: it,

Sidey: the Catholic church and kid fucking and it's

oh yeah. you should definitely check that one out and then they real, real classic. All the president's men. Yeah. And Dustin

Hoff man,

Yeah. Which is the Watergate scandal. and all That and that is a real classic, that's a proper favorite

of mine, which we don't need to

talk endlessly.

about, but

Even the

clothes are very

fucking cool

both, but those, that

sort of thing. Again, it's about


brilliant at storytelling because it can be a very, very dry thing of, you know, people working for a newspaper

tapping out stories on a typewriter

Dan: You've you've

Sidey: gotta, you gotta be good at

making that

Dan: deep throat and all the rest of it.

I mean, you can get all the parts of this story that, that were important in that. Yeah.

Reegs: Argo incredible glorious. Breathtaking. Yeah. Ben Affleck's hair was

Howie: wonderful

Reegs: in the movie, but the rest was painfully underwhelming actually given all the hype about it because it cleaned up didn't it?

Sidey: I fell asleep. Yeah.

Reegs: It's, only.

Okay. And it's such an intriguing premise that is apparently based on a true story where the CIA set up a phony film production company. And then successfully established the pretense of developing this movie Argo, which is a sort of science fiction thing in the vein of star wars to extract six members of the I can't.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: From Iran.

Dan: Yeah. They needed to

Reegs: Extraordinary story that just really failed to come off the screen for me, particularly. It was, yeah, I'll go cleaned up. Yeah.

Dan: Isn't it? This

Reegs: Affleck's hair got best directing.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. It was strong, strong hair game

Reegs: a hidden fig. Was Octavia Spencer and another couple of ladies, I can't remember their names.

It's the true story of the mathematicians who I

Dan: Oh,

Reegs: their names. Yeah. Katherine Goble Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, three black women who worked for NASA. It's, it's

Dan: and got none of the credit for doing all to

Reegs: Yeah. And it's a story that barely, that you, you didn't see in your history books, but it was there and it deserves shouting about even though the film kind of mashes together, the truth a little bit in various ways, the story is so interesting.

It's worth publicizing

Howie: the ridiculous toilet scene where she has to go. Right. That's true. That's horrific.

Reegs: I know. And then of course, similarly there's a disclaimer at the start of this movie that is an command that says the following is based on actual events. Only the names, locations and events have been changed.

Howie: I'll go for, just to go for too quickly. We've got a big list alive, which is the apparently true story, but playing rugby. I know that there are people that would eat you, even if you

Sidey: an initiation

Howie: Yeah. There'd have been trousers down, Willy out, bite your cock off. And that would have just been at the security check-in.


I've I on various flights, when you're on a rugby tour, you always look for those that you would get the most out of in terms of food nourishment prop. It's usually


Reegs: you go for? First in here? Me

Howie: wouldn't go for Dan. Dan

Dan: There's

Howie: Dan is sinew. I I'd maybe I don't know, side, he's got nice legs and I'm sure there's a bit of meat there. I could go for buttocks. I'd probably go for first. Apparently you could cleave buttocks and the rest of the meat doesn't go

Reegs: Okay. Well that is worth knowing.

Howie: But the other one I'd go for is rocket man,

Which is sort of based on real life, Elton John, but obviously

Sidey: oh I thought you meant the guy with the backpack.

Howie: Oh yes. The Nazi era rocket man who steals the backpack and flies around. Well, if that's true, then that's a worthy.

Reegs: the rockets here? Are you talking about? That's a great movie. If you haven't seen that in a while. It's

Howie: quite

Dan: that Mel Gibson's

Howie: no, no.

Dan: was he? The first

Howie: oh right. That's a lookup when we, this is over

Dan: sure that was an early directorial

debut for We'll have to try and find that out. Is it come around back to me?

Howie: I was just about to say, rocket man, and the main Dexter Fletcher press gang which will always be associated with, but did Jamie bell and Elton John is played by Tara negative and he does the singing.

Reegs: Yeah, well, he's sick. He's the gorilla in? He did, I'm still standing

Dan: gorillas in the

Howie: who's coming if he's in the trailer which is the opposite to the kind of the queen biopic where they just use Freddie mercury recordings and flicks over the top of yeah, but I really enjoyed the rocket man, but

Reegs: does he look like Elton John

Howie: yeah, it does.

Yeah. Particularly looks like him when he's very grim and in the middle of his drug addled ways, but it's a nice one and it just, it just seems to work.

Reegs: I like it better. Veltin Wow. This song songwriting

Dan: I think that's by the other guy does some work mainly Disney out when

Howie: Yeah, but Bernie does the right

Dan: Bernie does the right thing. Yeah. I'm

Reegs: fuck you. Jesus. Wow.

Dan: I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna throw money ball, but I'm only saying that, so Sidey, can't say it. Who's going to say it next. I know it would have been we've talked about on the pod before it's the Oakland A's rise to victory using

nothing more than, than, yeah.

Counting cards and

Sidey: purely based on

Dan: Nevermind. Anything else? But it was a fantastic film. I've watched that for three, four or

Howie: it's on my watch list.

Dan: I really, yeah. Yeah.

Howie: On my watch

Sidey: you not seen it? Oh man. It's

Howie: you mentioned it so long ago. I went watch list

Dan: It's a really good one to

Sidey: strange Now is when you look at that film and you look at

Jonah hill Now

not an he lost low way. We seem to be

taller as well. He's basically round in

Moneyball. He is fucking vast and I was watching.

Something something's popped up another my YouTube things and it's celebs guidance shopping, no shopping for trainers on a complex channel and he's doing

the publicity for

mid nineties, but you recommended and he's there with Sonny

the little skate dude from that. And I was watching that last night. I was like, fuck man he looks so good. Now, compared to, you know, it was

let's just say a

little bit overweight back in the day, but I fucking like him. He's Cool.

Dan: He is. Yeah. And, and that was that was a great film. So was mid nineties, which I guess was based on a true story as well.


Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: Oh, it depends how loose we go. And I'm going to mention one more, just because, as I said, there's so many and I watched it probably two, three months ago, Judy which is the, the film Judy Garland and her her life growing up and, and all the things that she was involved with her management, who is such also is to an effectively got hooked on drugs at an early age.

So she could just work more. But what a talent, I mean, what a fantastic performer, the, the lady that played her,

it may have been, you wouldn't recognize her though. You know, it was just, it was Judy Garland up there. It was a fantastic transformation. I dunno if she got a shout for the, the Oscars for this, but it was, it was up there in that kind of performance where you just that taken away.

Sidey: I'm just going to rattle off

a load of names Brain man was inspired


Dan: true

Sidey: true story.

Raging bull

again, no, the one that we've spoken about a few times. Good fellas as well.


Hill, I would Harry best different guy. But Zodiac

Reegs: David Fincher.

Sidey: I saw this film in the cinema, but I was the only person in the cinema. It was the old Sydney to France. not far from where we are now. And there's a sequence where he's snooping around looking for

stuff. refollow schedule.

Dan: in there

Sidey: he thinks that the guy that the Zodiac killer is in there about to game and in the cinema.

and fucking shit myself,

Dan: I would have been, yeah,

Sidey: and it is a great

film. I I inflicted on the misses, not so long ago. She really liked

Dan: I, I, I don't know whether this got great reviews when it came out or cause I avoid it. Based on something I'd heard that it wasn't that good. And eventually I got around to watching it and I was pleasantly

Sidey: So like good serial killer story.

And there's loads of great ones out there, you know, in film. But knowing that this

you know,

is a real thing and they never got.

the guy.

