March 8, 2023

Midweek Mention... Black Cat White Cat

Midweek Mention... Black Cat White Cat

"When gypsy grifter Matko (Bajram Severdzan) is abruptly swindled by his own partner, he is unable to pay the large debt he suddenly owes. As an alternative form of payment, Matko forces his adolescent son Zare (Florijan Ajdini) into an arranged marriage with his partner's midget sister, Afrodita (Salija Ibraimova). However, both Zare and Afrodita find the marriage objectionable, and their attempts to escape the situation lead to a series of unpredictable comic escapades."

So says Wikipedia of the influential Serbian Director Emir Kusturica's 1998 romantic crime comedy BLACK CAT WHITE CAT but it's difficult to know what the experience of watching it is actually like from that madcap description and after listening to Sidey and Cris talk about it I'm still essentially none the wiser. What I can gather is that this deliberately anarchic and chaotic movie definitely involved a man cleaning himself of raw sewage using a goose, and for that alone it has to be worth a watch.

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Black Cat White Cat

Sidey: We've gone all like European and foreign language with this selection.


Cris: more than likely. But

Sidey: it's not the first time, but it's the first time in a little while that we've had a subtitle movie.


four of us here incidentally, but only 50% of us have seen this film for this week.

Reegs: which was,

No, no.

The film,

Sidey: No, it

Pete: Myself,

Sidey: and Chris. Yeah. And the film was called Black Cat, white Cats. Yeah. Did I get the Cats in the right order?

Cris: Yes. Black Cat, white Cat.

Sidey: Dan has mentioned this before in a top five for some Yeah, I think you might have mentioned it more than once.

And he's on record as being a.

Reegs: Yeah. And when I, I really do wish I had the time to see it this week because when I read the plot synopsis, the sort of one liner, the sort of more it went on, the more bizarre it got. And I thought, this sounds amazing.

Sidey: It is full on. There's a lot. going on. I don't know if that's because I was watching it as a not native language, you know, so for me, I was having to subtitle it, but it's just a very, well, we'll get into it, but like a chaotic kind of movie.

Would you agree?

Cris: Yes, I agree.

Sidey: Yeah. So it's it starts off and it intro introduces us to a couple of characters and you would probably get like a only four on horses kind of. From these two, cuz they're like wheeler dealers. But these two are not ipec and they're on the banks of the , right?

Cris: Yeah.

Sidey: Names,

Cris: Mako and GGA or Dadan, depending on,

Sidey: Oh, you pronounce it much better than I ever could. Yeah. And they're, they, yeah, they're kind of hustling their way through life, doing deals just kind of eeking out in existence. And everywhere you look, there's something going on. So there's other people, they're on barges or on on whatever.

There's a guy sitting and he's got a, like a contraption with a, it's like a two bike wheels put together with a rat in it. And you thought the animal cruelty in Swiss Valley Robson was bad. This film's like up there and they

Cris: also used, you can see that they're actually live animals, but this is 97 in Serbia, so they didn't care about that.

Sidey: And the rat is going round. And that is one of those contraptions that then, you know, it spins a thing, which basically this guy's just sitting there and it's a fan being moted round boat, but it's a live rat. Someone walks past and just fucking spins it hard as they can

It's pretty brutal. Yeah. So that's the kind of setting and, and almost like through the entire movie, there's stuff going on in the frame. Just all over the place is fucking chaotic. Really? Yeah.

Cris: he's very cleverly done because cost, he, he's done another movie in 93 in, in which I tried to recommend in case we weren't gonna watch this. And in 93 he's got a, a cast with Johnny Depp and, and there's a few, he, so he's for our region, let's say in the Balkans. He's, he's a very well respected director.

And the way he's done this one is pretty much the gypsy lifestyle on the banks of the.


early nineties in the Balkans, pretty much.

And, that's just how it's, it starts, they, they're just looking for the barge with the Russians to come in, which normally these guys that their wheel a deal is around the banks of the Danube.

They would buy stolen goods and counterfeit whiskey and cigarettes and gas or petrol.

Sidey: Yeah, that, and that's what escalates it here.

They, they come up with a plan, They've got an idea to steal this train, which is all the carriages are full of

Cris: Yes. Petrol. Yeah. Diesel. Yeah. One of them. Well, diesel or petrol.

Sidey: it's, you know, high value item is much bigger than the stuff that they've been doing.

