April 28, 2023

Another Round & Not Dexters Laboratory Because We Messed Up

Another Round & Not Dexters Laboratory Because We Messed Up
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It's not hyperbole to say that this week’s kid tv section and outro is the best content from Bad Dads Film Review yet, the laughs, the thrills, the spectacular revelations! And what about that phone call from Harrison Ford? Incredible! Sadly, it's drinking week and appropriately scatter brained, we messed things up by failing to record our DEXTERS LABORATORY segment and the outro. Maybe we'll give the sociopathic scientist another go some day because Sidey and I enjoyed this and not only because it was mercifully short.

Thankfully Bar Manager Cris knows his strainers from his muddlers so nothing too embarrassing happens when we discuss the Top 5 Drinks in movies. Turns out that when it comes to alcoholic content we're pretty much game for all of it.
Our main - by which I mean our only - feature is Thomas Vinterberg's bittersweet, melancholy and very human look at midlife crises and our relationship with alcohol in ANOTHER ROUND. A group of bored Danish teachers decide to test a theory by Norwegian philosopher and psychiatrist Finn Skarderud who claims that humans are born with a blood alcohol level 0.05% too low and therefore we should all be permanently slightly smashed. As you can imagine there are absolutely no drawbacks to this plan whatsoever. Who knew the Danes were such lushes? Mads Mikkelsen's incredible dance moves would make even a teetotaller slightly tipsy. 

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. If it hasn't been completely destroyed yet you can usually find us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at baddadsjsy@gmail.com or on our website baddadsfilm.com.

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Another Round

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review, the podcast equivalent of being in the V I P area of an exclusive nightclub, except instead of surrounding you with lovely ladies in a bottle of Gray Goose, they hand you some homemade potato vodka strained through an old sock and is served to you by a hobo wreaking of piss that they've just pulled out of a back alley. Actually, that little bit profanity right there is a good reminder that this show might occasionally be a bit sweary. So if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, we should probably part ways.

But for everyone who isn't a total lightweight, let's crack on. Now as we all know, the British drink tea, eat crumpets, and are, and are emotionally distant, classed obsessed xenophobes. The French Wear Berets wouldn't be seen dead without a baguette under one arm, have questionable hygiene standards and drink red wine.

Whilst the Italians are a nation of dark hair, olive skin plumbers who spend most of their time ingesting huge quantities of mushrooms. Then jumping on the backs of turtles on the quest to saver Princess whilst drinking espresso. Yeah, if it's not clear already, and let's be fair, it probably isn't, this week isn't about not very nice stereotypes.

It's about drinks. And whilst the Americans wage the culture war over some of the worst known beer to man vying with our dear friends, the Australians. For that, I think we thought we'd crack open a bottle of lighter fluid and chat about the top five drinks in movies. After that we're binging on Danish drinking drama, another round, which stars Mads Nicholson and asks the question, is it a good idea to be drunk all the time?

Sidey: Yes. That's literally what that film does. Yeah.

Reegs: And then we finish things off with a little sniffer of Dexter's Laboratory. All that's left to do is introduce the dad, starting with co-host Sidy, whose hobbies include filing frivolous lawsuits and occasionally urinating in strange places. And the Tipsy Sylvanian, the carousing, Kathe and Chris.

And finally there's me res Hello.

Sidey: Hello. It's been a couple of weeks since we. Gathered

Reegs: has, yeah. We had a week off,

Sidey: So you must have watched a ton of stuff in that time.

Reegs: Yeah, well we watched all of Beef.

Sidey: Oh, okay.

Reegs: Netflix series, the A 24. It was okay. I, yeah, it's, yeah, I enjoyed

Sidey: I've seen quite a lot of hype about it, and I'm a fan of the guy that's in it.

Reegs: David Cho you're gonna say, but now he's a piece of

Sidey: he's gonna be canceled because he admitted to enjoying raping someone.

Reegs: Yeah. It's hard to keep up with. Yeah. It's hard to keep up with all the pieces of shit, but

Sidey: Yeah.

Yeah. That's bad.

Reegs: And then just started with the misses on yellow jackets.

We've just started that, so obviously

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. Barron, because I I. Looked, and I think this week is like the hiatus week. So I won't have an episode of that to watch this week cause I'm fully up to date.

Reegs: Well, I think we are just doing it at the right

Sidey: place.

Oh, you might plateau

Reegs: the way through. It'd be great.

Sidey: So how many episodes have we done?

Reegs: Two. Three.

Sidey: Okay. Ooh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Great.

Reegs: Really getting into it.

Sidey: it. Yeah. Nice. All about you, Chris. Do you watch much?

Cris: I, as you know, I don't really watch series because I, I can't get into them and, and I, I, I'm, I'm going to get into the yellow jackets, but I'm waiting for the whole thing to finish and, and I I will watch that.

Sidey: wow. Cuz I think there's gonna be five series planned, so you might be waiting a little while.

Cris: Well, I'm, I'm gonna wait at least three series then, so, so I can kind

Sidey: of Yeah, yeah.

Cris: navigate it like that. I did watch a movie called The Gray Man.

Sidey: Oh, okay. Yeah, I think we mentioned it before.

Cris: Yeah. I, I think the only thing is I, I, I put it on and I, I think I watched it before, but I can't really remember.

Sidey: It must be good cuz my misses watched it for a second time in the last week or so.

Reegs: All

Cris: Well it is got Ryan Goner. Yes. Ryan and, and Canada. Chris,

Sidey: Chris Evans and

Cris: Chris.

Sidey: Are they're in another thing? Ghosted.

Cris: Okay. Is that

Reegs: another Netflix

Sidey: It's a Apple Plus thing where she's in the CIA type thing, whatever.

Reegs: got amongst any of Apple stuff and there's loads of severance. Sounds like it might be the,

Sidey: I bought a new device and I get three months free Apple Plus, so I might watch that.

Okay. I know it's just a thing that I'll forget to cancel and then it'll be another service on

Reegs: just another subscription as they slowly, like death by a


Sidey: Exactly. Yeah.

Cris: Yeah, that's, that's, I watched that and I watched Funny enough, another movie with Anna Dermas, which is called man Dere, which translates the Hands of Stone. And it's a movie, it's a biographical movie about Roberto Doran


Reegs: Ah, yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Okay.


Cris: it's unbelievable. Okay. It's, it's very good.

Filmed in kind of like, obviously with. Roberto Dran in, in the, in the main character. And Anna Dharma is his girlfriend, and it's the most topless scenes I've ever seen. Which is honestly, it's amazing and fun fact, or, or funny thing of the day is that Roberto Dran has, I think 18 children, 15 of them are men, and they're all called Roberto Dran.

Reegs: Nice.

Sidey: Wow.

Well I was laid up with Covid, so I watched quite a few things. Some of which I can remember. I watched Big Leki again.

I did watch some new stuff. Not well, stuff I hadn't seen before, so I watched Attack the Block. It was quite good fun. And it's only 80 minutes. That was refreshing. I've watched a, what was it? I was talking to you about it. It was That guy Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia in an eighties.

Reegs: Oh, black rain.

Sidey: rain. Yeah. I couldn't really get with that. Anyway, I turned off off half an hour and some other stuff. Loads of snooker. And

Reegs: did you see the extinction, the just stop oil thing?

Sidey: Yeah, I was watching it live when that happened.

Reegs: I thought you were Yeah, cuz he messaged. Yeah.

Sidey: It was great cuz the guy ran on and he just had someone go, oh, you prick really loud. It's just quite good. And finished Picard, which was kind of shit, but I really loved it. Yeah, just the end bit. Like

Cris: you

tweeted something about this.

Sidey: Spoiler alert, but they're all, at the end, they're just like having a drink together and it was just like massive nostalgia fest. Just like pure fans

Reegs: Nerd

Sidey: Yeah. So I enjoyed that even though it was probably rubbish. Yeah. And then all the homework was ages ago

Reegs: Yeah. But it was good though. We did sideways, didn't we? And

Sidey: Yeah. We're having, Chris and I are enjoying a glass of wine right now. Yeah. Which is good. Yeah. So yeah, we're gonna, we're gonna kick things off with our top five, which is about booze.

Reegs: We well it was drinks, wasn't it?

Sidey: I suppose mine are mainly alcoholic, but I do have probably a couple of non-alcoholic ones.

Reegs: I was hoping it was drinks cuz I've got some,

Sidey: Whatever you want it to be. Yeah. Yeah. I, I don't think it's worth revisiting the top five from the, whatever the hell it was last time.

Cause I can't think what it was even. So let's just get into it. Top five beverages then let's say Yeah, rigs. Go on then set the tone.

Reegs: Me. Yeah. Well, I'm just gonna start with a very obvious the vodka martini from James Bond. It was the first one I thought of. It's, it is hard to think of a more like a, a drink that's more associated with a character than this

Sidey: 26 bond films.

It's mentioned in 21 of them. Yeah. Yeah. And then in Casino Royal, they really doubled down on it because it's the Vespa one and he just tells them how to make it.

Reegs: Doesn't he describe that silly sounding shit with but when you think he's gonna drop the line about shaken, not stirred in the, in Casino Royale, what does he, he's.


thought No,

Cris: No. he does, he does say the quote.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: And he doesn't say shaken, no stir. He just says, he just says the quote

Sidey: Bartenders, or, I think they really trend ones, calms our mixologists. They say that the worst way to serve it was shaken. Christie, would you consider yourself to be

Cris: I have worked in pine bars and restaurants for the good part of 15 years, and whoever says that is a snob, really, because the best way martinis served is how you like it, as long as you pay for it.

You're the customer is how you like it.

Reegs: I just can't imagine asking for it without cringing. Like, like hugely shaken, not stirred.


Cris: The only difference being if it's shaken and it's not stirred, it's gonna be a little bit more watered, so it's gonna be less alcoholic, so it's gonna be less explosive. So it's gonna make you less of James Bond, which that's a misconception.

It doesn't matter how much of a man you are, if you are. If you're drinking a strong drink, it still comes in a martini glass, so it's not gonna be that manly if you really want to be that cool. Yeah. So I, I've come to the conclusion as after all these years of experience that whoever wants to play that card, they can, and it, there are people that like it more alcoholic or, or they want it dirty or they want it stir,

Sidey: What does dirty mean?

Cris: Olive Brine

pretty much, yeah. The, the, the Thai shit as well. But which is, you know, one of them that you have a Thai woman eat only berries. She shits and you drink it.

Reegs: Yeah. That kind, that one.

Cris: one, yeah, that one. But I would say the most popular is a Jim Martini, which is normally a classic martini, because that was the

Sidey: I don't think I've ever had one. In fact, I know I've never had one.

Reegs: one. I, I have had one, I think, I think it was really dry, really like

Cris: It's a nice drink, but it's an acquired taste. And it's the same like a, pretty much like any other highly alcoholics per, it's the same like we're talking about in Agni the other earlier. If you like an agron, you're gonna have to drink a few of them before you get used to that kind of flavor and that kind of taste.

The first time you're gonna drink it, you're not gonna like it.

Sidey: Do

you want some other drinks that Bonds

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Uh, Yeah.

almost certainly. Probably

Reegs: Yeah. W K D.

Sidey: Yeah. Hooch

Cris: He's definitely had

Sidey: in, in ette die. He has a cesac.

Reegs: They have that in another round, don't they?

Sidey: It's

at the, yes, it's at the recommendation of Felix, I think. Cause they're in New Orleans says that was a big

prohibition drink.

Reegs: Yeah. Does it? It's like, doesn't it get you absolutely

Sidey: blasted.

Yeah. He also has negroni's, Americano's, mojitos, and even a black velvet.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Cris: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. So that's quite a lot going on in James Bond there.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, he's, well he was an alcoholic, wasn't he? Yeah.

Cris: And he flies through walls and, I dunno,

Sidey: probably takes the edge off all the beatings that he takes, I suppose 40,

Cris: Or he gives.

Sidey: Yeah.

Well I watched the film this week. The Big Lebowski. Yeah. And it's the White Russian, of course. Chris, what, what's in the white Russian? How would you make a white Russian

Cris: vodka, UA and half and half, which is double cream and milk?

Or you can just go double cream if

Sidey: you really

Cris: inclined to, to, to do so.

Sidey: And this is one that I

Reegs: hell of a

Sidey: started drinking after watching the film a million times. And it is a really nice drink.

Reegs: is a nice drink. Yeah.


Cris: The

only thing I would say is, again, coming from a. Knowledge of bartending school is that I wouldn't recommend anyone drinking anything with cream or milk really?

Because what it does is separates the alcohol in your stomach. Yeah. So you can drink more, but when you feel the alcohol, when it's finally in your

Sidey: Right? Right. It hits

Cris: you, you crash. Right. Okay. So it's, it is not really

Reegs: a no, you just keep going

Cris: until you crash and then you might sleep in a ditch somewhere.

So, or, you know, not make it home.

Sidey: I mean, in the movie he, the, there must be Someone's probably countering them up, but he's constantly drinking one, making one or carrying one around. He's got one in the limo and he gets bundled in. It's a beverage here, man. Great movie that we're too scared to ever talk about in depth.

Reegs: it's dangerously close to like Bailey's or something, isn't it?

Sidey: It's a hell of look nicer than Bailey's.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: And it's more alcoholic.

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Next

Cris: I've got a drink called Mead in the 13th Warrior. Mm-hmm. Which is, is pretty much wine and honey, it's what they used to do in, in the, I dunno, 14th, 13th century where they would add honey to, to drinks to keep it for longer.

Yeah. It would be a preservative because honey, Is the best preserved liquid that you'll ever find. When they discovered Pompe and in the ruins of Pompe, they would only discover two things that you could liquids that you could. Potentially still drink. One was wine, the other one was was honey.

Okay. So they, they still kept natural honey and, and honey flavored wine like honey mixed wine. Yeah. Keeps for millennia apparently. And I'm gonna attempt say Antonio Bandura's name, which I thought it was quite funny in that movie because he's a. Mexican actor playing an Arab guy. But

drinks me in the 13th Warrior.

I dunno if you've seen that

Sidey: movie. I haven't seen

Reegs: Yeah, I've seen that one. Yeah.

Cris: Which I, I kind of liked, I thought it was an interesting story and, and it's basically a, a bunch of vikings need a 13th man because of a prophecy to. Fight this evil spirit, which they turn out to be just another tribe of men with all sorts of masks.

And they look terrifying and they attack them in their layer and he turns from the small man that just follows them at the end of the cue to be a, an important part of the movie, let's say. And he drinks meat. So that's my

Sidey: another drink I've never had. Hmm. Okay.

Reegs: I've got a list of people who drink milk either because they're a psycho like when he does it in psycho or perhaps cuz they're making some kind of thematic point.

So a clockwork orange, a bit of milk drinking in that no country for old men. Oh yeah, Leon in Glorious Bastard s Mad Max Fury Road. That is breast milk, I think. Yeah, that's a bit different. And then Get out as well. And I've got another list, which is movies where characters crack a raw egg into an empty glass and drink it like how he proclaims to have done a few times.

Rocky. Yeah. Rocky Balboa Naro Libray. You ever see that

Sidey: yeah. The wrestling.

Reegs: one where he climbs up to the eagle's nest to gain the to powers up and then in standby me. Your

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Totally average

Reegs: when lard ass cracks a, an egg into his mouth to kick off the bar for armor.

Sidey: So you've never done the drinking and egg, Aurora egg?

Reegs: No. Have you?

Sidey: No. Sounds, vile sounds. I don't think I'd be able to keep it down too much. But you think it would? It would lead

Cris: to, no, I've done it, but the quail eggs.

Sidey: Oh, okay. Well that's a slight shot, isn't it? I think it would lead to vomiting if I tried it. Your favorite franchise Reig is Harry Potter. Definitely. And in that the kids drink a concoction called Butter Beer. Yeah. Which is

Reegs: 'em smashed?

Sidey: presumably a non-alcoholic. It's described in the book as being a little bit less sickly butterscotch.

Reegs: Can't you have it

Sidey: You can have it if you do the, the studio tour. Geez. Then you can have it in all different varieties, hot, cold, or even frozen, different

Reegs: times.

I know Johnny Utah, I think will be freaking out and going, oh, I've done that and all that.

Sidey: I still wanna do that tour, so I've totally do it as well. So yeah.

Baa Beer.

Reegs: Yeah. Nice.

Cris: I've got the rum diary. Which is a novel from by Hunters Thompson. And well, it's a movie and it's adapted by that and obviously

Reegs: it's got it right there in the

Cris: Yes. It's, it's and it's quite out there at the same time. You get to see a lot of run drinking Yeah. Throughout the, the movie. So,

Reegs: yeah. Well, he liked a bit of booze, didn't he? Hunters Thompson amongst other things. Yeah.

Cris: So I know I mentioned him in the last podcast, but yeah, this is another one that I thought that would be, I know it's in the title as well and it's also, I'm not sure if it's the first movie in which Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are

Sidey: Oh, I think that is where they met. Yeah,

Cris: I think this is the first one, so I dunno if that much rum,

Reegs: I

think it all turned out great for them, didn't it? I

Sidey: I

Cris: One would say.

Sidey: I think more Hunters Thompson stuff. They drank a lot of Singapore slings, don't they? In fear loathing. Yeah,

Cris: they, yes. Yeah. Yep.

Reegs: That's a good one.

Well, mad Men, they like an old fashioned in

Sidey: I was gonna talk about that. Not that I've seen a whole lot of Mad Men. I have seen some of it. But I do like an old fashioned that would be a, a go-to cocktail. A friend of the pods, norm and I, when we go to London, we usually stay at a place called Town Hall.

Hotel. And there's a bar in there and they have an old variant of an old-fashioned called the Ron Burgundy. Alright. And it's it's smoked with like mahogany and it's served on a leather bound book, but true intense, especially, it's just a normal old fashioned, but it's great. It's really good.

Reegs: good. Yeah. Brilliant. Another iconic cocktail, I think is the sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist from Groundhog Day. And what about the Bloody Mary? Once upon a time

Sidey: in, I watched that this week.

And yeah, it's a, I see. Have you ever tried a Bloody Mary? I'm sure you have.

Reegs: have. Yeah. I can't get

Sidey: the last time I had it, I, it was at an airport because I'd been away and it was really particularly boozy and having to travel back home feeling less than ideal and so ordered a Bloody Mary. But it was, they would normally, Well, and in the one, in the one in this is like a big fucking cocktail, like a massive effect with an enormous celery stick.

Ooh, that would make me sick. The one I had was more like a tall, thin glass. You know what I mean? Yeah.

Reegs: Oh yeah. You hate celery, don't, you're like


Sidey: Yeah, I really fucking detest celery. So fuck that off. But, you know, it's supposed to be something that you, it's like got a savory kind of vibe to it the day after you, and

Cris: Yeah, it's a pick me up

Sidey: just gives you a bit of a buzz after to take the edge off the hangover.

But I just found it. I thought it was gonna make me feel sick.

Reegs: The tomato juice is a no-no for me, unfortunately.

Sidey: the killer for me. Yeah. Just can't really vibe with tomato juice.

Cris: Oh, I mean, I'm a bartender, so I always have, I always have a bloody Mary. I do like a Bloody Mary, but I

Reegs: what

is that a known thing in the bartender like?

Cris: No, but bartenders are generally alcoholics, so you'll drink anything really. if you.

Know what you like in a Bloody Mary. I like, I like a bloody Mary and I also like it to be quite spicy and quite a lot of celery.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: I don't hate celery, so that's, you know, not a problem. I would say the secret for a good bloody Mary is also a bit of horseradish.

Reegs: Okay.

Sidey: Oh, Jesus, it sounds dreadful.

Cris: No, no.

Reegs: It's really hitting all of your no-nos

Cris: But then again, I like it spicy and, and I know for a fact that the next day, if you, if you've had a, and that's why for, for posh weddings or big weddings, if, if they go to the next day, the brunch is Bloody Mary's and brunch.

Sidey: Right. All right. Makes sense. Yeah. Godfather part two. Yeah. Banana Dery.

Reegs: You'll have to remind me. I don't remember. A Banana Dery.

Sidey: Fredo orders it when he is being cool and Michael gives him a, a fucking look because it's a really shit drink. Yeah. Any kind of dery is like fucking tragic. It's like a real girly drink, I would

Reegs: say.

I would

Sidey: say. So. Not that any,

Cris: unless it's a classic Dery, which is just ramen

Sidey: when I think of daiquiris, and this wasn't the one in Godfather Plot too, I think of like a, like a Margarita veil or you know, Jimmy Buffet with those terrible machines just spinning around the frozen drinks and you get like, almost like a fucking ice cream machine.

A slushy, yeah. Hideous. No,

Reegs: definitely got like a really crappy paper flower, like, umbrella in it or

Sidey: something. Mm-hmm. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Garbage.

Reegs: Yeah. The Sun, Tori Whiskey. Yeah. That was in Lost in

Cris: Yes. Yep.

Reegs: and silence of the Lambs of course. Had a nice chiante. I like a Chiante.

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: Yes. yeah.

Reegs: Mint ju Lip from the Great Gatsby.

You ever had one of those?

Sidey: Yeah.

It has a kind of colonial association, I think. A mint Julep.

Reegs: Yeah, well it's definitely of that period, isn't

Sidey: it? Yeah. Thirties. Yeah.

Reegs: Twenties and

Cris: And it's a drink from down south

Sidey: That's it.

Cris: which to be fair, most of them started in the South, But

Reegs: So yeah, that was one I suppose not quite as classy as drinking from the toilet.

I've got a list of movies where a

Sidey: dogs in the

Reegs: You interested in that big time? Hang on. Where are they? Well it is pretty much a family movie thing, so you see it in stuff like bait, hoen and cats and dogs. Dunno if you've ever seen that one. And uncle Buck. The dogs drinking from the toilet and that and the secret life of pets.

Do you remember we did that one for the pod and it's got a scene from a dog drinking from the toilet and all the other dogs around going, Chuck, Chuck,

Sidey: ch. That's something my dog has not done

Reegs: What? Drunk from the toilet? No. What's the most like disgusting thing that your dog does?

Sidey: Oh, I've seen her eat its own shit.

Reegs: Oh, that's up

Sidey: pretty bad. Yeah. She's just now

Reegs: mind you, I've seen you do

Sidey: good. Yeah. She's learned from the best. Now she's just a total cliche of like, attacking postman and stuff, so.

Reegs: literally is Attacking postman.

Sidey: Yeah, the po like newsflash. Postman won't deliver our mail anymore, so that's good. How about a drink that mine, Mrs. Likes is a Cosmopolitan, and that's Sex in the City

Reegs: in the city.

Sidey: which I just like bit blokey. Just didn't like that series particularly, but it wasn't aimed at me, I guess.

But she loves her Cosmopolitan. That's a go-to cocktail whenever we go out. She does enjoy that. I don't know what's in a Cosmo to honest.

Cris: Yeah.

Vodka, quantro, lime juice. Cranberry juice.

Like yeah, it's a nice, it's a nice drink. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah, I dunno. I mean there's so many Isn't, isn't there?

Sidey: They got the red eye from cocktail. Bit of Tom Cruise action for you.

Reegs: Yep.

Sidey: that's always good fun. And then I guess my last one I'm gonna talk about is from Jackie Brown. That's Samuel l He likes a screwdriver. Yeah. Which, but that it's just a fucking vodka orange. Yeah. Why they, he's got a fancy name for it.

Really, really bland drink, I think.

Cris: It's just trying to be funny. I, it, I think it's, you don't really get it that much, but I think it's just easier to, to name it.

Sidey: I've only ever heard it called that in the States. I've never

Cris: Yes. No, it's, it's not really, it's not really a big thing here. But you have all these at the same time in, in England, I've had drinks that is called, I've heard of a drink that's, well, I used to make it, it's called Harvey Wall Banger. Right. So that's even a more shit name if you ask me than a screwdriver.

Sidey: mm-hmm. That is Alrighty.

go for it

Reegs: finish on tea and coffee. Yeah. Good cup of tea. In Dunkirk, you see the, seen that one Christopher

Sidey: No, I haven't

Reegs: whenever they bring 'em on board the ships, they're given a cup of tea straight away. Even these like shell shocked guys. It's Shawn of the dead.

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Reegs: have a cup of tea. Mary Poppins of a tea party on the ceiling.

Sidey: Oh Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And then in the hitcher, in the mighty bouch, Bob Fo he sees in the tea leaves that Howard and Vince are in trouble trapped in a box by a cockney nut job. Have a cup

Sidey: cup of tea.

Reegs: with my solo polo vision and

And coffee tweak from South Park.

Drinks a lot of coffee, right? And fry from future armor. Do you remember the episode where he, they get, he gets a government rebate check and he spends it all on coffee. And I think when he hits his hundredth cup of coffee, it goes into like matrix vision and time stands still. And I do like that about coffee, that it can do that to you if you drink enough of it.

Sidey: I do drink quite a lot of coffee. I have to say.

Reegs: Mm-hmm. I stopped drinking coffee for ages and then, Drank it again and you realize, wow, it's like a really powerful drug. Like,

Sidey: right. So I go for a coffee every morning for work.

I go to, it's called Cafe Jack. Every I go there. And then they put a Facebook post up saying, I didn't know whether this was, I checked the date to make sure it wasn't April, but like we've now got On the till, like the regulars and we just put your name in and have your drink. So just let us know.

And I thought, I'm not gonna fucking do that. Anyway, I went in on Friday, first day back in the office after Covid and I went into the till and it was a new lady and she said, well, what do you want? And the other guy came over, but no, no, he's in the thing. Jonathan. Fuck it. That's my name.

Cris: Sorry about that guys.

Sidey: Cortado take away. And I was like,


I, I haven't told you someone. I feel like I'm being stalked and they all were laughing and I was like, no, seriously. How the fuck do you know that? I still don't know. So it's weird. Anyway, that's my go-to coffee is a quartile.

Reegs: yeah, I like a quarter.

Sidey: quartile. That's a good one.

I I have one of those in the morning and then I go lunchtime, see Chris and get a quartile in, in his place. Nice. Yeah. Too much coffee. I've spent a fortune on coffee. I don't wanna add it up. It's a lot. No, don't, no.

Cris: Yeah, I can't say anything. I drink way too much at work, but I work in a coffee shop, so it's, it comes to the territory.

I don't drink it at home though. I have a coffee machine at home, and luckily my girlfriend now knows how to use it and stuff, so it's, it's good. And she ni now she likes nice coffee and, and I'm happy, but I can't, I'm generally just on a Saturday or a Sunday at home and I, I try not to drink coffee because I have three or four in the day when I'm at work.

So, Just because I'll have a shot or I'll have a better with cold water or hot water just to kind of taste it. I have to taste it in the morning to see if the dosage is right, if the weight is right, and, and how it pours and everything. So

Sidey: cool. Right. Should we put the uh, yeah, the leading contenders into a, a top sort of top five order rigs?

What are you putting in?

Reegs: It's a tough call. I mean, you know, we've got the, we've got the vodka martini, we've got the Singapore sling, we, other things I might put I think it's American Pie too. There's a pint with CU in it that Stifler

Sidey: oh, I think that's the first one. Is it? Yeah. Anyway, yes. American Pie. Yeah. It's like people, kids are watching that now and finding it hugely problematic.

Reegs: Oh. Have

Cris: seen that. Have you seen that? Have you seen that? Yeah. It's honestly grow up.

Sidey: nerds. I'm gonna put in, sorry. It's be predictable, but it's the white Russian big leki.

Reegs: Yeah. Nice.

Cris: I

will have to say I didn't really think about that, although it's common knowledge.

Cosmopolitan carry sex in the city.

Reegs: All

Sidey: Good one. And then we'll get some nominations online. Yeah, I was a bit late for it in the post out, so we'll revisit that next week

Reegs: You chose another round for our side.

Sidey: I did. I don't think we'd done a MAD's Mickelson movie or a Danish movie.

Reegs: Yeah. Well we did, cuz we did summer in 92,

Sidey: Oh yeah, yeah, of course. That's very Danish.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: But this fits in nicely with our drinking related week. Yeah. And we all pretty much enjoyed every foreign language thing we've watched, I think.

Yeah. Yeah. From memory. So

Reegs: and this was recommended to me ages ago by Lisa.

Sidey: Right. Okay.

Reegs: Okay. Yeah. She, I don't know, she, she sometimes listens to the

Sidey: yeah, I think so. Age

Reegs: ago she recommended this to me.

Sidey: Yeah. And it's the story of I'm sort of vaguely aware a story of four guys who just decided to drink a lot, but we

Cris: It was four teachers.

Sidey: we, we learn in the, in the film why that sort of kicks off.

Reegs: Yeah. But that's what you knew about

Sidey: this? Yeah, that's what I knew about it. Yeah. I didn't know whether it was gonna be drama, a comedy or whatever it was. I'm still not entirely sure what it was supposed to be. Yeah. But we can get into that. How does it start?

Reegs: It starts with a quote from Soren Kick guard what is youth A dream? What is love? The content of the dream? And then it's the lake race. A bunch of

Sidey: right. Kids like, yeah.

Reegs: Lettering it around a a, a lake. There's a complicated rule system. They have to take a crate. It's teams,

Cris: of two.

Reegs: it, teams of two, each bench, you drink a beer, and then at the next bench, you drink a beer.

If you vomit, you lose a point. If the team.

Cris: if you

vomit together, you keep the point.

Reegs: So, yeah. And they have this crazy run around the park and they finish and they're all getting smashed and people are puking and uh, and the winner gets the bottle deposits. Yes. I think

Sidey: that's right. Yeah.

Reegs: And then they're pretty rioters afterwards.

They're going through town partying, climbing up. The lamppost is a big street party. They end up on the tube. And

Cris: the, they handcuffed the, one of the police officers to the,

Sidey: That's right. Yeah.

Cris: the tube.

Sidey: Yeah. Which doesn't reflect well on the school.

Reegs: Yeah. And then after that, there's just like the unmistakable sound of a bottle being opened and a drink being made just against black, which is pretty cool.

And and then we're introduced to our sort of four friends, like you were saying, teachers Martin, Tommy, Peter, and


Sidey: That's right.

Reegs: And they're at a school meeting discussing what the kids have been up to and They're talking about whether to introduce like a zero alcohol policy or I think on school grounds,

Cris: And you can see them looking at each other, like a couple of them just like, do they know what our students are up to these days?


Reegs: Yeah,

cuz it's clear there's already a big drinking culture amongst the young kids. Yeah, absolutely. So we get introduced to all of the guys, Tommy first, he's the gym teacher. And we see them in like various states of boredom and disinterest with their classes. Basically talking to them, they're under, under prepared, looking out at sea of board faces and they themselves are disinterested.

Mads Nicholson is kind of dryly reading from a book and forgetting where he is and. What he's taught them and that sort of thing. And the class is sort of getting upset. One guy gets up and leaves, I think

Sidey: that's right. Yeah. I guess, yeah. Yeah, he, I mean, think he's a history teacher, which kind of is a, can be a dangerously dry subject anyway.

Yeah. And it's certainly going that way in, in his. Classroom, there's just no engagement going on whatsoever. Yeah. And then it, we get to see his home life and that's equally kind of depressing and the spark seems to have gone out of their marriage. Yeah. And the kids are just very,

Reegs: distant. Well, he's emotionally distant from them and all the kids are distant from him and yeah, it's an unhappy home life.

Sidey: He's going out his, well, his, his Mrs works the night shift. But then he's going out to celebrate, it's one of the guys' 40th,

Reegs: well, just, just before that they, they, the kids and the parents stage a sort of impromptu intervention. Like this meeting to, to sort of say like, sort it out and it's really uncomfortable.

So it gives him this motivation that's gonna carry him through the rest of the film because the kids have got exams coming up and suddenly the spotlight is on him and him being really shit. And it's what propels him into the next stage of his drinking.

Sidey: Oh, well,


edit this bit out, but what he has, he gets summoned into a school meeting as well, doesn't they?

For the parents? Yeah, that's it. Is

Cris: Yes.

Sidey: Oh, there's this bit.

Cris: yeah. That, that, that school meeting, which I have to say I, I thought it was more that because he's, he's more exigent rather than the fact that he's dull because the, the. Kids are, are more afraid. I, in, from what I could gather, was more, they were more afraid that they're going not gonna get the right


Reegs: absolutely. Because of his

Cris: because he, he tells them, read this, do this. Yeah. They don't really have an interest in doing it. And then he will.

Reegs: well, he's not really teaching them. There's no spark, there's nothing at all. You know, so they are worried


Sidey: of our lessons were like that back in the day.

Can you imagine if we'd said, right, we need to have a, a

Cris: this

Reegs: stage in intervention cuz Gilson's

being boring again,

Cris: this is Norway. So, or well, Scandinavia

Sidey: so yeah, that happens. But then they

Reegs: I did think

of my own history lessons, like, oh my God.

Sidey: Yeah. Dreadful. I mean, I remember having some, some good teachers back in the day who were inspiring and, and got, but other ones that were just. Torturous lessons. Awful. Yeah. Remember you had like, you know, there were maybe an hour and a half longer lessons.

You think, God, it's gonna take fucking forever to get through this. Yeah. But we never once like summoned the teacher for like a

Reegs: an intervention.

Sidey: this is bollocks and we're gonna fail. I'm like, no, that was an option anyway. The four teachers go out for a birthday meal for a 40th.

Reegs: Nikolai's 40th.


Sidey: And they're kind of reminiscing about the good old days and

Reegs: we see already that Tommy is already a bit of a drinker. When Nick, when Martin goes to pick him up, he's like, alre. It's that classic alcoholic thing of he's just finished a drink and he makes himself another quick one just as he is leaving and has a little swig.

So Tommy is already on his drinking. Ju you know, everybody's got their relationship with alcohol in this movie.

Sidey: Yeah, they do. And they. They get to talking about a psychiatrist called Finn

Reegs: scar,

Sidey: SCARD Root. And there's this theory that humans are born with a blood alcohol content deficiency Yeah.

Of 0.05%. And they decide cuz it's convenient to test this theory by being. Constantly at that level of

Reegs: there's a sweet spot between one and two glasses of wine. And the intention is to kind of keep you at that level. Yeah. Not dangerously. So, not only during the workday.

Sidey: So

Reegs: yeah, it stops at the evening, about eight o'clock.

Because Hemingway, they refer to Hemingways, like where he, he did his brilliant stuff

Sidey: getting, here's the

Reegs: at eight o'clock. Yeah. He also shot himself.

Sidey: So, and also Churchill was thrown in there a few times. Yeah. And so yeah, that's the plan is that they're going to keep a constant level of alcohol in the system to see if this theory.

Works and you perform

Reegs: well.

They're doing it as a thesis, aren't they? Like it will increase your social and professional performance as a, that's what this Nikolai is testing out writing is thesis. And they, yeah, they talk about it at the, at the do and then Martin does it,

Sidey: but they get fucking hammered at that mill Yeah.

As well. And they're like horsing around afterwards and stuff. But yeah, then it does,

Reegs: But Martin's gonna drive at first and then he does like, he necks a bo a a glass of

Sidey: doesn't he?

Reegs: then another

Sidey: he has a moment. Yeah, he has a moment because he's kind of reflecting on his life and it hasn't panned out.

Reegs: He looks absolutely smashed, but it was a completely dry set.

Apparently they did get fucking plastered preparing for it, but the set was dry. Okay. Which I thought they looked hammered all the way through, but

Sidey: there were very good performances in that case. And so yeah, then we, we do get the kind of having a few sneaky drinks here and there to, to keep this level of alcohol going.

And then his teaching becomes,

Reegs: Well, it, it doesn't go great at first because he, he has a few sips, gets his levels up. I think at the beginning they're trying to be scientific about it. They got breathalyzers

Sidey: and they do go out

Reegs: and he, his first lesson, he can't even say the word industrialization. He's like, f falling over it so it doesn't go great.

But eventually does start to like,


Sidey: he, he gives the kids a choice of three different scenarios of what person would you vote for? Yeah. And he, he's like the, you know, the dull guy or the alcoholic guy, you know, the guy, blah, blah, blah. And they all unanimously say, well, we vote for the last guy.

And he is like, okay, well that was Hitler. Yeah. And you've passed on church on.

Reegs: and someone

Sidey: Someone's

Reegs: not

Cris: Roosevelt, yeah.

Sidey: And so they're all like, Hey, that's quite funny. Oh, suddenly he's got his, he's got the class engaged and he's like, wow, it's actually, you know, there's something to this where it's, it's going well.

They go and watch watch his face, the. The PE teacher, and he's, he's connecting with this little nerd with

Reegs: Specs

Sidey: Yeah, because there was someone at our school course spec, so it's quite amusing. And the team win and you know, the

Reegs: he's getting them to sing the national anthem before the game and the kid wants to drink from his water bottle, but that's a big no.

Yeah. Yeah. So, they all get on it seeing how

Cris: how it is

Reegs: has, has sort of energized his life and they all decide to get on it and they all start to connect with their students more. And yeah,

Sidey: Well I think wouldn't it be interesting to see if we actually up, well certainly Martin does.

If we, if we up the alcohol content, maybe it'll be even more of a, of a marked improvement on performance. I think he walks into the.

Reegs: Oh yeah, that's what to ask. Tommy is nearly rumbled at work at that

Sidey: He's

got loads of boos stashed in a, yeah, like a, the gym place, cupboard closet thing all over place.

And someone finds it and he's like, I didn't know the kids could get it. Yeah. Don't tries to hide it, but

Reegs: And that's when Martin decides to push the level higher and see what

Sidey: Yeah. He walks us into the staff room at work and he's, you kind of think, oh, fucking, oh, you're close to being found out.


Reegs: Oh yeah. He's like careering round, like, and then he drunkenly walks into the,

Sidey: he smashes his face.

Cris: Yeah. Into the side of the door, or, you know. Yeah.

Reegs: We get a great little montage of like various, Historical figures, some really likable people like Nixon and Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel and Yeltsin, all like plastered at press

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. That was

Reegs: Clinton off his tits and like all of these various, some guy, I don't even know who it was, who was the, like, really weird looking.

No, it wasn't, it

Sidey: know the one you mean. It was freaky looking dude.

Reegs: He looked like something that Jim Henson made.

Sidey: He was like a caricature.

Yeah, yeah.

Cris: Oh, I think it was Enver. Hoja. He was the former Albanian. Yeah, I think it was Enver. Hoja,

Reegs: yeah, it could be. Yeah. Yeah, so we see the new routine, which involves vodka for breakfast and taxis to work and like you say, being obviously plastered at work and this sort of thing.

And he talks more explicitly and starts to connect with the kids about their relationship with alcohol as well. Cause he talks to them about how much he drink and relates it back to Churchill, Ulysses Es Grant and someone


Sidey: he sort of really questions one kid, doesn't he? He said, how, how many, how much would you drink in a week? Or the recommended intake is X. Yeah. What do you drink? And the, this kid's like, oh, fucking loads in there.

Everyone's like, and I was thinking as the film's going on, like, what is it trying to tell me about. Booze and like people's relationship to booze

Reegs: Yeah. Because every, at this point, everybody is a beneficiary of the magic properties of booze.

Yeah. And of course it's not gonna last, although there is a great bit where after spec scores the goal and runs over to Tommy to celebrate, and then the lads are all getting plastered afterwards playing football. And Nicholson looks like he nearly breaks someone's

Sidey: leg

Reegs: a sliding tackle.

Loles. And then Peter, the music teacher, he notices one of his students is struggling, Sebastian.

Sidey: Oh. He like, no, don't do

Reegs: And he's already sort of let I think he's already missed a year or something. He's already gone back a year and he doesn't wanna fail his exams and he worries about clamming up and you know exactly where this is going.

Sidey: and you're hoping it's not going, but he, yeah, he's got like a kind of crippling anxiety about an exam or it is like an oral exam and the guy's like, look, just have a swing on this.

And you're like, Jesus, no.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: most of the stuff we've seen so far has been like on a professional level that he's doing better school, but also he is having the extra connection with his wife and the kids.

And they had this holiday, he's kind of spontaneously booked this trip, this canoeing trip.

Reegs: Yeah. He's like, oh, we always used to do it. It was eight years ago.

Sidey: Yeah. And they fuck in the tent next to the kids. That must be weird. And

Reegs: she tells him, you know, she's missed him and all this stuff and we change and yeah, it's all good. The thematic stuff. And so, and it is all still going great. And this is why they push it to, like Nikolai says, we need to examine what is it, the entire spectrum of alcohol.

So, and they dress it up. I mean, it is just getting absolutely blitz and seeing what

Cris: and trying to work while you're doing it. Brilliant.

Reegs: And this is where they get the, what was it called?

Sidey: cac. Yeah, yeah. But Martin, it kind of does try to walk away.

Reegs: He does,

Sidey: And, and he just has a second thought and he goes back in and I think it's because the boss by James Brown was playing and it was fucking tune. And they get monstrously hammered.

Cris: They also had the right spirits for

Reegs: Sissy

struck by the, is the meters

Sidey: They, but you're right. Sorry. Both of you're right. They, he it's cuz they do the thing with the coating the glass.

Cris: Yes. Yeah. And, and also Nikolai has a really nice house. Yeah. His Mrs. Leaves him alone. I'll be at my dad

Reegs: She gives him one instruction, which is to get some fresh cod.

Cris: Yeah. Not frozen. Get it fresh, not frozen. Get it fresh. And obviously we later re

Reegs: their relationship is already breaking down. He's got three really young kids, you know, they're con, they've talked about like, oh, I remembered those days where she talks about having had 20 minutes sleep and having to get up like, oh man, I remember that with really young

Sidey: and the kid,

the youngest kid just keeps wetting the bed, but now it's him fucking you

Reegs: all over the bed. Yeah. All that stuff. Well, that's after this one, isn't it? They, because after this enormous bend they go home and it really does go wrong. Like it goes dark. And Mads Nicholson Martin is found in his neighbor's drive, like passed out by, and his son has to kind of

Cris: Yeah.

With a gash on his head and Yeah, it

Reegs: It's gone too far,

Sidey: Yeah, it's definitely gone too far. Yeah,


Reegs: That and she at sort of tense dinner, she's like, well, you've gotta explain it to the boys. And he's like, well, I got a bit drunk last night. And they were like, well, but you've been drunk for ages. Like,

Sidey: yeah. Yeah. It's

Reegs: she makes, you know, the kids leave and they have this argument and he accuses her and she ex of infidelity.

And she

Sidey: I didn't see that coming.

I have to say. She's she's like, well, I couldn't wait for you forever.

Reegs: I did think the constant references to being on a night shift were a little bit suspect, but anyway, yeah. So she has been unfaithful and he storms out in protest, although later he is living in the house, so I don't

Cris: Well, the house is empty at the end. Yeah. So, so she's clearly moved out. Yeah. With the kids. Yeah, because he just has the table. Nothing else in the house at Yeah, towards the end.

Reegs: Well, that's kind of now really, isn't it? Because they've all kind of hit rock bottom really, isn't it? At the end of this and

Sidey: Yeah, he, it

Reegs: given ultimatums and whatnot by their various,

Sidey: They, well, they kind of, they just abandon the experiment, don't they? They just stop it and knock it on their heads while release some of them. And he does arrange a, a kind of meet with his wife Martin. And she thinks it's a meeting to discuss arrangements about the kids and just the, like, really like hideous formalities.

Whereas he's thinking he can try and rekindle something but she's not having it.

Reegs: And she, she like coughs a big gulp of wine to study herself for the conversation. And

Sidey: he's now sober. Yeah, yeah.

Reegs: And back at school there're all sober, but except for Tommy who isn't, and they're talking about the school head teachers talking about rumors of faculty

Cris: big meeting at school where she, she gets all the, all the teachers together and, and then

Reegs: Tommy turns up like absolutely off his tits basically and stumbling around drunk and you know, and it's cl see from everybody else's perspective how obvious it is.

Very sad moment.


Cris: So yeah, that, that happens with Tommy. And then finally they kind of take him out and, and. They try to have an

Reegs: Yeah. Well, Martin takes him home, cleans up his flat, which is just disgusting now, and feeds the dog leban. And yeah, like you say, sort of try to stage an intervention and I think people are sort of constantly there.

To make, to keep an eye on him, but he,

Sidey: It, it just really literally says, don't come back.

Yeah. I'm fine. I I don't, I don't wanna see you. Just, I don't know. I guess people do that when they're like that. It's pretty awful

Reegs: and

Sidey: it gets worse.

Reegs: Yeah. Well he takes a boat out with Leban with him as well.

This was the really disturbing part.

Cris: Yeah. The dog wasn't well either.


Sidey: the dog was

Cris: he was, he was helping the dog to wee, so he had to massage the dog in order for the dog to have a wee,

Reegs: I, I completely missed that. Is that what was going on with the dog? Was

Sidey: Yeah, right at the start when you first see him, he carries the dog out.

Reegs: Yeah, I did notice that, but I didn't really understand

Sidey: what Yeah, it was just a really old doggy. Yeah.

Reegs: oh, right.

Cris: Yeah. So he had to massage the dog to, to, for, for him to have a, we, before they went to Nikolai's birthdate, the 40th, he said, oh wait, I need to take

Reegs: yeah, yeah, I remember, but I

Cris: need take him out. He, he can't wee by himself, so I have to kind of push him out a little bit.

So he, he takes the dog with him on the boat and then switches to the image where

Reegs: it's just the boat Bob being up and down and the dog on the back of the boat.

Cris: Yeah.

Sidey: So what did he do? He, he drowned himself.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: More than likely. Yeah. He just threw himself off probably.

Reegs: something. I mean, he's dead now anyway.

Yeah, he is. He's

Sidey: he ceased to be,

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So then they learn, they learn at school his funeral that, that he's passed away and then that we have the funeral. Yeah. Which I think some kid sings.

Cris: Yeah. Specs. And the team

sings the anthem. Russian

Reegs: National anthem. Yeah. Yeah.

And it's also the day of the, the guys getting their exam

Sidey: That's right. Yeah.

Reegs: Or their graduation day. Their

Sidey: Yeah. So the, the three remaining

Reegs: They go

for another amazing looking meal.

Sidey: they go for, but they have a place still there for, for Tommy and they, they, they

Reegs: Freedom Air and all sorts, all the food and drink looks sensational in this movie.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And they have another great meal.

And but they sort of, they're more reluctant drinking this time round.

Sidey: but they are gonna celebrate their friend's life. And then they, they do get fucking pissed. Yeah. And then they're out and about and there's a, there's like a few busloads, like an open door bus parade with the, the kids who've just graduated and they're all out having a great time.

And we

Reegs: all just come out to the harbor


Sidey: epic dad dancing.

Reegs: an amazing,

Sidey: they've been speaking, actually earlier on in the film about Martin, like, her like 30 years ago,

Reegs: being a jazz ballet

Sidey: Yeah.

And so he gets drunk and he gets a message from, is it a voicemail, just a text from his wife saying, actually she misses him.

And so kind of like sideways, this like optimistic thing about like reconnecting that that relationship, that relationship might go somewhere again. And so he does this really kind of amazing pissed dancing.

Reegs: Yeah, it is. It is unbelievable. Yeah. I,

Cris: yeah, I have to say yeah, I agree.

Sidey: He can move. I mean, he can fucking

Reegs: He's like swinging himself inside and out and all over benches

Cris: pretty much Billy Elliot, but yeah, in his

Sidey: older and more drunk, he

Cris: Yeah, late

Reegs: finishes sort of launching himself into the sea

Sidey: and it just

Cris: cuts off, Yeah, stops.

Sidey: Mid, mid swan dive. Yeah, I

Reegs: to just rewind and watch that bit again cuz it was just amazing.

Sidey: He's cool though, isn't he?

He's really good madon.

Reegs: cool.

Sidey: And so that's how it ends. I guess. It is like an optimistic and. But also sad because I was really confused about the film, I have to say.

Reegs: Yeah, because it does

Sidey: the message is so

Reegs: drunk all the time is probably a good idea, doesn't it? Yeah, it does basically tell you to do that.

Sidey: Yeah. For a lot of the film, that's the kind of vibe that it's putting out there. And the, the title in Danish just means like binge drinking kind of thing, I think. Yeah. Or drinking session or something.

Reegs: I, I like thought it was sort of a bittersweet and melancholic and sometimes, sometimes funny and very human

Sidey: yeah.

Reegs: So really good.

Really probably complicated to pick apart its message in terms of the relationship to alcohol. It's probably deeply entwined with your own thoughts about substances

Sidey: it would be. Yeah.

Reegs: stuff. So, yeah. Interesting.

Yeah. I thought this was great. Yeah.

Cris: Yeah. I enjoyed it. I have to say, the halfway through the movie, I've kind of made a mental note that I really enjoyed the way it was filmed. Mm-hmm. Almost in a way too personal. Even when they, the conversations and they would, the way they would film, they would, they would almost be like a headshot.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Closeups head, like proper emotion. You, you can see when they're drunk or, I dunno, I didn't know if they were sober, if they weren't or if they were actually drinking during the, the shooting and all that.

Reegs: No, apparently not. I could say that was the first, one of the first things I looked up.

Cris: which, which again, like I say, that can be B even then, then it's even better because you can see up close.

I really like the way it was, it was filmed. I thought it was really personal and really interesting and different,

Reegs: and like, like proper family relationships that you, you know, like as you can understand real, you know, humans interact with each other. Like the relationship with the guy with his young family and Martin with his older kids and all that.

And they're

Sidey: Did you read about the kids? The, yeah. Did you know about this? So mad.

Cris: I, I just watched a movie and

Sidey: Martin's Mad Mickelson's has two sons in the film. Originally it was gonna be a son and a daughter, and the daughter was gonna be played by the, the director, writer's daughter. And she died four days into the filming.

The, the, the shoe. She died in the car crash. Yeah. It was a


Reegs: Barr. So yeah, knowing again that this movie was made against that backdrop is, is really, adds something else to it as well. But

Sidey: I dunno how they were able to carry on. I mean, it's,

Reegs: I, it was immensely powerful I thought.

Cris: It's also, sorry. It's also a, a good portrait of the Scandinavian country's relationship to alcohol.

Yeah. Because it, it does portrait that they have high tax on alcohol, yet still people do it and they still love to get drunk.

Reegs: Well, she says to him that it, it was never, his alcoholism wasn't the problem. She didn't care. She was like, everybody drinks like maniacs in this country.

She's like, the, the problem is that you were distant, emotionally distant and not available. You

Sidey: know? Yeah.

Cris: so I, that's, that's kind of it. It puts reality and perspective, I guess. The only thing I found, not strange, but hard to understand for me is I dunno what kind of wage these stitches get in in Norway, because bloody

Sidey: that's one thing I can never understand because it.

Cris: they went and they would, do you want champagne?

Do you want toasters? Do you want everywhere

Reegs: was his 40th though. I did think that was his 40th,

Sidey: But when, like, they get taxed to the fucking nth degree, right? So how does anyone have any spending mileage? Don't understand it. Anyway, Denmark it does have some of the highest teenage drinking rates in the world.

World. Have organization reports from 2020 found that Danish 15 year olds consumed alcohol at nearly double the European average.

Reegs: like to think we'd give 'em a good run for

Sidey: But there was this thing recently about Jersey and how how much alcohol is

Reegs: I reckon we can take

Sidey: Yeah. Easily. And I, I certainly like been to Denmark quite a few times.

I never got the impression that there was a particular like drinking problem or anything, but I suppose wasn't there for that long. But I

Cris: when you're a tourist it's different now.

Reegs: I am so up for seeing these like amazing actors doing dancing. Yeah. So we had Oscar Isaac dancing in.


Sidey: he was good as well.

Reegs: Macer and Madson. This. Who else could do it? It'd be great.

Cris: Christopher Walken had that dance in,

Sidey: weapon of choice. Yeah. Yeah. Was it weapon of choice?

Cris: I'm pretty sure it is something

Reegs: slim thing, wasn't

Sidey: it?

It's Fat Boy slim one in a hotel. Yeah.

Cris: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah, this is rad. I really, I really liked it, although it was still like, am I supposed to drink or am I not supposed to drink?

I dunno.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: But, well, I think it's is the same. You take, you take whatever. You, you still have what works for that guy when he had a swig of vodka and he passed a test just to take the edge off, and you also have the teacher that couldn't help himself and couldn't handle himself anymore, and, and he committed suicide.

So you, I find that you take from it what you want and you

Sidey: don't drink as much as that guy, I

Cris: No. Yeah,

Reegs: alcoholism isn't for everyone.

Sidey: No.

Cris: Or, or if you don't wanna drink, don't drink, or, you know, I think it's, it's a, you can relate. Be depending on however your view of it is, you can still relate to everything in that

Reegs: Well, Peter, well, I think he still was on the booze as well, didn't he? Cause he had some in his water bottle. So anyway, yeah, this was good.

Sidey: Yep.

Cris: Yeah. I really enjoyed it. So strong recommend. Yeah. Yeah. Like strong, like any other spirit. So there you go.