And just the way that, you know, writing into the papers. and fucking, Almost boasting and saying

what are you going to do is

fucking crazy,


That's fucking


I have my mailed out my, my crazy shit.

delivered door to door. through to Jesse Parks.

Reegs: Catch me if you can glamorizes the misdeeds of Frank Abignail Jr. The movie opens, he's just a kid. And he pretends to be a school teacher. He gets away with that and then his father and mother get a divorce. He runs away. He starts pretending to be a pilot co-pilot doctor or lawyer.

I mean, it's just a crazy, crazy story. A story DiCaprio was really good at this and I, I, wasn't a big fan. I wasn't as big a fan of him back then as I am now. So this

Sidey: this is probably

after Titanic was still with that kind of pretty boy kind of guy. I didn't think of him as like a

proper actor actor

Dan: sex appeal, where you felt that he was, it was filling seats with, rather than his acting ability, which was unfair because before they said done, what's eating Gilbert grape, it also done the basketball diaries.

really fantastic. You know, movies and performances. I think they, you know, they milked him for Titanic and that was commercial. A massive success, wasn't it? I

Reegs: Yeah. That was also based on a true story to be fair. Tighten it with it. Yeah, but catch me if you can. I prefer to Titanic and it had Christopher Walken in I don't know how accurate any of it was. I haven't done any of the research on that one. I assume. Probably not a lot. Another one that takes a few liberties with real life is green book that we reviewed on the pod and that segues very nicely into another number of movies that we reviewed on the pod that were based on true stories.

Can you ever forgive me was Melissa McCarthy is Lee Israel. Which I was surprised and delighted by that movie. I liked

Dan: really good. Jeff

Reegs: three dildos outside, ebbing, Missouri.

Dan: had that as well. yeah.

Reegs: And bloodsport,

Sidey: Oh, of course. Eh, fuck you dude.

Reegs: it's based on a true story. I mean, it's the tree story and like you said, society He the, the, the claim that he defeated, 52 other fighters in depth to win the tournament would imply a single elimination elimination tournament with four and a half quadrillion participants, more, more human beings than have ever existed.

Sidey: Definitely too.

Reegs: Definitely a true story.


Howie: My last couple the lives of others, which is all about the stars, the listening in, on people in east Germany, that's a really good film and it's

Dan: Is that the gene Hackman one or the one

Sidey: that's the

Howie: that's yeah, yeah. The lives of others were at the end. It's worth watching is, is, is foreign film.

You have to look at the glasses on and read the words, but it's worth watching for the bid at the end is it's horrible to think that every German citizen has basically a data file. On them.

Sidey: We've all got that now,

Howie: Well, yeah, we all have thanks to Facebook and Google and God knows what, but it's interesting. Cause you can go and look up and see what the stars inspired about you.

And that's partly what the film's about. And my, well, I'll say the last two, Erin Brockovich with Julia Roberts, where she plays the lawyer that fights for the rights of a Wonderbra

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Howie: and ensures that everyone in that village knows about her Wanda bra and to do with the chemical spillage of the plaintiff action, where she gets basically 96% of all plaintiffs to appeal. And it's all very complicated how the legal system work. And the last one is darkest hour with Gary Oldman as Churchill.

I really enjoyed this for the, the atmosphere that it portrayed. Oldman goes full character and he put an, but I. In my opinion, many others obviously he pulls it off amazing and he shows Churchill with all his failings. It's not just some British rhetoric of how great churches, which is part of the film, because it is stirring and it shows how he turned those moments of world war two and into the British allied favor.

But his portrayal of Churchill

Reegs: complicated, isn't it? Because he was quite a

Howie: he was, he was an awful human and an alcoholic and pretty misogynist. He defended freedom. It's one of those, you know, as, as with all characters of that elk, but

Reegs: Thatcher, for instance,

Howie: on, I've got a boner, I'm confused and I'm thinking about Churchill. Oh God.

Dan: but it makes me think of that.

I'll make Jamie chambers when we talk with Gary Oldman because it was, it was his

Sidey: big fan

Dan: favorite actor, isn't it? Okay. I, I'm going to rattle off a few hundred and 27 hours.

Sidey: 127 venture in the hours.

Dan: The story of how a guy gnawed off his own arm basically the imitation game with Ben to get Bubba Bumba batch and,

Sidey: to watch her. And I never can.

Dan: really great, you know, it's, it's based on Alan cheering, working out the enigma machine which, you know, it's all about true stories and things.

I think Alan cheering was voted the most important Britain ever to have lived ever. And and we, and until we decided to

Howie: give a daily Thompson.

Dan: You know kill him because he was gay or,

Howie: Well, Tony Thompson, you fucking hell

Dan: yeah.

Howie: revealer.

Dan: Yeah, there's a few that you've mentioned already. One, you haven't the impossible. This was based on the tsunami that hit in around 2004 in.

In all over Southeast Asia and Thailand and everything. This was based in Thailand or have one family who got hit with this huge, horrible tsunami wave and where we're split up in and fade dead and eventually found themselves again through the, the aftermath of this absolute tragedy. You're a McGregor.

Yeah. And you and you and McGregor. Yeah, it was decent. I was I was in Thailand at the time there on an island. And my mum and dad were in Paquette at the time with this as well and were caught Roy in it. I mean, it was yeah. Really on the water and all sorts. So it was it was quite odd to watch it.

She first time around with it, with those emotions bubbling, but it was a decent movie. Yeah.

Sidey: Cool. A beautiful mind.

is about maths

and that's good. Schindler's laws. It's always a treat frost, Nixon,

Anyone seen

Dan: Nixon. Yeah. Yeah. I like that. Yeah.

Sidey: Quentin Tarantino says that the social network is the best film of the naughties.

Dan: Billy's wrong.

Reegs: like that movie yet speak

Sidey: clean. It's a big claim and I don't like Jesse Eisenberg.

So I can fuck off into the

wild. was

Dan: Oh, John Krakauer. Yeah. Yeah. That's who's the actor that

Reegs: Emil

Dan: Emil Hirsch. Yeah.

Sidey: he dies, spoiler. alert. So

I've got some more, but it really is.

There's plenty to be getting

Dan: There is life of Brian

Reegs: Life of Brian

Dan: surely true.

Reegs: I've got two that are linked. They're the, essentially the same story of course is called runnings. Which is the two story of the Jamaican bobsledding team and the Texas chainsaw massacre. Which obviously they're the same. Yeah, well, he was part of the inspiration for it at gain and Elmer Wayne Henley.

Dan: so, so

so many

Sidey: lots and

Dan: on watch on which you're on watch to choose.

I've, I've you know, I could, I could run through the theory of everything Wolf of wall street, 12 years, a slave, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Another one that we reviewed for the pod Hacksaw Ridge, should we

Sidey: oh, we,

Did the, we did the kid show? Yeah, Jim Dugan's Ridge

Dan: Jargons Ridge the doors and Amadeus

Sidey: rock me Amadeus. Yeah. Okay.

Right. Let's This is an

epic nomination Fest, but what we're going to put in? rigs?



Howie: Highway man, because I think people should see it. Cause it's good

Sidey: They should.

Okay. I'm going to go All the president's men.

Dan: Wow. Y we've got, we've got plenty for everyone else out there to choose. So let us know, hit us up on, on Twitter. Google interface,

Sidey: no

Reegs: no cheese,

Dan: cheese,

Sidey: no cheese,

no cheese, jangle,

Reegs: no cheese jingle sad times. Sad times.

