May 5, 2023

Lucky Number Slevin & Numberblocks

Lucky Number Slevin & Numberblocks
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We have an amazing special guest this week as we’re joined by Meeg who helped kickstart Bad Dads Film review  over three years ago and he picks up exactly where he left off, by not watching this weeks movie.
My first car was a burgundy Fiesta with about 800,000 miles on the clock and a sticker of a dog on the rear right hand side window which was impossible to remove no matter how hard I tried which was not very. I don't remember what its number plate was; Peter might suggest a bar code would have been easier for me but then again he's a moron. We discuss the Top 5 Number Plates in movies and television and remember to record it all this time, no minor feat.
LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN is one of the worst ever film titles and is also a good barometer of how tastes change because I distinctly remember enjoying the fast paced 2006 crime caper the first time I saw it, with its slick noughties dialogue, non-linear story-telling and dense twisty plot but this time round I found it convoluted, contrived and ridiculously pleased with itself, with a story that scarcely matters, dialogue too affected to be taken seriously and not a lot of interest going on thematically. If you're going to serve up something so self-satisfied and casually offensive you might as well try to create some kind of style that isn't just shamelessly ripping off Tarantino.
Aimed at 2 year olds and above, NUMBERBLOCKS is a CBeebies tv series about anthropomorphic blocks of numbers obsessed with the basic mathematical functions, add, subtract, multiply and divide and is approximately 2.71828 times better than PAW PATROL or PJ MASKS or something similar. With little plot to speak of Sidey tired of this before it's 5-minute run time concluded but in fairness he's not precisely the target audience and also he did not vibe as hard as Peter and I did with the song that makes up the bulk of this week’s ten themed episode, Ten Again. 

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. If it hasn't been completely destroyed yet you can usually find us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Lucky Number Slevin

Reegs: Welcome to

Bad Dad's Film Review. And while this show has never characterized itself as being a sort of slick, professional type deal, I do reckon this is about as good as we can currently make it, given this is essentially a hobby alongside our real lives. For instance, Sidy dedicates an awful lot of time each week to editing and social media, and I am, believe it or not, massively over prepared each week with copious reams of notes and observations most of which I don't get to say or forget or fuck up or whatever.

And I do the episode notes. And Peter, he brings his different takes, cheese and sexual deviance. But if you look back at the last few weeks, it's hard not to conclude that this podcast, which we regularly discuss how symbolic it all is. Has all but come off the rails. Last week's episode was half finished.

Equipment has been misplaced. Some of us have watched the wrong movies. Forgetting to hit the record button. Uh, the Tonight. Yes. The inescapable conclusion is that Dan was the organizational brain. Wow. The connective tissue, which ensured the final quality of the podcast. And without his presence, we've collapsed into a malaise.

Fortunately, our favorite geriatric globe trotter will be black back soon and black soon.

Sidey: Staying in.

Reegs: Yeah. And I'm sure we'll be back on something approaching form. Uh, Nevertheless, we'll plow on with this week's number themed content, starting with the discussion of the top five number plates.

Before moving on to the final film to feature Bruce Willis with his own hair. The 2006 Paul McGuigan crime caper. Lucky number seven. And then we finish things up with a look at the CBB show number blocks. We have an unbelievable special guest this week. I'm so excited to, to announce that one of the original Bad Dadds.

And I honestly think star of our early episodes with unscripted amazingness, like watching the Indian version of the movie Chef by Accident.

Meeg: it's

Reegs: Me Welcome back, Meg.

Meeg: Me.

I do remember that beautifully. Well, yeah. And I also remember fondly setting you up with magic Mike. Yeah.

Reegs: Which we loved.

Sidey: That joke about five. Cause

Meeg: before I'd bend the whole thing off,

Reegs: Yeah. You've bend off in probably in disgust at us enjoying that movie. So yeah. Good to have you back. Thanks.

Meeg: Lovely to be here for a one off show. Yeah.

Reegs: We often start with what we, what have you been watching this week

Meeg: I haven't been watching anything. Weeks News News night.

News night.

Sidey: Oh, wow. Okay.

Reegs: ly me.

Sidey: I was devastated to, I, I boring everyone with how shit my work life was, but it was hectic and I was really excited to get home and watch Yellow Jackets on Friday and then a fucking hiatus last week.

So I didn't get, didn't Yeah. So, I started watching Rabbit Hole.

Which is the key for Sutherland espionage kind of thing

Paramount. It's not very good news flash, so probably want to avoid. We watch Antman Quantum Mania, which fucking


Reegs: the new one?

Sidey: Yes. It's fucking


Reegs: a bit fucked with Kang now, aren't they?

Sidey: Yeah, he's

Reegs: gone now to,

Sidey: in, he's in like there's a lot of him in Quantum Mania.

Reegs: Yeah. And they were setting him up to be the big

Sidey: Well is this like, he's named like his, the next Avengers one is Age of

Kang Ome or some shit or I dunno, twang.

Meeg: He was great as he who cannot be named. Was he rubbish in quantum mania then?


Sidey: film is just shit. It's really shit.

It's ugly

Reegs: a real piece of shit I think


Sidey: he's a violent maniac, like wife beat

Meeg: talking a piece of shit. You have just reminded me what I have watched this week and it's my kids that have forced me to do it. Have you ever watched the Zombies series one, two, and

Reegs: No, but I know this is big shit that we should probably be onto as bad dads cuz

Sidey: Oh, you could nominate

Meeg: that.

It's like a

Reegs: kids went to like a themed thing of this.

Meeg: it's like a cross between high school musical and Twilight. Its bloody awful. But there's some really catchy songs in there just in case you find yourself wanting to do that. That

Reegs: that, that

Sidey: Yeah, we should do that. We should have Vampire Week. But it

Reegs: I've never seen the Twilight

Sidey: could even maybe go to cinema and watch Nick Cage as as, as Dracula. Yeah, we could do that. And Twilight fuck.

Reegs: That's

Sidey: amazing.

Meeg: That's


Sidey: Anyway, Pete, what did you watch?

Pete: So I haven't been on for a couple of weeks. I I, I've finished the Mandalorian, which

Sidey: yeah, I did that as


Pete: I loved it. It's, it's that kind

Sidey: completely

Pete: mindless removal from my like, reality and real life that I, I really enjoy. I know you, you are, you got a downer on it, but I don't care. I'm also, I'm fully, I, if I didn't know about this hiatus thing with yellow jacket, so

Sidey: was just a one weeker.

So we're back next week,

Pete: Right. So I'm fully up to date with that. It's fucking class, like really, really good. I

Sidey: Misty. It

Pete: I know that level of excitement that you had for running home to watch it and I can only imagine your disappointment, but yeah. That's brilliant.

Meeg: What, is Yellow Jackets?

Pete: Oh, it, it would, it's brilliant. It's definitely worth a watch

Sidey: Have you seen, have you seen the film Alive for the rugby team in the mountains and have to kind of, it's like that, but

Pete: Similar premise, but very kind of like different,

Sidey: It's brilliant Themes.

Pete: Yeah. Really good. And one for you. And the misses, I'd say it's I'm watching it with my misses. She's really into it as well. But what we did in, in the absence of any Yellow Jackets is buried the entire series of beef or from on Netflix, which was good.

Yeah, I mean it gets a little bit silly, but it's, yeah. It's, it's good, good acting and decent enough kind of story and yeah.

Sidey: And there's a rapist in that too, so that's, it's


Pete: Cool.

Reegs: rapist

Sidey: What about you?

Meeg: Sure. Kind of thing.

Reegs: We are also on the Yellow Jackets train because I'd seen season one, you know, way before you guys.


Sidey: Yeah. You were on the zeitgeist.

Reegs: and and then my wife is catching up as well now, so my wife, so we're on episode seven or eight of the plane's just blown up. It's amazing. Yeah. I love that they just introduced that like, she's like, oh, I'm just gonna leave and then just blows off. It's brilliant.

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: happens.

Uh, We did a top five last week, which was about drinking. The whole week was about drinking. And the top five too. Darren Lethally. The carton of Milk that leads to a Pivotal car crashing snatch.

Reegs: Yes. Yeah. Okay.

Sidey: This

is a good one. Drink me from Alice Wonderland. Of

course, of course.

The phenomenal quantity set by Nicholas Cage in leaving Las Vegas. Yeah, after watching, I definitely did not want to drink and he was a student at the time, so that is quite a profound effect. We had a couple on Twitter too, Mel.

Reegs: winning Knit Cage

Sidey: I know. Yeah. I hate that film. It's fucking miserable. Mel she nominated one from Muriel's Wedding when they're at Hibiscus Island and they're about to, they're drinking a cocktail.

I think it's a screaming or orgasm. And they're told, I think they're told to fuck off or something. And she says at least let her finish her orgasm. So that's quite low. And I'm

sure there

Reegs: of those amazing

Sidey: Well, hang on cause there's more, there's more

Some guy, some old guy. Very old.

He nominated Withnell. Fuck.

Pete: Oh

Sidey: I

Pete: God. Bullock's film. That guy. Sounds like a

Sidey: Yeah. What a prick. So I really like the Alice Wonderlands. Literally says drink, isn't it?

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Strong.

one. Yeah.

Sidey: in, it's in. Right. Should we crack on?

Pete: Yep.

Sidey: Top five

Reegs: That is a big rip on your jeans there

Sidey: Yeah, and I, there was a similar size one in the gusset area, but I took it into the shop. I took it to my tailor to have it


Reegs: that the whole leg is gonna come off.

Meeg: off.

Sidey: I know, it's cuz when you put it in, this isn't relevant to the podcast, but when you put it in and you're not concentrating, your foot goes through and just makes it bigger every time.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's pretty big. It's not one of those pairs of jeans that has the, it's pre distressed. These wouldn't just normal jeans that I've worn down.


Reegs: But that could go at any moment that

Sidey: Yeah. Be

I know. Yeah.


Meeg: beats. the view from over here. Cuz I can see Pete's camel toes.

Pete: ah, I've got, I'm actually quite

Sidey: Pete has no shame. Has no shame when it comes to his camera though.


Pete: and balls wherever possible. Yeah.

Sidey: Anyway, number Wang, we're gonna talk about license plates.


do you feel about me calling a license plate?


Pete: well

this, this was, so on that point, I started off by reviewing what the correct term number plates and thinking I'm not getting a lot here.

