Nov. 11, 2022

Lightyear & Steamboat WIllie

Lightyear & Steamboat WIllie
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Bad Dad Peter has recently spent some time with his children in the USA and having sampled the finest our cousins from the other side of the Atlantic have to offer, he thought he'd recognise the high watermark of American culture, the film offerings of the Disney company, for this week’s show. Our top 5 Memorable Disney Moments features a broad spectrum of Walt's offerings.
It would be easy to dismiss the latest Disney Pixar movie as being a shameless TOY STORY cash-in and just like any normal adult my enthusiasm for a Buzz Lightyear origin story was virtually non-existent, so when the reviews came in and decreed almost universally that LIGHTYEAR was mediocre my expectations were lower than a crypto bros credit score. When Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans) accidentally maroons the 1200 strong crew of The Turnip on an uncharted planet, he will stop at nothing to save their lives, even if it costs him his own. Buzz learning that he cannot fix everything and that he has to be willing to accept help is a meaningful  character arc allowing the movie to discuss its themes of male vulnerability, what it means to inspire someone, how to respond to mistakes in life and wraps all that up in a plot which features an interesting use of real world physics like the Theory of Special Relativity. Enjoyed by all of our kids, this was a surprise hit.
Whilst there is an extremely unpleasant Urban Dictionary definition pertaining to STEAMBOAT WILLIE, which involves parts of the male anatomy, cigarettes and locomotive impressions, it's the slightly less scatological 1928 animated debut of Mickey and Minnie Mouse we're chatting about this week. It's a Disney classic so of course it features brutal animal violence which we know you all enjoy.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. Try us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads



Sidey: Welcome to

Reegs: Bad Dad's Film Review. And whilst we have recently passed a pretty significant milestone in terms of Downlow numbers, I think it's also possible we've lost a couple of listeners in the past few weeks. What with Kanye Western Elon Musk probably not tuning in anymore. Uh, So we're gonna start this week's show with a small call to action.

To anyone who enjoys the pod, please just tell a friend about us. A recommendation from a real human being is worth so much and Alternatively, if you don't enjoy the show, then you don't have to feel left out either. Simply try recommending us to someone you don't like very much, and let them enjoy our witness list Bantering, if you've never listened to us before, this is the kind of film review podcast that likes to represent a full range of opinions, for example,

Dan: for

example. That's a word.

Reegs: Sorry, Dan. Did you proofread my

uh, Intro? Some of us thought the Adam driver tone Poe in Patterson was a gentle but passionate exploration of the struggle to find meaning, purpose, and recognition in life through art. And some of us think you're a pompous scarf wearing naval gaer for even acknowledging that the film exists.

This week's Disney theme show starts off with the top five Disney moments, not including Marvel or Star Wars, and then sees bad dad and mysterious boy Peter Andre cleverly juxtapose the most recent Disney Pixar joint light year with the widely acknowledged debut of Mickey Mouse in the 1928 animation.

Steamboat Willie, and I'm sure we all look forward to the jokes about Dan watching it with his great grandchildren when it came out. all it's left to do is introduce the dad, starting with professional dog food, taster, sidey, amateur, BDSM enthusiast, Dan, and the just Return from America. Peter Andre, tell us, did you watch anything entertaining on the plane, Peter?

Pete: Yes, I watched some films I watch, I watched Jurassic World Dominion.

Reegs: The new

Pete: Completely

ridiculous. Just fucking, But the, there's something about watching films on a plane where you'll watch total shy and

Reegs: it. I, I exclusively watch Total


Dan: I never remember them. I'm just, I'm in awe that you remember the films you

Pete: I had to look up on the BA listings. One of the films I'd watched, I couldn't remember A single thing.

It's weird about one of the films and it, the film was uncharted.

Reegs: Oh, yeah.

That's the sort of thing I would've watched Yeah.

Pete: Holland and Marky Mark

Dan: when you are that high, it's difficult to

Pete: maybe. Yeah. Like lack of oxygen to the brain or something. And it somehow held my attention, but it

Sidey: it was, but

Reegs: Well, because you are looking for the sweet spot of this needs to be two and a half hours to get me from one meal to the


Sidey: And also I'm watching it on a shitty 12 inch like screen. I don't wanna watch something that I really wanna watch. Yeah. I'm happy to watch

Reegs: Give me morbius, give me like, something

Sidey: that's the sweet spot right there.

Pete: Sure Jurassic World would've been better on the big screen, but it was

Sidey: I'll still watch that film

knowing that the other ones were fucking

Pete: terrible.

It is, it's horrendous and stupid, but it was entertaining. At the same time, I did watch the South Korean film like a called the Roundup. It's like a

gangster police thriller. Yeah.

Again, it's got that South Korean like element to it of being like quite gritty and violent and gory, but also quite funny at the same time.

It often in the same scenes and stuff. It's, it was, that was probably the best thing that I watched apart from, I watched the first episode and I dunno if it was you that mentioned it, of a series, The Tourist, the bbc, it's on BBC I Player.

Sidey: No,

Pete: It's fucking, like the first episode is brilliant.

Really Sucks you in and I'm now like three or four into it. It's a Irish fella. Pulls away from a gas station in Australia, trucks chasing him. Eventually runs him off the road. He wakes up in hospital and has lost his memory complete like amnesia. So you dunno why that's happened. He doesn't know who he is or anything.

And then all he is got is a bit of paper says be here at this time and he has to go there and then there's a cliff hanger at

Dan: it's like me on a Monday morning.

Pete: Yeah, it's like your weekend. It reminded me of you Dan, actually. But that's really good.

Dan: Okay

Pete: I'm now

Sidey: also had a kind of cinema room in your villa, didn't you?

Pete: you?


have a cinema. That was a fucking absolute godsend. So it was just like frisbeed the kids in there and locked the door and they could then there was an air hockey table in case they got bored of whatever it was they were watching. So yeah, we watched there, there was some stuff there.

Managed to watch some other stuff. I finished off Animal Kingdom all six series, which there's a film that like was what inspired the series. So I'm gonna watch that and if it's any good I might nominate it. And that is basically everything that I've ever watched.


Reegs: like

Dan: it, but yeah, it's good. Huh? Okay.

Reegs: Dan, you were furiously scribbling before because you had so much


Dan: do.

I did. I watched loads. Oh, I just, the

Reegs: let's hear from Si.

Dan: Yeah. Oh.

Sidey: Yeah, go on. I know you're primed.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: No, I'm really not primed. .

Sidey: Oh well, I watched the weird, our ov It story, which we might talk about in the future at some point.

If I if I can remember it well enough, we'll see. We'll see about that. I also watched Licorice pizza,

Reegs: Ah.

Sidey: which I really enjoyed.

Reegs: Did

Sidey: really

enjoyed it.

Pete: Okay.

These guys both went, ah, like I've

Reegs: is Paul Thomas Anderson, isn't it? Yeah.

Dan: Its, it's just a film that I've seen come up on

Sidey: Prime, It's on Prime Now. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: And I've looked at it a couple of times and then jumped onto something else. But

Reegs: I,

like all this other stuff I haven't seen Inherent Vice. I'm gonna pick it for the pod

Dan: one.

I've seen that. Yeah. Okay.

Sidey: I

really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed It It was very good. Yeah. Highly recommend.

Reegs: Nice. Go on Dan. Tell

Dan: Yeah. I watched it'll probably surprise you.


sports thing called redeem team, which is about the gonna be bothered. Yeah. I'm


Sidey: course they're gonna win. And they should make the feel the documentary about the WANs that lost to the fucking Argentinas the fucking


Dan: no I get your point.

And it put me off watching this for a long time actually, and it's okay. It's not as extreme as you think because they had lost the last the Olympics and the whole culture of the team. It's more about them changing the culture. They thought they could just turn up and win it. It's around about the US basketball team and their march onto their right Olympic

Sidey: Do you know what, when I saw that, I thought they're just trying to capitalize on the last dance and just get another basketball thing out there to fucking ride

Dan: Yeah. And Kobe's in this one a lot as well. And you see his kind

Sidey: be any more of

Dan: within in the team, unfortunately not. And but that was decent caught up with and or watched a little more Lucifer.


Started watching the boys again with the misses because she just started to

Sidey: you know what? I'd

forgotten the last episode, so I re-watched that this week.

Dan: Okay. Yeah. Anyway, I've left her to it. Now she's getting through that and enjoying it. I started watch a teaching CH film and I was thinking, Oh, I haven't seen one of them for ages, but they just had one.

And it wasn't one of the good ones and had it offered after about sort of 10 minutes. So I started to watch a new, like comedy show called Blockbuster.

Reegs: Yeah, the

Sidey: Netflix I've heard it's absolutely catastrophically bad,

Dan: I watched the first episode and I like the kind idea of it, but.

It wasn't as quick as other shows of as similar Oak.

So I'd started to watch the second episode, but it didn't keep me attention too long. I watched Chariots of Fire Instead, which I hadn't seen in a little while and really enjoyed that. Still just such a brilliant movie, a lovely story.

Sidey: I

Dan: don't think

Reegs: they set a mongoose on fire.

Dan: Yeah, no. And then I watched this thing called, I watched Lowe's, did

Reegs: I Yeah.

Dan: But Tim mention have you ever heard of him, Tim mention? Yeah. Yeah. I watched him for the first time. I'd not seen him before.

Sidey: He had that viral university speech to me where he was speaking to the kids about his like rules for life and they were like alternative sort of ways of living.

Okay. Of thinking.

Dan: Yeah. And he was really clever and so yeah, I did actually do some work and stuff in between all that, but Got a lot of TV time cuz the kids were out all weekends.

So I was like, brilliant.

Sidey: What about you? Rigs

Dan: in weather was bad.

Reegs: finished? The watcher?

Sidey: Oh, you were a bit worried about the ending,

weren't you?

Was it? Right. Yeah.

Reegs: And then the tree story is only is there but it's seven episodes and like six of them are absolutely top drawer and the ending is okay.

Sidey: I mentioned it at work cause with the, my team they were like all looking for something else, a new series to get into. So I mentioned a couple of scan murder, things that my mum had recommended cause they all like that.

