Jan. 6, 2023

Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Man from Jersey plays the Man of Steel! Our fellow islander make it big with his star turn as Superman in Zac Snyder's take on Kal-Els origin story.

In no was biased we get wax lyrical about Mr Cavill and his super buff physique. The film is not bad too! If you remember the previous version of this, you'll recall General Zod and his cronies turn up on Earth and wage war in an attempt to get Superman to give up the Kryptonian codex. This is a retelling of that story, but with much more brutal building destruction. Basically a city zoning officials wet dream.

Zac Snyder has a pretty distinctive style which you're no doubt familiar with. That will pretty much determine how much you'll enjoy this movie. We did enjoy it, but would have enjoyed Henry Cavill to have another stab at Superman with an original story. Never mind.

Reegs would be very cross if we didn't mention Hans Zimmer's score which he thoroughly  enjoyed.    

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Man of Steel

Sidey: Henry Kall part two, Dan?

Dan: Yeah. The Loving Continues. Well this is it. Henry Kale's most famous role and, and I guess any actor that ever gets to play an icon.


kind of culture as Superman is is gonna be the biggest part you ever play. He's having a go, maybe, you know, get bond or something. You could say, well he's, he's done that.

But I think Superman is just huge, isn't it? Is

Sidey: than that, Dan. It's large. Yeah. And we'll get onto the reaction of people around the world for his casting, but this is 10 years ago. This is 2013. So we'd had Christopher Reeve, we'd had the Brandon Ruth Superman returns. I actually really liked that film. It was pretty good.

I'm a bit, I'm a bit bored of like, when. Do a superhero film and they just do the origin story over and

Dan: over again.

And you Well, they, they've

Sidey: know how it fucking

Dan: they've done that in this though,

Sidey: Haven't, but this is, this is river. But that's what they're gonna do apparently with the next one. It's like, oh fuck sake.

We all know like even fucking, you know, newborn babies know fucking how it starts anyway. Let's, let's do it because we are initially on Planet Krypton.

Dan: Yeah. Well, it's been destabilized from the mining of planetary core.

Yeah. Which as we know, fracking, any of that kind of thing is, is gonna eventually have a, a negative effect. And, and that's what the people of Krypton found.

Sidey: It's a really. Grim looking planet. It's very dark and beige. I

Dan: dunno. I dunno whether that

Sidey: end or it's or, but they've got a strange kind of technological, they're technologically advanced and it's almost like a bio biotechnology thing, type, whatever it is.

Anyone that's born there, Is genetically coded to fulfill a role within their society. And it very much looks like the matrix, the way babies are just plucked off a, like production

Dan: like a tree

Sidey: tree

Dan: or something. Yeah. Like, the tomatoes on a, on a plant. But this is the first naturally Kryptonian child born in in centuries.

Yeah. And young Cal l is as we know, we all know the story. He, he's putting a little pardon and buzzed off to earth,

Sidey: isn't it? Yeah. Jarrell played by what's that guy's name? Jarrell. Played by Russell Crow. He's like, like a scientific advisor. And we see him up in front of the council and saying, we, we've fucked it.

You know what I mean? We've completely fucked it. And the, and the, the council like, well, what, what should we do? Like, go to the outbursts. He's like, no, no. Everyone on the planet is dead. Like there's no, there's no getting away from it now. Yeah. Which is fairly bleak outlook.

Dan: and you'd hope that he would've fed this feedback in a little earlier than the last

Sidey: It does seem a bit

Dan: he may have fallen on deaf ears

Sidey: before. Yeah.

Dan: But yeah, the, we've got we've got General Zod though. Who?

Sidey: he interrupts Shannon. Yeah. He interrupts this meeting of the council. Yeah. Because his, his predetermined role, his genetic makeup is, is sole existence, is to protect Krypton.

And so whatever that, whatever he has to do to do that, he will do it. Which seems also seems a bit shortsighted. So whilst they might be advanced, they also seem very shortsighted in certain aspects. So he interrupts this and fucking guns some people down and is trying to protect what's left.

They have a fight and basically Roko has to leg it. He, he dives out of a window, is captured by he, he lands on the back of some weird flying creature.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: And which takes him to the Genesis Chamber, I think it was called. And he's lectured about you can't go in there. That's a, that's an offense.

He's like, I think it's bit too fucking late for that.

Dan: Have you, have you looked outside, mate?

I mean, literally.

