March 24, 2023

Midweek Mention... Deep Blue Sea

Midweek Mention... Deep Blue Sea
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Renny Harlin's DEEP BLUE SEA (1999) is a classic sci-fi horror mixing B movie conventions with a genre savvy script and a love of JURASSIC PARK to create the best not JAWS related shark horror movie of all time. Tune in to hear Reeg's and Cris discuss this masterpiece!      

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Bad Dads


Deep Blue Sea

Reegs: So Chris, just you and I tonight? Yes. And we are picking up deep blue sea.

Cris: Yes.

Reegs: The beginning of our fish themed week.

Cris: fish themed week chosen by you?

Reegs: This was Sidy actually. And he unfortunately has not been able to join us at the last minute. But we are gonna push through. He, we will give his quick review up front.

He said it was absolutely amazing. I say

Cris: he,

strongly recommends this one. So yeah.

Reegs: Straight out the gate. Let's see what you and I thought as we talk it.

So this was a 1999 Renne Harlan joint coming off the back of some fairly unsuccessful movies. He'd had a big hit with cliffhanger. If you remember

Cris: Yes, yes. I remember that one. Stallone. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And John Voigt, I think, who's now a complete maniac I think. And he then had two flops, cutthroat Island and the long kiss goodnight. And then he brought out this sort of bee movie Shark Jaws homage thing that we're gonna chat.

Cris: with. Yes, exactly.

Reegs: So it starts with the catamaran and two couples of lovers, one's dipping her feet in and outta the water while they kiss and listen to some absolutely awful r and b.

Cris: Yes, and a and a and a very strange stereo as well. Yeah, just a not very well positioned either.

Reegs: Right. But yeah, anybody could get electrocuted. Yeah. And then something big kind of starts bumping the boat. The wine spills like blood into the water. I dunno if you saw that shot. It was good. And it's smashing the boat from below and then it stops and the teddy bear falls into the water and it's all calm.

Yes. And then just after that shark just crashes through the bottom of the boat.

Cris: It's also, he, he, the, the shark kind of interrupts all this sexual attraction between the two couples.

Yeah. Because they were ready. Go for it, let's say. And, and then something happens and then obviously they get together and then the shark kind of smashes through the bottom of the boat.

Reegs: That's it. Yeah. Just completely through. You get a money shot of the shark, just like in Jaws its head going through and Yeah. Just like in all horror movies, anybody who has sex is instantly condemned to death.

Cris: or, or nearly had sex. He's not, these guys didn't even get to have sex and they, they were condemned also. And, and as, as in all the, the wonderful action or, or especially shark.

When the, the shark broke through the bottom of the boat, all four of them fell into the water at the same time.

Yeah. So none of them managed to catch something. None of them managed to get a hold of something. They just all fell into the

Reegs: Yeah.

Straight away. Straight away. And it's not looking great for them. And just as it looks like the shark is about to get a pair of them, like a harpoon flies out and then another one, and we get like a big hero reveal of Thomas Carter Thomas, James Carter Blake, and the shark is like, trapped by these cables and harpoons just like inches away from them.

Thrashing, thrashing

around. It's,

Cris: it's, I have to say I obviously didn't expect that, but it was so unexpected. Yeah. I thought if, if you, if you were gonna do that, I thought someone was gonna die before. Before he gets to the shark.

Yeah. So that was brilliant. How, and it was in the night as well. Yeah. So it was him to see in the night and to shoot two

Reegs: Yeah.

He's a hero. He's definitely a hero. Unbelievable. But you're right. And considering this movie is not shy on Gore to spare these sort of four expendable characters, right? The beginning seems a bit unusual. Yeah, you're right. Next up we get Dr. Susan McAllister, who's Saffron Burrow. She was super hot.

Wouldn't. And

Cris: is a scene where, where she takes pretty much everything off.

Reegs: Later on. Yeah. She arrived via helicopter to talk to her bosses. One of them is the excellent Ronnie Cox as a smarmy executive in Samuel L. Jackson as Russell Franklin. And she's defending her work in the wake of the shark attack.

