March 10, 2023

Licorice Pizza & Twelve Forever

Licorice Pizza & Twelve Forever

Inspired by the splendid new surroundings for the podcast we decided to crack open a bottle of lighter fluid and compile a list of the Top 5 TV and Movie Nightclubs, Bars, Pubs and Members Clubs. Don't miss Bad Dad Peter making an ill-advised comment about BUGSY MALONE which will ensure his name is documented on several different registers.

LICORICE PIZZA (sic) is Paul Thomas Anderson's ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD-esque merging of real-people-and-fictional-stories-with-fictional-people-and-real-stories romantic comedy set in San Fernando, California in 1973 and explores the relationship between 15 year old Gary Valentine (Cooper Hoffman) and the 25 at least Alana Kane (Alana  Haim ). Alana's aimless drifter becomes fascinated by Gary’s energetic and youthful confidence and in a town full of characters who are either racists or sexists the essentially taboo relationship between them appears to be the healthiest one in the movie. Full of references I only half understand and pining for a world just beyond my memory, Paul Thomas Anderson’s great filmmaking craft is applied to the coming of age story with typical swagger and the leads both charm in delightful debut performances. Highly recommended from me at least though some of the other dads were a little more meh.

TWELVE FOREVER may well be something Bad Dad Peter would be interested in since it explores the life of a 12 year old girl going through puberty. Not for any disgusting, immoral or illegal reasons though of course, I meant that because he has at least one of his own daughters he might want to understand their mindset as they mature and this Netflix animated series about a girls feeling of not wanting to grow up may just hit the spot. Well it would have done if it wasn't sadly reminiscent of the sharper witted and more absurd ADVENTURE TIME or REGULAR SHOW.

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Bad Dads


Licorice Pizza

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review the podcast. We're a group of dad's makeup for all the time. We wasted parenting our children by meeting up once a week to

Sidey: to chat

Reegs: of rubbish about a film we missed over the years. Grab a drink or a whole bottle or some smack or something. We won't judge and settle in for this week's episode where inspired by our splendid new surroundings in project 52, we're gonna be talking about the top five TV and movie nightclubs, bars, pubs, and member clubs.

We will be talking about the kinds of places which make you want to dance on a bar or start a fight with a stranger from the moss. Eisley cant to the Winchester. We've got it covered and no doubt some of the cooler dads than me will be sharing their wildest stories of getting kicked out of various dives in various.


but that's not all folks. No. After that we'll be reviewing the latest from acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, as he writes and directs the appallingly spelled licorice pizza. Will it be a case of all style over substance, a cinematic masterpiece, or a more nuanced but less attention grabbing?

Somewhere in between? You'll have to stay tuned in to find out. And then we finish up this week's show with a look at another coming of age story. This time, the Netflix cartoon series 12 forever, because let's face it, sometimes you need to indulge in some good old fashioned animated escapism, about 12 year old girls going through puberty, That sounds even worse out loud than it looked written down. All that's left to do is introduce the dads starting with my ever reliable, ever wonderful co-host Sidi.

Sidey: Hello.

Reegs: You, and I don't think listeners know this, but your left ear lobe ends in a perfect geometric square, doesn't it? Yeah. Yeah. And you're of course a master of the kazoo and you are touring the Chechen Republic with your band, the Saudi drummers this summer.

Sidey: That's right. Yeah.


on sale now.

Reegs: And of course, next up is Badda Peter. His kids are like the seven dwarves, except there's more of them and they never stop singing . And finally helping us out tonight is the ravishing. Romanian a man. So good looking. He could make a nun with a vow of celibacy breaker habits.


Sidey: without an H?

Reegs: Without an H, yeah. C r i s. Hello.

Cris: Hi

Reegs: And then finally there's me reeks. Hello.

Sidey: Hello,

Reegs: Why

Sidey: did you watch anything good on the teddy box rigs?

Reegs: Um, Have I watched anything good on the tele box? No, not really. A bit more, Barry. That's pretty good. Yeah, I'm enjoying that. The Bill Hader hitman

Sidey: Oh right, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. last

Reegs: time, caught up with the last of us, that kind of thing. That was also super good this week as well.

Sidey: I'm too behind on that one I think. Mm. I finished yellow Jackets, fucking laughing. That and I, I've read today cause I had to, you know, like internet embargo on that sort of subject. I think it's three weeks till season two starts

Reegs: Oh, that's exciting.

Sidey: So yeah, I'm, I'm strapped in for that. I watched the Mandalorian and

Reegs: is it? The new one?

Is it? Is it

Pete: was there. A

Sidey: Yeah.

started last week, Friday day

or the

first, what day was the first, first

Pete: what? Last Wednesday?

Sidey: Yeah. Then And Picard crap and yeah. All that sort of stuff. So no other movies. I think just, just telly stuff. It was good. It was a good week,

Reegs: Peter.

Pete: I did wa I did watch the movies. I unfortunately, I was taken Ill last week, taken quite suddenly.

Ill Yeah, with a, a norovirus that swept through the house. But because I then had some

Reegs: were you vomiting or were,

Pete: it was vomiting. It was, it was, it was exclusively out of the of that end.

Reegs: dear. That's horrible.

Pete: But yeah, so I felt crap and, and I was off work the whole of the next day. And so what I did was watch the Mad Max films because

Sidey: every single last one of them,

Pete: them I, no, I didn't watch uh, beyond Thunderdome because I didn't have

Sidey: Oh, there's,

is that the one that's got some subject Matt

Pete: Yeah. No, it's, to be honest, I'd watch it again. It's, it's, it's an unfortunate placement of someone with Down Syndrome, but it's and the film itself, I remember being pretty good. I just, I watched Mad Max Fury Road first. What I can say is, is, is it was a blessing in disguise for you guys and the listeners that I wasn't on the episode last week because it would've gone on for about four or five hours whilst I just went on about how fucking incredible Mad Max Fear rewrote is.


Reegs: Yeah. And you told us, you,

you didn't think, you didn't really care much for our review earlier as well,

Pete: didn't, I didn't say that. What? I said my exact, I mean, you interpret what I said how you wish, but what I said was it's an incredibly difficult film to, to get over how epic it is. Yeah. Just by talking about it, you have, it is a visual experience that you have to see to

Sidey: Bit like our midweek film that we watched this week, which is almost impossible to describe

really. Yeah,

yeah. Um, I had fun trolling you all week because you were worried that rigs, I wouldn't have enjoyed Fury Road as much as you thought we

should. I'm sure

So I kept telling you that it was average at best, et cetera, and I was

Pete: Well, I, because the thing is, I'm sure you've said in the past that, that it's brilliant, but I know how fickle and you are as well.

Like one, one person on the internet goes, oh, it's a bit crap, isn't it? And you are like, oh yeah, it's fucking shit. Like, it's, it's really,

Sidey: Cause that's


Pete: you're know, you are known for that, for not being able to like, formulate your own opinions. So yeah, I watched that. I also finished the, the the, what's it called, series.

It was only a four parter, toit I was talking about last time I was on here. It's about a woman that was murdered in, is it an actual, like murder?

Sidey: they really killed her for?

Pete: of that. Yeah. For the film? No, for the, for the series. So it was back in the nineties, it was a woman who was murdered in a park.

Like in broad daylight? No, no one saw the actual murder, but like during the day and you know, it was tragic, like a little girl or boy, a boy, it was it was like two and a half just kind of like clinging to her body when someone walked past and found her. And so it was kind of unraveling that and it was like a, a honey trap that they set up for the person they believed to be the killer who is just basically, he's like some fucking loser, like down and his like, we're birds.

But they, yeah, it all got thrown out and it turned out it was someone else and, and they persecuted some the wrong guy.

Sidey: Oh,

worth it.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Sounds hilarious.

Pete: Chris.

Cris: I've watched the. I've watched a movie called Babylon.

Sidey: Oh, okay. I started it, yeah, I started watching it.

Cris: I've watched that and it's, it was good. It was really good, actually a bit long, but I think sometimes

Sidey: it's three hours, isn't it?

Cris: yeah, recently most of the three hour, three and a half, whatever goes over three hours, you could cut the half an hour and, and make it a bit shorter, I think.

But again, I, I enjoyed it. That, that was nice. I've

Reegs: Damien Chael's

Sidey: Yeah, that's

Cris: Yes. Yeah, I've watched the Banshees of, in Sharon.

Sidey: Oh, what'd you

Cris: Is that how you call,

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, Yeah.

that's right. Yeah.

Reegs: ed. Ed Sheeran

Cris: Ed Sheeran. Yeah. Well, they all look like Ed Sheeran. Really? So what did you think? I, I really like that one.

I really like that. It, it's, it's my kind of movie, just dark and I found it really funny and I watched it with my girlfriend and she thought I'm mental

Sidey: Yeah. My Mrs wasn't a fan either. But,

Pete: is this the sort of like iru

Sidey: people? Yes. All of

them is just, Yeah.

Cris: And it's, I, I really enjoy that.

Sidey: I think Oscar's this weekend maybe. Hopefully is cuz that's got the everything, everyone at once is the most nominated and then benches have been, Sharon is the next most nominated. So hopefully those two do well cuz I've really enjoyed both of those.

Cris: I've not, I've not seen the, the first one, but I've also watched a movie called Till the story about Emmett Till,

which is pretty much the biggest profile of, of racism and ever in the United States where in, in the deep South there's a kid from, I'm pretty sure it's Chicago or New York.

He goes to visit cousins in Mississippi. He whistles at a, at a woman's a, it's a very high profile case. He whistles out a woman and just says to her that she's beautiful or something. Just a white woman. And he, he, but, but they, they do a job on him.

Reegs: no, I know this story. And

Cris: the

mom who is an absolute hero, and it's a true

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Yeah. She decides to have an open casket. They find him two weeks later in the river in a swamp. Yeah. Really? Where, where he was actually half eaten by gators and all sorts of animals in, in the swamp. And it's a tragic story, but it kind of opens your eyes in a way of at, at things that happened.

And you think this is 1930s is not that long ago, you know, I mean,

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Cris: a hundred years ago, but, but our grandparents were alive that times, so, so it's, you know, we, we don't even think about things like that, but it was, it was a nice, I won't call it nice, but it was a, a very interesting movie and, and quite sad really.

And I've watched the Britney Spears Documentary because I've watched a Pamela Anderson one and you kind of see her boobs and they show you pictures of her and all that. So I thought Britney's gonna be good. Yeah. At least for that. Obviously I watch you with my girlfriend and she really loved it. And it was, it was another sad one really, to be honest,

Sidey: think she's, I think she's quite mentally unwell. It

Cris: Well, it's more of the story of the fact, and this is another one that we have that opinion. I, I used to think that

Sidey: just, just from what she posts

Cris: but if you watch, if you watch the actual, and it's made by the New York post or the New York Post or New York Times. So The New York Times, so it's made by newspaper.

So it's journalism from written journalism to, to imagery and it's interviews and documentary and all that stuff with, with people that know her.


and she's got this conservatory ship or, or

Sidey: Yeah, it's gone now. But she did have, yeah,

Cris: well that's when, when the movie was made, she had this system that only exists I think in the US where She was totally controlled, but this is the only case in the history of that kind of stuff where the person is actually able to work because she was booking shows in, in Las Vegas for three years and she made I think 16 million dollars within that time. So she was perfectly able to work and look after herself.

And the idea was in the movie that she doesn't actually want her to have the money, so she doesn't want to go and buy, I dunno, an elephant and two private jets. She wants a trust in a bank to look after her interest rather than her dad. So basically she doesn't wanna be told what to do by her dad. She wants to make the choice of how she makes money and everything else in the future.

But yeah, that's what I watch and, and highly recommend.

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Cool. We begged and pleaded for some cracks to complete our top five cracks from a few weeks back.

Reegs: Yeah. And we had two

Sidey: cracks we did. Yeah. Mel the lovely Mel, I should say nominated Florence Pugh from the don't worry Darling movie.

Yeah. Cracking eggs and being all confused about what was going on. She even kindly added a photo. Cause I've not seen that film

Reegs: No, me neither.

Sidey: I do wanna see it, but I've heard quite a lot

of styles. Yeah. And all the like soap opera stuff that was going on around that movie, miss Pi and all that. And Joe Beis nominated the cracks that the Piran has come out of in the movie Piran.

