Oct. 28, 2022

Everything Everywhere All At Once & Star vs The Forces of Evil

Everything Everywhere All At Once & Star vs The Forces of Evil
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The Top 5 Movies Set Over a Single Day or Night sees us chatting about those movies taking place in up to or under 24 hours, or in one case, 25 hours. Watch out time loop movie enthusiasts, damp squib Reegs is here to stop you bending the rules.
Ever since I'd heard about EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE (2022), a martial arts comedy with a mind-bending concept from The Daniels, whose SWISS ARMY MAN delighted us with its mix of absurdity, vulgarity and profundity, starring the legendary Michelle Yeoh and Data from THE GOONIES I was pretty excited about the prospect of seeing it. Though I have mostly managed to avoid reviews and remain unspoilt, it has been impossible to avoid the hype that has surrounded it's release, with paragraph after paragraph already devoted to examining the movie’s plot and themes so my expectations were suitably high.
An intimidating film to talk about due to its dense plotting, genre mixing and jarring tonal moments where the absurd and ridiculous are juxtaposed with the genuine and heartfelt, on first viewing I found the experience borderline overwhelming and had a mixed initial reaction but having had the chance to think and rewatch it, I came to love it.
This is not an easy movie to synopsise, but I'll have a go. Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) runs a struggling laundromat with her husband Waymond (Ke Huy Quan), whom she married after rejecting her conservative father Gong Gong's advice not to, whilst coming to terms with her daughter Joy's sexuality and her worries as to what the judgemental Gong Gong will think of it. Oblivious to Waymond's attempts to file divorce papers, they attend a make it or break it meeting with an IRS auditor who eventually gives them extra time to submit their receipts. In between quite a lot of other stuff happens, most of it you're better off discovering yourself.
A film which rewards multiple viewings, with themes about family and parenting, rejecting hopelessness, the power of kindness but wrapped up in a complex science fiction device, featuring absurd and crude humour, inventive visuals and kick ass martial arts, which builds and resolves multiple emotional story arcs that all advance or expand upon the main story, centering on the complicated relationship between a mother and daughter, this is an utterly unique experience.
STAR VS. THE FORCES OF EVIL tells the story of princess Star Butterfly, banished to earth to practice wielding the awesome power of the Royal Magic Wand. There's a universe somewhere where this wasn't heavily derivative stylistically and conceptually of several other much better shows, but it isn't this one.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at baddadsjsy@gmail.com or on our website baddadsfilm.com.

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Everything Everywhere All At Once

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film. Review the podcast that so far managed to outlast three Prime Minister. And let's face it, by the time you hear this on Friday, it could easily be six or eight. We could be governed by a cardboard cut out of Callum. Best by then in the country wouldn't really be any worse off.

Anyway, this week show starts with the top five movies taking place in a single night or day before moving on to talk about the simple and not at all hard to explain movie everyday, everywhere, all at once before culminating and yet more universe hopping mayhem in star versus the forces of evil.

All that's left to do is introduce the dad, starting with Dan, who was recently told by his own mother that the only thing he should host is a parasite. And we also have dog botherer sidey, who, and this is absolutely true, isn't it? Side, he once tried to convince me that a coconut is technically a mammal because it grows hair and produces milk.

Yep, yep.

Dan: Strong argument though, isn't it? Yeah. Did it have, you did. Maybe just concede a little,

Reegs: little coconut baby . Yeah.

You guys right?

Dan: I'm not so bad.

Yeah. And yourself. Yeah. Keep him. Well. Been watching anything this week.

Reegs: I watched Richie Sun ACT's acceptance thing earlier today. He looked like he was sort of updating

to a new version.

Dan: Good and fair and proper. Just like how things should be done.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyway, politics happens. What about you side? Have you done

Sidey: Loads of stuff. Loads and loads of loads of stuff. So homework, obviously we're back on the Harry Potter train, so we've done three and a half

Harry Potter

films this week.

We Never

the first one cuz they are too, It's too kid. That one. But, so we did Chamber of Secrets and the other next two, which I, they escape me,

Goble Fire is one of them. Or prisoner of RAs, Grand Goble Fire. And then Order Phoenix, we started tonight. I also watched The Godfather Today. I dunno if you've seen that.

It's quite good.

Reegs: Hmm. I heard they made a sequel that was right as well.

Dan: Yeah, well I'm watching the sequel cuz I watched

Sidey: it was on Sky Movies. Yeah, Yeah.

Dan: And I'm about an hour away from finishing cause.

Sidey: tell you what it is great to see Ccino in like proper acting mode, not just shouting and completely overdoing it.

Like this is.

Dan: he's fantastic in it. And Brando,

Reegs: I was thinking about nominating it for the pod cause I haven't seen it in ages and I don't know if it would be especially interesting for us to, for anybody to

Dan: listen. Well, I tell you what you should be watching, as I mentioned the, on a couple of last pods, the offer, which is the making of that film.

And in it there you have they're all talking about getting Brando. They got Brando and he said, You won't even have to say that he's the god, you know, you'll just know looking at him. And they mocked up a, a part where they were selling him the, the roll and they'd gone to his house and he put some tissue paper in the side of his cheeks and loses a little bit of boot polish and totally.

Forms himself from Marlon Brando to the Godfather before their very eyes. And they're like, Whoa, this is amazing. Amazing. So yeah, it's

Sidey: So that was pretty good. I started watching in bruise as well cause I've never seen him

bruise. Oh really? No So I want I was I was really, really enjoying that, but I need to get back to it and I

Reegs: he's got a new one, Martin

Sidey: Yeah. And that was complete coincidence, but then all I've heard since like Friday or something is just how amazing the banes of in Senator this. Yeah. Yeah, so like same cast, well couple of the same cast director. So


Dan: that in,

Sidey: in it's The

bochy of, in Sharon something like Inha

Dan: movie or?

Reegs: it's new Martin

MacDonough and Colin Farrell.


Dan: Oh, nice.

Sidey: And Brenda Gleason on No, it's an island, off island. Very remote rural place. It's about the breakdown of a friendship and it's, it's really funny but also quite touching whatever. Anyway, all I've heard is it's fucking absolute knockout. So when I get to see that there probably, probably some tv, I think I think a bit of Cobra Kai and a bit of Seaho as well.

Reegs: well.

Coba Kai is fun, isn't it? No. You're not

Sidey: I'm I'm losing, I'm losing

Dan: Yeah. It hasn't connected with me this, this most recent series, but I, it is there and I may go back to it. I caught up with Andor which, Really good. Really like that.

Sidey: Mm-hmm

Dan: it's I think next to the Mandalorian, it's one of the better things to have come out from the, that Star Wars world and characters outside of the, the big films.

I watched Hocus Pocus Oh yeah. With with my daughter Be

Sidey: Bet Meow and all

Dan: Be Midler and all that. So Jessica Parker. And I watched a few other things. One was, it was a little while back actually, and I used to be famous. It's on, I think Netflix at the moment, maybe Prime. And it's about this guy who used to be in a boy band.

And he's washed up now or, or whatever, but he still loves music. He was still into music and everything. And he meets this kind of autistic kid who's amazing at drumming and it's

Sidey: how like that guy for film last week

Dan: So little bit like that. Yeah.

That was decent. And there was a few other bits and pieces. What about you res you been watching much?

Reegs: We just started the Netflix thing, The watcher.

Sidey: Oh, someone was talking about that today.


Reegs: I quite enjoyed the first episode based on the true story. Really creepy

Sidey: Store Creek I think Yeah. Yeah

Reegs: Yeah.

Bobby Canal, who I quite like and Naomi. Me what?

Dan: nice? Okay,


Reegs: that happened.

Dan: That happened.

Did we

have any top five from last week? Shout outs

Sidey: did.

I, we mentioned a few last week. I can never keep track of what we did mention. The snatch Brad pit fight scene I think was what we put in, wasn't it?

Memory serves. That was, that was Christian Benter who mentioned

that one

Reegs: what's that for? Slow

Sidey: Yeah And then be mentioned, the sloth from Zootopia.

 which I do like because it's not actually in slow motion, it's just real. But also I work with someone who moves at that pace and so it kind of struck a chord with me.

Reegs: Let's put it in.

Sidey: So that's in the s slots. David, we also had some good feedback about the movie. That we watched last week. Look both ways.

Yeah. I just noticed that somebody Christine Elizabeth Lind dot, who must with their name like that must be Icelandic. She says, The poster kind of makes me wanna die. Imagine

how you'd feel if you'd actually watch the movie too. So that was good. We're gonna talk about top five this week. Should we get into it?

Dan: Let's do it.

Sidey: was the topic for this week, Regg?

Reegs: It was top five movies set in a over a single like night or day.


I thought of this as being sort of the opposite to being absolutely everything everywhere, all at once. It's, this is like

a limited number of things happening in a single place at a single time.

Sidey: Would you wanna start us?

Reegs: Yeah, can do. There's a couple of directors who kind of really like this.

