Sept. 7, 2022

Midweek Mention... Back to the Future III

Midweek Mention... Back to the Future III
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BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III picks up immediately after the cliff-hanger ending of the second movie, with Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) receiving a letter from a stranded but happy Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), after a freak burst of lightning struck the DeLorean. Discovering that Doc was killed a week after writing the letter, Marty travels back to The Old West in 1885 to rescue his eccentric friend...
For such a beloved franchise, the BACK TO THE FUTURE series has always carried some ideas that are a little strange; a teenager that’s best friends with a reclusive 60-something year old local oddball seems a slightly odd choice of protagonist in the cold light of day as does Marty's plan in the original movie to pretend to try to rape his own mother in order to help George win Lorraine's affection whilst the existential dread of Marty coming back to a new house and truck and meeting fresh versions of his family, inferring a life that he didn't live all the while carrying memories of a life that no longer exists is never directly addressed to my knowledge.
After the high concept, great execution smash hit success of the first movie and the haywire craziness of PART II, the third film in the BTTF franchise suffers by feeling a little bit too small in comparison. Reversing the chemistry of the two leads, where Doc finds himself acting on his emotions when falling in love with Clara (Mary Steenburgen) whilst Marty has to stay calm and rational, is a charming way to round out the series and show how our characters have grown but overall the Old West setting is a bit uninteresting and a series known for zest and invention kind of fizzles out a little. Don't expect all the Dads to agree on that take, or do, it’s not up to me but do expect some discussion of the persistent and recurring incest themes, hot and confusing though they are.


Back to the Future III

Reegs: Sidy. Hello? It's a little bit of themed content this week.

Sidey: is we're do we wanna go into why? Because no one listening will care.

Reegs: Or should we save that for the,

Sidey: yeah, we'll save it for after, but what we're doing is we are going into the third film of a trilogy and it's back to the future three.

Strong train content in this movie.

Howie: Ah, I wondered why,

Reegs: I don't think we've done. There's iconic franchises back to the future. I,

Sidey: I don't think we have

Reegs: biggest ones that we've done and I doubt we've got anything interesting to add to the discussion on it.

Sidey: Well, it's Meg's favorite Western. Yeah. So there's that?

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Should we let's just go, this let's get into it. Let's just launch straight in. It starts off.

Scene that's in all three of the movies, which is the, the disappearing DeLorean. And then Marty comes back from the future. And needs to

Reegs: there's a jut doc.

Sidey: Yes. He's.

Reegs: like, yes, I've done it.

You know? And it's, and then suddenly he hasn't done. Imagine the crushing

Sidey: Yeah, he, he falls I think he's unconscious. Isn't he? And Marty has to get him back to his, his place. Quite a nice

Howie: in 1950. This

Sidey: is 1955. Yeah.

Howie: That's it. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. He's got quite a nice pile of bricks as it happens, doc. Yeah. Um And then when he wakes up in the morning, he's still thinking that he's done it, that the job is accomplished, but then he sees Marty and he , he screams and recoils and lands on a, like an organ. And it does the well, well, he he's looking at which I quite liked.

And so the process in motion that Marty.

Reegs: He's back from the future

Sidey: and has a letter explaining that doc when he was in the DeLorean was hit by lightning and sent back to 1885.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: But not to come and get him. He's fine. He's living the dream in the wild west. He's now blacksmith

Reegs: he's left the DeLorean for him in an abandoned mine that he, so Marty can using this version of doc can get back to the future.

Don't come and rescue him. Everything will be fine.

Sidey: Yes, exactly. And that's what happens.

Reegs: Yeah, the end.

Sidey: Although he doesn't, it doesn't do that. Marty does of course end up going back because they find when they go to get the DeLorean, the dog Copernicus, this time, it's not Einstein, it's Copernicus he's whimpering and making noises by a headstone over, over a grave.

And it has doc Emmett brown short over the matter of $80 by Beauford tannin.

Reegs: Yeah, just a week rag dog. Just a week after.

Sidey: Yeah. So ticking clock seven days from whatever day he was sent back.

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Sidey: yeah, that's right. Isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. So decided he is gonna go back and then I get in all sorts of like, you know, with the time travel plot, I'm like, but it doesn't matter if he dies because now there's a, that's a different dock.

This stock is here.

So you don't like, you want, you could save him, but it makes literally no difference.

Reegs: plot holes in back to the future are like, almost as interesting as the movie itself.

Sidey: Yeah.

Howie: There's a lot of people spending a lot of time doing a lot of diagrams on YouTube explaining the time lines.

Sidey: Yeah, you could, you could draw diagrams and flow charts and Venn diagrams and all sorts of stuff, but it's just fun. It's just good fun. So let's not bother, let's not get bogged down too much in that.

So he dresses up in a kind of pink, slightly

Howie: yeah Sort of cowboy outfit that a no whale or means or measure of any timeline would be an appropriate cowboy outfit. I felt at that moment, not even in the fifties, would they associate quite so garish colors with cowboy outfits? So I was a bit,

Sidey: it wasn't entirely clear to me where he'd got it from.

Reegs: No

Howie: doc's covered. Doc's got a secret dress up cupboard.

Sidey: It was like fancy dress, like a child's I suppose he's quite small. Maybe it was a child's outfit. But yes, he goes back and they, they he's pointing at a, it's like a drive movie theater and there's a,

Howie: mosaic


Sidey: yeah, just a mural of. Engines running towards him.

And when he does go back and hits the magic 88 miles, now that becomes a reality. And he's being chased by, well, not chased, he's running head

Reegs: head first.

Howie: Now, when I watched that, all I kept thinking was, I wonder what the native Americans


of seeing this thing appear

Yeah, but they just kind of run through him. And obviously he does a J turn, gets hell out there, then parks up in a, another, luckily

Sidey: it's the cave. He's supposed to find this cave.

Howie: and the Indians just carry on going.

Reegs: yeah.

Howie: that's sort of like looking around going, do

Reegs: they had other

Sidey: Well, they're actually being pursued by the cavalry.

He sort of pokes his head out the cave and then he says, shit, the gallery has to hide again. And then he gets chased by bear, which is living in the cave

Reegs: Yeah and he rolls

down the hill, doesn't

Sidey: Yeah. Then he gets

Reegs: himself unconscious. And

Sidey: another kind of thing that we keep seeing in these movies is he's found by his own family.

Yeah. From the past.

Reegs: Yeah. No, this is a weird one because Leah Thompson plays his great, great

Sidey: grandmother.

Reegs: but is she like supposed to be a cousin or related? Did they marry from within the same family? Because why is she also his mother and yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. Well, it, I think they had originally written this to be crisp Glover again.

Yeah. But he wasn't available or I dunno, he fucked up the negoti. I dunno what happened, but he,

Howie: end there, there seems to be bad blood with him in the franchise.

Reegs: I wish it was something I've read about it. Loads of times. Yeah. That's we are pretty badly informed.

Sidey: Yeah. So they, they have to take him in and look after him because he's got a head injury and they look after him and they're like, where's your horse?

And why aren't you wearing a hat, all

Reegs: You get these scenes that are set up and you sort of take it for granted. Now, when you see an actor in the frame at the same, you know, twice, and he's like passing something to himself, but at the time this was like, Technically a bit of a Marvel, you know, they hadn't been ZME was experimenting with new technology to do this kind of thing.

So some of the more mundane bits where it's just Marty McFly with the, and his great grandfather with the worst Irish accent you've ever heard.

Howie: Oh, for sure. For sure.

Sidey: Is

Reegs: just mundane conversation, but it's this huge technical, you know, achievement.

Sidey: Yeah. It's cool. I can't remember exactly what they do. He he's just asking him. And he is, he's taken on the Monik of Clint Eastwood.

Howie: Well he reveals I think doesn't he go to a bar?

Sidey: Well, he goes in he's. He is looking for he's looking for the dock. So he, he goes into town and yeah, he does go into the saloon.

I thought the town looks fucking great. He looks really.

