April 12, 2023

Midweek Mention... Final Destination

Midweek Mention... Final Destination
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FINAL DESTINATION (2000) follows student Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) who saves the lives of himself, a teacher and several classmates after experiencing a terrifying premonition that their plane bound for Paris will explode shortly after take-off. Afterwards, as each of the survivors begins to die in appalling and unexpected ways, Alex realises that Death is coming for them anyway...

When SCREAM forever altered the horror landscape in 1996, with subsequent  movies forced to deal with post-modernism and genre aware characters or seem quaint by comparison, horror films accordingly had a period of readjustment to contend with savvy and educated audiences. Taking the structure of a standard slasher flick but replacing the conventional killer who stalks and murders a group of people with the unknowable force of Death and Fate is a clever conceit, allowing the set-up and execution of multiple elaborate set-pieces in which we know a particular character will be killed, just not precisely how. X-FILES writer James Wong directs from a screenplay written by himself, regular collaborator Glen Morgan and Jeffrey Reddick, based on Reddick's initial story which gleefully dispatches our characters in creative ways, whilst encouraging the viewer to conjure up their own horrors with multiple hinted at red-herrings.
I've always loved these movies, not just for the fun of the elaborate death sequences or because the impenetrable nature of the antagonist encourages the characters to have earnest conversations about free will and determinism, or because the movie leans just far enough into its outlandish premise without devolving into a load of silly supernatural nonsense but also because they are filled with an atmosphere of pure paranoia and nihilistic existential dread and who doesn't love that?

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. If it hasn't been completely destroyed yet you can usually find us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at baddadsjsy@gmail.com or on our website baddadsfilm.com.

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Final Destination


We're going back to my favorite film era, I think. Wait, hang on. Is this, does this creep into the nineties or is this two

Reegs: It's 2000.

Sidey: Okay. But it still had the look, still had the look of a nineties movie.

Reegs: Yeah, for sure.

Sidey: Final destination. Yeah. Which is a good title because for a lot of the people in this, it was their final destination. It was because they died.

Reegs: They did? Yeah. Or really it's the first of five destinations Really? Cuz there are four sequels and another one coming.

Sidey: Yeah. Oh, is there?

Cris: really know that there was five of them. I knew there was a few of them, but I, I, when I've seen, after I've seen the, the, you know, the recommendation I looked on, on Prime and I've seen so many of them. I said, Jesus Christ, I've missed a few of them.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: I think I've only seen up to three. Okay. And I couldn't tell you. So one of my questions gonna be, is the guy, the protagonist in this, does he reappear in the next one? I can't, I cannot remember. No,

Reegs: No. he

is callously killed off screen in between movies. In between final destination one and two.

Sidey: Surely all the deaths should appear on screen.

That's the whole point.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. I think he's just referred to in the newspaper article, but yeah, this is the original final destination. Yeah. Yeah. Fir first time you'd seen it

Cris: No, I've seen it before.

Reegs: Yeah.


Sidey: seen it before, but long, I think at the cinema. Maybe I, not

Cris: I remember obviously the saint, like most films, you're gonna watch it once and it leaves an impression and then that's it.

There's not, you know, and this was pretty much the second time I've seen it.

Reegs: it.

Sidey: It wouldn't shock you to learn that I can just kind of remember elaborate deaths and not a lot else really. You know, that's the, the lasting impression you get. Well, I got so this starts off with what's his name? The main dudes Alex

Reegs: Browning. It's Devin Swar. He was Stan in the,

Sidey: of course

Reegs: Eminem

Cris: video? Yes. Yeah, yeah.

Reegs: It's a storm and like lots of shots of mundane things but framed in a sort of slightly spooky way, like ominous music and a fan flipping pages of a book and like a symbol banging toy monkey and that sort of shit.

And it takes up a good four minutes of a 90 minute.

Sidey: it started to drag and I was like, this is a really shit intro because it's just going on and on and I couldn't tell what the things. Because the, he kept going back to the fan. Yeah. And I was like, okay, what's that foreshadowing?

Reegs: Well, it's the start of the idea that you, you know, everything in the world should be paid attention to, but not everything is gonna pay off.

Right. Because that is like a big theme in the movie and the good, you know, the fun of the red herrings of the deaths. So yeah, it goes on for ages. Alex, in his bedroom, he grabs his copy of Death of a Salesman Law and a Guy to Paris. And he's already a nervous flyer. You can see that in his interactions with his

Sidey: lot of people are actually a lot of people, lot of people I know are like properly.

