Feb. 28, 2020

The Maltese Falcon & Henry Danger

The Maltese Falcon & Henry Danger

The Bad Dads take a trip through time to review the 1941 classic, The Maltese Falcon. Only narrowly outside our remit of reviewing films released since we became dads in 2013....

Before we talk about Bogart et al, we wax lyrical about the top 5 sports movies. You know, because we're so athletic!

Kids entertainment this week was in the form of Henry Danger. This one certainly evoked some strong feelings from the Dads, but was it a good feeling or not??

Finally we wrap things up with a heated discussion about a polarising "talent" in Nic Cage.

Listen in and let us know you thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We need to know your favourite sports movie to complete our top 5.