Nov. 12, 2020

Me and Earl and The Dying Girl & Clarence

Me and Earl and The Dying Girl & Clarence
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It was a tumultuous week in politics; forget Joe Biden's dramatic victory over some guy whose name I can't recall and cast your vote for the Bad Dads Top 5 Memorable Movie Politicians. There's nothing rigged about this election as we veer from fascinating portrayals of real life political figures to ridiculous comic caricatures - see if you can spot which is which.

This weeks movie review was the 2015 Sundance Film Festival darling Me & Earl & The Dying Girl. Jesse Andrews adapts his novel of the same name charting the journey of Greg Gaines, his co-worker Earl and Rachel, his former childhood friend who has been diagnosed with leukemia. This quirky indie coming of age movie features decent performances and the music of Brian Eno, so was sure to be a hit with the Dads wasn't it? 

We finish up this week with a review of the almost impossibly charming Netflix series Clarence. Just like the eponymous hero, cast aside any and all cynicism and enjoy this heartwarming and honest account of childhood experiences.

Once again, thanks for listening and please do get in touch with us, annoying people on Twitter - @dads_film, on Facebook or even by carrier pigeon via

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads.


Me and Earl

Reegs: Welcome to bad Dad's film review the internationally renowned impossibly reviled movie and kids' TV review show Each week we discuss a movie we missed while we were too busy being dads to go to the movies And because we're forced to enjoy the things our children's watch We reviewed those things too with all the mad cap and mayhem that might suggest Here's the obligatory explicit content warning because we're often foul mouth fuckers And this is the caution that there will be massive spoilers because the vast majority of what we're watching is outside the official statute of limitations that applies to spoilers Now The listeners won't know this but last week how he told a joke during our Goldfinger mini review that was so funny I that this reeks actually fell off one of the man-cave chairs and cracked my head against concrete floor managing to render myself briefly unconscious This is completely true The joke which revolved around pointing out that the actress who played pussy galore and Goldfinger on a black man already has a name that could be a bond girl double entendre Didn't make it into the final edit chiefly because it was immediately followed by how he's howls vanquish at my untimely accident What happened next is all a bit of a blur to be honest But I do recall that it was Howie who helped me up right And how we who quite possibly showed the most immediate concern for my welfare

Howie:I saw you're vulnerable

Reegs:that moment of genuine and sincere care It gives me absolutely No great pleasure whatsoever to introduce Howie this week as a stupid idiotic dimwitted addle brain left-handed feeble-minded boneheaded nonsensical infant our blunt brain Purell and unenlightened bloated sack of protoplasm

Sidey:Are you left-handed

Howie:well I'm ambidextrous So one hand cradles the other

Reegs:we've also got


Dan:have you have you seen anything good this week Cause I've seen a couple of half decent Things this week I watched the truth seekers on

Sidey:I started it but I wasn't that enamored with

Dan:Well I was watching it with a boy and it was yeah Nick

Yeah Simon and foster Yeah But no Okay It wasn't their best stuff I think

Sidey:I've only watched episode one Is it worth cracking

Dan:I enjoyed it and I I enjoyed it cause I'd I'd watch it I'd watch it with as say my boy and it was it was a nice thing to watch together I don't know if I told you about my octopus teacher that I'd seen there

Howie:Yeah I've watched I've watched after that with the kids It's quite fascinating

Reegs:thought he was going to be a joke

Howie:No So Netflix kind of a high Def under the sea top of divers experience with an octopus that he befriends genuinely It's quite entrancing

Reegs:actually Sounds really


Howie:quite good Kids love it

Dan:it won all the big wildlife documentary

Howie:Best doctor person a supporting role

Dan:It was in many hands that made it work I watched last night a film called the last full measure Have you seen that one on on sky So it's about a True story of a Vietnam vet who well not a guy in Vietnam he died and his crew asking for him to get the medal

Howie:Yeah It's a true story though isn't it Yes Yeah

Dan:William H Pittson Berger I think his name was and he he was Pitt Yeah Pitsa he That was him and basically he was this area and a medic that dropped down into Avalon this kind of the worst ever maybe it wasn't long It was it was some kind of nightmare scenario of You know caught in a crossfire kind of shit going on And he saved 60 people before succumb into the fire himself and dying but they want it to boost his his metal

Sidey:But did you say in the news in the UK there's a guy selling his metals that he's been awarded and he's got it's the one down from the Victoria Cross I think it's the metal of gallantry or something like that And he he is supposed to have Dived on a grenade or reached out and got a grenade and chucked it back over to save those people And he's put it up for auction and they reckon it's going to go for 130 grand but then the rest of his battalion had gone This is all bullshit It was it was his own grenade Oh my gosh this is a little bit

Dan:If we can turn it into 130 grand he's done Okay Isn't he

Sidey:based off that along with the story I suppose deny till you die

Dan:Yeah well you know it's it's all crazy And th this this this whole you know a war story but being that it's a true one you know lots of people even when they said Oh you know I the guy that didn't go down with him because he stayed in the chopper he just full of guilt for the rest of his life You know when he saw him daddy he was like I was Pleased I was glad you know that it wasn't me and you know and it was like that And then so doesn't consider himself a hero for those perfectly human thoughts that you would have after seeing this bloodbath that you've just come in So shit and Brad that wasn't me I could you know but yeah it was it was decent Anyway It was a it was a nice one to watch

Sidey:We did Raiders of the lost Ark And I want to say one

Dan:new one Yeah

Sidey:Yeah I didn't let my daughter watch the end I did Pre-warn her You could watch some of those but I am not categorically Not letting you watch the end because it was far too

Reegs:The melting Nazis is quite a lot for a seven year old


Dan:I'll tell you what it's a lot for a seven year old as well The hollow if you watch it every single night when you get in and every morning because my youngest is just Blitz for like any Benj session would be proud of she is gone for a Mo but then she did get into bed the other night with us because she had a bit of a or a bit of a wobble in the in the dreams department So I said to her all you want to w as we said then they great for a Saturday morning maybe not great for a Thursday night

Howie:I'm still sadly watching the crown I'm really into this Yeah Yeah It's really funny Interesting It's just I've I've missed it by it must be 10 years old nearly


Howie:but yeah it's a I just find it really interesting

Reegs:really enjoyed your joke about Gillian Anderson and Margaret Thatcher and not fulfilling all of your sexual fantasies is

Howie:Yeah Yeah The Josephine doesn't listen to the pod yet So see what happens

Reegs:Can you just speak at a really posh accent and wear shoulder pads

Howie:And a massive bouffant does anyway

Dan:Now the the only other one that Chinese cat president movie chairman Meow she said now that segues nicely into her top five

Reegs:we did it was top five Top six Yeah Movies that killed the lead lead


Reegs:I've got a couple of nominations here Shall I read them out We had on Twitter we had D dog came up with Braveheart I can't remember it I think we

Howie:We did chat about that one Yeah

Reegs:Popped darling had Titanic and Scarface Scarface That's a good one Chris Sutherland on Facebook had million dollar baby John Linton said It's a good shout John Lennon said the sixth sense and he said rogue one it was a brave decision when any other filmmaker could have taken the easy way out and engineered and escape which I think is a good point Yeah Did anybody else

Howie:Yeah how's that 83 is my stupid  brother  he is she mentioned did we talk about Ned stark Because game of Thrones was hyped as he was the main character And then obviously

Reegs:You're always worried when it should've been

Sidey:Yeah It doesn't survive very often

Howie:He was the main deal in all the traders to begin

Dan:Yeah I was

Howie:saying that game of Thrones did that with just about every lead character Invariably they died at some point or another

Reegs:Yeah Well the red wedding was you didn't see that coming I like the million dollar baby or rogue one shouts So I think they're both good shouts I liked the effort that went into the rogue one answer

Sidey:Rogue one Yeah And it was the best of all the new star Wars films

Reegs:I love that I saw it in the cinema two or three times It was really good

Sidey:Yeah It was red It was go for that

Reegs:All right Thanks John

Sidey:just a quick run down of what we chatted about this week eh Howie you nominated

Howie:So the film was the film was me Earl and the dying girl and the kid's cartoon was Clarence

Reegs:And what was the top five

Howie:Top five politicians in movies or sorry actors who've played politicians So we kind of we had a brief chat about the same way

Dan:Is it charged again

Sidey:it wasn't just memorable

Reegs:memorable movie politicians Did you purposefully pick that in the week of the Election or cause it seems like a great topic given you know very timely or was it just a massive accident Really lucky actually

Howie:I'd like to think it was probably a bit of both rather like my birth a bit of an accident but on purpose


Sidey:Cool Howie Do you want to lead the charge in our top movie posters

Howie:Yeah I'm going to go for now Originally just said Gary Oldman is Churchill and the darkest hour which is fantastic But since I started watching the crown there's John Lithgo who plays Winston Churchill as well So