And I said, Oh, and my mates been going on about the watch and they like, Oh, what's one episode thought can be bothered with it.

Reegs: Oh God. You worked with some morons then? Um,

Sidey: almost exclusively.

Reegs: Uh, Yeah, I enjoyed that and watched The Handmaids Tale Season five.

Bleak. Harrowing and depressing.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Cool.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Into,

Pete: never got into it. I watched a few episodes, but of the

Reegs: Yeah. But now America looked at it and went, Oh, that's a good idea. We should actually do that in real life. It does, it takes away from the dramatic irony of it

Sidey: Yeah. No, that's true. So we did a top five last week.

Reegs: Yeah. Did we have anything from the Lethal weapon?

Sidey: I'm bit disappointed. Didn't comment on our nicknames from last week, but we'll see how we get on this week. Yeah. So if you think back a whole seven days to when we did this last, there was the top five fruit. Cause we did Clockwork Orange, then we spoke about

fruit in our top

five. Andy Conley mentioned American Pie and he did the Grapefruit in the face nomination, which I think is what we put in, wasn't it? Yeah. James Cagney one.

Reegs: We did

Sidey: lot of love for jus Jungle Book. Then we got

Pete: got

Sidey: Al in Lord Rings. I quite like that one because he's a real messy

Pete: Yeah, because the tomatoes

Sidey: Yeah, And I think when you see someone on screen eating

Pete: It stays with you that it's like, fuck it. I know people that eat well, I've seen people eat like that and I wanna punch them.


Reegs: You'd wanna punch my

Pete: Don't, Don't invite me around for dinner

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: But then Mel had that one from across the universe with the strawberries as well, which we liked. Yeah. But I think maybe we'll do that as a future nomination and we'll put in Danor from Lord of the Lows for

Reegs: Did

Pete: you cover Go Banana with Ralph on the bus,

Sidey: know? I don't think, I don't

Pete: rolling apples and oranges down the bus and he goes to roll, go

Sidey: a great shout. You should nominate it.

Pete: Well, I wasn't, I was away fucking coming second in, in queen trivia quizzes

Sidey: Yeah. Tell us a bit more about that, cuz that's quite interesting.

Pete: Basically my mom and I were at a loose end one night, and we went to a quiz trivia night and there was a good 40 odd teams. And I just thought she likes queen.

I like queen. We might get some things right. And it was only after we smashed like the first

Sidey: Did they divvy like a running Did you know how close you were?

Pete: we didn't, but what I did know, I knew the first like 25, it was like 40 questions first 25 were nailed on. Like they, they could not be wrong.

So I was thinking we might be right with this, but there could be a load of other fucking nerds who've got this, all of this. As it happened, we, yeah, it was album covers. It was particularly the Flash Gordon one. They just took everything off it and just put a yellow disc

Dan: The, The one that

Pete: the one you've got on your wall here to mock me.

I bet you've only

Dan: just that, that No. That's been there for months. I know. But yeah,

Pete: Without anything on it at all. It's just a yellow bit of fucking card. And that, that ultimately I think was what cost

Dan: cost you.

Sidey: the universe.

Reegs: What would you have won? What was the top prize?

Pete: They got a prize. The winning team.

Sidey: holiday was cheated

Your whole holiday was Paid.

Dan: And you got to meet Queen.

Wow. You got

Pete: got to play in the band.

Dan: The in queen.

Reegs: your major mistake was watching Bohemian Rhapsody.

Pete: Why's that?

Dan: because

Sidey: Shit

Reegs: and

Pete: into that one, didn't I?

Sidey: Should we launch into this week top five? Yes. Yes.

We've got very particular Disney kind of rules.

Pete: Not especially, is, this is the top five Disney moments, but then it was only I didn't even know that Marvel is Disney cuz I'm not that much of a dick. But I then thought, oh, I bet Marvel's fucking owned by Disney or something. And I knew some Star Wars stuff was as well.

I didn't, I don't think I mentioned Star Wars. Is it all but the originals weren't released as Disney.

Sidey: I know this wasn't in the rules, but I also excluded Pixar.

Pete: Oh, okay. I dunno why's

Reegs: a

Sidey: That's just a personal

Pete: preference. Okay. So I,

Sidey: I genuinely think

that most Pixar stuff is only Okay.

Pete: Okay.

But I excluded Marvel because we've done a top five Marvel moment specifically. I dunno if we've done a Star Wars

Sidey: one,

We did a Disney one. When we, when I fell asleep at Frozen


Dan: I excluded Disney.

Pete: Okay. That was good. That was very, It's an interesting uh,

Sidey: bold strategy.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Pete, as it's yours, do you wanna set the ball rolling?


Pete: Let me just

Sidey: I've also just got animated. I haven't even got any Disney Live action stuff.

Pete: I've got some live action stuff as well.

Reegs: got some live action.

Pete: Yeah. I'm gonna start with a live action one. And I think we've, it only came up in one of our top fives before, and it's a film that I don't think we talked a great deal about, but

Dan: The greatest game ever played It's she LeBouf and it's the story of him. It he plays Frances Wee. Thanks for that intro, Pete. And it's the story of him playing Francis as Frances Wee winning the US Open as an amateur. And it's got real Jersey connections. Actually we mentioned it before, I think in earlier pods, but Ted Ray and Harry Vaden were the big players at the time Jersey Boys.

And they were absolutely top notch golfers of their day.

Sidey: There was a time if you did the nationwide, if you did the nations with the most golf majors. Jersey was in like the top five. Really? Yeah.

Pete: Wow.

Dan: Because of those two, they used to whack in everything. This young upstart came in, he wasn't really, he was just an amateur and he'd been playing on that course where they're having the open.

But he wasn't a rich boy and they, Disney do this, don't, over the story they bring it up. So he is quite from poor backgrounds and he makes his way in. Disney fired it and Disney fired it a little bit. But it is true story based on a true story. Lots of these stories that I like that Disney do are based on true stories and the moment where in any kind of sports film there's clutch plays, isn't there where he just has to nail it and he has to get it in and yeah.

Fantastic stuff.

Sidey: Pete, you

Reegs: Yeah, go on Pete, you.

Dan: Sorry.

Pete: It was a

great inception, in fairness. I was going to talk about, only Cuz it was on my bedsheets for many years, the black hole. And I think it was robots, but,

Sidey: Ma Max a million.

Pete: was max a million that I was Again, I remember watching this film as a kid, loving it, having the bed, even though I think it was 79 when I was born in 78. It must have been a Christmas viewing a few years later

Sidey: It was like a mad scientist dude. Yeah, he had a beard.

Pete: Yeah. So he wanted to basically take a ship through a black hole to see what was on the other side or something. Correct.

Reegs: Reckless event horizon, basically.

Pete: Yeah, that's it. And he, but it was really fucking good. I think it was like out there to like rival Star Wars a little bit, but it was it was a really put together film and so on.

But like the specific moment is that you've got the two little flying, I've forgotten the second one. One of them talks with a real,

Sidey: One was all bashed up. Yeah. But one

Pete: And he's got

Sidey: either toys

Pete: tex and draw or something. But Vincent was like, the, was the guy and obviously he's like the hero robot. Maxin was fucking terrifying with like big spinny like knives, his hands and stuff.

He's off the load of guys already and he's, and he puts pay to the to the bashed up robot as well. But there's a scene right near the end. Maximilian and Vincent come together, you think? Oh, Vincent hasn't got a chance, but he's got a little drill bit that comes out of his front. It's quite phallic

Sidey: penis? Yeah, I was gonna

Pete: it is. Yeah. He's got a spinny penis, much like yours, Dan. And he, yeah, he drills Maximilian straight through like the chest cavity. And then he, as the ship's breaking up, Maximilian floats out and into space and it's just like spinning around. And then he poetically gets sucked through the black hole.

And into nothingness. Yeah. Yeah. Beyond the veil.

Dan: Love. A true story

Reegs: I do remember that film very fondly, but I haven't seen it for

Sidey: I bet you it's catastrophic if you I bet you it's really bad.

Pete: Yeah. Some robots get hurt

Sidey: in it That's when

Pete: you

probably check out. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: I'm leaving that one in Nostalgia Town. I think that's one

just to keep,

Pete: Ah, let's revisit these.


Reegs: Oh, last Star Fighter.

I keep thinking about watching as

Sidey: I've never seen that one.

Pete: That's a Disney film.

Reegs: I dunno.

Pete: Actually I think it is.

I think

Reegs: Oh, I didn't come up on my list though.

Sidey: When you mentioned Disney Moments straightaway, I thought about deaths. In, and he just mentioned one there, but there's they're renowned for offering people quite often a parent or there's no fucking happy ones to honest.

So I was thinking frozen two oaf, that's, he dies in his last thought. He apologizes for leaving Anna on her own to complete the fucking mission. Our own. There's one in the Black Cauldron and we never mentioned that one very often. That was 1985. Same year as Hands had Love Cape Bush.

Um, Sir, obviously

Dan: he,

Reegs: He dies

Sidey: big hero.

Six, the brother, the older brother who's his his idol. He fucking runs into burning building and dies.

Reegs: That's pretty good. Big hero.

Sidey: Six. Yeah, that one seems to be the forgotten one. I think it's one of the better ones. It's really good. Moana, the grandmother Snuffs it. Bambi I think is the ultimate, certainly for my childhood,

Reegs: although,

Sidey: I definitely watched this.

So there must have been obviously redone at the cinema cause it's a 1942 film. But I remember being fucking horrendously traumatized as a child watching this and crying and not being able to look at it and fucking hell, cuz the fucking mother it's all been like sweetness and light and then the mother's just fucking gunned down.

And obviously we all know it, but Bambi's there like calling out for his mum and you're like, what the fuck?

Reegs: Finding Nemo. It doesn't that start with

the whole family being

Pete: yeah. The mum and his like 400,000 siblings get offed by a grouper of some kind. Or a Barracuda. Yeah.

Sidey: Jamie Barracuda. Yeah. Yeah. And then you mentioned the Lion King.


Pete: well, so a lot of it, so if you notice, I know it's not exclusively, but a few of those were like mothers or mother figures or whatever.

