Nov. 24, 2020

Midweek Mention... Total Recall Vs Total Recall

Midweek Mention... Total Recall Vs Total Recall

Have you ever wondered which is the superior version of the movie Total Recall? Perhaps you find Arnold Schwarzenegger's performance in the 1990 version too understated. Maybe you felt that taking all the mutants and Mars setting gave the 2012 version a more grounded and realistic appeal...

I think we all know which is the better move, but why not listen in to find out what we thought?!

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Total Recall

Sidey:     okay We're going to do a mid week movie mentioned Face-off battle to the death between two versions of the same film

Howie: Classic versus a reboot

Sidey: Yeah Total Rico

Reegs: It's difficult to know which one is going to triumph

Sidey: It's really difficult has anyone read the book before we get started we can remember it for you wholesale I don't think that either film is particularly close To the book

Reegs: Most of Phillip K Dick stuff is like that though

Sidey: Right

Reegs: Great springboard for other things but never particularly faithful to what he writes

Sidey: should we talk a little bit about really about the 1990 version


So the pro is that on a Plays a fella called Quaid who is also

Reegs: he's an average everyday working man who also happens to it like mr Universe

Sidey: Yeah He dreams of life on Yeah

Howie: with a lady

Dan: Hey dream of a life on Mars

Sidey: So he goes to a company called recall who can implant

Howie: holidays adventures experiences

Sidey: into your subconscious

Dan: kind of 1990 a bit of a future world they've thrown out Is there isn't it You know this

Sidey: Well the book was the six days when it 66

Dan: as old as that really Okay When England Western won the world cup

Sidey: slipped up there first Whilst they're doing the implant They realized that he does have genuine actual memories of brains

Howie: And he's got a memory cap That's the exact term that they've used So something's suppressing his actual memories

Sidey: And so he

Reegs: Well it turns out that he saw something he shouldn't have on the real Mars and then his wife and all of his coworkers are actually fakes put there to spy on him

Sidey: His wife

Reegs: Sharon

Howie: Stone

Reegs: consider that a divorce and they have a fight It's got amazing Form is from Michael Ironside I think in a yeah he's absolute brilliant

Howie: It's the party called Hagen

Sidey: he's the dude from Rebecca

Howie: Yeah And Beverly Hills cop

Sidey: Yup

Reegs: yup yup yup Yup

Sidey: Plays a good villain Obviously

Dan: the same character in a mall Yeah

Sidey: his face explodes

Reegs: Yes It's amazing

Sidey: really

Dan: Or this this was just a fantastic action film When I was a

Howie: and there's loads of space Like I said it's just cutting on the special effects there There are loads of that Like the woman in the customs that he wears the suits where the head

Sidey: off That looks great Still Yeah cause you watched this the other night

Howie: Yeah It was on a sky cinema and it's all been Redux and stuff So yeah

Reegs: the special effects guy who did the makeup effects was a guy called Rob Botton Who's done loads of really classic stuff but this I think is is part of his best work ever It's like you said

Dan: I love the scene in the airport when he goes through the x-ray machine And now we've got that you know before 1990 that was Oh that was future stuff It it amaze me How many of these scifi films out here you look at and then realize you know down the line or now we have that and how much we don't have that We thought we might be

Sidey: have Johnny

Howie: Johnny cabinet

Dan: Johnny Cash We don't have the hoverboard but

Howie: It also features one of the most painful nasal operations Yeah

Reegs: this thing up your nose

Howie: And he goes when you hear the crunch you'll know and it just pulls out the homing beacon

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: as the plot progresses it turns out that he was an a spy or he's he's been used

Howie: Kagan had planted him Yes He planted him to protect the rebellion but as he's

Reegs: bond Mars

Howie: on Mars but as he's gone into the rebellion he's kind of realized their causes just because he's discovered something that occurred Hagan it's trying to stifle which is the alien technology that they believe will enable the Mars atmosphere to They will they think it's that They're not sure Kay Hagan uses the whole ruse of Oh it could blow up You think could end but reason for doesn't want to try and use a machine that creates atmospheres because his entire power is based upon the fact that over the years he's been cutting off air to the dome and you get all these mutants that live in the dome who over the years have suffered from radiation Or depleted oxygen levels So you've got like psychics you've got an infamous waitress with you've got an infamous wages with three boobs as we've all seen burn your mind

