Nov. 5, 2020

1917 & The Hollow

1917 & The Hollow
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As an audience we are predisposed to expect our lead character will survive in the end, no matter how trying their circumstances may be so it's shocking when we witness the death of the main character in a movie. Our Top 5 discusses those films which surprised us by killing off their protagonists - needless to say spoilers follow!

This weeks film review is Sam Mendes's 2019 multiple award winner 1917. Partially inspired by stories told to the director by his grandfather, the film follows two young British soldiers attempting to deliver a message during the First World War. With a star studded cast, multiple award winning cinematographer Roger Deakins and an especially memorable visual conceit which sees the film effectively divided into two continuous shots this was sure to be a Bad Dads favourite.

Our Kids feature is Netflix's kiddie horror The Hollow. With an aesthetic inspired by the SAW movies and a plot with echoes of Canadian low budget horror Cube (minus the grisly deaths) and Lost, this was a curious show to watch and to review. Tune in to hear our thoughts.

This episode is especially memorable as Howie does the introductions this time round. How kind do we think he might be to Reegs? We're also joined by mysterious girl, Peter Andre!

You can usually find us annoying people on twitter - @dads_film, on Facebook, or reach us via email at

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads 



Howie: out there. Yeah. As always to our willingness there's and welcome to the bad dads podcast. It's me Howie. This introduction to our podcast is usually from rigs. And it's always focused on those who have chosen to listen. But what about those who haven't, whether you're trapped in a basement or handcuffed to a radiator in an unknown cave system with Tony stark or Terry Waite, which means you have no excuse not to post a review.

All those being forced to listen to our adults at tones as part of a CIA experimentation program. It's what happens to people who have white noise funneled into their inner ear canal whilst being repeatedly told. They are part of the Treadstone program, designed to defeat Q Anon and rise up against the orange face baboon as he swings over the top hall in sheets in a Russian watersports hotel bedroom, as it's filmed by Jimmy the monkey, the cultural minister from Moscow TV and Hunter Biden's right-hand man.

warning from the start, this podcast contains some coarse language from ancient English, like Blinky, neck and pears. cold, hard, dirty spoilers, not the ones reeks has to hide from his work colleagues in the laundry bin after a zoom session.

But rather plot ones are the films we discuss. I, how I have been given the task of this introduction. And so you might have gathered, we were to be one short today. Not just short as in Peter Dinklage short or say R2D2 and he walked short, but one bad dad, short Riggs, it's threatening during this pandemic to stay at home in the shires wax in his wide Hobbit like feet and fingering his ring with a doting Sam Ganges, mr.

Fruit do so at the last minute. And luckily though we have a substitute for rigs lined up. In soccer terms, it was like swapping George Ware's cousin for David Beckham in politics. It's like bringing in Donald Trump for a tub of unsaturated fats covered in pubes in food. It would be like swapping a Turkey shit sandwich for some, for Gras and onion.

In reality. It's the one, the only live from the mysterious garlands. Peter fucking Andre welcome Pete. But as a bonus to Peter Andre, to him joining us after a group's WhatsApp message from the raccoon, sir, that Israel, cause it was then confirmed that his rash had cleared up and he had managed to remove the can of links, rhino mosque.

He had finished building his extensive basement system, completed the lifelike leather skin mask for next year's Halloween distributed his pamphlets on how to cook alternative meals, using cat milk, tears of small children, and the bits left over on the abattoir floor. He'd finished raking over his allotment in living up the paving stones.

It's the man who put the Jimmy into Savile. The punch into donkey, the massacre into the Texas chainsaw, the caulk into the the positive into HIV. The old light into Ebola, the Peewee into Herman we're joined by rigs. Woo. So for this show, you'll also have the regular chaps to put up with fellow champion of the people and a calm force in the storm regarding the gentlemen film.

It's Dan and here also democratically appointed by a series of mail-in votes, chucked into the sea and a game of sticky bikie with reads the head man himself, the podcast engineer, the designer, the manager, the fixer, and the fluffer Sidey. thanks for coming to the man cave everyone. I have to apologize immediately for being indirectly responsible for a sad passing away this week, I believe.

And this is unfair defied that after my Ramirez impression last week, that a triggering of the space time life continuum occurred and that there could be only one. And sadly, Sean Connery said a final goodbye. Mish money pony.

Reegs:Yeah. Poor old Sean.


Dan:Yeah. I'll I'll I'll miss knowing he's around Connery

Sidey:I think he had been unwell for a little while, so it's a sad one,

Dan:Rest in

Sidey:you know, it, you know, good life.

Dan:Wow. Yeah.

Sidey:slightly dubious views about

Dan:yeah. I, I, that video got kind of recycled round again, didn't it. But, otherwise a

Sidey:good egg,

Dan:good day.

Reegs:it was different times. The women punching time.

Sidey:Bring it back.

Reegs:So you must have quite enjoyed that. I was expecting you to go from it a bit harder, to be honest.

Sidey:your second step.

Howie:no, it just felt like it, it, it flowed,

Reegs:Yeah, no, it was very

Howie:I thought it was all right. It was okay. It kind of, yeah. Anyway, what you've been watching this week, losers

Reegs:I watched the invisible man. It sounds like there's a joke coming up. Doesn't it? But there isn't, if I was Dan, there probably would be,

Dan:a joke, but I've got the microphone.

Sidey:yeah. Check from handmaiden.

Reegs:and made stale.

Yeah. It's quite a lot better than you think it's going to be.

Howie:It's not that I was thinking that, that the one with Kevin bacon

Reegs:that's hollow,

Howie:hollow man.

Sidey:shaves. I

Reegs:Yeah, that was all right. I would, you recommend, you probably be a bit too scared for it. You non horror people, but

Howie:Well adjusted. I've been watching something very grown up. I've been watching the crown on Netflix.

Yeah, it's actually really good. So I've started from the first one because I saw a trailer because Julian Anderson plays Margaret Thatcher. So that's like all my sexual fantasies in one

 Reegs:Very good

Howie:B I that's what she is. Isn't she. She's actually in there. No, she's in the FBI.

Reegs:I don't think you're supposed to say actress anymore. I, you say it's there. Everybody's an actor, aren't they? Yeah. Yeah. I think so.

Howie:I think it was

Sidey:too much for me.

Dan:I'll be watching, from big Lebowski.


Sidey:Oh God.

Dan:Did you say Jesus Rose is

Sidey:it good?

Dan:It's something, I suppose if you are a hardcore Lebowski fan, you would be interested to see how it's going to pan out and you would

Sidey:want to watch it for that reason.

Cause I don't want to tie

Dan:Okay. So it's not Lebowski, but, It is, John . Who's fantastic. And he's just a really kinda interesting character, I guess.

I mean, the film scent is around him going

Reegs:eight year old Steed.

Dan:off. yeah. So, so it showed that scene. What, what, how it happened, like, you know, and, Basically he was taking a piss in or your wine or, and he got into a conversation with a kid. and then, he, he was, it was a weird conversation. It was a weird conversation.

Anyway, next, next thing, it was something like that with a kid, he was going, Oh, that's a big one or something, or you didn't realize the wait was, it's a weird, it's a weird fucking thing. This is, so this is a film, this, this Jesus rolls and it's a weird, kind of the right and wrong filter is completely turned around.

yeah. And he meets up with some like-minded people and they just go on, do some crazy, crazy shit. it's an hour and a half it's, you know, it's watchable, but not great.

Sidey:I might check out I've been watching glow. I've nearly finished. I go to two episodes to go and I'll probably do some kind of review for it, but no other movies this week, other than a main feature today.

Howie:All right

Dan:and I have been burying the first season of the Soprano's courtesy of some bullying from rigs. He said that I must watch it. And I'm glad you said that I should cause it's awesome. I also watched the first episode of the second series of the Mandalorian. Which gave me a big stone con,

Reegs:Yeah. Lot of people talking about it. It's absolutely amazing.

Dan:watched the first season? Yeah.

Reegs:yet. It's a good question. It is a good question.


Sidey:Is to, to Jewish, to pay for

Reegs:I've even got, somebody at work gave me a flash drive with all of the first season

Howie:on it. What's on that flash drive the Mandalorian.

Sidey:it. It's really good.

Reegs:I know, I just, yeah, yeah. Getting the time.

Howie:What's the name of the actor. That's quite expressive. Jack hot German type dude. It's in the Mandalorian. He plays the guy at the start whose kind of tasks that Mandalorian we're doing

Sidey:Well, I that's sock, isn't

Howie:Yes. Amazing voice. Amazing.

Sidey:Hey, directs wanting episodes as well. Yeah. This week we've got to compete last week's top five, which we had a fucking shit load of feedback for, none of which I can remember.

Reegs:Yeah. Well, lots of people calling out anybody. Cause I think you talked about DiCaprio's accent in blood diamond being really good. And I was listening at the time thinking I'm not sure I agree, but everybody seems to be saying that it was great, but there was a lot of people online saying it was shit.

I thought it was shit.

Dan:He did an impression of a human really well. Yeah, well,

Reegs:just not a human from South Africa.

Howie:I remember watching it first time round and thinking what a dreadful South African accent it was.

Sidey:He's not South African in it though. Is a

Dan:different part of Africa, Izzy. Okay. There you go.

Reegs:Maybe that's the difference then?

Sidey:Fucking shit.

Reegs:a lot of people saying that nobody can do an Australian accent right.

Sidey:Oh yeah.

Reegs:which is interesting.

Sidey:Wasn't it. The other way? Roberts Aussies couldn't do human accents.

Reegs:No, I don't think, yeah, they could only speak chimpanzee.


Howie:find Jim Carrey does a cracking Australia, one in dumb and dumber. Doesn't it.

Reegs:yeah, there was a lot of nominations for death Patel in Lyon, having a fantastic Australian accent. I've not seen the movie, so I can't really

Dan:it's a amazing movie. Really good. Yeah. And, I can't remember his action being one by good or the other, but the film is solid.

Howie:seen that Patel and the Dean street townhouse in London.

And I'm pretty sure he was doing cocaine.

Reegs:Okay. In an Australian accent. No,

Sidey:I've not been to that place. This is a double negative and not seen. I select,

Howie:I saw Lord Voldemort having lunch behind me when I was at the bar.

Sidey:So John Snow he's shorter than rigs is fucking midget. Yeah, it can't be much, not much higher than Peter Dinklage and,

Reegs:And was he doing Coke as well


Paul Merson as well, isn't there

Reegs:He always certainly


Sidey:where he was throwing white wine down his neck, like it was going out of fashion.

Reegs:Where is this?

Sidey:Dane street?


This week's top five. We're going to be talking about films where the lead character dies and we're going to chat about warfare 1917. And then we watched a kids thing called the hollow. So we'll find out all about that.

Reegs:this week's top five Sidey. What did you choose for us?

Sidey:I've gone for films. Where the lead character dies.

Howie:Okay. Yeah.

Reegs:Well, Hey, what's up with your first one. Let's

Sidey:Start with Braveheart


Sidey:William Wallace. He is hung drawn and quarterly, in front of a crowd of being Englishman, presumably for crimes against historical accuracy. I don't, it's a friend of your people. We haven't, haven't mentioned him for a little while. always good to see a Scottish person get killed,

Howie:I've never seen Braveheart

Reegs:Have you? No,

Dan:I said

Sidey:There's a car in the back of one of the, but one of the battles,

Dan:That's one of my favorite bits,

Reegs:yeah, not a big fan of a Mel Gibson,

Sidey:that was already cool.

Dan:I, I really loved that film and the way that he died, obviously being hung, drawn and quartered. It was just one of those medieval kind of deaths that you would hate

Reegs:I obviously

Sidey:it basically put on a rack whilst alive. I think tortured for a bit. And then just basically your arms and legs are polls. Tell you fucking quarterly. You're okay. So it's not

Howie:isn't a drawn bit track by horses through the streets. Yeah. And then,

Reegs:me, like told me like one of your French women.

