June 26, 2020

Triangle & Winx Club

Triangle & Winx Club

Peter Andre dropped by for a chat this week. Which was nice.

We made a list of our favourite time travel movies. We kinda cheated this week too, you'll have to tune in to find out how.

Reegs nominated another horror film for us to watch. Peter and Dan were thrilled by the prospect of watching a movie from behind the sofa! Was it scary though? Was it even a horror? 

The real horror this week was the kids TV nomination - Winx Club. This was truly something to behold. Do you think we'd recommend this for your kids?! Have a listen...

Join the debate, you can find us on Twitter - @dads_film or you can chat with us on Discord - https://discord.gg/vmvQH2t

Until then, we remain.... Bad Dads   

Peter AndreProfile Photo

Peter Andre

Sitzpinkler Peter Andre joins us from time to time to shout his thoughts into the void. Which is nice.