May 25, 2022

Midweek Mention... Ghost Rider

Midweek Mention... Ghost Rider
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Mark Steven Johnson's GHOST RIDER (2007) sees daredevil stuntman - see what I did there because the same director also did the Ben Affleck superhero caper about a blind gimp lawyer called DAREDEVIL - Johnny Blaze make a Faustian pact with Mephistopheles which ends up in him becoming a flame-skulled bounty hunter. You know how those Faustian pacts can be. With steampunk Neo-clone villain Blackheart and his band of easily dispatched elemental douchebro's desperately seeking the maguffin which will ultimately undo him, it's the Nic Cage inspired adlibs and character details that elevate this B-movie with an A budget to something approaching watchability. Eva Mendes is window dressing, the writing is appalling, the central romantic relationship makes no sense, it frequently resembles a badly rendered PlayStation 3 game when the title character is on screen, Peter Fonda looks bored, the stakes are low or non-existent, there are plot holes galore and it commits one of the ultimate cinematic sins in that it’s embarrassed by its premise. Yes, you would have to be a moron to enjoy this which coincidentally explains why we all did to some degree or another. 


Ghost Rider

Dan: Jonathan Simon, Matthew Daniel, Peter,

Sidey: Howie. It Was your mind horn that gave us this week's content and you're kicking things off.


some phase


Marvel content. Can we say

Howie: it's one of the early doors ones.

Reegs: yeah. How early on in the cannon is this, do we know

Sidey: but it doesn't

come up with a big

Marvel logo

at the start? Does it,

Howie: does it does. It does. It

Reegs: And it was a flamenco music actually. And then the Marvel logo and it went on fire and then metal and

Dan: that's right? Yeah, it was quite the

Howie: It's 2007 So it's kind of around the forgettable

Sidey: Can I tell you, that when I found out this was 2007, it blew

my mind. I was

going around and saying this is like peak nineties, stuff. Uh And I was way out.

Howie: Yeah, it's kind of a weird one because it's.

A lot of the Marvel franchise and I think it's licensing and it's only just come back into the Marvel world.

Reegs: That's it? I assume he's in the new doctor, strange thing. I don't, I haven't seen that,

Howie: to be, he supposed to be with blade, but that's how the comic books go. So he becomes one of the most powerful creatures.

 He's played bomb charm, but he's just missed the carnival. That is the Marvel world that we now know and have seen a million times. So he isn't one of the characters that has seamlessly linked into everything, but I believe he's on that path.

Dan: but th the character's name is Johnny blaze.

He is ghostwriter.

Sidey: And What is the human

torches name?

Cause it's Similar. It's very


Howie: from the fantastic four.

Reegs: So Johnny

Sidey: That's why I was thinking.

Reegs: that stuff had like a total mind blank?

They're losing nerd credentials here, but.

Sidey: If this was their attempt

at like, you know, really getting

the Marvel cinematic universe

going. It's like a strange


to go you know, early with.

Reegs: Yeah.

This was only a year before Ironman.

Sidey: Yeah. And honestly it feels light years. Well, to me it felt light years away. I honestly thought this was at least 10 years older than it


Howie: it's got a hell of a cast. I mean, we've got we've got podcast. Favorite Nicholas cage Eva Mendez and Sam Elliott voice from the bigger bow ski. That's how I always to him as, and Peter.

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: he looks sorry to be here. Doesn't he?

Sidey: Yeah.

Howie: that's not,

Sidey: Fairly even phoning it in

Howie: and that's not just even the the CGI

Reegs: Should we get into it? And then we can talk about how we feel about it.

Sidey: the star.

he's just a



Reegs: It's not ghost

Sidey: just

the writer. He's an evil



Howie: I I think there needs to be more of, we were talking about the circus earlier when what's happened, health and safety gone mad. Et

Sidey: I think if you're willing to put your head under the front wheel

of the motorcycle, you should be allowed to

Howie: this, I think that would draw, I would pay good money to watch someone jumped 300 yards for Chinook helicopters,

Reegs: I was once part of a human chair in a circus. You get pulled out from the. From the audience and made to like bind with other men in a particular position.

