Dec. 1, 2020

Midweek Mention... His House

Midweek Mention... His House

The Bad Dads are not universally sold on the horror genre. That is to say 75% of us won't watch them!

This week Reegs makes the case for the highly rated His House. What are the chances of him actually managing to make the others man up. Not great you have to say! 

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Bad Dads 


His House

Sidey:  we're going to put together another midweek movie mentioned rigs You're going to chat to us about something that you've seen recently

Reegs: Yeah so I watched his house which was actually how we mentioned this a few weeks ago on a previous pod

Dan: Sounds like mama's house I'm

Sidey: Was he saying I will never watch this because it's a horror film

Reegs: possibly but it is a little bit more interesting than You know just a

Sidey: Well after you mentioned it I did watch the trailer So I kind of know what the sort of what the story is about

Reegs: All right Okay Okay

Dan: I know nothing

Reegs: it's directed by a guy called Remy wheat Susan I don't he's done a few things but nothing I'd never really heard of and this is a horror movie that went straight to Netflix I think a bit of a Sundance something or

Sidey: It had a hundred percent rotten tomatoes

Reegs: hundred percent is many percent

Sidey: you're into that sort of percentile

Dan: what one or

Sidey: as an all  favorable reviews

Dan: how many reviews

Sidey: 13 I don't know

Dan: Okay

Reegs: this is the story of bowl and rail who are a refugee couple escaping war ravaged South Sudan with their daughter Nikki Now GAC it's some of the names are a bit difficult It's pronounced their destination is London but not before a sort of harrowing trip across the Mediterranean sea

Dan: were in the Sudan

Reegs: well that's yeah Where they've escaped from but we kind of open with them doing a journey across the Mediterranean

Dan: Okay Heading towards London

Reegs: heading towards London Yeah

Dan: It's a federal way to go

Reegs: a story that we've You hear about on the news quite often Yeah Yeah so during this sort of trip there's a storm and the daughter along with many others falls overboard and dies yeah it's it's quite hard It's harrowing It's harrowing So later in London they're granted asylum By some sort of very bored looking bureaucrats they sort of rattle off a load of restrictions and you can't do this You can't do that Otherwise you'll be deported And then they're on probation Basically They're taken to a housing state which has been given to them and it's predictably an absolute shit all there's rubbish piled up outside

Dan: How how long has gone in the film now Cause I'm quite I'm feeling like wow You know already just from this disgrace quite bleak

Reegs: it is but there are some moments of humor as well So but it's a kind of dark humor a lot of the time she he's having a nightmare about that journey across the sea and he wakes up and he's she's sort of cradling him and She says well what were you dreaming about And he said Oh it was about my wedding day And she said Oh she says Oh that's that explains the screaming then so there is there is a bit dark humor is funny sort of thing but yeah they're they're basically in the middle of nowhere the neighbors stare at them They don't return their greetings there's a real strangeness going on right from the officer in the atmosphere she even approaches some she's trying to find her way to the doctors who she approaches some black school children do ask for direction but they take the Mickey out of her English and tell her to go back to Africa It's quite sort of it's quite an edgy scene they bowl the guy He does his best to assimilate to the local culture He sings football songs He sings the Peter crouch is big He's red his feet stick out the bed Is it is that what it is Peter crouch Peter crouch So he tries to assimilate and he won't sit on the floor for meals He insists on using cutlery even when he says even when the wife says that she can only taste metal he changes how he dresses to fit in a bit more all in service of proving to the government that they can belong in the UK whilst his wife cleans onto her culture and she sort of insists on eating on the floor and dressing colorfully and flammable There's a lot going on here is quite a different sort of cultural experience watching this movie and then some spooky shit starts to happen all and rail the couple they see visions of their daughter in the house and a mysterious male figure who kind of appears and They sort of appear and disappear into the

Dan: I hadn't if I had

Howie: I I've muted it right now so I can look at it through like a squinty eye and go there's wait till the dialogue kicks in

Sidey: at breakfast time Instead

Dan: If the music isn't yeah

Reegs: so you get it goes all freaky and dreamlike So she starts he starts to he finds a rope in a hole in the wall and he keeps pulling it and pulling it and the is getting longer and longer and wetter and wetter with like seaweed on it as he's going back In this dream to the to the boat on the Mediterranean And then there's another dreamlike stage where they're in the kitchen and then the camera pulls back and they're floating in the sea but they don't seem to notice It's like this kind of a load of interesting visual tricks going on here they're haunted by the guilt over what happened to their daughter

And their fear of being deported back to Sudan And now there's an evil spirit in a house which real diagnosis as a thing called an apex or a Knight which she believes it's followed them back from South Sudan and they need to repay the debt but it's not re that's what she keeps talking about but it's not really clear what the debt is

Dan: so as spirit is what what's it doing to their every is it you're scaring the shower

Reegs: It's just that normal ghost crap of turning the lights on and off and all that good This stuff is kind of generic E in a way

