Aug. 19, 2022

Cop Secret & Police Academy: The Animated Series

Cop Secret & Police Academy: The Animated Series
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This week’s themed content sees us discussing those people whose job it is to enforce the law as we start things off with a rigorous interrogation of the Top 5 Police Officers. Will a thorough application of the rules prevent us from hearing about one dad's favourite Traffic Warden?
Sidey chose Hannes Halldórsson's 2021 gay buddy action spoof COP SECRET for us to review this week and we are awfully glad he did. Whilst investigating a mysterious criminal organisation which has been breaking into Iceland's biggest institutions but apparently not stealing anything, Reykjavik's toughest police officer, the hard drinking and reckless Detective Bussi, finds his professional and personal life become intertwined when he is partnered with pansexual Super Cop, Hörður Bess. With explosives having been found at the big football match between the Iceland women's national football team and the mighty Lionesses and bizarre animal fact quoting terrorist Ricky Ferrari having abducted Bess's brother Maggi, the cops have their work cut out for them before they even have a chance to think about love.
A deeply silly film which sends up and pays homage to the likes of DIE HARD and the FAST & FURIOUS movies by taking classic Hollywood action tropes and transporting them to the mean streets of Reykjavik, the director shows just how much can be achieved on a miniscule budget (reportedly less than Halldórsson had available for a commercial video shoot) as we also get strong vehicle chases and a number of action scenes featuring a dynamic camera and well-integrated digital and practical effects. A consistently funny script which almost has the frantic pace of a NAKED GUN movie, there are some excellent supporting characters in Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttir's grizzled Captain Þorgerður as well as unfortunate crew member Svavar (Steinþór Hróar Steinþórsson) who just wants a little more organisation but it is absolutely Bjorn Hlynur Haralsson who steals the show with a mega-acting performance reminiscent of Nic Cage as super villain Ricky, who speaks English with an accent somewhere between Donald Trump and Steven Seagal. My one complaint about the movie is that a story about one man’s complicated feelings about his own sexuality in this kind of setting probably had the opportunity to be a bit more progressive than this actually was; it didn’t seem to have anything interesting to say thematically about its premise because it’s never treated very seriously like everything else but this is the only action movie I know of in which the two male leads kiss in the climactic showdown before settling down together to live happily ever after. Also worth mentioning that director Halldórsson was until recently a professional footballer and becomes the second director after legendary glove smith Peter Jackson to save a Messi penalty. Probably.
What else would you close Police week out with but a review of POLICE ACADEMY: THE ANIMATED SERIES?. Season 1, Episode 2's "Puttin' on the Dogs" sees the inept officers attempting to deal with cat burglar The Claw while supporting the new canine cadet corps and trying to avoid a**hole Captain Harris who wants them all to fail for some reason. Look, I enjoyed the Police Academy movies okay; I've seen them all and at exactly the right moments in my life to be able to enjoy the jokes in them without having to think too hard about those other staples of 80's comedies, which these movies are no doubt packed with: racism, sexism and misogyny. A rare example of a franchise that started out as a raunchy adult comedy before becoming progressively milder, does that make it more interesting? Probably not.

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Cop Secret

Reegs: Welcome to bad dad's film review the podcast. It was once described by a semi-regular listener as barely above average in a fairly charitable conclusion. I think we can all agree, no complicated or long-winded intros this week. You may be relieved to hear is we delve right in to discuss our theme, which is the police and as white middle class males in a moderately affluent small island community, we probably know better than most about the tribulations people can face in their interactions with law enforcement, as well as the kind of problems the cops might face policing, urban decay.

We kick things off this week with the chat about the top five policemen or

Sidey: police officers, police officers

It's the correct nomen pledge. okay.

Reegs: Then we follow that up with a review of the Icelandic gay buddy cop spoofs cop secret before rounding out our themed week with a look at the police academy, animated TV series.

And hopefully even the mere mention of that title has a theme tune embedded in your head forever or for the rest of your day. Duh,

Dan: Yeah.

it does. Doesn't it

Reegs: just leads us with the dads to introduce you're getting three, three for your troubles with Dan Sidy and myself re SI your themed week this week, have you ever been in trouble with the police?

Sidey: I was involved in altercation, outside a nightclub because I called someone a CX Tuesday to their other half.

Reegs: a

Sidey: whole you know, soap, opera, drama, fucking stupid, childish nonsense. And she started punching and kicking me and the policeman came over and said that I should probably move on.


So there was no like back of a police bag wagon or anything like that.

Just just, just calmly and politely asked if I wouldn't mind going home.

They probably didn't wanna do any paperwork I suppose.

Reegs: Wait, was that recently or,

Sidey: no God, no. Been probably about 15 years ago.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Dan, you once called the police, cuz the dog was staring at you for too long. Didn't you?

Dan: Yeah. Well, you know, they're strange aren't they? No not really. The couple of strip searches, I guess.

Couple of, you know, the usual out and abouts, but nothing. Yeah, nothing I've been found guilty of.

Sidey: We used to have a couple of police officers play for our football club.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: One of them was in goal and scored two headers in the end of the game. Oh,


And was in like, I think it was in the Portuguese newspaper.

Wasn't he


Dan: Yeah. He, I think he was the only keeper. Certainly then at the time to have scored two out.

In open play goals rather than penalties or anything like that. So yeah. He and that

Sidey: he was a police dog fonder.

yeah, Yeah

Dan: He was some headers.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah Brilliant.

Yeah. Quite alleged. What about you if you've been in trouble with the law?

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Lots of time, you know, criming it up and stuff. And

Sidey: such a G

Reegs: yeah, you've

Dan: got the, the, the look of a man who's been inside many years.

Reegs: scrapes and some stories and that sort of thing. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: We had a top five last week that was about mythological characters. Do you remember.

Reegs: Yes, I

Sidey: We

had some nominations online and

Reegs: There was a lot.

Sidey: Yeah. And we had some tonight even AME say tonight, eight hours ago Hades Andy Jameson Hades from clash of the Titans.

Reegs: He had a few that he liked the look of. I think

Sidey: Achilles is Leones. He obviously likes chocolate cone and the barbarian, which

Reegs: Oh, it was a shame.

We didn't mention that when it.

Sidey: yeah.

Never gets mentioned that one low key. And then beaver, he put in heroes or Hercules and he, he fastest, fastest from clash to the Titans as well. Right. Were there others from the prior week?

wait there,

Oh, Mav Mavs really been on the ball recently because he came in with a few Percy Jackson, Jackson.

Reegs: Yeah. Mel's talked about these movies. I haven't seen any of them.

Sidey: Percy No I haven't

Reegs: the

Have you seen

Dan: them? No.

Reegs: No.


Sidey: He says cabin in the woods, which is Kalu.


Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Eldrich

Sidey: Artis, foul. I have seen that it was Kenneth Brak movie. It was on Disney plus

Dan: it's based on the children's book.

was it?

Sidey: What

Reegs: Wait, what was it?

Sidey: Artis F

Oh, it's dreadful. Yeah. Dreadful.

So some sort of mythology in that Spiderwick Chronicles, Fay, I dunno, the Fay mythology.

Reegs: No

Sidey: So that's interesting. Oncey Python, the holy grail, everything studioy and 99% of Gimo do Toros work. So

he's going broad brush strokes there. So


Reegs: you gonna select side? What's

Sidey: some well, what's

Reegs: got you like really pumped out of all those.

Sidey: Well, I likely Anita because then we get to just think about chocolate.

Reegs: All right.

Sidey: And,

Reegs: Think we've ever had 300 or anything like that put in before, so

Sidey: so it's in yeah. Boom

Dan: splendid

Sidey: Res did you by chance catch anything near this week, apart from homework?

Reegs: No, not really. We started watching the end of better call. All.

Sidey: all right. Okay.

Good. There was a breaking bad episode wasn't there?

Yes. Which feels like that was unnecessary just to have them in it. I mean, I've not watched any of better course all, but like, it just seems like, I dunno why they would've.

Reegs: I think I've got like one episode to go. So I don't wanna say too much about it, especially as like the other people. Yeah. Might yeah.

Dan: It's the same world as breaking bad

Reegs: Well, now, like the side said it's basically caught up with it, Mm. In a sort of confusing way.

Sidey: Okay. I do wanna watch that series at some point should ever get the time. Dan,

did you,

Dan: yeah, I watched Cuban fury with Nick frost. I'd not seen it before.

You good? And I, I enjoyed it because I enjoyed Nick frost. You know, maybe it isn't as good as some of the ones that he's done with Simon peg, but I really like the, it is kind of a Billy Elliot thing going on. He's a dancer, but he's got older. He's got a lot bigger

Sidey: Oh so it's Cuban So he's dancing

Dan: And, so it's, yeah, it's all like he, he's a Rumba champ as a, as a kid, but got bullied out of it.

And now he's just kind of not involved anymore, not doing it, but then there's a girl at work who comes in and he starts to up again to try to, to win over, over. And yeah, you know, it's easy to watch hour and a half long lulls for. I really like him, Nick fo I think he's fantastic. And he wrote this one himself, so he's around 2003 again, missed it.

Reegs: Yeah. I

Dan: So it would've been in and around the time when, you know, there've been coming off the Cornett trilogy and around

Sidey: that, Yeah Yeah something that trying to strike out

on his own

Dan: yeah, just an idea he's put together on his own. And yeah, I, I enjoyed it.

Sidey: Okay, cool. Brey tweeted about carnage venom, let there be carnage, I should

Reegs: Yeah. Have you seen that

Sidey: So I watched that,

so so no

really not. So the temperature was about trillion degrees in our house and I just couldn't sleep. So I got really early Sunday morning and I watched that. And then Pete had mentioned in the week about alien covenant. Yeah. So I watched that cause I'd never seen that.

That was alright. Actually, I quite enjoyed that.

Reegs: might do that for the pod.

Sidey: It was okay. I I'd get a kick out them anyway. But

yeah, venom. Geez. It's bad. I mean, I still, I haven't watched all the first one cause that one I thought was so terrible and I just couldn't,

Dan: I've seen them both.

Sidey: but I said to said on Twitter that I would, I would watch it.

So I did. And it was fucking crap. I

mean just

Reegs: Woody Harrison's absolutely chef's kiss.

Dan: I, I was really excited for the second one after watching the first, which I didn't think was amazing, but it showed potential particularly as they showed Woody Haron coming into the, the next one.

But then I watched 'em both on an airplane, I think. And

Reegs: I just wanna

Dan: I enjoyed about on the same par I thought they both had potential to do more, cuz I really like Tom Hardy. I

Sidey: I don't like him in this though.

