July 29, 2022

King Richard & Buddy Thunderstruck

King Richard & Buddy Thunderstruck

Would it be fair to describe us as Podcast Royalty? No, probably not. But that didn't stop us trawling our way through the top 5 topic of Kings and Queens. A particular film franchise making its possible top 5 debut this week.

Our main feature this week was overshadowed by some Oscar night slap shenanigans. King Richard was Will Smith's ticket to gold statue glory. But have you actually seen the movie? If I recall Mr Smith was somewhat of a certainty for the Oscar nod. We cast our vote on the movie and the performance.

Completely unrelated to the royalty theme is the kids tv choice this week. Buddy Thunderstruck is a Netflix animation thingy. Netflix seem determined to make us choose the plot with the interactive content device. We've not been overwhelmed with excitement by this stuff before, but maybe things will be different this time...

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King Richard

Dan: Welcome. Welcome to bad dads film review. I think it's, it's almost when you've got the, the strongest duo. Yeah.

Sidey: The listeners are in for a treat.

Dan: often elevates the programing. So now we've cut off the, the Deadwood. No, we miss everyone. And I'm sure they'll be back in the following weeks,

Sidey: Yeah. How he's in French.

Dan: is he

Sidey: res is just back from Iceland. So not ready for

Dan: All these travelers you see,

Sidey: Pete just can be bothers.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Well that was his birthday. So I think he's a bit jaded.

Dan: Happy birthday, Peter.

Sidey: mm,

Dan: So we've got a packed, packed. Studio no, we've got a pack show. And I chose the, the choices.

So we did a midweek, which was,


Sidey: that already,

Dan: They'd heard it already. If you haven't though. And you wanna check out swingers, then go and check that out, check out our review and how to see how much we loved it.

Sidey: What a film,

Dan: have you been watching? Anything else this week?

Sidey: Yes, I watched, although I've not quite finished it yet, but I've been watching everything everywhere all at once.

Dan: Oh, right. Okay. Well

Sidey: bit multiverse action for you, but not in a Marvel way.

Dan: Right.

Sidey: Did you watch Swiss army man

Dan: with

Sidey: For the pod? Same directors.

Dan: Oh,

okay. That would be an

Sidey: It's brilliant. And I also watched, I think we've got a bit of crossover here of the gray man.

Dan: That's right. Yeah.

Watch that last night

Sidey: uh The old Netflix,

Dan: I, I also watched prize fighter, which came out on Amazon just recently with Russell Crow and Ray Winston about the early days of prize fighting and right. And boxing and things one to avoid.

Sidey: Really?

Dan: Yeah. I

Sidey: I, yeah. Well, it's not really my cup of tea, that sort, but I really enjoyed gray, man. What about you?

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. I thought that was good, Ryan. Golin super, he, he brought over a little bit of that same character or that same feel as nice guys, which was a film that nobody else seemed to watch or like, but I did. And I think you did as well.

Sidey: Love it. Yeah. Yeah, Chris Evans is really playing up. Captain America persona now. Cause he did knives out obviously where he was villain and that, and in this he's just like cold blooded torturing, murdering maniac.

Dan: Yeah. Is, is fun. And there's a few kind of big stars in this film as

Sidey: He got the, got the feel of a, a franchise starter. I think that's where they're trying to go with it. Whether or not they be able to do that. I dunno. I believe it was Netflix's most expensive ever

Dan: It was a Netflix original,

Sidey: Yes.

Like two north of 200 million.

Dan: Right.

Sidey: So

Dan: yeah. There's loads of explosions. It must have been CGI a lot of that stuff though. Although

Sidey: know there was some stuff practical effects. Yeah. There was some stuff at the start right at the start where they're in Hong Kong.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: And it looked like, like drone footage going through some fireworks as they exploded.

That was fucking, really cool. I was like, man, that's

Dan: Yeah, no, some, some brilliant shots. And they went all all over didn't they Bangkok and kind of all

Sidey: so I did that. I also did a bunch of episodes of the umbrella academy, which I'm enjoying

Dan: Oh, okay.

Sidey: ums probably worth a look.

Dan: Nice. Right. Whoa.

Sidey: we, we had some listener nominations for top fives for ones to complete, and we had some quite late on cuz we, I mentioned last week that we didn't have any from, from our cage episode, but we did damn it.

We did

 Mavs came in late to the party, but still much appreciated with some cages warrior.

Dan: Oh, right. Yeah. That's the one with

Sidey: wanna say Tom Hardy.

Dan: Yes. It's decent film that

Sidey: Home alone. Wet bandits, jailed fury road. Of course. Shin's sorry.

Dan: we, sorry. Wet bandits, jailed.

Sidey: I can think he means the two robbers

Dan: Right. Okay.

Sidey: Shin's list. Shape of water, gladiator. I think these, some of these may fall foul of the gel slash cage differentiator aliens with the face huggers, Spiderwick Chronicles, seventh sun and hot fuzz.

Dan: Okay. Some good ones there.

Sidey: Yeah, but we already completed that one, but we also had millions of nominations for masks Mav again, fucking home alone.

He's actually screenshotted

Dan: it's it's

Sidey: you know, the like the pandemic mask, the surgical mask. Yeah. But it's Kevin with doing the face. Oh, so his mouth screaming was he's putting on the aftershave on, oh God. How did the one that you like from point break? The, the dead prayers. God so many,

Dan: Well, no, it's always nice to get the, the norms.

So thanks for these

Sidey: researcher, crisp with science of the lambs, which we like a lot.

Yeah, exactly. The, the GI, so someone asked this was sorry, Mel, someone else rid me, Mel nominated the GI in pop fiction, leather, the face from Texas chain Massa out

hockey mask, Jason, Mike Myers, Mike Myers and baby driver. So the some stuff that we covered off FIFA vendetta but the, the GI, it's just such a great shout.

well done. Me

Dan: bring out the gimp

Sidey: and Joe be was the, the KKK raid from Jango.

They can't see where they're going, cuz they've all got their masks on

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: sending up. Those fucking wankers was quite a good scene actually. So that's a good one. I like that that's work. Yeah. Thanks for that.

Dan: Well, we got a top five. Yeah. There's no real theme this week. And as we are gonna go

Sidey: well, you say that, but this is Kings and the main feature is king

Dan: is, is Kings as well. So we started that way. And we also gonna talk a little bit later on about buddy thunderstruck, the cartoon.

So loads to come, but first this

Sidey: which is top five Kings and or Queens.

Dan: So will I start.

here's a king, it's the king and I,

Sidey: okay

Dan: your Brenna. Your Brenna and Deborah ke. I remember this this whole kind of musical, it's a Rogers and Hammerstein production. And it is setting in Bangkok. Deborah ke is a widower who comes over to teach the King's children, right.

Ends up he's you know, he's used to getting what he wants when he wants. And with the, with this English lady, he finds somebody who challenges his authority a little bit, but they end up falling in love, but she won't join his Harry because she's British and, and she's going back home just as she does.

