March 3, 2023

Mad Max: Fury Road & Max & Ruby

Mad Max: Fury Road & Max & Ruby

Watch out maxochists, Sidey and Reegs once again push things to the maximum with this week’s maxnificent themed show, starting out with a look at the Top 5 Maxes in movie and tv.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was George Miller's triumphant 2015 return to the series which made his name and sees Tom Hardy take on the role of the eponymous protagonist who quickly finds himself mounted on the hood of a car and used as a blood bag to transfuse the irradiated blood of a bleach skinned religious zealot fuelled by dreams of death and Valhalla, as the desert warlord Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) sets out with his army of War Boys in pursuit of Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), his trusted lieutenant and driver of the War Rig, who betrays him by freeing his five sex slave wives and escaping to find hope at the Green Place. Miller's extraordinary world and chaotic but impeccably filmed action are constantly captivating in a movie which might easily be written off as 'one long car chase' by detractors as if that was a bad thing anyway. Instead we get incredible visuals and in Theron's Furiosa, the franchise produces one of the truly iconic female action performances of all time.
MAX & RUBY completes our maxcellent themed week in which the two rabbits of the title get up to... well I was going to say mischief but this week’s episode in which the younger Max, clearly suffering from anxiety and ADHD, is placed in a scenario where it’s impossible for him not to succumb to temptation and open a huge and mysterious present barely qualifies as tomfoolery let alone full blown mischief. Sister Ruby, burdened by the responsibility of looking after her brother due to the absence of their parents in their lives, desperately craves approval from authority figures. In a gripping season finale, Ruby contracts fatal mayxomatosis whilst Max faces a disciplinary hearing at work when he is caught maxturbating during a Zoom call  gone wrong.

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Mad Max Fury Road

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review, the podcast where a group of dads who've finally found an excuse to sit down and watch movies without feeling guilty for neglecting our parental duties. We're here to review the films. We were too broken or just too broke to catch at the cinema. The first time round.

This week's theme is Max, which we picked because it was the only word, Sadie, and I could agree on the spelling of. And we are starting things off by, quite literally talking about the top five TV and movie Maxes. Before we move on to dis to discuss, discuss even the incredible feminist vehicle action movie Extravaganza, mad Max Fury Road, and then finish things up with a look at animated Cartoon Max and Ruby.

All that's left to do is introduce the dads. And this week there's just the two of us Sidey the bearded Titan, who once won a steering competition against a brick wall. That's completely true, isn't it? Yep. Uh, Myself res good evening side. How are you doing?

Sidey: I'm okay. I'm okay. I feel, feel pretty bad because we, we are in project 52 again. Yeah. Which is lovely. Chris has opened up just for us and is sitting over there in a K hole because he's been away, he's been away all weekend and is in, well, he's just tired.

He is jaded.

Reegs: Jaded, yeah.

Sidey: Hi, Chris. So he's just come down here just so that we can record this for your enjoyment.

Reegs: Yeah. A special welcome this week to the three people who clicked on our website searching for Jason Statham shirtless. Oh really? Um, So, hello.

Sidey: Yeah. We need to make more use of that website because we're not really doing anything with it other than publishing our web, our podcast

Reegs: and witticisms and

Sidey: and stuff.

Yeah. But Pete, a blog, Pete, Pete, I think getting on for two years ago promised us a blog post. Yeah. We're still waiting. So I'm not working on one until we've had Pete's.


Reegs: We had a top five last week, didn't we? Side

Sidey: Yes. I think one of the better top five categories that we've had in a long while.

Yeah. Which generated zero interest from our listeners.

Reegs: Yeah. Not single crack nominated. So maybe we'll let it roll over. Yeah. And if, if you're listening now and you think, oh, there is a crack I wanted to mention, you could, you could

Sidey: I think, think possibly It's Elon Musk's fault. Yeah, I saw that he laid off another 20% of the workforce today or yesterday.

Reegs: Yeah. And that woman, that was a picture of her sleeping on

Sidey: She's gone. she's gone.

What you still doing here? You're cut



Reegs: and now Twi the amazing thing is Twitter takes like 15 seconds to load half the time when know twi start it up as well.

Sidey: So we might need to find some other way of talking to people cuz just, it's a bit risque, isn't it?

Reegs: Well, you can always reach us through the website.

Sidey: Yes, that's very true. Did you watch anything on the teddy box apart from the homework, of course.

Reegs: No,

not really. Not this week.

Sidey: Okay. I did, I watched some more yellow jackets, but I'm up.

Episode seven, I think. Really loving that. It's great. Yeah. So I might get another episode in tonight, if anything.

Fucking stay awake. And I, I didn't catch up all the way with last of us. I think I've still got another one to be fully up to date. So I've done five episodes.

Reegs: Oh, I'm up to date with that. There's a, there's another good one in there

Sidey: Okay. So that's been good. And I've been watching Picard. It's just, eh, I feel like I would, I should love it more cuz it is just the next generation now it's to all the caster and it Yeah.

But it just seems like a hit, like hideous nostalgia, cash in. Yeah. So I'm kind of on the fence of that. But no other movies. I think it was all TV stuff that I watched.

Reegs: I tell you one thing we did watch actually was something that Dan had been talking about, I think Barry the Bill Hader sort of hitman comedy

Sidey: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: takes up an acting job.

Yeah. That's pretty funny actually. A couple of episodes into that.

Sidey: cool. Cool. Should we crack on with this week's top five?

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. So Max stuff, we did Max, we did Mad Max for our Mider. We got Mad Max Fury Road. It seemed like the only logical thing to do is top five Maxes. Yeah. So here we are.

Reegs: Yep.

Sidey: Shall I, shall I start us off? Well, I've got a dude who's played two maxes in his career that I can think of.

Christopher Walken.

He did Matt Shrek in Batman Returns and he did Max Zen interview to a kill.

Reegs: Of course. Yeah.

Sidey: the crazy microchip manufacturer, I think he was, his plan was to have a Zen chip in everything. So, there we go. That's good.

Reegs: two maxes from the same

Sidey: actor, two for the price of one.

Both. Great. I mean, Krista Walker is great. So what, what more could you expect?

Reegs: Yeah, yeah. That is a, a, a good max. Oh, how well I was, I'll start with a an actor who's a Max then Max Von Sido.

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Reegs: He's the Swedish French guy, you know, known for a whole load of brilliant stuff like Russia, three , and uh, the Stallone Judge, dread and Solomon came but he was also in Conan, the Barbarian and Star Wars and Flash Gordon and Game of Thrones and Seventh Seal in The Exorcist.

And, you know, other good movies, max von Sidal,

Sidey: did some good ones, didn't he?

Reegs: he? Yeah.