Sidey: he dives in and he has to retrieve a codex. Like a futuristic, like USB USBs. Yeah. With a, with a S, which is for Hope is it, or

Dan: Yeah. Stands for Hope

Sidey: Yeah. And he goes up home, sees misses, and she says, how was your day?

Fucking crazy

Dan: actually.

Sidey: And there's the baby. I think we see Baby Dick. And he's, this is like the classic cinema story. He's in this.

Crib slash spacecraft, it turns out later, it's a little bit more complex than just putting the USB stick in the com in the computer.

Dan: I'd have to press it down as

Sidey: well. Yeah, they'll have to push it in. Yeah. But we see it hovering over and some sort of beam doing something and going off. And she's, oh, I dunno about sending our baby off into the fucking outer reaches the space. He's like, nah, fucking let's do

Dan: should we all just die here then? Anyway, she flies off Zod and two or three of his kind of in command have been sent off to like a, a prison which we remember from

Sidey: well, not yet, because they have a fight. They, so they fight, he's trying to stop them. He's gonna send off the codex, which is

Basically the entire history and potential future and everything to do with Krypton

Dan: It's injected into him.

Sidey: It's, it's actually in Callal.

But we don't explicitly know.

Dan: at this

Sidey: point, but, but he, but it's gonna, he, he definitely knows it's gonna be sent off in the spaceship. So he's trying to fight Russell Crow, Jarrell to stop this from happening. But he does manage to slam his hand on the codex, send him off.

Not before Michael Shannon has this massive fucking spike come out of his armor. The armor looks fucking cool. Yeah. And stabs j and kills him, but we just gotta die in a fucking hour anyway, so really doesn't matter. So we see the spacecraft go off and then we see, we do see krypton fucking designate, don't we?

We see it all go to shit. Yeah. So it's gone

Dan: and that's it. And we, we kind of have Our little superhero hurtling threw space and everything.

And he, he's on like, a farm then, isn't he? He goes onto

Sidey: Smallville is back, is in Smallville where he's raised by Martha and Jonathan. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner.

But we also get sort of flashbacks and then back to current day of his childhood and how difficult it's been for him and, and seeing him doing certain super things. So, at one point he, he rescues the school.

Dan: That's right

Sidey: out of a lake. We see him pushing it out

Dan: off, goes

Sidey: and obviously like all these kids are seeing it, like, what the fuck?

Dan: it goes off a bridge and and plummets sort of 30 feet into a river.

and he pushes it out there and they go round to his house the next day, don't they?

Some of the, the kids and the families and go it might be something weird about this one, . And he's just kind of out there on a swing. He

Sidey: doesn't, Kevin Costner lectures him and says, you should just fucking let them all die.

Dan: let them all die, son.

Sidey: No, you wouldn't.

Dan: is like, oh, dad. So yeah, Costner's.

He's just very wary that this kid's either gonna be the new Dexter or he's gonna be like something very, very special that,

Sidey: we do get that version of that movie.

Breitburn is the, is the evil Superman version. And also the boys has it, I suppose. Yeah. But you are right, the, the, the three main ring leaders, although there are other others as well, actually Zo and his crew, they've been sent to the phantom

Dan: the, Phantom

Sidey: 300 cycles,

Dan: whi, which is where, you know, the original Superman and everything had that great graphics, didn't it? Like, wow. How's it done that prism on

Sidey: That's right. This time they're covered in js which freezes over them. And they are just sent to we did get a tunes, yeah, we did get a pretty cool sequence of the ship going out and getting sucked into a, like a black hole I guess. But they seem to have made the mistake of leaving quite a lot of advanced.

Functionality on that

Dan: Yeah. there's a window there,

Sidey: fucking wankers

Dan: them to get out.

But we, we kind of. At some point meet Lois Lane. Of course she's working for the Daily Planet. And she's got a she's got an assignment to investigate a ship in the Antarctic. And Anne Clark is there, he's kind of

Sidey: yeah.

And we've a

Dan: as a runner or a, like a

Sidey: helper because he's not, he's not the, no. Clark is we, we've seen him do a few different jobs. There's one where he's, he's just like waiting tables in a cafe. Some guy's being a douche, and he, he defends.

They're like putting hands on one of the waitresses and he's like, listen again, like why would you square off him?

