Jan. 27, 2023

I Used to be Famous & Gudetama

I Used to be Famous & Gudetama

Dan set us up with a kinda music theme this week, with the excellent Good Vibrations for the midweeker and Netflix's I USED TO BE FAMOUS for this week's main event.

I Used to be Famous is the story of Vince, former boy band star, now busker in Del Boy's neck of the woods. Through a chance encounter Vince meets autistic drummer boy Stevie and his overly protective mother. Vince sees a chance to rekindle his music career by exploiting/joining forces with Stevie. If I'm being kind I'd say that the movie shines a light on youngsters with autism and has a sweet plot and a pleasing romantic subplot. I'm not feeling kind though, so all I can tell you is that this film is just very mediocre. AND, for a movie that has a plot where all the characters are musicians or performers it has a shockingly bad soundtrack. Probably one to avoid I'm afraid.

Gudetama is an egg yolk. An egg yolk with a butt crack. They actually animated a but crack on this thing. What a time to be alive. I don't think I need to say much more, suffice to say that this was a big hit with Dan and Sidey!

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I Used to be Famous

Dan: Hi.

Sidey: Just me and you again. Yeah. You are jetting off soon, aren't you?

Dan: I'm not got long. It's a week. This time next week. You excited? I'll be in Bangkok.

Yeah. Getting that way

Sidey: bet you are. Yeah. Nice. So, yeah, res couldn't make it tonight. He was due to be here, but unfortunately isn't able to make it cause we're sending a lot of love his way. And Pete, I think he's coming down. But probably not to be finished because I dunno why, but,

Dan: family commitments.

Sidey: He has just been away skiing, so I think he just hasn't had time to do anything, but he's gonna come and buy later with

Dan: We may catch him later


Sidey: So that's exciting for us anyway.

Dan: We've got films and stuff

Sidey: stuff. We've got films to talk about. We've got some film news, film news hot off the press today the day that we're recording actually, which was quite nice.

But did you watch anything this

Dan: I did watch. I watched a couple of things and I didn't jot them down. It's, it's one of those late night movie sessions again. It'll come to me later and I'll have to have to revisit this, but What did you watch?

Sidey: I watched quite a lot of music stuff cuz we've been a bit of music themed week for the pod.

And I watched a documentary about the has Enda. The old nightclub in, in Manchester? Yes. That was really interesting. That was a BBC documentary but not music theme thing. I watched, we just fancied some daft entertainment. So the Mrs and I watched Mission Impossible three. No, no, not three threes all in Phillips e Hoffman, isn't it?

No, it was Rogue Nation one with the really shit villain to some like nerdy dude. Yeah. But it's, it's good fun. We, we. . And then just the homework after that I think, oh no shit, no. We watched all the um, we finished the pirate of the Caribbean franchise. Oh shit. Just fucking shit. A

Dan: Just, just stuffed to in washes over you Sometimes you want a film like that, don't you?


Sidey: just no.

Dan: a film that you don't have to concentrate too hard

Sidey: daughter like keeps petitioning for them to be on when we're having dinner or. And then she'll just not pay attention to it at all. And I've gotta sit there with it on and I'm just like, I turned when I tempted to watch this on my own, the first time I turned the film off after after hours, it was poo.

And it still

Dan: now

Sidey: hasn't really done. And then they do get progressively worse as well. I think.

Dan: now you've got it on just as background.

Sidey: Yes. Garbage. Absolute garbage. So yeah, there was that, but there was the Oscar nomination bomb Shell dropped today, which was interesting cause they seem to be taking their tips from our podcast.

Dan: Well, they've, they've got some crackers on there

Sidey: the, the leading the way with 1111 nominations was everything everywhere. All at

Dan: Yeah.

that's, I mean, we loved it,

Sidey: we? We loved it. And, and then, no, not far behind it with nine nominations was the boundaries of Adminis Sharon,

Dan: which we also loved.

