Dec. 3, 2020

Moonrise Kingdom & Hilda

Moonrise Kingdom & Hilda
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What are some good movies not set on planet Earth? That was the starting point for this weeks Top 5 as we discuss those films that didn't take place on the third planet from the sun. Predictably science fiction and fantasy movies reign supreme here as we gather some of the best movies in the cosmos, and of course there's a few jokes, although just like Halley's comet , some went right over our heads.

This weeks movie review is the 2012 Wes Anderson coming-of-age drama Moonrise Kingdom. Anderson's distinctive visual style and flair for eccentricity is on full display here as he assembles an unbelievable ensemble cast featuring the likes of Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton and Harvey Keitel however it's newcomers Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward who steal the show in this film exploring some taboo subjects through Anderson's typically quirky lens.

We finish up with a review of Netflix's Hilda. Based on the graphic novel by Luke Pearson, the eponymous heroine is a blue-haired girl who, along with her faithful deerfox Twig, meets the unusual residents of Trolberg. This weeks episode features a troll made our of rock enraged by a bell on his nose, the wood man and a race of tiny invisible bureaucratic elves. Almost all of us managed to watch this and one of the dads even proclaims this as the best children's program he's watched for the podcast! Stay tuned to find out who.

We love chatting with our listeners; you can usually find us annoying people on twitter - @dads_film - on Facebook, or via email at

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Moonrise Kingdom

Reegs: Welcome to bad Dad's film review a weekly podcast where we've somehow managed to convince our wives and significant others that we a have to watch more movies and B get together in the glorious surrounds of the man cave and Jabber like silly boys about it for an hour and a half Before we start a quick call to action please do rate review and subscribe to the podcast if you enjoy it because it will really make our day And if you don't enjoy it we're sorry about that And we'll try a bit harder this week the show features tonight a man of a thousand voices all of them the same Dan Then we have a man of a thousand faces very few of them human Sidey And a man who's many in very talents Must surely one day be discovered


Sidey:because a thousand faces is a song by Gonzalez chili console It's a belter yeah we'll check it out

Dan:What was that It reminds me of that that line in I think it was a standby me a piece of shit Or was it the Goonies

Sidey:baking though of music How about that new intro music

Reegs:Wow Yeah Isn't that amazing

Dan:in buying in Who's our man there

Sidey:He's delivered the goods once again


Reegs:we'll be running that throughout the duration of December where we yeah

Sidey:the holiday period

Howie:I thought we were going with Mariah Carey You fuckers how Christmas period is supposed to be for her Isn't it

Sidey:that's one long period

Dan:I listened to to Michael level And and Dolly today There's another

Reegs:Well they've got a song I haven't heard it

Dan:Yeah I think they're trying to take over from the the Pogues Kirstie McColl and Shane McGowan because you're not allowed that they played it on the radio today and just said yeah this is happening I was thinking big day

Reegs:Did they edit out Did they edit out the word that we're now no longer

Howie:Well the onion the onion based food substance

Dan:no that

Howie:Well hot radio played at full tail Yeah It's just the BBC

Reegs:Is anybody offended I think probably I'm really uneducated but I can't imagine that anybody is

Dan:by that line in

Reegs:that line in that song No

Howie:I think it also just cause it rhymes with maquette That's probably why they chose it as well

Sidey:proactively taking out before some woke campaign had got all up in the grid

Reegs:Or maybe we don't understand

Sidey:certainly don't

Reegs:please if we're offending you do correct us


Sidey:Top five from last week to complete

Reegs:it was top five female directors we had a couple of nominations we had two for Greta Gerwig little women and lady bird which are two movies I haven't seen and I want to see them both so I would be happy to put either of those through let's go with little women because it's the most recent one But yeah I'm probably going to nominate lady bird at some point So yeah Good choice

Sidey:I nominated this week And we're going for a top five memorable movies not set on earth

Reegs:does it matter if

Sidey:I have got

Howie:Yes yes

Sidey:yes It doesn't matter Cause I've got some of those

Howie:Okay cool

Reegs:I put loads in and then I took them out but I still got to where they

Sidey:So I went with as long as the crux of the story was in outer space or somewhere else then you're fine I have got one that still probably doesn't qualify but I still want to talk about it cause it's great But I will set the ball rolling with and it's topical 2001 space Odyssey

Reegs:And it's top Well it's a great movie It's definitely not set in for the majority of the running time

Sidey:it's called apes spaceships biros singing computers and space baby and an Oculus


Howie:yes It's in Romania

Sidey:it's disappeared from the desert though

Howie:Yeah It's going to remain it Today's spot I didn't remain Yeah Oh just is it going to be some really fucking terrible

Reegs:be an art installation

Howie:no Even worse A marketing ploy for some

Reegs:Oh my God

Howie:some some some instant product

Sidey:Well we haven't had a confirmation one way or another

Dan:There we go There's still hope

Howie:Well it also correlates Did you see what I'm to China today China China landed on the moon while all this shit's going on China and


Howie:no robot to go on the moon pick up a few rocks get back in get back up

Reegs:to them You could send a robot

Dan:there's probably enough electronics in this room to send his all to the moon and back if we had the brains

Howie:Well we haven't No we've already got a Texas instruments calculator

Sidey:More technology in your phone then there was

Howie:Oh yeah That's easy

Reegs:Good choice Yeah pretty

Sidey:Yeah we didn't talk about film much It's really good

Reegs:Yeah it is

Sidey:film is really

Howie:Okay I've only ever seen the ending of that film

Sidey:Did he understand what was going on

Howie:the bit where he goes through all that

Reegs:that's not the end

Sidey:the ends of the hotel room with the space baby And he's really old


Howie:Okay So I really haven't seen this film

Sidey:it's the evolution and evolutionary stages of man And that's the final or well not the final but the one that's going to happen

Howie:So I've seen the bit I think I always catch it see a bit where he's trying to turn off how and he pulls all the fucking circuits

Sidey:he had they turned it back on Sure That sounds really good No one ever talks about it but it was really good I think we've talked about it before

Howie:Didn't Kubrick use it as a practice for when he faked moon landings


Sidey:Yeah With

Dan:you what though is it's a really good choice for his own on my list as well I think any list of films that isn't set on a 2001 space Odyssey is going to get a shout

Reegs:I haven't got a single movie on my list that isn't either a scifi movie or a fantasy movie I don't think with bar one or two

Howie:Driving miss Daisy

Sidey:but they kind of would have to be wouldn't they

Dan:they they I'm just trying to I'm just trying to think where this

Sidey:documentary drama

Dan:period drama set on the moon is Oh mr Havisham you've forgotten your helmet

Howie:pressurized space

Reegs:In retrospect that doesn't seem like a very smart thing to say Really

Dan:but there are some animations Yeah There are some comic book type Stories as well And they're thrillers and I could give you a thriller right now if you like there you go

Howie:I love I genuinely Lloyd this film It's easy

Dan:I watch with my sister whenever it comes on and we're in the same app Right Okay Would you leave an arm And we both

Howie:You do and you just watch it or you will laugh

Dan:It's the same

Howie:Aerosmith music

Sidey:Think I hate that song more than the film

Howie:That's all I want to fall asleep

Dan:miss you

Howie:Cause that's exactly how it goes

Reegs:It's probably one of the better in the Michael Bay of

Howie:Christ That's a backhanded compliment Isn't it

Sidey:a good cast

Reegs:Yes It's a stupid movie

Dan:Yeah it's stupid I mean it's it's just he you know it's larger than life It's it's Bruce Willis saving the world It's Steve Buscemi It like a real weirdo I mean it's got a few things to to like and laugh out more than a few things including that great soundtrack

Reegs:I have 1980 threes crawl she's either a science fiction swashbuckler or a shameless star Wars rip off depending on your point of view this is a story about a Prince who's going to marry a princess and a large Q2 Lou type creature which captures her for some reason I'm not sure it's important There's two versions of me That's talking about this movie There's the ten-year-old He saw this and remembered this for being absolutely awesome And the sadly jaded adult version of me who saw this many years later and found the special effects to be awful the world-building to be clunky and confusing lead actors devoid of any kind of charisma or chemistry and a feeling like you're being told the plot by a hyperactive six year old telling a story that goes on and on and on making no sense And you wish the kid would just get to the end So the movie is confusing and awful and I love it I think

Dan:where was it set

Reegs:Selma a crawl crawl is the home world Yeah And they've got the glacier You guys have seen this


Reegs:You've seen Crow Oh wow Never even heard of it

Dan:atmosphere in that film

Howie:Oh fuck

Reegs:I mean I can't I really can't recommend the glaze like bladed So it could a bladed wet Just nothing I'm