Dan: but he,

Sidey: Weasley,

Reegs: just the buddy comedy stuff of him and thenn, but like, you know that they have to get

Dan: oh, there, it wasn't

Reegs: like a fast food place or do you know what I mean?

Like that's, that's how they should do do

Dan: it. It was, you know, potentially really, really good. And there wa it wasn't terrible, but it just felt short for me, both of those,

Reegs: endings silly as well, isn't it. And it's different to what they did in whatever that other movie was that also had him in.


Sidey: it's Dr. Stranger's thing, isn't it?

Yeah. As multiverse thing happens we finished off miss Marvel as well. Cause that had been lingering fors and that it was really good. Enjoyed that

Dan: Lucifer had been watching more of that.

Sidey: There was a third film that I watched it I just can't remember what it was. Anyway. Let's get into it. this could be the first time we have some possible crossover because I'm fairly sure we did top five detectives before. And this week we're doing top five police officers. So I've tried

to I've tried to stay true to police officers. I've got no, well, I say that now. No feds, no thingies detectives.

Yeah. I've tried


just do beat cops.

Reegs: Oh right. Are you gonna overall less then side? Because

Sidey: that's not part of the fun, but ultimately who cares? Let's just make a list. And if they're, as long as they're not in the one from the last top five that went in the top five, I think that that

Reegs: all right. Okay. If

Sidey: you can't remember what that was, then you should go, you should listen to it. Cause it was in such and such an episode. I can't.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: I can't think of what the movie would've been. Something about detectives probably. Anyhow,

Reegs: it was in the episode where we did murder on or in express

Sidey: Ah, okay.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Perro got you. Mm-hmm right. Okay then shall I start us off?

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: I'll go for the untouchables. Cause I really love that film. But not Elliot nest because he would be

a fed but

Reegs: oh, fed. Yeah.

Sidey: Okay.

It's the bureau of investigation, isn't it?

Reegs: Yeah.

Oh, he's gonna, this is gonna make

Dan: you, yeah, I'm, I'm scratching off my list

Sidey: it but but he's really struggling. And so he needs someone who's more hands on and he hires Jim Malone who is played by Sean Connery with just the same accent. As always, even though he's supposed to be from Chicago. And he teaches him. So Elliot nest is the, you know, straight as a die he's white than white.

You know, we are the law, we've gotta do things, you know by the, by the book. But Jim Malone's like, no, that's just not gonna work on the street. That's not right. You know, they pull a knife, you pull a gun, that's the Chicago way. And he's really fucking calling it. And he has a really fucking terrible screen death, very memorable, you know, as he said, just like a walk to bring a.

A knife to a gunfire. Yeah. And he just gets brutally machine gun down and writes a message in his blood fucking harrowing. And he's great in it. So yeah. Jim Malone from the untouchables

Dan: Okay

Sidey: beat cop,

Dan: well, I will go for Sergeant Frank Drebin from

Reegs: yeah,

Dan: gun because I'm looking at the rest of my list and I think they're detectives. But of course he causes may wherever he goes.

And he's this one he's gotta catch the killer and save the queen. This is from the files of police squad, 1988. And the naked gun

Reegs: the queen is in. Is that the first one? Yeah. Yeah. All right. With the steam roller and all that.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: yeah. So it is the full visual gags and, and my father went the same

Reegs: It's a safe choice stand. Is that because you're afraid of Saudi laying down the law.

Dan: It, it may be

Sidey: because, I'm probably gonna

fall found that myself, to be honest with you, but you know, we see, let's see

Reegs: it's a cagey start though, with Drebin

Dan: Well, go on then what you

Reegs: got? Well, I've also got one that I probably mentioned a few times, but I'm fairly convinced this one's okay.

Cuz this is inspector tequila from John Woo's classic hard boiled.

Sidey: Oh,

Reegs: Right. And it's a brilliant. Action. Classic. Really? I must see for any action movie fan, it's got an astonishing 20 minute sequence set in a hospital. You seen this one?

Sidey: It's our

board The one with the baby. Yeah. Yeah

Reegs: That's really good. And then I'm gonna follow it up with one.

I'm not sure I've talked about, which is maniac cop, which was, I

Sidey: saw this in my research, but I haven't seen it

in real

Reegs: is a Bruce Campbell. It was right on the

Sidey: Bruce Campbell.

Reegs: Yeah. And he plays a straight man in this and it was right off the back of evil dead two. Right. Maybe the year or so after that, and this one has a cameo from Sam Ramey in it and also Jake Lama for some reason.

But yeah, it's the story of the guy I think he was in, is it in the living daylights, Robert Zora or whatever his name is

Sidey: They always plays a bad

Reegs: guy. Yeah. Yeah. He is kind of a Supercop. He ends up doing time in a place where he is put a lot of crims away and he gets like. Beaten up by them. And he comes back as this maniac cop, but he's not really out for justice anymore.

He is just, you know, being the maniac cop that it's about cause it's called maniac cop. Yeah.

Dan: Right. Missed that one.

Reegs: Yeah. But he's a cop.

Dan: Well, he should go in then. Yeah. Yeah. He's legal.

Reegs: So I think I'm safe. I'm on the right side of the law with my first

Sidey: Yeah Yeah,

for sure. You mentioned Supercop how about a robo cop?

Reegs: Ah yeah.

Dan: yeah He's

Sidey: definitely a cop

right? there It's right there in the title. He is formerly Alex Murphy


Dan: he get shot up doesn't it is.

Sidey: Yeah. So that, that scene in particular, I saw this film. I was still at primary school.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: So,

Dan: this was a primary,

Sidey: old, probably

tops This was a primary

Dan: school film. It was like an

Sidey: but that particular scene where they gun him down is fucking brutal. So Paul be, Hoen loves a bit of this sort of real, you know, over the top violence. And I particularly remember him getting his hand blown. He's he's sort of out, is he Christ? Like I can't exactly

remember Yeah, But you know, gunning him down, like believable there's anything left of him to, to put into machinery, but his hand, remember his hand getting shot off.

Yeah. And just thinking, oh, like almost scared. Cause it was just fucking too much when you're that young, you know what I mean? But then the

rest of

Reegs: Boer even says her in lend the man a hand

Sidey: right Yeah so, and then after that, it's, it's not just a silly action film. It's got all these nice touches about you know, the


Reegs: he is reincarnated, isn't

Sidey: but all the, the little adverts, the aside for um the Detroit, what they call them, what's the company.


OCP. Yeah.

They get all those nice things there. No, particularly remember this, the boardroom scene with the ed editor and I, when he just guns that guy down and so much shouts. Anyway, is there a doctor or anything? Yeah, I don't think we need a doctor for this guy. Someone just need to dopa and brush him, sweep


Reegs: uh

also there's the other robot cops that they get up as well.

The one who gets like, as soon as he becomes conscious, just like rips his own head off when he knows what's happened to him and yeah. Good movie. That

Sidey: is it. Cuz Murphy's like Catholic or something that he's the one who can take us. It's quite, I dunno if that's what they were trying to say. Anyway, Brad cop.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. Strong one. Well

Reegs: falling down.

Dan: is a good one. Yeah.

Reegs: But in your move on you there then?

Dan: You've nipped in there. Rick. So yeah, falling

Reegs: Pendergast was a good cop that we watched in action against the terrifying Michael Douglas defense wouldn't he, Pendergast was good.

Dan: Decent cop. Yeah. On the beat.

Reegs: And he had a hard life. Didn't he? And he was, you know,

Dan: do, do you think he was

Reegs: for retirement,

Dan: Do you think he was getting too old for this shit? Just like Danny Glover in lethal weapon

Sidey: with friend of Rick's people

Dan: yeah. Mel Gibson's kind of suicidal approach to, to crime fight.

Sidey: you've just reminded me of what the, the other movie I

watched. What was that pray?

Dan: Ah,

Sidey: the predator movie.

Reegs: Yeah. Why

Dan: Was it good?

Sidey: It's fucking excellent.

Dan: I've not seen it

Sidey: I might put it as the number one

Reegs: that whoa. Wow. That's bullshit. Better

Dan: Any cops in it?

Sidey: No.

Dan: Or let's talk about another time then

Sidey: it's just,

the Danny Glover and I was thinking Ture too. And then I, yeah, it got me onto it.

Dan: Right. Well you, you know, it's it's.


buddy action cop movie. I probably saw most as a kid, actually, this one, these lethal weapons, they went on to, I think, how many lethal weapons did they do together?

Four, four. And it was the same lines. And you were looking forward to hearing him in the next film when he says he's too old for this shit. And yet there he

Sidey: I'm even older

Dan: he is he's on the verge of retirement seems forever on the verge of retirement. But I loved these and we were watching with the family.

You could, they were over the top and Mel Gibson in these days was a superstar. And he was really funny

Sidey: Nice

Is it me

Reegs: Yeah, but I,

Sidey: oh we went

Reegs: a Dan on him. Didn't I?

Sidey: okay, well, there's a sequel to this one in the works, but this is heat

Michael man movie Vincent Hannah played by Al pano.

And he

Reegs: a detective though, you know

Sidey: know? Well, he's

a homicide detective, but he is working for the police department. So we, we get into the semantics of it.

Dan: Right.

I get it now.

Sidey: So he's not working, he's not working for the feds. You know, he's not

CD He is he's, he is invested get,

but for the police.

So he's a police

Dan: He's a police officer for and through.

And this film

Sidey: the film is solid

Dan: I'd, I'd love to see this in one of our midweeks, I think, or because it's been a while

Sidey: it's your time to nominate as it happens,

Dan: really. Okay. Well, we may see, I

Sidey: I'm a bit like that about doing a sequel to this, cuz I think, you know, it's so great standalone and as long as you know, don't fuck just don't fuck it

Reegs: up. I think there's a book out already. Isn't it?

Sidey: I'm not gonna read that

I'm gonna find the time, but he is probably, is it, is it classically like brilliant Pacino role? I dunno. He's just so over the top, he's just some of this, he just screams a lot


Reegs: his

Sidey: lines in this, and of course they have the great scene and the diner where they, you know, face off against each other finally.

But a lot of the time he's just screaming. Like you've got your head up or out all the way up. Oh.

Reegs: the

Sidey: And you know, just, just screaming and just going over the top. But it's such a fucking great movie.

Reegs: Yeah, it is good,

Sidey: But yes. Is he a detective? Is he a police officer? I dunno.

We never have

Dan: in your life? You can't work out him in 30 seconds flat that's that was kind of de Niro's

Sidey: wasn't the police officer No No,

Dan: but that's what he was kind of up against, but I don't even think it was Pacino's best cop role ERCO ER, is, is the one I was want to talk about because this was a true BA based on a true story of how the N Y P D I think it was, or was it the LAPD? It was a PD Anny. It was the Y And they all corrupt back in the day where it seemed that way from this film, apart from Frankie shop.

