Sept. 29, 2021

Midweek Mention... Cruella

Midweek Mention... Cruella
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Join us to discuss the 2021 Disney parent murder-fest CRUELLA. 

Warning, we do chat about all the spoilerific movie content! We do however also have a bunch of copies of the movie available to giveaway, which is nice. All you need to do is listen to the episode and follow the instructions contained within. Easy Peasy!




Sidey: We're talking about Cruella today, which is hot off the press. Really. It's a twenty twenty one, a hundred one day emotions, prequels story. We're going to be giving away five codes to enable you to facilitate you to watch this.


All you've got to do is answer the question, which appears later on at the end of this episode. So if you want to skip all of the huge, huge amount of spoilers that we're going to be chatting through, just navigate yourself to the last 90 seconds or so of this episode, and you can do all that cool winning stuff.

Dan: Brilliant. And that's totally like free. You can win

Sidey: It's yeah, it's free code. All you got to do is pay 15 pounds.

No it's completely gratis.

Reegs: completely free. It'll just cost you however much. It costs you to send an email or a Twitter thing or a Facebook, something

Sidey: my granddad,

This film Cruella. If I remember rightly kind of was announced, with a bit of surprise about it. I don't think anyone was expecting there to be,

Cool yeah,

Reegs: I would say that's probably true.

Dan: Yeah, it was off my radar until.

It appeared on our television screens,

Reegs: had been other ones though. Hadn't there? I mean, there was the, obviously the original 101 Dalmatians, and then there was a live action portrayal by Glenn close in 1996 in a live action. Remake, 101

Dan: Did you see either of those?

Reegs: Yeah. Both. Yeah.

Dan: I missed the Glenn close one.

Reegs: It's terrifying.

She's terrifying in it. Yeah.

Dan: think that's probably what made me miss it.

She was a bit too scary.

Reegs: The Glenn close one sort of plays off the whole fatal attraction thing that she'd been in a little bit, so yeah, exactly. But yeah, this was a movie. I don't think anybody was.

I was going to say, yeah, yeah. September 21st sees the release of Cruella and that is actually a few days ago now. And even more days ago, by the time that you listen to this so that's accuracy for you.

It starts in the glam rock London of the mid 1970s.

Dan: Yeah it's an interest in setting, wasn't it? That it was chosen that period and that area to, to start

Reegs: well, I suppose timeline wise, it fits into 1986 is 101 Dalmatians, the animated movie and this in many ways kind of ties directly into it, which I'm sure we can talk about as we get going.

We get introduced to a character called Stella Miller.

She's got this shock of black and white hair,

Dan: and like a skunk, it kind of starts with a flashback. Doesn't it? The film like this and you you've got when it is a flashback, you've got a, in the, in a school

and she's she's the kind of kid that other kids don't like very much, but she doesn't really care

Reegs: She's got a kind of antiestablishment vibe, a rebellious vibe about her, which she expresses through her clothes already. You see that as soon as she gets to school, she turns her jacket inside out. And he's got this rad sort of a Ted baker type pattern on the, on the

Sidey: graffiti on it.

Reegs: Yeah. And she looks pretty cool.

She, there just the black and white hair and we can't just gloss over that because she's got it as a baby.


Sidey: is. Does look ludicrous

In terms of realistic nurse, but it is a real condition. It's called polio SIS.

Reegs: where you can have literally half of your

Sidey: head. it's a hereditary condition that consists of a lack of pigmentation in a patch of hair on the scalp rendering it completely white. It's just happens to be that it's packed for the half of her head.

Yeah. Yeah. So some basis in.


Reegs: She's quite the rebel at school and she pisses everybody off. And she's basically on the verge of being kicked out of the school before her mother withdraws her to keep her record clean and they move her to London.

Sidey: I record was a record was quite interesting.

It was

Reegs: the copy book, the blot on the copy book, it was a literal.

Yeah. And it was Dalmatians. Yeah.

Sidey: absolutely.

