Dec. 9, 2022

First Reformed & Ask The Storybots

First Reformed & Ask The Storybots
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Scorsese collaborator Paul Schrader penned TAXI DRIVER and that is the laziest but inevitabliest comparison for FIRST REFORMED which tells the story of Ernst Toller (Ethan Hawke), reverend, tour guide and souvenir shop salesman for the eponymous church as it approaches its 250-year reconsecration. Undergoing a spiritual crisis of his own, he is approached by expectant mother Mary (Amanda Seyfried), who asks him to talk to her husband, an eco-activist depressed because he believes it's morally wrong to bring life into a world with the planet on the brink of irreversible environmental damage and civilisation ill-prepared to deal with multiple social crises. The exhilarating conversation lights a fire in Toller and as his alcoholism and illness grows he finds himself on a path which sees him questioning corporate megachurch and benefactors Abundant Life and its relationship with energy company Balq Industries.

It’s not often that you find a deep philosophical and theological discussion as an inciting incident in a movie and its rarer still to find one that seems authentic and richly relatable even to those with little interest in organized religion. My wife and I did have a conversation about the ethics of conceiving in an already over populated world (our rationale was that 'two in, two out' seemed just about fair in terms of headcount production) and about the fear of the kind of world our children would grow up in but eventually closed our eyes and ears to the overwhelming mass of evidence that told us not to and went with blind hope for the future, a sentiment that Schrader would presumably endorse. The writer and director's own strict Calvinist upbringing meant he'd never even seen a film until he was 17 when he sneaked away one night to watch HOME ALONE. Actually, it was WILD IN THE COUNTRY but that doesn't make as good a punchline. After becoming a published film scholar (following the encouragement of Pauline Kael no less) with his seminal work Transcendental Style in Film: Ozu, Bresson, Dreyer,a book bought up in every review of this movie and which I haven't read but based on the title alone I can assume is  some sort of comedy, Schrader transitioned to screenwriting and his utterly unique perspective means that yet again indie production and distribution specialists A24 have delivered.

I'm such a shameless fanboy for A24 now, having watched 14 of their movies for the pod and found all of them to be at least interesting and at best profound, though I tend to think of their 'A24-ness" as a secondary quality of the movie based on their  body of work being aesthetically, politically and conceptually different and distinct from one another. I don't find the idea of enjoying all that a production company has to offer that unusual having been used to a music scene in the 90's and early noughties where the record label alone - Warp Records for example - was enough to inspire me to hoover up new talent. With a business model built around producing unique and original films that other sequel and franchise-obsessed major film studios wouldn't or couldn't take a chance on and a mission to bring the arthouse to the mainstream, the cynic in me expects their decline when Marvelisation of the A24 product inevitably occurs.

We also watched Netflix's ASK THE STORYBOTS featuring friend of the pod Kevin Smith which was superb but I don't have the space to write about having used up my word count masturbating over A24 stuff. 

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. If it hasn't been completely destroyed yet you can usually find us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


First Reformed

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review. An indie podcast is somewhere in the top 181 of Mexico's film review charts. The basic gist of the show is that with Dads United by a passion for film, looking back at the movies we were prevented from watching by our, by our various crotch droppings

This week's pod season.

Starting off with the absolute minimum amount of bla for me, we can master in the top five religious figures and then we move on To discuss the 2017 Paul Schrader Religious Drama First Reformed before concluding with a nice bit of UCA educational science with Netflix's. Ask the story bots. Now in many ways, the life of a podcaster is a bit like that of a modern day vicker or reverend.

And each week there's a time slot devoted to us distributing our message to an ever dwindling audience. And in both the case of an indivi individual church and an independent podcast, the success or otherwise is almost exclusively down to the charm, Wetton, general interestingness of the facilitators. So we're fucked then. Yeah. That's actually a timely reminder that there will be a few swears in today's show and we will be chatting about spoilers. So do bear that in mind. Don't actually stop listening. Just bear it in mind anyway, it seems appropriate to be upfront about our own religious proclivities before we get started this week.

Me, for instance, I'm an atheist. Absolutely. Completely. No question about it. An athe. But also a Jew as well. So that's something, isn't it? We're joined also by co-host Dan, who's so old. He actually has a picture of Moses in his yearbook and side, and you've actually tried all the major and minor religions now, and you found them all to be equally agreeable.

Isn't that the case?

Sidey: all Yeah, the same ultimately.

Reegs: you right,

Sidey: I'm good. I watched quite a lot of stuff this week.

Reegs: Oh, well, do you wanna tell us about it?

Sidey: I do, yeah. so what happened was my daughter had covid.

Dan: ah

Sidey: but she was asymptomatic. Systematic. So she just had to stay off school, but it just sit like effectively. She was on holiday. Yeah. So I didn't have to do the school run, so I was able to get up early and watch a film before doing work stuff. So I watched the other guys,

which I've seen.


Think billion times now. Then I watched Stutz,


Dan: you watched that.

Reegs: well. It's good. Is it? Yeah. I fancied that from the, it's

Sidey: weird. Like it's just him and his shrink basically. But it's,

Dan: It just kind of sucks you in. It's yeah, it's got

Reegs: trailer and I thought it looked

Sidey: interesting.

Yeah, you should

definitely check It out. Definitely check them out. Paddington one,

Reegs: It's great.

Sidey: And Paddington two.

Reegs: It's amazing, isn't

Sidey: Yeah, it's good.

Yeah, it's good.

Dan: stand

Reegs: up. I We should do those for the pod.

Sidey: So actually I, I did a hat trick of Ben Wisher films cuz we did Specter.

He's in that too. And I've started watching Death on the Nile. the pero

Dan: Busy week. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: And all the homework as well.

Dan: Okay. Well I started to watch troll, which looked really

Reegs: It's about Elon

Dan: And yeah, no Netflix thing at Norwegian about this, you know, The monster. Yeah. But it comes out of the the mountain, you know, and using CGI and obviously, so it started really well

Reegs: than a real trial

Dan: Rather than a real troll because they're difficult to get

Sidey: hard to Train.

Dan: Yeah. And and so that started, well I haven't watched all of that yet and I've another one I've just started watch watches The Batman, I'll put it on late last

Sidey: so. Ooh,

Dan: I haven't got round. I might

Sidey: you both need to watch it Cause I wanna talk about spoilers.

Reegs: Yeah. I haven't seen it yet. If only there was a podcast where we caught up on movies that we weren't

Sidey: Well, it's all gonna be Christmas stuff from here on end, so unfortunately it's out.

Reegs: Yeah. It's also about a million years long, isn't it? So it needs to be on a week. I know. I've got a million years to watch a movie.

Sidey: Yeah. Well you're on holiday soon, so you could do it then. Res what did you watch?

Reegs: I watched the white Lotus. I'm continuing with that.

It's still great. That's my big shout. I like that.

Dan: I, I tell you the other thing that I did was finally finish the Lucifer, the series and it seems an apt week to to talk about that. So yeah.

Reegs: maybe you can save that for

Dan: I'll wedge it in somewhere a little later.


Reegs: What did, do we have a top five from last week?

Sidey: Yeah. Murderers. I thought that was quite a good topic, but didn't really capture us as many people's imaginations as we'd hope for. So we put in Ken.

Yes. Who was Michael Palin in Fish Wander and we're also gonna put in lady Killers.

Reegs: Nice.

Dan: Okay. Nice. Yeah. Yeah. Good choice.

Sidey: As well as whatever it was that we put in.

Reegs: in.

Yeah. Some other stuff. Yeah.

Sidey: yeah, exactly.

Dan: all in there.