And he had to go to outside agencies to, to make sure that. The corruption in the police force was, you know, out there and, and judged by the people

exposed yeah, he was a lone, he was a lone voice and he was a real kind of you know, hippy guy as well. And I mean, some of it was undercover and, and everything, but he was he was aware that, you know, at a party, for example, one stage he's at party of his girlfriend and he goes oh yeah.

Don't tell anyone. I'm a cop after a couple of people have been chatting to him. Oh yeah, yeah. Frankie's a cop and they were, oh, okay. I'll see you later. And but before that, they were getting on well with him now having I laugh and everything. So it's, it is a really good movie. Have you seen

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

He got shot in the face

Dan: and he, yeah. Yeah. He's he, he takes one. He retires to Switzerland, I think in, in real life. After, after that. And after they give him all the, the medals and everything for, for coming through good one.

Reegs: Die hard has got a couple of good police officers in it, obviously. John McClean, but I prefer to talk about Al Powell,

Sidey: I would say the dude down on, on the ground.

Reegs: Re discovers his lust for life by gunning down a guy.

So that's good. Yeah. And the other one I was gonna talk about, I'm not sure we've ever mentioned it on the pod or I had certainly haven't it's day.

Sidey: Denzel

Reegs: one? Yeah. An Antoine qua I

Sidey: Lord qua

Reegs: qua. Yeah. It was written by what was the guy's name? Did suicide. It's called David air.

Sidey: Mm-hmm

Reegs: a a this was the one, one Denzel and Oscar.

Dan: Really I've

not seen this.

Reegs: Oh, it's good. He plays completely against typers that this

Sidey: is it Ethan Hawk yeah,

your mate.

Reegs: he's on, he's on a he's on a sort of one day assessment Hawk as a young rookie, and he's gone out with this superstar cop and what's his name? Alonzo Harris. Who's Denzel Washington.

And then as it he's like, he's a narcotics cop. And as it, you know, as it goes on over the day, you find out he's like not so different to the criminals that he's pursuing and that sort of thing. So, right. Yeah. There's a, pre-call coming out about Washington's character, no set again with his character set against the backdrop of the LA riots.

So that could be interesting. So yeah, that's training day.

Sidey: Terminator two.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: The T 1000 is largely in a police cop

dress up

Dan: police cop uniform, and I suppose there is a cop in it briefly before he gets executed.

Reegs: There's a lot of cop stuff in the Terminator movies, really the police station gets blown the shit out of, in the first one in the second one, all the

Dan: I've seen that is I,

Sidey: I'll be back

Dan: goes through the

Sidey: the first, I'll be back

Dan: the first one, yeah. When he just goes through the police station and they just

Sidey: he'd be back what's coming.



Reegs: And then in the second one where they surround Cine systems and he shoots 'em all in the knees, you know, the cops really taking it. And the third one, the, to as well, the SWAT team

Sidey: don't remember the third

one So, well,

Reegs: no.

Sidey: So that's a robot cop and I've got another one, which is barricade. He was a transformer who was, who was a robot, but transformed into a police car. So I dunno if you'll give me that, but tenuous.

Dan: Right.

Reegs: Was he actually part

Sidey: was like like he Didn't

like really people, their rights, stuff like that.

Yeah. But he looked good.

No, he's an auto bot,

Reegs: right. Okay.

Dan: Woody Harrison's my next cop

Reegs: In

Dan: Maybe sheriff. Three billboards

Reegs: Oh yeah. Having

Dan: Missouri it's with Francis McDorman.

And she's the mother who challenges the local authority to solve her daughter's murder because they're not pulling their fingers out and she gets these billboards and, you know, and it's she's,

Sidey: he also plays a kind of ranger dude in, is it there's like a high women movie with, with Kevin Costner.

It's really good. I really enjoyed it,

but I don't think

Dan: think, I think they turned that into a series actually. Okay. There's a, there's a few of those with different cops,

good Yeah

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. It's cool.

Dan: There was a film, actually, I D I dunno, I'm gonna try and wedge this in, and maybe you can help me. It's called Mr.

Brooks with Kevin Costner. Yeah. Where he's a serial killer. Be a cop in that somewhere. I think there is,

Reegs: wow. Fly me.

Dan: it, but it was a good one. He just reminded me of it while we were talking to that go on weeks.

Reegs: Well, so a couple of peak cops for you, the two cops in super bad, Seth Rogan and bill Hader you know, pretty incompetent and irresponsible in general and they let MLO him get away with his license plate that just says, or his license, what is

Sidey: It's fake ID

Reegs: Yeah. His fake

Sidey: ID. Yeah MLO

Reegs: but yeah, and then probably the king of incompetent. Well, that's quite a big claim, but police chief wig.

Sidey: Oh yeah,

Dan: yeah, of course.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Mo my Mo

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Okay. Right. Hang on Jack. Tra tra T R a V E N.

Reegs: Evin

Dan: it, it should be fertile ground. This really isn't there you think of how many films as you saying, been made with, with policemen in him and things? There's a, there's a ton. I haven't been able to think of, but Keanu in this is he he's a cop.

He's not a detective he's isn't he?

Yeah, I think he is. He's just got

Sidey: And so at the time he wouldn't have been like a mega megastar. I think he was just off the back of bill and Ted.

Dan: Yeah. This was a big

Sidey: So it's more like high concept.

Like a towering of FENO or a beside adventure or a fucking speeding bus.

It's more about that. And obviously you got hopper who would've been a big name, but even he'd been on the, on the wait, you


him coming back,

Dan: Lu Sandra Bullock was the other one who kind of got launched from this, I think

Sidey: It's fucking solid, solid movie. It's not quite speed. Two cruise control, but then what is, yeah, frankly,

Reegs: Jason, Patrick, in that one,

Sidey: I've I haven't seen it.

I don't wanna watch that. I haven't got time to waste and shit like that.

Dan: No, no, it's no where I've been. I've got a few more we watched the big heat.

Reegs: I've got that on my

Dan: list a little while back, but then I'll, I'll leave. You mention it longer, but there's a touch of evil, which is Austin Wells, Charlton Heston, and Marlon Dietrich in it as well.

And it's set in yeah, in in Mexico on the border and there's a, a big bomb that that's go on a car and it explodes in. Austin Wells directs it as well. John Heston said it was the best he's ever kind of been directed. I dunno if you've ever watched this

Sidey: No.

Dan: No it's, it's a really dark atmospheric film brilliantly kind of paste in everything.

There's I say he's a detective, I think more than a policeman Charlton Heston, but there's there's loads going on. I might, I might nominate it then

Sidey: All right.

Reegs: I mean, a couple more 21 jump street. We've talked about that

Sidey: like that Yeah

Reegs: The big heat, like you said, that was great with Glen Ford is the sort of revenge obsessed Banon and all the women that get horribly mutilated or died in that movie drag net.

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Great Joe Friday Yeah. Pep Steck Yeah.

Reegs: Starsky and Hutch, I think. Were they in motorway patrol men? That's quite

Sidey: I've got officers of the law in some sense.

Dan: Yeah. They're policemen, aren't they? Yeah. They're just mobile.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Turner and hooch. And that that's too for really, because they're both police officers.

Sidey: Well, I had kine, which is the James Belushi one.

Reegs: Yeah. Turner and hooch was the superior one. I think wasn't it.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: yeah. One went off the back of another

Sidey: well, canine doesn't die. Right. But hooch spoil that

Reegs: Does.

Sidey: does die There's ginger though.

Dan: How could they

Sidey: Oh, there's a website. So if, when we nominate, I came across this this week. So if you, if you nominate something and you're right, like say it's got kids in it, like tour with me or how he's mentioned it before was there's a dog in a film it's actually called, does the dog and you can look up and see if there's any

trigger warning things that you should look out for in films.


Reegs: but it's also so many spoilers as

Sidey: It is spoiler horrific though. That's the only thing. But if you are like traumatized by something, you just wanna know if it's gonna be a safe thing to watch, then that's something to look out for.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Oh, rattle off couple and then I've got another, something that's been coughing up quite a lot.

These I'm sure we mentioned last time. In fact, I think I nominated Marge Gunderson. Yeah. From Fargo. I think I put in Popeye Doyle from the French connection.

Dan: right? Yeah. Strong gene

Sidey: white from LA

Reegs: Yeah. which one was that? Was that guy Pierce's

Sidey: no I'm trying to think of what

Reegs: Russell


Sidey: Russell Crow I'm trying

to think what. Guy

Reegs: ed Exley

Sidey: that's right. Yeah. And then I keep mentioning the wire recently.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And that is for me, the quintessential, like cops against like the drugs gangs. But again, the line is blurred

Reegs: mm-hmm ,

Sidey: you know, they

think they know that someone's guilty, so they'll just fucking bend the rules to make sure they get a conviction.

And they've seen that I keep going on about his Omar, which they basically make him lie. Well, they. You know, incentivize him to, I understand. And later on in the series, this guy is, will William bunk Mullen. And he's the kind of moral arbiter in the series , he'll, he'll still do stuff, but generally speaking, he is like, there's a code on the street and we fucking stick that.

And he has this,

Reegs: everyone's got a code, man. They've

Sidey: he fucking like lectures, Omar on a bench. He just fucking tells him, you know, back in the day, you know, I hung out with some guys and we knew they were bad guys, but even they were like, they'd do

their thing And that. was it you know, but you is just fucking hams him and, and Omar, who's just been a fucking like free ruthless guy. He just sits there and takes this fucking basically like telling off from an old guy, just saying you're a fucking, you know, nor tells him off really. It's great. It's a really cool scene, cuz it's just gives you just a little snapshot of exactly what's going on in the city, you know, and

Reegs: oh man,

Sidey: bunks bunks got

some great quotes and one of the times he's, he's often pissed and he'll still like cheer and his wife and they'll, his partner will cover for him and all this fucking shady shit that's going on.

And one of the times he just, he describes him. He says, I'm just a humble motherfucker with a big ass Dick. And Dominic west says to you think too much of yourself and he goes, yeah, maybe I'm not that humble. so fucking great line. So yeah, the

Dan: Okay. That's

Reegs: good. That's good. Rich. Oh, I'm ready to close it out.

Sidey: Let's do it. Yeah. Who are you putting in?

Reegs: I am going to put in, who am I gonna put in? I'm gonna put in I haven't got his name Perry from kiss, kiss, bang, bang, Val Kilmer's

Sidey: character. Oh yeah

Reegs: he was a copper won. He,

Sidey: yeah.