This guy, this, this like hideous little redneck dude's like, yeah. Throwing beer cans at him and like, what are you

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Even if he's not

Dan: even if he's not Superman, you're totally fucked. Look at the size of him compared to you. You at least put on a decent guy who is doing it, you know? But

Sidey: so there's that one, and then there's also been one on an oil rig where he has basically lifted up an entire.

Like IO tower's. Oh yeah. Size, fucking stack of

Dan: where, where was he, where was he doing then? It's almost like those early days of Batman, you know, when Batman begins, where he's just going to find himself and they, so they've tried his, and Christopher Nolan actually is one of the,

Sidey: well, he's on this as well.

Executive, yeah. Executive producer on this.

Dan: an executive writer or producer or something like that.

So I could see there's similarities there of, of that. Batman

Sidey: And we, we see him shirtless when

Dan: on all the time. Shirtless.

Sidey: Oh,

Dan: Oh my. I'd love to run my hands for . He's massive.

Sidey: like insisted on there being no digital enhancement,

Dan: Doesn't eat it,

Sidey: no. It had to be like legit. So he fucking worked out like a Trojan. I mean, he's an

Dan: Pete Cabell Pete Cab

Sidey: in this. Yeah.

Dan: And he, yeah, he looks, he looks massive and

Sidey: So yeah, there's, there's something in the ice. Like you say, they've, they've gone out, they're investigating it and Lois is asking a few questions like, well, what, you know, could it be a sub?

And they're like, can we X-ray down there? It's not the right size. And the ice around it has been there for 10,000 years, 20,000 years,

Dan: She takes a long shot photograph in the dark. And then from that he's managed to pick out this speck, which is Henry Cavell on the ice in white. How has she seen him? I'll never know. But she then managed to catch him up and follow him as he's kind of lasered a tunnel through the ice. And he finds his own, his old

Sidey: It's the, no, it's the fortress. This is the fortress of solitude. The, his own ship is in the

Dan: oh, the, the, the

Sidey: this is, this is, do you remember the one from the old And what's his


Dan: equipped in ship

Sidey: It's the Christa Reeve one where it was all like, I, it looked like all like ice. Yeah, yeah. Stereotypes and whatever this is. It is like a proper spaceship and it's got jerre in there. It's, yeah. Jerre.

Dan: And he's got this funny like droid.

Sidey: Yeah. It's something out lost in space or something.

Reminded me of

Dan: He, he's gotta do certain things. He's gotta put this the USB stick in before he gets zipped and, and then he realized he's gotta push it in to load it and it gives him a bit of a zap, doesn't it?

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: but he's well hard, so he gets up and, and He's kind of got control of the ship then eventually. But Lois Lane is creeping in

Sidey: Yeah. You can hear, he can hear everything.

Dan: It's s heroing.

Sidey: Yeah. But the, the kind of the roboty thing, it's like a robot butler. Robot slash bouncer is like Yeah. Trying to get her out, you know? And it's quite aggressive, so he has to fucking rip it to shreds.

Dan: Yeah. He. The, the robot, she hasn't put the u USB thing in properly or, or whatever. She's not done the right code. And we see earlier this is this kind of laser beamed superman to the floor. So, you know, it's got a, yeah.

Packing a punch. Well, it sends Lois halfway across the, the ice, doesn't it? And he just kind of crunches it into a ball when he finds this out. Yeah. And saves the day.

Sidey: He and he goes to her,

Dan: why didn't you just put the USB thing in? I'll never know. He could have just said, you put the, you know what happens when you put the USB thing in properly?

He goes away. He's fine.

Sidey: It's his computer. But No,

but, but she is injured. Which he can tell straight away. Cause he's got x-ray vision.

We've seen that in one of the montage bits of him growing up where he struggles, where he's been trying to learn. Or not even. No. But these abilities have manifested themselves and he hasn't been able to control them initially. So he's at school and he can hear everything at once or he can start x-ray visioning people.

Dan: That's right. That that scene at the school was kind of intense because you just hear, you know, all he can, when you can hear everything all at once

Sidey: noise. But he says straight, look, you are pretty fucked here. I can, I can sort that out for you, but

Dan: can do a bit of the old Mr. Mi Aggie on you

Sidey: gonna fucking hurt.

He's gonna hurt though

Dan: does it with the eyes.


Sidey: So he's superman eye lasers her. And then doesn't, he's gonna scarper cuz his doesn't want to get his identity revealed. So he he fucks

Dan: it off and, and then it's interesting because Lois Lane goes back to to, to New York on a daily planet or wherever

Sidey: it's it's

Dan: Metropolis? And and she goes to the, the editor who's played by

Sidey: Lawrence Fishburn.