Reegs: And then on the way she says something about stopping. She clearly implies that, that she needs some financial assistance for this to.

Dan: Yeah And

then what happens in many Disney

Sidey: the long tradition of Disney cruelty

Dan: And they, they kill off a parent.

And in this case the only person,

Reegs: Yes Catherine it's a, it's a really stunning scene because Estella, the young crew, Ella sneaks into the party that's happening and she's, it's this wonderful sort of Victorian fashion show thing going on. And she's like absolutely amazed by it all and she's sneaking around. And then she unintentionally attracts the attention, I guess, of the.

Dogs who was sort of halfway between CGI and halfway between Nazi GI aren't they, these

Dan: Very well trained.

Sidey: I have to say, I thought that the dogs were real CGI math

Reegs: Uh Points they, they were, but yeah, so these three Dalmatians have got their eye on and they chase her outside and there's a bit of a kerfuffle and there's her mother is standing on the edge of a cliff talking to a sort of partially obscured figure and the dogs are coming barreling towards them

Dan: and Q tragic accident. And it it's yeah, it

Sidey: The dogs push her over.

a cliff.

Dan: Yeah. And it's a, it's a big old

Sidey: just see her fault.

Dan: waves crashing that kind of cliff there's no way back for she's done.

Reegs: It's a pretty traumatic scene. I have to say. I found it piss funny though. I like the way it's played is very, very serious. But it is a woman being knocked off a balcony by three dogs.

And, you know, that is sort of

Dan: well, I'm watching this with my nine year old daughter and yeah. And I'm wondering where, you know, our dark is this going to get, because we're, we're about 10 minutes in so far and there's been flashes of her laughing and then those kind of wild eyes kids have when.

Really excited it's going to happen or she's not quite sure. But she stayed with me all the way through this. So yeah, it was, I think that was probably as bad as it got as far as for kids.

Reegs: Yeah. What trauma

Dan: trauma

Reegs: Yeah, this was pretty true. It's up there with the big Disney parent deaths,

Sidey: isn't it? Yeah.

Dan: And, and so she's nine, which means that she probably three years younger than they recommend anyone watching this.

But but her, she handled it well, yeah.

Reegs: guidance, Dan. So you, it seems

Dan: It's crazy, isn't it? Yeah.

Reegs: So she's orphaned and she blames herself for her mother's death. And she runs away to London to befriend the guy out at game of Thrones and Sean from my Tanya,

Dan: Yeah, well th this is the where the real adventure begins.

Isn't it? Because she adapts to her circumstances and befriends these two street urchins Jasper and Horace, and and then it kind of fast. To their twenties and suddenly they're in, yeah, they're in a derelict building.

Reegs: Do get a good cup where she says I'm going to sort of disguise myself and she puts her hair down black and white.

And when she flips it back up, she's got it's Emma Stone. We've leaped 10 years ahead. And she's got a kind of, what color is there sort of red head,

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: And looking fine, looking really fine. I'm

Reegs: I really like Emma Stone. So I'm a little bit by it. That's going to, you know, sway me straight away. I just think she's a really

Dan: Well, I think that's why filmmakers tend to put people in that we like isn't it.

So they do sway your opinion and you do enjoy the film a little bit more. And Emma Stone, in fact, Emma Thompson, who's also in this book, both Emma's. You know, they're, they're brilliant. Apparently they hounded them to be in this, but they got on both.

Sidey: All right, now Emma Stone. she is real alias. now, we loved her in Lala land and She really plays this brilliant

Reegs: she's amazing in Birdman, if you've

Sidey: seen

Reegs: that, she's brilliant in that as well.

Dan: Well,

they, they Harrison and Jasper both come later on to be Corellis trusty henchman. Of

Reegs: They look like the characters in the animation. They really do. I mean, that stuff is great.

Dan: And and I think Horace E particularly stands out in, in the film. I really like him. Yeah. I think it was really, really


Reegs: Paul, Walter Hauser, that shorter squatter guy.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And there's also the, the David Bowie. Kind of thrift shop owner is introduced not so far off this. He's a, he's a fashion kind of want to be designer who Corella recruits to get her plans in, into into place a little bit later on.