And then I was thinking, oh no, fuck they call it license plates in, in, in the US of a and I think that that's a, because of the variety you get way more variety in, in the US than you do in Jersey for starters. And you know, in the uk in fact, I remember my cousin coming to Jersey. And going like, oh, all the cars built in the same year in Jersey.

Cause obviously in, in, you've got like Jay, reg K, reg, everything like that in the uk. I was like, no, it's Jay for Jersey,

Reegs: all got issued one cart.

Pete: Yeah. Luck. Luckily I got the, the brains of the family, so, um, I knew what I was talking about. I wanted to a a, a number theme, although we had done in the past, like films as a top five, I think it was films with numbers in.

Yeah. So I was thinking, what are numbers? Okay. And I thought, ah, number plates, that might spark

Sidey: we had one, we had one a few weeks ago in final destination, didn't we?

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: The killer, the killer number plate that was on the railroad track.

Reegs: Yeah, that was a

Sidey: that took off Sean Williams, Scott's head, but only from the mouth, from, from like the jaw line up.

That was a pretty good

Meeg: guys. Fire a number plate.

Sidey: Yeah.

So do you wanna set the ball rolling, Pete?

Pete: I, I can do, what I've forgotten to do is get my list up in front of me, which will take moment so I can have the talk or somebody else can go first.

Sidey: Meg? Well,

Meeg: well, you've got the classic again in my favorite trilogy back to the future.

Yeah. With the outer time. Yeah. Number plate.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah,

Reegs: outside. He's got it there.

Meeg: He's got it. You've got the actual

Sidey: Outer time. Like spins on the road, doesn't it?

Pete: It does,

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. After

it's not actually the number plate throughout the trilogy.


there's a different one. And back to the future too.

Sidey: It's the same reg, isn't it? It just has a barcode?

Is it not? it's a

Pete: reg. And I'll

Meeg: Tell me, tell me more. I'll tell you

Pete: that reg is. The reg is the very memorable 1 36, 1 11, 3, 9, 6, 6.

Meeg: 6.

Sidey: Okay. It's,

Pete: it's a California plate. It's, it's got the year too. Cuz it's 2015. The the future one is set in, isn't

Meeg: right.

Pete: So yeah, that's, but like you say, it's a barcode.

Which kind of makes sense I think having barcodes on number plates and people could Yeah, I reckon like, so like authorities could just scan it and

Sidey: you, if something happened to you on the road and you couldn't just take down someone's barcodes, could you, you idiot.

If something, if there's an instant on the road and someone

Reegs: Yeah. Memorize like the barcode it, the cars driving away. Did you have to catch the license plate? Yeah, it was a kind of a dash and then like a bigger one. And then

Pete: for speeding and other like infl in,

Sidey: yeah.

Pete: you know,

Sidey: well you could just have a QR code. You could just put a QR

Pete: oh, let's go straight to QR code then I don't really

Meeg: Do

do you think the hoverboard should have had a number plate?

Sidey: No,

It's recreational.

Reegs: Don't think it would work though. Where would you put it? On the back of the tail thing.

Pete: Mm-hmm.

Meeg: It could go quite fast when you're sort of hanging onto the back of a

Sidey: Yeah. But

Reegs: could, if you had the pit

Sidey: but you get those, those man childs who ride those motorized you know, electric scooters now and they don't have,

Pete: no,

Sidey: they're not road legal are they?

Meeg: Yeah.

Reegs: What about those mobility scooters? Have they got a license plate on

Sidey: There's a guy around where we live who goes on the road like, and I think he's just doing it cuz he's just old and he wants to be a dick, but he's got like a pirate flag on it and he, he just goes on the road and just slows up the traffic.

Like Willynilly.

I bet he gets a real flag.

If he's just on a mobility scooter in the middle of the road. I mean, I'm pretty sure it's not, you're not supposed to do that. Anyhow next number

plate tie

Meeg: Gresham.

Sidey: I was thinking of one from my youth because in my primary school in the like loaded toys that we had, we had a toy of the Aston Martin from James Bond and it was the toy that had the Bulletproof shield at the back.

Pete: Yep.

Sidey: It

I think it had guns out the

front and it had three different rotating number

plates on it. Yes, it did. I dunno What

the numbers were on

Pete: I looked that up today and it, it wasn't,

Sidey: but it was, it was realistic in the kit on the toy. It was very detailed.

Pete: an idea that, that, so the, but there have been quite a lot of instances of people actually getting those, those things.

You can have 'em installed and, and you know, you can change them using a button and, and it's a way of

you know, befuddling, the feds.

Sidey: Mm-hmm. I think that's probably

Meeg: as you flip across Europe from MoCo to Luxembourg

Pete: mm-hmm.

Meeg: Directly into Belgium.

Sidey: read

Reegs: yeah. Hmm. Ecto one that from Ghostbusters and the Ecto one a, I think was in Ghostbusters too. That was always a pretty

classic number


Sidey: Sure. Was, was it hears they

were driving? Yeah, it was. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. Needed an awful lot of work.

Sidey: Big time. Did you see the most recent one?

Reegs: I

have seen it, yeah.

Pete: I, I've avoided it and the assumption it's,

Reegs: stuff though.

That was

Sidey: It's

just only, okay. I think.

Pete: wasn't there like a, an old female cast one, or if I'm thinking of a totally

Sidey: didn't hate that as much as I think I was supposed to. I think it was, was about the same as the new one, to

Reegs: I suppose one other one I was gonna talk about that been across a lot of movies, you've got it right there.

THX 1 3 1 11 38

Sidey: It's

just 1 38 on the number plate. But the film was 1 1

Reegs: Yeah. That's why, that's why I got confused from your thing there. But yeah, that's been in a lot of that, that was the Luke's land speed, wasn't it? In new Hope

Meeg: Really? But that had a number plate.

Reegs: also in


they had, they

Meeg: Shot

Reegs: the empire were big on regulations and park parking fines in particularly.

But it was also America and

Sidey: Yes.

Reegs: And John F's license plate in Swingers was also T

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. And then he's gone on to basically take the Star Wars franchise


Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: So yeah, George Lucas, and, and that was obviously the name of the movie

Pete: George Lucas was the name of the movie.

Reegs: Yes.

Meeg: That's

really interesting. I did not know that. I've learned something new today.

Pete: Well, talking of things that I, I, I didn't know until today. And also you've already mentioned Bond. So, another a film, a 1968 film an adaptation from a book by Ian Fleming. Features the the license plate or number plate, I should call it. I'm gonna say gen one, g e n one. Anyone know what film that's from?

Meeg: No.

Pete: Like I say, booked by in Fleming, 1968. You can kind of see where I'm going with it. Screenplay by roll. Dull

Meeg: What?

Pete: chitty chitty. Bang bang.

Meeg: Amazing.

Pete: the fuck knew that Ian Fleming wrote Chitty Chitty Bang, bang and Roll Do, did the screenplay.

Reegs: Mm.

Meeg: Did not know that.

Reegs: the complete twistedness of it

Pete: It is weird. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like ch you know, the child catcher and everything. That's obviously dulls like twist on it, although presumably in the book. But yeah, that was and that is a, it is a still to this day, a road legal car that has been sort of

Sidey: It was over here

Pete: in its glory. Yeah.

Sidey: ago. Yeah. Cause they did a,

Pete: It doesn't fly though in real life, which is

Sidey: disappointing.

That is disappointing.

Meeg: Doesn't

have a ben in it called truly scrumptious. What a name. But it can do

Pete: do. It depends.

Meeg: Depends how

Pete: how much you

Meeg: play. Yeah, indeed. Well, you certainly would have to fly away to somewhere outside of Jersey, wouldn't you?

Pete: Yeah.

Meeg: One that I thought was quite cool doing a small bit of research was Wayne's World. Do you guys remember that? Seen that they've got one in that. So the car that they're doing the Bohemian raps D two actually has quite a quality number

Sidey: And the Merman bill

Meeg: s Yeah, the Merth bill. S u x two B u

Reegs: sucks to be you.

Meeg: How cool is that?

Sidey: that is cool. Great film. One of the all time greats.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Is that, where is that scene in the film?

the, the,

the queen. Is that really early on in the

Sidey: It is early. It's, it's their first night out when they go on the way to gasworks to see all the bands. Well, he meets Cassandra.


In her band. Crucial Taunt.


Meeg: Mate.

Pete: I haven't seen Wayne's World for

Meeg: memory.

Sidey: I love that film. Amazing. It's great. Do you, do you remember any, any of the names of the other bands on the bill that night?

The Shitty Beatles and there were some other jolly um, the Jolly Green Giants or something like that.

Meeg: that some serious techers on the

Sidey: yeah, And um, that would've been an Illinois plate because they were from Chicago, Illinois. And I have another Illinois plate. Anyone, anyone down on the

Reegs: Good

Pete: Well, I've got another Illinois plate as well, but I'm not, I don't reckon that you'll have the same one as me, because I know you hate the film

Sidey: that Oh, it is the Same one.


Pete: Oh, okay.

Sidey: Ferris

Meeg: Peters

Sidey: gay off.

Pete: Oh no, actually I've got another one again. Then I've got two Illinois plates that you

Sidey: well, well the, the famous Ferrari has the number plate nervous.



Pete: Without the e

Sidey: yeah. Spelling mistake there.

Reegs: And threes

Sidey: It's a Ferrari two 50 GT California spider.

But what a piece of shit. That film

Pete: comes a cropper.

Sidey: what's yours then Pete? I

Pete: So mine, mine is Illinois. Well, you'll know this. BDR 5 29, no. 1974 Dodge Monaco sedan. It

Sidey: Blues Brothers. Yeah. Oh,

Pete: the Blues

Meeg: brother. Nice

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: of shit.

Reegs: You like that one?

Meeg: No. I love Bruce Brothers quality

Pete: It is. It's a great film.

Sorry, he hasn't got a fucking clue what he's talking about.

Sidey: No, it's horrible. It's

Meeg: quite a lot of number plates in that one. Definitely some police number

Pete: Yeah. There's a lot of cars in it doing back flips and stuff. It's

Meeg: over to him.

Reegs: Well kit, you got

Sidey: Yeah,

Meeg: brilliant.

Reegs: from night Rider

Sidey: There's a variety.

