Jan. 11, 2023

Midweek Mention... In Bruges

Midweek Mention... In Bruges
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In Bruges is a movie I've heard so much about and never had anyone say a bad word in its general direction. And yet despite that that I've still never found the time to see it.

This week it's another double bill, basically because this is now a Colin Farell stan account * 

Part one of the double bill sees Dan and Sidey touch down In Bruges and talk about how endlessly quotable this movie is. Chemistry, performance, comedy, tragedy  and violence. This movie has it all. We loved it, but Sidey still found a way to criticise it. What a miserable sod!

* stan account is some term that young people use. I stumbled across it on TikTok and felt 1000 years old. 

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. If it hasn't been completely destroyed yet you can usually find us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at baddadsjsy@gmail.com or on our website baddadsfilm.com.

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


In Bruges

Sidey: last week was a Henry Caval double header.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: This week is another double header I think.

Dan: What he said double doubleheader. This one

Sidey: isn't it? But it is. Well it's a triple really, cuz same. Well you could even go as far as say cordal cause same writer, director and the same two leads. Yeah. It's bigger than that.

I think one of the leads we could probably say is our, we're fanboy for sure, but probably our favorite. My favorite actor on the pod. Collectively, we've watched quite a few

Dan: Well, I guess if you're gonna go by the amount of movies we've watched and re reviewed,

Sidey: Colin Farrell.

Colin Yeah.

Dan: Brendan's

Sidey: yeah, he's close.

Dan: favorite as well. So

Sidey: both

Gleason's? Yeah. So this one we're doing first from midweek number is Iru.

Dan: And if you haven't seen it, check it out and then come and hear us talk about it, because we will spoil it because it's.

Lovingly brilliantly

Sidey: We won't be able to get into every single di line of dialogue cuz there's so many like great lines

Dan: of, well that's it.

This is one of those they're brilliant performances by both Colin Faron and Be Brendan Gleason. They've got brilliant onscreen chemistry together which is.

You know,

just helps it along. It's a really solid performance. But the characters, they're just endlessly quotable, aren't they?

They've got so many great

Sidey: Well, right from the very, very start it. Just shows you some scenery of Bruce especially the religious architecture and things.

Dan: gothic

Sidey: Yeah. And it has some, like a classical kind of score. And then Colin Farwell gives a little bit of narrative voiceover where he explains that they've done a job, he's dropped a gun he's done, something's gone wrong.

And they've been sent out to Bruce and it pauses and he.

It's in Belgium, . So straight away. It's, it's just fucking, the, the, the timing of it is so fucking good. And so, you know, it's gonna be funny, but it does, when you find out the backstory for real. Take a fucking really sinister turn. Yeah. But still maintains that

Dan: This dark, dark, dark humor all the way through it. Yeah, it's it, it is really, really good.

Sidey: This was, this was my first time I have to,

Dan: first time seeing this film. Yeah. Oh, really?

Sidey: So it was kind of caught in the podcast's purgatory of just for some reason I'd missed it. When it came out. Every, like, never heard a bad word about it. Just everyone big up, big up and then just being caught in a Right.

I'll nominate that at some point so that I get see it, and it just like kept like slipping through the cracks and, and so there'd been a load and loaded chat about the film that we're watching for our main feature. And we thought, fuck it. Let's let's do

Dan: yeah. Well, that, that will be The next pod after this, if you're listening. So that's the banes of in Hearing

Sidey: Yeah. Or in a Sharon, if you,

Dan: in whichever you'd like to say it. And that's Colin and Brendan again. But yeah, in the opening moments, you've got Ray, who's Colin, Farrell and Ken and they explain why they're in it.

It's a botched hit. . He's ditched his weapon in the River Thames. He's washed his hands in a Burger King bathroom, and he's headed home to wait for instructions from Harry.

Sidey: Harry sent them. Yeah.

Dan: who's their main handler?

Sidey: He sent 'em away. Laylo , and then he says two weeks. And was like two fucking weeks.

