Oct. 16, 2020

Enola Holmes & Baki

Enola Holmes & Baki
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Grab your bunsen burner, put on your lab coat and protective goggles and get ready to experiment as we kick off the show with our Top 5 movie scientists. There's real chemistry between the dads as we sort the prized physicists from the bonkers biologists.  You lucky people!

This weeks movie review is the new Netflix release Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown and Jersey's finest, Henry Cavill. It's the youngest Holmes's turn in the spotlight as she hunts for her mother who has mysteriously disappeared whilst simultaneously ensuring the Reform Bill passes and escaping from a dastardly finishing school. Girl power all the way in this one.

The kids review this week is Baki The Grappler, another Netflix release. Although exactly whose children are watching this ultra violent, ultra stylized Japanese anime is anyone's guess. 

Thanks again for listening, and please do get in contact with us. You can usually find us annoying people on Twitter - @dads_film, on Facebook or via email at baddadsjsy@gmail.com.

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads 


Enola Holmes



welcome to bad Dad's film review the film review show presented by dads who are bad in Various ways we are reviewing the movies that we missed during the baby raising years and the often awful kids TV that we now have to suffer through where it's Monday but it's whatever time it is where and whatever day it is when you're listening to this really

Dan:10 20 2010

Reegs:10 20 20 Yeah Yeah You're quite pleased about

Dan:Yeah Like I like it when the numbers kind of ring to you like that you know that is not going to happen probably for a long time Now is it

Sidey:But 19 minutes time it will be 2020 o'clock

Reegs:20 20 20 20 That's pretty good

Howie:That's the number of the beast Isn't it

Reegs:Yeah I haven't prepped an intro this week because we're recording a day earlier so I'm just bringing that on you now it's wreaks here I'm joined by the usual quadrille so ID Dan And that fucking massive tort

Howie:Yeah Back Yeah I'm cured my DNA is the immune system that we all need

Sidey:Did it make its way to Washington D C then

Howie:I did a drive by

Reegs:you were 15 maybe you could find it as far

Howie:Oh well we were talking about that Yeah can't quite manage it But yeah what I did was I put on some extra blusher did a little cavalcade dog got a film out on the internet told everybody that In case they didn't realize that I am the living savior and embodiment of the cure that will purge this country of all illnesses And then I nearly shit myself in the co op so kind of swings and roundabouts in the life of me really

Reegs:it's uh on the Corona K sta

Howie:Oh look at you and you didn't write that or prep it You just came out with that

Reegs:it off someone on the radio the other day actually

Howie:Feedback from last week everyone's really impressed with the use of the term wank Puffin a skirt Well done

Reegs:favorite type of Puffin

Howie:Wow Yeah They're so small as well So that's how you like it Yeah They get big grip makes makes it look big Doesn't it


Reegs:there will be some bad language and there will be some spoilers for the things that we are talking about this week which are

Dan:we had the top five scientists in film So that's going to be coming up

Sidey:strong topic this week

Dan:the top of the show We also did a NOLA homes

Howie:Well no not really We didn't do her

Dan:watched it we watched an older homes and and then we had Paki as well which was our kids with



Howie:yeah yeah

Dan:effort because it was it was an older kids It was

Howie:18 year olds

Dan:Well I was 16 you know it's teenagers the kind of the kind of youth that would stove your head in or ask for your wallet That kind of

Howie:Yeah my kids my kids wanted to watch that cause they were they were like Oh what is this I was like yeah I think it looks like it could be quite cool Now a bit of street fire Oh well well we'll wait till the boat Yes Wait for ya

Sidey:week we spoke about wigs we had our top four I don't know if we had any

Howie:No but I had a listening in I'm still not convinced that McCracken is only McCracken That that was I thought it was just a comb-over

Sidey:No we saw the interview confirmation to me

Reegs:Did he not see I tweeted

Howie:Yeah it did But I think it was a lie Fake news is fake news It's fake news

Yeah no shall I'm doing my own arguments

Reegs:was a comb-over but not his

Howie:Yes that's it that's exactly it So that's why I was like cause we're just what do you all see in the film also That's his new name Woody Allen said

Reegs:he also has one


Dan:I think that's the genius of it actually that it's a comb-over wig is the

Howie:It's so horrible

Dan:would have a you'd have a week four but they've made that into a week It's just made it all the more

Howie:that I felt once I heard you guys say that I really remembered that film kingpin Yeah I milked your cows We don't have any cows We have a bull and he's just got buckets of GEs

and the woman Oh beautiful

Reegs:a Lynn shale I think her name is she's big in the like conjuring universe which seems that always like takes me out of them Cause she's like in all the conjuring films he's seen knows probably not Cause you're Absolutely pussies about horror but James

Howie:So you're talking about country I'm thinking thinking magic Pope ma that'd be Debbie McGee

Dan:My mind went

Howie:Well you fuck it Yeah Well see fuck you talking about what am I like

Reegs:and Annabel the demented doll

Dan:These are the these are the light there Be horror flicks

Howie:we avoid Yeah

Reegs:good They're quite good

Howie:I record a whole section of blockbuster when it was around And you just walk into that bit on the left behind the till the ad like bits of popcorn And then there was the the VHS section for films for people that are pretty disturbed Oh I'll have all of those I'm looking at I'm watching like rush hour two on the big screen and watching the trailer for a fucking mr Nanny You're there watching the devil touches your deck or something

Reegs:It's easy to come through the door I step this way sir You've got something for your entertainment

Howie:10 minutes

 Reegs:so we had the top five movie wigs Um

Sidey:have to confirm later Cause to be honest with you I haven't like yourself I haven't been able to get around to doing it I've been very hectic

Reegs:yeah Yeah well that's

Dan:If you get angry about that

Howie:Right Nicholas cage ghost writer I didn't you did mention it It didn't get in also John Travolta battlefield earth

Reegs:Yeah actually we did have battlefield earth from breaching rocket Now John Travolta from breaching rocket on Twitter She did actually let us know about that one So maybe we'll put that in


Dan:top five scientists in movies

Sidey:Yeah I've got a liberal sprinkling of TV scientists as

Howie:Thank you

Dan:Well I didn't go to the dark side because I felt there was enough Within the the realms of

Sidey:crackers on

Dan:film and movies

Reegs:it's a topic that lends itself to top fives done that because

Sidey:Yeah I haven't just gone for like particle physicists or anything like that I've opened it up to the full scientific spectrum

Howie:I have I've got a few doctors in science

Sidey:Yeah Why don't you lead the way down

Dan:Well okay then I think I shall I'm going to put out the one that I think is gonna make our top five lists I just want to get it out there It's Emmett Brown back to the

Sidey:Not only the top five I'd say

Dan:Christopher Lloyd possibly number one is our favorite friendly mad scientist and obviously he was in the full compliment of back to the future films And he was brilliant animal yay It was it was you

Reegs:I it's impossible not to think of this topic without thinking about

Dan:is the first

Howie:Yeah he's the first one Yeah And I think if we're talking about how good a scientist he was I don't think in terms of science he got enough credit for back to the future three He fucking made a train time machine in the 18th century


Reegs:I think just making a time machine is pretty

Howie:Yeah But in terms of the tear of how good he was number three although not the greatest though It is the most family friendly Cause it doesn't feature him banging his mum which obviously we've

Sidey:Wasn't his mom at the time

Howie:and also there is the subject and the first one where he's done something is he nicked the Rainium off the

Reegs:plutonium from the

Howie:Libyans Yes Libyans

Reegs:And he gave them Yeah like a bomb casing full of dodgy pinball parts


Sidey:probably have some sort of warning nowadays saying it was you know stereotyping Libyans as terrorists

Howie:Or they're pretty like dubbed over and God damn those insert foreign OCS is that a phobic phrase of the week

Dan:could always turn back time and go and sort all that out I guess But he I I do like that point that you know given the tools that he would have had in the wild West he was still able to make a time

Reegs:He MacGyvered one out of all the stuff

Dan:He teamed one up Yeah

Howie:He mentioned the time he tested that train because it flies Right Everyone stand back I've got a 16 ton train that we're going to try and levitate Right

Reegs:Well but he took it to the future though Didn't he That's where he got the he'd already been to the future And then he came back to

Howie:dawning realization I hadn't got that

Reegs:Yeah no I think he even

Dan:it's quite a complex film Isn't it

Howie:I just remember the bit at the end where the bit at the end where Jules is putting his deck and it's like secret sign for you Yeah

Sidey:my least favorite of that trilogy but


Sidey:it he's great My daughter watched Dennis the menace this week You've ever seen that it's painful

Howie:shit With a little blonde American kid

Sidey:in it and so is there Thompson Yeah not quite as good A performance as to feature It's hard to believe but it's

Dan:So they rejoined up in in Dennis I bet they just wish they could have gone back to

Howie:was he let's the I'm sorry what was the name of the actor My brains faded from at Brown


Howie:Christopher He was in Roger rabbit or something Yeah he was the bad yeah Bad Yeah