Sidey: I would not

have been comfortable eating cheese today, with the state

of my face

Howie: Chew through the

skin When you

Sidey: dentist laws. and I've got half a, I feel like I've got Bell's palsy. or something like that,

Especially having a crown,


it didn't fit,

in an ad to fittings and the other side.

So the whole fucking thing is like frozen and uncut.

Reegs: And the thing is you can't actually taste the

and the

Sidey: other things. The


Reegs: and that segues very nicely, actually the flavor into a simple favor.

Sidey: Yeah. They spelled favor on didn't they,

Reegs: well only in the American release, they did actually release it correctly in the UK with the U in it,

Sidey: Cause I

didn't like typing it and having the red underline saying I spelled it wrong.

I fucking, haven't spelled it wrong.

Reegs: no, I've spelled it F a V O U R.

Sidey: Okay.

Dan: Yeah. This was actually a film that a friend of mine Lynol watched and recommended to, to me to watch.

And then I passed it onto you. Another BBC, I play a one they find out it's a good movies actually at the moment.

Sidey: but it's just on there.

They didn't make it

Let's just

Dan: But they host some good movies, you

Sidey: know, Yeah.

Dan: they, do seem to find some, some crackers on there. But was this one of them?

Reegs: Was pool fakes sort of comeback movie after the disaster. That was Ghostbusters.

Howie: The female goes positive. See, I like that.

And everyone knows

Sidey: I don't mind either. I think it's all right. I've seen it twice.

Dan: given it a chance.


Reegs: dog shit.

Dan: Thanks for X. You just saved me an hour and a half to,

Sidey: Well, two of us liked It so I think he's out voted,

Dan: okay, well,

Reegs: Yeah. So this was his sort of, I don't know if it definitely was the first one that he did after that maybe.

Sidey: timeline seems about right.

Reegs: yeah. Opens with a French cover of Andy Williams is

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: the girls give a high to a

Reegs: and these like soul bass inspired sort of geometric shapes and patterns of stilettos crunching on stuff. And I was like, okay, I'm definitely on board with it straight away. Great music star. Great. You know, highly reminiscent of like the posters that they used to do of like north by Northwest and the shining and stuff like that.

Like really good. So, yeah. And then it

like cuts really suddenly from that to a school drop-off doesn't it. And she's you know, it's sort of quite disoriented tating start.

Dan: Yeah. We, we, we eventually meet Anna Kendrick's character,

Sidey: Stephanie Smothers,

Dan: Smothers, who is one of those mothers who signs up for

Howie: Incredibly organized, probably learns a WhatsApp group.

Dan: Oh, definitely. And

Sidey: she's dressed, she's dressed very sort of

twee and kind of cutesy.

and she's Super enthusiastic about

Reegs: Yeah. And the other parents are kind of a bit,

Howie: dismissive.

Reegs: they're were annoyed by her really? Aren't they, he, she, her chipper enthusiasm is,

Sidey: I would have been in that group.

Reegs: yeah.

Well, you are in

Sidey: that group

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Well, when somebody is just a bit too happy all the time and wants to sign up for everything and, and yeah, it seemed to be trying a little bit too hard. I think it, it came across. And she's also a blogger.

Reegs: Yes. Can you imagine the audacity and arrogance of people today?

Set up

Dan: yeah

Reegs: some sort of like free sort of channel in broadcast that idiotic views

Dan: who would sign up

Reegs: kind of idiots? She's a blogger. Yeah. They get a lot of hits. Floggers don't they?

Sidey: Yeah.

I'm all about YouTube at the moment.

Dan: And, and she blogs about mumsy stuff really? Doesn't

Reegs: really sure what

Sidey: Yeah. It was mainly recipe based.

cause she was going to

cook something with zucchinis, which reminded me that I had some cool jets in my backpack.

and I was worried they'd gone off site. I quickly paused it and ran out. So that was

always quite handy that gets this An extra. mark,

Reegs: Oh, nice.

Sidey: but

then it kind of lost half

of that mark already by calling them zucchinis.

Reegs: You

ever had a zucchini muffin

Sidey: That's what they're for. That's what? these are for. I've taken the moment to make a cake.

Reegs: I

had one at work. It wasn't, you can make cakes out of them.

Sidey: carrot cake

but with Kasha instead. Cause they're very moist

Dan: I can

Howie: time is really flying by in, in our lives.

Sidey: let me off this island.

Reegs: Her son is Stephanie's son is miles and he wants to have a play date with his friend, Nikki and Nikki is the son of Emily.

Howie: Don't you find play dates. It's just a fucking ball like to organize.

Sidey: you just say no to them.

Howie: That's what I do. And you end up being grumble, stilt skin and used to Everett, an isolated

Reegs: it's much easier like having a play date as long, especially if you've had the kid round before.

They just fuck off

Dan: They cancel each other out. Yeah. And

Reegs: got four rounds tomorrow.

Sidey: Cheeses

Reegs: No. Well, two rounds to So I thought I can't really include the two though. Mike's they're nearly, always around that every night they live there. Pretty much

Sidey: Yeah. Emily does arrive

Dan: Yeah. Well, I mean, Blake lively

Sidey: Can we talk about her for a

Dan: We can do, but she also doesn't want this play date to happen.

Sidey: She was drinking.


Dan: wants to go drinking or she wants to do whatever the fuck there, the kids aren't

Sidey: She just says, fuck right in front of the kids. She doesn't give a fuck.

Howie: Oops.

Sidey: I have not seen her in

anything before, other than chat shows and whatever because

Reegs: no, I didn't

Sidey: she is

astonishingly beautiful in this like she's fucking phenomenal.

Howie: ugly family,

Sidey: I know Ryan metals in tow.


Reegs: else has she been at?

Sidey: well, she's got it, girl.

Reegs: The green lantern. Wasn't she? She was in that as well.

Dan: Ryan Renner, which

Sidey: was she's in the, one with the great white shark which she kills

Yeah. And other things assistant of the traveling pants,

Reegs: She, she's not

Sidey: She's very attractive. I also have a bit of a soft spot for Anna Kendrick too.

Reegs: I thought she was a bit too thin in this though.

Sidey: she does have a kind of sometimes a little bit of a

gaunt look on her face and she's only little as well. So

Reegs: to talk about now?

Sidey: I think

we can definitely do that. I think she should definitely get

a boob job.

Reegs: When they get back to Emily's home, it's one of those like GQ type apartments.

It's just amazing that you could just never imagine a child ever being in like, cause it's all glass and open spaces and marble

Sidey: that nothing's ever been cooked in that kitchen that sort of thing.


Reegs: And of course there is also a huge picture of her on the wall sort of from her vagina upwards. Yeah. Which is not the sort of thing you see every day

Sidey: matching that with kids and they'd be like, what's going on here?

Howie: It's, mom's Bush

Dan: well, well Emily is, is a very different kind of mum to the other parents that are around. And in fact she doesn't really engage with the other parents and her and Anna Kendrick's character is Stephanie quite the odd couple and raises an eyebrow when they start becoming a little bit friendly.

Because she's not a drinker really. I mean, she doesn't want to get as drunk as a, in the

Sidey: she mentioned

Dan: as, Emily

Sidey: of martinis over eight years or something.

like that. You know,

Dan: and suddenly she's on a four for the afternoon and, and,

Howie: there's a bit of hero worship from Stephanie. Isn't it in a way

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: relationship.


Sidey: Well, it gets weirder.

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: does get weird.

Sidey: notice that At

one point, she, she goes she goes, she, she next one of the drinks Emily and says, I need a real fucking


And she Just

goes and had drinks

Neat, Jen.