Dan: 15 minutes

Howie: Well you one of the dads. Oh, let's get a funny dad out from the CR. Oh no. And your kids were cheering and you've basically had to have some big circus performer.

Reegs: everybody was tearing my name and then I took over and did the whole rest of the show's brilliant. Everybody clapped

Howie: You really good on the trapeze. And when you wear that unitard, it really did kick off the whole complaints

Reegs: They shows off my eyes.

Howie: Yep.

Reegs: So yeah, we, we get the we're at a carnival FunFair thing in the eighties you got a couple of motorcyclists jumping through the fire and then the hero salutes the audience while he's girl looks on dreamily,

Sidey: mediocre stunned at first.



just go through,

a hope. I mean, there

Dan: Burning hoop.

Yeah. One's going one way. Another is going the other way. And we find out it's a father and son Duro

Reegs: a show showing off doing a wheelie leader, any fucks it. Cause he goes

Howie: and his dad does think that we all do as dads, which is looking at your kid.

Who's just done something stupid. Just got

Sidey: Yeah, but He's like, how dare you do a stunt on your bike at the circus where that's our live,

Howie: Yeah,

Sidey: do for a living.

Dan: so he, he's trying to know young Johnny blazers trying to impress the the crowd, but particularly a girl in the crowd. And his father is the other kind of Daredevil. That's teaching them all these tricks and we find out actually, His father he's ill. His father

Reegs: well, I don't know whether you've noticed Dan, because they don't make it very clear, but his father smokes.

Dan: yeah.

Howie: I thought was initially making him a bad guy.

Sidey: could learn his brand,

Dan: Yeah.

It looked like a Malborough kind of guide, but,

Sidey: flavor country here.

Dan: but he he's he finds out that dad's actually really badly ill and he hasn't got long.

Sidey: because he's been given the news by letter.

Dan: He's been given the

Sidey: that's the kind of news that you give in a really impersonal way like

Dan: Yes. Just to say, Mr. Blaze, you're not going to get any better. And as luck would have it, bad luck, I guess the devil walks in

Howie: Well he's, he's not the, this is the thing. So at the start is mentioned as the demon. Okay.

Reegs: Mephistopheles. Thank you.

Howie: And that's not a

Dan: and it's not the devil, but a higher, our higher level demon.

Howie: Yeah. And he's, he has basically the story. Thrown around at the start that he went to collect to the, he went to the town of San vagancias for control of a thousand corrupt souls, which if he gets from the ghost rider,

Reegs: Yeah. It's no, the ghost writer is sent to go and get this contract for a thousand souls and he decides it's too powerful to give to the devil.

Howie: and he buggers

Reegs: That was Sam Elliott and that'll come back later. But right now, The Peter Fonda, I'm sort of wearing quite a lot of guidelines um offers Johnny blazer, sort of foul Stijn deal. Doesn't he it give back his father's health in exchange for his soul. And he kind of just does what you would do.

He sort of chuckles and assumes that he's nuts. And then all you have to do is sign Peter Vonda says, and then blaze looks at the contract and he kind of pricks his finger at the top. And it's another. That is apparently legally binding in the core of,

Dan: that's signing your soul away to the

Reegs: by accidentally pricking your finger. I had a bit of a major point because also they play this off twice later.

Like he meant to do it on purpose. So,

Dan: yeah,

We just have to go with it as, as a member of the audience at this stage because sure enough

Reegs: fit as a fiddle

Dan: it's a fiddle in fact,

Howie: Yeah.

Reegs: In fact, he has been cleared, right? This is quite amazing because in the previous scene, the, the exchange of the contract in the next scene, he wakes up.

