Jan. 5, 2022

Midweek Mention... CB4

Midweek Mention... CB4
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CB4 is a fictional gangster rap group and the subject of this 1993 mocumentary. This movie was uncharted territory for Reegs and Sidey. For Pete this was one of those tricky films. You remember it being brilliant, but you're unsure whether the movie will stand up to scrutiny all these years down the line. 

Can the dads come to a unanimous consensus over a film for once? Who knows?!



Reegs: Straight out of the man-cave

Dan: Gave yeah. Crazy motherfuckers name, bad debts,


Sidey: this is your, your week to nominate and you chose C before

Pete: I did. Yeah. This was a film that I'd seen a long, long time ago. And at least I hadn't seen it for 20 years and I think


I know, I know. Yeah. I was only three when I watched it the uh uh the first time.


Reegs: had never seen this

Pete: How'd you you'd never seen it. And Sidey, you'd never seen it either

Sidey: No, I'd never seen it. I'd only heard of it because

you've mentioned it quite a few times.

Pete: Yeah. And the soundtracks fucking brilliant. I've got, I've got the soundtrack and listened to that a fair amount. But yeah, this was a film that are just remember. W women's out 93.

So I think I would have first heard about it, like in the, in the school playgrounds, because it had loads of swearing in it. And loads of like funny songs,

Reegs: weirdly. This was one of two NWA, nineties rap, hip hop. Mockumentary things that came out within a year of each other, there

Pete: What was the other


Reegs: of a black hat, which I came across in research, but I haven't seen, but it might also be worth following up on.

But yeah, just when Hollywood does that thing of like one studio brings out something and another studio brings out essentially the same concept. Yeah.

Dan: Two buses at once scenario,

Pete: So this, this was, this is a mockumentary like by and

Sidey: spinal spinal tap

Pete: before market. Right. So I've never seen spinal tap.

Dan: Whoa. Okay. Let's just pause the pod and a break. We're just going to, we're going to take a break for a week. We're going to come back because Peter needs to watch,

Pete: well, we're not here to talk about that. So I'll watch it. Someone nominates it. Or maybe even if someone doesn't, I've got nothing against it. I'm not doing this whole, like I've not seen it before, so it will be shit like you do side. So. Yeah. So, but I had seen this and I've really wanted to revisit it because I remembered it being ready. Fucking good. Although with a lot of these midweek mentions, and I think I've suffered more like with things like the rock and the burbs and stuff like that, where things may be. Being as good as I remember them short circuit was obviously another one.

So I was worried because I thought this, this was right up there in terms of like an absolute fucking nailed on classic. Like when I say classic, it's not for

Dan: funny when I was 14. Is it still funny?

Pete: Right. And that's that's what I I wanted to explore and I didn't know. I think I'd started, he had said he hadn't seen it.

I didn't know you hadn't seen it reach, so let's talk about it and see if you guys enjoyed it for the first time. And we enjoyed it again.

Sidey: but it starts off with an introduction of the band themselves performing. If I remember rightly the Australia low cash, like same beat, same everything.

Straight outta Compton

Pete: Pretty much it's, it's just a total light rip off of NWA, straight outta Compton. Yeah.

Reegs: but they do play straight out of Compton as well and ice cube and ice tea and easy

Pete: Yeah. Dry he's in there somewhere at some point.

Reegs: they're all. So they're all so NWA and CB four exist at the same time. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah, it is. Well, that's the thing I think, cause obviously there's like they get soundbites from like, you know, there's ice tea and a flavor flavor and everything.

So there's all these guys,

the buttholes. So they were on board with this. I don't know if like Maki, mentorees were a big thing at this time, but

Dan: Chris rock was a big thing at this time.

Pete: Did

Reegs: He was Saturday night live.

Pete: city. I think new Jack said he was one of his first films. He's already done that because there's a scene in this that is like a rip off of him playing Pooky and in new Jack city.