Sidey:I haven't seen it so I know it's drawing a


Reegs:I can't really recommend it but you should see it anyway

Howie:Co I'm going to go for back to mainstream films You've heard of God into the galaxy one and two So that's placed on the planet Zarna there's earth star They save the planet Zonda from Ronan the accuser That's a great name planet nowhere which I really like which is where they drill oil I think it's meant to be remanence of a God or something Yeah Yeah Tightened planet Nowhere to meet the collector who obviously is Benito Del Toro Isn't it Yeah So I've just faded That's been Lisa Deltoro the collector with your favorite The duck Yeah He's in there Yep And in galaxy two there's planet ego which is effectively a planet the size of Kurt Russell Well she's got to be fucking scary

Reegs:the size of Kurt Russell

Howie:made up of Kurt Russell That's what I mean

Reegs:the living

Dan:isn't there a third in the series


Sidey:made Yeah It's the one where they sacked They sacked James Gunn in the


Howie:Oh is this because of his antics

Sidey:he said something 20 years ago and then they reinstated him because


Dan:Yeah it's a classic It's got lots of a good little lines in actually is it I'd say it's a modern classic because I think that along with the the other big blockbuster film that came out around the same time and then they will merge in didn't they it was

Sidey:but I don't think anyone saw it coming because most People that were watching the Marvel films at the time hadn't read or

Howie:Yeah I

Reegs:I knew nothing

Howie:knew nothing

Sidey:yeah so it was a bit of a blindsided by it and it was fucking brilliant Certainly the first one I didn't actually like the second one that much it was okay I agree

Howie:first one was very good

Dan:I thought they were both really good I really enjoyed

Howie:They were proper popcorn enjoyable They're good at the cinema Oh there

Dan:they did

Reegs:very good script and they got amazing interaction of the characters and Battista They unearthed a bit of a comedy legend who would have thought that the wrestler would be so funny and he is really good He improvised quite a lot of the the lines so yeah funny guy funny movie How'd you reckon you get a name like Ronan The accuser is like Oh somebody hasn't flushed the toilet and Ronan comes here Oh it was you dad

Dan:big sword and everything is yeah what's the t-shirt for

Sidey:fuck it Don't dread

Reegs:Because he hasn't got very long legs

Dan:It is indeed that I'm addicted to space jokes but someday I've overcome it

Sidey:right Let's get another film out there Solaris The 2002 one

Reegs:I've not seen the four hour Tarkovsky one

Sidey:obviously Russian

Howie:Clooney and

Sidey:two Nima Tasha I never know how you say her name

Reegs:I remember really liking this film but when I looked her up today I was surprised to see a number of negative reviews

Sidey:Well I I don't care I really enjoyed it I have not seen it for a long

Howie:I've put it in doomed at home and it's sealed I have opened it no no Yeah

Sidey:It's a spectrally mad person He's so stretched by Steven and soda bread And it George Clooney is sent out to investigate a space station and he has left his partner and she killed herself And then he's asleep and on the space station and she comes back and it says one of those stories what you know he's got amaze losing it That's won't spoil it for but it is really good it's one of those Stephen saddlebags very color palette He kind of filters and stuff that you can definitely tell it's him I can't I don't know I have to come back to the old world cause they're not seeing it but that is like Riggs mentioned It's a real Epic whereas this

Howie:it's in Russia and the other one Gosh that's

Reegs:no it's supposed to be really really good but I think it is like four hours long

Sidey:168 minutes I think it is Cause I looked at but still

Reegs:shy of three

Sidey:Yeah but yeah I box it and have a look at it It's really good

Dan:Well I've got tons of these we could probably Go along with gravity next which is yeah Clooney again a fantastic film is Sandra Bullock and Clooney's is kind of he snuffed it but it and she's left out on her own Isn't she

Sidey:She sent out to the Hubble telescope to re replace something Isn't she And there's a there's a radio warning saying you need to get out of there because there's some debris coming at you


Sidey:and it hurts Sequence is fucking brilliant

Reegs:Yeah And it's Alfonzo Koran is the cinematographer and it's all those sort of 15 20 minute single takes I watched it at the cinema and I don't think I breathed

Dan:it's 90 minutes long Isn't it it's not very long film but it really does pack a lot into

Howie:I've heard it's a film You have to watch on the big

Reegs:Well I was just thinking I haven't seen it

Sidey:sadly I've only seen it on the smaller screen mean it's still

Dan:it's still good

Sidey:but I was thinking man I wish I'd seen this Like I'm

Dan:be honest

Reegs:in the

Dan:to be honest though with these days with TVs soundbars you get you know I mean effectively you've got a cinema at home If you've you know if you've got one of those big TVs and stuff like that So how much more does the

Howie:Well I think it's the asset is if you go really geeky is it's something to do with aspect ratio and what's projected compared to what the screen can produce It's like an IMAX screen I went to see Apollo 13 on an IMAX screen in London many years ago and the screens like four stories high it's ridiculous And so you see I know it's all like It it it's all very geeky but you see way more at the bottom way more at the top and a little bit on the sides and it's meant to

Sidey:so you got a short back inside

Dan:Yeah he's at home but for me I think Particularly after this whole period cinemas are going to find it very difficult People invest in Hundreds and thousands of pounds on to TVs and sound systems at home TVs you know some of the films themselves take the Irishman at three and a half hours long It's not something you go into the cinema for You need to be sat at home

Howie:work an avatar



Howie:Well no no but it's the same for the length of film People sat through Lord of the rings avatar

Dan:But I mean if I'm sad if I'm looking at a three hour film I want to wash at home because I know I want to use the toilet on hole one


Dan:Oh no I want to take a break I can do that on demand We've and I'm not losing that much I do take the point One of those incredible

Howie:Yeah The projector projector or

Dan:I can have some Massive hairball in front of somebody you know coffin or somebody else's rustling stuff So there's a balance there for for me that I just think with the quality you get now a home with TVs

Howie:it will it'll prove interesting It will be a runoff against the event of going out to back to the cinema and the euphoria of cinema as being open And it also depends on if Film companies release stuff to subscription services like wonder woman's coming out on HBO Christmas time along with the limited release in some cinemas but in the UK or is that going to be sky store Something like that So it depends


Reegs:I think you both absolutely shat the bed decks I love going to the cinema I think the

Dan:You'll be on your own

Reegs:Okay Well that'd

Howie:sitting on the back row

Dan:ain't going to be a sustainable thing and maybe maybe not I think it it is I think it would just be smaller cinemas if showing maybe better films Well maybe we should What do you think at home Should we start A bad dads


Howie:Do like a real seedy one with


Howie:like real darkness

Reegs:your own booze

Dan:He got curtains over side That is

Sidey:are you just watching Margaret Thatcher speeches over and over

Howie:Jillian Jillian That was Prince Charles

Dan:we've gravity before this descends into

Howie:no gravity

Dan:No gravity or anything else I'm also gonna add a film called June I dunno if any of you seen June  it's based on a book by

Reegs:Frank Herbert

Dan:Frank Herbert and they done a new thing with children of of

Sidey:Jenny Phil nerve there's a there's the film was supposed to be coming out at some point in the trailers

Dan:one that's coming out So I watched the old film I read the book and that inspired it all Without reading the book you wouldn't have got anything to do with the

Sidey:Yeah So I'm trying to get through the book the audio book at the moment and I cannot get more than 10 minutes into it before I fall asleep I just cannot do it I thought the audio bit would be the way to go but I

Dan:What are you reading at work You listening at work

Sidey:it's a night so that's the

Dan:All right Now we'll

Sidey:But I really want to know the story before I watched the film but I just don't know if I'm going to get to do that or not

Reegs:Really like Denny Ville nerve I wasn't sold on the trailer for do you know I have to say me wrong Kids prove me wrong

Dan:for the film sting was in the film the

Sidey:She'll know cause you'll make

Dan:and of course our hardest road town man but without having read the book very soon or just very close to to watching the film I think a lot of it had just gone over my head because I'd Literally just put the book down I was seeing where they were going Yeah Yeah it is and so I've seen where they were going And I think nowadays with the the CGI and the technological advances they've made they could probably tell this story a whole lot better They were obviously need into balance things budgets and script and time and all the rest of it Didn't do the the book as much credit but then you want maybe Whoa

 Reegs:I have Willow starring former EBOC Warrick Davis as the appointment's character He finds one of those abandoned river babies that people are always finding which turns out to be the chosen one prophesies to kill the evil queen Someone I'm not completely sure where Willow is set It's definitely not earth everyone in his village is under four feet tall So I found that quite comforting

Howie:you were a leader

Reegs:this is a Ron Howard movie Based on a story by George Lucas And whilst there are many similarities to Lucas's own star Wars movies he did apparently come up with the story before that in the early seventies

Dan:when he was Richie Cunningham

Reegs:it did to make profit but from what I can tell this movie is much more fondly remembered by Brits than it is by Americans For some