So a friend of ours that we went to school with just will not fly. And I know other people who are fucking terrified but will still travel but have to value him more. Stuff like that. And I must admit, as I get older, I'm bit like, ugh, you know, it's not gonna stop me going anywhere. But I've just been like, oh, I could do with landing anytime now.

Reegs: Yeah. It's up in the air, it's fine. It's taking off and landing. So the fun of having those two terrifying moments in between

Sidey: don't like turbulence.

Cris: Yeah.

I don't, I don't think anyone enjoys it, but it's always the, the same thing as long as if it's, if you get, I've only had really bad ones.

Only once, and you always do the same. You look at the staff and they were just, they're just there looking

Sidey: that's my go-to. It's like, can I see the horizon is flat and as in, not flat earth, but like it's level and the, if, if the crew were nervous, then I would really, I would fucking shit

Cris: So then that's always for me.

Like you look and obviously there's someone in front of you all the time. They're the, and they're using the strap on and they look,

Sidey: sorry, what?

Reegs: they're using a strap on.

Cris: on. Yeah. Well, that's how I fly.

Reegs: dunno. Yeah. Anyway, he's off to Paris with his strap on for 10 days with his class. And there's a nice dissolve from the alarm clock that flickers at 1:00 AM to 180, which is the flight that he's taking, and a bunch of his classmates assemble for the flight and we sort of meet the principal characters.

So, and we know that they're the principle characters because they're all named after famous horror directors or horror stars. We've got Alex Browning. It's named after Todd Browning, who did Freaks and Dracula Carter Horton. He's named after the director, Peter Horton, who did Children of the Corn.

He's like a teddy, boyish jock who's openly humping his girlfriend, cherry Terry Cheney in departures


Sidey: that Kerr?

 ke Smith he was in,

Reegs: Kurt Smith. Yeah.

Sidey: Dawson's Creek as well. I remember him

Reegs: That's right. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. there's his girlfriend. She's gonna get spectacularly smashed into by a bus in a huge like, unexpected reveal.

A bit like that one.

Sidey: Yeah. And this bit, I didn't remember this, so he. Is just like you see the plane crash. Yeah. As they're flying. I think there's some right.

We're just talking about some turbulence and things start to go really awry and all the things drop down from the ceiling and then the vibrations become more intense, like half the side of the. Fuselage just bursts open. People get ripped out. Yeah. Engines

Reegs: There's a spray of blood

Sidey: I don't remember.

I don't remember this. And then, yeah, he all explodes and he gets, and I'm like, oh, that's a dream in it.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah,

Sidey: he, because Alex gets, you know, engulfed in flames and dies. He's like, okay, well there's, yeah, right.

Reegs: Then he wakes up in his seat perspiring and he runs to the, the next seat that he was gonna sit next to. And he turns the catch and, you know, it breaks in his hand just as it did in his dream.

Cris: his dream. Yeah.

Reegs: so he completely freaks out. And you know, he sit, the plane's gonna go down, blah, blah, blah.

And then he ends up getting dragged off by security.

Sidey: Yeah. He says on the flight, as in on the plane, he says, the plane's gonna explode. That's a real no-no. If you say that on the plane, and if you say any, if you mention anything about a bomb, you're out of there.

Like, that's, that's

Cris: although this was 2000, so I think it was

Sidey: Yeah, it's still, there was, you know, locker beer and stuff before nine 11 is just not like, you

Cris: talk.

Yeah. You can't really say that, but you know, at least it was Yeah. Not after that. So,

Reegs: and as, as they're all, you know, him and a couple of classmates and one of the teachers ends up on the ground as the plane takes off without them, and Stiffler Carter Dick, it's the first time he says it of many times, looks out the window and yeah, the plane just explodes and yeah.

Wow. In the middle of a physical altercation, I think

Cris: Yeah, because they all accused him of being a knob, pretty much Just like, alright, what are you doing? We could have been there. We could have three hours. We're gonna have to wait. The teachers annoyed. Everyone's annoyed that they missed the flight.

Sidey: still get, they're still going. They're gonna later flight and they're annoyed that they're gonna miss half a day of this trip because Americans don't often leave America. So to miss out on half a day in Paris, they're all raging.

Reegs: So the people who got off were his best mate, Todd, who left his brother behind George. Terry and Carter end up going off Stifler got caught up in it all, and Mrs.

Luton and there's one other, which is

Sidey: teacher. she, they have a, they have a debate about which one's gonna go. Yeah. So, well you speak French, so you better go.

