May 7, 2020

Brighton Rock & Round the Twist

Brighton Rock & Round the Twist

You can guarantee things are going to be weird when Howie gets to nominate. This week was no exception.

The topic of conversation for the Top 5 this week was films that are embarrassing to watch with your parents. There was no shortage of embarrassing moments in this run through!

Our main feature this week was a review of the 2010 remake of Brighton Rock. Howie was a big fan of the book and the 1940s film. How did this version stack up against those classics?

Then we took a trip across the globe to review the Australian 'classic' kids tv show, Round the Twist. But not just one episode, Howie treated us to a double bill! How does it fare in 2020? 

Reegs to nominate this week. I feel he wants to reward Howie for his nominations with some stellar choices....

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