Dan:Cause bowel Kilmer's in it

Reegs:they'll kill me He plays mad Madigan

Dan:It's it's a bit of a cult favorite there

Sidey:confession booth

Howie:I've actually I've got it on dude I'll find it and bring it

Reegs:Oh right Well Willow We need to have a Willow party

Dan:It's a really nice one with the kids as well where they you know I think

Howie:What's a is this Volcom was wife in it as well Who was his first

Dan:I don't know if

Howie:she was in scandal That's

Reegs:Gene Somebody was the name of the evil queen Yeah Jean Hartman

Howie:Yeah no it's a good choice I hadn't thought of that Is this an ice planet You I'm stretching this I'm a top five a little bit with this one the fifth element the fifth element as you know Luke bests on with Bruce Willis Gary Oldman and Molly over rich If that said right who were a week throughout I found out that wasn't her real hair dyed or anything set in the 23rd century on earth but there's a big load of it that takes place on the planet And God knows how you say this It's F H L O S T O N So I think it's flustered I think that's how so

Reegs:not knowing that I can't remember that because I really

Howie:Yeah So fifth element   Oh my God What

Sidey:tuna right


Howie:this place Corbin Dallas who originally was supposed to be man of your people Mel Gibbs Chris is it Chris Not Chris Rock It is Chris rock is in it as well That was meant to be Prince No not Chris Tucker He was going to be Prince So that's gonna be Prince for that role a lot of the body guards features a guy who takes us for training on Sundays Right He was one of the inflated Zaugg bodyguards who wore the black suits Gary Oldman hates this role He did it as a favor for Bessel and Besson basically whenever it gets mentioned he just sort of cringes and goes to No that's

Reegs:Okay It's a campy classic I really like it It's a rare movie where the villain Gary Oldman and the hero Bruce Willis don't actually meet in the

Howie:Oh yeah Good point It's got the world's largest indoor explosion as well in the hall And the other thing I read was you know the opera opera singer the alien lady that sings they did Or they painted a woman blue who was an opera singer and she couldn't sing the score that was written because it was musically impossible So they had to so they had to digitize it Cause it's fairly amazing because the notes that were hit are unattainable by human vocal But yeah it's really good fun film Yeah The fucking they cut corners as John Paul GoTo did the the uniforms And that's why they look so fucked up I really like the whole taxi floating above the sky shit that they do And Bruce Willis a cigarette which is three quarters filter

Reegs:Yeah And Gary Oldman's hair is sort of small space Hitler

Howie:Yes With a with a with a with like an eggshell Plex the eggshell over

Dan:it Mia Jovovich in there

Reegs:Yeah close enough

Dan:Mila Mila Jovovich

Reegs:I think her name is isn't it but she's basically wearing bandages the

Dan:shrug I shrugged my shoulders at that

Howie:Oh she ever

Dan:a good go

Howie:all she says is a multipass multipass depasse and there's some cool little future tech in there Quite like the way that everything's there's a DNA generator Anyway

Reegs:got a DNA generator

One or two pumps

Sidey:should we move swiftly on have you guys seen the Cloverfield paradox I really liked

Reegs:he was okay They tagged on the whole Cloverfield thing though right I mean it's like got nothing to do with the rest of Glovis

Howie:Cause I've seen Cloverfield

Sidey:well it explains how the monster repaired Isn't it for the first one

Reegs:yeah I quite liked it

Sidey:Oh so university it's got the this member hadn't thing which is great And I just it's trashy Netflix thing stick to home I really liked it actually If it's like less scary than event horizon

Howie:Oh yeah If a Pete's listening we don't talk about event


Dan:Is it is it back around to me I had a book on anti gravity Couldn't put it down but what I am looking at of a decent film set is the alien

Sidey:Yeah Well you got into the whole franchise

Dan:Well I just put an alien

Howie:Cause it's Prometheus's which is

Sidey:Well I liked I did quite like for me it is

Howie:I like the grand juror of it

Sidey:but I wouldn't Personally I have three or four Certainly not four


Sidey:like it could happily stop at aliens and we'd all win

Reegs:I quite like alien three

Sidey:Yeah I know it Yeah I get it

Dan:Okay What pristine cross

Sidey:Promethease and then there's one after

Reegs:covenant is Oh it's really bad

Dan:Yeah I mean it's another franchise that you're going to get a few duds

Howie:alien vs Predator

Dan:just done so many First one was great Let's do another 10 you know it was one of those but it it really was the horror of my kind of generation I

Sidey:There's so many iconic things especially in the first one

Dan:Fighting their head army And I was just at that age where you want it to be frightened by horror films Cause you were you know shouldn't be watching them

Sidey:And so it's so part of like cultural you know it without having feels like you could like kids now would

Dan:it made Sigourney really I mean she'd obviously had fantastic films and both before and after this but I don't know I think whenever I see her in a film I just think of Ripley and and that she does look a little bit like the alien themselves and it was all kind of at times

Sidey:Unorthodox Good looking gentlemen when I think of the film I'm saying the roam of all the eggs You know one open the face hugger and then obviously the the iconic chest burst moment but it's just is seared into my memory is

Dan:That's such a Oh and it's all the kind of things If you went into space if shit started going wrong and some bacteria got edge that's what you expect You know it's even like lying in there in the in the woods is something you expected some little creepy crawlies going to call in your ear and grow out and it's going to burst through your stomach I mean they just captured that to Tag into everybody's fears employee morale Brian where you kind of

Howie:So it's like COVID

Dan:yeah maybe

Reegs:just a few that I'll rattle through quickly Shrek and Zootopia you know most of the Disney movies really kind of fall into this bracket Jason X in Jason X humanity left earth due to pollution and have resettled on a new imaginatively titled planet Does anyone want to guess what it might be called nearly Earth to earth too but one that is worth talking about is 1965 forbidden planet a sci-fi movie starring Leslie Nielsen in a rare serious role a loosely adapted from the 10 It tells the tale of a rescue mission to the distant planet Altair for whereupon They find dr Morbius his daughter With a name and their robot Robbie which is the first appearance of that like really iconic robot design you know the one with the plexiglass type helmet and the spinning bits inside clunky barrel body scene in your favorite movie how he gremlins if each features in that at the beginning So yeah that's that's one that I remember watching as a child and really enjoy

Dan:It's no leprechaun for in spaces

Reegs:on the list as well Should I just you know that one

Dan:already put it down I've never seen it It's just Oh he's looking at films And he said leprechaun foreigners space housing It was saying that Uber has seen it Have you seen it

Reegs:Well I talked about it on another pod It takes place in space Weirdly enough the movie opens with the leprechaun in a space cave somewhere with the princess who using him for his goal that he wants to marry her So he can become King of some kind of galaxy something then has sex with her and kills her Then there's some alien style space Marines a cyborg mad scientistic guy gets his DNA spliced with that of a spider then the leprechaun turns himself giant which flouts all of the established leprechaun based precedent as it's a seriously shitty movie terrible production values are sort of Wink wink nudge nudge atmosphere that basically has the writers saying I can't believe any moron would watch this shit It's definitely no leprechaun five leprechaun in the hood

Dan:well I I just I think to myself the meeting that would have developed and transpired into Let's brainstorm what we've had left for call We've had leprechaun too We've had leprechaun three What we do where are we going to go

Sidey:the end of 22 jump street with all the different possibly That's what that sounds like Yeah

Dan:I'm still not saying that I'm closing in on it

Reegs:Yeah it's good

Howie:I'm going to go for The only horror film I can probably watch Cause I'm such a soft twats is pitch black with ridic and the Chronicles of Riddick So the content I'll lump them all in together

Reegs:third one as well Isn't a

Howie:yeah Yeah that the Riddick Chronicles causal

Reegs:the Riddick Chronicles of chronic radicals Yeah

Howie:chronic He's a Furion and they're often new Mecca and they're crushed land on a planet where there are like alien light creatures and it's kind of low budget but it works

Reegs:it's really good It

Howie:it works really well he's got he's always solid reading

Sidey:What's the problem go isn't

Reegs:yeah she's from home in a way I think she was Ronan meat

Howie:no it's not her Come on it's Roger Mitchell co houses in it

Reegs:Do you do you remember his name his full name


Reegs:Richard B Reddick Which is

Sidey:his full name B it doesn't

Reegs:they are Yeah no that's true Maybe it must be

Howie:So what that character that that Rodney Mitchell plays Jack and Riddick Revere Reddick reveals to the group Jack is actually female And the scent of her menstrual blood is drawing the attention of the creatures John suggests a Riddick that he used Jack as bait to keep the creatures away from the rest of the group So hormonal women could be used as bait when our alien overlords take us over Remember that

Reegs:Yeah it's worth

Howie:it's worth knowing a turns into the net mongers and what's their name


Howie:Judy Judy Dench Yeah the net turn mongers

Reegs:macro Mongoloid


Reegs:A second movies Absolutely awful The first one I think it was the first time I'd ever seen VIN diesel in a movie And his character was interesting because he's kind of an asshole he's

Howie:Scott is just looking after himself He's got eyes that have been replaced with contact lenses blow in the dark

Reegs:they abandoned all that in the second movie and made it this sort of operatic thing It's terrible