She hears that he's. He's gonna die. Yeah, he's got ill, but the, her, his son and her favorite pupil is set to run and she stays on and helps. But it's a lovely film. I mean, it's been, I think it's been made again.

Sidey: didn't Jody foster play the

Dan: Yeah. Yeah, she did. Yeah. I've

Sidey: seen either version that, so

Dan: but this was the

Sidey: a bit sort of sound of musicy in

Dan: It is, it is a little bit, and it was you know, a romance there's tears. There's laughter it's I think it's, it's quite a long one as well. But for Sunday afternoon viewing, you know, with the

Sidey: Yeah Perfect

Dan: It's wholesome stuff and and catchy show tunes.

Sidey: Well, so is this really? And I think it might be, might be a first, I certainly don't remember too many of these.

I've got carry on film for

Dan: Oh, right. Yeah. Okay.

Sidey: if we've had one in the, in the top fives before

Dan: carry on.

Sidey: So the first one I was thinking of, and this doesn't actually qualify, but the first one I was thinking was carry on. Don't lose your head.

Dan: Right.


Sidey: But that's the French revolution. So these are just the aristocracy.

Okay. Being gearing. So when I looked into it, that one didn't qualify, but there is the Henry, the eighth one, which is, can just carry on Henry. It's the 19 70, 71 carry on film. It's the 21st. In the 31 carry on film saga. It's Sid James as Henry the eighth

Dan: right?

Sidey: I've I, I can

Dan: remember Barbara Winsor must have been in it

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. I think,

Dan: All the crew

Sidey: Barbara Winsor played Betina. And then there was Kenneth Williams, Charles Hy, Joan Sims, Terry Scott, Kenneth con. So all the classic lineup. It's I remember the, the wedding scenes and it was just, so James would just grab a woman in front of the big church of England back then.

Was it say he get divorced and he would say, do you, yes. Do you? Yes. And then every day it was just like conveyor about, and all this stupid usual carry on humor, but I thought they were quite good to get in. Cause

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: seldom referenced in our top fives.

Dan: Definitely not, not heard that one before. Well, similar to that is kind of idio men's brutal, Y Ugandan

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: in the, in the film

Sidey: last king

Dan: last king of Scotland.

So you've got for Whitaker who plays DY and James McEvoy who plays his personal physician. And he

kind of talked into staying and, and the charm and the, the charisma in the, the early days of the, the potential of helping this great new leader achieve great things in a country that's had a bad run for so long.

Only to find out is the worst of the lot. And it's gonna be Touch and go, whether he's gonna get out with his life. It's yeah, it was a really good film enjoyed it. I like MacAvoy I like

Sidey: am I right in saying for whi got the Oscar for this performance? I'm pretty sure he did.

Dan: He definitely got a nod.

Yeah. Did he actually win it for this one? Yeah. Well, it was yeah, hell of a performance. I remember reading the, a little bit about it and saying it was one of the all time great performances. I've seen it once. I'd probably like to revisit here again, but I remember a bit at the time, just, you know, getting caught away with the pace of it and the story, which I didn't know a lot about.

Other than the idio man's bad

Sidey: yeah, he's a bit on the, on the fence there.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: I remember watching it and obviously the same way, you know, he says, oh, I'm from Scotland. And it is like, why didn't he say, so like, this guy's fucking lunatic. It's out of his mind completely out of his mind. Another guy who was well, a family, in fact, they were pretty out there is MCBE

Dan: right? Yeah.

Sidey: Shakespeare stuff, which is just all sorts of crazy stuff going on this top five. So MCBE gets word from some witches that if he does the deed, he could take a throne. And his wife rather than say, no, that's a crazy idea. You shouldn't do that. She's like, yeah, definitely go, definitely go and kill.

The king rather. So

we all know the story, but the 1971 version of this, as in the cinematic version, there was released in 1971 do you know who financed this?

Hugh Hefner.

What Yeah. Playboy. Yeah. Which I think is an interesting range of people. So Shakespeare and Playboy coming together to,

Dan: just making

Sidey: Chuck a filmer.

We watched this at school. Yeah.

Dan: Who's in this version, is it like

Sidey: John Finch plays McBeth, but I don't think anyone would really know him. It's not fullest, you know, big stars, maybe, maybe early seventies. You, if you a fan of that area, you probably recognize a few people, but not, not for the masses.

Dan: Well, one that I've, I've gotten it. It seemed to be around that same time. Maybe it's a little bit afterwards was Beck. Which was a, a film Richard Burton, Pete RO tool. Pete RO tool plays Henry the, the second I think it is, and Beckett is Richard Burton and he's their best mates. They're kind of, oh, brilliant.

The king just gets in and he gives him Thomas Beckett, arch, Bishop of Canterbury. But then. Suddenly they start to disagree and the church and the state come against each other because Beckett sees that he owes his loyalty to a higher purpose than the king. And it's is an historical kind of classic with that cast?

I think Paul Guy gal. Good. Another kind of fantastic British actor of his time thespians on the stage, brought onto the big screen. Completely delivering it. There's there's another one actually. Which I'll talk about in a, in a moment then after hug

Sidey: go, okay. We've got a couple of real Kings

Dan: mm-hmm

Sidey: Let's start with, oh, George, the third, that's from the madness of king George.

he's played by Nigel Hawthorne. Yeah. That was 1994 movie. And yeah, it's about his dissent into madness and they were, a lot of people know it for, it was gonna be called George the third as in George I II.

Yeah. But they were worried that particular agencies, I think they mean American were gonna think it was a sequel and they wouldn't go and see it. Having not seen the first, you know, when we joke about it, I'm not seeing what they, they actually genuinely worried

Dan: Okay. So,

Sidey: So they had to call it the madness of king George, Joe, that explicitly showed that it wasn't a three call.

And then the king speech, which is king George, the sixth. This

Dan: oh, the Colin fur.

Sidey: Yeah, this, so a lot of Oscar nods, I think won for Oscar's this one everyone saw this one and seemed to enjoy it. I certainly did. And it's about his Ascension to the throne after his brother abdicated. Yeah, because he wanted to bang that American chick.

And so he's, he was happy being behind the scenes because he obviously has this speech impediment in a stutter and he wasn't comfortable on the mic

Dan: It's a lot like myself.

Sidey: Yeah. Much like us really. And he goes through this unorthodox process with, I wanna say Jeffrey

Dan: It is, it is Jeffrey, this,

Sidey: therapist to help him get back on track and

Dan: brilliant scenes here, two heavyweight actors sharing a scene. And the bit that I kind of watch back for, for this as reminded myself about it was when they kind of first meet in a room just behind the scenes. And he's trying to argue, he's trying to say, I've got a voice

Sidey: you do. Yeah.

  1. Yeah very

well like he, oh fuck. It's the king. But then he doesn't back down.

He doesn't, you know, give him any particular special treatment, you know, it's like, I'm here to help you, you know, you're gonna work and we're gonna do it. And he, and they obviously have this respect for each other and this bond that's that transcends obviously this, this, you know, requirement that they have to go through.