Tony Scott is one. He has

Sidey: the better the better of the Scott Brothers

Reegs: Yeah. Hmm. That he has the taking APEL 1 23. Do you ever see that? The, It's the rema of

Sidey: the Denzel Yeah Yeah.

Reegs: Remake the 1974 Walter Mattau. Yeah,

Sidey: that's the sequel.

Reegs: He's a train signals man. They call it dispatcher in the us who ends up in the position of negotiator when John Travolta in his crew hijack a train car.

And it's pretty, it's, it's watchable suffers from the usual problems with, with Tony Scott films, You know, whether it goes all smear and the editing goes haywire, but obviously it's got Travolta saying, Lick my B hole motherfucker in it. So redeems the movie greatly and he did it again in Unstoppable, which was the another Denzel and Chris Pine one about sort of based on the true story about a train that goes out of control for two hours and they do eventually stop it.


Sidey: not actually true then the

Reegs: No, exactly. The title is just a complete lie. Yeah, so there's a director who did it twice and I've got another one who did it twice later as well.

Sidey: Cool

Dan: Well I've got one, so

Sidey: that's good I

Dan: say something. Sure. It, it's it was easy to dismiss this film actually as another romantic comedy, but before Sunrise Ethan Hawk and Judy Delpe and it's kind of youth in this one.

It's the first of the trilogy where a American student meets a European girl, French girl on the train and convinces her to spend time together before the next day. And they, they kind of walk the streets of it Vienna all night. And

Sidey: you catch a chill

Dan: just chill and, and have fun and in conversations.

And this is a, a Richard Link later film.

And, well

Reegs: fond of this cuz he's got, obviously he's got this whole trilogy and then Dazed and Confused.

Dan: He does. And there's, there's, yeah, a couple other directors that do that. But this film, it, I dunno, really,


impacted me when I was young. I just watched this, it was

Sidey: sure it wasn't out then

Dan: it was yeah.

Can't believe it.

Reegs: Well you, are a big old romantic at

Dan: And, and this film, it just, honestly, it, it, it really affects me more than most, I would say it's just one of those that really hits a note with me. And I really loved all this trilogy, but this one in particular, and I watched it when I didn't know anything about it.

It was just a film I put on late at night and I'd missed the start. And since I've watched it two or three times.

Sidey: Cool Right Run Lola Run


Is My Mate Jim's favorite ever movie. And it took me ages and ages and ages to watch it. And it wasn't until I was struck down with Covid that I actually thought, Right, I need to watch this movie. And I didn't actually like it particularly. I thought it was a bit,

Eh you

Dan: Big at the time

Reegs: yeah, yeah.

Dan: it?

Sidey: of It

like descends into animation, which didn't really work for me.

And some of those I do really like Franca Perente is that her name

Reegs: is it? I thought it was yeah,

Sidey: she's Lola. She's on a quest to get hold of a hundred thousand Deutsche


Remember then because her idiot boyfriend's got in some strife with. A drug dealer or something like that.

Reegs: She had red bangs. I remember that.

Sidey: She had a kind dreadlock kind of vibe. She looked a bit like tails from Sonic the Hedgehog but it's got a kind of banging techno sort of soundtrack that was quite entertaining.

Reegs: I don't think it can be allowed in though. It's three days really, isn't it? Cuz it's the same day. Three times in different ways.


Sidey: really

not gonna like my Groundhog

Reegs: down. No, I don't like that one. I don't like the Groundhog day one.

Sidey: Right

Dan: all over a day, isn't it?

Reegs: it's over 10,000 years.

Sidey: Wow. Is it though?

Reegs: I I knew this was gonna

Sidey: gonna happen,

Dan: right?

Reegs: Go

on get 'em all out now.

Sidey: No that's it then That's it That's those two

Reegs: Cause it's, there's the other one, what's it? Palm Springs and, Yeah. No, they're all out

Dan: Okay.


Reegs: Well, Spike Lee is another guy who, who enjoys this one, do the right. Following a bunch of characters played by uh Lee Bit. Lee Himselfs in there, Danny ilo.


Rosie pers, Martin Lawrence. Even Jen Carlo Esposito in there in a rare early role. And it's sort of what happens between a community of black residents in the Italian-American neighborhood sort of tragic George Floyd s killing of Bill Nuns radio.

Rahi also over sort of one day. And then 25th hour, I don't know if this counts cuz that's one more but than a single day. But that was also Spike Lee

Dan: and no, it doesn't count. I'll tell you now,

Reegs: what you think. Well, 25th hour.

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Reegs: It's, one hour over though. I just

Sidey: Yeah, but it's not for lunch.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: You have lunch, you've already stopped for lunch? That's within the first day.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Well, I had it on my list

as well Okay.

Dan: Right. Well, I've got one that actually count 12 Angry Men. And this was, is Sydney Luna Lume Luna as, as he's known in certain regions.

Reegs: Pete

Dan: and it was his debut. Yeah. And it's it's sent as around 12 jurors getting together in a room to review.

Case and the evidence against a guy who's accused of, of murder and it's a really hot room. And they all wanna be out and doing other things. And Henry Fonda plays the, the kind of quiet juror

Reegs: juror number eight,

Dan: who just wants to make sure that this guy has had a fair crack of the whip because lots of them are just ready to say, guilty.

Let's get out of here.

Sidey: Have you ever done done jury duty? Nah. You, I,

Reegs: I got called up for it, but then the case didn't go forward. So

Sidey: No, neither. But I think I'd be one of those, like, I'd just assume that anyone who's gone, it's gone to trial. You've definitely guilty

Dan: Yeah. That's how you get out of jury

Sidey: think I think

I'd be a terrible juror, I have to say, but I dunno, maybe I could, I could re reign it in.

Dan: Yeah, it'd be a strange one, wouldn't it? To, to be involved and, and in this film, they, I think they remade it, but.

Sidey: is I did They did remake it. Yeah.

But But it

Dan: wouldn't have been a good as good. This, this, they kind of peaked at for this kind of film. It was really, really good atmospheric. And for a single room, really.

I mean, they're go into the courtroom towards the end, but it's just the drama in the acting. You've got Lee Cobb as well in there. What's his name?

Sidey: Corn On

Dan: Corn on the Cobb. Marvin

Sidey: Haggler all in Glen Gary, Glen Ross is also a film that takes place in just a short space of time and effectively boils down to a load of salesman getting yelled at by Alec Baldwin. Did you see the tweet he put out or the, the pitch? He out of the woman that got shot

in the it was like one year ago today. And his, the pitch Ray, like really?

Anyway, that

Reegs: was

Sidey: that was not cool

Dan: one year ago I shot


Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: effectively Yeah.

But yeah, he turns out in his, like, I think his most famous. Appearance really where he just screams and yells at em, always be closing and just completely humiliates and shouts them. And you can tell it's, it's obviously a play.

It's just set in one effectively in office. He's got a favorite sex offender in there. Yeah. Spacey. Yeah, . I don I don't I don't like a lot of Al Boardman stuff to be honest, but he is perfectly suited to this role in here.

Dan: Yeah. You got Jack Lemon as as well. Of

Sidey: Got Ja. Leman, Ed Harris.

Ed Harris is the kind of mid tier he's doing. Okay. Some of them are

Dan: Yeah. And it's just all about all these power struggles, isn't it?

Behind the scenes of the, the real estate firm. And you've got of course the Gill who's, who's Jack Lemon, who's just permanently in The Simpsons. Who, who comes in

Sidey: got

Dan: Oh, Gill. Oh, Gill

Sidey: Yeah. Strong.

Reegs: You're a big fan of like really mediocre family comedies, aren't you?

Yeah, it's huge fan. So are we there? Is the painfully awful ice cube as Playboy Bachelor. Nick near long Suzanne, she's like a hardworking single mom, and she gets stuck in Vancouver for New Year's Eve. So he has 24 hours to drive 350 miles with his girlfriend's kids to save New Year. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, it is a pity the other members of NWA passed on that because it's a couple of like maybe half funny jokes in a very generic family. Comedy. The kid opens his door right onto a bullard and does loads of damage and they're all obnoxious and all that

Sidey: sounds amazing.

Reegs: But that's 24 hours and also set over a period of 24 hours is jingle all the.

Sidey: way.

Dan: jingle

all the way. Yeah. This was brilliant, wasn't it?

Reegs: Yeah. Arnie and his most believable role as workaholic mattress salesman Howard. Yeah. Uh Constantly disappointing his son. Who's the Phantom Menas? Jake Lloyd. No,

Sidey: he's never


I mean,

Reegs: Hey Howard. Yeah, No chance. I mean, it obviously the whole point is the ludicy, you


Dan: he's a ho

Reegs: completely miscast he is.

But then it wouldn't have been quite the same if Tom Hanks had been like the muy superhero at the end either. So yeah, so cinematographer for this jingle all the way was Victor Kemper, who also did Dog Day Afternoon, which is another movie that could feature in,

Dan: which is where I was going

Sidey: Sydney London that you called it

Dan: this is Ccino and it's a bank robbery gone wrong based on a true story. This one. It is a crazy plot actually.