Reegs:do have one Major problem Yeah And what I'm not a shark am I I have one major problem And that is that the invention the flux capacitor I'm just calling bullshit on it straight away because a capacitor is a circuit component that maintains a voltage through a charge differential and flux is the integral of a vector field over a surface And there's just no possible way that you can reconcile those two concepts

Howie:Is that is that bloke I'm gonna put us another one star podcast for Please stay right in

Dan:But are you trying to out doc the doc I

Sidey:but that was the breakthrough So you saying you can't but that was his breakthrough which admittedly he came through came

Dan:simple minds Yeah To the simple minds It might not be able to compute but Docker's has managed to

Sidey:You're limited by your constraints Whereas he was able to break through them

Reegs:when he went in the toilet

Sidey:There'd be smashed his head open on the toilet Yeah There's a strong one Anyway I'm going to go now Go straight for TV I'm going for Walter White slash Heisenberg from breaking bad The chemistry teacher turned drug Lord King pen


Dan:I've never heard of this Is there any good

Howie:I've never watched it

Reegs:Even you've seen heavy

Dan:I'm aware of it

Howie:I've only seen half the first episode Then I fell asleep but

Sidey:I'm not gonna lie to you The first series is quite slow

Howie:but I know it's worth

Sidey:and it

Dan:I just didn't have 60 hours

Sidey:you've got to

Dan:I watched a two hour film that kind of

Reegs:No that one's no good The El Camino

Dan:No there was a film that summarized the whole of breaking bad and it just took

Reegs:I feel like you've massively

Dan:yeah I felt but I I've I probably saved myself you know the equivalent of two three days of my life

Sidey:No it's amazing And also it's it's so good as well because you've got Brian Cranston who you know from Marshall that ma Malcolm in the

Howie:middle of

Sidey:it playing against type and it goes from there sort of humdrum Down on his luck chemistry teacher to a complete badass and the performance is unbelievable It's so good

Dan:he's got lung cancer and he's kind of forced

Sidey:Yeah And he thinks I'll make a bit of money quickly for the family but

Reegs:It starts out that

Dan:no I haven't met anybody Who's watched it Who said that It wasn't good

Reegs:Yeah it is really

Dan:hours watching it

Sidey:It's definitely about the yeah


Reegs:I have got the man with two brains dr Michael Huffer However it's pronounced exactly how it's spelled he is have you guys seen this movie

Howie:Steve Martin


Reegs:he plays the brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon newly married to monstrous gold digging Kathleen Turner Dolores she's cheating on him with everyone that you can think of He falls in love with a brain that he can communicate With telepathically called an and then through a series of events involving a rival doctor he decides to transplant the brain into Dolores his body It's a really funny film So it's back when Steve Martin was actually funny

Sidey:comment about that Do you think he's funny anymore

Reegs:no although he does every now and then have a couple of things on Twitter I've

Howie:Yeah But he has some absolute stinkers that he does this weird pay-per-view acting class on Apple where you can learn to be a comic And if you watch it it's an Alan Partridge It's proper Oh

Reegs:he hasn't been consistently funny for quite a long time but this is a great film I'm just one of one standout scene is when he has to do a field sobriety test For the Austrian police Do you guys remember that And it involves him doing like handstands and cartwheels and juggling and all sorts of stuff It's really really

Dan:He's always been very hit and miss to me but when he has hit

Sidey:he had a purple patch didn't they

Reegs:was on an absolute streak in the

Dan:Brilliant I mean it was bordering on genius a lot of this stuff and there was a whole kind of

Sidey:I don't really like a stand up either though

Howie:I've never seen him

Dan:it's just kind of hit and miss for me So sometimes I will You know look at it and just shake my head and think that's not really it And then it will just hit on something a topic be observational and it will be really really good Really interesting Really funny

Sidey:Have you ever seen him pluck the one string banjo


Sidey:he's an incredible

Dan:Parenthood Yeah he is He did He did that

Sidey:He's more into that And his art collecting now than he is I think he does He'll basically churn something out to get a bit money to extend his art

Dan:I listened to an audio book on his life and his how he started out and everything and it fantastic story And he started out with lots of people we know now like bill Murray and and all this crew that had come

Reegs:you know bill Murray

Dan:Oh no well no it you know they they would be doing all this together and they came through this this group of very talented to

Reegs:was he a Saturday night live

Dan:is Saturday night live guy And they did a lot of the shows just trolling the shows and and going on small concerts and things to to build their act really and practice their act and perfect it And his your wife as a musician he's

Sidey:It's incredible You're going to see him I'll put you on some YouTube stuff It's

Dan:Yeah He's top stuff

Howie:I've gone for gone to TV I've gone for dr Alfonso manifesto Who's the eccentric geneticist from South park the genetic engineering ranch He's the leader of NAMBLA which is the North American Marlon Brando lookalike association Not to be confused with NAMBLA the North American member love association he's he's basically Marlon Brando it's based on His entire sketch is that he develops animals with four to five asses So we've got we've got the five ass monkey the forest ostrich the forest mangoes the seven ass We went a bit off their Galapagos tortoise it's basically dr Moreau the Island of tomorrow he had a song he tried it Yeah he wanted a son He first of all tried to this is where South part goes out of shot He cloned Mohammed to try and get that work in that didn't work So basically his son Kevin who came out is an attempt to create the perfect child And it's a mixture of Michael Jackson sperm a D at the time it was a female singers egg and he grew the child in the womb of alarmer and that's the child Kevin that appears occasionally in the in the episodes

Reegs:And how many acids does Kevin

Howie:Just one he's just a normal child but yeah so it's that's dr Alfonso manifesto so I felt he was quite valid

Reegs:For sure

Howie:yeah more than the mad scientist then Conventional

Reegs:It's quite hard not to go down the full mad scientist path all the time with this in it Yes

Dan:It is there's there's lots of them and I've got so many here I might have to go do two or three at a time after this but I'm going to have one in the field of archeology And you probably know who I'm I'm getting at it's Indi Indiana Jones


Dan:a he's a scientist in that field and No he doesn't often get out the old science coat and everything It has been known in the films where he's

Sidey:We do occasionally see him in a classroom here

Dan:see him

Sidey:Wouldn't he though

Dan:so there we go Indie I'll pass on

Sidey:Of course dr Henry Jekyll The only

Reegs:Which version

Sidey:well I was gonna say the only film I think I've seen him in is the league of extraordinary

Howie:No there is another one where Russell Crowe plays him

Reegs:the mummy

Howie:Tom cruise That's a bit

Dan:See there's various artists that have played a Jacqueline Hyde but I haven't really ever had any this stand out to me I think this is a a potential role for somebody who's

Sidey:well I think that's what they were obviously going to try and do I guess with the mummy Yes but it was such a car crash

Howie:The the the legal the legal gentleman One is the English actor Who's in snatch and lock stock which has no locks Yeah He's in both in He's good Honestly

Sidey:actually don't hate that film as much as I think you were supposed to because it got fucking right KCI when it came out It's not a great film I have to say it's not even a

Howie:No there's some horrendous green screens on the Nautilus Oh

Sidey:you know it's just one of those terms I still go up up have a soft spot for I quite like it

Reegs:Yeah Well because it's a group of like

Howie:Yes Yeah I'll watch it And nothing suffer Right

Sidey:I've always said read the post and nosy They kick it into a

Howie:I thought there was supposed to be a stream of films afterwards

Reegs:but the poor box office

Howie:that what it yeah

Reegs:dead  Detached in a pure academic Ghostbusters has Egon Spangler Now you could have really picked any of the main three Ghostbusters out of this but I've picked Egon for the you know he collects spores molds and fungus for a star which just makes it really cool I mean enjoys discharging his proton pack at maids and and notably in in the bar in the lounge of a swanky hotel he's a love interest To Janine in the first movie and then to his students at Columbia university in Ghostbusters to his genius intellect apparently didn't extend to committing to a homemade treponin using a drill there's as we're informed in the first Ghostbusters again he is he's not a mad scientist per se but he's got the look and he's eccentric

Howie:He wears lab coats with pens in the pockets

Reegs:Lots of

Sidey:I was hoping for an impersonation of a Janine

 Howie:Right So I'm going to go now this one I'm not sure I think he's a doctor and I think he's a scientist Is John Hammond of Jurassic park The most like fuddy duddy state Richard atom  so sir Richard Attenborough Jurassic park

Sidey:that he was

Howie:Now was this the thing because the other scientist was dr Woo

Sidey:yeah it's the Chinese American

Howie:Yeah Henry Henry woo

Dan:and Laura Dern played dr Ellie

Howie:Yeah So they were all like Jeff Goldbloom was technically a mathematician so he's a scientist but I went for John Hammond because he was just fucking so diluted Even though the children had been ripped out that bloody car and the people were dead He was still thinking how can I keep this park open What possible health and safety could I could I ensure happens

Sidey:Those kids was not a bad thing

Howie:while yeah the whingeing from

Reegs:but there is I think the dr Sattler character is a better scientist in this principally because she almost misses the breathtaking reveal in the first Jurassic park because she's like Elbow deep in