Yeah. Culminating with him having to announce that they're gonna war. So it was pretty full on. Yeah. Yeah. Right. It's a great movie

Dan: It is decent. I'm

Sidey: I'm sure there was another one. Oh, Edward, the first Braveheart,

Dan: right. Okay.

Sidey: Yeah. Who not a, not a good, well, certainly not. If you're Scottish, not a good character, cuz he has brave art hung on and recorded.

Dan: I was trying to think of other Kings from other countries in Queens. So I didn't get many actually, so maybe somebody can, can put in a few nominations, but one I did get was Elizabeth Taylor, not very exotic.

I know, but she did start in Cleopatra. Yeah. In 1963. And that cost 31 million pounds, which equates now to over $300 million or whatever.

Sidey: it was a biggie

Dan: and, and this was another three hour kind of Sunday lunch, epic. It was

obviously she's,

she's the queen Richard Burton again, her husband, I think she married twice.

Yeah. It's that kind of story. She, you know, charts, the, the period where she rules all over Egypt to condense it down to three hours, I guess was brilliant. But

Sidey: well they're under Roman rule, aren't they?

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: So she fucks Mark Anthony to, to instigate some, some

Dan: autonomy and to, to get some, a better deal. But did you hear them making it again?

Oh, really?

Yeah. GA Gado.

Sidey: Oh God got

Dan: yeah. She she's gonna

Sidey: be, oh, I think I did hear brother. And then there was some controversy about, you know,

Dan: well, they wanna change it around a little bit. I think they wanna modernize it a little bit. They wanna make,

Sidey: well I think there

Dan: from the limited

Sidey: about skin color and stuff though. Is she the right?

Dan: Oh, right. Okay.

Right. So there's yeah, there are probably a few different changes going into this one. But it's still some, one of those ones that they show on the TV

Sidey: Well, it's one of those ones where you say, well, they don't make 'em like that anymore. You know,

Dan: which, which I don't and Liz Taylor, you know, she's so hot. Yeah. She's absolutely fantastic.

Sidey: King Ralph. Remember that one?

Dan: Oh yeah. With John Goodman. Yeah. Right.

Sidey: So I think it was a, a photo of family royalty portrait that executes basically the entire of the Royal family.

And they have to troll through the, the lineage to find the next descendant. Yeah. And it's Ralph played by John Goodman who I didn't like at the time. And I took me ages to warm to him. Obviously love him now. But back in the day, I was

Dan: I saw him in Roseanne. I

Sidey: hated. See, I hated

Dan: Roseanne. Ah,

Sidey: so I, I I've seen this, but like sort of begrudging it,

but, but love him now.

Well, the fucking ledge

Dan: now I, I want to as you kind of started talking now, I thought kind hearts and Corts was there a king or queen?

There was all it was,

Sidey: that was, was air.

Dan: Alec Guinness. I'm unsure if it went up to a king, but I'd love to wedge that in somewhere because it's one of my really favorite old time films that I'm kind of running out. I've got king Arthur first night. Sean Connery. Remember that one?

but with Richard gear played Lance a

Sidey: I've got another version of king Arthur though.

Dan: Oh, right.

Sidey: Monty Python. And the holy grail is Graham Chapman playing king Arthur. Yeah. So that's two king Arthurs for one.

Dan: I

mentioned him in the mask episode. King Louis, the 16th or 14th, the man in the iron mask.

Sidey: Oh yeah. Yeah.

Dan: so that was another double one.

We've got the kingdom of gray skull and tele tubs in a kingdom. I wasn't sure if there was any way that

Sidey: But I was, I D think it was explicit that they were royalty. Was it?

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: I've got some fantasy ones for you. Alien queen from aliens. Nice. She was a good one. Very Regal. And then king.

we having that.

Dan: When I was gonna go for the lion king is my main event Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. I didn't see that till probably about two years ago. And that's, that's a strong nomination. A Gorn of course from Lord of the rings.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: It still dos air and the, the king of Godo. It's just, he's fucking super hot, absolute fucking knockout.

And then I dunno if I've ever mentioned it before, but I'm quite a big star Trek fan and the best film. Certainly. My favorite film is star Trek, first contact, which features the ball queen.

Dan: Oh,

Sidey: So kind like it's.

But then they're kind of introducing, they're going away from the fact that the, the Borg with this relentless sort of hive mind, and then introducing this leader that, you know, in the past, they'd never had a sort of leader, right?

So there was no like focal point that if you took out that one, you'd beat them, you know? So they brought this in and then in season two of Picard just gone, they bring her back into it. So like her, like what's left of her car cuz they use and they instigate some, some time travel shenanigans and she's like even shitter that, well, she wasn't shit in the film.

She's good in the film, it just changes the dynamic of it. But season two, well, season OneCard really disappointing, but that is still a great film. First content really love it.

down there's a glaring emission from your list a glaring. I can't believe it's not on there.

Dan: Gone on

Sidey: If I said the Golin.

Dan: yes.

Well Toby's mind now, Sarah.

Sidey: Yeah. Labrinth. I can't believe we didn't have that. And

Dan: it's one of, you can mention it about every week. It

Sidey: it? I know it's been like done to death. Another one that I think we have mentioned it quite a few times is snow white in the seven drawers,

Dan: right? Yeah, of course.

Sidey: So the bad is queen grim Hilder.

Dan: yeah.

Sidey: I didn't realize

Dan: mal magnificent. That was one that the Jodi Jody? No, what's her name?


Jolie. Angelina Jolie. Yeah.

Sidey: And then one that I wasn't sure, but you have to correct me if I'm wrong here, but star wars, the prerow trilogy, Natalie Portman's charact is

Dan: Royal. Yeah.

Sidey: she certainly was.

She, but

Dan: by

Sidey: was she princess Amador.

queen I dunno whether

Dan: There was a young queen wasn't there.

Sidey: I don't, I think she was a prince. I dunno if she ever ascended to be queen Ador because she went more. Politics. I can't remember. So, but Pete agrees with me that it's the superior of the follow up trilogies.

Dan: Okay. Well that's definitive then.

Sidey: Yeah, categorically. And then the other one I had because there was a trailer released, we just had ComicCon San Diego, the big sort of nerd first where all these things get announced and they had the trailer for black Panther, two were kind of forever. Which features throwbacks to the first film and a big

Dan: I suppose

Sidey: mural painting of

Dan: coming to America is there there's Kings in that isn't there Eddie Murphy coming from America, so I'm sure we're gonna get some other suggestions to boost us.

Sidey: Should we put a couple in ourselves

Dan: Yeah Well

Sidey: we've got that luxury this week.

Dan: Well, I'll, I'll definitely be I've. I'll put one in and then I'll hold one back because I'm sure we're gonna get a, a few requests for this one and a few suggestions, but I would put in the king and I For your Brenna and Deborah Kerr.

Sidey: I'm definitely putting in, carry on Henry. And if possible, I would also like to put in, oh,

king Arthur from Monte Python and holy GRA,

Dan: but I'll share that one with you and then I'm sure we'll get two more choices.

Sidey: Well Jeff kitchen was I'm told, was gonna put in some

Dan: I will look forward to hearing

Sidey: to that.