But Walt Disney lost his mum quite early. I know. So that was a theme in a lot of the early films. It was like absence of mothers or mothers dying or something like that. So I think that featured heavily in his earlier stuff.

Sidey: Yeah. Some pretty harrowing shit. Yeah. For the House of Mouse

Reegs: you guys are all big fans of non-consensual kissing and the Power of True Love's Kiss and you get it in two classic Disney movies, Snow White and the Seven Wharfs.

Has Prince Florian bringing. Snow White back to life by kissing her. Non-consensual and probably borderline necrophilia And sleeping Beauty also includes a scene where a

man, kisses an unconscious woman after she

Sidey: isn't it frozen as well.

Reegs: demise by

Dan: seems to be royal involved again in lots of these

Pete: Yeah, True. Loves

Sidey: It says it is true. Loves, isn't it? A has to snug.


Reegs: Ola. Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: Or

Sidey: You mentioned Florian. Yeah. That's the name of the guy from the cheese shop where we get our cheese prick.

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: He gives us great cheese and lovely biscuits.

Dan: Is it come back round

Pete: to Well, it's All out of order cuz

Dan: sports one? That's the way we like it. It's a miracle, Peter.

And that is the name of the 1980 Kurt Russell film, or it's the, it's not 1980, but it's set in 1980. Around that time. When have you seen this yet? Cuz we talked about

Sidey: Is it ice hockey? Yeah.

Dan: When and they have,

Another American moment. That's true, but they probably dignified it a little bit.

They had no chance to they lost their first

game about the 1980 Olympic ice hockey team that had to go and face the might

Sidey: The miracle on ice is the story. Yes. Yeah. Okay.

Dan: And then

Sidey: seen the documentary

Dan: Kurt Russell plays her Brooks is

Sidey: I have seen documentary about it.

But why weren't the proper NHL players available?

Dan: There was a strike or something. There was a various disputes and

Sidey: Cause these were like basically like collegiate players.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: They were all younger players and had a certain amount of time. And also the level of the play from the SSR was just so high at the time that they really were the biggest on the ice.

Sidey: Yeah. That is one that sort of seems too implausible to be true. But it did


Dan: It did happen and it's a really good one. It is Kurt.

Sidey: That's some strong ice hockey content,

which I know will please that will please Stevie and also,

Dan: I bet he's, he would've seen this. See,

Sidey: breaches also?

I wouldn't say like a staunch ice hockey fan, but does go to ice hockey


Cause they had a bit of a chat about ice hockey. There you go. People coming together over the podcast. It's great, isn't

Reegs: and then finding that they both love hockey

Sidey: on ice?

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Ever been

ice hockey

Dan: is a great movie.

Pete: Any, You good?

Reegs: I can't follow it

Sidey: It's violent. Fuck.

Reegs: I can't really follow it on tv. I, It's too fast. I don't really know what's going on with I can't really see where the puck is most of the time I'm like, can't really work out what's happened until it's already happened.

Sidey: It's one of the better, I would say American sports to watch

Dan: out of basketball.


Sidey: Baseball for sure is one of the worst. Basketball's pretty bad. I've been to loads of basketball games that all won. Really? Yeah.

Reegs: I've always thought that looks pretty cool.

Sidey: No. Is it only if you get constant story? No, because you might, if you don't get a close game they just foul. They just foul constant try and get the ball back so they just foul three throws ball

Reegs: No.

Sidey: Anyways. Hey,

Pete: So another sort of older 1, 19 41,

Is the film that's quite steeped in bullying and body shaming and other things that are now totally inappropriate, but Dumbo.

Sidey: yeah. Racial stereotypes as well.

Pete: Very

Reegs: Crows. Is that Dumbo with the races? Crows?


Pete: Yeah.

Yeah. But there's a really cool scene in it where Dumbo and a mouse and someone else somehow get intoxicated. I think they're just out on the piss this like water that's had champagne run into it of our, and this is, we get the pink elephants on parade scene. Oh Yeah. Which is fucking class.

It's like 1941. But this is really like psychedelic and it's got quite a trippy, like bouncy like Trumpety soundtrack going on. And yeah, I watch it again today and it's really cool like a manifestation of what happens when you get drunk.

But on YouTube there's loads of people that have done like drum and based remixes of it and yeah.

Like dub step and stuff and it's, they're all pretty cool with the visuals going on. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Have is, have you seen the new one? No. No.

Sidey: wouldn't bother. It's bullocks.

Dan: Yeah. I dunno.

Pete: Is Bocks having not seen it?

Sidey: I I'm just not a fan of all this live action show. I just don't like it.

Pete: In fact, you actually put me off watching one of the ones that I had wanted to watch just purely because of that opinion, but I'd like to, I dunno, try

Sidey: stitch your guns, Pete. Just do

Pete: yeah. I'd like to try and formulate my own opinions.

Sidey: It, for the record, it was Lion King. You were gonna nominate Lion

Pete: I was. That was it.

Sidey: I shot you Down. So they've seen it and

Pete: I'd still like to watch it and then decide that it's wink and pointless to have made it

Sidey: I've already bought that for you is Wink. Okay. I'm gonna go for Aladdin because Princess Jasmine is my favorite of the Disney princesses. And the Disney princess thing is a real trademarked thing. There are only certain ones that are within that banding of official licensed Disney princesses.

And she has one.

Pete: How many are there, do you know?

Sidey: know? I think it's six. Yeah,

Pete: I wanna, because remember my daughter had a castle and you got the different dolls that would fit in and a

Sidey: different Yeah. So things like Moana and stuff don't qualify and I think poons in there, or Mullan, Milan's really hot as well.

And so pocket

Pete: They wouldn't let them in because they're not, different ethnicity and stuff. Yeah.

Sidey: So the one I'm thinking about is a whole new world. Dan sung it earlier for us. It was lovely. It's the magic carpet ride when the street urchin and ladin. Basically Catfish sound thinking that he's some wealthy dude,

To get her attention and they go on a magic carpet ride and the song is really good and I think they fuck.

But also my favorite of the little mixed girls. Jade Thewell. Yeah. She recently very recently, cause it was Halloween. She did her Halloween costume was Princess Jasmine.

I I well fancy her.

Pete: That ticked a few boxes for

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. I was in, I screenshoted those on Instagram.

Pete: Just for your own personal collection or? Yeah. Okay. I thought you were sharing them with someone,

Sidey: I'll share them with you afterwards, but for now, they're just in my photo library.

Reegs: Good The Shaggy da was a 1976 Dean Jones live action Disney movie.

Does anyone remember this one? About a successful lawyer running for the district attorney, but also he suddenly transforms into an English sheet dog sometimes. And um, He has to keep the, his changes secret and, all the while eluding the local dog catcher as well as going up for this district's attorney position.

I don't remember anything about this really, apart from the lip syncing when the dog talked being really hysterical. And also there's a scene where a dog punches a man in the face, which after

watching Swiss family.

Robinson seems like, swift

justice, I think.


Pete: things out.

Reegs: I got a pair of what's his name?

Tim Allen Movies for you

Sidey: Oh, nice. Santa Claus.

Reegs: Sand Claus. Yeah. Which is a pretty un exceptional film with a pretty strong premise that a dickhead ruins Christmas by accidentally murdering Santa and then is forced by magic to become him.

Sidey: I thought you were gonna say A Dickhead Ruins Christmas by playing a dice game on Christmas Eve and getting monstrously drunk, Dan,

Pete: Oh, that's a great


Sidey: Anyway, that's

the story of another time. Yep.

Reegs: and jungle to jungle. Did anybody ever see that one with Martin Short? It's Tim Allen's he's got a 13 year old son who was raised in the jungle and he has to come to live with him and all, with all the cross-cultural misunderstandings that would imply.




pretty sure if I recall that one correctly.

Sidey: Yeah, you

don't have that many convicted coke smugglers that make it big in the Disney world either. No. So

that's good. for Tim Allen.

Reegs: Just him and Kevin. Faig

Sidey: Is he

Reegs: Sure.


Pete: not

Reegs: Oh

Sidey: I was. Believe in that.

Dan: Another kind of lighthearted start to a Disney animated cartoon is the the 96 Hunchback and Notre Dame.

Dame. It opens with Frolo killing Quasimodos mother


Pete: Yeah, I was gonna say no.

Dan: Noro. Yeah, they've got

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: Alo

Pete: wish he'd thrown

Dan: think it's follow. Anyway. Tries to kill, He kills um, Quasimodos mother and attempts to kill the infant Quasimodo before he is stopped and then needs to bring him in. But just dark right

Pete: It is. Yeah. There's a bit where they're like hanging over a fire. Someone gets it

Dan: he's just, put out, ring the bells. That's it. Oh, it's nice. Yeah, it's a good one. It's I say one of the edgier ones I think, but certainly starts out that way. But yeah. Good.

Pete: once we're on dark shit definitely would like to watch this again at some point soon or that might tail off and be really crap return to us. We've mentioned on in the past the wheelers. Yeah. That so these are

Reegs: mobi as well. Mobi.

Pete: The palace of mobi or

whatever. So particularly those two scenes in terms of they're not like great moments, but moments that stay with you.

The wheelers are fucking terrifying. Yeah. And like this poor girl is just getting tormented by them. They got horrible like

Sidey: masking,

Pete: with chilling faces on and the wheels make squeaky noises and

Reegs: stuff. And The no king?

Pete: The no king? Yeah, and

Reegs: and the egg. Oh,

Pete: the egg. Oh, you don't like eggs?

Reegs: No, just because that the egg hatches into his mouth and it kills him at the

Pete: It kills all of the people that are coming out the walls and chasing them and stuff. But yeah the mobi bit with all the heads and then the heads wake up and start screaming

Reegs: Gaye, they all shout, her

Pete: body starts walking

Sidey: I think I sent him out this as a kid and really liked it.

And it was also a sweet spot with a cereal tie in where he get stickers and I had to get them all, So I was buying, I wasn't personally a job, but my mom had to go and buy like I know fucking Sugar Puffs, the whatever it was that had these things, and you just empty it all out to get this kind of fuck.

I've already got those ones send out back to the shop, You stupid bitch. You got the wrong ones.


Reegs: trees in return to us that grew an entire lunchbox. And so you would pull it off and it had lunch, Don't have a sandwich and a banana and a drink and some chocolate. And when as a kid I was like, that is the most amazing, cuz trees are shit.

But then suddenly they can do

Dan: something. They can give you a lunchbox.

Yeah. A bag of crisps in it. Yeah.

Sidey: Okay Little Mermaid is pretty memorable, mostly for Ursula. I think it's a fairly terrifying, like Disney villain, but the most memorable thing about that is the Simpsons tie in where homeless solution to his problem is to go and live under the sea and they do a takeoff of the song.

There'll be no accusations, just friendly, crus under the sea, and much great. So that's your excuse, that's your answer to everything.

Reegs: at some

Sidey: So that one, and also I was thinking about Lady in the Tramp, which has got the really iconic,

where the two of them, Spaghetti

from different sides of the tracks, they have the spaghetti and he nudges over his last meatball.

I would categorically not have done that in a way and don't share food

Pete: taken off quite nicely in hot shots and, oh, fuck it.

What? So it looks like he's eating a bit of spaghetti, but it's his shoe lace and his foot just comes up from under the table and kicks him in the face. It's fucking genius.

Reegs: I dunno whose go is I said before, but then Dan's eyebrows went up and I thought, Oh no, I've interrupted him. But they're going up. They're going down.

Pete: No, it's your turn. Rings.

Reegs: Okay. I'm a big fan of movies that have talking animals in them, and I've seen a lot of them. And one of them I've seen is Beverly Hills Chihuahua she features Drew Barrymore as the chihuahua. Who gets dog napped in Mexico and

has to escape? I have. Yeah. Yeah. I've seen those. I've watched this one with my eldest daughter, but I've seen a number of the other ones just because I quite like, I saw mvp, which was,

Sidey: that favorite prime.

Reegs: primate. Yeah.

I've seen a lot of talk in animal type movies. Yeah. They appealed to me. I watched in a terrible one about a monkey that a hyper intelligent monkey that

was a member of the armed forces, , I can't remember the title

Pete: Are these real

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah. Anyway, this one, Drew Barry Moore is a chihuahua, has to escape from Andy Garcia and a hyperactive male chihuahua that wants to shag him, and it's got.

A dma, Is that his name from Battlestar Galactica.

Sidey: Edward almost. Yeah.

Reegs: He's the bad guy in it. And then similarly GForce, which is Secret Agent Guinea pigs. You ever seen any of


Sidey: Hope I want,

Dan: I have, Yeah. I actually have

Reegs: is Bill Na, the bad guy in it. And it's got a really listen to this cast, right? Sam Rockwell, John Fre, Zach Gallac, Phil Nae Will on Steve Bohemi, Nick Bloody Cage.

And it's absolutely unwatchable garbage. Which we'll have you thinking, Why do these fucking Guinea pigs love the black eye P so much? Cuz they play that I got a feeling song. Oh about

Sidey: worst thing ever recorded.

Reegs: Yeah. So that's a couple of animal based

Pete: you've seen all these but you've still never seen Lawrence of Arabia. It's fucking terrifying. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: If the one of the camels could talk or


like that. Be all in

Dan: Similar to that was the David Lynch. Disney film.

Pete: The David

Sidey: Oh, that monkey thing on Netflix.



Dan: story, which is

Reegs: what The

Lawn Moer

Dan: The lawn mower.

Sidey: Yeah. It's a True story.

Dan: And it's a true story of our um, straight Alvin got a lawn mower to go and see his brother in a couple of states away.

And some of the scenes are just beautifully shot as you would expect. And there's

Sidey: But you, you don't expect that film from David Lynch

Dan: though? No,

Sidey: at all.

I fucking genuinely love that

Dan: film. Yes.

Pete: it's a sort of film that you could try describing it to someone. You'll never, ever make it sound watchable.

Sounds totally dreary. But it was, we all enjoyed it when we, and we

Dan: Yeah. And it was so well-acted and Yeah. Is one we did on an earlier pod.

Sidey: Did

Pete: Yep. I've still got, I've just noticed quite a lot of mine are like dark moments that stayed with me. Obviously Mcasa is death is fairly tragic.

But another one, so out of there's loads of great moments in all the Toy Story films. Toy Story three, the scene where they go on that big conveyor belt and then they end up getting in the, they're in the furnace and they're like just sliding down all of the waist and everything

Reegs: where lots So

Pete: where lot so abandon.

Yeah. He's a roter that lot and yeah, just that the music like ramps up. It goes on for quite a long time as they're just getting, And then they just really like tragically, they just all start holding hands as they're getting closer and closer to this furnace, accepting to the, My mom can't watch that bitch.

She's It's too tragic for her. But it's a fucking really powerful moment in these films. And then they get rescued by aliens with a digger. They finally find the

Sidey: The


Pete: Oh Yeah, The claw. And then they go and strap lot sides to the front of a

Sidey: back. It's you could think of kids stuff as being like, just throw away nonsense, but that is like where it's elevated to like, just the fucking absolute pinnacle of

just Brilliantness.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Was how he won't watch number four because of that, or does he just hate number

Pete: No, I think he

thought that it had run its course and it didn't need another one. But I'm

Sidey: four.

Yeah. Four's


Reegs: it's it's a pretty good movie. It's a pretty good movie in its own right. But thematically it felt like the trilogy was done

Sidey: would've been an absolutely like fantastic place to end, but I still think there's merit for It's good.

Dan: Good.

Reegs: Yeah.

I think it's you side, but it's chaos.

Sidey: My, I didn't have any I didn't have any live action, but I will say that National Treasure is definitely Nick Cage career High Point.

I fucking love that film. It's great. It's really good. Not so keen on the sequel so much. And I think there might be another one.

Reegs: coming.

Pete: Oh, is

Sidey: I didn't know that

Pete: I think I've seen the

Sidey: might have made

Reegs: a TV series, isn't there? I think so. Okay.

Pete: That uncharted that I watched is like a, it basically might as well be

Sidey: it's a computer game.

It's a computer game film that generally pretty poo. And we haven't mentioned the Jungle book, but like pretty much all of that is, I think that's probably, I would say my favorite, certainly


Pete: It's

fucking class.

Yeah. My youth

Do you have a

Reegs: again, though

bit problematic with the,

Sidey: a little bit. Like the sing song's really good.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: bit's problematic.


Reegs: Girl, The story with the Girl is a bit, I think a bit the girl that

Pete: I think if you look hard enough in every film, you'll probably find something that, that

Reegs: it's just dated. Just dated opinions and representations really. But anyway,


Sidey: be necessity Necessities was why


Pete: Yeah. And King Willy Louie.

Louie. Louie, yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.

Louis Spence.

Reegs: Oh.

Sidey: I'm out. So that's me.

Reegs: Are you there? Was this, there was so many,

Dan: There was,

Sidey: know, but we're 40 minutes in.

Reegs: are we? Oh, a few, just really quickly. The Bug's Life Grasshopper death scene where the Mother bird feeds the screaming grasshopper to the chicks is good.

And also when Judge Doom reveals himself in, who framed Roger

Sidey: you know what I was just thinking earlier? Is that Disney film or not? I can't remember, but yes. Yeah. When he puts the shoe in the


Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: I it now?

Reegs: No, just when he does do that reveal and he screams, I talk like this and his eyes turn into daggers.

Flubber, of course. Robin Williams. Yeah. The Rocketer the poster was really good for

Sidey: is good film. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. Freaky Friday. There's so many good ones.

Dan: Honey. I shrunk the kids when he is grinded on a was or an and all kinds of stuff going on there.

Reegs: canto

Dan: Leagues Under the Sea, Kurt Douglas and James Mason fighting off giant squids.

Yeah. But that's pretty much me. Cool runnings down there as well.

Sidey: Yeah. And Cantos worth talking about a bit because we, we reviewed it and we panned it a bit, but I watched it, I obviously watched it a million times now, and I probably come around to actually really enjoying that.

Pete: it. I did. We panic.

Sidey: I think I wasn't very, I wasn't particularly complimentary about it Moana

Pete: was like the, which is, that's a 10 outta 10 Moana.

Dan: So

Reegs: I think it's got quite interesting themes in it and canto, but it will just always remind me of that awful Bruno song and C really, so

Sidey: Yeah,

Pete: Talking to Moana the sort of one of the final scenes where she like just goes okay, it's Taka and then the C parts and

you And she puts the heart back in and it becomes, she is graffiti again.

So that's fucking epic. I've got fucking

Reegs: load Lilo and Stitch as

Sidey: I haven't seen that

Reegs: Yeah, this is good. It's good man.

Pete: I'll just rattle off a couple then. Sort in the stone, the hiatus figures scene with Merlin, where he is he sings the song and he gets all the books and the like, Basically everything gets packed up in, in the bag.

That's really good. Bed knobs and Bicks. The football match is fucking class. I've got some up it more Mt. Treasure Island stuff, which is the best Muppet film. Moana I've got, again, I wanna finish cuz I, I really think for some reason it gets a terrible press on this podcast. The Pirates of the Caribbean films.

I fucking like them. I really like them. And you guys all hate them, right? You hate them?

Sidey: Yeah. I

Dan: really

Pete: them. Yeah.

Dan: really enjoyed the first one.

Pete: I I liked.

Sidey: I turned off after 45 minutes. This wasn't for me.

Pete: The, I like the original trilogy and then they, the next two after that answer great.

But yeah, the bit where fucking Jack Sparrow, like there's the crack and

Dan: I must say I only watched the first two and I didn't much like the second. So I never watched the

Pete: Oh, okay. It's good. The world's ends really good, like how it all comes together, but him like, like diving into the krakens mouth with all the teeth and everything like that, it's a fucking great moment.

And that is me out.

Reegs: Have we got anything from the public? Should we pick one and then see what the, We'll pick a good one from the public.

Sidey: Yeah. Darren Lethal Weapon has come in. He wanted to clarify, first of all if Pixar was allowed. Pete said yes, especially if it annoys Dan. So he wanted to talk about up specifically the harrowing start. But

Dan: It's so sad that actually yeah, I was gonna mention up. It's a good one.