Sidey:He has to pivot head rounds Now

Reegs:but that sounds like a proper scientist to me Yeah

Dan:Have you ever heard of a Boston honeydew


Dan:Yeah And Ambica as well I always really had a yeah had a real soft spot for beaker in Boston honeydew on the Muppets and used to like their little segment when they came on They were never really around long enough but just fantastic Yeah

Sidey:Bumps and

Dan:a funny a funny

Sidey:invented the edible paperclip the all purpose tenderizer and the ability to turn gold into cottage cheese a

Reegs:boy right Yeah I hate cottage cheese

Howie:Oh I did too until

Sidey:the only cheese guaranteed to please

Howie:if you put pineapple in it that's even

Reegs:Oh my God What's wrong with you

Howie:It's awesome I hate cottage cheese but with pineapple netherworld if the dream

Dan:I love the fact they return gold into that

Reegs:He wasn't a pimp Neither They weren't a fantastically successful scientific duo where they

Howie:let me get the Nobel peace prize

Dan:I mean it's it's some treatment to turn golden to


Dan:cheese but

Howie:of the alchemy involved in

Dan:yeah it's just not particularly useful I guess that's the


Dan:in case how angry you are I guess isn't it You can't eat gold is why

Sidey:There's still so many heavyweights left I'm going to go for Seth Brundo Okay Brundlefly of the fly

Howie:Oh do you know what I still struggle to watch that with the fingernails



Sidey:I think it's the first real gross out body horror film that I

Howie:Yeah Do you know what I was going to say I think yeah so many people Watch the fly

Sidey:Yeah it was the one that was getting talked about a lot at school so you kind of were able to seek it out and see it And it was like Oh man not not a scary jump film but it's the real Oh my God

Dan:it was gross

Sidey:So many minutes Yeah That the transformation like you say with the is the teeth coming out the the arm break

Reegs:Yeah I'm wrestle Yeah

Sidey:someone's arm

Howie:Have you watched the Simpsons version

Reegs:make it baby

Howie:Oh yes Yes

Dan:Oh yeah no that was bad That isn't it

Reegs:but Coney Burke had a habit of having sort of crazy science in his movies dead ringers scanners the brood rapid shivers which the the guy dr Rogers saw dr Rogers st Luke turns into a rape zombie which apparently is a real thing in the world of shivers

Howie:My gosh But let's just say the Simpsons the fly episode If you get a chance please watch I think it's it's where Bart goes in with the fly and he goes tiny and the fly comes out the size of Bart with with Bart's body

Reegs:Eat You should a good boy

Howie:Yeah That's the

Reegs: A quick one mystery men which is dr Heller And I mostly mentioned it because I think this film is quite a lot funnier than the everybody else seems to suggest And also the doctor is played by Tom waits he only makes nonlethal weapons everybody seems dismissive of that until he shows them he's got canned tornadoes and a thing called the blame thrower which is pretty good he also frequently retirement homes to pick up chicks Personal hero But the one I was going to go for is dr Strangelove the PSL is the it features an automatic doomsday device that will fire If Russia is hit with a bomb the movie revolves around stopping that bomb spoiler alert They don't it the character is interesting because he's based on real life Nazi scientists that relocated to the United States after world war two during operation paperclip that well yeah so Dan's just given a Nazi salute which I'm assuming was

Howie:I said it's a nervous tick It's just it's a nervous

Reegs:to the movie

Dan:nervous tick

Reegs:Apparently that was improvised by sellers during filming which I never


Reegs:until today which is amazing It's really funny I love that movie for so many reasons He's a great scientist in it Couldn't

Dan:Yeah It's a strong choice

Howie:I'm going to an eighties classic And this was I did a little poll around work and us right There's and a lot of people came up with the two boys from weird science who create Kelly Lee Brock not Kelly Brook That would have been amazing Kelly Lee Brock Lisa So I think that's the that's the John Hughes teenage dream film where too So John Hughes weird science too

Reegs:Why in Gary I think their names are I love that movie

Howie:Two two nerds lusting Oh my God Two nerds lusting on a couple of cheerleaders they get basically beaten up by the By the the the jocks if you like So they go home and they connect up their computer There's a government they hack into the government computer and there's a power surge And they use a Barbie doll to put in between all the power surge currents and everything And Canada brought pops out and she basically spends the entire thing trying to make them more cool and independent and less worried about themselves Again another eighties film that you think Oh that's a I think it's like a 12 certificate but it's clearly a gotta be a

Reegs:beeps in

Howie:got boobs swearing all sorts of stuff So it's not one yet to show the kids but it's it's it's good It's Oh yes The brother

Reegs:No bill Paxton bill Paxton Who's a he's brilliant as chat the asshole

Sidey:They both dead

Reegs:I didn't realize he either of been

Howie:no he's dead Pullman is

Reegs:Paxton's dead

Howie:He's the one in twister is the one that was in twisted as Paxton



Howie:Yes he's dead Yeah Pullman's the one from independence days The president he's alive

Dan:Oh yeah That's the

Howie:This is a cracking game for you all on a who's dad Who's alive


Reegs:Could actually be next week So Who's dead Who's alive

Dan:Yeah Act is now dead Top five

Howie:Yeah We'll we'll run an Oscars A bittery

 Dan:Well I've got a few and I'm going to do a couple at once here One is Anne Hathaway in interstellar Who's you've not seen

Sidey:No I know it's criminal

Dan:Okay Maybe he

Howie:I get quite emotional about that

Dan:Okay And the other one is Scully

Howie:Yeah Good man

Sidey:Yeah of course

Dan:yeah anybody that is I don't know over the age of about 30 probably has seen the X vials and may have watched a lot of them And

Howie:all of them

Dan:yeah She and It was an Imam Gillian Anderson and

Howie:David Duchovny

Dan:and Sculley and David They were just huge at a time And they asked for an hour or so and it was one of those parts of science actually that really interested me at the time and still does Now the paranormal the UFOs you know on a and five flying objects

Sidey:well her character sort of generates a lot of the tension because obviously malt is a true believer I want to believe and all that but where she is more science-based needs evidence And that that's where the sort of they've got the attraction but then they've got the fundamental

Dan:the reality and the

Reegs:Yeah But by the 400th time they'd seen an invisible melting

Dan:she was beginning to weaken

Reegs:she Yeah exactly

Howie:well she gets

Sidey:she was very It's about

Dan:would explain it away Wouldn't she Or she would look for explanations

Sidey:was super super hot She was wearing a wig as well just didn't crop up last year but that was a wig

Reegs:She's had a bit of a Renaissance recently She was in sex education and the fall and she's very good

Howie:So about I think it was just before kids that's one of the sky channels had X-Files I think it was like Dave or something at five o'clock They had X-Files on from episode one all the way through to episode 130 something And it was on every day and I just went to series link and it became staple for me My wife have dinner watch the X files and it was genuinely brilliant

Sidey:came back after all those

Howie:I didn't watch the new series Is it me That's a shame

Sidey:but I didn't watch any of the ones when it was Robert Patrick not to Cockney it felt like cheating

Howie:It goes really weird at the end It's bloody thingy from neighbors Who's the Had alien and



Reegs:much Bishop

flaming Gullah

Howie:there's bouncer And then then the UK one there's well art if you send us dog but yeah it's a It was really watchable when it was condensed one off the other the other And you realize how many bloody episodes but yeah she was the proverbial denier And after a while you sort of thinking fucking hell are you stupid Are you really stupid Just fucking listened to him And then she gets all abducted and has a kid and all sorts of shit it gets I think they started to run out of storyline

Dan:Well you should definitely check out in a cellar before too


Dan:It is

Sidey:is one of the ones that's like prime for this because it's one of the ones I missed because yeah Just busy

Dan:And and I'm I'm sure you're going to enjoy it So Anne Hathaway plays chief scientist who's looking into a wormhole and how that works and

Sidey:I've heard a lot about I've been meaning to go into it but

Dan:I'd watch it again I think I've seen it twice

Howie:Yeah All of them So I'll shove the soundtrack on cause I'm super sad when I'm Yeah Hans Zimmer Who's got the keys to my booth

Sidey:how about dr Bruce banner

Reegs:Yep Which one All of them

 Sidey:well I was going for Mark Ruffalo


Howie:Yeah Cause I don't like ed Norton's one

Sidey:I didn't mind at the time but now it's really

Howie:yeah it's really dated

Reegs:I mostly think about the was it bill pick SPE the TV version when I think of Bruce banner just because it was so sad

Howie:Yeah the original

Sidey:Lou Freenet

Reegs:yeah he was the

Howie:holds the whole but the other one

Reegs:The actual he was and it was like it was sort of like the ending of the littlest hobo all the time

Howie:that genuinely Could it say that it wasn't it it was like Oh fuck gotta go somewhere else going to be people know I'm the whole can I'm fucked wherever I'll stay And it's just

Reegs:But it was really sad It was really sad He

Sidey:Well he is supposed to be a kind of tragic sort of characters name

Dan:Well I remember Lou Ferrino is is kind of the Hulk and banner in that

Sidey:I think the the most recent one is where they they have nailed it It looks correct in terms of comic book adaptation the whole cause has always been the fucking best strongest hardest of all the comic book characters he would defeat them all and they finally fucking got it to look correct on screen And I know Pete who will be listening will agree that it's a fucking great character