And it turns out it was like a test subject shark that they'd had

Cris: that somehow broke through. Yeah. Or broke free from, from this facility. They had, I also have to say the, the speech she gave there, I thought it wasn't that great.

Reegs: Well, she's working on a cure for Alzheimer's. Yes. She, she reels off a whole load of like statistics about how many people it affects and then she's got a personal connection.

Her father died her father, right. Her mother died and then her father got Alzheimer's and was like constantly asking where is.

Cris: where his wife is.


Reegs: she's like constantly having to say, oh, she's dead. It's like 51st date that Adam Patan film. But the reverse, like you're constantly telling your, I dunno why she didn't just lie, like, oh, she's at the shop or,

Cris: Yeah,

Reegs: you know what I mean?

Doesn't have to put him through that tour, man.

Cris: what I mean. The, the whole idea with the speech was, and, and she made such an impression Yeah.

That some Samuel Jackson's character is like, okay, you made such an impression with the speech. I'll give it a go.

Reegs: And it's not even really clear what the give it go is, right?

He's invested a load of money and there's something about the stock price on Monday morning. So there's introduced a kind of ticking plot, ticking clock type element to the plot that they've gotta all be done in the next couple of days, which A amplifies things up for Dr. Susan. Yes. Burrows, who's not, uh uh, Susan McAllister, who's not gonna be sort of the hero of the piece.

Anyway, we get the plane ride out to wherever we're going. The Qk, actually, I think it's called, which I thought was the name of a waterpark, but

Cris: I'm not sure. Yeah, I I, I'm not sure I, what, what they do say at one point is that it's somewhere off the coast of the US

Reegs: Oh, right.


Cris: They do say that. Yeah. Especially later on when there's a helicopter coming at one point and stuff. So, so there is, they are somewhere just off the coast of o of the us but it doesn't really tell you a location and it's a, it's a unknown location on the map.

Reegs: Yeah. And on the way out there, Franklin, Samuel l Jackson's character, I think is flying them out there.

And he's teasing a backstory of something that happened to him in the Alps. Yes. And it's not really clear what happened, but it's clear he survived something. And we are gonna come back to this story later. Anyway, so they are flying out to this water world style research facility called Aquatica. It's an old Navy submarine fueling station or something.

And it's also an underwater prison slash laboratory for the sharks

Cris: it goes three levels below sea level. It's, it's very intricate from the plans and how, from, from the, from above. Pretty much looks like

Reegs: it's like a floating

Cris: Pools. Yeah. Two pools in a, in a, in the sea. Really? Yeah. And then you find out that it goes way deeper.

Reegs: Well, the, this is a cool bit of script writing really, because we get introduced to all the main characters and we establish the entire geography of the bass in this, like 10 or 15 minutes. And it's great. It's really good. It's clever writing. And so we get outside, you know, we get somebody.

Russell round the facility. Another Dr. Jane Higgins. We get Blake who's introduced swimming alongside, I think a tiger shark. Yes. And then pulling a plate out of

Cris: Yes. Out of his mouth.

Yes. A tiger shark that was brought. There earlier, he just kind of dives in and grabs his fin. Yeah. It's, it's pretty much like Kevin Costner in in Underworld or whatever. Waterworld water wall. Yeah. He just basically is a human half human, half fish.

Reegs: Yeah. . Yeah.

Cris: without the gills. But any, anything else.

I mean, if he can grab a, a shark by its fin and just And he removes the, the license plate with his bare hand. Yeah. While the sh the shark is swimming in, in the water.

it's the true hero.

Reegs: Yeah, exactly. A true hero. It's like taking the thorn out of the lion's poor or whatever the story is. Anyway Blake can barely disguise his disdain for the man who funds them here and he sort of aggressively pulls his arm when he gets him out the water. Like really sort of passive aggressive as if he's gonna fall off balancing and he smart mouths him before running off.

And then we get Janice Soprano. I dunno if you were a Sopranos fan. Ada Touro. She was the radio

Cris: right. Okay.

Reegs: But that, yeah, Janice Soprano she picks up news of a storm about 30 miles out. I wonder if that'll come into play

Cris: Maybe. Yeah. There's also the introduction to the, I can't remember his name.

Reegs: The scientist, Stellan Scars guard.