Dan: you can't believe it. He's, he's not big on culture,

Sidey: And, and not only that, but the hotel that they've been told to check into, they only have one room, so they've gotta share a room, which doesn't sit well with 'em either.

Yeah. And they're very different. They're very chalk and cheese. So Ray, it's a bit simple. He just wants to have a good time.

Dan: to go out,

Sidey: He doesn't want to be confined to his room for two weeks, even though there's a lot at stake. Whereas Ken, he's a man of culture for a hitman. He, he wants to go, like there's a scene of them going down the canals and they're taking in all the sites and he's, he's fascinated.


Dan: Yeah. And

Sidey: just fucking raging, like gonna scam it.

Dan: Well, Harry said to keep a low profile and that's something that King can do. He can he become a tourist, he can become a go sight seeing on the canals and see it all. And it, it, it is lovely, but it's just, It should bores the hell out of Ray and he's just looking for, for some other kind of way to have fun, anything.

And I mean they go for a couple of beers and that kind of gets him out. But basically, look, we are laying low here. You need to be in the hotel room. Do not cause any waves. And we're just gonna wait for the phone call cuz Harry's gonna ring and we bet be fucking here when he rings.

Sidey: So first night they can't even manage.

The first night they go out and they're in obviously Belgium famous for its beers. And so Ken is enjoying some local Ailes and Ray's. Just wanting to just do as many pints as he can. So, and he even says some of the jokes maybe are a little bit, they're not very pc, but he says yes, another gay beer for my gay friend and an all beer for me, for me, cuz I'm normal

The guy just looked at him like, what the fuck? Yeah. And and in the. Ken kind of leaves him and just let, goes back to the hotel. But Ray carries on and

Dan: Well they, they go they chance upon across a film shoot, don't

Sidey: they? Yeah.

Dan: like, different actors and things, including a dwarf actor. Is

that the right terminology?

Sidey: Because that is the right terminology. Yes.

Dan: twist and turn a few times in this film. So it confuses me. And then he, he manages to, to get a date actually, doesn't he?

Sidey: With Yeah. He just goes up to the catering table and just starts having himself cuz there's a pretty girl there.

Dan: a, a beautiful girl.

He manages to make her laugh, have a

Sidey: laugh. Yeah. She says, how'd you get part of security? And he says, oh, that's what I do, you know, , so, okay,

Dan: part of my job. And, and so what you do is, I'll tell you at dinner tomorrow. So he is all very smooth

Sidey: So she's

Dan: to to to ag.

Sidey: he scores a date.

He's quite, yeah, he's quite silver tongue. He's quite smooth with his his pattern and he does score a date. He says, well, you can tell me about it at dinner tomorrow. And she sort of laughs and says, okay, but it, when it, when you get to the next day, he realize that she, she probably tends to do this very frequently because she's, she's on set, but she's like the onset drug dealer.

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. We, we find out at dinner that she's

Sidey: well, the next day he sat on a bench and the d draw actor that he's seen on set walks past and he had had words with him the night before he'd had a chat with

Dan: he gives him a wave,

Sidey: he waves, and the guy just ignores him. He says, you little fucking cu.

Dan: fuckery. He's just so insulted, isn't he just that little fucking shit.

He actually turns around and looks at a guy next to him. He's holding like a, a manji dog, doesn't he?

Sidey: Dog. Like,

Dan: Dog looks at him and he is just, oh, fuck. You know?

Sidey: Yeah, at dinner, he says, yeah, and I saw your little, your little dwarf guy from the set. And he, he, the little fucker wouldn't say hello.

He said, oh, he was on a load of Ketin . It's

Dan: What's

Sidey: that? How, how'd you know that I sold it to him?

Dan: And yeah. So he's told her, well, what'd you do? F i I shoot people for a living. And she says, oh, I sell heroin and coke tour the you know, drug dealer to, to

Sidey: the

stars. Yeah,

Dan: stars. And so they're both kind of said something. They're not sure the other one will believe or it is true, but it seems both are.