Sidey: the three boobed lady was I think the only constant between the two films

Reegs: no they also do the two weeks women she's in the second one as well It's one of those fucking things that I hate that exists for absolutely no reason except to go This is a reference I really

Howie: flag

Reegs: doesn't make any sense

Howie: The second the the the new version with Kate Beckinsale and Colin Pharrell as a different premise where there's been like terrorists on earth So there's no Mars involved

Sidey: been there's been world war three in this one and the only to have better bull places

Howie: British Isles

Sidey: Federation of Britain Isn't it And the

Howie: colonies Australia And they have a

Reegs: basically made a lift

Howie: lift that goes between the two through the core

Sidey: to get from the colony to

Howie: like that so far there I like that

Reegs: been traveling at 32,000 miles per hour though for them to do it in a yeah So

Dan: you just worked out

Reegs: No no I stole

Sidey: When you look at it on paper the 2012 version it has a cast of Colin Pharrell who I have come to love his work Kate Beckinsale Jessica Bell Bryan Cranston and bill Nighy So you're thinking

Dan: well I never gave this I never gave this a chance based on I heard it

Reegs: it's absolute dog shit It's terrible

Dan: I heard it was and I liked the film but it sounded like they could have improved on it You know Schwartzenegger did this fantastically but it has dated him a bit And so to bring it bring it up

Sidey: it's

Dan: it a reboot Yeah To give it a reboot would have been great But why do it

Howie: I think the only redeemable feature of the feral film is we're finished here There's a bit of tech in it that I quite like where he pulls out They'll have they have telephones built into their hands And you basically can do video calls with it And there's a there's a scene where he pulls the tracer So where Arnie pulls the tracer out of his nose feral pools like wiring out from a cut in his hand or his wrist or something And then from there on in the Arnie version is ruling Supreme because the feral one just fucks around

Sidey: Well yeah they they keep it on us So you've got just a bigger grander scale in the night night So we go into Mars We've got mutans We don't have mutants And the other

Howie: one

Sidey: it's just this terrorism I dare

Howie: Lots of product placement as well which is pissed me

Sidey: where you've got one liners like you're doing 90 films like you basically mentioned it considered that divorce There's a few others is

Reegs: See you at the party Richter

Sidey: And also the night-night version was rated R and the other one's a PG 13 So it's just guaranteed to not be as

Howie: There's a hell of a scene

Reegs: Hogan's twisted sense of humor about it and his unique worldview And then they much more lean into the you know the idea that just imagine how existentially terrifying it be to have the notion that your entire life was a lie And you just didn't know And they lean into that twice two or three times in in the original total recall You're never really sure Cause the doctor comes out to say you know or no this is all part of it still

Howie: you're

Dan: why up until the end Why up until the end You're not a hundred percent

Reegs: don't know who's who what's motivating anyone

Dan: a dream if

Sidey: well I looked into this in all three versions and so The 1966 the book version was it all a dream Well we're not sure in the book the 1990 Arnie original film possibly but it's unclear

Dan: definitely Maybe

Sidey: 2012 version Probably not although it's still unclear So I hope that clears it up for you Never quite

Dan: unclear that

Reegs: it

Sidey: actually happened or it's all implanted memories Yeah Which I suppose is FedEx kind of thing making it ambiguous

Reegs: but it works really well in the original

Sidey: And it's fantastic

Reegs: Apps It is a fantastic movie It's peak Arnie He hasn't even tried to act in any scene which is great He just stands around looking enormous saying is you know catch phrases It's like a perfect combination of actor and material

Dan: W what's it What is quite what was this The whole character's name Do you remember

Reegs: Quaid wasn't it just

Dan: Was it

Sidey: quite a surname It's like Douglas quote I think

Dan: Douglas

Sidey: but his

Dan: there he is He didn't play a Scottish guy at all Well did he Or you know it was the accent He didn't carry it off