And in the time that it's taken him to wake up, his father has been to hospital. Been x-rayed been cleared and been sent home, which is really

Howie: a hell of a hell of a us healthcare

Dan: And then 24 hours later, less than that he's jumping through, but this time meets with a tragic

Howie: It doesn't look that dangerous.

Dan: Doesn't but you know, these bike rides, they can sometimes just go a bit gnarly. And, and dad unfortunately, even though he is a, his is shaking off the big C he's he's, he's, he's gone.

Obviously Johnny blazes, absolutely a gas that is he's broken heart in his, he kind of looked at his father's Dying breath in front of him. He looks up and sees Peter Fonda,

Reegs: wait he sort of plows him off his bike doesn't he stands in the middle of the road

Dan: and.

I said, I cure him of cancer. I didn't say that he's going to live forever or whatever. And he's realized he's made a really bad deal, but he has become now the ghost rider.

And as soon as he

Reegs: he puts his hand on his chest. Doesn't he? And he passes this orange shit into him.

Dan: Cause he goes looking, he goes looking for him. He finds. And he has this kind of, well, your life is mine now. I own you.

Reegs: Yeah. And he'd spend off Roxy because they were going to do a baby driver style, like get on the back of the bike and drive

Dan: Chapman.

Sidey: She's given him the spell about My dad

thinks you're no good. It's just a phase. that I can't be with you And he's like, nah, we're just going to go. And then he realizes that he's too ghost rider for

Reegs: so

Dan: about 20 minutes in cut to older Johnny blaze, fact our hero.

Reegs: Nick cage.

Howie: water to pay and CGI abs.

Sidey: Well,


Reegs: apps that looked like pure cage. To

Sidey: There is


persistent rumor that

it's CGI, but in the director's commentary on

the DVD it's denied.

in it's it's said to be legit. He was looking, buff.


Reegs: if he wants to be,

Howie: And he, you see the it's gone, it's gone to the present day and Johnny cage is doing a nitro jump over a load of, is it a load of buses or cars or something?

Sidey: cab like truck


Reegs: it's 20 trucks and his fireworks.

Sidey: This is the best,

best scene in the film. And his head goes

Howie: I'll do the wheel.

Reegs: amazing. And they know that because they show it about five times at different points in the

Sidey: rightly so, because it was the best bit

Dan: Jump 20 trucks or off a ramp and, and landed it but badly. So the bike rolls over his head and he slammed into the board. And at the side, he gets up much to the amazement of everybody there, the entire crew.

In fact, when they're back on the bus, they don't actually believe that he's even kind of, they just don't understand. It does not compute. He shouldn't have been walking out of that kind of crash, but yet. And he's ramping up now and plans to do an even more dangerous stunt. So we've got Mack

Reegs: Well, he's going to jump the length of a football field end to

Howie: We're forgetting. There is the first incidence of peak acting from Nicholas cage with the point that weird fucking swirl of the arm, looking down the arm and the point and the acknowledgement of the crowd. This is the start of just cage being cage.

Reegs: There's a few cages,

Sidey: disappointed there was.

you know, a real lack of mega acting at this point.


Dan: well, just, just stop now because I I've, I've jotted a bit down and want to Johnny blazes crew, which is Mac. I later find out is playing the motorbike jumping game as they get onto the bus. And Johnny, he crashes like, you know, and Johnny blaze says, did you not try not crashing? And Matt goes, did you, oh, fucking low, fucking low.

Sidey: I mean,

Reegs: is

Dan: That is peek cage and there, the writing there, if you're into that kind of stuff, just stay hooked. Cause there's loads more of

Sidey: Well, we haven't mentioned is

that We have the arrival

of our villains led by,

a person.

Reegs: well, this is

Howie: black hearts

Reegs: it's douchebag van pioneer is kind of how I would describe this guy.

Sidey: Puts makeup

on people It seems this is

Reegs: It turns out, make some very cold. Yeah. Yeah.

Howie: liked makes them all shriveled up and kind of suck the life out

Reegs: and he says only angels can go in this bar and he's a hell's angel. I don't know if you saw that. So it's like

Howie: did. I thought that was clever.