Reegs: no authentic. Well,

Sidey: Well, the saloon you're kidding. Not, not, not on the way in cuz that does look like a, a set, but I thought the saloon and stuff looked, looked really good. It did remind me of all westerns.

Reegs: Yeah, this, I dunno, the town is sometimes looks pretty ropy like a

Sidey: but I think they would've done.

Reegs: Yeah, maybe. Yeah.

Howie: And also whenever I watch those saloon scenes, I. Grimes when the barman just serves those straight

Reegs: SA

Howie: yes. And people just go, well, not I've just drank petrol.

Reegs: You ever had a SAS before? No, no.

Howie: No. I also like the idea of the platoon bucket, which

Reegs: yeah, we should get one in the man

Howie: Yeah. But people would piss in it


Reegs: Yeah. So he's at the bar.

Yeah. What's, he's looking for, for doc. And is this where he gets into his first confrontation with

Sidey: Yeah there's some sort of amusing touring and frying with the barman and all the guys in there. They're all veterans of millions of westerns there.

So they're all giving it an air of authenticity, but he says to the bar could have some iced water and they all fall about laughing. It's like, no, in here we pour whiskey. Pours him a shot. And it's like smoking up the bar when it hits the bar, you know, it's that, it's that toxic then mad dog comes in and he knows his nickname's mad dog.

Cuz they've looked up some old history books and seen he's called mad dog. Cause he had a short temper and he Dred all the time. And he says he's mad dog comes in and says where's the fucking blacksmith. You know? He, my horse threw a shear, blah, blah, blah.

Reegs: Oh yeah. Well he was drunken in charge of a horse. Wasn't he? Basically, I didn't, that might have even been a thing back in those days. I dunno.

Sidey: And so Marty doesn't use his in, in a monologue. He just blurts out, oh, you are mad dog Tannon and he's like, I hate that name. And does the, the shoots and, you know, at his feet makes him dance

Reegs: Wait, he does the moonwalk,

Sidey: the really cringe he's he sort of humming Billy Jean to himself, isn't And then he jumps in the air and launches the spittoon that. Mad dog.

Reegs: Yeah. I've forgotten how broad the comedy was in some of this part.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: But

yeah, there's this bit he's covered in the horrible, like tobacco spit and all that. Yeah.

Sidey: fairly grim. Yeah. So he chases him mad dog, chase him, and he does the lasso. So he's on horseback and Marty is on foot and he lassos him and it was Thomas F. Wilson who actually did do that. He did for real, which I think is pretty cool.

Reegs: And also Michael J. Fox was like nearly hideously hung in

Sidey: He was, he went unconscious.

Yeah. They had to had to, I dunno if they had to revive him, but I suppose they would've D if he was

Reegs: no, I heard there was something like that.

Sidey: Yeah. He, he definitely was unconscious from the hanging scene. Yeah.

Reegs: So that's always nice to watch that

Sidey: good health and safety thing being followed on set.

But then doc appears because they, they do Lynch him. They, they put the new, surround his neck and it's the old.

Clock tower thing. That's again,

Reegs: hill valley whatever thing

Sidey: They hoist him up and doc shoots him down Al good, the bad and the ugly Clint with the rifle shoots the. And then they all go on their way, not before having this dispute about the shoe.

And then that, that's the reason you're gonna be fucking killed in seven days. But he's like, well, who is this Clara? This buried by his beloved Clara. Yeah. And this for me is where the trilogy just fucking takes a huge, no

Reegs: for

Sidey: Because he's, I dunno, Clara, I've never met anyone called Clara. This is like a nonsense. And he's like, Mike's like, we just need to meet someone, you know, that's all it takes to meet that right. Person. You fall in love and you're like, oh, fuck off. And then short, literally, as they're saying that there's a knock at the door.

Yeah. And it's the, the sheriff or the town fucking some dig tree. Yeah. And he said, I remember last week, when you agreed to show the. School teacher around and all that while she's here. Miss Clara, blah fucking, here we go. Yeah. So that's it. That's the meeting.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, it's hard not to disagree with your

Howie: assessment

Reegs: a little bit.

Howie: and then they have like a, is this the, see, I get lost for this part, but is there like a dance an

Sidey: No. Well, first of all, there's when she arrives, she's on horseback and she loses control and

Reegs: does she gets the horses get spun out by snakes? Don't

Sidey: Yeah. She's gonna go over the cliff,

Howie: which is, oh

Sidey: which is Clara's ravine or some shit

Reegs: Clayton ravine. That's

Sidey: And, and doc saves there. So he is already fucked something up in the timeline. So the space, time continuums in, in jeopardy.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: And.

Their relationship sort of grows and she's like, oh, there's this town dance. And or maybe I'll see you at

Reegs: She takes, she comes over, she manufactures an excuse to see him by bringing a binocular thing, a telescope over and they talk about Jules ver and all that, but she is instantly really quite slutty with him. Yeah. She's and she's about 35 years younger than him as well. Mary St. Steven, Steven,

Sidey: St. Bergen in this then? Yeah,

Reegs: actually, I'm being facetious, but I do like her. I should get her name. Right. That's really awful. Mary I've got it here. Mary steam Bergen. Yeah. And she was only 34, Mary. Yeah. When she

Howie: how old is he

Sidey: 78. I

Reegs: I dunno. He's probably not as old as he looks, but he's gotta be in this fifties.

Sidey: Yeah. Okay. With that.

Reegs: It's probably not that bad. Is it? Anyway,

Howie: he just, he just looks, he's a tough paper and talk. He's a

Sidey: he's a mad Fessor

Reegs: So, yeah, they're instantly completely smitten. And then they go to the dance and that's where Strickland, who is also a direct descendant of the Strickland, who is in

Sidey: very incest. Yeah.

Reegs: It's big incest themes in back to the future. Like every movie has some

Sidey: not the first one because she wasn't his mum, as we clearly know.

Reegs: But Marty's whole plan in that is to fake rape his mom. that is the climax of back to the future. Is he? That's his plan to his dad. I'm gonna fake rape my mom.

Howie: Quote

Reegs: it's but it is it's, you know, it's one of the weird aspects of back to the future.


Sidey: Yeah, the town

Reegs: go to the dance, he, he won't

Sidey: the head teacher, et cetera.

Reegs: He won't let Beauford in with his gun,

Sidey: check, check your irons.

Yeah. About that.

Reegs: And then this is where the Marty discovers the, the Frisbee.

Howie: Oh, that he throws the hat

Reegs: mm-hmm

Sidey: Yeah. So,

Reegs: pie pie

Sidey: so T's had to give in his rifle, his knife, but he's got some stubby little gun hidden under his hat that he's gonna use to put in the, the docks back and, and shoot him which might have saves the day with the Frisbee.

And he launched it and you get the cool scene of him, you know, the shot, just knocking his hat off and all that and him getting launched, but he challenges him then. And he says, right, you've fucking done that. We're gonna have a jewel.

And he can't back out of it cuz he gets called a coward or he's scared

Howie: Yeah. A yell

Sidey: never back out of anything when he gets called a shit by.

And so, so that's, that's that set up all the while they're trying to figure out how we can.

Reegs: Yeah. What is that? It's so bad to be called a coward and he's like, that's

Sidey: just ego and you know, whatever. I dunno, short man syndrome, I guess. Cuz he's tiny,

Reegs: he is


Sidey: but otherwise they've got the beautiful thing going on.

You've also got the, how do we get.

DeLorean backup because it's, naer the fuel line's gone. There's nowhere they could power it in this day and age. So they, the plan is to push it with a locomotive

Reegs: and which they show you with a great model that they've just rigged up. Brilliant. I'd love to have played with that. Didn't you

Sidey: think?


Howie: it was slightly over the top for just

Reegs: Yeah just for

Howie: I

am gonna spend

Reegs: six months.

Howie: but he's only been there a week.


Yeah. He's been there a week and he has made a full scale model to the detail of that area. Yeah. Somewhat says priorities are wrong. It's

Reegs: doesn't it? Yeah.

Sidey: So the plan is to essentially do an armed robbery and hijack the. Use that to shunt the DeLorean along the tracks and get it up to the magical speed. And then away they go, which is,

Howie: is, is it 72,

Reegs: 88,

Howie: 88? What I think 72. I don't know.

Reegs: And they've got some like explosive chargey things. Does

Sidey: Some fireworks this point, basically they they'll need the, this, the coal itself won't be enough to get it up to speed. So they have some

Reegs: like nitrous


Sidey: fireworks that are nice and colorful that are color coded towards going faster.

Reegs: And there's a point of no return as well, which is the windmill.

Sidey: Literally says point of no return and my points it and goes what's this need

Howie: go. No, go like

Sidey: a professor to explain that one to him.

Reegs: Yeah. So it's set then that's what they're gonna do. And he is, is this where doc is now convinced to bin off

Howie: cloud? Yeah, he

Sidey: he's. Mike basically bumps into him in the, the high street where he's doing the walk of shame. Basically there's obviously likes at least finger her, maybe had a blowy.

I don't know.

Reegs: They don't make that bit.

Sidey: It's not clear. It's not clear if it was full sex or just like third base or whatever it was. Anyway, he's clearly pursued with her and, and the feeling is mutual. And so the risk is now. doc's gonna fuck the whole thing off. Yeah. And be completely chicks before mates.

Reegs: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: should have been bros before hose.

So that's, that's the, the, the push and pull of the, the situation.

Reegs: Mm-hmm it is the ultimate chicks for four

Sidey: mates.

Yeah. And might

Reegs: does actually beat him off doesn't he's like, I'm gonna

Sidey: Mike convinced him and said, no, you've gotta fucking, you've gotta come with me.

He, because he does say no, I'm, I'm gonna stay I'm in love. And I fucking told you to leave me here anyway. Yeah. And Mike's like, no, you're gonna, like, your whole ethos is you can't like, fuck up the space time. Continue. You've gotta come back. He's like, yeah, you're right. You're absolutely right. So he kicks him into touch as it's fucking simple as that, he just like, it fucking blows to the wherever way, the winds blend.

And he's just like, yeah, I love her. I'm gonna dump. I'm staying. I'm coming with

Reegs: tell her the truth though.

Sidey: Yeah. She doesn't buy, it's hard to believe

Reegs: like you are she, you know, she doesn't conclude that he's having a psychotic breakdown. She says that she thinks he's just bidding him off.

Sidey: She thinks he's lying and said, at least you could do is say you don't love me.

So yeah. Stuff. Yeah. It's bad. So you is like in a kind of catatonic state really? Isn't

Reegs: Yeah, because they both really love Jules Fe


Sidey: it's hard not

Reegs: really got that between them and stars.

Howie: And he just, you have one drink?

Sidey: No, he hasn't had a drink. They, you think that he's like in a coma because he's drunk and the mom says, no, he hasn't, he hasn't had a drink.

He's just been stood like that for hours. So he's, he's in a state. Marty comes in and says, no, we gotta go. Cause I'm about to get shot. And there's been all these things about people taking bets on who's gonna die at the shoot out. And the, the, the undertakers there measuring for inverse Sue and a guy's from Smith, we, or col yeah.

Is giving him a gun, but if you lose, I'm taking it back and there's all this stuff going on. So it's like, doc, we've gotta fucking go. Yeah. So like, okay, let's go. And he just slings the, the shot

Reegs: the wake up juice.

Sidey: he's gone. He's he's on the floor. So then they've gotta concoct this nasty. Wake up juice. God knows what's in it. They pour it down his throat anyway, you know, he Springs to life eventually and they get on the train. Really? For me,

Reegs: Hang on. Have we not? We've missed a

Sidey: Well yeah, I suppose there is that

Howie: that's the that's the Clint's would rip off bit. Isn't it with the fire,

Sidey: Fist full of dollars.

Yeah. He's got the

Reegs: the boiler thing,

Sidey: play under his poncho. Yeah. So direct, like

Reegs: how does that play out though? Does he.

Sidey: No. He

Reegs: Buford's gotta be alive long enough to, to have a

Sidey: him.

Howie: so he, he Michael J. Fox drops his gun and says, let's settle this like men. Yeah. And B Turner mad dog, whatever his bloody name is goes. No, and just shoots him.

Yeah. And starts giving it the, yeah, I've done it. Blah, blah, walks towards him. And Fox is just laying there emotionless. And then as he gets a bit closer, Fox boots, the gun out of his

Reegs: hands.

Howie: and then smashes him around the


Sidey: he punches him

Howie: punches him first. Oh. And then

Sidey: He smashes his hand on the thing and then he pulls it out and wax him around the face, which would kill him, which categorically kill

Howie: That would've absolutely killed him. But then obviously after

Sidey: into the shit

Howie: yeah. And goes, I hate manure.

Sidey: Yeah. And he gets, he gets arrested and taken away with this, with this gang. That's right. And then again, then we go over to the. And for me, the franchise is like fucking hanging on by a thread here. And it's this long drawn out thing of can, the, the fucking Delore and get up to the speed and they're climbing around.

And actually some of this looks really cool when they put in the explosives to power up the train a bit, the way the train starts to disintegrate, like all the sea, the river starts to pop actually look quite cool.

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: The love interest has actually gone back to Emett Brown's barn.

Sidey: Well, she's heard a, a tale she's sat on the, her train and someone behind her saying, oh, that man was so heartbroken.

I've never seen a case of someone like being a complete prick like it before and she's like, oh, did he have like white hair was really fucking way older than me? And they're like, yeah.

Howie: Did he hang around with a small,

Sidey: small size, did he have an inappropriate relationship with a child?

Reegs: I don't think it's InApp. I, it's not inappropriate. But it, you would think it was odd if one of your mates, when you were like 17 was hanging around with a 60 year old, local

Sidey: don't even know if he's 17. He's a high school. Isn't he?

Reegs: Yeah. You would think that you would think that was slightly, maybe that says more about me than it does

Sidey: No, it would be weird. It would be, it's not like unethical or illegal, but it would be weird.

Reegs: Yeah, I think so. Yeah.

Howie: Cause I can't remember the premise of why their friends in the first place,

Reegs: guitar amplifier is the thing in the script, apparently that he, so that he plays in the first one, the huge he'd said that how they got to know each other, he was gonna build him this big guitar and

Howie: not stealing uranium off Iranians. No. Oh, it's one of the two, it's always

Reegs: Libyan. Aren't

Howie: Libyan Taylor's all his time.

Sidey: So they do go and, but Clara rocks up to, to get doc back, which is really selfish, cuz it's like clearly gotta save the world.

He doesn't even see her. He's he's, they're climbing down to the front of the train to climb into the, and to getaway. Yeah. And then he does hear her. She's shouting at him and

Reegs: she's on a horse. Isn't

Sidey: she?

Yeah. Yeah. She, she eventually like gets stuck on the fucking train. Skirt is like hooked on and she's dangling down. And some of the editing is like fucking so bad where it is ripped. Like almost completely gone, then it cuts back and it's just like a tiny bit anyway, who cares? He goes back to rescue her.

Marty slings the hover board back that rescues them and he gets in and manages to get away before the train just plummets down and fucking blows up.

Reegs: was always a pretty risky plan anyway, wasn't it.

But yeah, so anyway. Yeah. And they go back to 1985.

Sidey: Yeah. Goes back to get Jennifer who they've

Reegs: So yet again, now Marty is coming back to a, basically a completely different life that he doesn't remember. He only has the memories of his own life. Nobody else in this new reality that he's come back to should

Howie: where's So where's the Marty. In that

Reegs: time Well, somehow he's gotta beat that. Marty who had a completely different upbringing had successful parents.

Sidey: they have to murder him, presumably.

Reegs: No, he has to be convinced by this version of doc in their universe to go back in time and fix their relationship, which wasn't broken. Hang on.