I I never drank my I

I didn't know what so You can have it with vodka or whatever, but this one. is literally just a bottle of gin. Did you notice?

the gin there's ADHD, which is Ryan Reynolds, Jen. and

just to like a bit of lemon and she just fucking chins





Reegs: Yeah. Oh no.

Sidey: it's like drinking perfume.

Reegs: Yeah. It's fucking

Howie: Yeah,

Sidey: So she is a real booze hound

Reegs: and Stephanie's getting plastered and she's telling a bit about her story. So she, she says that she's a widow. Her, her husband

Sidey: got a flashback

Reegs: were killed in an awful car accident.

Sidey: car was fine. It wasn't an awful car.

Reegs: but no, that's true.

The car was actually a good

Sidey: look like a nice car. but It wasn't a great after he hit the wall,

Dan: was, it was, terrible accident and, but she's very manipulative and is able to tease out more than she really wanted to

Sidey: well, you wouldn't want to disclose this, this bit of information because she fucked her brother.

Reegs: Yeah. But hang on. Do we get to that bit yet?

Sidey: yeah.

Dan: W w we're almost there where she's she confesses that she fucked her half brother and her husband found out and then took him


Sidey: possibly the accident. Wasn't

Dan: it wasn't an accident.

It was there.

Howie: has some, was possibly the step, the step brothers, son as

Sidey: well. Yeah

Howie: There's lingering doubts there.

Reegs: This was quite a taboo revelation for what is essentially.


hero in this story.

Dan: And and Emily actually really likes that fact that she's fucked your brother and it

Reegs: did you feel about it?

Cause I seen, I just immediately pictured you at home just going that is fucking hot.

Sidey: If they've been some time travel involved and they technically weren't related at that point

then it's fine.


Reegs: I've thrown you with that.

Sidey: No, it's just, it's quite jarring because all you've seen up to this

point, is this really prepped to prim and proper

irritating fucking dweeb.

And then to find out

that she's got

this massive

skeleton closet, you're like fuck why I didn't see that coming, you know? Yeah, And Emily just cause I've known brother fucker.

all the time.

Dan: And, and then they become a little bit closer. And to the point where

Sidey: they go out and about


Dan: they go out and about

Sidey: Stephanie takes a photo of her and she's not cool with it.

Dan: no,

Reegs: no, she's really not cool with it. She, she

Sidey: He says, what did you just do? and

fucking delete that now and, you're like, oh fuck. They're not quite that Pally just, you know,

was just a photo. And you're someone who

works in fashion.

Reegs: actually as well. Yeah. She is somebody who works in fashion. She's got a high power job as well. She's been trying to empower Stephanie.


told her

off She's told her off. Yeah, it's a fucked up female habits. She says of apologizing which she does constantly throughout the film. And then obviously at a crucial point later on not apologizing opens doors for her. She. We learn. We also learn a little bit more about Emily in Nikki's home life.

When Shawn is the husband who comes home, the husband wrote a amazing debut novel 10 years ago. And yeah, he's done nothing else since

and they have this weird relationship where they're sort of really horrible to each other, and yet they're passionately kissing in front of their child, some other children another adult that

Dan: yeah.

Full on, full on snug face. Lovely. And, and so it comes to a point where Emily asked Stephanie to pick up their son from

Sidey: There's two title drops. one Right at

the start,

And then they do it again later on, which I thought

I just stood out. cause we just recently talked about that.

Dan: Just ask him for a simple favor.

And the simple favor is as weird have all done at some point is to. UK can come back to mind for a couple of hours after school and you'll pick them up afterwards. And that's what she's expected.

Sidey: and She just sort

of phones the husband and says,

yeah, I was just wondering because Emily,

Reegs: the husband has gone to London to look at his mother's had a fall.

Right. So he's out of the picture. So Emily's had to call, so she's like a busy at work. I'm sorry, can you pick up?

Sidey: Yeah. She asked me to pick up a kid and then it's just cause, and that was

four days.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: I would be alarmed after like two or three hours. That'd be fairly up saying you come in like what's going on of four days, It's quite a long time to leave it.

Reegs: yeah

Dan: Yeah. And she she's called work and they can't get hold of eventually the dad who I wasn't even sure about where he will kind of fit it into this, but it was, he was with his mother, she was ill. She had taken a fall and he said, no, I will get back. I will get back to you straight away.

And he's good to his word and, and does that. And in fact they start hitting it off.

Sidey: Emily's supposed to be in Miami,

for work,

Reegs: but

Dan: she never,


Reegs: so Stephanie Smothers breaks into her work basically, or she takes it upon herself to get in there. And

Sidey: well, she's, she's observed. She's overheard Emily on the phone to her boss, just telling him

to fuck off.

you know, she just so fucking rude to him. And she just says look sometimes with a big pack of guys, you just gotta go from straight away.

Otherwise they'll walk all over

you. So

when she goes to the work

they're belittling her

and being a practice, she fucking takes the advice. So the first sort of signs that she's, she's learned from Emily, how to deal with these situations since she fucking gives them a load, but she calls him a cheap Tom Ford or something like that, which is like a super offensive term.

Reegs: with Dennis nylon. been laughing about that all week and he's, this was Rupert friend and he, I quote, I thought this role was really good actually because it was just enough of a character. But also close enough to something that was real life that you could, you know, cause it was the big flamboyant fashion designer.

It's easy to go too big, too

Howie: Yeah Go Lawrence Llewellyn, Bowen NESSC or Ozu, Lander. You can go that route

Reegs: but they have some pretty spicy dialogue, but eventually

Sidey: she does break into our

Dan: yeah, and she comes out with some kind of clue, but before too long


Reegs: right. No, it's important. Yeah. It says, got to keep faith or got to have got to have faith. It's a photo of Emily that says, got to have faith on

Dan: Yeah.

Howie: I was just going to say, when she goes into the office, I was shared her frustration. That receptionist

Awful. Wasn't she? That receptionist was just basically

Sidey: Please hold. How can I join your call, please? Hold.

Dan: Yeah, she just kind of puts the phone down doesn't it. And starts to show a little more assertiveness there and, and carries that upstairs.

And we find out actually there's been an accident.

Sidey: It really starts to escalate very quickly.

this from here.

Dan: So the

Reegs: it was a little bit reminiscent of the movie we watched last week underdone in, in the sense that as it got towards the climax, the whole plot starts going like a hundred billion miles an

Sidey: yeah,

Dan: really kind of builds up far.

So there's a body been found off in a river or on

Sidey: a summer camp.

Dan: And It seems to be the, the body of

Howie: same tattoo round ring on the finger.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah,

Dan: Yeah. And and, and so in,

Reegs: I have a funeral don't they, they have a funeral for, for, for Nick for, for Emily and the son. There's quite a good scene here where the son Nicky is beating up miles, Stephanie son.

And she goes across and instead of kind of berating him, she just sits with him. She's really empathetic. It's quite a gentle

Dan: motion.

Reegs: But anyway, it's not so gentle when she consoles Sean. Emily's ex-husband by fucking him

Sidey: She pops them off

Reegs: pretty quick.

Dan: Yeah. I mean the

Sidey: she starts wearing Emily's clothes

Howie: that's.

Yeah. So it goes, she goes very much from the logging housewife, very keen community member to you're shagging the widow. That seemed very quick how that

Dan: What it was and, and tongues were wagging in the community. I think it was, it was one of those bits of gossip for the community that there would be like, jeez, can you, can you believe that's all happening? And can you believe that's all happened?