Dan: Lawrence Fishburn.

And he's, he's, what's, what's the, the, his name? Perry. Perry, of course. So Perry's just not buying it. He's going, Lois, you're my best reporter, but aliens, Superman

Sidey: See, I thought that he did buy it, but he was just like, we can't put this out.

We'll look like

Dan: Well

he kind of, he, that was the longest short of it, whether he bought it or not. He just wasn't gonna put it out because he said, I believe you, but you've no evidence. So, You could sound like nuts. I could sound like nuts. This isn't going out. And, but because he respects her so much, I think he knows that she's not making this up.

But he, he always has a bit of a, a kind of anti superman thing, Perry anyway, doesn't

Sidey: Yeah. So,

She's fucking annoyed by that. So she goes to some like internet dude to put the story out anyway which she does much to Perry's annoyance. And then there's a flashback scene to Costner dying.

there's a, there's

a tornado. Oh,

Dan: yeah, that's right. And

Sidey: and they're, they're traveling and they're having a ding dong where he, he says something to Clark about, you know, you, you mustn't do such and such. And he said, well, you know, you

Dan: putting yourself out there

Sidey: You, you're not my real dad. You, you're just someone who found me in the field, which is fucking

Dan: Yeah. But he goes, mom goes, well, that's that. Or he goes, well, that's kind of right. But you know, we look after you, we love you and everything.

Sidey: but then the tornado happens. And there's a whole

Dan: well stop this. He can well stop a

Sidey: It's, it's him showing he's, he's finally,

He's taking on his dad's. His dad's message Disney because he, they hide under an underpass, which I've got some news for you from the, the Weather Authority.

Dan: cool.

Sidey: The fucking last place you would wanna be hiding


Dan: in a, in a

Sidey: Yeah. The National Weather Service said they're not considered safe shelters in the event of a tornado due to the wind funneling effect, increasing the likelihood of being struck by debris.

Dan: Wow.

Sidey: don't do that.

Dan: that. Yeah. Well they, they, there was a lot of debris flying around and even when Kerry Costner had had got up, despite thinking, oh, he's not gonna get up. He's resting on the car, but the tornado's

Sidey: we used to get back for the dog, doesn't he? It's the dog's fault

Dan: back for the dog. And in any, again, in any sense, like, you know that he's struggling cuz you've seen him limp a few times before, kind of, this, and he's an older boy.

You've got lit, you have Superman next to you. Let him get the dog because if they'd just made that decision early doors. Yeah. Everyone had been fine. So it's,

Sidey: but he's, he goes to get the dog a car lands on their car and sort of cripples his ankle.

And by the time he gets out, the, the tornado's nearly on him.

Dan: still time. and he,

Sidey: he just, yeah, he just has a look and Clark looks at him as if to say,

Dan: and he just

Sidey: I can come. And he just like, no, no.

Dan: He just raises a hand, doesn't, he goes, I got this. Don't worry about it. No, no. Don't let everybody know you're Superman. Yeah. And he's just,

Sidey: And he's gone.

Dan: And he's gone. And they're like, he gives out a big no, doesn't he?


Sidey: Guilt.

Guilt as well, because you could have fucking saved him.

Dan: Yeah. And then he could have just killed everyone else and said, look, nobody knows about it.

Sidey: But no, didn't take that decision. So, he's gone. And then,

Dan: Zod and his grew have escaped the Phantom Zone now as well, and they were imprisoned for treason against Krypton, but they traveled to Earth to try and get a new Krypton.

Sidey: Their, their spaceship is spotted, isn't it? In, in orbit. And there's no mistaking. It's definitely the fucking spaceship, the shape of it. And it just so happened that the ship that they sent them off into the phantom zone contained enough tech and supplies for them to retrofit the engine, to enable them to fucking do all this, you know, lights, speed, traveler, whatever it was.

And also some other equipment that allows as the plot continues, the fucking terraforming of planet Earth. So seems like. They could have been a different vehicle. They, they should have chosen to send them off to their fucking punishment. In any case, they appear and in like real classic alien comms thing that we've seen time and time again in movies, they take over every single bandwidth or wavelength or whatever it is.

So every tv, every radio, every phone, everything is broadcasting this message from General Zoar to say we've traveled from fucking ages. , there's one of us hiding amongst you, pretending to be one of you. He's not one of you. We fucking want him back.