Reegs: Yeah, there was. So have you got, have you got 'em down there? It was

Sidey: kit, that's the night industry's two

thousands. But one

it just got night. And then there's another one that's car K a

Pete: Whoa, whoa, whoa. That was a different car. Car was the Baddy

Reegs: car was the bad

Sidey: Yes. And and being a different car had a different number plate.

Pete: Yep, that's right. But it wasn't to say a different number plate on the same car on

Sidey: No, I'm just going through the number plates that were in the series.

Pete: Whatever.

Sidey: God.

come back down.

Pete: At least I remembered to record.

Sidey: there. Well,

Episode. Three off. Season two is called Brothers Keeper and there's a car in that with k n I 6 67.

Right, which is one more than the number of the beast. And then there's Elliot's Derby Moped in episode 18 of season three has the number plate nerd. K N E r D. So silent K.

Reegs: Were you, were you nearly gonna say Darby there you stu You

Sidey: I I was like, I was betwixt in between. Yeah. I was a little bit, yeah.

I feel a bit, I feel like I got it wrong. Anyway, anyhow,

Reegs: I think one of my favorite license plates of all time has to be bought. We've run out of bought license plates in, in the Simpsons. You remember where he is looking for the bar

Sidey: That's right. It's isn't that in is it in Duff Gardens?


Reegs: Is it in

Sidey: bought?


Reegs: in itchy and scratchy

land, isn't

Sidey: it. Yeah. Well, the robots go mad and it Yeah. And


Reegs: need some more bought license plate.


Sidey: Yeah.

It's brilliant. That one. Yeah. I've forgotten all about that. Damn it. Right. Pete just shout 'em out.

Pete: Right. Well, so I've got, I've got one here. The, like the, the Ferris Pier one where a letter is taken off, presumably because there's only a certain number of characters that you can have on these license plates.

So a really confusing one that I, I didn't realize was from Rocky four. Soft Paw,

No, it's Southport. S o t h p a w.

Sidey: Yeah. He has just got Soft

Pete: Yeah. There's no U in it. Making it a totally different, there we go. It's right there. We've

Sidey: got a friend in

Reegs: Yeah. But what would you get, if you could only have that many, what would you get rid of to make

Sidey: I would've got rid of the W and it said South Par.


Meeg: I

Pete: I would've done is do South P and then like a a, a sort of a Scandinavian o with a line through it, cuz that is an UR sound. So South P

would've worked a lot better. It would've been very niche in, in Pennsylvania. So yeah, that's good.

But that is we're all agreed that's the best rocky film, right? It's, it's, I've only seen that and the first one and none of the others.

Sidey: I think they're all equally good.

Meeg: Have you reviewed any of them on this podcast?

Pete: they can't all equally be as good as each other. We did surely

Reegs: Three and Creed

Meeg: not that long ago. Which one's? The one, he runs up the steps for

Pete: The first

Sidey: one. Does


Pete: Was he doing in all of

Meeg: Mm-hmm.

Pete: D drag, like Ivan d Drago is the, is the fourth one the one with Howie in it?

Meeg: Which one's? The one where he fights Hulk Hogan

Reegs: three? That's the one we did

Meeg: on.

That's my favorite

Reegs: It was good. It was good. We

Sidey: It was really good. We loved it.

Reegs: It was good.

Meeg: Thunder.

Pete: so South Poor Confusing.

Sidey: I've got one that is, it is a TV sitcom and it's obviously they show the number plate and it's in the song. Fresh Prince

Meeg: of course.

Pete: Ah, I got it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

said fresh.

Sidey: It's

a tongue twist. The license plate said fresh and it

had diced in the

Reegs: Mirror

Pete: for years, because I say mirror like fucking normal educated humans do. I was like, that was like the one lyric in the whole time. I was like, dice in the what? I'm not trying to listen to it. Cause obviously then I'm gonna go to school and, and perform it in the playground

Sidey: and this is the favorite of ours because we like that, like mirror.

But there was also a squirrel in the midweek mention film that we didn't

Pete: Absolutely.

Reegs: yeah. There was, yeah.

Pete: A squirrel.

Sidey: Yeah. Squirrel. Yeah. So Fresh Prince

Pete: Indeed.

Reegs: well, postman, pat has a huge fleet of,

of vehicles

Sidey: Not back when I used to watch it though.

Reegs: No. These days he's got like a fucking, well, he's got, obviously he's got Pat, which is his van.

Pat one. Pat

Meeg: Pat one.

Reegs: This his first name. It's not his last name, is it?

Meeg: so. The Thunderbirds have a yeah, license plate.

Sidey: plate. Thunderbird.


Reegs: were, they're all a similar vein, but they were privately funded of, military organization. Whereas Pat is, he worked for the post office. He worked for Royal Mail, didn't he?

think so. And they've given him a fucking


Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: With

Reegs: For like one tiny Welsh village. He is

Sidey: insurance premiums. I mean it must just be off the chart.

Reegs: Yeah. So,


Sidey: wonder it costs so

Meeg: much.

Yeah. But said, said, Welsh Village is also under the, you know, does come under the sort of wrath of robots from time to time. Doesn't it

No, I've seen that

Reegs: like a Sheep has got lost or like

Pete: there's a lot of peril.

A lot of peril

Sidey: in in Post and Pat the movie, he is replaced by a duffel ganger.

It's like Bill and Ted's bogus journey.

Reegs: An evil Doppel Ganger.

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: I'm into that. Yeah.

Sidey: I've got a DVD if you want

actually too. I

Reegs: physical media. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah,


Meeg: I'm,

Pete: so I, I've, the next one I've got is well it's, it, it kind of spells as kicker, but it's as kicker.

Which is a California plate and it feature, it's, it's on a 1967 really naughty car. Chevrolet Corvette. Stingray c2, belonging to DEA agent Duncan Molly played by Cole Mink.

Sidey: Oh.

Pete: In Con Air.

Reegs: Con air.

Pete: Well, I've just burst your bubble by saying Con Air at the end there, but that's,

Sidey: know I still like co I still like cornini.

Pete: Yeah.

So he drives that car in, in Con Air, which was a, a fantastic film.

And another what's his name? Forgotten his name now. Nicholas Cage Film. Yeah.


Reegs: Go on. Meg, you are championing it.

The bit.

Meeg: No, no, no. I wasn't, I was just, just gonna say

I remember Steve Asche being, I just remember Steve Biche being part of that. I've got no more. Alright. I've got no more

Reegs: bled

Meeg: plates in the locker.


Sidey: A team in the movie, they imagine imaginatively have the number plate of a team,

Pete: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: Iron Man

Reegs: they weren't very under the radar

Sidey: No,

Reegs: were


Sidey: Not really Iron Ironman

Meeg: could always make their own.

Sidey: Avengers movie feature multiple Audis with Different numerical variations of the Stark name. Stark four,



stark 16.

Pete: you gonna go through all of them?

Sidey: of

them? Stark? 33. Well then they, there's big gaps, so I dunno how many cars he actually has, but Stark 65 is the one in Avengers age of Altron.

Reegs: But does that mean there was 64 or other stark cars? I

Sidey: does, it does give that sort of feel.

But and then more amusingly arrested development, which was so good, so, so good. Especially the first two series and three is still good. And one of the really like great comedy characters, tofu and K, he has a number plate installed on a Volkswagen Lake and it's a n u s t a r t anus start.

Meeg: and you start

Reegs: A new start.

Sidey: What's his, what's his other? Um, His, his job, his

It's anal therapist. Yeah. I

Pete: Oh yeah. Anal the rapist. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: Anal rapist. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Like psychotherapist is psycho. The rapist.

Reegs: Yeah.

Meeg: So

Sidey: that Oh, that's a good one.

Reegs: Yeah, that's

Meeg: a good find.

Reegs: Well, I thought of do you remember LA Law? Do you remember that TV series? And the final shot of it was the slamming down the back of the car and it, that was the license plate said. The title on it. Yeah, it said

Pete: had dice in the mirror.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: We watched the Peanut Butter Falcon,

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: we?

And we really enjoyed that. And the, do you remember the, what was his name? The saltwater redneck.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. That's

Reegs: favorite

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: Who was he played by?

Pete: snake. Wasn't it Jake Snake? I know Mike.

Reegs: It was his nemesis, wasn't it? Jake the snake. He had the license plate. R three D n three c k Ruth Ridner.

But um, I guess is probably what

Meeg: it was.

Reegs: was.

Pete: decent.


Sidey: more from you, Pete?

Pete: I've got, I've got a few more. There's the highly amusing film that features a sheep dog as a carve with whaf, with, with an extra o in it. I assume if it's a

Sidey: must, there must be a de minimus



I would, I'd

Pete: that's what, that's what I'm thinking.

So, yeah, they needed to, to get an extra iron in to have

Meeg: What film would that be?

Pete: That is dumb and Dumber.

For, it is for the, his his work vehicle for, for mark cuts. Yeah, dog grooming and like hilariously, that's what they travel across the country and which well, they don't like they get the bike later

Meeg: the, did the little scooter have a

Pete: I don't know.

That's a good question. And, and I didn't do my research that thoroughly.

And then anything else? There's yeah, most of these are us, but another UK one is 79 90 td. Anyone care to guess It's on a 1962 Ford Anglia.

It's first featured in the Chamber of Secrets. It's the flying car.

Sidey: Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah.

Meeg: way. This

Pete: pops up a couple of times.

It kind of goes ro goes feral, doesn't it? Goes and lives in the wood under the womping willow. Yeah. And and pops, its, its head out every now and again.

Yeah. Oh, don't, don't start.

Sidey: Oh,

Reegs: No, I, no, it just was

Pete: Oh, you've got a car

Reegs: no, I was just trying.


Pete: and stuff. Oh, fucking,

Meeg: chitty ba bang. When was the last time you watched Potter

Reegs: for

the pod

did as

Meeg: You've done it

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. And it was a, you agreed it was brilliant. Might be putting words in your

Reegs: wasn't for me. I think I said

Pete: I've got like three more.

should I?

rattle 'em

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Okay. O fp 8 57. Another California plate. It features on the, on Herbie from the,

Sidey: oh, okay. Yeah.

Meeg: love Herbie.