Reegs: Are we putting that one in then? Let's put that

Dan: reckon, Yeah, I think that should go in.

Sidey: Yeah, let's do it.

Reegs: All right. And what are you putting

Sidey: inside?

me? I'm gonna put in,

Dan: here

Sidey: I'm gonna put Ladin in because j that what connection. Really huge little mixed fan as I am


Pete: I'm gonna go for the Pink Elephants in parade scene in Dumbo cuz it's great.

Dan: Yeah. I'm gonna take the greatest Game ever played that Jersey Connection with Harry Vaden and Ted.

Reegs: Row.

Sidey: Nice.

Reegs: I'm gonna go with the film that Tarantino wishes he could have made the best ever Disney film.

Beverly Hills, Jua I fucking hate Chihuahuas

Dan: Cheese.

Sidey: We've got cheese. Pete brought some cheese with him

Dan: from Saint Agar

Pete: Santa Aur. Yeah. Yeah. Paired again, once again with the toast, which has cherries in it this time. Is that a, It's a winner. Is that a new one? I think it's got

cherries and almonds. Maybe

Sidey: Cherries.

Almonds and lin seed. You, Yeah. You were probably picking up a bit of

Pete: Lynn seed is quite powerful.

Sidey: Yeah, so that's, that cheese's really good. It's a blue kind of soft, creamy, textured one. It's exceptional.

Pete: It's still burning my tongue a little bit.

Sidey: Yeah. And then there's some other thing that looks quite

Pete: GY or

Sidey: evil,

evil in appearance. But we'll get amongs that shortly.

I'm sure it's gonna be good. Yeah, I've got some

chocolate orange

buttons as well, which are big hit last week, Dan, so I thought I'd get them again for you.

Dan: Thanks. Yeah.

Sidey: no worries. I forgot to mention earlier one of the things that I was watching, so the message was out Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week.

So I brought free time to watch stuff and I went down a YouTube rabbit hole of nes, Nintendo Entertainment System. Speed Run

Reegs: Nice. What did you watch being Speed

Sidey: Run?

Super Mario Brothers original, right? Wow. Yeah. Super Mario Brothers. And then Mario carts 64. So that's not nes. That was Nintendo

Reegs: pretty quick.

Sidey: Yeah, they're about like 50 minutes each of these videos. So real nerdy shit.

Dan: And they're just like finishing the game.

Sidey: So there's a community of people out there who are just finishing the game like Absolutely. As quickly as possible. But


Dan: they're doing it in real time. They're not fast forward in the video.

Sidey: they're doing it in real time.

You're not watching it in real time. Cause there's a guy going through the history of the world records. So Mario Brothers, there's, so there's the Warp World record, although there's the non warp world record.

Reegs: They

do this for all kinds of games as well.

Like huge open world RPGs that they try and fit like Bloodborne or something and they try and finish it in an hour and a half or whatever, or 20 minutes.

Sidey: So the Mario Brothers one is, it's like something like five minutes for the warp, one and 20 minutes, and then it's just, they literally just play it for weeks trying to shave a second. Off the record, it's fucking nuts. And the Mario two one was


Reegs: because you have to memorize

Sidey: the patterns?

Yeah. And you have to do it perfectly. You get through and you fucking jump up at the

end. I would

Reegs: whole.

Pete: I was gonna say how like you get to World eight on the long one and you like you miss a jump or you just like bump into a pipe

Reegs: Let's start again.

Pete: you are putting holes

Sidey: There's games now that I won't play Mario car.

I play on my phone. I haven't played it for a while, but like for real Maricar on a concert, I can't play it because I will destroy stuff. I know that my willpower is not, I'm too much of a pathetic child. I will lose my temper. But the Nintendo 64 1 is quite interesting because it's not, but it is for me.

But there are 32 world records available, 16 courses. The one lap record and the three lap record. There's a German guy called Matts something and he had 31 of the records at one time and it was only Muu farm. He couldn't get the single lap record. And then, so then the whole community were like, We can't let this guy get all 32.

It looks bad on us. Yeah. As nerds if we let one guy have all the way. So occasionally someone would just chip in and take one of them and then this guy would also take the summer off. So he would then, like his records would get whittled down and he'd come back and so seven different times he got it back to 31, but he could never get or

30 Mumu farm.

No. So that was what's, what is so fucking tragic.

Dan: I remind, but the frustration levels I get when playing these games up, we've got a a game that we play on the tv, it's called Urban Ninja.

And it you just basically just jump along the skyscrapers and either have to duck under these like water butts or jump over little jumps or over the buildings and it gets quicker and quicker. So my son had left a score there of about 90, You

Sidey: take him down.

Dan: down. Gotta

take him down. So I just spent far too long playing this game and I.

Beat the record. And then I started to get a little, and I laid down like a 180 or something and I was like, feeling really good. I thought I'd figured it out this game, and it was there for a few days and I went to, to log on the other day and it's 570 now. And you just think, how has he done that?

There's just not enough hours in the day that you could play that game. But kids just have that dexterity and they can do it. So some nerds are actually really good. And as you say, the patterns, they get 'em and they play.

Sidey: play well. It's a whole other thing now as well of Twitch, people streaming their content and more stuff that people watch online, anyway, we digress because whilst. I wasn't watching YouTube stuff. I managed to find time to watch this week's movie thing, which you nominated.

Pete: I did. Yeah.

Sidey: So this is light you.

Pete: Yeah, so it was part of the the Disney theme. I didn't actually go to Disney in Florida, but I just thought I could have, I have been there, so that's why I didn't go. And yeah, this was one of a couple of choices and I'd seen that it was out, it was also available on the plane, so that's why it was so I didn't watch it in all of, its kind of like cinematic glory and so on.

But I managed to get it on the plane.

So yeah, this was the film light year, which was this year,

Sidey: earlier this year. And I do remember this getting a bit of a maing when it came out. Certainly that's how I remember it.

Pete: I didn't really know anything about it and then I just caught it when I was scrolling through something the other day and thought, Okay, that might be worth a watch. And it's pitched as the, so I think at the beginning it says, before anything else happens, it pitches this as where it says it here.

In fact, in 1995, a boy named Andy got a buzz light year toy for his birthday and it was from his favorite movie. This is that movie. Yeah. So

Reegs: So the framing device of the movie is that we are watching the movie that inspired the Toy for Andy and Toy Story.



Pete: yeah, that's the film we watch.

Sidey: Yeah. Did you like it

Reegs: Yeah, so there's like a big bombastic score. I think it's Michael Gao, isn't it?

I dunno.

Did this score for this and we're an uncharted space, 4.2 million light years away from Earth. And there's a spaceship of 1200 people flying at hyper speed through space. And they detect an uncharted planet. And

Pete: The spaceship is

known as the

Reegs: turnip.

The turnip

Sidey: does look like a

Pete: It does look very turnip.

Reegs: So everybody's in their kind of cryogenic pods because they're traveling in hyper speed and they wake up buzz to investigate this planet that has life on it. That they've detected. And so Buzz and his accompaniment, his superior officer, Alicia Hawthorne, go down to the planets surface to investigate what's going on.

Pete: They are accompanied by a rookie.

Reegs: Feathering


and Buzz doesn't like rookies. They make life too hard. You end up doing everything for them. And also they've got sad

Pete: eyes,

With Yeah, they do have sad eyes. They're with him here. It's like you're gonna go on an uncharted planet. And yeah, you don't really want a, any dead weight.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: And Buzz is like utterly dedicated to his mission. He never quits whatever the galaxy throws in his way and they gently mark him for his,

Dan: the buzz we know.

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: is. Yeah. He take, he's, he keeps recording his space log

Sidey: Yeah. She's No one

listens to those

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. Who you talking to? Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And as they're chatting away, the rookie gets snatched up by like a giant tentacle monster, doesn't it?

Sidey: Yes.


Pete: I dunno if it's the roots of

Dan: it's a life form that is, has come to attack them and and it does. Yeah. It takes feathering to

Pete: feathering, hamster,

Reegs: feathering. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Drags him underground. Buzz has a fight with many of the tentacles

Reegs: and these flying nightmare beasty things. And they head back to the turnip.

It's a pretty good scene full of like color and invention and there's stealth mode and nods to things like Halo and other video games, but it's really violent as well.

Dan: And it results in them being trapped on the planet.

Pete: It, the reason that they're trapped on the planet is because they're trying to escape in the turnip.

And they're setting off on this basically a trajectory to get the fuck out. And there's still some tentacles attached to the turnip. And so buzz, basically just slightly undercook the trajectory. And cl clips a cliff or something, doesn't he

Reegs: he? Pointedly, he refuses help from feathering and stern. And as he's pulling up on the controls, we get a shot of the other controls, which I think implies one of the things cuz Buzz is gonna have an arc over this movie where he will learn to accept help.

And he yeah, so he can't pull it up. He doesn't have enough strength and the turnip crashes and

Dan: by a little bit,

Reegs: just spy a

little bit. But

Buzz is obviously heartbroken and he feels the dedication to his mission that he's failed all these

Dan: He offers his badge, doesn't he? And she just passed it back to him and says, No, your mission is to get us off here. And they start to look for some crystals in the planet that will enable them to have the energy source then to fly off the planet again.

Reegs: Yeah.

Because they've cracked the hyperspace crystals or whatever. Anyway. Yeah. So they do, like you say, and I think it takes a year and we see it in kind of time lapse and they pretty quickly in movie terms set up this thing that he's gonna go and test run these like new fuels that they've created.

So eventually he his plan is basically to slingshot round the sun, accelerate and close to hyper speed, and then test this new fuel and then hit these three deceleration rings to stop

himself. Um, so he


Dan: just slowed down each one. Then it just took the sting out of it, like going over speed bumps, but

Pete: he get to about point, is it 0.8 of hyper speed

Sidey: Or

Reegs: the something like that?

Pete: first run?

But they discover,

Reegs: Yeah. Because they're going Basically to close to the speed of light. That's what they don't say it, but that this is what this is all about. The theory of special relativity time has dilated. So four minutes for buzz on his unsuccessful test flight has four years, three months, and two days has passed back

Dan: since Estella, isn't it?