Sidey: Anyway, Marty goes to get Jennifer who they've literally let sleep through a movie and they go to some train tracks where. Dock appears in a new train

Howie: and he destroys the Delore

Sidey: Well, that gets, that gets destroyed. When he comes back, he has to get off the tracks and a train goes over it cuz their plan was to, you have to destroy it because we're having too much fun with his adventures. So we have to destroy it. And then the, the train appears and the, the weird two creepy kids jewels and ver the one that points at his Dick, which is edited out now.

Reegs: needs a, we needs

Sidey: it was edited out the version I watched on Amazon, which is a real.

So yeah, that's basically it and docs now just going around, traveling through time and

Reegs: the hover train.


Sidey: Which no way would it be able to fly like it does at the end. I mean, it's just idiotic.

Reegs: mm-hmm

Sidey: So is this still as good as you


thought it was?

Reegs: but yeah. Well, I was kind of, sort of, of a similar opinion to you. This feels really small after the first two movies first, one's got like a great premise and it's really well done.

Loads of interesting hooks and the second one's really crazy and insane. And then the third, one's kind of a really small love story. And not of fantastically interesting one at that. So

Howie: imagine

what the doc travels to in that fucking train.

Reegs: I know like he could have, where, why was the sequel where there was like dinosaurs fighting robots from the future or something?

Howie: No, but like you're in the future in this fucking loon dressed in Dan. Rocks up on a flying train. Wouldn't you in the future start questioning what the fucking hell has happened in this timeline.

Sidey: yeah.

Howie: And he'd be instantly imprisoned by, I assume the time police.

Reegs: Yeah Yeah.

Sidey: I. I remember when I was a kid being like, pretty disappointed with it liking the Western stuff.

Cause I do like westerns, but then like for me, it's always been about Marty and doc and their adventures. And then this one, like, especially when I'm a young kid watching it going, oh, some fucking women's come in and I fucking ruined it. And now he's like in love with her all their fun stopped and then just like really resenting it.

Reegs: I like

Sidey: like so childish

Reegs: the character growth of. Doc, who's always been the rational one over the series. Finally, getting a chance to have a, you know, go with his emotions and, and Marty learning to control his emotions and be a bit more rational is a good one that shows growth over the three movies sort of thing.

But it's a bit fucking dull. It fizzles out

Sidey: Really? Yeah, it does

Reegs: franchise. Yeah.

Howie: Yeah. That that's it fizzles out.

That's the problem with it, I

Reegs: got a fucking good logo though. This movie. just in general, back to the future, like, you know, the font and

Sidey: Oh. And then the way they add a character to each one. So the first one's just smarty.

Yeah. Then it's the two of them and it's the three of them. Yeah. Yeah. It's cool. And then, yeah, it's got easy top in it, which just makes it rad. But yeah, I just, I just wanted, I like, as a child, when I watched it, I just like, well, this is the end of their adventures and shit. I wound to have more and, you know, enjoy that stuff.


Howie: how long do you think before they remake

Sidey: The said won't happen while he is alive, but I think inevitably, someone's gonna do something

Howie: killed by the Hollywood Illuminati then, and then they can make it.

Sidey: Yeah I,

guess so seems to, yeah. Horrible inevitability about that, but I don't know. Maybe someone will do a great job with it, but I think, you know, leave it alone.

Howie: it's a better third part than the recent debacle, Ted's third Oh

Sidey: to say.

Reegs: Yeah. A lot of what's cool about back to the future is it's weird. Eighties nest. Yeah. So you couldn't really replicate that. I don't think you could have scenes where,

Howie: raping your mom,

Reegs: rape is a major plot line and twice, and sympathy through rape as well. That's, you know, is a seduction routine is also an interesting thing as well.

Sidey: So yeah, lots of rape, lots of incest.

Reegs: Mm

Howie: that's. The film tagline,

Reegs: little bit of time travel.

Howie: time traveling, rape incest.

Path three

Sidey: coming soon to cinema new year.