Sept. 25, 2020

Safety Not Guaranteed & She-Ra

Safety Not Guaranteed & She-Ra

The stench of fear is palpable since it's Howie's turn to nominate. It's fair to say his track record is patchy at best so will this week be more Mid-90's than Brighton Rock? For the sake of all our sanity let's hope so.

He starts us off with a Top 5 about comedic sidekicks and it soon becomes clear that not all of the dads understand that there is a difference between a sidekick and a supporting actor. Fortunately we're a tolerant bunch and let this minor faux-pas pass with barely a sarcastic comment.

This weeks film is Colin Trevorrow's 2012 quirky sci-fi comedy Safety Not Guaranteed which prompts Dan to reel off some of the greatest time travel dad jokes you have ever heard.

The Children's tv choice is She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, the Netflix reboot of the popular 80's toy commercial / Saturday morning cartoon feature. The original animation was not exactly one the Bad Dads treasured so will this modern take on the story capture their imagination?

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