Sidey: unbelievable

Reegs: clever stuff, isn't it? Yeah. So he kills the guy by, by plunging his fingers into his chest and instantly freezing him. It's quite good idea.

Isn't it? But it's executed pretty.

Sidey: Average at

Dan: average here, but I'm a big shout out and we're starting to learn about the character that Nick cages now. I mean, he's obviously gone for the depth and the, and, and there's a big shout out to the Howler monkey massive.

Reegs: I thought you'd like

Dan: yeah, he he's really he's really into the Howler monkey monkey program rather than talking about the next dangerous stunt, because how the monkeys on now, but Mack doesn't want to do.

Massively lets himself down 10 minutes later when the, the director chooses to show a chimpanzee, practicing karate in full costume and a dojo. And, and he says, don't touch that video. Like it's not even a TV program. It is something that he, he chooses to put on. And he's laughing his,

Reegs: He shouldn't be laughing at the Chimp doing

Dan: It was really, and I was thinking. Well, how old are monkeys? You don't see them. And there he is. This animal lover. Then he starts laughing at

Reegs: also really likes the carpenters and has a martini glass full of jelly

Howie: No, sir. Is it yellow and red m&ms or

Dan: I want it to get that for tonight. Actually, I wanted to, to have

Sidey: He, yeah, he he gets annoyed.

If people interrupt

Karen, he says, you know, like he just holds no weight for Blake. For Karen. You know,

Reegs: This is clearly all cages, bonkers shit that he improvised on and they incorporate it

Dan: keep filming. Just

Reegs: And you've got, just love that Marvel, you know, we're in a position that they were doing that kind of thing. Maybe it doesn't work because you know, ultimately this film's pretty dog shit, but um

Howie: put cut too massive jump by blaze, listening to the carpenters again, peak acting as he drinks straight from the cafeteria. Great

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. He drinks a

Howie: huge coffee.

Reegs: coffee straight from the Jew. Yeah. Yeah.

Howie: And then, then you get something worth watching Eva Mendez rocks up as the reporter at the stadium doing Eva Mendez stuff. Now she is hot, hot,

Dan: and she is the long loss girlfriend that he, he left. He left not quite jilted at the altar, but under a

Sidey: He, so he doesn't give interviews to anyone

Howie: because

he can't talk.

Sidey: But when she arrives.

he still doesn't give an interview, but he doesn't give an interview on camera. So,

Reegs: trying to do her job as a sort of light entertainment news reporter, and he's being really unprofessional.

And he's asking her out

Dan: he's Johnny fucking blaze. So,

Howie: he's

Dan: and he's never given an interview and they're just so

Sidey: that they've got

Dan: some insight into the world of Johnny

Sidey: the writing in this

you know, it's fucking catastrophic. but the worst of it, I thought was the relationship interplay between him and

Eva Mendez. was just

so appalling, like


Reegs: there's no chemistry at

Sidey: There's no chemistry, but also it's, It's

just so unbelievable.

So he's obviously

jilted her.

She's doesn't seem particularly angry about it. She's

like, I'm glad you did

sort of thing they arranged after this weird

like chase along the freeway.

So effectively he does the stunt Super fast, just so he can chase that down the road on his

Reegs: I did actually quite like that. I thought that was a

Howie: my son, my son cheered when he jumped over the helicopters.

Sidey: he, then he said they

arranged to have a date they're going to, they're going to catch up

And the eight o'clock at such and such a place. So he,

he isn't able to make it because he does

the whole ghost

ride thing. Right. But so she's


like pissed off about it at


The next time they meet And I was just like, this is

Dan: what she does get

Reegs: she gets absolutely plastered. And she's looking, banging in that and she says, do you think I'm attractive to that guy?

Dan: Absolutely. Knock

Sidey: Yeah. and then the next time they meet, she's just like, oh again, just

like, yeah, well fine. You know, he didn't turn up.

man. I'm like, what the

fuck is

Howie: cage does some tremendous facial expressions in the mirror at this point where he's talking and also Islam.

