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Funny dads

They don’t know what they’re doing, but that’s half the fun. Great recommendations for what to watch

Bad Dads are actually Grrreeeaaaatt!

Enjoyed every second I have listened to thus far! I loved their Top 5 and just their vibe in conversation! Having sons it’s great to have some adult time review followed by good recommendations and reviews on shows for the kids! I like how they know what’s coming next and tell you where to find the show on which streaming device! Definitely should listen and subscribe!

Great Podcast for Any Movie Fan

Been having an absolute blast listening to Bad Dads. Great concept of being dads and trying to catch up on everything they missed, puts a nice twist on being a movie buff. Their Top 5 segment is a personal favorite.

Well done

These guys are great. I feel the same as the description. I was a movie buff before having children. Still try, but not the same as before. Love the breakdowns in this podcast. Keep up the great work boys. Definitely worth subscribing!

Great Pod

As a dad myself, I relate to this podcast so much. I feel like I don’t get the time to see as many movies as I used to, and am more often than not watching kids shows. These guys do a wonderful job of not only bringing their opinions to the movies I may have missed, but bringing their A game humor to dissecting the awful kids shows I’m forced to endure. Def would recommend!

Fun movie pod!

Love the concept! Dads have so much wisdom and life experience and this pod stays true to that. A lot of fun takes on media!

5 stars

Started with the episode on Midsommar + My Little Pony. What a fun show. I was laughing throughout the whole thing. These hosts have great chemistry, and know how to keep the show moving. Also - love the two movies per episode approach, especially because they seem to usually be so different. You’ve earned a subscriber!

Fantastic Chemistry

The Three hosts’ passion for film shines through in a stream of consciousness conversation that seems to meander while linking it all together in a natural way. Fantastic listen. Subscribed

Great listen!

These guys have such a great chemistry and the banter and jokes are constant and top notch! They will have you cracking up the whole time! Definitely give them a listen and tune in if you want to split your gut laughing!


These dads are a HOOT

Don't pass this by

This absolutely cracked me up with great chemistry, banter, and well organized cast. Worth your time. Subscribed!


These guys are hilarious and I’m hooked on this podcast! I was cracking up so much!

Juicy Slice of Big Daddy Jon Hamm

Started off with their Tusk episode and swiftly followed up with their Magic Mike episode. I am eternally grateful for being informed about Jon Hamm's third leg. These guys are great and listening is oh so smooth. Subscribe and listen now!