He wasn't massive. He he's probably just started like stand up and like, just about breaking into films, but he's the main guy

Reegs: was doing Saturday night live and they did a skit that was a bit this, and then it became but this comes clearly cause he co-wrote this and it clearly comes from a real. Of hip-hop and the music and the culture at the time, and like an affectionate send-up of it as well.

But you can see that with Chris rock, it starts with Chris Elliott. He's playing a white fucking amazing laughing. Yeah. Chris Elliott is the guy from something about Mary has the boils and hives.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah, Yeah we'll get ya.

Reegs: And he's making a movie about making a documentary, which is occasionally a mockumentary, but then goes into a standard comedy movie for about an hour and then back to a mockumentary.

Personally I found the documentary bits that bookended, it were probably more, no, I enjoyed them more, I think. Yeah, no, I think I enjoyed them more, but we do get into the story don't we.

Pete: know,

Reegs: MC Gusto

stab master arson and dead Mike who are CB for they we get introduced to them individually. Don't we, Gustos telling a story about.

Dan: well, there are three friends aren't they, they end up making this band and they've had a few goes at doing other stage acts before they've got an open mic night, which they go to and they've done everything from like a, a native tribal.

Ban two bags on their

Pete: heads, the bag heads,

Dan: the bag heads and a couple other kind of reincarnations until they found something

he lovers

Pete: so, oh yeah. How so? How do we get into the, the, the, like the real drama part of it is, as you said, there, that there's the Maki rancher element and Gusto MC Gusto is saying like, oh, I'll, I'll take him with me and I'll tell him some more about this because the, you know, the, the edits gone wrong or whatever.

So so there's a drive by. And so a way it's like, oh, this would be my first driver. So he says, you guys, I know how to get rid of him. I'll I'll go up here that they wouldn't follow us up here. So they like turn up like a, you know, like a junction that goes onto like a freeway or whatever. And then like,


then like the real gangster who he find out is, is Gusto.

He's got like the machine guns that he's got. I'm crazy, but I ain't that crazy. I'm not going up there and you're thinking what's up there. And it's just because it's such heavy traffic that no one wants to go up there. So they get stuck in traffic. And then he obviously starts filling in the backstory.

And like you say, they, they they're musical, they're three mates. Yeah, they've got some good jobs, one

Reegs: They really middle class. And they've got this thing in America because their houses are fucking enormous in America. It's I, it always makes me laugh. Like when they show even people who were supposed to be. Quite hard, you know, on the poverty line, they still have these fucking enormous houses that they live in in American space is so big.

And so, yeah, they're these huge middle-class houses that these three guys live in that we're introduced to. We get Gusto is Albert and he goes off to. W

Pete: stop Mr. Ross and who, I can't remember his, his real name, but he lives in his, in a, in a house and he's got loads of sisters and he has to like help them with their homework and their like guitar

Dan: and he wants to do it. He's a really good kind of kid.

Reegs: one of the sisters is the fucking annoying gymnasts in Jurassic park. Bri. I want to say, you know, the one where she does the swinging on the

Pete: I've seen

Dan: she

Pete: drastic part three. I think I've only seen one since it's really tired, isn't it? Yeah.

Dan: Well, then they go into, this is one of the scenes that I remember from. The first time I watched it round and they go down to see dead Mike and his work.

And he's a hustler he needed to be working is I think a single single family, a single parent family. So he's always needed to work and he's working in one of those sex line things. Cool lines that a lot of people would have. Of no older wouldn't have seen, but they used to be limited those adverts in all the kind of newspapers we must've done at some

Pete: Oh, I did at our football club on someone else's

Dan: Yeah. That's the way y'all would have done it.

Pete: pound phobia. Yeah, it was yeah.

Dan: So like, oh, 802 7, 9 5 PIs or whatever it was. And they had all these different kind of. Call is taken and people were taking the calls under, under labels of like Pierce and shit and insults and gaze was the one here's one.

Sidey: This one, this probably doesn't age. Very

Dan: yeah, I'm looking at your boss.

The best boss I ever had. You got king combos and he's just, his mates are just pissing themselves. Laughing. As he's talking to these people, making


Reegs: And it didn't come across as homophobic. I didn't

Dan: no, it just said like your boys are so low. Big balls. I don't care. You got damn big balls. Damn it's job.