Dan: cheese,

Sidey: no cheese

Dan: red laces,

Sidey: red

Dan: confirmed that's

Sidey: than just your ordinary red lace. They're fizzy strawberry pencils.

Dan: Yeah. They've got this kind of white spongy marshmallow thing going through the middle.


Sidey: And then covered in the, the fizzy, like sour sugar.

Dan: And, and that's the level we take it to when people don't bring cheese.

Sidey: they are exceptional snacks. I have to say. Right. That segues very neatly.

Dan: So smooth

Sidey: into this week's movie, which is king Richard, which we probably all heard a lot about for other reasons. Yeah. But, and are now watching

Dan: well, that's it. I, we had to kind of check it out and see if it was any good.

Sidey: Yeah. So it's the story of

Richard Williams.

Yeah. And his mission. I think we can call it that. Yeah. To get.

girls on the road to stardom via tennis. And they've got a very clear, clear plan for how they wanna raise their kids,

Dan: Yeah. He's, he's had designs on this since before birth. I think

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: both he and his wife had already had three children, but then decided that an opportunity to get the.

Children or two enrolled in tennis might give them a way out of their current conditions and elevate the girls to a better life. And they live in in Compton. They live

Sidey: There's five girls in one

Dan: where, yeah, I mean, it's they're, they're not a rich family. And they're not living in a great neighborhood and they, you know, they're, they're trying to make something of it.

Sidey: Yeah, the first scene he's he going around?

I think was he cleaning up around a tennis club or something like that. And he says, there's no time for me to play tennis too busy running from the clan. So, you know, his upbringing is, is been rough. It's rough. And the neighborhood they're in now is still rough. His wife, I think she's a nurse. He makes the Quip about her nurse shoes.



coaches the girls during the day and then they have half an hour and they get in to do their homework. Then it's bad. He goes off to do his security job. And it's

Dan: Yeah it's, it's, it is a hell of a pace they're living at because it appears that everyone in the family are always doing something.

They, they have to be, you know, tied around the house, doing their chores. There's early indications that they're, they're really not got much time for themselves that they're really being pushed. Their neighbor makes a couple of quips

Sidey: Yeah there's a noisy neighbor who, who inter interferes, but I got the impression from the film that the girls were happy.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. They

Sidey: They weren't objecting to.

Dan: to what was going

Sidey: the coaching and all the, you know, maybe he was a bit pushy. He didn't seem pushy to me. He was just encouraging them and doing whatever he can. But with a very clear goal of, you know, constantly jam, you're gonna be great. You know, let's on the road to being great.

We're gonna be the best in the world.

Dan: and he constantly feeds this and they, where they have to train and the girls are, you know, obviously good at tennis. You can see that they, they know where to hit the ball and they're practicing different shots. And he's training them on a basketball kind of comp tennis court in a Compton park, which is surrounded by you know, gang members and things that if they stroll along past, they give him a bit of grief and everything.

And he's had to step in more than one occasion. You get the feeling to is the first time he gets beat up. It's not a big surprise. It's his wife says, oh, you know, it's kind of happened or, or whatever again but as he's going through all this and working hard, he will, Smith is painting a picture of a guy who is doing AB because it's around him.

Isn't it rather than the girls. So it's, it's around will Smith and he's. A guy Mr. Williams, who won't, he's very direct in what he. He wants and he won't get sidetracked from that easily. He absolutely won't let any of his girls get sidetracked by it either. And he makes the sacrifices. Well, you see him in this film making sacrifices that certainly he needed to make, you know, he wasn't Shi

Sidey: sees it more of an investment of time and, and energy into doing this because he, he really believes that there's gonna be a payoff in terms of their success and their achievements.

Dan: done the mass outta money. Like, you know, he said it's 40,000, you'll get sponsorship. One girl with 12 years old was getting this much. And you know, there's a real process, real pathway through this elite tennis.

And increasingly as the girls get a little bit better, he knows he has to find a coach and he has to find better facilities. So he makes this tape he really kind of entrepreneurial he's. He, he won't take no for an answer. He forces himself in. It's really cringy sometimes the way he treats people and the way that he, he fights his corner, especially when he starts to realize that as he always did or other people start to realize, wait a minute, they're on a good thing here.

Or these girls are good and he really wants to protect him. You see that he's he could have cashed his chips in earlier, but he's determined to know the value of their girls and all the way through. Yeah. That's a kind

Sidey: drive he one day. He takes the girls to see a coach. His name's Paul Cohen. Yeah. He's already coaching John MCARA, Pete Sanus, who are there having, having a session at the time.

And he's got these two girls, you know, they're, nobody's these people. And he just begs him pleas until the guy will just watch them hit some balls. And John macro just walks off in a half late expect and Samra like needs five minutes. He's like, I don't care. You can hit, you know, it's fine crack on it.

The guy fucking nothing like Samra.


but macro sort had the curly hair and the demeanor, but the zarus guy was like bit pan. We just looked fucking nothing

Dan: but this was a scene.

He, I wouldn't say that he really begged and plead. He almost just kind of pushed in and, and and said, oh, we are here. Look, it's only gonna take you a minute. He, he, he just one of those guys wouldn't take no for an

Sidey: well, he'd had a few knock backs and this time it was like that he was just gonna like, you

Dan: we're here.

The girls are

Sidey: gonna just watch him, you know, and the guy oh, fucking over. Right.

Dan: and kind of asking Pete and asking John, oh, you don't mind it. You don't mind if these girls play and they're like, oh yeah. Okay, go on and just play.

Sidey: but they can fucking play. And he is instantly like, shit, these girls are actually good,

Dan: Wait a minute. And he, he decides though that he can only take one of them on

Sidey: We don't know that initially we just, we get them going back and cuz it cuts away before you get, and he speaks to them and says, what do you want?

And Venus says, I want girls to grab up and wanna be me. And then sort of cuts away to the journey home and then get, and you'd think, oh great. You know, he is gonna take him on and they get into the, the house and they're all like, yeah, we've got a coach. And then Richard speaks to his wife as his wife.

He can only afford to take one of them for nothing. Cause he is doing this for nothing.

Dan: And, and we talk about how much it costs, this kind of thing.

I mean, it's, it's thousands of dollars to put them through these camps and everything. There's no way this family can afford it. In fact that they've got them so far is something that's blown away. All the coaches they really are prepared. I mean, they, they're not just there to make up the numbers.

These goals are, have been training as hard as any of the athletes in this camp already. it's a crazy story. It's true. You know, I mean he comes

Sidey: a slightly different one to some of the other buses, because a lot of maybe some, well, some of the other ones that we see


are less well known or you Def, you don't, you're not always sure the outcome, whereas these two, you know, they go on to, to do it.

Yeah. So you, you kind of just waiting for that to happen in the film, but I still did really enjoy it and. Venus is the one who's taken on Serena because she's a couple years younger, she's held back and she has to bide her time, but she's still practices and she's still fucking ruthless, but Venus is the one who starts getting entered into all these tournaments.

