Feb. 9, 2022

Midweek Mention... Alive

Midweek Mention... Alive
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Director Frank Marshall (ARACHNAPHOBIA) brings us the true story of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. The Fairchild FH-227D was carrying a rugby team and various related friends and family when it crashed into the Andes mountains in October 1972. A compelling true survival story with impressive location photography and awe inspiring scenery, time has been cruel on this as it all too often has the feel of a soap opera despite the decent acting talent involved which includes Ethan Hawke, Josh Hamilton and Illeana Douglas.

It's also comforting to know that despite my fear of plane crashes, being suddenly thrust into a survival situation I'm hopelessly ill-equipped for and the notion of freezing or staving to death, all I'd need to do to survive an air disaster is smoke a lot of cigarettes and eat my friends ass. Sounds good.  




Dan it's midweek. You're heading off into the mountains in the not-too-distant future and you've picked something appropriate.

Dan: Well, hope not appropriate. This was alive the 1993 American true stories, survival film of the Uruguayan rugby team that crash landed in the Andes and were forced into all kinds of hardships.

it been a while since I've seen this, but I've heard this story ever since

Reegs: He'd never seen it.

Dan: how'd, you know,

Reegs: I'd seen this not long after it was released. And I remember it being a very different movie to what I saw this time round

Dan: as often the case

Reegs: sort of 20,


Dan: 30 years later. Yeah. So this was a film, as you say, came out with big hit.

I think it was a big anyway. It

Sidey: was bigger than that

Dan: performance. It was massive. It was bigger than that.

Sidey: I have a lot of chat about it at the time and specifically some of the subject matter.

Reegs: Well, the premise is, is

Sidey: they survive.

Reegs: it about? They

you know, everybody knows that some survive

And the ones that survive. Some of that passengers

Dan: to stay alive.

Reegs: alive. I think everybody knows that it's dinner party conversation when you do it, blah, blah.

Dan: Well I say I'd heard this story ever since I was a kid or I remember my dad just, you know, tell, tell us a story telling is a story and he's we got a little bit older. He come up with more adventurous stories and this was one, obviously it just captures your attention.

You're just like, wow. What they had to do that. Could you do. Obviously it makes you ask that question. So straight off the bat, now you've seen the film. Is it something that you think, which side of the fence would you be on it personally

Sidey: What would you do it

Dan: Our RD without, yeah, no problems.

Reegs: Yeah. I did feel a bit weird when I was having a baby whilst I was watching

Sidey: having my dinner and watching it.

I knew quite a lot about it without, you know, the real nitty gritty. I didn't have a clue that Malcovich was in it. Cause it starts off with his

Dan: to be honest, I'd forgotten all about that.

Sidey: It's a little sort of talking head that you start off with him saying. And he, he does that sort of thing where he's quite, it's quite pretentious dialogue, I thought.

And then he said, some people say, but they don't really have a clue. And he's obviously talking about the, the, the key decisions they've got to

Dan: So those monologues were narrated by Malcovich, but he was playing Collis. Perez or payers or something Carlitos players, and one of the survivors. Wrote those for him to

Reegs: Yeah. And he's looking over photos of the team.

and He's talking about members of the team. He reflects very briefly on the accident. He points out one of them dies on

Sidey: him. If you don't know what's about to happen, which

Reegs: he does sure.


I did Check for that. But then we are, you know, it's weird because it bookends the movie with Malcovich Malcovich, Malcovich doing some sort of like Vox pop thing.

Like he actually is the guy, but he's not, he's just acting in a smoky room and then suddenly we're on the.

Dan: That's it, and then you're going over and it's a great shot actually. Going over the Andes the special effects at a time, this would have been

Sidey: sold

Dan: drawer.

Sidey: So there's a lot of chat and you're introduced really quickly to loads of different people on the team.

And the fact is it's that team in that family members? I think a few other randoms maybe, but they've had, they have charted the flight specifically. We go to the cockpit, the captain sort of fucking.

Ignorantly or dessert tea. And then he's given a cocktail, which confused me until I read about it afterwards, because they said like, it was

Reegs: he said, so why have you served it in a coconut? Yeah.

Sidey: And then obviously the turbulence hits and the rugby team, big wine. Cause it had been wine. Cause you know, one of them's did a fake announcement and

Reegs: that he's the first to get killed.

Sidey: but, but but this bit I thought, oh my God, boy. Bollix like, it, it literally looked like a toy airplane being like dangles in the clouds.