Reegs: He says this ain't no job for a black man. Yeah. And then they have a debate about George Jefferson. I can't, it was about whether they just said he was open to the highest bidder.

And then one of the great scenes, I think in the movie, it's a bit like in Wayne's world with Bohemian Rhapsody where they're singing along

Dan: made me think, did this come before or after?

Reegs: I don't know, 93.

Dan: Whenever Wayne's world was because it is that same scene where there's basically a camera point in to the driver, the passenger and the guy in the back. And

Pete: then

Dan: You remember the scene and the guy who was doing the documentary a while. He's also the cameraman in Groundhog day.


Reegs: Oh yeah. Good

Sidey: Wayne's world was 92. So just, just pre-diabetic

Reegs: So they might, they might belong to what, I can't even remember what the song is. It's another absolute banging hip hop tune, just because the whole soundtrack is absolutely great and they might belong to it.

Don't they? And then the Tate starts going slow and they start miming slowly. It's a funny team which I've ruined by talking about it in such detail. They are doing out these different personas at Gustos club. And Gusto is

Pete: Charlie Murphy.

Reegs: toting bad-ass Charlie

Sidey: Yeah,

Pete: Eddie Murphy's brother.

Dan: Well, it made, there was one scene. I didn't think it was Eddie Murphy at all. It didn't really remind me of him, but there was a scene late one when they get onto the bed. And he's waiting for the girl to come in and I was just thinking that's fucking Eddie Murphy.

You know, I had to look at the credits to make sure. And then I saw

Pete: his brother.

Dan: name. Yeah.

Reegs: I'm quite ignorant. I don't think I really knew about Charlie Murphy. So film,

Pete: Okay. I don't think he is, but I think he's been in a couple of Eddie Murphy films where he's got like, you know, parts,

Dan: I think Eddie Murphy likes Charlie.

Pete: Yeah, probably. Yeah.

Reegs: The band they're approached backstage by, I don't know who it is, but it's a wise man offering black power, spiritual guidance for $14 95 plus tax. Yeah, so there's some good

Dan: dead. Mike loves it.

Reegs: He does.

Dan: He's kind of say he's he's TA kind of takes the person know personality of. Black Panther or something in the group.

Doesn't he?

Pete: Yeah.

but w w so we haven't, we haven't explained, so basically gusts, the real Gusto is a gangster and he gets he gets arrested. He like, he there's a set two in the club.

Albert goes there the next day, cause he wants to like smooth it over with them because that's the only club that they're going to be able to perform at. So he wants to like, apologize. Well, so he walks over and him going in the club is the opportunity for like the FBI to like break in on a drug bust and Gusto ends up getting lifted and sent to prison to cell block four.

And this is where they like the, the, the Coke starts hurting. Cause he sees

Reegs: for its credibility straight away.

Pete: because so Albert is outside because Gusto thinks that it's Albert stitched him up. He gets, gets taken away in like a Hannibal lecture style, kind of. Thing, but like straight jacket and stuff, but he sees how much, like, although the guys outside and the girls are loving him because of it because of his like notoriety.

So he's like, this is, this is the, the angle that we need to go for. So he adopts the persona of MC guy. The band becomes C before after cell block four. And they basically become like badass gangster rappers. And that features heavily in, in LA, obviously that, that their stage everything that it's done up, like, you know, they come out and chains.

Reegs: as

well because it's life imitating art. Cause later you had 50 cent and he took. The 50 cent thing from was from a real career. It's like a similar kind of thing that happened to me life.

Pete: Yeah. So then they they start performing some songs under the guise of see before the big one being Strayer, low cash.