Reegs: Yeah. Nice. That's a great shout. Who's crack is best out of that? Who'd you like? Joe's Crack or Mel's

Sidey: Mel's

Crack? I like Mel's Crack. I think we're go with Mel's Crack. We also had quite a lot of follow up on max Moore from

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: from

last, week. this

Pete: the, the chimp loving

Sidey: Yeah. So there, there was one that I was think this was not chimp loving, but it was first born.

Reegs: Yeah. The Charles dance

Sidey: one. And I was trying to think of that last week when we were going on. Cause I remember that it was a BBC thing. It was quite a big deal. Yeah, so that was weird. And then Stevie Robinson and I think Darren Lethally mentioned the other one. Was it Kyira? Which looks fucking,


Reegs: that as well. It's terrifying. Yeah.

Pete: So that's, that film's about kind of like human animal, hybrid. Children. Yeah. Maybe it's a theme for one

Sidey: Well, the but, but the, but the max one more wasn't about the children. It was just about the woman.

Reegs: who falls in love with the chimp.

Pete: Yeah.

Which, Yeah.


Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: completely normal. I did, I had a max.

Okay. Well, it was, it was only one, but it was the the dog in the Grinch is called Max. Okay. Cause he said Max, like that was Sean Connery.

But yeah, the dog in, in both film iterations of the Grinch, the dog is called Max.

Sidey: Yeah. And we've had a few shouts already for this week's top five, which we should get onto now.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Top five bars, members, clubs, nightclubs, all of that stuff. Drinking establishments. Yeah. Really. Um,

Pete: By our current premises. Because of our gracious host, Mr. Chris over there.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Throughout it as a, I mean, specific, at the beginning you said, well, it's a private member's bar, so why don't we do that?

But I think we just hijacked it and made it broader because couldn't be asked to really like,

Sidey: think too hard. Yeah.

Pete: of homework. But I think yeah, bars, clubs, that kind of thing. It's, it's


Sidey: ones where we know the name of the establishment.

Pete: That's what I have on my list.

Sidey: Okay.

That's good. That's good. That's good. That's good research, Pete.

Pete: the name

Sidey: Okay, well why don't you kick it off?

Pete: Okay. Well I will kick it off and only because this is the one that, this is the only one that I think is technically a private club in the sense that only certain people can go in it and re mentioned it in the intro, which is the Cantina Bar Mo Eisley.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Pete: And as we know , they're kind aren't welcome in here. So this is ex, you know, it, it spec explicitly no robots allowed. Yeah. In

Reegs: robot racism.

Pete: Yeah, it is. Although there, there's all other kinds of waves and strays and, and

Sidey: Yeah, I think robots are the least of their worries.

Pete: I know that you've got the guy with the, with the

Sidey: he's wanted in 10 systems.

Pete: Yeah. , you'll be dirt.

Reegs: Ponder Barber and Dr. Cornelius

Pete: Yeah. So, Paolo and I, well before that it was, it was me and another mate, Gareth, who had this sing. We used to, So , like basically dare each other to like sit down at a bar next, next to someone that we didn't know. Tap him on the shoulder. When they turn him out.

It was always a bloke. Tap him on the shoulder, be like, my friend doesn't like you, .

Sidey: Just,

Pete: just to see if they got it. And then quite a lot of the time they'd kind of like, just look back the other way and then sat them on the show. I don't like you either. Never got battered whilst doing that, but yeah, it's, it's absolutely iconic.

In fact, the, the pub that I used to do that in, I, it was the one that, it was the Western in jersey that I used to drink in. And I invited my mum in there once when I was about 17, 18, and she came in

Sidey: must have been 18, but it must have

Pete: have been 18, of course. Yeah. And she even said to me, she was like, oh my God, this is like that bar in Star Wars

Um, So yeah, that was, it's got a special place in my heart. But yeah, great thing. Obviously you've got, you know, , that, that's it. That little, there's those little sub scenes in it. You've got that bit, you've got the, the Guido hand

Sidey: hand shot

Reegs: the guy who has like, it's a sort of like

flat face that goes up

Sidey: like


Yeah, like a,

like a halfpipe.

Reegs: toffy. Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: That's when

Sidey: there's one of those in the book of Bobette, I think. Oh, he's toy that. Did

he, yeah. That's

Pete: Not a very practical toy, I'd imagine.

Sidey: I've been watching. Oh, that's the other thing I've been watching and or this week I've been trying to catch up with that.

Yeah, it's

really good.

Pete: And of course it introduced us to the GIS wailing.

Reegs: wailing.


Sidey: right.


Pete: I've forgotten their name. Something,

Sidey: Max Rebo.

Reegs: Rebo.

Pete: max Revo and the GIS Wailers. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So that, that's my opening gambit.

Sidey: All right. Very good.

Reegs: Chris,

what you got?

Cris: first one I have is a, is a pub in a movie called Weiman.

It's a Scottish movie about a guy called Paul, I can't remember his

Sidey: hardcastle,

Cris: Paul Ferris, and it's also about one of the biggest gangsters in Scotland. It's, it is based on real story and the pub is called the Ponderosa

Reegs: The Ponderosa.

Cris: And,


it's where this Paul Thompson runs his, his drug empire from, and it's, it's in the movie.

It's actually quite a good movie with all an old Scottish cast.

Reegs: No, I've not

Cris: And it's 2013. It's, it's actually quite good. And there's

Reegs: You're probably not in the mood for another subtitle film now, are you

Cris: Yeah. Sorry about that. You can understand how much I loved it then . But that's, there's a lot of action happening in there and, and that's where the Weiman basically takes over the business of, of the biggest gangster at the time.


Sidey: I can't help but think of the guy from Jackass.

Reegs: Yeah,

Cris: Oh, right, yes. Yeah. He's not involved in this one.

Reegs: could have been a very different

Cris: Yeah. It would've been a lot different and he probably would've been killed in the first five minutes of this movie, but

Reegs: would watch that

Cris: but, but that's, that's the one, the first one I have. And, and I'll pass it to side and, and then I'll

Sidey: Well, mm, probably, it's tough to say favorite of all time, but one of the TV series that really had a lasting impact on me is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And in that, certainly in the first three series in the, the, around the high school that they go to, there's a night cup called the Bronze, and it's where all the the scoops and the rest of their gang hang out.

And it's like an underage kind of place, cuz obviously they're still at school and they go, they go to this place, but they have some rad bands that play there as well. And Chibo, Marto dunno if you know them, but they're, they played Sugar water, which is a fucking great track. They played there at the bronze.

And I'm currently, this is topical, trying to amass a vinyl collection of GBI Marto. So that was good. The bronze.

Reegs: Nice.

Sidey: Mm.

Reegs: I'm gonna go for the carver milk bar. Mm-hmm. From a clockwork orange that we reviewed on this there pod not that long ago. It's a lovely place, the sort of place where you just drink down your drug laced milk on a table, ma made out of mannequins. Yeah. And contemplate.

Killing people.

Yeah. Yeah. A bit. The old ultra vi violence. So, the Corova milk bar just as iconic, I think is the End of Line Club from Tron Legacy.

Sidey: Oh yeah. With DOF punk blaring playing in my house. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And a sort of strict black and white policy cuz everybody's in black or white, which it seems a bit,

Sidey: but then it looks different because of the UV lights.

Yeah. It's rad

Reegs: and really cool. Yeah. And Martin Michael Sheen. Martin Sheen. A Sheen, one of the sheens.

Sidey: Mr. Sheen,


Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: It's, it's the scene where it kicks off is where Darlan Capone, DRES, which is a fucking

Reegs: Absolute banging tune.

Sidey: great. It's so good.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Back to me. Okay. Right, so this is, this is a film that I've never, I d I dunno how deeply into the we've delved if your dislike or even possibly hatred for its side, but you really don't like the film, the Blues Brothers.

Sidey: No.


Pete: we, we, can maybe elaborate on that if you want, but there's there's a, a funny scene and it is funny in the in the film where you've got Jake and Elwood,

Reegs: mm-hmm.

Pete: so you've got Belushi, the funnier Belushi and Dan Akroyd to the, the, the brothers and or in the band anyway. And Jake's mentor to have booked a gig for them, but hasn't done.

And so he's just driving around for like three hours basically trying to find a bar that they can like rock up at, and he can then just like, completely fake it that they've made a booking and they're gonna do a performance, whatever. And they come across a, a pub called Bob's Country Bunker. Which is like out in the absolute, it's like Redneckville out in the, a end of nowhere.

They're obviously all dressed in their like suits and sunglasses and all their like, kind of blues gear. And they start unloading. He's like, oh, this is it. And it's like, it says on the thing outside, oh, tonight only the good old boys. And and they're like, oh, that's not our name. He's like, oh, they got it wrong.

I explicitly said, blues brothers not good old boys. And he goes in, he has to like fake the that, that they're on, on the bill that night.

Sidey: Sounds amazing.

Pete: So he turns up turns up. I mean, you can basically say that about anything, right? If if you don't

Sidey: like it.

Pete: So so he goes to the, goes up to the bar.

Yeah, yeah. We're the, we're the band. Oh, you good old boys? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, Like the guy comes across and, and hands them a list. And he's like, what's this? And he goes, oh, these are all the songs you have to play tonight. And they both, you got this like ridiculously like partisan and crowd. And, and they say to him like, oh, what kind of music do you play?

And he goes, oh, we play both types of music country and Western . And obviously they're, they're getting out like trumpets and stuff from the car that I'm gonna go down with it. As soon as they get to the stage of the sound check, there's like chicken wire all around the stage and they, they know what kind of place this is.

But yeah, it's, it's, it's a cool thing. And then they get on stage and they start playing a bit of a bit of blues. They start getting bottles and everything thrown at them. So then they sort of like turn around into a huddle and come back and then do a 1, 2, 3 foot and do the theme song to Rawhide , because that's the only thing that they think they all know that's like, could be country in Western and the crowd absolutely love it.

And then they just do a couple of renditions of that. But why'd you hate it? Side?

Sidey: Didn't like it.

Pete: Okay. Chris?

Cris: I've got a pub, another pub in a movie called Snatch.

Yeah. And it's called Simone Joe's.

Pete: ah, that's in lock stock.

Cris: It's in lock Stock, yeah. Sorry. Yeah. That's in lock stock. Yeah.

Sidey: Oh, is that where they come up with a plan, a tickler and all that?

Cris: No, it's the one where he says, I could fall in love with an orangutan in this. Get rid of this. Gimme a diet Coke.

Pete: Oh yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. You get, cuz it's a Simonean Joe. So it's like a cocktail. It's, I think it's just around the corner from the, yeah, it's

Cris: It's just from where they play poker

Pete: where they play poker, so they kind of meet up there for a bit of Dutch courage.

But then there's also a brilliance scene where, like Danny John Jewel, the, the cat from Red Dwarf, he

Sidey: does Oh, he's doing the, cockney

Pete: does the cockney thing talking about Rory Breaker.


Cris: I didn't understand. I,

Sidey: cla


Cris: didn't understand what he was talking about. And

Pete: it was

Cris: Yeah. In the movie. It's subtitle. That's, that's, that's that's one I, I remember. I actually thought it was Snatch, but yeah, it was Lock Stock and Simone Joe, that's, that's a classic, especially for the, for the British public.

I also have Harry's Bar, which is

Reegs: Venice,

Cris: Venice. And it's is, is invented by Chiri and is where the, is the home of the Bini.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: I've, I've had a Bini in, in Harry's bar.

Cris: Well done. I, I,

Sidey: that's a huge well

Cris: I expected nothing else

Sidey: from

isn't it one of those where if you sit like X, it's 10

euros. If you sit at the bar, it's a million Euros.

Pete: no, Bellini is like, its, when I was there, it was, it's a shot basically. It's like a tall

Cris: long shot.

Pete: of Bini and if you want to stand at the bar and have it, it was 16 euros.

If you wanna sit down 20 euros, you have to put per drink.


Sidey: It's nothing to man if your means though, Pete.

Cris: Well

it, it is been in a few movies, one of them being the James Bond with Sean Connery. I can't really remember the name of it, but he meets one of the

Sidey: that's VI to A Kill, I think.

Could be. It's where the Pigeon is a double take.

Pete: Oh. With the best bond in

Cris: it could be. I I I, I have to put my hand up and, and say, I don't really remember.