Sidey:Wouldn't he be

Howie:it's really you'd say but he walks with a stoop and a bit of a hunchback a Notradame S And then Notre Dame But so where Gary Oldman is almost a Madame Tussauds Winston Churchill


Howie:Yeah And it's like wow that is him And he's even yeah

Dan:that It's just

Reegs:I haven't actually

Howie:He's got he's got the full mannerisms he's got it's almost caricature It is that caricaturists does that do you know what I mean It's like OTT Yeah And it's but when you see the John lift go one it's kind of drawn back a bit but it's still like instantly that's Churchill

Reegs:Is he wearing a shed load of prosthetics and stuff to look like him Or are they

Howie:it goes not gone that way at all Lyft goes Just let's go rarely I mean he's he's obviously got a bit on I think just to age him slightly but it's not noticeable Yeah

Dan:go isn't it You know he's about eight foot nine give or take couple of feet

Howie:Contrasting but they both fulfill the the the description of what Churchill

Dan:yeah and I think Gary Oldman's version he's he's physically easier to resemble him He's obviously put on clothes and white and things for that But as you said the Manor is enjoy won an Academy award for it You know what I mean It was a

Howie:Just an intense film

Dan:it's a it's a really intense film and the the kind of pressure That someone would be on the in that position It just came across really well Cause he he he battles with all his own personal inner demons as well He was well known Now I'm in the black dog was in a yen and

Reegs:Yeah he was he was very depressed It

Dan:which wouldn't have been recognized in those days Like it

Howie:Oh huge champagne Brandy He had a bottle of bottler breakfast

Reegs:What's it Didn't he famously used to do his morning meeting in bed

Howie:sometimes in the bath as well

Dan:Oh yeah I mean he was yeah it was his mind that he knew he had to look off the and and to try to and whatever helped him get through that and get through the decisions he was going to make that day his habits and everything else helped to do that But yeah that's a good shout Good shout

Reegs:should we am I similarly high brow I've got president tug Benson from hot shots part D there's so many I mean he's just a fantastic character I can't remember the actor's name actually that's really annoying is I've just got two quotes that I had to read out a topper Harley introduces himself He says the president Benson He says no you're not I've seen him on TV He's an older man about my height and then He's addressing a room full of Japanese businessmen And he says it seems like only yesterday I was strafing your homes with machine gun fire begging you not to make such good cos And they were just two lines that you could pick out He's a very funny guy essentially the same character he plays in the air and maybe

Howie:Does he not get some toweling and go through his ears as well Yeah

Reegs:yeah yeah Just there were so many quotes and it just makes me laugh thinking about it

Dan:Well I've I've got a lot because we've just started So I'm gonna choose another one where the actor really got under the skin of the the guy which is Dick Cheney vice


Dan:have you have you not seen vice So it's Christine bio playing former Vice president Dick Cheney and it's I will look at the life of Cheney and how he commanded So he bushes second in commands I'm bushed doesn't have a clue at least by this film He maybe literally he eats certainly not for a season political campaign such as Dick Cheney who was sat on the board of an oil company as an ad to be talked into doing it Didn't really fancy almost But then he started to get understanding of wait a minute I got to pretty much be left to do whatever I want to do here because Bush just wants to be the president You know he doesn't actually want to run anything Yeah Ages So I'm going to have all the power And he did And he ran with that and Christine bio was fantastic

Reegs:Yeah I did hear that It's one of those I wanted to see as well because I understand Dick Cheney was not a popular figure in

Dan:Well not with the Democrats I imagine with the Republicans he's he he was but this was I think I out Oscars he got nominated for you know what I mean He said he's a really strong film voice and yeah worth checking out Okay

Sidey:I'm gonna go for a film W this this bridges is the film and TV genres It's and you can have nearly any character from it It's in the lube or the thick of it But I have to go for a while It's not a politician per se He is pulling all the strings behind the scenes It's Malcolm Tucker played


Sidey:He is a swearing and insulting tour de force with gems such as he's as much use as the Mazi pan dildo I went to Spain went golfing with Stephen Hawking He lied about his handicap He's so dense that light bends around him

Reegs:I've used that on people at work

Sidey:Who was it The digital media training Myra Hindley He is Fucking

Dan:You have to be careful with political jokes Sometimes they get elected Yeah Yeah

Sidey:Yeah we can get that

Howie:Do you do you know the link that we have with our show

chief writer went to Moscow will Smith

Reegs:Well self


Reegs:Smith Oh yeah yeah

Howie:yeah yeah For us listeners It's not the fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Dan:I'd explain Colt And over

Howie:Yeah Will Smith Yes he was at Vic

Reegs:And he wrote in the

Howie:he's One of the co is a co-writer in the thick of

Reegs:really very funny

Dan:All right Genius

Sidey:Amazing If

Dan:So it was in the loop was the film And then the thick of it went into a series with the same characteristics

Sidey:you're about 30 seconds in and he says lubricated horse cock is if I American listeners have never seen it then just try and try and find it and watch it either I actually think the series but the series is longer So therefore it's better

Reegs:going to say James Gandolfini the late great

Sidey:they square off in the film He must have seen it and he asked him not to swear And it's fucking brilliant I don't wanna I don't want to spoil it but just try and seek out his genius

Howie:Right So I'm going for my next one is mad at the moment Sasha Baron Cohen in the dictator where he plays admirable at Admiral general Aladeen who's the dictator of I can never get with Deere It's a leadership style based upon King Jong IL ADR mane and Colonel Qaddafi He's one of the quotes I've got is don't worry I'm worried He is number one actor You don't win for why the golden gloves for nothing Yes you do Because you gave them to yourself My performance in Aladeen Jones and the temple of doom was outstanding I gave it a thumbs down Have you not seen my other firm You've got mail bomb Yes I've seen them all They're all terrible movies And his other comment was Oh Sama you go to the bathroom off to Sama He realized the true meaning of terrorism

Reegs:He has his own Olympic games Doesn't he Where he in a race He shoots a

Howie:yeah everyone's everyone's walking slower behind him so they don't beat him


Reegs:It was a surprisingly sweet film actually

Sidey:I've got to say that

Reegs:It's okay


Reegs:I've got part F documentary independence day has bill Pullman's president Whitmore piloting and FAA 18 fighter as part of the counter attack against the aliens

Howie:It was lucky I was lucky that he could fly them

Reegs:but the one I was going to choose was Kingsman the golden circle Anybody seen that movie The follow-up the disappointing

Sidey:I fucked you off after half an hour

Howie:when the U S

Reegs:Yeah The president of the United States he's actually played very well by Bruce Greenwood Who's a great actor he's willing to let millions of drug users around the world die just so he could say one the war on drugs including people that only tried a drug Once the people using marijuana for medicinal purposes children born addicted because their mothers used while they were pregnant yeah so he's a real piece of shit Yeah what can I say

Dan:there you go I've got downfall which is obviously Hitler's last days in the bunker and is crazy kind of attitude going even crazier it's a full-on heavy film that has been made up with so many jokes Now chest

Sidey:why that's why I've included it as

Dan:absolutely brilliant The means I've seen them for everything I've seen them for just so many different

Reegs:we had him for when there was a snow day here

Sidey:I was going to reference It It's my favorite one It's because of the local connection of it So funny

Dan:right When the when the Island just stops cause there's two snowflakes on the road

Sidey:something about we can get the gritter and he starts to lose his shit

Dan:He did they did one the other day when we have Jose with the spurs boys go through and everything was done It it was it was

Howie:there's one with Trump and his boys as well

Dan:Yeah sure Yeah So that but the actual film is it's fantastic And is it Bruno Ganz that plays Hitler The actor

Howie:I was going to say what acting roles are available for him because he does I know it's the mustache that adds about 90% of whatever Hitler looks

Dan:mean if you

Howie:he bloody looks like it It doesn't matter

Dan:got the four unhinged funeral look you know when he's he Spit in and you know he's losing it is scary It's scary I mean he's he's intimidate in these top generals and things and you know all the people are in there in the hallway listening and I can hear him shout and swearing and the writing's on the wall but Yeah That's

Reegs:that movie is basically sort of been ruined by the fact that it's become so memorable hasn't it Or at least that scene

Dan:Yeah yeah No

Sidey:I think I'd seen that for that scene three or four times before I saw the film Yeah It's one of those it's ubiquitous Does it Me


Sidey:Ben Kingsley Gandy

Dan:Ah yeah I had this one He blacked up for it

Sidey:I was going to say what do you think you'd get you wouldn't be able to do this Now these

Dan:know You want to ask him

Sidey:he'd won an Oscar It was nominate for 10 Oscars He won for best actor but I suspect these days this would be a