Reegs: I think I put Stump and Mike in that's.

Sidey: I dunno if he did.


So we've gone from murderers to religious figures.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: I've got quite a few telly ones actually, but also some movie ones. So, and we've had quite a good response to it online as well, so That's good. Yeah. Do you wanna in, you know, set the ball rolling?

Reegs: Yeah, I'll start with, we had to watch for the pod, the sound of music and that's two hours and 55 minutes of

Sidey: Unad, adult joy,

Reegs: Even young and hot. Christopher Plumber can't save it. It's too long. Annoying characters. Badly shot, badly acted, irritating songs.

Sidey: out of your


Dan: I don't think we all felt that

Reegs: No, I know, I know we didn't. But that was, yeah. And nuns and was it set in an Abby as well? Some part of it.


Sidey: It started off there cuz she fucked off up the mountain.

Reegs: Yeah. So about three weeks of it is set in Abbey as well, so there's that as well. Yeah.

Sidey: That's some

Dan: I quite enjoyed it though. I remember.

Sidey: Yeah cuz it's great. Yeah,

Dan: yeah. I remember eight long. But no. Quite enjoyed that with the family. I think it's just, just

Sidey: I'll watch that again.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: One day I will. Yeah. I, I've just, and mentioned it that Lucifer, so it was like six series I watched of, of this. And I haven't really watched any series that long. Can't remember the last one I watched all the way through like that. But it was just an easy watch to, to get into it. But it really knitted everything together in the last kind of episode or two really.

And so no, yeah, no loose ends. And obviously Lucifer is the, the devil, but then you have all the angels that come in. God is well, and, and there was a load of angels that I've never heard of, but they, there'll be Old Testament kind of, gods and angels and everything. It was quite interesting. So parts of it and and it was just really nice, easy entertainment.

I'd recommend. Its, it is a decent

Sidey: show. I'm

not gonna watch

that down. It's just No way.

Dan: no.

It's really easy viewing. But there you go. If

Sidey: you're gonna invest that much time, why wouldn't you watch something? Because you've not seen The Wire Sopranos?

Dan: No, I've not seen

Sidey: not not a lot of religious stuff in those, but

Dan: yeah, there's not a lot.


Reegs: a bit in the Sopranos.

Sidey: a bit in the Wire. Well,

Reegs: Sopranos. Dan. It's brilliant.

Dan: I'll get round to it one day.

Sidey: Oh, that's so non-committal. I've got another Christopher Plumer one. Oh, right, Dragnet.

yeah, Because he, his cover, he's Reverend Jonathan Worley, but he's also the head of the Pagan crew people against Good and normalcy.

 He's convicted at the end of two counts of attempted murder, kidnapping, arson, obstruction of justice, and tampering with public utilities.

He's presently in the Men's Correctional facility in Chino, serving 43 consecutive life sentences, and that makes him eligible for parole in seven years.

Yeah. So two out of the first three are Christopher Plumber.

Reegs: Yeah. Who would've predicted that well, star Trek five. The Final Frontier is a Shaer one.

Sidey: I forget the rule. Its either odd or even of the good. I think it might be

Reegs: Evens are the goods cuz that's RA of Carn and yeah. So, but this is number five directed by Shaler.

It's the one where box half brother hijacks the, the enterprise to go into the uncharted region of space because there's like a powerful godlike entity believes. Yeah. It's not actually, is it? Yeah. And you know, sometimes God isn't actually an actor. Sometimes he's the sort of gigantic animated photo of a former cricket player.

Like he was in in not Life of Bryan, the other one, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Dan: the Holy Grail

Reegs: Chapman's sort of cartoon things of him and like looking really stern and it was, was it WC Fields? They used the, the Yeah. WG Grace. Yeah. That was God, yeah. So God's a religious figure as far as I understand it.

Sidey: I think so.

Dan: Well, I hope so because he's, he features in in this next one

Reegs: or she

Dan: or someone that likened themselves to God.

Isn't it? Yeah. Well, apocalypse Now and I'm thinking the movie where obviously the Marlon Brando has, has gone mad in the jungle and believes in that he is pretty much a God now. And they've, they send somebody down to assassinate him.

Reegs: Martin Sheen.

Dan: it's, you know, it's just a, a fantastic movie.

This, it's a hell of a soundtrack. Big actors

Sidey: bigger than that. Dan.

Dan: they're large and they got bigger, actually as he went on. But

Reegs: was certainly large, wasn't he?

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. The last thing he played, I think, or one of the last ones it was with oh, bloody, oh, this doesn't sound good. Do you remember his last

Sidey: is Dr. Morrow? Was up there.

Dan: it was, it was one of the, the last, yeah, that was one of the last ones. Ed

Reegs: Oh, the score.

It's the school because he, it's De Niro, isn't it? And

Dan: and he's, you just see Brando kind of come onto, onto screen and he's by a swimming pool or something, but he's, he's still just a fantastic presence on the screen.

Sidey: Okay.

Has anyone seen keeping the faith

Reegs: No. what is it?

Sidey: a story about.

Childhood friends, three childhood friends, fat two boys, and they grow up to be Ed Norton and Ben Stiller. And the girl, Jenna Elfman, she's a fucking nutcase. Anyway, she goes off and she's really successful in like the corporate world. He stiller is a rabbi.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: And. Ed Norton is a


Reegs: yeah. Yeah. And they

Sidey: so he's, he has the, obviously the vow celibacy. Yeah. And, but he falls for her. Yeah. But she is in a relationship with Ben. Si. And they're keeping it secret. Yeah. And he is sort of getting the reflected romance vibes, not realizing that it's all going on. And he has a moment where they're in a room and he tries to confess and she's going to tell him about the relationship with Stiller.

And he thinks she's about, say, I'm, I'm into

you. And, and he goes into Kiss and it's like

super fucking cringe. Yeah.

But it all, it works out in the end.

She turned out to be like, complete Scientology nutcase, fucking lunatic.

Reegs: Who was it again? Jenna

Sidey: El.

Dan: right? Yeah. Ed Norton did another one where he played like a, a choir boy. The Hope. Yeah,

Sidey: no, That was Primal fair.

Dan: That

Sidey: Fear Yeah. That was, that was my murderer last week. Yeah.

Dan: And that was a kind of religious

Sidey: Very much so. Bob. Yeah.

Reegs: One of the tropes I like is the sort of badass preacher. So you got Father Magruder, the kung fu priest from Brain Dead

Sidey: I kick as for the Lord

Reegs: Yeah. He gets taken down, turned into his zombie. And alien three has Dylan, that's Charles s Dutton's character.

He's the former rapist and murder who turned to God while imprisoned on, on that thing. And believe it or not, it shares a lot of similarities with the movie Sister.

alien Three. Basically the same story structure in the, in both movies. The heroin is forced to live in a closed community of same gendered religious fanatics and then uses her special skills to help save the day, which in Alien three is, you know, to kill a Xor, but in this is in sister actors to make a choir sing.

Well, but it's not, you know, it's not exactly the same. But,

Sidey: almost. Yeah.

Reegs: but it fits in nicely to this topic Sister Act and there's two movies. And I have seen both of them and they both have different specific reasons for her going undercover as a nun, you know, so it's the sort of die hard now of

Sidey: I haven't seen either of them because genuinely would like run a mile from like


religious type.

Reegs: It was okay. It's okay.

Sidey: I quite like Whoopi, but it's just not into

Reegs: the sister Act two back in the habit. It's brilliant . It's just brilliant. They're in the title in it. It's got Lauren Hill in it.

Sidey: I thought I

Dan: I remember. I think I remember enjoying it at the time.