Howie:but the spaceship that they crashed into the desert because it was filmed in Australia was just left there So some local cafe bought it and it's just next to the cafe like a smashed up spaceship So there you go



Dan:I've just skipped right in Cause I

Sidey:Okay Go for it Cause I was gonna that was what I was going to do a side order of flash Gordon as well

Reegs:I've not actually seen flash Gordon


Reegs:urban legend but I'm

Sidey:genuinely brilliant He's got the the sex Ray but they are kind of different it's got some Brilliantly laugh out loud moments in it But flash Gordon soundtrack by queen Brian blessed it just stealing every single scene in it The best James Bond is in


Sidey:The guy from blue paint it was in it He puts his hand in the


Sidey:bitten by the girl

you don't need when he puts in it you're shitting yourself but it's going to go fucking great movie

Howie:Go flush Go

Sidey:probably wouldn't watch it again now Cause I suspect

Dan:it's not that bad I watched him probably in the last

Howie:No it's massively sexual

Dan:It's really it stands up


Dan:but yeah I was one of my favorites growing up as you say the queen soundtrack absolutely knocked it out of the park and Ming the merciless and it just became such a coat I think even so it just entered the language Didn't it Ming the merciless and all that you know

Sidey:I think he gets asked to say that every five seconds

Howie:Have you read about I was reading about Brian Bless it I listened to an interview with him and the weird shit he gets up to like climb oldest man's climb Everest He'd helped a woman give birth in a park in Richmond Well yeah that was that time you got kind of told

Sidey:easy to give birth Anyway

Howie:punched a polar bear on the nose to scare it away He survived He survived the plane crash in the Venezuelan drunken jungle by drinking Yes I don't know how that stops

Sidey:just makes up stories and sees

Howie:Brilliant I don't care

Sidey:point someone's going to call it as bullshit

Dan:Blessed life is led Isn't it

Howie:yeah that's a good one Cause w so the planet was Ming wasn't it The planet Ming that flash Gordon goes to is it

Reegs:Ming the merciless or was it

Sidey:Have you seen

Reegs:monk from something about Mary

Sidey:the big train Skits where it's like meeting other people just like doing domestic stuff around the house Fucking brilliant But seeing as you jumped in I'm going to just go for a trio of ones that probably don't qualify by like them Anyway it's star Trek First contact has quite a lot of content but the best stuff happens in space and the same sort of thing with Apollo 13 quite a lot of earth contact but clearly

Howie:yeah I'd agree

Sidey:and contact is almost exclusively on earth but the NBA it's just really cool I really like it So honorable mentions but they probably don't really

Howie:contact underrated I think

Sidey:really like it

Dan:I've got a few honorable mentions but is there anybody got any they'd like to

Howie:Yeah Thrill Ragnar rock is the one that I constantly say is my favorite It's my favorite Marvel film out of all of them It's on the planet soccer and the grandma stir

Sidey:the collector's brother isn't it

Howie:Is that Oh is that what is so what's his face


Howie:Yeah Jeff Goldbloom he's awesome in it And the the one that steals the show on the side is cog the gladiator Hooper friends Thor taco YTT provides the motion capture performance with the character who's made of rocks and he wanted to do something different So he has the character be a soft-spoken ultimately is based the voice of a Polynesian bouncer And it's brilliant

Sidey:Valkyries in Israel

Howie:yes She is quality cog Well I try to start a revolution but didn't print enough pamphlets So everyone turned up except for my mum and her boyfriend who I hate

Dan:Have you got any I'll just fire off a couple but stop me if there's any you wanted to concentrate a little bit more on I've got Wally I wish I really like I think up there with one of the nicest sweetest animations we've got avatar



Dan:Star Wars Of course I imagine all of those would

Sidey:Well I only put I only put empire strikes back in but I've also got rogue one

Dan:The total recall we chatted about obviously in the midweek pod that you can catch now and check out and the Martian as well which is and I believe that's on Jupiter

Howie:There's a studio in Elstree studios

Dan:have to keep earth clean because it's not Uranus I they're honorable mentions I think if I was going to add one more into the say why this is is really good One film that I I remember it's not going to be the one that I I vote for but the last star fire Did you ever see that

Reegs:Adam's favorite That's Adam's favorite He loves that movie Yeah I think his daughter is named after the where he said it's a good movie Yeah I haven't seen it for years but I do remember it

Dan:Yeah is a good movie And I watched it with my son probably a couple of years ago and we sat down and enjoyed it together So that might be another one that

Reegs:Big wish fulfillment for a teen boy Isn't it Because he becomes really good at a computer game and

Howie:what's that

Reegs:ready Player one

Howie:No it's another one

Reegs:actually He's called that

Howie:Yeah no the one before it is so like the staff get ready

Dan:enter coins

Reegs:press start

Howie:fiddled by the dude at Funland no the book before that it's about the fact that games companies flood the market With fighter games and everyone becomes really good at fighter games And it's all about on the phone that built upon the premise that NASA have become the games company because they're trading up all the pilots of the world ready for the invasion that they don't know about yet

Reegs:That's kind of the plot of the

Howie:that's what I was just about to say That's why it sounded so familiar

Reegs:Ernie Klein ripping off pop culture

Howie:All all the other way around

Dan:before you start the with the end there rigs how does a man cut his hair on the moon Eclipse it sorry go ahead Carry on

Reegs:I think I get it Hang on Why am I being stupid Ah


Reegs:Wow Coneheads

Howie:Well good choice

Reegs:Akroyd in the movies Third act is entirely set on the home world of Remy Lac where Beldock is considered a traitor for having his teeth ground down His punishment is to fight a ran Corps type monster called a goshawk which he defeats by recreating the golf swing He never quite perfected back on earth

Howie:And he said like it weird like pants thing

Reegs:of yeah Elysium was direct to Neil blob camps follow up to district nine That was pretty good

Howie:I like the idea of that I really liked the idea of that It's well worth watching

Reegs:Yeah dark city was a 1998 Alex Prius movie that features quite a lot of similarities to the matrix in tone and plot It's actually really good No Rufus seal is the main guy Moon Duncan Jones is sort of serious and thoughtful scifi movie That's really great The one I was going to nominate with space chimps Hollywood takes things too all new level with this movie about chimps happily blasted into orbit for intergalactic Adventure is harmless child-friendly stuff you might I think continue to realize Of course it dozens of monkeys and apes were sent off to horrible deaths as part of the NASA space program so our badly animated apes are sent to an alien planet for a dollars ditch water adventure with a population of little green men There is at least the hope that the entire cast will be killed in a pixely explosion it did However make me think about potential sequels featuring similarly animal themed exploitation for instance shampoo bunnies In which a cast of rabbits take a squirt of soap sides to the eyes before rescuing a kindly vivisection list or tobacco dogs featuring cigarette addicted canines on a mission to Rob an off license

Howie:what you've got there Is it a tire prime original series it right up

Reegs:Yeah Has anybody seen space chimps

Howie:no I missed

Reegs:to spawn to seats

Dan:I don't even remember hearing of it off

Reegs:It's terrible


Reegs:Yeah Don't

Howie:the last two for me avatar

Reegs:Dan literally

Sidey:turned it off


Howie:Oh did he

Sidey:I turned it off I was about 20 minutes So it was bothering me

Reegs:in the cinema that must've pissed everybody off

Howie:Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye I've only seen it once This is in a much in-center brilliant I've only seen it once at the cinema but after looking up today believe how much money it made

Sidey:say calls now

Howie:Yeah Three has just been finished They've wrapped filming on three They've

Reegs:I never saw avatar in 3d which I am gutted about I know because I feel like that was probably a really awesome

Howie:the only decent 3d film have ones I've seen but so I looked up 239 million to me

Reegs:billions dinner

Sidey:well they had to rerelease and game basically straight away just cause they wanted it to beat the record And they said they added 30 seconds of Virgin chucked out again just to be advertised That's how long it had been

Reegs:it's quite amazing that a film could be that successful in that big have a very immediate cultural impact And then basically kind of just disappear completely Nobody

Dan:wasn't that great

Reegs:made two nearly 3

Dan:great hype

Sidey:big ha you know like star Wars has all the stuff behind it If you bring it it's going to get a load of hype Whereas this didn't really have other than James Cameron being

Reegs:James Cameron and the three-day thing the tech thing

Dan:That's what it was It was this was a new way This is how we all going to watch films in the future

Howie:3d hype

Dan:this were it was a 3d hype and and it wasn't a bad film you know It just wasn't


Dan:it wasn't living up to the hype

Reegs:a long

Dan:No I watched it when it came out and yeah I know what I felt then And it's the same it's it was okay But it's nothing I'm going to spend another two hours

Howie:And my last one was interstellar


Dan:Yeah that's that's a great film star gate Did you ever see that movie It was a

Reegs:Yeah James Spader

Sidey:TV series

Howie:Oh and sky one

Dan:to the cinema to see that so I remember star gate and it was decent I remember at the time I remember enjoying that