Reegs: Well, we, we, we have it's good that we've, we've completely skirted over the ghost rider in to talk about the relationships, which is probably the right way to do it,

Sidey: but

I want to go back to the

because the first proper transformation. to go start it is like the best. mega acting bed. I thought it was amazing.


Reegs: favorite is the bit where he's trying to provoke it in the mirror.

Sidey: Yeah.

But I just like,

because when he was transformed and

he's screaming, and shouting, I was just visualizing him doing it, obviously without

Howie: without the CGI.

Sidey: it would have

been something

to be. there.

Reegs: And then he's like laughing as well as the pain gets too much. I, we haven't even described how that's

Dan: so, so basically the. The guy who's freezing. Everybody is having an argument. He wants these souls, he wants to contract, but his father, which is

Reegs: Mephistopheles.

He's got three elemental douchebag mates. I've got their names here. I actually took the time to write them down. So it's worth no, they were at Jonathan Daniel.

Dan: but if you're still wondering, what is the ghost writer? Well, basically is the devil's bounty hunter, and he's going to do the devil's bidding and get these contracts back to him. And then he's going to take over the world with them. That's the plan.

takes you about an hour before Sam Elliot comes into, into shot and explains all this to you

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: case you didn't get

Sidey: exposition man,


Reegs: Yeah. I mean, where do we want to pick it up from the, where the dude bros go to the train yard, which used to be a cemetery?

Sidey: So they were all kind of elemental was a wind guy, a water guy.

Reegs: It's like Abigail is his name or something

Howie: earth, man.

Sidey: So his first night out as Like.

ghost writer put where he transforms his motorbike

Howie: And they trashed the city, which leads me to an idea for a sit-com, which I read about, which is Marvel lawyers having to deal with the fucking mess of anyone associated with hero, enterprise

Reegs: there is a thing damaging or something I think it's called and their job is to go and clean up. After

Howie: So the demon collective of earth, wind fire, that seventies bands, they look, they look like matrix rejects. Johnny transforms into the ghost rider, his flesh burning off his skeleton, Pete cage again, and he kills the earth angel. He then uses the pennant, stare a power that causes mortals to fail all the pain.

They've caused others on this guy. That's nearby trying to Rob rebel

Reegs: That's right. Yeah, exactly. And, and it is the power to make you feel really bad.

Yeah. That is it. It's that's

Sidey: sort of honeycombs their eyes over.

Dan: I kind of liked this as a superpower though. I thought this was quite a powerful stare that might you know, just turn it back

Reegs: look into my eyes, but he's got the voice. Does anybody wouldn't ever go with it?

Howie: Oh, I found out about the voice.

Sidey: animals.

Howie: Yeah

Reegs: animal did they train to say look into my eyes force.

Howie: Ghost writers voice was manipulated by sound engineer, Dane Davis, who won an academy award for the sound editing for the matrix. Clearly he's obviously got his

Reegs: the sound is good,

Howie: Davis filtered cages line readings through three different kinds of animal growls that were played backwards and covered separate frequencies Davies.

Then amplified the dialogue through a mechanical volumizer.

Reegs: it is, it is cage, but it's through three animals. And that kind of makes sense because it's not really cage in the rest of this stuff because it turns into a video game for a long time. the movie.

Sidey: The Serious. like PS to cut scenes Like


Reegs: Yeah,

Howie: that is exactly it is. Isn't it.

Reegs: yeah, it's, it's this the we have, have we had the bit where it has the confrontation with the police, is that

Sidey: the police captain guy.


seem to all

know that it's him and yet


Howie: I wasn't

Sidey: it's all. Okay.

as well.

Reegs: Yeah. He ends up getting taken into jail. Doesn't he? I can't even remember what for,

Howie: into a holding cell with loads of crims who then decided I hate Johnny blaze. I want to kill him.