And it could only be this crazy if it was true. It all goes wrong. You've got John

Sidey: Carlzon Yeah. Named after pizza

Dan: he was brilliant in this. He's absolutely fantastic. And he was in The Godfather as well. I mean, he plays Freddy, doesn't he? In, in The Godfather, which is set over many days.

Sidey: over

Dan: over one.

But this was, this was just a, a dog day afternoon.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Good one. We're like appalling fanboy for this movie, but Coherence,

Takes place. But you gonna get an like icy with me that it's multiple or something.

Reegs: Yeah, but I just like the movie and we talk to the guy and he's great. So James Will

Sidey: Yeah. Coherence Yeah. It takes place over one evening. There's an asteroid at the start and things are not quite as they seem possibly we don't know at first. And then it's like sort of mirror parallel

universe thing It's you know, put together

for put together for no money at all.

Absolutely. Fucking knock out.

Please please please, if you haven't seen this one and then you should absolutely

Dan: Just, it's a strong

Sidey: and I'm just waiting with bated breath for shout

belt to to hit the screen so we can watch that as well. But yeah, this was fucking strong.

Reegs: Well, a couple of others we did on the pod Dread from Dust Till Dorn, an executive decision.

Were all set over a period of one. Yeah. Bad Day. The Raid, we haven't done that, but that's another one. With Eco Uwe and Welsh Direct. Gareth Evans an incredible action movie.

Red State? Did anybody see that? The Kevin Smith? Yeah. Did you see


Dan: Yeah, I did actually. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Pretty crazy sort of. It's like three movies in one almost. It's got Michael Parks for for who was in Tusk. Yeah. And it's like a west there, sort of a Westborough Baptist church type

Dan: That's

Reegs: right. Thing.

Dan: A while since I've seen that,

Reegs: yeah.

And what else? The Warriors, Walter Hills

Sidey: still not seeing this go on

Reegs: out and play.

That's over one night.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. All, all the different gangs. The Goonies

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Dan: Was, was just over a day. And these other ones we mentioned

Sidey: gonna talk about talk about one of Yeah

Dan: Falling down.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Dan: Airplane. We, we speak on the pod a fair bit as well. And and that's on there. But one I'd like to mention is Buffalo 66, which we haven't seen on the pod.

And one I'd really like to, to recommend No,

Sidey: Gallo. Gao

Dan: it's Vincent Gay Garlow. And he

Sidey: just Chloe Chloe Savini

Dan: it's Christina Richey.

Sidey: Ah

Dan: And he's just been released from prison. And his first port a call is to find a bathroom. Instead, he finds a dancer. He kidnapped her to go with him to his parents' house to be his wife.

And to his surprise, she agrees. And it's just this kind of, it's actually, I've only seen it once. It was a, a recommend from a, a friend of mine a long time ago, and I'd never sort of heard of it. It just would've been well off my radar. It's amazing film. It is really just works on so many levels. It was his.

debut. I think writing and directing and when an actor, I guess, has just put everything into it, you know, all his heart and soul and, and just, it just comes through on this. And if I could find it where we could watch it, I'd recommend it. But I did try and recommend it a while ago. It's just not on in the UK anywhere, so it'd have to be like a, a DVD hunt or something.

But I will find it one day, set over a day.

Sidey: Okay. Halloween.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: John Carpenter's 1978. Halloween is basically, well it starts with the flashback and then it was all, it all takes place over 31st of October, which coincidentally is actually Halloween as well. Yeah, this is amazing.

Um I think

Reegs: on many levels, eh?

Sidey: I think Eyes Wide Shut is over one night.


Reegs: Is it? Okay. So

Sidey: yeah,

They fuck. And then he goes off to fuck and he nearly gets executed and then she fucks or something. I can't remember it

Reegs: Some masks and stuff.

Sidey: it was pretty mid

cubic really. It was a bit of shame .

Reegs: Well, they, Kidman and Crews just played out the breakdown of their marriage on screen, so, Yeah.

Sidey: And it doesn't actually look very sexy

either No.

Reegs: God no.

Dan: No, I've never seen it.

Sidey: Have you not?

Dan: No.

Sidey: I mean it's a tough one to recommend


recommend, but if you, I mean, should really be a cubic

Dan: yeah,

I guess so.

Sidey: so and then I've got a few others. Maybe we'll come around for one.

Reegs: One more little lap. Yeah. Okay. Well, 1917 we talked about

that was so over a day crank, I don't often throw the term cinematic masterpiece around and I absolutely wouldn't use it to describe that movie.

But that's, You seen that one stattom

as Chv Cheerios. yeah.

Dan: He doesn't, doesn't

Reegs: He's

injected with a poison that will kill him if his heart rate drops below a certain number. So it's a remake of speed, but STAs the

Dan: Yeah

Sidey: speed is also set over one day.

Dan: there, there's a, there's some really good scenes actually in crank for him, you know, inventive to how we keep his pulse and, and rate up and everything.

Reegs: Yeah, I, find it vulgar and awful. Cloverfield love that film, Great study of post nine 11 anxieties in America and, you know, processing those images that they had as a Godzilla esque monster storms through New York.

But it's mostly a lot of people standing aimlessly in the aftermath or taking photos and shit and not really understanding what's happening. Rope. You ever seen that

Sidey: I haven't seen it, no.

Reegs: Bodhi Boman made me watch it. And it's a great captivating story. A Hitchcock movie set kind of in real time in a single take of two men who strangle one of their acquaintances, loads of very, very gay subtext in it.


Dan: Ferris Bueller's Day

Reegs: Off.

Sidey: Fuck that.

Dan: side.

Reegs: Oh, Magnolia. Magnolia. Paul Thomas Anderson.

Dan: It's quite a lot out there, isn't it? It surprised me looking into this, how many films were just that over a day, but Hate for Eight.

Sidey: Another one.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Are we try

Dan: whittle it down and

Sidey: Not yet because we've course got Reservoir Dogs. Right.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: is a day alien.

A day and,

Reegs: Alien's A Day. Is it? Oh yeah, I suppose. Yeah.

Sidey: And George Lucas made films before Star Wars and one of them was the American Graffiti, and that takes place over one

night Or the the, you know, guys in there,

Dan: there, a young Ron

Sidey: Hot Rods and stuff Harrison forwards in

that as well Yeah of

them, it's good. I don't remember it so, so well. But I do remember enjoying it when I rented the DVD and watched it. And also, I don't, I don't know if I can completely confirm this, but Twin Peaks, the international pilot was effectively a feature length episode where they actually wrapped up the whole case,

Reegs: Mm.

Sidey: which is crazy because he was never gonna

Dan: I've never seen any

Sidey: Twin


He was never gonna reveal who the murderer. No, after two se and it wasn't until he, it got canceled,

they wrapped it up. So to do that in a version of the pilot must have been a studio thing and


a David Lynch team. Cause I can't imagine he would've been cool with that. But that obviously takes place over, like finding the body and doing the blah blah, blah, blah, blah.

I would never spoil that was too good.

Dan: Okay. So I was gonna mention the last two that I've, I've got on my list. One was hocus pocus that I've just watched which was you know, the Salem kind of witch trials based around that and they brought back the witches.

Reegs: it's comedy though

Dan: is a comedy. It's probably, well, it is a little bit dated and and age now, but still Sarah Jessica Parker be Midler. They, they're great in it. And it, there was a few laughs and my daughter enjoyed it with a spooky kind of element without getting too kind of scary or anything. And conspiracy, which actually is.

Dark and, and scary. No, this was the one with Kenneth Braner Colin Furth, and it's this they're in which country are they? The, the one see conference where the Nazi final solution phase of the Holocaust is being devised. And they all just sat around a table, same as, you know 12 Angry Men, that kind of big long table.

And they're debating, you know, this is the problem. How we gonna fix it? And clapping each other and tapping each other on the back and saying, you know, we can, we could do this. Mm-hmm. , this is something we could actually do. And getting really excited. And, and it's from that side of it, you know, you see all this, these guys not thinking.

The horror that they're proposing here and group think it's worst and, you know, all those kind of horrible elements. It is quite a, a heavy film to watch,

Reegs: Yeah. Sound. Oh, it sounds hilarious. Yeah.


Sidey: It's

Dan: a comedy. No.

Reegs: a Kanye West's a prick. Can he? Yeah. Honestly, he is a

Sidey: Well I see those Winkers with the fucking thing. Oh God, pricks. Right. Let's pull

Reegs: anything from the, from the community? Cuz there is a lot of people now that are talking,

Sidey: people are being really rad and and nominating quite a lot.

So we did have a couple

Reegs: and talking to each other as well. That's nice.

Sidey: That is really cool, isn't it? I really like that. Yeah, it's good. Right. Let's do ours and then we'll put in,

Reegs: All right.

Sidey: The other,


Reegs: I'm gonna put in, I think we briefly mentioned it earlier. It was the first one I thought of, Richard Link Laters, 1993 days and confused.

It was the first thing I thought of. Our

right. Our right, our right.

