July 24, 2020

Blackkklansman & In The Night Garden

Blackkklansman & In The Night Garden
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We have a very special guest this week: Peter Andre! 

Okay it's not the muscle-bound late 90's antipodean crooner but it is our very own Peter Andre who joins us to help compile this weeks Top 5, about elevators. Will it be an uplifting experience or will it be like having sex with a donkey in a lift - wrong on so many levels.

Next we check out a Spike Lee joint; the incredible true story of Ron Stallworth, a black man who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan. We discuss the movie, how it made us feel and the state of race relations in the US today, as well as offering opinions on John David Washington's amazing afro.

We round off this weeks chat with another incredible programme based on a true story: In The Night Garden. Chances are that if you are a parent, you've seen this unholy abomination but you probably haven't thought about the truly shocking deeper meaning behind the night time frolicking of Iggle Piggle and the rest of the gang so tune in to hear Sidey's theories as well as a shocking revelation about Christopher Nolan. 

Much like this weeks top 5, the show has its ups and downs, and the Bad Dads don't always agree. Some of us like to take the stairs, some of us like to take a lift. I guess we were just raised differently.

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Peter AndreProfile Photo

Peter Andre

Sitzpinkler Peter Andre joins us from time to time to shout his thoughts into the void. Which is nice.