Cris: The g not, not the scientist. The guy that we is in the.

the, it is quite random. The guy with a Golde I

Reegs: oh, Michael Rappaport. Yeah. Yeah. Rappaport Tom

Cris: Character Heza. I thought that was a random scene, but that was amazing. Really. He just stood on a pole and just weed in the water.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. And he sort of New York, New York in it up a lot. Yes. All that. A lot. And Carter certainly places the blame on him for the test

Cris: Yes.

Escaping. Yeah.

Reegs: And then Franklin is taken inside and we get this long elevator ride down and explanations, like you were saying about the various levels, sub-levels, living quarters, airlocks and blah, blah, blah.

And then there's a scene of Susan and Jim basically skipping months and months of testing to just kind of genetically alter a brain's shark sharks brain. They extract some shit out of it. And there you go.

Cris: Well, yeah, th that's, that's where we kind of slowly start to realize that they're working on some neuroscience and they're working on something to do with shark's brains.

Yeah. Because until then, everything is a little bit of a mystery as it was with Samuel Jackson's character's

presence. Yeah.

because. didn't really know what he was gonna invest his millions and, and all that. So yeah. Now we know they, they're, they, there's a really interesting scene where there's a, there's a shark with without this front lo frontal lobe.


Reegs: that's right. Yep.

Cris: And, and they're extracting something from his brain and, and things like that. So that's an interesting take and we now know why we're there and, and that then it tells you that these sharks. The power potentially to cures, to cure. To find a cure for Alzheimer's. Yeah. With this enzyme that's in their brain or

Reegs: Protein or something. Yeah, I didn't get the science completely, but yeah, that's why we're here. That's why we need these mutant sharks. And there's gonna be more revealed about that as well. F Russell Franklin, Samuel Jackson tells Blake, you know, there's a bit of tension between them cuz he knows about his backstory.

He did time for smuggling. So,

Cris: Yes.

Reegs: yeah, there's a bit of tension between them. And we are, we are treated to like a, we. Oh. Then we meet ll Cool jy. Yes. His character is preacher. He's introduced cooking cakes in the kitchen and like getting his parrot to suck his finger.

Cris: Yeah, very. Strange.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, I put, he's getting sexually, he's sexually abusing his parrot in my notes.

I don't know whether you saw it like that, but

Cris: he's definitely taught his parrot some dirty words. Yeah, we can, we know that. And then the parrot tries to eat cream of his

Reegs: That's right. So

Cris: it is a bit,

Reegs: it's suggestive. We get a birthday surprise party for Dr. McAllister, which starts off a bit like a horror, like where is everyone?

It's all dark and blah, blah, blah. I enjoyed that. Little fake out. And then Blake and McAllister flirt a little bit, don't they? And Yes. Yeah, he tries it on. It's clear they've had a few goes at romance. But you know, it's a sort of weird working

Cris: but I, I thought it was quite a weird dynamic because they kind of flirt.

You think they're gonna, something's gonna happen, and then he starts. Kind of telling her that there's something wrong with these sharks. They're clever than they, than you think that we need to stop this

Reegs: working in teams,

Cris: accelerated too much their process or, or we've given them too much and they become too clever.

And then she's like, remember who you are and you wouldn't want to go back to prison with you and stuff like that.

Reegs: that. Yeah. So they're kind of lovers. They're sort of flirting and then she's threatening him. . So, yeah.

Cris: very strange. I have to say. I didn't expect that one coming, but. and then he kind of leaves and he's a little bit upset, but he says, I'll play along with your game.

And that's, it kind of agrees to, to keep his mouth shut and, and just accept the, the fact that they just need this weekend, get the money for the, for the funding for the next step from, from this man, from Franklin. Yeah. And then he can go back to being whoever he wants to be, and then he will therefore get all his about all his problems and the fact that he was in prison and

Reegs: Yeah, exactly. It'll be all meaningless to him. So a storm descends on Aqua as they kind of, their plan is to go to the bottom level of the, of the base and trap a shark basically in this, in this pool. And so it's absolute chaos outside, but it's calm inside.

Cris: very, yes.