Dan: that's that big hair and they start getting some tractor they've gone in

Reegs: this top of the

Dan: Does they've gone to see trust as productions haven't they? And they get signed. And there's a kind of a conversation when they say, are you gonna do your lyrics kind of shit on women? Do they, do you have any respect for anyone? No. Yeah. Do grab your genitalia on stage, right? Okay. You

Sidey: you ever handed a loaded loaded gun? They all just put that

gun So

Reegs: you've also got Phil Hartman. The legendary Simpsons voice actor as an unscrupulous. Whose kid introduces him to black culture by like doing this dance to straight out of low


Dan: the voice, Yeah. Okay. That's where the Simpsons

Reegs: Lionel hearts. Yeah. And he then slowly realizes that he can kind of use this in another way. You know, this also happened, I think, to NWA and some other bands that politicians jumped

Pete: yeah.

Cause they were like heavily censored. When you get stuff like that scenes, like in, in like the film straight outta Compton, You know, local politicians try to control what they, what they conduct. Cause

Dan: if you're riding on a conservative

Sidey: It's where the sticker came from. It's where the explicit lyric explicit content.

Dan: Yeah. The stick is

Sidey: Typical

Dan: where they talk about that as well.

Sidey: And It's on the poster



Dan: At the end, you know, why does it have to have a sticker? And then all of a music does, you know, that kind of thing. But yeah, the, the lawyers using it the politician, so he's using it. Improve his chances of getting voted in again is standing on a ticket of conservatism.

Yeah. And then his son though fucking loves, loves,

Pete: Like you'd imagine that that scene would have happened, you know, like, you know, middle-class white kids getting on this, like, you know, people bringing it into the playground and then jumping on it a little bit like us, you know, we, we were, you know, with, with like NWA and public enemy and stuff.

Sidey: Jim, my friend, Jim told me a story, but he was he had,


one was it Favorite? Black planet. put that cassette on in the car with his dad. And is it welcome to the Terrordome where they know it's they're almost leg of Elvis

And as soon as he slugged up Elvis, he's like, no, that's bandy never listened to that.

That's not having. Yeah.

Pete: But the, their lyrics are fucking incredible. Cause this is all like piss take lyrics about like, it just takes, it takes the genre, but. Like over-exaggerate set and stuff. There's some amazing lyrics in Australia location and insert from a balls. Um

Reegs: balls yeah. Which becomes the song that is, you know, at the center of a sort of

Dan: most insightful

Reegs: in it, which is like really ludicrous which I enjoyed

Sidey: Albert's had a girlfriend. since day one with who We haven't mentioned Dalia, Dalia.

Pete: Yeah. But she's quite straight laced and boring and

Sidey: she's been back in the

Reegs: Well, unfortunately she has to play that role. She ends up seeming a bit like whiny which is unfortunate, but, but Gusto is being a bit of a twat. He's this nice

Sidey: He's introduced to someone super hot. And he says, it's His friend or his


or something. Yeah. It's cousin.

Reegs: So yeah, she does end up being a bit of a, I can't think of what the word is make.

They see, make her seem a bit sort of mousy and annoying, but it's really unfortunate because Gusto is just being a bit of a brick.

Dan: Yeah. And he comes across as that as well. He's his attitude is, is all played up for the cameras and he's the one that's kind of making these big claims and, and strolling around.

Eventually it gets the attention of Gusto. Who's ready to break out a

Pete: prison,

Dan: and kick their ass because

Reegs: I see how he breaks up a prison.

Dan: Yeah,

Pete: washing

Reegs: washy basket, which everybody knows is the way to break out of prison, but there's already somebody in that stage

Pete: Hey, this is my basket.

Dan: froze him out of one hand. Doesn't he? And the guy flies across the room and he gets in with somebody else he's escaping with.

Dumps him in. So they get out and word is on the street as see before about to promote their new record. That Gusto has escaped. So they're on high alert on whether they might get their ass kicked somewhere

Pete: And then they're explicitly told by like the politician guy, wherever he is not, not to perform, not to touch their decks, not to use profanity and not to explicitly not to perform the song, sweat of my balls.

Which they then completely ignore and perform a sweat of my balls with, and that everyone in the crowds got massive black balls, like inflatable balls. That they're just like, at one point, like Chris, Rock's got them, he's like bouncing up and down on them.