Reegs: So he goes right out there as

Dan: well.

w at one point I think they found his number plate as he's ripped through town and left this kind of huge Tarmac kind of tsunami is something along the street. And from that, they've got evidence that ties Johnny blaze to the crimes that have gone on and they will try and it.

Stitch him up and say, it's Johnny, but he's like, no, it's not me. He's playing it kinda cool when you're kind of expecting always the demon, just going to come out. But he's, he's learning a lot about his reading, a lot about how he can control this this fire within him.

Reegs: and that's when he tries to summon him eight when he tries to submit him, but he's looking in the mirror and he tries to, he's like,

Howie: yeah.

Hey bugs you see does his teeth.

Reegs: he does his teeth. And he's like, and he goes, oh, blah, blah, blah.

Dan: top,

Reegs: And they left it in the movie.

Dan: you know, and the academy again, just ignored him.

Sidey: He does,


more ghost rider stuff where he rides his motorcycle upper skyscraper

Howie: skyscraper

Reegs: helicopter guy you're pissing me off.

Sidey: Yeah. But he, he


one of the guys It might've already killed

one at this point, but he,

the guys at the top by. And I think it was

the same every time by getting the chain and

swishing it round and making it hot. And he traps the, air windy guy

in the midst of his

Howie: mini tornadoes

Sidey: air thing and

sort of eviscerates him And the

the pattern that you're seeing is that every fight that he has with one of these,

like, and bosses takes about

two seconds,

like there's no. you know, Like you've probably gone to the other extreme in Marvel films now where the fight is just like endless

smashing and lasers

and fucking things go on forever. in this. it's just like what's, what's worse. He's dead. onto the next one, which is brush He's dead again. You're like, oh,

I sort of might be more to it than this, but, but no.

Dan: You know, the, the son you think, well, he's going to put up a bit of a fight and he does, he, he kind of pushes him once and it looks like, and then he's just like, no, it just gives him the stare and he's gone.

Reegs: talking about the final guy,

Dan: No, like that. The second badass, you know, the sun. Yeah. But it's, it's moving on a pace now. And

Howie: the caretaker at this point,

Dan: yeah, Sam Elliott is in a church.

He's looking after the grounds there and after one particularly bad night where he's woken up and not sure what, what the hell is going on. It's all explained to him. It's all explained to him by Sam quite what is a ghost rider, what he's done the contract. So just in case you didn't know, you do now.

Howie: the,

obviously it explodes out into the fact that the caretaker of the graveyard is obviously the original ghost rider and he reveals that the contract is hidden inside a spade.

Reegs: Yeah.

Howie: Telling Johnny that he is more powerful than his predecessors because he sold his soul for love rather than greed before giving the contract. And then the caretaker

Reegs: I think the legal element, right? Your misses is a solicitor or

Howie: Yeah. She, but she's never, she's never dealt with.

I've checked

Sidey: bad fee payers. Anyway. So probably wouldn't bother.

Reegs: No, unless you're that dodgy one over here. He kept helping herself after they died.

Dan: It's still, it's probably only people like the devil that would hold you to account for that kind of contract where you spill accidentally spilled some blood on

Reegs: Yeah, but they play it off twice in the movie, like cage did it on purpose twice. Cause it's just baffling. It made me wonder if they'd done the bit. They'd like edited the, making it questionable, whether he'd signed it, like afterwards they'd done that in the edit because twice later they just refer to it like, oh yeah.

I'd sign that contract. Yeah, of course I did. We all saw it.

Howie: So he said he convinces Carter slate or the caretaker that take him to S to, to take him to San van ganza to get this contract sorted out. And he says, as long as you can keep up with me and he's on a horse, isn't he?


Sidey: He's also a ghostwriter.

Howie: a ghost

Reegs: and he's got exactly enough fuel left as a go.

He knows this

Sidey: I can only transform one

Reegs: once I can do it one more to see I've got one more. That's

Dan: If just, just as a question, horse or bike for, if you're a ghost rider, horse, or

Sidey: Because he's, he was reminding

me of

the site of killing.

preacher, which is really bad.