Reegs: And uh it's sort of a little bit, it's sort of linked to our main feature this

Sidey: True Yeah yeah yeah ways. Yeah

Reegs: and a movie that we reviewed really early on, on the pod.

Sidey: it was a Christmas. Was it a Christmas one?

Reegs: Yeah, might have, was it still with me as well? It was

Sidey: no it was Dan stadium

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: was stands tape you.

Dan: think it was.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: I wanted to mention Chinatown, although it's a private detective rather than a policeman, so

Reegs: I've got a traffic wooden, Dan, but I've not put them on

Dan: can't get him in. Can we

Sidey: but

I would give a bit of leeway for that.

Cause unlikely there will ever get a top five

Reegs: five traffic wardens. Yeah, I know. I know, but it's, it's hard for me to cram in the

Sidey: was it?

Reegs: It was in lock stock and tea, sweat. Is it not the second one? And it's the traffic wardens that get abducted by dogs, gang, and they get battered by 'em and then they get the, like the good guys go rescue and then they batter them.

They're just like, oh, traffic wars. So

Dan: LA confidential, infernal affairs, both cracky movies we've mentioned before. But I'm gonna go with Frankie chap.

Sidey: Cool. I was gonna, I was gonna go for bunk, but I did the wire last week. So I'm gonna put in Jim Malone from the untouchables. Yeah. Unless of course he went in last time, but I'm pretty sure it

was Marge I think it was Marge Gunderson that went in last time.

And so we're looking for a couple to close it out from you guys.

Reegs: It's actually on the website. You can look it up.

Sidey: I know I was thinking I should have done that, but I didn't. So there you go. Can't take it back.

Reegs: it's a feast today. An absolute feast. We've got Haribo. What is that star mix?

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And fizzy rainbow rainbow belts. And we've got cheese.

Sidey: We've got fizzy laces as well.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. We've got

Sidey: and then and we've got cheese, which is a sensation, not just for the taste buds, but also for the all factory senses.

Reegs: mm.

Sidey: one, is that right?

So we've got our cheese subscription. So Peter, Andre couldn't make it today. And he left me a voice note saying that, oh, to make it up to you. Why don't you go and pick up the cheese, which I've just been told is ready for collection, basically that all boiled down to the fact that I think he couldn't

be bothered He couldn't be bothered to go and get it. Cause I worked around the corner. It was up to me to go and get it. So I did. So we have four cheeses today. First one is a B Damour, which is a beautiful semi hard used cheese from Corsica, supple and velvety herbacious, earthy and

Reegs: And can

you point that one out for the listeners please?

Sidey: It's that one in the corner, which is pale white.

Some Deborah debris around the outside and the outer RH of this cheese is coated in the aromatic herbs of the Corkin marque or scrubland. So basically they roll it in the dirt.

Reegs: Yeah,

Dan: I was about to say it does look like there

Sidey: I have to say that the exterior of that is a little off putting when you're eating, it's just overpowering a little bit, but the cheese itself is very nice.

And then we've got a sand NEC tear Le crew, which is a raw milk semi soft cheese from the Ove with distinctive hazelnut notes.

Reegs: And that, and can you point that one out please?

Dan: Is that the one that's

Sidey: I I would say that's the Bri like one,

Reegs: that's not semi soft that's

Sidey: it is very warm in here to say, but yes, that's oozing and that looks like a Brie or a cabin bear, I guess, but it's very nice.

Not too strong. A gateway cheese, if you like not suitable for pregnant women. No.

Reegs: Okay.

Sidey: Okay If Anyone's

concerned about that, then we've got a little roll, right?

Which is this one here? That's the hard one that you've been enjoying. Dan? Yeah. That's made by David jot

Dan: Joey.

Sidey: yeah.

David jots put this together from the organic milk of Mani farm Che

with two hun

Reegs: you, Jamie, who,

Sidey: if

let's just let get a straw pile around the room. How many meters up in the Cowells approximately do you think his heard is.

Reegs: 400? Is that that's not enough? Is it?

Dan: I, I would say it goes right up there in the cot swell till about 750.

Sidey: Wow. You have to be disappointed to hear that it's a mere 250 meters up. But David uses the milk from a mixed herd, British Friess and dairy Shorthorns. Yeah. Which really comes through, I thought in the cheese, then we've got a Crowell

Reegs: You can taste the horn,


Sidey: Well, it certainly gives you the horn.

We've got a Crowell Bishop, which is a traditional hand label or Nottingham sheer blue Stilton. And it's fucking excellent.


Reegs: mistaking that the listeners can see that one.

Sidey: Yeah. Clear as day that's made with animal RET. So not suitable for vegetarians for no for, yeah. For vegetarians. So I

Reegs: have you had any of that

Dan: I've not, no.

Sidey: it may

Reegs: you, have, if you'd had some of that and then found out what Z had said, would you have been offended? Not, you know, disappointed or,

Dan: well, I wouldn't have any more.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Renet is a, an enzyme. I think that they get from the stomach lining.

Dan: or from the bones.

Is it like

Sidey: no it's not the, bones no because when I make cheese, I use a vegetarian based Renet because I want vegetarians to be able to enjoy it. Vegans of course of shit. Like, no matter what, but cuz I may shock you to learn that I have done cheese making course

Reegs: mm-hmm I tasted some of your cheese I think.

Sidey: Yeah. So this one is car

Dan: another story, come on.

Sidey: buttery and complex, slight spice and long lingering notes.

Mm-hmm so that's the cheese covered and we did re-up on the toast for cheese because those biscuits are

Dan: pretty They, is that a new batch? Is

Sidey: Yeah, it's fresh.

Reegs: Is that the date ones? Yeah, they,

Sidey: They're real good really,

really good. And that segues almost too well, yeah, into this week's movie, which is a Icelandic police cop comedy paste, drama action Fest.

Reegs: Yeah. Spoof para D

Dan: L G B T friendly

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah So yeah, I mentioned earlier, this just was, came forth outta nowhere in some article that I was looking at that stumbled across. So just read a little, like a little bit. Oh, it's supposed to be funny. And I actually watched the trailer just to see if, cause I thought, Hmm, dunno.

It might be really shit. And I thought trailer looked really good. So I thought, fuck. Yeah, let's do that. So we've gone from Hong Kong now our air miles this week are quite, we've gone 250 meters up into the COWA

Dan: There we go.

Sidey: straight across, up to REIC cuz this is all basically in

Reegs: Yeah.

Yeah. And I was there. Only

Sidey: been there I've been there not recently though.


Dan: Okay. Did you recognize any of the yeah, the places? Yeah. It's quite a big city and

Reegs: it is in this, but no no,

Sidey: when you've been there and you see this like feels like a much bigger scale. They


Reegs: it's part of the joke, isn't it? It's it's good. And we should get into it

Dan: there's kind of two areas. Is that for real as well? You've got grab, is it or bear Garda bear. Yeah. That's that really does exist on

Reegs: I think it does, but no, I mean, I think it's just another county type thing that's next to, yeah.

Should we get, should we get into

Sidey: get into it?

Reegs: to talk about, but let's get through the film first.

Sidey: Yeah. Does it start off? Do we go straight into the first robbery slash chase sequence?

Reegs: much. Yeah. It starts with like the brooding ominous soundtrack and like a Michael bay style rock inspired

Sidey: the

Reegs: drone

Sidey: Well there's the airplane jumbo over the

Reegs: Yeah.

Oh, that's

Sidey: that's like but That's lifted like straight out bad boys

Reegs: Yeah. There's a lot of bad boys in this. And it into the mean streets of downtown wreck. We swoop with the drone and we follow a black car. Is it a Ford Mustang? I think anyway. And we listen to the radio talking about the big game, Iceland versus England, the lion SS playing the Icelandic football teams are getting everything set up.

That's gonna play on. And we've got a motorbike burst onto the scene. And then detective Booy, he's like sort of, kind of John McLean, Jason Staton, VIN diesel, but less VIN sunflower oil.

Sidey: Yes. Yeah, yeah. I'd say so. He's got that kind of unshaven look, shaved, head stub, vest.

So they're really going for it.

Dan: He's got the, the cop ID, which he doesn't take off ever. It seems like and yeah, he's, he's takes, he takes, yeah. He takes after this, this bike, who's swerving over the road and, and they're having this crazy race. And as they're getting to the, the limits of the city, he's there with a a partner of his, who's saying you can't go anywhere.

You can't, you know, you're going too fast. What are you doing? We find out there's a kid in the

Sidey: Oh

Reegs: It's his kid

Sidey: I fucking hired when that


Cause they've been doing this, you know, it's not obviously standard issue police vehicle. He's honing it round.

Dan: just like a blue

Sidey: all these traffic you know, rules chasing SC. And then they just click around him as a kid.

And I fucking

Dan: Yeah. First of all, you see these partners in the side, then you see the there's a kid in the back as well. And it, it ramps it up of quite how dangerous what he's doing is now. And he gets to the, the city limits, if you like, and the, the bike goes all the way through and he slams on the brakes, stops at the, the kind of sign that suggests the

Reegs: lines yeah,

Dan: the county line Rik Vic ending, and the

Sidey: yeah he's got no jurisdiction

Dan: starting.

And you get the first view of our other Supercop on this poche area,

Reegs: Heard of be

Dan: heard of us, and he's got a brilliant car and he's looking like absolutely Jane

Sidey: aren't they

Reegs: I'll take, I'll take over a city cup.

Sidey: Are they interspersing it with news, real footage of other things that they've done.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And they booty's like, he's the local, like super caught hard as

Reegs: Now he's the toughest cop in Iceland. He's known as the hardest

Sidey: And this other guy's. I think he's announced as pansexual, isn't he? Yeah. And he is super slick. He's very stylish, but a big fucking uni you can tell

Reegs: he he's independently wealthy speaks 15 languages except for Danish on principle

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: And

yeah, he he's like affluent and obey and sophisticated and

Dan: all the, all the, all the kind of things that Booy isn't on the surface anyway.

Our, I what's his name again?

Reegs: Well, he's bod

Dan: bod

Reegs: Vay, bod Farson Buty detective Brucey.

Dan: So there's Booy and then the other guy's

Reegs: heard the

Sidey: ho door Hoor

Reegs: her her her the best, I


is Gary herder.

Dan: So anyway, they, this, this scene as well, just gives you a, an idea of if you didn't know it already. So he can't go any further.

He's hit the, the line and, and herd her is, is chasing after the, the motorcycle down the road in his car. But. Booty can't he just can't let it lie. He can't let sleep. And he puts his floor down, goes through and chases after him as well, all the time. He's just got that classic kind of partner. Who's screaming.