Sidey:think they might cut you in it's out.

Dan:They may stretch you

Sidey:And then the last bit is where they just pull you apart

Howie:yeah, that's right. They effectively gut eat before ripping your arms off and Alexa. Yeah.

Sidey:He never danced again.

Dan:It's it's some goose, I mean, wow.

Sidey:But you do get to see a girl's boobs earlier on, so it's not all this balance. Yeah, yeah.

Reegs: the alien franchise in general, it seems to enjoy kind of slaughtering all of its characters. but alien three, David Fincher's movie, picks off two of the survivors from the previous movie in the first five minutes, kills another survivor about halfway through the movie, and then.

Obviously Kilz, Ripley, right at the end of alien three. she did get better, for alien four, but, yeah, it's, it's out of all of the other characters present throughout the entire movie in alien three only to survive a one who is presumed dead throughout the whole film and the others, just a small cameo.

So not just Ripley, but everybody dies basically.

Howie:just now scrawny Weaver. Doesn't die though.

Reegs:She does.



Reegs:Ripley does.

Howie:Oh, Oh, this is

Sidey:falls into the big furnace

Howie:you said alien franchise saying the first one. She doesn't know, obviously. No.

Sidey:No first I didn't fee she does, Arnie falls into the fantasy thing, but she doesn't do a thumbs up.

Howie:Loser fucking fucking

Reegs:that's all right. She was back freely alien, full.

Howie:Well, that's fair enough. I'm going to go for, Tom Hanks, captain Miller in shaving Ryan's privates. George Spielberg's Epic war film. in which a us squadron leader led by captain Miller, Tom Hanks, attempt to rescue private Ryan Murderman cause he's one of three brothers, is it that he's got a rescue


Howie:of time?

Sidey:pointless and futile rescue mission and it serves them right. For slagging off the Brits halfway through and they get across the fucking beach.


Fuck. Yeah.

Sidey:Yeah, they do. He says, Oh, if I hadn't taken them so long to fucking, I don't know.

Reegs:join in the


Dan:Vince stop in for picnics.

Howie:Yeah. We, we ended up for, for tea and then we

Dan:Nope. Don't fight off the five.

Howie:But yeah, he's pretty much to character then he just basically it shit at the end of finding the bridge and gets a bullet, I think, in his gut. And then you see Matt diamond at the end, crying over a gravestone.

Dan:Yeah, it's a good fail. It's really good for him.

Howie:I've got, I've got a list of a few of the obvious sort of blockbuster ones, but I wanted to go with ones that I think like jolted me the most when I saw the films. And one of them definitely was, Edward furlongs character, Danny in American history, X.

Reegs:Oh, yeah, which

Howie:I did sort of ignoring if he was the lead character, but it, it, the whole film is, starts with him and like the project history project he has to do.

And I know a lot of it is around, Edward Norton's character as well, but. I felt absolutely devastated and hollow inside. At the end of that film, I just, there was such a massive like redemptive arc for, for his brother and then seemingly for him as well. And then just the irony of him getting shot by like a black kid in the toilets at school.

it, yeah, it stayed with me for four months. And, cause I, I had no idea necessarily what the film was about. All I'd ever heard about was how were you going on about like the pavement scene, which I think I might've looked away for, but, yeah, I saw the end in all its glory and it was, it was pretty horrendous.

Reegs:yeah, it's just

Sidey:had a huge problem with it. Didn't he? I can't remember his name who directed that one, but he had this huge campaign about trying to get his name off. He hated it. I don't know. Cause I think it turned that really well.

Reegs:It's a fantastic movie.

Sidey:had, I think he took out an advert, slagging it off saying, don't go and see this film.

Like it's bollocks. Yeah. It's weird.

Dan:But he wasn't there. The lead character was either,

Howie:I think he was the character. Sorry. The film was censored around him. Yeah. And I know it was more his brother that had the, like the redemptive arc and, and more stuff happened to him.

Reegs:Yeah. But, and also it's such a big performance. I mean, he's amazing in that

Howie:I know. And I think if I'm right in saying, I think, I think he, I think at the end, like when, when he's sort of.

Like passed away the scenes, it's all kind of slow motion. And it's him reading out some of his like works that he's such, he put down, it starts off, as with him as the central character and finishes with him. So I think I, I considered him to be the lead in that.

Sidey:at no, one's a deck.


Howie:Oh, I didn't know that he was he's.

He seems to be a good actor.

Sidey:I talking to him for while,


Sidey:because he's a Dick.


Howie:again, I'm angry though.

Dan:I was thinking you were not just going to go for like when the storm died or got, gotta be

Reegs:only if you're gonna make


Reegs:storm through for being the lead.

Dan:I don't know, Peter.

Reegs:might call them a sidekick.


Howie:the gloves.

Reegs:are all

Dan:I, I was gonna, go forward with. Born in Montana.

so Tony's obviously on, on copious amounts of cocaine when he goes out onto the balcony, and

Sidey:he was not going quietly.

Dan:he was not going quietly. so obviously this massive crime saga where Tony Montana. Rises up from nothing from Puerto Rico and when the angel, and you know, there's loads going on.

And, but walking wasn't in it, but, he's calling me, he didn't his mansion by a load of Hitman. And, the best thing he can do is find like a. Ben never size amount of cocaine or something. And every kind of pile of cocaine comes out, guns blazing. And obviously it goes on a lot longer than he would have done it without the, I guess, but inevitably he's, he's gone down.

and it's,

Reegs:a terrific movie, Scarface. I mean, it really is fantastic.

Dan:brilliant. I mean, how I totally lost it that long with his life. It was, it was crazy to go on, but that's a, a good movie death.

 Sidey:I've got Thelma and Louise, cause it's a double.

Reegs:double whammy

Sidey:double whammy, a buddy road trip movie that does nothing to dispel the myth that women can't drive.

Howie:Wow. Wow.

 Reegs:I've got Nina in black Swan. she stabs herself with a mirror shard just before the final performance thinking she's killed Lily, who I'm not even sure whether she existed or not. and then she completes the performance bleeding profusely, and then she, I think it's led to believe she dies on stage.

It's a thunderous applause. it's a terrific movie. It's Darren Aronofsky. We've talked about his work before. yeah, it's a really great. Interesting. Strange,

Sidey:really ambiguous, isn't it?


Sidey:You're not quite sure, like you say exactly how it's, because it's hard telling the story, I guess, and she's completely lost it.

Reegs:She has totally

Sidey:you're not, you never have you seen it?

Reegs:It's about the cutthroat world of ballet. And, but it really is. And the things these people go through for their art, there's a scene really early on where she's, putting her shoes on and her feet are just fucked, absolutely fucked from the hours and hours and hours of practice. yeah. Great movie.

Sidey:basically all got eating disorders and yes. And she's completely insane.

Howie:I'll go for, Royal Tennenbaum, in the Royal Tenenbaums gene Hackman. he returns to his family after years of neglect, announcing that he's dying of terminal cancer. So the whole film kind of builds up to the fact that he's saying goodbye and trying to write the wrongs when eventually it's a complete lie, but it works out a Royal eventually, and somewhat unexpectedly dies at the films close of a heart attack.

after he's made up with various children and ex-wife, it's quite a heartfelt ending, actually, his, I liked the fact, his epitaph States that he died tragically rescuing his family from the wreckage of a destroyed sinking battleship when we've all got something to learn from that, to get that on our fucking grave stuff.

But yeah, quality performance, and really quirky. Nice home. Yeah.

Sidey:but you don't have, you never really spoken about it


Sidey:fucking bad.

Howie:Danny Glover. As there as the sort of, I think he he's a quality performance. Remember Angelica Houston is the Mo yeah. Very good. So I've got another Al Pachino character. I just want to run this past the, the ombudsman of Lee characters, Carlito from Carlito's way.

I don't know if he was supporting or if it's just a cameo, but

Dan:We'll call Carly, tell a major

Howie:Yeah. Another one, another, most of mine are like the guy like that you're rooting for dying in the end. Ready tragically. But yeah, he gets shot at the train station for, by a Benny Blanco from the Bronx. I'm sure. I'm sure Dan can do a better answer than

Dan:that was, that was a really, really good

Howie:and give it, give it a crack down. Cool.

Dan:But I come from the Bronx.


Howie:no, that wasn't it. It's all different, different smells.

Dan:It's different, different

Howie:Yeah. And he's hit that character is so irritating as well. And I hate that he got one over on Carlito, but,

Dan:since he was getting on the train and

Howie:to runaway with the gal. Yeah, shit times.

Dan:Fuck. okay. Talk about shit times, into the wild. Have you ever seen that movie?

Howie:Maybe that

Dan:It's a really good movie. So it's based on a book by John Krakauer.

Who's so did, I think one on these guys go in onto the. Everest. And he did another one when they were climbing and it was a case of you're going to have to draw into the void touch in the

Reegs:That is brilliant. That movie, well, that's a documentary,

Dan:It's a documentary really good broker as well. So, Emil Hirsch plays,


Dan:Christopher that's right.

And he graduates uni and then goes to want to find himself and drop out a life really. And he had a heads up. Yeah. It based on a true story. And, after monsters occlusion, he kind of wants to go home as I remember it. And he, he heads home. I think he gets out to suburbia again and really fucking hates it and comes back out again.

But tragically it's whether it's bad then closes in. And, if you haven't seen it, he dies.

Sidey:Yeah. Malnutrition.

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. Was it malnutrition or was it some mushrooms or something? They sent him

Sidey:Well, he did actually

Dan:I think a bit of both

Sidey:the guy teaches him out.


Dan:how to smoke it. Yeah,

Sidey:fucks that up. So he's got no food and then you see him, his belt he's having to. Put more holes in his belt. Cause

Dan:that's right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And he was looking at, there was nothing to eat. Nothing. No.

Sidey:got gladiator Maximus.


Sidey:ending because

Dan:in the field of Bali

Sidey:dies, but it's able to be reunited with his family. But unfortunately it's all bullshit because that just wouldn't happen. Your dad you're in the ground. It's the end. So, Sort of

Dan:Ridley got that wrong,

Sidey:multifaceted ending there.

Dan:but it was that's another Epic movie. I, there was a, there was a time when Russell Crowe didn't do a bad movie though. Master and commander. He did that. Yeah.

Sidey:And that, and that's why I thought Robin Hertz it'd be great. I go and watch that. And it was a fucking Turkey

Dan:bows out and then didn't know, and then he couldn't do a

Reegs:I'd love to know.

Dan:Yeah, no, yeah, but you're, you're the outlier I think for this

Reegs:He did a year in Provence as well. I think, which I think was supposed to be absolute dog

Dan:no, it was good back then, Noah,

Reegs:the matrix revolutions has Neo, sacrifice himself at the end of it. concluding his character out for the trilogy, hobo with a shotgun, the Rooker, how a movie, anybody seen that the hobo does get killed at the end, by the police? yeah. Bubba Hotep. Anybody seen that?


Reegs:So that's Bruce Campbell of the evil, dead fame, playing, A, Elvis didn't die.

He's in a, retirement home in Florida with Danny Glover who plays, JFK who's black, because, and anyway, they fight a mummy. yeah, so, but at the end of the movie, he does, after faking his own  death note, he does actually die anyway at the end of the movie, which is a bit of a shame, but the one I was going to say is get Carter.

Anybody seen that movie,

Sidey:you mean the Stallone

Reegs:the Stallone, but yeah, no, absolutely. The classic Michael Caine

Howie:one of my favorite films. And I've got that

Reegs:I'll have you it's brilliant movie revenge flick. the end is this really tense sort of run along a beach. Basically

Howie:it goes to kill the bloke who killed his brother by making him drink bottles of vodka or whiskey, whatever it is, he's forcing it down his throat. And as he walks away, The guy that he's basically blackmail to get the information of where this bloke is, is also sent them the sniper sniper.

