July 10, 2020

Pride & Floor Is Lava

Pride & Floor Is Lava

Do you have anything you need to get off your chest. So do we. It's movies that make us angry! And there's quite a few...

Once we'd calmed down from all that rage, things took on a much more positive vibe as we watched the 2014 brit-com Pride. Featuring a who's who of British acting talent (and some overseas ones too) this had the look of a potential hit with the dads. Could Howie get over his innate hatred of the Welsh long enough to enjoy this one?

To round things off we had a lengthy discussion about the title of our family entertainment. Should this be called 'The Floor is Lava' or simply 'Floor is Lava'? We like to sweat the detail we when talk about these shows....

Join the debate, you can find us on Twitter - @dads_film or you can chat with us on Discord - https://discord.gg/vmvQH2t

Until then, we remain.... Bad Dads