Reegs: Well, her plans involve working for the Baroness a Haute couture designer of some repute.

Dan: but they, our dream isn't it to be a fashion designer. And she finally gets a foot in the door through

Reegs: Horace and

Dan: few Horace and Jasper who basically get her CV right at the top of the

Reegs: Well I mean, they're staging this, it's fun this bit, that we've kind of skipped through because you don't want to ruin all the surprises, but it goes a bit sort of family heist and you get to see them doing these cons and stuff.

And that initially is the aim to get her inside the baronesses department store for a con. She basically one night she just gets completely plastered and rearranges the window display and makes it a million times better.

Dan: which also gets a threatened with a sack until the Baroness turns up that day, sees it and is totally blown away and also to work for.

Reegs: and this is the reveal of Emma. Thompson's the Baron S and I have to say, this is one of the good Disney villains, the

Sidey: barrel. Yeah.

Dan: I mean, Emma Thompson in most things is brilliant. But when she's playing characters like this they're a little bit, you know, cause you could do this really wrong. It could be too much or not enough

Sidey: verging on pantomime, but she is as nasty as nasty can be in this.

Just Cheering up scenery.


Dan: But knowing who the audience is as well yeah, really, really good.

Reegs: So at the moment, it's still a, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, but the movie is very sympathetic towards this Stella who we know eventually will become a puppy slaughtering

Dan: Well it, yeah, it's a, it's a it's that backstory. And it does try to give you some understanding of how and why she is become who she later on becomes.

And you can, you, you can a little more sympathy to Cruella. Who's one of the great villains of Disney really well.

Sidey: We

Reegs: We haven't really had Cruella remerge properly yet. Have we?

Sidey: I'll save that thought for later on around what we're saying that she, she has her heart set on becoming a fashion designer. and She clearly has a real talent, for it. She's been using her talent for disguises, for all the grips that they're doing the barrenness sees that. And she's the only person that she.


Half compliments about her designs. Everyone else just gets insulted or fired on the spot. So she kind of nurtures her, It brings her under our wing as a I didn't push nurture is not the

right word. Cause she definitely doesn't match what

Reegs: wants to explore it, her talent because she, she heard star is also a little bit, is it on the way in, I don't know, she's under pressure

Sidey: She just has to do an annual show and she has these collections and she clearly doesn't do any of the design work herself. It's all the minions And she just takes all the credit for it. And she, yeah, Like you say, she's going to. exploit Stella for all the creative work that she does.

Reegs: She's also wearing a necklace that is still a recognized is, is once belonging to her mother, Catherine,

Dan: Which which she wants back and she then kind of formulates this plan and has this alter ego that makes fashion as well. And I forget the name. It's

Reegs: is oh, who is it? Just the name of the movie Cruella. Yeah, it was so yes, she sets up this alter ego. That's when she meets the guy that you were talking about, the sort of David Bowie ask. I didn't catch the actor's

Sidey: John McCrae plays, RT,

Who is the first openly gay. character in a Disney

Reegs: I told that I can hear that about April.

It's like Jack White, who was the first openly gay or something. And this is the first openly gay. And when, when, when was he gay in there? So, I mean, it was the seventies. He was dressed like David Bowie. Everyone was when they were,

Sidey: Don't you see the bit of a new doc behind the,

Reegs: no, I didn't see any gay anyway. Yeah. So she comes up with this plan to steal the necklace of her mother's back at the ball. And she comes up with this disguise Cruella, and she she makes this breathtaking introduction in one of the.

And she's in this all white cloak and the costumes are amazing.

We can talk about that a little bit later as well, but she sort of sets fire to the costume and it reveals this big red dress. That's like a re cut version of one of her, of the baronesses old

Sidey: It's from the thrift store.

