April 17, 2020

Coherence & PJ Masks

Coherence & PJ Masks

Wow! What a week this was for the Bad Dads.

With Dan reeling from a lack of Easter chocolate, we managed to get in a solid amount of tv viewing.

Inspired by this week's main feature, we made a list of our favourite low budget movies.

Cast your minds back a fortnight, we asked you guys to vote on this week's movie nomination. Coherence was the winner and so we obliged by watching it!

Not only will you hear what we thought, but the actual bona fide director of the movie stopped by, via LA, for a chat about the making of the movie. So a MASSIVE thank you to James Ward Byrkit!

For our kids TV entertainment we endured an episode of the latest, greatest toy commercial, PJ Masks.

We'd really, really like you guys to have seen the movie before listening this week. You can find the film here:


Enjoy and have a great weekend! 

James Ward-ByrkitProfile Photo

James Ward-Byrkit

James Ward Byrkit is an American film director and writer. He is best known for directing the science fiction thriller Coherence and co-writing the script for Rango. Byrkit also was the conceptual artist on the first three films of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and designed some of the most iconic sequences of the series.