No. What are you doing

Reegs: Oh, he says to him, oh, you were rude to me at the staff party. And you know, he's like listing off all his supposed crimes

Dan: and they get to like a abandoned warehouse type area. They tell the kid to stay, to stay put, and they run off down to to, to go and back up hoarder who's who finds what?

A few of them there. Doesn't he he's got,

Sidey: don't even think it's I don't even think it's back up. He just wants to be the one who catches him. Yeah. His ego is pure ego

Reegs: It is exactly

Dan: at this stage. Yeah,

Sidey: yeah,

Reegs: yeah, And they do find each other in there. Don't they? And they turn their weapons on each other. And it's this, are you lost, buddy? Are you lost buddy, like seeing their pointing their weapons at each other.

Anyway, the idiot partner gets kidnapped. Doesn't he? By the bike of chick? Yeah. That they were there to chase and there's like a scene and the super cop heard us shoots the light. Yeah. And yeah. Anyway, she escapes. No, she gets taken into custody. Doesn't she?

Yeah. And then we get the tough grizzled captain Pergo.

She's talking about this spate of bizarre robberies

Sidey: nothing's being stolen. Yeah.

They keep breaking into different financial institutions doing something, but not taking anything. Yeah. Which is a real head scratcher for them. They don't, they can't really get to grips of what's going on and she's given nothing away while she's being interrogated.

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Sidey: At first there's there's someone doing the interrogation and Brucey and the captain are watching and it gets about 10 seconds in he's like, what do you send the fucking boy scout in there? And it just launches him out. And then he

Reegs: he walks in and he punches her twice in the face. and then he spits alcohol all over and he's like, you can tell I've been drinking or whatever.


Sidey: And the guy, the, the guy who's just throw out, watching it, talking to the,

the captain saying he's just broken, like every single rule in the

first 30 seconds of

Dan: her finger. Then he goes, ah, here's another one and just gives her the middle finger. Absolutely. No, simply, but you get a sense for, for boot and it's all, it's just about done on the, on the right side of tongue in the cheek, isn't it.

It's not delivered to I mean, I wouldn't taking any of these scenes really seriously when he, he goes into to punch you in a face spit and all

Sidey: it's so over the top

Reegs: No,

there's lots and lots of jokes and, you know, the central gag of making REIC, which, you know, it does feel funny to me because having been there recently, I did not see a single police officer.

The whole time I was in Revi is like, and I spoke to the taxi driver about it. And he's like, there isn't any crime. There's like

Sidey: I was gonna say I never I've been there five times to a music festival where it's, you know, absolutely jump everyone's. I never saw any trouble, any argument, nothing like, you know, it's just why, what you gonna fight about

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: it's taken all these like big Hollywood tropes and just putting them in re Vic and kind of making re Vic look and feel like it should be part of that world.

It's it's clever. Meanwhile, whether or not you like this movie is probably gonna be predicated on what happens next, cuz we're introduced to Ricky Ferrari. He's giving himself a, a shave and in one of many very silly, very over the top moments. I mean, it's kind of a Nick cage, mega acting level of

Dan: performance It is yeah

Reegs: this.

And if you like it, like I did, then you'll probably like this movie, if you don't, it might be a, a bust for you. He speaks in English and he's got like a number of bizarre sort of animal based facts at his disposal. His first words are, do you know what happens to an Albanian? Armillo when it stays underwater for six days and he speak it in this strange, like Donald Trump style L

Sidey: he goes into English,

Reegs: He just speaks in English. Yeah.

Sidey: And yeah, this like, is he doing like a joker impression or something? Cuz it is bizarre.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. He just tries to sound more threatening.

Sidey: I'm not sure that it necessarily worked this

Reegs: well. I loved it.

Dan: I, I thought he did. I thought he was probably stole the scenes, everyone that he was in.

I, I thought it really worked. He was just for this kind of character, this kind of villain. He was.

Dastardly James Bond enough. And, and crazy enough to get to get on it. And yeah, some of the things he does is, is

Sidey: completely well he's, got a real vendetta against

one guy around the

Dan: Yeah.

On his own team. Was it scar Ava?

Reegs: fava. Yeah. He was also a really good character. He's kind of, he's kind of half aware in a way that they're in a ridiculous world and he starts to deconstruct it. Like he's often complaining about the organizational skills of the criminal

Dan: lack of coffee and fruit

Sidey: is it him He says, why doesn't he just speak Icelandic?

Reegs: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And he's like, should I be talking back to him in English or Iceland? I don't


Sidey: everyone

Dan: everyone else is just like

Sidey: don't don't know me. Don't know me.

Dan: I dunno, what's happening. I dunno, who's picking me up. I dunno. Yeah.

Reegs: his overalls don't really fit. He wishes there was a spreadsheet. And then Ricky goes really angry with him and shoots him in the hand.

And then Booy is back at the bar drowning his sorrows and LA lamenting that Rick Vic, isn't a little town anymore. It's a big city. And he gets home to where his neighbor slash landlord. His daughter live.

Sidey: They call the daughter, calls them uncle Booie. So they're obviously familiar with him, but then when the conversation finishes, he says, you know, I need the rent.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: is more transactional than, than anything. Yeah. So he's a hard talking hard

Reegs: toughest cop in Iceland

Sidey: having some relationship issues with his misses. And he's clearly very distant, not available. They haven't had sex. I think she says for two years,

Reegs: yeah. Three months, three months. I think it

Sidey: a long time. And she just gives him the ultimatum, you know, you've gotta, you've gotta start.

You know, treat me better or I'm off. And then he goes to the


and he's got a mag with a fella on the front. And he is gonna have a w basically.

Reegs: Yeah. He starts to touch himself and then he looks in the mirror and he points a gun at himself in the mirror. He's like, what are you doing is supposed to be the toughest. So he's got all these hangups about his homosexuality or his sexual feelings anyway.

Because was that on the initial thing with herder? Did they briefly touch hands? Yeah, very briefly. Next day, he's on patrol with Clemens. He's maxed out his credit cards. Hmm he's in some financial trouble. And then suddenly there's reports of an armed robbery ice bank and a SWAT team are there and a helicopters and reporters, all the emergency services captain is there and she tells Brucey the situation very serious as six arm suspects, five hostages and her AB Bess is inside.

So Bussy goes in as well. He's not having that. He's gonna sort the scene out himself, And yeah, they, he meets up with him. They exchange insults.

Sidey: And don't they touch again?


Reegs: do. Yeah.

Sidey: They they

take cover the, the end of a row of desks or the, you know, the teller desks in the bank and they've already shot out. I don't know.

It's a big pile of bodies where there's been already some gun fighting. And someone is taken hostage

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: He just gets up and fucking shoots the hostage

Reegs: Yeah. He leaps through the air and shoots her in the shoulder. Yeah. It's amazing.

Dan: he doesn't kill her.

Does he?

Sidey: no But there's no like is it gonna be some genius thing? Right. You know, he shoots off three surfaces to get the, no, just fucking shoots

to get outta

Dan: her, she drops and then he, he, he, he kills the other guy. Yeah,

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: Much more realistic than, than probably some of the shots who were, who were gonna try.


Sidey: but we've seen, there's been a USB inserted into the machine. Yeah. This is what they're doing. They're putting some kind of virus into the system.

Yes. So they're gonna have to go and speak to someone who knows about this kind of thing.

Reegs: Yeah. Cuz by this point, herder and Booie have been put on the, they've decided to merge the Garda bear and wreck Vic forces to put the super cops together.

Yeah. And we haven't talked there's loads of stuff that we've missed out. Like the hardass police, chief who keeps dressing them down and all that stuff. Yeah. She, she is really good. Yeah. They go to Chinatown, they do this, they CR she, they introduce this one. She looks a bit like a nerdy sort of Julia Roberts or something.

And she's gonna crack the virus code if I jump, jump too far

Sidey: Well no they find, they find the USB, but it's burnt. It's all kind of melted

and they can't

Dan: the, the nerd friend don't they who's a

Sidey: her Hoor knows he's got this connection with the nerd.

He's clearly super hot where they put glasses on her. Yeah. And

she says well I, yeah, I can, I'll be able to figure this out. And they're like, okay, great. She's goes take two days. Like, no, no, we need to know like fucking now, you know, we've gotta, this has gotta be figured out. I said, well, no,

Dan: which is where she says, look, I'll tell you where it came from. Chinatown really kind of theatrically. And that's where they go.

And question some guy in the market.

Reegs: Do they have a China town in re Vic?

I don't know if

Sidey: I was trying to think. I don't, I'm pretty sure. Like, it's tiny. Like, well, certainly the main Harbor REIC is fucking tiny. I was like, I'm pretty sure I would've spotted Chinatown.

So I think

Reegs: I think it's just for the movie. Because it's constantly got its tongue in its cheek about everything and the jokes, like you said, were going F and first they're in China.

They have to take his neighbor cuz they're like your, well, they don't outright say it, but they're basically like your Chinese take us down to Chinatown. Yeah. And so he does,

Sidey: he has to leave the kid behind.


Reegs: And they're asking questions about the USB and the people there. They clearly know staff but they don't wanna say anything.

And then suddenly there's a gunshot

Sidey: sniper.

Reegs: The neighbor guy has, has caught it. You didn't know it first, but you,

Dan: yeah. You feared for him though. Didn't you, you thought something's gonna gonna happen here and sure enough, he, he takes one

Sidey: His dying wish

Dan: while Jordo runs after the guy or girl that had shot him booty stays with him and, and he says he promises to look after his daughter.

Sidey: makes

some promise on his death.

Buddie he says make sure you look after

Reegs: exactly who you would ask. Yeah. To look after your

Sidey: a role model

Reegs: Yeah. Hard drinking, you know, Yeah. Who's responsible for loads of damage and yeah.

Dan: And, and it seemed a good idea at the time, I guess. And it was his last dime breath. So

Reegs: I think one thing we haven't mentioned, and it, it was a bit earlier than this is that the when they're trying to crack the case herder and Booy go out for a drink together and They have a night where they're getting really close and he's trying to break down barriers. If you ever wanna talk to me.

Sidey: That's right.

Reegs: And it ends with a big passionate kiss in the toilets.

Dan: was, was this I wasn't sure actually

Reegs: that is early. That's quite early in.

Dan: a little bit earlier because

Sidey: I wasn't sure if that was him drunkenly fantasizing it. I think they leave that up

Dan: because he wakes, he wakes up doesn't

Reegs: He does in his all right.

Oh, was that what

Dan: he was? But, well, they do talk about it in the morning. He says, oh, we got pretty heated there last night. He goes, fuck. I thought that was a dream. So I wasn't kind of sure where, where it was, but I think something did happen, but it didn't go. He kind of blacked out. It'd been drinking so much and it just happened.