Dan:You have to love it Yeah

Sidey:You love it

Reegs:couple for me Wayne says Linsky from honey I shrunk the kids played by the recently soccer punched Rick Maraniss

Howie:That's fucking terrible

Reegs:it's fucked up Especially as Rick Moran It's just seems like one of life's really

Howie:Well you know he he stopped acting So look

Reegs:look after his wife

Howie:And all that shit

Reegs:splice which is a movie I've spoken about before definitely need to mention because the scientific lead becomes gradually more obsessed with his creation to the point of throwing ethical considerations out of the window and having sex with it but the one I'm going to submit is dr Logan from George a Romero's day of the dead And it's a good one because Hit the Matic Lee's important His obsessive pursuit of understanding the undead doubles as a scathing critique on the pursuit of scientific knowledge without practical application And it's more than once indicated in the movie that his focus is on satisfying his own curiosity rather than accomplishing anything productive which gives this gives the movie a sort of vaguely anti progressive or anti scientific theme so play it Yeah He's just an interesting character in the context of that movie

 Howie:I'm going for I significant female role in a film that perhaps didn't do quite so well for what I I actually really enjoyed it It's Jodie foster in contact is Elliot anyway Yeah And it it didn't really hit the Mark and the box office The role itself is a very strong female lead in a In a field site of science where `traditionally women do struggle They'll gloss seeding does really work there Men have traditionally taken the credit for a lot of treatments And I know that's been addressed recently in certain things like with the NASA film about the mathematicians the women that were


Reegs:I liked that movie Apparently not a lot of it is really based on anything true but I did really like the

Howie:The senior programmer for NASA was a female who worked for

Reegs:it was like a hodgepodge of ideas but I I watched that movie and I really enjoyed it Actually

Howie:but the Jody Forster Jody Forster the Jodie foster character She's a neat little lady She'd go on a plane She fly up she'd go on a rocket She hit the moon Then there's alien They say fuck no that effectively is the entire plot of concept but she the evidence alludes her and she feels awful and condescended And

Sidey:in hindsight it's easy to see why it missed the Mark at the box office because there's no real action per se to draw a big audience but I think that's part of the reason why I liked it so much It was Yeah Well it's just a totally different take on that sort of first contact story I suppose And it's more up for today because it's a science based thing rather than action and drama And I mean there was dramatic elements to

Reegs:I put it in with something like a rival

Sidey:Yeah Yeah

Reegs:Denny vileness

Sidey:It's Denae Yeah

Reegs:and that's also got really good female scientists and it played by Amy Adams and I really liked that movie as well

Dan:Okay A few more female scientists You've got Rennie Russo in outbreak She plays Bobby Robbie Kio I'm in the center

Reegs:Pay for spares

Dan:it Yeah That's it plays wild fun and better just hold shields in front so that was an outbreak there was also Sandra Bullock in gravity And


Howie:Yeah I've not watched that Yeah I've heard It's


Reegs:it's an amazing to watch in the cinema

Howie:Yeah That's one of

IMAX We're not going to

Dan:Okay Now for a walk there's a film out at the moment called radio active EV you add scene it's Marie Curie the and her life And Around this So that's a row Roseman pike She gradually she is but Roseman pike is is bringing yeah

Howie:I thought she at the top of a yogurt that she grew crests on to get is that

Dan:But what while I while I've still got the my I'm gonna put Alec Guinness as Sydney Stratton in the man In the white suit Have you ever seen that film Oh so he's fantastic I don't know if you've ever watched any early Alec Guinness stuff So he's done kind hearts and

Sidey:Yeah I did loads of eating

Dan:which are so loaded This is an Ealing one as well And basically he's invented this fabric that repels Any any water anything is absolutely fantastic So there's all the story about how this is gonna come out but it's as a really good film as well

Sidey:Alright cool I've got a few left but I think I'm going to just name and shame them because we can go on forever and ever and they're all very similar So dr Evil and Hannibal Lecter two peas in a pod really

Howie:watch if I like

Sidey:yeah I mean we spoken about science alarms at length and he is an incredible character but probably not as famous for his scientific discoveries to be honest

Howie:Morris gastronomy

Sidey:and also mr Spock

Howie:Yes Yeah I had him Yeah

Sidey:long and prosper but I think I've got stronger contenders in those three So I'm going to leave it at that


Reegs:I had one more two more gremlins two the new batch had dr Cushing catheter played by Christopher Lee he interestingly he subverts the mad scientist trope because he rejects his experiments as being immoral but by this time he's created a bat gremlin about a brain gremlin and an electric gremlin yeah when I add to my Gallbladder out

Sidey:Good times


Reegs:dr Herbert West in Gordon's 1985 ReAnimator that's obviously a lot of these guys in Horror movies and then when I couldn't pass up was the big bad Duran Duran in Barbarella played by Milo O'Shea's a brilliant scientist who prefers using his intellect to make powerful weapons and creative torture and execution devices He possibly has one of the best evil laughs of all time

Sidey:I've had a wine to that film

Reegs:the opening bit with her in the in the bubble

Sidey:I can't remember

Reegs:must've been yeah

Howie:it was in Hayes at

Reegs:That better stay

Sidey:have asked my dad

Dan:W what'd

Reegs:or at least take his hand away

Howie:and used some sanitizer

Dan:What'd you call a hand job for Albert Einstein stroke a genius

Reegs:Oh one more If I was to say now pay attention Double O seven Yeah Does he count He's a scientist to me

Howie:He knows about chemicals and shit like that my last one is the most ridiculous I even more ridiculous than Alfonzo manifesto And this is Dr. Ann Lawrence in detective Pikachu Cause it's played by fucking Rita Ora at no point does she come across to me as scientist

Sidey:whether we should have had dr Christmas James as well I

Howie:Oh man

Reegs:nominated already

Howie:the other one that I can't remember

Sidey:Wait Yeah Okay

Howie:The other one like

Reegs:Somebody nominated for top five scientists

Sidey:right Fine Good

Howie:the only one I the only other one I can remember and I can't remember the name so I can't remember So that's just an ontology is infringe the doctor that invents the ability to go between worlds

Sidey:Yeah He was shut up dad in

Howie:Yes Which is that series It I desperately want to watch again but you can't they don't seem to show it in any channels It was on sky and you have to hear any by the box set on Amazon and it's extortionate rates but fringe was one of our favorites Very good signs on Boston Boston dynamics That was it That was the company

Dan:Okay Well I'm going to wrap up here as well I've got a few Tony stark yeah The theory of everything Stephen Hawking story played by Eddie Redmayne got an Oscar for that I was looking actually on Twitter and With scientists and movie I don't know if you've read any of the comments and things that are on there but they made me laugh hello I'm a female scientist in a movie I looked like a swimsuit model I have a PhD in the exact subjects plaguing the world in this movie And I watch is a former athlete saved the world There was there was a loaded age like hello I'm a scientist in a movie You need to cure to a strange disease in 24 hours Ours I just so happened to be the best in my field Everything works the first time I do it And my knowledge spans through three different fields without extensive testing First is your cure So they I mean

Howie:But you think they'll do a covert film and there'll be like

Dan:definitely They'll do a COVID

Howie:there'll be like Charlie's sterile

Reegs:dead and contagion Didn't

Dan:Yeah So contagion had was it Sandra Bullock No

Reegs:Saudi's favorite when it's Pell

Sidey:I thought you had dies right It started as

Reegs:Matt Damon Matt

Howie:Matt Damon

Dan:professor Werner ringing Any

Howie:Oh I got a star Trek

Dan:only one twins

Howie:Oh good man You know I genuinely thought about that I was thinking what was her Cause he obviously gets six loads of GEs throws it together This is technical speak for anyone who's not familiar with IVF throws all the jeers together then gets an egg He whisks it and then he gets a Turkey Beyster and shoves it up that female athletes crackpot Isn't that the exact term Yeah And then Arnie popped out and then DeVito like fell out of her ass That is exactly how the film happened

Dan:that's pretty much And do you know that they instead of taking their usual salaries that are films swatch nugget the veto perfectly with the studio to take 20% of the film's

Howie:Oh shrewd

Dan:giving them the biggest ever paycheck of their careers So that was that was clever then

Reegs:They both take 20 So they gave 40%

Dan:don't yeah How I read it was that they're getting 20% each So that was that took a huge chunk of their

Howie:Arnie loses his virginity in that film to Kelly Preston And she flashes her ass at him and he basically pumps a load of

Sidey:She's dead now Bill Paxton

Dan:The the

Howie:happy episodes

Dan:that I've got apart from all those lots of B movies from like the fifties and sixties the brain that wouldn't die manmade monster the mad goal the body snatches the eight man all those mad scientist kind of films was gorillas in the mist Sigourney Weaver plays Diane

Reegs:Yeah That's a good one Yeah That is a good one Cause that's a good movie Real life scientist