Reegs: And Blake goes out in these like cage tunnel things, so the sharks can't get to him. He's like a long cage

Cris: It's a tunnel underwater. Yeah. Within the pool, the artificial pool that they created.

Reegs: And then they do like a synchronized attack on him. The sharks, don't they? And then they swim

Cris: which

sharks can't do in real life.

Reegs: And they recognize the gun, he points the gun at them and that's when they swim away. So it's like, hang on a minute, what is going on here with these sharks? And then they start to take out the cameras one by one. And the power. Yeah. . And then Blake, like completely crazily in my opinion, opens up the shark cage thing.

Basically uses himself as bait, doesn't he? And then puts his air tanks somewhere to sort of trick

Cris: well, the, he's getting chased by the shark. Yeah. Which, this is another one that I thought this would be something that you see in, I dunno, commando or predator where he, he puts his jacket somewhere, but it's so that you attack the jacket. That's it. He did that, but underwater with a shark.

Yeah. So, so he all his scuba diving gear, he, he, as he was swimming and the shark was coming after him. Yeah. He was so quick to take it. Swim to the side. Sh the shark attacked his gear, his basically swimsuit. Yeah. And, and then he shoots him and he puts him to sleep.

Reegs: That's right. And he's held his breath for about 25 minutes at this point as

Cris: Ambush underwater. Yeah. Again, superhero.

Reegs: Anyway, so they bring the shark thing back into the air airlock and they give it an m r I scans. It's sedated now and it goes into all this sciencey action. And yeah, the plan is to harvest the shark brain cells and they do it.

And it like twitches, doesn't it?

Cris: it?

Yes. At one point. Yeah.

Reegs: and it gives you a little, and eventually they do harvest it, a small vial of stuff that instantly fixes a small clump of brain matter that they had prepared in the laboratory. They just put some drops on it and you see through the microscope, I'll right that instantly it's gonna fix it.

So, Woohoo. They've

Cris: In 6.3 seconds or something like that? Yeah. On, on a. Dead brain pretty much. It was just a cut of brain really. With Alzheimer's, they just put these drops and that's it. In 6.3 seconds is the, the sparks and the signups is start going and basically it's gonna regenerate dead tissue. Yeah.

Reegs: Incredible, incredible.

Cris: but unfortunately we find out that the shark was not actually fully sedated.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, scars guard goes for a Siggy. They've been teasing him having a Siggy about three or four times in this movie, and he finally gets almost a light up and then just instantly has his arm ripped off by a shark as he sort of goes, just br he's near it.

The shark just suddenly launches himself up

Cris: and just

Reegs: takes his arm off.

Cris: He's just fancy the Siggy.

Reegs: Yeah. And Blake runs to get a shotgun to kill the shark, but McAllister releases it back into the water before he can. And they radio for help. But of course it's a big storm out there and a chopper comes in to perform a dramatic evacuation for scars guard.

Cris: And, and as always, the helicopter was perfectly fine. Came all the way in. Yeah. Dropped the, the iron cable. Yeah. The metal cable attached to the, to, to the. Carrying thing. Whatever the, the, the stretcher. The stretcher, yeah. They, they attach everything. And as they were trying to pull him back up, the, the machinery gets stuck and it breaks down.


Reegs: I, I think scars, guards start spinning wildly. It's horrendous. What happens to him? He's got a mask on because that'll become important in a minute. Yeah. Cuz he spins around, spins around


Cris: master to keep him breathing

Reegs: and then he falls into the water, still attached to the helicopter by the cable.

And then the cable and the helicopter is sort of dragged along into the surface of aquatic. And it's just like a huge explosion. The

Cris: Helicopter. You would think that they use a nuclear bomb

Reegs: there. Yeah.

Cris: not a helicopter crashing into a, a granite wall.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. So,

inside, it's, you know, they're trying to work out what's going on cuz they felt the rocking of the explosions and they're trying to get into the contact with the surface and there's nothing going on.

And then suddenly Franklin looks out of the window, out of the sort of at the deep blue sea and he suddenly sees scars, guards Stretcher, like just come flying towards him being propelled by a shark in his mouth and he's just thrown, still alive into the glass window.