Um, Deliver him,

give him to us. He's got, he's got 24 hours or we are gonna start fucking doing some nasty shit.

Dan: and, and they do loads of stuff. And one of the interesting things is, and it's just, it's just one of those fuckers because insurance, everybody's got problems with insurance and everything all the time. But it turns out a lot of the businesses that around didn't have insurance that.

Pay out for and cover an active zo. So that didn't happen.

Sidey: Well, I, I did think about the insurance as we get into the, the battles later on, because there would've been some big

Dan: they be putting no act

Sidey: No, no active.

Dan: covered.

Sidey: um,

So yeah, they've given this ultimatum to turn this person, they don't know who it is. Only like Martha. And Clark know, you know, he knows, obviously.

And, but Lois knows there's someone

Dan: well, he trusts Lois and yeah, as we, as we find out, he's he's reveals himself a little bit more. And he first proves to her, he finds her again, I think,

Sidey: because she's put this story out through this crank guy on the internet. The feds come for her because they know, they think, oh, she must know where he is.

So we need to get her to spill the beans on his location, but she really doesn't know where he's actually gonna be. And so it's up to Clark to say, right, well,

Dan: will he? Yeah.

So I'll, I'll turn myself in or I'll, I'll, I'll sort of let them do it. He, he lets them put like handcuffs on him, which is just like,

Sidey: like tissue paper?

Dan: yeah, he's like tissue paper around him.

Sidey: So he sat, he sat in his interrogation room below and she's asking him some questions and he's telling her what, what? And they, they're sat behind their. , you know, one way

Dan: Yeah. His x-ray vision in his superhero. He is just like,

Sidey: he just stands up, pings the handcuffs off and starts talking to him and he's like, yeah, listen, I'm here because, you know, I allowed it

Dan: basically.

Yeah. And then a, a couple of times I, I think we've had a, a scene where commander or a major or captain is gone. He's all right, he's okay. And he's like, thanks, you know, he's Just there's some bigger big American sweetheart, American kind of love you

Sidey: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Pete does agree to turn himself in. He's, his conscience won't let him, you know, let people suffer on his behalf.

He'll, he'll just face it and, and take the consequences. So he goes and gives himself in, and gets taken on board. Well, Lois goes on ship as well on board, swords ship and straight away he's he's struggling because they've got something that replicates crypto's at. And so he, he's had the benefit of being on earth and because of the different avenue, that's how he's got his superpowers, which we know.

But he doesn't have the same effect when he is in this spaceship. Yeah. So he starts to crumble. It's like Krypton, kryptonite. Yeah.

Dan: it's looking bad for him.

Sidey: But also odds starting to, he's had a few moments where he can, he can see the bones in his hands and stuff. He's getting the x-ray vision and stuff's starting to happen to him as well.

He's becoming a bit super too.

Dan: We have seen Russell Crow pop up once or twice in a kind of

Sidey: yeah, he's in the the fortress of solitude and he can appear wherever they've got the codex he can.

And it's,

Yeah, it's like a hologram, and, and of the memories, but also he can, he can interact with.

Dan: He can talk in real time

Sidey: like a real person basically, but only on board the ship because he, because he does get turned off eventually. Yeah. So fucks him off. on. While, while Clark is on board Zo ship, they're able to extract his blood because what they've, what they've determined is that the CodeDX has been mixed with Clark's DNA and his cells. So within his own cells are, All the

other information Yeah. Of all the other kryp kryptonians that will be born, all their genetic coding is contained now within Clark's own cells, it

Dan: which is, you know, Zod given his his mission for his life and his, his whole thing is to protect. Yeah. Krypton, you can understand why he's going, you know

Sidey: well, he's got no alternative is he?

And he says that, he says that this is my sole purpose is to protect Krypton. And so what they're gonna do is they, they use the syringes. They take summer Clark's blood, and that's the information they need to

Dan: start a new krypton,

Sidey: far up the Genesis Chamber. To start populating Krypton again. And what they're gonna do is use this spacecraft.

And they've been, I think they've traveled to a few outposts and they've actually salvaged some equipment and they're gonna use that. They sent, they split the spacecraft and two basically one goes to, you know, the opposite side of the earth. And it just starts beaming this huge like magnetic pulse sort of thing.

Dunno exactly what it's doing, but it's terraforming. Someone narrates it for us on the, on the film in the, in the control station, the military control thing. And oh my God, they're terrifying. They're terror.