Sidey:Jason Mamoa got his break and one of the TV series

Reegs:Did he really

Sidey:start getting Atlantis That could be politics but it's one of the

Dan:Bet other films that people might just expect to have heard in this discussion a Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy galaxy quest Spaceballs event horizon I think we did mention serenity

Sidey:I was going to talk a

Dan:not actually seen it but I see it keep coming

Sidey:you seen the series No it's good No one watched it so it got bend really really early but there was a very small and devout Fan group that petition Vesta to finish it off with a film I did get made I don't know what the time was cause it's just Wieden So it might've been after

Reegs:I think it was after Avengers Was it Or

Sidey:no it was way before that this was 2005 and I don't know at the time it would have been after Buffy and after angel Because he did another series called dollhouse I don't know if that flopped and then he came back to this It's really good It's a kind of space Western vibe to it

Dan:from what I've read and from what I've seen it is good It's one of those I've got on the list to watch So yeah

Reegs:The guy the main guy Nathan Fillion is rarely

Sidey:yeah He's cool He felt like he should be a bigger star but he's not but this is definitely worth checking out other ones that I haven't mentioned but we'll just shout about Starship troopers was that it's not earth Is it

Reegs:there's some set on earth but most of it's set on the bug planet Isn't

Sidey:sunshine Is that I want to see an ad Astra

Howie:So I've really enjoyed it It's on the moon

Sidey:Space baboons whoever it was

Howie:Oh God Yes Yes

Sidey:And tick THX one one three eight and then series wise Battlestar Galactica the reboot I fucking love that It's Great It's

Reegs:It's quite good

Sidey:one of my favorites and start writing next gen Most I get I've watched some tonight and VAD fucking love it still after all this time Great

Dan:Mandalorian We should mention that as well That we've all been watching

Howie:is the way

Dan:And if you're not watching it already it's only a matter of time because you it's one of the best things on television at the moment

Sidey:The last episode was so good Wait let down How are you ahead Did you want to go first

Dan:No I wanted to go first clearly

Howie:Thor Ragnarok

Reegs:I'm going to go for Willow it was a really memorable piece of my childhood

Dan:I'm going for plush Oh

Sidey:that one time I put a Mark next to flesh Gordon but you

Dan:Yeah flash flash

Sidey:I will go for 2001 space Odyssey

Reegs:Yeah Solid choice

Dan:Wow People have still got plenty to choose from and potentially add into that top

Reegs:There's already been a few nominations on Facebook and Twitter I think so Yeah

Dan:well there they're too early You see they'll have to resubmit

Howie:Well this week Sid you chose the film and what was it called Sidey

Sidey:went for the 2012 So now within a new criteria Wes Anderson film Moonrise kingdom

Howie:Yes And it was available on Amazon rental Yeah I bought it I bought it It's 30 people

Sidey:I thought fuck it I buy it it's the story of Two young children who fall in love and eloped together in a nutshell

Howie:I run away to a secluded Cove on an idyllic Island

Sidey:name Moonrise kingdom

Dan:With a weds Anderson

Sidey:I think from the outset we can say that if you don't like Wes Anderson films there's nothing in this one that will change your mind

Reegs:That's true

Sidey:And if you do like Wes Anderson films as I do there's a lot to enjoy

Dan:you're in for a


Howie:and from the start it is So where's Anderson in its cinematography It's a delight Everything is framed primary colors everything is just lined up as you would expect if you're familiar with like the life aquatic

Sidey:he has the camera just track Quite a lot Doesn't it just it has a static shot and it'll move around Usually the set that he's

Reegs:these incredible

Howie:Yeah How does he do that It's like a cutaway doll's house it is It's a big set

Sidey:They just build that sort

Howie:He's amazing

Reegs:like you say he's got that classic There's a lot of lateral movement on the camera a lot of rotation

Dan:well he doesn't eat Yeah

Sidey:He's got a brilliant idea for that

Reegs:you could stop this movie at literally any point and it would make a great poster

Sidey:with a girl in their underwear

Reegs:Well let's talk about that

Sidey:I think the the the Berry star isn't it is that Bob Taliban when he's just doing this sort of I don't know what is it

Reegs:it's a kind of breaking the fourth wall

Sidey:yeah I don't know

Howie:Tells you what's happening in the

Sidey:just cuts to different locations and is still going on with the same spiel I just really liked it It was quite it's that quirky sort of vibe to it that you always get go to where's and film just to set the tone really well I thought

Reegs:so the year is 1956 I think And it's we're on the tiny Island 65 Is it of Penzance pen pen Pens on silent

Sidey:Something like

Howie:It's set on Rhode Island but it's not red Island if you know what I mean film day Yeah

Dan:Moonrise kingdom

Sidey:it's got the usual cast or certainly some of the costs I think this is the sick collaboration with bill Murray

Reegs:It's got an amazing

Howie:Yeah Yeah

Reegs:unbelievable gust

Dan:Bruce Willis Edward Norton bill Murray Francis McDormand

Sidey:Tilda Swinton Harvey Keitel pops up

Reegs:Yes Did we say ed Norton



Howie:Yeah Schwarzman yeah it wasn't to say that was the other one

Dan:And yeah it's a who's who there's there's tons of people in there And so basically two kids have run away Sam is a cocky scout and he's at enough and Susie an older sister and forgotten daughter run away together They I think they meet once and decide to run away together

Sidey:become pen pals

Howie:after after meta your previous village hall type play or something

Sidey:he points to the camera Now I like that bit right there The girls are dressed as different birds and he says what kind of bird are you there Anything But she's she's got a quite a sort of a spiky attitude to and we learn later on that Sam is can be quite difficult

Howie:Yeah They're both seen as they're both seen as dysfunctional young people and they've both got issues in the environments They live in Sam for his yes

Sidey:Scouts but I thought it was hilarious how he They do the roll call in the morning the what's it called Camp Ivanhoe


Howie:Oh yeah I was at camp Lebanon's later Yeah

Sidey:And all the all the boys there and they've all got their meeting names I can only remember Lacey Yeah

Howie:it's all right Titles There's a red one

Sidey:And but Sam's nowhere to be seen And then it's like Shawshank sort of Escape from his tunnel in that he's got a poster over a and he's like what's this How does he say it

Reegs:the the scenes in the scout camp are amazing They're like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life It's it's really just stunning set design and really funny Ed Norton's character is really funny in it you have happily come today to the podcast sort of dress like him

Howie:Well you know I've got a continue the the cocky scout movement and with your woggle

Reegs:It will go but he's also drinking and

Howie:smoking first thing in the morning get his breakfast made for him is everything So Ireland it's

Reegs:full of that inventive visual humor that is always going on

Howie:Lots of introduces lots of

Dan:Jimminy cricket a flew the coop That was

Reegs:Jimminy cricket He flew the coop

Sidey:That the detail is like you said you could pause this and you can you can really drill down And that said the the badges and the things that they've been awarded on their uniforms

Reegs:Did he have some good ones I didn't pick

Sidey:Yeah There's of Scoutmaster field mate reptile patrol wood master judo expert H2O purifier best spotter Flint chipper and petty Buechler That was lazy eye

Reegs:petty bugle He does some bugling I think in this movie


Sidey:there's also signals scout arrow had a knife Hunter


Howie:the way that dialogue between the children is kind of dead pan and stilted And very matter of fact formalized it reminded me And I just want to make sure fantastic Mr Fox is a Wes Anderson film Isn't it say staccato kind of stop start stop start reminded me of that immediately

Dan:And we mentioned him before but then a writer who pops up at various times he sets the scene of like this awkward manner I guess all the way through the film which is again Typical of of wetter where's Anderson just to make it quirky and awkward and the way they go through And I think most most of the film he just sets the scene Then again and away you go then film opens up and there's so so many one-liners and great thing bill Murray's in it is one of my favorite So I was always going to really enjoy this film but it was the children that really caught me I think when they ran off together And and as you mentioned there their conversations I just thought they were fantastic They were adult conversations

Howie:By children which is one of the which is kind of what the theme of the film is which is quite adult subjects relating to children which is obviously a pre-teen romance

Sidey:did start watching this with my daughter and then it got

Howie:the dog cyber

Sidey:or about I don't know nothing I think they just eloped So they'd met in the meadow and they'd gone off and it was a 12 So I thought maybe we'll be okay with this and then she went to bed and I watched the rest of it and she did say next day can we watch it And I was like nah I don't think so

Howie:Yeah I'll just say the bit with the dog being spared as well as particularly gory

Dan:a more adult themes

Sidey:Yeah If she was you know

Reegs:it does prompt one of the best jokes in the movie though where she says was a good good dog And he just he says who's to say like you can't judge your dog I was howling with laughter at

Howie:was a whole thing built up around that around does Wes Anderson hate dogs And they said no And then the argument was nullified because he said no no he he he loves dogs Look he's made I love dogs but it took a specific movie representative from his agency to say no no he doesn't hate dogs So they felt moved enough for means net room is to make a statement about that just because of the in this film And there's one other I think it's is it the Tet Royal Tenenbaums