Pete: I used to love it. Herbie goes

Sidey: the Lindsay Lohan ones, sorry? The Lindsay Lohan

Pete: No. Fuck no,

Meeg: no. The Odds GOs absolutely not drives around the roof of the, is it the cries CreER building or something like that where he is literally on the

Sidey: very Feasible,

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Meeg: On two wheels. Brilliant.

Pete: My name is a special car. Res 1 5 36 is the pizza. Yep. Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story.

Which is interesting. And the,

Meeg: the,

Pete: And the last one a Mitch can play 8 1 0 8 1 0 1 3. One zero

Reegs: Boobies. Is that

Pete: No it's no Bules. No it isn't. It's just a, it's just a a random number on a Ford Taurus and it features in all three of the Robocop films.

Meeg: Oh,

Sidey: wow. He

Meeg: He should have a,

Reegs: that's what

Meeg: as well.

Reegs: drives a Ford Taurus.

Pete: I think so.


Reegs: All right.

Meeg: Should have his own number.

Sidey: Did anyone mention

Pussy wagon.

Reegs: We

Pete: I, I've got it here, but I didn't mention it.

Reegs: we didn't mention lawyer up from Saul Goodman,

gonna be mine pick for

Meeg: What's the

Reegs: there are loads. Yeah,

Pete: loads in the, in the, in Saul the Beckel SA and breaking Bad World.

the captain,

Sidey: anyone a fan of Seinfeld? I think Pete, you

Pete: No. Fuck that. It's Bullocks.

it is.

Sidey: yeah, Kramer gets mistakenly, he gets Asman number

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And

Sidey: I.

I'm friends with a guy called Matt Asman spelled like that, a s m a n. And at one point in my old office there was me side

Reegs: Yeah.

Name, Asman

Sidey: Asman and a lady called Brenda Butt.

Meeg: Yes.

Pete: That's incredible. How did we not know this?

Sidey: was pretty amazing. Yeah. Yeah. And Magnum PI had Robin won on his car, which is less amusing. Right. Let's put them

into some sort of list. Meg, what are you putting in?

Meeg: What am I putting in


Sidey: Oh, okay.

I'm gonna put in a new start.

Reegs: I'll put in oh it's literally nothing on the line. B

Sidey: Yeah,

it's good.

Pete: I, I think I'm gonna go with Gen one because of the whole Ian Fleming and Roll Dull collaboration for chitty ti Chitty bang bang.

Sidey: I think we've had a couple of nominations, but we'll reveal all next week,

Pete: Can't wait.

Sidey: Now we need a movie to fit in with the number beam Peter. Yeah. What we got. So,


Pete: this, this is quite clever in

Meeg: the sense the title has a

Pete: word that sounds a bit like a number but isn't, but it does have the word number in it.

Yeah, that is number one, number Wang shining. So this is the film Lucky number seven which is a 2006 film, which I think I have to again, be grateful to Craven for, for producing offspring, I believe in that year, and allowing this to, to meet the criterium.


Meeg: You still stick with that criteria then?

So it has to be, yeah. In the year of

Sidey: of that's why we introduced the midweek

Pete: not, not in the year of a child's worth, but from that point in time. So from so Cravens.

Sidey: but the But

the midweek, it gives us license to do it the hell

we want. Yeah.

and we could just change it to do everyone anyway cause it's our but anyway, we watched the film, lucky Number Slevin.

I had never seen this before.

Pete: Yeah. You, you hadn't seen it before? You had seen it before rigs or

Reegs: I had seen this. Yeah.

Pete: And, and as luck would have it, re me Cuz you

Meeg: haven't watched

Pete: it this week, but you have seen it before.

Meeg: I was never gonna watch it. Certainly for this week, but, but, well, I'm glad but deepen my, deepen my darkest memory somewhere.

I'm pretty sure I have seen this.

Pete: you'd have watched it back around then around

Meeg: quite likely. Yeah,

Pete: a time, right?

Meeg: I remember it being pretty badass actually.

Reegs: Well, maybe it'll come back to you as we,

Pete: well as, as we talk about it. So I hadn't seen it for a long time. I remember really liking it when I did watch it. It's probably been a good 10 plus years since I had watched it.

The fact that it had number in the title meant that I, I thought I could revisit it. What I did re always remember was strong cast, obviously Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, Bruce Willis to name Butter

Sidey: They actually credit him as Sir Ben Kingsley, which apparently you are not,


not really the done thing in the movies to put people's honors on there, but they, they fucked it Anyway.

Meeg: Lucy Lu as well

Sidey: by

Paul McGuigan, Barry's

dad. Yeah.

it was

Surprise. to me

Meeg: Definitely

Barry's dad, so, and Lucy Luu as well.

Pete: Lucy Lou, Josh Hartner. Yeah. Stanley Tucci. Yeah. Yeah. So

Meeg: Did, did Josh Hartner do it anything since then?

Sidey: Did


films. I don't know whether, not a

Pete: Effect, which I quite liked.

Meeg: No,

Reegs: that was Ashton Kutcher.

Pete: That's, they're the same person as far as I'm concerned. And I think the Bruce Willis thing has thrown me there, so maybe not. Was that Ashton Kutcher? Yeah, you're right. Who is Josh Hartner?

Meeg: Who

Sidey: this guy.

Reegs: He was in Pearl Harbor as

Sidey: well.

40 days, 40 nights

Pete: Not seen that. Pearl Pearl Harbor was wank, isn't it? Yeah. Anyway, that's not, that's not this film

Meeg: This is the pinnacle of his career then. So,

Pete: so this was I think it's probably fair to say from the outset and, and why I liked it, I, I quite like her sort of a, you know, crimey Cape Perri. Twisty sort

Sidey: of film. Yeah. That's

Pete: and this is very much a crimey, kori, twisty sort of film, albeit at the there there's quite a lot of what you call it, sort of like, establishment at the beginning.

That, that goes through

Sidey: Yeah, kind of. But it's

it's is, it's a, it's a, it's a real web that they've spin the storytelling's kind of all over the place,

Reegs: Well, it's sort of not told linear. It's non-linear storytelling and it's leaving out crucial bits of information to fill 'em in later to give more context to scenes that you've seen and that sort of thing. So it's gonna be a fucking nightmare to talk about cause it leaps around all over the place. But what you've got is I mean, like literally at the beginning there's like ledger entries for the credits and orchestral music and motor racing commentary and all sorts of stuff going on.

And then a shot of the phone and then before you really have, you know, books in a guy's hand and then before you know what's happening, the guy's been shot and the books have been taken. So yeah, you don't, no context to any of it.

Pete: Yeah, there's, there's some assassinations of, of seemingly two separate book. Hes one as he's getting in his car and by a, a figure that you, you don't clearly see at all. He just, he's traveling up some kind of like weird shaft. Yeah.

Meeg: sound familiar.

Reegs: see the sh you just see the shaft

Pete: see the shaft at first, and then you see the guy going up the

Meeg: shaft.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: And then this guy gets shots. And then there's another one in an office where someone's, this bookkeepers at his desk and he, there's, there's a couple of guys come in with someone. Again, you don't see any, any faces. And then there's some like fairly cool stuff with some glasses being used to stab the two henchmen and then.

An object just kind of like flies. It's, it's filmed from the perspective of the bookkeeper who just sees an object flies towards him, and then it just kind of like rip cuts to red.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. I was hoping it was gonna be a, a film about bookkeeping,

Pete: right?

Meeg: Yeah. I bet you

Pete: Okay. A subject close to

Sidey: FS 1 0 2 and all that sort

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Really be delivering the dream. But it wasn't



Meeg: Back in the days when books were kept in books.

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: and then there's still sort of other stuff that we don't fully understand, right. Is this where we get Nick Fisher in that there's that great shot with all the blue

Sidey: in? Yes.

Pete: Yes.

So, It, it starts off with a guy who you don't know is Nick Fisher, but a guy is sort of like, sat at the airport in a gate, presumably waiting for a flight.

There's a lady kind of passed out on some seats and then all of a sudden and he like drifts off to sleep. And then he, when he wakes up, Bruce Willis is sat in a wheelchair. Kind

Sidey: Good Cat.

Pete: look at. yeah. And he, what does he say? He says he's like, oh, there was a time.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: And he thinks, he said, what's the time?

So he looks at his watch, tells him the time. He go, no, no, no. Like there was a time. And then uses, for example, you know, check out.


Sidey: Would you, would you think of her, is that Well,

Pete: yeah. There was a time when she'd have been kind of like, worth pursuing or, or something like that. And then he proceeds to talk about the Kansas City shuffle.

Mm. Which basically starts off as just a story about a horse that is being tampered with, interfered with doped for a, for a race that it basically cannot lose. And then there's a succession of calls and, and overhearing and everything that have led to ultimately

a guy who you don't initially see called Max, who's on the, the other end.

He's on the receiving phone call from his uncle, I believe it is. And he's being told about this, this, this horse that is definitely going to win the number seven horse.

Sidey: Yeah. So

he goes to his bookie and puts 20 grand. Yeah. And it's not like

Meeg: who goes to the bookie?

Pete: Max does

Meeg: Max. And who's Nick Fisher? will

Reegs: this story related

Pete: he's the guy in the airport lounge.

Meeg: Okay, good. Yeah. Whose name? We

Sidey: this, this isn't, this isn't Lad Brooks, you know, it's yeah. This is all underhand black market kind of gambling. And the guy's like, can you. Afford, you know, have you got 20 grand? Don't care if you can afford it, but can you pay it? You know, he's like, yeah, yeah. And he's gonna lay off a bet on these other two people.

He just said, I'm gonna lay it off. And then he takes his son out this max


Reegs: well, basically yeah. He knows that he's being, lent this money from shady people. Yeah. And then with his son,

Sidey: it's a huge bet.

Reegs: Takes it. Yeah. He takes it to the track, it goes down.

Meeg: but for him it's a dead set.

Reegs: Absolute

dead set. And it's winning the race. Meag. It's, but it's winning it by Cantor.

Meeg: Yeah.

Reegs: Or is that a

Pete: a counter?

Reegs: at a cantor? Yeah, that's the one. Oh, yeah. By a length. By, by a

Sidey: each way on the nose.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

Meeg: Yeah.

Sidey: And,

Reegs: And and then it, it fucking, before you long it's glue,

Sidey: I think it has a massive heart

attack cuz of The drugs. It's just I immediately

Pete: kind of like Yeah. Rears up and, and plops down and it's dead.