And I was like, oh my God, this is fucking shit. And then when it crashes like, oh my God, it's fucking appalling. It just went from being terrible to being really good. I thought when the, when the tail went off and people started getting ripped out of the back, I thought that would be fucking great.

Dan: Well, you just see them, those that are still alive in the front half of the plane and they're just gripping their seats and looking forward, there's not much screaming or anything else going on by all the

Sidey: I think it'd be frozen with terror,

Reegs: it comes out of nowhere, kind of, because there's a bit of turbulence there up in the clouds. the plane is losing altitude and then suddenly it just happens. Like it is quite underwhelming the crash in a way because they just kind of clip the the. edge of the mountain, take the wings and the

Sidey: they would certainly have died if they hadn't just clipped.

Reegs: Yeah, that's true. But yeah, the guy who was like joking around here, he he's the first to go. He sort of fumbles himself into his seat, but then the whole back of the plane goes and they're all being ripped out. So yeah.

Sidey: Then we, then, then it hits and everything flows forward and you get a few crushes.

Someone's head

Dan: Well, they slide down on a plane on a mountain. Like they're skiing down. There is something, it just flies down there. I mean, terrifying.

You don't know where that's going to end where it's going to go. Obviously the snow gets soft

Reegs: that was my wife's idea for how they should have tried to escape. She was, They should've took puck into the plane the whole way down.


Dan: waited out and got it out. Although, having said that they watched a little bit of the documentary after this and where they was, which is a bloody nightmare.

I mean, it was. There wasn't much around that they

Sidey: no shops.

Dan: Although there was a little lodge I read, I couldn't find this this time, but I heard about two kilometers from, or maybe 10 kilometers from where they, they crashed, landed. There was a ski lodge on the, but they

Sidey: if you don't

Dan: know if you don't know, then it's totally gone.

So they find themselves, I think there's around 29 of them.

Reegs: Wanna know this, I've got

the, I have got the numbers in the counts Dan. Just bear with me for one minute there.

Dan: Oh, I'll just get it while you were finding those numbers. I had a joke here about a cannibal. Why?

Don't kind of always like eating clowns tastes funny. Yeah,

a good

Reegs: Yeah. So there was 45 of them on the plane. Six passengers one flight attendant or rejected from the plane gone. the other guy gets pulled out of the tail. So basically we crashed, we stopped and Antonio, the team captain, he sort of galvanizes the efforts to help the injured. And you've got Roberto connoisseur who looks a hell of a lot, like Lionel Matt.

Dan: Yeah,

Reegs: And Gustavo is, have been I'm the guy who plays him the real guy for Roberto can So he had one of those faces. Didn't didn't you think you were like, I know this guy, I know this guy, he's an actor called Josh Hamilton. When I looked at his filmography, it was just like, he'd been in loads of different TV stuff. So,

it's probably where you see him, but yeah, they're both medical students and they're aiding the injured,

Sidey: This wasn't like the national team rugby. It was like a college team

Dan: It was a school

Sidey: just go, yeah, it

Dan: they were,

Sidey: because when I had rugby team, I thought it was like,

Reegs: the Uruguayan

Sidey: like a big, super at night now students. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. I think there were a Stella Maris co college and there were like the old Christine's rugby team because they're all very religious.

I think that's the other point. Pointed out, straight away is

they do loads of them all the time as you would do. I guess if you just been find cell crashed

Sidey: but one of them does it as they're going down. And then when they, when they survive, he's like I saved us. No, he didn't.

Dan: Yeah. Well, it's hilarious. Aren't they? They're crazy. As

Sidey: I thought they went into like mode really quickly.

Dan: Well, I think there was a lot of shock. There was the one guy was. He's just sat on a suitcase, smoking a fag

Reegs: Well that's a Malcovich is character, isn't it.

He that's basically all he does. He kind of sits smoking and selfishly consumes all of the rations one night

since well. But yeah, I think one of the other things that's interesting is that the whole style, the whole way through is kind of weirdly melodramatic not dramatic as the actual events because there are some incredible things here.

If like People having bits of steel, like pulled out of their body. There's a harrowing night, the first night on the mountains. Mrs. Alphonse, Sini, She's in horrible pain and she's she's trapped under the luggage. She's got Luggage and a chair or something That's cut her leg.

Sidey: chairs buckled, and I can't lift it out of the

Reegs: And She's screaming in pain.

They've got nothing to do. And she, they, they can't release her and she dies in the night and they're all screaming at her to shut up. and all this. I mean, it's horrendous, it's an awful, awful, awful scene, but it's all sort of a bit Sacher in a melodramatic, ear. not very well acted, even though the cast has got some good actors in it.

Dan: I didn't feel that to be honest, I didn't, my focus wasn't on the performances so much as the situation and just how awful that would have been, because it's a true story. And I have to pinch yourself every now and again. True story. You know, somebody actually went and did this. They, these young people, they were like 18, 19, 20, 21, lots of them.

And the. The white of the world on their shoulders, the medical students who are, and the captain who felt he needed to bring the team together and show some leadership. It became too much for him all at, at certain stages until I think it was Nando's Ethan Hawke's character who had been knocked out

Reegs: Well he was in a coma.

Favorite part of the movie. So he sort of coming round

and Roberto

kind of.

Goes to see him and he's clacking, his teeth together is horrible. And then he slapped him across the side of the face. As he wakes up, it's like almost mega acting of Nick cage type.

style. I thought.

Dan: And then he kind of does focus and wake up. He asked about his sister, his mother's dog. He knows that quite soon after he's come to his sisters in a terrible shape next to him, eventually she passes. And he knows that's going to happen because he's the most, I dunno realistic maybe or, or matter of fact about everything

Sidey: Well, I'll just eat a pilot

Dan: I'll lead the pilot, they got me into this mess. Half kind of joking, but half not.

Reegs: Oh, by the way, one of the pilots as well has been is, was still horribly alive Yeah.

He sort of crushed in the thing.

Dan: wanted his gun, didn't he? And they said, oh, I don't want any part of that. So we eventually after about, I think two weeks of them not being in, maybe it's around that, they've heard that the. The search for them has been

Sidey: Well those days, first of all, they see if they see a plane and it dips its wings. So they think, oh, that's a signal they've seen us. They get all excited.

saying We're going to be saved.

Oh, there'll be up in the morning because obviously it's wet.

It's nighttime now. Blah, blah, blah.

and they eat all the rashes. They're like, fuck it. Let's just eat all the rations because they're having one square of chocolate. A cup of wine and they have sort of figured out if they get these metal backs of the chairs, they can melt some snow, make worse, they got water, but they got no nourishment.

Absolutely. Fuck it. We're getting ready to we'll eat all that. So they can really over the top excited about that, which I suppose you would. But it has it transpires that they're not going to be, they haven't been spoiled and they're not going to be rescued, but they do discover radio,

which they're able to fast fashion and sort of crude aerial.

And they can pick up the news about the search efforts and then they discover

Reegs: they can't broadcast because they need the batteries. from the back of the plane,

Sidey: But this is just like a personal sort of little shitty transistor radio. And then they hear on the news that the search has been called off because it's been fucking ages and they're bound to be

Dan: and how, how.

Devastating that news must have been thinking. Look, there's 20 of is still alive in if they hadn't given up the search, if they had have been able to get a signal to them, so many more lives may have been saved.

Sidey: Yeah. And then when, when your luck is out, your luck is really out because less than avalanche I think it was in the middle of the night,

Dan: yeah, so they're, they're all in huddled in the, in the carcass of the crashed plane to keep us warm as they can.

They've pulled all the clothes, they filled up the holes with baggage and everything. And then you hear this thunder and this kind of rumbling coming down and, oh, I mean, it's just off the mountain. It's devastating. It's like a tidal wave. It's just

Reegs: well, eight of them are buried and killed by the snow. So it's no laughing man.

Dan: And I think, I think 15 or 16 of them is saved thanks to two or three of them who were instant in getting out and scooping them out of the, and then that chain reaction of people being freed, helping other people.

But some of them just died nearly Nando as well. Who. Is passed on his sisters passed away now. And and this is kind of the final straw for him being told to wait by the others for better weather. The sun is coming and things, he wants to walk out these mountains

Sidey: Yeah. And we know he's going to survive because he's going to set up a spicy chicken restaurant franchise.

So that's a bit of a spoiler alert, but they. I have this four of them golf and a bit of a exploratory expedition up the mountain. See if they can find stuff cause they're not going to be rescued. So they need to find some way again, out here

Reegs: But before They do that. That's when they decide to eat, isn't it because

Sidey: when they,

Reegs: it's when they come back,

is it okay?

Sidey: because one of them, you know, and you're, you're thinking ravine, you know, something bad is going to happen.

And one of them just takes a step too far and is nearly gone.

Dan: Oh, that was

Sidey: I was on the edge of my seat for that. It was

Dan: I mean, just collapsed under him, everything he was walking on Jay's collapsed and he, they, they dived on him and just grabbed his arms to, to, to save him.

It was, yeah.

Sidey: And then they toboggan, which looked great fun, but pretty reckless given what's just happened.

But anyway, they they come back and then, so they kind of now feeling like, well, we can't leave the site because it's too fucking dangerous and we don't know where we're going and anything could happen. We stay here. We're just waiting until we die. So they're in a, kind of a rock in between a rock and a hard

Dan: Yeah. They have to make that decision and they go in and say, well, this is the decision. Doesn't a

Sidey: And in the film, I don't know, you may have felt differently, but I thought they just went really quickly until I've been, yeah, let's just do it.

Dan: Well, you know, after 20 odd days, they would have all thought of it at some point.

I'm sure they would've.

Reegs: but he Just

And goes

out because the bodies are really close to where

the plane is And I assume that's quite

Dan: just exhausting though. Isn't it? I guess, to move it, they've had no food. They're out chewed as well. You've got to think, you know, once you get an over three, 4,000 meters, then the air is just got thinner and there'll be, there were, you know, right up there in the bitter cold, totally unprepared

Reegs: but it starts with them like just, he gets a knife and just slices off a bit of this guy's ass

basically. And like it's sort of thin hammy type, and it like yeah. Or what's the.


Sidey: yeah, yeah.

Reegs: Bill Tony jerky, but then it does progress a little bit. Doesn't it? That they've got like chunks of shit and a Barbie and like, one of them's like

Dan: it out afterwards. Aren't they? They're, they're putting it on. And well, one guy gets angry. I think he gets the cold shoulder.

No, th there's there's, there's obviously some different. Decisions, some people refuse.

Reegs: Antonio offers himself up. He

Dan: and they make this pact and then they talk about afterwards and in the documentary.

Reegs: Eat my

Dan: and in the yeah, and in the, the different interviews afterwards, they say, well, look at it.

Now people leave their organs after they've died that others might live, you know, that you donate your organs. That's all we kind of felt that we were doing then that our soul had gone. And.

Sidey: but they do say that the movie.

That's gone now they're in heaven or whatever. This is just the caucus. There's just

Dan: caucus. So first of all, it's not the person and it can keep us alive. And those were even really fighting against it had come into the pack. Then most of them, I think those that didn't eat died because you were 70 days. Which is what it was. I think it was over 70 days. They were alone in the mountain. Had no chance. So if you weren't going to eat something, you are going to die and that something was


Reegs: that

is what happens to the

on the plane.

I forget how they were there, but because she, after the avalanche, she's like, oh, we should have a baby. And he's like, Hmm. And then

he decides not to eat.

But anyway, yeah, I mean, they, they.

sort of Get stuck into the long pig. I think they call it donee. Isn't that? What cannibals call human flesh. long pig.

Sidey: Okay

Reegs: So they have a bit of a barbecue and all that.

And then Nando and Bowlby decide they're going to walk out.

Dan: Yeah, well, there's, there's an Tintin as well.

So there's three of them that, that decide that they're going to do it. But as they get over one mountain, they go over another mountain and they look at the vast. You know, Andy's and realize,

Reegs: it must've been heartbreak.

Like that view is just, it's beautiful, but it's desolate.


Dan: it's true. It's just mountain after mountain and they couldn't see anything, but he's determined said, look, in between these mountains somewhere, there's going to be a green valley.

There's going to be something. They take Tintin's ration, send him back and say, this is going to be a two man job men. You are stronger. You actually tricks the guy to get up there in the first place. Doesn't he? Because he doesn't want to go. He says, you've got to go up. It's beautiful. Come and see it. And he gets up there and he goes, no, look, we've, we've got to keep on going, but it's me and you now we've got to do this.

And I just think that

The human spirit to, to have gone through that and know how much is riding on this? Like the lives of all those people behind that you've left. And the, the families, you know, the mystery there's the, the families had never given up hope. You know, there was lots of them that really still believed that they were alive, but even after two months not heard from him, their plane is crashed in the Andes. You've got to have incredible faith to still believe. And,

Reegs: yeah Well, that's a good point because actually we never see the whole movie takes place on the mountain. Pretty much other than the plane at

the beginning,

Dan: a lot, lots of might've taken that.

Reegs: There's no scenes of relatives. or.

Dan: to go back into normality and come back out.

You you're there on the mountain with him the whole time. Yeah, it's an incredible story. It's always one that.

You know, got cut deep with me just in the, in the fact that I've known this story for so long and I've read the book and it was just such a fantastic survival story. And the fact that you've got such no like primary sources.

The survival story, you know, in our lifetime, they're still alive. One of the guys now he's one of the senior cardiac surgeons in Chile or you're a grocery and you think, wow, you know, all the, all the lives here had gone on and saved.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. I, well, I don't think they would do it like this, a schmaltzy drama anymore. I think they would just use the real stories of real people.

If they re you know, did this story again.

Dan: Yeah. Potentially Ethan Hawke might not be called into action. But he does make it over the mountain and as they come down, you just see it starts. Yeah,

Reegs: It starts filtering out.

Dan: out

Reegs: and then there is some green and then they see a lake. don't They So,

Dan: Yeah. A light. They get some water, they keep on going. And eventually there's a a farmer over the other side that a river, which they managed to get a message to. And he looks at that message and just can't believe it. You froze back some bread and things.

And And then eventually,

Reegs: Well, the next time you see him

Ethan, Hawke's helicoptering up the mountain waving like a fucking

that can't have been what happened? Yeah, the little red shoe. And he's like waving. Hi guys. I'm back.

Dan: No, I'm not sure how much has been taken on for Hollywood there just to make it. Yeah, it sounds to me a little bit, but I don't know this wasn't a perfect film.

You know, it was, I think. It's probably suffered a little bit from, from being dated with some of the effects and things. Now, although at the time

Sidey: Well I think, I think the nineties more than any other time suffers from films, aging really badly. I don't know what it is about it. Technology, not quite good enough, but it's still being used.

Reegs: Everything looks a bit like TB. And the, and this is weird because you've still got the nineties aesthetic, but it's the nineties pretending to be the seventies.

Cause this is supposed to be taking place in 1972. But what you forget about the nineties? Is it's actually quite a lot more? What you think about the late eighties? So it's a late eighties, nineties version of 1900.

Sidey: you are right though. It isn't perfect. Ethan Hawke refuse to grow his beard out throughout the field. So he has a perfect, like go-to.

Dan: And

they, they also had to, to not eat for two days. I heard the cast

Sidey: two whole days,

Dan: two whole days, I thought, oh, there you go. That's method. But to give him a. A small taste, I guess, of, of how, how food doesn't taste.

Reegs: I think the writing is, is bad and it's stiff and it's contrived and it's.

kind of,

There's a vague plot of about Christy and Christianity and being saved, but it's never really explored in any particularly

interesting way.

Dan: Don't really get into the characters too much. It's just on the

Sidey: difficult. And.

Like completely different film, but I had the same issue with it when the cost is massive, you can, it's hard to sort of hook into one or have anyone that you really root for all of them because they're decent people and they're in a shitty situation, but it's just a bit vague, you know, at the same problem with the town or is it just too many people on the screen and you don't really know what the fuck's going on or you just, like you say, it's just hard to form any sort of connection.

Dan: I put it off because I wasn't in the mood to watch it the night before, and then I'll watch it Saturday night. And as soon as I watched the first five minutes, I was just hooked in now, which is really into it. You have that Malcovich thing you have to play in the action that down is happening within this first 10, 15 minutes.

You were in this survival disaster movie. You've got all these critical decisions. Do we stay with a plane? Do we go? What's going to happen. You've got all these extra disasters.

You know, people dying left, right. And center broken legs. The guys were the two broken legs that were there. I am. What, what did he say his name was?

I am Alberto KRS and I will return. And he was just. At two broken legs, it was gangrene. It was horrible. And he was saying, no, so out those guys over there, they're in worse shape than me. I'll be away. And it was one of those guys that just kept on smiling all the way through the bravery. Those boys shown.

I just, it blows my mind.

Sidey: Do you know the, the airplane.

Dan: I, I probably don't.

Sidey: was a fair child, FH play to seven. Obviously

it doesn't have the greatest safety record of aircraft out there. 23 of the 78 pair, Chas crashed with a total of 393

Dan: 23

Sidey: 78 of

Dan: not a great code for an airplane. Is it?

Sidey: it's terrible.

Dan: what happened here was pilot error. They'd flown.

Sidey: Yeah. They find the navigation,

Dan: They fought their navigation. These guys had done the flights about 20 odd times

Sidey: And the date was,

Dan: It

Sidey: Friday, the 13th

Dan: the 13th, October,

Sidey: I was born on Friday, 13th of October. So it's not all bad.