Reegs:a dog killer I didn't really I don't think I've made the connection

Dan:he's always putting dogs in his films So

Reegs:in grand Budapest hotel They've got dogs feature fairly prominently

Sidey:well the dog noise in the scene where the scout troop find salmon Suzy

Dan:no lobster Is it

Sidey:and bear Yeah I was thinking of how he went like this but And there's also some stopping with a left-handed pair of scissors

Reegs:Yeah That's really weird that scene because she obviously there's an altercation then it cuts to a motorbike in the

Howie:retreat screaming

Reegs:and screaming Yeah And then there's a shot of an arrow flying through the air And then yeah that guy has been stopped in the kidneys by a pair of

Dan:by the lefty

Sidey:though He was a Dick That kid

Howie:overall He was the knob in the whole

Dan:Redford got stabbed by the lefty scissors

Reegs:so yeah at this point we've got our two characters So Sam is an orphan and

Howie:who's being thrown out of his foster home because he sets fires to things when he sleepwalks and he said

Reegs:but they don't believe him

Howie:it wasn't he set fights with dog kennel yeah Dog dad That's what maybe this is why it all blew up

Dan:then you've got Susie's parents is bill Murray and Francis McDormand


Sidey:having an affair

Dan:having an affair with Bruce Willis He kind of knows their ages One does around the Preston

Howie:Did you guys all relate to their house


Howie:Shouting It's all you do as a married couple shout out the stairs Yeah

Reegs:promised myself I wouldn't be one of those families that does that I promised

Sidey:I was a real thing from Ava either Wes Anderson or Roman Coppola who co-wrote this And one of them had that in their upbringing Their parents just shout


Sidey:I just use Alexa now announced Dennis ready

Howie:he goes up in the room

 Reegs:so yeah she's having an affair with Bruce Willis Who's kind of lonely and we can tell that because he lives on his

Howie:he's a policeman his need

Reegs:yeah on a boat

Sidey:wasn't expecting they ran away Effectively captured and were taken home I wasn't expecting that really I thought I thought that it'd be a little bit more like we'll do people where they were on the walls for a lot longer but while they're away I think this is the scene We probably want to talk about the most they really start to explore their feelings and their physical

Howie:bearing in mind these kids are actors that 12 and reading up about this So they kiss and that's the first time either of them have kissed So that's hell of awkward

Sidey:And when she's in her underwear at first when it first started out Oh shit It

Reegs:hang on Before that though before she's in her underwear there's a shot that's really obvious And in a visual Like a really visual director like where's Anderson He can't have done it by accident where she bends over Basically you get into tents and you see her knickers And it's like really obvious in film And I was a bit like Whoa

Sidey:there was a lot of it where

Reegs:like 12

Sidey:the buildup to that cause she had it was a really nice outfit but it was quite sure I when she was sitting around and I thought if she moves you're going to see up a skirt here and I'm like you say then you saw the bit of the tent and then it cut a little bit later when it moved on in there at the the bit that they call the moon by skinned him And I thought I was just in a swimsuit I don't know It's actually

Howie:I did think it was a swim suit to begin with

Sidey:this was skating pretty close to being fucking inappropriate Cause they kiss and she says are you can so he puts it and then they say something about his Dick

Reegs:Yeah yeah yeah Basically Yeah

Sidey:My mrs Wrote to me and was like look I know that this way I was very glad that I thought it was awesome watching Anyway

Reegs:I was watching it like what the fuck how this is really

Sidey:I know I was thinking is it

Reegs:to have in a movie

Sidey:it are we just always thinking about Peter files and and Is that wrong Like is this a normal thing kids exploring stuff I dunno I just I

Dan:these two kids it was normal

Sidey:Yeah But I straight away think of like some scumbag or watch this and fucking you know

Reegs:yeah yeah exactly Yeah exactly

Sidey:it's a weird one

Reegs:It is a weird

Howie:Is it also an innocence between the two characters that yeah Which should be that unfortunately because of the media we live around and our children live around that sort of innocence will undoubtedly be a rare thing because sexuality is so pronounced nowadays and it's exaggerated and it's it's so explicit that though this was set in the sixties is of a time that For the majority of T pre-teen romances is as a sadly as a gone era where there is a level of innocence there is still there obviously going to be this what we've just described

Dan:fast now

Howie:Yeah And that's that's sad That is sad And so

Sidey:Well I thought it was moving pretty fast

Howie:It was

Sidey:you know grab group know

Dan:but these were two exceptional

Howie:Yeah They're infatuated They are infatuated

Dan:going away And I think one of the things we haven't you mentioned that that's important to sort of theme these two youngsters of one away And the backdrop to this is the biggest storm ever is about to hit the Island So a frantic search bar is now collected worried parents and friends The camp same their scout

Howie:social services

Dan:the place in all the rest of them So they will they will try to find these two kids who aren't aware this big storm is coming

Reegs:I mean I interpreted the storm is basic being a sort of representation of her and his sort of awakening sexual That's like the whole point of this movie this awakening sexual romance that occurs between them That's kind of hinted at and that's like that's quite a dangerous thing to do but it's just about handled in the right way agree with you So IDEO is like the first I've watched this I was like fucking hell That is full on But actually this is okay because it's in service of something a bit more interesting than that And it and it moves on from that moment

Howie:The storm that we'll eventually talk off though does bear relation to Genesis and the rebirth So it's effectively not the classic you know when you see us when like for instance there's often a comedy where it shows two characters naked gun used to have a couple of characters get together and it would show the waves and the storm or building up Whereas this storm is not Although it could be thought of yeah The awakening the the inner spirit and all that sort of stuff is this storm is meant to be something else but we'll talk about

Sidey:Yeah So they are found and taken home


Sidey:it's the scout ship but then they sort of have a change of heart or they they they'll actually want to help them get together and

Reegs:there at the top of this impossibly tall tree

Howie:Oh it's amazing The tree house

Reegs:house Yeah And does the accident does he like lean against the or the front door falls off And he's just

Sidey:They're showing the Scoutmaster what they're doing are they right at the very start I'd know it looks up and he's like what the hell are you doing with this tree Although what do you suggest to do is I brought it in a smaller tree


 so when they brought back to the parents who were having their own little thing going on around the outside but honestly the the two leads are kind of so compelling that the

Sidey:the adult babies as well


Howie:Well most of the Scouts all the Scouts where Debbie is as well

Reegs:I didn't find that sort of dysfunctional adults to be particularly interesting in

Sidey:No I got to say it was a bit of almost a bit of a distraction for me I was Yeah I get what you mean Yeah

Reegs:so yeah I mean it clips along with very sort of where's Anderson you know you know exactly what you're going to get all the quirky stuff

Howie:the storm the storm has started people are evacuated to the town church were

Sidey:Sam's also got this sort of connection with with Bruce Willis He sort of takes him in Disney cause he hasn't he's he's going to go into a care home effectively and so he he stays with him when he's back on the Island or back with all the grownups if you like but then they do get it back away Like you say to the church But then they decided to run her again which  is ill-advised

Reegs:in the middle of the store

Howie:that's where they  get the kayaks across the water to camp Lebanon to see his brothers his older brother who runs one of the other camps

Reegs:That was Jason

Howie:Schwartzman Yes For a tin can of seven 8 cents and dollars $73

Reegs:nickels or something Yeah I guess enough Yeah

Howie:And he when they get there He totally accepts that entire story and then tells them that he can marry them but it won't be legally binding

Reegs:but you can be

Howie:Don't rush into it but I can can you go and stand over there and have a decision about it and then come back to me before you want to get married again


Sidey:After some motor doings they they end up on top of the building They climb up on the roof in the midst of this huge storm

Dan:did any of you guys ever get married Very young like that

Sidey:I don't think so No

Reegs:No Did you

Dan:I may have done it was done in primary school I may have been married

Sidey:or the misses got engaged to someone And I think that still stands

Dan:Oh really Yeah Okay They still engaged They never quite broke it off

Sidey:break off No no


Howie:And I was going to say that when they're in camp Lebanon that's where Harvey cartel's character comes along as the head scout master


Reegs:wait wait wait wait look glossing over Dan saying he got married

Dan:got I got I wo you know it was it was Daisy rings in everything

Sidey:you have a start date for that one

Dan:and I didn't have a staggered out

Sidey:I know Pete


Sidey:if it had been me

Dan:It had been a lot unkind than Europe


Reegs:to sum it all up There's a huge chase sequence and you know the plot comes to a head with

Sidey:ms Susie does it run a first up the onto the roof Doesn't she That sound goes off to her And then it culminates with Bruce Willis Does lightning hit

Dan:you don't want anyone else really there at the end other than

Sidey:Well they're dangling off the roof or they there's this sort of scene in it almost looked like the stop motion kind of thing You know where they were all sort of almost comedically Dagley off the roof