Sidey: And he's thinking, whoa,

Meeg: So everyone

Everyone's lost. Everyone's lost a lot of money then.

Pete: Yeah. People, people have lost their shirts and Max is gonna lose a hell of a lot more.

Sidey: He's, but he's gone into the, he's there watching it in the stands and he's left his lad in the car in the parking lot and said, you just stay here.

I can't take you in there, but yeah, you'll be fine here when he goes out, his son's not there.

Reegs: The car's not there.


Sidey: two guys approach him. You get like a nice overhead shot of the parking lot and two guys just approach him. And the next thing we see him, he's tied to a chair, getting the shit kicked out of

him. His bookies, I think already dead.

Reegs: the people who've come in have, you know, decided too many people knew about this horse thing, and they're gonna stamp their authorit, basically.

Pete: Yeah.

Meeg: Myk.

Pete: Yeah. And so Max is gonna get it. Which you, you see that that

Sidey: the

bookie's already had it.

He is that a

Pete: oh yeah, yeah.

The, the, the bookie that took the, the 20 grand Bird has had it, but Max's wife and child are also gonna get off,

Sidey: which feels


Reegs: completely unseen by completely unseen Asai shot from the sort of neck down

Pete: Yeah. So the, so the wife is just doing something in the kitchen

Sidey: and Yeah. It felt, yeah. Felt killing the wife

felt a bit

Pete: well, it, there, there's fairly harsh killing the kid as well. But

Meeg: did they kill the kid?

Reegs: the implication is you see the kid with the gun pointed at his head

Pete: and

Meeg: Of course, but that's gonna be

Sidey: potential that something might happen


Pete: Yeah. Who Yeah. So, and

Meeg: you guys know

I yeah,

Pete: we do.

We do know. And, and, and Max Worth is worth saying is, is is killed by having a bag put over his head and ta gaffer tapes around his neck so that he can no longer breathe.

Sidey: You need to be able to


alive. Definitely. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

So he dies cuz of that.

Pete: Yeah. And then

Meeg: it's kind of shenanigans you'd normally pay good money for.


Pete: so, and then it cuts back to the, to the airport gates scene.

And, and this guy who we, let's, let's just confirm he is Nick Fisher, but we haven't, still haven't heard that he's called Nick Fisher yet. And then he's like, oh, is is that the Kansas City shovel? And he was like, he, he goes, n at first he's like, no, not quite. And he goes, the Kansas City shuffle is basically like when you look left and then go right And every or, or everyone goes left and you go right or whatever.

And he goes like this. And then he points the guy looks, looks back, he's not in the wheelchair anymore. And then he pops up behind him, snaps his neck, and then just flops him into the wheelchair and walks him out of the airport

Sidey: tired. Yeah.

Pete: he's dead. He is dead tied

Meeg: Damn. He's


Pete: the back of a truck.

So this guy who you don't know is killed by Bruce Willis with some hair. And hair.

His own hair. Is it?

Reegs: It is his own hair.

Pete: Is your research confirmed that? Yeah,

Reegs: Yeah, I would say so.

Pete: It seems very like, sort of

Meeg: sounds

like he killed him by, you know, breaking his neck. Not with his hair. He,

Reegs: He, it didn't do any No, the hair was incidental.

Pete: Yeah, no, yeah, it is incidental. And then that's it. He's, he's in a truck and then now we are in kind of like the, the, now, let's say.

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Pete: And you've got a guy, and this is Ashton Kutcher now in his, in his, in his apartment in, in New York.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Oh, what you think? Is it, what you assume is his apartment And he's walking around in a towel.

He's got, you see him looking in the mirror and

Sidey: oh, I was so sure we would see his dick,


Pete: up for, for a lot of this film, I,

Reegs: was gonna say the towel engineering was high quality because he wears a towel for a

Pete: think the towel one was nominated for best supporting actor. But Amazing towel.

Yeah. So we've got this guy who, you don't know his name just yet, but his name is Slevin.

yeah, it is a strange name. But he's he's, he's in an apartment and quite quickly you realize because the, the neighbor who is Lucy Lou playing Lindsay, who smokes by the way like comes over the, the the hallway walks in as if she's been in there a million times and almost like, sort of insinuating that she had something going on with, with the previous tenant who was Nick Fisher.

Sidey: fish dog.


Meeg: Of course. Okay.

Pete: So, so she's then like, you know, who the hell are you and why are you here, et cetera. He says he's a friend of Nick's and he's come to stage, he's been invited, but Nick's nowhere where to be seen. He's let himself in and that's, that's kind of the establishment piece.

Meeg: It's beautiful. Pricey.

Pete: Yeah.

Thank you.

Reegs: we end up uh, pick is this when heavys come round,

Sidey: Yeah. Well, she, she, she's worried that Nick might be missing and then he is picked up by two henchman.

Reegs: Well, one of them is the guy who played Bubba Gump shrimp. You know, the

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. With like some,

Sidey: in


Reegs: this one he had a

Sidey: gone the other way.


Reegs: was the different lip.



that being famous for two different

Pete: kind of quite, because it's been a reasonably sort of, it's been an exclusively serious film to this point. And then this, this bit, these like

Sidey: he's got an amusing name as well, isn't he? Slow or

Pete: slow or, yeah, yeah. B before that there.

So what they do, you, you get the, I dunno why I'm mentioning it, but we didn't get to see Ashton Kutcher's dick, but Lin what's her name?

Reegs: Lucy Lou.

Pete: Lindsay Lohan. Lucy Lou did

Meeg: either wax

Reegs: twice. She, she went back

Pete: cut. Yeah, she goes in for, for some more. So you know, she's up

Sidey: she's she's smitten. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. So, and then, and then, so by this

Reegs: hands down, best penis flash in anything is in the white lotus. So there you go.

Sidey: I

need to see,

Pete: Let's make a note. Let's make a note of that. And then so the reason I'm mentioning it is that is cuz there's, there's a lot of knocking on doors here because first of all, when she knocks on the door and comes in, he's talking about, oh, you, you are taller than I thought you were, taller than your knock,

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: than you are.

Blah, blah, blah. Comes back, she comes back in again, sees his dick, and then she, and then there's a knock for a third time. So he's thinking it's her kind of like being playful. Opens the door and it's two henchman who basically accost him and starts saying, listen you, you owe money and we're taking you uptown to see the boss.

Reegs: And Slevin is a kind of quite a sort of cool dude. Mm-hmm. You know, the movie's got a sort of a sort of rapid fire dialogue to it all the way through. It kind know, it's very Tarantino esque, set up and in its use of. Popular culture references and the sort of speed of the dialogue between them as

Meeg: well. And.

Reegs: the guy being a complete smart Alec, cuz his mouth just gets him in trouble in every single situation that he's in.

Meeg: And at this point we dunno why Slevin owes money.

Reegs: No, he, he's gonna, well there's, we are gonna get a kind of your Jimbo type set up of these two D feuding gangsters

Meeg: Jimbo as

in the little plane.



Pete: the jet set.


Reegs: Yeah. And so yes, Slevin is kind of dragged off to meet Morgan Freeman who's gonna turn up talking about an obscure 1940s cartoon character that I'd never heard of.

The Schmoo. The

Pete: Schmoo. Yeah. Could


Reegs: you had

Sidey: No, to look it up, I had to look

Reegs: this was a totally baffling scene in the movie, really having no reference for it at all. But yeah, he outlines that the guy in that apartment could be him, it doesn't matter, owes him $96,000.

Pete: So, so what you get to hear Meg, is, is this guy Ashton Kutcher is is, is in this guy's apartment, Nick Fisher's apartment. And these people are coming in, assuming he's Nick Fisher and Nick Fisher owes money.

Meeg: so mistaken identity. Mistaken

Pete: So, so now

Sidey: yeah, he's, he tries to

Pete: boss and threaten her and it's like $96,000. It's a huge fucking

Sidey: it's bigger

Meeg: off, but Nick Fisher has been off earlier by Bruce.

Pete: but we don't know that because we

Reegs: we didn't know that when it happened.

Pete: Yeah, we didn't know that that was Nick

Meeg: fit. Me neither. I dunno that now

Reegs: and you're not even sure you know it now,

Meeg: No, I don't. I dunno. It now that


Pete: that becomes apparent. So what the, what the boss does, the boss played by Morgan Freeman is he uses that 96. We, we have missed a little bit where you see a guy come out of his, his apartment at the beginning and get shot just outside the building. Turns out that that was the boss's son being executed there and the boss now uses this $96,000 against who he thinks is Nick Fisher as leverage and says, right, okay, well you either pay the money or I kill you, or we can clear your debt if you assassinate the the guy who I believe is, or, or the son of the guy who I believe is responsible for my son's death.

is the other gangster

Meeg: So cheeky tip for ch cheeky tip. For tap number. Where is

Pete: rabbi?

Sidey: Why do they call him that?


Pete: a rabbi. Yeah.

Meeg: So

Pete: after he's been roughed up a little bit and he gets dropped off back at the the apartment, he's managed to get dressed in some fairly awful clothes.

Meeg: Oh, this is Ston. Yeah,



Reegs: He's finally got some clothes on.

Pete: Yeah, he's he,

Sidey: a shame.

Pete: he's got some clothes on, but they're poor, poor clothes and he then gets picked up by another two.

Reegs: Yeah. Corey Stahl is one of them,

Pete: He's the b the bald guy. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And the other guy is a sort of, I think they say selective mute.

Sidey: right?

They say no like the chief,


Pete: yeah, yeah.

Reegs: in the thing that we didn't record, and um, and yeah, then he's picked up by them and taken off.

Pete: you immediately guess are associated with the rabbi by the fact that one of them is an Orthodox Jew. Is that the, with the ringlets? Oh, he said it right. Okay.

Reegs: Orthodox. Yeah, sure. The full, all the, yeah, the full, the full stuff. Yeah.

Pete: Okay. So yeah, he gets picked up and taken to what turns out to be the apartment block pretty much across the street, up to the top floor. And you meet Ben Kingsley, who is re I'd say, reasonably good at playing sinister

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: And, and this is another one for, you know,

Sidey: like Gandy.

Pete: yeah, another one of, in his, in his, in his entourage.

