Sept. 4, 2020

Behind The Candalabra & Bing

Behind The Candalabra & Bing

The glorious retreat of the man cave is once again the resting place for the Bad Dads for another round of movie and kids tv show reviews. This week has you barking up the right tree with the paw-fect top 5 movie dogs. The Dads unleash their pedigree with a selection of the most memorable canines ever to grace the silver screen. Will your favorite make the cut? And if not, will you fur-give us?

This weeks movie review is Steven Soderbergh's 2013 HBO biopic of Liberace, Behind The Candalabra. Did you know Liberace was gay? Yes it's true and this well hidden fact is just one of the many in depth discussion points you'll hear the Dads mull over as we dive as deep into the great man's wardrobe as we do his love life.

We finish this weeks shows with a review of the CBBC masterpiece Bing. Treasured by so many parents, this gentle masterpiece gets the full Bad Dad treatment as we hear theories about Flop's probable sci-fi provenance, questions about rabbit sexual maturity and Bing's burgeoning psychopathy.

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