Dan:Although again he it it was a fun you know he won an Oscar It was obviously a fantastic performance and it was He looked like candy

Reegs:And I think I mean these days they were quite rightly argued that it's white washing and the you know wide not just cast a talented Indian actor to do it

Dan:Absolutely They I mean it's what they should have went to Delhi to film it You know what I mean They went to India to film It


Sidey:was half a million extras for the funeral scene


Reegs:a million

Sidey:That takes him

Dan:8,000 in India you just asked somebody to come along and you will find a

Reegs:All along

Dan:half a million have turned up

Reegs:No that's true

Sidey:that they they pumped money into various charities and I asked people to come and do various things to get more involved

Dan:Right Oh we've even better Richard Attenborough Isn't it Well no Richard it was Richard of course Dickey Yeah it's a it's a fantastic film but yeah watching it through the eyes of A more modern viewer Now you would probably cringe a little bit at the fact that Kinsley's blacktop for

Howie:I'm going to go for Harrison folds You play games who plays president James Marshall and air force one which is a really a joy this phone with Gary Oldman as the Catholic stone villain And it He just so happens to have been a next Vietnam vet medal of honor winner and winner Yeah Well done First prize Congratulations it's got the scene at the end where I think the Kazakh air force or Kazakh terrorists have a like basically fire missiles air force one that's been hijacked that Harrison Ford's at the the helm or whatever the term is And so they have to do a mid F air mid-air refuel and it ends up with them firing a cable across from one plane to the other And they've got a like they've got they've got a cigar slide between the two And I think the guy who basically is the mole In the plane is one of the secret service but it's acting on behalf of the Kazakhs He goes down with the plane and it's got that classic sort of as you see the plane go down and all explodes but yeah

Reegs:that one at the amazing mace

Howie:But yeah I genuinely that's sort of film that appears on channel five on a Sunday afternoon and you can watch it and go yeah Do you know what That was an easy one to view but Gary Oldman's a good villain in it but it's that classic You're talk like this If you come from foreign union and it's all like what See a Harrison foods

Reegs:I I'm gonna volunteer the dead zone Johnny Smith played by Christopher Walken It served Based on the Stephen King Burke he shakes the hand of politician Greg Stilson and foresees he'll become president ordering a nuclear strike thus destroying the world I picked it because the actor is Martin sheen And of course this is all made much in retrospect by West wing view is who will have mainly known sheen as the wise and principled president Jed Bartlet from West wing but obviously he's played a complete maniac in a Stephen King adaptation opposite Christopher Walken in the eighties

Dan:Right I have not seen that And it leads into a choice of mine the American president 95 90 95 Phil Michael Douglas was the American president I think it was Annette Benning Yeah And it was directed by Bob Weiner but a script from Aaron Sorkin who went on obviously to do the West wing and a lot of the The same people I think the same crew when I loved the West wing I thought he was absolutely fantastic I've got a my I've order seasons down there in in the book case

Reegs:wear a watch in the newsroom which is Sorkin's followup If you like about

Dan:That's where bill Daniels Oh Jeff

Reegs:it's actually quite good It starts off a bit weak but it's it gets better and better

Dan:Oh I've watched some of it as well but I enjoyed the West wing I thought it was Really binge-worthy

Reegs:Go around you swept So you he did old neurotic

Sidey:like joke for one person I I'm going to go with frost Nixon Frank Langella skeletal fame plays tricky Dicky you guys are saying that one

Howie:No I haven't seen it but I know of it

Sidey:So it's after he's fucked off And it's before frost has really made it So one's trying to make his way back in and try and you know salvage his image a little bit Good luck and try trying to prove that he can make his way amongst the sort of heavyweights in terms of entry and people and that they just have yeah Is yeah And they just have their sort of Battle of who can get the upper hand and at one scene I don't remember exactly what he says Cause it's been a little while since I've seen it but there there are like a break and then coming back in fight Yeah And they'd talk and next to just waits to write for their backs go on And they're talking about it later his wife and he just goes did you fuck her Or something like that Some sort of comment really throws them in there And he's just completely flummoxed where they go back on and they just constantly have these exchanges It's a really good movie And obviously next is Memorable for a lot of reasons


Howie:Like the current incumbent or X to be from doing a search on the web as we all do just to try and get our memories back into gear And I have watched this film and I just remember clips from it And it's the campaign with will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis and Zach Galifianakis plays Marty Huggins and we'll follow a place Cam Brady and Canberra is an a Senator that's been no no one standard against him for like five terms And at the very last moment Marty Huggins Zach Galifianakis his character stands against him and it's all about how desperate it gets And he starts to build a sort of a popular movement behind him but there are some fucking lines in this film And I did go into YouTube just to like watch them And one of them is sat at the table talking to his kids and he says right I'm going to be in the public I want you to all admit if you've done anything bad I want you to tell me what you've done And his kid goes he won't keep goes I once likes Stole a suite or something And then it cuts to the other kid He goes I went to the petting zoo and I let a goat lick my Wiener And it just the whole kitchen table just like what the fuck And the stories then get progressively worse round It was like a catalyst And he's like Oh my God Oh my God my God And then there's an infamous scene where they basically they go to a big events like a Your voters events and they both rushed to kiss the baby and California scares to kiss the baby and Pharell fucking throws a punch And it's in super slow-mo and californicus moves his head to one side and this baby gets a fucking massive fucking right uppercut in the chops And that it cuts to federal going Nope no one seems concerned about how much I hurt my hand that baby's head was made of iron or something If somebody like that

Sidey:Just to confirm it was welfare or land

Howie:Is that California kiss Is that the right one

Sidey:Broadly speaking

Howie:Oh you fuckers don't fit Don't pass out So yeah Yeah And there is a scene where he gets across bone in his leg and Wolfer falls down same black Hawk down and all the secret service guys jump on him and help him Yeah So that one's called the campaign It is quite funny Starring will Ferrell and some great guys in the hangover It looks a bit like rigs

Reegs:I get that all the time

mayor Larry Vaughn in yours

Howie:Oh yes

Reegs:he may have a point that the tourist straight from the beaches is the lifeblood of the town's economy but ordering them to be opened after being warned of the danger of attacks from man-eating sharks is

Sidey:Yeah I hate to be arguing against a lockdown

Reegs:He would be he

Howie:And anything anything that infringes upon his rights

Reegs:I wanted to nominate Godzilla the 1998 version Roland Emmerich's a masterpiece Yes principally because he so legendary movie reviewer Roger Ebert and he's always he's always true Emerick's films absolutely loads them so he cunningly names the incompetent mayor of New York city mayor Ebert yeah so get Zell You got him a good one

Howie:Say that the new Godzilla's coming out Hey God's got this God that was lost It was Godzilla versus King Kong

Reegs:Yeah And totally ed

Howie:So my my


Howie:what was the what

Reegs:King of the monsters is

Howie:is good Yeah it's really

Reegs:That will give you the super monster showdown you'd been

Sidey:the man in a suit versions too I see Yeah

Reegs:I think there's room for both

Sidey:Yeah he probably

Howie:you need to see shins shin Yes Matt Isn't it It's just about Japanese bureaucracy for like two hours

Dan:Aren't going to go with the last King of Scotland EDM in James McAvoy plays a


Dan:he doesn't in this one as far as forest Whitaker and another Oscar winner for this one it does seem to a lot of politicians because I've got another one here Lincoln Daniel Tyler's go And Oscar you play a politician you're getting an Oscar

Sidey:politician or a Holocaust movie You'll pretty much know don't just

Dan:They strong army and they Oscar seasons but I'm gonna go go for this one So he plays an James McAvoy plays Nicholas Goran who's mixed up in the reality of a human rights disaster in Uganda when IDI Amman was him Amen Amen

Howie:ADA man No

Dan:So the doctor Gary flies over to Uganda on a medical mission and he ends up getting hired by Eddie and his his personal physician and he thinks Oh this is actually a good guy really charismatic And it doesn't turn out that way anyway as becomes a

Reegs:more unhinged it

Dan:a he's a tyrant He doesn't want to let power slip away And and he's kind of lucky to get out of his his life But that was a that was a decent meal

Sidey:I've got the ambassador of Mars

Reegs:from Mars

Sidey:Mazda tax Yeah


Reegs:I love it

Sidey:the ultimate rejection of handshake Hey Jack Nicholson is as the president extends the olive branch after there's been a bit of a mishap And he just whips out laser fucking welcome

 Howie:two I've only got two left here but they're both of films that I've not seen And one of them I definitely want to see And the other I'll be interested in If any any book any of you guys have seen it The first one is Sean Penn in milk based on Harvey