Reegs: from the thrift store. Yeah. Looks brilliant. Obviously,

Dan: against the black and white as well, because,

Sidey: Well, she kicks off and says, well, this is not the famous black and white. She says, Yes. My hair is. black and white, you know,

Dan: She's having kittens isn't you at this stage? She's just hates the fact that somebody has upstaged her Emma Thompson.

Reegs: Yeah. Day there's a bit of jQuery and they steal in the necklace

Sidey: effectively. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: They do some,

comedy stuff throughout the film with the dog.

Is it called wink.

Because then he got, He's got an eye patch. He is putting a sort of raccoons sort of, costume and they're doing pest control and, you know, they get the stuff out there.

It's fairly contrived, but

Reegs: It's sort of broad family comedy. I expect it, you know, it's good stuff that you can sit there and laugh at with your kids.

Dan: It's worth mentioning. There's a bang soundtrack going through this film as well.

Reegs: Yeah, there really is. It's the director is a guy called Craig Gillespie. Who did I, Tonya that we reviewed on the podcast. And it's a similar sort of Scorsese for teenagers type vibe to the needle drops of the music and it, but yeah, you had Supertramp in there.

You had BGS, we were listening to it in the car on the way up here where maybe we were whisper.

Stages the doors. And memorably, I think what I thought was a fairly substandard cover of I want to be your dog,

Dan: right? Yeah. They had a Nina Simone feeling good as well. I mean, yeah, there was, there was loads to, to get your feet tapping in this food, a soundtrack.

Reegs: Yeah. But she realizes as they're escaping Cruella realizes because the Baroness blows her dog whistle and these three Dalmatians come out, she realizes that the Baron S is responsible for the death of Catherine, her mother.

Dan: Yeah. And then,

Reegs: confirmed to her.

Dan: yeah, then she, she really wants revenge.

Reegs: And how do you get.

The Kelly's one

Dan: kill

You You take what is hers and and that then becomes her sole kind of mission. Isn't it? She wants to be the number one designer. She wants to put her totally out of

Reegs: her Dalmatian


Dan: wants the Dalmatians and wants the house. She wants the

Sidey: one of the dominations is eaten the key. Is it or or just the necklace? Cause they basically kidnapped the dog to wait for it to do shit.

So they can,

Reegs: Were you worried at any time that the dog was going to be.

Sidey: No

Reegs: no,

Dan: No, not in this one. What, what was interesting for me was the way that Estella kind of changed into Cruella and Horace and your man Jasper weren't really into it. As much as she was. There was, there was a limit

Sidey: braces. It really soon after.

They're dynamic was a family and straight away, she starts bossing and She becomes the Baroness and effect and he says, well, you know, it is a Jasper says, well, you know she lost her mum, So we've got to

Stay with her and help her, but they, they realized that she's changed.

Reegs: Jay and it's interesting because Jasper's interest in her.

It's never quite clear whether it's fraternal or romantic, you think so definitely wants to banger.


I wasn't sure it was kind of anyway. It's, it's a nut. You're right. They're worried about her and all that

Sidey: She really starts treating them like shit.

and just slips and ordering them around all the time.

Reegs: Yeah. To get revenge, she sets up this fashion show where she strongly implies that she's murdered the dogs and warn their skins.

But it, I mean, it wasn't, it wasn't what happened. She stages her own show. Basically now at this point, the Baroness realizes that it's still a stellar. Stellar is still, it's only the girl who's been working for her and Cruella are the same person. And she sets out to take her down by trapping Jasper and Horace in an attic and burning them alive.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah, that was that's. That's the kind of level that is pitched at is so that when you're watching this with no and, and so when you're wa basic site in for I'd say my nine year old daughter watching it, she was

Sidey: I didn't watch it with my daughter and she would have.

not liked.

the fire stuff. She just doesn't get on. Well

Reegs: it reminded me very much of lemony Snicket.

The vibe from that, which is so dot, like Roald, Dahl was dark and some of the other stuff, but this is dark and different because it's more modern. But yeah, it's really dark for

Dan: Yeah. And you, you need to be aware of that. I think if you're watching it with a child, particularly under 10, then you know, it's not going to be for every kid.