I remember the scene. And it's also a documentary about Harry's Bar, which is, it is actually quite good because they, unlike every other Italian, they don't put all the flowers on it. I'll just tell you how it is. And, and it's quite spot on and, and on it and

Sidey: Cool.

Well bit of a link to our main feature. Boogie Nights. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

what's the,

Sidey: the, it's the name of the nightclub.

Oh yeah.

At the very start it's the long tracking shot. And this is a, there's a lot of homage to Goodfellas in Boogie Knights and it starts off with a long tracking shot through a nightclub, much like, Henry Hill and his journey into the club.

And then yeah,

Reegs: Well, that's, they've got the Bamboo Lounge in Good

Sidey: goods. That's right. Boogie Knights is the name of the film and the nightclub, and later on they do a, like choreographed dance to, I think the tune's called Machine Gun and it's fucking Belt. But it's great. And yeah. Bamboo Lounge up in Smoke. Yeah. Bad times.

Reegs: I've got a couple of gay bars for you. Sweet. You ever, you ever been to a gay


Cris: is

Pete: recommend. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: All

right. So I've got the toolbox in Wayne's World too. There's a bit where they're following the producer guy and they're all like dressed.

It is the gag you can see coming a million miles away. So they're like dressing up as a policeman and one's a construction worker or whatever, and then they end up in the toolbox doing the Y M C A and definitely probably, this is not all that politically correct, but the, probably laughing at more than with gay bar, the Blue Oyster bar.

Yeah. In the pink in the police academy movies. And I fondly remember making the sound of that disco.


Pete: It's, and there's a load of guys dresses, bikers with like, as

Reegs: yeah,

Sidey: chaps.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Leather club chaps. Yeah.

Sidey: There's

Pete: I don't think that's,

Sidey: there's the one in the Simpsons where Homer thinks that Bart, he's worried cuz it's a John Water's episode where he's, he's worried that Bart might be gay. Yeah. So he takes him to like a construction no, a steel mill, isn't it?

Yeah. And he is, he's like, they just press a button and it turns into a gay

Reegs: Everybody dance now.

Sidey: Ho has a total freak out.


We, we work hard. We play hard.

Reegs: Yeah. No, but he freaks out because there are no fire

Sidey: No, that's the reason. The lesbian bar,

Reegs: Alright.

Sidey: it's like, they're all like, it's all like blatant dykes and he is like looking around and he, he's thinking he's gonna say something like that. He's like, there's no fire in this lesbian bar.


Pete: Yep. Another, another good club.

from the film. Bugsy Malone is Fat Sam's Grand

Sidey: Oh Yeah.

Pete: Which has its own song with it. Is it Grand Slam? Yeah.

Sidey: Honestly reckon I watched that film like 50 plus times when I was

Pete: kid? Yep. Same. I was thinking it'd be a good midweek

Sidey: mention I think it'd be terrible. Yeah,

Pete: No, no, you are right. And what it did is it, is it begged the, other than the question that that it, it's one of those things that crops up every,

Sidey: was it okay to fancy Joie Foster in that

Pete: book? No. Is it, is it still okay to fancy Jodi Foster in that film now? Because when I first saw it,

Well, hang, hang on. Because obviously when I first saw it, she was like 13 or something like that. And I'd have been younger than that. So

Sidey: well, if she's 13 then it's a definite no

Pete: you haven't let me finish. I was like 13.

Sidey: you shouldn't finish with a

13 year old

Reegs: Yeah, it's difficult to work out where you're gonna go from it, that's gonna make this better.

Pete: but if I was say 11 or 12 when I first saw, it's perfectly okay for me to fancy her. Right. Yes. Yeah. So it's still okay now? Yeah.

Sidey: I dunno, I dunno.

Pete: But like, what's changed? She's, she's older and so am I.

Reegs: It's, it's okay for you. Toci Joie Foster. Now

Pete: I'm not as the 13 year old Talula.

Reegs: Yes. Yeah.

Pete: Ah, come on. You've being a bit like bit of a killed joy there. Stop cock blocking me. Will you

Sidey: something tells me it's, it wouldn't, she wouldn't reciprocate anyway.


Pete: that attitude anyway.

Sidey: It's a

10 outta 10 movie though.

Pete: I, I did. It's it's a gr and I was thinking Amid. Amid, yeah. Or should we just leave it at the hell alone?

Yeah. But there are a few, I did do a little bit of digging to see where some of them are now. Other than like, Dexter Fletcher's obviously gone on to do some stuff and Scott Bayo was Chachi in in Thingy. Joni lost Chachi . But Bla Blossy Brown joined, joined the military. Yeah. John Sisi, who was Fat Sam himself, served two years in prison for a bribery scheme.

And Martin Lev, who was dandy, Dan killed himself. Age 32.

Reegs: All right.

Pete: So not all happy endings And Bonnie Langford, I know she didn't kill herself. Gutted.

Reegs: And was that all because of the film?

Pete: No, none of it was anything to do with the,

Cris: It was because of Pete,

Pete: let's say yes, just to make it,

Sidey: Mm-hmm. yeah.

Cris: I've got two coming up. Probably one of the greatest clubs ever invented Studio 54.

Yeah. In the movie Studio 54. I don't think we have to go through it too much, but allegedly well, not allegedly. There's the, the, the most famous picture is when there's at the same party when Rick James Eddie Murphy's brother and Madonna are at the same party. But there's also a donkey in the v i p room.

Yeah. A live don. In the nightclub. Yeah. Which is what you do. Really? Yeah. I don't want to know what happened in that room with donkey, but that would be one that I would always recommend. And, and if, if I would want to go back in time, that would be the time if I would be allowed there. Because apparently the rules were quite strict on, on who gets in or who

Sidey: You'd be all right, Chris,

Reegs: Only

Pete: if they're letting donkeys in Yeah. Like

Reegs: you, you can't come in. But that donkey can

Pete: Yeah. That, that's a blow

Cris: and the second one is in American gangster smalls, which is Frank Lucas's nightclub. Denzel. Yes. Yeah. He, he has a, a nightclub and that's where Cuba Gooding comes in, and that's Pepsi, that's a brand name and, and all that that's happened, that happens in his nightclub.

And, and that's a, a really cool scene, let's say. And that's,

Reegs: it's a good movie. Tony Scott, I think

Cris: yeah. It could be I

Sidey: the Better Scott.

Cris: and those are my two recommendations. I don't think anyone will be Studio 54.

Sidey: Was Velvet Goldmine about that? Or was it just like a appropriated kind of version of it? So you like a you McGregor film Anyway, let's not dwell on that. The Terminator was the, actually the first one I thought of on the subject because it has the, the nightclub techn noir,

the Sarah Conner goes in and uses the fucking telephone and you're like, there's, there's no way

I just, you know, she's literally like a payphone in like the middle of a nightclub and she's on the phone to police.

I'm not sure that would work. One that it's actually a chain of members clubs is called Soho House. Soho House. I've actually been to a Soho House. Yeah. The, so I've been to the Soho one.

Yes. So, this one appears in various TV shows, including this, well I think it's a movie actually. The Secret Life of Walter Miti. Oh, I've seen that. Yeah. You're a fan. Dan's a fan of that as well. And House of Cards I've not seen, but it's also an entourage, which I have seen a little bit of is fairly turd.

But that was Yeah, people, there's like a lot of blind eyes being turned to what goes on in those sort of places. I think

Cris: I've been to the one in Berlin.

Yeah. And it's, it's actually, it's really, I, I enjoyed it. It's, it's nice, nice vibe and, and all that. It's, and, and the same, you got Soho farmhouse, there's a couple of them in England, where,

Sidey: Yeah. There's fucking

loads. They're all over the

Cris: where it is, where is more, more kind of country vibes and, and there's obviously the one in Soho where it all started, but it's

Sidey: it's one of those that you need a couple of people to, to like back your, yeah. Application members to back our application.

Then once you're in, like if, if, if one of us was a member and we all went over, you would all be on, you could just put people on the guest list. It's fine. Cuz we went over for One of our friends who be straight up with us. Easton went over his 40th, I think it was, and he had like 15 of us on the guest list, you know, and we all went in and it was fucking wild.

So yeah, good times

in soho. House

Pete: Townhouse is part of the same,

Sidey: in the same chamber, but it's just the bar. good. for, yeah, it's Good for slab spot.

Pete: EB celeb spot. And you saw the short

Sidey: John John Sear. the and I met Paul, me, Paul, me in there as

Pete: Paul, me. I saw Voldemort in there having lunch with, I'm guessing either his daughter or he is got the same thing as I have with Tula. And he was taking out a

12 year

Cris: he have his nose with him?

Pete: He did, he did have a nose. So yeah, they, they must have surgically reattached that

Reegs: he eating her soul? No, no,

Pete: no,

Cris: no. Just a steak.

Pete: was some death eaters outside though. And I also saw the guy from life of Pie and the film I mentioned before, slam Dog Millionaire. Completely forgotten his

Sidey: Def Patel?

Pete: Yes.

Fairly sure he was doing gear in the him in in the bogs. Huh? That's not him in the, is it not? Okay. Sorry.

Sidey: That's, but it's London, so there's probably people

Pete: doing, there were people doing drugs. Yeah. Yeah. Let's stick with that.

Sidey: that. Cool.

Reegs: I've got a load of TV ones for you. Some soapy ones for you.

Charlie's Bar in Neighbors. Remember

Sidey: Oh Yeah.

Reegs: The Cat and Fiddle in the Archers. If you ever listen to that. The dog in the pond. Holyokes the Queen Vic and East Enders. The feathers in the royal family and the Roess returning Coronation Street. I don't really watch. Yeah. But it was all, all British stuff.


Pete: you say the Nags head?

Reegs: No. What was that?

Pete: What

Sidey: You're

not on

Reegs: only He falls not, I'm not a fan

Pete: Wanker.

Sidey: I saw the little clip of when Dale's at the bar and he is ordered a big round drinks and he says to Mike I've, I've only got five. I'll give you five for the drinks if I can get you to turn your hands over. Yeah. And so he is like, right, put your hands over.

And he is like, yeah. He goes, no, no way Around

Cris: Even. I've heard of the accent. What's wrong with your rigs? No,

Sidey: he's trolling.

he's a trolling pig troll.

Reegs: Pete there's also located on the corner of Whitten Street in Garrison Lane in Birmingham is the favorite drinking spot of the Peaky Blinders. The Garrison Pub.

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Pete: seen any of the Peaky

Reegs: Oh, it's good. It's good. And, you know, becomes an integral part of the show because Thomas Shelby uses it to conduct his gangster business out

Pete: I feel like I, I don't need to watch it cuz I, I live in it because there's enough dickheads with flat caps and waist coats walking around now that I

Cris: I was waiting, I was waiting for the Flat Cup reference.


Sidey: the, the show must be bad then on that basis.

Pete: yeah, like and like the Blues Brothers.

Reegs: Yeah. and of course Peter. The best TV club. Well club, I'm gonna say nightclub is the butter Bing.


Pete: yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I'd love to go there and have a drink with the boys, wouldn't you?

Reegs: you?

Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And

Sidey: girls.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. And with the girls. Yeah.

Reegs: It was some amazing scene set in the batter being, you know, memorable ones, I guess. When Tony and Sylvia agreed to have Richie appeal APRI killed when Ralph Creto beats his pregnant girlfriend Tracy to death in the

Pete: so bad. Yeah.

Reegs: Where Johnny Sack informs Tony's prepared to reconcile with him after Ralph insults his wife.

Do you remember that one with the joke? Pauley has a vision of the Virgin Mary hovering over the dance floor, which leads him to reconcile with his, I think it was his mum that he never knew was his mum, that was his aunt or some bizarre thing. And s and uh, Christopher Maltis Santi puking in the toilet after a heroin binge.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. Ah, happy times.

Reegs: times.

Pete: Fond memories. Last one that I'll go on about I, I mentioned this film maybe for the first time, last time I was on here, and this is another. Fucking really gripping tent scene is the, now this is the one, maybe, I don't know the name of it, is referred to as the basement tavern.

Yeah. In, in Glorious Bastards. Yeah. And another like, I mean, it's, it's a wild sense of watch the film, maybe three

Sidey: they get rumbled?

Yeah. yeah.