Meeg: That's right. I remember this. You can see, they could see each other through a rather large telescope if they

Pete: Exactly.

Reegs: in the tower blocks. Yeah. Looking at each

Pete: And, and, and the, by now the backstory is kind of like been put down that these two used to be like in cahoots and, and but there, there was a fallout 20 years plus or something. And now they, they're, they're so fearful of the retribution from the other that they now have not left their apartment buildings, which are, you know, massive penthouse suites on the top of these buildings haven't left for 20 years, and they've got like


Meeg: but now it's kicking off because one of them's killed the other one's son.

Pete: That is,

Meeg: That's right. That's big, big bag.

Pete: so Ashton owes 30 grand to the Rabbi.

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Pete: And what's the deal there? Just, he, he needs, he's got days to, to get it, otherwise he's toast.

Meeg: How does he owe 30 grand to the rabbi and 96 to the boss?

Pete: He's a guy with a chronic gambling problem who's weighing over with people he doesn't want to be in over with,

Reegs: Slevin, but the guy that everybody thinks Slevin is.

Pete: Yeah.

Meeg: Okay,

Reegs: So we've got a sort of is it north by Northwest mistaken identity, or not mistaken identity, but fraudulent identities which they name drop, I think in

Meeg: So they all still at this point think he's Nick Fisher.

Pete: Yes, that's right. What couple of extra bits. The the son of the rabbi is called the Fairy


Reegs: because

Pete: is homosexual. I know. Yeah. So, and that becomes, it's relevant because of, you know, the, the, the part of the plot. And also what you see each time.

I'll stop calling you. Mastering Cher. Now, each time Slevin leaves the, the apartment buildings, as soon as he's left, Bruce Willis comes in and kind of gives a little bit more and it's, and it's all like, it is deliberately kind of like confusing. The boss says to him, remind me why I'm paying you such a, a huge amount of money for, for someone else to, to kill, to, to do the hit.

And he doesn't really explain that, but. Anyway, you now know that Bruce Willis, who you've previously seen offering some guy at the airport is, is involved in this and, and he's working for both of these

Meeg: okay.

Pete: you know, gangster bosses.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Pete: So we go back to the apartment

and I think he

takes out Lindsay on a date.

Reegs: That's right. Yeah.

Sidey: They do. Yeah. They go out for a bit of romance.

Pete: Yeah. But the reason that he's chosen that place is because it's a, a the ferry que

  1. Yeah.

So what he does is

Reegs: who is the guy from road

Sidey: Yes.

Pete: Oh, is it? Yeah.

Meeg: Road trip?

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: The, the weeds guy. Yeah.

Pete: Oh, okay,

yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: man of the year.

Reegs: Yeah. That really threw me. Yeah.

So anyway,

Meeg: so, so his plan

Reegs: is to basically seduce him in the toilet because he wants to go back to his place and kill him

Meeg: So

Reegs: that's pretty much his

Meeg: The rabbi's, rabbi's, child's called the Ferry Ferry

Reegs: because he's gay, you see? And

Meeg: and the boss's kid that got off, does he have a nickname?

Pete: We didn't get that.

Did tw Yeah.

Meeg: Okay, I'll take that. Yeah. So he seduces him.

Pete: Well, he doesn't, what he does is he just sort

Meeg: jerks him off. has,

Pete: has a is he, he just basically

Meeg: classic restimulate

Pete: enough interest for there to, you know, he's, he's, he's putting the, the plan in into action.

Meeg: Okay.

Pete: He, because what he does is he sets up the ability to have a date with the ferry at some point in the future.

At this point, Stanley Tucci has come into the, into the mix as Detective Barovsky. And he, because obviously he's, they're, they're doing constant surveillance of the, the, the two gangster guys and the, and the comings and goings and so on. And because they've seen this and Slevin has now become a, per a person of interest cuz he's going into both buildings.

So he approaches him and doesn't really get a lot out of him, but he follows him into the, into the toilets and, and basically lets it known that he's mixing with bad people and he's being watched at the same time.

Meeg: Okay. plot thickens. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah,

it is. It is

Reegs: It is a thick plot.

Pete: plot. It is thick and it's thickening all the time. Um,

Reegs: It's tumescent.

Pete: Yeah, I'd say pr pretty much the next

Meeg: Mike Rigs custard,

Pete: I'd say pretty much the next thing is the

Reegs: well, we can skip to it anyway. Yeah. The, the, the seduction itself.

Pete: The seduction, yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Mm-hmm. So he sort of, plasters down his hair in the lift, doesn't he?

Pete: Isn't it? Yeah. So he's got into, into the fairies building, which is not the same building that his daddy lives in.

He's gone up to his room

Reegs: he's been warned that there, he's got the fairy has a star of David around his neck with a button in it that if you press it, there's gonna be Mossad guys coming through into your room. You've got

Meeg: really

Reegs: three and five seconds.

Meeg: So he's got a rape button.


Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: that's exactly what it is. So.

he so Slevin goes into the, into the room.

Meeg: Okay.

Pete: And he's, yeah, before they've even had an opportunity to, to get it on or, or follow up on the jerking off from the bogs, the, a couple of nights before he just shoots and seemingly kills the fairy.

Sidey: a double tap. To the, to the chest?

Yeah, I'd say

  1. I thought he was

Meeg: which has to kill him. Shawny,

Pete: Well, you think so, but

Sidey: there's a way to make sure

Pete: as he kind of like turns away you see that the ferry kind of like he's, he's

Meeg: got, find some, find some, find some strength,

Pete: finds some strength, and he gets shot again. But not by slevin. This time, by Dun, dun, dun, Bruce Willis,

Meeg: Cause he's just hanging out in the room waiting. He is,

Reegs: he was gonna jerk off and watch. Yeah,

Pete: he is,

Meeg: that?

Reegs: he, he, there, there is a reason. And also

Meeg: that called when people are hiding in the bushes. Just waiting to

Pete: voyeurism


Reegs: or

Sidey: Kok? No

Pete: How he does it.

Yeah. What's it?

Sidey: anyway

Reegs: also he's been, a couple of times he's been you've seen him in both the gangsters. Rooms as well.

Meeg: Okay.

Reegs: And he's engineering something with either with both of those guys as well.

Yeah. So yeah. Anyway.

Sidey: they do press

Reegs: turned up and he shoots, he shoots the guy.

Meeg: shoots the

Sidey: oh. Then presses

the button on his rape


Reegs: then presses the button anyway.

Sidey: And then just stands, it just stands. Imagine that wall there.

He's just waiting and you can kind of hear a commotion and then they literally just fucking burst through this


Pete: wall.

Yeah. Yeah. Partition wall

Sidey: and just get fucking

executed as soon as they,

Meeg: priest just goes bang ba bang his name as Good cat. Good cat.

Pete: But you can call him Mr. Good

Sidey: Cat.


Meeg: It's not really very good though, is he?

Reegs: Wow.

Pete: Well,


Reegs: so that's a bit of a jarring.

Meeg: Yeah, it is. What

Reegs: wtf

Pete: No, it is

Meeg: So the implications of this are quite

Pete: Well, well,

Reegs: Slevin and Mr.

Good Catt know each

Pete: Exactly. This is the sort of like first reveal that there's more to Slevin than, than meet ci. Which up to this point I think he's done a pretty good job of ma like, to, to everyone in the film. But also I'd like to think to the audience that he is not you know, he, he, you know, he, because you just think at first there's a film about mistaken identity and now he's basically gonna have to

Sidey: Ashton's been spinning a few yarns and everything that you see from the stories that he tells are in black and white, and they all turn out to be lies.

But the things start to


Pete: you know, he is a liar cuz you can see his pants are clearly on

Meeg: fire.

Sidey: things escalate. So,

Meeg: but he's technically killed at this point, hasn't he? Who? The person that he's meant to have killed.

Sidey: done what He's supposed to.

Pete: Yeah. He's done what he's supposed to do.

Sidey: But, he's, he's got a

Pete: but now you realize that there's, there's something else in play here because he actually is known to, or they're known to each other.

Good cat and sle are known to each other, which is not, beca not been apparent at all. Up to this point.

Sidey: Well, they now, they now kidnap their Yeah. The top

dogs. So

Pete: they kid, well, they kidnap the rabbi

Meeg: between the two of them,

Pete: they kidnap the

Meeg: up

Pete: and take them to the boss's apartment.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: And so the rabbi comes to, he's been like, costed over the back of the head, doesn't he?

And he, he comes too. And he really, he knows the apartment, said, I know this apartment. And he thinks he's basically been like, you know, being called to, brought to task by the boss. Starts sort of like shouting out and realizes that the bosses behind him also take to a chair. He, the, you know, the, the boss throws out, oh, let you motor my son.

You broke our truce, et cetera. That's what, that's why

Meeg: twist

Pete: Turns out the boss didn't execute his son at all. He didn't do it. No.

Reegs: didn't do it. Me. And


Pete: then, And

then you get a, an

Meeg: is

Pete: sort of like a, a a, a copy of the opening scene where the boss comes down the stairs. Yeah. But this time it's SLE that comes down the stairs and,

Meeg: the shaft. Sorry. He's

shaft. not

Reegs: shaft.


Pete: all the way

Reegs: We will go

Meeg: We're not going down the shaft. We've been up there. We're not

Pete: the shaft again.

Reegs: you do. You do, you do

Sidey: do. Yeah.

Reegs: reveal. Yeah. At the end of

Pete: Ah, you yeah, you do. Yeah. Yeah. But it's the same scene. Just extend It's an extended

Reegs: Yeah. It's in more of the shaft.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: So yeah, he comes down slevin it takes about half an hour to explain the plot point that Slevin


Sidey: them, they torture them, and they put, it's exactly like what happens to Max in the end that he puts, you get all the backstory.

Should we just do the big

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Sidey: It, Max's son is Slevin and when he was about to be executed, then this time we see the camera pans to the, we see who he's about to do it. And it's good cats. Bruce Willis and he can't bring himself to execute a kid. He takes him away and then rather than execute him, he mentors him in the way of becoming an assassin.


Meeg: Ah, brilliant.

Sidey: natural progression to

what you would do, say and so

they torture.

this, they basically torture Ben Kingsley and more than Freeman. And when you think, well, they are, they not, he puts the fucking bag over their head. Yeah. And gaffer tapes them shot, and we just watch them.