Sidey: And what I didn't get about that was that Colin Farrell was nominated for Best Act tour, but Brendan Gleason was best supporting. But how could you say one was, how could you say one was the lead and one was it? I just, it was a, it was a companion piece. Was it Not surely.

Dan: Yeah, I felt like that. But maybe that's just how they're, they're entered. Yeah, I mean there's we had

Sidey: I, I suspect

Dan: was well represented. Yeah.

Sidey: as well. Yeah, that, that's cool. I haven't, obviously haven't seen that one yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing that. I hope Avatar doesn't win anything. I just don't like it. It's not for me. That one, I've got a feeling that Spielberg will win it.

With Fable Man's, he'll win everything.

Dan: Well, best male actor. We had Austin Butler as Elvis. I really, I haven't seen this film, but I've just heard this guy speaking and he is just so charismatic and he's just, you just, I was just drawn to him.

I think he's gonna just to get. You know, a nomination. He's come out of pretty much nowhere. I haven't seen him in a lot anyway. And he's up against these, these other kind of huge actors. Bill NAI for Living. Yeah, I've not seen that. But that, that's great that Bill Nye's got a, an Oscar shout as well.

I'd love to see him get get a win. I haven't seen the film, as I say, and you've got Brendan Frazier in the whale, which I think is You know, it's gonna be one of the hot favorites.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. Very highly thought of by everyone who's seen that. Interesting fact is that one of the nominations for actress in the leading role is Anna Armas in Blonde. She was also nominated for the razzi for that performance.

okay. Yeah. But we decided long ago when we covered the razzies on the pod that fuck all that shit.

Dan: Yeah, I think we'll just go with the, the positivity. And Michelle, Michelle for everything everywhere, all at once.

Sidey: Yeah, there's loads of people that I like that have got nominated and I just want them all to win, but that, sadly that can't happen. But I would love, I would really love Martin McDonough or the Daniels to win the directing gong.

That would be quite cool.

Dan: I'd like, you know, Brendan Gleason obviously deserves something for, for that. But is it key? Who, Kwan? Yeah. that would be a story as well, wouldn't it, from Goonies 25 years.

Out of the film industry or behind the camera anyway, and then gets back into acting in his forties. Lands this role just a couple of weeks after getting an agent. Again.

Sidey: It seems like it's written in the stars. It really does. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah, that was it, March The, the Oscars


Sidey: something like. I dunno. Exactly, but it's exciting, I think. I've never watched it. I would never watch it. But, and, and I also think that giving awards out of art is also quite weird because it's subjective.

But anyhow did you wanna know an interesting stat about Kate b Blanchard's, Oscar nominations history? She has five. Best actress nominations. Wow. And they are all nominations for where she plays the titular role of the film. So Elizabeth, 1998, Elizabeth, the golden age, 2007 Blue Jasmine, she won for that in 2013.

Carol and Tara this year.

She can Yeah. So that's pretty cool. Good luck to everyone.

Dan? I used to be famous.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Did you know that?

Dan: I, I, I didn't, and lots of people in the film that we're gonna cover it's like a, a British film based in, in South London called Once was Famous. And it is kind of a follows, a guy called Vince who once was famous. He was in a boy band.

Sidey: he was a boy Band star. Yeah. Yeah, Vince was in a boy band called Stereo Dream, and, and they looked very diverse,

Dan: Yeah. Whi, which is as


as it sounds. I guess it was just all this pink and like yellow and kind of hair and bross look.

Sidey: Yeah, he had the denim. He had a denim, double denim. I think he had deni like denim trousers. White shirt, white denim.

Yeah. Stone wash with a denim vest. Right. The ripped off sleeves SL pretty, he lost such a bad boy. Yeah. And the music was bare. The music was bare for

Dan: and there was like four or five of them. And it was almost like, take that or something. It, it kind of gave you that impression or, and they had this

Sidey: I say younger than take that.