And so to finance this watch his face. Macco Matco, yeah. Macco takes, he meets the kind of local mob guy to get some financing to kind of make this happen. And he, but, Part of the deal is that he's only gonna get three of the carriages, right? Yes. And everyone else gets their share.

in the end. What, what basically happens is he gets like done over, he gets cut out of his chair and fucked over, but still has the loan that he took with this mob guy.

Dear to yeah, so he's in trouble. Although they never seems particularly panicked by it.

Cris: No,

Sidey: it's just like, but oh no, like another catastrophic fuck up.

Reegs: But all the while there's still all this chaotic stuff going around the edge of,

Sidey: of all

Reegs: kind of things, what like,

Sidey: Well, you've got d. Aspects of like the lifestyle. Say you've got like the mob guy and his entourage and they keep singing this song.

I forget it now, but he says something and then these, these

Cris: oh, pit bull Terri.

Sidey: That's right. Yeah.

Cris: Pit Bull Terri. It's, it's a, it's a classic in the Balkans. We grew up, I grew up with our song, so I, it's quite funny to see it, but yeah, he, and, and he, he also has a, a pendant. Yeah. In, in the shape of a cross that's hollowed out.

It's just gear and it's just full of, full of gear. And he just, that's how you get introduced to him. He's in a limousine and he's just opening the, the, the pendant and he's just going

Reegs: taking a little snoop.

Cris: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. So he's got his entourage and then the family thing, and it's all very family orientated. So you've got Matt Co but his father's involved and everyone wants to see everyone like married off and stuff. And there's,

Cris: it, it's a, it's a very gypsy tradition. So, so I, I can use that because we got so many in, in the Balkans and we got so many in Romania as well, as well, they have in Serbia. So in, in the gypsy community, you can't not.

Be married and, and, and especially if you are over 20 in, in that kind of culture, you are already too old.

Reegs: Yeah, and the women are already pregnant, like by the time they're

Cris: 17

Well, and it's also, it's also not by choice. Mm-hmm. because in, in their normal, normally in that culture you have a son, I have a daughter.

We negotiate how much money you're gonna pay me and you have the daughter, so, so it's.

Everyone wants to get married. Everyone really

Reegs: perpetuating the

Cris: Yeah. And also in the background, you have, people have live animals. There's loads of geese everywhere. For

Sidey: There's so many geese

Reegs: All right. Okay.

Cris: oh, it's

Sidey: And at the end it is like barbaric

Reegs: I'm not a big fan of geese. So, this could be right up my street then

Sidey: happy with how this ends then, but there's all sorts of stuff going on at one point. There's like a party, or I can't remember if it was a wedding or something. And there's people like a band and they're literally tied to the

Cris: to the tree.

When when this guy's Marco's father, he was in hospital, but he told the mob guy that he's dead just to get, just to get loan. He, he told the guy, because he was friends with the mob guy, his dad and his dad owned the cement factory. But when he, his grandson goes to the, to the hospital with a band with a proper full on 12 people.

Singing and dancing in the hospital and takes him out of the hospital. But this guy, for whatever reason, ties the band around the

Sidey: So you've got two great big tree trunks with six guys just literally tied like all the way up it with playing, playing. They live playing music. But it, it goes,

Reegs: crazy.

Sidey: so what happens is the, the mob guy says, right, you owe me 70,000, I think it is. Yes. What we'll do then is we'll have your son marry my daughter.

Reegs: Okay.

Cris: Uh, His sister,

Sidey: his sister, sorry, who is vertically challenged, right. And the, the, the young lad, how do you pronounce his name? Z a r e.

Zza. Zari. He's got the hots for the local bar. Tendered lady. Right. And she's quite hot. Yeah. And she kind of is a bit aloof at first, but anyway, he's got his heart set on her and he is not interested in having this arranged marriage with what's his name's sister.

And the grandfather then decides that he will die on the wedding day to derail it all. And then, and then it, you get a, like a proper weekend at Bernie's section where they have to ice him and hide him away in the attic and it's his fucking bonkers.

Cris: It's actually brilliant because obviously all these things are happening at the same time. Everyone's trying to kill everyone or, or stab everyone or love everyone.

Sidey: So you'll get a scene like that, like a weekend at Bernie's kind of throwback. But one of the, like earlier on in this, the scene on the train where the guy that the guy that they've got on the inside to like, help them hijack this chain, he gets gunned down like brutally.

Yes. And when Macko goes to find him or goes to see him

Been hung hanged, I should say, from, you know, the crossing the barrier things, the barrier. And he, it's up and he's just been hanged from it. And he's just, Matt goes, he, he's got his suitcase. He, they've

Cris: Yeah. Well he had the money in. Yeah.

Sidey: he's just riddled with bullet holes and stuff, so it's like a real juxtaposition of like fucking brutal stuff and crazy fucking anarchic comedy.

Reegs: Is there like a religious or spiritual element to it at all? Cuz isn't there, you know, in the traveling the gypsy?

Sidey: not in

Cris: more of a tragic comic. Okay. Approach to everything. Yeah. So you could die at any moment yet? We're kissing and drinking.

Throughout the movie, really? It's, oh yeah.

Reegs: Well that's probably born out of, I mean, what year did he say this was? 97. So the political background, I guess, I'm trying to think of

Cris: and, and this is, this is not far away from what would normally happen at Village Weddings. Yeah. Especially when there's gypsies and these live gypsy bands involved.

I, I've been to, to weddings in, in the village back home, which obviously Romania shares a border with Serbia. And we have kind of similar traditions. I'm not saying I've seen people shooting guns in the air, but you do see that and you see drama and someone runs away from the wedding and, and all these things happen really quite frequently or used to when I was, when I was a child.


Pete: I know that's not what's in, in play here, but I remember you telling me Chris about in Romania High, like people hire professional mourners for the funerals.

So people are just coming, like follow the coffin and whale

and drop to the floor crying and stuff.

Cris: in this movie at one point when, when the arranged marriage finally happens, the, the, the granddad is in the loft with a massive block on ice of ice on him where they try to keep him cold

Pete: a literally chilled, yeah. Yeah.

Cris: bags of ice that you fill up in the top and then you kind of put in this, well, he has three of them over his head and face.

As well. So, so when he's up in the loft, the, the arranged marriage happens and they, the the little girl and, and the guy, they, they forcely say yes. They don't actually say it, but one of them gets pinched by the leg and she goes, oh, and it means yes and so on. When that happens, they kind of turn, everyone turns around and goes, what's going on?

Where is this, where is this happening?

The, one of the sisters, when the, the bride at one point finds a way to disappear.


of her sisters is a professional mourner. Oh, right. She just turns into drama queen and just

Sidey: starts

Cris: crying, oh, my sister. But in a, in a very professional way. Right. Just the switch of a button, she just turns around and just starts crying.

So, so you have that. If you were to watch a movie, you would've seen that first hand.

Pete: Oops.

Sidey: the sister of the mob guy, she actually runs away from the arranged marriage, isn't she? Yes. She does a runner and meets another guy.

Cris: Yes. Which is, which is the mobster's son?

Sidey: Jesus, hang on. That's incests,

Cris: No, the mobster's, the, the one with the gold teeth.

Sidey: Oh yeah,

Cris: first

Sidey: Oh yeah. Cuz there's a few. Yeah. Honestly, it is so, but like chaotic and, and it's two hours, 10, something like that of just like in your face. Constant stuff going on.

Cris: I can only

Reegs: very overwhelming.

Cris: I can only remember it very well because I've watched it when I was younger and, and I've just re-watched it earlier today, really?

So it is really fresh and I kind of understand it better now. Remembering the characters and knowing which one is which. And there's a few similar words because let's say GK got


small in Romanian is , so it's kind of the same. Mm-hmm. and, and good guy is a, is a gypsy word that that means mustache,

Pete: Mustache, mustache. Small person.


Cris: And his son is the tall mustache, so that's amazing. Yeah. But, but that's, that's what generally happens. So, so they'll, they go to this arranged marriage, they get announced, but they don't sign the.

So, so he is not signed, they just have the, the priest, he says, do you marry her?

Do you marry him? Yes. And then during the party, it's also a very intense scene where they show the presents because that's what they normally do. They'll give you money and they'll give you presents and. There's toasters, there's Hoovers, there's all sorts of George Foreman grills.

Pete: I wanna

Cris: honestly, it's, it's, it's a, if you would, if you would see that you wouldn't think is real, but that actually happens.

I've seen it happening with, with a pile of just random

Sidey: Appliances

Cris: appliances that more than likely no one's ever gonna use. And then she finds a way to escape. They go searching for her and. This, the big mobster's son who is just randomly driving through the woods, finds her, but she's hiding in a tree stump

because she's, that

Sidey: it's, it is as random as it sounds like it really is.