Dan:Yeah that's me We all know

Sidey:All right then

do you want to Chuck your nomination for the top four of that Done

Dan:Okay I am going to go with that last one that I said is Diane Fossey gorillas in the mist because the film was one that I remember watching when mom and dad when I was growing up and it was yeah it was a it was a really fantastic film about You know a true scientist in the field And

Sidey:Wasn't that to slightly go off topic at some more conservation film out this week


Sidey:no from from Darryl


Dan:Yeah There has been a film made It's just a short film on how they've been saved reptiles off the off Island Mauritian

Sidey:everyone should check that out as well My nomination I am going to put in dr Brundle Seth Rondell From the fly

 Reegs:I'm going with dr Strange love

Sidey:cause it's great And shout

Reegs:Love that movie

Howie:I'll go for him at Brown then Cause he's gotta be here

Dan:any case strong There's plenty more there for people to choose from

Sidey:I'd say that's one of our strongest fours that we've ever had

this week's main feature We watched a recently released Netflix feature Dan what we bought we got

Dan:We went for a NOLA homes

Sidey:We showed dead

Dan:which is something that I was really interested to watch because I love Sherlock really Since I grew up I've always loved each and every incarnation of Sherlock in some way shape or form love the stories the mysteries and things to so to see this going off in a different direction obviously this hasn't been written into earlier Sherlock's it's a it's a newer understanding and character I guess

Reegs:Well I didn't realize it's there's like a spinoff series of books That's like

Dan:Nancy Springer is the author and

Sidey:didn't have a sister in the original text or Microsoft wasn't around either Was

Howie:Mycroft was mentioned He was mentioned he was he was

Dan:it's predominantly Holmes and Watson


Dan:but this is based on the series of novels by Nancy Springer a mystery adventure that doesn't focus on Sherlock but his teenage sister NOLA who's played by Millie Bobby Brown And when and when the Elena bottom car which who's playing mother Holmes goes missing I know LA is taught bow task herself with finding mum and sorting out the mystery

Sidey:Yeah She just basically ups and leaves on her 16th birthday Yeah Which is pretty cool

Reegs:The scenes with her in Helena Bonham Carter were amongst the strongest scenes in the movie it's book-ended

Sidey:I thought they were they were really good

Reegs:they get there's like a montage at the beginning where we see how she's being brought up as this

Sidey:sort of feral But

Reegs:Well I was going to say feminist as well It's


Reegs:She's homeschooled and making us all look like idiots You did it during the

Dan:well given that this is a set in Victorian age So it's not like the Charlotte's with Benedict Cumberbatch which is in the modern age with phones and everything This is very much goes back into like the Jeremy Brett kind of Sherlock which sets us back by steam trains and yeah Industrial time So her Being educated at home by a mum in this kind of eccentric way enlightened her to to new kind of teachings maybe more suited to Sherlock puzzles and code words and and different

Reegs:Wait she teaches her jujitsu as well

Dan:which was taught by two the software jets apparently back in the day you know it was so there was elements of truth within the the story Of of kind of maybe more the more extreme teachings and goings on at the time but NOLA would have been in that area getting those extreme teachings and she would have been within that that scene basically she has to follow a string of clues that will lead us back to mother But being that she's not old enough my coughed has to take her  as his ward And he's he's the hard

Sidey:Hey is there a real bastard

Howie:He's I'd say his account Yeah Yeah I'd go for that And I was disappointed in his portrayal which is obviously yeah I think the best Mycroft is Stephen Fry in the lock stock style guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes Yeah Naked fat gay funny intelligence

Sidey:just shouting in this really

Reegs:Well it was Sam Claflin who is in Peaky blinders playing actually a very similar type of

Sidey:he had a strong MyStar So I'll give him that

Reegs:amazing mustache Brilliant

Dan:Yeah Yeah he did But he was maybe true to the period of time there where he was a well to do distinguish English Gentlemen suddenly left with a 16 year old

Sidey:Well I thought it was quite extreme because this was sort of things that I hadn't really known about So even though you're Doria the mother was still alive and well he was the next man of the house So the house was has the care of his daughter was up to him everything everything was left up to him sort of ignoring the fact that the mother was there

Howie:Well yeah I mean there's those that kind of a draconian laws were still pretty much in place not too long ago I think you're still looking at something dark like in the fifties 1950s and sixties where the man was still willing to look at Jersey Oh I don't think we can still get ah if you're married your wife has to get permission to fill in the family tax form there's slows or weird things And harking back to those times

Reegs:whereas an in your family she's the only one who can actually right

Howie:a well read

Reegs:then for each

Howie:So it's like it's just it baffles me I just say yes I I spit on a page I might even want my ass on it for the signature bit and then I'm done And then some numbers appear apparently I don't know what they are looking at

Dan:pay the bills pay the bills

Sidey:we did like you say because there was a in effect a training montage of how you're Doria that's her name is now Okay You Dora was raising and NOLA and all the while there where she was Training her in these sort of problem solving ways and detective skills without explicitly telling her that this is what we're doing So as she's riding her bicycle and we're first getting she's bright she breaks the fourth wall a lot in this film And she's explaining that and NOLA as an anagram of a loan and her mum used to play all these word games And the first clue that her mother has left her is to look in the And then from that she finds a big stack of money Which enables her to go on this sort of adventure she's financially backed and she can find lodgings She on a I suppose the first thing that happens to sort of move the plot along is she encounters the if I count Tewksbury on the train where we have this ton of almost sort of romance start kicking off between them it's never quite

Howie:It became a good yeah it was clear after a while

Sidey:there but there's never a full on sort of relationship sort of thing

Reegs:Yeah They don't shack is

Sidey:Yeah I think he might have fingered her on the platform

Dan:Well they're

Howie:Joe pregnancy pregnant Yeah the fingering age

I've got my first problem with this with this show is yeah I'll put gust it's full of ourselves a Millie Bobby Brown in stranger things Is brilliant

Sidey:Yeah That as well in the

Howie:but she has got what I call the Christian bale where her accent is fucked It's not English It's not American Your child actor That's lived outside of the UK with UK parents You've got this weird mid Atlantic twang So when she puts on her accent it's super it's English And then occasionally it kind of falls away and goes into ASIS kind of

Sidey:is English

Howie:Yeah well no she but she's lived She was I I stalked

Sidey:spell it to to

Howie:Spain No she didn't She lived in she was born and raised in my Bayer my buyer two English parents but I spent a lot of her life Southern Europe international schools and then the U S so she's got a fucked accent and that

Sidey:thought you weren't impressed with the accent

Howie:Yeah it fucks me off because I just

Sidey:because I didn't have problem with at all And I thought she was the best thing in this by fucking

Howie:but that's cause you got a ranger on every time you saw her

Sidey:no I'm a fan of hers I I think she's fantastic actress and I thought she was very good in this

Howie:No I thought she was very good but it was just the accident that I think I just listened to go listen to a Christian bale interview and tell me where the fuck he's from because he came

Sidey:Wow Isn't it


Sidey:Well I'd do anything to disguise the fucking world Shaq said if that's where I was from you can't blame me for that

Howie:and the the other thing I have with This thing is the fourth wall thing got broken too many times

Reegs:It didn't work for me the breaking of the fourth wall

Howie:I like the idea of it And occasionally it's like an obviously the aside to the audience it works but it seemed like and now this is happening and I'm going to look at you and tell you now this is happening too

Sidey:that may be because of who this is probably more aimed at which is a younger audience I think

Howie:Well that's my other question The fact is what age group is the same time because the scene at the end with the strangulation and everything like that

Reegs:as we go through it but yeah

Howie:you know w w

Dan:I would say this is probably

Sidey:I'd say young teens but I I've watched it twice I watched it first with

Howie:your pants off

Sidey:watched it with my daughter and she really liked it and she wasn't sort of


Sidey:She wasn't put off by the violence So when there's a scene where the the fed is chasing them out I can't remember his name but he gets older and he tries to drown out tries to

Howie:Yay It drowns her at the star Yeah

Sidey:out a barrel and None of it's the same It's just she's not dead There really is She and I was like no there's still like loads of time left I think she's fine and she's obviously like hoodwink dam and

Dan:She even gives a little wink Doesn't she in

Sidey:she keeps she keeps trying this one particular jujitsu maneuver the corkscrew is it Yeah and you know that that's going to pay off


Sidey:but there is a you know the finale does does have this quite violent Battle with it with the guy where she does end up killing him you know And

Reegs:it's really in Congress to violence at the end

Sidey:That that bit where he's had lands and he dies he spent like Wolf

Reegs:I did like the bit with the way she's in Having a head pushed in the water


Reegs:she well only because she plays dead which is something I'm always screaming at the tele whenever somebody is like attempting to drown it's like why don't you just pretend that you've been drowned And then when he lets go get up and smack


Reegs:and you never see it in movies and they did it in this one So I was quite pleased with that But yeah the violence at the end almost felt like it came out of a completely different movie

Howie:Yes it was a nice segue to buck here

Dan:so kind of how a NOLA goes running off in the hustle and bustle of Edwardian London There's lots of enemies around then They're closing in on on her It goes forward into the plot where the guy Who's the Lord Is he a Lord or is he


Dan:he's a juke

Reegs:out He is

Dan:He he's all

Reegs:Shutesbury Marquess of Bezar whether

Dan:he's also wanted

Sidey:but his father has been killed He was going to vote on the reform

Howie:the suffragette women

Reegs:It's not it's it's a vote for all men

Sidey:of the people act of 1884

Howie:So what did that encompass

Sidey:It's nothing to do with suffrage Well the suffrage of men so still after this act was voted through no women could vote and there was still 40% of men could not vote after this one So it wasn't so down the line that women were able

Dan:but it was it was a step towards more votes for

Sidey:I say more power to them Democracy doesn't work anyway So that this whole thing is

Howie:it works It's fake though It's all fake 

Sidey:she young Shaun covers some secrets about her mother So she goes to this tea room She finds out her mother has been visiting this tea room

Howie:with Bruce Lee's running

Sidey:some banging sounds coming from upstairs

No it turns out there's a sort of martial arts training program for

Howie:Is that the excuse you gave I'm doing judo to myself upstairs

Sidey:they are in their training For some there's some sort of plan she's uncovered a couple of times she's going to walk into room in the house when she's having these flashbacks to this group of there's a group of ladies in there there's some sort of plan a


Sidey:she's never allowed into them for obvious

Howie:Is he Illuminati

Sidey:effectively yet And we see that there's some sort of trainings of martial art training going on And then when she tracks her down to this safe house where there's a whole load of explosives And so there's something a little bit sinister going on

Reegs:Yeah So it was at this point where I was thinking this is a bit strange because now she's sort of involved in a kind of

Dan:like a terrorist


Sidey:guy Fox then

Reegs:of guy forks yeah which was an interesting direction for it to take

Dan:It was because you never again hear lots about Sherlock Holmes his family and for his part I think Cavil Sherlock is really quite good I think that it's a a different take on it That is is quite re restraint It doesn't have the big hats you know that they're stalker hats or the aha moments and things like that He lets A NOLA and it is her film obviously and it is her miss the scenes and the writers have let that be the

Howie:They've they've made him they've made him a more sympathetic character to a NOLA as the film progresses because they're both him and Microsoft are very distant to her because they've spent no time in her life Yeah Yeah And so he basically becomes more of a ward to her and He kind of leaves a few Does he leave a few blocks up the equivalent of breadcrumbs to get her thinking

Reegs:only when she needs

Howie:yes it's not invasive Yes It's not invasive It's not patronizing It's not taking over the show which it could have quite easily done which I thought it might have

Sidey:but the the code and all the state are currently suing Netflix for this current for this depiction of homes Because he's not supposed to have any emotional

Dan:Which is really interesting for me because any other Sherlock Holmes has absolutely no

Howie:well that's interesting

Dan:doesn't have that in his locker So but if he's going to have it for anyone it would be his kid sister

Howie:but that's interesting though because in the guy Ritchie films which I really enjoyed I know they're trash he is clearly got an affection for Watson It's a bromance and he looks after him and then he realizes That Watson's going to be happy with his wife And so he looks after her as well So to say that the the estate are suing for the fact that homes are showing affection seems a bit like considering what's what's going on before

Dan:Watson get away with a little bit more in kind of the relationship for the writers and things I think maybe writing in a whole new character of a NOLA Holmes and then changing Sherlock's personality because

Sidey:FaceTime at the original

Dan:far but I it really interested me this side of Sherlock and I thought Cavill played it really well I thought it was okay Straight away I was thinking I could see him do more of these

Howie:Was he was he CoStar or supporting actor Sidekick Yeah

Sidey:the mrs And I we're both very nonplussed with him in this I have to say we find

Dan:confused and upset

Sidey:very robotic It just his mannerisms the way he and it just seems a little bit dialed in

Howie:Do you think he was under contract Is it one of his under contract roles in between the Witcher

Sidey:have a bit of a kava fan I do like a minute and a lot of things

Howie:I like the Witcher I do like the

Dan:they just don't they don't take the attention onto him I think that he's the role of big brother Robin superstar detective

Reegs:it's difficult isn't it Because when you've got the character of Sherlock Holmes it's this it comes with so much loaded you know so much baggage to it and it it It's going to be written and played in such a way as it doesn't overshadow Cause this is not his story He's a background character

Sidey:Well if they do keep making the point that although he probably does lend a hand maybe a touch she is ahead of him and the stride at the very end And he says I've got two questions for you I can't remember the first question was now but yeah It says then the second question is then how come your sister beat you to it for solving it

Dan:I'm really pleased about as he strides down the hall after he's like

Sidey:I could have fucking done that quicker I mean

Dan:off the old

Reegs:it was probably too busy in the gym because Cavill is fucking enormous

Dan:I mean I think back of the the last ones of Jeremy Brett where he was actually quite ill and he was You know the complete opposite to how you would see Sherlock Holmes

Sidey:I'm not sure if it was the best piece of casting in the world for Charlotte to be honest

Dan:Yeah I I

Sidey:that was just our

Dan:I like him I thought he was a yeah he had he's got that presence as an ear of you know particularly in these period pieces where his hair and his stature and everything is chiseled looks just look the part And I thought It

Reegs:think it's a really difficult part to play anyway And homes as a character as a way seem like such a fucking humorless prick to me anyway that maybe he was playing it quite dry So as to just away I don't know he didn't bother me They were they were other things that both made about this

 Howie:I watched this the afterwards I watched the will feral one that got absolutely panned at the box office and I laughed my head off it's rubbish but it made me laugh My head off with Sherlock Holmes It's a complete piss taker the guy Ritchie thing So every time he measured a punch up trajectory of the fist coordination of the wall Spike of light and he basically gets to punch him the guy to steps to one side of what you said shit like that So yeah quite a contrast to the NOLA homes I think that they've missed a trick with this I think that this should have been specific specifically for teenagers and should have been a series of say 45 30 minutes shorts

Sidey:I would say it was a certificate 12 hair PG 13 state side So aiming for kids And I did read that the director was there We're talking about maybe four or five sequels to this It is intended to make it into a but not obviously 45 minutes but movies Yeah

Reegs:she's got a producer credit

Sidey:Yeah So Did you say it was legendary pitch So when she was making Godzilla King of the monsters her and her sister are big fans of the books So they were petitioning to have it made were looking for backing I got legendary on board to make it so she got a producer's credit So she earned $6 million for playing in order but also half a million as a producer role So

Dan:way to go You've got it Is it's worth saying there is a really good cost I mean anything with a Halena bono Carto is going to have some gravitas to it and the other people that just kind of came in and

Reegs:got Fiona Shaw as the

Sidey:Oh she's awful And she has that She's dreadful

Reegs:she's a dreadful

Howie:the girls

Reegs:out of a Dickens novel but I really like her She's amazing And killing Eve she's got that clipped British

Sidey:I haven't seen kidding cave but just that you get that very short sequence of the bachelor and the finishing school And we laughed like this now

Howie:And they do the book on the heads walk

Reegs:interesting and I think this was the

Dan:and the grandma who is she she's been in a load of

Sidey:Oh she was the

Reegs:Spoiler alert She was

Sidey:she was the villain of the

Howie:she's in rising damp And she's Harry and she's And she's the giant French teacher in Harry Potter

Dan:Yeah I like him rising

Reegs:I think one of the things that I really liked was the film's sort of true central conflict which is totally embodied by that finishing school and Microsoft sending sending her there he sends her off there extensively to get her husband I think

Sidey:she says she says you'll thank

Reegs:I don't want a husband and Mycroft says and that's another thing we'll have educated out of you and then basically this is the almost unsaid for quite a while in it is the about the fight for female liberation in a patriarchal society Hmm And then the suffragette movement Does become quite center stages We reached the climax of the plot and it does get revealed that that's the movement that your Doria has been involved in and also the fact that she's like constantly fighting to find her female voice in this very male society and this male world that she's been pushed in And and you know when you're the father to young girls Seeing a message like that and then really touching moment at the end when they're reunited the mother and daughter it was just those themes I think are really interesting Maybe they don't necessarily speak to us as as men but I it was nice to see that sort of thing represented on screen and where my kids are a bit older because I don't think it is appropriate for them right now but I would love them to watch something like that and see Some of these different arguments being offered

Dan:Yeah I think if your kids are on the sort of 10 11 is probably a year or two off before they get around to enjoy this so much but who knows different kids take it on different And as you say other than a couple of scenes there's probably

Sidey:Yeah There's probably two particularly violent moments that would

Dan:might want to turn them away And

Sidey:Just need to be aware of but my daughter who's seven watched it and didn't really bad on it to be honest

Reegs:Did anyone hope that cheeks Bree was wearing a corset at the end when he got shot I thought they were going

Dan:Oh right Okay Cause she wore

Reegs:wearing a corset

Sidey:No he did the office for the dollars

Reegs:just the old festival the dollars Yeah But I wish that I think that was a missed opportunity