Dan: really, really good. And I could double Richard Link laters appearance on this top five, but I'm not going to, I'm going to go for Vincent Gallows Buffalo 66.

Sidey: Okay. I'm putting in diehard.

Reegs: Yeah Nice, Nice. I had that on my

list. I

Dan: hopefully those them, their lovely listeners will give us a couple.

Sidey: well Peter Fla bird all the way

from across the Atlantic.

He nominated from Ju Dawn

Reegs: Show. He had his own private cinema.

Sidey: Yeah. In the Gaff Center

Dan: It just

Sidey: Darren Leaf, the mentioned the before trilogy, Dan, that you're in love with. Boiling point that we watched on

the pod That is a really good one. Crank as well. And Locke, the one we watched all these

on the pod A lot of

Dan: Yeah.

Oh yeah. That was the

Reegs: Tom Hardy.

Dan: Tom Hardy. You didn't like it, did You

Reegs: No, I really

Sidey: it. was me I

Dan: You didn't like it? Yeah.

you were wrong

Reegs: There was some great.

concrete action in

Dan: Yeah. I mean, cubic

Sidey: well I say that. You mentioned crank the leaf ate mentioned crank.

Yeah. We should put cranking. What do you reckon?

Yeah. Crank one off.

Dan: Crank it

Reegs: up. Crank it up. And we've got room for one more

Sidey: big time

Dan: do you want me to put the light on? Are you right?

Sidey: good. It it's quite sexy.

Reegs: Yeah, it's kind of sexy.

are we in like a parallel universe where we are doing this

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: dim the lights. Are we mixing up? Is this coming before the, the main feature?

Sidey: I dunno, we're recording this before the main feature, but quite how it all, all come together.

Who knows? Cuz this is the kids' section right now

Dan: And who knows what this was like because again, and it's been a while, I seem to have let us down and I miss

Reegs: it.

Dan: the Captain Scarlet. Well

Reegs: thankfully somewhere there is a parallel version of Dan that's better.

Dan: Ah, yeah,

Reegs: complete failure and did watch

Dan: It's all I hope for

Reegs: So in that podcast they talk about star versus the forces of evil as well, but they put this probably another one where they have hot dogs for hands

Sidey: Yeah And you can catch this on Disney Channel. A few were that way inclined.

Reegs: Yeah. And I'll be honest, I knew nothing about this, but I knew that when I Googled kids TV with dimension universes and stuff, this came up.

Okay. So there we are.

Dan: So it was a theme week. Fear. A and and so what's it like where, where do you start?

Reegs: We get some sort of like retro gamey type inspired music and we see star on her various crazy adventures and the intro music keeps assuring us that things will get a little bit weird. What did you think of the sort of animation side you compare it to?


Sidey: Yeah, I, I'll be honest, I thought it was kind of derivative of lots of things. I mean a little bit of like power puff girls, not

quite as simplistic looking as that. But then also a lot of cartoon network stuff like

Dan: thick black lines around

Sidey: thick plat lines and just the artists' style itself.

a little bit adventure time, a little bit gumball, all that sort of stuff. Looked a lot like that.

Reegs: Lots of bright colors lots of inserts and cutting to different

angles and stuff,

Dan: but it was it is, I like that

Sidey: Well, I mean it's, it is a kid's thing and it was bright and it was vibrant and it was lively, that sort of stuff.

So it was, it was, you had a lot of that going for it.

Reegs: And because we jumped in at the very first episode, we do get like a little subversion at the beginning cuz it starts with a sort of once upon a timey type story with a kingdom called muni and a princess star butterfly. But then we find out she's no ordinary princess.

She likes to fight monsters and tame unicorns and just generally have a bit of fun. And today it's her 14th birthday and the queen has to. The magic, the royal magic wand. Yeah. And it's a tradition and we see a sort of surly, reluctant looking king and queen who tell her that having the the wand is a big responsibility.

And if it all hands into the falls, into their hands of evil forces, the universe is, it could be destroyed. But she says she can handle it, doesn't

Dan: No, she's 14.

Reegs: and then we cut to a huge fiery rainbow of destruction and people running and screaming for their lives. So obviously she can't handle it and she's worried that she's gonna be sent to the wayward princesses school or whatever, isn't it?

But they're not gonna do that. They're gonna send her to train in a safe dimension with her wand, a place called Earth.

And he opens a portal with a pair of magic scissors and they ride there, ornate carriage pulled by Griffins, I think it is, or something like that. And this is the premise of the show


Sidey: She's, Yeah. And then it's like fish outta water thing, where she turns up at this high school and they need someone to. Show her around, be her kind of mentor, her guide or buddy, if you like, around the school. A thing comes over the PA to say, Oh, Mr. Blah, blah, blah. There's this kid called Marco come to the principal's office and he is like, See, I'm not Mr.

Goody goody, I'm not like the safe, boring one. And then he rocks up and they're like, Right, you're the safe, boring one. We need you to show her around the school. And that's kind of how it goes. You know, they, they, they're gonna pair up and I think, I guess over, there's something like 78 episodes of this, that they are the duo that then goes on all these adventures.

But for the very. Outset of it. He's like the nerdy sort of boy one and she's just



Reegs: he was voted safest kid in school cuz he once wore a helmet to have a shower after gym class.

Dan: So

he was the safe pair of hands that was gonna normalize her. And she was the bit of a wild

Reegs: exactly.

Dan: bringing a bit of adventure to his life.

Reegs: Yeah exactly. And as he, as they have that basically that exact thing play out because as she's moving around, he's moving obstacles out the way and making things safe for

Sidey: her Yeah

Reegs: Yeah. He says he's a risk taker. He would welcome danger in his life. He's a bad boy. And as soon as he says it, this horrifying blue winged beast materializes out of nowhere, grabs the guy across the street and flies away with his screaming and the things like screeching and stuff.

And so he wants to know a little bit more about what's going on. So we get her backstory as she gets a flaming rainbow again. And anyway, he makes a sharp exit. Oh, I'll see you tomorrow. And he goes back home and he opens the door. And there she is, . And she's an foreign exchange student that's also living with him.


Dan: Okay. So there's no escape for him.

Reegs: him. Mm-hmm. There's this oga guy who's following him around, and then this, they shoot him from behind us looking really evil. He gives him like a kind of fake Nazi salute And and then he turns around and it's this comically small guy on a load of cushions.

He's kind of got a voice like maybe Bobcat Goldthwait, You know that guy?

Sidey: Yeah, yeah.


Reegs: Screechy Police Academy

Dan: Oh, right, Yeah, yeah,

Reegs: yeah. So he's there. And he wants the wand for various nefarious.


Sidey: It's a lot of inspiration taken from suburban command.

Reegs: Okay.

I don't think Anybo really

Somebody was inspired by

Sidey: Suburban.

Yeah 1992. Suburban Commando, The Hut Cogan

Dan: View, right? Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. They actually just left some of the dialogue straight out that movie and put it into this series.

I guess,

Reegs: Yeah

Sidey: So that's


Reegs: that really true? That's really true.

Yeah. That's amazing.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: How much, how much did they take? Just chunks, Just randomly just

Sidey: move over. Shep Ramsey is in the tagline, which is that's, that's taken straight from suburban commander. I've not seen the suburban kinder, I don't think

Dan: I, I watched it

Reegs: went to the cinema. I went to the fucking cinema to see it.

Yeah. Oh, it's terrible.

Sidey: Yeah, I bet it is

Reegs: had I'm pretty sure it's got the undertaker in it as well. Really? Yeah.

Sidey: That sounds pretty good.

Dan: It wasn't. And was this any good?

Reegs: It

Sidey: felt like, to me, it just felt quite cynical of, of about looking at other things that were successful and had possibly even crossed over to be hits with adults and was just, I don't wanna say copying, but

heavily inspired by

Reegs: so homogenous, wasn't it? It was like just a mishmash of so many things that you've seen before that it, it didn't stand out in any particular way, Although, apart from sometimes having a couple of like really edgy gags, like people being brutally destroyed and

Sidey: stuff.

Dan: so,

maybe the writing gets better. Is it, It went on for, what, 78

Sidey: mean it is, it's been going on this four seasons I think of

this So, you know, it, it stayed the test of time and it was actually renewed for season two before season one even aired. So someone obviously behind the scenes was, was a fan.

Reegs: They.

Establish the premise.

Like usually you'd just get this thing in the intro, like, what happened in this episode? They'd just tell you in the intro. So the whole premise is established and you can go straight into adventures. They didn't, Maybe that's why this one suffers.

Sidey: Yeah, it was fairly slow paced pretty

Reegs: slow.

Dan: Yeah. Sometimes can be like that the first, okay.

Sidey: I would, you know, I, Id be hard pressed to recommend it to

anyone particularly

Dan: what kind of age?

Because I've started watching

Sidey: probably too young for you again, .

Dan: And these later episodes seem to be more adult kind of

Reegs: suited. The Simpsons

Sidey: it's always

been more

Dan: but Yeah. But. More adult than even like the earlier

Sidey: episode This, I'd say like nine, 10 years old.

Dan: Okay.