Dan:saying that

Howie:which I've been told is fantastic but it's a hard watch

But yeah it's based on the life and death of the yeah

It was assassinated at the the end spoiler the other one now I've not heard of this but I had to read up about it and it looks like it could be quality trash And it's Reese Witherspoon in election with Matthew Broderick but I've been told it's really really good She is fucking evil Yeah And so

Dan:a satire of a college

Howie:it's a college presidential race Matthew Broderick hates our guts and resents everything that she stands for

Sidey:his face from American pies in at Chris Klein Is it that you had a brief moment of starting and then disappeared He's really good at it It's excellent You should check

Howie:Yeah it's a film It's on my list

Reegs:A couple more from me I've got to Keshee me E ki apologies for any mispronunciations here's 13 assassins movie Lord narrat Sugo the shoguns little brother who commits all manner of horrific atrocities yeah I also have president merkin muffly in dr Strangelove played amazingly by Peter Sellers obviously he's based him on Adelaide Stevenson who was a democratic nominee in 1956 my final one I was going to nominate is a movie I've talked about a few times on this part before and I think nobody else has seen it which is a bit annoying but it's in Idiocracy president Dwayne Elizondo mountain ju Herbert Camacho is a porn superstar and five-time ultimate SmackDown wrestling champion He's a strange mix of food and personality He lives in a future where the idiots have Outbred the intelligent people leaving only the morons to March and destroy the planet it's Mike judge he's obviously a complete more and more on by modern standards but he's likable and charismatic

Dan:There was a moment

Reegs:modern Mormon yeah he's a very good character in a very funny underrated film

Dan:Excellent well there's there's one here It doesn't it's a political movie All the president's men So Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford they no it it I don't think it was Eastwood I think it is It's a it's a while back So I think it was probably before


Dan:was really getting into directing in films

Sidey:era I think

Dan:but they both play Washington post journalists who break the Watergate

Reegs:Oh yeah of course Yeah

Dan:and then come kind of famous themselves Yeah

Sidey:We actually have to see him in it to him but he's influenced obviously runs large because of what the story is

Dan:It is

Sidey:I wanted to know normally just because he's such a fucking

Dan:it's a fantastic movie

Howie:Deep throat

Dan:Yes Yeah So it's very tense You know how how how they basis is nothing more than there's Whiting there You know they're putting it together but it's the the acting and the tension and that they can build up through It was

Howie:Car park drive chase

Dan:I've I've got Well Lincoln I'd I'd mentioned I've got a couple of jokes though for Paula politics jokes what's the difference between a flying pig and a politician The letter F  yeah there you go what happens to a politician when you give them Viagra They grow taller Apparently molar Lewinsky didn't vote presidents leave a bad taste in her mouth

Howie:Current joke

 Sidey:I got a couple of real life ones Kim Yong L team America world

Reegs:yeah And he was in the interview Was he as well or

Sidey:know I'm not seeing it Yeah incredible Probably the most realistic and accurate portrayal of a politician on film And also George w in Fahrenheit nine 11 I'm not huge fan of Michael Moore but

Howie:he's the sort of guy that pushed you over to get to the

Sidey:I remember watching it and the scene where you've just got a talking head of George Bush saying something we're going to smoke them out We're going to get 'em and then the camera pulls back He's on the golf course And he has now

Reegs:Now watch this

Sidey:watch this drive you know what the fuck And then they obviously got you've got the bit where his chief of staff comes in while he's reading to the kindergarten class Is that the second plane The second plane is just hit and I've never had he's completely paralyzed and flummoxed and just sort of sits there reading my pet goat Well You should probably get up and actually do something so very memorable but for all the wrong reasons And then just so I can get rid of the through the rest of my list we've got standards of Robert Kelly from X man effectively just a complete racist who becomes a mutant himself

Reegs:Does he die He

Sidey:he does he becomes a blob and it


Sidey:it just becomes a water Alan postcard from the new statesman who is played by Rick mal Who's an absolute hero He's a greedy dishonest devious lecherous ultra white ultra right wing

Howie:Well he's ultra white as well as the yeah

Sidey:which seems like a caricature but then you have modern day politics right It's the same as all too real And finally Senator Palpatine


Sidey:greatest diplomat of them all

Reegs:Yes Good list Good So what's everybody Are you going to pick

Dan:Oh well I'll just add in the last few that I've got primary colors Which was John Travolta playing a Congressman going through the primaries which is really decent film actually it's a kind of a fictionalized account of Clinton's 92 campaign Emma Thompson Billy Bob Thornton A ton of others that were in it that's pretty decent The motorcycle diaries

Reegs:Yeah I guess

Dan:So Gael Garcia Bernal stalls is Shay Guevara which is really Epic as he goes on a motor motorbike wide across South America

Reegs:is that a two-parter that night

Dan:and Charlie Wilson's war which was Tom Hanks he played the fame USA Congressman who buys basically armed the Afghan jihadists against the Russians which then came back to bite them Yeah yeah there's there was some really good choices I really liked These political movies to be honest And when they when they come out and they're the high drama ones there's been a few that maybe didn't fit in here because they weren't necessarily about politics Bit like all the president's men there that I I squeezed in not politicians but it was a political movie based on on events So choices choices gentlemen


Howie:my final choice So yeah my photo choices I'll go for Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill and the darkest hour


Reegs:president tug Benson hotshots part day It's got to be

Dan:One other I didn't mention actually was Invictus Morgan Freeman played

Howie:Nelson Mandela

Dan:Mandela is worth a shout by Christian bio play in date Cheney I know you guys haven't seen it but I'm gonna suggest you do is a really good one

Sidey:forgot to mention death stolen


Sidey:in it is memorable so I didn't want to sing them And now I am going to put in there though Marcom taco I can't have a

Dan:fantastic Yeah

Reegs:And let us know who you pick 

Sidey:it's time for Howie his film nomination What we got

Howie:stress stress Don't be Brighton rock Don't be Brighton rock so my film nomination is me Earl and the dying girl which is currently showing on Netflix me and Earl and the dying girl is a 2015 American comedy drama film directed by Alfonso Gomez regional and written by Jesse Andrews based on Andrew's 2012 debut novel of the same name the film stars Thomas Mann Olivia Cooke who is in ready player one I think as possible Yeah As RJ silo and Jon Bernthal  so it starts off with Greg Who's kind of in the equivalent of the UK six form senior spends most of his time with Earl his friend but regarded through her as his co-worker which is yeah it's very cooler He kind of sort of seminar rates this story it's got a kind of quirk to it It's almost like a diary and every so often you get titles at the bottom that says one day before or one day after or two day after three day after doom to friendship and things like that And it starts off with his mom giving him a load of shit because a friend of theirs Yeah that's the one who has leukemia and she for it I went and I look about it look into that So she's telling him that she's got to be friends he's got to go and make friends with her because she's got leukemia And I was like what's the connection And the connection is that I think that they're all Jewish and she used to attend is according to Wikipedia she would she attended his Hebrew classes as a child

Sidey:Okay Did you recognize her dad

Howie:My misses

Sidey:Connie Britton


Sidey:I thought you might recognize her from one of your favorites

Howie:favorite TV show of all time

Sidey:the film Friday night lights and the TV series Friday night lights

Dan:why I've scratched her from

Howie:I remember Yeah no Josephine immediately My wife immediately went she's in Friday night lights down on love that and I went ah Christ So yeah so

Reegs:which one was the mum

Howie:mum his mum Yeah

Reegs:They they have a great interaction when she's telling him off And he eventually ends up with him like sliding along the floor in anguish basically Exactly As I could imagine a 17 year old doing or indeed my seven year old really funny


Howie:He's he's a very unique character in that he wants to pass through school without offending anybody and being kind of an every man but a nobody


Dan:I like that Kind of a theme for him that you get those people at school that don't fit into any one group Cause he talks about you know the is there a league of nations or the canteen you know that it was all these different fractions of of different tribes If you like that would go

Sidey:done before though Sit in 10 things I hate about you Exactly the same I go through

Reegs:which is based on the taming of the

Dan:Yeah The heat ledger

Sidey:the goths the drama club and he says something as he walks past or the and then he says when Rachel is there with our friends that we don't know them at this point he was passing those same tests and he goes Oh yeah Another test though are those tests we get a flashback to


Howie:really unfortunate one

Reegs:I was a bit of a floater


Reegs:it came to social groups at school I was a bit of a person who was not quite in any one group

Sidey:Yeah same probably

Reegs:Yeah everybody feels like that Then maybe that's what's relatable about it

Howie:Well yeah maybe maybe we were just not tragic enough to be totally unique and fixed in one idea Like we weren't a complete goth We weren't a complete stoner

Sidey:maybe it's more of an American thing Cause we didn't you know at our school you wore a uniform so you didn't have different styles and about a common scout on you