Dan: Thank god

Sidey: seems to pulse the plot. Yeah, it just pulses from one side of the earth to the other and sort of gravitational effects where they're just lifting stuff up and slamming it back down on the ground and we just, Fucking endless carnage or metropolis just basically gets completely leveled and Clark's able to get free, and his mission basically is to fly down and fuck up the other one.

Smash that so that they can at least stop that process. And so he does that. He basically has to s he, he flies under this beam that's coming down. And it is this moment where he, he's able to gather this strength and, and fly up through this beam and just smash this thing into a

Dan: Oh, that's right. He's gotta, he's gotta take a couple of GOs at it, isn't he? Or he is gotta try and zoom up. He's basically gotta fly up into heaven or something and go through this, this kind of light chamber, isn't he to

Sidey: Yeah.

And he just, he does that. He, you know, he, he, he flies straight through it and

Dan: he grimaces while he does it, so, you know, it's not easy.


Sidey: But it does for me become a little bit OneNote at this point because it's just endless destruction.

Dan: there's a lot of breaking and mopping

Sidey: up because it becomes it now becomes just a rage thing of Zos and his cronies on the attack to, to get back as soon.

So if they can't have krypton, then they gonna make sure that they fucking

Dan: with the ship destroyed and that's it.

Krypton, sorry, Krypton is gone. There will be no Krypton. So, well, ZD wants revenge for this. He, he's really,

Sidey: initially, he tried to talk to his manager. He's like, look, this is the, this is the plan.

This is what we do. There's a, there's a really cool scene of Superman standing there and, and all these skulls. And he is slowly getting like, swallowed up by all these skulls as they envelop him and take, and he's like, look, we can, we can make krypton again. You know where you're gonna fucking hang out with these losers, but we can have our own planet back.

Dan: We'll make this into Krypton. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Superman's like, well, I dunno. They've been pretty nice to me.

Dan: and actually I'm half human.

That's what we learn as well, that are through the conversations with with Russell Crow in the hologram and, and also Jonathan. They, they're saying, look, you've been bought up here. You've been raised by humans. You, you kind of, as you've come in, you look like a human. Don't abandon them. And he doesn't, cuz he's.

Sidey: So, yeah, they have, they have loads of fights now. We see the might of the US military just

Dan: well, they all get involved. Yeah.

Sidey: away by all these superheroes. Super villains

Dan: though, aren't they? They keep coming and back down. They never back

Sidey: down. No. They fire their last, you know, little handgun like pop, pop. It's just like bouncing off. Yeah. It's not gonna, it's not do anything. So they all, they, they all die and they've. Various aircraft bit Top Gun Maverick into the try and shoot down these, these fucking Terraform thing.

And they just like, they get sucked into the gravitation thing and crash and burn and they're, they're flying into buildings while there's civilians on the floor and it's, yeah. Yeah. So it's just loads and loads of destruction. And then we, we start getting into the sort of hand to hand fighting with Superman and and Zo.

And this is the difficulty with Superman, is that he's super right. So that's why you have have to have a kryptonite because otherwise, It's pointless. There's nothing at stake. So at this point it is just Superman fighting another Superman, and it's just endless, like throwing through walls.

Dan: neither one can be hurt by throwing him through a wall or whatever,

Sidey: smashing him, you know, a hundred foot through the air and they dragging them through the tarmac and, but getting up in the hairs still immaculate.

And it should be like, oh, come on, let's get, let's get towards the end because I. I did enjoy the film, but

Dan: a couple of hours in now though,


Sidey: It it this bit, if I had a criticism of it, it's this bit. It does go on for quite a long while and it's, it's a fight like we've just said, where no one's really.

Winning or loser. Yeah, it's just, it's, it's dragged out and it's not until there's a scene. The fight's gone off for eighties and ages and it looks like, you know, it's a stalemate in effect. And it's not until Z's like reached his fucking wits end and he is like, look, I'm just gonna fucking take people down.

If I can't have, if he can't have Krypton, then you can't fucking have this. And he, he's about to fucking laser beam a family in this train

Dan: Oh, that's right. With the eyes. And he's, he's gotta kind of break

Sidey: his, and it's right near them. And, and a zoo man just basically puts his knee on his back and just fucking pulls his head back and snaps his neck and, and kills him that way.


Dan: No. Another massive. No. Cuz he's killed the last of his kind.


