Oct. 14, 2022

Get Out & Peep and The Big Wide World

Get Out & Peep and The Big Wide World

Cinema has had a long relationship with cigarettes, starting in the early 1920's right through to the 50's where your favourite star was almost certainly aggressively hawking their product directly to you in their latest film as well as hacking up globs of green and brown sputum in between takes. Legislation and the momentum of social opinion saw a dramatic decline in depictions of smoking on screen over the years but let's face it, if you ever want to establish your character is tense or hedonistic or self-destructive, if you ever need to show they are stressed, have just had sex or are about to undertake a heroic suicide mission, if you need a single thing to show your audience that your protagonist is impossibly cool then you're not going to be doing that with a vape are you. We take time off from our busy lives to bring you the Top 5 Cigarettes, a discussion so good it will take your breath away.
GET OUT is Jordan Peele's sensational 2017 horror and follows photographer Chris as he runs a dizzying gauntlet of trying to remain politely affable whilst attempting to not be too offended when he meets girlfriend Rose's liberal parents for the first time in a wearying weekend away. It's MEET THE FOCKERS with racism then, right? Well not quite.
A movie which intentionally plays on the fear of white people, for example the worry that young black males might reasonably have of experiencing violence in predominantly white American suburbs or the existence of apparently well-meaning surface-level non-racist liberals who turn out to be monsters perpetuating schemes of marginalization, subjugation and literal appropriation, this is an astonishing debut with Kubrickian style attention to detail and foreshadowing, clever dialogue, tight writing, a moody and evocative soundtrack and new ideas and discussions represented on screen. An absolute must see from a unique voice, already its targets seem a little dated with the US having culturally and spiritually regressed about a century since 2017 and the subtle threat of neoliberal racism now far outweighed by the more overt xenophobia and bigotry of the hard right, which seems to have more of a platform than ever.
It's the end of winter and Quack the duck has just finished his latest installation of Snow duck art in PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD. When a bored Peep and Chirp discover the astonishing things you can do with beaver, life will never be the same for either of them again. Narrated by Joan Cusack and set up to promote an interest in exploration and education, one of the dads was less than impressed by the scientific content.

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Get Out

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review. And just like the World Chess Championship, we're absolutely buzzing tonight. Special welcome to our regular audience. Those people we know who tune in each week from friends and family to new friends we've made all around the world. You guys continue to make doing this worthwhile for us and uh welcome.

For any new listeners, we've picked up a big shout out to any listeners in Nigeria especially where we've been charting the reason, which is nice. Pretty cool. And it, yeah, pretty bad. So good, good day. That would

Dan: would be, that Nigeria prince I've been

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah,

Reegs: Let's that a little bit like not very nice to our right Nigerian ness.

Dan: gonna send me some money.

Reegs: We marked the explicit content button on our feed submission for a reason because sometimes the language can get a bit spicy. For example, I might say something like Sod off or Boulder Dash or Kanye West is an asshole. This week's show is bereft of a theme, but not of hope or wit.

With any luck as we chat about the top five cigarettes before moving on to discuss our main feature, the excellent 2017 Jordan Peel racial horror comedy movie thing, get out and then finish things off with a pee peep in the big wide world. All that's left to do is introduce the dad, starting without gracious host Dan, owner of the man.

Kay. From where we spout all this nonsense. Fellow dad. Si. And then there's me res. Hello. What's up gentlemen? All

Dan: Hola

Reegs: have you been following the chest with interest? Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. As you say, buzzing

Sidey: incredible story.

Reegs: isn't it? Just

Sidey: yeah, it's what a way to cheat.

Reegs: Yes. To catch anybody up who's not familiar with this story.

Chess prodigy hands Neiman.

Neiman has been accused of cheating via coded messages delivered via anal beads to his rectum,

Which is of

course completely normal story.

Sidey: He admitted he did admit that he, he cheated on online games.

Yes. And I'm thinking we don't need the anal bee

Reegs: that

Sidey: he just did it that way anyway.

Reegs: I think Yeah, exactly. He's ruined chess for people who like to have anal beads up them when they play chess. He's ruined it for them. Yeah.

Dan: There there'll be for be forever

Sidey: that suspicion. Now

Reegs: Yeah. It's just like that one guy, you know, it's like the guy, he tried to blow up the plane with his shoes. Now we all have to take our shoes off now.

I can't wear my anal beads to a chess competition.

Dan: Yeah. Spoil it for everyone.

Reegs: Yeah, that's right.

So what have you been watching this week, Dan?

Dan: I've, I've watched a few things all the homework and everything, but Mike is one of the series I've been getting into.

Caught any of that about Iron. Mike Tyson,

Reegs: who's playing Tyson

Dan: an actor. I didn't catch the name. I've just kind of got into it. I'm only about third, third episode. Fourth episode in and they're 25 minute little shows that, that follow it after each other. But it, it's, it's so far so good. And it gives you a little glimpse of, is Mike Tyson doing a stage show?

Basically talking to the audience and it goes back into little bits of his life and things. So yeah, it's pretty good.

Reegs: Is it work from his early

Dan: then? From his early life? Yeah. From when he was with his mum and, you know what he was getting up to when he was like eight Robb houses and stuff, you know, he was

Reegs: his early career was probably some of the most exciting heavyweight.

Boxing you could possibly hope to see really, wasn't it?

Dan: wasn't it? Yeah. And so there, there little glimpses of that, but yeah, they'd been watching that. It was a couple other things. He'll probably come to me later.

Sidey: We kept up to date with Welcome to Reim, which we really enjoy. And I think that was it apart from a lot of hours of Zelda on the switch. And then the homework, I did cram the cannon yesterday cause I was a bit, it was a bit log jammed and I found myself feeling a bit under the weather yesterday.

So I just locked myself away in my deathbed and watched it all. So that was quite a, a treat for Sunday afternoon.

Reegs: Yeah. The homework was suggested to us by a listener, Rachel, was

Sidey: That's right. Yeah.

Reegs: Rachel, thanks very much cuz we all enjoyed Harold and Mord. that was.

We've been watching Nine Perfect Strangers. It's an Amazon thing. It was the actors really more than anything. It's like a sort of wellness thing. It's got your mate Nicole Kidman in it, but it's also got Michael Sheen and Bobby Kenar and Melissa McCarthy who Okay.

Suddenly I really like now. And yeah. It's okay. Acting's good, but the

Dan: Plot.


Reegs: is kind of running outta steam a little bit and going a look. Well, not really going anywhere.

Sidey: Okay. We had some new merch come down, which I was really excited about and we've tried it out tonight. It's I dunno if I wanna give away too much,

Reegs: It is amazing. It's

Sidey: really exciting. And you might just, just send some out to people

Dan: Yeah. Well it's, it's a

Sidey: It's a record of our theme tune,

Reegs: I suppose. If you've got a record player and you want to hear Yeah, yeah. Let us know. DM us.

Sidey: I'm really happy with it. It's very cool.

Reegs: email us be

Dan: amazing. We'll see if we can get some up on the on the Bad Dad's Instagram page I

Sidey: Yeah.

Yeah, it's rad. Last week. We had a top five and

Dan: sandwiches.

Sidey: was sandwiches. It was sandwiches, wasn't it? So Bie had one, which she also included the, Was it a gift or was it the full YouTube

Reegs: She, she linked to it because I watched it, a scene from Jack and Jill, the excellent Adam Ler movie where he meets Jared Fogal, that that's aged really, really well because he was the subway guy who lost a load of weight and was the subway sponsors guy, but also was a kitty fiddler, as they often are

Sidey: Well, her subway input.

Reegs: fans.

Dan: Wash your hands.

Reegs: and Mel also, she nominated, we couldn't remember whether we'd put it in already, but the cheese sandwich from Chef, which I would be willing to talk about again, it was a great sandwich. Which one of those amazing, Do we want the Kitty fi fiddling sandwich or the Yeah, yeah,

Sidey: think so. Yeah. I think we gave Subway quite a bit of grief last week as we been Shit.

So that's, we could double down, which I'm, I'm quite keen to do.

Dan: quite like Subway. Yeah.

Sidey: Oh I

was gonna say something else. I can't remember what it

Dan: Say some staff did some things

Sidey: Oh, la last week we, someone got in touch for our revent chat. Right. Who worked on the movie.

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: Wow.

Sidey: is pretty cool. He never did come back to, he said he was gonna listen to the episode. I dunno if he did or he didn't, or if he, He

Reegs: did actually.

Sidey: He did,

Reegs: Yeah, because he commented on our, he said, you know, good work or whatever, but he worked with, he was on the musical side.

Dan: Wow, okay.

Reegs: Which is interesting.

Sidey: That's pretty cool.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: That's amazing. Yeah.

Sidey: Love that film. That was really, really cool. Uh That

Reegs: you took the time out to listen to us. Fucking waffling on about it.

Sidey: Yeah. But maybe we're better than we think we are. Any, how shall we crack on with this week's top five?

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: I wouldn't say we were scraping the barrel. Cause I think this is quite a good topic, but we did have to go through

Dan: we're scraping the barrel

Sidey: We did have to go through about 10 suggestions where we were like, Nope. Done that one. Yeah, done that one. Done that one. So we are, we are gonna have to, you know, collectively come up with

Reegs: we're just gonna have to work our game.

Dan: We're gonna have to up our game and Yeah. Potentially there's you know, there's room for something else here or, or something. Maybe a top something else. Or

maybe. Yeah. Maybe listeners can suggest what we

Reegs: We just sound desperate now.

Dan: We are

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Out of ideas.

Reegs: but cigarettes was, was fertile ground in the end.


Sidey: In the end I thought, Oh, do we want cigarettes that start fire or.

People smoking joints or you know, all that sort of stuff. Cuz there's like

Dan: it right down.

Sidey: filter filters down. Yeah.

Reegs: Very

Sidey: So should we re, I think Dan needs a moment. So shall I

Reegs: Yeah go for it.

Sidey: I've got two of those cigarettes that sit in the really, really long filter.

Mm-hmm that, I dunno what that does other than filter to the max.

Dan: think it just cools the

Reegs: Yes.

Dan: And, and, and there's a style there as well with very corella Deville kind

Sidey: thing.

Reegs: Well, well, that's one you've gotta have

Sidey: in. Yeah, Corella was one, but the one I actually thought of was Audrey of the Hepburn

Reegs: Mm. Oh,

Sidey: frequently, but specifically breakfast at

Reegs: Yeah.

Holly go lightly. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. And she looks so kind of classy with that

Sidey: I mean, smoking we're not supposed to like glamorize or make a sample, but that does look. Even like that looks very elegant when

Reegs: Yeah. Well there's a few characters that are sort of iconic almost because of their smoking.

You know, James Dean, I think, falls into that category as well. Rebel without a, Cause

Dan: you know, this was before smoking was dangerous as well.

Reegs: Yeah, well in the twenties and through the twenties to the fifties, that, you know, the, the tobacco industry in America was like hand in glove with the, with the Motion picture Association.

And they were, you know, all of the actors were promoting the brands and all that stuff. And then they moved to TV and then they came back in the seventies and the eighties where there was more rules around product placement and those sorts of things. And then gradually it's died out. But I would say smoking is making a bit of a resurgence in movies and TV

Dan: recently,

Or Or vaping. Has there been many? No. Still cigarettes? Did they use prop

Reegs: But nobody looks cool smoking a vape, do they? Nobody does.

Sidey: you don't. Yeah, I agree with you. Because certainly if you're doing a period piece, then people smoked in those times, you know? So, and it, you know, any kind of film noar kind of vibe just adds to it. Some, you know, that a

Reegs: There was some worlds that always smoking Mad Men.

The TV series was like that and Peaky Blinders that always having a Siggy and you know, it's part of that smoky part of the world. We've

Dan: got westerns as well, haven't you?

Reegs: Have you ever had a cigarette, Dan?

Dan: I've, I have, yeah. I'm ashamed to say, but you know, you get back on the horse, don't you?

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Horse Jesus Um so I, That cut a long story short, that was the long filtered cigarette career Deville style or hogo lightly. Yeah. There, there

Reegs: that. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: It's a bad, bad image, isn't it? The the smoking really? And, and one of the biggest. Bad images you'll ever see in cinematic history really.

Where character has gone from really good to really, really bad was Olivia Newton John and Greece. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.

She wore a black leotard.

Dan: that's right. She turned from innocent Sandra d to, you know fem fatal.

Reegs: Yeah. And she sort of like fake smokes at the beginning to show that, you know, she's not cool, but then she becomes cool over the course of the movie. So obviously by the end she can

Dan: she can . Exactly. Exactly.

Reegs: Yes. Genius.


Dan: and she does look really hot. You know, they, they put her in high heels and have her pants and give her a cigarette and give her a song to sing and, Yeah. Amazing.

Sidey: Even John Travolta was nearly


Dan: yeah. His,


thrills were multiplying.


Sidey: right. They were, Yeah. Rick

Reegs: I think with smoking, the lingo around smoking doesn't always translate.

I'm ashamed to say, Dan, that I have also smoked a cigarette or two in my, in my past. I remember being on a work thing in the US and asking some guy if I could bu a fag and getting some pretty strange lurks

Dan: What, when, when you were Not after tobacco or when

Reegs: Exactly. Yeah, exactly. So that's the b anyway Dan Akroyd in Ghostbusters has, when he first sees Slimer, he's got the cigarette just kind of hanging off his lip.


Dan: Ah, and it just sticks there, doesn't it?

Reegs: 30 seconds maybe.

Um Yeah.

Sidey: We've had that and or Audrey Hepburn were nominated by Victoria blog on on our Twitter. Post because that is a particularly memory. It must be like almost glued, I suppose, when you get the saliva. Yeah, it does sort of naturally adhere and it does.

It's really fucking good.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. And another trope I like that they do is stubbing a cigarette out on the body to prove that it's not alive as they did in con air with cast Troy, it's amazing. He's under, he's still under sedation. I'll prove it by putting the Siggy out on

Sidey: face off. Is it, is it con air or face

Reegs: off.

Face off. Sorry. Did I say con air? What? Dick face off? Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Oh, where did we go next? So, basic instinct, the scene I watched with my mom,

Reegs: she she's

Dan: smoking?

Sidey: Catherine Tramel, she's in some sort of elaborate interrogation set up where she's just sat in a chair in that very short white dress looking fucking like, Outrageous.

And there's just a, a gallery of officers watching her and she lights up a cigarette and one of them just jumps up and says, You're not allowed to smoke in here. She says, What are you gonna do? Charge me with smoking? Yeah. And then we get the leave the famous scene. But we're not here for that. We're just here for the smoking.

Yeah. And again, she's just like hard not to look fucking cool when she's,

Reegs: doesn't. Michael Douglas, say it again later, but he doesn't uncross his legs as I recall, just gives him a flash of brain

Dan: Now the the opening line from Casino Royal the book was the sent and Smoke and sweat of the casino are nausea eating at three in the morning. And that was Bond was a, a 60 to 17 man a day, you know, smoker

Sidey: Well, he has this big scar down his face, so doesn't he in the books?

Dan: he was, he was a heavy smoker. And he does smoke in, in lots of his bond film, particularly the early ones. You don't see Daniel Craig too much, do you? Has he had

Sidey: No, I don't

Dan: I think maybe, maybe at one point

Sidey: They're all they're all now available.

Reegs: he's into Autoerotic

Sidey: Asphyxiation. Yeah, they're all now available on Prime. So we watched, we, I remember now we did watch something out of the weekend. We sat down to watch Moonraker and we fucked off after about 45 minutes cuz it is beyond belief how bad that fucking film

Dan: Well bond smoked up to 60 cigarettes a day cause he didn't believe he was gonna live long.

You know, that was the,

Sidey: He didn't, he died in the last

Dan: Well that was it. He said, You can start to die the moment you were born. The whole life is cutting through the pack with death. So take it easy, light a cigarette, and be grateful you are still alive as you suck the smoke deep into your lungs. And that's from live and let die.

Reegs: Mm.

Dan: Bond heavy smoker, superhero, really well not superhero, but super spy. Pretty cool to smoke

Reegs: on that? Seize the day moment. A very established thing is the one last ciggy that you have just before you're gonna die.

And I've got a few examples cabin in the woods that we watch that's a joint actually, but it's, you know, still a cigarette, just a funny cigarette. The core has the guy with the who's doing tape recordings and then has his cigarette dies next to the nuke. Fallen was the terrific Denzel Washington.

Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: and smokes a poison cigarette out in the middle of nowhere to kill a body hopping demonn Marcel, the film projectionist in, in glorious bastards, drops a cigarette to start the fire at the cinema that consumes all the not very nice Nazis. And my absolute favorite one last cigarette is True Romance.

Dennis Hopper talking to Christopher Wilkin long monologue about how his people were.

Sexually entwined with a people of African origin, which he doesn't tell to very well. And his opera music playing. And he has one last Chesterfield I think is the brand, and he dies, But he is shot by Wal.

Think he says it's the first guy he's had to kill him 15 years or something.

Dan: Yeah. It's a, it's a good

Reegs: One last cigarette

Dan: Mm. That lamy taste.

Sidey: Yeah. I'm surprised that wasn't a red apple cigarette

Reegs: Mm.

Sidey: because that that red apple cigarette is obviously the Tarantino universe brand of choice.

Yes. And that was of course written by, Is it Script? Is it Script by Tarantino? Mm-hmm. True Romance. So yeah Red Apple Cigarettes feature in all of, pretty much all of Totino's movies anyway. But there's also, there's the fake brand for tv. Do you know about. So I didn't know about this till today,

Dan: No A

Reegs: fake brand of cigarettes for

Sidey: It appears it's appeared well and in films as well. It's appeared in Psycho to Twilight Zone, XFiles Friends, even a 2020 episode of Kio Enthusiasm. All right. Marley Cigarettes, which is the nickname of Marlborough. So they've got this fake approximation of Marra yeah. Called the Marley's. Earl Hayes Press sells them.

They're just made for the, you know, the entertainment bis. So there you go. I learned

Reegs: prop cigarette.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Steve McQueen was a, a big smoker as well, of course. I think in

bullet he was a serial kind of smoker. Another kind of iconic guy who made it look really cool week. You know, I might start up again, you know, just, just to,

Reegs: it would make you look 2% cooler,

Sidey: especially in your bear, in your bare costume.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. That's the look I'm going for smoking.

Reegs: Final Destination two has the character Cat Jennings. She smokes while she's on a treadmill. And she dies

Dan: way to do it, isn't it? Yeah.

Reegs: And she dies with a cigarette in her hands. When the airbag deploys she gets her head impaled on the pipe.

Dan: There, there was somebody we watched in a film not long ago smoking underwater.

Was it the Danny Dive of the business one? Did he try and light a or he they dived in underwater or something? They, they. Can't remember. Yeah, Might have. I'm sure somebody's tried that smoking underwater. It doesn't work.

Reegs: Doesn't work. Thank you for smoking. Did you ever see that?

Sidey: I love this movie,

Reegs: It's a great movie.

Nobody smokes in it. But it's Aaron Eckhart plays a lobbyist for the tobacco industry and the movie does the astonishing trick of making you not think he's a complete piece of shit. And yeah, it's a great movie that.

Sidey: It's William h Macy is the local sort of idiotic, small town politician dude, and he's, he's lobbying to have all cinema. From the history of, of the very first movie, All cigarettes digitally removed, and then you see like a montage and it's got like, That's amazing.

Like staplers and stuff. Yeah. What that, it's great.

Reegs: It's Rob Low, isn't

Sidey: yeah. Aaron Eckhart goes, is, does he end up going to like a, you know, bring your. Parent of school and it like, and some kid goes my mom's says smoking kills. And he says, Is your mom a doctor? I said, No. Is she a scientific researcher of some kind?

No. Well, she hardly seems like a credible expert then. Is she ? And he just goes through the film like that, just being a prick. And then they just begging up this scientist that they've got to just debunk any, or just throw shade on all the sort of scientific evidence that smoking's bad

Reegs: and they're trying to squash the story that the mob man has got throat cancer as well. Yeah. So

Sidey: at one point someone says, Well, you know, you seriously telling me that smoking's not bad for health, And well, there's evidence that it offsets Parkinson's.

Dan: amazing, amazing. The the

Sidey: And that's, that's been nominated. Darren Lethally.

Reegs: Oh, that's a good

Sidey: Gave us that one. And he also enjoyed the line that the great state of Vermont will not apologize for its cheese I honestly, I was, I was thinking about this film. Today's like, we've gotta nominate that

Reegs: It's good, isn't it? Yeah. Funny.

Dan: Have you ever seen a Jim John MO film? Called coffee and

Reegs: and Cigarettes? No, I haven't seen it, but I assumed it had Ziggys in

Dan: it. It does,

Reegs: As there's a movie called a hundred Cigarettes, Right?

Dan: Right? Any cigarettes?


Reegs: don't know. I've not seen it, but

Dan: must be at least one.

Reegs: Yeah, . You'd think so, wouldn't you?

Dan: But this was decent actually. It had Oh, I'm just trying to think who, who was in, in the film in the little,

Sidey: He's in it himself. In, in Jim,

Dan: Yeah. And one of the a, the musicians turned actor that we watched Buster SKUs.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: His name I've forgotten.

Do you know what I mean?

Sidey: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Tom Waits.

Dan: Tom Waits. Yeah. So he does one.

Sidey: Oh, is it,

Dan: Andres. Yeah. And they, there's like 10 or 11 of them. And so, and it's just the every, you know, day conversations of people having over coffee and cigarettes. Yeah. It is a really like, easy to watch film.

Reegs: I know we talk about this movie a lot, but The Shining has Shelly Deval on probably on take 2,407 or whatever with like a cigarette that's basically entirely ash.

Member. So that was a memorable one. Breakfast Club has a few cigarette things in it. Chicks Can Hal Dimo

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: a bit racist, maybe, I don't know. Judd Nelson, like a cigarette using his boot. It's pretty slick move. But he also shows a cigarette burn on his arm and says that's what you get for spilling paint

Sidey: Slick burn. Jimmy Conway in Good Fells, he's pretty good at smoking and it's one scene where he doesn't say a word but he's sitting at the where stood at the bar, leaning on the bar and he's having a Siggy and what's his name?

Ma walks in and you can tell he's looking at him thinking, Right, I'm gonna fucking kill you. I've had enough. And you know, he is just great acting cuz no one speaks. It's just him with a cigarette and just, you know, this the way he looks at him, you know what's fucking gonna go down and it's, yeah. It it's quite a good film.

Good. Fell as it as it happens.

Reegs: It's

alright. That

Sidey: we mentioned fight club when we were talking about

Reegs: Yeah. Brad Pit in that when

Sidey: we were talking about Howard

Reegs: and Ward.


Sidey: And there's some strong, strong smoking content in that Brad pit. Of course, he's, there's a couple of times where he's smoking. I don't think he ever like puts the cigarette in his hand.

He's just like, you know, just

Reegs: corner of his mouth or whatever.

Sidey: Yeah. And Marla Singer is that her name, she says a slow motion bit of her taking a huge puff in it, just, you know, going all over her face and stuff. And it's very, very stylized. I dunno that it glamorizes anything that film, it's fucking grim. But lots of coolish smoking stuff.

I guess

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: I was just looking for any films where we could, you know, obviously. If we wanna get kids involved in the pod. And I was just wondering if there's any ones you know about kids

Reegs: I've got one.

Sidey: got one.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Charles play two?

Sidey: No. Oh, a

Dan: different, Oh, a different one.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, Charles play two has an utterly baffling scene where the kid protagonist in it just smokes the ciggy and it's like never referenced at all. And he's like, about 11 or something. You're like, Okay, what's yours? Where have you got kids smoking? Well, kids, they smoked in that

Dan: I think Empire with a son.

They, they have a cigarette is as they're going in the around the, the bombed out buildings and things going,

Sidey: no, mine was Natalie Portman and Leon, and she's about 12 and she's staying on the doorstep on the stairs and she's having a cigarette.


Reegs: I saw an ple lumper on a fact break. I dunno

Dan: Yeah. Well it nice just to get the kids involved.

Can you ever see the film fifth element where they've got a, a cigarette? Yeah. And it's like 99% filter and it's just got that little one puff or two puffs and they put it down.

Reegs: Yeah, That's a good one.

Sidey: My campaign to have black goes forth mentioned in every top five we ever do continues.

So Black's fourth is the fourth series, but episode five of it is called General Hospital and Black A strikes up a relationship with Nurse Mary. And they, they are romantically involved and after they've done the deed I think she offers him a cigarette and he says, Oh, no, no. Must have been some other occasion cuz he says, Oh no, back home.

I only smoke after sex. You know, I was a 20 a day man. which is a good guy. But I have got,

Reegs: got a few smoking after

Sidey: from the, it was called something like the, it sounds like someone we went to school with thing like the Truth Institute or something like that. But it's an anti-smoking lobby and they've done a, a tally of TV shows, recent TV shows with the most number of tobacco incidents.

Do you know which one was it? Number one,

Reegs: Mad Men's gotta be, isn't it?

Sidey: Mad Men Is not even in the top 10.

Reegs: Get out of town. What, tell us then, tell us what's the,

Sidey: more than double the, in the number two, One is Stranger Things then it's Walking Dead. Then orange is the new black then house of card.

Dan: Wow.

Reegs: I don't think, I know it's all the smoking and stranger things.

Sidey: I was surprised when I saw her have to say, but I suppose when only rider just smoke quite a lot in it.

Reegs: Yeah. As does David Harbor's got a whole thing around it as well. Yeah, I guess. notice it was the eighties.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: There's some good ones in there.

Reegs: Yeah. Well some, like you were saying, inside, sometimes they smoke after sex in movies airplane.

After Elaine has given the autopilot oral sex, they're both having a ciggy en anomaly. So we've talked about having the most realistic sex scene of all time, including them having felt cigarette at the end. Broke Back Mountain as well. Enni and Jack share. Ziggy, after their, one of their tris. That's a good film as well.

Ghost that we watched, the subway ghost was, says he do anything for just one more drag and he's trying to get his hand.


On the, on the Sea. Oh, this was this.

Sidey: Well, there's one, there's one in, and then, and there's loads and loads of smoking content in Big Lebowski.

Yeah. But they mod and Jeffrey have he, well he strike, he strikes up a j he, he might have do J after and she's kind of like rocking back and forth on her back and he's like, What are you doing? So it increases the chance of conception. It's like, what the fuck?

Reegs: Snow Pier as well. You watch the movie of that, didn't you

Dan: That

Reegs: bong June. How that had the literal last cigarette in the world that was being smoked during a backstory. In the irony of it, and it's possibly a huge

Dan: We imagine that every, Everybody's smoking. Yeah. The last one

Reegs: he's too busy telling his story, so the guy doesn't even smoke half of it.

Sidey: Other joint related stuff. There's all the teaching Chong stuff. Seth Rogan is partial, I think, to a joint. I was thinking of Pineapple Express.


He's now like many other celeb got his own line of marijuana related paraphernalia. He's a potter,

Dan: does, doesn't he?

Reegs: The

Sidey: Mike as well. Mike. Mike. Mike's got his own

Dan: they know where the money be at

Sidey: think.

An American beauty was, was strong on the, the weed as well.

Reegs: Yeah. I have so many, so many, so many. Half baked. You were talking about stoner movies. Did you ever see that one? The Dave Chappelle won?

Dan: I

thought we were just after cigarettes.

So I, I'd, I'd left the,

Reegs: well that I've got a whole section here on pipes as well,

Dan: Okay. It could be

Reegs: cigars as well. Cuz there's a million just

Sidey: Oh, we'll have to keep those. We'll have to keep the rest of the topics.

Reegs: Do we need to carry on or have we

Sidey: Well, I had some other ones online. Seth Vargas came at us with we known a rider again, but this one was Heather's the

Reegs: Oh, good shout.

Sidey: bit where she's all been blown to Smith Rings, but she's just standing there smoking a ciggy.


Reegs: yeah,

the Campbell whale Carrot.

Sidey: Yeah. North by Northwest. These were Darren Leafly ones he

Dan: Fiction. There's a couple of

Sidey: well he, yeah, he,

Dan: famous smoking scenes.

Sidey: mentioned the, the Red Apple brand as well in there. Um

Reegs: Young in Blade Runner. Yeah. That's a pretty iconic shot of her smoking.

Sidey: I've mentioned this before, but I went to dinner with someone who was her wardrobe assistant or something on the set of that, and she was a panic complete dick.

Anyway. Howie mentioned Travolta. He also attached a photo of him just to prove that he was smoking in Greece. So there's that, but that's just about wraps it up. Should we put our, trying to filter it down, down to a top three or four. What you going for?

Dan: Woo. I'll go for the fifth element. That long cigarette

Sidey: Cool.

Dan: the future.

Reegs: I'm going for a Dina and Patsy from Absolutely fabulous.

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Dan: Ah,

Reegs: train makers. Like there were,

Sidey: Oh, I'm going for basic instincts. Catherine Tramel.

Mom And I like that one. Um

Reegs: We pick one now

Sidey: Let's pick, let's pick one more. Yeah. Is our list.

Reegs: Okay. What's, Get one of the listener ones.

Sidey: I want.

I was quite fancy having a child law

Dan: a child.

Sidey: Well, Heather's Seth Vargas's. Heather's shout is good. I think

Reegs: very strong.

Should we put that in?

Sidey: Let's go for that. Yeah. Thanks. Okay. And then, we'll, we can mu over the rest over the course of the week and, and complete the list next week.

Dan: Get out.

Sidey: Yeah. I chose the 2017. Get out for us. I hope well is a horror

Dan: Actively, actively avoided

Sidey: Described as a horror, but I hope it wasn't too horrific for you, Dan. Let's get into it.

Dan: let's get into it. So this was a horror film that I put off until last night to watch when I was in the company of others safety and numbers.

And if you have the lights on and you turn the, the sound off I always find that's the best way to watch. I always, but they didn't, so I had to to watch this in the

Sidey: That's put big boy

pants just get on with

Dan: with the noise on.

Reegs: Yeah. This is a movie that is absolutely best unspoiled. Even the trailer gives too much away and we are gonna talk all about it.

So, you know, Fair warning, I guess. Mm.

Sidey: Mm-hmm. The film starts with a geer just walking along and I think he's, Is he pretending to be on the phone or He is on the phone and there's a car stalking him.

Dan: Run Rabbit. Run Rabbit is that car, isn't

Sidey: It becomes

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: it if it wasn't immediately obvious. It's very, very apparent. It pulls up next to him when they're, you know, it's, it's completely stalking him.

right. And he tries to turn around and get away from them. But he's abducted.

Reegs: Well he, you, you see the, It is, it's an interesting scene because I think it's something that we've not really seen before and it plays into a very real fear that black males would have of walking in white suburban neighborhoods and being the target of violence.

And I remember, because I was out in Florida in 2013 and the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin thing had happened. Do you remember that? No. It was a, a young kid, a 17 year old kid who was just walking around, kind of, he was in this closed residence area and he was staying with friends there, and he was shot by the neighborhood watch.

Guy there just gunned down, wrong place, wrong time sort of thing. And there was a complete outrage about it. And this feels like it taps into that very real fear cuz he knows he's in the wrong place.

Sidey: Mm-hmm

Dan: Will he kind of mumbles to himself, doesn't he? Like people go around, they go missing in these, in these streets. Like in,

Reegs: but it's very much about being a black person, a black male, young male being vulnerable in that white suburb area.

And it sets the tone as he does get abducted by some complete psycho playing run rabbit run with a medieval helmet on.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Then we, we meet Chris, another black male, but this time he's in his own turf. He's in his, got quite a wanky looking loft style apartment. Very trendy. Yeah. He's a photographer. And he is going to meet his white girlfriend's family. Yeah. And he very explicitly says, Have you told them? I'm black and she's like, No, it doesn't matter.

It's all fine. Don't worry about it. You know, they're

Reegs: she says,

Sidey: dad voted for Obama twice and would've done, you know, and would vote for him a third time if he could. You can get, you can talk

Reegs: Well she calls her out as a joke. So they're already pushing these, like progressive parents who might say something a little bit clumsy, but you know, it's okay.

They're liberal, don't worry about it. And so the whole thing you can see is set up to be this sort of grueling weekend where he's gonna visit the parents. They don't know whether he is black, and it's gonna be, he's just gonna try and survive the weekend. It's gonna be sort of cringe. Meet the fuckers type.


Dan: has to kind of cement that.

He has a phone call on the way with his friend

Sidey: it's amazing

Dan: who's what is his name? Rod, Is it? And, and Rod is he's a security guy for tsa, was at

Reegs: Transport Services Authority. I think that is.

Dan: And well he, he thinks it's a bad idea that Chris would be going off to, to see. He goes, you know, they're not gonna like you down there and you just want to get out there straight away.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: But he also seems to have a good rapport with her and she's bouncing off and they seem really in love. You know, they seem really

Reegs: and Rose. Yeah.

Dan: and Rose seem really in love, and that's his mate. And he's comfortably enough with her and with him to share this, like, Oh, it's gonna be a bit awkward, but she said, No, no, it's not.

Let's go. And they, they hurt on down towards this huge house.

Reegs: Yeah. But as they're hurting along they suddenly in a sort of, Jump cut moment hit a deer and it's a glancing blow, but the car is sprayed in blood on one side and Chris goes to look at the deer and, and looks it right in the eyes.

And we'll come to see that Chris has his own story around hit and runs. So why that might be quite so affecting, but obviously it is affecting. And the police turn up and the officer, she tells him the story and the officer asks to see Chris's id and she gets very offended on his behalf. I thought in a sort of moment of real white privilege, basically because she's you know, she's confrontational to the cop.

When if it had been a black guy doing it, then the, the situation would've gone a whole lot differently because the cop backs down later. We'll come to understand that this scene has a completely different meaning in context, but the first time round that was what I was thinking is like, you know, if, if, if she'd have been black or whatever, that

Dan: Cause he wasn't driving so he was, had no right to ask him for any information and she was just pointing that fact out. But and he, he loved it. He was like, Yeah, really cool. You got my back there, you know? And it was pretty hot. You standing up for me mean He was, he was pleased with the way things panned out and they get to the house and meet Bradley Whitford, who's people might know from West Wing.

Reegs: Yeah. He was, Or there's, he's really good Handmaid's Tale. He was cabin in the woods that we watched. He was been in a few things that I've seen recently.

Dan: And he's, he's Rose's dad and he's a hugger. Come here Chris. We're huggers. Yeah. Bring it in. And mom and dad seem he's a neurosurgeon. Yeah. And she's a

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: also on the side.

Reegs: He's very cringy, embarrassing. He, you know, he starts saying things like my man and all that sort of stuff, and there's a kind of. Comical. It's like you say, meet the fuckers type edge to it. Where Chris just sort of has to smile and nod through a lot of it, but it's not too uncomfortable.

It's people being uncomfortable with race. But trying to be it. Cool with

Dan: and what kind of makes it a little worse is as they've driven in, they've seen the groundsmen and they've also met.

They're kind of made, I guess, in around the house who, who are both.

Sidey: She's fucking spooky, right from

Dan: They're both spooky from, right, from, from

Reegs: to be fair though, the dad does say they, they were sort of inherited. They didn't wanna let him go. He knows what it looks like. They've got two black people that work for him. He knows what that looks like. He says that to Chris. And they have a conversation where he says he wants to keep them paid.

They worked for his parents, so

Dan: right. And it seems a perfectly legitimate and even friendly and kindhearted gesture. Which is what it is. And they're really, really nice people as we


Reegs: Yeah. They he gives him a tour of the house and he talks about his grandfather losing out to Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics.

He talks about that he would vote for bomber again, l he says the basement is locked due to black mold. Yeah. And

Dan: he also says he goes, Oh, he must have been really? Oh, he is just about got over it. Like

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: there's little things within the conversations you realize actually they're not that nice when you go back in

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: know, well later on

Dan: of

Reegs: there's a lot The second time around it's, it's completely different

Sidey: There's, there's the party montage where they're having the sort of barbecue in the afternoon and all the neighborhood around there and all the friends and, and one of the guys said, Oh, black people are really trendy you, it's really cool now to have to blackberry like you like.

He's like, Okay,

Reegs: well it starts to be a bunch of like really casual. It starts to be, it's sort of casual racism at first, but then it gets really quite edgy. That's

Dan: right cuz this quiet weekend just with the parents has actually been timed to coincide with the grandfather's big party as well.

So we.

Collection of family and friends that come pay visit. And you're right, they're, they're all kind of crazy within their couples. They're all couples aren't they? And they're all meeting Chris and everybody. Oh, Chris, Chris.

Sidey: is, Well, you feel like if there wasn't a black person there, then they'd just all be overtly racist.

You know, they'd be probably Confederate flags out and stuff like, you know,

Reegs: Well, no,

Dan: But we see another black guy in the, the party and Chris kind of gravitates over to him.

Reegs: Well, we recognize him from the beginning of the movie. It's Laquita Stanfield that we saw in, it's sort of got a similar vibe.

Sorry to bother you. It's what the stuff, the issues it's bringing up. But yeah, he sees him. Yeah.

Sidey: now you know. Oh, okay.

Dan: Yeah, well he's, he's dressed completely differently and he's married to a, a far older lady.

And. At one point, this is where, I mean, have we

Reegs: Well, Chris? No, no, no, no. We're fine. We're fine.

Chris, we haven't talked about, He's smoking and she, but we'll talk about that in a minute. But he takes a photo of, cuz he is a photographer and Oh, we haven't talked about, he meets the blind art dealer that becomes important. He talks about, he's a blind art dealer. He talks about the irony of being blind, but being trafficking in a visual medium.

And he knows Chris's work and he likes it. And yeah, then he takes a photo of

Sidey: Wasn't he trying to surreptitiously take it and it does the whole flash and noise. He's like, fuck


Reegs: And, and it, it, there's a light kind of goes in well, Andre's eyes and suddenly just le leans forward and just says, Get out man.

Sidey: Yeah. And he is having a nose bleed as well as well.

Dan: Blood kind of streams down his, his nose and he, he lurches forward and, and grabs him by the shirt and just says, Get out before he's pulled away by the brother in a, a few others.

And thankfully mom is, is able to sedate him down again and he's able to collect his, his thoughts and he, he goes on, doesn't, he just says, Oh, I'm gonna leave the party. It's I need a bit of a lie down. Everybody laughs and goes, Oh, okay.

Reegs: that's Andre for you. But

Dan: Chris is seriously disturbed by this

Reegs: Yeah. And we've already, you mentioned the brother, he turned up and they've had a drunken evening. This is when things were getting really weird where he, he gets drunk and starts talking about MMA and he says to Chris, you know, with your natural talents and your physique and your gifts as African American and you could be, you know, beast.

He says, you know, loads of racist shit about animals and all sorts of stuff going on in that metaphor, but Yeah. Yeah. And yeah, so he.


the, after that drunken night, Chris can't sleep and he goes for a cigarette and he goes outside. And the grounds keeper Walter, who has talked to him already in a very, sort of very far away type manner, he just runs straight at


Sidey: us

Reegs: and us.

Yeah. And then veers away at the last minute. And as Chris turns to watch what's happened, he sees Georgina up at the window and she's fixing her, She's looking at her own reflection and fixing her hair or something. He goes back inside and Rose's mother, the psychotherapist and hypnotist says, Come on, I'll sort out your smoking

Dan: this, this is the time to do it. And he's not really that keen, but it doesn't really matter because so good. She is she's got this. Tea cup and spoon. And the simple scraping and suggestion is enough to put him beyond a normal hypnotism.

I mean, he

Reegs: she's also, she's talking to him about the night his mother died.

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. She, he, she really pulls out a lot more than just the smoking. She cures the smoking, I think.

Sidey: happy days.

Dan: Happy days. But he's, he's wakes up in bed after

Sidey: Well, he is shown

Dan: into a

Sidey: Well yeah, he's shown, it's almost like the, you know, the,

Dan: sunken

Sidey: down the sun can bit in

Reegs: the sun can place.

Sidey: he's, he's falling into his abyss. This just pitch black abyss and he can just see, you know, the reality

Dan: almost like a TV

Sidey: a, yeah, like, like a rectangle. He is look up, but he's falling and in slow motion. It's fucking quite creepy.

Reegs: Yeah. And he's had to go, He's traumatically, relived a moment when he was, he was 11, his mother didn't come home from work and he just sat and watched tv.

She was killed in a hit and run and died, you know? The corner of the, you know, the driver just went and she died on her own and he didn't do anything. He carries a lot of guilt that he could have alerted someone, but he didn't just watch tv. What an awful backstory. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. And he, he wakes up in bed, very unsure of, of everything and he's roses in the shower. But at least she's still there and he can confide in her and he says things were a bit weird.

Sidey: He has the occasional phone call back to his mate at tsa, which, which are really quite funny, I thought. And so you have a juxtaposition of all these really, like disturbingly, like racist moments and this hypnotism, but also these moments of levity where his mates just like, Nah, fuck.

Then you know, they, their patterns

Dan: Really? Yeah. He's saying sex leave. They want you as a sex leave. That's all they're doing. That

Reegs: eyed eyes, wide

Dan: And he sent him the photograph of this this guy because Rod is looking after his dog. Yeah. Mr. Snitches or something like that. And after he is not turned up after a couple of days and he's had this photograph, he goes to the police, doesn't he?

And, and says this, There's something wrong here. And the police woman goes, Right, okay, wait there. And she gets in. Two other cops. To, to listen out his story. And he says, you know, I think he's gone down to this arm at his place with a white girlfriend. I think that they've kind of hypnotized, I think there's a load of him there.


Sidey: he just does exactly what has actually happened.

Dan: turned it into some kind of sex show going on there. We dunno, there's some, there's some going down and they all just burst into laughter. Then they're just taking it serious and he can't believe that he's, he thought she brought in the, the two other cops to kind of get a lead on the case and get a head start on it.

And he just brought it in there and she's saying, Look, don't tell me I'd never give you anything. She's really taking the piss out of him right in front of her. But yeah, as we know,

Reegs: Yeah, well back at the house after all the freaky ship with the flash and the weirdness has gone on and the seizure Chris wants to leave and Rose kind of facilitates it, although she's, you know, slowing things down.

Now it's pretty obvious at this point. And de and in the background, we're starting to get a montage now of a silent auction with bingo cards going on. And the blind guy wins whatever the prize is. And this is, as Chris is packing up his stuff, he notices that her rose is one of her cupboard doors is open, and he has a look inside and he finds this box filled with photos of rose with other young black men and.


Dan: ever he needed further proof that he's

Reegs: well, our photo of, of Georgina, the housekeeper as well in a sexual relationship implied through the photo with her. So yeah, she's definitely not

Dan: she's in on it big time.

Sidey: the honey

Dan: Yeah, she's the honey trap that brings them back and we're

As he's kind of realizes this he's also, it's the time they, they

Reegs: he's trying to get out.

He's going down the stairs. He's asking for the keys. She's fumbling for the keys. It's all reaching to a crescendo. The

Dan: whole family are there. The brother kind of turns up just in front of the door. The

Reegs: And then the mother clinks her teaspoon the silver spoon that she uses, and he's into the sunken place.

Rod's trying to do his shit. When Chris wakes up, he's in front of like a mounted deer's head and there's an old TV and they explain. Through Jim Hudson and this like really crappily put together video. What the hell's going on? Go on Dan. I'm interested in uh

Dan: yeah. Well he, he explains that what is going on is they're gonna transplant these old people's brain into these young fit. People who are gonna give them years more life. And, and that's why they're, and all of a sudden all these conversations about how strong they are and blacks in fashion and you know, the all he, he'll be able to do this, that, and the other.

It all becomes because they're almost sizing 'em up like cars or something, you know, they're, they're sizing up like cattle. Oh, this is the latest model we're gonna get this, that in next year. And so the neurosurgeon is able to take It is a three part process, isn't it? There's, you've got process one, which is already under the sedation through hypnotism, and then you've

Reegs: need to retain logical, some element of the old personality. Yeah. This is in the plot to control the basic motor functions.

But Chris will essentially live forever in the sunken

place Well, yeah.

Dan: They have this kind of advert come on. Like it's for a, an old people's home or something, and we are gonna look after in your family or, or maybe it's investment banking or something, but in fact it's, it's all about we'll keep you going forever in the bodies of other people, but it will be your brain and

Reegs: Yeah So the, the neurosurgeon does his bit, puts a bit of the other guy's brain in and he controls him.

Dan: Yeah. And, and so all these people you realize all actually other people and inside or

Reegs: so Georgina and Walter are their grandfather and grandmother transported into the consciousness of, of those people.

Dan: Yeah.

It suddenly becomes really, really crazy, doesn't it? And dark and,

Reegs: and it's about to happen to Chris

Dan: who's

strapped down in the


Sidey: He'd get another shot of him, and he is been his his wrists and his ankles are strapped down to the chair, and he's been scratching at the, the arm of the chair.

See, it's all,

Dan: yeah,

Reegs: he's literally cotton picking

all filling to save himself, you know, weaponizing that act of slavery, you know, And he's stuffing his ears.

So he stuffs his ears from the cotton from that he's picked from the chair. And so he can't be under hypnosis anymore,

Dan: and which he waits then till the brother

unclips him all thinking that he's still unconscious before hitting him over the head

Sidey: Well he's, yeah, cuz they're in the games room, aren't they? And it's

Dan: he hits him over the head with like a big hard cue ball or


Sidey: was, I was taken with the size of those billion balls or whatever it was. It was very old school. Shoes.

him, It's bigger

Dan: he looks, he.


fucked to be honest, cuz his head's bleed in big pool of blood and he's left on the

Sidey: still fell for this jump scare

Dan: then.

Reegs: Well, he's killed in a re he has a wrestle with him because all of the deaths have a little bit of irony about them because he was banging on about MMA and he ends up wrestling with Chris and then when the dad comes, he rams him through with the head of the deer and he'd already been talking at the beginning about how he wanted to kill all the deers.

And then when the psychiatrist goes how does she.

Sidey: Well, first of all, he sees her and she's put the cup down so there's a a dash to get to the cup

Dan: with like a

Reegs: Oh yeah.

Dan: open or a little knife,


Reegs: Oh, she dies in her office. Yeah. So there's always that little bit of irony about

Dan: Yeah.

And he does, he carves through the house, like, and you're thinking, Go, go. You know, sort of just get out. But he's he,

Reegs: but at the same time, you're seeing kind of, what you're also seeing is a black male going on a rampage, killing loads of people. And even though it's kind of, it's obviously justified in the context of this.

Yeah. He's taken all those images and subverting them a little bit and showing them in a different light.

Dan: Well, Annie gets in a car and he, he, he flies away. Rose is still alive. In fact, I think she's been watching television, oblivious to the fact that brother, mother and

Reegs: she's upstairs, she's looking for more meat, and she's got, she's got Cheerios and milk, and she's got them separate.

She's eating the colored ones and then taking a sip of milk and she's listening to Dirty Dancing or something, I think.

Dan: Yeah.

And, and, and kind of trying to set up her, her next date. She's already fielded a phone call from Rod. And then come on to him and Rod's just going, You're crazy. What the fuck is going on? Like, what are you talking about? And she said, I know you've always had a connection with me, Rod. And she's like, What the fuck?

Where's my man? Where's my man? And so As Chris is driving away, he hits Georgina, the the maid. And he can't, he can't do it. He's just, he flashes back to leaving his mum and he, he's so, feels so guilty. He picks her up, puts her in the car and, and speeds off to safety. And no, It's grandma, Grandma ain't please when she wakes up and

Sidey: Look what you've done to the house,

Dan: Yeah yeah. Straight away. And rams the the car into a tree where grandma then looks in pretty bad shape. I think she's gone. But he stags out the car to gunshots from Rosie who's wandered down into the,

Reegs: Well, Grandpa turns up as well now, doesn't he?

Dan: Grandpa's suddenly got his gas on again.

He's running

Reegs: Well, he gets flashed, doesn't he? He gets flashed and he comes back and he grabs the rifle and just blows his own ahead off

Dan: After shooting Rosie. Yeah. Yeah. He, he turns the gun on Rosie rather than Chris and then shoots himself. Yeah. And then the cops turn up, or what we think is the cops, but in fact it's Rod

Sidey: Rod we trust.

Dan: in rod

Sidey: door opens for the vehicle because, And like

Reegs: cuz he starts to choke her though

Sidey: Yeah. I was getting like George Floyd thing because of the choking and everything, and then

Reegs: and she's getting off on it as well. She's like, Oh, you are fulfilling all of the, you know, and the cops are gonna turn out. It's so dark and ending potentially.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: And that's what the ending was gonna be. I know. Imagine that

Reegs: I know.

Dan: then Rod,

Reegs: you can see it on YouTube. Really? Yeah.

Dan: But then Rod turns up and he goes, See, I told you not to go to that house. Like as all good friends would do I don't think he really has a, an understanding of the carish that's gone on in there, but yeah, he, he kind of just heads off then.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: It's all a happy ending. . Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. Wow. I didn't see it coming really. I mean, there wasn't the jump scares, It wasn't a that kind of horror. It was a psychological horror, which I'm, you know, I'm okay with that. That that's fine. And I really like this. I thought it was, it was clever. You know, obviously there's that, that commentary going through it gets you checking yourself a few times and and looking back at what people have said previously to try to go, Oh, wow.

Now, now I can really understand. Probably you've seen this before. Yeah. Yeah. So as say from a second viewing

Reegs: oh man, this is spectacular. I

Dan: a, it's a different kind of Yeah. Experience, I guess, because you really do understand what they're saying when they're talking before.

Reegs: Yeah. There's a, there's a few, there's a few scenes that have a different context or you can, you know, read a bit more into, because there's a lot of attention to detail here in, in everything the way, like how things are phrased.

It's not a very subtle movie particularly but like taking that. Literal appropriation of black identity and then exploring, you know, fears that we haven't really seen on the screen before. It's like a sensational. And then as a director, I think he's really good as well. There's loads of cool stuff about color woven through the movie about people wearing blue and red.

And the dialogue is really great. And the acting's good. Yeah, it's great stuff side.

Sidey: Oh, I really enjoyed it. Yeah. I thought it was excellent. Yeah. Really, really good. And Roger thought was just

Dan: Rod was really good and, and

Sidey: light relief in the

Dan: Chris as well. He, he was a really good performance and he and Rosie, I mean, I really thought they were a couple, you know, they were, they were fi and, and it was still had me questioning long after I realized, Dad's in on it.

Mom looks a bit dodgy, you know, brother, you only had to know him for about 30 seconds. You think, God, he's just being held back here. Like and then family just do those long kind of stairs or looks, don't they? They either the mother she'll just go, No, and he'll back away and you think, Oh, what's going on there that she can just look over and, and do that.


Reegs: a movie like the intentionally plays off of white people as being bad, especially liberals and progressives, which is like, it's an interesting thing. But I think that theme already feels a little bit dated from 2017 just because like if you look at what's happened in America in the last like few years with the abortion stuff and that where it's gone back like a century, you know, and it's more like the hard wing, right, Right wing guys there that are, are sort of more overtly racist in their mainstream media and all that.

So, so in that way, maybe thematically it's a bit dated, but it's just great.

Really really cool.

Sidey: It was thrown together for a mere four and a half million us. Do you think it made money or lost

Dan: it didn't this have an Oscar nod or, I dunno, where I think

Sidey: I don't know. Jordan Peel was the first black man, Wait, what's the sta?

Reegs: This was

Sidey: the first,

Dan: first ever black man

Sidey: Jordan Peel was the first African American writer, producer, and directed, earn more than a hundred million in his debut feature. So obviously then it

Dan: right then. Absolutely. Right.


Sidey: million worldwide and counting

Dan: Wow. The ho this, this genre just really has, its, its kind of fans. It seems to be, you know, budget, you can get obviously four and a half million.

They've given him a chunk of money to go and make a film, but not a lot by, by standards we know.

Sidey: But genre, genre stuff like this is not like this, but genre stuff like horror or westerns, they're ripe for like exploring themes.

You can just plant whatever you want into them and yeah,

Dan: Well, he has done here.

Reegs: it's exciting to see something completely new

Dan: and has he done anything else?

This guy, what, what else do I know?

Reegs: Us? Yeah.

Sidey: And nope is the most recent one. I think that's still on at cinema.

Reegs: I haven't seen it. I really wanna see it.

Dan: Yeah. Interesting director. Interesting way to, to go about this. And it is not as scary as I, I thought. Definitely it makes you think

Sidey: I wouldn't say it's

Dan: scary

Sidey: at all, other than the fact that, you know, racism is

Dan: it is a scary theme. Yeah. But not

Sidey: not in terms of like jump scares of making you go, Oh, not like

Dan: Exactly. Yeah. No. Good. Pleased to watch this. Yeah. Got me out of not watching this kind of film. So Yeah. Bring it on

Sidey: right. I have to confess, this is not a kid show that my daughter was watching. It's not obviously a nostalgic revisit. This is just something I happen to Google. Other search agents are available to find out what might be a popular kid show to watch.

Reegs: All right.

Dan: And this came up.

Sidey: Peep And The Big Wide World.

Dan: I'd not heard of this before.

Sidey: No, it's originally a PBS thing, So American and it's narrated by Joan Qsac. Yeah. Of the Qsac.

Dan: Wow.

Sidey: So instantly recognize her voice.

Reegs: Toy story that's, She was in Toy Story, wouldn't she?

Sidey: She was, Yeah. Jessie, she was in School of Rock and she was in Yeah.

Gross point blank. It's I, I wanna say it's a fairly basic looking feel to it, and it's kids as small animals out discovering adventuring and playing out in the world kind of thing. And the one that we watched called Snow

Reegs: it's got a big stem theme to it.

Explore the World. The theme June is all about go on, explore the world. And it's a big, wide world. It's waiting for me and you.

Dan: Okay. Cause I mean, I just watched this one episode and it opens up with a, a duck on top of a pile of snow who's made about 10 or 11 other ducks outta snow, snow ducks.

And he's, he's very proud of, he's very proud of showing off each one. You've got

Reegs: duck at play.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Duck at rest,

Dan: Yeah. And they're all slightly, He goes into it. Did you see how the, the foot here is, is kind of a little forward to indicate

Reegs: he's proud of his art. Yeah. Yeah. But the beaver has to fuck off, so he just slides down the hill,

Sidey: which they're amazed by. Yeah. But they don't know exactly at first because,

Reegs: Well, they're, they're in a tin can at first.

Sidey: Yeah. Cock hold and the other one

Reegs: Pee and chirp.

Sidey: Yeah.


Dan: at the bottom of this hill.

Reegs: They're playing. Guess the number between one and three. Do you wanna play it?

Dan: Yeah, go on.

Reegs: All right, I've got it.

Dan: Go in,

Reegs: go on.

No, I've got the number.

You have? Yes.

Dan: Right

They're Good at this

going in me

Sidey: but they see the tracks. They see the tracks that BVAs made.

They don't know that BVA has made the track. And they're like, What? What? How has that

Reegs: happen? Well, just before that. Sorry. I don't mean it's just quack lows going. He goes, he's like, he, he's obsessed by building the snow ducks.

Yeah. And he goes down to find peep and chirp and they're hiding away from him in a bin and he effectively holds them hostage. Says, I'll just wait outside until you're ready. So he holds them hostage until you come. And cuz you can't understand why anybody wouldn't be building snow ducks.

Dan: No, that's it. Is, is a calling for him.

Reegs: I wondered if he was, you know, in some way neuro divergent obsessed

Sidey: He's not neurotypical.

Yeah. Okay. Maybe. Yeah.

Dan: Well, after Beaver is accidentally found out that his tail is brilliant to Bogan they all wanna get in on the story. They slide down on him a couple of

Reegs: Yes.

And then they, they examine the essential properties.

Dan: Yeah. It's


smooth. Yeah We need something

Sidey: because they try and just do it flat by sat sitting on their ass.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: they just like, Oh, I can't

Dan: just trying to slide down on their bum.

Sidey: they, one finds a sheet and one finds well, it's like a Frisbee or a lid

Reegs: something. I think it was a Frisbee. The first thing.


Dan: Well, I think that was, Yeah, I think it was a bird feeding tray, wasn't it?

Or some kind of plant pot

Reegs: I was convinced the paper wasn't gonna work, but

Sidey: No, I thought it would, it would

Dan: I think it was more card. Was it? Yeah.

Reegs: it seemed very effective.

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: Well, both of those were, were pretty good. You ever used cardboard to slide down? Oh, it's brilliant.

Sidey: Limited amount of runs that you get out of it though, surely.

Dan: Yeah, but you get few.

Reegs: at the sand dunes. You can

Dan: Sand dunes down on cardboards snow works the same.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Of fun. And they're only little tiny birds really, we have to mention. They're they're not big, are they? Not a lot weight to them. The animation style. So simple.

Sidey: It looks like


Any one of us could have done it.

I don't mean that in a negative, just

Dan: no. It's, it's, But yeah, kind of Angry Birds

Reegs: very simple circles.

Sidey: just blocks of color and the kids probably think, Oh, cool. And they could draw it themselves, you know, once they've watched it. So they do go down at the, the the one that's, What's this, the egg, the chicken, or whatever the fuck it is.


Reegs: He can't understand. He's

Sidey: pretty disgruntled. He's like, Why are you fucking doing that when you could be making snow ducks? Yeah. And they bully him and shame him into doing it. And he, But he falls.

Dan: Yeah.

He doesn't really

Sidey: bounces down. He doesn't look that, it doesn't look that much fun at all the

Reegs: No. It looks shit.

Sidey: And he's, you're waiting for him to scream and shout when he hits the deck, but he's like, That was great. And then

Dan: let's do it again. He realizes all the fun you can have. But then just at the end, he, he sees beaver not making a snow duck when making a snow beaver. And to be fair, he's, he's really done a top quality job.

But it's not a duck.

Reegs: No. And quack is pretty discombobulated by that. He is. He's, you know, he, he walks off, he's still talking about it. He

Dan: an uzi and sprays it around. No no. That was it, wasn't it?

Reegs: it?

Yeah. But the narrator says the beaver's snow Beaver was nice. And that's it. And then the story ends and I thought, Oh, that was short. But now we get a two or three minute real life bit. Did you watch this?

Sidey: Yeah. It's like a Sesame Street thing where they go into real life kids

Reegs: racially diverse kids who

Sidey: Not at all from a marketing group or whatever, . And they're effectively doing the same thing and figuring out what shape or what material slides best down a slope and blah, blah blah, educational.

So there's a bit of stuff like that, which is probably good if you're a child.

Reegs: They, they, they've got, yeah, they've got a duvet and they've got a bit of cardboard and they're sliding things down in the bird that didn't slide down.

The duvet does slide down the cardboard. I dunno if you remember this. In fact, they're so amazed that they show it again in slow motion while the kids almost, almost talk about friction, but don't,

Sidey: This was originally drawn, conceived put together by a guy called CAD Pindo, who's a Danish dude. And he was an underground cartoonist, I don't think, literally.


Dan: was right. Okay. He didn't in the

Sidey: during the German occupation of Denmark and was forced to flee his home when he put out a series of anti Hitler cartoons.

Dan: Right.

Reegs: We, we are pretty much anti Hitler, right? We don't often come down

Sidey: on the fence, usually

Reegs: debate, but

Dan: haven't done cartoons,

Sidey: I dunno. I Kanye, let's get Kanye's feedback. So yeah, that was interesting to read about, but this thing of the show is, was all right.

Dan: Yeah.

I quite like this. I did. And I watched it with my daughter and she was keen to watch another one.

Sidey: Oh Really? Yeah. I

Dan: Yeah. She just, she was just kind of, well she was doing other stuff, but she liked listening to it, you know, I think the voice was, you know, enough there

Reegs: well the voice,

Dan: the interest and everything and keep it


enough for me.

I quite liked it. Huh? Did

Reegs: the voice was Jamie Watson and he's got forming stuff that we've watched cuz he did Voices in Thomas and Friends.

Right. And also mirroring me. He was poly thas, if you remember that complete piece of shit we watched right at the beginning of the podcast,

Sidey: Yeah. That was bad. This was better than that. That it was very simplistic, but probably in a good way,

Dan: it's like a, Yeah. Echoes of poo, bit of cartoon kind of way rather than the, the animation. Yeah. I thought it was okay. And it was one of those shows that it's 25 minutes or 26 minutes, but it split into two episodes. And, and so you can be short and sweet as well with this.

Reegs: Can I, can I give my verdict? Yeah, absolutely. Bullshit. I wish the, the bit at the end, I wish they'd just killed all those children.

If it was that orphanage, that variety were talking about only because they almost talked about friction, which would've been the proper thing that they been talking about. They were far about talking about, almost talking about the abrasiveness of the surfaces and contact and all that stuff, but they didn't

Dan: too much learning stuff.

They don't want too much learning stuff in there.

Reegs: Right.

Dan: There you go.

Sidey: Okay. Well

split. Okay.

Controversial. Right. Well that's it then, isn't it? Fine. Fuck you.

Dan: So that's it. Another, another pod.

Sidey: Another pod. I've completely lost track of who nominations it might be.

Reegs: think it stands.

Dan: No,

Sidey: no. Riggs did

Reegs: Yeah I did last

Sidey: and then I

Dan: Yeah. You can hear how well, right. Okay. Come around to me again. Okay. Well gimme 24 hours and I'll get something

Sidey: unless how he's free and how he might wanna join us and review something.

We'll find out. But we need to brainstorm. I don't know if we'll be able to brainstorm in something in time for next week for. Top five alternate. I dunno. We'll

Dan: We'll see if you've got any suggestions. Let us have them.

Sidey: if you're clamoring for a bad dad's bit of memorabilia, we've got our theme tune on, on record.

Dan: On


Sidey: I'd say it's fine, but it's more like some kind of,

Dan: It's, it's like a

Sidey: Well is that It is very definitely a postcard. It's, it's a postcard

Dan: A postcard that

Sidey: with

Yeah, exactly. It's fucking cool.

So get in touch and you may, you may be able to have one of those seriously collectible.


Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: All that remains is to say Saudi signing out.


Reegs: Riggs

Dan: Dan's gone.