Yeah. Unlucky.

Reegs: So she's gonna carry some

Sidey: and she was fit and he wasn't, so obviously she was gonna stay.


Reegs: Yeah. And Claire Rivers, who is Ali Lata, she's kind of a loner book Smart.

You can tell how smart she is because she can translate the French and she's reading two different books in the airport, which possibly continuity gone wrong or,

Cris: well, she's just

Reegs: or she's just that smart.

Cris: finished that one already and it started a new

Reegs: Exactly. So yeah, they all get caught off and everybody's weirded out and he, they're talking to him like, if you've got second sight all this sort of stuff.

And they're, they're interrogated by F B I agents, Wiener, and Shrek.

Sidey: Yeah. That's amazing. Shrek obviously after the nos.

Ferrato, is it

Reegs: max Shrek, I guess. Yeah. And it's brilliant because all the way through people going get me Agent Shrek and stuff. And the movie Shrek didn't come out for another year. So it wasn't funny then, but it's funny now.

Cris: very funny. Now

Reegs: everyone's parents come to get them to take them away except Ali lats cuz they're dead, which she's gonna tell us that later. And so Alex's mum and dad rob outside in the pouring rain and just leave her to fuck. It's amazing that nineties aesthetic. Anyway, a few days, 40 days later or whatever, there's a memorial service.

And a load of stuff of that. And it's a sort of distraught looking, Todd gives this big emotional speech about death and how it could be round every corner and you never know that it's on the day that it's begun. And it's on the day that just begun for him because death does come calling for him.

Cris: Yeah.

Sidey: the best me. The best

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Yes. Yeah.

Sidey: bath. Yeah. Yeah. So there's a. A kind of leak behind. Is it the toilet

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: just next door behind the toilet, something

Sidey: like that. He's on his computer or he is doing

Reegs: he, he cuts himself shaving

Sidey: having a shave, isn't he?

Reegs: then he sees this like mysterious inky blackness in the mirror and he turns around

Sidey: always a, there's always a like a gust of wind. Yeah. That be the, before every death

Reegs: Then on goes the John Denver. Yeah. Cuz he always, all

Cris: that's another one.

Sidey: like, so that's, that's something to talk about because John Denver is, he died in a plane crash and they play his music throughout the film. That. Is it tasteless? I

Reegs: dunno.

Well, and a lot of the events here, you know, it was based on a, a famous story about a real,

Sidey: the news footage is a real Yeah.

And you're like,

Reegs: It's a little bit tasteless. Yeah. And anyway, as Todd takes the washing line off a bath, he kind of, it slips and the wire wraps around his neck and his feet slide on the bath due to the soap and he can't get out and his eyes.

Sidey: Right. So this one I was like, you could get out of this.

Reegs: Well, not if the mysterious forces of death and fate are

Sidey: I mean there is that, but I was like, just slow down and then you could just stand up. Surely. Like it wasn't that bad anyway. It was pretty, look, it did look gruesome. Like his eyes go as I'd imagine what happens when you are suffocated is that

Reegs: Yeah.

I guess

Sidey: like, you know, they got completely bloodshot, almost like they're gonna burst and he's desperately reaching for a knife or a pair of scissors.

Reegs: It was the nail. Yeah. The nose, hair, trimmers that he had. The

Sidey: But he ex he's expired before. He's able to Yeah. Untangle himself.

Reegs: really horrible, cruel, elaborate death.

Cris: And it's also, you get to see the, the water where the leak was. Yes. Pulling itself back into the pipe. Yeah. Or

Sidey: so that, yeah. So then you're like like a supernatural kind of vibe to it.

It's reversing itself. Yeah.

Cris: So obviously death has its hands in it,

Reegs: was a plumber.

Cris: Yeah. But didn't want to, but didn't, but didn't want to show itself.

Reegs: So anyway, the, it, they all declare it suicide basically. And everybody's resentful of Alex, but suspicious of the suicide verdict. Alex and Claire decide to break into the mortuary to go and inspect

Sidey: completely natural thing

Cris: Well, he also, he also gets the clue with a, with a magazine or whatever it was that went through the fan.

Reegs: That's right.

Cris: a piece of paper that lands in on his lap and it just says, Todd,

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Runs to the house. The dad is a bit upset with him. Why? What are you doing here? Blah, blah, blah. He's so upset that he killed himself and why would he kill himself?

All that

your fault.

And then she was there as well. Clear? Yeah. She, she was there randomly

Reegs: being unexplained. Yeah. Just there

Cris: behind a tree. Yeah. And you have to leave. Oh, okay.