But they were, they looked successful. There's just kind of slowmo flashbacks of them on stage performing. They're really shitty boy

Dan: I was thinking they're the sleazy kind of manager.

Sidey: Yeah. He was a real asshole. And we, we could get to really drill down on just what a fucking piece of shit he is throughout the film.

But we, when we. When we catch up with Vince later on in life, he's really down on his luck. He's carting around his keyboard and kind of synthesize thing on a ironing board. Yeah. And bouncing to bar from to bar to try and get a gig just to just to perform anywhere really. And between that, he's busking and people taking the piss out of him.

And occasionally someone will recognize him and be like, fuck you. Were

Dan: you from stereo Drew?

Sidey: You were really good. Now you're fucking. Proper. Like only falls in the horses country where he is doing this.

Dan: it's the same market, I think, isn't it? He, he's just there. He sets up he's got his little squeaky wheel trolley and he sets up his ironing board, puts a sy on that.

He's got a speaker system

Sidey: that, mm,

Dan: he just puts out and he, he's okay. He seems to be playing this, you know, this same kind of track, this

Sidey: city, it's just this really shit sense line that he plays. And with this time in particular, where it is Packer, it is literally 80,000 horses. Yeah. And he's getting a bit of grief from one of the store holders.

But this young lad who's just sitting on the bench next to him, just starts to drum along and he sort of tries to shoot him away. At first, he's like, oh, mate, you know, I'm trying to

Dan: yeah. What was he, what's he got? He's not got a drum. Is he? He's just got some sticks

Sidey: He's just sticks on a, on a bench or just on a metal thing and

Dan: but he's keeping a beat. You can

Sidey: can see he's got a bit of talent there.

Actually. He's not, he's not, you know, he is no mug.

Dan: And and they have a bit of a jam, an impromptu jam. And soon enough some people are, are filming them on, on the mobiles and everything, and like that's going on.

And then we find out this, this drama is called Stevie and his mom comes along and she's really kind of overprotective of him and everything.

Sidey: I can see which way this is going right from

Dan: And Yeah. And we, we find out, oh, okay. Stevie's kind of got some, some challenges and he's autistic and he's, he's

Sidey: that's pretty evident immediately.

Dan: Yeah, he, he's, he's, you know, takes the support of his mom.

And it's yeah, it's, it's all a bit weird because Vince is just thinking, oh, come on. What are you doing there? We're just getting into that or something, and they go away and he, did he swap numbers then?

Sidey: No, he gets, he, he, the video that people have taken of him, it goes viral. It, it has like a few hundred thousand views, which gets Vince to thinking, oh shit, you know, I could be, we could perform, you know, we could get something going here because he's really got nothing going on.

He goes we see him at one place in one pub where he is asking Mel.

Crops up a few times in the film.

Dan: Oh, and then he, he spots him going into the

Sidey: but he, he, you see him, he, he asked for a pint and he looks in his wallet. He's literally got like nothing like cobras. There's nothing in his wallet.

And he says, how,

Dan: do you not know that guy into a pub? Ordering a

Sidey: And who has cash? He says, anyway. Yeah. And He he says, oh, just make it half. And, and she says, don't worry, it's on the house. She, she knows what's going on. Yeah. But he leaves. He leaves and cuz he spots them. And they, they're going into some like community drumming support program and it's all people with learning difficulties and, and various disadvantages.

Dan: Like a music therapy,

Sidey: isn't it? and the, the guy who's running the session just sees Vincent's like, come on, come on in. You know you can join in as well. And he's, yeah,

oh, I dunno about that. I'm fucking used to be in stereo team.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: but Stevie's there. And they're playing kind of like, like a tribal thing.

And the guy's African and they're. Well, everyone's pretty good and everyone's joining in

Dan: Yeah. Well, he's given a second time kind

Sidey: of. But he sees, he sees Vince and he recognizes that he actually needs some help. You know, he's he could do with some support and he would benefit from taking part in this as well.