Dan:Well he was right next to the old


Dan:two of

Sidey:so the the the full spoiler then was that he was going to follow in his father's wishes of voting for the act And his grandmother was a traditionalist for some reason And didn't want there to be this

Dan:And his his uncle was also likely not to vote the same way as his father and he was going to vote which painted him as the villain for for most of the part of it But actually we go to find out that there's a a great

Sidey:and then incredibly when they go to the boat it passed by one vote which was nice

Reegs:unlikely that Yeah

Sidey:I know how it played out in real life either It was just an agreement


Dan:still never let the truth get in the way of a good story

Reegs:So can we just talk a little bit but about how the script basically said that it NOLA Holmes his mother was willing to commit mass murder eight possibly including her own son Microsoft is that a floor in me that I thought

Dan:No because

Reegs:that in the script

Dan:I think again it's it's an interesting take on the Holmes family I think that Sherlock is such a complex character My cough we know works for the British secret service and is actually not as intelligent and

Reegs:well but I was going to say in the in the homes books though don't mean we say that Mycroft is the more intelligent older


Howie:Yeah he's supposed to be the super super savant but it's just can't be fucked to apply it

Reegs:because Holmes is like the Howie of the homes family Isn't he And

Sidey:He's Microsoft's not as driven and a bit resentful that Shallock's mobile night in Pat river

Dan:They've certainly got diff different outlooks which charged their interests and and things The fact that he's got a sister and a mother who is as extreme as Elena bottom Carter plays her effectively a guy forks type figure Who's going to go and block the fur for women Didn't really surprise me that much because I think that that's got it suited there The character to me you know the whole family that they would go to that

Reegs:the plot was that they were going to blow shit

Sidey:most the plan ever explicitly stated at what they were going to blow up

Reegs:I don't know

Dan:wasn't every strongly hinted at though And she would just

Sidey:the exposures but I just didn't know what it was They were like just a monument or a building full of people You know what I mean I didn't know

Dan:Yeah I kind of

Sidey:going to

Reegs:I thought the implication was that she was going to blow up the house of Lords to stop the vote That's what I

Howie:again though They didn't explicitly say because that would fuck up the age rating Because they couldn't have something that's designated for 12 If they're about to if they clearly state they're going to detonate a bomb to kill hundreds of government

Sidey:they why not just say well we're going to blow up you know like a big Ben of Weber


Dan:Yeah I mean it it you knew that she was up to something and we were kind of looking to find out the same as an Ola is the fact that we never really found out because it didn't go that far Maybe it's one for the spinoffs maybe is is something that they will look again later But you know now that mum has very much this independent streak in her that She puts through her sons and her daughter as well And they've all really got a handle life themselves To this point they will be there if the shit ever really hits the fan but otherwise you've got to kind of handle

Sidey:that that's how it's left after they they meet in her lodging they have a a chat and she just says I you know I've got to leave again I can't live in the world where you know I can't live with myself and I can't live in this world if we don't decide about it blah blah blah

Reegs:Our future is up to us She

Sidey:And it's best she sat her up She's she knows now that she can Exist on a LeBron her own two feet She sat up with money and all that side of things and she does say if you ever need me you know I'll be

Reegs:just shine like a

Sidey:but when you're out boats in the in the paper but she she basically does just fuck off again and leave age 16 and the main streets of London pretty cold I didn't know that was an option but I'm glad it is


all in all for me I thought this was a really fun film I just thought it was No it's not going to change the world but it wasn't designed to it was just SIM it probably wasn't designed to bring down Netflix He went so off a Conan dog's family decides to to rip them a new one But no I don't think so but yeah maybe it depends on how long Yeah

Sidey:I ask it that

breaks while you're not inside

Reegs:It was a little bit too long for me and I felt like there were sort of two movies going on at the same time and it would have been better to concentrate just on one of them which was the story of the missing mother And the suffrage movement was infinitely more interesting to me than cheeks Tewkesbury and hi-jinks around that stuff the scenes with many Bobby Brown and Helena Bonham Carter absolute dynamite and the whole story about female liberation is is really interesting I'm going to say yes I was entertained but I can't lie and say I've watched it in about four parts and literally looked at my watch quite a lot

Howie:I liked and enjoyed some of it but I think it was I'll revert back to what I said before Whereas I think that this is yes it's for TV It's not a film I think this is a a four or five parter that could have just taken its time a little bit and perhaps stretched out a few more of the stories I think I enjoyed the the acting I enjoyed the idea and the concept of it and the targeted appeal of a female lead in an intellectual role I just think I don't think I could show my daughter without too many questions about what happened with the drowning I think she just said why is why is a man doing that to a YZ hurting a young girl And that's where I think I'd have had a problem having to explain stuff So we watched it my wife and I watched it We didn't let the kids and I would have liked my kids to have watched it all apart from

Dan:Well I first of all I wrote down after about 45 minutes here Really good And Maybe the film didn't hold that promise for the entire running time But it's probably my favorite thing I've seen Henry Carver and I as I say I thought he brought another side side to homes which which really interested me I thought that Millie Bobby Brown was fantastic And I think she's just gonna be brilliant I would love to see her do more of these and I think whatever she's going to be in is going to be really strong she she was a really interesting actress and character in this I think there's going to be more and I will watch them And I think yeah this was this was one for me I entertained

Sidey:Cool for me Yeah The movie was slightly confused about who it was for and possibly also what it was trying to say It was over two hours long which I thought it was far too long If you're asking like a young teenage demographic to be into it should have been half an hour less but joking aside I barely big fat of many probably about I think she's fantastic actress slightly different from you down I didn't really have any covered this but overall I did enjoy it I just think if they're going to do another one they could slightly tweak the formula a little bit to improve it

Howie:Her next film is Godzilla versus King Kong



Sidey:This was actually a nicer thing This was a water bras It was a it was supposed to be cinematic release but because of the pandemic Netflix picked it up

Reegs:Well that's interesting

Sidey:We're going to talk about our an inverted commerce children's center if the week

Reegs:but Dan's son actually watches it So totally

Howie:it's a 16 it's a 16

Sidey:no it says 18

Howie:16 plus

Sidey:on Netflix on I am Debbie It says 18

Dan:Okay Maybe they've caught a couple of scenes because it is

Howie:the bits where they ripped the rip someone saying this out by their fucking intestines

Dan:Or they're at war scenes I would have whipped out to make this a considering the ones they left in but it is 16 on

Sidey:Okay So Dan you're nominated It's called Bacchae the grappler

Dan:Yeah it's basically a anime where Bacchae is a school kid about 16 17 And he's the

Reegs:yeah he's got the body of a wrestler though

Dan:Yeah he's he's a

Howie:hot wrestler

Sidey:hard to follow I thought at the start What the fuck was going on


Howie:It's headmaster's office to get fingered or something

Dan:don't think it was quite like that you might be getting a little flashback to your own education but basically there has been a load of escapes from high security prisons and things and a lot of the world's toughest people and baddest men are descending down into


Dan:they've heard that Backhoe is the kick ass champion in the world and they all want to

Reegs:he's the

Sidey:that he can beat them Yeah

Howie:they want to taste defeat

Sidey:never been beaten and they're tired

Dan:And the gift that


Dan:the gift that they're looking to receive is defeat Yeah

Sidey:Yeah Which is strange

Dan:it's about 20 was it 20 minutes

Sidey:24 minutes of extreme ultra violence

Howie:how many episodes are there And seasons

Dan:I'm up to episode nine


Dan:I binged this I I I went straight into about six or seven episodes and yeah

Sidey:I will never watch another one of these

Howie:did it go into fights like a coupla cut not co Cobra calm with all the fucking people or is it all that sort

Dan:be honest for about six episodes and we're talking about the first one but I mean I can extend it out a little bit Yeah I really enjoyed this up to about episode six when there was all these different characters coming in and the violence is extreme but it's cartoon violence but it's

Howie:Is someone getting their face punched so odd They ripped something out their throat Yeah

Dan:off and

Howie:The retainer he uses to rip out doesn't

Dan:And then they you know he even shoots for his cheeks at one point Did you is

Howie:Yes Now I've watched that one Yeah He fires it

Dan:the gun of some guy who's trying to hold him up and laughs and then shoots himself in the mouth repeatedly through the cheeks So Obviously it's just

Howie:So I did watch second episode off Be careful because these guys might not have seen that part No no


Howie:because because I would just watch the first one and I was I was like dang figuring out Okay Let's get into some CA I'll just see what a couple of more one of them he's this five foot tall Japanese guy in a glass box and he breaks through the glass box and he Lowe's doesn't mean someone's there and he explodes their brain by doing a high pressure like power breath Is that the one you watched Okay

Reegs:Well because yeah so there's five death row inmates from all over the world

Dan:Scotland Did you get that one to his death row in Scotland

Reegs:up we've got Dorian who is sentenced to death by hanging

Howie:Oh God

Reegs:has to see them hanging for 10 minutes before he confirms that they're dead when those 10 minutes are up Dorian breaks the rapes and murders everyone in the room quite

Dan:Cause basically these people are superhuman aren't they That there's something there they're much much taller than your average man And the fact they can't be killed by occasional bullet or or by