Reegs:and he's just snipe. So he's fulfilled his vendetta and you think, okay, that's kind of a, it's not a happy ending as such, but you know, vengeance has been gotten, you've followed this guy and then he's just sniped on the beach

Howie:But yeah. Well I've said, I think I've said in the pod before about this, because that isn't the original lending, the original lending by the British directors.

Was that he just, Marco came, walks away, but the American audience and the American census could not have that, that man was to walk away. So that bit was additionally shot, which is a bit of a fucking cop-out.

Reegs:well, but I actually really like that ending.

It sort of talks about the futility of his vengeance mission.

Howie:it's a really dark film,

Reegs:is a dark

Howie:all the shit that goes on with all the, the porn stars and the woman in the car boot and all that stuff. Anyway. Oh, he's still my choice. He passed it. All right. I'll go for a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.

Sidey:Oh, we don't know if they died though.

Reegs:Yes they did.

Howie:They just don't sell off into the sunset. Like Malcolm unwise.

Dan:army out there, which is waving.

Reegs:all of them and then they,

Howie:They just put that up when you say must be friends. Yeah.

Sidey:Is ambiguous ending

Howie:Yeah. They went off to Rio to start a sex club. That's how it ended.

Dan:Cassidy and the Sundance kid to

Howie:Yeah. So true to the character of the geo break out of their hiding place with guns ablazing. And as you said, it's left with that kind of freeze frame shot, which in reality, if it was a proper freeze frame shot, they'd both be gurning and not looking away and go, go fuck.

 so the next one I've got on my list, is a film that I don't know if any of you will have seen before, but this is the film that has made me cry the most in my life as an adult. And I watched it on a plane. I might've been drunk and I may, have taken some sleeping tablets as well, but it's a film called the mighty.

And it's got, care. No, it's got Sharon Stone. and she is the mother of a kid who's played by Karin Culkin. McCordy Culkin's brother. And he's got some kind of like a disability he's wearing. I'm going to get the things wrong. calipers that's right. Yeah. So on his legs, he basically has some kind of like growth hormone deficiency, but it's, He's, he's kind of like, not long for this world that you suspect at the beginning, but he, moves town, goes to a school.

he's getting picked on a kid who's also picked on because he has like severe learning difficulties, kind of makes friends with him and they have this like, amazing, like, I don't know, soccer buddy film, cause he's a big boy. The kid with learning difficulties, Karen hawkins' character whose nickname is freak, which is an unfortunate nickname, sits, sits on his shoulders and then you sort of go around the school and they kind of like put all the bullies to rights.

at night they like apprehended Maga in the, in the midst of a mugging and they become famous in that town and so on. And at one point, the kid who had learning difficulties is struggling with the fact that. His friends may not survive much longer. So he takes him to, like a, a grass sort of like bank.

And this is massive factory with like loads of steam coming out of, in people coming in and out with white coats. He's like that you see that, see that factory there. They're building me a new body, like an exoskeleton thing that can, help me grow and I'm going to survive. It's all going to be okay. I can see you welling up already rigs.

So anyway, fast forward, a few more sort of interactions, and you're really rooting for these guys. And then he just goes, the big coat goes round to see his friend one day and he's dead. And, what

Dan:he's not the main character is he

Howie:He is definitely the main character. I'm glad you, you, I'm glad. Yeah. Glad that you brought that up at that time.

So the, so the lab runs to this factory and goes in there. It's just a massive industrial laundry and it was just a big lie that he told him about it. And I, yeah, I wasn't

Reegs:I'm nearly in tears

Howie:I sobbed.

Dan:I'm nearly going. Yeah.

Howie:So sorry about

Reegs:the mighty

Howie:The mighty weather, I mean, Sharon Stone's heart, right? So it's, it's worth

Reegs:Karen, cocaine's really good as well. He's in succession and I've been watching that recently. He's really good in that. And he's, he's a good actor.

Howie:I thought you could say he's hot,

Reegs:Yeah, he's taught too. Yeah.

Howie:especially in that film. Yeah.

Dan:I've got another tear jerker for you. If you've ever seen it, life is beautiful.



Sidey:No, that bloody Holocaust thing


Dan:film. and basically

Reegs:It's never been a comedy about

Dan:you. This is

Sidey:This is

Dan:brilliant and it's fucking brilliant. So, basically.

Sidey:won the Oscar, didn't it. He got up and danced around in the theater.


So that's it. Oscar winner fit for this performance life is beautiful. and basically it's about a father protecting his son from the horrors of the Holocaust by pretending it all again. And everything he does, he's joking around right to the end. Where am I on sport in this firm, simply for people that, right at the end, while he's walking to his death, he passes by his son one more time and he gives him a little wink.

That just goes up and it will shake her the headlight. Look what they're doing with me now. Oh, their offer. And the boy just laughs and goes off and. Next kind of scene, right at the end, the tanks are rolling through any saved, but his dad is, is literally just died, but he's unaware of all the horrors of the Holocaust because his dad just turned everything into a game for him all the time.

And it's, it's lovely. It gives me shivers now just thinking about it, it's a lovely film, but he doesn't. Yeah,

Howie:was he the lead though?

Dan:very much so an Oscar for that.

well, I'll tell you what, I'll add another one in, because I'm on a, I'm obviously on a roll, bridge on the river Kwai,

Reegs:Oh yes.

Dan:it. David lean. I mean, When you're talking about directors, he's in the conversation. He's absolutely fantastic. And, this world war two film prisoner of Wars need to build a bridge over the river quarry in Thailand.

and, well at the end they will. In various States of, of condition is they've tried to revolt against the Japanese as the trains coming over. And, it's madness. It's madness. So you've got, Alec Guinness there who falls on the kind of plumbed ya, why at the end is his last act. As he dies to blow up the bridge and block the train and everything with it.

a classic.

Reegs:Yeah. And how many sites are in? Absolutely.

Dan:fine. Absolutely. Yeah.

Sidey:I'm going to go for American beauty. our favorite sex pest Kevin Spacey film opens with him winking in the shower. and he announces that he is actually in fact already dead. I think I read, or someone told me about it and they said all he's done fucking ruined it. I know that he says it it's the first thing they

Reegs:literally the

Sidey:Okay. and it turns out he's been shot by his March next door neighbor who believes he's having an affair with his son. Yeah. it's, it's really good.

Reegs:Which now seems a lot more plausible than it did back then.

Dan:There's something in it. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs:James Cole, Bruce Willis in 12 monkeys. he dies right at the end of that year.

Sidey:wait you call, you're not just gonna just give it that. Are you?


Reegs:because I've got, there was so many of these,

Dan:there's a lot

Reegs:I particularly wanted

Dan:death in

Sidey:that was really good because it's his. Child's version of him is watching him. Yeah, it

Reegs:He watches himself die.

Sidey:And it was also the first time he died in a film.

Howie:Am I right in thinking by your back to the future logic? That it'd be okay if he'd have had sex with his, with himself

Sidey:Oh, he's

Howie:wasn't him. Then

Sidey:he's under age. So no, it wouldn't be otherwise he'd be fine.

Howie:I just, I just want to

Sidey:He could have

Howie:I just want to know where you're drawing the lines

Sidey:had to spend some years grooming and first,

Reegs:Wow. Some dark shit. one TV one. Yeah. Victor, I don't believe it meldrew, was struck down by a car in the finale of one foot and yeah,

Sidey:Never saw one fucking minute. That shot.

Reegs:he, he was quite funny and he used to say, I don't believe it.

Sidey:I know that.


Sidey:There was that slew of those sorts of programs on BBC. One said that keeping up appearances, all of that shit. Just no, as if fuck a wide berth for me, nowhere near it.

Reegs:Yeah, well, you've missed out, but, the other one that I what's the on Sunday, when it came on and you're like, Oh, no worse. I've got to go


Reegs:tomorrow. Last of the summer wine


Reegs:fucking compo

Howie:sweat going down the Hill in a bath, every episode,

Reegs:exactly what the fuck. And he come

Howie:And the bloke who goes more cheese grommet that guy.

Reegs:And he'd be like,

Howie:Oh yeah. And then,

Reegs:is all I've got to go to

Howie:oxygen air in sex pest as well.


Reegs:the Wicker man famously ends with Sergeant Neil Howie, burned alive inside a Wicker penis, no Wicker man as a pagan sacrifice. but the one I was gonna bring up was Pan's labyrinth. Anybody seen that movie?


Reegs:Guillermo Del Toro, it's this amazing dark fantasy, told from the perspective of a, a current member of the character's name Ophelia,

Dan:just stop. There's good guys. Good

Reegs:during the Spanish civil war, I think it is. yeah, and it's sort of, it's a very dark movie. She dies at the end, quite unexpectedly.

Howie:Mega loads. I'm going for an absolute tear jackets, a. Turner and hooch fucking dies. I fucking did. No, I didn't wet the bed cause that'd be kind of weird a bit wet my trousers either. I did cry a little bit when I first saw it when I was a weekend.

Reegs:Yeah, of course you did. You don't have to be too sound here. Their fucking dog dies.

Howie:fuck it. And then, but I do enjoy that film when Tom Hanks shows him around the flat where he's going to live and Tom acts in his pants and the two of them were just walking around. So excellent moment in my personal history.

Dan:a bullet for him.

Howie:Yeah, it takes a bullet.

Fuck, you know? Yep. And, it basically points at the toilet and says, this is not drinking water. And I have done that same talk, walk around the house to my son.

 only one more four. I feel like I'm just gonna rattle off the ones that I've got left on my list. again, a film that at the end, when w afterwards, when I eventually worked out what the fuck had happened, it blew my mind. Jacob's ladder.


Howie:What, like unbelievable film. I probably still haven't got it right, but it felt like, well he died, he was in hospital or he was out in Nam and all of the hallucinations and stuff.

I think it's New York that he's in. But that didn't really become apparent until like the very end of the movie when he's finally like cut it off into the hospital. And I think, pass, well, dad passes away in the hospital, but he died in Nam after a load of tampering with some, some drugs that made them super human people and kill each other is what I believe the plot of that film was about.

But he definitely died and he was definitely called Jacob. So he was the lead.


Dan:you might have it. the DePaul eight.

Sidey:Yeah. Which.

Dan:If anybody's seen the proper film, the Hong Kong one in front of her face, the realize it was a really good attempt at trying to be as good as that one was. But the depth that I'm going to talk about is, is Leo's cause he, he gets, he gets

Sidey:tired. He took me by surprise.


Dan:it was nice though.

Wasn't it? It was nice. Cause you just, for the film that, it been. Playing it the whole time even been getting away. And then you've got, what's his name?

Reegs:Matt Damon,

Dan:no other dude. Walberg comes in with the shoes and it, you know, he comes out with the cleanup shoes and he's painting. Well, he knows exactly what he's doing.

He's a cop who knows to, to where to step and where not to step in. He knew. They did it. And he knew that he knew that he did it and he thought you can't touch me, but Walberg just, wasn't cut from that cloth. He'd been down too far.

Sidey:some amazing swearing in that film as

Dan:Oh, it's, it's, it's an Epic film. I really, really enjoyed it. But the, the Hong Kong flick I'm in from affairs is every bit is good.

Sidey:Okay. Couple of jacks, a Titanic. Just let him go in the fucking door. the shining Jack gets chilly in the garden, spoiler, Pete, and agency in it, but, let's go for Terminator two.

repeat mission failure, robot T 800 turns, good guy, but it has to sacrifice himself to save the future, which doesn't work. So an all around fail.

Howie:Yeah. Generally. Good moment though. In the film, John Connor, he's the only father figure in his life fucking off.

Sidey:Yeah. Which do then comes back and kills them

Howie:Yeah, kind of a weird one. Yeah.

Reegs:Logan has huge Jackman. as Wolverine dying right at the end of that, terrific film.

Sidey:I was about to say, I didn't think it was that great.

Howie:that film because the girl who's the, yeah, whatever she is, the fucking ten-year-old. So that go, she does some acting that's I'm going again. This is not really appropriate for a girl. Who's what under 10 wherever.