Sidey: Oh right. I'm gonna go to a TV one, which is, Homer to the Max episode. Yeah. Of Simpsons, where they are watching the,

Reegs: that is the 13th episode of the 10th season

Sidey: Yes. I have the same spiel. It's the, Fox Pilot season?

It's all of the, the pilot episodes of all the new series. So there's Admiral Baby. Yeah. And something else. And he, he's just going on about how amazing it all is and there's a

Reegs: a cop show and they introduce a new character, Homer

Sidey: Yeah. It's called Poli. It's called Police Cops. Which is why on this, on this podcast, when anything's about police, I always say police cops.

He's going on about how great all these shows are. And Lisa Poo poo's it and he says, name one thing mankind's ever done that's better. And she says, the Renaissance, this is better. But there's a character in police cops called, well, he's not in, they don't give his name straight away. He's like, he's like, amazing.

Everything he does like turns to gold and he's like the, the hero. And then he announced his name is Simpson Homer, and is this like really sharp intake of breath. And then for the next episode, he gets everyone round to Mos.

Reegs: his name is my name,

Sidey: He's named like my name. And then he gets everyone and basically in the town to come to Moes to watch episode two, where they've changed it to make him a bumbling sidekick.

And he's

Reegs: stage.


Sidey: he changes his name to Max Power Dynamic, isn't it?

Reegs: he got it off the side of her head, right?

Sidey: He suggests some names for Marge to change her name. Hootie Mabo or Che Laro, stuff like that.

Reegs: And he meets is it Trent Steel

Sidey: Yeah. . Yeah, it's a great episode. So yeah. Max Power.

Reegs: good. Very. Well the Hills are alive with the sound of Max's side E and the sound of music.

I found that there was a side character called Max De De Viler. He was the friend and associate of Captain von Trapp. Oh,

Sidey: Oh, okay. I very nearly bought the soundtrack cuz they've got it in city Johns on vinyl I thought that would be amusing, but I thought I'd probably never really play it, so I

Reegs: No, no, certainly not with me around.

I don't need to hear that. . He was played by the actor Richard Hayden.

Sidey: Oh Hayden Christensen's. Long lost brother.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Cool.

Reegs: The

Sidey: character from something, what we've watched, not for the pod, but it's, but it's just current is Max

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: From Stranger Things played by Sadie Sink named after a bathroom appliance.

, she was the one what kicked off the whole Kate Bush fascination, cuz that was her song that anchored her to the real world. In season four there was a game they released like an eight bit kind of


Reegs: I played it.

Sidey: and she had powers in that. Yeah. But she did. I'm, I'm keep waiting for that to happen in the show, but it never has.

So that was a bit of a red herring. But I, I thought season three was maybe a little bit lacking, but season four was a

Reegs: four, more than

Sidey: was strong. Yeah, it was good. So yeah. Max Mayfield

Reegs: I've got some other maxes. Max Fisher from Rushmore.

Max Katie from Cape Fear.

Sidey: Yeah. You know, the, the thing about Max Katie, Pete's told us about this in the pod before it was his stalking name when he Yeah.

Got together of his misses. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. How lovely

Sidey: it.

Reegs: Max Dillon was Jamie Fox's character who became electro in amazing Spider-Man two, and then some derivatives. Are we gonna, we allow Maximus, Desus

Sidey: yeah, of course. Yeah, for sure.

Reegs: the commander of the armies of the North, et cetera.

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. I've got another bond one. So we've had Max Zen from possibly the worst bond film.

I dunno if it's the, if it's canon. Either is never, say never again. Mm-hmm. . And the villain in that is Maximilian Largo, played by Klaus Maria Brandau. He's a billionaire businessman, inspector number one, most inspector's, most senior agent. Have you ever seen, never say never again.

Reegs: Maybe

Sidey: it's fucking catastrophically bad.

It's the one where. , Sean Connery had fucked off. Like he'd gunned the bond thing. I think it was after Lazen Bee or something like that. And he, and he obviously said, no, I'll never, I'll never play Bond again. Yeah. Hence the like, low title. And he came back, but he's fucking like really old in

Reegs: Yeah, I have seen

Sidey: And he's like, prancing around. It's a remake of Thunderball and just Thunderball. It's like probably one of the Better Bond films. And this is fucking catastrophic Straighted by Irv Kirshner though.

Reegs: Oh, really?

Sidey: Yeah. Who did? Empire Strikes Girls? Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. Weird one

Reegs: Nepo Baby. That's a word that people use a lot these days.

And Max Landis is a bit of a Nepo baby. The son of director John Landis, who did the script for Chronicle, which actually quite liked the superhero found footage thing. And he did American Ultra, which was the Jesse Eisenberg sort of spy martial arts CIA sleeper thing. Okay. And the terrible Netflix fairy troll thing.

The Will Smith thing. Bright.

Sidey: Oh God, no, I didn't, I dodged that like the plague.

Reegs: Max Landis. He may be, you know, he once wrote a Superman thing and sometimes said, you know, half interesting things and he could have had a bright career. Career where it not like, you know, were it not for the fact that he just consistently said a whole load of superbly dumb shit as well, deeply misogynistic and blah, blah, blah.

And of course had sexual assault allegations made against him. So yeah, max Landis

Sidey: Cool. When we first started this pod, for some reason the movie pie cropped up a lot. And we all love that film. The protagonist name is Maximilian Cohen. Mm-hmm. , which is good. And then another character who's a a a Max derivative is Maxine Lund.

Do you know where she's from?

Reegs: No.

Sidey: Being John Malkovich, it's Catherine Keener's character, and they're in the hallway of that weird office that's in between floors and he's obviously really taken with her and he's like, if I guess your name will, you know, will go out or something. And so he just does this really drawn out thing where he just tries to get the first letter

and she's like, like, nod him, says

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: he eventually like, after a fucking really long drawn out thing of him making stupid noises, gets to Maxine. And Katherine Keena was on a really hot streak back then. There was some fucking cool movies that she's in. And this is right up there.

Reegs: Max Payne. You ever see that one?

Sidey: Well, no, but I was a fan of the video game. The

Reegs: video game? Is it? Was that a

Sidey: I

had it on the PC actually.

It had like a bullet time thing.

Reegs: Yeah. And the movie had this kind of black and white aesthetic in Slowmo and stuff. That was a bit like Sin City esque. Yeah. Mark Wahlberg. I think it was pretty terrible actually.

And he was the conveniently named Max Payne, which, you know, Would've been weird if he was like a teacher or something, you know what I mean? It's fine if you're a, a

disillusioned homicide cop working on whoever killed his wife and baby an unspecified time period ago.

Sidey: Yeah. Did you ever watch Mash?

Reegs: I've seen it. Yeah.

Sidey: Well, something I learned today is that one of the characters', first name is Maxwell, but I only remember him as Corporal Clinger.

Reegs: Klinger.

Sidey: was the one, do you remember this, Chris? Perked up. He was the one who was always trying to claim to be mad, so

Reegs: oh, yeah, yeah,

Sidey: yeah.

Cross-dressing and doing stupid shit. And I hope of getting a section eight back to wherever the hell he was from. But I never knew until today that his first name was Maxwell. So there you go.

Reegs: There you go. He's a Max.

Sidey: And I've got another Maxwell. It's very tenuous. The friends you're aware of the sitcom friends.


Reegs: am aware of it.

Sidey: Matthew

Perry, before he was cast in friends, had pitched a sitcom about a group of like idiot coffee house dwelling Wakas and their life in their twenties and thirties. And it was called Maxwell House.


Reegs: named after a coffee? Yeah max Rebo was a male Olan from Otto and a popular gis, Whaler in the Max Rebo band in return in the Jedi.

That is their music that they played. Gis? Gis, yeah, it was, that's what it was called. Js It's a genre of music. And gis, whales were mu musicians who specialized in the genre. I've got this from Wikipedia or whatever it's called.

Sidey: Yeah. So

Reegs: Max Rebo I've got, right. Let's go down a different route. I have got maximum risk. which was a 1996 Jean-Claude Van Dam thriller when he went through a series of making movies when he was like playing opposite

Sidey: himself. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: yeah, yeah. It's a double impact. He had a twin brother in that and replicates there was a clone and I think in Time Cop, he sees himself and all that. And in this one he's going after his brother's killer who he was involved in illegal activities, got Myla Kuni and Natasha Henstridge, I think int it.

And I don't remember a lot about it, but yeah, maximum risk.

Sidey: I've got Yeah, the one that I suppose was one of the first ones I thought about actually was Max Headroom.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Who is a fictional British artificial intelligence has that kind of stuttery voice thing going on. I was aware of it as a kid, but I Was it an actual show? All of its own

Reegs: No,

they, they made a pilot, didn't they?

Then it, I don't think it, it was gonna be it was, but then it did like that sort of beavers and butthead style talking over popular culture and music videos and that sort of thing. Yeah.

Sidey: It kind.

Like Criton from red Dwarf had that kind of prosthetic like appearance Yeah. Things like stuck on his face, plaster scene or whatever to make him look like a, like a computer generated thing.

I guess it probably was on like MTV, like you say and stuff like that. That's where we, where we would've come across it. Yeah. And was it on back to feature part two? Was that

Reegs: Yes, I think it

Sidey: in the diner. The diner scene when he first goes to the future. Yeah. So yeah, that one

Reegs: I've got another maximum probably in the last of my maximums.

I found 50 movies named Climax but I hadn't seen any of them and Lies. Yeah. And won a 1990 film by a guy called Arian Kagan that was called The Boy Who Masturbated himself to Climax. But I haven't seen that either, so I can't really bring that up. But I, the maximum overdrive I have seen is the Stephen King's only.

It was his debut, a sort of like strange and tedious horror comedy where appliances come to life when a comic comes overhead. And it's mostly about a group of people at a truck stop being sort of hen in by evil 18 wheelers. And there's a scene where a soda machine comes to life and shoots cans at a man's bollocks.


Sidey: oh, we think we had that for fridges or something. Yeah, yeah. I was gonna try and do something about quotes.

So Boogie Knights Floyd gon Dole, he's like one of the guys who's trying to champion the videotape era and he says to Jack Horn, you know, Colonel's got the money, you've got the talent Jack, I've got the connection to the equipment and the mail order distribution. Not to mention those kids out there who were hot as fuck action to the max.

So I was gonna try and do a whole sequence of quotes about to the max, but it shot

Reegs: Oh, that would've been good. I thought that sounds like a good one.

Sidey: Yeah, there was just a, you know, it was just people saying to, I know we were often just not that. Great. Yeah. So The Boogie Knights one was the, was the better one. And then going back to just characters specter.

What's that bloke who's Well, good. He was Moriarty in Sherlock. Oh, I can never remember his name. He plays a character called Max dbe. He's in charge of the surveillance, but it turns out he's just working for Specter. He's got a code name of sea, which they strongly imply at the end is

Reegs: Oh, nice.

Mark Strong. Is that, it's not

Sidey: no, it's not Mark Strong. It's he was the vicker do the hot priest in Fleabag as Oh. Oh

Reegs: I never watched that.

Sidey: we'll think of it later. Anyway, that's me. I'm out.

Reegs: I'm out too.

Sidey: We did have some nominations online. Yeah. Strong contributions from the public Stevie with oh shit. It's That terrible sitcom with a girl who's got massive boobs.

Reegs: I'm gonna need more info.

Sidey: She's engaged, if not married to Andrew wk. It's like two, it's called, she's called Max in the series. That's her

Do you remember one division she was at The scientist girl in one division.

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: it's called two. Two Broke Girls, I think is

Reegs: broke girls. Right.

Sidey: to her. And he also met some Max maximum decimate girl from glad Brei as we know, is a huge Adam Sandler fan, but even

Reegs: got a Max Adam is she,

Sidey: but even she can't bring herself to praise this Adam Saunder one.

It's called Adam Saunder plays a cobbler called Max in his worst film ever. The Cobbler honestly needs to be seen to be believed. I feel like an Adam SA themed party should be in the offering. Darren Leafy the first mission Impossible. movie. The villain is called Max. All right. But it's a lady,

Reegs: Oh,

Sidey: Vanessa Redgrave.

Then there's Max Mon Moore, in which Charlotte Rampling is a diplomat's wife who takes a chimpanzee, is her lover. . Sounds

Reegs: great. what is that, what's the name of that movie?

Sidey: Mona Moore.

Reegs: Right, okay.

Sidey: sounds really horny. He's also got Max Zen and max Katie.

We've got more love for Max,

Reegs: a chimpanzee

Sidey: We've got more, more love for Christopher Walken. Two Brett Girls gets another vote from Andy Connolly. And that's about it. So that was good. Cause there's some there that we hadn't thought

Reegs: Max.

Max and cracks. That's what we need.

Sidey: Yes. Max Cracks right.

Let's put in a couple each and then we'll pick one of them. Although I think I, there was some, I did think of that Pete had already mentioned, but Pete isn't with us tonight cuz he's vomiting, his household's been struck down by some sort of norovirus. So unlucky Pete. So let's put in couple, no, you put in two and then I'll put in one and we'll have two.

Go for what? Putting in

Reegs: Mad Max. Yeah. And Homer to the max.

Sidey: Homer's a great shout. I'm gonna put in Max Headroom cuz he'll probably never crop up again. And then I think Adam Sandler's like a great shout. Yeah, mate. But no, hang on. One or more with the chimpanzee. It's got, it's gotta be hasn't it?

Reegs: Yeah, let's have the chimpanzee fucker in.

Sidey: Yeah, so that's in and I'm sure Pete has some good ones as well, so Pete can, can let us know next week.

Reegs: Nice.

Sidey: We got a little bit of cheese going on the sweet rigs. Mm-hmm. . We've got a Laure, which is just creamy. Creamy goodness.

Reegs: It's delicious. We've had Jersey Wonders.

Sidey: Yeah. From your birthday, which was just yesterday. I mean, many happy returns. Thank you. And we've got some stilton, which is yet untouched.

more max

Reegs: We've, well we've just spent the interlude looking at the video for max Monona Moore, the trailer. Wow. That really is

Sidey: an eye opener. I mean,

Reegs: lover movie is that Just watch the trailer. That really is something

Sidey: I'm just, my mind is blown.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Quite incredible. I don't think I'd want to actually watch it. I don't know. It's just fucking weird.

Reegs: I think it would depend on how long it was. There's a lot, if you like, sort of sultry and seductive looks between a

Sidey: a woman,

Reegs: lady and a chimpanzee, a man in a chimpanzee costume

Sidey: Well,

Reegs: I know many listeners do.

Sidey: Yeah, I'm in. Let's get back on the max. because this is, now we're, I, we are just gonna, you know, jerk off about this movie, aren't we? Alright,

Reegs: well I'm gonna call it Bright here side. I'm gonna say this is the best part four in a movie series ever.

Sidey: Yep. Probably. Yeah. I couldn't think of a single other part four from any film ever.

I suppose, a New Hopes Spree. Good

Reegs: well,

Sidey: Yeah, it's right there in the title. But this was Mad Max Fury Road from way back when in 2015. And it's a two hour long car chase, basically. Yeah. Which sounds kind of like, it might be shit. And it did put me, that basically put me off watching this for a long while.

Reegs: Really? Because that description completely sold me on the movie. I was like, yeah, absolutely. I'm in for that.

Sidey: I saw uh, I think I was being like a film stop and oh, I was fucking stupid. And so it did take me a little while to get round to watching this.

Reegs: Oh, I desperately, I saw the trailer and I thought it just looked amazing. I was ready to dip back into the world, but I never got a chance to see it at the cinema. And then I heard a million misogynistic nerds crying out in anguish

Sidey: because it's not really

Reegs: because it's not really maxi. Yeah. And they all got really moody about it, but No,

Sidey: makes me like it even more. Yeah. So

Reegs: should she get into it?


The title and the revving of engines and then a voiceover and sort of flashy visions of a girl, I think.

Sidey: Yeah. A young child

Reegs: and who did beer did figure he's looking out into the distance and narrating, isn't he Talking about how he used to be a cop and a road warrior and he's staring out at this. Vast orange dust ball in this like two-headed lizard thing pops up and he stamps his foot in its, smushes it and eats it.

Sidey: Yeah. So we're a long way removed from the original Mad Max, which we spoke about in our mid weeker. Yeah. Should listen to that if you get a chance. Because then that one that was, we mentioned that was just sort the cusp of a kind of post apocalypse. We're now all up in it and that this is just pure desert with a couple of little oasis's of pockets of human life,

Reegs: mostly in irradiated sort of wasteland, where it's dangerous to be out there in, you know, for prolonged periods. And you see this figure and at first you think he's hunting someone cause he's looking with his binoculars, but then it becomes really immediately clear that someone is hunting him. Yeah. As he drives off. And there's a caravan of crazy June buggy riders, you know, called the war Boys. Their cars are like cars stacked on top of other cars with like spikes and stuff coming out of him.

Really cool. And they pretty quickly force him to crash his iconic

Sidey: mm-hmm.

Reegs: Before you even really know what's happening. And it looks amazing. It's all like teal and blue and incredible sands of Namibia. And they take him back to a cave system they call home the Citadel

Sidey: Where

Reegs: shave him and brand him and tattoo a load of shit on his black, on his back, including his blood type.

Sidey: Yeah. And he's caged and we get a bit of like expanding the sort of, well building of like where we are.

Yeah. And what's, what is their mission out of the gate? They're they're, they're going off to like a raid to get some more fuel or something?

Reegs: you've got the leader of it in Morton, Joe.

He's re coming back to the series. He was toe cutter in the

Sidey: That's right. And it yeah, it's like an enormous

Yeah. We see him getting his sort of armor put on him, don't we? Yeah. It's almost like Darth Vader. Yeah. He has a mask and, and this plastic

Reegs: like muscle suit with like metals, crude metals on it.

Sidey: And he, yeah, he's, he addresses this crowd of like, really pathetic, like, I don't know, like

Reegs: it's the populace, it's the population that he keeps under control.

Sidey: There's some pipes sticking. and every now and then they will release some water for the masses below. And they've just got little crude bowls and things to collect a bit of water. And they obviously kept under control by, you know, rationing, their allowance and stuff. And he addresses this crowd from this enormous fucking like, pillar stack thing that's, that's sticking out the landscape.

Reegs: He's got this mask made out of like horses', teeth.

Sidey: Yeah. To make it, and he makes himself sound like he's their savior. And you are, you are all alive because of the work that we are doing. And we're going off now to, to get some more supplies from, I think they're gonna, they're planning to go to two places like Bullet

Reegs: Gas town and the bullet farm.

And he's got this, you know, he's, he keeps everyone in check through his war Boys, which are a, a bunch of irradiated youths with white skins and they're promised a life in Val Halla. They've got a sort of religious fervor built up around it. They even worship steering wheels and

Sidey: Yeah. Stuff they've got like pastes and like hideous deformities.

Quite a lot of them.

Reegs: Yeah. So, yeah, IM Morton Joe sends out.

Imper Furiosa, a ferocious, bald-headed char's thon with a robotic arm. And she drives the war rig. Yeah. Still looking smoking hot. And she drives the war rig out with a war boys accompaniment out to go to the, the supply towns, but then suddenly, as she's driving just makes a br a dash for it, that you don't really know what's going on at first.

Sidey: Well, yeah, it's not the kind of vehicle that you can like outrun people in necessarily. It's a big fucking rig,

Reegs: It's an 80 foot long juggernaut with like a huge plow on

Sidey: road, so she just kind of casually just turns off the road and, and one of the guys, cuz they, they, the way it is in this, in the film is that people just clamber all over these cars.

They can sort of jump and leap and, you know, incredible stunts later on, on the. Pole vault kind of thing. And the, so one of the guys just comes up to the cabins, like, what we doing? And she's like, oh, it's just, just been a change of plan. And they'd kind of take that as an order from her. Just,

Reegs: Yeah. Because she's higher up the

Sidey: Yeah. This is, this is fine. Okay. You're right. Okay. And so the guys, okay, I'll pass it back down. And he goes and he's, he tells them, oh, there's been a change of plan. We're going this way. And they're like, why ? It's like, I dunno.

Reegs: And then back at the Citadel, I, Morton Joe's like Freak sons. He's got Nathan Jones, who's a huge bald-headed guy who was in a load of action movies.

The only one I can think of is the protector at the moment, but loads of

Sidey: us. He's kinda like Bain in this. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And his sort of freakishly, his freakish younger brother who's watching through a telescope, what's happening as they drink breast milk farmed from a load of, of expectant mothers next to them. And he spots that they've gone off course.

And in Morton, Joe knows immediately what's going on. He runs right down to his locked vault

Sidey: checker

Reegs: where his And he looks for the brides. Yeah. And they're not there.

Sidey: They are not.

Reegs: this is the cream of the crop that he's kept for himself. And a woman screams at him. He ca you can't own them.

Sidey: Yeah. You can only push them so much or something, and then people are gonna want out. And, and that's what's happened. And they've begged fur to, to help them escape. And that's what's happened.

Yeah. She's trying to do a runner away. Go to the Greenland,

The green place. Yeah. That's it.

Reegs: And so Joe immediately sends everything he has really after Furiosa, which includes Knox, a war boy who's using Max as a literal blood bag,

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Strapped to an IV to him to help replace his irradiated blood with good blood from

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And he's, you know, so he spends pretty much the first 40 minutes and certainly a lot of this amazing chase sequence that we were about to go through.

Just pretty much strapped to a thing at the front of the car as they bomb along. And yeah, there's some cool stuff. There's like bikes jumping over the rig, dropping grenades on it, and guys swinging from poles and, you know, Cam weapons and chainsaws and the camera's like moving in around it and all, it just looks incredible.

Sidey: Yeah. And I suppose we should point out that a lot, a large chunk, I think it's something like 80% of the, the, the things that you see on the screen are done in a, in a practical effects way. Yeah. And there's, there's a big chunk of it coming up, but I think this first sort of action sequence, which really prolonged Awesome fucking chase sequence and, and things smashing this wedding where Furio takes the rig into this hideous storm that's going on.

Yeah. And obviously a lot of the stuff that happens in there would've been cgi, cuz you've got these like electrical storms and

Reegs: It looks unbelievable

Sidey: And then, so I was thinking, okay, pretty much everything else and one or two things that you can obviously tell her as cja, but pretty much everything else is practical.

And it's, that is fucking mind blowing when you see the visuals on the screen and think, fuck me. They did that for real . It's amazing. Absolutely amazing. Yeah. Yeah. Incredible.

Reegs: So yeah, she does lose the, the chasers in the sandstorm. It is an incredible moment in the film. It looks brilliant, all the reds and blues and oranges and all this stuff.

And then it's kind of a, a rare moment of calm. It's the first time really that the, the movie hasn't been barreling along at an unbelievable pace. Yeah. So when the storm clears, max wakes up and he finds he's chained to Knox, doesn't he? And there's a moment where you think, oh, he, he gets a shotgun and he's gonna blow his arm off, but the shotgun doesn't fire.

Sidey: Yeah. It just kind of crackles and

Reegs: Yeah. And there's like a hacksaw. I think there's like a hint from the

Sidey: first, first one.

Reegs: think, oh, is he gonna chop his arm off? But anyway, he heads over to the war rig carrying Knox on his back and finds Furio in the wives. They're all cleaning themselves with a hose and removing their sort of chastity belts that have got teeth built

Sidey: into

Reegs: the. Yeah.

Sidey: yeah. So we've got,

Reegs: and one of them is really very pregnant.

Sidey: Yeah. That's Rosie. Yeah. Huntingdon Whitely

Reegs: Whiteley's

Sidey: yeah. Yes. , Jason STAs better half.

Reegs: All right.

Sidey: And there's Zoe Kravitz. Is there

Reegs: Toast? The knowing

Sidey: and there's one called Capable. Yeah. Which is Ry Keo.

Elvis Elvis's granddaughter. Yeah.

Reegs: Hold.

the dark and Cheeto the fragile, which I wondered if it was

Sidey: Cheeto

Cheeto's. Dark, fragile compared to like a knickknack. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, they're the, they're the wives and they are tired of being raped and just kept as breeding machines. So they're, they're off.

Reegs: But Max, you know, he's not really down to help them, particularly.

He, he drinks from the, the hose that they've got. He demands that they cut him free with the cutters which they try to, but they can't. And Furio and Max then fight and he does get her to cut him free eventually after Knox helps him out in a big fight and blah, blah,

Sidey: she broke his nose in that fight.

For real? Yeah,

Reegs: There was a lot of beef between the two of 'em. Wasn't, wasn't there, so,

Sidey: Yeah, I know that. Oh fucking I, Tom Hardy had to, Tom Hardy had to apologize after the film Cuz and it same from Charlie Theon, that shit, they just couldn't, they couldn't get it. They just didn't get what was, they just couldn't see his vision, basically.

He apologized afterwards and said, once he actually saw it on the screen, it's like, fuck me, I'm, you know, I go, apologize. I didn't, didn't get it.

Reegs: really, because I think it's amazing, I think Theron's brilliant in it as well.

Sidey: Yeah. The, the promises are fine. I just think they, they were a bit prickly on set cuz just didn't, they didn't know what to expect and whatever and they're both on record as having to say they were, you know, Yeah.

Basically. Yeah.

Reegs: Anyway, so Max tries to take the rig for himself, but he can't get very far because Furio has rigged it with a kill switch that if you don't press a load of buttons in a sequence, the the engine cuts out. So he gets back on the rig. He lets her on, he doesn't wanna take the wives, but she insists.

So, and she tells him about the green place, and eventually they, they carry on, don't they?

Sidey: Well, you can see that they're, they're still being pursued by the, the rigs and they go on down the road and furio, they arrive in some sort of,

Reegs: it's a canyon,

Sidey: Like canyon. Yeah. She's made a deal with someone to, to have safe passage, but,

They, they're obviously being pursued by everyone.

They've got, I think now a crew from both bull town and the gas guard that are and pursuit. So the guys in this ravine, this, this canyon are saying, you said there might be some company, but there's three fucking like, war things coming towards us. So we're fucked. So they attack, they attack, they just try and leg it through.

And these guys are all on like scrambler, sort of motorbike style things. So you get a different kind of car chase going on with them, leaping around, and they've got chainsaws, they're landing on the, the vehicle. And it's just a new kind of violence added into the mix. It's really cool. Yeah. Yeah. It's this load just, it's just like a constant barrage of like images and incredible stunts.

Reegs: and incredible stance. Yeah. Yeah.

Eventually I think there's like another chase through the desert and the war boys do catch up with the rig and well through a long combin combination of circumstances. His favorite, what's her name? Splendid Ara. The splendid is killed during the chase. The pregnant wife. Well she falls out of the car, doesn't she?

And she of the rig and she's run over.

Sidey: Yeah, I I didn't see this coming cuz there's a few bits where they catch up and, and Morton, Joe, and they've got guns pulled on the rig and she uses herself as a like human. As a Yeah. She blocks them by basically just pointing her pregnant belly at them and they say they don't shoot.

And then there's a huge explosion and you think, oh no. And, but she just emerges from between like the rig and the thing that it's carrying and she's okay. And then not long after that, she's fucking wiped out. You're like, fuck man. It was brutal. Yeah.

Reegs: And Joe drives over her. Anyway the battered rig eventually stops after all of this, and one of the wives one runs straight back to Joe.

Maybe he'll forgive us and all that. But she furious, says We are not things, even if she shoots down somebody in the distance using a sniper rifle. And then the chase continues again. They find Knucks at the back of the rig, he's sneaked on. And he knows that he's tainted by his role in what he believes is splendid death, which is confirmed in the next scene where.

She takes her last breaths and then he asks to, to sort of cesarean the baby out. I don't think it was very, it was more like butchered out.

Sidey: Yeah. It wasn't like an, an operating room, it was just like

Reegs: the cab of a truck


Yeah. And the guy's like popping the umbilical cord and saying, that's a shame.

And yeah, it's a pretty horrific scene to be honest.

Sidey: Yeah. It's it's the big what's his name?


It's his son. And

Reegs: it's his brother.


I, Morton Joe's son.

Sidey: Oh, sorry.

Reegs: ah, there's with only 29 bullets left and the, you know, full force of the army at the back, they trundle on into this like, gorgeous blue. Everything's blue except the light of the candle. And they get stuck in the mud and the guitars thrashing, the convoy bears down on them and they get stuck in the mud as well.

So you get the, the chase slows to a crawl now where both vehicles are kind of stuck in the mud. Max lay some mines and we get these explosions of color against the brilliant blue sky. And the, this armored tank comes out to come and get them just as Knox comes out and steals the war rig. And then Max, his task was shooting the tank and he can't do it.

And she takes over for a him. And again, the nerds cried out that Max wasn't the hero cuz Fur takes the kill

Sidey: shot. He had three bullets left.

Yeah. And he, he misses two and she, she just takes the gun

Reegs: Well, he actually just gives it to her cuz she'd already earlier in the movie, proved that she was the badass with the rifle.

Sidey: And it's, is it the leader of one of the towns? Yeah. He's on the tank and he's looking through a telescope or he's looking through something because it's his eyes that go, isn't it?

They, and they can see the reflection like miles away from where they are. And fur takes the shot and it just explodes all in his eyes. And then he's just like blindfolded, like, I

Reegs: firing his machine gun into the darkness next completely blindfolded, driving on

Sidey: because there's him and then there's the people eater dude from the other town.

Yeah. This horrendous fat slob with this. Like Jewel knows that he's got on, and later on we see his fucking legs and his foot. It's like a giant ham. It's

absolutely like grim. Disgusting. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

So anyway, they get, they get out of, there's like a single miraculous tree that they use for

Sidey: fiber and, and they don't, they didn't know what it is.

Does he? He says that thing and they're like, that's a tree. Yeah. And he's like, yeah, yeah. That, that tree thing. . And they use that as like a, a land anchor to, to wince themselves

Reegs: That's right. Yeah. . But again, you know the start and stop because the engine's overheating and they're trying to pour water into it to keep it going and all that. And then Max is sent off to face the tank down into the fog and in the distance we just see some flashes of light and then he comes back covered in blood ga carrying a, a sort of bag full of weapons.

Sidey: Yeah. But Knox Knox, whatever his name is, he's a , he's a me, he's a mechanic. Yeah. So he is able to do a bit of patching up on the engine, cuz a lot of the time they're, they, they're only operating on one engine or engine two or something like that.

And so he's able to get that going because there's a like another pretty epic battle coming up. Yeah. Where we really do get to see those guys swinging from the the poles.

Reegs: Well that's just on the way back, isn't it? That's when they stop because they

Sidey: oh, they meet the ladies

Reegs: come up, yeah,

Sidey: the green place,

Reegs: Vini I think they're called or

Sidey: they've said, yeah, they've said to Furio, well how do you know it's real?

She said, well, that's where I'm from, that's where I was born. But by the time they get to some coordinates or other mm-hmm. It's not there

Reegs: anymore. It's not there. And they meet this roving gang of the Zes and they tell her they say, oh, you know, I'm searching for the, she instantly recognizes her even though she hasn't seen her since

Sidey: our furiosa.


Reegs: And then she asks about the, the green place and she's like, well, you came through it already. It was that hideous blue wasteland.

gone to shit like the rest of the world. And so their plan is to pack bikes and just for enough fuel and food for 60 days and see what's out there across the salt plains until Max says no, it's a suicide mission basically.

And has another plan, which is to hightail it back through the convoy that's coming after them through the narrow canyons and go back to the Citadel and take the citadel over. And he's gonna release the water that Aqua Cola is in Morton, Joe called it.

Sidey: Yeah. It's a bold plan.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: But I suppose they've got, fuck all else.

There's, there's no alternative, is there?

Reegs: Well, at this point, they're both looking for hope and retribution. I mean, they, the script explicitly says it, so, that's what they're after now, and that's all they've got. There's nothing in that wasteland.

Sidey: That's right. Yeah.

Reegs: to where they can.

Sidey: And as soon as they turn around, like, and Morton, Joe's like straight away knows what they're up to.

Yeah. He's pretty clued up actually in Morton, Joe. Yeah. As it goes. And so yeah, we, we are moving towards the, the culmination of this fucking epic battle that,

Reegs: and this is the sequence Yeah. With the jumpers and the pole volt is, and

Sidey: Yeah. They're, they're able to, it's. Like counterweighted so that they can get someone right on the top of this enormous polar, these are the things that stand out for me.

Yeah. Cause it's just quite unusual and they're just swinging over to the car, like chucking me the grenades. Or they've got these like explosive javelins that they throw. Yeah. But at one point they just, just swing over and go through the like sunroof effectively and just take one of the brides out and she's gone.

Zoe Kravitz's character, she's taken back

Reegs: and you're getting shots from inside the cab of the truck as the guy's coming flinging himself backwards and forwards, or a camera mounted on it and you go

Sidey: go, were actually doing that. Yeah. It's amazing.

Reegs: Yeah, it is amazing. And eventually they, and also amidst all of this, you've got this great design because there's part of, IM Morton, Joe's like traveling convoy as an enormous like truck with speakers on and a guy sort of swinging on bungee chords from it playing in a flaming electric guitar

Sidey: is literally being played . Yeah. You know, as it as it happens. It's amazing. the, the guys in the cars, they're almost like Camika because they've got this almost North, north miso because they talk about Val Halla all the time.

Yeah. And when they think they're, sorry, the, yeah. They're willing to lay down their life, you know, they're proper soldiers. They spray their faces with this chrome sort of silver paint. Yeah.

Reegs: Like the engine, the grill of


Sidey: Engine. Yeah. And they say, you know, I'm going to the gates of Val Hallow and all this.

So they're,

Reegs: Mc feasting is what he says. It's amazing. Mc feasting in Val Valhalla. They, it's like the 72 virgins thing, we're gonna

Sidey: try. Yeah. Yeah. So step, yeah. And quite a lot of them do. Yeah. .

Reegs: Yeah. There's a lot of the people getting shot and stabbed and chainsawed and thrown under the wheels. And eventually I mean, we could just, we're gonna go crazy going through it all, but Max faces down RTUs. Eventually she gets stabbed, saving him, Furio gets stabbed, saving him, and she fights in Morton.

Joe attaches,

Sidey: there's a great big harpoon, goes through and takes the steering wheel. So they have to improvise using her mechanical hand. A kind of crude steering wheel at one point. Yeah, but she eventually like you say, she, she goes, she gets knucks to drive and she clams across the vehicles and gets to Morton Joe.

And just as he's about, I think he's got a gun and just as he's about to get that, she's like, remember me or something.

Reegs: remember me? She's

Sidey: she's got the harpoon kind of through his mask and just like, ties the end of it or just chucks it, chucks it, the wheel and it fucking goes and rips his face off,

Reegs: his whole face off, instantly dead. His body just flops around and you sort

Sidey: it's

Reegs: see it face being ripped off.

It's horrible.

And with Joe dead Knox then sacrifices himself after RTUs like literally rips the entire part of the engine out of the truck. He like flips the war rig onto its side as the others escape and just causes this incredible slow motion pile up.

Sidey: Yeah. And, but his had a burgeoning relationship kind of cuz they're not, you know, literally is like a real time car chase so that he hasn't, but he's had this connection

Reegs: she's awoken some humanity in

Sidey: Yeah, he, he points his finger as he knows he's about to die and, and there's a connection between him and Elvis. As he deliberately like, and jack knives the thing and you see, what's his face get like smashed into the floor.

Reegs: You get the eyes, you get the eye shot.

Sidey: Oh, of course. Yeah. Back from the original film.

Yeah. And that, that kind of brings about the end of the. The car

Reegs: I believe in that enormous crash, it's canonical that the guitar was okay.

Sidey: It springs right forward. Yeah. And and right back. So it's on some kind of elasticated chain. Right. Think he right.

Reegs: guitar was all uh, now we're right at the end of the movie, back at the Citadel. Max is challenged at the gate and he's told to reveal himself and he shows them chose faceless corpse and it's party time. And the populists come in and they literally tear the corpse sort of apart piece by piece pretty much.

And then they ascend to the highest part of the citadel and as the mothers release the water to the cheering population below.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: And as the crowds chant for a beaten and bloodied fur, she's really been through it. And it seems like she's going to be elected, maybe leader of this new society. Max kind of just slips away into the crowd.

Sidey: Yeah. The, at the start of the journey. She'd asked his name and he said, well, what does it matter?

And he hasn't said it. And then just as she's, she's basically dying in the, in the cabin of the rig

Reegs: Yeah. he has to give her a blood

Sidey: he has to, well he has to stab her in the side to release the pressure cuz she's she's doing that thing where you can't collapse lung andwhatever. So he has to release the pressure there and then Yeah.

Does the really unhygienic blood transfusion? No, they didn't even check blood types or

Reegs: anything. Well, he was so negative though.

Sidey: but didn't know that. Oh, I guess they

Reegs: that's the, I think that, I think that was literally why they told us.

Sidey: Oh, okay. Cool. Yeah. So anyway she's sort of alive but very fucking wounded.

I mean, they kept showing you the, the gear stick was a dagger spike thing and that's what got her in the side. So she's got that. I think she's been basically been stabbed in both sides cuz he's had to stab her to save her. She's stabbed there. She's, her face is like bad and one of her eyes is shut and Yeah.

But they just have a little look at each other as she's ascending up. Into the sit down. He's just like, well, no, I'm lone wolf man. I don't, you know? Yeah. They just have a little nod. A little nod to each other. Yeah. They

respect. Yeah. Yeah. And that's it.

There's sort of quote

Reegs: ends on a quote, doesn't it?

Sidey: Which I can't remember.

Reegs: must we go? We who wander this wetland in search of our better selves. There

Sidey: There you


So yeah. Was that right? Wasn't

Reegs: Yeah. It's all right.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: brilliant. It's brilliant. I wish I'd seen it at the cinema.

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, for sure. I really missed out on that. it's one of those things where you like, Hmm, I really like cake, but what I want to have my start main course adds that all is cake.

That's the kind of thing I was like, car chase. But no, they do it in a way that it works. It just fucking absolutely works.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. It's not, it's not overpowering, although it is designed to be a chaotic experience at times. But yeah, it's astonishingly beautiful as well. And fur is a great addition to the staple of badass Action Women.

Sidey: they have announced, or well, good few years ago, they announced that she'd be getting her own movie, but nothing's happened on it yet. I don't think

Reegs: they should because she's done a few action movies now. Shelly's thrown, and I think she's pretty good at him. Yeah.

Sidey: They was edited by Margaret Sel, who is George Miller's wife. And she said, well, why, why would you like, want me, why, why do you want me to do it? You know, I've never done an action film. And he's like, because if I just get some guy to

Reegs: she had edited a movie before, though. She wasn't like, oh, I'm an account. Why are you getting me to, I'm an accountant.

Sidey: No, but is like, I'm, you know, I'm not an action person. That's not really what I do is like, well, I don't want, you know, any guy, you know, just look like every other action movie. So that's, you know, that's why it had a different aesthetic, I think.

Reegs: Well, weirdly enough, I've heard Miller talk about it before that a lot of his movies, mad Max and this one, he tr he tends to think of them as silent movies, even though they're really loud. So they, he paces them like that as well. So

Sidey: that is good. Yeah.

Reegs: I like how there's loads of stuff like connections with the previous movies that are hinted at but never like held at you. You know, like they do in a lot of nostalgia, fests, holding something up, going, remember when he did this? They don't do any of that, but there is still things in there.

And I like that the, the continuity seems really fucked from the previous movies, but that's okay too. It doesn't really matter. And yeah, that's great. Really good.

Sidey: Yeah. I also like kudos to annoying loads of nerds on the internet by, by making it less about, you know, some hideous like match show version.

Reegs: well, people who had to tie themselves in knots going Mad Max is a character that I had to see being just the man through it and I couldn't see any other versions of a story that involved him.

Sidey: Yeah, it's great. I love that budget for, it was 150 mil, would you reckon? a winner or a loser?

Reegs: a smash hit, wasn't it? Cuz everybody talked about how good it was.

Sidey: 415 mill of the box office, which is bloody good. Yeah. So yeah. Well done. Strong recommend.

We crudely shoehorned in a kids' thing with a max in the Title Max. In Ruby Max. In Ruby, which I was vaguely aware of. I, I recognized the characters, but I had never seen this before. No. I will never again, no . It was you know, one of those hearts thinking moments when you realize the. Run time is like north of 20 minutes.

Yeah. But the good thing is that I watched it on YouTube and you can adjust the playback speed, So I did that. So I watched it at one.

Reegs: but you didn't get the pace that the original

Sidey: I got it at a much better pace of being faster. I, I watched it back at 1.5 times the normal playback speed. Even that was a stretch and it, but it was 20 minutes because there were two chapters if you like.

This was the surprise or

Reegs: something.


Sidey: surprise. Yeah. She's got a dick. No. Something else. And there was something else. Costumes was the second one. I think that I fucked that off. I totally fucked that off. So it's the story of Max and Ruby who are rabbits

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: That live in a house.

Yes. And in this

Reegs: parents dead.

Sidey: No, I don't think so. Cause I thought maybe it was like water shipped down. Yes. Where they'd all got mixed mitosis. But it's not, they, they just are on scene. And the grandmother has sent over a, an enormous parcel with strict instructions to not open it until grandma arrives.

So she wants to be there when they open the present and see the surprise. And so Max, it's just the whole thing is just about how much of a little shit Max is.

Reegs: Well, Ruby is left just a parent Max.

Sidey: Yes. She's a

Reegs: parents are fucked off. So she has to do it and she's like, oh, goodie too shoes. I'm gonna go and write a thank you card grandma for whatever's in there. And max has to distract himself so that he doesn't get tempted to look inside

the box, which he does at

Sidey: many,

Many different.

Reegs: I think he has three GOs at getting in it.

Sidey: He's first one is some hopping chick toys. Yeah. That he puts on top and they peck away the cellar tape.

That's right.

Reegs: He puts, he makes a little stairs outta books for them and they

Sidey: Yeah. He does everything in his power to, he enables them to sabotage the surprise. Yeah.

Reegs: he's got a clockwork lobster

Sidey: Yeah. Which was almost like possessed or had,

Reegs: I don't know, it seemed a bit scary.

Sidey: It has, it's a will of its own

Reegs: and mein style.

Sidey: Yeah. So, well he gets chastised or at least found out with the, the hopping chicks and then Yeah. The lobster.

Reegs: does

Sidey: It's a lobster and a helicopter. That's the second bit. And they,

Reegs: I, I call bullshit on that cuz he pilots the helicopter from the stairs into the lounge and then like, lets it hover down to pick up the top.

There's no way if you've ever tried to

Sidey: fair chop. No. There's no way he's got the skills. No. No way. So he's again like rumbled for that. And the next one is,

Reegs: something else.

Sidey: Is it the lobster again, that hacks the side of it or something else? There's another toy that hacks the side of it and every time his idiotic sister comes and fixes the box.

Yeah. And so she, the last one, it's,

Reegs: oh, that's it. He gets tethered to it while she's trying to use string to fix it. And he's like, his finger gets, becomes part of the string that's

Sidey: Yeah, that's right. Yeah.

Reegs: And as he walks off, all the


Sidey: then the doorbell rings and grandma's arrived and at the same time

he's gets in the fucking box

Reegs: and

it's Gwyneth Paltrow's head.

Sidey: Oh, When I was watching hours. I wish, I really hope it's qui fros seven head in that box.

Reegs: be amazing.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: but it's not, it's, he comes out on a scooter.

Sidey: Yeah. Grandma arrives on roller skates and she's like, surprise and He just disperse out cuz he's like, and she doesn't show any like, level of disappointment or anger that he hasn't been able to do One fucking thing that he has been asked, which is don't fucking look in voice.

Reegs: Well, but it's, it's an unachievable task. Here is a brilliant present. Don't go in it, just don't give

Sidey: it to me. It could have been full of like school uniform or something. Scorpions. He's not told it's a brilliant presence. He's just told it's a surprise.

Reegs: Yeah. I wish it'd been full of scorpions.

Sidey: Yeah. So he bursts out of the box with his scooter.

Reegs: and helmet.

Grandma comes in on roller skates, which we were all supposed to go. Oh yeah. Cuz grandmas, my grandmas were always roller skate. I couldn't stop him.

Sidey: I went with my mom to a dog training session on Friday and actually thought, fuck, she's quite like unsteady now. Not like decrepit or woman, but we were doing the thing with the dog on a long lead.

And cuz my dog. , it's a sheep do it all, like try and hurt you. So it was constantly like wrapping the the, the lead, the long lead around my mom or us and I was thinking, she's gonna fall over. And then when I watched this, I was like, well, there's no way old people can roller skate. I was just like being old a ageist and saying, there's no fucking way.

I mean, my mom's what, 75? This rabbit looked like she was an equivalent sort of age. There's no way.

Reegs: Yeah, no. That she wouldn't have done.

Sidey: done. No. And they, the sister gets her surprise. She,

Reegs: she gets roller skates like the

Sidey: She's, she's more disciplined. She's able to wait and she gets her roller skates and they fuck off doing their stupid, fun stuff.

Reegs: I waited for there to be some sort of like message or point to it all, but there wasn't really, was there just that this older sister has to parent the child.

Sidey: Yeah. She's a surrogate parent, isn't she?

That's it.

Yeah. There's. Decent soundtrack or theme tune to get excited about in this, which has been something that's redeemed some of the things that we've watched, but not on this occasion.

Reegs: It was quiet.

Sidey: Yes.

Reegs: There wasn't a lot of shouting, so you could probably ignore it if it was on.

Sidey: I, yeah, I definitely did that. I definitely increase the playback speed as well. Top tip just didn't really have, wasn't enough in it to even like, particularly hate on it. It was just, it was it. I don't like these things that are nice.

They're just nice. Nice, nice. Wholesome. Wholesome.

Reegs: It didn't seem to have a moral or model anything or I didn't really understand.

It's it's reason.

Sidey: No, it's been around a long while. 2002 to 2020 odd, something like that. So there's something like well there's 334 segments of this. That's a lot. And I've watched one and that was enough for me. But strong recommend for me though. Similar kind of outro to you've heard a lot of times from us is that we dunno what we're doing next week. No, we haven't got nominations ready or no, really who's gonna be on the show, but we, we, we will happen. We'll put it all together. Just, just something happen. Just consider it a surprise when it all magically turns out great.

Reegs: It could be a grandma on some roller

Sidey: stone . It might be, you never know. But all it remains is to say society signing out

Reegs: res out,