Pete: But just again, so it goes from kind of like, you know, it's just like a, a, a speakeasy type place where people are having like, fun, they're playing that dopey game where they've got, you know, names written on their heads.

They have to guess who they are and stuff. And then it just cut. This is coming together of like what, you know, a Nazi major. And, and Michael Fastbender who's like masquerading as a, as a German and you know, and he's, I can't remember what it is that,

Reegs: so tense. He orders a, he eventually, he sort of, He's sort of grilling him, but not grilling him that nicely, nicely, shit.

And then at the end, when he orders three whiskeys, he does it like that. Yeah. Or like that. I can't remember. He does it the wrong way.

Cris: called La Louisiana,

Pete: The name of the,

Yeah. Ah,

Cris: So Basement Tavern in the small village of Nadine, north of Paris, France.

Pete: Wow. There we go. So I, I hadn't done my homework well enough, but yeah.

What, what I've seen and yeah, like when, you know, and the guy just hangs around, they're trying to get rid of him. They, they keep do, they're doing it in polite ways and in funny ways and everything, and he won't go. And then eventually

Reegs: in about 15 seconds, everyone's


Pete: There's a bit Yeah. The bit where he just says, oh, I've got my pistol pointed at your balls.

And first bender's like, well, I've had my gun pointed at your balls since he sat down and the other guy just comes along and sticks his dick sticks his balls.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Fuck me.

Cris: Dick and his balls. He's

Pete: Gun on his balls. Yeah. And, you know, how's about that? And then he's the first one, a blow. You just see like a blood fly up and then there's all this shooting under the table, and then everyone's just cut to pieces.

It's yeah. Intense. Intense.

Cris: Last one I have is a members club, but I think is more of a, of a hotel chain. Private club is the continental in John Wick.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Which, I mean, I would imagine most of us have seen John Wick, all, all of

Pete: of them.

Sidey: Pete a crybaby about

Pete: They're about dogs and I can't, I

Sidey: and not about dogs

Cris: I would say it's more about killing people than anything


Pete: all because someone killed his

Sidey: dog.

and his wife, you would really, really like it.

Honestly, you

Pete: It doesn't sound very good like blues brother.

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: But it's, it's a very interesting concept with, with the coins and, and the, the history and the

Sidey: got a whole like lore about it.

Cris: It, it's, yeah. You, you don't,

Reegs: it's hallowed ground as well, isn't it?

You can't,

Cris: yeah. You don't violate the rules. This is everyone's level Here. You, you do something, you get punished. Everyone knows it. It's, it's a, I think it's a brilliant concept and I do enjoy the, the John Wick franchise, let's say.

I think they, as, as any sequel, it kind of gets a little bit.


because he just ends up killing everyone and,

Sidey: It's great.

Cris: You kind of know it, but I know it's great. And it's also, I've seen the, the, I dunno how you call it in English,

Sidey: the, trailer,

Cris: another trailer, the, the way he trains

Sidey: Oh yeah, yeah.

Cris: the role and stuff.

And he does can, Reeves honestly amazing with the way, the way he prepares for the role and he does a tactical shooting. Apparently there's these places in America where you can go and you can train to, to do well to replicate what a Navy seal or, or a, I dunno, Delta force or whatever these people are to, to shoot.

Obviously not at that level, but they'll train you to, to look as real as possible. And that's actually for a man that likes an action

Sidey: so

many people get shot in the face in the

Cris: Oh, it's amazing.

Sidey: just like, cuz it's, it's assassin. So it's headshot, you

Cris: it's the highest count of killing in any movie in the history.

The John Wick franchise. Really? The the top five, the top the three. John Wicks is in the top five of people getting killed in movies ever.

Pete: Wow. I thought Hotshots part duh was, was heavy.

Cuz you know, it's got the counter on the screen and they're just like throwing bullets at people and they're all dying.

Sidey: Yeah.

I've got some fictional ones just to finish off my list. One actually I've not seen is the double deuce. That's from Roadhouse that's being remade. The blue Aana from the Adventures of Ford Fairline Club Sencio.

That was that really fucking weird place from Mahol Drive. Oh yeah. Yeah. That was pretty crazy. The Peach Pit, a fictional diner from Beverly Hills 9 0 210, but it had a secret nightclub in the basement. And the Bang Bang Club is the members only club from Zoolander.

Pete: It's also the Bang Bang Bar is from Twin Peaks.

Reegs: Yes.

It's all that today.

Sidey: why do I not remember that?

good at

this. Remember? Well, I remember one night. Jacks

Okay. Yeah. Alright

Reegs: I've got a few more as well. I've got the bar scene in Argentina from X-Men First class where he magni goes all crazy finding Nazis, the Slaughtered Lamb in American Werewolf in London. One of those horrible like pubs where insular pubs, where the English locals don't want Americans coming in because they'll turn into werewolves.

We haven't even mentioned Mos Tavern

Sidey: Oh shit. Yeah.


Reegs: Simpsons, which seems like a gross oversight. It's a place that's held a Russian roulette tournament.

Sidey: but Shamu in the back

Reegs: it's involved in panda and whale smuggling can I

Sidey: get

him back to SeaWorld.

Reegs: It's been a prohibition bar. Yeah. And yeah also, what else have we got?

There was so many of these. Oh. Quantum Leap.

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Reegs: Do you remember the last episode? He actually leaps into a bartender in a bar and he never lept home and all that. The titty twister in from Dusty Dawn.

Pete: Yeah. What a place.

Reegs: Yeah. There were so many.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Ah, that bar in Coyote. Ugly

Sidey: God.

Cris: called Kti

Pete: called Coyote Ugly. Yeah. Okay, I'll rattle off a few. You, you mentioned at the, in the intro the Winchester from Shore, the Dead Crosslands. Anyone know where that's from?

It's where Bebe throws his

Sidey: barn. Oh, okay.

Pete: shoulder in train spotting. You've got Esmer Elder's Barn, which was the actual name of the club that owned by the Craze, which was like sort of bar dance hall, where like they get all their family in and everything and having like nice little dance.

And then they're like slicing through people's hands in like snooker table pockets down in the basement and stuff. The imaginative imaginatively named Club Blood in Blade where the where the blood pours out of the the sprinklers. And then a couple of Indiana Jones ones the Ravens Saloon, which is the bar in it's Marion's Bar in in Razor Lost Ark.

And can you remember what the name of the club is at the beginning of Temple La Doom?

Sidey: No,

Pete: it's star Wars Reference Club Obiwan.

Sidey: Oh okay. Oh

Reegs: Oh yeah, of course.


Sidey: right.

Pete: And that's, me out.

Sidey: well we've got some online ones. Mel has mentioned mos precisely, which we've, we've talked about. Joe Bevis is, says the only correct answer he is wrong.

Cuz he's gone for Jack Rabbit Slims from pop fiction. That's a Dino, isn't

Reegs: a restaurant.

Cris: It's a diner. Yeah. He, he's

Sidey: out of your mind.

Cris: Wake up and grow up Joe.

Sidey: Um, Brey with the nightclub from Train Spotting. I can't remember if it was ever named, was


Reegs: I dunno the name of it. No,

Sidey: name, but I'm pretty sure that when they're in there, heaven 17 Temptation is playing.

And this fucking tune

Reegs: Is that the one where,

Sidey: because when there's, there's where he, it

Reegs: spud boy, Spud goes home and shits the bed

Sidey: Yeah. And Renton meets the schoolgirl. Yeah. She, yeah, she gets up for school the next day and he's fucking mortified. Whereas Pete's trying to hook up with Tula.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: It's

Pete: There's literally no one's being harmed here.

Sidey: Yeah. And also we've had Andy Jameson mentions Lucifer, which obviously Dan really likes. There's a place in there, it's called the Luxe, or Just Luxe on Stevie Robinson's a fan and has been to it. So that's pretty cool. Rick's in Casablanca, Darren Lethally, the bar in Well Police Where , it's followed by the

Reegs: puking seed.

Sidey: the massive amounts of vomit.

Darren also mentions the Winchester and all of the pubs that are in the world's End.

Pete: Oh

Reegs: yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: I didn't like that film at all.

Pete: Called the, the last one's called The

Sidey: World. It's called the One. Yeah.

So that was good. Right. Should we put in a, an entry each?

Pete: Yes. I'm gonna have to go for, for my gal Fat Sam's Grand Slam, isn't I,


Cris: Studio 54,

Sidey: the bronze.

Cool. And we've got some good nominations, but we'll see what else we get over the week.

Reegs: Yeah.

We've just feasted on cheese.

Sidey: That was an epic cheese interlude.


Pete: if , if I'm honest.

Sidey: We had a, a smorgasboard of cheese there. I dunno what they're all necessarily called.

Pete: So we had a stilton, we had a a blacks sticks blue, if I'm right, Chris. We had some wooki hole cheddar, which is strong.

We had a brie. We had the thing you brought the sands.

Sidey: That was a bit disappointing. Yeah. To be honest.

Reegs: there wasn't a lot to that. was

Sidey: No,

Pete: Some nice rosemary biscuits, which were fantastic on a flavor front, but bit crumbly. But that's because some dick forgot

Sidey: the toast.

I did forget the toast there. I left those at home saws.

But that was good. We've, we've got a little, a good wine accompany from Jam Shed, and then we've got some amaretti biscuits just to take the edge off after that.

Pete: Mm. And some Ferrera. Russias, Yeah.

Reegs: Really spoiling us with the Ferrero

Sidey: delightful. And we watched a movie with food in the title, which segues almost too well.

Yeah. And Reese, you were right to point out how barbarically it's spelled because it really fucking is licorice pizza.

Cris: Yeah. Do you know what I have to say? Obviously I'm English is not my first language, so when I searched for the movie, I, I, my girlfriend was watching it and I thought, oh, let me see if we might enjoy this.

I didn't really pay attention to what it was, and I was like, oh, maybe we try watching this. But then when I was searching for it, I tried to spell it the way I remembered

Sidey: normally spell it. Yeah. Yeah.

Cris: and it didn't really come up. Yeah. And then I, I have to say, I, I kind of did a double take and I had to kind of send a message to myself on WhatsApp to see exactly how, how is it spelled?

With, with text, whatever, text check or whatever it's called. Yeah. Predictive says, just to make sure I didn't, I'm not stupid, I just thought this is wrong.

Sidey: But let's not get too hung up on that.


Cris: that's, yeah,

Sidey: because it's

Cris: has nothing to do with

Sidey: irrelevant to the actual film. Which I would describe as just like a homage to the seventies

Reegs: that's sort of coming of age. It's kind of like, it's a bit once upon a time in Hollywood esque when it's mixing of like real stories that happened in Hollywood and this coming of age type, you know, much less of the violence with the flame thrower in that, but

Sidey: yeah.

Pete: nearly a flame thrower in this.

Reegs: Yes. Yeah, yeah,

Sidey: yeah. But it is a, you're right, it's a coming of age kind of romance. Well, it is a romance controversial romance. It's much like Pete and Tallulah. Really .

Pete: It's nothing like that cuz I was 11 when I started fencing the 13 year

Sidey: old, Okay, That's fine.

Well, in this, there is a considerable age gap given their own age and he is underage.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: So, but we can get into that if you like. But it's and I didn't know this till later on, but it's Phillips Seymour Hoffman's

Reegs: Cooper Hoffman.

Sidey: and like

and then when you, I mean I read that, I was like, of course it is. Cuz it looks like exactly like him, you know, stature and then just his face and stuff.

Pete: But I, I think, and I don't wanna get go into how we feel about it too early, but in terms of like pre, like initially I watched the first kind of 20 minutes, 30 minutes or whatever and I was like, this fucking, this actor's good.

I'm gonna look, I'm gonna look actually like look him up and everything. I was just taking all at faith value info, like, you know, real like presence and charisma and everything. And then I was like, oh right. Okay. That makes

Sidey: Yeah, Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. So it opens with this the green lime green credits. They are, and then that great sort of title licorice pizza spelled wrong. I dunno if I mentioned that. And then some students preparing for their sophomore photos, they're doing their hair in the toilets and somebody lets off a cherry bomb in the toilets.

Was that, was that ever a thing that ever happened?

Sidey: seems to happen in every school in America forever, but never this

Pete: No stink bombs This side of the pond, wasn't it?

Cris: And in Romania it happened. We, we used to have like all these, all sorts of little grenades and stuff that you

Sidey: that.