Reegs: Stephanie has been adoring of Emily's lifestyle as

Dan: Exactly You know, the beautiful house, the kitchen there. She never cooked in that. She's obviously a mad cook and, and would love to have a house like this in a kitchen and slowly starts actually taking over more and

Howie: the role of the mother

Dan: the role of the mother and the wife to the point where she's enjoying it.

She likes a brand new, massive wardrobe and and all the trappings of the luxury life.

Emily had been enjoying.

Sidey: Yeah. There's the police are doing a bit of investigative work as I'm sure you, you know, would happen in this sort of scenario. And there's a sort of amazing scene

where she's trying on one of

the dresses


Can't get out of it when the door rings

and she can

see through these big glass door and she can see it.

It's the police

And it's yeah, it's quite, revert. it's quite a low cut number,

Dan: is. It's a little, it's a little black dress, isn't it? That she's got

Sidey: She can't she can't do the zip

Dan: it's, a knockout thing that you would wear to a

Sidey: You wouldn't be wearing it in the house in

Dan: You don't wear it in the house in middle of the day. She,

Reegs: I would wear it at all. I can't

Dan: you would, if you all alone, you're telling me that you wouldn't just,

Reegs: the little number.

Sidey: So she has to speak to the, the officer.

Reegs: yeah.

And he's already a little bit

Sidey: smells a rat

Reegs: Somerville.

He reminded me of somebody like the guy from the wire a little bit

Sidey: but

Reegs: bunk. Yeah. There was a certain element of bunk to him because he was obviously a stylish guy and he had a bit of a sense of humor.

Howie: At what point does the life insurance money get

Reegs: now

Howie: Is it now?

Reegs: he, he tells that, well, she,

Sidey: he asked about

Reegs: about the relationship and she says they fought over money. And he says that, well, that's interesting because they took out a $4 million life insurance policy on Emily, right before she died.

Sidey: That would definitely

raise some Alarm bells Yeah.

Howie: ticks a lot of boxes.

Dan: Yeah. I mean, it's a perfectly reasonable

Solution or excuse comes in.

The fact that I did, I talk about it was her influence that made them reconsider what they were, what they were doing, maybe her blogger or something had mentioned. And then they said, well, based on that, we went then to get this

Reegs: it was Dennis nylon actually. Yeah. Dennis nylon, Rupert friend, the fashion designer said that the investigation is looking the wrong way by looking at their husband and they should be looking at the Stephanie a bit more.

So it was just

Dan: that it was

Reegs: off to

Dan: but there, there was a reason why they just got this, that it was sold to her. It was explained to her because she went to the, the, the husband why the hell have you got a 4 million pound dollar insurance thing?

And she said, He gave some excuse. I can't remember the, she bought it anyway. She was like, oh, well, okay. That's that seems reasonable. It wasn't as crazy as that. So he was able to explain it away. And, and so, and I think with the fact that she was actually enjoying the life a little bit

Reegs: Yeah. But while she's enjoying the life, he's getting it on with the teaching assistant also we're led to believe also,

Sidey: was definitely starts to explore Emily's past.

And she goes to see the, the artist who painted the picture of her vagina.

Howie: Yeah. And, and this is all

Sidey: big reveal, not,


Howie: it's in tandem with that she's V logging.

Journey to all the Housewives as well, which proves to be a key point.

Dan: And it's going up there. Did you see the count of, she had like 600 followers or

Sidey: 400

Dan: followers and then it was like a thousand. Yeah.

Howie: Cause the videos are starting to become almost like a private detective.

Reegs: Exactly Well, so because now at this point, and this is when this happens, as she's starting to look into the painting that you were talking about she gets a thing through the post saying brother fucker, and then she gets a phone call from Emily.

Dan: who's dead

Reegs: who's dead,

Dan: apparently, but he's not,

Howie: And their children have been saying to her all throughout Hasina

Sidey: at the school. Yeah.

Howie: she told me to give you this,

Sidey: It turns out when she goes to see the artists that the painting is not actually Emily it's of a

twin sister.

and She sees her yearbook, Which has the to the photos,

The artist is played by.


Reegs: of them

Sidey: Sorry, the artist played by Linda

who I quite fancy as

Reegs: You you've waxed on about her before she was in Avengers. End game.

Sidey: Yeah.

she was in the eyes where I originally, got the hospital.

Howie: Scooby doo

Sidey: did. Yeah. I've seen different variants of that Scooby-Doo thing.

Reegs: Yes. There are a number of

Sidey: interesting,

Yeah. Bobby star plays.

her in a different different. Do you wanna check that out? It's definitely.

worth the look.

Reegs: Yeah, so God, this bit is now starting to get quite confused because in the yearbook we see three hope, faith and Emily.

So now we realize there are triplets of

Dan: Hope faith and Emily, I mean, it's charity, isn't it? I mean, she's changed her name there somewhere along the line, but yeah, now we have an explanation of how the police and authorities may have mistaken Emily's body for Emily rather

Sidey: well, they say that she, her system was full of heroin

and booze.

And what have you? So someone was was

a junkie.

Dan: yeah,

Reegs: no, that's right. Yeah. Faith was a

Sidey: junkie.

Reegs: Emily was hope wasn't she?

Sidey: Yes.

Reegs: Yes. Emily was hope faith was a junkie. They burned down their house

Sidey: father was abusive.

Reegs: was a, an abusive asshole.

Sidey: Yeah. So they murdered


Reegs: they murdered him.

Dan: and,

this was their dark secret past.

And this was, this was something that her sister then kind of wanted to blackmail her over a little bit and

Sidey: The original plan was just

to reconvene and everything to be.

Okay. But in actual fact, she'd gone off the rails then decided that actually to get some money, she would blackmail. This is says you wanted a million dollars to, you know, to keep this


Dan: Yes

Sidey: And so she

had to go.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: And yeah, she wasn't getting a million and actually came to the point where she thought, well, the life insurance is on here. We've had the same tattoo, a very very, yeah. It was a very ma a very slight difference. I think there was a sign for hope and there was a sign for faith or within the tattoo.

Sidey: It's

also revealed that at this although they live in his fancy house and they're, everything's very flashy, they did have money troubles. as well. So they were going to

basically the insurance, fraud,

Dan: 4 million. Yeah.

Sidey: to get some

Dan: And the husband was in it, I think.

Sidey: Yeah. He was all up in, it.

Reegs: he was in on it. Yeah. And, and he wasn't.

Dan: Yeah. Well, we, we start to, to realize this is quite an unhinged character now. She's, she's,

she's done murder well,

Reegs: because Stephanie has lost it at this point as well. She's gone completely and utterly insane trying to take over

Dan: Yeah. So we're trying to take over the life of,

Sidey: well we now have secret microphones

hidden cameras.

Reegs: Emily throws a wrench in the air,

To give herself a and then just indicates that Sean, her husband had been beaten her up. The insurance company won't pay out, which is true. Everybody into absolute overdrive. Then there's some weird thing where Emily is trying to get Stephanie to confess

Sidey: that's with all the hidden cameras and everything said they it's a bit of a Mexican standoff and yeah, you're right.

They're trying to get the confession out. And she reveals that actually she's turned all the microphones off, she knew about the microphone. Yeah. She's turned them off. And so she then is going to make it look like a murder suicide. So she shoots her husband but then it's revealed that there's the hidden camera and so she is then

Reegs: she's been, been logging it,

Sidey: which is live vlogging,

vlogging, a dead horse. And so she goes outside and she is then hit by

a car Emily's

Reegs: driven by one of the disgruntled parents earlier. And he says America's hybrids silent, but deadly

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: unbelievable.

