Several years ago 4 self confessed movie fanatics ruined their favourite pastime by having children. Now we're telling the world about the movies we missed and the frequently awful kids tv we are now subjected to. We like to think we're funny. Come and argue with us on the social medias.

About the Hosts

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Peter Andre

We promoted him to full Bad Dad.

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Daniel, Dan, Danny or DC, this Bad Dads character arc has developed in such a surprising way that many people still mistake him for a huge arsehole or a really really nice guy. As the protagonist in the story of his own life he has often forgotten his lines and been left floundering as the next scene unfolds, desperately looking around for an understudy to take over. Once, as a promising young footballer he had the world at his feet, these days he can barely afford shoes as his dream of being a solid and reliable stunt cock in adult movies, a cook with more than just two dishes and campaigner of marijuana legalisation goes up in smoke.
This most disorganised, unprepared and technologically underdeveloped Bad Dad likes drinking brake fluid but promises he can stop at any time, he likes to fart in elevators - which is wrong on so many levels and once said 'dad jokes... it's how eye roll' A veteran of over 8 different TV's during his lifetime he expects his movie watching habits will consume more TV's before he reaches his target of being the worlds oldest man in 2100, when he will be 123 years old. Favourite movies include funny ones, happy ones, any Bill Murray film, political/ spy thrillers and various film noir.

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Sidey’s origin story is long and complex. Suffice to say that the Bad Dads podcast has come into being at the same time as Sidey’s enormous mid-life crisis. Other benefits of the melt down include, quitting my well-paid finance job to grow tomatoes, becoming a cyclist, and growing a ridiculous ginger beard.

Some poor soul must undertake all the editing grunt work, and this idiot is the man for the task. Most of the week is spent planning, recording, editing, or promoting the show. It takes a lot of time, but we love doing it. Goals for 2021 include finding someone to listen to the show!

When not whirling away on the show Sidey can be found shoplifting or enjoying his part time role as a male escort. I am also extremely excited about my charity bike ride challenge in 2021. I will be cycling from London to Paris, covid-19 allowing! Stay tuned to social media for fund raising appeals!

My movie history. Well, it is a varied bunch. I am a big Coen Brother fan, I love Lost in Translation. And lots of others to tedious to mention here. Meryl Streep… Not so much.

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In accordance with Starfleet Order 2: Starfleet regulation against the taking of intelligent life I was brought into this world in the late 1970’s. I was dragged up on the urban bonfire of East Anglia surrounded by burning Ford Transit vans and the smoldering embers of burning Poll tax signs. I was nursed into this world by a non binary racoon. A racoon that was chosen for its superb bit part in the Great outdoors with John Candy and its opposable thumbs. “C&9+” as it was known had inherent sudoku skills over its peers, and such the rest were placed into suspended animation and awaiting for the return of my King, Demetator the 6th from the Semetiar galaxy.

I surfaced in the 1990’s on an island in the mid channel, then as an adult after serving time teaching in a local monastery I became a man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. Generally, the path of least resistance appeals. Also, I am superb at parallel parking. I'm a man with a dream. A very simple dream, mostly involving Lego and Greek yoghurt, but a dream nonetheless. I behave decently to everyone with an expectation of rewards or punishment after I’m dead. I’m not smart. I just wear glasses. I like films with words in and happy endings.

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14 billion years ago (give or take a few days) the universe was created from a singularity in a violent explosion of space, time and gravity. After just a minute it had grown to a million billion miles across and was expanding fast, consisting of about 75% hydrogen, 23% helium and a sprinkling of lithium and deuterium. The temperature was a little over 10 billion degrees, which is why the fleece was not invented until many years afterwards. In 3 minutes, 98% of the matter that there is or ever will be has been produced.

Fast forward a few billion years to an unassuming galaxy and to a small blue planet in orbit eight light-minutes from a star. A cocktail of water, methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide gases reacts with electrical energy to produce a steaming broth of amino acids, fatty acids, sugars and other miscellaneous organic compounds; this was probably not as tasty as it sounds. Emerging stumbling into the light from the background of this primordial sludge was an otherwise unremarkable ape eventually named Reegs.