Sidey: Yeah. So she does, she takes him back. And this is where it gets a bit complicated with her because what she tends to do usually, although she is, she does actually find herself a attracted to him. But what she normally does is riff off tourists.

So her partner comes up behind him with a gun to his head.

Dan: Yeah.

which, which Ray is

Sidey: just, just hard and he's not, yeah. They're just gonna rob him, but they've come to the wrong,

Dan: Wrong dude. And he, he takes the gun back off him.

Sidey: He headbutts him first. Yeah. puts him down. Then the guy pulls out a knife and he's like, well, , I've got the gun.

And he's like, it's just blanks in there.

Dan: So he shoots

Sidey: blanking his eyes

Dan: and he

Sidey: he blinds him. . It's so good. Yeah. Oh, I was loving this. It's so good. It's

Dan: and, and nobody throughout the film then has sympathy to his guy who keeps

Sidey: this poor guy just gets abused like constantly. They

Dan: what? She had a gun, took it off you, and

Sidey: edge just to be hard Now you're just a per, he says to him again, not very peaceful.

But we do learn that the reason the job went south, we get a flashback

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. That Ray, it was his first job. And he's in confession. Yeah. Really fucking died. Fucking not me. For six, this bit, to be honest. He's in a confession booth and the, the priest has sent him, you know, what's your confession?

He says, I'm a murderer. And I was thinking, that's a fucking what? You're just going to couple of Hail Marys and whatever, and you're

Dan: way you go

Sidey: And he says, who did you kill? Like,

Dan: for money? He goes, what'd you do it for,

Sidey: I said, I just do it for money, not for feelings, not for anything like that. I just do it for money.

And he says, who, who killed you? I'm sorry. I said, you fucking deaf. Harry says Hi, and he just shoots him.

Dan: Well, he shoots him a couple of times, like in the arse and a seat through the hip or something, and he, he kind of gets up and he staggers forward.

Sidey: Not quite so funny. This scene.

Dan: no, not at all. And he, he staggers forward and he's still shooting him. He has another shot. And

Sidey: then he, he stood in the doorway, basically. Doorway, yeah. And he says something about the kid

Dan: and then he, you don't really kind of, it's just shot, shot shots and.

Unbeknownst to Ray, but in front of the, the priest who has just shot bullets through was an older boy, a young older

Sidey: boy.

So when I first saw him, you kind of see his head like it's a side profile and he's got something in his hand, but he's completely motionless. I thought it was just brain matter. He had from, or, or you know, something like from a gun gunshot wound from the priest had landed on him and then he just kills over and like, fuck, he's just killed the kid.

Like the comedy not, not so high in this cell.

Dan: we, that gives us context of why these hitmen are in hiding out in Bruce

Sidey: he, he hasn't given anything away to the audience, up to this point in the movie, but now,

Going on, you can see his guilt. Yeah. And it's whether it's good writing or it your, cuz you, I dunno about you, but I felt a lot of sympathy for him, even though he's fucking murdered someone and murdered a kid.

Look, you

Dan: can see there's actual remorse. Yeah. And there's actual regret. He, he didn't mean to kill the kid. That wasn't it. He meant he meant only to kill a priest. But no, he, he's

Sidey: but when he is, he's in her apartment and he, she goes out, she's gotta take the skinhead guy who's, he's just shot with the blank.

He's gotta go to hospital to be sorted out. And he goes riling through her shelves and he finds the box of blanks. But he also finds, yeah, he also finds a box of live rounds, which he takes. So he's now got a gun which they didn't have before.

Dan: No. He, he's also found a load of Coke and some and some pills, which he

Sidey: decides five grams of coke some acid and some ecstasy.

Dan: Yeah. So he, he's, he takes that and has a bit of a party and

Sidey: goes, well, he get,

Dan: goes up to Ray, who's

Sidey: it's a great line.