Howie:Yeah the lightening blows Yeah It blows the church tower off

Reegs:that's right Yep

Howie:and they get together and Bruce says character whose name escapes

Sidey:captain sharp

Howie:So captain sharp offers to adopt Sam So which would keep him on the Island And then the he agrees and you cut to a scene of the three children Let playing the Benjamin Britten music on the record player like they were at the start and they're listening to an explanation of the classical music

Sidey:That's right And Someone's doing a painting of the Moonrise kingdom

Howie:really nice picture

Reegs:So this is part of my problem with this movie that the end just kind of Peters out to

Sidey:yeah it does a little bit

Reegs:It just doesn't nothing really happens

Dan:I really don't Yes I thought it was just a lovely plot a lovely story It was very colorful it told a story It wasn't trying to do more than that I think And it it reminded me of those little episodes that having obviously this was a big extreme Adventure where these two kids ran off together and and it's a girl and a boy is romantic this time but there's those times when your kids that you really want an adventure and you you want it to happen And you you kind of go with your mates or maybe with a girl or something and you you run it And it reminded me of these bits of innocence and a lot of Obviously this is set back in the sixties and the old radio that you just mentioned there is playing going back to maybe a a nicer time when innocence was there and you know go in a short skirt getting into a tent nothing nobody thought of anything like that you know it was just that's I think how he was just trying to give across these innocent times and and

Howie:Well simpler

Dan:or simpler times Yeah But I just thought yeah It was lots of nostalgia in it there was twists and things really colorful Bill Murray I shouldn't need to say more

Sidey:I know what you mean really about the ending It was kind of it didn't end with a bang or anything in the sense that they were just still kind of together And it was I guess it was just so real Isn't it That they're just going to go along I don't know if this one is Highly regarded in his sort of filmography like

Reegs:Some people seem to really

Sidey:online I was looking at the sort of metrics are really high for this but I don't hear people talking about it not in the same way as like 10 and bounds or anything like that But maybe maybe that's the reason it was a bit wasn't memorable per se at the end I know what you mean but overall I thought it was strong

Howie:Had a nice ending I just wanted a nice ending to a nice film

Dan:I think it just interest in films I didn't get bored There's always something to look at with someone to say or someone to listen to some of the the dollar there's always you know you're always doing most of the things really well enough to capture its detail and enough to capture you attention that want to know what's going to happen next And maybe because the potential of this story could have as you said That could have gone off somewhere else It could have gone a little more dramatic at the end or something else but the story was that and

Sidey:it would be nice or interesting to see if he could do something different And you could say while he's done either of dogs or he's done fantastic It's probably but they still quintessentially

Reegs:He's got these quirky universes that he creates a really fascinating to look at and listen to but I always worry that there's a kind of superficial reality to it all that it's these really broad brush stroke and there's not a lot happening and all the characters are a bit

Sidey:not real

Reegs:not real And but it's interesting but this one the adults were so I didn't get anything out of the adults in this movie And

Dan:It is it's one of those things as you as you talk about you know being the same film I remember reading John Grisham books and all his books were about lawyers and they're all law based and everything And then he did a couple of other books and they weren't nearly as good


Dan:Well he was really good at is writing about Stories around lawyers and things And I think what where's Anderson's really good at because nobody else is as good at doing where's Anderson stuff as well as Anderson So he's he's got a knee she's got a skill he's got a thing where it could be tried and action film for example or you know it would it would inevitably need to be twisted and to work like this it might be interesting to see him try something with his his kind of twist

Howie:fast And the furious was Anderson

Dan:It wouldn't it be crazy like Yeah Films films that some directors you would never ever capture during like you know Michael bio or whatever they're in

Sidey:I don't know


Sidey:like Kubrick would do cubic was the other extreme maybe Tackle one genre or one sort of style of fail but never do that again that you know just spend some time on that Yeah Scifi nailed

Reegs:done it

Sidey:Whereas I don't know It's the horses for courses I guess I think I'm wrong I mean I really like him tell him about one of my faves actually love it but they are you get you'll get to the point where they're almost interchangeable because they're so similar

Dan:But bill bill Murray's got that number as any that anyone

Sidey:everybody's not got a problem with it He is happy

Dan:he loves it He says I if I hear a message from whereas then I'm doing it is count me in It's just like yeah I'll be there He loves his stuff And he's been in tons of

Sidey:budget for this one was 16 mil which doesn't seem that much for the cast but I suppose they're all

Dan:boy That's it There we'll do it for nothing

Sidey:We're not all losers What do we think

Dan:gotta be a winner at that budget

Howie:Yeah I would say I'd say

Reegs:Maybe a little winner

Dan:All right Can I stop all this money

Reegs:Isn't he

Sidey:68 mill It

Dan:There you go

Sidey:so that's a pretty big win Yeah Yeah

the this film only opened in four theaters two in New York two in LA but and

per screen which makes it the all time record highest Perth theater box office Average for a non-animated film

Reegs:Of the amazing stuff


Reegs:I forgot what that was by the end of it I had no idea What did you

Dan:he started so long before it ended but it all culminated in a in an amazing

Sidey:have if you ever watched university challenge then when they get to the end of the

Reegs:question Yeah

Sidey:the start of it work Go Like what you're asking

Dan:Still trying to think what that first word was

Sidey:should we sum it up then Howie

Howie:Yes I was And let mrs T


Reegs:I get a little bit frustrated with where's Anderson because obviously he's really talented but I sometimes think that there's nothing really going on underneath the surface of his movies and this one didn't really do anything to dispel the notion So it was okay found that bit in the middle Weird Yeah

Dan:I hope the roof flies off and I get sucked up into space That was one of bill Murray's lines you know just wandering around And I just started laughing to it reading it back I thought it was really good film I thought there's some cracking cameos and I know the older adults I don't in it Didn't really Might mean is too much for you guys but I really enjoyed those cameos that they played for The kids were fantastic And the whole film lightweights where's Anderson I love this

Sidey:I did like it I did find that sequence on the beach slightly uneasy I have to say but having said that I thought that Kara Hayward who played Susie was fantastic hopefully she'll go and have a great career because she was brilliant in this so yes I was entertained or bit I fell asleep I just had to pick it back up again that's just my recurring theme not the fault of the film The end


right Katie's TV again No surprise my nomination And I picked for no particular reason other than I saw the picture of it on Netflix and thought it looked quite and staining Hilda Which is a Canadian thing


Dan:confession Sorry Before you get going I haven't seen this So I'd like you to convince me one way or the other whether I should invest the 24 minutes in this apologies I couldn't join you in a review in this one

Howie:it's it's a Knute ah British because the girl who plays Hilda is the worst witch from CBBC

Reegs:No Well she's also the one who played Leanna Mormon from game of

Howie:Yes Ah well done So I was trying to pick that one out

Dan:Which character

Howie:The little girl who was the King

Reegs:little girl held the

Dan:Oh right Yeah Yeah Okay


Howie:up North

Sidey:is based on a graphic novel

Howie:it's a horror gateway supernatural

Sidey:Cause on the table this is a huge success in our

Howie:Correct Same as us


Sidey:Fucking loved it Should we spend on F so what happened was last

Reegs:because this is the best thing I've seen on a podcast I

Sidey:Last week after

Dan:Oh I

Sidey:after we finished this last week I went home edited The one for the next day got into bed and I thought you know what I'm gonna get a headstart on next week I'm going to watch Helden now So that that's done I've got about 15 minutes then I thought fucking hell this is really good I'm going to have to show my daughter And it's been on the TV every day Since she's plowed through series one It's all Yeah

Howie:my kids the the magic involved in it It's almost Icelandic and it's supernatural stuff with the elves and the fairies and that sort of stuff not nothing condescending about it Full of kindness lovely animation ticked every box

Sidey:the way it looks



Reegs:And the color palette is like

Dan:okay So it sounds like I've missed out on

Sidey:you better leave out a stinker

Dan:the entire world Can't believe how

Reegs:like me and Zach for me it was it was definitely Miyazaki sort of feelings to it because of how the

Dan:I can't see this in Well of course I can see this I will do It sounds like

Reegs:Yeah no this is the best thing I've watched

Sidey:So the original it might so you start it up you put it on the theme tune is by Grimes


Sidey:and it's really good And then your launch straight into Hilda and her mother live in a cabin effectively in the woods We don't know what's

Howie:Outside of trolls


Sidey:Well well so yeah they they live in this place and she's got a sketchbook and she's drawing a there's like a stone troll and it's we're so we're straight away We're in this world where these things exist

Howie:There's no backstory There's nothing given here You just take it as it as it comes

Sidey:Yeah And so

Dan:troll was a real

Howie:Yeah she

Sidey:has a Pat and she said we've got to draw

Reegs:It's a Fox isn't it A deer

Howie:deer Fox Yeah

Sidey:of looks like a dog with antlers and That's what saying we got to do this drawing of it before the sun goes down because then it'll become a real troll And so to realize what the cut off is she ties a bell to his nose and then they get distracted and he does become as this troll monster He awakens and he's really grumpy but only because they've tied this fucking thing to