Pete: No,

Reegs: grenades

Pete: they, were actually like

Reegs: yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: stuff.

Cris: No, but, but you could find things if you want, like, I dunno how you call them, like the, the little

Sidey: bomb bangers.

Cris: bangers and stuff. So you would always, until there's always one that buys one that says biohazard or

Pete: a tiger. 10 tiger.

Cris: then you, and then you put it down the toilet and the toilet and the wall just opens up and cracks.

Sidey: I bought I bought tear gas on primary school, French trip once and, and sprayed it in everyone's face. Really? Took the enjoyment outta that trip. Wow. Yeah. That did actually happen.

Cris: So yeah, that happens. The cherry, we don't, we didn't call it cherry bombs. It was just a bomb.

Reegs: Yeah.

So anyway, yeah. It's school photo day. All the students are lining up. And Lana she's working as an assistant for a local photographer. She's offering bored and rude kids, a com or whatever.

And one


Pete: offering them mirror. Mirror. Mirror, yeah. , which are like, immediately like, grate on me because, but that's just, that's not her fault.

Reegs: kid. Carrie Valentine's will come to find out, says he'll take it and he immediately starts trying it on with her, basically with all the confidence of a 50 year old like Lethario Jack Nicholson.

Yeah. And you know, she

Sidey: she wearing hot pants in that scene? Cause I

Reegs: Yeah. She's got a short white,

Sidey: yeah,

Pete: yeah.


Reegs: And he immediately asks her out on a date and she laughs it off. What are you like 12? And he says, no, I'm 15.

Sidey: so this is statutory rape.

Reegs: And he says, how old are you to her? And she, she gets all moody about that.

She's not supposed to ask a girl that.

Sidey: Yeah. A lady. She, but she is 25.

she? Yeah.

Reegs: Anyway, she does, she kind of likes it. She's teasing a bit, where are you gonna take me? How are you gonna pay for it and all that. And that's when he tells her you can pay for it because he's a kind of famous child actor.

He lists a bunch of movies he's been in. He doesn't wanna brag. Let's not call it a date. I'll just be at this place. I've got a standing recurring dinner evening at this bar, Taylor the cock. He goes there every Thursday, just come by and say hello if it's convenient. Exactly how smooth I was when

Pete: I, I was gonna say,

Reegs: jigs.


Sidey: Fairly certain I hadn't spoken to a girl at that point in my life.

Certainly not as smooth as this guy.


Reegs: But she is absolutely explicit. She says, I'm 25, we can be friends, but not a girlfriend. It's illegal. I mean, she says it outright to him and he's agreeing with it and you know, I just wanna spend time with you.

And she's charmed by him a little and she walks off with this big smile on her face saying, maybe I'll see you there. Don't count on it. Whatever. And just as she passes, the photographer slaps her on the ass. And so this isn't a school, right? So, and her sort of lack of response is a sort of jarring acknowledgement of this sort of sexual harassment that she would face at work every kind of day,

Sidey: Mm-hmm. . Yeah.

Reegs: so yeah, it's a great opening scene because we learn everything that we need to know about the characters straight away, who they are and what their motivations, his energetic youthfulness and charisma and her sort of directionless. And also don't get too comfortable around them because they're probably all a piece of shit.

Sidey: Yeah. And you might recognize her because she's in a band With her sister's Heim.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: She's Alana in real life and Alana in this and her sisters are the family

Cris: The whole family's in the movie.

Sidey: When you, when when you have the dinner scenes with their family, it is her whole family and they're all go by their real names, I think in this, which is doesn't really mean anything other

Cris: only, only the surname is changed.

Yeah. Because

Sidey: to protect the, to protect the identities.


Reegs: yeah,

It's the, it's her appearance as

Sidey: yeah,

Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. Good.

Reegs: She

Pete: does turn up to the,

Sidey: but she does go, yeah, she does go meet him. She does.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. It's a sort of swanky piano

Pete: think she's, she's more kind of like intrigued by him than anything else that he's just kind of like

Sidey: I get that

Pete: cock. He's, he's like confident without being too arrogant and he, he

Sidey: I think, I think part of the, the ass slap and all that is that the older fellas, they're all lechy and like horrible. And she's just like, well, I can just go and like chat to someone who's not gonna be like horrible pervert.


Pete: But he does even be, before he goes to the, the restaurant, he like says to his friend, or maybe his brother can't

remember, he says, I met the girl I'm gonna marry one day.

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: Like, kind of fairly like, matter of factly.

Reegs: I think she likes the fact that at 15 he seems to have life completely figured out and who he's gonna be and what, you know. And she doesn't have that, you know, she's kind of directionless and she

Cris: well, she does say that, that in one year's time you're gonna be a millionaire and all that, and I'm gonna be working at Smile and whatever.


or tiny, yeah. Something like that. Whatever the company was called. So,

Reegs: She asks about his parents, mum works for him and his PR company law. And she doesn't ever know whether he is joking at first. And dad is literally never mentioned, I don't think.

Sidey: Right.

Cris: I think he does say something, but he's n he he throw the movie.

He's he's absent. Yeah. You, you never see him or hear from him, so he could be anywhere. I, I think pretty much he said either his mom or his dad was in Vegas initially.

Reegs: Yeah, his mom. His mom,


Cris: mom was in Vegas and then the dad was something.

Reegs: yeah.

Anyway, the next scene is meeting mother, actually Anita reading the copy for restaurant tour. Jerry Frick and his wife Miko

Cris: What does it in, by the

Reegs: restaurant they're trying to open. This is a really crazy scene

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: He asks because, because Jerry asks his wife Miko in this sort of exaggerated, racist accent is probably the only way I'm gonna be able to say this, what she thinks about the copy.

And she responds in fluent Japanese, which he translates

Pete: apparently.

Reegs: Apparently. Yeah. Yeah. It's a pretty horrible. We're supposed to be on appalled, we're supposed to find it funny and appalling and uncomfortable and all this stuff. Right? And it's, and it's all the more explicit, when, you know, it's inspired by stories from Paul Thomas Anderson's own mother-in-law who was subjected to that kind of casual racism.

So, yeah, but it's a pretty difficult scene to watch.

Cris: I thought it was really funny. I obviously, I understand the, the layer of it, but I thought it was really

Reegs: funny. It was funny.


Pete: It was, it, it, it is funny. I, I've, I've got an Asian misses and it's, you know, it, it's not, I, I didn't, I didn't find it offensive because I know it's over time.

Reegs: it's so outrageous.

It's so outrageous. When he did it, I was just like, my mouth was like literally open, like,


Cris: only that they done it very cleverly because they, they have the interaction, he speaks the, the, the mom speaks, and then only at the end he tries to, to speak to her.

So the, there's a bit of interaction. They establish a, a kind of a, a relationship with, with the mom. And then he makes that Japanese, well, the American with the Japanese accent, which sounds terrible,

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Gary's mother is going to be chaperoning him to a show, one of his shows in New York. But she can't do it. She has to go off to Vegas again. Yeah. So she pretty much, she just says, look, sorry, you're gonna have to miss out on this one cuz there's no one to take you.

No. You need someone to chaperone,

Sidey: take your 25 year old

Pete: Well, why not? Yeah.

Reegs: And

it, yeah. Literally the very next scene is the two of them on an airplane. Yeah. Woohoo. Party time.

Pete: Absolutely. And then you get introduced to one of the other child actors, albeit a bit older. Yeah. Lance, who's obviously come, he doesn't at any point.

It doesn't say that he's in first class, but he keeps saying like, oh, you guys have got steak. Steak as well back here. Oh, I'm so glad. Like I was worried, worried for you and everything. But he's quite smarmy and everything, but

Reegs: He's got amazing hair.

Pete: Yeah, he does. Yeah. But Alana's like quite sort of taken you know, taken by him cuz he's,

Reegs: legal.

Pete: Yeah. , which is a bonus.

Reegs: So in New York, the sort of Lucille Ball stand in Lucy Dolittle is appearing on this TV show and all the gang are back together to perform a scene from the film that Gary was talking about right at the beginning under one roof, which is a horrible musical number.

But in a done, in a really cool long take that starts off stage and comes on stage and weaves around all of the the actors as they're doing it. It's great. And then Gary Thumps the Lucille Ball character across the back of their head in an improvised thing, which she doesn't like, and then later makes an inappropriate joke about doing three beavers,



Pete: he, but he specifically said to Lana, I, I've got a joke for you, so like, look out for that.

I'll, I'll give you a little signal or whatever. So he does it and, and no one finds

Sidey: it now?

Reegs: funny.

No. Although she is sitting in the audience with an enormous

grin on

her face. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Well, he gets, he gets like romantic with Lance.

Yeah, yeah. Which, you know, is not to Gary's taste. He's, he's well gel. Yeah.

Reegs: He phones her up.

Sidey: Yeah,

Pete: He does

Cris: her when he is having burgers with his mom. That's right. He sees them walking into some restaurant holding hands and then should we have the burgers at home? Instead of eating them in the car goes home.

And then he calls her and she recognizes the breathing. Heavy breathing. Yeah. Pretty much. Because he doesn't say a word, but he just,

Reegs: she told him to stop breathing on their first day.

Sidey: But she takes Lance home to meet the family and that does not go well.

Reegs: Yeah. We do. So it's a Friday night, Chaz, we need to do a Chaz top five Chavis cuz we've had a few

Sidey: now just it's leki. Leki.

Reegs: And so there's this terrifically awkward social situation where he's asked to bless the bread and he refuses because he's an atheist. My read on this scene is gonna be totally different to everybody else's. I thought, I thought we should have just done the fucking prayer and just shut up.

Cris: Especially at that age, if you are.

Reegs: are

Sidey: Well see, I, I, so my read is different and I just think like any youngster, if like there's a chance of like copping off with some girl, you would just do the thing like, you know, that made you like, have a chance.

Pete: this, this guy's a child actor and he's really

Sidey: Yeah. I suppose so. Yeah. regardless

Pete: of, you know, atheism or, or not, you know, because he's so pretentious. I mean, the thing is he does it in a polite way. Yeah. Like they, they don't like what he has to say. She doesn't like what he has to say, but he does it in a very polite, so he's very politely saying like, you know, so I'm gonna have to, you know, thank you very much for, for asking me, but I'm gonna have to politely decline kind of thing.

So he's not being a dick about it, but obviously

Reegs: but I don't think, like if you, I don't are you're an atheist.

If you were at a house and the, somebody said, would you say Grace?

Pete: would? Yeah, I do. You know, it's, it's not gonna harm me in the slightest to say something that I have absolutely no belief in, just to

Reegs: to, respect someone

Pete: because the situation, you know, not demands it, but would be better for everybody if, if you just did it.

So, yeah. You go ahead. I mean, it depends. There's obviously a line there at some point you know, if they're asking you to do things that you are

Sidey: uncomfortable

What about if they're Jewish? Hell no.

Reegs: Anyway, it all goes really frosty. Horrible. And she asks, she angrily asks him what his penis looks like when she's walking back to the car.

Pete: and he goes like, it's the first of a couple of lines where like they just use like you know, they're taken it back by the question.

He's like, it's just a regular penis. Hello

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Gary finds himself in the waterbed business because of course

Pete: the

is the natural progression

Reegs: Yeah.

I think he's mostly, he sees it, doesn't he? And he's mostly sold on the idea by the attractive shop assistant that it will impress the ladies. So then he goes off to it. He takes the whole gang of friends and a model off to a pop culture expo.

The freaking Batmobile is there. Yeah.

Pete: And Herman Monster.

Reegs: Yeah. Played by John C. Riley. And again, it's another terrific long take that starts outside the expo and follows them as they move the whole way through it, up through the ramping as his mate says, well, hey, maybe we should get some L S D to help people enjoy the beds.

Cris: Well initially he says about weed, and then he's like, oh, I know why to get lsd. He's, no, no, no, let's just stick to weed. . Yeah.

Reegs: So there's like tons going on, many references, which I'll never get happening on. But really interesting as well. And he pops the model on the waterbed to sell it under the name of the soggy bottoms, which Alana will rightfully point out later, is a terrible name for a waterbed.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. That's what you don't want to have. Yeah. If you're in a waterbed, surely. Yeah. But I, so he has this, the then business, right?

And he this shop the shop front, and I'm like, but he's 15. Like, what the fuck's going on?