Dan: sorry. He is been up. He goes back to Ken, doesn't he? Who's, who's taken a call since

Sidey: Ken's

been given the instruction. , you gotta fucking kill him. Pick up a gun in the morning.

Dan: You can't kill kids. He was a nice lad, wasn't he? He goes, he was a nice lad. So he starts talking about him in the, in the past. Yeah. And he goes, are you being thick ? He's like,

Sidey: well, well, first of all we've, we've skipped past it. But they, he's, he's left a note with the receptionist at the hotel and, and it's read out and it's just swearing. It's just like End of swearing.

Yeah. And this was the only bit in the film. It was a bit of a let down for me because he just felt like a bit of a rip off of Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast. That was, that was the one negative about this film for me. Everything else is fucking spot on. So he, they, they get this note and even when he hands it to Colin Foul, he says, jeez, he swears a lot, doesn't he?

And the reason he's so annoyed is cuz they weren't in the hotel when he phoned the first. So that's the

Dan: only popped out for half

Sidey: that far an hour

Dan: and he gives you a little hint of how psycho as you say, a bit like sexy beast. But how psycho Harry he is because

Sidey: he's a principled man

Dan: he's a principal man, he is definitely a principled man.

But he's yeah, he can't,

You know, he, he

Sidey: I'll tell you to do something, you fucking do it. And they are scared of him. They fucking do what they do. Or if they don't, then they're hitting themselves, they're gonna get found out. So yeah, he gives the instruction to to

Dan: kill the kid. To kill to kill

Sidey: Ray. Ray's gotta, ray's gotta go. You can't be killing kids. And so he's gone out to Ken's gone out to drown his sorrows, so he's. Like four beers in 20 minutes, I think the, the barman says to him, but, but Ray turns up and, and Ken says, well, how was your date? And he says, ah, well there were two moments of extreme violence cuz he battered that bloke, the Canadian bloke.

And it's, he's, it's another great line where he, he smashes that guy in the face cuz they blow smoke at him. . And they, and he says, that's for John Lennon. You Yankee fucking can't

Dan: Yeah. I mean, there's another one, they're, they're in a, a museum, aren't they? Cuz he tries to bring him into all the culture and everything, and they're looking at purgatory and, and through this they, you kind of just explore the guilt that he's, he's feeling through shooting his kid.

And also the, the potential repercussions waiting for him in the afterlife. So, you know, . He might be going through Purg tree, he might be going straight to hell. The chance, him going to heaven kind. And he goes, what's Perga tree? And he goes, well, you know, it's like the Inbetweenie one. You, you weren't really shit, but you weren't all that great Eva.

Like Tottenham . So I really enjoyed that line.

Sidey: And he's, he, they get to the, Painting. We get glimpses of a few paintings and he just dismisses 'em all as being shy. ? Yeah.

Dan: Oh, he goes, oh, I like this

Sidey: This one. The rest. Were all, this one's quite

Dan: really weird ones. So it's

Sidey: but he says, he says, how was your date? Yeah. And he says, well, there was two moments of extreme violence.

At one point she had a hand on my cock and I had my fingers inside her, which didn't last very long. And then I was stolen, but basically said, I've stolen all these drugs and I've done a gram coke,

Dan: Yeah. . And he

Sidey: and he's,

Dan: another gram. I'm gonna do some. So they have a, they have another load of drugs they bring in the dwarf and a couple of others who turns out to be racist on Coke.

And, and there's loads of just great lines and great kind of little stories within the story. But it comes to the day where Ken has to kill Ray and.

Sidey: Ray's. Ray's guilt has been, Building. Building. And he says he's, he's thinking about the kids' family. And he says, you know, there's gonna be a Christmas tree or with no presents that get opened, they're just gonna be sat there forever, unopened.

And he's, he's, he's, he's crying and we see him like crying in bed. He's obviously like,

Dan: but

Ray kind of, he's gone to meet a guy called Uri who's given him a gun. And and he says, yes, of course I'm gonna fucking do it. Like, you know, and, and he's telling him, oh, there's these alcoves near the park that, you know, you can find little nooks and crannies that will mean that you can shoot 'em in there and nobody will see it for a while.