Reegs: Yeah. So that's when they decide to break into the mortuary. And they break in from a skylight

Sidey: Easily done

Reegs: with definitely without a method of li of exiting at all. Cuz they didn't leave a rope or anything.

And then they meet creepy mortician. William Bloodworth. Yeah. The Candyman, Tony Todd. And he tells EK

Sidey: basically

well first of all, the, the corpse jerks, doesn't he?

Yeah. Like they go, ah, my god. Yeah. Jump scare. And he explains what that's all about. Gases or nerve? Just some nerve endings or something.

Reegs: Yeah, it's some creepy shit.


Cris: Yeah. Well, it, it was quite funny because they didn't seem to be scared by him that much. No,

Sidey: I've been fucking terrified.

Cris: Well, they got scared by the movement of the body, but then he's just this guy that allegedly,

Reegs: badly overacting

Sidey: and explains that you are definitely gonna die.

Cris: He's also the death in. You know called, called The Death. And he explains all these things, but when they see him, he, they just think, oh, ooh, there's a man here. It is not even,

Sidey: what's he doing after hours in a

Cris: Oh, okay.

Reegs: And he equally is a bit like he's supposed to be a serious mortician, but two children have broken into his like mortuary, so I dunno. And he just lets them leave after explaining the rules. So, anyway Alex is getting pretty unhinged and he's talking to Claire about looking.

Is that the name? Clear Rivers,

Sidey: Yeah. It's weird because it's not C L E A. Like clear it. It's actually clear as in to clear something up. It's C L E A R, which I think is a weird Yeah.

Christian name anyway.

Reegs: Yeah, he's talking about looking for signs that death is coming for them, literally as he looks in the reflection of a cafe window and sees a bus, but there's no bus around.

And then the others turn up, and this is where the girlfriend, just as she's saying, oh, we can't let this shit define me, is absolutely smashed by a bus b. Even though I knew it was coming, it's still brilliant

Sidey: I'd forgotten. I'd forgotten

Cris: everything. Oh, yeah. I, I, I kind of, I kind of knew in a way, but it was still a bit like, Ooh, yeah. Oh, that was, that was probably one of the best ones. Yeah.

Sidey: You get the classic like reaction shot and the blood spray, you know, across the mall.


Cris: So it was, yeah, it

Reegs: sprays a seven across. It sprays a seven across him.

Sidey: Oh, I didn't realize, I didn't notice

Reegs: he's the seventh victim.

Sidey: Right. Okay.


Reegs: And apparently test audiences were so like, distressed by it that they had to throw in a little scene or something of like an Alka seltzer dropping or something just to dissolve the tension before it went into the

Sidey: next.

Really. Yeah. Okay. Well that's good.

Reegs: Yeah. So anyway, the TV has worked out what's happened on the flight. So Alex then works out basically that everybody's dying in the order that they would've done according to the events of what

Sidey: Yeah. He's able to draw it. He is able to plot it on a, a seat thing.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Yeah. On top of the screen of his

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. And he works out that Mrs. Luton is next, and she's talking out, killed off in a real drawn out. That's

Sidey: that's my favorite one.

Reegs: It's brilliant. Yeah.

Sidey: She's got the motif it's got like a stainless glass door. Yeah. With a sword in it. Yeah.

Which is

good because, and then they do a really like long lingering shot of her steak knives

Reegs: There's the knife block. Yeah, there's the vodka, there's the computer, there's the fire, there's the impaling of the knife, there's the, yeah. It's just great. And then just as Alex comes to kind of save her, almost a

Sidey: well, he's been

Reegs: falls on that to finish her

Sidey: he's already been pinched and interviewed by the FBI again.

Yeah. Because he keeps turning up where people are dying, but there's nothing.

Pin on him cuz he hasn't done anything. But as soon as he leaves and goes straight to her house and this, so she's in the midst of dying at this point. She's,

Cris: there's still a knife

Sidey: something, something. The first thing like slice slices her throat.

Reegs: she, she pours, there's vodka goes into the computer which blows out the screen and slices her throat and there's blood everywhere and it lights, there's a fire from the computer that lights the

Sidey: vodka.


she reaches for something, doesn't she? That's what pours the knife. And I'm. Fall hard enough.

Anyway, it stabs her. Yeah. And she's bleeding out, but she's still alive. And then the chair, that's what happens when he gets there. The chair has fallen down and just taped the knife in a little bit more to, to finish her off.