Sidey: Yeah. But back in Chinatown, the shooter's knocking about buy a load of

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: Which Hoor shoots for designates, basically the whole of Chinatown and they get chastised then by

Dan: the, this cost, do you know the damage?

Sidey: thousand

Reegs: $2,000.

Sidey: oh, to Chuck on that, cuz it reminded me of if you go back to like the Marvel film, that civil war, when Ironmans has blown up building and they get this whole thing about you keep going out and fucking destroying whole cities, is it what's causing more damage to fucking villains or ULO like, and then here it's like, do you know how much that was $2,000?

It's so

Dan: and they did that all the way through the film.

Like there was a, that's gonna cost $80, like whatever it was. And yeah, all those kind of things, just, there was lots of lines and scenes where the comic delivery was just perfect, even in Icelandic. When you're watching it in with, with the, with the words on it was, it was really cleverly done.

Reegs: So the Icelandic PM he's fed up with them. He calls him BVS and Butthead. For destroying Chinatown and he says it will cost a fortune to rebuild. Like he said, $2,000. He's destroyed cars, helicopters. He even shot a stalk once in front of some toddlers. it's a real dressing down and he gets threatened that if he so much just breaks a pencil, he'll end up in Bumble.

Fuck Missouri.

Dan: Bumble. Fuck. Do you know where Bumble? Fuck.

Reegs: is? Yeah. And herder invites him to chillax back at his place. Booy after his distress at his neighbor dying, but Booy fucks him off and he calls his brother Maggie, Maggie and he has been playing, we've seen him a few times.

He's been playing computer games and it's a bit scary now because shadowy figures turn up at Maggie's

Sidey: apartment.

Oh of course. Yeah. Yeah. He just keeps saying bad guy,

Reegs: bad guy.

Sidey: shooting them because his,

his brother is down syndrome.

Reegs: Yeah Yes.

Sidey: And he's just, he, he calls him every day.

They have a good relationship and he's just keeps saying bad guy, and you can kind of Telegraph,


Reegs: yeah, they do on, they, they do online gaming sessions together. So

Sidey: you know, we literally said at home like, oh, you can tell what's gonna happen here, like later on.

Dan: And so yeah, Maggie's or Maggie's kidnapped and that then has leverage over Horal who invites, who eventually does booty does turn up at the house, doesn't he?

Reegs: Yeah. Well, he, he, he has a thing with they're too broken to even fight his relationship with his misses. And he drives our all moody to a Euro rock soundtrack, and eventually turns up at Herder's place and kisses him at the door and they make sweet, sweet love. Don't they fairly graphic, I would say you know,

Dan: well, he is through these kind of curtains and there's somebody in a car in the car part taking photographs. And then these are leveraged against Booy cuz they're in, in the morning they're they're on his computer screen and he doesn't take 'em off.

He just kind of leaves him on there and he goes and has a look around, he, he clicks on the iPad of hoarder and there's a message there from our villain.

Reegs: Ricky.

Yeah. And we know that

Dan: the plan is thank you. The plan is in action. You've gotta meet me at noon at the bakery.

Reegs: Yeah. And he's told he's told Brucey that he'll reveal his shame really his sexual encounter with herder unless he hands his badge in.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: So the stakes are high

Dan: and he, he goes down to the supermarket. Of course he sees for his, his self that it's true. And he goes straight back to the, the police station and gives his badge and gun in. Yeah. Much to the, the kind of annoyance of the, the captain. But she can't do anything. He just walks

Reegs: it's mostly the, I think because he sees him have a kiss on the cheek with him and they were so Ricky's backstory, Ricky

Dan: the kiss, wasn't it?

Reegs: He was a male model. He worked with

Sidey: Yes All very blue steel Yeah.

Reegs: And he was horribly burned in a car accident. So,

Dan: which turned him crazy.

Sidey: turned

Reegs: him crazy. Yeah. And,

Dan: And then that little kiss on the neck when they met it, wasn't, it wasn't harder.

It was Ricky that kissed

Reegs: it was, but that's really what make, that's what he's wounded by

Sidey: even

Dan: really was, he turns away and he just, he feels like he's been had.

Reegs: And in the background they have been talking the whole time. We've actually missed a bit where because the, the, the radio reporter keeps talking about, wouldn't it be a good job for somebody to do a bank job or something on the day of the big game that's happening at the end of the everybody in Rick's gonna be there.

He keeps talking about it then Ricky Ferrari doesn't like this, so he has the guy abducted, and then he kills him

Dan: the actual radio presenter. Yeah.

Sidey: He, just pushes

him off the top of some.

Reegs: No, that's another guy. That's he came to negotiate

Sidey: shoots him in the face.


Reegs: he,

shoots the DJ in the face. Yeah.

Dan: Which is quite a graphic shot because it, it. Click away. Does it, it shows you in a bit of a, a face exploding. And then yeah, he pushes the guy off. Who's trying to charge more money for the photographs of hoarder and booty when he knows it's them, he's like, geez, you'd never told me it was these two.

Like I could be in more danger. These are the toughest cops ever. And he goes, oh, okay. And he just you knew what was

Sidey: He gets launched

Dan: He gets launched off a very high building.

Reegs: So it's kind of like, Booy goes on a big bender. And she won't, the bartender won't even serve him anymore. So he scabs some other guy's

Sidey: just mind sweep isn't he

Reegs: Yeah. And he goes on a big bender and it's the day of the big game. The Icelandic women's football team

Sidey: just wakes up on a bench.

Reegs: Yeah. Wakes up on a bench. The stakes are high now, you know, he's been out the force. Herder is sort of, we don't really know how compromised he is. And it's the day of the big game we know something's up.

And the girls cracked the, the, basically the there's a Trojan virus that they've been installing and everything's gonna be down. You can get into any bank, you can get

Sidey: any system, of any kind

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: said everything.

You imagine all the prison doors are gonna fly open, just everyth every, anything linked to a computer is gonna stop working as it should.

And our, our kind of hero who's who's been through the mill really? He's he's woke up on this bench after getting really drunk.

Sidey: get some abuse off Some kids

Dan: he doesn't know who he is and yeah.

He gets load of abuse on these kids who then say, you know, nobody's here. All the police are down at the,

Sidey: well cuz they're boozing. And he is like, you even old enough to drink and they go, what? Then we're gonna do. There's not any fucking police around today. Today. Everyone's at the game. He's like, oh,

Reegs: oh

Sidey: penny drops.

Reegs: He's like, well it's like diehard three .

Sidey: Yeah. He literally

Reegs: says it. Yeah.

Dan: And it, well, he, he finds himself outside a warehouse. He's spoken to the captain and he sees

Reegs: well, hang on.

We do cuz that, with that you skip past SVA.

Dan: ah, YESS VA's final.

Reegs: So cuz Ricky sets up, he says there's a bomb in the stadium and I'm gonna blow it up and it's all shot. Like is it bad boys or is it diehard three? That's also got the big gate. There's a few of them with,

Sidey: I was getting diehard three vibes cuz they have bombs around the city in that one.

Reegs: Yeah. And they're swooping over the stadium. It's like our local one Springfield a little bit more modern than that, but like they make it look like there's like 200,000 people there or something. It's it's funny. So the game's going on, there's a Ricky, Ferrari's heading a bomb there.

Dan: and you'd never find it it's too big

Reegs: and SVA and the guys are moving the gold out of the federal reserve that's of the central bank reserve. That's what they're there for. And he's complaining about wave even where do I get a wheelbarrow and

Dan: they just get loaded wheelie bins.

Reegs: And then he, cuz Ricky had said to remind him to kill him yeah.

Earlier. And he does. And any shot.

Sidey: Yeah. I felt bad for some blah blah.

Reegs: for VA. Yeah. His crime was knowing a bit too much what was going on.

Dan: Yeah. And he, he said, oh, but the job isn't finished it. Ah and yeah. So in that same kind of warehouse then hoard has been waiting outside and Booy pulls up, sees his car runs straight over to it and punches him in the face.

Reegs: yeah. Yeah,

Dan: because he's he's so well you, you gave me up and then he says quite quickly and they, they resolve, he said, look, he's got my brother he's. You know, I had to do it. I had no other choice. He, he was gonna kill him or, or whatever. And he goes what's the plan? He goes, well, I'm gonna go in there and save my brother and kill everyone.

And he goes, not really a plan, but let's go for it. And they, they hear it in there and, and do said plan.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, they start to sneak in and then Clemens is already there. And Clemens, then you

Sidey: dirty co

Reegs: yeah, he turns him

Dan: in his partner. His previous partner is is need that financial,

Sidey: dough Yeah

Reegs: so they get strung up.

Now they nice enough to take herd his shirt off


Yeah. And then he brings in Yugen calls for this guy, Jergen the torturer. And he puts his headphones on, well, like us now listening to Vivaldi and he starts to gets torture.

Dan: Oh, he that's

Reegs: them in the background. Like he pulls himself up and frees himself and they get out there.

And then for some reason they're completely fully dressed again. And in the middle of a warehouse,

Sidey: well, they electrocute him. Don't they? Cause he's he's was gonna like, sort of lobotomize them shock treatment. So they, they pull that stunt on him.

Take him by a surprise and then everyone dies.

Dan: Yeah. Everyone eventually goes there's a couple of really good scenes when they're in behind steel.

Ger is getting protection and they'll turn around, kiss each other, then spin around and shoot two

Sidey: does

Reegs: Yeah. Well, this is,

Sidey: he tell him he loves him in this

Reegs: Yeah, this is so they have a big emotional moment where he is talking about, I can't be in a relationship with you. I'm the toughest cop in Iceland and, and herder says, you know, basically he's just like, it's 20,

Sidey: and No one gives a shit

Reegs: just fucking get over it. And he sort of, MOED like, it's this triumphant sort of almost orgasmic moment where he just guns down for loads of goons with a

Dan: of, yeah, just the, the bullets are, are flying out and he just, I love you.

Reegs: And they do, they kiss on the lips and they take everybody down and they Maggie's about to be executed before they take him down.

And then they go out into the concrete, this, like, what are those

Sidey: I don't know what those things? were They were kind of weird Are they like effectively just built

Dan: concrete L shapes. Aren't they they're huge

Sidey: I dunno what they would've actually been for,

like breakwaters maybe,

Dan: or break waters or something like that. But there's hundreds of him here and they've kind of made Labrinth for almost it's, there's lots of places to hide behind and, and and take a shot from, and of course the, the villains there he's,

Reegs: dressed a bit Neo esque, swirling his Cape and stuff.

