Oct. 21, 2022

Look Both Ways & Oddballs

Look Both Ways & Oddballs

Things get off to a flying start this week as we discuss the Top 5 Slow Motion moments: mind melting special effects, hilarious comedic scenes, big drama and a load of excellent nominations from our listeners help conclude this now completely rejuvenated section of the show. Huzzah!
We like to think we offer a broad spectrum of reviews, reflecting our various interests and love of all different genres of film. One area we haven't really tackled is the romantic comedy which led Dan to choose Netflix's LOOK BOTH WAYS for our entertainment this week and with a clever conceit which allows us to follow the different paths that artist Natalie's life takes when she finds out the result of a pregnancy test on her graduation day, surely this had the potential to be a surprise hit with the Dads?
That would have been nice but unfortunately despite the low bar this podcast set in the very early days, the key question of "were you entertained?", LOOK BOTH WAYS cannot reach even that. A reasonably charming performance from Riverdale's Lili Reinhart cannot compensate for the thinly-sketched love interests with personalities such as "wears tight jumpers and has dubious takes on animated movies" and "terrible drummer in an awful covers band", soporific plot and thematic blandness accompanying it's "everything will be okay" message, all delivered with competent but uninspired direction and one of the worst scores you'll ever be forced to hear. Reducing a movie about an accidental pregnancy, in Texas, to a dull, platitude filled rom-com seems insensitive at best with the current dismal state of affairs in the US, the baby timeline never seems to feature financial worries or trouble from either Natalie or Gabe in adapting to being a co-parent and the overall sense from both realities is that it doesn't matter whether you have a child, the most important thing is whether you snag a hot boyfriend. Warm and cosy I guess, in the sense that it made me want to go to sleep.
ODDBALLS is an animated adventure comedy from YouTube artists James Rallison and Ethan Banville. Episode 4 "Line Cutters" combines the social observation of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM with the inventive lunacy of RICK AND MORTY and  sees James, a sentient marshmallow blob, and Max, a crocodile, at the front of the queue for a food stand selling ribs which have been slow cooked for 100 years by chefs infused with the DNA of Gordon Ramsey. When security rock Roxanne sends them to the back of the line following an incident with a girl from the future the duo will unravel a horrific conspiracy but also eat some tasty meat so every cloud etc.

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Look Both Ways

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review, a weekly film and Kids TV review podcast hosted by a bunch of dads.

Though you shouldn't be put off listening if you're not a parent yourself. In fact, kudos to you. Let's be fair, you've made a very sensible decision not to have children. I think we all hardly endorse it. And if you're a child yourself, well please be aware that we do swear a bit all, and by and large, all grownups don't really know what they're doing.

They're in large part making it all up as they go along. What terrifying thought and

Sidey: much like the director of this week's movie,

Reegs: was getting early blows in today.

Yeah, also far. The Christmas is in real. This week sees us discussing the top five slow motion moments before our main feature, the new Netflix romantic comedy with a name, so forgettable, I literally forget it as I read it.

Look both ways is what it's called. And then we finish off with oddballs in our kids' TV section. There's just the dad's left to introduce. Then starting with pegging fan and ex footballer dad, , whose skill with the ball at his feet is inversely proportional to his dexterity with words in his mouth.

And also Sidy, who this week picked up a new pair.

Sidey: Did Yeah. Yeah. Did

Reegs: Now did he take on board my suggestion that he gets something dangerous like a scorpion or a wolf, and turn the side Well, family's daily existence into a nail biting contest for survival. No. How about the toxic one way, love of a particularly surly cat, You know, the type turn up, get fed, submit to the minimum possible affection before regarding you with complete disdain and a sharp exit.

But it turns outside. He already had that role covered in the house. See, you ended up with a dog.

Sidey: Yeah. So two cats already in sit You and now I've got a dog. They're not going on.

Reegs: are they not?

Sidey: No, no. Every day's a little bit better. But

Reegs: has it escalated to the stage yet where somebody's like set up an elaborate thing with a skateboard and traps and

Sidey: was a thing with the skateboarders happens outside the front door.

But no, the Bos the cat waxed mini the dog across the face. So she was a bit terrified which is slightly odd cuz she's fucking enormous.


just when things were getting nice and easy and all sounds, Now we've

added like bit of Chaos

and you know, early morning.

Reegs: And she's young, right?

Sidey: Four months old.


Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: So yeah. Who wanted

Reegs: up half the night and stuff as well,

Sidey: too bad in the night. Up at, I'm up early anyways. It's fine. It's all good. It's all good.

Reegs: Oh,

Dan: Who needs all that extra sleep and money?

Reegs: Have you seen a picture of it?

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Looks

Dan: Ugly. Yeah. Oh and nice.

Yeah. Oh, love it.

Reegs: we allowed to say the name or is that Doxing?

Sidey: Mini is the name.

Reegs: Did you choose that or did you

Sidey: Lord her her official

name is Mini Milk.

And we just, just went with Mini. So it's quite long

because because she's not mini at all. She's large. It's bigger than that.

So that's the dog. That's the dog news out the way. I didn't watch anything this week other than homework.

All right, so that's

Reegs: lucky you lucky you

Sidey: is me out of that conversation.

Dan: I watched sing two. Yeah, that new one. I enjoyed it. It wasn't as good as the first, but it was still nice to see. Haven't watched the first

Sidey: there loads of you YouTube music in it? Yeah, I'm out.

Dan: Yeah. Oh, I like him. I caught up to date with Rex too. Yeah.


Reegs: Have we had this before

Dan: we have. Yeah. Have we? Yeah. I

Sidey: Yeah but you can't, you, you like know David Bow starts, takes you out the

equation You know,

I'm the only one with any musical credibility in here.

Dan: Okay. And or I know that you are waiting all

Sidey: Yeah. I've Not

Dan: waiting for to, to catch up all them, but I've,

Sidey: Tell, tell her I, I did watch some she haw.

I'm at No, I go back to three episodes left.

Reegs: All right.

Dan: And I watched something else, but I can't remember it.

Reegs: I watched pretty much all of Cobra Kai and it's, it is stupid, but it's gloriously stupid. It's brilliantly

Sidey: So

I've stalled Yeah, I've stalled halfway through it. I don't think I can be bothered to go back to it. Should I go


Reegs: to Yeah, because it's just so silly and the references just are gray and it's just like every conflict can be resolved through karate and it's well over the top and just good. It makes me laugh really. So that's,

Sidey: okay I I will get back onto that. I've got lots of things to finish off. Rex them. I've got Finish Seahawk rings of power. That's, we've got, only got two episodes left. I, I thought there's gonna be 10 episodes. There's only eight,

Dan: Yeah, I, I've been watching

Sidey: it's fucking Turre and then that, and then all the other stuff, Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's just not enough. And I'm like obsessed with Zelda, like I'm watching YouTube, Zelda content. It's got that bad. So

Reegs: we can actually talk about how to the dragon cuz Pete isn't

Sidey: But I've only seen three episode of that.

It's another thing I need to get onto. I dunno anyone's name. They all look the same to me.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah nobody's dead yet in that and it's like three episodes in

Sidey: Well I did decent battle

on the beach, but anyhow we did a top five last week,

which is about

Reegs: Yeah. And we, we said we were fans of kids smoking and it turns out you guys are as well.

Sidey: Yeah, we did read out loads of nominations, which was great last week, but Mel Yeah. Hit hard with that fucking Turkey that it was his load of shit. Really? You stand by me.

Reegs: Yeah. Stand by me kid smoking,

Dan: so.

Sidey: think we


Dan: I can't

Sidey: thought that was shit, didn't we?

Dan: Yeah. I can't, I can't believe that. We didn't think of that actually. Cuz it is. Yeah. No, it's, it's an all time in that one. It's brilliant.

Sidey: No, I'm the only one who didn't really get on with So Great nomination though.

Reegs: Yeah. Great nomination.

Sidey: And I have to say, when we get onto this week's, we got fucking loads online already.

Reegs: Oh. People have been pulling out all the stops recently. It's great.

Sidey: It's really, it gladdens the heart

and erect the penis or something. So that's good fun, isn't it?