Sidey: he's the only any Kryptonian left. Yeah, yeah.

Dan: but he had to do it because these, these humans

Sidey: that's how, that's how Siman died in the comics as well. Doomsday, I think, broke his back. He just did a big, like WWF back breaker maneuver on him.

Yeah. Did that to

Dan: I'm Ted d bk, sleep old.

Sidey: Yeah. The million dollar Dream. So yeah, that, that was, that, that

Dan: was,

that you are.

In that, I agree. It was a little bit long in some scenes and in some things, but I must say again, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I, I put off watching this film for sort of 10 plus

Sidey: So did I,

Dan: was so much hype around it. We've still got a massive Superman statue in my work. I go and see every day because he ca you know, he is obviously that.

Give us that as the ambassador. And it was a big scene, a Jersey boy become Superman. I absolutely massive. So I really wanted to love the film when it came out. At the time they did the,

Sidey: the premier was in Jersey.

Yeah. Jersey,

they're all here. Yeah.

Dan: I dunno whether Michael Shannon was here, but Zod, did he

Sidey: become Amy Archer was definitely here.

Dan: Yeah. So that was, that was fantastic.

Sidey: Amy Adams, I should say.

Dan: Yeah. That was fantastic that that would happen. And that would that would, that would come here. I'm so pleased that I didn't watch the film then, and I've waited 10 years for the hype to, to draw down and, and almost, you know, forget about it. And watch it because I think with the hype you won't enjoy it.

But going in is like, it's a Superman movie. It was pretty good. It was pretty good. A little bit long, but pretty good.

Sidey: I enjoyed the first three quarters of it a lot more than the big battle at the end. Right. And I don't really like Zack Snyder movies that

Dan: They're very stylized,

Sidey: very dark and, and, and the DC universe is quite dark,

Dan: We've got like a filter over it all though.

Sidey: but it is just, that fight is just kind of, it's

Dan: dragged it down a

Sidey: just really long. Rigs wanted us to mention the score. It's it's a Han Zimmer and he, I think he did the score for uncle as well. What and it is really good. I

Dan: like that score actually.

Man For Uncle's score was, was really good.

Sidey: yeah. And the, the reception for this though I think people have got the hump because you mentioned, you alluded to it before, Dan.

It is hump.


is very.

Pro-America. Soman. Yeah. I mean, might as well be wearing the stars and bars on him. And so to have someone who wasn't American playing soman, I think put a few people's noses at

Dan: and then, and then going all American on it, you know, I mean, cuz Superman is an American, I guess, even though he is a Kryptonian.

Sidey: Yeah. So, I think that put him on the back foot a little bit reception wise. So it didn't.

It didn't get great.

Dan: many, how many Superman movies.

Henry Kall make, is it two or

Sidey: No, he made this one and then he was in as in a standalone Superman film. This was the only one. Then he was in Batman versus Superman, Dawn of Justice.

Then he was in the, the two versions of the Justice League and then he was in black Adam. I think those are the only ones. A shame. I, I would love to have seen him carry on. I think it would've been really interesting, especially with James Gunn in, in charge, that would've been

Dan: yeah. Different, a different vision.

Sidey: Some of the critical responses to the movie were not very forgiving. Man still's exhilarating. Action spectacle. Can't fully overcome its detours into generic blo blockbuster territory. Someone else,

Dan: Oh, look, I think you can take all these points and I, I know, and it's probably the reason I avoided it for so long, but there's been bigger blockbusters since then and, and with time I think that might have dulled that a little bit. I, I think people will struggle probably with the running time maybe with some of those longer fight scenes towards the end, as, as you pointed out.


if you haven't seen it and you're looking for something to watch on a Friday, Saturday night, and it's pretty easy to watch and you'll know a lot of the story anyway cuz you'll know the, so you can cover it along and it's just somebody else doing it, but they're not doing it bad and I, I enjoyed it.

So, yeah, going, going power up the the Jersey boy.

Sidey: Yeah, I would love to have seen another one where it was Caval, Asif man doing a non fucking origin story that we all know.

Let's see. I would like to have seen something. Yeah, something new. Unfortunately we won't get the chance for that, but looking forward to looking forward to the war hammer stuff though, so we'll see.

Dan: Okay. Been a good caval week. Yeah, it's been all art, my love, as we say in Jersey. Maybe

Sidey: he'll, maybe he'll come on the show.

Who knows? It's

Dan: it's his next step, isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah.