Jan. 19, 2022

Midweek Mention... Executive Decision

Midweek Mention... Executive Decision
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Fasten your seatbelts and watch the in flight safety demonstration as we take to the air for mid-90s action dross Executive Decision.

We're mentioned Kurt Russell a few times on recent episodes, so it was jolly decent of Reegs to nominate this "classic" for us this week.

Tune in for some fascinating trivia.... and information on where you could have acquired a prop from the movie in 2016. Fingers on the pulse as always!


Executive Decision

Sidey: Should we talk about the movie?

Dan: Make a decision. Come on. What are we doing?

Sidey: We are, going to talk about the movie from 1996, starring Kurt Russell, Seagal and Halle Berry

Yeah, because when I put this on to watch, I was like great It's a gun movie. Cause I don't think I've seen many, probably only seen one. other that I can

think of Yeah. So it's all cool.

Another Seagal


Dan: seen the Erika learning under

Sidey: Yeah, it's probably the only other one.

Pete: I've seen under siege that hard to kill. And those

Dan: He did one with Kelly book. Was it that one where he's placed the

patient that never wakes up, but this one he's he's a. Commando is

Sidey: Yeah. So I was really excited about that. So much so that I tweeted about it and someone came in and spoiled.


he doesn't make it very far to me.

Pete: Having said that I still expected to see him again afterwards.

Dan: thought he was going to be like the guy who you didn't see on the plane. I thought they were going to somehow come back

Howie: I also got initially confused. It was the Harrison Ford one it's air force, air force one as well. See

Sidey: Yeah

Howie: she,

Dan: So this was a massive hit in 1996.

Sidey: well,


I guess

Pete: massive because I'd never heard of it. I'd never seen any like clips of it and I'd recognize like almost all the actors in it, but it's hopefully totally passed me by, I didn't know anything about it.

Probably the French girl,

Howie: as the French people. I do not know

Pete: think I've ever seen him in any role other

Sidey: I was going to say you, remember him from.

pyro and

So this movie opens with Kate Russell having some flying lessons.

Pete: Is that night, doesn't it open with the, this, this, the attempted siege first with your man? Cause it comes up with like huge amounts of light print Viddy printer type stuff, like saying exactly.

Cause I remember it was like zeroing in on tree S and I was thinking. In a minute, they're going to say where trust is because no one in

Howie: a

Sidey: America

Pete: ever have heard of flight triaged. And then it was like Tris, literally. And then it was like the guy's shoe size. Absolutely what you had for lunch, everything just, and I thought, I think it to continue with this all the way through the film and they didn't,

Howie: the

morning camouflage.

That was the other bit as well, which is quite old.

Sidey: yeah,

John, do we have quite a bit of John Leguizamo this week, but in this,

Pete: can we, because we're going to, I'm going to have to say his

Sidey: Leguizamo

Pete: like

Dan: John Bean

Sidey: Leguizamo Leguizamo.

Pete: Okay.

Howie: Yeah,

Sidey: Yeah. He's one of what are they Marines or just a black ops team of some

kind Yeah they It's is it just a bomb or a chemical weapon


Pete: the, they're trying to find the chemical, the

Sidey: oh it's the actual stuff that goes into the mess. right? So they're, they're trying to get that, but there are two layers already

Pete: yeah. That they believe they've been given intelligence that the Chet Shan mafia,

Howie: mafia yeah.

Pete: um Have is KZ something.

And the S KC and the sunshine band.


yeah I was close. Yeah.

Howie: Yeah,

Pete: it is. It is. So they've been given intelligence that it is there. They've gone. They've they've killed. Absolutely everybody that's there. one point and they just burst into a room and just spray everything that could have been hostages. And also in

Howie: they're just a couple of people sat on a sofa around a chimney and at cigar just walks in, highlights everyone.

If you notice there's minimal speech from cigar throughout, it's just walking with his gun up, pushing through people.

Dan: Yeah.

Well th th this is one of those films and I kind of think of airplane when you've got the. The plane going through the clouds, like jaws or something. And this is one of those films wiped from the beginning.

You can pick holes in everything, but they just say, look, this doesn't matter. This just happened. So just let a lot of the rest of the shit go. You're on this train now. And, and that's fine, you know where you are from the beginning,

Pete: that was like that

late eighties to sort of mid nineties. The loads and loads of these types of films and yeah, you had to suspend your disbelief.

Dan: Stephens.

Like pony tail was in quite a few of them as well.


Pete: but no, no ponytail in this film,

Howie: and pre massive weight gain.

And the belief that he was a real re-emerged ghost of the Inuit people of

Dan: but he w he is a unit who can fight. You know, you can

Pete: big old boy.

Dan: his

Sidey: Just ask his


Dan: ah, there you go.

Howie: If you heard the story about cigars and that he is a bet. So a lot of Hollywood producers after they saw the success of Schwartzenegger, I said, we can get anybody and make them massive. Let's get, let's get a stump, man. And the, and this is the tale that's told. I think it came out of a Bruce Willis interview.

That Seagal is the result of that.

So he was just basically,

Pete: I guess it was pretty cause you think of that, of that era Schwartzenegger Stallone, like VanDamme was obviously martial arts

Dan: trading places. You can just imagine those during the toilets handed out my over 50 P bet. Well, we're in this guy's life. We'll make it

Pete: Anyway, then we have the, they don't find that the

Sidey: chemicals

Pete: And then we have the plane scene, I remember thinking this'll be handy later on if

Sidey: Yeah I was thinking I wonder if this will pay off. at some point in the future. It also reminded me of, was it the cryptid factor where they had a flight


Yeah. Sort of a bit like that? So he's not great at piloting and it's a small like twin prop kind of thing that he's

Pete: I've written flying lessons in brackets, presumably handy for plot.

Sidey: Yeah,

And it turns out that Kurt Russell is some kind of advisor to,

Pete: I never really understood.

He seems to

Sidey: consultant or yeah

Pete: in sort of like extremists

Sidey: because they cut

to the.

Have, you know, we need to get this stuff. And has that been the hotel

Howie: Not yet. You're introduced to Kurt Russell first, I think. And then you get the hotel bombing

Dan: a bit going on there.

They're basically we find the terrorists have Started to stop terrorizing really haven't they we've had a bomb go off and they will get together in the war room and start planning out there. The cause is, and the solutions are they going to fix

Pete: Before this there's a bizarre flashback scene in black and white, where you first see Kurt Russell in his like day job. And then it, this, this flashback scene of a guy being abducted from a thing his daughter's wedding.

Right W which

Howie: David sushi

Pete: is one of his compatriots who's been abducted or, or, or just captured by, by the U S or whatever.

And obviously that he's, he's key to the plot in that flashback, the Vicker has a fucking light. The vicar starts spraying like a massive light or light semiautomatic machine gun. So he was obviously.

Dan: And that, that flashback actually sets up the terrorist reason for, for terrorizing,

Pete: the, the, the, the believed to be reason for

Dan: exactly. So, so one of their, one of their gang is in prison

Howie: well, it's the leader L side Jafar, not to be confused with Jafar from, from from, from getting Aladdin.


Dan: And yeah, he's, he's busted out and now the Americans have him and he becomes.

A bargaining token, really for them to

Howie: Now we get to a point where this is where my memory is hazy. There's two points there. There's obviously the.

Plot point, which is on the plane, but there is also, it might be just prior to this, you see one of the members of the gang walk into a London.

It goes for all the viewers out there. It does that stupid tele printing of London and a red bus obligatory red bus drives past, and they walk into a hotel. Restaurant area. And he stands there, says something like in, he says something Islamic fundamentalist. I says Jafar. And then he detonates.

Pete: I think it's to show that that was to show how serious these terrorists are.

They're like, we've just blown up all these people in this restaurant. Now we're on a plane. If you don't do what we want, which is get Jafar out, then we're going to take this plane down. So sort your lives out. So we're pretty much. Like that's it it's all set. The scene is set. And at that point I'm thinking, how the fuck are they going to get on this plane?

Dan: We're all thinking, how the fuck is that going to happen?

Sidey: But it turns out it

turns out that Oliver Platt, who we saw in chef many, many episodes

ago Yes it's David's half-brother

he, he has.

This technology that enables them to move from one plane to another, in a covert way through this sort of tunnel that attaches to like an umbilical thing that attaches to


Howie: To the underside of the

Sidey: Undetected,


Pete: that plane is a real plane, isn't it? Not, not with the,

Sidey: Yeah it was It's a remorse.

one 17.

Pete: it's the 17. Cause I remember they had loads of bother with.

Howie: it's a replacement for the Sr 71 Lockheed Blackbird. It's not as fast, but it's a stealth bomber,

Sidey: but

they, they added the, the added the unmedical thing for the movie. You could have bought. If you barely cared enough, you could have bought the prop from from this film, it went up for auction On it was an auction called the Hollywood extravaganza, famous movie props and costumes.

held in 2016? The selling price was not disclosed, but


it was available for sale.

Pete: I got all excited there knowing how much I could, I wouldn't have bought it for,

Howie: I

Sidey: would say hundreds of thousands.


Pete: Is it, is it too early? And I don't want to jump ahead just yet. In fact, no, no, let's, let's wait for the bit. And

Sidey: I mean it's this isn't a citizen Kane. you can, don't worry.

You can go.

Howie: there's an air Marshall who hides all his shit, because he's,

Pete: so

Dan: It's also worth saying just before you say any more, because it goes back to this piece, how Kurt Russell actually gets, cause he's a suit he's in a tuxedo he's just been taken from a do about to chat up a girl and take her to a hockey game. He's whisked off to this war room where cigar was there with a load of others and they rope him into doing it, saying that they need his expertise.

He's just stitching him up to go. Isn't he he's just like, you don't really need to come, but I'm going to make your fucking

Pete: so, so the reason, so there's a frosty exchange in the corridor and it's because Kurt Russell was the guy that gave the Intel to cigars in his team about the, the, the, yeah.

So out of spite,


a gal then suggest. So you should come along on this like completely ludicrous suicide

Sidey: mission,

Howie: I have

Pete: I'm sure that sort of level of pettiness goes on

Howie: I have a problem with Kurt Russell trying to do a semi-serious Rob, because I expect them to rip the sleeves off his shirt and claim he's on the pork chop express, looking for mowing.

I can't deal with him being in any form of slightly serious role.

Pete: Yeah. So you're write down, it ends up being this like, you know, seagulls crack team, because he's the one that recommends Oliver Platt's character and the technology has, and says there is a way because the two options are presented with.

You know, try it, let the plane lands and then we'll have more options.

Or as they think this is going to be a terrorist attack, they're just going to turn the plane into a a bomb and smash into Washington. So we need to shoot this down out of the sky. They're the only two

Dan: but they

kind of honor that a little bit later. Then they, when they realize there's a massive bomb with all this the Z kind of or whatever it is on it.

At first they do think they can

Pete: Yeah but it's Russell that says

Dan: They're not

Pete: it's a red herring. They're going to turn this into a bomb that I know about this guy. Yeah,

Dan: means

Pete: exactly, exactly. So that it's only going to go one or two ways, however Seagal chirps chirps up with the possibility of being able to somehow get on, on board the plane through this technology with the tunnel and save the day and makes Kurt

Dan: so we're probably 45 minutes in now we've seen some outlandish shoot in some, some lines shot from the hip as well. We've seen a video of a newsy. We've, we've not really seen anybody, but white middle-aged men making all the decisions and everything.

Pete: Apart from John legs and arms

and and Cappy as well.

Dan: who

Pete: part of the

Dan: come into it quite

Pete: but he has, he was at the beginning.

Howie: and we've seen, and we've seen Holly, Holly Baret eat the manifesto that says who the hell is on that plane.

Dan: He's probably been 25 years since I've seen this movie you know, 20 years or something. I was loving this again on Saturday night, I was sat back I was, yeah, it was a really nice, easy watch. It was an actual movie loads going on at the gal. I had Kurt Weill. So Holly Berry, there's a plane there, docking their sleeves.

There's all kinds of stuff going on. I was really enjoying.

Pete: what you just said. There is, this film only had like white people in it and I was loving

Howie: it

Pete: because of that reason.

Sidey: no,

Pete: I know you're a west ham fan and that is a common trait. But

Howie: well there's the stealth bomber comes up with that, that the, the, the joining point is basically a flashlight.

So it's a giant flashlight that joins the stealth bomber. It's the 7, 4 7.

Pete: you see shots of like the pilot and then all the guys like sat facing each other. Like they're, you know, like they're on a couple of benches, right? Where the fuck does that massive tunnel come from? There is no way

Sidey: it's just like, you know, you know, about people's vans, their VW vans that have that thing.

on the top that

Dan: Oh, you talking about the tunnel in the, in, above the cockpit where they were drilling holes in.

Sidey: Anyway, they go through that. They do get that attached

Pete: no. The tunnel that attaches the, the, the stealth bomber to the,

Sidey: calling it the, umbilical

Pete: doesn't the umbrella.

Dan: a sleeve.

Pete: Okay. But, but when you look at it, it's, it's, it's,

fucking massive it's

massive. And it would've come from within the sh

Sidey: is this the bit

that is it's, too much for you

Pete: it was, yes.

Howie: giant ships for skin that basically loads of beluga whales were skinned and they were formed into this giant force skin that through air pumps sucks onto the roof. They drew in a hole, they go through a there's a,

Sidey: All make it

Howie: they don't all make it through. Correct.

Sidey: There's some Turbulence. so they Going to lose pressure or something and it's gonna, it's going to come free.

And so Kurt Russell just manages to get through and he's trying to help the gal to make it. through And disappointed. Cause I already knew he was gonna die. He sacrificed himself by closing the hacks just in time. And he fucking,

flies off into the,

Pete: yeah.

Although, although that like, so Cappy by this time has already been fucking like knocked out and has an injury and he's lying. And about 10 times people are showing. I get like, get in, get in. We've got a closer hatch. Get in the pilot saying it. Every, the people in the plane is saying here at every and Kurt Russell is Steven Schell.

Just keep exchanging like smoldering glances doing

Sidey: there's a, bit of history on this because this was, this was around the time when all the accusations of wife beating we're emerging about Seagal, And Kurt Russell had top billing on this movie and he didn't want to work with him. So. He wasn't supposed to die, but this is the way they got rid of him. And he had never died. Maybe he'd died once before, or maybe it was after this. I don't know, but he's only ever died by his own hand in a film.

So that was the combined. Okay. You can kill me off, but it has to be my choice to die. So he could.

That was John Leguizamo's part was expanded in the movie to for the lack of singleness. So that's

why that's dragged

out a bit

Dan: it did seem a little bit weird that it

Pete: came as a massive shock.

Sidey: if I hadn't known, I would have been flabbergasted but Seagal had been off so early.

in the movie,

Dan: was dropped from some of the posters as well. I know it's

Sidey: They only put it in, in countries where they're okay with wife being

Howie: so Brett. So Britain,

Sidey: Brendan was out the masonry but America, was in

Howie: Germany, all the main countries are in.

Sidey: All around the Bolin stadium,

Howie: Yeah,

Pete: the bowling stadium.

Sidey: Whatever it's called. say that. That's why that is a bit weird. Yeah, They it wasn't

originally meant to go down like

Pete: it a lot. So big spoiler for anyone who's not seeing this film. And I had an he was, I was flabbergasted, but Steven Seagal, who you'd imagine at that, I thought that this would shouldn't be a big light. Kurt Russell, Steven Seagal, like car off the entire

Dan: thought he might make an appearance later on

Pete: he would come back.

Sidey: Hang glider Or something

Howie: he catches like the edge of the plane and he's just fucking holding on he's fucking, just like Tom cruise.

I reckon if that was mission impossible, cruise would be holding onto the landing gear or something, you know?

Sidey: that in ghost protocol

Howie: Yes, he does take off.

Sidey: they are now we have now got the black ops team and Kurt Russell

Dan: I know, I know that. I know the guys in the war room.

Sidey: They don't know.

Dan: They don't know that they haven't got good

Pete: that the stealth bomber is

Sidey: gone. isn't

Pete: Yeah. It's gone the pilot of Jack's, but

Sidey: the comms calms it down. They don't know anything. Now they're dark

Pete: from, yeah.

So from this part that is really drawn out the whole kind of how they're gonna, you know, there's a lot, it's like they've, they've, they've definitely

Dan: Pappy's broke his back,

Pete: Cappy has spoken

Dan: well, you know,

Sidey: He Charles Dyson from

Pete: Time and I a to, yeah, he always sit in everything. I see him

Sidey: was blows things

Pete: dying or dead or, yeah, he, yeah, he's great.

Sidey: There's a lot of stuff where Halle Berry's trying to intervene and gets caught and would have been


without doubt.

The first time,

gets away with it Every single

time by the main

man as well

Pete: really hot though.

Sidey: Yeah, It's pyro is the ringleader the main man on board and he catches her like with the manifest Sneaking around, like

on the phone.

And he like, he would have just executed, that. like there's no

Pete: Yeah. There's one bit where she like, goes down like this bird drops the pills and the guy next to her, who's a red herring, like drop something as well. And another guy comes up.

He's like, what are you doing? Like three or four times. She's definitely giving them calls to just offer.

Dan: But there's loads going on this movie, you've got loads of little other kinds of.

Actors, you know, the Senator, I'm a little sort of subplot in there where there's a Senator on board. And is he going to, and little red herrings, a little plots that you, an air marshals on there with a gun, you see him talk that way she think, or he's coming into play late. The Senate is coming and they set up a lot of little plots that you're not sure when they're going to come.

Sidey: Well they're trying to, they're trying to disarm the bomb

Dan: And there's a timer. So they've got to time as they've got the timer for the bomb. That's going to go off at any moment. Or if there's a sleep on board and there's also a race to American airspace, which as soon as they cross that, then they know they're likely to be shot

Pete: I mean, not that bomb gets thrown around pretty like that's pretty resilient. That bomb that you've got, it was almost like somebody.

Th th they sort of like finished, like they did the sort of like the final cut of it all. And then they were like, shit, we need to stick another 45 minutes on this. So they draw out loads of see the bit where like John lagoons as is he like pulls himself, like down the length of the plane. Puts the little light spy camera in and listens and looks and he's like, oh, I don't recognize anyone.

And then he pulls and then he pulls himself all the way back. And then he gets Kurt Russell, and he's like, you better have a look. Right. And then he pulls himself all the way long, like, take your shoes off, like put you, so then he has a look and goes, oh yeah, like none of them are the main guy. And then he pulls himself and I'm like, fucking hell.

Like they, they could have like made that whole section. Like

Dan: instead they just put a little bit of music on top of it and you're just biting your nails going. Oh, is it going to,

Pete: yeah, I know. You'll think because he specifically references you don't want to put your foot down there cause you'll go through. I know what's going to happen, but it doesn't know the red herring.

Sidey: Wow.

Dan: we're moving through now, as they're getting closer and closer to American airspace, they decide, look, if we can disarm the bomb, then that's going to be a big hassle. So SOCAP and John leggy arms start this You know, what'd you call it putting a bomb out

Pete: defusing.

Dan: fusing.

Pete: It's. It's not, it's not John.

It's sorta of a plot. It's a character. I can't remember what he's

Sidey: I can tell you

Pete: Cahill, Cahill and KP, but at one point Cappy, like just dies. And get like, Cahill thinks he's dead, but actually he's just passed out. Cause he's had so much morphine, but you know, you just go and check the fuck his pulse. Surely he's like, oh, we've got, we've lost him.

He's gone. And you just say, oh, he's,

Dan: to be fair. K. He was struggling a little bit with the whole situation.

Isn't he shouldn't be there.

Pete: It's almost like those straws that he choose. We're going to. Handy at some point as well that there was a few like nods nods to

Dan: I mean, it's just a race against the

Pete: But like you said, so when they get, get to American airspace, the, the, the air force who are now sort of like flanking the plane, they get the instruction.

Take, take him down. It's too dangerous. Take him down just as the missile is frightened to ready to go. You get the, the, the parking

Howie: most code, send

Dan: lights or planes, bright lights

Howie: send nudes.

Why is this? Why is he more scouting that

Pete: yeah, right, right at that moment. And they realize that, oh, actually, they're on board and I'll give them another 10

Dan: yeah. They're like, please do not shoot is down because we're all on board. If you can give us 10 minutes, they Morse code this whole thing. It's amazing. yeah.

Sidey: you shoot us down. They basically looking for a guy with something that can set the bomb off.

Dan: They're looking

guy with an electronics device is 1996. There isn't that many of them on the plane, but can you imagine these


Howie: We saw a guy with a, at the start with a Cylon organizer, which totally took me back to the bad old days of technology. The the semi touch pad keyboard screen, where you could look at three lines of texts.

That's clearly, you know, of course it did. That could clear. Through some form of let's not quiz, how they could, where they could clearly set off bombs clearly.

Dan: th th another red herring, because the, the guy that Kurt Russell breaches the plane early before the rest of the the commandos can do it. It's no, he's, he's got a hoodie on by this

Pete: hoodie over his

Dan: and he, yeah, potentially.

And he finds that the guy that he thinks is the sleeper who's got the bomb.

Detonated is actually just a diamond smuggler. And we know that when all the diamonds go over the floods, what are

Pete: But then,

Dan: we knew he was up to something. Note

Pete: he looks around the plane

Sidey: and

then there's the Florida

Pete: it's like, guess who it's like, so he's like going like, okay, like, yeah. Why woman old kid, like, oh, that guy it's it's you and the guy's looking the guy's like glaring back.

Sidey: Yeah, there is a five. Lots of

Dan: applied.

Howie: Always get the

Pete: Yeah. Right. Okay.

Sidey: Is that a true thing. Yeah. Deep pressurizes.

Pete: right. So, so there's lots of like shooting and stuff. A big hole opens up inside of the place. Some people on chairs get like sucked out at no point. Did I work out how the pressure like stabilized itself?

Sidey: Your kid's gym teacher, like went through

just closed out the hole

Pete: to plug

a leak and save a sinking ship.

Howie: Homer Simpson style.

Sidey: I don't remember how,

that resolved either.

Dan: no it didn't, they, they, they, they dropped to a you know, less than the altitude of Everest and and then and then cruised along

Pete: calmly.

Dan: Okay. W we're getting to the end now. And, and as most people would imagine, things are starting to look better and worse and better and worse, and then finally better as we get to the end, it's just absolutely brilliant.

I dunno if you've got anything to, to about before

Sidey: fly the plane at this point

Pete: Right. Again, I, I have a car. So this like fucking black ops team, you would have thought, especially seeing as they're going to go and do like a heist on a plane and yes. Okay. There's two pilots on there, but you just thought like, oh, why don't we throw in like Jimmy? Cause he knows how to fly planes. So we'll throw him into them unless like Seagal was that guy or one of the other guys that go, but you think these guys would be fucking trained in this kind of stuff, but no.

They going to, it's going

Howie: okay.

If you've done, if you've done Microsoft flight simulator on windows 3.1.

Sidey: they all land from,

you can land them automatically anyway,

Dan: and to be fair, they never even

Pete: so we make some real fucking hash of it. Then

Howie: Flaps flaps.

Dan: They never even asked that the passengers can anyone fly a plane? You know,

Howie: I would volunteer wouldn't you? Yeah, fucking loads. Let's have a go.

Sidey: Cuts cuts trading comes to the forest. He he has to to bring it home. And apparently the scene of him flying is rarely, rarely accurate. Like when he's, we've got to have the manual, we've got at any everything that he checks is exactly what you would do. So that is interesting

Howie: airspeed stall, flaps, landing gear,

Sidey: It's trying to tell you all good luck.

Howie: or engage the auto pilot.

Sidey: He pulls up a little bit. comes in too hot Just need an Ester ditch the kite on the pro.

Pete: So, hang on it, doesn't go to land on the runway and then like, realize he's over cooked it. So Paul's up and then memorize it. This is another airfield, like somewhere

Sidey: he was training.

Pete: right. Okay. So yeah, that bit, by this time I was like too busy. I was too in, in, in gross and laughing and all of this.

Howie: and then he managed, he, he comes into land on this, like a little out of town airfield and he singularly destroys most of that entire airfield. Cause he goes through

all the pilots. All the other planes plus something else and then a huge sand speed bump.

And then he eventually comes

Pete: lot of collateral damage, but maybe not as like this bomb at any point like that, you know, they're shitting their pants. That, I mean, we didn't even go into the fact that they, they went through this whole rigmarole with the bomb and that turned out to be a fake because obviously someone, they would have thought someone's going to be tampering with it in the luggage like department or whatever.

Anyway. The bomb gets jostled around, but doesn't explode and

Dan: and, and the little stick that he's been cheering the whole time comes in and use further. Of course,

Pete: right moment.

Dan: And then we get to see it's just, it just made me laugh this pity and because the, the sky cop who was in there, the policeman with the thing he'd obviously got involved.

And at one point I think he saved Steven Seagal or Halle Berry by

Pete: definitely not Steven Seagal because he died halfway

Dan: Kurt, Russell, or or Halle Berry by.

Howie: the flashlight.