He instantly recognizes

Dan: that. Yeah. Yeah. And, and he gives Vince a, a chance to, to check out Stevie's drumming again, which he is, what he's doing, and they're getting into this, this vibe. And it's all it's.

You know, it goes, goes on quite a lot of drumming, isn't it? It it beating along there. And and he, he tries to use the video as kind of leverage to say, oh, come on, let's go and get a gig. You know, we, me and you, we could, we could do this. And he, he's, he turns up to the house to convince mom because he knows that to get Stevie on board, he needs to get mom on

Sidey: Yeah. Mom's gonna be a tough nut to crack because she is super, super protective.

Dan: Stevie's

loving it though. He's, he fancies his

Sidey: they have a bit of a, a ding dong Vince and the old deer. Yeah. And it, it, it causes Stevie to go into a bit of a, like a panic attack. So his hands go really, really tense. And he's I don't even, it. Possibly not breathing or not breathing by well,

Dan: kind of hyperventilating, isn't

Sidey: So he must have some rescue meds or something like that.

And his mum runs off to get that. And actually Vince recognizes that if you, if you give him, just starts playing a little simple rhythm on his legs. And

Dan: to do,

Sidey: helps Stevie to, to get

Dan: it just comes kind of natural to him to, to, to suggest that.

Sidey: They've, they've got a bit of a connection

Dan: Yeah. You, you start to sea actually a, a little bit of a, a bond be between him because they're not natural friends and

Sidey: No, they're different ages. They're different, completely different people.

Dan: and there's, there's definite sense of of Vince trying to exploit. His talents so he can get back to where he wants to be.

And, and mum recognizes that, but after seeing him work his magic with his bump with this drum beat and calming him down, she, she kind of reluctantly agrees to, okay,

Sidey: she recognizes that she can't. You know, stop him for me. He's got dreams of going to music school. Yeah. And he's, he got some heroes like bark and, and other people and some jazz musicians that he's really into kind of getting whiplash vibes off him a little bit.

So they do have this gig and

they, they call the Tin Men and they play a few

Dan: they're playing on pots and pans and things, aren't they? They can

Sidey: he's got a drum kit, but he is also got just to the side of his drum kit. He's got a row of pots and pounds that he also plays. But mainly, When they're doing the covers, they start off with a cup of covers and the audience are really loving it in this, in this pub.

And it's going quite well. And there's some real vocal support. And then they try and play a song that they've written and immediately the crowd turn , like fucking, like it could not be more quick and just start slagging off. Stevie.

Dan: Yeah. One guy start in taking the piss out the drums and the pots and pans and things, and Vince can't take it. He leaps over and starts starts in a fight. He starts getting into a fight.

He's totally blown it. He's lost his head. He's done it out of protection for Stevie, but he's inferred too much onto everything. Blown. Blown it really. So Amber's Stevie's mom's furious and and she goes, stick away now. Stay away forever. We've reached rock bottom again.

Sidey: Yeah. Stevie is kind of resentful, but also he's like, he feels guilt because his mother has had, had to give up on her dreams. She was a, a successful dancer and she's had to knock that on her head. To care for Stevie. And he's like, I want you to be, I want to go to college and I want you to be dancing.

That's what, that's what you love to do. And I, you know, he feels that, I think he feels that which is

Dan: she, yeah. And, but she also says, look, I chose you, you know, you are the one that I did it for.

I did, I had the choice. I could have done that, but I chose you. That's what I wanted. And we also learn like how heartbroken Vince is because he's gotta stay away from Steve and we learn a little more about his past,

Sidey: Yeah, there's been a few flashbacks isn't there? But then we get the fullback story of exactly what happened when he was in Stereo Dream. And we learn more about what a horrible piece of shit the, the band manager was cuz they're on tour and. We keep getting flashbacks to Vince and his brother and his brother's.