And at one point they do say, I think she's won like 17

Dan: Oh it's ridiculous

Sidey: or something like that. She's just absolutely blown the competition away.

Dan: And it's all these other being a very kind of rich sport, I guess, for all the training and the facilities.

Sidey: it works in elite white

Dan: elite white sport. So when they're going to support their, the girls and they go to these posh country clubs and everything, they stick out like sore thumb and they don't care.

They know that they. They rise above it and they want to go out there and give themselves a really good show. And the girls themselves just seem to be so well behaved, polite, and humble. And there's one scene where they've won a big competition and they're kind of enjoying it. They're they're in high spirits.

They're, they're really kind of, ah, well, you know, we've done it. She wasn't that good. And now backhand, she had no chance to get it and everything. Yeah. Yeah. I was really good and quietly rich is listening to this and, and then he, he, he says, you know, that's it, and it, you, you can't speak like that. I want you to be humble.

You can't, you'd be showing off and bragging like this. And if it isn't for the wife, he's gonna leave and walk three miles back in Compton along the, along the road. Which wouldn't have been nice. And they wouldn't have known where he is gone and everything, but he was that angry. And then he made them watch what was it?

Cinderella. Was it Cinderella watched three times or

Sidey: something like that?

Dan: it was some program and he said, well, no, what you've gotta understand. And there was some message that only he picked out the film anyway. And they watched it once through and he says, you're gonna watch it again. What did you learn? What did you learn?

You've got to be humble. You can't

Sidey: They kind of skirt over some of the, the other stuff of what it must have been like for a black girl to go into this, like exclusively white middle class, higher class,

Dan: didn't show much from the girls' point of

Sidey: they the only bit that was the first tournament, the lady that's running the show, she says to the two girls, she says, right, best of luck do this, do that.

I'm running three different courts. So you have to call your own faults out. And you think, oh, here we go. And it's actually, it's never the girls, although they're competing and they get a bit frustrated when they're getting beaten by Venus. It's always the parents just as it is every other fucking, and she hits it side by, she hits the winner down the line, Venus, it's a winner.

And the girls like, oh fuck. You know, lost that point. And the old man on the sideline is like, no, call it out. Yeah. And so, you know, cuz it's dad and you're on the spot, she calls it out and they're all, like, everyone knows you're fucking cheating. So she just wins the next point to shut him up and he storms off in a half.

But I, I get the feeling that there would've been a lot of that and you know, a lot of barbed comments and stuff that, and they, they don't really bog the film down with too much of that. They just sort of

Dan: no, they show, they show it's there. Yeah. A little bit like the

Sidey: they actually give it more about the gangster stuff.

The the guys that turn up,

Dan: in,

Sidey: because there's a key scene when we we've totally missed. It really is that we, we get a shot of Richard. So tired as how he said the whole day coaching and he goes off to his. Security job that he does at night, where effectively just sits and watches, monitors. And he's like, you, like, you sort of picture it, but they very explicitly show him putting his gun that he has for his job in his holster to wear it, you know?

Okay. Then there's a kickoff at the tennis court where these guys show up and what the older sister T. The one of the main, like the leader of this crew he's got his eye on her and he's obviously like

Dan: she's still like 14 or something,

Sidey: Well, she's at college, so she's a little older, but yeah, still it's like, and he's just saying to Richard, I'm gonna get my hands on her and all this.

And he just like, just constantly goating him to the point where there's a kickoff and he, he gets set up on by these four guys and just beaten to shit.

Dan: Well, he slams a racket into the guy's head,

Sidey: Yeah. And it happens again and it's clear, it's escalating to the point where you're a little bit worry. And so he does go and get his gun that you've seen him with.

And I, cuz they're showing it in the film, I guess this did happen or I dunno quite how much artistic license they put into it. And he's literally across the street gonna go over with the gun and, you know, shoot the guy when he sees them come out of a, a diner or whatever it was or a liquor store. I can't remember.

And just to spare Richard, but not the other guy, there's a drive-by shooting and the guy is killed. Yeah. So that problem is, is taken away, but he was pretty close to

Dan: yeah. Losing

Sidey: hot water. Yeah. So there's, they kind of do more about that and less of the actual racism stuff that they probably would've had, but

Dan: well, he goes home not far from, from that scene to find that the neighbor is called the police.

Yeah. And whether this was part of their, you know, situation on a regular basis or not, you don't know, but this neighbor had, had called up and was concerned for the children that they'd working too hard and that they were pushing him too hard. And he gives this quite powerful speech to the cop who comes around and says, oh, you wanna check out, well, you check out, then you check out everything.

And he talks about, you know, you won't be coming around here. Speaking to my kids about shooting or drugs or, or being out on the, you know, where you shouldn't be and all

Sidey: that working hard. Yes.

Dan: Yeah. They'll be here for that. And yeah, I push 'em hard because you got here otherwise you are on this other and you totally get the, the situation.

I mean the, the cops I think are put well into their place in this situation. And he, he's kind of just frustrated with constantly having one arm tied behind his back, cuz he's trying to plow forward with his plans of making the girls superstars and it's still happening. They're they're still playing.

They're still performing. They change coaches though. And they, they have opportunity to go out to a coach who he seems to really get on with someone who really

Sidey: is John Bernal with a fucking great

Dan: Yeah. Good.

And he he's got that Californian coolness about him and he really.

Obviously good at his job. And he wants the girls and he says, yes. Okay. I'll take them. And he gives his terms and conditions. And what I really liked about this as well is that they then give him a terms of conditions. And I often think, why do we not do that? You know, why do you know banks are often giving stuff or whoever and say, well, these are alternative conditions you say, oh yeah, fine.

Here's mine. You know, here's mine, you've gotta do this, this, this, and this. Anyway, they do that, which includes moving the whole family out. There's a few other things in there that he doesn't tell him. And that's one of them is he wants to pull him from the girls's junior tournament.

Sidey: No more tournaments.


Dan: dominated so much.

And it's the one that all the sponsors go to the next kind of big champions. I think it was Capra.

Sidey: yeah. He sees it on the news. He's he's worried about the pressure and they're too young for it. Cuz Venus is only 14 when she does start playing. So she's obviously like 12, you know?

Yeah. Whatever it is. But she's young. She's very, very young and he's just sitting, watching the news and it just comes up about cap. I remember this Capriati being arrested for, she had just weed on her, but other people. In that crew had a lot more class, a stuff like I think there was heroin and maybe crack involved as well.

And she was, you know, the tennis, the American sweetheart, cause she was the white girl, you know, pretty girl who'd come through the ranks and was doing very well. And he's thinking shit, she's 18. And like already fallen by the wayside. We're not having this happen to my girls. So his reaction is quite extreme to pull them out of all the tournaments

Dan: and it they're still coaching.

They're still playing. They still compete within the training camp. So they're keeping their, their skills up, but they're not getting any of this exposure. And often probably some of the. Games there'd have missed out on in that competition.

Sidey: Yeah. Well, you always talk about, you know, in sport, like match viness and sharpness and all that.

She's not gonna have that.