Reegs: First one, I do have reasonably fond memories, but yeah, she was a nun, but she wasn't was she?

Cuz Harvey Kittel was in that movie and he was the asshole boyfriend. That's why she, that's why she had to go undercover cuz she saw him killing someone. She was like a Vegas singer and stuff. Yeah.

Dan: He was also Judas Ariat in the Last Temptation of Christ. Christ. Yeah. And that was a religious esque film.


Sidey: Christ is pretty

religious. as well. Yeah. Was that Willam

Dan: that played? Jesus in that one? Yeah. He did play Jesus, didn't he? I dunno

Sidey: dunno, that was Scorsese one, wasn't

Reegs: was it even Schrader as well? I've got, hang on, it

Sidey: think it was

Reegs: Schrader

Dan: I was looking, I, I had a few different people that had played Noah Russell Crow

Reegs: Yeah, I really love that movie.

Dan: John Vot in a mini-series, he played

Reegs: he's mental,

Sidey: full Maga Yeah. I think he's more MAGA than Trump.

Dan: Yeah.

The, there's

Reegs: going to like a meeting and Trump isn't the biggest prick there.

Sidey: Well, there Fuentez Yeah. There's two bigger,

Reegs: Like two bigger tws than Trump in the room.

Imagine that.

Dan: I'm sure that's why he invited him.

Reegs: It's amazing.

Dan: He can point

Sidey: Well, there was the other one where we're getting, well, there's still religious content. Kanye and France was Rose on that info was prick. Alex Jones's show

Reegs: and he

Sidey: he was the moderate one.

Reegs: it down.

Sidey: I don't think he could say that.

Reegs: Oh man. It's not really that funny is it though?


Sidey: It's just completely lost his mind I think. Anyway,

Dan: yeah,

Sidey: Over

to me. I've mentioned this show before and it's the story of the 4 0 7 seventh Mash and the character is, His first lieutenant, captain, father John Patrick Francis Mahi. And he is the levelheaded wise, you know, sage guy. He's, you know, dishing out advice, you know,

obviously doing the sermons, you know, and all that.

But he's the one who's, you know, all this chaos is going on. He's the one who just brings everyone back down. And I've, I have mentioned this particular episode before, but he has to counsel Hawkeye goes like fairly catatonic and he's, there's been an episode and they're, basically, what has happened was they're out in the field and they're getting stalked by the enemy and they have to.

Basically hunker down. They was hiding in this bus and eventually they get the story out of Hawkeye that he's had to, he's witnessed a lady there kill a chicken to stop the chicken from making the noise and revealing where they are. And as you

get through the story, you turn out it was her own child.

And so she's had to sacrifice her child to not give away their position so that everyone on the bus was killed and it sent Hawkeye into this fucking state. And his father McKay, he's having to cancel him through it and all that. It's really stuck with me that fucking episode.

Cuz you're watching genuinely, like most of the time it's lighthearted.

Oh, you know, high jinks in the camp. And that's when he like, fuck me.

It's like proper, harrowing shit.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Terrible. Just on that point, I listened to Radio four this morning and what's going on Haiti now is just like dark as well. Yeah. Real bad.

Sidey: Briggs.

Reegs: The signs by M Night Shymalan is pretty bad. It's not as bad as what's going on in Haiti, but it is pretty bad. And that has a friend of my people, Mel Gibson, as a recently widowed priest.

Sidey: just the water one.

Reegs: Yeah.

that's it. Nonsensical water.

Water allergic spaceman, invade earth. And he is also reminded that it family or something.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And a baseball bat. And very much like, Gibson's character in signs was Harvey Cartels in from Dust Dawn. He was a recently widowed preacher. But later on he becomes a hideous blood sucking creature who bites his own son.

So that is a different spin on that. And whoa, what else?


born again Christian. I like a born again Christian and Kevin in Meet the Fuckers own Wilson's character. He's everything that Greg still is a gay lord. Foer isn't, he's wealthy, he's a homeowner. He's on good terms with love, interest. Pam, Pam's dad, Jack, and he's a born again Christian, whereas Stiller is, is none of those things.

And Jewish obviously. And he's built a wedding altar or as you might call it, a hper. And he, he says


they purchase a home, maybe it will grace their garden. Well, that's my sappy romantic idea, and it took him 18 hours to build it out of a single piece of wood. It's just brilliant.

So, yeah,

that's a born again Christian.

Dan: Well,

I've mentioned this film a couple of times. You haven't seen it. It's Marty Scorpio silence.

Sidey: I was going mention it because I read about it, but it just sounds like something I want to avoid.

Like you would not fucking believe

Dan: it. Yeah.

Sidey: So miserable and hard to get


Dan: ordinarily, I would say, but it's, it's really, it stuck with me.

It's still a film. I can remember some of the scenes

Sidey: Yeah. I, no, I read what

I read about it was, you know, audiences fucking stayed away and droves and it is incredibly powerful and

effective, but I just, I want to enjoy myself, man.

I can't watch that shit.

Dan: Yeah. Well, I enjoyed it watching this and it's, it's the, in the 17th century, you've got these two Portuguese Jesuit priests traveled to Japan in attempt to locate their mentor who's rumored to have committed what is it, aposty


Sidey: he's, punctuated.

Dan: he's punctuated, no, like he's, he's he's renounced Jesus. And, and, yeah, exactly. And and they go there and, and they try to find out what has happened. And


that time the Japanese were, you know, full on, they were looking for anything. People were hiding crosses or, or whatever. I think just two pieces of wood would do it, , like, but they, anything hidden, that was it.

They were thrown in a pit and they were tortured or they were starved or, you know, until they, they renounced and then they were given everything but such as their belief in everything, what they went through to, to resist. Just saying the words of, I don't believe where I went out. You know, it's fantastic.

Adam Driver, Liam Newton. Really good one.

Sidey: Yeah. If Liam Neon was the one looking, he could have used his very particular set of

Dan: Yeah.

would've been right?

Sidey: was the one around, I got a football movie for you

Dan: Oh,

Sidey: set in a prison.


Reegs: Who's.

Sidey: well, the goalkeeper's called the Monk, isn't

Reegs: Oh yeah. sta.

Sidey: that's the sta.

Yeah. Sta what? Great goalkeeper.

Reegs: Isn't he like locked behind like some maximum

Sidey: security Yeah,

he's he's a psychopath. He's in the, he's in the solitary like maximum security bit, but he is allowed to play football. Yeah, because football. Yeah. So there you go. Mean machine.

Reegs: and he's like the world's greatest

Sidey: I don't think we've had mean machine in before.

there you go. We used to have a goalkeeper at San who was also nicknamed The Monk.

Reegs: Right.

Sidey: Cuz he probably was a psychopath.

Dan: is is mean machine kind of the longish yard. Yeah. Same.

Sidey: Yeah. Vinny Jones former disgrace England captain. He rigged a match and went inside cuz he then he battered a couple of policemen as I

Dan: as Albert Ruddy was the, the guy, he was a producer of The Godfather and he wrote that

Reegs: All right,

Dan: The longish yard.

Reegs: And then

Sandler did it

Dan: And then, yeah, it's been done a few times. It's a classic story now, isn't it? You know, it's just the, the underdogs and the,

and the, the police and the prison and all the rest of it. Yeah. Bruce Mighty I'll take it. Go. Bruce might have seen that one.

Sidey: Of course.


Dan: Bruce Nolan, Jim Carey gets his an enlightening experience by Morgan Freeman.

Sidey: god.

yeah. Yeah.

Dan: He's played God a few times. I think Morgan Freeman or had the voice of he did.


program about finding God or something. A documentary series. And he went to all different places He narrated that is in Varanasi. And the ferry guy that I had told me that he was Morgan Freeman's as well, I was like, yeah.

Yeah. He pulled

Sidey: photo over the river sticks.

Dan: He pulled out a photo of him goes, there's me and Morgan. I was like, oh, no way. Cool.

Sidey: Well then you've got Evan Almighty.

Dan: Yeah. Was that was one of those they They're connected, aren't they?

Sidey: he's the news reader in

Dan: In Bruce.

Sidey: Bruce Almighty.

And then he's

Noah in, yeah, I

Reegs: terrible that one isn't it? But Bruce Almighty's. Alright. I think,

Sidey: Yeah, it's okay. Yeah.

Reegs: Mohamed's kind of a hard one to find a lot of depictions of but South Park sort of famously courted this controversy, didn't they? Cause there was a bunch of like European newspapers that Danish one, I

Sidey: Danish one then, was it French? Cuz they

shot up the yeah.

Reegs: they depicted cartoons That's

Dan: right. Yeah.


Reegs: And then South Park basically flirted with doing it. And I don't think, I can't remember whether they did actually

Sidey: no, I don't think they

Reegs: he is, I did see in here that he is a member of a team of superheroes with the power of Pyra Anes.

in South Park. And I don't know

Sidey: what controls fire with his mind. Yeah, right. Okay. What do you think about all that? I just think don't, it's just not the South Park one, but the newspapers, I just think it's just needless, I just don't


Reegs: Yeah. It's complicated, isn't it? It

Sidey: It is complicated.

That's true. I've got a, a classically biblical one. The 10

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Way back in 1956. You remember it Well down uh, Heston.

Dan: Charlton? Yeah.

Sidey: Moses and he also is the voice of God at the burning bush.



Reegs: talking to himself.

Sidey: Fraser Heston plays the infant. Moses, that's his son. Life imitating art there in a way.

Dan: Val Kilman is the voice of Moses and God in the 1998 animated film, the Prince of Egypt, which I've never seen, but that's

Sidey: what

is it? A Dreamworks one I think Get Sure.

Dan: I know. I'd quite like to see it. Yeah.

Reegs: Have we had any Dreds? Well I've got Aru for you. In Idle Hands. Do you remember that? It's a 1999 stoner horror comedy. It had Jessica Alba in it and it's got Devin sa. You probably won't know the name, but you will know him as Stan in the m and m music video.

Sidey: Okay.

Reegs: the originator of that standing as well.

So he plays Anton, a board 17 year old with no ambition and motivation, and he lus after Jessica Aber is the girl next door, and also his right hand has been possessed by a demonn and he has to cut it off with an electric carver in an obvious nod to Evil Dead too. And it's got Vivica Fox in it as a really hot Dr.

Priestess named Debbie. So yeah, Druids, all kinds of things represented here.

Dan: Sid Arthur was the, the Buddha. He'd been played in a couple of I think Keanu played him in really? Yeah. Like the Budd suburbia or

Reegs: oh, yeah.

Dan: And but there was a, the life of Sadaf film which was good actually.

It was it was pretty good. And there's another one with Miller Repa who's like a Tibetan sage who ate nettles and turned green. And it was all very religious, but really did and a Tibetan kind of, you know, holy man. That was quite a good one. Yeah. Quite a good film about their lives cuz it's all within the, the culture of those countries and everything and the, and the settings of the mountains.

Really nice.

Sidey: Mm. Uh, Luke Jackson


From call hand Luke, he's not particularly, you know,

God like a God, but they do some heavy handed Christ imagery with him after just the famous 50 Eggs


He's slumped over the, the dining table and properly giving it quite even the leg. You know, it just couldn't be

more Yeah.

Obvious. And then when he dies spoil, he dies. And they show a great big aerial shot of two roads intersecting, and it's just like a gigantic cross. And then his image, like it appears over, it's like, like, we get it.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: We go, I

Reegs: no, no. Well I was gonna start rounding it up really. I dunno if you've got

Sidey: I've got, yeah. Some, some ones to round off with.

Reegs: go for it.

Sidey: Well, preacher, we all like the graphic novel and the series less so for me. But he's a preacher and he has the power of Genesis. Yeah.

Reegs: thought that got better and better actually.

Sidey: maybe I should get back into it cause I ditched it in series three, right?

The start of Seriously. And then TV won. Father Ted.

Basically everyone in that I really like that show. He died really young as well. It's sad. And I love Bill and Ted's exit adventure and they are captured and taken off into the, the future where it's a kind of utopian paradise. Yeah. And they are being observed by the

two great ones.

And one of them is Clarence Clemons, who is a god of the saxophone in my eyes from the E Street band. So there you go.

Reegs: And in second one they go to heaven.

Sidey: Yeah, true that. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Night Crawler from the X two was pretty Catholic about it all. And in saving private Ryan Barry Pepper's character, you remember him? He was the sniper.

He was

Sidey: pepper's. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And he was a, he used to like kiss his cross and say a prayer as he was sniping Nazis. And yeah, we already talked about Noah, didn't we? So I can't really go back there again. But uh, gangs in New York had Liam Neon's, priest Valon. He was the father of DiCaprio's Amsterdam Valon.

Dan: Thor. He was God, wasn't he? Yeah. Yeah. So I've gonna wedge him.

Reegs: Oh, fryer Tuck. That was the other one. It's been seven, at least 17 different fryer tucks, and they're all either kind of fat ale drinkers, like my mc, Mike Han's one in prince of Thieves. Yeah. Or sort of skilled swordsman, like in, well, the only one I can think of when it was the animated one, but he was a badger, but

Sidey: Was a bear, isn't it? The Disney one?

Reegs: He's a badger, I think.

Sidey: Okay?

Dan: We had a,

Reegs: thought he was a badger.

Sidey: Yeah, you're probably right.

Dan: Gareth Bale played Moses in Exodus, gods of Egypt or Christian Bale.

Reegs: Yeah. More

Sidey: One of those two.

Dan: of the bales, Ben Kings Lee played Moses in a a TV thing and, and Christ Slater was Moses as well. So they've all had a go at the parting of the seas.

Yeah, I think if I'm gonna put one in, I, I'm gonna hold back on silence cuz you guys haven't seen it. So you have a, you have a


Sidey: well, there's another show that I wanna mention, but I don't have a particular character per se, but Battlestar Galactica


humans in that they worship many gods and the salons worshiped one God.

And there was all this religious fanaticism woven into story. It's really great. But shall we go over to, to our online


Reegs: Yeah. Let's get something from there.

Sidey: Brian from Life and Brian, that was Vim Z he also mentioned Yoda, priest of a Hoen religion. Pete Postle, wait as Fryer, Lawrence and Romeo and Juliet. These are all Vses ones. And he also mentioned Father Ted, clearly from Father Ted,

Dan: Good

Sidey: And

William of Baskerville from the name of the Rose, Sean c Connery.

Dan: Ah,

Reegs: Pete

would've talked about that. He likes that movie. I think

Sidey: Breach. He mentioned St. Mor Res. It sounds like something you'd probably

Reegs: Yeah. Horror. I have seen it, but I need to watch it again, but yeah. Really

Sidey: it Rebecca Ferguson?

Dan: There was this St. Vincent with bill Murray.

Reegs: That, wasn't that a bad dog?

Dan: Well, no, I think it was about a, a, a guy.

Sidey: right?

Dan: was at a dog,

Sidey: one

or the other. Sister acts been mentioned by Rose Garden. Darren Flair. Leafly has got a few for us. Brendan Gleason's, priest in Cavalry. Bishop from Aliens.

The priest from Life of Brian. Are you sure you're not a woman? That's

it really for online ones. I'm sure there'll be more

throughout the week, so that's, wow.

What do you reckon

Reegs: Visy was hot to trot. Get one of his,

Dan: well, I'm gonna throw in Lucifer for mine.

Sidey: Okay. Well let's put in William of Basketball. From, from VI Z.

Reegs: Yeah. Nice.

Sidey: I'm You're going for which variant?

Reegs: At Iron Osky. Noah. I really like that movie.

Sidey: I'm not

Dan: Russell Crow.

Sidey: I'm gonna put in, I'm gonna put in Reverend Jonathan Worley from Dragnet.

Reegs: Nice.

Dan: Well, we need one more online and we've wrapped it up.

Sidey: It's one of the all time great biscuit

Reegs: choices.

Dan: Yeah. We haven't got a lot, but we do have the foxes crunch.

Sidey: crunch creams. They're an absolute sensation.

Reegs: I incorrectly identified it as a custard cream,

Sidey: No, they're a good biscuit, but they're, no, they're not on this


Dan: It's another

Sidey: They're not.

on this level at all. And that segues very nicely into this week's movie, which was not a con with the it's first reformed. Back into a 24 studio territory here.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Which was nice.

 How does this one start


Reegs: oh God, where do we even start?

Dan: Well, it begins going through like a tree lined street.

Sidey: I was, getting like mega churches

Dan: in the background there and

Sidey: cubic vibes. Cause it's like completely symmetrical. Yeah, yeah. It just goes into the, just a shot, like a long tracking shot right up to the front of the church.

And it is perfectly symmetrical. Real

Dan: definite

all the way. And then it just, yeah, it just stops and it holds the frame, doesn't it? So you've got the entire church in this steeple.

Reegs: It's a beautiful building, isn't it?

Dan: It is, yeah. And it's uh, it is like this white pan wood paneled tall church.

Reegs: It's the Zion Episcopal Church in Douglaston Queens.

But in this, it's there's a sign out the front explaining the history of the church. It's the first reform church and it was organized in 1757, built by settlers in 1801. And it's the oldest church in Albany, New York, and it's funded by the Abundant Life Group.

Sidey: Mm-hmm. . But where they brought up the credits seemed quite old fashioned to me.

Seemed quite throwback style.

Dan: Yeah, it

Reegs: it's kind of silent really, isn't it? And it's like cursive, sort of scripty credits. And it's in 1 33 1 aspect ratio as well, which I didn't realize,

Sidey: I thought it was four three.

Reegs: Well, hmm.

Sidey: We're gonna have a ratio off.

Reegs: Yeah, we could do

Sidey: unusually short in a four three ratio.

Reegs: Well, I've got 1 33 1 here.


Dan: It depends. The version you watched, I rented this off Prime, so whichever version they've got.

Reegs: Yeah. Anyway, so, we get Ethan Hawk keeping a journal of his thoughts, a diary really of his spiritual crisis. And he says he's gonna be like Searingly honest and write everything that happens down in capital.

Sidey: I

write in capitals,


Dan: I

Reegs: no

Sidey: No, it's just that my handwriting is neat in capital than it is in, you know, proper.

Dan: I, I kind of find myself switching. Sometimes I'll start

Sidey: oh, switch hitter.

Dan: it'll go into something else, depending how quickly I'm, I need to write. But his writing is something that he's gonna do for a year. Yeah. And then he's gonna destroy all the pages

Sidey: which sounds like something, a psychopath or

someone who's gonna do something quite erratic might say.

Dan: but it, it is also an exercise. It's what I was picking up.

Reegs: Yeah. He's documenting his spiritual crisis and he doesn't wanna be a coward about it. He wants to, to,

Dan: get things down and, and when you do write things down and you put 'em down, it, it, it maybe just puts in thoughts that you didn't even know was there.

So he is tapping into that.

Reegs: Yeah, he's giving a sermon to about eight people. But it's clear that the church itself kind of exists mainly because it's kind of a historical landmark. And he operates kind of, not just as a reverend, but he's kind of a tour guide and a souvenir shop salesman. And, and

Dan: well, it does have the nickname of, of being the, the tourist, something or other.

They talk about it a little bit later and they ask, oh, what's the nickname of the, the church there? And it's yeah, it's like the,

Reegs: Something a

Dan: the souvenir shop or something like that.

Reegs: After service, one day he's visited by Mary, which was Amanda Siegfried. And she asks him to talk to her husband Michael, who's this sort of depressed environmental activist.

And he's depressed because he thinks it's wrong to bring a child into the world, and he wants an abortion. At first, Tyler tries to kind of brush it off and he says, oh, you should speak to Abundant Life. They're more equipped for this, which is a sort of megachurch that we're gonna meet in a minute.

But yeah, through Pride, he says he'll speak to him basically.

Dan: Yeah, he agrees. And she's she agrees lunch after lunch the next day. So he goes straight to it and he goes to the, the house. And he sits down and speaks to Michael, just one on one. And he seems kind of a normal chap to begin with.

He's he's able

Sidey: in that great shape.

he seemed like pretty

Dan: distracted. He, he was, yeah. But, you know, he, he can hold a conversation. He, he wasn't, you

Reegs: know, they have this incredibly intense conversation, a theological and philosophical conversation about climate change. You know, he's presenting him with sort of scientific evidence saying like, by 2050, you know, when his son or daughter will be 33, the natural world will be almost destroyed.

The earth's temperature will be three degrees higher than it is now. There will be irreversible damage being done to the, to the climber and the the natural world. And he talks, you know, he talks about a number of possible outcomes, seas rising epidemics. Remember this was in 2017, and he says that civilization will collapse.

It's not set up to hold, you know, to, to, to

Sidey: can't withstand it. Exist.

Reegs: Yeah. Multiple social, social crises.

Dan: And he is got all behind him charts and, and newspaper clippings and, and evidence from scientists and things. And, you know, talks about the facts that, you know, be widely accepted by most, you know, 99% of scientists that, you know, things are getting worse and worse.

Reegs: And he talks about his activism, people protesting in the rainforest and people dying for their political choices. And so he thinks it's morally wrong, basically to bring a child into this world, is what he's saying. And he's got the, the pre, the reverend there to take, to talk to him and until does.

And he talks, first of all, he talks about like the joy and mystery and beauty of nature. And he's discuss, he asks whether he is discussed it with Mary and abortion. And he says, this isn't about Mary, isn't about the baby. This is about your despair and depression, basically your despair. Uh,

Dan: Yeah, that's right. He's he is thoroughly depressed about the, the state of. The earth and even the, the church's apathy, but everybody else is towards doing anything about it.

And that kind of twigs in with Reverend to a little bit later on as he, as he reflects on this, because he ends this particular conversation and goes back into his church.

Reegs: He tells it's important because he says, he talks him round by saying that, you know, he, he talks about his past, he was a military chaplain and he comes from a long line of military chaplain, military chaplains, and it's like this patriotic duty. And he talked his son into enlisting and he was killed. So he explicitly says he talked his son into a war that had no moral justification and he was killed and it just destroyed his whole life.

Dan: That's right. His marriage broke up.

Reegs: Bringing some, you know, taking somebody out of this world is, you know, the decision to take somebody out, life out of the world you is, is, is a choice of despair and there are also choices of hope in the world.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: So yeah, he talks about holding those two contradictory ideas in your head about, about hope and, and despair.

Dan: Yeah. It's all cheery at this point.

Reegs: Well, it's just not often you see like deeply intense, like philosophical and theological discussions and ones that seem authentic and kind of relatable, even if you're not into organized religion at any point. You know, really thought provoking stuff.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. It was. I mean, they, they, they settle down and they agree to meet again. Yeah. And I can't remember, is this, this second meeting

Sidey: Well, Mary, Mary gives him a nudge and she's discovered something. Yeah, she's, I put it all back how I found it. I want you to see it. And she like shuffles him into this room and it's fucking like suicide vest.

So, pretty intense stuff. And he's like, oh, well, shit, you know,

Dan: I better take this.

Sidey: I'll, I'll take this forward. I'll go and speak to him and, and you know,

Dan: and then when I speak to him tomorrow, I'll bring this up. And the phone call comes the next day to meet. But he gets a text message, I think just before then to say, oh, can you now meet me in the park?

And he headss down to this park and it's just snow, isn't it? It's it's cold. And nobody's

Sidey: dog went mentally scene. I went fucking mental. Really? I had to hofer out

Dan: Wow. Right? Yeah. Well, it, it was quite an atmospheric scene because he, he's walking through this this small kind of wood and it's covered with, with snow.

And then you get like the full on.

Sidey: Yeah. Michael's not doing great.

Dan: Yeah. Carcass, really? The body, you

Reegs: of a suicide by

Dan: Yeah, he's, and you see quite graphically the, the guy's head's blown off like and he, he turns away and obviously makes the call and the police come. And he has to then go to and they do this in him telling Mary quite quickly, don't they?

They just have the policeman coming out saying if there's anything, ma'am, if there's anything, the

Sidey: Well, he's made a decision to try and make this easier for her in a way by he takes the laptop

Reegs: well, before all this, Tyler himself has taken the suicide vest away. So it's, he, Michael had discovered that his vest has gone missing.

So it makes them complicit in his suicide.

So, and after, in the aftermath of his death, when the police go back, he goes to talk to, to Mary and he wants to cover things up. Oh, let's take his laptop and destroy it. And that's when he discovers his last will and testament.

Sidey: Yeah.

So he,

Reegs: his alcoholism has been getting really bad and he's been getting ill, and there's a whole bit that we haven't really talked about, which is his mentor Joel, Reverend Joel Jeffries, which was Cedric the entertainer.

He sort of gave Tyler's life back together after he, you know, fell out of the military and put him in this position at the church. And he runs this Abundant Life megachurch, which is like a, a huge kind of corporate organization of religion.

Dan: Well, they're almost like not the political arm or they, they get funding. And a as we learn as he goes through the, the computer files he. He found this letter that's addressed to him, and it's his last will testament with with certain instructions of what he wants to do. But he also looks on his on his computer and he, he sees various photographs and then he sees you know, the, the amount of money that has been donated to the church

Reegs: He sees the, he gets a list of the top polluters and there's a, a local firm, bulk industries on there. Yeah. And then he looks on the donation page and finds that bulk are a big contributor to abundant life.


Dan: so we're just getting into this kind of environmental film almost now. It, it, it goes quite heavy on this side now,

Reegs: Well, it's clear the conversation that he had with Michael ignited a fire in to about environmentalism. He can't square the circle of all this damage being done to nature and God's creation.

Dan: Well, that's right. He has this conversation with the, and he says, well, you know, you've gotta look at the bigger picture and, and things like this. And he's saying, no, well, you know, there is, this is the big picture. This is happening now.

And he, he reels off some of the facts given to him by Michael to a guy from bulk or VO or whatever it is.

Sidey: Is this in the

Dan: diner. In the diner,

Sidey: Well, they, well cuz the, the back

backfill the story is there's a 250 year, isn't it?

The reconsecrated of the church. So there's this big thing angle. So where he's been doing his sermons to half a dozen people or most, there's now gonna be the big event. And, but they're like concerned that his, he's not, well he, he's had some tests for stomach cancer or something like that. And he

is also is drinking way too much.

Probably just got load of ulcers. But Cedric, the entertainer like. Concerned about him and they have this meeting, but it's with the other dude.


That and he, he's, I like this thing cuz he's like, well, you know, that's just one way of looking at it. And he's like, no, it's not. He's just like cutting through all the bullshit and just shooting him down is really good.

And they basically just turned shut up and fucking like it or lump it basically.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: And what he's concerned about is Tyler did in fact take, carry out Michael's last wishes, which were to have his ashes scattered at a site of environmental damage

Sidey: Yeah. Toxic

wakes dump. Yeah.

Dan: singing a Neil Young protest song.

Reegs: Which of course they're worried is being seen as a political act and, and, you know, it is now a political act and, and to is done, founded when Jeffries won't take a political position with the church on environmentalism.

Dan: That's right. Yeah. He, he's pretty annoyed at that.

And and this is probably where the, the thoughts of and we, we've been told by him that he's gonna take that suicide vest and get rid of it and dispose it. And you do see him flushing stuff down the toilet at 1.2

Reegs: you see repeated shots of the drain cleaner.

Dan: Yeah. And you, you think, oh, okay, then he's, he's done that.

He's got rid of it, but he hasn't he's kept onto it and we, we learn that he's he's gonna use this big 250 year old you know, birthday celebration to, to blow everyone up.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: pretty clear his mental state is deteriorating and you, I dunno about you guys, but I couldn't have getting like really big taxi driver vibes, you know, it's the

Reegs: we gonna get to all that I guess, but yeah. Yeah, very much so. So yeah, he's falling apart. He's got his Pepto or whatever for his stu he's got stomach cancer, so, and he's not looking after himself.

He's still drinking like a fish. He puts his fucking stomach cancer medicine in his whiskey and it curs like horribly. And then he explicitly becomes an unreliable narrator now as well, cuz he tells us that he's ripped pages out of his journal and you didn't like what he was reading and that sort of thing.

So that sort of thing. And he spent a lot of his time drunk and not writing. And then one night Mary comes to see him before she leaves to see her sister. She's been having nightmares and she's scared and anxious. She's got a baby on the way. And then just kind of non, you know, ly she drops in this thing about how she used to have this sort of ritual of physical intimacy with

Sidey: her non-sexual,

Dan: So, so there she would lie. Like just on top of

Sidey: it was a bit like

Dan: her husband.

While he was on the, on the ground, they would just feel each other breathing

Sidey: Yeah. A bit like you'd Bellingham and

yeah and


Jordan Henderson,

after after they scored the goal at the opening goal

Reegs: but lying down. Yeah.

Sidey: And then they go into out

Reegs: Well, first of all, they do the lying day , they do the lying down bit and it is like a ghost story. I didn't realize.

Sidey: Yeah. it was,

Reegs: how long it was the sort of breathing and

Dan: they slowly started to, to

Sidey: well, the camera, the camera pivots as well as they're, as they start to sort of levitate. And it just, just, it just carries on to it like a kind of journey through

space and

Reegs: well float in the cosmos and then down a mountain range and seas and

Dan: was, there was the sound of music in there, wasn't there?


Sidey: A

Reegs: Yeah. But then it's cars and tires and, you know, cities and pollution

Dan: and, and the burn and,


Reegs: all, and the place where Michael was buried, that strangely beautiful sort of shipyard d type

Dan: so this connection then that we're imagining that they're having and this understanding on a, on a deeper level that they're able to, you know, float along together and have you know, the, these thoughts and it comes back round to, well, this environmentalism

Reegs: Yeah. And there's another, like, straight afterwards, there's a really interesting scene where he talks about the church was on the slave trail

Sidey: or

Reegs: it was, was a safe haven for slaves.

Sidey: Yes. People were trying to escape

to Canada's

Reegs: part of the abolitionist movement. So it's like basically movie screaming at you. The church is political. It has been political in, its in its history, you know, and it's just choosing not to take a stance. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, so he, he he acts like this heartfelt goodbye with Mary and he says he'll come to visit her in Buffalo, but she says, oh no, I'm coming to the recon

Sidey: He's like, no, you do not fucking come to that.


she's, like, no, no, I wanna be there. he's

Dan: quite firm

Sidey: Yeah, no, he's, it's pretty quick because, you know, you know what's happening.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, next scene he gears up with the suicide

Sidey: she's like, no, I wanna be there. And he's like, no, I'm asking you. Please do not come. And she fucking does

Reegs: Yeah. Well, he turns, he puts the suicide vest on and yeah.

Sidey: yeah, he's ready to go.

The, you get the, the full shot of the church and it is packed. The rafters, the, the choir is singing. It's all ready to

Dan: he's late

Sidey: And they, they kind of look around like, where is he? Cause he's been basically given the role of just introducing the very beginning of it. And

Reegs: Yeah. He's been completely marginalized

Sidey: only role to play in this.

Dan: but he is kicking it off.

So they're all waiting for

Sidey: that's all he

Dan: know that it's a big deal for everyone. They know that he's got a drinking problem and they're already worried about him. He has a couple of friends. Yeah, he has a couple of friends in there as well. Esther I think is, is one that is a girl that's into him,

Reegs: but they'd had a relationship. He's viciously horrible to her. Yeah.

Dan: he, he just, again, maybe wanting her to stay away from this thing the same as, as Mary's. He's kind of being nasty in the way that don't come looking for me because

Sidey: but he does, he does look out the window and

Dan: And he sees her. Yeah. And it, he's really annoyed because he, he suddenly isn't

Sidey: sort of panics, you know,

Reegs: sobs and hows it's anguish and despair

Dan: and and I think,

Reegs: and he takes the, the, the vest off and he replaces it with barbed wire.

Yeah. That he lashes about, presses against his flesh and really gruesome

Dan: And it's really tough. And in there,

Sidey: he puts on his

tunic over the top of it and you can see the blood start to come through. Yeah. And Mary rocks up.

Reegs: Yeah. He fills a whiskey glass with drain cleaner. Yeah. And he goes to drink it

Sidey: Not as tasty as it looks. I wouldn't have thought.

Reegs: Mary

Sort of turns up and, and, and he drops the glass and then suddenly the room becomes like much lighter and brighter and the camera spins around them and, and the music kind of swirls.

And they, they kiss for ages, for ages and ages and ages, and then it just cuts really abruptly, mid thing to black and, and then a few seconds for the credits.

Dan: you Yeah. You think, is this something else gonna come

Sidey: back Yeah, I did. I was hanging around like, maybe there'll be a noise of something, you know. No, just that's it at the end.

Dan: That was

Reegs: Mm-hmm. .

Dan: Yeah. I mean, there was a lot going on within it. The, the conversations as you mentioned, you know, really thought provoking.


I like, you know, I like films that, that talk about big subjects, the environment, the church here, you know, these are, these are big subjects

Reegs: and nuance takes on it as well.

You know, not everybody's a bad guy. There's a lot of, yeah.

Dan: Yeah. And, and Ethan Hawk was yeah, in this

Reegs: he was amazing.

Dan: He was, he was really, you know, strong performance. I like him a lot anyway. And I, I, I like his choices a lot of the time in, in films as well. He, he doesn't seem to do too much garbage or at least stuff that I don't connect with. But I must say I didn't really love this all the way through. It was sometimes a bit too slow for me.

Maybe just the mood I'm in. Another day. I might have just been more into this film because there are, you know, really good conversations and things to think about. I, yeah, I struggled as good as it was, I struggled to like his character much, to be honest or feel much sympathy. Just for, for maybe just cause someone asks.

But it was yeah, almost two films. Like there was a spiritual side and then this environmental side. And I like to have seen it go a little more into this cuz it started with a spiritual side. But I dunno, it, it didn't a hundred percent work for me. I enjoyed it. But about you?

Sidey: Me?

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: I have to say I was, and this might say a lot about me, but I was gutted that he didn't


the fucking thing

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: It was like, so I was crestfallen about that

Dan: never believed he would, I never

Sidey: believe you. No, it wasn't really that kind of movie. It wasn't gonna go that way.

I should have seen that coming. But yeah, subject matter was, you know, like you say, big topics, whether I didn't, it didn't do a lot for me. I have to say, find it a bit. I know Re's already let the cat, the bag earlier, what he thought about it, but yeah, just left me a bit bit cold a bit. Yeah. Just rather watch Taxi Driver, not for me.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. And re you, you felt differently?

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah. This was top 10 movies I've seen this year. Definitely. Really, really like this.

Loads of interesting themes. The directors owned, like he's Schrader is a strict, was raised as a strict Calvinist. He never even watched a movie until he was 17. And then became a film critic. You know, his whole story and the interesting backdrop it provides to all the authenticity in this movie about complicated real world subjects.

Yeah, I really enjoyed it. Yeah. Great, great stuff.

Dan: Yeah. So it is splitters really, isn't it?

Sidey: I don't hate it or anything.

I mean, and I, and I get that, you know, there was a lot up there if that, if this is your flavor of things, then you'd be dead into it. And I mean, it wasn't, it wasn't like, you know, it was edgy and it took chances and the subject, it could be quite controversially for maybe, I dunno. But for me I was just, yeah, like you, maybe it just wasn't in the right mood for


Dan: I, I really do, you know, I really do like the subjects though that they talk about, so,


I'd hope to like it more than I actually did. You know, it was just, it was just one of those didn't really connect with it. I, the fact that they're as, say, church taking responsibility and, and how they, even the arguments behind that all, you know, God's small creatures and everything.

And then the funding that they're taking for,

Reegs: well, yeah, Jeffries is basically like, I, you know,

Dan: it was a real,

Reegs: what it takes to run a massive organization?

You know, he's like, we can't do that kind of thing. That's basically the conversation. He literally mighty bushes him, turns his back on him at one point.

Yeah, this, it was so deep and so rich. I bet if you had like, like a big theology background, there'd be so many scenes that were parables and whatnot.

Cause it is a parable about hope and, and despair basically. That's what it's about. And Oh yeah. Great stuff. Ethan Horts brilliant in it as well. Should have got

Sidey: Oscar

See he leaves me cold as well a lot of

the time.

Reegs: Oh, you should have got an Oscar for this.

Sidey: He won something. Hang on, wait there I can tell you. It

Reegs: wasn't an Oscar though.

Sidey: No, he won. Best Male lead at the Independent Spirit Awards,

which is kind of like the Wooden Spoon Awards. But no. Well done. We do need some clarity on the aspect ratio thing though.

Reegs: though. Yeah.

Sidey: Because that is, it's gonna eat us up inside forever more

Dan: Ethan will be in touch to let us know.

Sidey: Dan, you've pretty much retired from the kids

section these days. It

Dan: feels that way, doesn't it? But I haven't. I've just it's been a bit of a blind spot.

Sidey: Well, let's see if we can sell this one to you. That's okay. We watched Ask the story. Watch Do


Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: And it was season one, episode two.

Reegs: Yes.

How do airplanes fly? Yeah.

Sidey: So educational shit, Dan.

Dan: right. Okay. Aimed at

Humans, yeah. yeah. Beings.

Reegs: Yes. Human beings. Yeah. Good. Sort of five to 50. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: are out.

Dan: yeah. Oh.

Sidey: It's

Reegs: a sort of, it's a Netflix original live action animated, educational hybrid

Sidey: thing.

but it's, it's like a, almost a scatter gun approach of stuff they throw at the screen.

Yeah. So the story bots themselves, it starts off with like the boss story

Reegs: hat hat

Sidey: He's orange and he just, was he Yeah.

Reegs: He

Sidey: guy behind the desk?

Reegs: he had a

Sidey: I thought it was orange.

Reegs: was green. Hap

Sidey: Okay. Anyway, he's barking orders at everyone.


And then there's rabbits.

Reegs: Yeah. It's sort of like triples in they, the, the rabbits turn up and they say every time it cuts, there's more and more and more of them.

They, they live inside a computer. I think

Sidey: it reminds me, I don't know if you're familiar with the album Music Pal by Wagon Christ, but it's very much looks like the album art of that.

Reegs: I'll have to have a look at that.

Sidey: They are like the servants or whatever he, like, he demands that one, copies this document.

Then the next one copy this 500 times the new copy, this 3,000,765 buy lunch and they're all just like put upon and made to do stuff. And then it, the, so the animation here is kind of traditional 2d, like, kind of could be hand drawn kind of thing. Then it like they port themselves through a, like a Mario sort of down tube in effect, and then it becomes like a 3D

Reegs: Well, there's, first of all, there's a girl called Caitlin who's beamed

Sidey: Oh, she asks it. Yeah.

Reegs: And she asks the question, she asks him how do planes fly?

Sidey: Yeah. One of them does an impression of a plane.

Reegs: Yeah. And then one of them puts a calendar on its head. We had a panel on its head last week and a

Sidey: Yeah, true. Yeah. That, yeah. Then they pour themselves off. The real worlds where they're like more three dimensional kind of thing. Then later on they're, they're in like plastering mode. Yeah. And then later on they're really, really crudely drawn. Like a child might have done it. So you get all these different kind of ways of looking at

them. It's quite interesting. Yeah.

Their eyebrows aren't attached to their head in any way. No, it's, I couldn't

Reegs: The top half of their head isn't attached to their

Sidey: it pivots and sometimes it just

goes off

They're a bit like the two uncle fucks from

South Park.

Reegs: Yeah. Anyway, so

Sidey: less swearing.

Reegs: they go to Hollywood. And the purple one wants to go Sightsee, but they're actually there to meet super mega or some ultra guy who's gonna teach them how to fly.

And it turns out that that's Kevin Smith. Yeah. Friend of the pod, Kevin Smith. And he's got a Kon CGI

Sidey: got his awesome.

fucking jean shorts on

Reegs: Yeah, Jean shorts on. He looks really stoned and he's filming his TV show and he says he can help them understand how flying works. But what he actually ends up explaining to him, Dan, it's about how green screen works in, in movies.

Dan: Ah.

Sidey: it's pretty cool.

Reegs: so, but they don't really

Dan: understand.

So it's a little explainer for the kids.

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: Um,

Sidey: yeah.


Reegs: and then

we get a little, just, just a random song about the color green. And it was a really funky tune. You get like a minute of like a really funky tune over an

Sidey: Yeah. That's, that's what I mean by the sc I think.

So the episode's called How Do Things Fly or whatever it is. So that's the, the, the crux of the thing. But then there's this thing about

Reegs: that was amazing. Yeah. They just go off and say, oh, did you know a radish is it can grow to full maturity in three weeks. And they have this little baby radish come in and asked to borrow the keys to

Sidey: car.

And then there's a radish song and it's like just a weird three minute section. You're

like, I

thought it was about flying. We was talking about radishes.

Reegs: It's like a

Sidey: thing. Yeah.

Reegs: is so anyway, they go off to find some birds because birds fly and that makes sense. And they try, try asking a Turkey, but it's a fucking idiot. And there's a pelican and a humming, a hummingbird.

Sidey: So they're in the tree and they just keep asking these hummingbirds and they're going,

Hmm. And they go, oh, hummingbirds. And then a hummingbird. Just go on a drum kit. It's fucking great.

Reegs: And the eagle is a, they go and find an eagle. He's no help. He's a military maniac. And he shouts at them. And then he shouts Americas, he flies off into the distance. So, anyway anyway, eventually they find a wise old owl who tells them they need to understand the forces.

Dan, you'll understand these thrust drag weight and lift. And then we get a good explanation of how those things work on a plane thrust from the engine, moving it forward, drag, wanting it to stand still lift. As the air passes faster, the shape of the wing is curved. The, the air molecules pass faster over the top of the curve of the wing than they do underneath

Dan: learnt

Sidey: the vial does this kind of like prayer pose thing, and then he claps his wings together and it, it like shows all the air

particles and They're like,


And you, so you see the kids get a nice illustration of how the,

the thing works.

Reegs: lift. Yeah. So, they've got the science there


Dan: are learning.

They don't even know it.

Reegs: So we've got the answer after all. And then they parachute back to earth, which presumably that plane just crashed in an urban conation somewhere.

Sidey: way. Yeah, I think so. The kill count was pretty high.

Reegs: And then they explained the forces to Hap and to Caitlin, and that's the end of it.

And they do it sort of three or four different ways with different songs and

Dan: sounds quite violent and scary.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: Well, beep b a lot, that particular story bought is voiced by Judy Greer.

You may remember her breasts from Rest Development. Say goodbye to these

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Loads of celebrity cameo.

So obviously we thought this was great, right?

Sidey: Yeah. .Yeah, yeah. It was

Reegs: really good. And loads of celebrity cameos. Whoopi Goldberg, Jay Leno. Weird. Our Yankovic Snoop Dog, Christina Applegate, Kristin

Dan: they got all the big guns in on

Reegs: David Cross.

Dan: Okay.

Reegs: Jason's Deckers, KA West.

Sidey: that was the Nazi

Reegs: I, my dad laugh right up, but yeah, yeah,

Dan: Okay. So it is a strong recommend,

Sidey: Honestly,

when it came on I had to, you know, try and find, cause I never know what's on, what sometimes we put it on the group. But this one I was like so I've been through Disney and then I went onto Netflix, which found it, and then my heart sank.

It was 24 minutes. Like, oh man, fucking, it was great. It's just loud and insane and there's loads of different styles going on and it's kind of random what's going on on the

screen. And You

do get the bit of educational stuff. But it's like, it keeps you guessing all the way through

Dan: Five to 50. Go for it.

Sidey: Yeah, man, this is a win.


Reegs: great.

Sidey: Right. Are we up for some Christmas nominations for next

week. Yeah.

Rigs you may or may not be. Gonna

try and work something out. Yeah, sure

There, there's been some chatter on Twitter over the last few weeks and we've had a big long list of Christmas movie recommendations, so we'll pick something outta that.

Nice. And we'll try and find something a bit older school for midweek or maybe something we've seen and don't have to waste time watching again. Let's

see. Well, we'll see, we'll see. And then we need a top five. It's hard cause we've done top five Christmas stuff couple times


Dan: be the last few Top fives.

Who knows? 2023 might have top three

Sidey: So yes. Christmas themed stuff I think will do that. Yeah. And we'll try and

get Pete involved.

Dan: Well, is the season now, isn't it? I mean, it's it's pretty much upon us.

Sidey: It is big time. Yeah. I've had had my work Christmas due last week.

Dan: Oh yeah?

Sidey: It was fun.

Reegs: Yeah. Some guy pissed himself.

Sidey: Yeah. Low

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: on that bombshell, all that remains is to say side signing out,

Reegs: res

Dan: Dan's gone.