Dan:Laser and a hat

Sidey:yeah So I don't know Maybe it's because of that I don't know

Dan:You had uniform at your score posh goat

Sidey:primary school uniform was far superior to my second

Reegs:He can still get into it as well


Reegs:so yeah we also have these like stop motion animation bits in the first sort of 20 or 30 seconds It launches into one he tells us in the self narration that this is a film about a girl who doesn't die

Howie:Yeah He's very firm about that I keep sort of saying I don't

Sidey:he mentioned it a couple of times Isn't it Yeah


Howie:And the animation does that firstly come in when the fit girl touches him Yeah

Sidey:Well he describes the interaction as I can't ever remember what animal it is now

Howie:Is it a moose moose squirrel Squirrel Yeah

Sidey:and yeah like you say every time she either talks to him or puts a hand on him he's just got this this hoof just whack whack whack

Dan:kind of fantastic Mr Fox animation comes up doesn't it

Howie:Yeah Greg despite protestations DISA goes over to see Rachel's goes over to Rachel's house to try and make friends of her And it is a hell of an awkward first encounter That's actually quite what it's it's a lot more funny than it First of all he knocks on the door and Rachael's alcoholic single mother I was like Whoa let's go there There's like she's like holding him up A bit too long and then running her hands through her hair whilst holding a glass of GNT it's good It's got a story to it Oh what a pick I've done there

Reegs:He like a bit of plot with your porn Obviously she she he makes some joke about she says she calls him a quiet little mouse or something He says Oh a modest mouse is obviously the name of a band but then every time she greets him she's sort of falling over him and calling him the modest mouse

Howie:They have she had eight she calls Rachel down and there's this really awkward first encounter where it neither of them truly wants to be in each other's company And eventually she agrees for him to come upstairs and they start talking about his pillow and he makes the first joke about I used to have a pillow like this And all I used to do was masturbate all over it And it's like well that's a conversation breaker

Sidey:She likes she likes his sort of quirky sense of humor Obviously she knows That it's a pity visit because that

Dan:Well it actually says it's not a positive visit I was made to come here by me by my mom And she said well that makes it even worse And he goes yeah kind of does

Sidey:Yeah But can we just hang out for a bit just so I can say I've done it basically and then they have yeah like you say they have this he oversharers when talking about this which becomes quite a key symbolic cushy in the film

Reegs:Yes he then reveals to her that he and the titular L Earl the odd pair had been making films before they were 10 and they've made 47 and all they're sort of they reminded me a little bit of Michelle Gondry's be kind

Howie:Yes yes Yeah definitely Yeah

Dan:And they idea behind each one they took a film That they like and made the title more stupid

Reegs:I've got a selected

Howie:Did you get it all well done because I was hoping one of you

Dan:eyes wide but was young

Reegs:and that to me if a burger gone with my wind Harry olden mod don't look now because the creepy ass to is about to kill you which I love don't look now as well I love that

Dan:sock work orange

Reegs:death in tennis

Howie:Two 48 cowboy

Reegs:that was very good Yeah Pooping Tom the S the seven seals and each of them is made in this sort of Quite actually quite decent production Yeah Lo-fi production where they've made the sets themselves but they've put some real effort into them It's a very charming moment If you like films you're going to obviously respond to these little vignettes

Dan:My dinner with Andre the giant

Reegs:100 bros and wages of beer

 Howie:I I think it's quite nice I've tried It's just the point where you kind of get a flashback as to how he's well friends but it caused him co-worker with Earl at this point where he says I I I try and I think this is the part

Sidey:when he first starts talking about him you get the flashback Devon's kids and his scary older brother with the mud dog chases him down the street And it seems that the older brother has never willing to kind of accept him He always tries to intimidate him on the porch all lives on the sort of Very close by but just on the wrong side of the tracks if you like it's a bit of a more what you said it's a dangerous neighborhood or it's a rougher neighborhood that he just said and it's a kind of unlikely friendship but I actually felt that Al was really tragically underused in this film


Sidey:because he was by far the most interesting character I thought

Reegs:We barely found anything out about him apart from it he was kind of a caricature in terms of where he lived and how he spoke And he sort of he plays quite a pivotal role in the resolution of the plot which is almost quite unearned

Sidey:This the crux of the film is obviously the relationship between Greg and Rachel but something was going on with Oh and make sure as well but we never really got to see or explore

Dan:Well I was just a cool dude with an AC to cut through the bullshit and he'd be able to read people how this other you know Greg is awkward So a guy never was able to

Reegs:eight did also spend quite a lot of time saying have you got to go on those titties

Dan:Yeah It was a teenager Yeah yeah yeah

Howie:I noticed that I noticed throughout out of the two of him and Greg Earl actually was slightly physical with Rachel and that he would touch her or he would like just put his arm around or anything like that Whereas throughout I don't think at any point there was anything physical

Sidey:he kept on saying this is not a romantic story that there is no at this point you'd normally expect that to be an embrace in a case or whatever but they'd never is I think he was just he was afraid he had feelings for her He clearly had feelings for her in the sense that he dishes entire school year after he'd been accepted to college just to look after her So that was certainly a can actually


Sidey:or not I personally I felt like if that the circumstances were different than he would have Yes

Dan:well they seem to perfect couple didn't

Sidey:And I suppose to cut to the end he ditches the prom date to go and see her and gives her the corsage stuff So there was a connection there

Howie:I think it was if you want to get a sort of a bit  sort of soppy about it he I don't think he actually loved that as a girlfriend I think he just had a true friendship And I think that's maybe what the film was hinting out that he was realizing Cause that's what a lot of the film is about the fact that he was distancing himself from anybody He wouldn't even call early his friend Yeah The coworker And he was just he was that sort of level of socially awkward that level of relationship afraid And although

Sidey:right I think he was afraid I know it says it says as much as he calls me his coworker because he's too afraid Sam his friend in case something happens gets rejected and he was just afraid of that rejection Someone not loving it back

Howie:and and he also said well what do you expect for someone who's main was it his main influence on his life is his dad who doesn't speak to anyone only as cat and his dad His dad is fucking brilliant


Reegs:Cat Stevens Yeah

Howie:when they do a family hug do we have to have him cats in it

Reegs:he makes the meat the most bizarre food

Howie:and his dad's just I didn't understand that his dad was a sociology professor with a tenure So what does that do mean

Reegs:It meant he sat around eating cereal a lot of the day and

Sidey:jumped jumped for life doing nothing Basically



Reegs:Right So it felt the same as Both Well I certainly felt the same as you So ID about Greg and Rachel that I think if circumstances had been different they probably would have been a romantic connection but I enjoyed the fact that they never you know they explicitly state this isn't a romance There's not much

Sidey:but he did mislead you


Sidey:And I I never bought that when he said I was like she's going to

Dan:I did because I wanted to believe it

Howie:It would have been nice but

Sidey:a cynic I thought I don't think she's gonna

Howie:it would have been

Sidey:so I guess that the story of progressive is by Her condition deteriorating so she announces that next week she's having treatment She's going to lose her hair And so the next time they meet in the film we see she she has lost her hair And obviously that's especially for maybe not but in my mind I think especially for a girl that'd be a very difficult thing And There's nothing Anyone can say to comfort her at that point He just needs to be there where they are But I think he's a bit uncomfortable about to be out It's difficult obviously for

Dan:Terribly Yes Terribly awkward Eh I mean you you quit you feel sometimes you know more awkward that he's in a position then you do bad for the girl Like you know cause she's she's actually quite positive and and takes everything in a stride even all this bad news she seems quite you know

Sidey:She says I'm not I'm not dying I'm just unwell Yeah I think maybe before she lost her she says that those things cheap but she starts to bring out the best in him So he's flummoxing around doesn't know what to do about college and she'd just point blank says right we're going to apply now She gets the laptop makes him do it So she's driving him forward Give him a bit of impetus because he's a bit of a slacker I guess Yeah Used to be drifted as good word for it

Howie:but at this point the Hottie that keeps ruining his mind asks him to make a film

Reegs:Cause she she's been watching the films and really enjoying them They've been helping her as part of her recovery from the

Dan:And they showed these films to no one there just for Earl and Greg aren't they but on condition she doesn't tell anyone He sh that they make her laugh So they he lets him watch her

Howie:but I think Erlin him just I think we just need rewind one bit There is quite a little funny scene in the middle where Al and Gregor in the history teacher's room which they use as a sort of a as a sort of a hideaway during lunchtimes and the history teachers eating some soup

Reegs:It's John bernfeld who I really like playing probably one of the most Jon Bernthal characters you'll ever get

Sidey:he sort of mentors them doesn't they seem they seem to hide out in his office

Reegs:Yes they approached they asked him for some of the soup don't they

Dan:English teacher

Howie:History history teacher And they try some of the soup without that He says no don't have any but he goes out of the room and and they end up fucking tripping out in class And it's just his eyes Bolger I think I'm on drugs I think of a drugs