Reegs: And it's more John Denver playing as well. It's brilliant that, yeah. Yeah.

Cris: And then obviously as he runs out the house, Stifler's there randomly on a

Reegs: That's right.

Cris: And then he runs outta the house. House

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: As if you would have some t and t or something in there. Yeah. And then he sprints and Stifler tells everyone that he was there. He was at the crime scene and, and he, the same as you do, he tried to take the knife out. Fingerprints on the knife. Mm-hmm.

Blood footprint, footprints, every. Clearly. And now he's trying to hide.

Reegs: Yeah. Death's framing him.

Cris: Yeah, that's framing him. And Claire. And

Reegs: goes off to hide at the crash site of one of flight 180, and Claire gets the rest of the gang together, and this is where they she took, she reveals that her parents, her father died when she was 10, shot and killed in a robbery.

And her mother just kind of fucked her off after that, after meeting another guy

Sidey: Met some douche.

Reegs: yeah,

Cris: We also find out that she, besides the fact that she can read two books in an airport before the flight, she can weld as well. Yeah. So, so

Reegs: she can weld the most appalling sculpture of our main guy, Alex.

And then say it's like you. And he's like, oh, great.

Sidey: they do, they have a connection, don't they?

Reegs: they? They do

Sidey: do start, there's a budding romance in the office, in the, in the midst, all of this.

Reegs: So anyway, in they're all the remaining people now that could be picked off by death have had the situation explained to them about death's design and the order.

And Carter says, do you know who's next? And all this shit. And then he's like, I'm gonna go out on my own terms. I'm gonna park my car in front of a speeding train. But Alex, who's had a vision of the seatbelt breaking, manages to free him at the last moment before the train smashes them. And I think everybody makes it out of that one alive, don't they?

Sidey: Marginally. Stiffler has a bit of a, a shocker is a repeated shots of a, there's this piece of sheet metal on the floor that's, that's vibing around where the train's coming. Eventually it's like flicked up and just not a full decapitation. At least from the mouth it

Reegs: him out at the mouth. Yeah.


Sidey: it's like comically head, like rolls along the floor and

Reegs: and his body stands there just for a maybe a half, a three quarters of a second. It's just great. Yeah. Yeah. Really good stuff.

Cris: So yeah, not all of them make it out of the scene, but



Reegs: So who, who have we got left? Alex and Claire

Cris: and Carter.

Reegs: And Carter. That's right. Yeah. So Alex goes out to Claire's father's cabin in the woods and sort of. Safety toddler rises. It basically puts like duct tape on shit and corks on stuff and he's got these gloves on and he's eating like baby food or something and chewing every mouthful a

Cris: thousand. Yeah, it, it was always very strange. I dunno what kind of

Reegs: razor blades in the food or whatever.

And then, you know, there's a silly moment with a fish hook or something. It definitely comes for him except then he realizes, hang on a. I never actually changed places, or we did, you know,

Sidey: Yeah. Because there was two hot East who wanted to change seats and he didn't.

Reegs: Yeah. So he suddenly remembers, actually I'm not next.

It's clear. So he legs it off, gets rose across a, a, a lake because presumably death can't hurt him on the water in a tiny boat in in the middle of a lake. But yeah.

Sidey: Anyway. Well, he has to do that to avoid the, the federal rallies because they're on his case.

Yeah. They're, they're hightailing after him and he alludes them by

Reegs: face planting into the ground and having a tree fall on him.

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: Yeah, that

Sidey: I was just like, just look to the side.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: he's, he's obviously drowning in a puddle. Yeah. Because he's pinned down. But you're like,

Reegs: just turn your face. Do that. Yeah.

Sidey: just move a little bit.

Anyway, he does make it out clear. Is been pinned down by a rogue electrical cable.

Reegs: Yeah. And a load of water that's gone from her outdoor swimming pool. And

Sidey: yeah. And there's also some TURPs I think has, has

Reegs: yeah. And probably a bear on cocaine or something as well. I mean, it's all happening now at this point.

Sidey: Yeah. So it is a mission for him to get there. He knows what's going down. He also loves her. So he really, he's doubly motivated now cuz she is really, really quite attractive. She is. And he's a nothing. So he's punching. So yeah, it done well here. And yeah, so

Reegs: he just kind of grabs the cables and gets thrown

Sidey: goes into hero mode. He tells her not to touch anything cuz she's in the car.

You are Earthed. Yeah. And so he grabs the cable and. Just like very slightly burns his hand.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So it's all

Reegs: He's all right.