Reegs:Yeah It gets its arms to stun Peter pull it off So he's try to

Sidey:just like myself He's got quite a long beak so he can't reach it Can't reach the the bell So he at some point he's eating a sketchbook And he's terrorizing them and it comes towards him and she realized actually he's just really fucking annoyed because he's got this bell on his


Sidey:so she on it and he's he's still he picks her up and he yeah he's sort of spits the book and

Reegs:well at first you think he's going to eat her Don't you He sort of brings her close and then yeah Spits the book on it

Sidey:Oh thanks And it's all Okay Because she's helped him but really she's only helped him out of the fucking thing that she caused in the first place So she was a bit of a Dick though to be fair but when she goes home That they're sort of under siege by these


Reegs:Hang on the Whitman just

Howie:Brilliant He's amazing He's amazing He's a

Reegs:of circular head made out of words He just strolls into their house No honestly it sounds so

Howie:It just rocks up

Sidey:Yeah Just let them step into that gap Doesn't it

Howie:the firearm and then lays down hands to be honest Adam

Reegs:so weird

Howie:a KIPP I think he has the quote My kids were laughing when she goes to talk to him I can't remember is this episode on the next one and they're separate so two and One of the quotes says it just looks she starts talking and he goes I'm not here for the conversation and just gets up and Fox off

Reegs:Yeah yeah no that was in this episode

Howie:Or is that one

Sidey:but events

Dan:so how w w I'm just getting it So you also watch one How many of you in already

Howie:Yeah 13 13 now

Reegs:no I only watched the first one but he was

Sidey:So They get they get attacked There's there's someone's leaving messages and some stuff's going on on the GAF So what happens is they leave their cabin in the woods her in her mother and they go and live in the city which

Reegs:Oh well hang on before that they she gets she gets delivered a tiny letter

Sidey:Yeah Which becomes this becomes quite a feature of the whole series the bureaucracy she she presents this elf

Howie:who makes himself visible to her

Reegs:only if she signs a contract to get it's so bizarre The the imagination Is

Sidey:his name is

Dan:fit Are you talking still just now about the first


Sidey:a lot goes on in the first

Reegs:it's just constantly happening but it's interesting

Howie:She becomes able to see the elf She sees why the fucking Poltergeist fucking hater and it's because when she steps outside the entire area of this Barron's sort of Moss land type marshes is covered in little elf houses and their house is slapped bang right In the middle of

Dan:but I bet they haven't even looked what they've done big clumpy boots have stood all over those elves

Reegs:Yeah exactly

Howie:That's exactly

Dan:wonder they're mad Yeah

Reegs:Yeah So she has to go but the prime minister is that the prime minister has been elected on A mission

Howie:to get has been elected

Reegs:get rid of the big people There's a thing about size

Dan:Okay I like this So it's all got a little bit political They voted this Elfin to get rid of those big

Reegs:Yeah yeah

Sidey:very into the detail of the sort of administration side of it So there's a separate sect of the hour So we meet later on Who've been annexed because they didn't sign in triplicate They only double signed a contract And so they now hate bureaucracy and will not sign anything And so there's a whole episode about this and they have to go to a dragon who visited that one who has to breathe fire on the any

Dan:Sounds like metaphors over metaphors

Sidey:can know this contract is the dragon has to set it on fire And it's good we also get to see the Elvish Postal system It's very striking

Dan:Well imagine it's bullying you know around this time of year there'll be getting all together There'll be a lot of work to be done with Did the big man play any part center or is he no

Howie:The graphics are very reminiscent to a game on the Apple Altos snowboarding to see It's very very reminiscent of it And it's got this If theorial magical magical element to it with the background music the muted color scheme and are now a problem point because I'm getting all episodes muted muted I'm a problem because I'm getting all the episodes blurred together But I think it's episode two where you start to see the giant people and that's quite beautifully done It's really beautifully done And I think in episode one do you see the flying fucking spongy things What are they The weeps or something but basically she jumps on one and uses them as a an ability to fly and they go off into the distance and it's it's all It kind of goes a bit Mo honoree in a place where you know like the everything's like part of the land and all that kind of magical stuff about it

Dan:what is the Point of this I mean is it fun obviously but is there a is there a a deeper message

Reegs:but I don't know what it is completely

Sidey:it's it's a usual sort of friendship vibe and adventure and exploring and kindness but there is there's there's a particular element which has been a huge hit later on And there's a character just called the librarian and she has only has in the whole of it So there's 13 episodes They are about 25 minutes long She only gets about three minutes of screen time and the whole thing but she's been a real hit And there the library sections especially have gone down very well because they they champion learning and knowledge and so Alfie because the library the forest for the imagination and her friend Frieda Points out that she enjoys research It's the greatest adventure of the mall

Dan:Do you know what it sounds like to me it sounds like that they're trying to make a world in which you can draw parallels to the real world but for a child This is kind of how things work in the world There's bureaucracy there's somebody you need to go to see to get a big con contractor node there's some you know

Sidey:It does it all without you know so well

Howie:throttling You


Dan:your face insane but this is how the world works in some kind of way

Howie:it it explains process And it also gives the it gives Hilda the ability to have confidence in expanding her avenues because she's very happy to stay in this log cabin where she lives Not in Charlesburg not with her any of her not making new friends not not going to a new school And and these are like catalysts That's what the whole thing is for her to expand herself out

Dan:That's really interesting You just pulled this out there Blue Did you saw this

Sidey:literally judging programs by their cover and the artwork

Dan:You've got a that sometimes there's so many

Sidey:stood out and when you watch it it it does stand out It's it's very very well put

Dan:Well you have certainly piqued my interest enough that I'm going to put this on with

Reegs:Oh you should man Because there's loads going on here as well in the character at least not just the aesthetic which is absolutely amazing but on a character level you've got like she will interact with this quite intimidating world of like trolls and monsters but not always In a particularly like aggressive or and she is trying to resolve things through conversation and deescalation but then it is perilous as well And she's like she's quite optimistic you know it's really interesting stuff going on as a main character

Howie:Do your kids watch it was your

Reegs:no I want her to watch it though

Dan:You always watch these alone

Reegs:Yeah basically


Sidey:in case they're shy and you don't want the kids to

Dan:right Yeah Cause people yeah exactly People are still watching free reign It's exactly what I

Reegs:It's mostly a timing thing I watch it on the lunchtime on the the day that we record And

Dan:The missus was going through my Netflix the other day just cause you know when you get bored on your own and you look at somebody else's profile or there might be probably as teacher sees free reign all these kind of pop corn TV kids

Sidey:But this one this one's solid

Dan:but this one

Sidey:Roca one

Dan:Helder excellent

Sidey:Yeah I was pleased at my daughter liked it She really she really likes it She's also got a friend called Tilda So that kind of helped That was like a good hook to get her onto it but it's been a rip roaring success with her She loves it

Reegs:I found this as sort of interesting Counterpoint to where's Anderson's style because it's similar in the way that there's there's these like really tightly constructed worlds that have been put together with loads of detail and interesting characters in them But this one felt like it had a little bit more going on in the soul department and yeah I'd be interested You should tell us next

Dan:Yeah I will I will watch this I will watch this Definitely

Sidey:Howie Where are you not entertained

Howie:Thank you for choosing


Dan:I have no idea but it sounds like I will be

Sidey:yes Anything where You get quotes such as I love a good subject based classification system is going to be a winner So yeah this is is great up there with Sheba and spirit I'd say




sadly that is the end of our Discussion for this evening Brilliant nominations by society welds onto here Yeah

Howie:to him

Reegs:The cartoon thing was

Dan:I love though

Sidey:how are you going to nominate a film

Howie:Yeah I've been nominated this by several Kiwi friends It's a film called boy and it's a taker I can't tack I

Reegs:T T

Howie:cut that's the fella And all I'll say is it's a boy imagines his father alarming as a deep sea diver war hero and a close relation to Michael Jackson and it's on Amazon prime So it's free

Sidey:Have you got a top five

Howie:I've got a top five of top five films We wished we never revisited

Sidey:Okay That was a listener

Howie:it was it was a


Howie:social media suggestions So thank you very much We do listen and we do take things on board when we haven't got any original ideas for ourselves


Reegs:John Lenton

Sidey:Thanks for that John Linton

Dan:John a nice one

Sidey:And then for our kids' TV you've been vetoed We've got a we've got a listener nomination

Reegs:Yes Vine Z came up with the investigators He didn't nominate a particular episode So episode one

Sidey:let's just jump in at the start



Howie:And what's that on

Sidey:Prime I think it's on the television

Reegs:or the internet is another place that you can find these things

Yeah Thanks

Sidey:our it's one of our Legion of Twitter followers So that's cool so we'll take a look at that and report our findings back next week All that remains is to say Sidey signing out

Howie:Hi goodbye

Reegs:Yeah I

Dan:Dan's gone to

Sidey:any music