Reegs:the bone

Howie:Yeah. And all that shit.


Howie:I've always wondered how they do that. Is it really

Sidey:Jodie foster? When she did taxi driver, they had like psychiatric assessments to make sure that she'd be okay with

Howie:being fingered.

Sidey:check, playing a child prostitute and stuff. Yeah.


Sidey:So then I think they do, they do make sure that the kids are going to be all right.

Dan:Otherwise they get

Sidey:And then other times they like, where's the device.

They just,

Dan:Yeah. Pum, pum, pum, pum, full of

Sidey:not quite so good. Yeah.


Reegs:the curious case of Benjamin button, has Brad Pitt,

Dan:kind of reversal of death

Reegs:Yeah. So he ends up dying as a baby in his, lover's arms, quite an odd thing.

Dan:after, after beginning is an old man. Yeah.

Reegs:this is kind of a cheat, but I thought about it and I want to get it in any way. it's the brave little toaster.

Anybody seen that cartoon? it's about a toaster

Dan:were going to tell me he,

Reegs:So the toaster lives. Okay. I've got to get out of the way, but during a musical piece called worthless, that's right at the end of the movie, basically all of the cast, that are singing those main parts die. there's a huge magnet.

The seeks out the toaster and the crew, to push them all into a compact. They're essentially attempting to murder them as they run from their lives. That it actually is already throwing cars into the compactor. the cars are singing along about how helpless and worthless they feel. some do attempt to escape the magnet, which is pretty horrifying in itself, but even more disturbing, is others conveying that they want to die.

They fully understand the concept of death, even though they're objects, one even commits to it aside by driving himself into the crusher. so it's just a brave little taster. It's a kind of Disney cartoon about toasted with some courage.

Dan:okay. All right.

Sidey:an odd

Reegs:but it's a blood bath at the end.

Howie:I want to go from a final one, which is Clive Owen, who plays Theo in children of men.

he's protecting them last pregnant woman on earth. There's like a weird pandemic sound familiar, where people can no longer produce children, but some woman magically does. And he spends the whole film trying to protect her. And then at the very end, he fucking eats shit and dies on the rowing boat while he's throwing it to what I assume is a rescue ship, but it seems to be no work it's in the fog.

Reegs:I think the implication is that he's lived long enough to

Howie:get safely. So

Sidey:when this was out. I think it was loads of like film of the year, Lester it right up there. And I remember watching and thinking it wasn't all that, but maybe I need to

Reegs:It's got to unbelievable. One shot long takes in it. one right at the beginning where he, where there's a sort of terrorist incident in London. And, there's another one about halfway through when he's visited Michael Kane, who's smoking copious amounts of weed, and then they escape in the car. It's got a scene in it that I actually did watch all of them.

Extras about how they did it, because it's so amazing this the camera's swiveling around inside the car and there's all sorts of like crazy shit happening. yeah, it's brilliant for those scenes alone.

Howie:to wrap up my list, I had, I had 300. because I forgotten the Scottish fellow's name. He's quite hot.

Dan:that movie. I thought that was really good.

Reegs:I went to the cinema to see it and a guy down at the front row who looked like it, quite nerdy, maybe some sort of history professor type thing. It was a bit of an older gentleman when it came to the second battle of Thermopylae. Where it's like the full on running into screaming. He stood up and went

which really took me out of the moment. I have to say. So this was obviously a guy who was big on his like history.

Dan:they included it.

Howie:and then a few that I didn't know if they canceled or not, but I thought I'd mentioned them anyway. Reservoir dogs, like who's the lead in that, but they all die.

Reegs:pink survives.

Doesn't he?

Howie:Does he? Hoot. Yeah. Anyway, probably doesn't count then.

ghost, I think should count cause he does die, but he's in it for the rest of the film Swayze.


Howie:and only because I know you're a massive fan, Harry Potter and the deputy Hallows part two Harry Potter dies. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He does a big spoiler, but it's immediately resurrected because he's got a resurrection stone in his pocket.

Oh, in his hand or something.

Reegs:to keep it.

Howie:Yeah. So.

Sidey:sort of goodish thing at the vulnerable

Howie:Yeah. It's quite, yeah. It's horrible. Yeah.

Sidey:kind of vibe to

Howie:Yeah. It looks like when under cooked chicken on the barbecue,

Reegs:the resurrection thing. Can you only use that once or is that like, I'm going to jump

Sidey:He only dies once, so

Howie:Yeah. Yeah. But I think it has been used to, to resurrect Pete, other people as well.

Reegs:All right. Handy.


Dan:Okay. I've got my last one here. which,


Dan:got two, actually a one pay it forward.

Did you ever see that film with the,


Dan:that's him a, he plays, a, a young seventh grader or something. And. He's basically, gums up with a really clever way to make the world better and it's pay it forward. It's pay a good deed forward. And as part of, his good deeds, he gets beaten up and killed. but


Reegs:what's the lesson is don't do any good

Dan:don't do that.

No, that wasn't the lesson film, but for my review, you might be led to think that yeah. Yeah. the other one was leaving Las Vegas,

Reegs:A terrific movie.




Dan:wouldn't see it as cinema. And I thought the same when I saw it as cinema and I'll revisit it and I have enjoyed it afterwards a little bit older.

Reegs:it's not really

Sidey:Most of

Dan:just when I realized.


Reegs:a pretty hard watch.

Dan:It is a hard watch. It's very, it's very good gritty. and obviously he, his plan is to drink himself

Sidey:You mean an Oscar for it? Yeah. Bullshit,

Dan:He won an Oscar for it. Yeah.

Sidey:last couple for me, Watchmen, raw shack dies. but unfortunately the ending is not. As good as the Berg fuck off Reese and also mentioned ghost also, we've got the six sense where Bruce willis' is gunned down right at the very beginning, but we don't learn that he is dead until the famous reveal

Dan:Oh, it's the, it's the, it's the twist at the end. Yeah. So if you haven't seen that enjoy.

Sidey:Yeah, it's very, obviously you should have seen it by now.

Reegs:A movie that Dan and I watched recently, the, the wages of fear, you could argue that any of Luigi Bimba Joe or Mario were the leads, and they all die. Bernardo commit suicide. end of days, your favorite Howie has Jericho came throwing himself on a sword to banish Satan back to him.

Walt Kowalski at the end of grand Torino.

Dan:good shout.

Reegs:yeah, but Donnie in Donnie Darko, Jake Gillen hall, he sacrifices himself, to save Gretchen and the rest of his family, I guess. bye. Allowing himself to be killed by falling debris from an airplane. It's a strange movie. If you haven't seen it that I still have other choices, but I'm just going to stop because this will go on forever.

this was a good topic.

Dan:Yeah, you could go on and on. I'm sure we've missed a few. Maybe people out there in listening world can a

Sidey:We've had a few, we've had a few nominations already, but let's win it down to our top four then Riggs you go.

Reegs:I'm going to go for Donnie Darko. Okay. Okay.

Howie:I'll go for all 10 of them.

Sidey:Oh yeah. I like that.

Howie:I don't know if I'll have a say or not, but I would probably go with American history X

Dan:I will go for life is beautiful and Guido

Sidey:Okay. I will go for Thelma and Louise because there's two of them and it's funny. And, we might make it top six

Reegs:top six. Yeah.


Dan:so main feature this week. Who was it?

Sidey:may I chose?

Dan:You were the mouth of fruit pastors.

Sidey:Which has 1917, a 2019 warfare.

Reegs:It takes place in the same universe as 1984, 2001 and 2012.


the great war split one specific bit of it as loosely. A true story, I believe, with quite a lot of artistic license. And it's kind of, I suppose, this film is famous for. Attempting to kind of be all one continuous shot, was split by one moment. I was directed by Sam Mendez, but I think should point out that Roger Deakins is the director of photography on this because it is fucking amazing visually.

I think that's his absolute strength.

Reegs:and he's got some movies under his belt. If you look at he's got Shawshank Fargo, a beautiful mind blade runner 2049 O brother, where art out jar heads, just beautiful looking movies.

so yeah.

Sidey:He actually won the Oscar for that, for this. Yeah.

Reegs:an absolute

Sidey:So effectively the plot is fairly straight forward for this one.

It is a little bit of a saving private Ryan thing where. But the opening shot is some guys on the, behind there, the trenches told, right, you grabbed someone else. You've got to deliver a message and

Reegs:well, it's, it's a tree, isn't it? Cause it's like this moment of peace that

Sidey:begins and ends the same way. Doesn't it? Yeah.

Reegs:he's just sort of asleep for a couple of minutes

Sidey:So that the Brits are mistaken. They, they fall for the Germans trap. The Germans have done a tactical withdrawal from the front line, back to the Hindenburg line and the Brits on the frontline head, believe that they've got the Germans on the run. Unfortunately, their field telephone lines have been cut.

So no one is able to tell them this is they've had some aerial reconnaissance take place and they know if you fucking go into that. You're gone is like, so the race is on to get this message across the front line, to try and save this. I think they said it was a couple of battalions.

Reegs:Yeah. 1600 men were going to

Sidey:can't be wiped out if you don't get as much as they are in time.


Dan:including his brother.

Sidey:yeah. One of them is his brother, which is the kind of, I suppose, little bit of a parallel to st. Paul run. And so our heroes set off on this quest to. get the message that in time. And I don't know that when they're told to go off, anyone actually believes there that it's possible, but I think they

Reegs:the brother. Yeah.

Does he believe it's possible? I don't know,

Sidey:I mean, I mean the, the blows in command, they've got to try to stop this, this advance. Yes. But they probably thinking, I'm not sure

Howie:First thing, that first thing that struck me on this was immediately fucking hell their work that's gone into making the trenches, which becomes even more evident as they advance through the various sections,

Sidey:dog 5,000, 200 feet of trenches for


Dan:they use diggers though,

Sidey:I think they probably did.

Howie:and the other thing was the chap who was looking for his brother as well was it was also the guy from blinded by the lights.


 Reegs:I was kept wondering the whole time. So I was watching that, where I knew that guy from, yeah,

Sidey:I had a nagging suspicion that he wasn't going to make it, but I didn't think it was going to end quite so abruptly for him. That was the kind of,

Reegs:got me that I, I thought it was his story. in retrospect, all the clues are there that it's not,

Sidey:it was going to be the tragic story of he would get there and he would probably die just in time to hand over the message, that sort of cliche, but they definitely didn't go down that route.

So that. The initial bet is that I'm just trying to get through the trench there and that we bumped into Andrew Scott.

Dan:Even on their own side is, is quite a, it's quite an audience task to go through these trenches. You've got people that have just been shot. She's finished battle. They still shot

Reegs:at them because they're walking down the wrong side of the

Dan:Exactly. And they've have to say, you know, we've got a message.

We've got a message, but everyone's having an absolute fucking nightmare as world war one they're in, in the Soma or wherever it is. And they're, they're battling across, Their own lines having trouble. So once they get to Andrew Scott, who's the, the first kind of commander on the end of the line is yeah,

Sidey:It's sort of, it says, well, you go over this bit. You'll see some dead horses. Follow it down there. And if,

Dan:Isn't it.

Sidey:down there that does for the German strategy, they might've gone.

Reegs:I, no, if they say, the bowing man. Yeah. And instantly, as soon as you hear that, you think I know what that's going to be, but even when you see it, it's still quite

Dan:well, the way that they use these graphic kind of. Field markers of a dead horse and a borrowing man and, you know, get inside the shell pits and everything.

They paint this picture, which then you go in and see, and it's, you can almost smell it. Can you, I mean, it's that thick? The atmosphere coming through it's gray mud blood shit is what's

Howie:it was so impressive about like the sequence specifically of them crossing.