Dan: And then he gets like three shots to the gut and he's done. He's he's done. Like, you know, you think white he's gone. No one Halle Berry comes up to her and she's got that look like you.

Okay. He looked like you got a couple of hours there and he's, and he's.

Yeah. I'm okay. Just ridiculous. Yeah. It was like, oh, it's just good to see you kids.

Fuck. You know, he's Terry's like you expect to see this, the scarecrow, I loved you most Mr. Scarecrow. Like they were just all come in through, you know, everybody in the film.

We were just, oh, he's okay. All that. Person's okay.

Pete: And we don't actually get to see Kurt Russell have sex with Halle Berry, but that is definitely on the cards

Dan: Well they know, cause he says, I'm going to take you for

Howie: Took his little camera round to Kurt's house afterwards and he shoved it through the hole in the ceiling and down. And there's this quality it's on the dark

Pete: Was this a post credit

Howie: Yeah, it was, it was an extra spare

Dan: to the end.

Howie: really, really far to the end.

Pete: So yeah, Curt saved the day. The buddies got shot. The bomb didn't go off.

Sidey: another in the long tradition of or middle Eastern. people or

Dan: Yeah It's so many terrible,

Howie: Hollywood facts,

Dan: facts. Yeah.

Sidey: according to John Leguizamo and his autobiography Seagal. He's not just partial to beating his wife.

He also attacks multiple people, on set, including.

Leguizamo who'd laughed

Something cigar had said thinking it was a joke, but it wasn't. So cigar just fucking elbowed Immature

war. that him pinned up against the wall. He's a fucking maniac. I thought it was all Zen and Buddhist and like,

no he's a fucking violent. thug. but Lucas, I'm also robbed Kurt Russell out the wrong way with his constant

improvisation, Kurt, Russell doesn't like that. And he said, no, to stick to the fucking script. And then there's the line and in the film where it says, hope that smell. doesn't give us away, which was improvised And they had a Fucking

full on fist fight about it.

Pete: Well it's feet. Was it when he takes his shoes off? cause Lego's Alma was a comedian it's like before he was an

Sidey: Yeah He's a funny guy

Pete: Yeah, he is. He's like, he can, you know, he's, he's a, he's an interesting actor. I like watching him in Israel. Cause he, he can be. Likable characters. I'm really horrible. Like when he's like, obviously Benny Blanco, like that's fucking, that's his nastiest. Nice. Some of his nastiest and said this last year, he's really endearing.

Sidey: The, did you catch the name of the airline?

Pete: Oh,

Sidey: yeah. which is Same one as in lost. So this exists in the same

universe as lost. All started really with

Dan: Got a great airline.

Sidey: and the 14 tomcats that went, that were scrambled to follow them. they were real like military like in service.

Well, the budget was 55 million.


Pete: Which that's big for the time.

Sidey: pretty, that's pretty lumpy and it made 122 million.

So it did.

That All right. Well, if you want to make up for that, Pete there is a one 10th scale model of the 7 47 oceanic which you can see it was used in the, in this movie, but it's now sorry, but it's got Pan-Am decals on it. That's hanging in the foyer

of the ETO Plaza hotel, near van Nuys airport, So you can go and see that

if you really want to.

Pete: go straight on my bucket list.

Sidey: Yeah. so I think we all enjoyed

Pete: What did we think?

I really fucking enjoy it. I mean, it's, it's daft, but it's over time that I would have loved it at the time. And I loved

Sidey: I would have liked it even more if I'd known, not known that.

Pete: Yeah,

Yeah. Cause that was that. That was quite a, yeah, quite

Dan: 1996.

I mean, we're not spoiling it for anyone now. So I would, I would recommend this film. I think this for, if you're scratching around for an action film on a Saturday night, you can do a lot worse than this. I think it's it there's something happening in the whole way. Food is film and I think it pitched the tension, the action and the mystery.

Howie: just

about why

I think I may have missed it because it came to mind as the same kind of timers, as we said, there's obviously executive decision, then we've got air force one.

And then I think there was like passenger fifties that with Wesley Snipes. And I think there was like a, it seemed to be a big thing. Eh, hijackings not so much now.

I think that's, this is a good film for a midweek evening, which is what it's supposed to be. It's just an easy one to watch, but it's there.

The problem is, is a bit longer than it should be by, by now.