May 26, 2021

Midweek Mention... Legends of the Fall

Midweek Mention... Legends of the Fall
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A favourite of Dan's and an absolute epic.... we watched Legends of the Fall. 

Some stuff happens and it's all very dramatic. The main take away from this movie is that Brad Pitt looks absolutely incredible. He really does. 

I knew nothing about this movie, so I was taken aback by all the dramatic events that take place.  Let us know what you thought of it. You can find us on Twitter - @dadsfilm, or even better you can hit up our website -

See you on Friday for our Whiplash chat.

Until then we remain.

Bad Dads 


Legends of the Fall

Dan:So it's the mid week movie mentioned.


it was my week. we were all really, really excited to see this film. And we were watched it. Didn't we?

Reegs:Not all of us.



I watched it.

Reegs:or you've watched it.

Sidey:All of it,

Reegs:of it. Yeah. I, I did have the intention to watch it because I wasn't sure whether I'd seen it or not. And I'm still not sure.

Cause I haven't seen it this time. But when push came to shove, I've been yeah, basically. Cause it's like, I'd rather, you know, rather than reviewing two movies badly. Each week, I'd rather just remove review one movie badly. So put the effort into Witless show I sort of purpose. And also it came on and then I was like I could watch this or I could watch sack Snyder's army of the dead.

Which has got a zombie tiger in it and, you know, Dave

Battista So I I've been there off really in favor of stuff that I really wanted to watch.

Dan:Hopefully our our listeners.


A little more committed. and

Sidey:real sure

Dan:now team, but. it's legends

of the fall. The film I chose, it's an old Brad Pitt movie is how I would describe it, but it's not just an old Brad Pitt movie.

Cause it's an old Anthony Hopkins movie as well. And I didn't Quaid and a couple others. Julia


Reegs:what year are we talking? You saying it's an old one.

Dan:Yeah. So it

was Brad Pitt at his most hunky and dreamy.


Sidey:Fucking dreamy is it

Reegs:me the rundown. Why is, why is he, so

Dan:It's soft, focused on every shot with long blonde hair on the back of a horse,

Sidey:bad boy.

Dan:He's the bad boy lovable rogue. Anyway. So basically it's the earlier twenties, early 20th century in Montana and Colonel William Ludlow, which is Annie Hopkins It lives in the wilderness with his sons. He's just finished this. Crazy war with the Indians and you know, everything else. And actually he was fighting alongside


against, so it set in yeah, the early part, 18

hundreds, late

18 hundreds, early part of the 20th century So 1900 something.

And he's got three sons, his wife doesn't fancy it.

in in the wild. So she, she goes,

Sidey:just fucks off. Cause it's cold.

Dan:Yeah. She, she's not built for the wilderness is oh, it's country. It's hard stuff.

Sidey:And then they effectively pen pals after that. I don't think they, they don't separate anything other than geographically.

Dan:that's right. Yeah. Yeah. They, they stayed together and


Reegs:well, it's some would say that's the secret to a good marriage.

Dan:It was here, I think Cause they, they certainly stayed close.

Reegs:I knew somebody at work who. He had a flat that he used to just go in.

He was married, but he would just go and live in the flat for a few days and go back and all that sort of thing is that

Dan:What would you think I've got a man-cave

Sidey:sounds a bit like,

Dan:afford a flat.

Reegs:I don't watch Ray Donovan

Sidey:It doesn't just go to sleep though.

I suspect the other digital colleague,

he's a pervert. Isn't he?

Reegs:Hey, my colleague probably, but I mean, never. Yeah.

Dan:never at work,

Reegs:never work as far as I knew.

Dan:well. What's going on around legends that are fall around this time. Is that as it, is it settles, then you'll see this kind of unconventional? We're very


knit family of three boys.

And Anthony Hopkins, who's the Colonel so

Alfred's the oldest.

Aiden Quinn and he's smart and sensible. And does all the things correctly,

Reegs:Aiden Quinn. I know that. What is that Poldark is that no. Who is he's eating Quinn? I know

Dan:been in a few things.

Sidey:this had a few people that it was a good game of, oh, I recognize that person.

I don't quite pay some say I knew I can Quinn from elementary. He plays the captain in the Sherlock story

Reegs:Okay. I haven't seen that.


Reegs:And other

Sidey:I'm not. Yeah, I did actually look up and I'm DV, but I can't remember

Dan:was he in the untouchables or something like that.

Reegs:anyway. So the

Dan:been a, it's been an actor you'd have seen around. So Alfred's the oldest tourist in, which

is Brad Pitt

is the middle child. And,

Reegs:name, sorry to all the trust

Dan:and and Samuel Henry Thomas is the youngest, the best of us,

Sidey:Justin. Justin is enraged that his mother's left. It really. Yeah, sets them down a darker path than the other.