Cris: Yes. That is

Reegs: Yeah. Brilliant.

Cris: Yeah. I have to say, but, but even his reaction, you must be, I think you, even when we read the script, do I have to do this? Yes. and I think that was his reaction. What is that it, he's, he's so surprised. And then obviously the closer you get the, the speed of the shark and then he, he launches the, pretty much the, the side of the stretcher into the glass.

And the glass slowly starts breaking. while, while they just sit there and watch it. Yeah. And then, oh. It's gonna break and then it breaks in 1.2 seconds later. Yeah. Water comes in with it. The shark, they slowly, they somehow manage to, to get out.

Reegs: They do

Cris: in time and, and to close the door.

Reegs: There's a lot of this I put in here. There's a lot of like shutting and opening doors in this bit of lots of water coming through and get this bitten out here. And yeah, you skipped through a lot of that. MacAlister finally confesses, she genetically altered the shark's brains to make them bigger so she could get more of that protein.

And that's why they're so like mental

Cris: and, and obviously they're, I think that's when they say that they're intelligent like human or triple times more intelligent than an actual shark and they just want to kill them. Really

Reegs: than Pete probably, I would

Cris: than definitely. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Yeah. Preacher now, he gets a whole section. He's been trying to get attention to the surface. He doesn't really have a clue what's going on. He's just kind of been cooking the rest of the, the whole time. And the rest of the team never really thought that they should tell him what's going on over the intercom.

Oh, by the way, LL Cool J you might.

You know, know that

Cris: there's only towards, I think there, there is a point where he is trying to contact someone and he just ha lets the phone go because no one's getting in contact with him and he just starts walking away.

But, . It's, yeah, it's a very strange, he, he, and to be fair, throw the movie, he's mostly by

Reegs: yeah, he is. Well, and the parrot is there as well. Oh, except it gets taken out in this bit, doesn't it? Yeah. Because the water comes in flooding and a shark comes in and the shark takes down the parrot. Very sad.

Cris: Yeah.

Reegs: And then, then there's a bit where he, it climbs into the oven Yes. To escape the shark.

And then you think, oh, they're not gonna do something ridiculous. And they do do exactly what you want it to do. The shark turns the oven.

Cris: Yes. How good is that? That is, that must be the cleverest shark they've ever invented if he knew how to turn on the oven.

Reegs: Brilliant. Yeah, I like to think he did it deliberately.

Who knows? Of course, of course he did. Yeah. So he has to kind of hack his way into the oven above using an ax axis. Great sequence. And then he dived past it and he hurls his lighter back at it and explodes just like in jaws, doesn't

Cris: it? Yes.

Because obviously the, yeah, the, the oven is gas and which in, in, at no point you know that that is No, it just sees him getting warmer and warmer inside. So you would think it's just an electric oven. But then he throws a lighter in this gas and the shark explodes on half underwater, half. It's, it's brilliant scene though, to be fair, and, and he survives, so that's what matters.

Yeah. And he gets revenge for his parrot.

Reegs: Yeah, he does. Exactly. So anyway, their, the others, their plan was to try and get to the subroom, but when they get there, the sub has been totaled, doesn't it? They, there's like a submarine that can take two of them out at a time and they were gonna go out. And

Cris: and because of the explosion at the, at the top, it, it kind of moved the whole building.

Yeah. And, and the submarine that was attached to something, it just collapsed. And, and now they can't use it anymore

Reegs: Rapid rapport tells them, so they've kind of got two options. One is to swim. It's crazy, but yeah. And rapid rapport tells them that there's like a maintenance shaft, but when they open it, all the water's gonna come in and it's gonna flood that entire level.

So they, that it's like, It's an on or off choice. This, you either do the go out through the airlock or you condemn the whole bottom of the place to, to being flooded. And as they sort of talk about what to do and argue about it, and all the team factions that have emerged as a result of all this, Franklin starts to give a big rousing speech where he talks about what happened in the Alps and how they just survived.

And just as this story reaches its crescendo, a shark comes out behind him, comically really, and just takes him out.

Cris: Yes. And that being said,


he just started the speech Carter tells him, don't get too close to the water. Yeah, yeah. I'm just.