Reegs: It's like word salad

Sidey: And, and the black cat, white cat, it does play out. Like there is a reason for that title later on as well.

Yeah, I,

Cris: Well, throughout the movie they keep showing the two,

Sidey: They, they're on white windowsills, but they become, so what happens is that Zara and the bartender girl, they do get together and they, they do like genuinely f fall for each other. So they, they want to be together. And then there's another marriage going on, right? And they decide, everyone sort of conspires that the, the main mob guy needs to be brought down.

So they, at the next wedding, they rig there's like an outhouse and it's fucking like on top of so much shit.

Reegs: Actual shit.

Yes. Right.


Sidey: Like back to the future, but, but more liquid. It's, it's fairly grim.

Cris: It's also that is, my nanny used to have that when I was a, the kid in the, in the, that's how you, until they build, until they build one in the house when I was in, up until I was five, they had one in, they, you didn't have

Sidey: the floor, no. Plumbing, toilet.

Cris: You

Reegs: yeah,


Cris: That's where you,

Sidey: but this is it. I mean, it's deep cuz someone goes in it, right? So they, they rig it that the floor can collapse and there's a, a sort of drawn out thing and basically they, it is just a thing that they pull and the floor will go and, and when eventually when the guy gets in there,

Cris: but they give, they spike his drink.

Okay. So, so they spike his dream and also

Reegs: well, with,

Cris: they

don't, they don't really sh show it, but, but the, the, the woman.


the girl that Zara is in love with Ida, her mom is the, her mom is the main waitress for the wedding. Yeah. So like the caterer, if you, if you want to call her that, and she doesn't want the, her daughter not to marry the guy.

She, she loves, and that guy is, the Moby guy is a horrible man.

She put something in the, in the drink, but it doesn't really tell you what this laxative, some laxative to

Reegs: Oh, a laxative. Oh, right, okay.

Pete: Oh. To, to lure him to the, to the outhouse

Sidey: and when he is in there, boom. The floor goes and he just falls into this like pit of like bog of eternal stench.

Reegs: Oh.

Sidey: And what he does is he, he's helped out by one of his lackeys and there's all like chaos going on. The weddings kind of like just dis dissolves into nothingness.

He's helped out and he grabs a, a real goose and just starts fucking wiping himself with the, honestly, he's got it like by the neck and its body and he is just like, s like smearing shit all over this goose to it's fucking brutal

Reegs: What?

Sidey: I was

Cris: But before

Sidey: is happening?

Cris: what, what you have to realize is that honestly, this is a movie that you have to watch because whatever we're gonna say, you're not gonna understand before that there's the.


both die. Yeah. But they're hidden in the loft, both under packs of ice. And then when, just before the second wedding is about to happen, they both come back to life.

And they, they just, yes, exactly. They both just mysteriously come back to life because the two cats, the black cat and the white cat jump on them and start licking them. So obviously the cats have miraculous powers because it's, it is gypsy tradition and.

during the first wedding, the, the mobster guy, Didi or Dadan, he plays he juggles with three grenades.

Sidey: Oh yeah.

What? It just goes off, isn't it?

Cris: it? Yeah. . Just when, when they tell him that the, the bride has disappeared from his juggling, he goes outside and he just drops on.

kind of ruins half the wedding.

Reegs: Amazing. What just blows up? Half the wedding

Sidey: puff, and also

Cris: at the initial wedding, when they bring the bride and the groom with the limousine, he's through the roof of the limousine shooting a, a gun through in the air as a, as an entrance to the wedding.


Reegs: you've gotta be noticed, haven't you?

Sidey: you? Yeah,

Cris: exactly. So all this happens, and then obviously the two granddads come back to life.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Mysteriously they arranged the, the new marriage.


two couples that actually love each other.

Reegs: Zara and

Cris: Zarek and, and Ger and

Reegs: Right.


Sidey: right. Yeah. Zara needs, they need a witness. Yes. And it's the black cat and the white cat. And the guy is Des got them by the scruff of the nexus. Like fucking waving them around. I was like

Cris: on a boat

Sidey: It just

Cris: in the, because they're trying to escape. Yeah. To go on a cruise ship on a, on a Daniel cruise.

Reegs: looking at me like I should understand any of this. It

Cris: I'm trying to make, make sense

Reegs: It is. Okay, go on, go on. So they, they're trying to escape


Oh, that's it.