Dan: Distinct lack of cheese.

Sidey: No, there's a whole bag of cheese. And that's not even for touched later

on Conversation

Reegs: contest is not,

Dan: Have I peeked too early? I've just seen those Haribo in front

Sidey: Yeah, we've got, we've got a, a, a snack selection, which we'll get onto, but top five. Dan, you went,

Dan: I went slow.

Sidey: It felt we did feel like we're running outta steam in the last two weeks. I feel. Have been strong.

Dan: and picked up again, haven't they? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I thought we must have done this before. I was waiting for you to say, Oh, we done, But no,

Reegs: no.

Sidey: slow motion

Reegs: No. Great shout. Great shout.

Dan: Well, there's it's a rich, it's a rich area to go looking for, for slowmo motions.


Reegs: there were so many different types of slow motion moment, dramatic action moments, funny moments epic moments.

Dan: Really just cool moments. So do you wanna start us off? Me? Yeah.

Sidey: I go for a trifecta of Simpsons.

Dan: Okay Right

Sidey: The first one is deep space Homer, where he in slow motion crashes into the ant colony.

Then Ralph Wig has his heart broken by Lisa at a live showing of Crus to the clown, and they pause and rewind it and, and barks like, Look, you can actually see them put

the exact his heart break and they just playing

it in slow motions.

Reegs: go

Sidey: And then the episode of softball called Home at the bat where he swings and you can see his gut moving in slow

motion Yeah. And

we reviewed that episode and it is to this day, the low point of this podcast where we completely fucked it.

Sad times, but yeah. So it's probably loads of other ones if I'd really thought about it, but those were the

Dan: the They are

Sidey: up with first

Dan: Yeah. Well, I'll, I'll go for that cool moment then. And it's Reservoir Dogs.


Reegs: green bag.

Dan: Yeah. You know, they, they've got the whole blonde pink, brown blue. They've got everybody strolling out in their suits

Sidey: apart from like imagining his shell suit.


Dan: and yeah, no, the, that's, that's just like the coolest moment, wasn't it? As, as they walk around the corner and I dunno whether, you know, I imagine that's been done a few times before in other films similarly, but everyone seemed to take that moment with the, with the little green bag

Sidey: You don't wanna kind of glamorize these these guys cuz they are criminals, you know, whatever. But it looks like took so fucking cool. They really do.

Dan: Well, they're just sort of strutting out in the diner car park, aren't they? So it's not that cool, but yeah,

Sidey: a virgin in the, in the diner and then John Frow, Doug Lyman, et cetera, did this in Swingers.

They took it off after discussing it at length. They did a really good homage to it. Yeah. So, yeah, this is a good one.

Reegs: Swordfish. Anybody ever see that? The John Travolta hug

Sidey: The explosion boobs,

Reegs: Boobs. Yeah.

Dan: Halle Berry in

Reegs: Berry. Yeah. This probably have to be edited out, but we rented that and then after that she gets her boobs out caught and was like, Right. That's it. Just turned it off.


Sidey: there were 6 million boobs. And then Is that what she


Reegs: million pounds for those

Sidey: sharing her boobs Yeah Yeah.

Impressive boobs

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: 3 million each.

Reegs: But it has a great scene. Great scene. A memorable scene. Yeah. It is a good scene at the beginning where he is breaking the fourth wall and talking about action movies and hostage situations and how these things play out.

And then he's actually talking to the FBI and this woman runs off and she's got a jacket that's got ball bearings on it, and she explodes and the camera revolves around at the moment of the explosion. As time sort of slows down and you see everything being taken out, it's still a really memorable cinematic moment.

Dan: Cool.

Sidey: I can't believe we've gone around and, and not mentioned the matrix.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, bullet time. Yeah.

Sidey: this was the real game changer. Of course you've got the scene on the rooftop where the, the proper bullet time bit where

the agent is firing loads rounds and Neos dodging it. And then we've probably all seen how it's done, which is know wires and green screen and millions of cameras.

And it kind of rotates round as it's going through and it was like amazing to see probably, you know, an evolutionary leap in cinema stuff. But the one I was thinking of was the very, very start

where Trinity's on the computer and someone bursts through the door and she leaps up and does the kind of crane in mid air it phrases

and you cinema.

Fuck what is going on. This is fucking cool. And she batters him and then it speeds up and she legs it around the room and escapes. But that bit where she lept up, that was the first glimpse of it. And it was just fucking cool. Yeah, really cool.

Dan: really good. I was looking at, you know, what kind of Slowmo films I would've seen. And, and then I was looking at the directors that use them all and where's Anderson seems to have been a big fan of Slowmo.

And I was looking for, for Bill Murray actually. And the Bill Murray one that I found though was him, instead of doing an autograph for somebody just decided to walk down the hall with him and his mates and they slow mode it and turned it into a little film they put on YouTube. It's only about 30 seconds, you can just put it on there and just put Bill Murray walk and he's just doing the exact kind of talk.

We were what we were talking about with the Reservoir Dogs, where he is just, but it's with these guys and they've just asked Bill Murray to do it and he's done it.

Sidey: So again a bit

Reegs: Seemly

Sidey: Yeah. The stuff that's coming out

Reegs: that Seth Green though? Was it Seth Green?

Sidey: What

Reegs: He the one he said, Oh, he stuck. Bill Murray stuck me in a trash can and upside down or something.

Sidey: No Well, I was thinking about the, the current one where he's forced himself on someone or grabbed someone, and then Gina Davis has come out and said, Oh yeah, he did all this shit to me in the past.

And I, I wasn't like,


Brave enough to say like, That's not fucking appropriate. I should have walked away, but carried on. And

it's like

Reegs: knew he was supposed to be a bit of a prick, but I didn't realize he was also touchy. Very vly.

Sidey: Yeah. Seems just a bit like,

Dan: Oh, I'd have to listen to more before I throw Bill under the bus here.

Sidey: I know, I know. But like, wrong is wrong

at the

Dan: time. Yeah. Well for sure. If, if, if that's all true,

Reegs: what you just lived long enough for all your sort of heroes, or not heroes, but people that you like just turned into petos and like

Sidey: seems that way Seems like an era An era of just fucking appalling behaviors.


Dan: Oh, well

Reegs: it's probably you

Dan: I probably won't make my top five then, but away you go. Re.

Reegs: All right. Well dread we watch that for the pod. It's got a drug named Slowmo in it, which actually slows down your perception of time. And you get the mon mundane stuff like lean, heady in the bath. It's not that mundane, but but it's kind of spectacular, not just because it's lean heady, but because of how cool it all looks and crisp.

But also there's a drug then full of Slowmo users and you see dread and his rookie colleague take a assault the room in glorious, violent, horrible, slow motion.

Sidey: There's,

another there's another drug one which is cake from Braai. Yeah. Which also has the effect of slowing down your protection of time. Yes.

Reegs: And it make your children smell like hammers,

Sidey: One young girl thought she had four weeks to cross the road, stuff like that.

yeah. Brilliant.

Reegs: But yeah, the bullet time, the matrix one is an interesting thing, you know, cuz it's been around in a, in a few different ways. He had Blade did it where he's slicing off loads of bullets and shit and you've got Wesley doing it and wanted curving bullets and slowmo and apologizing in the

Sidey: Was that pre or post? I wanna say that was

Reegs: That was post, well pre, definitely pre was lost in space. The Matt la.

Movie. I

Sidey: one for the ages that one.

cinema, for that one

Reegs: an AB and it's got the time slice at the end where they, I think, hyper drive through the sun or something. It sends them out. That's how they end up getting lost in space.

One that you might not have seen know is K Power Into the Fist. It's like a a spoof featuring footage from an obscure seventies Kung fu film, but with an American comedian over the top of it. But it's got him fighting a cow in bullet time and like firing milk from its others at him such.

That's a good one.

Sidey: Oh, where to go next? A kind of naked one, Well, not a kind of naked one. A very explicitly, definitely naked One is fast time from Ridgemont High Judge Reinhold is having some fun right in the Lou Perving at Phoebe Kates. And in his imagination, she's exiting the pool and taking off her bikini top in slow motion.

We've all

Reegs: seen this

Sidey: enjoyed that seat. Imagined. Yeah, that, so that's a good one.

Dan: Okay well, Sergeant ILAs left behind by the rest of his crew. Do you know where I'm going?

Sidey: Blackhawk. Oh

Dan: Yeah. I, I raised the hands in that kind of Christ,

Sidey: Yeah. It's the mispronounce of

Reegs: it was the mispronunciation.

Dan: gonna give it you easy am I ? So it is a big dramatic moment.

And it's he's kind of adopt this religious pose almost before he gets shot and the Cs just going up and they look back down and he's been told he's already dead. Hasn't he? Charlie Sheen? Is it Charlie Sheen? Yeah. Yeah. He's already been told he's dead, but he can just kind of see him as he's pulling up and they, they don't go back and he knows then that Tom Bering is

Reegs: Berings Yeah, Barns

Dan: Done him. Yeah. Yeah. It, what a movie that is. Platoon really enjoyed that at the time. Watch two, two or three times

Reegs: Couple of Comic Booky ones X-Men Days of Future Pass. Has quick silver breaking Magni outta prison.

Sidey: Yeah.

They have to slow that down, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see

Reegs: it. Yeah. The fight in the kitchen thing where he is comically arranging it all and but also proving that basically if you had super speed.

There would be no problem that would be insurmountable for you. It's like a

Sidey: world

really lazy though.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. And the beginning credits to Deadpool are all in slow motion.

Dan: Oh, that's right. Cuz he is just, Has he been exploded out or

Reegs: there's a car crash, isn't there? And he's like putting a, the cigarette lighter in the guy's face and there's little things of green Lan photos and all sorts of cool stuff going on in those credits.


Sidey: of course they've announced the third one. UPT there with Scott gonna be Wolverine

Dan: there.

Oh, joining that world.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Do you see the first use of bullet time? Did you catch this up in your research tool? Kill and Kill again was the first use of it. I think

Dan: Right.

Reegs: was an obscure sort.

Sidey: pretty cool action

Reegs: movie.

You can see that on YouTube.

Dan: I watched this Turkish film that said to have the slowest

Reegs: Yeah the what? The guy where he is

Sidey: was bracing myself for a joke. I mean,

Dan: it was actually true. Yeah. That

Reegs: clutching it's like the worst fight scene of

Dan: It said it was the worst slowmo action fight scene of all

Sidey: Is it them just pretending

Dan: and basically it is really sort of bad.

Reegs: He looks like Roan Atkinson, I thought. But

Dan: of it's bad wardrobe, his bad setting.

He's got this, Yeah, like a Turkish row in Atkinson with a bit more of a, trying to be a handlebar mis and he takes a bullet on the bed.

Reegs: He squeezes a blood capsule.

Like really? Obviously

Dan: almost like he's acting

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: You know, It's not actually Slowmo, like the budget couldn't go to Slowmo. So just, and it's awful, but kind of funny with it.

Sidey: Reese mentioned some comic Booky ones also. The watchman starts with a, I think it's all along the watch tower.

Reegs: No, the times there are, are

Sidey: That's the one. And it's an alternate kind of view of history. You've got various different things. I think there's some, is there some Watergate stuff? And Nixon's obviously still president and then you've got Manhattan like altering the course of the Vietnam War and all that sort of stuff. And it's a big montage of where we are now in this reality.

Reegs: You get like two movies worth of exposition in about four minutes. Yeah. Just to set everything. It's like brilliant. And then you have the comedian being thrown out the window in Slowmo and the,

Sidey: that the smiley,

Reegs: the smiley face with the blood on it.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Rad

Dan: Martin Scorsese's raging Bull. Remember this when you've got Jake la Mater de Niro and he is just dancing around the ring. It's kind of a bit smoky. It's all black and white anyway and he's just got the hood on and he's just waiting for the fight. Yeah, it's a lovely, lovely, I mean, it's a, it's a tough film to watch this actually.

I mean, it's He's an angry man, isn't he? Lamato He's he's trouble, yeah. He's, he's troubled and everything, but it's, it's a huge performance and, and great film.

Reegs: I watched some clips of it today for this. Right. And the fight scenes are still pretty visceral. You know

Dan: There were, I mean there were, at the time, there were groundbreaking just the, the camera shots and the, the kind of realism he was able to get into.

Otherwise it always just,

Not quite as, as good on film until he brought this, this view to it. But yeah, decent one.

Reegs: Zoolander, they wake me up before you go, go with the petrol and the c. And really the first one I thought of, Ace Ventura pretending to be an American football player with psychological problems so he can break into a mental health hospital. I'm ready to go in coach, just gimme a chance.

I'm gonna execute a button hook pattern and super slowmo. And then he gives the instant replay. Yeah, it's pretty funny when he

Dan: does. Yeah.

Reegs: But Courtney Cox creases in, even in the you know,

Sidey: theater Yeah He's quite hold together Yeah

Reegs: like laughing away. Yeah, Al and along came Polly. Did you ever see that the

Sidey: have seen that Yeah

Reegs: Jennifer Anderson won and he's playing basketball with his fat guy.

And he like

Sidey: M Hoffman, isn't it?

Reegs: It's is

Sidey: it's when he talks about shouting.

Reegs: Yeah. . Yeah, yeah, yeah. And he jumps into him and he is like fat, sweaty face, like goes Oh,


Sidey: He keeps shouting like, oh, nothing but net. And he just, and he just like smashing into

Reegs: It's miles wide. Yeah. Oh, and Quaaludes,

Sidey: Steve murder. Yeah. That's good. And this, you get to see this dick just after that bit as well.

This is quite funny. Our film we've talked about on numerous occasions, the Untouchables has the scene in the. Train

station, is

Dan: ah, the pram coming down the stairs,

Sidey: which has the pram, it's Kosner and Garcia and the gangsters are coming up and there after the bookkeeper. And it's obviously a takeoff of Battleship per tempkin, but in that one, the woman and the child die.

But they didn't go for that in this one. They, they save them and I think, gosh, here, did he shoot someone in the head through his forehead?

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: it's fucking super cool. I love that movie.

Reegs: stops the crown just at the bottom. Battleship Perkin was the, is that, is that what you said?

Sidey: I did, yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Well The Usual Suspects has that scene where he's just realized

that. Clint verbal Clint has got away and just walked out and he realizes he's kind of coz Kaiser so say, and he's, he's made all these stories up and it's just as the

Reegs: Kobiashi Cup, isn't it? Yeah.

Dan: And it just drops on the, on the floor

Slow great moment, Slow mo Well, well sort

Sidey: get as much joy out of that film the second time when you know, like, you know, it's all

Dan: it's still a great movie. Yeah, but I mean, once, is it like any of these films?

Reegs: it's all the assholes involved in it now that really makes it like Yeah. Singer Spacey. Probably let's say Gabriel Burn as well.

Sidey: Jimmy Sr was in it, of

course. Yeah.

Reegs: Well known for that Yeah. Hard target has the the street shoot out and then J C V D taken down the guy on the bike just with a single kick in slow motion as he comes past. And similarly, the protector, Tom Young go, I think that's the other name for it. The Tony Jar one has the running up, the glasses, the quad bike goes through it.

Really cool stuff. Inception.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: That has the bit where basically the van starts falling and then that's pretty much for like falls for half a movie. Yeah. In slow motion.

Sidey: And it's the dream

within the, dream Within the dream. Within

the dream. Within the dream.

Reegs: Yeah. Isn't the but the one at the very beginning is them coming off the bridge.

Cuz for some reason they've got fall off a bridge and the one further down where they roll the car doesn't count or

Sidey: I really love that film, but it is confusing if you think about too much.

Dan: Yeah.

Don't think,

Sidey: feel. Sherlock Holmes, the guy Richie won has Robert, Danny Jr. Playing Sherlock and he's a pugilist part excellence. And while he's fighting, he. Everything slows down to almost a complete standstill.

It's, it's so slow. And then he describes how he knows what he's gonna preempt, what his

opponent his opponent's gonna do, and what he's gonna do to counter it and strike him here and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then it zooms back into real time and he does all the things that he just said he was gonna do and he wins the fight, et cetera.

Dan: I mean, it is strange how directors use all the slow mode. Isn't it mean? Some of them, I like it when they've like in this next film when they get an animal winking and it's Let it ride one of my favorites.

Where right at the end there Jay Tro, who's been having his last bet on hot to tro the race horse, the four horse. Was it you that like that or Pete, like that so much. That's saying and at the end of the horse in Slowmo, it seems to kind of just wink as he goes over the line and he goes, Yeah, I got it.

I'm having a very good day. And that was what we called train that.

Sidey: Yeah Sad times

Dan: yeah, sadly just passed on, didn't he, Robbie? He was

Reegs: yeah.

Dan: Good. And

Reegs: Should we see what listeners have

Sidey: Well, do you wanna just chuck Chuck another one in? Cause

Reegs: Well, I, one I think about it would've been great if you didn't know was terminated too.

Seeing that in the cinema, if you didn't know who was who and what was going on. The first moment when Edward Furlong sees a and

Sidey: the

Reegs: corridor and he drops the roses and the cops running towards him and he suddenly says, Get down and he shoots you. You know, if you didn't know at that moment what huge moment that would've been.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: So there's that. And then also very much having the same cultural impact is when Fry drinks a hundred cups of coffee in future armor and on that hundredth one time, like just completely stands still. And I have had moments like that with coffee.

Sidey: Hall of Fame movie for me is Wayne's World. And when they're in the donut place, Dream Woman comes in and goth, everything goes into standstill for Goth. And I think it's Foxy Lady plays and then he does his dinner, but she's standing there with the, you know, her blonde hair or blown away in the, in the wind and stuff looking kind of foxy.

Yeah. That's such a fucking good film. Yes. We have had a million nominations from listeners, shall we?

Reegs: Yeah, let's have some of those. Cuz they,

Sidey: we've, we've actually

mentioned quite a lot already. Did that make any sense? I dunno. I think this is me has nominated the opening credits and Watchman Nice.

We've got from Christian Benter. Yeah. Snatch the Brad pit fight scene and 300 The Gates of Hell Battle.

Dan: Ah, yeah, I remember that. The snatch one, it was I think it was in the build up for the big punch or something. They, they knock him out and yeah, it's good that I, I watched that not, not long ago.


Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: Breach has nominated Garth's Dark Place, the funeral scene, and she's kindly sent the YouTube link so everyone can enjoy that. We have got,


goodness me, Darren Lethally with Deadpool.

The opening one opening scene that you mentioned, Rig Seth Vargas Pineapple Express. We haven't mentioned that.

James Franco jumping through the air with guns Johny with inception and Zoolander. Oh, and spaced, which is really good.

Dan: Were there, Simon Peg

Reegs: Oh, the, the

Sidey: do shoot but with their hands with like finger guns,

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And other ones that we've already mentioned, I'm sure. But do keep them coming in cuz that's been really great to hear from everyone.

So soon after putting the post. I was great. It was overwhelmed. Let's put in our nominations.

Dan: Yeah. Okay. I was just thinking point break though. Don't have that big No,

Reegs: Yeah, that's a good one. Hands gruber, diehard as well.

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Dan: But I, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go the, the raging Ball one, just because I think that's an absolute scene as he dances around.

Slowmo in the ring hood on, just waiting for the fight. Brilliant.

Reegs: Oh,

probably have to put in the matrix.

I mean,

Dan: it's, Yeah, it's a

Sidey: gotta be in there I

think I'm putting in black Atticus fourth and it's the culmination. It's the very end of the series and it's where


Dan: Oh, they go over the top,

Sidey: them going over the top.

And they all the, especially this particular episode, they've been trying to figure out ways where they can get out there by

Dan: pencils up their nose.

Sidey: but it's inevitable that they will go over the top and they will all die and it builds up and they're all just fucking shitting themselves, you know?

And I watch this dead, dead young primary


age and thinking, fuck, Like, I haven't seen people like Die on the Teddy before. They're fucking emotional. And they all go and it goes in slow motion of them charging across the field with just guns going off. And it just fades out and then fades back into like, I guess it's flounders field with all the poppies on it.

You're like, Fuck yeah, dead. Like, you


Dan: Yeah. I remember there wasn't, it just stopped the laughs, didn't it?

At the end of that series you were just

Sidey: end of the series. No,

Dan: But you sticks with you.

Sidey: Yeah. it does It does for sure. And then we should put in a listener nomination. I, we just kind of

Dan: some good

Sidey: Nominations are always solid. Pete mentioned the Jim Kerry one. I did like the Oh, snatch one's good. But I did like the inception shout. Yeah. Would you reckon?

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah, yeah.

Well snatch, we never put snatch in anything forever. No. It snatches in,

but on Chris.

Dan: Wow Chris.


Sidey: But do keep them coming

because we've

Reegs: we've got a space for one more. One

Sidey: more spaced. Yeah.

Dan: A sign

Sidey: You went early with this

Dan: I did.

Sidey: disclosure, but I've got full disclosure here because what happened today was I had to meet Peter Flak

For a very important business meeting. And he's away on holiday tomorrow. That's why he can't record tonight. He's going to Florida. He's gonna Florida for two whole weeks. And so today was cheese subscription day and there's no point in him having cheese because he didn't need it. So I have it with us

Reegs: So this

is Peter's cheese that we're

Sidey: Well, it's our cheese.

It's just that Pete's not here to enjoy it with us. And so I've only really unleashed two out of the four. And one of them's the gold. One of them is the Go Zola, Dolche, young, ous, creamy and rich, not to be confused with the stronger and harder. Go and Zola Pcan, which is I think what we've had before because this isn't, this isn't as strong a flavor as that sublime when drizzled with Acaia honey, Dan.

Right. You got any of that? Or with fresh juicy pairs. And the guy in the shop did actually say, Oh, if you've got any pairs that they're perfect this time. You're nice and ripe. And I was thinking, Let me get outta the shop for fuck's sake. He's dickhead that guy dick head. And then the other one that I think we've got on the go is the Pino Tuo, which I seem to recall Pete saying that for made by the famous Tuscan Creamery Ill Furino Uh soft young Pino is delicate.

And not withstanding the gorgeous squad truffle aroma, noninvasive

Dan: scotton.


Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Nice.

Sidey: So yeah, it's found around the hills of the marma, wherever the fuck that is. Probably in fucking Italy by sounds of it,

Dan: was that guy.

Reegs: just naturally occurring.

Sidey: Yeah. , it just roams around. You have to hunt it and catch it.


Dan: He rolls.

Sidey: It's semi hard. Which is, could describe all of us here as well. And there's two others, but we're not gonna get a chance to eat those. Cause I just think we've got Haribo and Dairy milk buttons coming out of our ears. So that's more than enough

Dan: loads going on. Yeah. And we do have the um the, the rich bread toast.

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: That's, that's pretty good stuff.

Sidey: It is good. Yeah. So that's lovely. And what is also lovely in segues so very nicely is this week's movie, Dan, which you nominated or I think you're trying to now make a bold claim that it was actually your wife who nominated

Dan: no.

I, I would take this. I wouldn't wanna blame it. . No. We were watching Netflix just to what? To watch, Ah, Dog and Me Own. We were watching Netflix checking it out and thought. This looked okay. Hovered over it for about three, four seconds and then just dive straight into it. Texted you guys, this would be the nomination.

Right. And it looked from the trailer potentially intriguing because you, from the little bit they show over the Netflix, because this follows the story in the whole kind of sense of the film is, it's kind of a bit like slide doors. There's two different narratives going on with the same person.

Sidey: Yeah. The movie's called Look both ways. And that to me was quite an interesting title. I was, had sort of high hopes that I, before I knew anything about it, other than you'd put Luther, but for some reason I had a bit of a sci-fi vibe going on in my head anyways.

Nothing like that. Nothing is precisely like sliding

Dan: Well

this was, no, not quite the same, but we'll um

Sidey: trade but other

than that it's the same.

Dan: We'll, we'll no, because I think in sliding doors you get these kind of you follow in this one, you follow all the way through to the end of, of both?

Sidey: Well took some doing, but yes, I did manage

Dan: both. Yeah. Both kind of scenarios and it, we were talking about romantic comedies and how we hadn't had many on the pod.

So this was a new one come out, didn't know anything about it. Give it a go.

Reegs: It stars Lily Reinhardt. Yeah,

Sidey: Mm I think

she was in hustlers, what we watched.

Reegs: Oh, that's what I knew her from. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Dan: Well, right. I didn't, I didn't pick her up from that actually. Well, she plays brother, wasn't she? Yeah.

She plays two versions of the same, Excuse me, the same woman, Natalie, who is one of the, is just graduated

Reegs: same woman in two different realities. Is it?

Dan: Yeah. She.

Sidey: It's

the same reality. It's just two different

Dan: possibilities. Two, two different possibilities. Yeah. So in one possibility

Sidey: a multiverse,

Dan: she,

gets pregnant.

Reegs: Well, but is it though, is it a multiverse? Cuz then does that explain what happens at the end? Because

Sidey: no it wasn't interesting enough to do that

Dan: just to go with the plot, She's just graduated from college in Austin. She's ready to embark on this five year plan for success. And her and her best friend Carra, are heading for LA where she's gonna launch her dream career of an animator.

Reegs: Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's just start. Why don't, Yeah, but why don't we start right at the beginning though,

Dan: Oh, take us there. There.

Reegs: Well just, you know, some chat in a library and all that

Sidey: stuff. She's really loud and inappropriate in the library.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. And then he takes her to the, her mate, Gabe.

Gabe. He turns up and he's an aspiring drummer in

Sidey: don't get me fucking side on that. Do not fucking get me side

Reegs: And they have a, they have a drink from a hip flask, I think, in the library, don't they? And they celebrate their end of passing their graduation, and they've got the graduation day, or what do they call it, in um yeah Um

Dan: Is what they call it. And they're having a big party.

Reegs: They have a big, they're having the big parties, they're coming up to it.

And before that, they have a sort of no strings attached. Let's definitely use a condom.

Sidey: It's explicitly

told that they

Dan: And these are two friends. They, they weren't an item. They're obviously close mates. They bin mates. They're not looking for anything beyond that.

And, and that's kind of clear. She's got this plan. She's going to LA with her friend Natalie, but. One. Natalie's going with Carra, her friend, and, and that's where it's gonna happen. And then it cuts to her in the bathroom.

Reegs: Well, a few weeks later on the night of the graduation, there's a big party and

Sidey: so there's sorority I think. And

Reegs: is. Yeah.

Sidey: Natalie cuts the line for the Lou and someone's like, Oh. And she basically tells me Fuck off.

And she's knocks on the door and sure enough that fucking personality vacuum. Natalie is being sick or certainly hugging the, the toilet. And she's bought her a bunch of pregnancy tests and she says, You better to do a couple go to. Ones not working. You wanna know definitively. So she, she takes the pregnancy test and that's where things spin her off

Reegs: It's one of the sort of, one of the times they try to do something visually interesting is at this exact moment where the two realities sort of split at the moment of the pregnancy as they look at the pregnancy test and you have both realities on screen at the same time is in one.

She's sort of, what is her reaction

Dan: Well, one of, one of them's like, Shit bloody, Oh, and she just has a shot. And she's like, Wow, can you imagine that? And she's like, No, I couldn't. Oh, that would be it. And they

Sidey: that's about the extent of the like performance as well.

Dan: Yeah.

And they, and they go out there. And then we've got the other side where she's just kind of crushed, isn't she? She just can't believe it. She's this wasn't her plan and she doesn't know what the fuck she's gonna do. And then we kind of follow these two paths then and. She goes quite quickly.

She has to go and say, in one reality, Natalie that's pregnant, she has to go and tell Gabe this is happening. Who gets right behind her? And he's a super nice

Sidey: guy. Well,

yeah, I've kind of got the impression that he, he was

into from the get go

Dan: Yeah. I

Sidey: so he

says, you know, Oh, it's not really. Oh fuck, that's shit. But okay. I'm happy to stick with you.

Reegs: He's on the verge of making it big in his shit. Covers band that only has one

Sidey: with his completely pretend drumming.

He says they've got sponsorship to go on honestly the

fucking, like anti music fucking detestable shit.

Reegs: Well,

Dan: They've got a gig just jealous. It's

Reegs: what's the song? We are Something or there's fun. They play it three times cuz

Sidey: Oh I'm so jealous. I'm so, so jealous.

Dan: He's heart his, his name's Danny Ramirez and

Reegs: and she has to move it.

She decide, you know, there's never any question of whether they're gonna keep. The baby.

Dan: no, this,


Reegs: it's

Sidey: which would've been skirted

Reegs: over in about a line and a half of dialogue.

Sidey: You know, conversation about abortion might have been something interesting they could have commented on, but no, let's not do that. So

Reegs: It is really baffling for it to just completely not address that

Dan: Well, it's a romantic comedy for fun, but it's not

Reegs: I know,

Sidey: Well it could have film some fun in then

Dan: Yeah. Wade versus Ro thing going on.

But I do

Reegs: all a more unfortunate that when the kid comes along, it's called Rosie and they shorten it to row. So the baby, they call the baby Rowes. I honestly, it's like,

Dan: it's a little bit later on down the, down the line. But Luke Wilson turns up as her dad.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: I kind of like Luke

Sidey: So do I

Reegs: a few things, but he's a charisma vacuum in

Sidey: He

barely phones it in. Honestly. I would love to sit here and say, Oh, this was a surprising hit and I really enjoyed it, but I cannot because from the get go I was like, Why is that big?

Honestly, it was just

like, yeah,

this is baffling. Like, is this a fucking, honestly thought I was watching the wrong thing? I,


picked up my phone and checked, but I was watching the right thing and I was just like, Okay. So anyway, yeah, Luke Luke Wilson turns up and is barely phoning in. He could have just had the script in front of him and been reading it out.

It was that fucking wooden

Reegs: he's married to someone who used to be in two and a half men,

Dan: right?

Sidey: This is the level of interest

Reegs: the sort of thing that we've got going on here. In

Sidey: has to break well, she has to break the news to the parents that, you know,

Oh I'm pregnant. And she just kind of rips the PLA and says, I'm pregnant.

And they're pretty like miffed about it. And they give the, and

I think

Reegs: it's the one moment where it was a bit.

You felt something for the character she moves home in with her parents, cuts her hair short. Like, like I felt something, a genuine emotion, but I'm like reaching, you know, I try to be charitable for these things,

Dan: and you, you skipped over a really funny scene there where he

Sidey: been in a coma

Dan: the, car with him and he said, Look, just be, you know, I'll, I'll breach this moment and I'll tell the parents just at the right time. And then she gets out the car and tells me straight away low Yeah, I know, I know.

Sidey: they say to the It's

Dan: tough because we're about an hour in now, maybe 45 minutes.

Reegs: Of

Sidey: but the parents say to him like, What do you do? You know, And he's obviously, he is at college, so het fucking do anything. And he says, You know, I'm a part-time job and a fucking dry cleaners. And then, you know that the, the, the words you don't want to hear about your daughter's boyfriend, that he's in a fucking band.

They're like, brilliant. So do you get paid to be in the band? And he's like, Well, no.

Reegs: So you're a dry

Sidey: you're A drag cleaner.

Reegs: Well, but alright. But anyway, but the thing is

Sidey: think genuinely you would be like I said to like, cuz watching with the miss, like imagine that's like. Our daughter coming, you'd be fucking like, What?


know Well

Reegs: you say that, but he, that she's got pregnant and he's like, I'll do whatever you want. I will come and work. I'm gonna support you. There's absolutely no question. In his mind, he's just like, Right. A hundred percent behind it. The whole way supporting her. I'll get a job, I'll do the, you know, it's like, so there's no friction or tension or anything there.

So anyway, Yeah.

Dan: In the other Natalie's world, she's gone though to la la and she's can't really find a job. They got a, an apartment, first of all, think it's gonna be this amazing one and then it's not. It's one across the street, which is still pretty sound

Reegs: still amazing.

Dan: Yeah, it's still pretty sound. No big calm down there.

And she, Sending out her resume to lots of different animation firms and things, and eventually gets wind of a party going on where her hero,

Sidey: she's a bit downtrod at first because everything's like an internship or an unpaid position. Yeah. So how the fuck am I supposed to live?

You know, how am I supposed to make money and blah, blah, blah. And so you, you're right. She goes to this party

Dan: an assistance

Sidey: got her Yeah.

she's got wind of it. It is someone that she really idolizes this Lucy character. And she's throwing a party for some fucking shy thing that she's doing.

Reegs: Oh, this is where she meets pound land. Henry Keal.

Sidey: I always go for Jamie Dawn. Like a, like a,

Dan: That's Jake David Kowi sweat.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: He was an immediate red flag for me because he Pines for a live action remake of Spirited Away . And I was like, that is like literally the opposite of anything that anybody should ever

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. And she argues that point as well.

Sidey: He had a shit beard annoyed me.

Reegs: Cause she, Yeah.

Dan: he's, he's,

Reegs: of the few interesting things they flesh out about her that she does from time to time. Chuck out some interesting things about the world of animation.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: In, in well, La Natalie, this is the guy that's able to get her foot in the door and a job, and

Sidey: you can telegraph it.

Fuck fucking 10 million miles away at this party where she starts speaking to this guy. Yeah. And she's, Oh, I'm gonna like go in and gate crash this Lucy thing and, and try and meet. And he is like, Well, you fucking definitely shouldn't do that. You're like stalking the boss. And you're like, He's gonna be in like,

so fucking obviously gonna be in inspired Sure enough like, He, he tells him, Well, if you're gonna actually do it, just fucking bluff your way in.

Just go to the door with confidence. The doorman's wrong, gonna know who's in and out of this thing, so just fucking walk in. So she does that and sure enough, he like rocks up. You like Jesus. And then someone says, Well, Lucy never comes to these fucking things. Like, you know, she just throws the party and she doesn't, And, and you realize why Later on we do me.

Cause she's a fucking dick.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Well, he, he meets her the next day as her resume has been called up and she says, Oh, we are coming for an interview.

And he says, Look, the reason you got the job is because you didn't stay at that party. You went home to do more resumes. And that's just the kind of person we wanted. So she's got this drive and she's got this ambition. She gets this job and she's working really hard. But you're right, the Lucy woman is a bit of a bitch

Sidey: right from the get go and, she's fairly consistent with that behavior. So that's good.

Dan: Yeah. And then it kind of flips up again and it jumps forward. She's, she's, it's quite

Reegs: jarring the way they tell the story because you are used to seeing a whole storyline play out. Yeah. And then the alternative really, that is often the way this is done, whereas this shows, you've seen our, you, you're not always a hundred percent sure apart from the color coding that goes on with

Sidey: Yeah They do that Yeah

Reegs: To tell you, but you're not always a hundred percent sure in which reality you

Dan: at

Reegs: some points.

Dan: you're right.

Sidey: Her hair is ever so slightly different and they show you that times moved on because No, they don't change at all. But the baby gets a little bit older Yeah. As we go through it.

Dan: Yeah. And, and various relationship.

Reegs: noticed as it got older,

Dan: Various relationship. Things are going on in La Natalie's life. Jake has got a film deal where he is gonna produce his dream job kind of thing, but he's gotta go over

Sidey: only the instant after they agree to move in


Dan: Yeah.


Sidey: Because plot. And in the other one, in the other reality where she's got baby, she tells Gabe to fuck off and meet


Reegs: He gets together with a girl called Miranda.

Yeah. Yeah. Mm.

Dan: And then she realizes that might have been a mistake. But it's all too late then. Yeah. And


Reegs: back in the LA world, you know, she's wanting to push her work. That's what she really wants to do, and she shows it to her boss eventually. She works up the, the courage to do that. And her boss slates it as being derivative and unoriginal and my te television set actually imploded from the irony Right.

Of it. Okay. Yeah.

Dan: Okay. Yeah, well it is certainly, it was certainly a well delivered line that maybe she, she had seen it, but it does inspire La Natalie to then go and kind of start her own thing again.

Sidey: Well, she, she gives her pep talk by saying that, Oh, when I was coming through the ranks, like Everyone was ACU to me. Yeah. So I'm just gonna revisit all that, all


Reegs: gonna perpetuate that cycle of misery on you.

Sidey: you need to find your voice.

All I did was tell other people how to find their voice until I realized that, you know, blah blah blah. So you can go live on the street and not have a job, but that'll help you find your, your voice and you're just like, what kind of fucking advice is this?

Dan: That's kind of what she, she went for. Yeah.

Sidey: And so she does

Dan: it works.

Sidey: she does cuz it's like a fucking Hallmark movie.

Reegs: Well it's interesting you should say that side. Cause I might have a little hallmark little quiz coming up for you.

Sidey: And she, her fucking work was derivative, so at least that was true. And anyway, she then comes up with this fucking bullshit story, theme thing for what's she called Night

Reegs: Night Owl.

Sidey: The Night Owl.

Not the call night owl from

Watchman but

some like fucking stupid, like in name. Ah, this is the Color Palette. This film is starting to annoy me thinking back.


Reegs: little inserts all the way through it of her cuz of her graphic designy

Sidey: stuff. And she's gonna show this short thing that she's created at Southwest, Southwest.

And I'm just, just thinking they don't fucking show stuff like that at Southwest. Southwest.

Reegs: they do. They show it. I'd love to go to that.

Sidey: Not in my imagination

Dan: Well, a and as luck would have it other Natalie has also found her way and her form and her talent, and found herself. She's, she had a short brief stint as a barista, but that didn't last too long. And and she managed to put pen to paper again and or onto the iPad and do her own kind of design, which gets her to South by Southwest as well.

So whichever.

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: kind of had it, it ended up her

Reegs: Yeah, basically everything will be fine.

Whatever you do. Don't worry cuz it'll all be

Dan: And and yeah, that's kind of the message of this, this movie.

Sidey: There was a message to this movie.


Dan: I mean, if, if there was, it was, it was that

Reegs: So they both have success in their careers through different parts.

And some time passes, I guess I was getting pretty, but it was hard to stay awake now, you know, I'm

Dan: Was it one visit hour movie? Yeah, it was a long movie, wasn't it? Did Did you do it in one

Sidey: Yeah, man. What was, what was really,

really baffling

Reegs: in a minute. Surely we just need to get through the

Sidey: Okay.

Dan: Okay. Yeah.

Sidey: I mean, in a, in a shocking term of events, her and Gabe in the pregnancy one end up together.

Yeah. We get to see

Reegs: goes to see the shit band and play the

Sidey: This is

Reegs: played the song again,

Sidey: this is the thing I find most fucking irritating in the whole film, is just how fucking appalling that the drumming was

shown as being,

And also the music was just like catastrophic and just how popular that sort of shit is in America just makes me fucking wanna puke.

Yeah. So that was disappointing. And then the other reality,

did she,

Reegs: she gets together with fake Henry Caval again for some reason.

Dan: Yeah. He comes back and he says something like my the

Reegs: emotional Oh, he comes back for her, doesn't he? At South by Southwest a bit sort of

Sidey: he puts his project in jeopardy by turning up Yeah.

To see her shit fucking film.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: And anyway, both realities end up converging as they walk past the sorority house and Natalie says, Can I just stop for a minute? And goes in both realities into the bathroom and kind of looks in the mirror in in the head, sort of his and her sinks, she looks in both if you are white and middle

Sidey: person

Reegs: and your parents are really wealthy, everybody's extremely supportive and nurturing you can then, whatever you do in life, don't worry about it.

It'll be fine. And also never talk about abortion.

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: just never ever talk about it.

Dan: So it was a hit

Sidey: Yeah

Dan: say Love it.

Sidey: I have to say what was most baffling about it was a couple of times I glimpsed over and the Mrs was fully invest in this. She was loving it and she said the next day, Oh, I was a bit like conflicted about that film cuz you know, I really wanted like her and Gabe to get together and I'm just like who gives a fuck?

Reegs: Well, no, hang on then. If we really missed a trick here, if we gone like my misses. I watched it with her. She didn't seem to give a shit. She seemed to think it was just as awful as I did.

Dan: Yeah. My misses fell asleep pathway and then we watched it. The o that's, that's totally usual, not because of the film.

And then we watched. The next part of it a couple of days later when we, which gave me a, a good, but she did kind of enjoy it, you

Sidey: know? Mrs Yeah she, was into it She was like

Dan: but I, I was yeah,

Sidey: When when like Gabe or Gabe or whatever his name was and her were like interacting, she was like, Come on, tell, tell.

Just say, Hey Phil, tell him you love it. And I'm just like, Oh God, This was like the most fucking vapid bullshit. Like

Reegs: it's

Sidey: mentioned Hallmark stuff. Like I couldn't, you can't even like it ironically or hate watch it. It just had so, And I would love to have been surprised by

Dan: it. Yeah.

Sidey: Because

I not, I'm not like anti

rocom Those are wrong comments that I

really enjoy Yeah,

Reegs: Lily Reinhardt's pretty good in it.

Should the lead, I think she's

Sidey: She doesn't have much to work with. Let's just, I give her that. The

Reegs: script is just so cowardly and bland and, you know, I know not everything has to be a big thing, but, ah, I d know, Maybe

Sidey: could have made more about like teen pregnancy or Uh

Reegs: I guess it doesn't have to be

Sidey: that shit drumming or, you



Dan: well, I mean, this, this was, this was on, you know, a, it was a lighthearted, or trying to be lighthearted film in a told, in a slightly quirky way like a romantic comedy where, I dunno, it didn't work for me. It definitely didn't. But I was, I was intrigued by the way they were trying to find a different way of telling the story, you know, that they had this slide doors thing and that's kind of all I knew going into it.

Oh, they're telling these two different stories, thought that might be interesting. There was so great

Reegs: there. There could have been around like, because in

Dan: than anything good though. There was nothing really to

Reegs: but in, at least in both realities. She had a career, like at least it didn't go, Oh, you know, if you have a baby you can't have a career. Cuz she ends up having a career in both realities that is enriching for her.

So that's, you know, pretty good. But in both realities, her happiness depends on a, on a bloke and it's shit. Henry Caval in one and

Sidey: they're both,

nothing guys like completely vanilla. boring dudes who offer nothing.

Reegs: and the Spirited Away thing. And the other one, the other one said that his favorite movie was the Michael Bay Teenage Mu Ninja Turtles thing.


Sidey: if you are interested like a fan of music and you care at all about music, and as soon as you see this can pair of

Dan: Oh the, the shoulder's

Sidey: are just like you hate everything about your entire life.

Reegs: Does. But we talked about Hallmark movies. Yeah. This like, seems like the very sort of definition almost of that feel of

Dan: it's TV film kind of feel, wasn't it?

Reegs: you want to hear, have a little quick quiz?

Yeah. Of real or not? Hallmark movies. All right. So I'll give you the title and a synopsis. You tell me if it's true real or not. So KFC teamed up with Lifetime to create the story of a young ars who struggles to choose between a wealthy suitor chosen by her mother and the sexy new chef, Colonel Sanders played by Saved by the Bells, Mario Lopez.

Is that real or not?

Dan: That is real. I

Sidey: gonna say it's false.

Reegs: It is real.

Dan: That's too good not to be.

Reegs: as soon as possible,

Sidey: Shannon's bassoon Brenda,

Reegs: a beautiful and gifted professional Bassoonist is dreading a lonely Christmas away whilst traveling with the Royal Philharmonic. But when the Barron of Genova over heres her practicing Brenda's holiday gets much more exciting, starring Tory Spelling and Ian Earing

Sidey: I dunno who that guy is, but


Dan: true.

Reegs: It's false nos.

Sidey: damnit, let's make that film.

Reegs: The Cabin two single parent families with the last name McDougal are assign the same cabin during Scotland's Mac Fest, a convention that glad gathers Klans from around the globe with the last name starting with Max starring back to the Future is Leah Thompson,

Dan: I wanna say yes. Yes

Reegs: It's true,

Dan: I wanna watch that film.

Reegs: Hanukah and Florence, after uncovering a mysterious artifact, buried beneath the lunar surface, a spacecraft is sent to jupi to to, to find its origins. A man by two men in the super computer. Hal 9,000,

Sidey: I gonna


this one's


Dan: Yeah, it's gotta be

Reegs: that is false. That of course is the plot to 2001 and the tie break.

Is it a tie break? You've got two already. Have

Sidey: two nail Tune it up. Yeah.

Reegs: All right. Well, it means nothing but the

Sidey: last guy's a winner Yeah

Reegs: Fur. Crazy. A woman who threw a series of circumstances is cornered into a job she's hated all her life selling Christmas trees in Manhattan.

Dan: Yeah, that's true.

Sidey: True.

Reegs: It is true. I think, Dan, you are the winner of

Sidey: wins Dan wins the, Hallmark

Dan: Hallmark.

Winner Hallmark card. Yeah. Well, nobody was a winner really with this week's two hours. We dedicated to look both ways. We should have looked another way, potentially looked away.


live and learn.

Reegs: It just seems to not, it has set it in Texas in this year. And to completely not talk about anything other,

Dan: Yeah, Missed, missed. I mean, it wasn't that kind of film. We wasn't, you know it was trying to, you know, tell an interesting story or, or something with a bit of weight into it in two different ways. And, but it didn't work, did it?

I mean, it was, it was a tough, tough, long watch. The, but it wasn't for the misses. You kind of enjoyed it. And maybe it's just cuz it's just not my thing.

Sidey: Well the metrics 6.3 on imdb 61 and rotten tomato's, 91% sort of like positive things on

Reegs: Yeah of course.

Sidey: Was baffling.

To me this was a fucking zero out 10. I would just, it was just awful. Awful.

Dan: Yeah. I will never watch this again.

Reegs: I honestly. usually I can find even in the stuff that I don't like, something to be enthusiastic about. But I almost didn't bother coming this week to talk about it.

Dan: solid. Well, next week I think it's your choices. We'll talk about that in a little while and hopefully we'll have something that people might wanna watch.

Sidey: anyways Up really.

Reegs: Listener Johnny uar tweeted us this week to let us know that we'll know. He's never done any hard drugs that often listening with no context at all to the kids review section he imagines is pretty close to that experience. And I think this week's plot of this week's kids' TV show is probably gonna be a bit like that.

Sidey: Yeah. Features Barbecue

Reegs: Gordon Ramsey.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Time traveling

Dan: Aliens

Sidey: and queuing

Dan: and paper boxes are Stone thing.


Sidey: called Oddballs. And this is a Netflix thing, but it's a spinoff from the guy's YouTube channel.

Reegs: Yeah. Did you check out the picture of them? The, the guys who do this, they look very young, Yeah.

Sidey: What I did do was go on the YouTube channel.

Oh yeah.


YouTube channel itself is called the Odd Ones out and they have 18.3 million subscribers.

Reegs: That's a couple more than we've got.

Sidey: Only marginally more than us. Yeah. So this is a, it is an animated

Reegs: comedy,

Sidey: wacky comedy kind of thing in the mold of, I'm gonna say sort of like a venture time, that sort of thing.

That's the vibe A Little

Reegs: Rick and more tea type type vibe as well. But obviously for much younger kids not that adult stuff. You missed a trick by the way, Dan, because episode 11 that we could have watched was called almost Home Alone, and it's a home alone parody.

Dan: Ah, right.

Sidey: Zing. So we watched episode four.

Dan: which was line cutting or cue cuttings.

Line cutters. Yeah.

Sidey: I was

Reegs: the premise of this. I was like a hundred percent behind straight away because this hit me right in the Britishness of queuing.

Sidey: Yeah. They're waiting in line for barbecue ribs cooked by obviously Gordon


Dan: and they are

Reegs: max the sentient crocodile. Yeah. And


Dan: Crocodile.


Reegs: is a crocodile.

Dan: Right? Do you know the difference?

Reegs: Tell us then,

Dan: or one you'll see in a while and the other you'll

That's it.

Reegs: Yeah, Max the crocodile. And James the sort of marshmallow.

Sidey: Yeah. What's the guy the like Pillsbury dough boy kind of

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Looking vibe

Dan: Yeah, he's, he's just like a white marshmallow blob thing,

Reegs: and they, they're standing at the front of this queue for a food stand and it smells so delicious.

The crocodile's pupils expand, like he's on mdm a and they talk about the ultimate ribs they're waiting in line for. They've been slow cooked for a hundred years by chefs infused with the DNA of Gordon

Sidey: Yeah Rams. They don't say it, but it's

Dan: an angry television chef. Yeah.

Reegs: And somewhere down the line, someone's trying to cut in front of an MEbA like thing that's in a motorized fish tank wheelchair combination thing.

And a huge, obviously female sentient rock wearing a security hat. Chucks the line cutter out. So it's serious business line cutting in

Sidey: this

Dan: that's rock sand

Sidey: and as, Yeah. Rocks. Got it. As they're ranting and raving about line cutters

Reegs: they're the lowest of the low.

Sidey: James has got his back to the front of the queue and someone he thinks cuts. Mm-hmm. and he shout, We got a cut cutter and the

Dan: he starts banging pots and

Sidey: Yeah He gets him Out of his

his backpack. Yeah. She says, No, I haven't cut the line. I've just come from a different, I've gone through a time portal Yeah. To your reality. And this is where I appeared. Yeah. And, but all three of them get launched by Roxanne.

Reegs: She does, she's got a siren under her hat and she sends them all to the back of the line with a citation for disturbing the peas.

It says, And they rip her for not being able to spell. And she says It's hard to write when you're afraid of paper anyway, it turns out the girl from the future is called Echo, and she's from a future where there's no processed food anymore. No fast food. You have to cook every meal from fresh and it's presented as this dark dystopian thing. There's no chicken nuggets, and if you want cereal, you have to go and grow your own corn and then

Dan: say the grain and harvest

Reegs: it and whatnot.

And she's been researching the perfect food to come back and it just so happens it's these ribs.

Sidey: they do look good.

Reegs: Yeah. Also, she's got sometimes a robotic kaku that comes from a Kaku Kaku Kaku that comes from a band in her head, doesn't she? Yeah. And she's explained something about a Professor DOAs.

Sidey: Yeah. He's like some evil villain or something. Yeah. So

there's a lot going on.

Reegs: There was a lot. Well they they tried to get back in the line,

Dan: Yeah. Well he's, he's been the, the crocodile's been thinking about his food for so long. He just can't wait anymore. Even though she tells him that the food, This is the alien lady.

She's told him that they are aliens. They're not real chefs. Yeah. And they, they've got a big plot to take over the world. But he's so hungry for the, for the ribs. He runs into the tent. Yeah.

Reegs: Well not before he, he plays, they have a high noon sort of shootout thing of playing rock paper, scissors with the rock

Yeah. And of course the rock chooses rock. Yeah. As you assume she would.

Dan: Yeah.

And he chooses scissors.

Reegs: cuz he, but he thought, he explains his plan, the double bluffing that goes, It's a complicated game down.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. He, he seemed to think that he was playing 3d 3d. Paper boxes are stone and, and she wasn't.

But they get into the, the tent and sure enough they are aliens and they zip themselves

Sidey: It's quite sinister

He reaches for his face and then you see a close up of him, unzipping like the middle of his face. And

Dan: fake go Gordon Ramsey. Yeah. And sure. It's a scary alien.

Sidey: a giant fly

Fly. Yeah.

Dan: And they they get him, but she wants to be proved right. What is it? She, she says I didn't cut the cue. You were wrong, and you need

Reegs: you don't admit it, I'm writing all this and br Ramsey's going crazy in the background with the, with his goons as well. But he won't admit that they're aliens, even though BR Ramsey is going crazy.

And then he challenges her to a game of rock, paper, scissors Roxanne again at the end and they get kicked out.


Rock, Anthony.

Dan: Yeah, it, it's it's a bizarre little thing. They watch this at my kids my daughter's school. I said, Boy, you've been watching. She said, I've been watching ODD for this oddballs at school.

So it's like at the lunch breaker, they get guess when it gets wet and everything, you know, they

Sidey: go

Oh, right.

I think like in a lesson

Dan: Well I did originally , so I gave you that thought as well, but no, it was and I thought, Oh, okay, give this a go. And yeah, it was, it was quite good. I mean, it was 15 minutes.

Sidey: 18. 18.

Dan: So not overly long. He tried something else. This, you know, it was, it was these, these new characters, they were quite funny.

Reegs: Think it's quite a sophisticated sense of humor for, for kids it's almost curb your enthusiasm star where you've got that sort of little tiny social things going on, but then you've got all this crazy, you know, cuz about the line cutting and that, and then you've got the crazy space experience and that going on around

Sidey: I thought it was pretty derivative of, of the stuff that we mentioned, like adventure time. Not, not as good as that. But I did still enjoy it. I just kind of chuckled at it a few times and

Dan: it's hard to find new shows, isn't it, that are really gonna be great coming out of you know, ones that we haven't mentioned previously in the last few hundred

Sidey: Yeah,

I mean, I quite like the, the backstory of it, you know, that they're just some guys who just obviously started doing it their own way on YouTube and then it's expanded out into

this, is

Dan: that's, that's the, a nice story isn't it, that you get these people who are obviously starting young animators starting out on

Reegs: I can definitely see why it's found a big audience though.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: It's brilliant. It's been picked up from, say, from YouTube to Netflix. There's something in it. And I only watched this one. But as you say, there's the home alone one. I'm not sure how many seasons they've got now

Sidey: just the one at the moment. But it's got, they've got a hundred odd hundred plus videos on YouTube.

Dan: Right. Okay.

Sidey: And I watched a thing from a YouTuber about one of their videos and how much money they made from that getting they, it was a particular one of those that got over 10 million views and they had made, you know, a decent amount of money from that, you know, so I was thinking, wow is they've got a hundred odd videos with 18 million subscribers.

That's so even people who've watched it without subscribing, so they must do Right. And then like getting picked up from Netflix. So they must make, you must do like pretty successful at that? Well, perhaps often,

Dan: Good on them. Might watch more of these. It's not, as I say, I, I think there's, there's more laughs within this. I'd be interested to see more the writing. And as you point out that that social thing, like line cutting, it is just a normal thing that you do, but it can just incense some people more than others and they, they've tapped into it there.

Sidey: would it not in Sensee.

Fucking hell. If I've been curing for a while and someone

Dan: Oh certainly

Sidey: in like, Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Reegs: I would touch like you wouldn't believe

Sidey: internalize my rage pretty

Reegs: foot tap maybe stare.

Sidey: Yeah. The


Reegs: stare and then look away.

Sidey: Yeah don't

Reegs: confront

Sidey: me

Reegs: Oh man. I would be a seething ball of impotent

Dan: you'd hope to, to just call Roxanne to throw them out.

Sidey: So yeah. Best, this is the best thing we, I've watched this week.

Dan: Yeah. Okay. Well the midweek you wasn't a big fan of, was you?

Sidey: I wasn't a big fan of that. So this was genuinely, this was the, out of the three things that you nominated, this was the best thing that I saw.

Dan: Go check it out people.

Sidey: We really ought to touch base with Howie or at least touch Howie's base. Yeah. And see if he's around. But I think he's got a lot of after school activities to do with his through, so maybe he'll be around. Otherwise it'll just be us three again and re Cause I think you're gonna nominate, but you don't have them to hand just yet, so,

We'll, we'll let everyone know about that.

On the Twitters and the in of books and stuff, all that remains is to say, society signing out.

Reegs: out.

Dan: Yeah. Thanks to everyone for getting in touch this week. Dan's gone