Oct. 21, 2020

Forgotten Gem...The Thomas Crown Affair

Forgotten Gem...The Thomas Crown Affair
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No one asked us for additional material, but we did it anyway!

We've started looking back at some films that have fallen though the cracks. Maybe you missed them the first time round. Perhaps they have improved with age. Or perhaps you simply forgot all about them. We're calling these our Forgotten Gems...

First up for a critical reappraisal is the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. 

Sidey is convinced this is an under appreciated classic. Is he correct?


Tune in and let us know of any other lost classics we need to reappraise.

Until then, we remain

Bad Dads


Gem, Thomas Crown

Sidey:This is a new feature that we're going to do from time to time weekly we call it forgotten gems

Dan:Well I I think it's more you're going to try and convince them Me to watch this film

Sidey:Okay Have you not seen

Dan:No No


Reegs:The original

Dan:I have seen the original Bob

Sidey:that we're talking about probably housed is the Thomas crown affair specifically the Pierce Brosnan remake version not the original which I haven't seen but I believe is a middling kind of okay Film And just to start the ball rolling That is the way remake should be done Don't remake a classic and fuck it up Find an okay Film and make it great because this is fucking great

Dan:Okay Right Well I have not a strong recollection of the original Thomas crown affair but you you're looking at Steve McQueen

Sidey:Faye Dunaway

Dan:Faye Dunaway and It's based on there's a robbery going on Isn't there And I can't remember

Howie:this is a cracking review

Sidey:one is he is a a board been in there he just consumes other company He has a whatever that company is and they just buy out people He's got this enormous art collection but He's bored You know there's no challenge in it for me you know his bottomless pit of money anyone that comes through

Dan:I know the feeling

Sidey:it just requires it They even they have a compensation after the latest acquisition where he says you know it's a three generation old firm You think they'd put up more of a fight but you know they've got

Dan:it's just too easy for

Sidey:just it's just too easy for him He's a bit of a genius He it goes on all these sort of different that he's got super yachts which he likes to he just crashes them Cause he can but the challenge is nothing matter for him anymore

Reegs:he just crashes a super yacht because

Sidey:it's like it's one of those sort of racing I don't know what you call them but like they're during the yeah no say it I'm not a I'm not a sailor although I do like to hang out with the dog


Sidey:the plot is that he steals A picture or a picture is is stolen from

Dan:he wants to see if he can get away with it

Sidey:and it's it's fucking beautifully shot this film And he does he steals this picture out of his own gallery and we know he's done it cause it's up in his GAF and he's just sits looking at it And he

Reegs:that would give it away a little

Sidey:and then there's the loss Adjusters is Renee Russo comes along to sort of investigate what exactly what's going on and she's kind of onto him

Dan:Never been a massive fan of

Sidey:Oh mate She is unbelievable in this film smoking fucking hot like I'm real

Dan:I must be a different way Russo

Sidey:make out into this cause it is fucking brilliant And I was Hello

Dan:He was hot He was hot

Sidey:So the the real point of the film is is their relationship is the love story between the two of them but in the background you've got this highest how is that Lizzie pulled it off he goes back to the

Dan:ponder money Russo Yes

Sidey:he goes back to the gallery and donates a picture and they were like Oh he's so generous to do this for us too While we're trying to find this other one They've they've got this new picture up that he's had done And so he then starts this romance with that and all the while she's conflicted but you've got Dennis Larry the policeman there he smells a rat as well And he's trying to convince her Because he fancies her as you would to don't mess around with them you know

Dan:So they're they're sticking their neck out and starting to suggest that this billionaire benefactor who's just given him a picture He's the very man that has stolen the painting Is that right

Sidey:he has done We know it

Dan:we know he has done but they don't know They don't

Sidey:They don't know but she suspects

Dan:Why does she suspect what's what's suspecting Cause it would be the last guy that I would think you know this guy's got everything Why the hell would he steal a painting

Sidey:exactly but just cause he's so bored And he said he's come up with this plan and he wants to put it into action just to see if he could do it

Dan:Yeah no I understand his motive I just don't understand how they got onto it He's made a mistake