Reegs: Right.

Sidey: It's not infant

Dan: Yeah. I would say sort of the symptoms

Sidey: is,

I don't think it's clever enough to hook in any older kids than that particularly, but maybe I'm, Maybe it's just this first one, cuz it, you know, it's gone on and on.

But yeah, I wasn't wowed by this one. I have to say.

Dan: Cheese

Reegs: Not today. Dan.

Dan: Huh?

Sidey: Chocolate.

Dan: Ah, yeah, that was good actually, wasn't it? Tony's,

Sidey: Tony's biscuit and chocolate. Surprise was

Dan: excellent. And you bought those little red things cuz they went down

Sidey: They were,

I dunno what like cables, like licorice cables with sugar and some

sort of filling

Dan: Sugar, on sugar.

Sidey: We got them from the we were in the garden center today and my dog did a shit in the garden center. That was

good fun.

Dan: Ah, yeah. Yeah. Did you clean it up or one

Sidey: made my daughter did it.

Reegs: All right. And she's down with the vulnerability.

Sidey: Yeah, she's down

with it She, well she was a bit embarrassed but I was like, you've got a dog, so deal with it.

And that segues very, very well into this week's main feature.

Everything everywhere. All at once.

Reegs: Yes. And I'm not gonna lie, ever since I heard about this movie, a sort of martial arts comedy from the Daniels, the guys who did Swiss Army man that we loved with this sort of, I knew it had a kind of mind bending conceit and it had Michelle Yo in it and Data from the

Goonies and

I was pretty excited about it and I tried to stay pretty spoiler free.

Sidey: Mm.

Reegs: And I would say that is probably the best way to experience this movie cuz there's lots of funny gags and stuff and other things to talk about and we're gonna spoil 'em all.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: And yeah, I didn't know anything about this going into it, so I had that, that experience.

Reegs: Yeah. I think if you're wondering whether to watch it, if I had to explain it in terms of other things, Before we go and ruin it all, I would say imagine the Matrix, but written by Charlie Kaman and directed by Spike Jones or Michelle Gondry or something like

Sidey: that. Yeah. Yeah. That's a good shout. Yeah, it, multiverse stuff seems to be pretty dur these days.

And this is a, I would say,

One of the better

takes on

Dan: It was, it was a nice take on it.

Reegs: It's also gonna be extremely hard, I think, for us to review. I had no idea. It's, it's dense and there's many arcs that pay off over the course of the movie and a ton of exposition to get through, and it's chaotically assembled, but often you know, the, it, it was quite overwhelming actually watching this movie the first time round.

So, anyway, we can get into that. But yeah, it might be a hard review.

Sidey: Yeah. And how does it open?

Reegs: Well, it starts with, it's a great shot and a mirror actually, and there's a family singing karaoke in it, and then suddenly they kind of disappear out of it, and we zoom into the reflection and we see Michelle Yo's evening, and she's running a struggling laundromat with her husband, Waymond.

They live in a small apartment adjacent to it. There's customers stuff in their living space. It's a bit hy and full of Easter eggs for things that we'll find that happen later in the movie.

Sidey: Yeah. And the synopsis, when they were working on the movie and they didn't want anything to get leaked was women struggles running small business and doing her taxes


Which is essentially what happens at the start of the movie.

Yes There's we see it's like an evening of Is it evening or daytime of, of work, you know, business as usual in the laundromat she's juggling, there's obviously, there's, there's a tax investigation cause she's got a table full of countless receipts.

Yeah. She's

struggling with having to looks like she's doing the lion share of the work downstairs. They live above the laundromat and she's sort of juggling that and shouting, banging on the roof to get something fixed and having a hard time. The relationship with her daughter seems quite strained, and we, and we get more layers of that.


Dan: just seemed one of those lives that is so into the routine of the everyday struggles

Sidey: Yeah. And she's got all that going on. And also her disapproving father is coming

Reegs: gone. Gone.

Sidey: and he's, they're throwing a party and they seem to have invited all the customers, all the regulars.

Reegs: Yeah. It's Chinese New Year.

Exactly. Yeah. All the customers including Big Nose. Yeah. From some, there's something about Mary and her dog, and she's completely oblivious to the fact that her husband Waymond played by Ki Kiwan data from the Goonies in her first role for a long time.

Sidey: years or something.

Reegs: Yeah. He's trying to serve her some divorce papers.

At one point. Anyway, she's watching a film, a sort of Rogers and Hammerstein type thing, a bit like the king and I on a, on the tv. And in the background on the security monitor, we see way's head kind of drop and then suddenly starts parkouring round the laundry. It goes and checks something out.

But when we next see him, everything's kind of normal. And then, like you say, we meet Joy. The daughter, she's arrived at the laundromat with her girlfriend Brenda. And when Gong gone, the father comes from his nap upstairs and greets them. She introduces Brenda as Joy's good friend

Sidey: Yeah They've been having a quite a a long conversations about, No, I want, you know, I want to introduce, this is

my girlfriend

Dan: in the

Sidey: Well it's like, no, this will literally kill him. He can't, he won't be able to accept this. And so there's tension around

Dan: He's so traditional

Reegs: she uses the wrong pronouns to describe her and she's clearly uncomfortable with her daughter's lesbianism, but it's not quite as simple as that.

As we'll find out as it comes out. And also she horribly fat shame.



Dan: times.

Reegs: No that one's

right at the beginning. There's one she walks off that you think she's gonna

Sidey: Well, they, they have the whole thing and they do the introduction and then she just says, No, Every time I'm around you, you know, it's bad.

So I'm just, and that's probably later on. But

at this one she's about to get in the, in the car and she goes over to, and you can see in her face that she wants to say something, you know, like a reconciliation or something nice. And she just can't find the words. And she just says, You're getting, you need to be healthly.

You're getting fat. And you're like, Fucking hell

Reegs: yeah.

Yeah. And then it blurs up like a big operatic score and it says part one, Everything. So reluctant to leave. Gone. Gone with joy and fearful of what you will think about his granddaughter and her by extension, Waymond and Evil. Take him to the IRS audit, which is in this imposing office building.

And as they're going up in the elevator way's, head drops again suddenly and takes off his glasses. He pulls out an umbrella to hide them from the security cam. He starts reeling off a whole load of weird shit or her, he says he's from the Alpha Universe. Put this Bluetooth type headset thing on. He starts mapping her life path or something like that on her mobile phone.

And then we see in a flashback some important moments of her life, like the surgeon apologizing to go go about having a daughter and him looking disappointed. And when she met Waymond as a child, her choosing Waymond over her father and leaving China to settle in America, Wayman buying the laundry even and falling pregnant.

Joy as a toddler, It's like up, Yeah. But a whole summation of a, of a relationship. And then the friction, which comes with her daughter becoming a young adult and ele and Wayman then explains to every decision in her life is creating a new parallel universe. And he gives her a list of instructions written on the back of the divorce papers and tells her to meet him in the janitor's closet.

And then he sort of just snaps back to being the old wayman and they get out the lift.

Dan: Yeah, it's it's a really kind of normal start up into just these little flickers of complete weirdness that are going on. And as then she makes it into this choice. She's given a choice. What does she go left or right? This is what the instructions say.

Go right into the janitor's closet or go left to the audit. You're gonna have to make it up. He said in a minute, I'm not gonna remember who you are. Clicks back, elevator door is open, and she kind of hesitates as they turn left and she's looking at the janitor's door. But like most normal people, she says, What's going on?

She follows everyone else.

Reegs: you see the cleaner with She comes back later, the cleaner that was outside the janers

Dan: Right I did notice her as a cleaner, but I didn't hover on her too long because she goes to sit down and we find Jamie Lee Curtis in

Reegs: Did

you get the character's name, the full name?

Dan: Dere

Reegs: Bob Beard.

Dan: B Beard She well, I mean

Reegs: this is an amazing character.

Dan: What, what, what a what a treat, really. I mean Yeah. She's, she's fantastic. And she's playing this over zealous IRS kind of audit agent,

Sidey: Yeah. They're having their, their finances

audited and She's

got them, you know, by the balls. And they just sat there and she just scribbles a circle on a one particular receipt, and over and over and over again, this big black circle, which obviously becomes relevant.

And she says, You know what, what is this, What's this? And says, Well, it's receipt for a karaoke machine. And she's like, Well, where the fuck would like a laundromat need a tax deduction for a And then

there's a

few other ones. I can't remember what they all were now, but there's a lot of other, They're

claiming they're claiming

Dan: a singer.

She's a

Sidey: And she says, Right, well, you need to fill out the C 30. And she drops another ton of like hideously bureaucratic forms on them. But then she starts Evelyn pulls out, starts to pull out the divorce case with the instructions on Yeah. And the first one, I think is Put your shoes on the wrong feet.

Yeah. She's like, Okay, I can do that. And then it's,

Reegs: imagine yourself in the janitor's closet.