But he's in a kid's play park. But he sat there on a bench alone and Ken's been looking at him, isn't he? And he's talking to him and he is hidden away. A couple of times he's looked around. and then he tightens up and he goes, sorry, gotta do it. And he's got the gun by his side and he's walking over and he must be like to the point so close where he is about to pull the trigger.

When Ray pulls up a gun to his own head, he's about to commit suicide. and Ken instantly says, no,

Sidey: with a gun in one hand. No,

Dan: The gun. He's about to shoot him win in one hand. And he said, no,

Sidey: turns out, he just kinda like hides it by his back. Blatantly got gun. Yeah.

Dan: he goes, what? What are you doing? And they're both looking at each other saying, what are you doing?

Because one's about to kill himself and the other one's about to kill the guy who's about to kill himself. And then they go, we better go and have a chat about this, isn't we? Yeah. And they agree. Ray on a train and he says, look, you just got a fuck off out of it. You know, don't think about that.

You can't, you, you are young, you're still doing, and I think Ken being a little bit older, he's taken this kind of father figure on and he knows the buck stops with him if it doesn't stop with

Sidey: he's prepared to take the consequences. Yeah, because he just, he's very honest, straight away because he is been told, kill him and phone me straight away. Harry says to, to let me know it's done. So he puts some on the train.

He says, look, go and help some people. Do something, you know, pay it.

Dan: it. You can't save that one, but you

Sidey: you maybe save, save the next one. That's right. So he, so he goes off and, and he picks up the phone to Harry and says, listen, I didn't kill him. I've sent him off on a train. , he's not coming back. You don't need to worry about him.

And , and we haven't, we've never. Harry, we dunno who he is. And then , it cuts to Harry's office and he's on the phone and he is got the wife and the nanny and the three kids in the other room. And he just like smashes the phone into oblivion and just like in an absolute rage that his orders haven't been followed and his Mrs comes in and goes, it's an inanimate fucking object I fucking held at this.

He goes, no, you are a fucking inanimate object.

Dan: Which he then later apologizes

Sidey: sorry, I called you an inanimate object. He's probably

Dan: probably the only person that he does apologize to. And he Harry heads out to to Bruce because he's a man of principal and he, he will not be spoken to in such

Sidey: terms.

His Mrs. Worried cuz she says, are you gonna take the boys? Or you can take some, some backup? And he's like, no, I'll do it myself. Go


Dan: you know, and Ray. So, so he gets out there and he, he strolls across Brendan Gleason in, in like the town squares, isn't he? He's just having a, a pint of, of beer or something, and.

He beckons him to, to come and sit down. And you can see Harry, he's struggling not to shoot him right there, that he would love to shoot him right at the moment that he see him. But there's just too many people around. And then Ken just goes in and says, well look. I'll be honest. You're a cunt. You've always been a cunt, and the only thing you are getting is to be a bigger cunt than you already

Sidey: are and have more cunt kids. And he says, you leave my kids, you leave my kids out of it. You, you

Dan: I retract that. I retract

Sidey: that about your fucking cunt kids. He

Dan: And, and they very casually and calmly just debate where they're gonna have a shoot out and kill each other, or at least where he's gonna be murdered from.

Sidey: yeah, all the violence is very methodical from here on in it. They all, everything is described in advance. Like Right, this is what

Dan: you're gonna do, that you

Sidey: probably, I'm gonna try and shoot you from here. I'm gonna run to there and then we'll see who gets, who gets

Dan: You're not gonna make me run back here now. He goes, no, no, I said it. I'll do it. And so they go to the top of their, their tower We don't know or they dunno at this stage though.

But Ray is back in Bruce because the train got stopped. The Canadians that he beat up earlier Yeah. Had pulled him and said, no, you're not getting away with it. So they put him back in jail.