Sidey:He's got an amazing obviously it's got everything He's got this amazing holiday home in this sort of Caribbean Island or wherever it is And he takes her away and he's got this picture sized thing with him and it's just sat there They've got the fire there and they sat outside and she's she's you know is that is that the picture you know and he started opening up with it And she just picks it up and chucks it on the on the fire And he just it's like Oh wow

Reegs:at the end of the movie is

Sidey:no that's that's about 2000 by three You've seen em

Reegs:Yeah I have but I don't remember it very

Sidey:So they're doing a bit of investigative work and he keeps going off to see this absolute bombshell And so she's jealous now you know what's going on because she's now she's pretty into it And he is unbelievably fucking charismatic in this film And this was at the time when he was churning out those bond films which were fucking terrible

Dan:I remember the time that he did this and I don't know why I never really Decided to watch it at the time And then it just kind of probably kids It just passed me by what year was this

Sidey:would have been late nineties I'd say

Dan:late nineties No it wasn't kids Jay's that

Sidey:takes a couple of me because I would I would not have gone out of my way to watch a Pittsburgh firm because of those bond

Howie:of bones is

Sidey:bad but watch this and I think it did get did get quite a lot of favorable reviews and good press I had a look at it is movie perfection for me This is fucking brilliant

Dan:well I mean that's high praise indeed And I will

Sidey:I'm not going to spoil it but the the movie it's like Columbia you know He's done it The started So there's there's no surprise there Oh he did that You know that he's done it It's just

Dan:does anyone come back in and

Sidey:What happens What happens without spoiling It is he goes back to the museum to put the painting back and that scene is fucking brilliant It's the Yeah the famous painting with the guy with the bowler hat the Apple I

Howie:that my

Sidey:he goes he goes into the not with the Apple but he goes into the museum dressed as him the suit and a tie with a briefcase He stands there so that everyone watches it No he stands I said everyone watching the CCTV

No there's no app I said there's no He just stands there and he makes sure everyone could see him on the CCS because the police they're the insurance they've all watched They want to catch him out And then the the genius bit of the verbal Cubs is but I won't spoil


Sidey:for you but the soundtrack for that bit was also brilliant It's cinema by Nina Simone It's do check

Dan:is brilliant

Sidey:to check out if you have even if you haven't seen it for a long while it's definitely worth revisiting is for me This is a 10 out of 10 is absolutely fucking brilliant

Dan:The Thomas crown affair

Howie:Good cause yeah cause I want stuff to raise the the levity of the situations that we're in at the minute you need stuff that's

Sidey:this is a perfect Saturday night Maybe watch it definitely watch with the messages It's fucking brilliant a Stephie

Howie:I was going to say fingering

That would appear at the bottom of the poster Steffy Steffy I wonder what it's on If it's on

Sidey:I did look to see if I could quickly

Howie:there'll be an Amazon as a rental

Sidey:have the DVD but it's not it's available on Amazon but not on a prime but you have to pay three pounds to watch it But three pound well spent in


Dan:I I do agree that your opening comments if you're going to do a remake don't do it of a film that is already considered a classic going look at what could have been and then try

Sidey:do that

Dan:do that Yeah That seems to be a

Sidey:nailed that with this one

Dan:Excellent Well guys good to hear Cause it's a mistake that I think So many people have my bright and walk being our prime

Howie:a news going to say that fucking near I fucking knew that Brighton rock was going to come up and I appreciate the original one gutted to the other one was

Sidey:but this one is not So do check out

Dan:is there any have you guys seen the new puppy or because that same guy was in it

Howie:Charlie Hanlon

Dan:he was Pappy on

Howie:He's Pappy Yeah

Dan:And I yeah I just I love the book I read the second book as well which by Banco and the overall film with Hoffman and Steve McQueen in was absolutely brilliant I've probably seen it five six times Love the film I kept away from the remake because I just didn't think you should mess

Howie:See I haven't seen the original but have watched the remake yeah so I haven't been tainted so but I want to now see the

Dan:Did you enjoy the

Howie:I think it was a while ago I need to watch It was dark

Sidey:So to summarize don't remake a classic remake something that you think hadn't been done to its full potential I would say I would strongly argue that Thomas crown affair is a great example of that And I urge you guys if you've not seen it or seen it in a while to have a alert it's really fucking good And to all our listeners out there if you have any Forgotten gems or anything of that elk to recommend do let us know and we will check them out but that's out