Reegs: and Yeah. When I watched this movie the first time, I still remember being genuinely surprised by that moment because he was the biggest actor in the film.

Really? Samuel

Cris: Jackson. And he was, you would think that he would be the one that survives because he's got all the survival skills. And it was, especially once he started talking about the Alps and, and how people started turning against each

Reegs: other. That's right. Yeah.

Cris: said, ah, there was five of us that made it out alive, but it was seven of us that got


Reegs: survived the accident or

Cris: that survived.

But then we started turning on each other and we. Promised to never speak about it before and blah, blah, blah. And he gives all this kind of brave heart underwater

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. But

Cris: then he gets just pretty brutally

Reegs: Oh, it's horrible.

Cris: and, then you see the shark diving in and it kind of breaks him in half.

Reegs: I think. It takes him outside and another shark kind of rips his legs off or

Cris: whatever.

It's something like that. The legs go to one side. Oh yeah. There, there's the other shark that rips the legs and kind of rips them in half. It's, it's

Reegs: a, it's a

Cris: horrible day. Yeah. Brutal scene. And it's also, we have to remember it's 1999 cgi. Yeah. So it's very well made.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Cris: So, oh, it's, it's brilliant.

It's brilliant. But that's, that's one of them that this is pretty much the lowest point out of all the movie for morale. Yeah. Because then they decide to go through the shaft.

Reegs: They do. And so as they go through, the water stops filling up. I think at one point we get like a Jurassic Park style, you know, the You know when the T-rex is coming and the water is like

Cris: Yes.

Reegs: Yes. And you get that in the thing, a little homage to it.

Cris: It's also very interesting because in this, normally you, you, you very rarely see sharks in shallow water or, or that shallow, but throughout the whole movie Yeah. The water is up to their waist. Yeah. And, and sharks are just, they're basically running because it's probably as easy to run as it is to swim in that kind of shallow water.

Sharks are always around in, in that really shallow water, which

Reegs: of course, yeah.

Cris: Why wouldn't they?


Reegs: also noticed that when the sharks were outside, they were probably the length of this room or certainly the width of this room, and when they were inside, they were probably half that length cuz they were easier to move around the corridors and stuff.

Cris: The, the shaft was, was an interesting one because you can see it's, it's just a, a round. Shaft and you can see the sharks still kind of just spinning.

Reegs: around. Spinning around. Yeah.

Cris: Like in a fishbowl, just spinning around because there's no other way to go.

Reegs: And it's cool. So you've got the sharks spinning at the bottom like that in the water and above them is all fire, basically just raining down on them

Cris: with with bits of, of fire. Yeah. Coming down. So

Reegs: it's good, good tent scenes. And I think preacher saves them and they climb out and blah, blah, blah. And they come up with this plan to turn on some pumps so they can clear a stairwell to get up to the top.

Cris: but in order to do that, they need to go underwater.

Reegs: That's right.

Cris: And to go into the control room.

Reegs: Yeah. go into Janice's rim to look for batteries for a torch, and Rappa suggests they find a dildo. I enjoyed that

Cris: Yeah. Yeah. That was quite funny, I have to say.

Reegs: And what? Right, so Blake so Thomas Jane and Michael Rappaport go to switch on the pumps. Dr. McAllister goes off to her office to try and salvage some of her.

Notes and they do eventually get the pumps working and, and clear it,

Cris: they leave, they leave Uncle J alone again? Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah, he's just left to do his own thing,

Cris: Left him there by himself.

Reegs: Then Rappaport dies. He's immediately ripped apart by a shark as they congratulate each other for turning on the pumps.

Yeah. And then Blake escapes and then McAllister goes off to retriever notes. It's all quite intense. And then we see the shark come in and eventually she

Cris: takes a close

Reegs: to her underwear.

Cris: clothes off, which is, I

Reegs: the main reason for watching the movie at

Cris: at this point, I'm, I'm, I agree.

the best scene

Reegs: she uses, there is a reason, a plot reason she uses her wetsuit as insulation to stand on when she, and then she rips a power

Cris: she's on a metal table.