Dan: No, no, but all the same, he sticks to his guns. Despite the coach, the new coach, not being very pleased about that. And then eventually word gets out anyway, because she wants to go to one of these tournaments and she, she insists really that she's, she's ready for it and she's gonna go and the sponsorships deal will start coming in.

And the first one before she actually plays the game is Nike. And they say, look, we want to take all offers off the table. Here's here's our bid. And it's 3 million.

Sidey: Yeah. But there's a little bit before that where she, Venus is basically begging to say like, I, I gotta, you know, I need

Dan: you gotta use me. You

Sidey: I need to play learning, you know, I'm gonna learn anymore.

And here's the whole thing has been about not just about tennis, because you've gotta go to school and you've gotta get the grades. If it doesn't work out, at least you'll be able to fall back on your, you know, eight grades and all the rest of it. And the coach John Bellfield is like, this is crazy.

We've got these girls there, prodigies, they've gotta start going through the system, which that's just the way it works. You can't fight it. And it's not until he has this. Basically fucking huge dressing down from his wife to say, I wouldn't fucking be here. You know, if it were, I wouldn't, I'm not here for you.

She basically says it, you know, I'm not fucking here for you. I'm here for these girls. And if it wasn't for them, I'd have fucking walked. And you are holding them back and everything you're doing is a fucking is. Basically now the plan was this and you've now you've, you've

Dan: a lot of self-promotion going on being leveled at him as well.

Sidey: he's obvious a stubborn guy. He doesn't wanna back down when he is, got his mindset on something. That's how it's gonna be. If he's now the plan sort of deviated from what they were originally looking at.

So he does, he has this heart to heart with Venus. It was quite an emotional scene of Mrs.

Stark bluffing, actually. right. Raise like, what do you want? You wanna do it and I'm he's he tells the story about how. He gave some money to someone when his, he was a child and it was a white person and he touched his hand by mistake and he got a thrashing for touching a white man. And he says, he looked up and his dad ran away and he says, you know, I just wanna make sure that you know, that I will never fucking do that.

I'll never run away if you're in trouble and I'll always be there, you know? And you see that, then I literally, on the side of the court, he's always there for her and that sort of stuff. So, and she says, you know, she wants to play, she's ready to play. He's like, okay, that's your decision. It's up to you.

And from then on, in everything in the film is like, no, no speak to Venus. That's, that's her, she's fucking 14 dealing with a three. Like you said about that scene, the $3 million contract from Nike, it's like, okay, Venus, you're 14. You decide if you wanna take that, imagine being 14 being offered 3 million, you fucking taken a heartbeat, aren't you?

Dan: Well she doesn't, she refuses it and goes out and starts off playing an absolute stinker into the next round.

Sidey: because this is before she's played a single match. Yeah. So obviously, and I guess he's been in area a little bit to say they're gonna offer you. Yeah. But you need to, obviously when they offer, when you bait in a few of people, think what the offer might be then.

So she's, she's wise, she's she's prep friend. She does turn it down. The guy's fucking disgruntled about it as well is both the fells are the coach and the Nike guy,

Dan: especially she starts doing what Venus Williams does. Hit winners down left, right. And center. They've had this big debate on the stance and things. Dad

Sidey: is open start. He said,

Dan: gone to criticize the coach and saying that he's doing it wrong. And he is just so cheeky.

Sometimes you think, what are you talking about? You begged to get into this, and now you're, you're pissing off the guy by telling him how to do his job. But he, he obviously knew his stuff as well. He was very firm on, on how the strengths of his daughters would play out. And he was right. I mean, he, he has that heart to heart with Serena.

Who's upset because she's not kicking on as quickly as her sister she's younger. And he says, Venus is gonna win Wimbledon. You know, she's gonna do that. She's gonna be world number one. But you are gonna be the greatest of all

Sidey: time.

Dan: It's in the plan.

Sidey: when I, when he was saying that I was thinking that's, although you might. Believe that it's a funny thing, or maybe a hard thing to say to someone like, cuz you're sort of putting down the other daughter, you say, oh, you you'll have your time.

And you'll be great as well. I probably worded it. Yeah. But he's just saying no, you'll fucking better than her,

Dan: but he was a very matter of fact, man, like that, wasn't he?

I mean, he, he saw his daughters as a, a potential for his whole family to climb out of poverty. If they can get on this, they weren't doing tennis just for the love of the game. There was a real monetary kind of side to it. And when the the various executives came in one time in the country club and he makes another Klan kind of joke in front of all these guys who don't get it.

Then he, he goes, he's no respect for, for any of him as far as, oh, you are the big boss at night. Right. I best tow the line he's he knows what he's got and that they'll eventually come. He knows that. Two fantastic. Young black girls playing the sport of tennis is a whole new market to yeah. These guys he's very O offa and knowledgeable about all the marketing opportunities for his daughters.

Sidey: Yeah. Venus has won her first round match. She won two sets to one and she beat a lady called Sean Stafford.

Dan: Is she a Brit?

Sidey: I don't think so. But her next round match is against the world. Number one, a rancher Sanchez Vicario. And I remember her from the time she was fucking horrible. Yeah.

Dan: She's good player though.


Sidey: just to whack it really high then. And she did actually do that in the in the gamers they showed she just to hit it high in the air to take all the pace off it and that sort of shit.

Anyway, she was the world number one. And they're saying right, there's a new contract on the line before this game, but you fucking take this one cuz she's number one in the world and you won't get the offer when she tanks you like six loves, six

Dan: and I think it went like 6 million

Sidey: I think it was five or six.

Yeah. I'm like, yeah, but what if I beat her? You know, what, if we win that match, then what's the offer gonna be? You're like, it's the ballsy play? , it's a bold strategy cotton.

Dan: Yeah. It is a bold strategy,

Sidey: but they do turn it down

Dan: and it looks like it's gonna pay off because she is in everything.

You can't stop it. I, I mean, it's a, it is a sports movie. I was always kind of enjoy these movies and when they're true like this and I really enjoyed some of the tennis scenes, actually, the girls were, were fantastic playing on yeah.

Sidey: I mean Venus Sinnia SI. She's actually lefthanded. So she had to learn to play it, you know, K handed if you like, and was fucking great. Really, really

Dan: Wow.

Sidey: Okay. So that was like, wow. Yeah. Starts off like an absolute rocket in this match against Santas, Vicari, the world.

Number one, the number one seed for this tournament and she's fucking winning it. She's I think she's a set and a breakup. And there's tantrums on the other side of the net. Like racket's getting thrown on the floor and like shouting and screaming. And so she pulls like an old wily competitor trick of like, I need to go to the bathroom and she's gone for like good 10 minutes.

Dan: Well, there's no time limit. So basically it's freezing the competitor out just as they're on a hot streak. Yeah. You're gonna break their rhythm. Yeah. You're gonna take so much longer, probably warming up in there, keeping warm yourself and getting ready for

Sidey: around in the, in the loose

Venus is not experienced enough to be able to.

You know, stay in that zone. She's 14, you know? And

Dan: and there's a huge crowd.