I don't

Reegs: how long is this

Cris: Well, no,

Reegs: over as well,

Cris: wait, wait, wait. First of all, he gets arrested.

he does.

Sidey: for, for murder. fair.

Reegs: Yeah. For murder. Yeah.

Cris: Which is totally random. He, he gets taken to the police.

identity. Mistaken identity. He doesn't know what to do. She runs really fast. Yeah. Flash would've been jealous. Yeah. So she runs really fast. They release him confusion. He's dressed in a pink trousers and white shirt or whatever.

Sidey: He has some great threads

Reegs: That's later on. He's got

Cris: Oh, the pink suit. Yeah. Anyway, he, he's still, he's still dressed quite out there in a way. And she, she tells him to come out. They go back together. But then when he opens fat burns Yeah, it's a fat burns waterbeds. That's when they partner up. So in my opinion, that's where she. is the one that owns or opens it up and then he's

Reegs: Oh, I see.

Cris: So,

Sidey: so it's all in her name.

Reegs: Oh right. Yeah. Cuz she does say she's the business partner and manager as well.

Sidey: She's, she's phoning guys and doing like real sultry, you know, like,

Pete: well, not, not at first. She's, she's just doing sort of like normal sales pitch. And I th I don't know if it was, if it harks back to when he first goes into a shop and sees a waterbed for the first time. There's, there's a lady there, there's quite a, and there's like a, an old hippie character that's like su them, but there's, there's like a lady at the front and she's really kind of like provocative and sexual, like, to, to him like, yeah, Bri like, you know, trying to get, he's a 15 year old lad, but she's like bringing him, luring him in with a charms to, to like lie on the waterbed

Sidey: of

Pete: then the hippie guy comes out and gives it the,

Sidey: how much more like sales orientated everything is in the states?

Yeah, like over here it's just like, if I want something I just, you know, just go to shop and it's the thing that I went to shop to buy that, so I just buy it. Whereas

Pete: it's much more gimmicky.

Sidey: might just go to the mall and like, people are just hustling you. Sales. Sales, everything's sales. Sales,


Pete: they probably get, they're on commission and tips

Sidey: much bigger and Yeah, So it's, and so we do get, we do get her on the phone, some guy and he is a bit abrupt and a bit rude and eventually she's like cottons onto, if she's

Pete: well, it's him that says it to her. Gary explicitly says to her, like, you know, like, you know, be a bit sexier or whatever. So she goes from sort of like, you know, business professional sales pitch to full-blown

Sidey: what?

Bed slot?

Pete: line.

Like, yeah. Yeah, it was, it was hot. She's got her legs up on the desk while she's doing it. She's like, properly got into character and she's like making loads of like, Dubler on Toms. Mm-hmm.

Reegs: So they're desperately trying to get the waterbed business promoted. They go to Odes restaurant to see if they can get Jerry Fricks interested in helping promote, and he's there with his new wife, Kimo

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: And again, there's another scene where he asked her in this exaggerated, racist accent, what she thinks. And when they ask her, when they ask him, what did she say? He says, oh, I dunno, I don't speak Japanese

Pete: Which makes

Reegs: the,

Sidey: the

Pete: previous, the previous scene even funnier that he was just pretending to sort of translate what she said. But

Reegs: anyway after the, the, the phone conversation, that's when Gary gets the idea that she should be an actor and pushes her to, to go for an audition or to go and meet his agent.

Yeah. And he's like, just say yes to everything.

Yeah, absolutely. Everything. So we meet the, the agent and I can't remember the actress's name. She's a terrific character actress. He's seen her in loads and loads of stuff and she subjected some really racist shit about her Jewish nose and all this sort of stuff, but equal opportunist, racist cuz everybody's getting it in this Yeah.

In the seventies. And so she says, yes, are you athletic? Do you horseback ride? Can you do fencing? Baseball, basketball, soccer? Krav Magar, she says, what's that quick draw? McGraw

Sidey: Yeah.

You comfortable with nudity?

Reegs: she looks right at her and she says, you've got fight, you're like a pit bull with sex appeal , which is

Cris: And a Jewish nose.

Reegs: and a Jewish nose.


Sidey: But yeah. Are you comfortable with with nudity

Reegs: And can you speak

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: yeah,

Sidey: Yeah. It's

Pete: Latin. She like, she, but she's like riffing on it. She's just like throwing out languages. Yeah. But yeah,

Reegs: he, she does say about nudity and Lana is about to say yes. And Gary Mimes to her. No, you don't say. Yeah. And this is their big tiff in the car on the way home.

He can't believe it. You would show the world your boobs, so you wouldn't show them to me.

Sidey: Yeah. And so she does.

Pete: Yeah. . Yeah. She just

Sidey: is it, is it immediately or is it a little bit,

Pete: No, no, no. They have a

Reegs: She, goes off in a huff. she, throws the keys down and she walks off and he goes into the house and then we just see a knock, knock, knock at the door.

And she comes in and she shot from behind. Yeah. And she walks in and she, she lifts off her top and he goes, can I touch them? And she just slaps him.

Pete: yeah.

Sidey: yeah, that's pretty low. Yeah. So she then meets Jack Holden.

Cris: Yes.

Sidey: actor played by Sean Penn.

he is a fucking bad end in this

Reegs: He's amazing in this. Yeah.

Sidey: He's just talking about, I dunno,

Reegs: he talks I was in the Congo, the jungle is where I'm most at home in the Congo.

Cris: I lost my best friend beheaded in the Congo.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Two of my best black friends got beheaded

Reegs: And then he says to her, he looks really intensely at her and he says, I'll share any of my intimacies with you. But don't ask me about Koala Lumpur. That's great. And in any notices, his mate, he's the real deal. Lethario. He's like, Gary Valentine is actually pretending to me.

But anyway, he notices his mate the director, I think of a

Sidey: he is. Yeah.

Reegs: Relow. Tom Waits.

Sidey: Waits. It's Tom Waits. Yeah. Yeah. And he's even more bonkers and he just starts shouting and like corralling the. Restaurant and he says to Jack about this stunt that you do on the bike. It's so fucking amazing.

I'm gonna go over to the eighth hole cuz, cuz they're on this what you call it, this whole fucking country club sort of thing. Yeah. We're gonna go over to the eighth hole and he starts shouting to the way to Grease. He wants to get him greased up, get, grease him up,

Reegs: me out there with three wing back chairs, a bottle of like paraffin and and a load of grease on the eighth hole of the golf

Sidey: course.

Yeah. And then it's just started a bonfire in the, in the bunker on one of these golf holes.

Reegs: What, meanwhile, Gary is also turned up at the

Sidey: restaurant Yeah. And she's been trying to make him jealous. Yeah. She's like holding Jack's hand and looking over at him and like poking her tongue out and just being really stupid.


Pete: the thing thing I like about this, this Gary's character, is that you've got all this like, like hugely, he's hugely and like overtly confident and successful and he's done all these things and it's, he's, he's almost like hard to believe that this is a, like a 15 year old, almost like an unbelievable character.

But he shows glimpses in a lot of the scenes of it. So like the one about, oh, what your show everyone in the world you'll be, but you won't show 'em. To me that's kind of like a childish response to that. And then, He goes into that restaurant and this Jack Holden is, is ordering martinis and that, and then he just turns around to his friend, like, I can get his martinis.

You want martinis? Like, you know, it is, there's still like

Sidey: in a way Jack

Pete: and and immaturity in him, in him

Sidey: But also he would say that Jack is, Jack the veteran is more immature and more childish than him.

Pete: Yes.

Reegs: Especially for what's about to happen. Yeah.

Sidey: they do go out onto the golf course.

He gets Alana on the you know, what do you call it? Riding billion pian on the back of his motorcycle, like an old engine or something like that. And

Reegs: there's a real telling moment just before he goes. She says, do you even know my, do you even remember my name?


Pete: real name? Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And the whole crap, the entire restaurant has gone out to watch this performance and he turns around and he revs and he is just gonna like, put along and jump over this this bonfire in a bunker.

And it's actually a bit of an anti-climax when he does it, cuz it's not a, it's not evil can evil but that way. But as soon as he, jams the, the accelerator down to hoof it off Alana falls off the back. Which Gary sees and immediately fucking sprints towards her.

Yeah. And that almost becomes more pivotal than the motorcycle. It's, it's really about Gary going to her. But we do see the bike over and he just goes over this fairly pathetic jump. He just the jump, but he crashes. He crashes when he lands. just doesn't bra. He, you know,

he's fine. He

Pete: out. Yeah, yeah.

Sidey: He just falls

over and he is fine. Everyone's cheering, but really we are more interested in Gary run over and making sure that she's okay. And they run off and they go back to the waterbeds shot. There's

Reegs: Needle drop of,


me roll it by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Sidey: There was also some David Bowie in here.

Reegs: gonna get to that in a minute.

Sidey: there, like rigs loving this. And

Reegs: I like that

Sidey: she falls asleep first on the waterbeds. They're just having a nice moment together and he just hovers his hand right over her boob, but he's too respectful to,

Reegs: is literally millimeters from sexually assaulting her. That's pretty much the, like, the gap of what, between doing it and not doing it like right there isn't

Sidey: he?

But he doesn't do

Reegs: but he doesn't

Sidey: do it. He's, he's a, you know, he's a young lad who had the chance to copper feel and, you know, he, he's like, no, I'm not gonna do that. Dog .Yeah,

Reegs: Anyway, the TV starts talking about the global oil embargo, mad Max style. And Lana immediately twigs, this is gonna be a problem since vinyl.

Made of oil which

Sidey: she's like, didn't you know that? Yeah. It was like, I don't know. I thought it was made outta plastic. So that's also made out what you

Pete: Yeah. Rubber. Yeah.

Sidey: that. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And

then that's when we get the pretty gratuitous life on Srop. Over a, another great long shot of Gary running past all the parked cars out waiting for petrol.

Sidey: Yeah, we get to meet Bradley Cooper.

Reegs: Yeah. So they've got one last job,

Pete: Yeah. He, so he's John Peters?

Reegs: Yeah. His girlfriend is Barbara Streisand.

Sidey: Sand, sand, sand.

Remember Stre sand


gets very agitated about that.

Pete: It's, it's a, it's an uncomf It's a funny scene, but it's an uncomfortable scene. It's like

Sidey: every scene that he's, he's only in it for like, I don't know, a couple of scenes over 15 minutes or so.

He's a maniac. Yeah, he's just a flatout maniac.

Cris: But he gets all the tail,

Sidey: nearly sexually

Reegs: He gets all

Cris: gets all the tail.

Sidey: He gets all up in Alana's face, like in the.

Cris: in

Sidey: Later on in the trial, but first of all, he's just really, really aggressively in Gary's face

Reegs: He says, you can shove your excuses up your penis hole.

Pete: And

Cris: is your penis

Pete: like, how big's your penis hole? And he's like, oh, it's it's regular size

Reegs: And he

Pete: Imagine my excuse shoved up there,

Reegs: Yeah.

And then he leans in really aggressively to him and he says, we speak the same language. We're both from the streets. Which is a real, because obviously John Peters is a real guy.

Right? A real lunatic who was a producer and inspired the Walter Sok

Sidey: Oh, did he? Right. Okay. Yeah.

Reegs: So, and he's got loads of crazy, he was a guy who wanted to put Spider in the Nick Cage. Crazy Superman film. And there's loads of weird stories about John, Peter and all yeah. Anyway, the scene ends with him threatening to kill Gary and his whole family if they mess his house up.


Sidey: So yeah, I was


Reegs: he says, I'm gonna choke your brother right out in front of you and Steve is gonna kill your dog.

Sidey: And I was, when I was watching, I was thinking, I think he's still gonna do something.

I think he's still gonna fuck him over. And he does. So when they're filling the waterbed in the, in, was it Barbara Streisand's house?

Reegs: Streis

Sidey: Yeah.

And they just pulled the hose out and just like, fuck it. Just like let

Pete: well I think at first they're filling it up and the hose kind of like pops out.

Sidey: I thought he just pulled it out.

Cris: pulled it out.

Sidey: he And he and he kinda, he looks at Lana like waiting for her approval and she's like, yeah. And they just leave her on

the floor

Cris: because he said he's gonna kill Kurt.