Sidey: Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the Jan's closet. And then hold that thought. And then it,

Is there. a

Dan: Press that

Reegs: the green button on the

Sidey: Yeah She's got the the Bluetooth headset thingy. So then it does the kind of jaws, you know, that shot where they, they pull

Reegs: Yeah Yeah. What is the

Sidey: I probably

Reegs: Dolly Zoom, I think is it? Or Something

Sidey: Something like that. Yeah.

It's really good. And she kind of goes herling backwards.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Into the janitor's closet. Yeah. Where she meets Waymond, who is Alpha Waymond, and he's talking about this being the most important moment of her life and all these other Evelyn's or the other Evelyn one is currently doing in irs.

And he tries to

Reegs: Well he he

Dan: is just one of many in, in the multiverse.

Reegs: Yeah.

And in his universe, his evil, who's no longer around discovered the many verse, they don't call it the multiverse, the many verse. And she also developed the ability to verse, jump between versions of yourself in different parallel universes.

But before we can really finish the conversation Dere. Jamie Lee Curtis, who is this sort of frumpy Karen type. Yeah. Just sort of, she's come smashing through the door with a circle on her forehead and just breaks way's neck not before he tells her that even she must be ready to fight and she kind of snaps back to the real world.

She's been sort of in between both worlds. Oh God. It's difficult

Dan: now, now at this point, you, you realize you're in for something completely different if you hadn't already. Because in, in a, in a few minutes time, all these characters start behaving completely normal in front of each other again.

So you, you start to realize this is the multiverse

Reegs: one

Dan: And I was watching it the, the second time with the misses. And it was, you know, I, I think the, the, I've watched it a time and a half. I've watched this cause we only got through the, the, the second half halfway through, but it's. As you say, you start to notice different things that, like the janitor,

Reegs: Oh, there's a lot going

Dan: the, there's, there is tons going on in this movie.

There's, I think, yeah,

Reegs: it's extremely dense. Yeah. And there's a lot of plot and it uses this complicated sci-fi gimmick that they're setting up now and that we are talking about, and there's still lots of rules to expand on for a bit to pay off in.

Emotional way in the second half of the movie. So we'll try and get to, to that stuff. But we do need to get through this sci-fi shit cause there's a load of funny stuff to talk about. So back in the real world Dere agree or not the real world in the original universe, Dere allows them another chance to turn their receipts in again by 6:00 PM on the night of the party.

So they leave the meeting and as they go to the lift and with all this stuff whirling through evil's head about what's just happened. And just as Waymond is finally explaining that he wants a divorce Deidre approaches them and she just punches her straight in the face. Cuz she, she recalls like, I've gotta

Dan: Yeah, she confuses the worlds.

Reegs: And then this begins a really incredible sequence where the security guards come up, obviously, and suddenly we see the return of Alpha Wayman who takes the headset from England and carefully takes a chapstick out of his bumbag or fanny pack. Yeah. And he eats it and then he presses the green buttons and then he.

Just beats the ever living shit out of these guys in a really incredible fight sequence, which looks like Khi Hu doing all of the moves. Slowmo very matrix inspired, but also very reminiscent of other Hong Kong cinema. Really great action.

Sidey: And it's all with the, the Bumbag

fanny pack as as his weapon of choice It's great.

Reegs: At one point he loads it up with gravel out of a fish tank and they all shit themselves. The last guy is, he's whirling it around. He's just basically at the point where he is begging for his life. So anyway, after they've beaten everybody up, Waymond explains they're being chased by an evil entity known as Joe B to Packy, whose mind was splinter across all parallel universes by the alpha version of evil.

And she can move at will between universes and she can manipulate matter at Will. And she's been building some kind of weapon, but we dunno what it is yet.


do get some more detail on how the universe leaping thing works. You do something statistically improbable, and when connected to all that tech it slingshot you to another dimension where you can access the skills and memories and abilities and bodies of the other use. So this kind of happens when evil dere attacks again and she goes into very slow motion.

What does she, does she, she has to confess her love to her.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: So that's it. They have these challenges effectively that they're given a list of and it might be Break your arm, take a nap. Yeah. In this case it was those two and saying, I love you, but meaning it, that was the easiest one I'd do. So just before this huge slam kick goes into her face she manages to get the words out this time.

And then she becomes this martial arts expert. Another path of her life she could have taken

Reegs: well in this reality, She didn't. Yeah. that's right. Yeah.

Dan: She met instead a a kung fu master who took her on like full on kill bill style really, isn't it? It it's she becomes this, this master who becomes a TV star but then is zipped back into this life.

And she goes to this woman a couple of times in this other Evelyn a couple of times in, in the film. But in this first time she, she instantly becomes this con fu expert and then just slowly moves dere out the way from this jump and pushes her down and disposes of her into her head flowers through the wall, isn't it?

Yeah. And they, they kind of escape. Yeah. It's, it is amazing, amazing kind of ideas just to have, you know, all these different idea all these different choices for, you know, break your arm to just make it crazy enough to make that leap. Little bit like qu Quantum leap.

Sidey: Yeah, I, I'd a few quantum leap vibes going on.


Reegs: As they make their escape they're apprehended by some security.

And then we meet Jo B to Paki, who really is an alpha version of joy,

Sidey: Mm

Reegs: and she kills the security guard. She turns one into confetti, one becomes a salsa dancer who's shot one is pile driver into the floor. Waymond is knocked out and Joy explains her weapon to which is a bagel with everything, literally everything on it, all her hopes and dreams.

Her old report cards, every breed of dog, every ad on Craigslist, some sesame seeds.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: we skirted over there,

Sidey: but

Cause she kills Ram

dildos. What

Dan: Yeah. What, what a whole scene, you know, straight away from making the, the first security guy just explode with confetti to Yeah.

The, the dancing

Sidey: a proper karma Miranda kind of outfit you

Dan: Completely

Sidey: crazy. crazy

Reegs: But the bagel is

the thing really?

Dan: She pulls on all these different realities to turn people into and put 'em into situations that only different realities could put them in.

Reegs: Yeah. And essentially anything you can imagine creates a, a different reality. So she has effectively god-like powers across all of the

Dan: Yeah. She got, she gets shot there, doesn't she? And then she pretends she's, she's dying to Evelyn, who, who's still obviously new to this whole world and goes, No, no. And she goes, It's okay. It's.

Reegs: It's ketchup, , ketchup.

Dan: and just last, before beating that guy to death with dildos.


Reegs: And then she explains about the bagel, and it's basically, you know, nothing matters.

It, it's this black hole that sucks everything in. If nothing matters, and all of the pain and guilt in your life, she explains it goes away, sucked into the bagel. And eventually the black hole, like bagels, swallow everything, including all of the universes. Anyway, at this point, Alpha Go gone, arrives in a futuristic wheelchair powered by a coffee machine and he's got tape up lights all over.

And he smashes Jo to packey into a wall. And he revives wayman by making him smell his shoe

Sidey: and he hides him

Reegs: in an office somewhere where it becomes clear that Alpha Goong is way man's superior in the Alpha universe. And then Waymond explains that it's the greatest failure of all the evenings.

Two evening, she has the most untapped potential with all the goals. She never completed all the dreams, she'd never followed. Every failure in her life branched into a success for someone else. So she's . The message is, you know, she's kind of the anti chosen. She's capable of anything because she's so bad at everything.

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. That's kind of it. She was the worst Evelyn that any other universes had. Yeah. Yeah. So she only could get better and they know Anne Evelyn is going to be able to defeat

Reegs: to

Dan: Jo Jabba.

Reegs: Well then Alpha Waymond and Goong fuck off. And she has to now explain what's happening to Waymond and Joy who are back in the room.

Joy has been Salate to a chair and instead of thinking of The Matrix as a movie to describe it, she tries to think of the movie Rat Tooi, but she's confused it with a movie in her head called Raccoon which is a great gag that is gonna play off later. Anyway Alpha Goong returns tries to get evil to kill Joy with a box cutter.

But she can't go around with it. She can't go on with it, can she? And then evil eventually frees joy. So Even's mind kind of splinters

Dan: Well, the, Yeah. At, at, at, at this point, she. She realizes that she doesn't want to be the same, I think, doesn't she? That she's, she's not gonna fight fire with fire.

She's gonna try and fight it with love. She's

Reegs: Well, no, that doesn't come in until the


Dan: a little bit later,

Reegs: from Wayman. She learns that

Dan: she, she's starting to, to soften it because she doesn't wanna kill her daughter, you know? So she wants to find

Reegs: different

Dan: solution to

Reegs: She does for that. Yeah, she absolutely does. She. Starts awkwardly dancing rubs act antibacterial gel in her eyes and then summons a life where she was a cleaner and she works out in that office that there was like a weird sex dungeon behind it.

So she secretes them all safely away from Goong, who has now ar pulled in an army of the local jumpers. So all of the extras and all of the bit part and minor characters now are suddenly kind of like, it's like a weird army of Agent Smith's

Sidey: now Yeah

Reegs: that have come and they all assemble outside this room and we get this amazing scene where they need to verse jump to acquire new abilities.

So they're all just doing this random weird shit, like one singing Arve Maria. One starts licking the wall, one starts trying to have sex with a.

Dan: Yeah. It's a, it is a bizarre as that sounds, That's Well, that scene ran, like, and it was fantastic though, really

Reegs: Mm-hmm. And then even in the room as they're being gassed out imagined herself in a world where she had a horrible accident when she was a child and has her eyes gouged out or something, and she became a singer so she can come out of the room using these new found abilities that she can kind of have her eyes shut and be able to feel and move away around.

And then she can hold her breath for ages. And then when she gets out, she fights all these guys in an amazing scene and she leaps into the universe where she's assigned twirler that we've seen around a few times. And she uses the shield, the swat shield in a sort of kind of Captain America Reque fashion

Dan: Yeah. She's taken all the best fight moves of her other evils in multiverses to defeat these sort of band of otherwise, you know, Unpenetrable army. Impenetrable army. They're, they're, you know, she's suddenly finding the powers a, a little bit like matrix when you know, Neo is just discovering his powers and what he can actually do.

She's suddenly just fully tapping into this now and enjoying it.

Reegs: And we do see more of it because now she fights Big Nose and her dog

a year as a pet owner.

Yeah. You imagine doing this

Sidey: Yeah.

Could Easily fight

my dog at times. It's only been a week

Reegs: She uses it like as a, Is it a bolus? Is that what that's

Sidey: called? Yeah,

yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: She uses a dog as a bolus to fight her and so she even go, This just sounds like craziness, doesn't it? When you're describing it even then leaps into a universe where she's a te and yucky chef.

And she can fight off the dog with the tools of the TE and YY trade. And

then two other fighters come along. A guy who, Harry Chard, Harry Shum, Jr's Chad. He's this kind of emo dude and they have a big fight in the office with a keyboard and all his skills. And then all their skills stop.

And they do this like feeble pushing and ineffectual slapping at each other until they can kick start it again. And the way to Kickstart again is with a massive butt plug dildo trophy.

Sidey: Well we'd seen them we'd seen them really early on where Jamie Curtis had just pointed at her and you're like, What the fuck she's got in the, but plugs on our desk. Yeah. It's so weird.

Reegs: And a guy comes from absolutely nowhere and throws himself ass first on this

Sidey: but plug

Reegs: download new skills. So you've got this combination of like high concept sci-fi and really absurd and stupid stuff, which probably doesn't sound all that funny, but you're sort of laughing amongst all these kinetic action scenes.

It's that

same kind of stupidity. it's

Dan: so inventive and clever because there's no massive special effects. They're just using a lot of the time. You know, just themselves, just these crazy ideas. This, you know, what they've got in the room and making the funniest kind of scenarios with it along with this sort of serious part where they've, they've gotta do it.

The world's depending on it, and they're all fighting each other to, to get there. But brilliant.

Reegs: Yeah. And, and this part of the movie is mainly when I was watching this, I was like, Is this what this movie is like, a series of kind of weird kung fu fights in a, in a sort of ugly office. I was like, that is not really what I expected.

But it does start to kind of pay off much more the emotional themes in the second half of the movie. So we'll get

Sidey: there for sure. Yeah.

Reegs: So it's a great fight which ends with her slow motion, pulling the trophies out the guys' asses to de power them. And anyway, at the end of these amazing action scenes of which there are many in this sequence, she starts to really fall apart and fracture.

And then Alpha Wayman comes to see her for one last time before he dies in his universe. She has to kind of say goodbye and it is actually quite a big emotional moment. Anyway, she throws up as they're about to show down this big moment and she passes out somewhere in the many verse and then the credits.

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: For the end of the movie, like literally written and produced by the Daniels. And you're like, Alright. So she just lost through, up and lost. But then we pan back and we're in the movie universe and even is next to this universe's version of Waymond. But then as she exits, she becomes the sign twirler, then the singer, and then goes into the tap Andn Yaki universe.

And she sees the raccoon.


Dan: Yeah. This, this is a raccoon under a chef's hat.

And he is much like the film rat, where there's a rat telling a chef how to cook. He's telling a chef how to cook. Yeah. And they're best friends.

Reegs: It's really funny in the movie, isn't it? Yeah,

Sidey: It's really good.

I did I did love it. Yeah.

Dan: It's, it's absolutely bizarre.

It's just so

Sidey: Can we talk about hot dog

Reegs: Yeah, that's now, That's now, Yeah.

Dan: And then, yeah.

Evelyn in one of her multiverse worlds. In fact, she's already gone into this world when she was trying to defend herself against Jo Ju Saba. She, she became this kind of hotdog woman. Fingers are hot dogs, basically big

Sidey: giant Great big one,

J floppy. And this is one this's one where she's in a relationship with Jamie Lee Curtis. Yeah.

And they explore this later on and they're really good with their feet and then they see them play the

Reegs: playing piano.

Sidey: So

Reegs: She actually uses that skill later on as well.

And also the king and I has now got hotdog fingers and they're

Sidey: catch up and

Reegs: mustard all over each other. Yeah. So reality is kind of fracturing all over the place. Evil is, you know, kind of lost in across many universes. And that is kind of the end of that part. And then it goes to part two everywhere.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And we are kind of back in a more sort of normal universe now. Chinese New Year. It's a few hours on it seems from where we were right at the beginning of the movie when she went to the office. And nothing seems to be weird here. Man, this is getting really hard to fucking, How do we get to the,

Dan: where, where we are up now to where she's having a big argument in the, in the store with Dere? Is that around where you up to?

Sidey: Yeah She she,

Reegs: this is basically, they do have a big fight for ages, Joy and evening across many different realities. There's 2D animated drawings, they're pinatas, they're in a prison, whatever. But it becomes clear that, that he, she doesn't really wanna fight her.

She takes her to the everything. Which is in this like, religious world, and really it's about, you know, she, it's

Sidey: well, it's about destroying herself.

Dan: Well, she, she says she doesn't want to kill anyone.

She just wants somebody to feel what she's

Reegs: So every version of joy has this kind of depression and sadness and nihilism and inside her, and, and it, it stems as a little bit from the result and the joy and pain of having as a mother.

Mm-hmm. , oh man, fucking hell straight in the, like, big emotional stuff going on there. And Evil says that she always tried to do the right thing by her, but she says right is just a box that you put people in and she knows what it's like to be trapped in that box. And it flashes back to the conversation earlier where Becky is referred to as a good friend.

And Evil tries to explain that it's not about her, it's about her relationship with Goong from a different generation. But she says, don't try to hide behind that. Just embrace the nihilism of the bagel. Just become like me. . And so she's never been looking for her to kill her, Like you say, she's just been looking for her to feel the same things that she's feeling. So

Dan: she gets distracted at this point

Reegs: doesn't she?

Yeah. Well, she goes back to the Chinese New Year party again. Yeah. Because

Dan: he's


come into the laundry with police. Yeah. And she's determined to, you know, take 'em for their worth because she's but in, hit in their face and they've ignored her calls and, and they're just ignoring her so

Reegs: they've come to seize the assets

Sidey: they haven't met the deadline at six o'clock. It's, they occasionally been referred to, like, But you've gotta go and do that by six, You know, you've gotta go drop those papers in. And they haven't done it.

Dan: it. And and Dere kind of just, she's, she picks up a bat. Picks it up and smashes the window in. Yeah, yeah. Sorry. Evil does this and smashes the window in.

Of course, everybody's scared what, what she's gonna do with it, but Raymond seems to somehow settle the situation. He says something to Deirdre. And then five minutes later, Evelyn and Dere sat outside and they're almost kind of getting on, aren't they? They're, they're kind of chatting for the, for the first time.

She says, I'm a cold bitch. And she says, No, you're not. You, you are, you know, you're not an unlovable cold bitch. You're lovable. And I dunno, it is. Maybe those flip worlds are the,

Reegs: Well, she says it's exactly that. She says, I'm cold and unlovable and in the other universe.

So, right? You, what is happening now is you've got about eight or nine different storylines with big emotional arcs all playing out at the same time. In one universe, Waymond is trying to convince evil that the way to fight. Is with kindness, not with fighting. That's his way of fighting. He's lived the same life she has, and that's how he fights.

And in every universe he's been trying to make things a little bit better. And so she uses that and she wants to, the hidden things that people need in their life, she will give to them through her powers that she now has fractured across many realities. So when Deirdre says that she's unlovable, she recalls the universe and reconciles with her in the hotdog finger universe and tells her You are not unlovable.

And it stops her in the, in the tax world where there's this big fight going on where Joy's trying to throw herself into the bagel and a lot of the extra characters. Now the same thing happens to them once the security guy ends up with a puppy or whatever, . Basically she, she bestows acts of kindness on everybody in in the

Dan: fire. They, well, yeah. Gives them their. Their desires or, or what they want. And there's a

Reegs: two of them get married


Dan: a couple of beauties in there, isn't there one guy who's got like a ball in his mouth and getting slapped on the ass?

Yeah. And another one is, dancing and another one is got puppies and all sorts. It is just nuts. And she's trying to make her way up the stairs to stop joy from being sucked into this kind of vortex or donut that's started to appear at the top of the stairs. she doesn't

Reegs: quite

Dan: get there before.

Reegs: Well,

she, she has a, a big moment with go go where she kind of finally can stand, not stands up to him, but she's like, I'm. Who I am. It doesn't matter if you are proud of me and I'm proud of my daughter, and she kind of accepts her lesbianism. But in an interesting move, the movie doesn't quite make it about all her overcoming that because Joy is still like, Well, it's great that you found that, but you are still pretty much a horrible bitch of a mother.

And I still wanna leave. And it's an echo, obviously, of how evil's father let her go. And as she steps into the bagel of nothingness, eventually she decides, she pulls her back and says, I always choose you. It doesn't matter where we are. And across many realities, you see her choose her. And then also all of the other emotional arcs that have been building up in the actress world, Waymond, who is a, who looks like a very successful version of him. Has heard about this other life where they run a laundromat and it's a failing laundromat. And he's like, I would trade everything for that. The hot dog Fingers, World is

Dan: I'd have liked doing a, a laundromat

Sidey: The hot dog fingers. There's a bit where they've, they're like got the hot door fingers in each other's mouths.

It's so fucked up.

Dan: Oh, it is horrible. Yeah.

Reegs: She allows herself to be

piloted like a raccoon.

Sidey: Yeah,

cuz what we should say is the raccoon is like puppeteering the chef

guy. Yeah.

And so he gets, you know, public health come and take this raccoon away and so

she she takes she jumps on his shoulders and use, like, grabs his hair like they're joysticks and controls and, but he can't, is not fit enough.

And so we have to come back to that later where she helps him and then just throws him like, you know, a hundred meters down the road to go and rescue this

Dan: Yeah They, they, they see to completion a lot of these really

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: little storylines. They follow them through, which is, which is good,

Reegs: but they, they all tend to pay off in a way that subtly addresses the sort of themes of the movie as well in different ways.

Anyway, so she reaches into the bagel and pulls her back to her and they

hug and

Sidey: Do you wanna say that again, just in case that

was Yeah.

Dan: I think

Reegs: there She reaches into the bagel and pulls her to her and they hug. Yeah. And touching. Yeah. And then it's part three all at once and back to some sort of normality. They're planning for the meeting with irs this time. Joy comes along.

Brenda's there. It's all sort of noticeably much, much nicer and warmer.

Sidey: She gives Waymond a kiss. Yeah. In the foyer as they're about to go up and they seem all lovey-dovey.

Reegs: Yeah. And they go up to see Dear Dreams more relaxed now she can see some improvement. There's still a lot of work to do. And then evening briefly drifts off to check on absolutely everything before coming back to this universe where she's decided to stay with her joy.

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: right. Well, that was complicated, wouldn't

Sidey: Fucking right. Yeah.

Reegs: So there's a lot of plot but mostly the themes are about family and parenting and rejecting hopelessness and about why you as an individual are probably better than you think you are and how you're not alone and the power of kindness.

And it's all wrapped up in this crazy complicated, absurd bullshit that we just talked about.

Sidey: Yeah it was surprising because I obviously had heard things about it. I had listened to Mark Carmer talk about this movie, so I knew multiverse many verse stuff was going on, but I still had never really picked up on the theme of this sort of real strong family theme that went on it.

So I. Expecting that. And I wasn't expecting it to be such an emotional film. It sort of blindsided me in that sense.

Reegs: It is, I felt genuinely emotional in the second half of this movie, which probably hasn't come across at all. But there's loads of complicated stuff about people projecting their relationship with their parents onto their children, the expectations that parents have of their children, and playing up to those roles.

And the redemption arcs that people face are kind of complicated and nuanced.

Dan: and, and language as well. You know, it's it's in English, it's in Mandarin, It's in Cantonese, and you have all these,


know, different ways of, of changing it up because they'll flip from speaking and you'll be reading the subtitles when they're speaking in Mandarin or, or Cantonese to, to English at points as well.

Reegs: And tonally it will juxtapose tragedy and comedy and really absurd and kind of silly comedy at the same

time. I mean,

Dan: mean, absolutely off the wall.

Reegs: And so first when I watched it the first time, when it finished, I was like, Whoa, what the fuck?

Because it's just such, it like that title, it is so much, it's, there's so much going on. It really does reward multiple viewings.

Sidey: One of the most emotional scenes is them, is two rocks.

Reegs: Yeah.


Sidey: And and when it comes back evening's got the googly eyes on and you're just like, What the hell? . And she's trying to, she's trying to get away just like slowly edging towards this cliff as a rock.

It's fucking, sounds like you say just absurd, but it has this emotional hit. It really pays

Dan: off. It you all. Yeah, it absolutely works. And each and every scene there's something to look at. I mean, it's, it is rare. I think we've seen, I've seen, anyway, a a, a film that will just capture you as fully as this one does in almost every scene, you know?

And I have started, it's the only film I think that I've watched again since. Yeah. In, in a week's time. You know, I mean, there's not many films that I'll watch. I'm ready to watch again after I've just finished watching it. So and yeah, this. Reward you. Really, it has

Sidey: all of that stuff, but I also really, really love the fight choreography in it.

Especially the, the Fanny pack fight

Dan: was, well, I didn't even know it was data and I was watching it and I was thinking, Geez, that's,


Sidey: him, who did the majority of that fight as well.

Dan: well. Yeah,

Reegs: It's very Jackie Chan inspired Action. But then yeah, just all this like genre swapping and all this craziness. Really a very unique experience

Dan: and yeah, full of messages

Sidey: as well. We spoke about the scene where she gets kind of sucked into the Janus closet that kicks it all off. That was done in real time. So they put the camera down to its slowest frame rate, and then they pulled her chair back and she acted it in slow motion so that they could, So they tried to keep a lot of it really low-fi and there was only a handful of people who worked on all the VFX in the movie.

Dan: Right. Yeah.

And I think, you know that, that it doesn't come across as a huge, big budget film, but it doesn't come across as as cheap either. I mean, I was looking at the, I dunno, probably cost millions to make

Sidey: 25 mil on the

Dan: Right.

Okay. Which, you know, for the size of the film is not, not that big. I, I think, But Well

Sidey: if, you know, it's got a big style like Michelle yo, that, that potentially would translate to, you know, Asian

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: potentially. Yeah. But it did make money, made 98 million and counting. Its decent

Dan: and counting.

Yeah. I'm

Sidey: I'm surprised,

it's the highest grossing a 24 movie.

Dan: When did this come out?

This year?

Okay. Cuz I, I was, yeah,

Reegs: I do think the underlying message is kind of about hopelessness specifically because it, it, the bagel is a rep physical manifestation of despair and nihilism and depression basically.

And the, the, it is probably slim comfort for people who are actually depressed because it basically just says everything is kind of shit. , but clinging onto the people who love you and the people that you love for whatever reasons, and just try and be a little bit more kind. And it's kind of like a quite a trite message, but honestly, that's all their fucking is.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: you know, there is no gray or anything. It's just that,

Dan: Yeah. I personally kind of like the, the idea of, you know, the, the multiverse and things like that, and you've got these.

Arguments and things, and they haven't been able to scientifically prove anything like this exists, but they haven't been able to prove that it doesn't exist as well. You know, it's one of those mathematical

Reegs: probably Well I think now the, the most of the theoretical physics kind of accepts the idea that there are many,

Dan: many universes

Reegs: or uni, however

Dan: you, and how you're going to tunnel between here and there is, is a different film, but she, well, they do it through these these Bluetooth kind of headphones, don't they?

And, and chewing on a Chapstick or It's uh really, really unique. A film Strong recommend for me, I really loved it. I just thought it was one of the most entertaining and thought provoking films I've seen probably since Mother which we watched on the pod and was, was really, you know, Completely different.

But again, thought provoking for its own reasons. I think you chose that one as well. R So

Reegs: it's the a 24 movies, to be honest. A lot of them are good.

Dan: Yeah. Well this was,

Sidey: yeah,

this was very good. So that's two. Have they only done two films? The Daniels?

Reegs: I'm not sure. The only two that I've seen, I think

Sidey: Well,

sorry man.

This, Yeah, both great.

Really really enjoyed really Enjoyed

this. Seeing it twice was very quick succession. Great stuff.

Reegs: Side. I heard rumors that you had nominations. I

Sidey: have nominations, yeah. Do you wanna hear them?

We're gonna do top five fruits

and then our mid weeker is gonna be a clock worker, orange. and then that's the end of the fruit linkage. We're gonna go for our main features. Red,

I think It stands

for retired and extremely dangerous, right?


Reegs: Bruce Willis. Yeah.

Sidey: And then our kids thing is green eggs and ham second helping or something like that. It's on Netflix, so.

Dan: Excellent.

Sidey: out. So that sounds good,


Dan: Jam

Sidey: That's it really for me.

Yeah. For another week. We good?

Dan: got nothing to say.

Sidey: Right All the remains then is to say side signing out.

Reegs: Rings out.

Dan: Dan's gone.