Cris: They will escape. But that's, that's how they escape. They, they will escape. And the, the guy says, I don't have a witness. It doesn't matter. We'll have the cats and then the guy basically gets them married on a, on a little boat on the way to, to the cruise holding two cats.

And you can clearly see there's two live cats there. There's no plastic or

Sidey: on fucking waved around like

Reegs: plastic

Pete: cat on an actual boat.

Sidey: Yeah.

Yes. Uh, Cats love water, so it's


Reegs: So, okay. It's all chaos and craziness and like hijinks with geese,

Cris: it's also a love

Reegs: it all about?

Cris: It's about the love story.

Reegs: It's a love story. Yes.

Pete: Sorry, that's the end of the film. Yes. That's the what happens, like when you, oh, so when you're saying the barbaric bit with the geese, that was the

Cris: it was at the end. Yeah. When

Pete: using a goose as a

Reegs: I was hoping for more

Pete: bar. I was thinking like some kind of like multiple butchery of, of geese or

Sidey: shit smearing.

But like he gets, it's like a good 30 seconds of. Like wiping all this, I'm assuming fake shit off him. And then some guy just comes up with a hose and you're like, why didn't you do that? Fake

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: the goose get the hose as well, or

Sidey: or it was unclear?


Pete: was also, they're trying to, they, they're trying to get rid of this mob star, but giving him some lax and dropping him, they're not into a part of shit

Sidey: they're, they're kind of like,

Cris: except for the, except for the, what is the railway function or like, man, no one actually


Sidey: only guy who gets killed is the guy on the inside of the railway. Right. And, and the mobster guy,

Reegs: the people with the grenades though?

Sidey: it's like a comedy one where everyone's got like charcoal smeared on their face.

Oh right. Cuz it is, you know, a comedy at heart

Reegs: I dunno, I was still imagining limbs and shit

Cris: is a comedy.

Sidey: the the mobster guy is, Kind of accepted that there'll be a mobster guy around. No one's like, well, we've gotta kill him. You know, we've gotta get rid of this guy. It's just like, well, you know, it's what

Cris: There's also a subplot because at the beginning, the the guy Gga, which is the main mobster with the gold teeth, and he's very old.

Inhaling oxygen throughout the whole

Sidey: He's like junior soprano

Cris: and he's got a, he's got an a cart. I don't even know how he, a cart that he kind of drives around in. And he's definitely the big mobster guy. It's related because I can, I can understand that because I know the biggest mobsters in the eighties were in Europe, were the Serbians.

And he says that daddy, the other mobster in town was his lieutenant. In 82 in Italy when he was a gangster, but now he's retired, so everybody kind of respects him and they all call him the Conciliary Gurgo or whatever, so, so he's the main man and everyone kind of goes underneath him. But what he says goes, obviously when he is dead, everyone thinks they can do whatever he wants.

Whatever they want. But then again, he comes back to life with his best mate, and the movie just ends with.

Sidey: cats being waved around,

Cris: cats being waved around. Zita are happily married on a, on a Dan Cruise ship with they hide the money. The, the granddad sells his cement factory and they, he hides the money in the harmonica.

Sidey: Oh, that's right. I forgot about that. Yeah. Yeah. As they're going off

Reegs: in what? In the

Sidey: no accordion, accordion, as, as they're going off in the boat, he's like looking across, and Z's got his hand in like a hole in the side of the accordion, just pours out this big wall of cash.

He's like,

Reegs: Oh,

Cris: So, so that's,

that's the granddad's money, but he gives it to the grandson because he got married.

So you have all this madness throughout the whole movie, which in the end, it kind of turns into a love story. But then everyone, it's a happy ending except for the train guy, nobody dies. And also the one that everybody keeps forgetting each time there's a, there's a scene with a car or, or a, or gu driving around in his electric scooter or whatever.

There's a scene where there's a. Eating a trabant. Have you ever seen a trabu? It's, it's a German car that is actually made out of carton.

Reegs: Right?

Cris: big in, in the fifties and sixties. No, it's, it's carton, but it's treated with some, some glue type thing and, and paint. So, so it does, if it rains on it, it doesn't really get too soft.

But you can't. Poke it and, and break it down. And throughout the movie, at the beginning it shows the pig. It's just this massive pig at the beginning. It, it shows how he eats the wing and a bit of the side and everything. By the end,

Reegs: it's the whole thing's gone.

Cris: is being eaten, like

Pete: What's the significance of that? Nothing is

Cris: just shows that

Sidey: comment on capitalism.