He threatened to kill Kurt, which is his brother. And he's like, he pulls the thing

Pete: him. Yeah,

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: And they do a runner, but unfortunately don't get far because when they're like 10 minutes down the road, if that, yeah. What's his face? Brad Bradley Coopers

Pete: Well, yeah, it's, it's, it's worth saying.

So they're late to, to deliver because of the petrol crisis and everything. And then he was like, oh, like you fucking idiot. Like, you know, you see that? What's that? That's a Ferrari Daytona and it's got a full tank of gas. Cuz I'm going to the picture like, and everything. I'm taking Barbara Streisand. And then obviously they get in the van and they drive down the road and they find that he's run outta petrol.

Sidey: cause, and he's, and he, he's, but they don't, first they just see him charging up the road probably thinking, oh fuck.

You know, he is found out and it's just he needs to lift back Yeah. To get his,

Pete: his Jerry can.

Sidey: a jerry can to go and fill it up. And whilst he's just like, almost like violently assaulting someone at the petrol pump, they just think, well, now's the time to fuck off.

Pete: Yeah. Well that, that's the bit where you nearly get the flame

Reegs: throat. Yeah.

Pete: he just grabs the

Sidey: just goes lighter

Pete: a lighter in front of it and points in the guy's face eyes, is it my pump now? Is it my pump? You're like,

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. And you would, you would absolutely do a runner and leave

Pete: Yeah. But,

Reegs: do that. And they go

Pete: well, and, and, and he's, he's, that, that's, there's that scene in, in the cab of the, the truck where he's driving past the Ferrari, Daytona like carefully and he leans right across and he's basically just like fucking sex.

She, he, he is sexually assaulting her while she's driving because he's,

Sidey: he's like, I'll, I'll stare, or I'll you do the pedals. And, but he's right in her face.

Pete: He's like, oh, and you, you smell so good and everything. He's just such a fucking like,

Sidey: horrible scumbag. Yeah.

Reegs: So yeah. Anyway, after they've been him off at the petrol station, they go back past the, the stopped Ferrari and Gary gets the idea in his head to beat the shit out of it with a baseball


Sidey: No, it's a tire iron.

Cris: a

tire iron. Yes. It's

Sidey: He just smashes the windscreen a few times.

Reegs: Literally just as the truck runs out of fuel. It's amazing. So then we get this, one of the just an incredibly tense like action scene. Yeah. Basically of Alana having to like free wheel the.

Sidey: it. She, oh,

Reegs: that has gotta be cgi.

Sidey: She did it. They said, they said all the scenes of her, of her driving the cab. She

Reegs: Yeah. But when,

Sidey: nah, she did it for

Reegs: I

Sidey: dunno.

But, but when she said, you've gotta push, I thought, well, how's he gonna push it up there?

It was

Cris: Everything was downhill though.

Sidey: I know.

Reegs: And she is booting it downhill in this massive truck that's fully laden, in reverse. It's

Cris: I have to say, it's one of them that normally for a suspense you have some soundtrack or some, some, this was very silent. Yeah. So I think it made it even more gripping because there wasn't just the noise of the car. . Nothing else. Yeah. I, I, I thought it was brilliant the way they've done it.

I didn't know breaches. Yeah, I didn't know that. she's apparently done the stunt by herself and everything was real, but it was really good though.

Sidey: They even. Come to a standstill. They make it down unscathed and they, and, and she just kind of takes herself off to the side of the road and just thinks, fuck we're what we doing? I'm just

Pete: Yeah. And, and we get our last snippet of John Peters again. Yeah. As he's like, he's like smashed up

Reegs: hers have been through a

Sidey: window

Pete: and then you see him storm off. But then you see two like young tennis player

Sidey: looked like, it looked like one of the, one of the,

the girls looked like, you know, that famous

pitch they ever had in the


Pete: the short skirt.

Sidey: Yeah.

The tennis ball. Like

Reegs: he says to her, do you want a peanut and peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Which apparently was his real chat up line.

Sidey: really?

Okay. So he was fine. Really, it was just going on from one deranged thing to another. It was just a lunatic.

Reegs: Anyway, while she's waiting for the boys to come back with petrol, she sees a sign for Joel Wax running for Mayor of California, a congressman, and she volunteers to help his campaign calling up an old friend Brian, and quickly becoming a, pretty much an integral part of Joel W's team.

I would say


And she brings in Gary and his team to help shoot a campaign video. And. You know, she seems genuinely inspired by his messages. But Gary is jealous. And then later they have an an argument, don't they? When he overhears something about pinballs machines being legalized and he's like, oh.

And he starts phoning people up. I'm gonna get on the board, the

Sidey: he just, he starts like doing that as opposed to doing anything for the campaign. He just, because he's got

Reegs: she's outraged by it because she, she really believes in the things that he's talking

Sidey: a true believer. Gary's just an entrepreneur. He's just trying to like, make an, make it,

Reegs: Well this is brazen hucksterism

Pete: Is it, is this, why would pinball

Sidey: It was, it was genuinely was illegal. And I've got the dates because it was gambling, apparently gambler blah, blah, blah, blah. It was banned from 1939 to 1973 on the grounds that it was illegal form of gambling. So they made it illegal.

But firearm gambling on what?

Pete: are fine.

Sidey: Ga Like

it's, a game where you score points.

I don't really understand. So he does, he, he basically swaps out the waterbeds for, makes it like a gambling arcade, you know, a pinball arcade.

Reegs: he's really horrible to her. He's, when they have, they fall out and he says, oh, you'd still be taking pictures of children at high school if it wasn't

Pete: for Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. I mean, he is a fucking child though.

And there's a one of those

Cris: probably also true.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: it's harsh. There's a guy who is smashing one of the Pimball machines around, that's called Tilt. You can't do that. And they, the modern games would have a thing that would,

Pete: an alarm go

Sidey: off. Yeah. And he's a real wanker. I was hoping that guy was gonna get beat up or something, but he doesn't, he

Reegs: No. Well, he can't. This is when Gary's in his awesome white and pink suits. Right.

Sidey: We actually see him go for his fitting for the suit.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: he tries to throw that guy out. Yeah. And he can't just sort of impotently tell

you. And then he sees some tiny kid doing the same thing and he throws him out.

It's hilarious. Yeah. And then later Alana's been throwing herself into her work. And there's been a freaky long-haired guy also hanging around the work, and it's not really clear what's going on. And she receives a call just as she's leaving the office. It's sort of, he's asking her to come for a drink, but it's clear immediately, even by the phone conversation that he's uncomfortable in what he's asking.

Right. You never really thought as she thinks she's going for a date, but as an audience member, you never really do.

Pete: Oh, I, I, I, I didn't, I

Cris: I thought it sounded quite sexual in a

Pete: Yeah. Well, you

Cris: just a, oh, do you wanna come for a drink?

Reegs: I

figured they'd

Pete: into it any more than I thought that he was, because he'd said a couple of times, you know, like, you've, you've been amazing and like, you're such a big part of this.

And just he's been showering her with praise and then

Reegs: he's, but he's also, he's introduced being extremely evasive about his dating history. That's is literally how he's introduced when he's being interviewed. They're like, oh,

Sidey: I just got,

Pete: well, for, for, for an obvious reason that, that you

Reegs: He's

Pete: out. Yeah. But j just before that, is there not, I mean, the, there's something kind of evolving with her and Brian as well, which doesn't ever seem

Sidey: like, Yeah. I thought that's why he was so keen to get her in because he had the hots for her. Yeah. Yeah. And she is hot.

Pete: Mm. But yeah, they get, she, she

Reegs: been basically brought there to beard for wax and his boyfriend who are having a lover's tiff, basically.

And I

don't know if they're breaking

Pete: that guy, the guy with the long hair is, is in the restaurant and is basically spying, you know, trying to get some, some dirt on, on wax.

So he's worked that out and he's out having a meal with his boyfriend, so

Reegs: she orders a vodka gin martini with an olive ander

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. They, they just keep asking her, do you want this? Yeah. Vodka or martini. Yes. , both of

Pete: like audition all over again. Yes. To everything.

Reegs: Yeah.

So yeah, it's, it's a sad scene. She goes home with the boyfriend and they, you know, he, he's, he's, he wants wax to be more public about his relationship with him, but he can't, and he's committed to the work,

Sidey: so,

well, he's just like, he's been completely sidelined and it's just like a dead end.

So they, they, they bond over their men trouble.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, he says to her, do you have a boyfriend? And she says, yes and no. And she, and he says, is he a shit? And she, at least she says, yes,

Sidey: he had been at that point.

Reegs: they cry. They all are, aren't they?

Sidey: they? Yeah.

Reegs: And then there's a big running finale now at this point.

They run across town to


Pete: Cuz Gary's cuz the sisters are, are in the pinball arcade. And Gary's gone over like asking questions and that, and he, again, he's, he's, he's, it's endearing the way he does it, he goes over and like compliments them first and everything and, and yeah, it is a means to an end, but he's also like, there's a sense, it's, it's genuine, but he's, he's asking about Alana and they're like, you know, why don't you go and find out, you know, where she works.

So he's running to her work. She's had this like frustrating kind of like misunderstanding situation that's actually quite horrible really. So she thinks, right, you know, Gary makes me feel good. I'm gonna go

Reegs: and Well, he's honest and he loves her

Pete: yeah. And she loves him, I think.

Reegs: Well, I think that's kind of where we get to, don't they?

They literally run into each other outside of a movie theater, like literally smack into each other, don't they?

Sidey: they? Yeah.

Reegs: And outside of a movie theater playing an in, it was a, a Bond movie, wasn't it?

Sidey: Never Let Die. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Pete: Film Best, best Bond. Again, .

Reegs: All sorts of decent and uplifting symbolism about movies and all sorts if you want it there.

And then he brings her back to the pinball place and introduces her as Mrs. Alana Valentine. Yeah, it's

Sidey: Pretty full on.

Cris: and she just calls him a dick.

Reegs: Yeah. An idiot, I think. Yeah. And then they kiss, did we

Sidey: do her share kiss. They do have a kiss. Yeah.

Reegs: And

Cris: and, and it is not awkward at all by him being 15,

Reegs: and then she thinks, oh, I love her, you, or something.

Sidey: She tell, she tells them that she's in love with him.


Pete: I, I, I took the, between the, the first scene of the film and finding out what age both of them are. To that point there, I'm assuming more than just like, A week had gone past like

Sidey: It's, it is not like,

don't five years later it's,

Pete: Doesn't say that explicitly, but I'm guessing that, that this is over a, a,

Sidey: I think it was the same year also. I think it was the, it was just like a, a summer or a a year.

Pete: I'm assu I was assuming that by this

Reegs: time Well, I think it doesn't really make

sense. There's a timeline.

Pete: there is

Reegs: I don't know that

Pete: well there is the part where he goes, he gets in the car and she's going, don't you fucking dare get in that car and everything.

So I'm guessing he's still under 16 cuz he can drive at 16 in the states. Right?


Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Jesus


Cris: looks uncomfortable when he was driving though.

Pete: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, he probably still was 15 at the end of it though.

Reegs: Yeah. It's not really clear how long it

takes to play a place over.

I don't think it really, yeah, it's not, I don't think it is like literally one long summer. I think it's all these stories of.

Pete: Mm.

Reegs: Shit that happened. So

yeah. What did you think?

Pete: was the end of the film.

Sidey: I thought it looked amazing. Like now, the, the time period, I think it just looked incredible and was the real homage. I just thought the film was like completely inconsequential and I found a lot of it to be just, just kind of like a, a few set pieces really.

I didn't like some of his other stuff's like amazing and I just didn't, I didn't get that feel of the story. It was just like couple of kids. I don't know. I didn't, I didn't find there like a whole lot of romance that you could really get behind.

Reegs: Well, yeah, cuz it's the romance is kind of Yeah. Squeaky in.

Sidey: Yeah.

So it was just kind of, it just kind of bled along a bit for me. It was, it was okay. It was just okay. I was just a little bit disappointed by it

Pete: I I took it, I mean, I, I dunno who directed it. I didn't look into it. I don't know who, who did direct it?

Sidey: Paul Thomas


Pete: other films

Sidey: Knight Punch, drunk La Love There will be Blood.

Reegs: there Will Be

Pete: not

seen any of those films. So I've got nothing to compare it to. Taking it at face value. I re I liked it really liked it. I, I liked, so I definitely liked it. I thought they, like, the performances were

Sidey: I did think the performances were

Pete: Like you say, it, it, you know, it was a cool soundtrack.