We've gone right into that realm and even in the spaceship with all the lights flashing by him quickly as he's shooting through. It's got that, epic space feel about it. It's, it is really. I mean it is animation, everything. It is of course that special, what do you call it? I mean it's it's like CGI kind of animation I guess.

Is it this

Reegs: it wasn't live action. I don't

yeah, it was cgi,

Dan: But no, it's got a special, it's got the, I dunno, it's a slightly more stylized, it seemed to me. It seemed cartoons. Yeah,

Reegs: It,

Dan: It wasn't real

Reegs: very nice to look at, if that's what you're trying



Dan: say,

Sidey: are you talking about?

Dan: Yeah. I think what that particular scene as they went through in space, as buzzes going through there, it just really caught me as that

Reegs: Oh, there's tons

Dan: moment.

Reegs: nod. Star Wars. We get 2001 later. Yeah. So yeah. Anyway, they do introduce all these complicated concepts, which watching it with my children they were just utterly fascinated by this idea about time passing and special relativity and all that stuff, which led to about an hour and a half of conversation at bedtime that I could have done without, but

the sake of it

Pete: years, three months and two days?

Reegs: Yeah. But yeah, no, it's just it's a thought provoking stuff. You don't often get Einstein's theories as the sort of centerpiece of emotional moments in the movie, because what happens is that he goes again and tries again and each time this four minutes, he's barely a day is passing in his lifetime, but years and years of passing.

And we get a sort of up style montage where Alicia Hawthorne, his commanding officer, meets a partner. They get married. They have a son,

Sidey: she's a little bit gray. She's just aging


buzz is not,

Reegs: yeah. And he's missing her life, which is a very full and

Sidey: Gay,

Reegs: a gay one as well. Yeah.

Sidey: Because this got banned in like Iran and places like that because of the content, they show her same-sex kiss in

Dan: a Yeah.

Sidey: A you film. And so that was controversial in some places.


Reegs: And my kids barely noticed. One of them said, What's happening? And the other one went, They're married, stupid. And that was it. And they

Sidey: anytime anyone kisses on screen, my daughter's Ugh.

Reegs: Ugh.

Yeah. That's the way it is in most of the civilized world.

Now that, the idea that two women can marry is pretty much accepted, isn't it? Anyway, yeah. And eventually one time when he comes back she's not there anymore.

Pete: Yeah. That was quite sad.

Reegs: Very sad.


Dan: She left a cat though.

Pete: Yeah, she did. It was a gift, wasn't it? Yeah.

Like a

Dan: A robot

Pete: cat emotional

Reegs: He's designed support Buzz's emotional wellbeing, cuz he's basically got post automatic stress at this point. And the cat suits him with white noise.

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: I

did The cat. It was like R two D too a lot of the time I thought. But yeah, it was good

Reegs: Because, Yeah, Night Buzz is having nightmares about his failure to rescue everybody.

And he, he wants to complete the mission. And one time he flippantly does actually say to the cat, Oh, if you want to challenge work on the fuel stability thing, I think this is really early on. And 67 years later, the cat has in fact solved the problem. Only at this point when Buzz comes back from one of his journeys and Alicia's not there, she's been replaced by Isiah Whitlock Jr's Commander Burnside, the guy from the Wire in it.


Sidey: Oh,


Dan: Yeah.


Reegs: And he's disbanded the Space Ranger program.

Sidey: Laser shield, Yeah.

They're just gonna, they just look, we can't fix this.

We're just gonna have to make, do and stay here and put up a, basically a four shield. And this is a lot.

Dan: lot, just as Buzz had fixed the problem,

Sidey: but he

hasn't yet. He steals the

ship to

Reegs: to

steal the ship first. This

is it.

There's a heist isn't it? Oh Yeah.

Well, the cats crack the problem. Yeah. And

Pete: They've got the fuel that they need.

Dan: So he

Sidey: rogue. He has to go rogue, steal the ship. They look a lot like the ships from Battlestar let

go, which was, was a

kick for me.

Dan: And he goes rogue and

Reegs: Well the last one, this one that, that works. Looks like the toy packaging that Buzz arrives

Sidey: at.

Reegs: in the yeah,

Dan: this

Sidey: the, where it does work. And they achieve a hundred percent because the computer I, Is it Ivan?

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. It's like an Nintendo cartridge.

Sidey: Yeah. It keeps counting down. And this is where it goes full 2001 when the colors and things come on the screen. And he lands and he's Fuck, done it.

But everything's not quite as


Dan: We're four years later down the line and they've been invaded

Reegs: years

Pete: later. Yeah.

Reegs: of the Yeah,


Pete: big

one. Cause they went even faster

Dan: Course.

Sidey: And yeah, they were like attacked almost immediately by, there's a

Reegs: figure in red who

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: moves him away, and then a yellow robot turns up and places a disc.

Pete: you very Yep.

Reegs: Places a disc on the on buzzer's ship, and it instantly dematerializes and rematerializes in a sort of halo inspired ship that's in the sky that's dominating the skyline.

Dan: And we realize that all that's left really is this ragtag team of volunteers that have gone to this outpost. And they're holding for there.


Sidey: which at first it feels like they're. Po themselves as being like a crack force of, yeah. And then it very quickly emerges that they're not, they're like the


Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: do, like once a fortnight, they do a training mission. They're just complete

Pete: you find out that one of them, Izzy is Alicia h Thorne's granddaughter.

That's right.

Reegs: And we actually saw her in an earlier scene, a really touching moment when she says, I wanna be a space ranger. And she says Buzz. And she says, No. Like you, she's carries the legacy of her mother very strongly.

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: Grandmother? Grandmother, sorry.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: So we do meet the other rookies, which is there's an elderly sort of convict who's been conscripted called Darby Steel. And Mo, who was in the process of quitting before all of this all kicked

off. He's played by Taika, Y t.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And there's a big action sequence where they end up destroying their own ship that and but also getting rid of the bad guys.

Dan: Yeah. Working as a team, but

Sidey: more by fortune. He

Reegs: it

Sidey: Tai's character? Just harpoons. Yeah. By dumb luck just hits the thing on the head and disables him. Yeah. We do learn that the alien spaceship's not been around that long. It's only been a week or so.


Pete: Yeah. But these robots have taken over,

Sidey: they're under siege,

Pete: everything pretty

Reegs: Yeah.

Yeah. Everybody's under siege in the city, just this band of people out. But Buzz refuses their help and asks where the nearest fuel depot is so he can get another spaceship so he can fly up there and do it all himself. That's his plan. And

Sidey: We've seen in the shadows that there's someone in charge of the aliens. And of course you, if you've seen the Toy Story films, you recognize immediately which character it's gonna be. It's erg. Yeah. But there's, they subvert that a bit later on when we learn a bit more about that.

But there's more stuff that happens.

Reegs: There's a lot of stuff that happens and maybe we don't wanna get bogged down in all of the plot, but there are some important sort of thematic moments after they they go to the Trillium Mine, which is a callback to toy story.

They talk about that in that, and they have to get some McGuff in and they wear the suits and buzz learns. He doesn't need to save the team, he needs to join it. And there's a good moment, when they're

caught in those cones and they have to work together. Yeah,


Sidey: Teamwork makes the dream work.

Reegs: Yeah. And they, buzz grabs the McGuffin and they escape and they saved cliff hanger style, I think when they're all hanging in a human chain and then they have a sandwich. This, I think all the LGBTQ stuff aside, this is way more controversial than anything else cuz in the future sandwiches are now inverted,

Pete: Yeah,

it's like meat,

Sidey: do like that meat to bread ratio though. And they're like, it's but don't your hands get all like slimy. That's the best bit

Reegs: Juicy fingers

Sidey: Yeah. And the convict guys just two loads of bread. What the fuck? Your mouth would all dry.

That's insane. I like that bit. It's good.

Reegs: I'm gonna try it out.

I think it

Pete: it is true. Like sometimes I want a sandwich, but I think, oh, it's a bit heavy with all the bread there, but yeah.

But I, I'm not a fan of getting like shy all

Sidey: over

You don't want, you don't want Juicy

Pete: fingers? No, no juicy fingers. So if I could maybe have some gloves

Dan: on

the outside or something,

Pete: Oh yeah. So dried out first. Put it on some kitchen tail. Dry it out.

Dan: Yeah. Perfect. Got

Pete: shout down.

Reegs: Socks goes a bit funny. The cat and requires a, a.

 Mo fucks about with him. And there's a lot of people making mistakes and being forgiven amongst the team. And it will become important as well. And then, and this is when Be Buzz actually is share some vulnerability. And he talks about how he underperformed at Space Ranger School and he was worried and anxious and he was gonna quit.

And he didn't think he was range of material, but Alicia Hawthorne had seen something in him and he was gonna start looking for it too. And it inspired him to keep going.

But, and then when Sox reboots, he's got a princess layer style message of hope thing for them.


Buzz is still down.

He's, he has this belief that what he did in crashing the ship and not doing it has cost everybody everything. But Izzy reminds him that Alicia had this full life and it, she didn't mean to be here, but it was a real life which everyone has had except for Buzz. And she reminds him that Alicia mattered.

Her life mattered. It's quite profound.

Think it is very, Yeah.

Yeah. And then they're attacked by Zurg.

Sidey: Yeah. And this is where we get the reveal. Yeah. The suit opens up and we, cuz I was thinking I was gonna be someone I was, it might be Alicia or so, there's gonna be a twister. I was

Reegs: going through my mind like, who haven't we seen for a while?

Or like what characters haven't, So I didn't pick this

Pete: it would if it was feathering Amston, that would've been quite a nice twist. Although his suit does reappear at some point. The quitter guy ends up wearing his suit later on in when they put on ranger uniforms and Feathering Stein's suit is there.

Dan: Yeah,

Reegs: cuz it's got the suicide string, which is, it's a big shame to pull.

And he pulls it twice, don't he?

Sidey: Because in Toy Story twos where er first appears and in that he's it's the by strikes back take

  1. He says,

I'm your father.

Pete: No I am your

Sidey: father. Yeah. But in this it's old Buzz. Yeah. Old man Buzz

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: He does say dad at first when he comes out. But yeah it's old buzz and an

Sidey: dangles his What do you call him?