Dan: it was. And that kind of then pans to we, we find out she goes to jail and that the husband writes another book which had become very successful and

Reegs: vlog has

Dan: the blog is got a million

Sidey: yeah, she's got many of you She's dating someone else. She's not obsessed with her husband now, but she's got a million followers and it's being developed into a TV show.

Howie: Do you know if he got a million

Sidey: private Dick?

Howie: W I was reading about YouTube views. So a million views gets you about two grand

Sidey: a year a year Or a month,

Howie: just from a million views.

Reegs: That's what you

Sidey: or just a million views.

We get you too. Huh?

Reegs: Right? So based on our downloads, we can S for carry

Howie: PI

Reegs: Yeah, so yeah, the get this ending text and some sort of little montage things of Emily playing basketball in jail. And then,

Dan: she's got 20 years, isn't she?


Reegs: and then it says it, it was a truth.

Dan: and actually the she's doing okay in jail because she's, she's a kick-ass yeah. She's, she's one of those people that will not be trampled on.

And even in jail, she wasn't backing down. This was a woman who, who really wanted to take it to others and

Sidey: She's very domineering.

Dan: alpha

Reegs: why did they say it was a true story?

No no, no. It's like, I guess they do it in Fargo and all that.

Dan: Yeah. I mean, th th I think there was part of it that when they videoed, that actually was true. Wasn't it? That she did get film shoot in a husband.

Reegs: This is based on a book.

Dan: It was. Yeah. But I think that that was a story in there that I'm sure I read that that part was true. So maybe not tell me I'm wrong.

Reegs: I didn't, I, I think this is a fiction. I think this is fiction, isn't it? Well, that like something

Sidey: I didn't believe it was a true story.

Reegs: I don't think it is. I it's based on a, on a novel.

Dan: Is that the true story part

Sidey: Yeah, That

Dan: That it

Sidey: It was really was, yeah.

Dan: based on a book. Oh, right. Well, there you go.

Then I actually did think this was based on on a true story for real.

Sidey: Maybe it is. What is true though? Is the Anna Kendrick had 39 costume changes

in the film,

So costume change trivia, boom.

Reegs: that? It's good.

I mean, you do notice that the costume and set design was something I did really notice about this movie and I did really like it and Blake lively, who. We

Dan: What a great name?

Reegs: But her wardrobe choice. Cause she's this like enigmatic, like almost like a cult figure and her wardrobe is utterly ridiculous.

Like that stuff that she's wearing, it's got like like a detachable front and then your tits just fall out, which is amazing. If you're

Sidey: The reason was

that she

played a character in gossip girl who also worked in fashion. So she really wanted to differentiate the two. So she deliberately wanted her to wear suits

and I'd have it just a

different stylistic. I think

I read,

Reegs: as fuck. It's

Sidey: I think I read that she doesn't

have a stylist in real life, which is probably quite rare in Hollywood, especially for. a Glamorous. you know. attractive lady like that. No, I

can believe that but yeah, you mentioned

that outfit when she takes that sort of fake


shirt thing off

Reegs: a lawyer

Sidey: and she has the cuffs and


She's just fucking smoking in that habit.

Reegs: You said your wife's a lawyer. Does she ever with that? Let's

Dan: the shoulder pads, power,

Howie: around me.

Dan: power dressing, thinking Joan Collins, not in AEs, that kind of thing.

Sidey: The budget, for this was 20 million.

Dan: 20 mil, right. Okay.

Sidey: never heard of this till you started talking about it on this show. What do you reckon it did money wise?

Dan: I reckon it's eat over that.

Howie: Yeah. Eat over probably,

Reegs: double, maybe

Sidey: 97.6 mill decent,

Dan: more than an ache,

Sidey: That's yeah, that's a geek.

Dan: Yeah. That is, that is a substantial return.

Sidey: Dan, I think you're a fan of this. that we've We know that from what you've

Dan: well, yeah, I was, it was, it was a, it was a surprise. And like, like those before me that hadn't heard of it before I heard of it. I hadn't heard of it.

Howie: I did my wife had already seen it and she'd liked it as well. So she said, yeah, I'll watch that again with you and. Yeah, it's so very different to water watch. Cause I would have assumed it was a stereotypical film for women. It's kind of when you hear it, what I heard of all those characters, perhaps it is, but no enjoyed it.

It did get frenetic towards the end. Like you said, as the plot built up and built up and there was some areas left to interpretation that when you're sort of talking about, it seemed a lot more obvious to me being stupid and perhaps not following it as closely as I should have liked the fact that the dad was in on it. I thought he perhaps wasn't and was just a Dick.

Dan: I think they left it open for a good few scenes and they want you to try and work it out and everything.

But I think

Reegs: where it's easy to miss plot points towards the end of the movie, because it is all, there's

Dan: It's all happening. It's all

Howie: And I, I did think it was, I know it's a film when you have to enable a disbelief, but the way that she S Stephanie became a mother and a wife, like within like an hour.

Dan: It felt quick.

Didn't it? And I think that was part of the shock and the the. The situation that she was finding herself in. Yeah. The pace of it that it all happened so quick was, was particularly shocking. And then for some of the situations, she later found herself in because she thought the woman was dead. And they, they seemed in love or, or certainly getting a strong connection at one point.

And you thought, well, okay, you know, it got kids around the same age. He was always much more kind of present and, and connected. And it had more in common with her than his actual wife. It seemed other than their passion for each other. He was the more responsible and he was the one that would see things and, and having a meal down on the table and things were, were things that he seemed to enjoy where he wasn't getting that with his

Reegs: that, but there wasn't actually really a recognizable, like human being at all in this movie. I mean, like none of these people felt real like they had any depth, they were just a kind of collection of kind of lazy stereotypes and other shit.

Dan: I did. I, I, I believed 'em

Reegs: Blake Lively's character. Yes. She was hot and cool.

Sidey: They cast as well. I forget it. I guess

Reegs: that's not a character though. Hot

Sidey: cold.

Reegs: Yeah. I don't know. It just.

Sidey: I love it,

Reegs: Yeah, I do remember that bit. I didn't like this movie. I have enjoyed talking about it though. And on paper, there's a lot to like brother fucking and kill it.

You know, people stabbing each other over and psychos and people drunk getting drowned and mystery. There's a lot there to like the jokes such that they were fell completely flat for me. I just found it really painful. Like humor wise, I didn't get what the movie was saying about FEMA, female identity or female empowerment.

It was saying stuff about that, but I don't, maybe it was me being too stupid. It was just too absurd and too far fetched and it either needed to like lean more heavily into that or restrain itself and come back a bit for me, it was a miss and I wanted to like it more than I did, but I didn't find the drama dramatic.

And I didn't find because the characters were just inconsistent and contrived and I didn't find it funny. So.

Dan: no,

Sidey: Well, I quite enjoyed it, Yeah, I did enjoy it I did the trio of ladies in it, I'm Anna Kendrick Blake library. And Linda Kundalini, are

I enjoy watching. them. Not just sexually. I just think they're good actresses too. There was a scene. I don't know if I mentioned it but they kissed that was, that was,

good. The plot. yeah, it did. It, how old through towards the end and it was a lot going on and you kind of had to have your wits about you, where you could miss

you know, a massive

bit of plot with it, you know, in,

Dan: within a few minutes, I

Sidey: I

Reegs: that bit where it's he runs her over and said start

Sidey: fucking

Reegs: It was like completely out of keeping with the rest of the movie really? And like, the soundtrack was good though.

Sidey: that

was excellent. I thought statistically, It was quite nice as well. I enjoyed it

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: there was a lot.