So, yeah, she, she stands on, on it, she rips the, the electricity cable, which is clearly 5,000 volts. Yeah. And when the shark, he back goes back, it's almost like a bull really in the arena. He, he backs off, backs, off, backs off. Waits for her to, to rip the cable off. Waits for her to take all her clothes off.

Reegs: Yeah. . Yeah. Yeah.

Cris: put the wetsuit underneath her feet. Yeah. Stabilize herself. And when he attacks she just pretty much stabs the shark in its mouth. Yeah. With the electricity cable. And the shark

Reegs: the fries, the whole room, the shark as well. I've put this bit's really stupid in my notes, but I I did enjoy it.

So now who we've got, we've got left, three left. We've got Susan McAllister, preacher and Thomas, James Carter, Blake

Cris: one shark left.

Reegs: And one shark. That's right. Yeah. And they swim the 60 feet that they have to, to freedom using these fire extinguishers that they've rigged as a sort of distraction. and it is all going remarkably well. And they make it to the surface, and then suddenly preacher is plucked out of the water by one and dragged along. And he stabs it in the eye with his crucifix.

Cris: Yes. and, and he, he, because obviously the shark was probably one of the, got small again, because he was in one of the shafts inside. Yeah. He only grabs the o o one of his legs.

And everything else is, is fine. He didn't breaks him in half or

Reegs: yeah, like we'd just seen

Cris: what happened to anyone else. He just kind of grabs his hold of his leg and he has the time to be angry and pray and then stab, stab the shark with his crucifix in the eye.

Reegs: And he hasn't had his leg amputated, has he or anything? He's just sort of on the side there bitten, but. Okay. And it seems like everyone's gonna make it. They patch up preacher's leg and wait for backup to arrive. And

Basically at this point they realize actually what's happened is that the sharks have been manipulating things all along.

They wanted the humans to flood the facility in such a way as to open up the passageways to the oceans from

Cris: So they, because the what the sharks want, they want freedom. Yeah, yeah.

Reegs: So that's when McAllister says, right, we've gotta kill the remaining shark. We can't let this happen. We can't let genetically.

brain, super brain sharks out into the wild. So they gear up Blake improvises some sort of dynamite out of flares, and I think the plan is for Blake to harpoon it with a cable attached to a battery and blow it up. But yeah, it all goes a bit wrong, doesn't it?

Cris: Well, she jumps into the water as a. As a bait.

Reegs: That's right. Yeah. Come to mama, she says.

Cris: I, I, that was,

Reegs: Very odd.

Cris: yeah, she didn't have to do that. Oh, she, she cuts her

Reegs: That's right.

Cris: She cuts her hand and then she dives into the water. She could have just put the hand into the water as soon as they smelled blood.

Generally, it doesn't have to be the whole body in the water. No, as far as I know.

Reegs: I agree. I agree.

Cris: But obviously she says, come to mama. She tries to get out the water. But the, as always, the, the ladder that she tries to, to get hold of breaks,

Reegs: I didn't see it coming the first time. Again, I've gotta say I didn't see it coming. When she goes to reach for, and the ladder breaks and then she's just completely

Cris: obliterated. Yes. By

Reegs: shark, just nothing left of her.

Cris: But at the same time, we have to say local Jay's a big boy. Yeah. Although not very tall in real life, but he's stocky and wide. She's a thin lady, so I think it's easier to break her in half than him.

Reegs: I guess, I guess. Anyway, then the shark goes for Blake and he kind of leaps over it in the water and then rides it like we saw

Cris: him as well. He kind of just kind of gets outta the way and pushes him. Yeah. Almost like a Tai Chi movement. Just, just underwater.

Reegs: It was amazing.

Cris: And, and, and he again, grabs hold of his fin Yeah.

And turns into Kevin Kosner in that movie again.

Reegs: And then he gets on it and then preachers got the ll Cool J's got the harpoon gun, and he's supposed to fire it, but he shoots it through a Thomas Jane's leg, which is just another final insult to get the shark.

But then anyways, the shark swims off. Preacher connects the battery. And with Blake having come off at the gate, the shark just explodes every.

Pretty grim.