Sidey: That's the motherfucker right there. He screams down

Dan: And then the Canadian, he can't believe it. He f thought they were American.

And then he goes back into Jail gets outta jail because Chloe has bailed him. Yeah. And so they go for a drink and they're sat or stood kissing just as

Sidey: you can see them.

Yeah. . Yeah.

Dan: And Ken walked by. And politely asked to go to the top of the belt tower. Unfortunately low. It's not open, is it? It's 20 minutes to go.

Bet the guy goes, no, you can't go up there

Sidey: the guy, because we've seen him be like a real belligerent prick earlier in the film when Ken only had 4 95 where he claimed to.

Yeah. And the guy's like, it's five euros. Tapping aside this time, he says,

Points quite aggressively whacking like Harry in the forehead and you're

Dan: Harry in the

Sidey: and you're watching it going, you are fucking messing with the wrong guy.

Dan: Well, well Ken just kind of walks past him knowing like he's not gonna worry about paying or going in now,

Sidey: we just see in, in silhouette, basically a shadow of Harry just izing this

Dan: Violent attack. Probably killed him right there then. And lies him down. Puts a, a little chain across the The entrance to, to give the illusion its close.

And then they go to the top of the bell tower where they have a conversation and about to shoot each other. And Ken says, doesn't he? Look, I I love you, Harry. You know, and I'm not gonna fight you there. Just do me look, you, I'm wrong. He was my boy. I brought him in. He fucked it up. I know to dance you have me, but Harry just can't do it.

Then he's, he's just like,

oh, You

said all that. He just shoots him in the knee cup or something, doesn't he quick. And he goes, well, I couldn't let you get away with nothing.

Sidey: had to something, it had to be some repercussions for you. Yeah. But then he's gonna go off and do Ray.

Dan: Well, we, he. The, the guy who's had the blank in the eye is run back in now, isn't he?

He's seen

Sidey: he's surfaced

Dan: up there and he's, he's ratted way out. He said,

Sidey: he's already had a load of grief when, when Harry went to get the gun, the guy's sitting in there the first time Harry sees him.

He goes, oh, aye,

Dan: Yeah, No, he just, he gives him basically

Sidey: and he gives him a, he gives him a huge, like, he goes, you know, oh you are, that guy blinded me. And he says, well, you had the gun, You You were supposed to be tough. You let a, you let an unarmed man take a gun off you blind, you know, blah. No. Gives him no shit.

So anyway, this guy surfs again, and like you say, he does, he, he gives up Ray, he says he's just around the corner, so, Ken's like, fuck, he's gonna get killed. They have a scuffle on the stairs. One of those classic, you know, both gripping the weapon, pointing it one way, pointing the fighting to get it.

Eventually it's pointed towards Ken and it goes off and really like Gruesomely shoots him through the neck. Yeah. And blood fucking going


Dan: And then he leaves him to

Sidey: but he doesn't finish him off. He just leaves him there.

out. Yeah. And he

Dan: he goes down and, and tries to, to finish off. Ray who's, who's down there, Ken though, is manages to pull himself to the top of the tower again, and he wants to obviously look down and, and

Sidey: it's awful. Shoot him. It's awful.

Dan: but he is foggy and you can't see the people at the bottom.

So, I dunno if he's just trying to time his, his arrival to coincide with Harry's at the bottom there, or he just decides.

Sidey: just trying to attract

Dan: over now anyway.

Sidey: I think he was trying to attract attention so that there'd be a crowd or, or anything to Well, that's Give Ray a chance of getting away. Well,

Dan: he knows the time's up for him.

He's, he's been shot in the kneecap and he is shot in the neck. And Harry's expecting him to be dead because Ray is back in town, even though he didn't know it. He thinks he's been lied to by Ken. Which is why Harry shot him and he jumps off, he jumps off onto a, like a hot, he jumps off this well.


kind of clock tower in Bruce and he falls on this concrete, the


Sidey: just drops, drops it closer and closer, and then it, it's from the crowd's point of view looking at it and you hear this almighty crunch and blood just sprays up into the air.