Reegs:You see he keeps seeing like people dressed up in furry costumes There's a very funny scene where Earl is just chatting away to Rachel on the steps while they're eating a Ice cream or an ice lolly And he's just kind of staring really intently at the ice lolly

Dan:And then they obviously realize it was more likely to be the cookies

Howie:from the drug dealer

Dan:L fill pair or whatever it was

Reegs:he was a good character

Dan:that there was a few good characters in this as you would expect in a in a high school kind of movie with all these different tribal groups and everything And they never really explored too much Beyond the the two maybe characters the rest were all could have been developed a little bit more especially Oh

Sidey:definitely Oh

Reegs:definitely Oh  of course this can't all continue sort of all happy The three of them and Greg do you have a falling out Am I jumping

Howie:too no no There's a fight in the

Sidey:they have a a thing dog and Oh actually categorically says we are done Our friendship is over which is I suppose what Greg's been fairing this rejection of people but just not being around for him and then following that he goes to see Rachel whereby she tells him this is now terminal and she's not accepting any more treatment for this which it's the best scene of the movie for me it's a completely static camera just on these two young actors as they deliver the most moving part of the film where he cannot accept that she's not going to try to survive But he's not he's not at any point willing to put himself into her shoes of the suffering and how awful the treatment is for her with probably no end in sight So

Reegs:is that the just after that they have the montage set to the big ship Brian Eno

Sidey:loads of

Reegs:But there's a particularly touching montage as he looks back over his relationship and it's set to the big ship I don't know if it's I think it's after I see you right It's a very strong scene in the movie

Dan:just up in our bedroom isn't it Yeah And

Reegs:So he takes this news really badly

Sidey:He says something and I can't remember the exact phrase something about just dead He says you know it's really he says something really definitive about death And she says Oh that's really nice And he's like fuck that was that was harsh And they say at this point

Dan:Oh it was it was something about you're quitting on college Oh you're quitting on life or something

Sidey:she's sort of nice I think the only thing you can do for me now is leave and he he does fuck off So at this point he's he's basically not getting the grades to get to college He's lost his best mate and his Friends Rachel is not going to make it at Bay for at the 48 So he's pretty

Reegs:he's also completely failed the year at school because he spent an entire year

Sidey:Yeah So many So he's not getting

Reegs:applied for college Yeah Yeah

Sidey:So he got he you see the email on his phone And so he he'd had the place and then they'd rescinded the place because he hadn't kept his grades up So he was a rock bottom but that his mother says Oh she's gotten back into hospital Which first he thinks is for treatment but she don't know She you know this is like palliative care now and that he has this huge brand where he reveals all this stuff that you know he's not going to get into coach So there's a lot of there's a lot of drama at this point I I was struggling to this point to be honest with Greg specifically my problem with this film whilst there was lots of stuff that I enjoyed in it My problem with it was Greg I found Ham to be all the things he described him as it's like the drifter the the no one but not funny but it just didn't there was nothing to hang your hopes over them or to

Dan:Very flaky


Sidey:yeah just I w I was at this point I was like I wish this had been more about Al or they'd been more about Greg that was likable or that you could root for him I just didn't really care about him I didn't really think any relationships with were worth it with him It was just it was just a

Reegs:I think that I don't know if I completely agree with that He spent a lot of time looking after her out of a genuine


Reegs:love for her

Dan:No it skimmed over loads Didn't it It kind of

Sidey:they even just David just put her like locked down at rib and she was not in the film for a lot of it which I thought was a bit disappointing

Reegs:Yeah the way that the story was engineered around marginalizing probably the two most interesting characters in it in Earl and Rachel did a comedian as well so kind of troubled me that this story about her illness was really just a vehicle for him to discover I'm okay And I can you know she helps him get into School

Sidey:but saving on the title of the film the dying girl I mean that's all she's known as the

Dan:it's not like a close dying is it This is for anybody Wandering

Sidey:So I can't remember exactly what I say He's had a he basically has a fallout with the hot girl who I can't remember her name Was it McCain Madison

Howie:Yeah And then he has a fight with but he has a fight in the canteen with that drugs the drug dealer and Earl comes into more or less rescuing from it and they and they all get thrown out and the school principal tells all that I think Cause Because the drug drug Phil whatever his name is Sorry It'll fail It's been chucked out the school anyway There's nothing that they can really process It says basically well all of you get out Don't come back blah blah blah And then that's when Melissa comes up and shouts across the sort of the pavement why don't you come to the prom with me

Sidey:Well it had a falling out because she says where's this fucking film If you're working on it for ages and he wants it to be perfect and it's not he's

Howie:terrible It's all Vox pops

Sidey:happy with it And she says look just fucking finish it You know she's dying Just fucking finish the film and have everything done And to make up for that she I thought bizarrely says I'll come to prom with

Reegs:Yeah I didn't understand

Sidey:really get it I didn't really get her motivation back cause she wasn't gonna fuck him which is the whole point So what the hell So she must've fucked someone off To invite him And then he ditches out the last minute to go to the hospital I didn't even find that scene particularly moving I have to say

Howie:Well I was so convicted

Reegs:when he shows her the movie he didn't

Sidey:shit I thought out of all the ones that we see in the film that they'd made that was bollix just just fucking shape moving on the screen

Reegs:Well there was loads of different stuff though Wasn't there he'd been he was basically saying this is the the I tried to make this film and look at how many different ways I tried to make it and I still couldn't do it

Dan:what what I did like

Sidey:it rubbish

Dan:what I did like about that when he towards the white at the end of the film when he's had the recommendation from her To to get into college and everything He writes on the thing the last person to watch his film died So be warned be

Howie:Yeah It it the the the scene in the hospital where it's clear that she's unfortunately going to die and he sits next to her and watches the film Yeah I I found it very moving I just find it very moving with that before it was clear how ill she was I was convinced that he was just going to pop in and see her before she went to the You no I thought because because because she made it clear and he he made it clear throughout the film that this wasn't a romantic film And I was convinced that he was perhaps going to go in do a token listen blah blah blah His of course I was because you're not going to say I'm your friend blah blah blah I genuinely thought it was going to do that And then And then she would she would have said something along the lines of her true feelings sort of come out and his true feelings And I thought that was going to be it but it didn't turn out like that He basically sat next to her and as she started to kind of go it just turned into a and E or it was all like crazy for roar of people throwing people out And all you saw was her laying there with the with with the projection of the film going on on the on the wall

Reegs:desperately wanted to stay alive to see the rest of the movies she's basically like you say she's dying and she's I felt the same when I've watched twister actually

Sidey:it was played out to some more Brian Nino there was three tracks off another green world It's fucking palace I love it So that was good really like that And then we have They they called it something which I wasn't familiar with I would say

Howie:Shiva Shiva

Sidey:and he's outside He reconciles they have and I'll get back on track They they sort of worked things out and then the drunk mother comes down and hands Greg a book

Reegs:just one thing at the Shiva she's cremated And I have literally never met or heard of any Jew who has who gets cremated It's just not a thing that's supposed to happen in Judaism And even really you know lax Jewish people I don't think would like anybody who wasn't even really paying anything it was just sort of Jewish almost didn't name only would have still wouldn't have been cremated So I

Sidey:There's just no barrier Would it be traditional sort of

Reegs:it to be buried and it has to be varied within three

Howie:yeah It's really fast

Reegs:so it seemed a bit odd really

Sidey:Okay but going back to the story the mother of Rachel Hans have it I think it's the college guide isn't it

Howie:Yeah With the list of all the universities

Sidey:of all the you know there's colleges throughout the States and then when he opens it up it's been carved he's carved out but like Shawshank it's it's carved out There's a little scene of her Greg and I sat around and then I think he

Dan:in a classroom at school or something isn't it

Reegs:think it's the ice cream shop from the beginning

Howie:Yes because of the stairs Yeah

Sidey:Thank you Finds a couple of other ones doesn't they

Reegs:and not lots

Dan:In a room which are amazing

Reegs:She's quite the artist which we only find out if she's dying Although they she does have that quote He has that conversation with Jon Bernthal who's talking about was it his father that he was still discovering things about him

Howie:after he died and that's pivotal to the end scene Yeah

Reegs:And so yeah he discovered as well a number of squirrels that have been drawn

Howie:Cause they're wallpaper trees and he notes that at the start they


Dan:Which is all a connection with her dad Yeah

Reegs:So it all sort of ties together We find out that she had a lot more hidden depths than we were exposed to over the film

Dan:which auto is a really nice way

Howie:It was nice to talk

Dan:about that The fact that you know there's so much you don't know about somebody and all the things you kind of wish you knew more of but that