My daughter loved all their series of unfortunate events and all that kind of stuff. And we have an older brother she's been

Sidey: the

Dan: older stuff anyway, so she was used to this. Kind of vibe

Reegs: she's been watching snuff films since CBBs or. So it's stellar is left to die in the blaze, but it's rescued by John, I think his name was Mark

Sidey: yeah, You knew he was going to do something along the lines because he's been lurking around getting the odd line here or there just being ordered

Reegs: Yeah And you're just like way there. Mark story is too good for this

Dan: Effectively, isn't he he's, he's the guy that has been working for her, but I think has worked for the family rather than just the barrenness.

Reegs: Yeah. He tells her that the Baroness is her biological mother.

Sidey: And

Reegs: We get this sort of scene of when she realized that she was pregnant and she has this massive, like hissy fit. And then she orders John mark.

To take the baby away and kill it when it comes. I mean, this, that is pre

Dan: she made it herself very clear. She, when you know, it didn't happen, she was quite disappointed that he hadn't carried out orders.

Sidey: she was also married

Reegs: the Baron

Sidey: Yeah. and he was it. They said he just withered with it. Did he die?

Dan: Yeah, he did in the end. I, he was, he was a lovely bloke until he met. I think it's a familiar story, isn't it?

Reegs: She poisoned him. Yeah.

So yeah, she, the Baroness is the mother. I don't think anybody was hugely shocked at this revelation at this point,

Dan: we try not to give away too much because we do have a magnificent price to, to actually watch this film in a little while we can tell you about at the end

Yeah. So in fact, the woman that she thought was her mother all these years was just the housekeeper that

Sidey: guardian, but not her. biological mother.

Reegs: it's quite a revelation.

Dan: it is. Yeah. Hell of a twist. This was moving now into the final kind of throws of it all and. We've we've got Emma's Emma Stone and Emma Thompson basically pitched up against each other now everywhere.

Sidey: Well, we

go Back to the scene of the mother murder with another party, it's all history repeating itself. And then everyone turns up. A lot of people have been invited


we see them opening boxes.

And then when everyone arrives at the party, they've got the Cruella black and white.

wigs on,

Which is

Reminded me a lot of

Thomas crown With everyone with the bowler hats.

Reegs: Oh, it made me think of anonymous,

know or like V for vendetta

Dan: what it made me think of. Yeah. Everybody bringing out the same.

Sidey: moth.

Dan: everybody looks the same and then it

Reegs: great imagery. Isn't

Dan: difficult to spot the chlorella and

Reegs: There's a great site gag in there that I wouldn't want to give away because you want to see it in the movie. But yeah, there's this room full of people, all looking the same, does some good jokes and it, and the camera moves really energetically round it like a Scorsese type camera is it follows lots of different people wandering round.

So yeah, we've got this ball going on.

Sidey: Eventually Corella appears reveals herself and then Corners Or they have a coming together in exactly the same spot. Exactly the same scenario. And she reveals that she is the daughter that, oh, that's why you're so brilliant because your mind, you know, and she says, well, come in for a hug and the brownness shoves her over over the cliff again, you know, history repeating itself.

And we are led to believe for just a few moments that she has died again,


but then it cuts to her. grave and she's standing at her own grave. So,

Reegs: Well, it's great though, because you get the shot of Emma Thompson. The Baroness turns around and all of the

Sidey: parts come out,

Reegs: been dragged out to see it. And she's trying to blag everybody that she,

Dan: that she was attacked and it was

Reegs: she jumped,

Sidey: just, she tried to pull me over

and No, one's buying it.

Dan: No, everybody's, everybody's seen her push her over.

Reegs: But yeah, so Cruella is stellar. It was a stellar who was dressed up. Wasn't she? The daughter, she was dressed as a stellar and Estella has died.

Sidey: signed

all her fortunate. 'cause she been the air. she has inherited all of the Barron's

Reegs: property and finances

Sidey: has then on her. will Left that all to Cruella So she is now legitimately

Dan: chlorella.

Sidey: She's Got a lot of

Reegs: And Estella survives really a remarkably high fall. I don't know how long she fought for before she then pulls out parachutes a good scene. Well, over the

Sidey: though.

Reegs: Yeah. So the Baroness goes to prison for murdering. Her daughter is stale.

Stella Cruella inherits the Hallam hall. There's a good little gag with that as she drives in.

And then she moves in, she moves all of her cronies in Jasper

Sidey: and the dogs

Reegs: and the dog.

Dan: And that's it. Then we're left with that convincing backstory.

Reegs: Well, what we're left with is because then we find out that two of the dogs are called Pongo and Perdita, and a straw said to be brother and sister, aren't they in the plot of this thing.

So yeah, that does put a slight different picture on

Sidey: but they are the two that had

the a hundred, one day emotions.

Reegs: Yes Pongo and Perdita

Sidey: That's the post credits senior

Reegs: then HOLC turns up.

Sidey: Yeah, So It's really long. It's film

Reegs: this long

Dan: two hours.

Sidey: I had a gripe about it.

it's just too long. and I didn't watch this as my daughter, but she, I don't think she would have been able to keep her interest just going for this long it's over two hours.

Reegs: Yeah. So you'd need to be aware of that for slightly older kids though. There is a lot to like like we've already said the Baroness is a really great Disney violin

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: villain even.

Sidey: fill in

Reegs: Yeah and Jasper and Horace sort of sweet and funny and the dog stuff is, is kind of cute. And the soundtrack is great.

The production design

Sidey: Yeah. It's, it's really incredible. They, they created. It was the costume designer. Jenny Beavan who worked on mad max fury road. She created 277 costumes for the principal cost 47 of which were for Cruella alone. So,


Reegs: And we haven't talked about that, but it is all the way through the movie. They are the most incredible costumes. I mean, there are some absolutely stunning ones, like the one where she comes out of the garbage or whatever you would call it, rubbish van and her dress looks like a whole bunch of thrown away dresses.

And then it's just brilliant reveal.

Dan: my daughter really likes drawing and. Designing clothes and all Barbie, that kind of stuff.

So she loved this film. She really loved it. I mean, we watched it twice. And I really enjoyed it as well. Instead of two hours, didn't feel that long to me. Certainly not the first time I watched it. I mean, we just, we watched it all the way through without taking a break. We were, you know, singing along to a little bit, it's tapping it because the soundtrack was so strong.

I really loved it that my daughter was enjoying it as well. When it was one of those more adult films that we'd been able to watch together where I'm actually generally enjoying this film

Reegs: I don't really say. And I think this would be too much for her right now. I think.

Dan: I, yeah, I think it's probably. Pitched about why 11, 12 years old. They'll get a lot from this.

My daughter, as I say, with an older brother, she's used to watching stuff that's a little bit, maybe more adult. She loves the Simpsons and all that kind of stuff in it. It does have some of that kind of humor as well. Where it's is adult issue more in this.

You know, so some of it would have gone over our head, but there was a lot within visually that she was enjoying with the fashion, with it all with so much creativity.

Reegs: It is, it is really stunning, stunning looking movie.

It's got this weird kind of Cruella, Emma Stone. She looks very much like the joker out of Todd Phillips is joker movie in this at points is quite odd. I mean, yeah, I can just sort of see that in there. A weird transition. Did you see the character that finished this movie and the despicable villain that we find in 101

Sidey: So that's kind of say it's strange concept to humanize and make you feel sympathy for someone that we know is a monster.

Now I know that there is the sequence.

Green lit and what we'd

Dan: Oh, it doesn't

Sidey: presumably some stuff's going to happen, but this was dark to Get that transition to where she ends up. is going to be darker still. I would've thought,

I don't know.

Dan: Well, I mean, look at the joke or they they've done that. They've tried to give a reason as to why people are behaving the way that they do. And Estella had a tough upbringing. I mean, she was almost killed by her mother. She was she saw what she thought was her mother die. Then a lot later she's been told that the word.