Dan: It's the cobbles, like they look just so hard and unfriendly and then we get over especially if you've fallen from real, like really high.


Sidey: he's still not dead.

Dan: he's still not dead, but he's like, his arms and legs have gone or something. He's just kind

Sidey: was a little glimpse of some sort of hideous injury.


Dan: I, he, he's dead. I mean, he's, he's dead.

Sidey: He's on his way

Dan: his eyes are moving, his lips are moving, and Ray cognize him, runs over and he goes, how he's here, take my gun guns, him peace pieces.

It's fallen as well. It's just you just see bits of springs

Sidey: Spring, yeah, the coil.

Dan: out of it. And and. Well, you just see this kind of closeup of him and he goes, I think it's time to die. And he closes his eyes and he's gone, isn't

Sidey: But he does tell him there's a gun because he's taken the gun from Ray to stop him from kill himself. Where's my gun? Where's my gun? And he's stashed it in the hotel room.

Dan: No, he didn't really get there. I think he's just guessing, isn't he? He knows that that must be where it is. And so Harry turns up and just as Ray

Sidey: he chass him through the streets,

Dan: and they, they're shooting and chasing through the streets of, of Bruce. And he gets to the he gets to the hotel room, finds the gun in the room, and Marie is there, the lady who's owned the restaurant or the, the hotel. And she said, I'm not fucking going anywhere. You're not having a shoot out in my, in my hotel. No chance. I'm not doing it. So there. They're kind of got this Mexican standoff

Sidey: is Harry's. Harry's like, okay, I won't,

Dan: Alright. Right. No, no. Okay. Right. And he goes, I've got a way how to fix this. I tell you what, I'm gonna jump out this window into Canal Swim across, you got till that time Harry to get me on the other side and shoot me. And he goes, are you really gonna jump? And he goes, yeah, yeah, I'll jump Harry.

And he goes,

Sidey: goes,

Dan: I don't wanna be running back on here later on , but sure enough, just as luck, we'd have it like a barge is going by

and a little canal boat. And he manages to jump on that.

Sidey: It does, but he drops his gun. The, the silly, he

Dan: his gun off the side and then

Sidey: he just nails there almost. Sits like, makes himself a target. Cause he sits, he he

Dan: on a

Sidey: upright, you know, he doesn't like cower down and hide. He just, I think he just thinks Harry's outta range or he, he's

Dan: well, he says doesn't. He goes, I think he get me from here. He's

Sidey: And Harry just lines up the shot and I was really fucking surprised.

Like, fucking hits him right in a gut.

Dan: right in the gut. Takes him out, just left side of gut.

And he's then in a hell of a lot of pain. But he's, he manages to,

Sidey: he's able to stumble through him back into the.

Set that,

which it all looks like the,

Dan: this

Sidey: imagery of the paintings that he's seen in the Yeah.

Very gothic, very McCab

Dan: and Harry's right behind him. And

Sidey: he get, he gets off another four or five shots, just nails him every time.

Dan: Before this, we had seen Chloe and Ray with the dwarf. He had just come over, he'd shared a drink with him and they'd laughed because he was in his school uniform. That's right. He had to, to Michael.

Sidey: uniform from my

Dan: Yeah, he, he had to do the, like a, a part of the film, this dream sequence where he was gonna play a school boy or something.

And also we know that Harry has taken.

Bullets that like blow the, like, blow an elephant up or something. I mean, they, they just leave a massive hole, don't they? So if you shoot somebody in the face that it's just a like neck, they've got, they haven't got any face

Sidey: anymore, which, which we do get

evidence of

Dan: Yeah. So, much like.

Ray, shooting the little boy through the

Sidey: Yes. It's a repetition.

Dan: it's the same thing that's happened to Harry and he can't see because of this bullet that he's shot a dwarf, he thinks he's shot a kid and he's previously said,


I was to have done that, why he didn't just shoot himself there and then get it over and done with, do his all a favor,

Sidey: You've gotta have

Dan: gotta have principles, and sure enough, that's kind of what happens.