No man's land is it? I don't know how long that sequence is, but we're talking like a number of minutes and to be as kind of captivated as I was about two guys, just basically crawling

Reegs:making their way through barbed wire

Howie:like some muds and barbed wire. It's like, it's, it's amazing how they, how they build that up. Even though it's fairly mundane,

Sidey:There's bodies just buried, you know, where a shell must've landed and brought it. And there's people just bits of people, poking eyes. Fuck. Yeah,

Dan:one point he puts his hand down.

Reegs:Oh man.

Dan:right through the gut

Reegs:Everybody who watched that movie went at that point,

Sidey:I had to put up loads of

Dan:your own hands,

Sidey:for people out walking, say. You probably got to see light bodies, but it's for a film. he says, I've just got sister, don't go in the watch after the craters, because they're very deep. And that was a real thing, because if you, if you stepped in and quite often you would be able to get out and you'd either just die from exhaustion or you'd just be picked off by someone. So fucking ghoulish shit go down, but they do get across Do we jump down into the German trenches. We don't know if actually there's going to be any filthy Han weasels fighting that debts, but they, they do jump down and they come a Cropper in a quite, unexpected way at this point

Reegs:Well, they go, they go into the German trench and what's immediate apparent, immediately apparent is how much better

Sidey:It's concrete.

Reegs:it's concrete. They've got a bunker underground.

Dan:can't believe it can. They there's like

Sidey:You can bet they look at this or

Dan:flat screen TV. I mean, they've got a lot going on in there.

Sidey:He sort of sits down on the bed. Doesn't it? He goes, look at this. And they got like sprung kind of beds to sleep.

Howie:he, and even the rats are bigger.

Dan:yeah, yeah.

Sidey:And then the rat is what causes some, some drama here better fast.

I forget the guy's name. He finds, he says, Oh fuck. You know, there's a trip wire.

Reegs:Oh, that's Schofield. Isn't it.

Sidey:don't move. And the rat that I've just shooed away. You see him core rounds across the top. And I don't know what was in those bags. We never,


Sidey:there's some sort of food in the bags and the rat jumps on that falls off a lands on the tripwire with hilarious results burn.

The whole place goes up and


Sidey:comes to and drag Scofield out, saving his life. and. At that point, is he going to be dead? You know, he was because he was right. He was right there for the explosion, you know?

Reegs:Well, the whole time you're thinking is no way both of these boys make it. You know, that you've got that in your head. So you're thinking at any moment,

Sidey:Yeah. I suppose, like you say, the clues are there. So Schofield, the whole wall has been moaning and going on and it's a bit it's out for. He's the one who might make it

Reegs:Yeah. We also hear he's had a, he's got a metal, which he didn't keep didn't

Sidey:he wasn't that fussed about a record.

Reegs:and he was supposed to be getting back soon as well. So, yeah, which he didn't want to do

Dan:now. It's, it's really, you know, That first part of it when they've come through that, those first dangers. So as you say the first bit from the trench, it's just captivate and you see them go pass is kicking off. It's getting worse and worse. They pick up their orders, they go through the enemy lines.

Or no man's land to get to this French town once they get into pass this, but that bit there. Yeah. I didn't, I wasn't sure that both of them were, were gonna pass through. I was surprised, only sent two of them to be honest, they said, Oh, it's just you two. I mean, I would've thought 1600 men. Let's send another two an hour after that, just in case, you know, but anyway, it's just, everything's on these two guys to make it through.

Sidey:all the while the camera has been following them, we haven't, it hasn't broke.

No cut. It's just one continuous thing. And sometimes I don't notice stuff like that, but this, it was very, I thought it was very clear and I was just amazed the whole way through like buckets still, you know, have they done

Dan:panning. Still going through

Howie:read that the longest sort of sequences. So filming was nine minutes long and there are like cuts and waves of pain. There's a bit where as they're coming out of no man's land that the camera goes kind of like a

Reegs:round the

Howie:of a no before, before they get to the house, it's like a, another kind of like mound of light


Howie:and bodies.

And I sort of wondered at that point, if that's where maybe they would just make a little.

Reegs:there's a few moments like that. And it's just because the whole visual conceit is so. In your face that you end up looking for that sort of thing in a way.

but it's just amazing, like you say the scale of it,

Sidey:I did read that they, they had to rehearse this all for six months before any film it was done in there. Everything was very as choreographed as it could be. but yeah, an incredible technical

Dan:you ever hear about that Woody Howardson film where he, he did the full, like fulfillment one cake? I think he might've done it live, but he certainly did it in

Sidey:wait for a

Dan:one tape.

Reegs:as well, but no, no, you're right. I can't remember the name of the film, but didn't, they, he filmed it entirely on a phone and it was going live into the cinemas. Yeah,

Dan:there was, I think it was all live all in one take Woody Harrison did something like


Dan:Just just for something different, but we've, we've gone through then the German barracks now and into this French town

Howie:we can

Sidey:got the airplane first

Dan:and the airplane. Oh, it's not quite into the French County. It's kind of a village, a farmhouse. Isn't it is a farmhouse that they go into in this place.

Sidey:they shoot down a plane is shot

Dan:Dog fight don't they

Sidey:And there's German, plane crashes, right by them. It's on fire and they pull the guy out.

Dan:believe. I mean, the fact that they survived the plane crash because it coming right down into, into where they are and then they pull out the German pilot because he's, he's going to burn alive in

Reegs:it's an incredible short, isn't it? Because they're watching just beforehand, they're, they're watching the dogfight happen and they're sort of our, you know, good old breath's taken down. And then there's that dawning realization that, that thing's actually coming towards us that play in and they're going to have to move and actually hits the barn where they are.

And like you say, they pull the German pilot out.

Sidey:ill-advised, as it turns out, kind of turns his back on them for a moment.

Howie:And he goes to get the pot at some water. Yes.

Sidey:Yeah, it's a little bit too nicey nicey

Dan:Yep. Blake Blake says get him some water. So that's what he does in first. Go through and say, let's just get him out of his misery. Now he was getting, he was ready to


Dan:shoot and know who knows get some water. He couldn't do it. Blakeys he had that. Still humanity, even though that he'd been in this war, I guess, and just didn't want to cold blood Lee shoot an injured person on the, on

Reegs:then no good deed goes unpunished and he's knifed by the

Dan:by the same German

Reegs:kind of happens off screen. Doesn't

Sidey:Yeah. You just hear scope and say, Oh shit was like, he looks around and you see the aftermath of it that blood's coming out and he just quickly guns and down.

Reegs:It's not immediately clear just how bad

Sidey:No, I didn't think he was gonna die

Reegs:injury is. And then you see, you do see the blood draining from the guy's face and it's a very powerful piece of acting. And then there's a lot of blood suddenly in your life. Well, shit, this is he's going to die from this.

There's nothing I can say

Sidey:Am I going to die?



Dan:Yeah. And then like two minutes later, the cavalry turns up

Howie:I did wonder whether, Tolman Blake dying was the inspiration for the top five leads. Because up to that point, he was, he was kind of the lead.

Yeah. But

Sidey:No, I hadn't seen it at that point

Howie:it. Oh, okay.

 Sidey:So that they cover it arrives and they kind of help, Scofield, drag Blake to some kind of resting place, I guess.

Howie:Well, and it's also another moment in the film where my wife annoyed me by going, Oh, look, that's someone else who's really famous. Let's IMTP all his films. And I'll go through them one by

Dan:That was Mark Strong. I think


Dan:So Benedict Cumberbatch,

Sidey:just the voice. You just get the voice. And I was thinking, I was a bit like that because you don't see him. You want to know. And I said, who is it? And then when he see his face,

Reegs:you have, he has such a distinctive voice anyway, that, you know,

Howie:is just full of massive cameos. Isn't it

Reegs:Yeah, Colin Firth.

Howie:Yeah. Colin

Reegs:was in it for about two minutes,

Howie:You don't

Dan:still, you know, they bring some into it. And in fact, the, one of the major kind of plot parts was Mark Strong's advice to Scofield about saying some people just don't want the war to end. Some people want

Howie:Oh, he says,

Dan:make sure you get a witness when you give this message. Which

Reegs:that was dark. Wasn't

Dan:which when, when you turns out further on down the film, that was good advice because, Benedict Cumberbatch Shu who plays, who is not in a mood to

Sidey:bent for

Howie:but I, but reverting back to what Pete was just saying a few minutes ago, I'm surprised that Mark Strong didn't give him one of his men.

And I go, okay, well, I could see how important this is, which she acknowledged. We didn't go. I'll tell you what, I'll just give you new supplies

Dan:Cause he had to, I thought that as well were you started with two last one? Look, I'll give you another one.

This is obviously an important mission.

Reegs:They've got their

Dan:they've got their own mission.

Reegs:you can't go rogue late that it's not the job.

Sidey:probably get caught

Howie:So something that I read was a criticism of this. So in terms of like, you know, historical accuracy and stuff like that, is that apparently under no circumstances would. Two people be sack. What would that amount of effort? It will be only two people be sacrificed for 1600 men in that war 1600 men were just seen as completely, expendable.

And so that wouldn't have happened. So I guess it kind of stays a little bit true to life in the sense that, okay, these two can go. And one of them's got a reason because it's his brother, but no one else is really going to be, you know, buying into this, this, this plan.

Dan:Yeah, possibly. Yeah. Life cheaper than, yeah.

Reegs:So Mark Strong and his gang of Motley crew give, Scofield a lift to the French kind of

Dan:town, the edge of the French town, where, where they've at one point they break down don't they, the fan breaks down and they're not really in a rush, his lock, but he is desperately in a rush.

And he, he urges them and pushes them and, and make sure they all get out and

Reegs:Well, I love that moment where they see how important it is to him. Like you say, they're not that fast. And then they see how important he's giving absolutely everything and then they all do it.

And it's just those small moments like that would have been really crucial in those kinds of

Sidey:I suppose we didn't mention that Schofield's sort of taken, it would take his ring it's a phased dog tags in his promises. He's going to write to Blake's mother. So it's become a, a personal mission for him to make sure he, he sees

Dan:and important is also taken the orders.

Sidey:Yeah, he's got the letter. Yeah.

Dan:the charge

Reegs:soaked in blood. Yeah.

Sidey:So when he gets to the French townie,



Sidey:Bumps into this lady

Dan:Yeah, which is what the French girl

Howie:you've missed a bit where he gets dropped off and he has to cross that bridge and he crossed the bridge and he has a fucking Monarch sniper who,

Sidey:Oh, that's the car. That's the, the, the actual cut. The reduce it isn't it. Yeah.

Reegs:So this is on the outskirts of the town. He needs to get over the bridge, which has been taken out. And as he's jumping across, somebody starts sniping him from a top of a church. I guess,

Dan:Every time you see this sniper, you're just thinking of, the other movie with a

Howie:private Ryan,

Dan:What did you say? No, no,

Reegs:American sniper. Yeah.

Howie:The one with Jude

Dan:I can't, I can't believe it.

Reegs:Can't believe it's not butter

Sidey:is not a sniper.

Dan:Can't believe.

Reegs:the sniper

Dan:a full metal jacket.


Reegs:Yeah, yeah, yeah. Different more,

Dan:Yeah, sniper.

Reegs:so he has this Schofield has this interaction, this fight, basically with the guy up in the bell tower, the sniper, he goes up the stairs. And he's shot or not, or does he,

Sidey:the head. He gets hit. He's wounded, the sniper, he goes up, kicks the door and the sniper shoots at him.

They both, they put a spotlight Han solo. Agreed. Yeah. he guns, he gets in, but the sniper's bullet hits his helmet, knocks him unconscious, which is the car

Reegs:Okay. I thought the blood was from falling back down the stairs on the back of his head, but now he gets shocked. Does he.

Sidey:yeah. Rick

Dan:it might be from the folder. I think that the helmet protects, but he's

Reegs:In any event he's knocked out

Dan:what, a mission to go up there, knowing that.