Sidey: Cut to six months later in

Reegs: later. And everything's better. And we know that because she's, no, no longer dark hair. She's gone blonde

Cris: a normal fringe. She's got like longer hair

Sidey: and they, and they're also holding hands, so there's definitely, and they're, there's definitely wasn't a lot like in la This is definitely on shot in location

Reegs: sure. Yeah, definitely. Yeah,

Sidey: definitely had that Brazilian vibe. They might as well have had people with berries and like garlic around them.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. So they've, they've gone to Paris to finally have the holiday that they didn't have.

But in a sort of blackly comic finale, death just decides to come for them, and they're smashed to pieces by a falling sign. Carter is saved, isn't he? And then he

Sidey: thought it was just, it was just Casa that got killed here.

Reegs: Carter gets somebody, he saves Alex. Yeah. And then Carter is killed because he doesn't realize the physics of the sign behind him and it smashes him out.

Yeah. And uh, yeah.

 And so there, there you go. Gone.

Sidey: Ouch.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: so that's, there's just Claire and

Sidey: just

Claire, I think. Then is it,

Reegs: Well, Alex dies off screen between movies he's

Cris: referenced.

So at, at the end of the movie, Claire and Alex are still

Reegs: alive. Yeah.

Cris: The only ones to tell the story,

Reegs: but death is coming for them.

Sidey: but even like the six months after, when they're all sitting there, they're all just going, oh, wasn't that, it was like, it's like a real, you know, unfortunate series of events that happened.

No one's got any like PTSD or like horrendous trauma from all the like murdering

Cris: Oh, funny. We got on a plane again. Haha.

know. what

Sidey: They literally do. They do that, don't they? They goes me like, oh, you know, it's a bit traumatic. Yeah. But we're all fine. But yeah, it's amazing.

Reegs: It's brilliant, isn't it? It's great. Just brilliant.

Cris: Oh, it was, to be fair, I have to say, when I watched it the first time, I thought it was

Reegs: It is

Cris: amazing. I, well, it still is, but, but a bit more comical now, you know, after a while. The same, like most movies, you know, you watch The Godfather and it's kind of a comedy now

Sidey: It's not as good as this.

Cris: Or Yeah, exactly. Or, or you watch, I dunno, Scarface, and it turns into a few comedic scenes, but this one is, half of it is comedy


Reegs: felt like that the first time I watched it. Really, I was pissing myself laughing and I'm

Sidey: not taking itself too seriously. Is that which is how it works.

Cris: but at the same time I thought it was, it was the perfect combination between

Sidey: yeah, yeah.

No, you're right. Yeah.

Cris: And, and the bus thing, which I never expected. The the cable thing. I thought at the time I remember watching it and I thought it was so, so much suspense.

Now I thought this is like a live snake, but with electricity in it. Yeah. But it's still

Sidey: I mean, it, it's, it is gratuitous cuz you're just there for the death.

You're waiting, you know, you're not there for the characterization. You're just like, who's gonna die next? How are they gonna die? You know, it's just how elaborate can it be? Yeah. Um, And it fucking, yeah, it works. I, I, I haven't seen all five watching. This did make me want to go back and,

Reegs: I think they're all on Prime at the

Sidey: Oh, wow. Great. So, and I, I think maybe I got a bit bored of it a little bit when I got, maybe, I think I've got three films in and they're just like, they're just getting a bit silly, like a bit too silly. But I think now I'll be like, I'm, I'm all in. I hope I'll

Reegs: I'm well up for another one. I'll keep, if they keep baking 'em, I'll, I'll watch 'em.

Sidey: So strong recommend I think from us. Any more trivia that's we're talking about.

Reegs: No,

Sidey: mean this like strongman coming from us. Strong recommend from the audience as well. It was thrown together for a mere 23 million. Mm-hmm. And yeah, big winner. So 113 mil at the box office. So,

Reegs: and created a forensic, you know, and

Sidey: which is, yeah.

Obviously that's why it becomes a franchise because it's it's a good success story. Apparently it was. Originally it was gonna be an episode of the X-Files called Soul survivor or, or inspired by a serial soul survivor. But became this one, I think. I'm glad that it did.

Cris: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: they, they, they are, they were X-Files writers. The two chaps. Who did it? James, was it James Wong? Yeah. Him, yeah.

Cris: Wong something. Mr. Wong.

Reegs: Wong, I think.

Cris: Mr. Wong.

Reegs: So, yeah. Pretty.

Sidey: Very good.