Sidey: His name was Quaid but I think his name as a agent was Hauser

Reegs: that

Sidey: Yeah And the metrics for this quite telling so total recall 1990 7.5 When I am DB of rotten tomatoes 57% on Metta cricket and 91% of reliable Google users like of the 2012 version Not quite so good 6.3 or nine

Reegs: What was giving it 57%

Sidey: Metro cricket

Reegs: for the original

Sidey: Yeah maybe snobby fucking proper critics going twice a 31% on rotten tomatoes 43 on medic cricket and even Google 80% That's really low for Google but budgetary wise both made money but which one do you think made the most But

Reegs: adjusted for inflation

Sidey: haven't done that

Dan: I'd I'd hate I'd hate the think

Sidey: 125 mill budget for the remake 65 mil budget for the 1990 version Probably only taking out about 50 of that but which one was more successful at the

Dan: I've got to say the original it's just a longer time It the video DVD and everything You're going to tell me this Are you going to tell me now

Sidey: don't get grumpy with me because you're right it's the first one it made 261 mil which I thought would be more than that But the other one's made 198 so it still made money That fucking piece of shit the

Dan: he alone He encouraged him alone Only encourage him to go and see this shit If it you know his shit don't see this shit

Sidey: not a villain You know he's just it doesn't have that It's just lame the second one It's I don't know why I even thought it was because I did watch it and I don't know why I thought it would even be worth my time Cause it fucking isn't worth

Reegs: Isn't there There's like a two or three minute action sequence About a quarter of the way through that's reasonably competently directed That's about the most charitable thing I can say It's Len Wiseman He's got a habit of doing

Sidey: well since

Dan: that's what you get for your 120 million

I would strongly suggest anybody thinking of watching a total recall movie to totally see the first one

Reegs: Yeah I would agree with that

Sidey: Yeah I think the hope and actually cost Sharon stayed in base against him because he was impressed with her in this

Howie: Ah so that was I thought that was about the right

Sidey: Yeah this was 1990 basic instinct 1992

Reegs: It's still good If it comes on

Sidey: It's fucking great

Reegs: I would watch a bit of it if it

Howie: Oh I watched the whole thing the other night It was on at 10 o'clock and I was like Oh God

Reegs: nobody's ever going Oh this is good but I wish the column feral one was on

Sidey: I this era was like peak hating on Collin Farrel by gone full circle on that And I really really like him but he'd done things like Bullseye in the Daredevil movie Yeah just a load of stinkers And he had that sort of bad boy image where he just kind of thought it was a prick

Dan: and he made some bad film choices as well but

Sidey: but yeah Let me say big fan of him nowadays of all the films of this era Would you say that this was the best

Reegs: What you putting it up

Dan: running

Sidey: buddy man predator

Howie: Oh no Predator predator predator all the way And red heat That's a secret at London That's a slow burner Yeah

Dan: now I I I don't think you can beat predator Commandos

Sidey: I would say it's the weaker of the mall because it's

Dan: I like command though I mean that was that was my

Howie: as a gateway drug That's the gateway drug is an 18 certificate film

Sidey: straight into positive but I lose interest in predator when it's just Arnie on the front It's the team And it's that actual interaction between the team I really like it when it becomes about the predator I'm not so

Reegs: but it's not very long left though And you've got the

Dan: Yeah you you got a good 25 minutes or

Howie: got to the choppa

Sidey: I feel about it I

Dan: time to bleed

Sidey: probably say this is Peak Arnold Schwartzenegger

Dan: Oh without a doubt This is out there in the

Sidey: And if you actually look at the movie poster it's just his face And then in massive letters being crossed off sorts nigger and the bottom it just mentions those total recall by that

Howie: Oh by the way

Dan: there's there's like the planet in behind us something as well

Sidey: era of you know the absolute mega star actor just completely dominating No you don't

Howie: No it's yeah

Reegs: like that maybe

Sidey: Tom cruise gets a bit like that You know it's the name before the film is even mentioned that sort

Howie: Starring Arnold Schwartzenegger in

Sidey: to watch your film because he's in it and it might be good

Howie: Ray Mays another kayak Odyssey

Sidey: Okay So I don't think we need to ask the question The 99 wins hands down Yes if you feel like punishing someone you know that make them watch the

Dan: Yeah Tell him it's really good