And I needed something to cling onto in this.

Dan: I liked the horse

Reegs: I did as well. Yeah.

Howie: got a motorbike. I got motorbike

Sidey: we have a, you are a motorcyclist.


Howie: and I, I

Sidey: So you are fully invested.

We've also, we've missed the scene where he has to explain to Eva Mendez. the reason that

he, he didn't


to the dinner was because he

transforms into a monster. which I Really enjoyed

Dan: She's not

Sidey: because he was, you know, it was true. He wasn't bullshitting.

But It would have been hard.

to believe

for even Mendez.

I would

Reegs: But a little bit in that scene, they're kind of going, isn't this all really fucking stupid. You're a moron for watching this. You're a bit of a moron for what's your initiative. Could you imagine a grown man enjoying this shit about a guy with a flaming skull it's

Dan: P people do. And

Reegs: yeah, of course they do.

I would enjoy it if it was better.

Dan: yeah Well, you know, there's this isn't the film that's going to lift your spirits. Is it it's one of those that I think overall, what was it? Two hours long.

Sidey: But so we get

should we get to the

Reegs: about the, the climax. Yeah, because it's really stupid.

Sidey: when we get to For Windsor, wherever the hell it was called

there's some water

So the water guy gets

worst with the, thingy

Reegs: I think, boils him or something.

Then I thought, oh God, about trying to try and remember that for how he's horrendous topic that he chose

Dan: for.

the water boiling.

Sidey: And then there's a kind

of like budget Raiders of the lost Ark with all the

Howie: I thought exactly the same. When I watched this is like terrible Raiders of the lost

Reegs: and they have.

A number of times that a lot of ghost writers powers don't work on

the lists.

And obviously he's getting this contract. They could not have spelled it out clearer to you about 500 times what they were going to do before. You know, I know I like a bit for shadowing,

Sidey: but, yeah

Reegs: Anyway, yeah, he gets the souls and then goes right as powers work and he kills

Howie: Yep. And Roxanne tells Johnny that he has a second chance and kisses him and Johnny rides away on his motorcycle, preparing for his new

Sidey: And of course, we go back

to the, the

original contract,

where Mephistopheles says, once it's done,

I will give you back your



you know, that's your your prices pay. You

can fuck off, do whatever

you want,

but yeah, he doesn't do

that. So

the twist in the tail. And I didn't see this coming. is He

says, no, I don't want my soul back. I'm going to now fight for

the innocent

And he points out him like his Elvis sort

of thing. that he does. And

just fucking


I'm cool with this as well.

Reegs: go and have a little case under a tree.

Sidey: don't catch fire.

Howie: let's have a sequel.

Sidey: and that's their fucking sequel

Howie: yes, there is. It's unbelievable. And apparently it's worse, but the best thing about. Both have made a shit load of money, both even the terrible sequel. They've made a boatload of cages, a massive ghost rider fan from the comic books. And he asked to play this role originally, it was meant to be Eric banner.

And he was cast, but he went to be the Hulk instead. And like I said Sam

Elliott was in the.

Yeah. And the original hot with banner.

Sidey: Oh, okay.

Howie: General or something

Sidey: he's, He's

continuing our recent trend of

Me too stuff,

He said some Sam Elliot, he said some really idiotic stuff

around the power of the dog

Didn't they.

Reegs: Yeah. I think he's kind of retracted it now or like walked it back a bit. I don't

Sidey: just so I bring it up, but

yeah, this is the

budget. This was 110 million I where the fuck that. all went.

Howie: well, it's all the PS. So the PS twos there to interlink to get

Sidey: so this is 2007

So matrix is what? 99.

I mean, what the


Reegs: well also I, and man, I guess 2008, like you were saying, that's really puts the, some perspective on this. This is not great. It's bad writing.