It was a really odd bit in, when he gets arrested and he's in the police station, it's almost like, music from The Jungle Book. It's really weird. Like, but lot of really good songs in it. Loads of like, the performances were great that like the, the light relief and the, you know, I did, I did kind of buy into the love story.

Like, it, it, it, it was, you know, I, I, I got on board with it. I felt it was a bit long. Really it was 22 hours, 20, something like that. And. Possibly didn't need to be. I, I thought there was points in time when I just thought, okay, you can get to a conclusion with this now, and, and that'd be great. And it kind of seems to just like extend a bit longer than it, than it needed to.

So, but it was, it was a, it was a good film. Performances a fantastic, you know,

Cook Cooper Hoffman. Yeah. I mean he, he's just

Sidey: gonna the Hoff go on to bigger than, that.

Pete: than that. He's gonna be large. But yeah, I, I enjoyed it. Little bit too long for me. She was brilliant. She was brilliant. Yeah, and, and like the fact that, you know, that family obviously.

So I, I did, because when I found out at the end, I didn't find out till the end that the family were her family, cuz they all had the same surname. So I looked up and the, and the dad seems like a bit of a, you know, Maverick, he was a, a Israeli professional footballer. He like came, he like a high level, like top division, came runner up, think won a local, like a domestic cup and everything like that.

And then he was like front man in a band as well and everything. So there's obviously star quality in the family that, that they've kind of like inherited. So brilliant performance is an enjoyable film for me.

Cris: Yeah. I, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. A bit strange in, in a way daddy kind of went from a, a slow.

drama or, or slow bits to a, a few fun bits, and then another intense moment, and then another comedy, and, and then in the end you kind of see that they have to end up together and all that because it's an American love story or whatever. But yeah, the I kind of agree with you. The, the characters were well played, the music was good.

Most of the scenes were well, well acted. And I, I'll have to say a bit long, but I did enjoy it just because it was a bit different. You, you don't get to see, normally it'll be


a, very straightforward line. And also the love story, to your point, I think it's actually better like this. Mm-hmm. , because this is, sounds really bad, but in the end, generally when you end up with your girlfriend, you are not the first choice and she's not the first choice. generally, especially if you know someone for a while and if you're friends, friends, friends, you fancy each other, but you always kind of look at something else and then you end up together in life, generally that's what happens. So I think they kind of nailed that one pretty good because you can see he's looking at girls his age.

There's that thing in the bathroom when Alana meets. I can't remember the other girl in the Chinese, in the Japanese restaurant where she's like, oh, does he ask you to give him hand jobs all the time? Frisbee. Yeah. Does does he ask you to give him hand jobs all the time? Yeah.

So things like that. So I, I, I did enjoy it.

It was, it was good. Highly recommend.

Reegs: Yeah, I did really like this. I think, you know, I, a lot of the references I only half got and it pines for a world. That's really just beyond my memory really, to be honest.

But Paul Thomas Anderson's like brilliant filmmaking craft is on display in most of the scenes. And there's good stuff about youth and friendship and a bit about love and a lot about how awful men are. And yeah, highly, highly recommended. I think not my favorite, Paul Thomas Anderson. I think some of his other work is better, but still his work is all of such a high standard that this is just great filmmaking and really well, you know, well acted well.

Everything well done, well

Sidey: Strong recommend.

Pete, this might be the kind of age range you are looking at. 12 forever. Cuz that's the name of the kids thing that we watched this week. It's on Netflix.

Pete: I know I watched it.

Sidey: And it is called 12 Forever. It's by a lady called Judy Vickerman who worked on Clarence Rick Morty, Harvey Girls Forever Paradise pd and the Power Puff Girls.

So strong pedigree. And it's about a girl called Reggie.

Reegs: It's her 12th birthday.

Sidey: She's Ginger. Yeah. But she , she's, she's at the dinner table with her brother, her mother and her just her pow Is it, it's over for dinner.

Reegs: I never quite got what the relationship

Sidey: it wasn't, but he, he, he's

Yeah, Cuz he didn't, they looked alike, the family, but he didn't, he was an outlier. So I, I assumed he was just a friend. And it's her birthday and her mother's got her some gifts and it's like fairly excruciating for her because the. Like practical. Yeah. Fairly mundane


Reegs: a flowery top.

She wants to play with battle toy Melissa.

Sidey: she, she's still like super into her toys and using her imagination and her mother's just bought her like deodorant.

Yeah. And some other stuff. And I think there was even like a, as a razor and then like the most excruciating of all is her first bra.


Which is like on display for her brother and her friend to see it. She's just

like Absolutely

Pete: it on, doesn't he?

Sidey: No, it's her friend.

She's very, it's very supportive. He said and she's absolutely mortified. And then her mom, there was quite a lot of relatable content coming up because her mum's like, right. We're gonna have a clear out. Yeah. Because, and she announces this when she brings the presents over in the first instance. No. Can't have all this new stuff if there's no room to, to put it, which I've said to my daughter about a million times.

So we're gonna have a garage sale. Yeah. And get rid of all your old shitty stuff.

Reegs: She's getting rid of stuff.

Like, there's a figurine made out of chewing gum called Chew Gum Stanley and an old Teddy Brown, Roger

Pete: Brown.

Sidey: Her brother, her brother's far too Cool. But he can tell he's really cut up about losing his favorite toy as well.

Yeah. He's like, no, no, don't get rid of it. I can get more if we sell it on eBay. And then he's, he's too cool to admit that he still likes it. So she says, no, don't worry. I'll, I'll sort it all out. I'll, I'll, I'll deal with it. So it takes all of her toys to her bedroom.

and then speaking to her friend.

What was his name, Todd, or was that her brother?


can't remember. You

Reegs: get the ki the, the sidekicks name. I'm so sorry.

Sidey: But they, she says, well, I know what we'll do. Yeah. And you just kind of think, well,

Reegs: what will you do?

Pete: Todd is her friend.

Sidey: Why didn't you think of this immediately? But they take it to their imaginary world, which is, well,

Reegs: of all, they just, she goes, I know what we'll do. And they take these magical keys out and then they just become, Beams of light.

Sidey: There's no, so this is series one, episode one, and there is no like hint No. Other than if you've seen like the artwork around the, you know, the program or Netflix, that there's a magical other land. So they,

they endless island.

Yeah. They whip out this like rainbow key and just disappear off into this like vortex into this other magical place, which is so fucking derivative of adventure time. Yeah. Like, so shamelessly. Yeah. Ripped off.

Sadly. Yeah.

Reegs: But she does also land in an automated car chicken as well, so that is pretty cool. So , which explodes, but yeah, it is a bit, unfortunately they decide to go and find somewhere to stash her stuff. That's why they're in the endless,

Sidey: she's put it on her backpack and yeah, they just bury it. But not brown Roger, because he'd get covered in sand.

Reegs: There's a weird gray thing freaky out that he hasn't got a gift for her birthday. And then there's a character called Tasty Troy, who's a walking sideboard with a head on it and he like pushes a balloon out of his drawer like he's giving birth

Sidey: Did they say, did you, did you make that? And he is like, he says something weird like, what did


Reegs: think so. then the balloon like flies off and it's absorbed into the back of a sentient starfield named Gala Alexander.

yeah. And then he mistakes her rucksack for her, for her. He's like, is that your son, Yeah. It's a place full of absolute freaks.

Anyway, she's got the label maker from her

Sidey: Yeah. She really disgruntled about that.

Reegs: and she just fucking hurls it cuz they've got superpowers like miles away. And it lands in a

Sidey: like a tar pit or something. tar. yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And manifests of course, a giant sentient label maker. In the stream.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Back in the real world, the mom doubts.

She's like full of self-doubt. Did she have the right idea making Reggie, you know, give up her stuff? It's clear she doesn't really understand her daughter's internal life of imagination. And also she can't find her label maker.

Sidey: she's getting rid of like, really shit, stuff like half burnt candles and stuff like that. And she's, she's not really, she, she seems to have a disconnect with her daughter. Like you say, she doesn't know what's going on really with her life. But we go back to

Reegs: the endless, the

Sidey: endless and the appearance of the label make and Monster.

Reegs: Yeah.


all of the things that were in her backpack that she buried in the sand have now sort of come to life including, what was it, Mac and Beefcake or something?

These like Yeah, this,

Pete: yeah. They're a, a wrestling like power couple cup power couple. Yeah, Yeah.

Sidey: The

Reegs: and a sentient bag of marbles,

Sidey: the two of them.

And the chewing bag toy. Ch the chewing gum thing,

Reegs: Yes. Chewing gum

Sidey: standing. Yeah. He's come to life. And so yeah, they had just had basically ended up having a huge battle with the,

Pete: label

Sidey: the Lakeway thing, but it was quite inventive cuz it was using the lake, you know, to swap them around and Yeah.

There was some octopus thing that could excrete weapons for her. Yeah. So she would request, I need , I need something that's long range. But that wouldn't work. And she got like pinned to the wall with the labor maker stuff and basically it was all what she could contract with her imagination was what she was gonna use to get out of this situation.

Yeah. But I just couldn't help watching it feeling like I'd seen this stuff done before. I mean, there were like imaginative characters in it, but then even like the art, the, you know, the visuals just looked like adventure

time. Yeah. And it was just like, we'll just transplant. You know, Finn for a girl you like.

Yeah. Really. But if, if you watch further on down the series it, she's she's actually a queer character. Is she? Yes.


Reegs: liked, I was gonna say I liked the fact that it was about a 12 year old who didn't want to grow up and the world was kind of trying to force her to, and she didn't want to.

Sidey: she was supposed to be kind of inspired.

Peter Pan, like the hair color and all that was supposed to be like, like a nod to Peter Pan and all that sort of stuff. And she has a crush on Girls later on in the series. But it did get canceled after this one series, which is a shame because it did, it lost, you know, it, it did it. I don't wanna say rip off, but certainly had a look similar too, but still had some moments in it I thought were quite interesting.

And we also get Matt Berry playing the Butt Witch and Noel Fielding later on in, in it as well. So there's loads of good voice acting talent in there.

Reegs: Are you interested in common sense media's

Sidey: Yeah, always.

Reegs: I've got two reviews from adults here. Both of them take points off because It, she, she, they both comment on the saggy breasts that fall over the pants of the mother. Oh yeah. Yeah. Being appalled by that. So bit bit of body shaming in that as well.

Sidey: I thought it might have been the gay stuff because they were fucking terrified by trans people at the moment, aren't they?

No, not trans. Drag drag stuff's like completely outrageous. Yeah. So yeah, I, I felt like watching this,


was a couple of like amusing moments, but I couldn't help but feel like I'd seen it before.

Reegs: Yeah, I'd have to agree. I think all the stuff with the, with Reggie and what she's going through and her imagination and her relationship with her mom and all that is interesting.

But the other stuff is really a bit quite derivative,

Sidey: Yeah, it was. Yeah. So, but you know, representation stuff is cool, but we've seen that in, in shek. Not that you can ever have too much of that but just the story-wise and everything is bit like,

Pete: I, I found myself thinking exactly what you just said there.

I've, I've seen this sort of stuff before. It's just a, like another regurgitation of it or iteration of it. But getting pulled back in by some of the like, you know, funny moments or, you know, quirky moments and everything. So it wasn't, it wasn't dreadful. Again, it's definitely not pitched at us, us guys here as, as an audience.

I wouldn't mind saying what my, I've got an 11 year old daughter. I wouldn't mind saying what she thought of

Sidey: it. Yeah, she, it'd be

Pete: it might be something that, that, that she, she'd get on board with. So I might recommend it to her, see what she thinks. But yeah, if I never see another episode, it wouldn't bother me.

But if, if it was on and my daughter did get into it and she watched it, I, I'd probably

Sidey: be a strong recommend. Right?

Pete: Yeah, exactly.

Sidey: Oh, I'll change the record, but we don't know what we're gonna watch next week. Do we?

Reegs: We're getting more shambolic by the week.

Sidey: think we had some murmurings about doing something based on our names. Maybe. I don't know. But we'll see. We'll see how we get on with that idea, how it just dates over the week.

All that remains for now is to say society signing out.

Reegs: weeks out

Pete: Tata.