Reegs: It's amazing. It looks like a big jail cell on

Sidey: That's all public enemy

stuff Cause I used to have guys walk around today.

Pete: Yeah,

Reegs: I think it was introduced. The whole concept was introduced by Michael buffer, I think was the guy who does the boxing.

get ready to rumble things. So it's just looks like an off

Pete: It's brilliant. It's a shame because on the soundtrack you get the full song of sweat sweating my balls. There's some fucking amazing lyrics.

And that one bitches on my deck, like a human shish kebab is, one of them,

Sidey: but

Pete: you don't get the whole, you don't get the whole song. Cause it gets like shut

Sidey: That line was in the film.

Pete: Oh, is that right? Right. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, so that gets shut down. So anyway, after, after that gig they kind of start disbanding a bit, like going their separate ways.

Reegs: they

Dan: it gets threatened.

Doesn't he, he gets threatened by Gusto that if he doesn't eat if he does.

Pete: disband, yeah.

Dan: and to make that happen, he dragged him on a armed robbery of a convenience store shows his face to the camera while they're shooting and Robin, and then takes the video tape to use it as evidence against him.

So he says you got to break up CB for Gusto. Ain't fucking happy, man. And that's what

Pete: I cause cause then he, he calls a bad meeting. Doesn't he in the cafe and start saying, oh, it's because you like that, you know, you guys are getting sloppy. There's a Brit, there's a brilliant scene in that cafe. Where they're just having a meeting about that, what they're going to do.

And the guy on the table behind, like says to dad, Mike is, excuse me, your voice is really familiar. Like, and you realize that he's been the one that ringing, like the like, oh, 800 gay. Yeah. I'm looking at your balls. It's like, it's obviously the guy that's been ringing. Yeah, so

Reegs: love it. When they, the band disband.

You get to see your repartee smalls, his side project

and I'm black. Yeah. It's just a brilliant, brilliant scene and dead Mike's stab master arson. What's he doing?

Pete: He just goes back to helping his sisters with their homework and

Dan: Well, yeah, the state show as well, we didn't eat with

Pete: Oh yeah, yeah,

Dan: he was pretty good actually.

Pete: It was. Oh yeah. And that that's, that's the one that he's playing. The fucking brilliant.



Reegs: Where are we? We resolve the plot with a really bizarre scene where Chris frog

Pete: well, there's been a girl all the way through.

Who's like a hanger on sheet. She's like goats, she got a banging body. She keeps she keeps it basically in trapping, like.

And getting the fo and using poles, getting Polaroids. Yeah. Using getting Polaroids of them in like uncompromising positions that she would use obviously as, as like blackmail as well.

And anyway, they, they get her on board with, with trying to do that, to, to Gusto because he's been keen like the real Gusto. He yeah, this is when he goes into the bedroom and that, like, that scene that you're talking about then where, where he's, you know, he just starts getting, first of all, he starts doing some press-ups next thing.

He's on an exercise bike. And then he's like, he's like bench pressing and stuff and all these whites just keep coming in from everywhere.

Reegs: pouring water on himself.

Pete: Then he jumps on the bed and he's expecting the girl to come back in and it's Chris rock dressed, dressed in really horrendous like pink drag.

Sidey: Fucking Skinny.

Pete: yeah, yeah, yeah. He's just, he's a slight guy. Isn't he? Yeah.

Reegs: Is this a way of saying that you kind of found him attractive? No. Yeah.

Pete: I think Dan saying he's got great legs. It was probably,

Reegs: the closest.

Pete: Yeah. It was this your masturbation

Reegs: I was going to say the secret. Yeah, I'm back now. So can you not tell that story now? Could you tell it for me? I've had a really horrible month. Would you tell the story now?

Dan: yeah.

Reegs: Yeah, so Chris walks in drag and then nearly as a case with stab master, it's really weird. And he's doing that thing with his tongue,

Dan: No,

Reegs: Paul says,

Pete: Oh yeah, no, I can't do it. It doesn't really work on podcasts. If we all try.