Sidey: It is really sloppy right it's just barely fucking lazy. You know, cage tries hard

to make it

like, zany and wacky or whatever, but it just,

Reegs: I would be down with watching a good version of this.

I'm sure that there is possible, you know, they shown even with something like moon night, which you know, is kind of maybe only about okay. But

Dan: You

know, pre production wise, you know, sound okay. Ah, yeah. The, I mean the actual ghost rider.

Reegs: interesting thing about the soundtrack or the school

Dan: they had to go the

Howie: Cinematography in places was quite good.

Sidey: the crash. the bit I did like was the first

crash where his head went under.


front rail

Reegs: All of the second units done stuff was great. Yeah. The stuff that wasn't done by the director,

Dan: basis I always find when you're, when you're talking about this. It's because there's a massive hole in plot in, in acting in all those other things that you do watch a film on, you're trying to cling to. Oh, well the sound was quite good. And you know, the, the, some of the stunts were okay in and things like that.

No, I mean, this is a Turkey, isn't it? I mean, it's one of those that

Sidey: mean, if

you think, if you think of Marvel films, so they're all

like this

in terms of it's so unbelievable, you know, you've

got a intergalactic space, monster collecting gems to kill half the universe, But somehow it can work if you

do it right. They

just haven't done

it Right. here.

Reegs: I think it's just a bit knowingly, like, yeah, it's sort of self, like a bit self-conscious of its premise where instead of kind of just leaning into it, I did enjoy the cage stuff. I don't know that he makes a very good Marvel, like it's impossible really to think.


Sidey: imagine imagine what his Superman,


Howie: And imagine if an Avengers end game, when the, all the, all the heroes of pear and fucking Dr. Strange does a circle and out pops cage on his moped.

Reegs: I'm assuming they do that in the new Dr. Strange movie. I haven't, I'm trying not to spoil it. I don't know really any of

Dan: I guess you just

Sidey: Nicholas Cage's hairpiece required

three hours

to apply every day. Now I cannot fucking believe that

Reegs: Really.

Sidey: So it says

on the

And I've never been let down by

the internet yet.

Dan: No,

Reegs: I'm trying to remember his hair. It was pretty unremarkable

Sidey: No, it's a dreadful


Howie: work. Jeff.

Sidey: Stop somebody The same


Howie: Think, do you think that ghost rider was this film that was Marvel had all their plans in place and they thought, fuck, we F we need to somehow Jimmy in, before all of this franchise kicks off, one of our other characters that is going to,

Sidey: don't know. It's

weird to me because it's not, it's

not headline character where you

fans would have been clamoring for like a

ghost writer.

Think it's more like cages,

a big fan

of it, and he stumped up a load of money to have it made, but

I don't know that he was a producer

on this.


Reegs: I really wish I'd looked into this like a kiss. Yeah, it does seem a bit of a bizarre

Dan: I, I must admit that I watched this. I think it was like Friday or Saturday night. And. I was in the mood to watch this kind of film where you don't really concentrate or think on anything and you certainly don't need to on this film, you just let it wash over you.

And there's a load of rubbish going on, but first time I've seen this as well, you know? So it, it wasn't anything that I knew it was rubbish. I knew, you know, so my expectations were really low. I'd avoided it for years because of reviews saying it was rubbish, but then when it actually come to it, I.

Sidey: I

Dan: I quite, I kind of enjoyed it.

I, I, I, I kind of enjoyed it. I know there's lots wrong with it. I know that, but the mega acting and the, and everything else, and I thought really, there's not a ghost of a chance. I like it, but it's not too

Sidey: the

metrics for it.

Howie: So

Reegs: I've seen

Sidey: It's like five, Five or nine DB which really low for 126 and rod tomorrow's 35 or Metta cricket, and 82 on Google which web that means. So it's, you know, it's low. it's, The bar is low.

Dan: If you're going into this with expectations that this is going to be a rubbish movie, then you might come out enjoying it a little bit. But if you think that it's going to be good, then you will be disappointed.