Not well, and we're never really sure exactly what's wrong with him, but he's been hospitalized for a long a while. I guess it was like a leukemia or a cancer of some

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Cause he's just seems to be in hospital for his teenage years. And there's a few snippets of phone conversations where his mom's like, oh, you know, you're gonna come out for his

Dan: It really,

it really boosts his spirits. If you were here, oh yeah, I'll be there, I'll be there.

Sidey: He gets, he gets warm where it's like, look, he's really not, And we really need you to come back. And this is at the time where the tour is just finished. So he's Vince's thinking, well, okay, you know, it's fine. I will make it back in time.

We're definitely gonna be there. And the manager says the tour's gone. Fucking great lads. You know, it's all brilliant. We've got, we've added a couple of extra dates on, and the next gig is on his brother's birthday, so he's massively conflicted

Dan: he wants to go to his brothers. But the, the band manager puts like, really shit pressure on him.

Sidey: He just says, if you don't, if you don't wanna come, we'll just fucking replace you. We'll just, we'll just fuck you

Dan: come in.

Sidey: So he reluctantly, he just doesn't, he's too young. He's just too young at that time to process that and be able to make a really, a mature decision about it.


Dan: and he doesn't, and, and sadly is we learned that his brother died and he never got to be there by his bedside,

Sidey: and his mother's never

Dan: of the, the commitments to the band. And yeah, he, he goes he still feels guilt about, he goes back to his mum doesn't, he wants something about

Sidey: harmonica

Yeah. There's this symbolic harmonica that his brother used to play to finish off a song that they were writing.

And he sort of goes back visits his mum and she just, he says, oh, that harmonica, and she doesn't want to give it up. And, and she says, look, you just can't come around here, blindsided me like that. So she's never forgiven him for not being there?

Dan: No, no. It's, it's it's, it is really kind of fractured there at home and you can see that Vince really doesn't have many places to go, but he manages to cure a gig for the 10 men.


Sidey: Well, it's not, it's a, it's a record contract thing and a potential tour, isn't It

it's his, it's his mate who I think was in the band. He was in Stereo Dream and he says, well, you can you can be my support act

Dan: is the other guy in the, in the, yeah. In the boy band, isn't it? There he goes.

Sidey: He's, he's still with this. He's still with his.

And and he says, look, listen. And he, he feels like he's let him down because he, he, he'd turned up with a gig after he'd been, after Vince had been beaten up and, and kicked to the curb. And he's like, you know what, you could be my support act.

And you know, if you, if it goes all right, you know, you might be able to, you get a single or maybe an album out of it, you know, you might be able to do that. But just you, yeah, we don't want we don't want, we don't want the other guy. No, it's just you. And so all the hopes that you had for, for Vince, just like, yeah.

Dan: it. It, he, he'd really kind of built it up again that, that we've got this gig. And, and this turns out to be the same time. He's got this, this choice.

Do I go 10 men? With Stevie, or do I go

Sidey: rid the glory days of the glory Yeah.

Dan: and, and throw myself back into this ruthless world, which is all he's thought about doing. And yeah, we, he's kind of just conflicted, isn't he?

Sidey: He makes a bad choice again, and he, he lets Stevie down. He has this moment where he has to go and tell him that actually that he's gonna have to let him down. Stevie, the Tin Man thing is now dead in the water. And he's obviously devastated about it, but he, he's still like, cuz Stevie's the one in the film who's always thinking about others.

Even though he's, he's got his own difficulties. He's like, look, you go and do what you need to do.

Dan: good for you.

Sidey: I wanna go to music college anyway. So,

Dan: we learned that he's, he's got a He's got a letter, isn't he, from a music college that's gonna give him a recital. So mom's taking him out for this, this meal to, to celebrate. And as he finishes the meal, there's, there's a sign outside the restaurant.

It says, if you like bark, walk this way.

Sidey: Yeah. Cuz whilst all that's been going on Vince, there's been a few montage moment. We do love a montage in film, don't we? Yeah. Where he's, he's kind of got his life back on track.