Reegs: Let us know if you can do that

Pete: If you know what it is. I don't, I dunno how to describe it. It looks like a pulsating

Dan: Typically, if you're female.

Reegs: So yeah, what does happen to Gusto?

Pete: police? They trap him because obviously he's, he's busted out.

So he's he's at large, the.

Told the police that you know where to find them. And it's about to do Chris rock. And so the police come in and just bust them in that pretty much resolves at all. And then they go back to bed and see before, but a slightly like, yeah, well a down version of themselves. So he hasn't got his Jheri curls or his, his, his grills or fronts or whatever they're called.

Okay. Every time I read the word stab, master Elson, I piss myself. It's so ludicrous.

Reegs: brilliant. What a great movie. What a brilliant movie. I didn't even know this existed. This is great.

Pete: So

Dan and I can talk from the perspective of having seen it a long time ago. Guys, who've seen it for the first time. What'd you think?

Sidey: You you were enraged. I didn't like stand by me I knew you.

had this

Thing that If I haven't seen it and you maybe watch it, they automatically

Pete: it,

Sidey: It's basically. saying I love this.


great. It's like like my

favorite era of

hip hop,

like straight away pro and NWA after watching

Pete: this,

Sidey: This like

you know, little scenes of all these other like fucking amazing groups and Yeah. It's fantastic.

I mean it's silly.

Pete: it's

Sidey: but it's enjoyable

Pete: yeah, it's, I think the fact that it's, it's effectively endorsed by all the real guys at the beginning, like gives it, it gives that like a load of fucking like clout, but the fact

Reegs: it shows a level of like awareness and irony, you know, awareness of themselves that you probably didn't think they had

Pete: No. Yeah, no, you're right.

Sidey: I'm not sure if flavor, flavor.

Pete: Yeah. Yeah, no, but especially like, I mean, I, I don't know. I know less about, I guess, easy as a, as a, as a person than I do about the others. Cause obviously he died about. He's like MC Gusto is meant to be easy. Right? Like they all look like him. He's got the same kind of like Jerry curls just

Sidey: even says about his hair.

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So the fact that he's kind of like, you know, on board with it and endorsing it and laughing at like, almost like laughing at himself by liking the film. If you know what I mean? That, that is a, a good sort of like seal of approval. Dan, how did you

Dan: Yeah, I stood up for me still.

I had some real, some real lows in it and it was yeah, too many scenes to pick out any, any specific one, but the ones that I laughed at when I was 14, I found myself still laughing at now. Yeah, it's what, 90 minutes. One time. It it's it's a, not yet. It keeps a nice pace. I liked all the support and actors.

There was some just fro away little lines that. You know, they didn't hang on. They just left them there. And if you'd like to enjoy them a laugh, they remove it. And moving on. I really liked that about comedies. Don't try to push every joke on you too much. It's

Yeah There

Reegs: there's, there's like a few bits that are almost like naked gun style. Like

Dan: Yeah. There's

Pete: Yeah. There's some like stupid, like visual code, like the bit where they're like having sex on the balcony. And it becomes like, obviously like a dollar of like, I've got snow, so completely ridiculous, but hilarious.


Dan: enough, I think,

Sidey: is it

flashed out like directed by

a Y? I was pacing myself. And I was on board. It was, yeah, it was good. the budget for it was 6 million.

  1. What do We


Reegs: Biggest box office film of all time.

Sidey: Not

Dan: I reckon it's more than made its money.

Sidey: tripled 18 mil.

Dan: Wow. I reckon he's still got two pound 50 off me yesterday on Amazon. So,

Reegs: I'm going to see the other one now fear of a black cat.

Cause I didn't even realize that

Pete: Yeah. Who's in it or connected. So that, that you know

Reegs: I'm not sure. No, I just know that that, that, that it was one of two movies, you know with the sort of similar concept.

Pete: Okay. But yeah, worth revisiting. We have a guest in the studio today and I'm going to recommend that he goes and watches it as well.

Dan: During me, Chris and yeah, straight out man-cave this was

Sidey: brilliant.