Pete: Oh, right. This

Cris: this is also a recurring joke because one of my friends when I was very young, used to have one of these cars and it was the only car that you could start with a screw. didn't need a key, so, so if you, if you knew how to open the door, if the petrol is in the car, you could just drive it and then return it.

And you had a, you had a good night.

Pete: unless you went their pigs

Cris: Well,

Sidey: Yeah, so it's, it's pretty mac up, you know, it's a story about a couple of grifters with a love story, with a side portion of like gangster stuff going on and just a whole load of craziness and goose and yeah, an animal sort of

Reegs: All right.

And presumably it was a smash hit at the box office, was it side

Sidey: I didn't have a budget figure for it, but I know it made about 380,000 euros. So I dunno whether that's good or bad. It's,

Pete: I have got a budget for

Sidey: it.

Pete: Oh, okay. Because I, I thought I'd get up the, the plot on Wikipedia whilst you guys were talking about it, it cost four and a half million dollars to make Right.

And it made 350,000. So it was, it absolutely tanked at the box of it. But that was in North America. That, that box office figure. So

Cris: it was, it was

Pete: can't imagine this was made for, for like North American audiences.

Sidey: r. You say it better than me, the director's.

Cris: Cost

Sidey: Za. Yeah. He, he had made a really highly regarded film before.

Was that the one that had Johnny Deaf in it? Yes. Which I can't remember the name of it. So the

Reegs: Dream. I looked at that up as well after he said it.

Sidey: No, it's not, it's just one word. Anyway he got a lot of grief from the French apparently about that. Some, he really took it badly and then this didn't do so well.

So he retired from filmmaking at 41.

Reegs: Oh, right.

Sidey: Which is a shame.

Reegs: does seem shame.

Sidey: I dunno if he ended up coming back and doing anything else later. It's included in the hundred Serbian movies list and protected as cultural heritage of great importance. And metrics wise, it's, it's really strong.

It really scores very highly. I found it I do like foreign language movies, and I haven't got problem at all with subtitles, but as a comedy to watch subtitles, I think that is the kind of genre of film that doesn't work so well when you're trying to, the comedy timing stuff just

Reegs: you lose so much nuance, don't

Sidey: and honestly, there's just so fucking much going on in this film.

It was I, I did enjoy it and I was just like amazed by the weirdness and the chaos. I didn't always find it like hilariously. But definitely a strong recommend

Reegs: and

Cris: Yeah, I, listen, I, I've seen it When I was a kid, I used to work in a Serbian restaurant and we had, this is Gurevich who made the soundtrack, and Gurevich is a legend in the Balkans.

He, I've, I've had, when I was working in a Serbian restaurant to Bucharest, he had, we had the, his band, we didn't have him, but he is called Doc Professor Dr. Gurevich. So he's a professor of music. He, we had his band in the restaurant and they're amazing. I, I do like the, the soundtrack because,

not much, so much gypsy, but it's more celebratory music for the Balkans.

Za made Arizona dream. That's the one I

Sidey: was right.

Cris: saying about Johnny Depp. And he is got a, pretty much an all-star cast really for, for that, that film. And he also made a movie called Mara Donna by Costa. That's the last film he ever.

Sidey: Ah-huh. .

Cris: And he retired before that, but he came back to make a movie and he just met Diego Marona on several occasions, a couple of times in Buenos Aires, a couple of times in in the Emirate on Dubai Abu Dhabi.

And I think once or twice he actually had Mara Donna come to the Belgrade Marna in, in Belgrade to, to sit down and chat to him for a couple of hours. It's, it's a great documentary. And, and it's also, gusta is a very political man and very influential man as well in the, in the Balkans, in the, especially in the Serbian in that region because he's actually ethnic Bosnian.

Reegs: Yeah. Well that's what I mean about this movie. Like it seems like there must be like, he must have been saying something about what was going on in that period of the world.


Cris: not that much at that time. No. No.

Sidey: I think cuz some of his other stuff had, and he'd got a bit of heat about different things, so he just wanted to do something fun.


Cris: this

was just funny,


Reegs: smear shit on a goose

Sidey: Yeah. Basically


Pete: sounds

Cris: the pig. The pig eats your car.

Reegs: Yeah. And the pig eats your car.

Cris: But highly, highly recommended. I

Reegs: barely understood any of what you said for the last like 20 minutes or anything, but

Sidey: I've neith do I? And I've seen it. Yeah.

Reegs: I still would watch it.