There's been a few scenes earlier on in the, in the film where he's been at the job center and nothing's been going on and he's still thinks of himself as a famous musician and he's above all that. But now there's a few moments where he is got a suit on. He is trying to, he's trying to lock everything down and just be a bit more mature about everything.

Dan: The, the music therapy starts to become

Sidey: he's, he's been offered that role. The guys I owner stepped down. But you, this is something you could definitely do. You've got a good connection with the kids in here. You know, you've got that musical background. This could be something you can do. And he wants to do that.

Dan: and, and suddenly he's got an alternative to going back into the, the music business. And, and then he's, yeah. What does he choose? Does he, he still go for fame or does he choose kind of this, this other path?

Sidey: Well, he does absolutely reach the crossroads because the shitty, horrible bastard manager gives him a contract.

Yeah. And he's like, this could be your ticket back into the, into the big time. You know, you just, just don't read it. It's all standard stuff. Just sign it, you know, and if you don't fucking sign it now, that's your chance gone. The pre, he is really putting the pressure on, so Vince has got a choice as he go.

Back with this guy who he knows is fucking wrong one. But he'll get his moment maybe on stage again or does he stick to something that actually has been much more fulfilling for him and is something that is gonna be a lot more healthy for him in actual fact. And we just see that he fucking TEFs the contractor on side and doesn't sign it.

Dan: for once he makes the the right choice for, for him. And, and then so fast forward to the day of Stevie's birthday and they're noticing these pinned up signs on the street that That contained directions meant for him and it, it leads to a, a mini concert

Sidey: It's back to that bench, isn't it?

Where they played?

Dan: Yeah. It's, it is back to the peck and market. And they've got the vi that bench has been dressed up with lights. It says v i p and they sit down there, they get served drinks by the lady

Sidey: in Mel. Yeah. They've got a bit of a romance

Dan: Yeah. Vi Vince is, is done enough to, to charm her. To, to help. And suddenly he comes onto stage, starts playing synth.

Then all the drummers from the music therapy lot come on as well. And it, a whole street party starts coming along. And it's it's a hugely cheesy

Sidey: Yeah.

But not before He points out, Hey, we've got a drum kit up here and, and

Dan: Steven, yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: drums and the mum's up dancing.

She's loving it. And you're like, oh, fucking

Dan: And, and there it is. And, and, and scene. I, I'm sensing you weren't blown away by this maybe as much as the mid weeker that we watched.


Sidey: enjoyed good vibrations. This, it had some okay moments, but it was, I thought, just hugely predictable. And for a film that is ostensibly about music or certainly music is the plot device that carries all themes.

The music was fucking crap. I mean, it really was shit. I thought

Dan: It. Yeah. I mean, okay. The music wasn't as good, certainly as the soundtrack of Good

Sidey: the drumming bit. I like all that that African drumming, that rhythm. Yeah, that's good. There wasn't enough of that and there was too much That fucking synth line that you kept getting Right on my nerves.

Dan: Well, I, I like the um, the, the spirit of the, the film actually, I, I liked the, he had a big heart, you know, it wa it was

Sidey: yeah, it was, it was good representation of, of. Autism and, well, at least I thought so. And, and trying to show some different stuff, but really it was a Schwartz

Dan: I liked the, the actor as well, ed Scarin, he's been in I think

Sidey: Yeah, he was yeah, he's

Dan: Game of Thrones as well, was just bit part kind of people.

But this was obviously a, a big sort of lead for, for him. And I, I thought it, I really enjoyed his

Sidey: He looked the part

Dan: And Yeah, I, you know, it was you could say it was cliche and, and predictable, and it was, you know, you could, you could

Sidey: kinda, yeah, it was brief.

It was an, it was an easy watch.

Dan: It was an easy watch, bit of heart, hope, you know, a happy ending. It's that kind of thing. You're gonna go out feeling. If you're not too cynical and pissed off with it, you'll go out feeling a

Sidey: couldn't hand on heart, like, you know, really recommend this to anyone particularly, it's just too middle of the. But it's a strong recommend for me.