Fuckings. Ben Kingsley have to say, takes

Reegs: He took it like a fucking champ, didn't he? Yeah, he

Meeg: did

Sidey: He's just like, okay.


Pete: did. He

Reegs: Free Freeman sort of, you know, does,

Sidey: I was thinking to myself, I was imagining a bag of head. I'm wondering if I could like, bite,

bite bite, bite a little bit of a whole flu. And I try, I did it and I wonked.

Pete: oh,

Sidey: Might leave that in.

Reegs: in?

Pete: yeah, that's amazing.

Sidey: But they, and they do die. All, all these things is, when people die like that, I'm thinking, dad, they'll get away. You'll, they won't do it. They won't


Pete: so drawn out that that part, it just keeps show showing their sort of faces and, and,

Reegs: and Morgan Freeman, I think looks ugly when he is dying,

Sidey: Yeah, it wasn't a pretty death,

And then you get all the other, the, this, all the other sort of question mark bits are revealed. So the mother is killed by

Stanley Tootie's, dirty cop. And


Reegs: he

gets shot in the head as yeah. Robert Mos explains about a phone call.

Sidey: That's right. Call a bigger exposition call

Pete: he, he explains the name, the, like, cuz obviously it's not his, that isn't his name.

He says that the horse was called Lucky number

Reegs: Well, cuz Slevin isn't actually a number.

Pete: No, no. Bizarrely, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's like a number with alert in there somewhere. But his name is, his full name is Sle Kera. But then it's explain the,

Reegs: the bad

Pete: Kera is Yiddish for bad dog and obviously

Reegs: the rabbi.

Meeg: Good cat, bad dog. Here we

Pete: go. You you got it, Meg? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry.

Sidey: Good cat, bad

Pete: That's it. So

Reegs: The rabbi didn't speak Hebrew.

Sidey: No.

Reegs: No.

So he wasn't able to crack that


Meeg: case. He wasn't really a rabbi.

Sidey: he should have chat gpt it.

But everyone's dead. So everyone's dead. And we learned that all of them were sort of involved in killing this coverup about the drugged horse.

Pete: One, one thing we have. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. One thing we hadn't seen sorry, we haven't talked about was we've seen good Catt rock up a Lucy Lu's place of work, which you know, happens to be the morgue and offs her because she's made him in, in the lift

Sidey: the

list right at the very start.


Pete: she, she takes a picture of this guy

Sidey: her flip phone.

Pete: Yeah.

And she thinks she's got a way that he doesn't react to it. And then he, you see a, another kind of like cut

Meeg: No way.

Pete: Good cat in the corridor with Slevin saying, look, you are, this girl's made me, she's gotta go, you know the rules. I, I can be idd by that. So yeah, she's gotta go. He goes like, begrudgingly says, yeah.

All right. And she gets off in the morgue.

Meeg: then. No way.

Pete: accept, you see, then it cuts the SLE in the same pursuit. Well, it's definitely the same airport, if not the same gate waiting and,

Sidey: Lindsay

Pete: Lucy, Lou rocks up and Slevin

Sidey: she's fine with all of this?

Reegs: Yes, she, it's okay.

Sidey: fine.

Pete: Well, listen, she, her, his dick, his dick was obviously that impressive

Sidey: because she, she

Pete: wanted

a second look at it

Sidey: I really wanted to

see it.


Pete: she's,

she's obviously had a go on that dick as well.

And, and that will be

Meeg: So you need to pull the

Pete: a good looking guy.


Meeg: You need to pull the thread on this

Sidey: now Aston Kucher though, is he?

Pete: No,

Reegs: Well he warned her

Pete: well, yes he is.

Reegs: she,

Sidey: We get the shot of him saying like, you need to trust me. Someone's gonna kill

Reegs: Yeah. Someone's gonna kill you. And he's, it's the world's greatest assassin, but he's only gonna shoot you in the chest

Meeg: Yeah. So how did she get away with that? How did she him?

Pete: that's

Sidey: No, it's not. because every, no, every, every assassin would always like, like Jill Dando, you

get head

taken me

Reegs: oh

Sidey: That's

Pete: Fucking hell.

Sidey: what happened. That's what happened.

Meeg: Was it headshot? Was it, I

Pete: I don't think he was an assassin. he

Sidey: They would always

Pete: que stalker that

Sidey: always headshot.

They would always finish the headshot. There's no room.


Meeg: So how did Bruce

Sidey: they would what's the term for picking up Michelles? There's a thing for it.

Oh, I can't

Meeg: So how did Bruce not kill ecd?

Reegs: Because she was wearing a bulletproof vest

Pete: a blood bag,

Reegs: with a,

Pete: a,

so he's, he's done enough. He's like walked in the room, doesn't go anywhere near

Meeg: pop, pop

Pete: from the doorway, like pop straight in the

Reegs: the implication is that he

Sidey: understood

he was soft. He was soft.

Reegs: Yeah, because he couldn't kill a kid. So maybe I won't kill Kutcher's girlfriend. And she, even though he is a complete psychopath now who's killed like two guys in cold


Sidey: the hair of

a psycho effect for sure.

Reegs: blood at least. She's gonna go off on holiday with him.

Sidey: Yeah, yeah,



Pete: But she's in love

Yeah, that happens.

The psychos have girlfriends too.

Meeg: So where's Bruce in all this now then

Pete: That was


Reegs: off,

Meeg: he just walks off into

Pete: No, he, he's, he's popped up at the airport as well.

Sidey: Well, he's Mr. Big now, isn't he? He's got that control of everything.

Pete: Absolutely. But he, he sees the, you know, he's, he's been double crossed in inverted commerce, but

He's okay with it because he had, he, he, he was merciful with, with

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Slevin, whatever his real name

Sidey: It's his surrogate son really, isn't it?

Reegs: good cat and bad dog?

You see Good cat

Pete: Yeah. So he's like the,

Reegs: they're like the yin and

Pete: I get it. I trust her. It's fine.

Sidey: She was fit as well.

Pete: she is fat. And then

Sidey: all live happi ever after, apart from everyone else who was dead.

Pete: Everyone else died. Yeah. And it, and then it goes back to if, yeah, it flashes back to 20 years before where good cat's got. Henry is the boy's name in the car. And as they drive off a song called the Kansas City Shuffle Place.

Meeg: brilliant.

Pete: And film


Meeg: syncs up then, doesn't it?

Pete: Bring back any, like fire, fire off any old synapses there, Meg?

Meeg: very few. Very. Although I know I've watched it. Did you? And I remember. Did you recommend Yes. I remember it being like, pretty. Like, say an intricate smart movie, great plot. I remember the, I remember the sort of concept of the twist and thinking, yeah, I like that film.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Now before side GETT jumps in and pans this,

Sidey: I,

Meeg: why would he pan it?

Pete: I'll tell you why. Because one, he's, he's just contrary. That's his thing. It's like if someone likes something, he has to hate it.


Meeg: true.

Pete: Also 2006 I can't even remember what age I was then.

Sidey: 50. who

Pete: I genuinely don't

Reegs: it was 17 years ago. So how it's, however you are, how old you are now,

Sidey: 30

Pete: 28. I was, I think I think at the point where I watched it, I was, you know, the, I, I thought it was a really good film and I definitely enjoyed it.

I don't think I've watched it more than once, but enjoyed it. And I like the kind of like being hoodwinked and I do get hoodwink quite easily by these sorts of things, especially, you know, turns out it's Josh Hart and it not Ashton Kutcher.

Meeg: Shocking.

Pete: it back now through sort of like eyes that have seen a lot of films of this ilk where possibly certain things were done better and, and also you hit the nail on the head there with the, it it almost like, not excruciatingly so, but I picked up on the dialogue and everything almost like trying to be

Reegs: oh, this guy wanted to be Quentin

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Like having said that, I, I, I'll f I'm not saying that this is a, a brilliant, brilliant film. I remember really enjoying it and, and I enjoyed watching it the second time round. But it, it's not, it's not. Absolutely excellent in a, in, in some ways I think like good performance is great actors and so on.

It's, it's a decent enough plot, I think. I just think it was trying a little bit too hard in, in pieces. So

Sidey: sorry, everyone, everyone in this, it's not the best thing they've ever

Pete: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Apart from

Sidey: Kucha,

Pete: Kuchi.

Sidey: it

Meeg: He was great.

Sidey: And honestly about 75% or maybe, maybe three quarters of the way through I wasn't really enjoying it. And then when all the reveals start to come up, I was like, oh, that, and I, I ended up, I did enjoy it.

Pete: really? Because cuz I, I thought


Sidey: like a six outta 10 enjoy. But I did enjoy.

Pete: Fine, fine, But I, I thought that you were, you'd be like, you know, 10 minutes into the film, like, ah, he's the kid. And

Sidey: no, no. I, I never do that. I always just let these things wash over me, like your

dad's dick. I did literally have a thought about halfway through thinking I watched these films in the wrong order.

I should have done this one first and then the mid weeker. Cuz I, I'd seen the midweek before and I know it, I loved it. So I was thinking, oh, I've done this wrong and now this is just suffering because it's not as good as something else. But then I, I, by the time it finished, it was a strong

recommend. So

Meeg: what's a, what's a comparable film?

Reegs: Anything by Quentin Tarantino. It's a lot

Sidey: Like a true romance or something

Pete: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That's a, that's a decent, yeah. No, they're all better. It's

Sidey: as good as that, but it's similarly

Meeg: Harry Potter.


Sidey: Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: And reeks

Reegs: Yeah. I think this movie has one of the worst titles of all time.

This is a good barometer. I think you were kind of getting at this of how tastes changed because I remember this coming out and kind of enjoying the non-linear storytelling and the fast-paced dialogue and the Tarantino isms. And this time I watched it and I fucking hated it. It was like the Smuggest fucking movie I think I've ever seen and really contrived and convoluted and snide and, and I found Kingsley sort of bored.

I guess it's probably what anybody from the subcontinent might have felt when he played Gandhi. Cause I was a bit like, why not just get a Jewish guy to do this? Yeah. He's playing like a fucking caricature. You couldn't find a Jew in Hollywood to do this.

like, not that Jews, you know, don't get enough work or whatever in Hollywood.