Dog tags.

Pete: Flo


Sidey: He

tanes his and he is he looks at it and he takes him a second. He's Shit, fuck. Even though it just looks like him as well. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: So he's a, an alternate buzz who reached hyper speed. But when he came back, he was arrested by Commander Burnside for stealing the ship.

And when he escapes, he traveled centuries into the future to get this incredible new technology. And then he used the crystals that he'd managed to successfully test to go back in time. And it's split time into two.

Sidey: He's got a plan to basically reverse everything that's happened. And at first Buzz is Yeah, good idea. We can go back to how it was. And then he starts to think about the, what he's been told about each other. It's Oh, if we do that, she. If she wouldn't have been married, she wouldn't have met the

love of her

life and

Pete: won't exist.

Sidey: And

all this stuff was like, it is like morally like it's not the right thing to do.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: again, about reframing mistakes because the older buzz hasn't been on the same journey that younger Buzz has. He can't, he's just obsessed by this idea

Dan: of fixing his mistakes, going back and

Reegs: and he can't Reframe

his mistakes and see them in a different light. Because he won't accept people reaching out to him as well, which is gonna come through in the end of the movie.

Pete: He's got a socks as well.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: It's bit damaged.

Pete: Yeah. Probably been mistreated by the looks of

Sidey: Disney got previous with it.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

But so part of it is obviously our buzz.

Sidey: Yeah.

Hero buzz

Pete: Explains why. You shouldn't reverse it all and everything because this, all these things have come to pass and that's just how it is and,

Sidey: we've

Pete: know, let's, let's try and make things better going forward.

And alternate socks buys into that.

Reegs: Yeah.

He likes the new him. Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: yeah.

Reegs: And

Dan: helps

him. He's got this little kind of dark thing that comes outta his mouth,

Pete: he? Oh,

Dan: now and again, he just goes, I bought you five minutes, .

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: And it was just enough time for him to get off and save the day.

Reegs: Yeah. There's a few bits that here, there's Izzy has a fear of being in space and being propelled through the cold, empty void of space.

And she has to confront that fear when she has to jump between two arms of the

ship phobia. Yeah. Yeah. And it's pretty

Sidey: I imagine I would be probably

Dan: pretty real. Yeah. Yeah. Cause she,

Pete: scary. Just getting pushed off out into space.

Sidey: A huge margin for her.

Dan: she's gotta float across what looks to be about a mile or half a mile or something of deep space, just perfectly. But the.

Reegs: The ship

Dan: Just gets nudged as they're fighting in the control room or something. So it puts her off and she only just manages to grab onto a part of the underbelly of

Sidey: aerials or something that hanging

Dan: that.

Yeah. Oh

Reegs: And the cat nearly

Dan: once you, once you, There's no

Reegs: stopping Yeah. absolutely.

Pete: flapping your arms around is gonna

Dan: help No

Reegs: No gravity or whatever. But

she does manage to get on board and she's part of the helping him resolve the climax. She cleverly brings one of those. There's a great little sci-fi device of a sort of portal that transports you back to a particular place within the ship from anywhere on the planet or within it.

And they use that to evade zurg. But Buzz is at the last minute, blasted out as they get away in their ship. Buzz is blasted out into a cold of space, isn't he? And then he fi he gets into the prototype thing and then Zurg comes along and there's a big fight and explosion and Zurg is sent off into space.

Pete: Doesn't it? He uses the crystal hyper speed crystal

to create the explosion and putting paid to the, all this. I guess they could obviously make her another one if they really wanted, but that was the last

Reegs: and the ship as well, because he rises up out of it and his wings come out of the toy story thing. Yeah.


That's Lovely. Yeah.

And then right as the, this is quite important because in the climax the ship it's gonna crash and it's a recreation of what happened at the very beginning of the movie. And this time Buzz learns to work with them to safely bring the ship down and even Mo's Pen is involved in the climax that he's found in his pocket.

So it's a cool moment where he buzz has the chance to redeem his mistake from the beginning and take on board the things he should have learned by, accepting help and all that stuff.

Dan: A bit more of a team player.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And we really hammer that point home where Captain, what Chops says,

Reegs: Burnside

Sidey: we're not gonna court martial you for stealing the ship and all that. What we're actually gonna do is promote you and then now you can now choose your team out of all these elite soldiers that we've got.

And he says, Oh, I've gotta stop you there. Actually, I'm, I've already chosen my team and it's these three that, have helped us get to this point. And that's his,

Dan: They're the next rangers.

Pete: Well, they all became the Space Rangers. Yeah.

Dan: And they've been saving us ever since. They're up there now

Reegs: doing their thing,

Dan: their thing.


Reegs: They went out to Gamma Sector four,

Dan: Just it's, I sleep a little better knowing that Buzz and the team are up there. Bless. I bless them. Yeah. Bless them and bless them for this movie. I enjoyed this.

Pete: Do we saw the post credit scene, right?

Sidey: Yep.

ER's not dead.

Dan: Da. Yep. So it could be more people

Pete: of that.

Reegs: I'm assuming people who don't like it are gonna say shameless cash grab, but I think my kids were like enraptured by it. It's got complicated physics in it and big emotional moments. It looks stunning. The score's really good. So this is like a kind of three and a half outta five stars for me.


Sidey: I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought because I'd only heard pretty negative stuff about it. Like soulless cash in that sort of thing. Like directly heard that from, I think commode, pan it. I really didn't like it. I kick out it, I thought it was all right.

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: I think they've done like enough different stuff. It's not just buzz saving the day and everything. Like you said there, there's thought provoking stuff in it on quite a lot of levels in terms of, making mistakes and what you're gonna do about it.

In terms of accepting help, in terms of obviously just, not even, it's like there was a point in time.

Dan: where

Pete: Say same sex relationships were like shoehorned into kids things because, to I guess raise awareness and normalize the, things that are completely normal, but maybe not two particular families or parts of the world or whatever.

And that's not done in like a ham fisted or, trying to like appeasing kind

Dan: of

way. It's very natural, isn't it?

Reegs: You don't notice

  1. really.

Pete: Exactly. That's it. Yeah. And so

Reegs: although a lot of people did though, a lot of, there's been a lot of stupid intellectual shit about, oh, the movie in 1995 wouldn't have had these kind of characters in, it would just,

Pete: so a cartoon movie about a made up spade ranger.

It's not what they're saying is it's not real. Yeah.

Dan: That's just off. But I think that he's one of the most exciting characters actually. And I think there's so much potential with him becoming, a bit more spinoff in these movies and where you could go into Galactic and go all around the world, there's a lot more than would happen with Woody.

I think now you've got this kind of space Yeah. Potential.

Pete: I actually, I saw a film. Really? Yep. Why? And that's why I'm here. No, I saw a film, I think it was like Buzz Light. Yeah. Flight Command

Sidey: or something Yeah, yeah.

Pete: like for quite a while ago.

It was obviously a spinoff of Toy Story. And I got, I had somehow got it on DVD and I watched it with my kids and they were particularly uninterested in it, and I ended up watching the whole thing. It was really good.

Reegs: My

Sidey: daughter didn't dig this. She was,

Pete: but I got back, I watched this on the plane on the way back, and then I saw my daughter a few days later and I said, Oh, have you seen the new light film?

She's Oh my God, I've seen it twice now. It's incredible. She absolutely loved it, like really loved it. And I wouldn't have said Toy Story was necessarily her bag. But she, she went and watched this, I think at the cinema and absolutely loved

Sidey: it.

And it visually, it's like a treat. It really looks good.

Reegs: And there's loads of nerdy references.

Every sci-fi movie I've ever made is referenced in this at some point. And it's part of, it's just part of the sort of backdrop of it that it's like that.

Pete: Yeah. And there is moments that you laugh at and you find out that the cats are good at comedic element into it.

Sorry, you said your daughter

Dan: Yeah. Really enjoyed it as well. Yeah. We sat there and.

As we said before, you, if they're enjoying it, you enjoy it a little bit more. And if we're gonna wait out as stars and things, it's a good

Sidey: How many light years out of Aqua

Dan: Yeah. I would say it's seven light years from a clock.

Reegs: Would say,

Dan: I enjoyed it. Yeah.

Reegs: Like

considering it's about male vulnerability and like asking for help, which are things that blokes are traditionally not very good at.

Dan: Yeah, it was an

Reegs: pretty strong topic

for, Yeah. Anyway. Do you

Sidey: you want a aspect ratio stat?

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: It had an IMAX release and so it became the first animated feature in history to have its aspect ratio open from a 2 31 1 to 1 43 1. So that's good, isn't it


Dan: How long was this? It

Sidey: was it,

about eight?

Dan: Was it eight hours Parex?

Eight Parex.

Reegs: It was about an hour and 45 minutes, something like

Dan: like that.

Yeah. Okay. I felt there. It may have, there was slight bits of it. I just thought I could have been picked up a little

Reegs: a few too many action scenes for my liking and it's quite violent a lot of

Dan: time. But you know, overall, Yeah.

Really enjoyed this sat down and just, we didn't, we watched it in a one um,

Sidey: when you sit down.

Dan: down. Yeah. And rather than standing up because on one leg

Sidey: Yeah. It's tiring on the legs. No, I enjoyed it. Like I, the bar was low, like

expectation wise cause it hadn't had a great reception. I enjoyed it.

Dunno that. We'll get a sequel down. Cause budget for this was north of 200 mil.

Reegs: Wow.

Dan: Wow.

Sidey: And it was a flop of ro

Reegs: phrase. It was

Sidey: hundred 18 mil at the box

office. That's a loss for

Dan: They can take that.

Reegs: I don't think I would need to see another

Sidey: one. No, I don't think I do either. This is enough for me.


Reegs: Yeah, Better than

Sidey: Yeah, better than you

Reegs: expected.

Better than, yeah.

Dan: And it was it was nice actually to do an animation or a kids film for the main feature as well.

Cause it's been a while since we've done we've had some weird ones really haven't we? Some really adult films. Anyway, so it was good to get

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: one that I could watch in

Pete: The The thing for me was that I, a watched it on a plane and b watched it by myself and I wish I'd watched it at least at home, if not at the cinema, with the kids and so on.