Dan: It, it . Yeah. Well, I I think it's, you know, it's, it's nice that it's, it is a British film. It's obviously not a huge budget. I don't have those figures.

Sidey: Netflix. It's a Netflix original. So you don't get that,

Dan: You

Sidey: don't get that date or no.

Dan: Bet that it wasn't multimillions. But it, it tugs on the heartstrings just enough for me to, to enjoy it.

And I, I'm, I'm a soft touch. And if you are too, you're like this. Well, you know, it's a, it's a strange one. This I, it just came up on Netflix and it's it's about an egg, so it's, it's gonna be hard to beat

Sidey: what came first.

The chicken with the egg. Because you get one of each in this,

Dan: You get one of each. It, it's a Japanese joint and it's from the same cur creators as hello Kitty.

Sidey: Right?

Dan: So it's. I learned all this after seeing it actually. And I did a little bit research. They got planes with this kind of images on and, and this animation they've got trains. It's huge. I mean, it's, it's, it's bigger than that. It's large. Yeah.

Sidey: It really is. It starts off with the, the creation, the birth, I guess, of good time when the egg breaks because he is just, The egg white and the yoke, and he kind of is the yoke part of it.

Yeah. He travels round on the,

Dan: he's, yeah, he travels round on, on the white. He's got kind of eyes drawn into the, to the egg and

Sidey: he's got another body part, which is

Dan: Yeah. Well, he slips through the grates, doesn't

Sidey: he? Yeah.

Dan: he's the, the, the egg cracks

Sidey: Yeah. Well, crack. Is it Dan? Yeah.

Dan: And and then he slips through the, the grates of what would be the fridge or something onto, and he slides down a pan and he ends up onto like a little tray, a little kind of

I dunno. Yeah. Just tray with edges so he doesn't slide off it.

And He, he got this. Voice and obviously the subtitles are there and he's just like, oh, he's like both sad and

Sidey: he just moaned quite a

Dan: He's just going, oh, here I am. Oh, worries me. Like

Sidey: got a butt crack.

Dan: He's got a lovely little butt crack.

Sidey: honestly, watching it, I was like, what the fuck? They've drawn him a butt crack.

Dan: he's got these ji he's not even drawn.

He's kind of like CGI

Sidey: thing, isn't he? Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's,

egg yo butt.

Dan: a, it's a really lovely little butt

Sidey: Yeah, it's quite

Dan: And he just went cute. I meant like , you know, and he is just wiggling on there. And then a chicken. A little chick comes out of its hatch and he thinks it's his mom.

Sidey: Chao

Dan: Chao. These were about seven minutes long.

There is bizarre is what we're talking about now.

Sidey: Yeah. Good. Tama is, that is derived from the Japanese words for lazy and egg. Yeah, it says lazy egg and he does just kind of like slump around and moan and the sort of whimper away like a, like a young child would, I suppose. So if that, if, are we. Assume then that's a Japanese port Manto, the two? I don't know.

Dan: It's extraordinary, isn't it? It's there's loads of egg, egg yolks.

Sidey: The, yeah, so Shaka Pio wants to find out who. I don't know. Was it a female chick or a male? A dude.

Dan: Yeah. I, I think it's female. But it, it,

Sidey: to find out who its mother is.

Dan: Well, it thinks, first of all the first thing it sees good to TA is its, And that's why it throws his his beak thrust forward straight into good time's, Balmer, I guess.

And, and then good to Thomas kind of sweeps him away with this little kind of egg yolk arm and goes, I'm not your mum. He goes, get out there. And he goes, that looks more like your mom over there. And it's a drawing of a, of a chicken. And they have this kind of conversation. It's quite bizarre. They have thought bubbles coming out.

And then the. Kind of interrupting those thoughts through the bubbles and saying, my mom's not in a KFC place. What are you talking about? And yeah, it, it's, it's kind of gentle prodding humor.