Cris: And it's a, it's a really nice blood type mushroom in the sky. Yeah. When, when the explosion happens. Yeah. So, so it came back to being the, the massive shark that we've seen Exactly at the beginning. Yeah. But yeah, brilliant, brilliant scene. And obviously the two characters survive and you can see as 30 seconds after the shark exploded this Coast Guard arrives and you can see the boat.

Coming to pick them up and, and people are waving and,

Reegs: and there's a kind of sequel tease cuz preacher says, are you sure there was only three?

He says to Jane afterwards. Yes. Yeah. And then we end and we end with LL Cool j rapping an awful, awful song over

Cris: Yeah. It is not a, to be fair, he is probably had a few, just three good songs that I've, I've heard of.

Reegs: But Mama said, knock you out. I mean, that was him. And that's just a tune for

Cris: Well, exactly. That's why you, you know, will forgiven Paul the terrible movies. He is done just because of that movie. Yeah, sorry. Just because of that song. But yeah. Finishes like that and, and it does leave us a little bit questioning if there was only three.

Reegs: And maybe there will be sequels, which there were

Cris: obviously we've not really seen the tiger.

Reegs: No,

Cris: The one that initially Blake gets on and he, he grabs a whole of his fin. We've not seen that one. Yeah. At the end, so, . We don't

Reegs: know. We just don't know. Do we, Chris? But what do we know about what you thought of this movie?

Cris: I have to say, I thought initially I, I thought it was another one because it's, there's a movie called the, the Deep Blue Sea. Right. And there's this movie called Deep Blue Sea. Yeah. So I thought it was that one. And, and I've managed to find pretty much all of them online. And that one is even worse than this one.

I have to say, Saddi, I hate you for making me watch this movie for two hours or two hours in a bit. Because as much as I like Ella J because he's cool and whatever, I like Samuel Jackson. I like, I like the cast and the whole thing. I really think it was, it could have been 45 minutes and that was

Reegs: done

Cris: They didn't need to go through all that. But, and, and I also, I have to say now that we. Are here. I've seen on the search that there's a part three as well. Yeah, there's part two and a part three. Yeah. Why would they do that? I do not

Reegs: Well, Chris, I would go and see him because I love this as well. I'm with Sady. This is amazing. It's like Bee movie silliness. But with like a huge budget behind it and constantly twisting and turning. And maybe, you know, in 1999, certainly subverting your expectations about what a movie was like, you know, to have these guys just killed instantly in this gore.

And this, you know, the, is the black guy gonna make it? No. And they talk about whether he is gonna make it or not. And, you know, the black guy never makes it in these movies and that sort of thing. And yeah, I just loved it. It was, it was good. Really good fun for two hours. Stupid as shit. But very well executed stupid shit.

Cris: Don't get me wrong. I'm actually, I was surprised and pleasantly surprised because I was actually surprised a few times.

Like you said, there's a few scenes where when, when someone Jackson gets, gets bitten and, and there's a few where you think, Ooh, I didn't see that one coming. Yeah. So, so it's not that linear as, as you can kind of see in the future. And also, I actually have to say as soon, you know, when you see a movie and you think, right, she's gonna survive.

He's gonna survive. Yeah.

None of the, none of them the ones that I thought was gonna survive. Cause I thought the the lady doctor is gonna

Reegs: survive, you do think? she's gonna

Cris: And, and Samuel Jackson. Just because for the future or if they're gonna do something else, or, or they're the cleverest, they're the strongest, they're the most intelligent and they've been through all this.

So, but yeah

Reegs: in general it seems like audiences kind of like this. It was the budget I've got here was between 60 and 80 million and its box office was 165 million.

So good return there and like you say, spawned some sequels. And I think kickstarted, Renny Harlan's career again went on to.

Ooh, die Hard two. Was that after this? Okay, so

Cris: maybe three, not two.

Reegs: have to check that later. Maybe one of our listeners can let us know. But yeah, strong recommend from me, not so strong recommend from you,

Cris: not so strong. I would say watch it if you haven't got anything else to do. But

Reegs: I, this could be the best non Jaws shark movie ever for me. Oh gosh. I gotta think about that.

Cris: I would say definitely


no good shark movies outside of Jaws.