Yeah, that's the job you've got to do. You know, you can't just wander along. Cause the snipe is going to pick you off. You've got to go up. What up, it's just not part of the film. I just thought, because you don't want to do that. You just want to get across the bridge, get a car. Suddenly there's a mission of you've got to go me or him, like you said, he's got to climb up the bell tower and he just seems so seeing such a disadvantage for him because the guy's already up there, you know, he's got a gun and he probably knows you're coming as well.

Reegs:And so the movie has been presented as a single continuous take, like we've said up until this point. And then there is a cut, which coincides with him passing out.

I found that really effective. I have to say. you know, did talk about the whole film being one continuous shot that emphasize the personal. Nature of it, about it being his story. But anyway, he comes to a, at the bottom of the stairs and it's pretty clear that the Nazis who were not very nice people are, there's still some remnants of them in the town.

I guess people who absconded from their own army

Howie:They're like the lay about kind of endings of the Nazis, perhaps looking for, looking for it.

They're looking for women drink treasures just to take away from it.

Sidey:down there, he meets here. Do you think that she misses like, well, why is she still there? And I said, well, I think she's probably been raped over and over by the Nazis.

They're still knocking about,

Howie:Well, she's someone that just went into hiding immediately and found the first place you could hide where had that baby? Yeah. And she's got

Dan:it wasn't her

Reegs:it wasn't hers was it,


Reegs:she's looking after a baby

Dan:And then she looks after him for probably too long in his, his mind because, by the time he

Sidey:baby cries, doesn't it? And you felt like God is going to give bigger, do something drastic. There's an episode of mash. I don't know if you've ever watched that they're on a bus and that having to. Be quiet cause there's people going around looking for him and a woman's there with the baby and it cries and, Hawkeye Hawkeyes lost it.

He's telling them the story, it's a chicken and they killed the chicken. And then eventually ended up is veiled. That actually, it was a woman who killed her own baby to stop them being discovered. I thought, fucking hell they to do something. Her Brenda said,

Reegs:that's horrendous. So

Sidey:that's where my mind went. Like they're going to have to, to not get discovered that.

that was like a light entertainment show.

Dan:Yeah. Mash. Yeah, that was,

Howie:it's not part of the film. There was a little element, you know, it just kind of, I was being stupid or just need clarified. It was when they were talking to each other, it's like, they tried, it was clear that they spoke a tiny bit of English and a tiny bit of French. And then they just, basically one of them spoke French.

One of them spoke English and they understood exactly what was going on. So they had a conversation. Yeah. So I didn't know if that was done just to.

Reegs:there. Wasn't a lot of information. It's changed though. It was there. I mean, I think it was just this moment of humanity in the middle of all this

Sidey:with sky fader collected some milk


Sidey:and he gave that up to her to look after the kid. And then he hears the bells ringing.

Reegs:because she is obviously not breastfeeding because she's not, the baby's mother.

So yeah. He gives him the milk that you

Sidey:then he has this bells ringing, but your minds and fuck I'm against the clock. So I say lay off it. Make a run for it and it gets chased around a lot.

Reegs:Well, no, this then becomes. I think this is when we have probably the most stunning visual images in the whole movie, which is the, the lights and the flares going off.

And this is where Deakins is really showing off at this point. Oh, it just looks incredible. Absolutely beautiful. and then it, kick-starts this sort of chase scene where he's being shot. Yeah, as he runs through the village and then a really bad piece of CGI as he jumps off a bridge really awful took me right out of the movie, as he jumps into the water below.

and then chunders over and over.

Howie:I noticed it straight away. And I remember thinking at the time, obviously you didn't care because the camera went down with the camera pan down as he was falling, but. I didn't, I assume there were good reasons why, but it didn't look that high, that it couldn't have been an actual jump into some water, but I immediately picked up on yeah, poor CGI.

Given what adjust gone before with the, with the scenes, with the lights and everything. yeah, it did kind of look a bit.

Reegs:Yeah. And then Scofield is tossed and turned in as if he hasn't endured enough. he's then tossed and turned in a pretty fast running river for a little while, goes off to waterfalls.

Dan:Yeah. Dan some Rapids and that kind of

Howie:and then into a load of bloated bodies, which

Reegs:Yeah. Lord of the rings that reminded me of, with all the bodies at the bottom of the

Howie:remind me of that. Chris blush Pluto's playtime when someone's left the MozBar at the end of the fucking slide.

Reegs:wow. yeah.

Howie:I kept thinking was when I was watching that was, I bet he doesn't stink as much anymore.

And that horrible wound on his hand, at least it's getting cleaned a bit. Well, it wasn't clean at the end. No, but yeah,

Reegs:I thought you might die of that hand thing or like have to amputate your hand or something, but sadly not. anyway, after he crawls out the, The dead bodies.

He, then here's some singing in the woods.

Sidey:Yeah, this is a bit weird there we'll pause for things. So yeah.

Howie:up Marva Brown.

Dan:well, one guy has got this kind of angelic voices in a, and he's everybody else just sitting down as he's singing.

Sidey:This reminded me of that pointless bit in game of Thrones where ed Sheeran sings a song just because he was a fan.

Howie:but I think that this was probably a, again, like in terms of his soccer accuracy, there's obviously the famous story in the first world war with the football match. No man's land.

And so I think that. You know, part of like walls, especially, you know, first and second world war is like entertainment, light relief because of just how completely grim and bleak everything is. Obviously, if someone has got a banging voice like this guy, Well, I know just before, you're about to especially thereabouts to just go over the top.

And so why not have it? It will sit down in a moment in a sing song and enjoy one of the finer things in life before you're going to get cuts of pieces by the machine gunfire.

Reegs:And don't forget, you've been awake for days.

You've marked your body has been pushed as far as it can possibly go. Yeah.

Howie:I didn't have a, I didn't have a problem with that.

It went on a bit long, so I thought that song was a bit boring and it went on a bit long, but I didn't have a

Sidey:No, I was just thinking if I was to go for it, I'd be like, okay,

Reegs:but this is the first time he actually expresses any emotion just before, as he gets out, he cries as he gets out of the river.

Finally, the song was so bad. Yeah.

Howie:He just sort of slumps by a tree and lesson again, another tree he slumped by it and listens to the song. I think. He he, but by this time I think because obviously by the time he spoke to the guys, I think he thought that he'd missed the opportunity to prevent it because he realized, he realized that, well, they told him that they were the second wave.

So there was already a load of guys right on the front line, just about to go over. So I think he'd probably felt defeated at the point.

Reegs:but then he does find out that they're not that good. Far

Sidey:someone just said, it's always just over there, you know,

Dan:Isn't that the crew, then they say, Oh,

Howie:they're the D squad.

Dan:we are. That squad.

Yeah. Oh,

Sidey:So that the racist on now this is what we're building up to this. So I guess the film really famous sequences

Reegs:He was in all the trailers and

Sidey:He can't navigate his way down the trenches, similar to how he started off the meshing, but it's really struggling to get through. So instead of doing that, he climbs into no man's land


Howie:300 year old run,

Sidey:runs adjacent to the way everyone's got over the top and getting gunned down. And he just takes his chance and fucking bombs it down.

And it's the really famous shot. you know, you get the wide thing and the whole battlefield is banging into people as they run.

Reegs:It's an incredible scene. A couple of those were unscripted. Those ones that you ran

Sidey:I was

Dan:They looked at, to be honest, they looked like you wouldn't put in one there.


Sidey:it's the sort of thing where

Dan:camera kind of gets away.

Sidey:you wouldn't just stop and say, Oh, you know,

Dan:No carry

Sidey:carry on.

Cause there was, you know, there's a lot riding on this shot, you

Reegs:and the score at this point as well is unbelievable. Thomas Newman. he's done numerous, you know, great movies as well, but it's the song is 1600 men and it's just, so it's the name of your sex tape? Yeah. yeah, it's, it's a

Howie:I was gonna say 6,000 managers, 6,000 men on the green bottle sitting on, one got fucking massacred 1,599 and it goes on, but no, it wasn't quite like that.

Reegs:it's a really stunning scene. Absolutely amazing.

Howie:There was a little bit that, to me, and this is what, and again, it was CGI and it was like the explosions in the foreground. Like, I don't know if there was like ballistics and stuff that had been used for that, but in like in the background, the explosions were CGI and there was just, you just see like puffs of black smoke, but then absolutely no damage to the grass in the, in the background.

And. Like that, considering how unbelievable that scene was that I did that did catch my eye in the corner.

Sidey:was watching him. I was really focused on, on his journey through, but I'll have a look at that

Howie:It reminds me of when you run home pissed and it just fucking going for it. And you're fucking, your eyes are poaching at your head. You have no idea where you are. There's people fucking in the road. You've just spent your last 30 pay on a, an emergency Twix Robert's Garrett and you're fucked, but you still managed to get home.

And someone comes at you with a bayonet.


Sidey:So it does, it does get across the section that he needs to eat. He's able to, it's trying to find ways, what was the fellow's name? Colonel McKenzie. And that it gets pointed, you know, you keep going to keep going down there, down there and we do find him and he is this kind of, warmongering kind of, these boys are going over no matter what, I don't care about your message we're doing this

Reegs:Well, he's like in poker and he's like, we're pot committed. Now

Dan:and, but he has gone in and blurted the message out while.

there there's a lot of people around, so, there's four or five other people around, so it got through and eventually just by the force of him, he's telling the message

Reegs:well, he says

Dan:because he wasn't prepared,

Reegs:from, Gavin and Stacy or no, not the dad, the boyfriend of the crazy girl

Dan:Right. Okay.

Reegs:That's who that is.


Howie:don't think he played that role in this film.

Reegs:that could have been a different character.


Reegs:but yeah, so the attack is semi averted.

I mean, a good few hundred men

Sidey:it does.

Reegs:to the dead


Dan:reluctantly gives it up

Sidey:kind of McKenzie. Yeah. He's not, he's not thrilled to cut it because I

Dan:got them on the run down.

Sidey:he could, it could have been a war hero, but no, you're not

Howie:he's right though. Cumberbatch. His character is right there because he says. We get this it's more or less saying, we get this all the time. It just be put off to another fucking

Reegs:what he says.

Howie:And if we don't do it now, if you don't do it now, we will do it in a couple of days or we'll do it, whatever.

But then he ends the whole meeting by, well, fuck off then. And it's like, Oh, that entire Schofield's mission. Everything he's done is summed up with a top general saying fuck off, which sums up the futility of that entire.

Sidey:but then it does, it does come back to the personal side of the story because we see Blake's brother, then

Reegs:Richard Madden,

Sidey:I was like, they kind of the camera sort of pans through the tent of a.

Or the wounded and I thought,

Reegs:going to be.

Sidey:I thought it was going to be one of them. He's going to be one of them or with his leg blown off or

Howie:But I think it shows that it wasn't a totally fetal excise cause cause Richard Madden Blake's brother, he was in the first wave. So they had pulled back a number of the first wave. I think that they, they gave some, yeah, they go, well, no, he, he didn't seem to be injured.

He seemed to be Manning or helping with the wounded. And so, so maybe, well I think, I think that they gave some, cause they did give some toots on the whistles to make sure that. The second way. It didn't go over. And I think for the first wave to retreat as well. And so obviously as they were bringing back some of the wounded and so on, that's why Richard Madden's character had come back.

Reegs:And what an amazing, he's only in this movie for about two and a half minutes, and it's such an incredible performance. It's genuinely heartbreaking as you really, when you see the moment he realizes his brother

Sidey:Well, I think if I saw you guys excited to see his


Dan:looking around for him. Isn't he?


Howie:So I sold this film to my messages.

This is like the, probably the exact type of film that my mrs would never, ever, ever watch. And I sold it to her on the basis that Richard yeah. Was in it. if you think he's he, yeah, he's in the last two minutes of a two hour long film, it's also set on her birthday, April the sex. So they were the two things that, that hooked her in.

So that to her watching this.

Dan:she's older.


Howie:1917 and she's to be fair, she's still in decent neck.