Sidey: It's pretty bizarre. I think it was made originally for a pre-adolescent age group, but it became really popular with teens and young adults like me and you

Dan: yeah, like a, it's got this kind of droopy kind of

Sidey: ofor. Are you familiar with the term ka? if you were to go onto to something like TikTok, right, or even Dare, I suggest Instagram and search for the term Kauai. K a w a i I. It's that it's like QC look like Hello Kitty

Dan: with? Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Sidey: mold. Yeah. Yeah. But you'll get also, also

Dan: that's the

Sidey: you'll get all kinds of cosplay and fucking.

Dan: chemo Kauai.

Sidey: And this one is, yeah, this is more specific. This is kek, which is means gross. Cute or creepy. Cute. Kawaii means cute. So there's all these different sub Kawaii kind of sub-genres. It's very strange, creepy,

Dan: cute. And yeah, gross. Cute. Well, this would go on the. Gross or creepy, I guess. He, he, they start talking about life and death and, and the amount of eggs, different countries eat and the fact that they're still alive.

So let's go and do something. They fashion a little cart out the egg shell and and scramble across the kitchen and it, it then blurs into real life. You know, you've got, at this point you. Spin in like a fridge or on a tabletop. And now they're making a break for it. You actually see people, it's like, so, they're just these kind of

Sidey: we've got like a, like a kind of eggshell wheelbarrow sort of thing. Yeah. Like wheelchair thing that he's, he's got it's pretty cool

Dan: transports himself around. Yeah.

Sidey: They think that possibly the reason it's so popular is that it can be interpreted as a sign of millennials disenchantment with work as well as symptoms of depression. He does have that kind of depressed vibe about him.


Dan: Yeah. He's, he's not very happy. He's always, he's always he's a half glass empty guy. And when he finds himself going around on the sushi bar, they have these kind of conversations with, so all the other foods start coming to, to life as well. You've got this really dried out piece of tofu and. At one point, he's he's trying, no, let's just go to sleep.

And he's pulling a piece of bacon over himself as like a, as a sheet or something, as a blanket. So it is kind of crazy and and gross

Sidey: it's definitely quirky. I would probably watch some more of these.

Dan: I, I watched quite a few cuz they're only short, they're only about 7,

Sidey: and there's 10, there's 10 episodes. This, this is on Netflix and

Dan: it's, it is a real thriller as you, as you see 'em going around on the on the sushi kind of train.

And Willie get picked up or, or won't he, and they're gonna make a break for it. And somebody else then is just starting. To clue on. There's somebody, anime writer or reporter right, who's in the restaurant then. And so the later episodes tap into him escaping from them and, and stuff like that. And all on the mission to find mum.

So there is, it's a, it is a Netflix thing huge in Japan. First I'd ever kind

Sidey: of, yeah,

Dan: of it was just strolling. You know, one of the things you just check out and think, that looked really weird. And it was short enough that I thought I'll give it my attention and check it out. I think it might pay off.

Sidey: well,

AIOS amigo. Yeah. Have fun. Have fun. In Thailand and other places that you might end

Dan: up in. Yeah, I'll be skirting around if you're out that way. Give us a shout. Get through the pod. Never know. Could, could hook up, but I'll be listening in. I'll be wondering what films gonna be coming up.

Sidey: I think I will nominate for next week.

I haven't decided what I'm, I'm feeling like a, a fancy of Western, but we'll see. We shall see. I

Dan: could do it. We'll get it in and I can watch it before I go.

Sidey: But I think it'll be probably me and Res next week. I don't know. We'll see. We'll see what happens.

Dan: Mysterious girl might come along. Peter? Andre?

Sidey: No, I think he's away again.

I think he fucks off skiing

Dan: here. Wow. Okay. Well,

Sidey: wish I got all these holidays.

Dan: One day your time will come. Yeah. But for now, I think our time has gone.

Sidey: Yeah. All it remains is to say, sadly signing out,

Dan: Dan's gone