Reegs: were all great. I liked

Dan: Yeah, there was a lot to enjoy. I, you know, it wasn't an, a knockout. Fantastic. You know, even nine out of 10 movie, it was. You know? Yeah, I think it was probably seven and a half, to be honest, I think it was, it was around that, but it it's it had enough to keep me interested in it and it was, as I believe it still is a true story. Because that's where it says at the end. And and that's what my research said that it was.

And I found that interest in the fact that this lady had done this and had done this mad.

Reegs: did, we do it. We're going to have to Google this straightaway and seen him.

Dan: check it

Reegs: it. It's

Howie: I think,

Sidey: more

Kevin Smith related content.

Dan: Well this has been something I'm sure all our children have been dying to watch or maybe it was us. We're not sure. Is there any of your kids seen he man, mastered of universe revelations?

Howie: They've watched it all in, I think a sitting that nearly caused the nose bleed.

Reegs: well you've got boys, so you got a boy and a girl

Howie: to go and they were absorbed.

Reegs: I think mine would like, I mean, they loved Sheba, so, but this is quite

Sidey: different

Dan: Th

th this is a Netflix thing. It's you know, really been promoted. and I think there's a kind of spinoff series or an explainer thing going Yeah. What was that like?

Howie: good. It's got Kevin Smith basically interviewing all the people that do the voices for this star-studded cast.

Sidey: This is a direct follow on from the original

Dan: masters at a

Reegs: And it really starts like that. Like basically almost in the middle of a battle, you know as if it were continuing from a previous

Howie: editor

Reegs: almost

Dan: W w what we, we meet Adam and a few others throughout the, throughout the series. I've I've gone ahead now more than just series

Reegs: back, because I don't want any spoilers beyond

Sidey: So I've watched the whole series.

Reegs: No, no spoilers beyond episode one, please.

Dan: I've already been told that I'm getting a spoiler because,

Sidey: to whisper it later when that he might get stabbed by skeletal at the end.

Dan: Yeah, boy. Okay. So we do have we, do we have skeletal? We've got He-Man. We've got Tila. And Manoj arms, all co Battlecat.

Reegs: Orco

Howie: Oh

Sidey: do you not hide it? I had the toy Walker. I had the battle cat toy.

Reegs: we see what he looks like under there? He's kind of a jar ware type character. Isn't

Sidey: Here's a

floating shower

Howie: blue.

Dan: Did you have any of these? I had Merman,

Howie: I'd fist or

the shittest was faker

Reegs: faker

Howie: Yeah

Dan: You had Cringila then your, that turned into battleax.

Sidey: back. Yeah. When he lays a beam to us, did you see

the the, the boys? cost for this

really insanely good Mark Hamill is scatter tall. So that's two rad villains that he's done Cause he was, he

did the joker in the animated

series of

Batman as well.

Sarah Michelle gala is Taylor is the best thing she's done since Buffy.

Reegs: well.

You've got the connection also to Hamelin the Batman animated things. You've got Kevin Conroy. Who's a legend of.

The animated DC universe. Voices.

Sidey: Lena Headey.

Reegs: Yeah. And Liam Cunningham

Howie: Game of Thrones. And the best is Elisa silver

Sidey: Alicia Silverstone,

is queen Marlina, Henry Rollins, try clubs

Reegs: tusks, Justin Long


Sidey: Jason muse

Howie: And in Merman is Oppenheimer.


Sidey: There was the original.

Howie: Yeah He's the original skeletal.

Isn't it? Yes.

Reegs: And there's some great writers on there. So you had Eric Carrasco who was doing the super girl series, which was actually okay for a season or two.

You've got Dr. Mishra who did wrote for magic, the gathering, which is not something, I think it's a

Howie: it's

Sidey: real. Knotfest.

Howie: it's a real card murder, murder,

Reegs: Tim Sheridan who wrote for those DC animated movies and he's pulled Kevin, Smith's pulled this team around them with this great voice cast. I mean, obviously we don't need to hide everybody. Absolutely loved this. Right. And

Sidey: well in this room.

yes. But On

the internet loads of nerds,

blew a gasket about this

Reegs: because team, because at the end of this He-Man gets stopped at

Sidey: the end

Reegs: of the first episode, we can

Sidey: It is effectively

Taylor's story for the

rest of the series, which is fine, But people wanted to see

A very homoerotic portrayal of a man in

sort of,

Reegs: no, but it's only five episodes, so don't just chill your boots, nerds. There's another five episodes coming in this season. I'm sure He-Man

Dan: Yeah. Well, there's loads. There's loads of characters that we have yet to see, certainly in this first

Sidey: the

Reegs: same thing happened in Sheara to a degree.

She lost the ability to transform into Shira for a while. Didn't she for quite a while. So, you know, I think it was only at the end of the first season that she gets the power back and I'm sure it will be something like that in this, and

Sidey: yeah but they have the power to go on Twitter,

and voice their


about it.

Reegs: but what they should have enjoyed was the soup herb uh

Sidey: animation

Reegs: brilliantly reminiscent of what you remember as a kid, but completely updated

Dan: you know, I mean the expressions on the, on the faces of based man, which is a little bit later on and

Howie: I thought, man, a man at arms was done brilliantly, a grizzly older man and voiced, as he said, Liam Cunningham is suited to the ground.

Dan: Manny face. There was just brilliant. It really took me back to a youth where I had a lot of these toy characters and loved playing with them. And the writing is, is, is clever. It's it's you know, there's enough there certainly to, to keep you know, an adult, certainly our generation entertained and engrossed in this.

Reegs: Well then obviously there's heavy nostalgia Fest for us because we enjoyed it, but it is really well written the way it manages to sort of continue the, in the vein.

The old series, but introduce new things that subvert some of this stuff like Tila being man arms and that sort of thing, you know, it's just clever stuff

Dan: And are you saying there's more to come or a visc?

So, so there's five S five episodes in this series.

Sidey: yeah.

Reegs: the first one

Sidey: and

because it ends on a cliffhanger, so It cannot end. Well, it could, but it w w unlike, I would imagine they probably already made them. It doesn't end the

way that the series leaves you dangling basically. You mentioned about it introduced new things.

For example, he, manners schedules, nipples are visible for the first time ever.

Dan: Oh it's it's 50 shades of gray skull. Isn't it?

Reegs: Oh, very good. Very good. I'm a bit jealous of that. That's good.

Dan: there's more slightly more adult.

I mean, we look back in the eighties

Reegs: I don't know if it is actually, I think we

Sidey: it's definitely catering for the people who liked it the

first time

round. whilst also keeping it.

Reegs: your kids won't eat shit for it,

Sidey: Yeah,

no, that's what I'm saying. It's It does. It's clever in the sense that it delivers for us. And it also is good for first timers.

Howie: quite like how evil Lynn is well develops this character.

I was going to actually say and be a bit highbrow. I'm trying to not spoil it for you, but I like there's a line or commercial episode is in where Orco explains why he's called Orco. and he says to Anne shares, before you say anything. I, my name is not evil. Lynn. I'm just Lynn

Reegs: yeah.

Howie: and there is a swear.

There's a swear word.

Reegs: What is she calling him?

Howie: She says, you fucking flying can't fuck off you flying can't or she, she says bollix. She says

Reegs: not, might not be a swear word in America because they don't do they have bollix in America?

Sidey: No one does.


Howie: No. She could have said wanker and that wouldn't have translated across the Atlantic either.


Sidey: I had the toy, a ball coat, And it was one of those where you had like a ring pole that you put

through him and he

was motorized and it sort of zoomed along. We didn't fly though.