Dan: And just go peek ABO as he goes through and

Reegs: boy.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Being really weird. And I, I, as I say, I really like this performance of this, this villain. I thought he,

Sidey: it culminates,

Reegs: There's a standoff. Isn't

Sidey: the

ultimate standoff. So there's not many goons left. It's just the lady from the motorcycle chase earlier, who seems to be like the number two and Ricky Ferrari. And I think at first he has two guns


at the two cops and then they raised their guns.

So their point then she arrives and she puts two guns up and they put their other guns up. So everyone's got,

Reegs: a gun on everyone. Yeah.

Sidey: just this little and they do the shot from overhead and it looks really nicely symmetrical.

Dan: And, and then you've got the, the dirty cop who comes and he just doesn't wanna be part of this anymore is, is more than he wants, but he falls over and this starts the, the shooting

Reegs: well, his weapon discharges as it falls and shoots Booy in the shoulder. Yeah. And then it, like you say, kicks off the gun battle, hurter against Stephanie, the biker chick and Ricky against Booy Booy boy.

And they have a fight in the, on the concrete and they have a fight on the boat. Don't they, or

Dan: Yeah. They seem to get separated, just a little

Reegs: all swooping in

Dan: And he's got a clear shot of him

Reegs: I there's a really die yeah. Ex and then Maggie comes in and shoots. And then it's like this baffling moment of triumph for you're like, yay.

Sidey: Well, he says, he just says the line that, you know, he's been shooting all these people in the video games saying bad guy. Yeah. And he just says it, you know, says bad guy after he is been the hero and shot someone. Yeah. And then there's the the getaway on the boat. Yeah.

Reegs: Ricky's escaping on a motorboat, isn't he?

Dan: and, and they, yeah, they give him a rocket launcher and froze it over and he, he must be about, you know, getting on for about 400, 500 meters away now.

And he, he just sizes up perfectly.

Sidey: It's so casual though.

Dan: And and launches in it, lands in the boat explosions just at the time that, yeah, the the bet that he's been keeping an eye on another little subplot he's bet. A lot of money Booy and he's a, he's a gambler just as the Icelands have of a penalty, I think, which they score.

Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And they beat the lion SS apparently. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. You can tell this is, this is a year old cuz they, I wouldn't

Reegs: happen. What about now would

Sidey: European champions.

Dan: But it's not quite the end. I mean, the, the, the villain's been done in, but we've a few loose ends to tie up because we've a kid without

Sidey: well I know because she the, the motorcycle chick is,

she charges out. So we've got the triumphant moment, you know, everyone's there, we've done it.

Dan: around the

Sidey: she comes charging through screaming cause she wasn't dead.

Yeah. And you're like, oh, and they just drop a shipping container right. In head. It's just so fast. It just runs splat

Dan: and everybody just kind of laughs

Reegs: yeah. Yeah. And then we finished with a TV piece about herder and Booy they now live together in their amazing looking apartment.

Dan: They're kind of getting interviewed in like a hello magazine. But a video thing of that. And then, you know, through the keyhole and meet the family or

Sidey: got custody.


the child from earlier on

Reegs: and he set up a sniper range in his back garden to train her how to kill,

Dan: the next one, the next generation

Sidey: the rifle

Dan: through. And, and then it kind of ends, I believe there

Reegs: in the credit, a heavily bandaged, Ricky Ferrari opens his eyes.

Sidey: Yeah. Wonder if they'll do a sequel

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: Well

Reegs: secret.

Sidey: So our first go at an Icelandic film. What do you reckon.

Reegs: Yeah, I enjoyed this deeply, deeply silly and you know, but just paying homage to a lot of movies that I really like, not completely convinced about the Michael bay obsession, but all the other action movies.

I really like, like Beverly Hills cop or lethal weapon or and it's kind of like hot FARs type humor to it as well. Yeah, some Soso action. They stretch the budget. Absolutely. As far as they possibly can and they make it look really big and glossy and amazing.

Dan: Oh,

I, I thought this was a bloody hit. I really enjoyed this. It was you know a buddy cop action film, but.

firmly with

its tongue in its cheek and just got across all the, the kind of gags perfectly, really.

I mean, I dunno. I've never seen any of these actors before, apart from the, the villain. I'm sure. What's his name? Um Ricky, Bobby, Ricky, Bobby. Yeah. I'm, I'm sure I've seen him in

Sidey: I thought I recognized the captain, the police, you know, the, the checker was in charge of

Dan: the that's B Hener Halon, I believe. Ricky, but yeah, if you only see kind of one Icelandic cop spoof this year, it should be this one.

It's. Really? Yeah. It surprised me enjoyed the pace. It was funny. It was funny movie, you know, it was, there was a lot of good acting, a lot of good lines. The thing is when you're watching it with the words and you turn away, of course you can still hear it. It's in English or something. But so every time I found myself poising and rewinding a lot because I didn't wanna miss anything.

You know, I, I, I, if I took my eyes off it and didn't know what they, they said I wanted to, to go back because a lot of this script was funny.

Sidey: Yeah. It was a fucking hit. I was, when I nominated, I was like, this could go either way, you know, and ice land it cuz okay.

You're watching it with the words, but still you need the, the comic timing

needs to be right. And Iceland it's about the most impenetrable language you can fucking ever get. And yet it still like, it still worked at first with Ricky farrows a bit like, oh, I dunno about this voice, but it didn't take me out of it in the end.

I was, I was okay with it and yeah, I just thought it was really funny. Like a surprisingly good. It was a hit, you know, and

Dan: Well,

Reegs: and you've seen a lot of like buddy cop movies and that sort of thing, but you've never really seen one where in the climactic shootout, the two male leads kiss and the story re resolves with them as a couple, you know, that is quite a new,

Dan: This is the first buddy cop movie that I've seen with that twist on it. Yeah.

And I, I just think it was, so it is so simple, the idea. And why has it not been done before? The fact that they've made it, this kind of brilliant spoof comedy and toil with this guy coming out and everything and all the, the thing, you know, is the hardest cop. And you see his torment. I thought the performances were, were really good in it.

I like Booie, you know, you just, he,

Reegs: It doesn't treat anything very seriously, including the relationships really, you know, mostly it's just played for laughs. I think

Dan: Really goes in punches the, the woman in the face, like

Reegs: yeah,

Dan: straight away and the guy outside going, what are you doing?

What you there's loads of that over the top and just is yeah. Work for me fully.

Reegs: Yeah.

Probably best movie directed by a goalkeeper ever.

Sidey: Certainly that we've watched.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: This was, this is new. So the, the guy who directed this is the Icelandic goalkeeper in the

Sidey: So he was in goal when they beat England.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Okay. That's incredible. Isn't it?

Reegs: Hannah Halon,

Dan: right?

Reegs: Yeah. So he, he fits in, he's a professional footballer who makes action movies in his spare time. So yeah. What have you been up to?

Sidey: None of that unfortunately well we'd like to get him on the show. That would be pretty cool. If we could have a chat

with him shall see,

Dan: well, we loved his film, so hopefully he will because I, I, I think more people should see this. Does it seem destined for a Hollywood remake at some point?

Sidey: Well, I think it is kind of almost a Rema in the

Reegs: that would be completely, I think the world would just implode from ness. What would be the point?

Sidey: Yeah, it works because it's in Iceland. I think if you transposed it somewhere else, the joke, it just wouldn't

Dan: But the, the very, the very theme of having like a bisexual gay or pansexual or whatever is in this spoof as they have, they've done it like that. I haven't seen in Hollywood either. You know, I

Reegs: I think we'll see this territory explored again. Yeah, absolutely. Where you have that kind of, yeah. I guess gay twist on established genres and stuff.

Dan: We, you had things like nice guys. We've mentioned a couple of times on things and you think that kind of film, but then you give it that twist as well. Hollywood hasn't done it. I wouldn't be surprised if they take some influence from this and we do see a bit more of it. Of course, that is the epic theme tune.

Sidey: as two epic theme tunes in a row.

Reegs: It is. Is it one of those that

Sidey: well,

cause this is it's the closing theme to this UN uncredited. I should add the opening theme credits is a separate new composition by the fat

Dan: woods.

Reegs: Oh, right.

Sidey: And it is a banger. So which would you rather hear? And I'll insert it next.

Reegs: Oh, I think the, oh, I dunno. The original or the

Sidey: Let's go, let's go classic. Yeah, here it is. That was good.

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Does anybody need a quick recap of the seven movies in the police academy franchise? Because

Sidey: I haven't seen them, so I would not, I mean, not all of them, not all seven.

I don't remember Probably only, I reckon only two.

Dan: I don't remember the film so much as I remember the characters. Yeah. And their special powers.

Reegs: I have seen all of these movies and a couple of them multiple times.

Sidey: I think the Moscow one I've seen probably the first one mission to Moscow.

Reegs: I'll give us a little recap because it's not clear in the can and where the animated series is set. So let's

Sidey: well I can tell you oh it's between four and five.

Reegs: Okay. Okay.

Sidey: Yeah. Okay.

Reegs: So it, you can divide the police academy series into pre Guttenberg and post Guttenberg. So you've got the Gutenberg quadr police Academy's one through four. And in the first one he's the police academy is being forced to take on a load of new recruits. So they wouldn't normally take in and this time it means petty crims, like Steve Guttenberg as Mahoney and people who can make strange noises with their mouths, like mimicking gunfire.

That's my. Jones. Yeah. You've got gun obsessed, psychos nerds, a fat guy whose dog hums the leg of the asshole captain. And basically all black people as well. , they're all shoved in as people that wouldn't normally be hired. There's a conman Latino lover who gets it on with the rocket boobed, Sergeant Callahan.

And then there's a part where the kindly, but stupid commandant Lessard, who's basically shown to be going S effectively over the course of the seven movies or at least five of them that he's in. And he's involved in a mix up with a prostitute, which ends up in him thinking that Mahoney gave him a blow job which is a long story.

But also if you think about it, that is kind of weird. Cause he was in a tiny space where an old man was getting his junk sucked, even if it was by a prostitute. Mahoney eventually falls for Kim Catrell, which is nice for him. And then the climax has a big riot, which they both start and end to triumph.

And then you got the second one.

Dan: Well, I might remember this one, but I didn't remember the first

Reegs: You didn't remember the first one? No,

Dan: I remember all the the characters. But I think I might have picked it up in as late as four or five. The, the ones that I've seen.

Reegs: oh, right

Dan: don't remember coming in there.

So go on what was number two,

Reegs: That was their first assignment. And that's the one where the cadets are actual police officers now for some reason, because they're shown to be over and over again, completely incompetent. Um Mahoneys there high tower tackle, Barry. Windslow a few others. And this is the one where its introduces Maer who was the sort of copy of Harris.