Sidey: Yeah That you can hear, the crowds are disgruntled by all. There's nothing anyone could do. And she comes back out and the match turns, it levels up at one set and then very quickly, I think it was five love in the blink front yeah.

Mixes the fucking raging. But that I was thinking when I was watching it, cuz the soundtrack kind of had like a glimmer of hope to it. And I didn't know the result of the match of what was gonna happen in yeah. In, in the detail of like the context of one match. And I thought, oh, maybe there's gonna be like bit of a fight back.

And none, she just, she just loses. And it's like a, you know, there's, there's glory in her in

Dan: Oh definitely. There's glory. And honor, you

Sidey: gave her a hell of a game

Dan: and she's 14, you know, she's just given the world number one, a hell of a game. The world number one had to result to dirty tricks to put this 14 year old off and she isn't gonna fall for that too

Sidey: And it's, it's a definite changing of the guard moment because everyone's now thinking, okay, there's some, some young blood out there is really gonna come through the ranks now, but she's devastated. She's in the, the locker room, like crying and upset because she, she knows she, she feels like she missed her chance

Dan: as you do at 14,

Sidey: yeah. You know, Richard comes down and the family there for us said, no, come on, don't worry. You did fucking grab so proud of, you know, and all that, the stuff that you say, and they leave the court and there's a huge fucking crowd of kids waiting, cheering, her name and what our autograph. And she's like, fuck, you know, we did it.

We did it with

Dan: are starting now the pride of, of what this

Sidey: so yeah, she's really, she's, she's at her very early stage in her career, but she's already now a big name. She's made it the film that's kind of it really. And then with the credits, give you, you get that. Just text on screen to explain what, what happened next.

And so she, she signed after turning down three and then 5 million, she signed a 12 million deal with the equivalent now would be 22 million deal at 15. So 22 million at 15, not bad. So she did well to hold out

Dan: for wearing the wreck, the

Sidey: that's just for rebook. Yeah. So she'd have all the other deals and all the prize money.

So, you know, the plan worked. So Venus went on to win Wilmington. Five times became the first African American woman to be ranked number one in the world. During the open era, Serena then came on to the scene two years later and she went on to. A 23 time grand slam champion. So he was right. You know, you will be even better than Venus and he was right.

And basically she's considered to be the greatest, but people always argue of the toss about, you know, these things. But, you know, I think it's hard, hard pressed to, to say

Dan: she's in the conversation both of them are in their peak, you know, they were wonderful players and for them both to have come.

Through the, the same family.

Sidey: I loved it when she turned up at the first tournament.

Oh no, it was for the first round game she's wearing a Oakland Raiders hat. just like rocking up in this white middle class thing with a fucking bad boys hat, a fucking great, really good. Right. Let's talk about will Smith because in the build up to all this film, I don't wanna talk about the bullshit Oscar stuff.

Cause that's boring as in the, the slap, but. All the run up to the Oscars. All I was aware of, he was basically like a fucking shoe in for the Oscar,

and for me, performance in this, like,

Dan: what was he up against?

Sidey: can't even remember it was so seemed so one-sided right. I just thought it, like, it was okay.

It was pretty good. He was just a guy putting on a bit of a voice.

Dan: Yeah. It wasn't

Sidey: like, there's nothing stand out here. I mean, I don't like really, I did really enjoy this film and actually I've always been a little bit, not on the fence with the Williams, but I've never been like huge fans. They respected the, the talent and the success.

Great. Just, you know, tennis is not one of my favorite sports and I've always been like you, but really liked them after watching this. And I really thought, oh, fantastic. That's great. But he was just, I just felt, it was just like, nah, it was like coach Carter. Do you know what I mean? Like he was just like Samuel L.

Jackson in that

Dan: it, it wasn't particularly memorable his, his performance.

The story was, was told well, and it, it kept me entertained all the way through as well. You know, I, I love these yeah, underdog stories for, for want of better words. But it's also a little deeper than that's, there's, there's almost you know, within the engineering of his plan to get his children to be really good at tennis and pushing them to be good at that.

And how much, you know, if he's decided they're gonna be tennis players before they're born, how much of that love. For tennis came through him, but we do have that conversation at, at the net and at different times and things,

Sidey: but it's you kind of like, is it brainwashing, you know, do they lower? They've just been fucking brainwash.

Cause it's really calculating, I think

Dan: it's hugely

Sidey: to, before to, to have a Feist there and say, right, I'm gonna make that child, that's born a fucking tennis pro. Yeah. And we're gonna do this step and this step and this step, but the flip side of it is that he's really protected by him. I really thought that he only ever had their best interest at heart.

Yeah. And he did make sure they got an education and that everything was fucking well rounded and yes, the focus was on tennis, but also he wouldn't let them go and compete until he was sure their education was at a certain level. Some of that. So I did, I was on his side

Dan: and yeah, well, I mean, given his background and his, his obviously growing up.

Difficult. It's, it's alluded to more than once and spoken about the job that he's done then to bring up these girls in the condition and to give them opportunity to rise above. It's just such a huge thing, you know, he's not, I

Sidey: that. Dan it's large,

Dan: he's got doctors and lawyers, he talked about at one time in this house, you know, we've got future accountants or whatever it is.

And we've got two tennis champions here as well. And for him to have pushed that and to done that, because the alternative would've been that, you know, there would've been maybe kept in around opportunities. There gonna be a lot less

Sidey: Yeah. It's gonna be limited. Yeah, for sure.

Dan: a tennis pro brilliant Far as that story, bringing him up.

I do struggle a little bit with, you know, that design that he had for the, for the girls. But they, you know, you didn't see a lot from their point of view, but you know, their world,

Sidey: I seemed happy.

Dan: They, yeah, they seemed happy.

Sidey: Budget for this was 50 mil and I believe that 40 mil of that was will Smith's salary.

Dan: Wow. Well, you

Sidey: So what do you reckon at the box office for an Oscar winning turn?

Dan: Well, I don't think this made much of a racket. I think this was a bit of a loser.

Sidey: I, it was a loser, Dan you're right. It turned up 39, just a, just. Hair over 39 million. So I think the Oscar BOS would've been canceled out possibly by a lot of ill feeling towards where after the, the hoopla around what happened at the Oscars.

But I did read that he divided up his 40 million earnings for this amongst the the other actors in the film as a bonus for them. So that's pretty incredible if that's true. The whole lot of the 40 million, that's quite incredible.

Dan: backhanded compliment.

Sidey: But I would say overall, I did really enjoy this and I would, I would recommend it.

Dan: Yeah. It was a good, it was a, a

Sidey: maybe, maybe a little bit too long though. Cuz it's like two hours, 25, something like

Dan: that. Yeah. But I, I, I enjoyed it. It worked, I, you know, you can always. Pick little bits, like to have seen a little more around

Sidey: want to know what happened to the other kids

Dan: and the, you know, that, that was interesting, that part around the kids and, and their playing and things.