Howie: they sell the toys and a hundred run toys over here. They've got they've Dave.

Reegs: the news, the

Howie: Yeah He moaned revelations. The skeletal character. They've still got that weird bulbous head.

Sidey: just to get the ones, where

Howie: again,

Sidey: you could get the ones where they had like the armor, and then you could whack it with a toy and spin it around and it'd be damaged. Yeah,


Howie: They had a twist action.

Yeah. Beautiful.

Dan: Yeah. Money, money, face. You turned his, his head and you would have a different kind of



Reegs: was like many faces.

But we should talk about the things like in this particular episode, things that I enjoyed were like the animation sequences with that giant Mohs man. And then he gets fucking, just incinerated. Like it's quite violent. And then the way we're introduced to scale at all, where he sort of announcing himself with his grand plan and he's, he doesn't even get his whole name out.

Does he? And then before he's like stopped or something by the sorceress or thrown to the floor and you know, there's just loads of clever stuff. It's and Kevin Smith, you were saying that he's a polarizing figure, but they can't, they must be very happy at Netflix and

Dan: think this came, I think this was, this was number one. When it came out, it was the most popular thing on

Sidey: Be interesting to see the, and they'll never do this, but the the viewing figures for episode one, compared to the

final episode of the series, because a lot of people were fucking bitching and moaning about it. And I did see a lot of posts from Kevin Smith defending it and basically telling me to fuck off.

If you don't like it, do one, you know, go make your own shit.

You know what

I mean? So I suspect that the viewing, because might have fallen away a

little bit, but I fucking loved it. I watched the whole series, not in one sitting, but it certainly in one day.

I smashed it.

It was great.

Howie: I can't remember, but have they alienated a big market by only showing it on adult profile?

Reegs: Do they?

Howie: I think He-Man has been rated at 12 plus now.

Sidey: there's some, there's some kid fucking in episode four,


Howie: there's this character that can't sweat because of a war injury

he signed to do with the prince of attorney or something weird. But no, I, I, I think it's only on the available, cause I think they've watched it on my profile rather than theirs on Netflix. So immediately it's not going to be as big as it possibly can.

Dan: right. Yeah. There's an audience similar to clerks where it was. Yeah. Clerics where there was a.

Sidey: well, yeah, it's not a, it's not as extreme as that, but it's probably

it does.

It's not a year. This wouldn't be a

Dan: this isn't porn?

I mean, it's it there's nothing that I wouldn't show, you know,

Sidey: I wouldn't show it to say your youngest.

it's is

Dan: what age would you say? Like seven up

Sidey: 8, 9, 10, you know?

Howie: Yeah. Mine are eight and 11 and they were fine

Dan: they were fine. Yeah. It's horses

Howie: saying that my son likes the Meg.

Dan: Yeah,

Reegs: Oh, that's great.

Dan: that's it?

Reegs: I would say if you're a nerd and you're. By Telia's story or,

Sidey: you're a

Reegs: your lack of He-Man in this, you know,

Dan: You really are a nerd.

Reegs: and sit back and just remember, this is just about a fucking toy commercial thing, and it doesn't matter that much.

And just actually, if you pay attention, there's a really interesting story going on. That's maybe not the one you wanted to see, but it's something

Dan: else

Reegs: and you'll get plenty of He-Man in his pants, pounding shit. By the end of the season, I guarantee you no, not this seat, not the ones that are released. I guarantee when the next lot come out, there'll be a load of He-Man in it and you'll

Dan: They

Sidey: Good. It'd be good if They just said no, actually we're going to keep annoying you because that's

the sort of thing I would do.

Let's say, oh, you didn't like that. You're going to get more of it. you fucking twice.

Howie: yeah. Go and watch 300. If you

Dan: like it here?

Reegs: No, I know this is going to be Telus story. That's how

Howie: one is It's

Reegs: absolutely clear, like, but It'll be fine.

Sidey: Her and She's fucking

Howie: yeah. Taylor, is it an episode two where she has like a traveling companion? Is there a relationship there?

Sidey: What do you think they were going to lose

Howie: yeah, I thought so. Cause I was, I was, yeah, I thought there was an implied relationship there, but also there was like a weird longing from Tila of prince Adam.

Sidey: Well, she could be by,

Howie: man. That's what I mean. So is it going to turn into a complex love story?

Reegs: though.

Sidey: Brother

Howie: fucker.

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: Is it going to turn into a complex story where one

Reegs: oh, a love triangle

Howie: and then all code basically turns into a Jew. Yeah. Fucking

Dan: geez Maybe Maybe, it is only found on the adults. Wanna,

Howie: Kevin Smith listening. Cause life is a hell of a plot twist.

Reegs: Yeah. She, Rob was a bit more overt

Howie: Yeah. LGBT plus.

Reegs: relationships. Then this was, so this was a bit more.

Howie: secret secret,

finger banging.

Reegs: I like it. I like it.

Sidey: Yeah. I love this. It was fantastic.

Reegs: And it was also based on a true story. A bit like simple favor. Wasn't it. Dan

Dan: So the only it does seem, the only true bit of a simple favor is the fact that it was it

Reegs: believe he didn't even Google that. It's like,

Dan: no, I can't believe they put it on these a true story.

Reegs: you're like, oh yeah,

Dan: to be like

Howie: silent

Dan: at the end

Sidey: Fargo, also not a true story.

I would leave that

fucker at home. Yeah.

Reegs: that it's already been nominated for last week and this

Sidey: week. Yeah.

It's a given

That was good. True


related content.

Reegs: All of the

Sidey: All of it was true. Every last bit of It was true

Howie: only the names and places and people and plots were changed to protect the

Sidey: yeah,

Reegs: our audience should do us a simple favor of recommending us to someone else or leaving us a review

Sidey: Yeah. they absolutely should.

Dan: Is that a true story? Yeah.

Reegs: And abusing us on Twitter at dad's

Howie: Or if I want to cut cool.

Oh, 8 7 1 6 3 2 7 4 1 postcode.

Dan: Well, shout out while we were talking about social media and things. We've got Instagram, we've got Twitter. We've got Facebook, I guess. And a website. We've a website. Yeah.

Howie: my space,

Sidey: we need to go on Tik TOK, I think,

Reegs: yeah,

Dan: no, I draw the line. I've just, I've just started on Instagram. I've just

Sidey: You've got a splinter cell

Dan: BD fr and you can, no, it's not even Dan, is it? Yeah, it is. I think it is. I'm not a hundred percent sure. He thinks Dan at BDF or London Hellyer is you

Reegs: Fuck.

Howie: memorable.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: find good luck

Sidey: but we're going

to have some nominations for next week reads. I think you've masterminded something.

Reegs: Yes. Yeah. It's a subject where you'll see as I go through. So the top five is going to be top five movie bicycles.

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: The movie is going to be the 2017 documentary Icarus.

Sidey: Okay

Reegs: And the one, the it's a film, it was released in that time. It's fine. And the,

Dan: a documentary though. The first one we've done.

Reegs: Yeah. I was going to do top five documentaries when we did documentaries, but I've somehow done it, but it's what I wanted to do this week on a bike

Dan: Really? Okay.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, so we'll go for Icarus. And then Ricky zoom is the bike related Netflix content.

Sidey: So as previously begged, please do

ask someone else

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family member

and leave a review and a subscribe and all that.

Reegs: If you've got a junkie twin, get them to sign up,

Sidey: anyway.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: But all that remains is to say society signing out,

Dan: Dan's gone.

Reegs: we always wonder what would happen if I didn't say anything. No, not a lot.