But I'll re I will revisit it with the children and see how they got on with

Dan: it. Yeah. Go for a third time. Yeah.

Sidey: Steampunk Willie Steam


Pete: Willie. Yes. I just thought we did something

Sidey: Nuva Rich.

Pete: We

And something like in the middle Yeah. With the Swiss family Robinson, which you can catch on our midweek mention. And I thought, let's go back to, let's zip up our boots and go back to our roots with Steamboat Willie, which I had always had never seen.

And I, but I've seen the, cuz it's got the little snippet of it, the very beginning where he is whistling. And that, that's at the beginning of some films or the end of some films or something like that. Which I've seen that before, but I thought this was the first ever like Disney thing or first ever a first ever Mickey Mouse like iteration.

But it's not,

Sidey: but

it's the, to be the proper first. Proper


Pete: And it was the first one with like synchronized sound as well.

Sidey: Yes. So friend of re's people, Wal Disney was inspired by the jazz singer and the first sort of talkie, can we do an animated thing that has sound that goes along with the visuals?

So they came up with this?

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: So

Pete: that's that's why I nominated had anyone seen this before? No. Yeah. Okay. All right. Oh, you watched it the first when it on the original release.

Sidey: 28. Yeah.

Dan: Walt and I. Yeah.

Pete: The first time you've looked a little bit wounded by an age joke there, though.

Don't let it gets you. It's all true.

Reegs: It's immediately got, because the first shot, I think virtually everybody will have seen, which is him at the

Dan: wheel, at the wheel of the Steamboat.

Reegs: It's so iconic looking. It's not really the Mickey that you remember. He's more legs than Yeah.

Dan: It's all black and white. The it's all bouncy, jolly kind of, um, No, no, that's right. And he's driving the boat. We learn a few minutes later that he shouldn't be.

Reegs: Well,

It's huge. Cat PT you said?

Sidey: Yes,

Reegs: Pete.

Pete turns up and he's pissed at Mickey driving and he orders him downstairs, which Mickey doesn't like.

And he blows a raspberry at him and he kicks him downstairs. Did you see how far his leg bend back?

Pete: I I didn't think he actually kicked him. I think Mickey's just gone down the stairs just as

Sidey: dodges it? And he kicks his own ass.

Pete: kicked his own backside. Yeah.

Dan: He punched him in his stomach as well. He, and he manages to like elastic hate himself and then

Pete: but he like pulls him.

He pulls him and stretches him out and then

Dan: he back

Sidey: The physics are very questionable. Questionable.


Dan: it's all

cartoony though. You can see

these first, These first kind of bits of

Reegs: Mickey

Pete: house. Well, it, but like the first, that first scene is almost like, Tom and Jerry all like itchy and scratchy esque.

Sidey: huge itchy and

Pete: Straight away. Like I was immediately thinking oh, this is quite like,

Reegs: And the animal contorted

Pete: his body and

Reegs: and the animal cruelty continues cuz

downstairs the parrot laughs at Mickey, so he throws a bucket of water on it.

Sidey: We also get, and I don't see this a lot in animated stuff, but chewing tobacco.

Yeah. Yeah. Pete has an enormous slab. At first I thought it was gonna be like chocolate bar or

Reegs: I thought it was


Pete: it was a bit of wood that he was eating,

but Yeah.

Sidey: just like slams half of it in his gob And it's tobacco.

Reegs: Yeah. And he's spitting it out and it's ringing the bell behind

Sidey: him. Yeah.

Reegs: And then eventually it goes in his own face.


Dan: Yeah. The wind must blow it back. Nelly asked me what it was and I said, Yes, it's chewing tobacco. And she picked up on on itchy and scratchy as well. on the habit. Yeah. Now she's chewing tobacco and that's the dangers.

Sidey: you

Reegs: got spittoon

Pete: If it gets her off the smack, then it's it's a good thing.

Sidey: you do, you repeat what you see. You know, that's why that's important.

Reegs: Meanwhile, a cow and some chickens are on a pontoon, and when the cow moves, his whole stomach shrinks with the effort. Did you notice

that? Yeah.

And then the paddle teamer parks up to let them on and he tries to harness, Mickey tries to harness the cow, but he's too thin, so he shoves an entire barrel of hay.

Sidey: Yeah.

And then, and mi is trying to get on


So they have to UPS skirt her?

Reegs: They do, yeah. Yeah. And then the hook, sort of coly places her dress back down after he is

lifted her

Pete: but she doesn't she get hauled on by her undergarments at some kind of massive wedge?

Sidey: kind

Dan: craned on the moving boat. Yeah.

Well, that works.

Reegs: Mickey gets in a fight with a goat which then he and Minnie turn into a kind of music box. They

Sidey: has a, like

a ukulele or something with her which the goat eats

Pete: and it's got some sheet music for, Yeah, for Turkey and the straw.

Is the

Reegs: That's

right. Is that what they're whistling as well or? Yes.


Pete: Yeah. That's what the,

Sidey: So we get a quite a drawn out musical segment now, and I guess it's all a technical exercise to see if they could do this,

to animate it and have its synchronized.

So they use the goats tails like a crank to play him like a music

Pete: Like a phonograph. ,

Sidey: yeah, yeah.

And then

Reegs: a duck. Like a set of bagpipes.

Sidey: And then there's a pig.

There's a pig that's nursing and like a whole

like, I dunno what they collective now piglets. And then Mickey fucks them off and plays the pigs nipples.

Like a xylophone? Yeah. Or pressing them like a kind of

Pete: You've never done that.

Sidey: dunno. It's weird.

This was actually cut.

This was cut out. They thought that this was too weird.

Reegs: This was the only part worth masturbating to

Sidey: I know. That's why Disney plus put it back


for the version that's online.

But this was for a time thought to be just fucking too weird and they got rid of it, but it's been reinstated, thank God.

Reegs: Yeah.

I think the song finishes with a huge bison's teeth being played.

Pete: Yeah. Like a xylophone.

Dan: Yeah.

They, it all goes wrong for Mickey though. And he's sent down to do the budds. He is. And he has to, He's just taking massive potatoes really well drawn, stood out amongst everything else. And he's taking massive wedges off them.

Like you think you've gotta peel 'em better than that. The parrot turns back up at the window and there's just one last chance for a bit more animal cruelty. Yeah. As he LOBs a massive potato. At the parrot who goes, you hear the plop in the water and Mickey just pisses himself laughing and it just closes down to black and that's it.

Pete: it.

Seven and a half minutes, something like that. Seven minutes

Sidey: 40? Yeah.

Something like that. Weird. Fucking weird.

I watch

Pete: years time. This is gonna be a hundred years old. Yeah. Which is fucking

Dan: those, you know, the, um, the, the kind of flutes or the horns? Yeah. On the whistles. The whistles. And they um, they almost smiling and there's just that early

Pete: even like the chimneys at the beginning of the steamer are like pumping up and down.

Woo Woo.

Reegs: Yeah.

Yeah. It reminded me of um, there's some video games like Cuphead and some other ones that have appropriated that old timey animation style and updated it.

But you can see its influence.

Sidey: My daughter was just gigging at it going, This is so weird. This is just so weird. I was like, Yeah, it is fucking

Pete: weird.

It is weird. Yeah, it is. I don't

Sidey: I mean, Narratively, it's just like a fucking

Pete: No,

it's, it's a nonsense. But I guess at the time, anyone who would've then gone to see it would've been like, Wow,

Sidey: Yeah. It was hugely well received. It's incredible

Pete: because of the, obviously the animation and the ideas and like the musical element being like combined with it.

Reegs: I thought this was still pretty good.

Dan: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. You can see why it's, it would've been pretty revolutionary. And why Disney then

Sidey: It was originally, like a double feature in the cinema. This was like the thing that led into some other live action, whatever. But this was all anyone was talking about at the time because it was like, mines were blown by, budget for it at the time was just shy of $5,000.


Reegs: Oh, Big Dan, you could have


Sidey: but then,

Reegs: done

Dan: Bought

a lot that money. Yeah.

Sidey: it's led to Disney being fucking, an absolute.

Pete: Behemoth.

Sidey: Yeah, Good word.

Pete: I heard not, I heard in a in an attraction tickets context, a seminar is at that Disney, the brand Disney engages with 70% of the population of the US every single day because of all of their, So brands are ESPN and everything like that.

So yeah,

Three quarters of the US are absorbing some kind of Disney content every single day.

Dan: We're

Reegs: We're we are absorbing Disney content right now.

Pete: Exactly.

Sidey: so are you listener?

Reegs: Mm-hmm. ??Yeah.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: How many Paddle Steamers out of a fleet would you give this?

Pete: 14.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. I think it's, it is up there with seven

Sidey: the film.



Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: with that.

I agree with that


Dan: all

Pete: That was one of the double features you were

talking about. Yeah.

Sidey: They goes together so well, Good animal cruelty content this week. I think we all enjoyed that. Dan, you are gonna nominate for us. I think we've got at least one thing to contemplate.

Dan: Yeah, we're gonna watch 13 Lives.

Sidey: I haven't seen the first


Dan: Well, We're gonna watch them and and I'll get the

Sidey: don't know what that is. Is

Dan: uh,

Reegs: Yeah, it's the rescue movie isn't,

Dan: right. Yeah. It's the Thai rescue movie. Colin Farrell

Reegs: Oh, we can

talk about what TW Musk is as well.

Pete: The tie. They were all stuck

in the That's

right. Oh, I'm out. I cannot watch shit like

Dan: that.

It's such a Pete. You've gotta give it a go for the good of the pod. They will make it, you know

Pete: don't care. People trapped in enclosed spaces.

Reegs: No. Yeah, I'm into that. I'm into that.

That's gonna be good.

Dan: It's

Sidey: Okay. You can think about some other ones for

the rest of the stuff

Reegs: we

Dan: theme it, we may not, but I'll get back to you on that. Rescues,

Reegs: rescue Rangers.

Sidey: Yeah, that's where I

was at. so

Dan: much going on.

Sidey: Okay, Chris.

Well, uh, I don't really got anything else to say.

Dan: Don't,