Sidey:do it

Dan:It doesn't it doesn't seem to bother them whichever situation they are In fact one of the guy he actually wets up in prison as a base because he knows he can escape at any time just by walking through the wall and crashing it all in and out And he's even getting takeaways and things just to rub it in to the police who is so mad that he's doing this but can't stop him

Reegs:Yeah So we've called these we've got Doyle who is the AFA mentioned squatting Prisoner he is in the electric chair and then basically just breaks out of the

Dan:well so they they they charge him in the chair and they strap him down and give him the shocks and basically it doesn't really slow them down because they he he does his eyes start weeping and everything Don't they blood running from his eyes and everything And he does say if you'd given me 10 more seconds I would have had my dream Of being defeated in and but they didn't he breaks through the straps And then did he just do email everyone That's that's a steady theme

Reegs:You've got Sikorsky he escaped the Crip the prison after climbing a hundred meters straight up from an old missile base we don't get anything else for his background So I figured there's more coming There's speck Who's quite the brute he's held in an underwater prison


Reegs:the shore of the U S he's the one that the professor comes to interview him when he approaches the Sally's not there he then appears out of the ceiling murders the professor using the professor's golden tooth and then as a lockpick to escape and then he swims 200 meters to

Dan:me is straight up

Reegs:And then the last one is who is the guy who's got some sort of power that he can create a vacuum with his hand or something this was super super gory This

Sidey:It was very one note Just violence by the advice Obviously it's originally a manga comic graphic novel series and that's I guess what they're known for

Howie:this is massive in Japan Yeah

Reegs:Well but this this is actually a sort of reboot of back

Dan:Yeah We were coming in half way through the story here because even in the later episodes you understand that To get to where he is now back Who's already gone through Yeah He's already gone through a quite a challenge in everything to to fight So there's they've started it in Netflix here but looking at the the backstory there was a hell of a lot going on before that and it is kind of confusing because there are so many characters

Howie:because Becky's power is bizarre as well Isn't it it's just mind power

Dan:so laid back Isn't he

Reegs:he can radiate it radiate his strength as intimidation Cause that's how it starts Doesn't it everybody's like quaking in the classroom and he's asleep and you suddenly realize I was coming from him

Dan:yeah yeah yeah That's right He's just

Howie:He turns your fears on you

Dan:he just sets off this vibe of fear and One example when he's walking

Howie:I mean the

Dan:downlight there When he when he's

Howie:you were play parks

Dan:food town or down some alley and he comes across three rough kids when he's walking with a gal and basically they just caring by the end of it even though they've got the numerical advantage they've got weapons and things he doesn't lift a finger and just says We okay boys And they're like okay And he just carries on yeah it's it's strange how that is transferred into people but there's a few weird weird kind of secret powers within this

Sidey:I I looked on IMD B

Dan:what did they buy it Like out of 10 or Yeah Okay

Sidey:say that's pretty solid There's a section called parental guidance So had a look on there and there's some interesting not just violent content But there's some other stuff So some of this you would have seen episode two zooms in and a guy on zipping his pants That's at 17 minutes episode three dude references another dude licking his ass Also at 17 minutes In that episode episode 14 girl eight to 17 It's a weird correlation with the number 17 kidnapped then tied up on the floor just in their underwear Then in episode 17 main characters girlfriend strips to her underwear and gets into his bed The boy looks up and sees his father looking at him The dad odors a 17 year old girl to blossom into the woman She was meant to be to take it until she can't take it no more pretty

Howie:What episode was that

Dan:17 Yeah So avoid the 17th minute and 17th episode of

Reegs:This is not uncommon in anime is it I mean this sort of hyper

Sidey:you can even get into like tentacle porn and all that

Reegs:yeah Mazzocchi dodgy and all that I probably would have loved this at

Dan:We've all got like seven eight year old girls who this is totally inappropriate for we have to say right now this is for your your teenage boys of which I have one at 14 going on 40 and he he really enjoyed this you know what I mean It's yeah So it's one of those his mates at

Howie:Yeah Because well my confusion came when I was texting going what is this called again Because there is Bacchae Becky Dango or something which is similar on Netflix which is a sort of a cartoon deputy style stuff And that's what I was about to watch And I thought that was it because I saw this and thought no way is this for kids This is like

Reegs:in Blackie Becky to the


Howie:But this is hyper hyper violence of street fighter

Sidey:I was getting a definite street fighter vibe you know the character selection


Sidey:playing the guy not So this

Howie:And it's effectively a cartoon based on would it be is it bloodsport John Claude van Damme Where all the characters assembled from around the world and Bruce Lee's enter the dragon were all characters assemble in front of us So it's a fabulous familiar set

Sidey:Just way more violent than all of

Howie:one of the most violent cartoons but I'm a big fan of a carer and ghost in the shell And the violence is the nose but it's this just seemed to be that constant This is constant violence but and that does appeal to a segment of the demographic in Japan that is got real problems with dealing with women young men and Japanese women They it's it's a super serious social issue

Dan:There's real imagination in the violence here I mean you're talking about

Howie:Well I'd say it's not imagination It's just sheer psychopath Whoever's drawing This is incredibly talented but it's it's like every single bit of violence It's like watching an episode of Hannibal

Reegs:you can't get a lot more violent than this in anime I this is absolutely on the limit really for me for what I would want to watch But when I was younger I have seen some animate I'm trying to think I mean even those are all Saki dodgy ones that

Dan:it is violent but you know it's his car too It's all anime you know so I mean it's Which obviously plays between real and cartoon That's where they they liked to try and find that that zone But I you know it's a fighting cartoon Yeah It's a F it's a fighting cartoon There's going to be violence That's what people are watching it for to watch me And a lot of the animation actually it just kind of freezes Doesn't it It's one picture and

Sidey:Yeah It's almost like the old Batman you know where you get the salt and then but this is just super super violent version of that in a way

Dan:So it doesn't yeah it doesn't really flow the animation like it would do in a you know it is almost that picture comic book violence and it goes through it But

Sidey:Part of me is interested to see how it plays out you know what where are they going to take it But I just can't really be bothered to sit through that much relentless

Howie:Well this is the opposite of what I just said about the homes This would have probably worked in a L in a film rather than 38 episodes wherever it is So if this was just a short film about a group of fighters that were driven to taste defeat and it was and it had a finality to it then I probably have stuck it out and watched it and gone Yeah Okay But I can't get I won't give my time to watch an all of those episodes as much as I like anime I don't think I could I told her how I've been I think I'm like you started I think I'd like to probably sort of here re read a short bit and go Oh so that's how it progresses

Sidey:in that case then vague where you're not entertained

Reegs:I think I would have really liked this when I was the right sort of age to watch it As I've got older I find that level of violence and the sexual stigma a bit Distasteful now but I think it's really well made I like I said I would have really liked it at the time Was I entertained now a bit

Howie:A bit again similar sentiments like the animation like the stylized of it all I just think of seeing that so much now And it's like another rehash and I think I actually yeah

Reegs:I just like Tonight the world's already really fucked up You don't need to watch something

Dan:I never watched lots of these things to be honest So

Howie:I think you could see better

Dan:to this Kind of start a thing And from the first episode I was definitely entertained and I went on to watch another sort of six or seven by the time I've got to the end that those is still running on the Stu the story's going but I've kind of lost interest and it started to become a little more confused But again you know this was new to me I hadn't really I'd only been put onto it because it was something I would say my boy watch it And I was thinking Well what's that I better watch it myself So I fro into here for is all to watch you as well so I was entertained

Sidey:okay Yeah for me if yeah if you're a teenage lad you're going to fucking love this for me It's just a bit one note constant violence throughout and then the end it's just I find it quite boring because I would've just liked a bit more ebb and flow you know a bit peaks and troughs but it's just But in spite of the fact and you're just like well so what another guy has had his face like completely

Dan:certainly as it goes on it is more of the same

Howie:goes to the show the cartoon cause that's

Reegs:I think you get shot for calling animated cartoons Don't

Sidey:Yeah yeah

Reegs:I didn't mind it Yeah I didn't mind it It's more inventive than a lot of like thrillers that you've seen

Howie:cool effects

Reegs:that you've specifically


Reegs:But make sure you get to episode 17 it sounds like

Sidey:So this week I think first a bit of a mixed bag nomination wise but but it's still a

Dan:isn't it You know it's seeing stuff that we might otherwise not see

Sidey:Yeah but yeah I'm still it's still a lot Laura Laura Laughs How are you got some nominations for

Howie:Yeah We're going to go a bit mainstream for the film choice We go for guy Ritchie's offering of the gentleman which is currently on Amazon prime for the kid's choice We're going to go for they've heard there's a cartoon spinoff of fast and furious It's fast and furious spy racers That series one episode one So we'll get a grounding on that And my top five is top five film continuity fuck ups

Reegs:Nice No it should be good I like that Yeah

Sidey:All right Cool Thanks everyone for coming on tonight I'm recording Thanks to everyone at home for listening if you could subscribe leave us a review That would be super all that remains is to say Saturday signing out


Dan:Dan's gone