Tried to kill her is in fact, her mother, I mean, she's had all these traumas to go through an orphan. It skips over years of her life and we just see her in, in a derelict house, but that would have been tough for three kids at that age, living on the streets and everything. So. I guess what they're aiming to do is, is to humanize it and make it a little more you know, it likes because of the pain and everything that she's had to go through to give you reasons, but you never got that as kids.

So it was just a bad person, wasn't it? And she's evil and, and all the rest of it. But. I really liked the way they did this. I must admit, I just thought the costume was fantastic. The two Emma's just were brilliant. They were abs every scene they were in. It was, it was really, really, you just couldn't take your eyes off it.

Reegs: Yeah. I liked that they managed to weave the Dalmatian stuff into the story without making her like, have some really silly like, oh my, my mother was killed by Dalmatians type motivation because there's never any suggestion of that. It's it's she knows she blamed herself and she blames the Baroness, but she doesn't blame the dog.


Sidey: but at some point something's gotta happen cause he's going to want to kill.

Dan: Oh boy, it'd be interesting to see how that pans out and whether it was just urban legend and she doesn't actually use real dogs or anything. We'll have to see how the sequel pans out because yeah, it would be difficult to enjoy and like, and root for Cruella, Estella Corella in.


the next movie, if she is just slaughter in dogs and things.

But I dunno, I think there's a little more heart to her. Then they send, you see that sometimes between Horace and Jasper as well, that she lets her guard down and she is a very vulnerable person at times, but she's got something in her head. She won't let it go. And that is what is, is driving her forward.

Sidey: Not I got a kick out of this. I I did enjoy maybe been a little touch shorter. But kids. wise Just need to be aware that it is quite dark, but that's a good thing. It's not sugarcoating everything. It's not taking kids for granted. It's it's pitched a, just a slightly

Reegs: An

Sidey: mature child that my daughter is at the moment.

So she's just a. so just, that's something to just be a little bit aware of.

Reegs: there's plenty. If you, if your kids do like it as an adult watching it, there's plenty to enjoy from the great soundtrack to the, you know, there's stuff like about inter Dima, intergenerational, like rivalry in a, in a workplace, you know, there's plenty of that dynamic going on between the two Emma's and it's played really well in the soundtrack.

I think I've said to drilling times is great. And yeah,

Dan: yeah, there's, there's plenty for you to watch this and in generally enjoy with your older kid. And they will as well. It, wasn't tough for me to see this once. Certainly twice I enjoyed it as well. Yeah, it's a, it's a good film.

Reegs: If you want to see Disney's Cruella yourself, we have a given.

Dan: giveaway.

Reegs: I giveaway

Sidey: giving it away down,

Reegs: actually giving it away. We've got for free five lucky people can have a digital code for.

On Disney plus terms and conditions apply. We,

Dan: you've got to send us your money.

Reegs: No, it's, it's, it's, it's unfortunately only available to listeners in America. But if you are an American listener or have access to some kind of technology, say VPN or some other unlocked region service, I'll I'll stop now.

You could have access to Cruella. All you would need to do is

Dan: You need to answer the question we haven't asked.

Sidey: Came back to the film. rigs. If you're going to score this film, let's say how many Dalmatians are 101 Dalmatians.

would you score it?

Reegs: This is a solid 75 Dalmatians out of 101 for me. And that, that is the answer to this week's question.

Do you think you can make a comeback? I reckon you can make a bomber jacket out of 75 Dalmatians. Maybe

Sidey: not

Reegs: full flow in.

Sidey: That's

Reegs: If you can make a Jack like, cause she's when she's making a coat, it's a big coat in it. So, and she needs a hundred specifically 101.

Sidey: I'm picturing like Buffalo bills. where he's gone. Cut out.

Reegs: Nice.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: 75. That's your answer?

Sidey: Cool. Look out for our social media stuff.

Dan: crew Ella.