Reegs:but yeah, really terrific bit of acting from Richard Martin in that scene, really like touching

Dan:looked perfect though. Didn't he look like? Just like a bit like, bill Murray at the end of Ghostbusters, too, when, The big puff, puff machine, come to everybody everybody's everybody's covered in it, but he looks he's absolutely fine.

And, and so he looked just like, he hadn't really been in a war. Yeah. Mine

Howie:yeah. A lot of comparisons to that.


Sidey:Yeah. So you asked to Brighton, you said that his brother's dad is very sad because then the, the keepsakes that it can remember, buddy, you then goes back. Sits against the tree.

Howie:Yeah. And

Reegs:He gets out his own photos at this point, at which point you realize he's actually a father as well.

And the reason he didn't want to go back, he's got a photo that says, come back on the back end. I think it was just too hard for him to, to see them and know that there was a strong possibility he would never see.


Dan:Yeah. It's well, he has that connection with the kid. Doesn't eat the little French, in the French go and everything. It's. As you say it was based on a true story or loosely based on stories told.

Howie:It was both. It was based on stories by Sam Mendez, his grandfather, uncle

Reegs:appears at the end of the credits. In fact, it's dedicated to,


Reegs:uncle bit.

Howie:So he was Navy in a wool. I have one book, brother. I need to clear it up, please. Okay. And you touched on it. I'm not talking about my red hot penis. it was to do with the orders that he took a little written on paper and put in an envelope that must've been the most waterproof fucking coat in their history of terrible clothing that they issued soldiers, unless it was bound in something.

And also the amount of times human flesh Leatherface, your favorite, Also the amount of times he would, he handled the, he took out of a thing he's pocket promising to do the orders and he had blood all over his hands. You fucking burn all over the paper. Are they going to fucking read, attack it known?

Okay. I'll attack it. All. The do not bet is fucking covered in blood. You can't. Yeah, that, that was just a minor quibble, which obviously affected the pot massively. I also had, I didn't understand. So at the end, obviously it, there was a photo of what appeared to be his wife with a message on the back and his children, but I'm sure he distinctly said in the middle to Blake that about when he, why he didn't keep his matter, we didn't find out what happens to his metal.

Did you to know if he'd lost it or gave it away?

Dan:gave it away for a bottle of

Howie:Oh, we did. Sorry. Yeah. Yeah. He said that, but then he said that he didn't like going home, but I,

Reegs:he didn't like going home. I read that because he didn't, he knew that he wasn't, there was a good chance. He wasn't going to come back, you know, come back to them again. Because it was such a devastating

Howie:it seemed like a good reason to swap his metal for a bottle of wine.

Reegs:it doesn't. He said, you can do something with a bottle of wine. You can get drunk, but a metal is just a piece of metal. P piece of tin is

Sidey:on a ribbon. Yeah.

Dan:Yeah. I think that kind of just goes to show the. Yeah, absolute loss that he's just felt like they gave me a piece of tin and many people have died.

You've seen all, you know,

Howie:It was given for the battle of

Dan:you caught calling me a hero. I don't feel like, you know, they didn't feel like here to do what they did. They were, you know, and, and so that bit of tin

Sidey:one day

Dan:for a bottle of wine might not have seen the bad deal at the time.

Sidey:What'd you take, and you mentioned that he, he one 40 awards for the cinematography in this


Sidey:which is a lot,

Reegs:I think you've got to talk a little bit about the fact that, of the way it's presented, just because it is so with this movie have worked. If it wasn't shot as a continuous

Sidey:been like seven per Ryan.


Reegs:Well, but that

Dan:it adds pace. Doesn't it, it adds a pace. It adds a tension


Reegs:it puts you in the experience of it.

Yeah. And that's why the no man's land sequence is so effective because the tension

Sidey:was almost been like call of duty. You know, you're in this first person shooter almost where you're, you're

Dan:It was at times it was. Yeah, definitely. You almost like a point of view.


Reegs:it was certainly immersive. And I think that,

Sidey:I don't think you'd want to see that in every film that comes out, but for something like this, it was very

Dan:I imagine it'd been quite Epic on the big

Reegs:Yeah. I wish I'd seen this one. I,

Sidey:Yeah. I was going

Reegs:one 90 Oh one. They had a special presentation format for it. And, you could see the screen was 20% bigger at the top and bottom from what you could see. And yeah, it would have been brilliant in an IMAX unbeliever.

Dan:And on your standard flat screen TV, did you enjoy it?

Sidey:Well, it was available, still is available on Amazon prime in 4k. So if you've got the skills, like what I do is still looks fucking good on the, on the tele. so very good. The budget for it. 95 mil

Dan:95 mil. That's a, that's a fair whack compared to some of the films we've been reviewing. I mean, you think of Terminator.

I think that was a couple of hundred mil, but then you look at films that we've. We've reviewed over the last few weeks and they were coming in on the, on the 20, you know, most of them, 10, 20 weren't

Sidey:it's nearly a hundred minutes. It's a fair whack of money,

Dan:It's a big chunk.

Sidey:what'd you reckon whenever I lose it at the box office right

Dan:winner? I think we've,

Reegs:When did it come out though?

Sidey:It was, no 2019, but I think right at the tail end of 2019. So I'm not,

Dan:Not quite effected by

Reegs:I was gonna say, was it COVID affected? I'm sure it, it absolutely smashed its numbers, but

Sidey:nearly 400 mill 395. So yeah. Decent.

Dan:doing money-wise and what worth doing for me? Film wise as well. I thought this was really good. I really enjoyed the cameos from, from people I thought, Andrew Scott.

Andrew Scott. I read anything. I see him in these days. I just really, really like him. I think he's fantastic. And his, his character just played this captain who'd had enough really Edney. He was just like, fucking hell. You know, we'd go up there and he wants to help, but he's kind of exhausted.

Sidey:You're going to die soon as you go over there.

Dan:that's it, it's just, you know, we've fought and died over every inch of this place.

And. Now you're telling me there's not even anyone over there because he can't believe that they're going to go through. He's saying it's crawling. No, no, they haven't. They've all been treated,

Sidey:to me is it's part of the story is. But they're fighting and they do it in Blackadder where they say they capture this tiny piece of land. That it's a one-to-one scale, but they are literally fighting over. Just meet us here and there.


Howie:for two and a half years, the Western front spin is likely to move as a Frenchman living next door to a brothel.


Sidey:let's do this then overall rigs where you not entertained,

Reegs:this is a very good movie. That's elevated to an absolute must see by the presentation by deacons, by the sheer technical audacity of it.

And by the score. Yeah. Really, really enjoyed this movie.


Howie:yeah, really enjoyed it

Reegs:yeah. I did like the way that Scofield's uniform degrades over the course of the movie, he's got absolutely nothing on him basically by the end.

Just the shirt and trousers. Yeah.

Dan:Yeah. W winter for me that the camera work, as you mentioned was fantastic. I love the story. I'm sure there's. Yeah, let's talk about Sam Mendez, grandfather telling this story. I'm sure there's a hundred others that haven't been told yet. which going capture just a small part of a war in the heroes in it that you wouldn't say, just delivering a message.

You know, it's such a simple kind of thing. He's not, you're not going to kill anyone. They're going to save people. You know, I really liked that about the film and yeah, it, I though it wasn't one continuous take. I I'm thinking it was ever needed to do that. It took huge chunks of the film, which just took you along in that tension.

And I followed it closely all the way through wasn't bored at all, all the way through really good movie.


Howie:no, I loved it as well. I love like movies with like scale Epic films with scale and stuff. And it held my attention. I think the measure of how good it was was the fact that it held my mrs. Attention for two yeah. Hours. And she, this is absolutely not anything that she would ever watch.

Like I said, Richard Madden was, was the only hook that I could find for her. for some reason, though, I feel like it's a nine out of 10 and not a 10. I don't know what was missing. I D I CA I don't know how you could improve it. I like the fact that it wasn't Hollywood. I liked that it was, I know it is Holly, but, but, it was, it was sometimes understated as well.

I liked it.

Reegs:intimate and small, but as you say, it's got that

Howie:But there was one, so maybe it was a couple of CGI bits or, or other little things that I, that irked me, but yeah, it was a nine out of 10 for me.

Sidey:Yeah, it was, it, it was a stone-cold winner for me. I was fucking knackered and I was close to falling asleep, but it was so good. It actually kept me awake, which takes them during these days. yeah, I've got nothing to add from what you guys had said. It looked amazing. That the school was brilliant. It was visceral.

very impressive. I must say,


Reegs:Kids choice society. What did you go for?

Sidey:the hollow

Howie:gateway drug,

Sidey:based on the picture of it on Netflix basically. Cause it looked like the antithesis of all the usual rubbish that I have to watch,

Howie:the right.

Dan:Yeah. It struck me first of all, total drama Island animation.

Sidey:The animation style. Yeah. Also looked a bit like Archer.

You've seen Archer. Yeah. Yeah. That's sort of animation style.

Reegs:I didn't necessarily like that, that much there's very strong black outlines around the characters like gorillas or like, and

Howie:Is this the, Netflix sort of recipe for quickie cartoons? Do you think, you know, we've got a style that we can work with. We can churn these out fairly quickly. Cause

Dan:strong story, strong plot, and then make that, you know, save a bit of time with

Howie:the main thing, but. Yeah. I just kind of like said, it seems to be like a bit dr. Doc drawing.

Reegs:And this is the story of Adam

Sidey:Mira and Chi.


Howie:They awakened,

Sidey:in a stone,

Reegs:in the toilet from soar basically. Yeah.

Howie:That's exactly what I thought. This is the sore for

Sidey:I have never seen any of the saw movies, but straight away, I was like, this seems like a kind of sort, and it's also very cube.


Sidey:So the three protagonists are. They awakened and it's ruined. They don't know how they got there.

Reegs:They don't know

Sidey:don't know who they are, what their skillset is. And they have to find a way out of this

Dan:bear in mind, this is a kid's TV thing. So they're

Sidey:I was relieved. I was watching it without my daughter. Cause this was a bit, it was really been a bit too much for a

Reegs:It's a very strong opening

Dan:really is, you know, I've not seen anything like it where kids TV, to be honest, straight away, you're putting a kid or three kids in a stone cell.

They don't know who they are. They don't remember their names they've been drugged or something. I guess they only find out their names cause it's written in a, in their pockets

Sidey:tiny sheet of paper and maybe with name on

Dan:and yeah, there's a typewriter, which. Is the only thing in the room and they're kind of making wise cracks and things about it, or one of the

Sidey:kind of relax into the situation quite quickly. Yeah.


Sidey:it would be pretty boring if it didn't,

Dan:one of them, especially he he's Adam kind of takes the lead. Doesn't he? And then you've got Kai, who's a bit of a joker around the

Sidey:well, he panics a bit. He's a, he sets the thing in motion by attempting to use the typewriter to smash the huge brick wall down

Howie:the girl panics as well. Cause she's, she's basically laughing, mocking them for not remembering their own name. And then when she goes to think, when they say, well, okay, what's your name? And she goes to think about it. She like recoils in horror, like back against the wall so


Howie:that, so yeah, they, they, they don't, I don't think they're just like taking to it, casually they're all a little bit jarred.

Yeah. The scenario they're in

Sidey:as close about to smash the typewriter against the ball. They match the key pad and. Type the letter E which causes a brick to

Dan:to come out, to come out is a step or a, a handle to, to climb the wall to event. That's right at a time.

Sidey:Yeah. So we got the van, we got now a step and I think it must be a puzzle. What words start with a, that we could type out to say and everything they type causes the break to go back in.

So. The puzzle element is very quickly resolved. It's help. Isn't it help is the word that three bricks come out. I bet it's revealed that Adam has this sort of skills where he can leap around.

Howie:It was

Dan:works out the puzzle. That's a kind of super power. You discover that Adam is some superhuman athlete, which can jump up these. Steps and,

Sidey:Have you watched any more than

Dan:I've just watched episode one. Okay.

Sidey:So mirrors, mirrors powers. We do get a little bit of, she can, she can communicate with animals. She can also breathe under water and she can swim like a mermaid

Reegs:Oh, is it? That's a random collection of

Sidey:Yeah. I

Reegs:he's like athletic

Sidey:he's super, he's got super strength cause he punches the punches, the band to get when they climb up and he is, like good at gymnastics and stuff.

And the other guy, Kai can cast and manipulate fire. And there's also a tech whiz.


Howie:He can't feel pain is that cause he grabs the electric fence later on and doesn't, and it has no.

And then he says all my hands should have melted, but they haven't. So maybe that as well.

Dan:So yeah, they basically get out of the, the soar bathroom and climb through the vent.

Escape through

Sidey:There's a poisonous gas, well, Seamus poisonous gas. That's,


Sidey:full of them out there. It's a race against time to get out, which they do. And then they are

Dan:a couple of little wise checks. Oh, I'm not going to go in you. I don't want to put my head at your butt. And

Reegs:really bad wise crack. So I thought, but

Dan:yeah, I mean, it's, they're trying to keep it light and there's a weird relationship going on between, and. And mirror straight off because there's a connection there, but you've got the third wheel in a car there. Know

Sidey:if you know how that plays out, but as it is a homosexual,

Dan:Right. Okay. But he doesn't even know his own name at the moment.

Does he? He doesn't know what what's going on, but they were getting on friendly anyway. And I just thought, Oh,

Howie:Yeah. Ma mirrors me mirror is quite, yeah. And, with a fucking shit haircut though. I couldn't work out a haircut.

It seems to be like two haircuts, like one on top of the other. Did anyone else notice I'd spent the whole episode trying to work out, huh?

Reegs:Now that you pointed out

Sidey:She had to kind of colored as a purple



Howie:hookup was okay. And then there was just like a normal light black, long, black hair haircut underneath, but why, why two haircuts, mate, maybe that's another power to having the ability to have two haircuts at the same time, but she was quite stroked by Adam.

She kept like. In that kind of age group, like,

Sidey:swooned when

Howie:yeah. Yeah. When he, when he was so gymnastic a lot like girls do when I do things like that.

Dan:So basically it's a big mystery, isn't it? You don't know there, it reminded me a little bit like, old boy or something, or you seen that movie, you know, whether you just kind of woke up in a, in a room and he's been there for 10 years and he doesn't know why, you know, that.

I don't know what's going on. They don't know what's going on. And it's a very adult kind of theme that, you know, he's an adult horror or

Sidey:Yeah, it was. I think we can say it just ripped off loads of ideas from good stuff, basically. And then they find themselves then after

Reegs:in the forest

Sidey:they're in a forest and then they find, A compound of some kind where there are test tubes and vials of staff. Not exactly sure what's going on

Dan:almost like they've been, they're part of an experiment

Sidey:And maybe that's how they got their powers. And then there are the kind of demon, dog things from Ghostbusters making the parents

Reegs:they're pretty

Sidey:They were quite scary. This is about what I was thinking. I'm glad mum not watch this and my daughter, and you get this same with the. The electric fans will have to try and get out of this guy.

And then this dude just appears.

Dan:There was. So this is why towards the end, when they're forced to the edge of a cliff and the dogs are closing in and suddenly they have nowhere else to run. And this dude appears just like a mad dog.

Reegs:he's actually called the weird guy and he's a weird guy.

Sidey:anytime that they ask him for help.

He teleports them to somewhere else. So I haven't seen episode two, but my guess is at the end of episode two, he will presumably teleport them to the next one because

Dan:quantum leap style.

Sidey:a lazy, lazy storytelling leaks.

Dan:As you, as you say, maybe this is Netflix. Netflix is thing where they want to turn stuff over quick. Let's not reinvent the wheel. Let's take lots of half decent ideas from a lot of different programs and, and mash them up.

Reegs:Yeah, but I'd never seen a kid's cartoon that was presented

Dan:not like this. No, that's the novel bit of it.

Reegs:unusual. It's like quite adult settings, but still safely within the confines of a kid's

Dan:And what was it? Seven plus

Sidey:Yeah, I would say this is probably more like 12.

Dan:I would say sunny probably I'll be more comfortable. Watch my older, older kid watching it than the

Sidey:Yeah, seven plus motto is seven. I wouldn't really be encouraging her to watch this

Reegs:Do you think we're projecting more onto it because we're aware of the tropes that it's ripping off.

Sidey:possibly, but everything, everything, it was sort of, the color palette was very dark. It was, it was moody and spooky.

Reegs:The score at the beginning with the opening songs, like really haunting the tinkling on piano,

Howie:kids kind of thought of it as a slightly more developed Scooby doo.


Reegs:Oh, really

Howie:Yeah. And that Kyle is obviously shaggy, cause he's just fucking irritating all the way through. I thought they completely over dead because it was like you said, it was, it was quite dark, quite interesting things that sort of like slightly older kids would like take and adults can kind of watch. I mean, I don't want to get ahead in, in sort of like what I thought of it or whatever, but it was enough there.

But then it just kept bringing it back to like, Oh, let's have this idiot stand on a stage and pretend he didn't know that it was her, you know, it's that, that kind of like was a bit maybe why it's seven plus, because there's like this sort of patronizing, you know, almost like slapstick humor that this guy's bringing in like a Scooby-Doo.

And if it's pitched at that audience then great. But it kind of, I didn't really know, like what, what the purpose of that was like the light relief from the. Like the, the rest of the, but the thing that they were building

Dan:So these are like 25 minutes long, 20 minutes long. I'm kind of intrigued to watch. The next one is it's not one of those that is going to be over in 20 minutes. It's not a standalone episode.

This is a thing that's going to run on and on

Sidey:seasons on Netflix. Yeah.

Dan:it? Jeez,

Howie:just going back to the, the weird guys he called. Yeah. So, and you said that at the end of, probably at the end of the episode and certainly the first one, it's like, you know, if they need help, then he teleports them, but he did kind of in a really creepy way.

So you've got to do something for me. I would like a smile on his face. I'm just having a quick look at what the other episodes entail. The next one captured by miner tools in imprisoned in a labyrinth. And the next one, the kids meet the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Whilst Myra tries to help deaths six Steed, Kai puts his mechanical skills. Bizarre new world inhabited by a mysterious being on a lighthouse.

it there's loads is that there's there's two.

Sidey:to, do you want to know what the resolution is of season one?

Reegs:I know this, because I looked her



Dan:I think a day, I don't

Howie:I might want to watch the rest, but you're going to split it for me

Sidey:I am good at what is he right there. They're playing a VR computer game.

Howie:Oh, that's bullshit.

Reegs:And here's the big thing at the last scene. I think cuts to them as actual people live action part to

Dan:just fast forward, right? To the end of

Reegs:No. I just found out about it when I was researching today,

Sidey:But then one of the eyes of someone is like glitch. So you're like, Oh, is it really a computer


Sidey:And then there's a season two. So I guess something goes up. It's not just season two that we find out that Adam prefers the company of me.

Reegs:felt that was, yeah.

One of the angles. It was really quite inclusive when I read it because she's Chinese American. shit hair. obviously Adam is homosexual. The purple guy, know, everybody's represented there.

Howie:Purple people.

Reegs:Exactly. Yeah.

Sidey:I think overall life, I found it quite interesting, but also kind of tripped over itself a few times to kind of be a bit irritating at the same

Dan:I think this will appeal though, to my kids.

Sidey:Yeah. I think if my thought was about, is she

Dan:Yeah, I think my daughter would like it. It's not the kind of thing I'd want to play before bedtime when it's dark. I think it's more of a Saturday morning thing where they've got the rest of the day to, to forget about it.

but I think there's enough pace and enough intrigue about it, that it kind of keeps you wanna to watch more, at least.

Reegs:Well, I was immediately grabbed by the premise. I have to say it's a really amazing strong opening.

Howie:you've got an amazing strong opening grabbed by the premise for NA.

Reegs:Okay. And that's when it really got me straight away, I thought, wow, this is like something different. And then it just kind of lost me halfway through the people characters kind of the interaction is just too annoying for me to bother watching

Howie:thought you'd really like it because it is a gateway to horror films and you'd be like, Oh, this is, this is great training. You know?

Reegs:Yeah, no, I do know what you mean. And like I say, it got me going

but yeah, it's just too irritating to be worth me as an adult investing my time watching it, but, I can see that it is. Interesting did it. I think, I don't think there's anything that's too inappropriate for

Dan:no, it, it it's on the edge. Isn't it? There's there's,

Reegs:and dread

Dan:that's, that's exactly it. There's the music. There's the, the mystery of you don't know what's going on and nothing's explained and yeah, for me, I think there's a, there's enough about it.

I'll probably ask the kids if they want to watch it, because I kind of want to watch it myself.

Reegs:anything but watching anymore fucking Shira.

Sidey:Right. In that case. Very well, United detained.

Reegs:Yeah, kind of tonally. It was all over the place. and it lost me about halfway through, but it was a really interesting set up and I've not really seen anything quite like it.

Howie:Yes. All right. my son is particularly into this, and he's hammering through series one.

So he's got some absurd seven. I think he really likes it, likes the puzzle aspect a bit and what they're going to do. Yeah.

Dan:Yeah, I really enjoyed the style of it. As you say, I've not seen this approach like this before in a, in a kid's TV program. I think it's Probably a season would be as, not as much as I would watch or maybe another few episodes, but yeah, I looked at me.

Yeah, enjoyed it.

Howie:I watched it quite early this morning with, with very sort of like few expectations and was immediately drawn in by the, the premise and everything. I thought Kai was a bit of a bad end, but, what I would, what I would say is genuinely, I was planning on watching this, like by myself, my mother.

So you've always at home a be too young to watch it. I was going to watch it by myself, but now you've told me that it's like some people playing a VR game. I won't waste my time. So I think I was entertained, but I would have been disappointed with that reveal.

Sidey:Yeah. I was immediately, interested in the concept, especially cause it was, there was some idea that was so familiar from. Really quite fucking creepy, fucked up films. but immediately, like you say, the Chi character was so fucking irritating and there were a few other bits that, just kind of let it down a little bit.

But if my daughter was a bit older, I would happily sit and watch it with her because it's doesn't have ponies in it or unicorns or fucking mermaids. So from that angle, yeah, it was, it was nice to see something fresh from a kid's perspective.

 Reegs:but not all of the reviews for this to quite so positive as, as ours. I did pick one up on common sense media. Yeah. from Isabella parental advisory, satanic imagery, this show has the most satanic imagery I've ever seen. It starts off with devil dogs, Y and then has worse things like skeletons zombies, which is and chanting.

Dan:and then

Reegs:Which they're chanting. Yeah, I don't, and even worse things. This awful show is trying to invade your poor little child's brain avoid, avoid, avoid six exclamation marks, which is a real pet peeve of mine. so fuck you, Isabella.


Sidey:So I think that's a full house for my nominations. Thanks, jabs. what an awesomely entertaining episode that was Howie nominate us for next week.

Howie:Okay. The film I've not yet seen it is me and owl and the dying girl on Netflix. Got it. It sounds

Sidey:It's not like someone in hospice or something, is

Howie:I dunno,

Reegs:No, I've had it. This film's really good. I think I've got it on my list.

Howie:So my list of, and the other one is a cartoon that I have watched and I.

I, I need to see what you think of this. It's on Netflix. It's an 11 minuter. It's called Clarence.


Howie:Right. So you need to fucking see, this

Sidey:particular episode,

Howie:is episode one series one. Just see.

Dan:Okay. See Clarence.


Reegs:All right. This I'm quite looking

Sidey:top five?

Howie:top five. And I think it's quite a relevant top five movie politicians.

Sidey:okay, cool. Be fed. Tremendous numbers really huge. I can't do it like Donald Trump. Sorry.

Dan:huge nose,

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Dan:Dan's gone.

Howie:Thanks for having me