But yeah, it wasn't an Oscar turn for me. I thought it was welled. I was,

Sidey: yeah, same

Dan: surprised that it was a shoeing. Certainly I'll be interested to see what else was up against, but yeah, for me, it's it's a smash. Okay. So we got some stop motion comedy lolls here. For the children's choice, I happened across Bucky thunderstruck.

Sidey: buddy.

Dan: Yeah, buck buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy thunderstruck. And this particular episode was called the maybe pole and it is a choice based story. She used the used the remote. Yeah. And I'd flirted with bear grills, ones of these

Sidey: we, we did bear grills on the show and we did. Spirit interactive one as well.

Dan: Oh, right. I missed that one. There's one of the black mirror episodes called Bunda track or something like that is an interactive one as well, which was, was very good. So I like the idea of this and

Sidey: Netflix are really trying to convince us that this is the way to go.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Click left or right. It's really not. But this, yeah. It's that's the stop motion. So we talk about the look of it. First of all, I think is the kind of fabricy puppet


Dan: Fantastic. Mr. Fox

Sidey: well. Yes, really well, animated fucking looks great. Yeah. So looks fucking bang on.

Dan: and it, it started out with with buddy who's a dog and his best friend Donnell who's afer or dope or something.

And he's whereas buddy is off on adventures.

Sidey: he's a truck, truck racing driver. The intro is really full on it's high octane, obviously because it's racing, I'm calling bullshit on the handling on that truck. I just don't think it would be able to do those tricks.

And the, the soundtrack is very ACDC. Like it's sort of right in your face. It's great. You know, this is gonna be good right from the GetGo.

Dan: Well, it is really good right from the get go. I really enjoyed it actually. In the first five minutes, you get this story of them wanting something to do. Oh, there's a flying object. The moth is back. And they, they talk about the, the maybe pile which is a pile of ideas

Sidey: stupid ideas

Dan: that they've thrown away in a bag for that kind of rainy day when they haven't got any better ideas.

And so they start fishing through it and going through their

Sidey: they'll just talk you through each one. So Darnell will picks them

Dan: They were, they, they did it in choices of two. Remember they said, look, I'll put out two at a time and we'll do one of them. We'll choose one. So we'll, we'll go through the pile like that.

There's gotta be a good idea in

Sidey: the, the one that came out first, we both would've got the same one or maybe not. I dunno how it works. Exactly.

But mine was a choice between, oh, it's gonna be different now. Cause I can only remember the one I picked it was coffee cubed or something else.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: And I chose the coffee cube, so they, oh, so they now three espressos and then they just go fucking wild in the diner. The first world they're like, nothing's happened.

I feel the same. And then they just are fucking super

Dan: a load of food and they've just got a massive caffeine

Sidey: They Nick, some food off. One of the guys reminded me of sea bass from dumb and dumber.

Dan: Yeah. Right. Big,

Sidey: Dude it kicks off and yeah, and then it just basically cuts back to the, the cab of their truck and they're going like, whoa, that was a terrible idea.

Let's pick again. And that just, it just keeps happening like that.

Dan: it keeps happening. Yeah. So depending on the choice that you make you'll have a different option.

And I, I read up a little bit, there's four different endings and you can choose your,

Sidey: oh, okay.

Dan: your path. So

Sidey: so what happened in your ending then?

Dan: Well, everything went badly. It was a bad idea, but he did win the race. He flu it from sort of nowhere when I was going over a ramp as the

Sidey: okay. So he did, we got a different ending.

Dan: Right? Yeah. So I was going up over a ramp in a car, which it clearly wasn't gonna make, but they, they just went for anyway and they just kind of lucked out and finished and won the race.

Sidey: So in mine, they had crashed the truck in the last choice thing that you, you got the last idea from the maybe pile, it was on its roof. And they're like, well, that was a bad idea. And Don nurses, don't worry, I've got drone side assistance. So this massive mechanical arm comes down from out the sky and grabs the truck and takes them to the race.

But while the arm's swinging around over the racetrack, it just totals all the other trucks. Right. And it just throws them across the finish line. And I think the announcer says, well, they've won, but probably illegally. And so, and then the thing just ends and says, right. Do you wanna go back to start make different choices so that you can see all the other permutations

Dan: and do it again? Yeah. So this was, this was it.

I think this was the only episode with this interactive choice.

Sidey: It is there's 12 episodes of normal stuff. And then episode 13 is this one, which is the only interactive one.

Dan: Right. So there may be some insider jokes and a little bit of character development that we missed out on jumping in towards the end.

But what drew me in was the, the stop motion and the, also the characters, they, they try to crack a few jokes and things.

Sidey: I dunno if it's not PC or not, but they're like rednecks basically. Yeah. They reminded me as well of Logan, lucky, you know, the movie we watched, not so long ago that sort of is that sort of setting, you know, the race, track, NASCAR sort of environment that sort of the, the way they speak is like that the language used or

Dan: Well, this was, as we might mentioned a Netflix original,

Sidey: it's

quite old. Okay. This came out in 2017

Dan: and yeah. So I've not seen it again. I think it might have just

Sidey: I had watched the first one. I remember watching it and being impressed with it, cuz it does look really slick. I mean it's great looking thing.

And it is, it is like entertaining it's wacky and in your face it's loud and like, you know, aggressive and in a good way.

Dan: Yeah. Well, about

Sidey: 12 minutes, 12 minutes. It was, yeah,

Dan: not hugely long, it may have been a little bit longer or shorter depending on the choices for this particular episode, but it is something different if you are, if you want to maybe look back on how cartoons and animation used to look like, but done in a modern way

Sidey: yeah With all the latest gizmos and tech it does. It's good.

Dan: This shows you where, where you go.

And I think if children are watching it, sometimes they can be inspired by some of these Puppet, you know, sock, puppets and, and bits of HESI and sack, and maybe make their own characters and things. I really like that. I mean, you could argue the same within animation and drawing of course as well. But for that reason, then it got a thumbs up to me.

I thought the, the choices and the interaction was a lit, you

Sidey: I could live without that. I just don't think that it's just, it's a con it's an illusion of thinking you're in control, but you it's just like one thing or the other, it really has no bearing.

There's nothing at stake. Just, just gimme a

Dan: you're gonna watch. Yeah, you're gonna watch the, the cartoon,

Sidey: know, but I didn't, I didn't hate it for that reason. I actually really like it. I think it's a really good show. Definitely worth a look. My daughter I'm sure is a fan. So yeah, this is a winner.

Dan: excellent body thunderstruck,

Sidey: and also trivia fans out there. Darnell is voiced by Ted Ramey, who is Sam Remy's brother.

Dan: Okay, well, it's been

Sidey: We made it, we made it to the end. Yeah, just the two of us. We don't have nominations for next week. We're not entirely sure who's gonna

Dan: who's gonna be around. Yeah,

Sidey: we will be around in, in some guys. I think it'll be us to probably Pete and maybe one other, but we just see, we will have nominations for then, and also top five Kings and Queens to complete.

Dan: Yeah. Fantastic. Look forward to hearing from our,

Sidey: all your, but until then, all it remains is to say side signing out.

Dan: and Dan's gone.