Howie: a big shit in the toilet not flushing

Dan: got a few of those go

Sidey: think you'd be okay with this post and with Dan I think that you'd be all

Dan: No I'm not sure but go ahead

Reegs: There's definitely some supernatural shit happening and spooky there's jump scares and that sort of thing But it's also interesting

Dan: scares your star There's a few jump

Howie: There's a few moments He might shoot your pants piss yourself

Dan: scares or the bit Oh

Reegs: basically towards the end of the movie you find that they didn't You get a flashback to a scene of them actually in Sudan And they're trying to get on this bus to escape as the war has The civil war I think has started there and they can't get onto the bus because they're not actually a family it's just bull and real the man and the woman and he basically ducts this girl So that he can get them onto the bus So

Dan: as a family

Reegs: yeah as a family So the daughter was an actually his daughter So this is obviously the debt that needs to be repaid to the to the a path and then it kind of goes into just to kind of scary shit and the APAC tries to kill it And then she the wife Ryall ends up killing the a path and you know that's the end of the

Howie: does she go

Reegs: Bond

Howie: and then pulls the heart out and it's

Reegs: but obviously

Howie: all the horror I can tell

Reegs: it's about immigration It's an immigration

Dan: quite it

Reegs: bit of horror on top It

Dan: it's quite an interest in subjects to take you know refugees people who are escaping civil war do that harrowing kind of journey all the way over lose what you think is their their daughter And then late realized the desperate measures people would do even just to get that chance to make a horrible journey And then the guilt I guess would be that metaphor of the spirit that you've got over here and you

Reegs: I mean some of those people you hear about them on the news almost every day it seems like you know but it's just numbers and statistics of people coming over on boats So this is exploring some of that Staff it's interesting Yeah I I really enjoyed this I have to say

Sidey: so she kills it

Reegs: she does kill it Yeah

Sidey: it manifest itself

Reegs: As a kind of big scary

Howie: stay Puft marshmallow man

Reegs: that big you know eight 10 foot tall kind of tribal markings and that sort of thing Yeah It looks really different It's quite unusual to have a really strong African thing like that from that

Dan: But I'm getting from

Howie: director Sudanese

Reegs: I don't know I didn't he talked I read an interview where he talked about how a lot of it was about his struggle to assimilate to living in Britain So

Dan: Oh just thinking of the review Is there more about the the the wife who stayed true to her cultural roots and wore these flamboyant colorful clothes and everything and no not not at all because you can understand the pressure that he might feel in trying to fit in and Her not doing that My have rubbed him up the wrong way but he probably still a really appreciate seeing that because you want to hold her is a balance in if any

Sidey: Yeah It doesn't want to lose the you know the right

Reegs: well it kind of works out because the very end of the movie the right at the very end after the APEC has been killed the caseworker the social worker who comes back to the house obviously the house was a complete shit hole and he saw it and they were going to deport it back They fixed the house up Everything's rosy Now the APEC is gone and he comes in Matt Smith dr Who Yeah It's doctor who comes in and they kind of make a joke like About Oh he says something like Oh did you kill the witch then And And he says yeah yeah we did And he's like sort of quite freaked out by his response Cause he's saying it as a joke and then the movie ends but then in the background the daughter sort of walks across the back of the screen So a

Howie: No no that's instantly No no

Reegs: So the spirit is still there

Dan: will not

Reegs: the thing is they come from double with it now and now you know that's

Dan: they found some peace right

Reegs: so yeah If you like this sort of thing it's a horror movie that is a bit

Howie: fucking scary

Reegs: a different setting

Dan: Okay Okay I can recommend it to people anyway

Sidey: Yeah we could just do that thing where we did Oh I see this brilliant thing about what was that thing called again and apex And then yeah someone died at both really good

Dan: Okay No I reckon I reckon it's a is peak my interest I'll certainly check out the trailer if I'm not scared of shit

Sidey: I got through the trailer Right I watched that yesterday

Howie: no it was how some house in the haunted Hill That that was what I was told to bottled

Reegs: That's really good That's really good as well

Sidey: Have you ever seen trim peaks fire walk with me I had to watch that in the middle of the day I was fucking terrified So overall a horror film about immigration I think

Reegs: an immigration film really more than that has a bit of horror in it

Sidey: I yeah like I say I watched the trailer and it looked like something I might be able to do So I try and give that a while but don't think I'll be able to convince the mrs into it though

Dan: No I'm probably more chance of convincing the misses the meat to be honest I will just say Mo check out the trailer and I will try to watch a horror film

Howie: I will not go anywhere near this despite how well you explained it And it does sound genuinely interesting I think I would enjoy that as a book

Reegs: Well fuck him right here then

Howie: just read it

Reegs: Well yeah

Howie: Do you want me to say I think that you to be fair you've made that sound like a really interesting story but I just could not deal with the jumpiness and the the the bit at the end that you've just mentioned I would have shit to myself and then walk around the house several times shouting to ensure that no one else was there

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: Not that way You got to spend you got to turn the lights out Yeah

Howie: Well I'm just going upstairs Now I have to check that everything's turned on and off again and then on again forever

Sidey: well we'll check it out



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