Oh, you haven't seen it.

Sidey: I don't think so.

Reegs: nobody's as interested in this as I am really that's the, the main, which

Dan: which is the best of the, the lot.

Reegs: well, this one has introduced his Bobcat. Goldway Tackleberry loses his virginity. You're a

Dan: fan of many of these

Reegs: then. Yeah. Yeah. For some reason, even though they was kind of sleazy, weird raunchy, eighties, buddy cop things where Gutenberg's supposed to be a hero, but sometimes he's like spying on girls in the shower and we're supposed to be

Sidey: it's the eighties

Reegs: yeah, it's weird.

Four is okay. And then I'll go out on a limb and say number six, which is city under siege is, is also good. Number seven, which I have seen is the mission to Moscow. One where they reunite some of the gang. You've got the knockoff Mahoney played by someone totally irrelevant. I tried to look up his name earlier and I got so bored, kept typing his character name in and I just fell into a slumber.

So yeah, seven is unwatchable.

Sidey: So what happened to Gutenberg? He was

just went on bigger and better things.

Reegs: the go

Sidey: and that didn't work out.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Cause he, I dunno, cause this is eighties. So he must have nose dived at some point around that time.

Reegs: Well, he was too big for police academy by police academy four. He cashed out he did four and then he was not in for five, six or seven.

Sidey: I dunno the chronology, but what did he do next?


God three men and a ago.

Reegs: Boy, have I got the years

Dan: big for a time. Wasn't he? Cocoon? It might have

Sidey: cocoon the return,

Reegs: Mm.

Sidey: that sort of stuff. Anyway,

Dan: Paul man's Tom Hanks for

Sidey: This takes place between the events of the fourth film and the fifth film.

Reegs: And that makes kind of sense because they, this is a movie franchise and it's quite a rare thing.

I think that gets progressively less raunchy and like adult as the franchise goes on, cuz by the time it gets to number five, it's just for really little kids. Right. Whereas it starts out like edgy ish,

Sidey: right?

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: well the cartoon here that we've we've watched today, what was it? Dogs putting, putting out the dogs,

Reegs: putting out the dogs.

Sidey: Yeah. So features all of the same characters. Yeah. But not the same cast doing the voice acting.


Dan: but clearly the characters, they're all,

Sidey: yes you know, it's

Dan: you would recognize 'em all.

If you've seen one of the. The movies you'll recognize all the characters in the cartoon.

Reegs: you've got Bobcat, gold weights, character and Tackleberry and a few others Jones.

Yeah. Jones is in there. Yeah. And you're right. Yeah. It does start with that sort of Redux version, a run DMC style version of the,

Sidey: I think it's a Bango over June. Yeah. Yeah. It's good. And the, the plot

of this one is that there is, there's a cat burglar


Dan: called the claw.

Sidey: Yeah. He is going around stealing jewels, the crown jewels as well.

And he has a cat. Yeah. That is trained to go in, but he has quite sophisticated tech that allows him to fly, climb, do whatever. And he all,

Reegs: he's got one of those glass, circular glass cutter

Sidey: Yeah And then he sends the cat in who goes and swipes the jewelry and they SCO off into the night with their

ill got gains Yeah so

it's up to the gang to try and sort this out.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: And they take ages to do it. It's about 22 minutes.

Sidey: It's long You get, you even get intermissions like several


Reegs: Yeah. It

Dan: four, there was four inter intermissions. The, the animation itself. I really liked actually it was that classic you know, hand drawn

Sidey: like a Hannah bobber kind of vibe

Reegs: in, in the vein of


Dan: bro, but it could be Hannah BBER.

Yeah. It's it's that, that style

Reegs: Yeah. Adjacent art style to something like. Top cat. I'm gonna

Sidey: say throw Yeah I had that

Reegs: with that mix of backgrounds. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dan: And the plot of this one. I dunno how many they're made. I imagine it was a

Reegs: down. They made 65. So they've

Dan: a few, a few series, a few episodes of this. As a kid, you would've probably watched it just as a, as a cartoon, but I don't remember really enjoying this one too

Sidey: to think what else you would enjoy it as

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Is, is a cartoon or is even the film, you

Sidey: know, haven't watched the film in this

particular one, because it's all about the dogs, this one, the canine corpse, and they have developed a dog bazooka.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: Which is as crazy as it sounds which is this oversized bazooka, which they just force a dog to go into. And then they can launch that dog as a projectile weapon

Dan: to catch a cat burglar.

Sidey: Yes.

Reegs: And is this, does it have the gag that they do where Jones is so good at making noises like, like a fart noise that he convinces the person that he's throwing his fart for, that he's actually farted and sometimes they like hold their own nose

Sidey: and,

Dan: he's very good with a,

Reegs: with his voice box.

Sidey: I don't know if, because we watched this on YouTube and I don't know if something got missed out of the upload or I just wasn't concentrating enough. But at one point the plot goes into, there's gonna be a Royal visit.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So the, the crown jewels are up for grabs.

And so the claw is gonna make a play for these. Yeah. But they rock up at this event that the queen is at, in fancy dress. For some reason, I didn't see anything at all

Dan: I I think

Sidey: to explain why that was.

Reegs: So I watched it, I was taking notes as I was watching it. And my notes, I say the Chlor is setting up to Rob the Queen's jewels while the police academy guys who are now all in fancy dress, for some reason,

Sidey: Yeah. Mahoney is wearing later ho in and then someone else is dressed up

as a is

Dan: it so they don't recognize them as

Reegs: it's Callahan. She smuggled the sexy sots Callahan as smuggled in the police dogs. Right under her little bow peep outfit.

Dan: That's right. And they

Sidey: then seems fairly contrived

Dan: they then go to chase down the cat burglar who is caught. He's surrounded until I think it's Humpty dumped.

He 'em all over or something, isn't it. And he's able then to, to jump out the window there's a another chase where, is it tackle? Barry tells him, well, you better get up there because

Reegs: Jones goes up as a native American fires, an Indian up and he's making sort of,

Dan: yeah, they scale the

Reegs: probably

racist noises.

I would think probably just going

Dan: it, its all it's still going on. I thought there were so many chances. This could have been wrapped up by this stage,

Reegs: Well, because Harris doesn't want them to succeed for reasons that are never really very clear. So he, at the moment that they do actually capture him, that's when he decides to give Mahona a real dressing down.

Yeah. So yeah,

Sidey: Well, at one point they do get an opportunity to use the dog baka. So they put a. Bulldog in and launch that at the claw

Reegs: mm-hmm

Sidey: that happens.

It just,

Dan: the

Reegs: yeah. And then everybody, everybody is hanging from the ladder of the air ship that the claw is escaping on. Yeah. And he's just gonna cut the rope and kill them all.

got whiskeys That's isn't he? Yeah,

Dan: got whiskers as well.

Reegs: but he would've killed like 15 people if he'd have

Sidey: 16 police cops as well

Reegs: Yeah. Policemen as well. Anyway, but they, they, you know, Sampson one of the dogs somehow kind of, he bites the guy and then that pretty much transports in it to instantly saving all the cadets Harrison Proctor being like rolled up like idiots in a, in a ladder and you know, Samson saving the day and the dogs are gonna be heroes and whatnot.


Sidey: It was long.

Dan: It felt longer.

Sidey: felt long because you get the intermissions where they would've, obviously when it was broadcast have been adverts. And it says now returning to your regularly shaded

Dan: Yeah. Which only takes about five seconds, but there's four of them.

So there's another.

Sidey: Yeah. So this probably would've dragged on for like over half an hour when it was on the tell, you know,

Reegs: Ah, don't forget as well. You get the, just, when you think it's over, you get a one minute safety tip from the,

Sidey: the senile,

Reegs: the dementia rid.

Dan: So I wonder whether this was, was something that they just put on because it's a police show and they wanted to give a basic safety tip.

I dunno if they do this at the end of every episode,

Sidey: just wanted to laugh at the scene old man. Who's clearly struggling

Dan: but they were, they were just talking. It's almost like they were talking to kids though. You know, you should always prepared how to use a payphone and have a few coins

Reegs: in, this is how to make a prank call.

Dan: Yeah. Five, five. You gotta remember your number 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 5. And he couldn't remember it.

Reegs: And this was amazing. Wasn't it?

Best thing.

Dan: best bit, actually right at the end.

Reegs: ever watch.

Sidey: there was another villain in it who was called the king pin, who was a big, massive dude, like much like

king the king pin from Marvel.

And they did have. A comic book spinoff as well, but it only had six issues before it was canned, but that was with marble. So that's probably how they were able to introduce a kingpin character. There was also a video game in the works that never made it to completion before that was canceled. And it was a board game too.

So they were really milking this franchise for like everything it was worth.

Reegs: It must have been a huge money to spent a seven movies, all this stuff you

Dan: thought there was a video game.

Sidey: No, they never, they never

got got it out

out of, out of development. Hell. But they were, there was a team of people working on it. So yeah, they were really like trying to get everything they could outta this franchise. But I think it was probably on cuz this is obviously going into film number five. So like you say, rigs, this was on the decline in popularity probably.

Dan: And I can't imagine this cartoon show made.

Sidey: well, they, they did get two series out of it.

60 odds, 65. Episodes of 24 minutes. It's quite a lot of animation

Dan: is.


Reegs: I don't believe I've seen any of these movies in about 15 odd years. And I bet if I watch them now, they'd be absolutely horrible. But a few of them are stone cold classic comedies in my, my for cuz of the time that I watch them.

So let's leave them

Sidey: it there. Yeah. for sure. The best thing about this is the fat boys tune at the start. The cartoon's just over long and just not that fun.

Dan: The tune

is good. The one little, the one minute safety tip end was, was pretty good, but the plot for this one really dragged. And yeah, not my favorite kid show. I would say

Sidey: but it was about police and it did fit in nicely with the

rest of the stuff.

Dan: for

theme wise. It was

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Sidey: Cool.

Dan: Brings us to the

Sidey: That's all she wrote for this week. Dan, I think you're gonna nominate

Dan: I will, or I will

Sidey: you're gonna let us know

Reegs: but you're keeping us in suspense.

Dan: Yeah. Another 24 hours. And you would all, all be revealed.

Sidey: cool.

Pete's joined us. You here next week, Pete. So there'll be us four

Dan: double thumbs up from Pete.

Sidey: That'd be good. Whent it?

Dan: Excellent. Well, one more to beat attack.

Sidey: Yes. Cool. Right. Let's get onto that. All that remains just to say Saudi signing out

Reegs: res out. Dan's

Dan: gone. Bye.