Reegs:well anyway she's still alive


Howie:you're more than just an an obituary

Dan:Well yeah those memories and things that go on

Reegs:Yeah It was a

Sidey:Did you wonder if that was huge Jack man's real voice

Reegs:I'm pretty sure it

Howie:it was

Sidey:Yeah And the film was shot in chronological order

Reegs:Was it that's

Sidey:Which I imagined happens very very rarely but presumably they were going for the buildup of the relationship you know in real life And fact that to get that extra emotional punch at the end when she did away She went full method and actually did get leukemia for this

Reegs:Wow That is commitment Daniel Day Lewis making fucking shoes and

Howie:okay I see Hope Kansas You can fuck yourself

Reegs:So he also discovers that she has written him a note that explains that she submitted an application to the college on his behalf giving him a sort of reference

Sidey:Yeah I thought it was a letter Cause he'd already applied This was just a this is why his grades are so shit Yeah

Reegs:And so the movie culminates with him sort of having

Sidey:I think there's the mum say or did the note say you can help yourself to any of my stuff anything you want So he takes the pillow They've got the cushion rather from the very beginning and the

Reegs:show of his in blanking over it

Dan:Came to a sticky end Yeah

Reegs:no So yeah he takes the pillow He does eventually submit the movie which is kind of the movie that we've been watching sort of it's actually the movie that he shows Her in the hospital while she's passing away now while she's dying and he sends it off And by this point he sort of had an epiphany about being more connected being more in the


Dan:I wonder if he sticks with the hot girls destroy your life That's just a fact that was one of his lines in there

Sidey:budget for this $8 million

Dan:boy Okay Can't see where it was all

Sidey:I was gonna say that seems they've got quite a lot for this film but do you reckon

Reegs:it looked nice though Didn't it Because the cinematographer was Chung Hoon Chung no Well he did old boy the handmaiden and Stoker if anybody's seen that as they're all beautiful looking films and I think you could see some of that influence particularly in the vignettes of the stories that you know the movies they were making

Sidey:but do you think it made any money


Reegs:Wasn't this the most expensive ever Sundance script or something or film the rights for it I think I think

Sidey:Don't know about that but it made 9.1 mil So I only made it mill at a bit but still made some money It's a Fox Searchlight pitcher Yeah I find them really good for the own quirky little thing

Reegs:When it came up I said it came up and I was like Oh this is Searchlight This is that's probably going to be really good then

Dan:one to look out for Yeah Okay

Sidey:so I guess let's ask the question How are you where are you not entertained

Reegs:It is a good film It's disappointing the way it falls prey to some really troubling cliches particularly around Earl and the sort of manic pixie girl that is Rachel who we never really understand what it's like to have leukemia or be going through this or anything from her perspective which would have been probably more interesting but it is there are really good performances and it is kind of funny and sad and everything in between So yes I did enjoy it but there were things that bothered me

Dan:well it tried to make me laugh and yeah Try to make me cry and it didn't do either but I did smile and I it did touch me It's certain parts as well I was closer to laugh than I was to to cry And to be honest it was quite a funny film There was a few really funny lines in it and scenes yeah some of the characters is slightly undeveloped but take it for what it is You know it's not gonna be the best film you're going to ever see but it entertained me certainly Yeah

Sidey:Yeah I would say for me there's parts of it I really liked that I thought were very well done Other parts just really frustrating I would have liked it so much more formality It would seem like my father most interesting character like you say rigs I thought Rachel herself was just really underplayed And for line section of the film was just boxed away and I've never seen so some good moments but bit of a mess bone parts for me

  Kids TV We watched some of that too Howie What was it

Howie:Watch Clarence pretty great day with a girl And this is a quite old cartoon This is

Sidey:It's finished It's

Howie:Yeah It's finished its run which spoiler Gutted it's about this the show those seemingly idiotic is very good it tests the limits that other kids shows don't dare to cross For example one of the characters Jeff's parents are lesbian Couple Clarence's mother has a live in boyfriend called Chad who's quite music And if you've not watched any of the other episodes the guy the guy that is go go Sumo He has a family that lives in complete Horrific poverty with parents who don't pay attention to him because of all his other siblings before we talk about the episode so this show should be watched by kids cause it doesn't sugar coat real life like other shows can do And it shows that no matter how different your home life may be whether you are poor rich or an only child or surrounded by family we're not so different after all And we could all make peace and be friends That's the kind of thing but

Dan:that from this episode of

Howie:No I've watched too many of them so in this episode is the first one Clarence and the show's theme tune is I don't care what you're going to say I'm going to do what I want to do all day and it's

Reegs:possibly the most annoying intro music to any show I've ever seen but it's mercifully short So only about 10 seconds long So

Howie:starts with Clarence outside his house drinking water from a hose but from directly shoved down his throat

Sidey:some sort of mud

Howie:Yeah mud pyramid mud volcano covered in mud and this this this cuts out my kids laughing and they asked to watch more and more and more and they liked it

Reegs:Clarence needs a description

Howie:I can't yes

Sidey:He's well in terms of Clarence himself

Dan:is it

Howie:front teeth

Dan:pepper pig and Bart Simpson or something

Sidey:Is he's overweight is a chunky monkey he's he speaks slightly

Howie:Well cause his teeth are missing from the front

Reegs:He's got no ears Did you notice that it's got no ears

Howie:Well Belson's got a cock for a nose is best And one of it one of his enemies

Reegs:thought more sweet

Sidey:Yeah he does Yeah He certainly has a healthy appetite because the same way he makes like just going out for a couple of hours and he makes about a hundred sandwiches

Dan:but it makes him more when he finds out he's three hours they're going for

Howie:but the the whole episodes spins around a friend of his from school Amy who rocks up on her bike to go and go for a ride to find and is erotic

Sidey:but yeah so I learned something and I'm pretty hot on my

Dan:which is a S


Dan:a huge stone that's in a different environment to where it should be

Howie:there was a particular scene when they do a bit of research on the internet that reminded me of my son when he's so obsessed by looking at something and he clearly needs to go for a piss and he and he's not He's like Oh my God Oh my God look there's another one he's holding I need to pee I need to pee Oh my God there's another one And his mum just goes Clarence go for a pee

Reegs:I wondered if he had some sort of bladder condition because there's two or three

Sidey:think it was just a normal kid thing of like too

Reegs:getting to the toilet


Sidey:involved in what you're doing while they're

Reegs:but how old is Clarence How old

Sidey:This is about 10

Howie:he drank enough water to justify going for a pest constantly So I think that was fair

Sidey:is that Amy She put she said why don't you come with me And he says I can't my bikes

Howie:I'm waiting for we've got a bucket Christmas or

Sidey:she says you can just get my pegs And he looks at my like sparkle It's really good I love that

Howie:and I'm on the bike When he's standing on the back she system you can be the navigator yeah And they go off and all the animals as they go past the fences Hi Hi

Dan:is everyone

Reegs:He knows everyone does he there's a dog called grandpa and a cat called

Howie:Yeah Everyone likes him except Victor The cat And I I can't I don't think in this episode but you don't get to see Clarence his stepdad Chad


Reegs:You did see him briefly when

Howie:Oh In the arcades In the

Reegs:says Chad and he kind of goes

Howie:he is amazing Is he's basically fills in for Clarence's or he's a stepdad but he's everything that Claris wants and he's he just looks after him And it's so funny

Reegs:They do actually bond over that Don't they Amy and Clarence because she says her parents are getting

Howie:Yeah And they're moving away or something she's got

Reegs:slate while I've got a stepdad you know very relatable real things expressed not in a more Kishor modeling way

Howie:He lets me jump on his back and around his neck and It's the things kids would say

Reegs:Whisky breath Yeah

Dan:So in this episode they go to this erratic a band of his mates Kind of see him going into the forest with a gal and they can't believe it What is this One of one of this crew is with a girl they're going to make out what is even making out I dunno but they're going to do it

Howie:And then when they like discredit Yemen bollocking him cause he's there watching him with this with Amy the other one starts going but girls have really nice hair and they smell really nice And they're really nice Oh yeah

Dan:Yeah there's that isn't And so they have this huge war from the bottom of the erratic to the top of the erotic where they're throwing Moss and pine codes At one point one of them actually hits the pine cone It hits Amy in the face and they will kind of stop and go Oh you know what It was all hyped up And it was all kind of really angry Everyone's going Oh that was bad man You shouldn't do that And she comes back with the attitude of kids didn't even hurt I really like that

Sidey:Clarence has taken the odd handful and just eating it

Reegs:D he then says I really need the toilet And then in the next scene there's water cascading down You think he Watts but it turns out it's using

Howie:I had my kids laughing out loud quite a lot and they I'm like Oh God And then it's over as quickly as it starts a seer that everything cool Yeah Bye

Reegs:I do like the fact that at the end he has a really civilized sip you know interactions sit down with the Burley's Belsen and

Dan:kids on the street aren't they you

Howie:They just said he opens up his bag I've got plenty of sandwiches Yeah

Dan:and they will tuck in and and they will still win or of him a little bit that he's been out with a girl all day where Clarence has Bolivia's to any Kind of special feeling

Howie:that's the thing that's the thing The innocence of the whole situation is maintained because they got are you you're really lucky Clarence You're really lucky And he goes yeah I've got loads of sandwiches


Howie:and that's it And then it just goes it's just like what the

Dan:Cause what is it 20 minutes was it is not a 10


Howie:11 minutes 11 minutes my kids massive fans I really liked it Clarence sees the good in everyone The other episodes as they go on there is one of his friends Jeff I think it's Jeff Who's got OCD and lives in a really expensive house And Belson's rich bully That is just everything he does is just unfortunate A cry for help and wants to be friends So they're all the bullies in that bit They're all friends The main character There is a fantastic episode involving action figure toys where Jeff the OCD kid is obsessed with watching some transformers program where all the transformers are Supreme court judges and they and he gets a dog called judge Biden w the one that's Ginsburg the one that's just passed away the Supreme Supreme court and Clarence breaks it And the whole episode is about Clara's trying to fix it and it is fucking horrendous th th the the best character apart from Chad is mole The lad who lives in poverty Yes sir

Reegs:He talks like he's got one of those things that throat cancer patients


Reegs:those like fake voice

Howie:during the pine cone Fire is running around on his own somewhere in the corner Like there's always one

Reegs:Yeah Stylistically I felt At least in the sense of the backgrounds this was very reminiscent of something like family guy maybe

Sidey:There's this whole staple This is a cartoon network Thing originally so it's been picked up by Netflix but originally this was constant network and they have a whole gamut of these sort of shows So you've got amazing world of gumball uncle grandpa regular show Apollonian which we've reviewed before and adventure time


Howie:I was going to say adventure time was the thing that I closely thought it was

Sidey:serious crisis person because I can't figure out if that matter of FEMA


Sidey:cause Skylar Paige who was a storyboard artist from adventure time

Reegs:Yeah He

Dan:there was a Skylar in

Reegs:of a scandal

Sidey:He has extreme bipolar disorder and also was sacked I believe

Reegs:but sexual

Sidey:sexual harassment or sexual assault I think it was not harassment or sexual assault so

Dan:that was Skylar

Sidey:Skylar did the the voice for Clarence

Dan:Because Skyla was a character in the regular show as well It was the girlfriend of one of the muscle man or something there was in that Did you ever see that in the regular

Sidey:Yeah So a few of them I I would

Reegs:Walt's wife's name in breaking bad Yeah I think it's different

Dan:it was around the time I was watching regular show that I'd first become aware of Clarence Actually

Sidey:I would go search through cartoon network but mainly for adventure time which is my fav love That would be a little bit less interested in the others but I never saw Clarence actually at the time

Dan:I really liked the animation actually the characters drawn in adventure time They were they were

Sidey:That's going to be a nomination coming up for

Reegs:I liked the animation in this they're really charming

Sidey:when you sent it through the still Harry of the episode to watch I was like Oh my God it looks really crude and rubbish but it wasn't a total It was great I really liked it The animation

Reegs:Yeah  Clarence himself is just great Isn't he He's a really lovely affable nice

Dan:She is Yeah Not a bad bone in his body

Reegs:body No you're quite right He's very genuine and big hearted you

Dan:You need to look off the Clarence you've you've got that kind of feeling straight away that you want to You know even to the point where you need to go and tell them to use the toilet you know Yeah You have to look off the Clarence but he's yeah he's such a sweet person even when Maybe his friends went over Initially this gal comes down on the bike you know she's like Winnie Cooper out the one the

Howie:Oh yeah yeah yeah I see it Yeah

Dan:in and lights up the street and hi Clarence you know do you want to go out And he said now I've got a bike You know it's like he's making excuses not to go until as society pointed out they show the the the the stunt pegs and they go Whoa Yeah I'll I'll do it But I really liked this I'd seen it before not this episode but I it was a good one

Howie:there's some innocence around it that was genuine and not sickly sweet or being forced down your throat I because there's still a bit of menace about it That the my kids they were like they like the the pine cone fight And but they liked the fact that There was nobody there They liked the fact I think my car my oldest she kind of really doesn't like stuff where people get embarrassed or made to look stupid She is she really struggles with stuff like that

Reegs:Then she hated that bit and Dora in the movie where she like

Howie:Yeah It was dancing doing yes exactly It So she liked this because nobody was made made to look stupid No one was

Dan:But it did have that needle that that kind of child hood has sometimes with the pine cone fight and the bully you know

Reegs:It seems very truthful as it as an expression of childhood

Dan:And had all the innocence then and as you said they all sat down at the end of the day and ate sandwiches together and climates never really picked up on anybody's you know rude nurse saw or he doesn't

Howie:angle We doesn't get it Doesn't see an angle

Reegs:he sees the good in people I think you know

Dan:It's all a game to him

Sidey:You mentioned about Sumo and we died not seeing his GAF but I when I watched this I thought that currents looked like he was from a maybe low income kind of where suddenly it was from a broken we're not broken up but he's live with his mom and her partner and the yard everything just looked a mess And I thought that was quite nice that you don't often see that sort of thing in kid's TV where he was just accepted for who he was regardless of You know his background or where he was from and everyone just got on Although they had rival gangs and got into scrapes it was just normal kid


Sidey:but presented in a really funny way I thought

Howie:There's no real vitriol in any of the

Yeah Foam favorite with my kids they laugh out loud They really enjoy it and it's quiet and it's a nice one that I can go Do you know what they're watching it There's nothing bad is going There's no backhoe There's no massive death death scene involving back

Dan:they're not ripping heads


Dan:and no

Sidey:so overall then how he worked you and your family not entertained

Howie:as you


Reegs:yeah I really liked this It was sort of innocent and optimistic and calm and honest And yeah this was really good

Dan:First time round with the boy He really enjoyed it He really liked it I was less enthusiastic but I'm if I can ever get my daughter off watching the hollow then I I'll recommend this to her and we'll see where it goes She I think she has seen it before as well And enjoy

Howie:just before side It gives his view at the end that the hollow my kids are fucking watching loads of that shit now as

Sidey:could only be about 16 episodes of that

Howie:Yeah but they bought you again

Sidey:there's 130 this so this is much

Reegs:how many there's like 40 in a season or

Sidey:Something like that only ran for four years I knew nothing about this Didn't know what to expect other than seeing that still that you sent through And I was kind of a bit like Oh God what's says I fucking loved it I thought it was absolutely fantastic Really really enjoyed it and we'll try it And Convinced my daughter to get involved

  another week another podcast that was a lot of fun Dan you're going to nominate for us what we got

Dan:Isn't it Yeah Why Well are we going to go for a top five of Pharaoh books books on films films related to books

Sidey:That's the word

Dan:is the word so we're going to go top five There there's plenty to choose from is going to be a is going to be a tough week Say if you're listening to this one and you fancy send it in a few recommendations ahead of us getting that done

Reegs:We've actually already had some nominations for this week's

Dan:The one that I just

Reegs:no no that one I know Best movie politicians Who've already had some nominations

Sidey:Oh that's groovy We've got movie

Dan:I have a movie it's a movie that I would been looking forward to to see him for a little while because the amazing Richard E.

Grant is in it with Melissa McCarthy It's can you ever forgive me I'm not going to say more than that but other than that is Oscar nominated So he's got some pedigree our big that right up we will see the other thing that we've been watching in our house is bear Grylls adventure you versus wild


Sidey:don't make your

Reegs:wilds to be honest

Howie:you're in it

Dan:you are in it This is this is immersive And I'd like you to look at the first series I think is maybe one or two series but it's called myth of the abandoned mine That is the episode

Reegs:If I watched this with the kids am I going to end up having to take them outside somewhere to do


Howie:you have to abso absolutely the woods in your pants again,

Dan:you will need your remote.

Howie:Oh, right.

Turn it off.

Sidey:Well, I think that sounds very exciting. Okay. So. Keep listening. we're probably the most popular think podcast in the

Reegs:Yeah. Joe Rogan called and

Sidey:yeah, Joanne can suck my Dick

Reegs:we said, no, we're not

Howie:well, when they were doing the chart, somebody tweet it stopped the counts because it was embarrassing. We was getting so high up there. Yeah.

Sidey:So it's great to be the best, but we want to stay there.

So keep listening and keep subscribing and reviewing and, all that remains to say Sidey signing out.

Howie:how many goodbye.

Reegs:makes is gone.

Dan:dad's left.