Dan: not

Sidey: All bad.

Dan: Yeah, it was, they actually, so they were heading to pay a rugby game, which in 2012 they finally played no, didn't get anything about that.

Apparently that wasn't the most important thing, but they Yeah, they did go on and say, and he said, and one guy, Pedro, Al Gorta now 61 years old said, it was about, at this time we were falling in the Andes today. We're here to win a game. So they certainly want it to win it anyway.

Sidey: in 2005,

someone was hiking in that area and found a wallet of one of the survivors.

he also found a roll of films and cash identity, vapors, and a jacket that they'd been buried there for 32 years. Just a few meters from where the crash site was. The, the owner Eduardo strach said that it just brought all the hiring memories back in his bed, obviously traumatized by it.

Reegs: But

Sidey: Oh, if you find something of that course, you're going to like send it back to someone. I mean so that was pretty cool. I mean, the chances of finding stuff like

Dan: Yeah. Well, there is now a Mo Memorial in, in place, in and around the area where they were. I imagine you can track out there at certain times of the year and they would have.

You know, organized trips to go and see it because it's such a, a world story.

I mean, I had no social media in anything then what's that we should check it out. Oh, sure. Why not? Just on the way to one of our world records we could were wearing the the maximum of 32 hats be perfect. Yeah, I, I, I really liked this film still overall. It wasn't the The blockbuster and hit that.

Sidey: Well, do you want to know, do you want to know some actual details about that? Because the budget for it was 32 million us.

Dan: made money.

Reegs: Yeah. It must've made loads of

Dan: the stories too good for it. Not to have made money

Sidey: 36.7.

Dan: So did my money,

Sidey: when he probably had in some marketing into that, I don't know they would have made that much

Reegs: this really permeated culture. though. Isn't it. It's everybody. If you haven't seen the movie, you still know this story.

Sidey: I was

Dan: all over. Yeah. All over the world. This story would have been and the reaction of people when they got back as well over the world, it was a little bit mixed, you know, that that was in Uruguay. That they'd almost. Closed ranks and really it to get the story of the survivors before they published anything.

And it wasn't even in Uruguay at a time, you might have had you know, the government saying, you could write this. You can't like that, but they hadn't put any restrictions on this. It wasn't that bad at the time, but they themselves had just said, let's wait until these guys got back. And the families obviously needed to know who, who was there.

They tried to eat as little as possible. Although they're all in pretty good shape when they got in. So, you know, the protein they'd been talking in, it kept them alive. And you know, I think a lot, I think you have possibly, but a lot of the families as well, who looked on these kids who made it possibly having eaten their own children to, to stay alive.

They didn't look. As

Reegs: wait who was eating their own children.

Dan: Well

Sidey: families,

Dan: families, children, they're looking at the kids that had made it

Reegs: Yeah. Oh, I see. Yes. Yeah, yeah.

Sidey: I would've liked to have known a little bit and it probably, this information is out there and I just haven't seen it, but of the aftermath of survivors and what they went through, rehabilitating

Reegs: well, that's why I think the

Sidey: coming to terms with

Reegs: a book about it or something would be much more interesting.

Cause I thought this was apart from the location photography and the special effects bin. Okay. I thought the score was pretty schmaltzy and rubbish and the acting only. Okay. And it's quite a talented. cast. And you know, I don't know, director, Frank Marshall, he's Mr. Kathleen Kennedy, she's the president of Amber. and taming, which he co-founded with Marshall and Steven

Sidey: credits

Reegs: and he was the second unit director on the Indiana Jones movies, one, two and three.

And his filmography is a director in his own. Right. Is an interesting one. He did arachnophobia Congo. And then he did eight below starring the late Paul. And I only have seen the poster for this movie and it is basically Paul Walker and some Huskies in the snow. And So I can only assume he be made, alive, but this time Paul Walker eats a Husky sledding that's Cause that's, as far as my research went,

Sidey: I think I'm probably a human for a dog.

Reegs: you think If that was on the menu I think,

Dan: It falls recommending this film. I paid for it on Amazon. I wouldn't recommend that you do that unless you really, really want to see it. But certainly if it comes out on one of the streaming channels, you're already paying for check it out. I had a really enjoyable

Sidey: well, I hadn't seen, I hadn't seen it, but I did know the story and I was still, I still enjoyed it and still got a kick out of it.

So I would say, yeah, if you haven't, if you're not seen it yet, give it a well.