I just mean if you're gonna do like a really big stereotype called the rabbi, just get a Jewish guy to play it. Not some fucking guy doing a horrible, like borderline anti-Semitic. Portrayal. So

Meeg: so, so the lack, lack of

Sidey: Diane Abbott was a

Reegs: No, not the lack of realism, just the fact that it was so contrived. It like the way that they withheld information from you to tell you later.

But not in a nice way, just you or an interesting way, just in a smug way to go. We hoodwinked to you. And I don't think it's very, I, yeah, it, this was not for me this time round, but like you say, I did enjoy it the first time round, so

Pete: Yeah. I definitely enjoyed it less

Reegs: maybe knowing the twist going into it is like, so just completely destroys the movie.

I don't

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: it, what I would say is

Sidey: I wouldn't watch it

Pete: No, I, I, I probably don't need to ever again, but I've, going back to Josh Hark, I don't recall him being in, I mean, he's recognizable, but I don't,

Reegs: I'll tell you what I'm fucking staggered by. They have a conversation about who is the best bond and neither of you two have even

Sidey: made, oh, he does say, he did say Dalton as well.

Reegs: yeah.

he does.

Pete: No, no. Yeah, yeah. But it's, it's all flat. Basically. They already know it's Connery, but they, they go and the first one he says is Roger Moore, and the second one she says is Dalton.

So they, they've got them in the right order. That, that Dalton.

Reegs: says Lateen

Sidey: she says, That he says,

Pete: ladies and be first.

Sidey: He says Dalton.

Reegs: He does say,

Pete: But he says Roger Moore first, so,

Meeg: is your favorite?

Sidey: Dalton,

Pete: obviously. Roger

He's better than Dalton


Meeg: Dalton.

Dory. Roger

Reegs: Daltry. Yeah.

Sidey: Well,

Sean Connery's the best and then it's Dalton.

Pete: it's not.

But anyway, we, we digress. This is a strong

Sidey: strong recommend.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Number blocks.

Catchy. You'll play it at some point. Will you?

Edit it in.

Sidey: Okay.

Meeg: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 number blocks.

Reegs: going in? Is it going in now?

Meeg: No,

Sidey: Anyway, this was a BBC, like proper educational thing,

Pete: right? Yeah. So

Sidey: Did you learn anything from this?

Pete: I learned plenty. I learned that that six plus four

equals 10. So what I like about this, this is without a shadow of a doubt, the only thing that my kids have ever watched, and it's the younger three that have watched it, who have watched this, and basically anything else that they put on or I put on for them or whatever, is just to like shut them up.

And so, I dunno, have to engage with them, right? But this has been so JJs seven now he watched it, Charlie watched it, and, and Freddy, my youngest, who's like 19 months now, I sits down and watches episodes of this. And I dunno how much he's taking in. He'd get, he's not really talking a lot,

Sidey: Asians are good at

Meeg: he can count

Pete: we go.

Yeah. So, but what, what all of them are, and they're, they're all so, you know, JJ and Charlie, but like love their mouths and everything like that. And this was. I've used to sort of like walk in, they'd be sat like just burying like endless episodes of this and learning stuff. And actually then like knowing the answer and like Charlie, even when he was like, you know, three would like say like, oh daddy six and four equals 10 or something because he's watched this, maybe this episode or whatever.

And it's pretty much the only thing that has I that is any kind of like basic academic value that I have noticed, let's say.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Pete: I'm sure plenty of other stuff has stuff and like a lot of it is all like emotional things and life lessons and stuff. But this is like, you know,

Meeg: pure educational TV

Sidey: and like the title implies they are blocks Blocks of


Pete: Numbers, yeah. And,

and the entire,

Sidey: think that the 10 look like Norm? A little bit.

Pete: yeah. Although it was a bird, but yeah. Yeah, yeah. That's all. All of the ones like 10 and above look like Norm cuz they're all really tall. Yes, but some of them, some of them when you get into like the seventeens that are odd shapes

Sidey: Oh, I haven't seen those.

Pete: okay, so the pre, the premise of this is basically, it starts at, believe it or not, series one, episode one starts with the number one and so on.

But what they do is they then have like, you know, special episodes where other like numbers come together and they'll, they might throw in some shapes and stuff. I don't mean dancing, like they're like actually like putting some shapes and so on. So yeah, it's got a little sort of like, place in my heart.

And this particular episode, the song 10 10, 10 again, became a fucking massive earworm. And, and I

Meeg: can you

Pete: I, I'd walk around the house saying I'm 10 10, 10 again,

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: like, yeah. And then adding up my own, like adding my, yeah.

Sidey: bastardizing The lyrics Yeah, yeah,

Pete: yeah. Nine plus one take it in the

Meeg: bum.

Pete: Like,

Meeg: That

Pete: kind of thing.

Which I think is the actual lyric

Sidey: Yeah.

it is, yeah. Surprising

for a kit. You

Pete: I've forgotten about this particular episode is that the song is the entire episode.

Sidey: Yeah.

And so I look and it tells you, cuz you're an eye player, tells you the duration of the things.

I was like, great five. And we are really like down on kids programs at the moment and we are basically like them.


If they're

short, even this

Meeg: that's what

Sidey: minutes when they, they, cuz they do the song and they sort of rehash the song every time and then they do the numbers and then they explain to the kids that six plus four and four plus six the same thing.

So the song gets repeated

over and over and over again. And by the time it came to the last iteration of it, I was like, oh my fucking God, will you fucking end? Oh it was

Pete: they, they do

Sidey: But I did, I did actually like it. It did, I did

Pete: It's funny. It is actually quite, and and the fact that, I mean, like I say, my, my oldest two at home won't, won't watch it now, but the, the fact that, you know, my, like

Reegs: well this is for, yeah, we, we probably not set the scene very well cuz it is for preschool children. This is for children who are like two or three.

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Four

Reegs: that

sort of age. And it co and it teaches a lot of different mathematical concepts in a way that aligns with how you want people to visualize numbers. So that stuff's quite good, but also there's the horrifying existential implications of them because the numbers are subsumed into each

Meeg: This is my point.

Sidey: I thought they were, it is like transitioning almost.

Reegs: Well, and like, it's like the thing Yeah. Like an amorphous mass of new numbers from which these individual personalities emerges.

Pete: But it, it's not permanent. And I think that that's, that's like the, the saving grace.

Reegs: to like, you know, when nine and one combined

Pete: look like listen

Reegs: what happens to one's eye?

Pete: Maybe if I have a

Meeg: a few more

Reegs: where does it go?

Sidey: just their whole identity. Yeah.

Meeg: Yeah, they're gone.

Sidey: cope with

Reegs: It's like, does the eye rotate into its asshole or

Sidey: something? I think it does,

Reegs: or something like is

Pete: As the spice girls once said, two can become one. So y you know, people can come together and

Reegs: then, I dunno, where is he

Meeg: no, no, no. It's one on one. Become two actually, isn't it? But the whole transation

Reegs: Mm.

Meeg: weirded me out. You're quite right. They really do lose. I've seen it many times. And

Reegs: you got a good grasp of one

Meeg: one, two. What does it 10. What's it look like? Well,

Sidey: Because they do, they do learn this. So when, when I was at school a very long time ago, this


our girls were doing it, it's called number bonds.

Yeah. And they got all the bonds that make up to like the nearest 10 or whatever. That wasn't a thing I, but we never learned like that.

It was just like,


42 times 83? You'd be like, I dunno, there's no bonds.

I dunno.

Reegs: I never learnt it as a rhyme.

Sidey: No, we didn't have

any of

Pete: that's

good. I mean, there's an episode on 15, which is really handy for like crib and stuff.

Sidey: okay. I like a

game of

Meeg: Yeah.

Pete: A bit of cribbage.

Reegs: So you could watch this and turn into a sort of card

Pete: trick.

Exactly. I think this is, you know, giving, laying down some foundations for

Sidey: Yeah. There's the blackjack episode

Pete: Yeah, exactly. Like 20

Sidey: Card counting and all that sort of stuff. Yes. That's handy.

Reegs: I think this is really good. And I asked my kids about this and my youngest knew of it and was like well into it and was like, you know, I don't watch it now.

I'm way too cool for it now. But that was pretty banging back in the day. It was pretty much verbatim what she said.

Meeg: How far up to the number blocks go?

Reegs: There's

infinity, I think. I think there's one

Sidey: that's

Graham's number. I think they go full.

Reegs: like an amorphous black hole, and its voice is like as deep as your subwoofer will allow.

Meeg: Okay. And

then when it subdivides into multiple eights. Yeah.

Pete: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: They all emerge from the whole,

Sidey: Hmm,

Meeg: yeah. I still don't get that.

Reegs: So strong

Sidey: Yeah. I think universal acclaim.

Pete: All round.

And I learned

Reegs: Oh. And 11 was transgender and that is real.

Pete: Well,

seven if, did you notice in the song Seven's sort of rainbow? Yeah. And

Sidey: yeah. Yeah. It was spraying rainbows

Pete: the rainbow's names as

Sidey: well. Yeah. Yeah.

Pete: So there's, there's, yeah, there's lots of messages in there, but five plus five is definitely 10.

I, I remember that

Sidey: It's a scuba dive as well.

Pete: Yeah. Scuba

Meeg: do

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Well, we've got a high tail out of here. After we've recorded,

Pete: I've got a que I've got a question actually, and it's, it's for me has this wetted your appetite to be involved again before the next say three years are up?

Meeg: Do you know what I have to say? Most impressive. I've mean very impressed with your recollection of films and how you can actually kind of

Sidey: it does happen when you watch them.

Meeg: thing sequentially.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: It does really add something.

I think next it we're gonna be back in the man cave.


it's been nice Nearly four. It's been great here.


Pete: so long. I've actually, I'm actually missing down a little bit.

Sidey: Yeah so I think we might have some sort of tie themed movie stuff going

on, guys.

I mean, Yeah,

we might even attempt. We haven't, in all the history of the pod, we might attempt to watch the film and then go straight into recording it, maybe. I dunno if that's possible, but we are gonna try.

Pete: It's definitely possible

Sidey: Well, just if all of us could be there to watch it, I don't know. Oh,

Pete: Oh, that, that's probably less possible.

Sidey: So we'll see. We'll see what happens. But yeah,

good stuff. All that remains really is to say, society signing out,

Reegs: reach out.

Pete: I'm out,