And he

Sidey: Ray's, ray's down on the grounds, like fucking on his way out.

Dan: And he's also sa No, he's, he's not a kid. He's, he's trying to tell him, isn't he? No, no, Harry, this, this is.

Sidey: it's a dwarf.

Dan: Dwarf or a midget or whatever he was calling him. But he can't get the words out.

Sidey: as he

Dan: and yeah. And, and Harry Harry blows his bloody head off

Sidey: gun in his mouth. He says The man's gotta have principles, puts the gun in his mouth, and pulls the.

and then there's an ambiguity to the ending and we don't know if Ray is gonna survive or not. And it pretty much says so in the,

Dan: In the final moments he's taken to an ambulance and, and it's uncertain. Yeah. He's it's a kind of voiceover and he, he says that if he, he survives, he wants to go and see the, the mother of the little boy and get her to decide what he should do with the rest of his life.

Kill himself, go away, go to prison, whatever it is, she'll, he'll do. Because the guilt is just kind of beating him up and eating him up too much. And.

and he just says maybe, maybe that's what hell is the rest of eternity in Bruce because he really has, he really hasn't liked it, but and he really, really hoped he wouldn't die.

And that's

Sidey: kind of the last

It's weird to like be rooting for someone who's a child murderer. Yeah.

It's fucking

Dan: e even you do have sympathy for him though, because he's not purposely shot this kid. He's shot a priest. I mean, it's not saying he's a nice bloke, but he's n and you can see that he is devastated by it.

Just with these conversations a couple of times where he talks about it and he's saying, but he'll never do this and it will never do that. All the kind of things that, you know, a broken heartbroken man would say

you can see there's sorrow there. In fa say, I liked his character a little bit more because of that.

Obviously if he didn't have that, if he would've been happy about it, it said,

Sidey: No, no, no, no. That wouldn't work.

Dan: But yeah. Did you like it then?

Sidey: Oh, it was fantastic. Yeah. Yeah, it was great. I kind of suspected I would've really, I was gonna really enjoy it. I just, I had been putting it off just so we could watch it for the show. So yeah, it was great. It was really, really good. Very sweary and it does have that sexy beast. Kind of comparison with the Harry character to Ben Kingsley in that the word fuck and its derivatives are said 126 times.


in the hundred 70 minute, 107 minute run time, which gives it an average of 1.18 fucks per minute. Good stat.

Dan: That's that's good. Fucking

Sidey: yeah.

It's also really rich in Harry Potter alumni. . Ralph Hines was vor. Yeah. Brendan Gleason was Madi Moody. Clements Posey was Flair deco.

Kieran Hines, who's the priest, he was at Aber. Fourth Dumbledor. And Colin Farer was Percival Graves. So there you go.

Dan: And, and it's Martin McDonough.

Sidey: Martin McDonough. Yeah.

Dan: And, and so he's done three Billboards outside ebbing, Missouri. He did seven Psychopaths as well. I


Sidey: seen that one either.

Dan: It's been a while since I've seen that one. But the Banshees of inner Sharon. Yes. Which we are gonna review.

Sidey: a look at that.

Dan: Later on it's also, it is these same guys teaming up again.

So looking forward to getting into that one. But this was a winner. If you haven't seen it already go and check it out. Have you ever been to Bruce?

Sidey: No. Pete and I and a few others, we did go to Belgium. But we were in GenZ, I think.

What Was it, Bruce? it's another part.

Yeah. We, we were not in br we were commuting. No. But it was felt same sort of vibe. Very quiet, very historic.

Dan: Yeah. I've only passed through, I've never

Sidey: stayed.

So yeah, we, we were there for a night. Chocolate and beer. I think from, from memory, it's decent. I didn't, we, no one got murdered on our trip.

Dan: Okay. Well there's more excitement in this film.

Sidey: Boom.