Reegs:So Brad Pitt is both hunky and going down a dark path as well,

Sidey:Yeah. He seems to attract all these sort of dangerous situations. Samuel is played by one of these people. And I was like, oh, who is it? It's it's the Elliot from ITI, isn't it? Yeah. but he's obviously that an adult and I'm like, it's kind of now.

And then the mother who just fucking walked off is I can't remember the actress's name, but she was Monica and boss's mum and friends,


Dan:yeah. Yeah.

yeah. but at no point does he want to phone home or anything, you know,

he's, he's, he's really sticks to this

Very well, I think Samuel, he plays it well he doesn't, he don't slip into ITI.

But the world war

one eventually comes around

and this is where

things start


a little bit sadder and more tragic. We already Say that Tristin has a wild side. And is

a more in tune with

his native Indian side, then the others are, he's already fought a bear and he has this kind of connection.


Sidey:pokes a bear while it's asleep. It's like project.

Dan:to see what would have happened

Sidey:It doesn't take it very well. Wakes up, goes after him. And he hides behind a tree and the bear does get him. And I was thinking your arm would be fucking gone. But he then lashes out with a knife and cuts one of the bears like claw. Tory things off.

Reegs:the bear. Is it CGI bear?

Dan:No, it's a big

old fucker.

Reegs:costume How does it look? Rupees. Okay.

Sidey:It looks okay. I didn't think he was in, because it's the, the whole thing is being narrated by what's the name of the

Dan:Stab scab or something like that? The, the Indian that lives with them.

Reegs:Native American.

Sidey:yes. To use the parlance of our

Dan:Yeah. That's right?

Sidey:He's narrating it any, any, you know, obviously no it's bad, but it Scouts, he's not going to be in any strife. So, you know, the bear is not going to kill him yet. But he, at the same time that the war starts kicking off and there they're talking about that. His name Samuel comes home

Dan:with a

Sidey:with a chick


Sidey:They live in the ass end of nowhere, where they would never. Say a check. Yeah. And she fucks them all.

Dan:What are you jumping Well ahead there.

Sidey:it's not

Dan:like it's a massive orgy. So


happens is, is Samuel brings her back on train

outfit instantly. They're engaged to

Reegs:Who is, who is she?

Dan:She that's Julia Ormond and she's beautiful. She gets off the train they're hugging

They're proper. They love their body. They genuinely love, love, love

their Baba. But outfit is almost love at first sight. and tourist, and can't be bothered to go to

meet him,

but he turns up on the back of a horse.

Is there one doing on the, on the stage coach. home, He's got like a stack over there and you know, he's looking the

Sidey:So alpha

Dan:alpha male hunter.


he can speak native

American, Indian to

every Trick of intelligence

in, in the wild and

You know, Manliness is coming out in broad pair this point and she's sweet

on him. You Can see it.

She's just drawn to him.

Reegs:I feel sweet on

Dan:Yeah, exactly. So there's a little bit of tongue ax just before they go on to the war, isn't there. There's, there's a little bit between Brad Pitt and his brother's fiance. they've

Sidey:not actually had sex. He's waiting.

Dan:No, she wants it.

He's He wants to wait. till may

Sidey:So that's one brother. She doesn't fuck, but the other two,

Dan:we don't know wherever she did in the end or not before they left to go or no,

he didn't because

they wrote in, they wrote the story. I I couldn't lie with you. Before. So it was only two brothers. she fucked, unless she did


Reegs:Why was she such a dirty bitch though?

Really sleeping with

Sidey:just slut-shamed at you beast.

Reegs:it's not cool though. Day to sleep with the three brothers. Where is it? Cool.

Sidey:Well, one, one dies. So what happens is they're at war. Samuel

Reegs:I haven't even seen

Sidey:his scent. He sent on her. So it really dangerous reconnaissance mission, like behind enemy lines sort of thing.

Right. Even tears



because He's

left out of sight for

Reegs:and this is ITI, isn't


Sidey:The, the young brother

Dan:for it.


Sidey:Tristan decides he's going to look after him. Make sure he's a right. Eventually someone there's a scuffle, some mustard, gases, or chlorine gasket sent down. And Samuel also can't see where he's going because he's blinded by the gas gets caught up in all these rows of barbed wire and is a sitting duck.

So then you've got. Brad Pitt charging towards him to try and help him.

Dan:as two Germans


Sidey:they're loading the machine gun at the other side and you're like, who's going to get there first. And he gets fucking moaned. Yeah. All the wild Brad, Pitt's doing his best scream. It really reminded me of like the S the set of the under seven when he's


Sidey:it does it really well.

Dan:maybe Keanu's

Reegs:yeah. Okay. No need for the Hitler salute dad.

Thanks very

Dan:just comes out. It just comes out as I shout. No.

Sidey:But he does die, unfortunately he doesn't survive.

Samuel yeah,

Dan:does, And then Tristin

in truer native American style decides he wants to take his heart out. So he, he there, and then. Slices open his brother's chest to take out

his still warm

heart. And that gets posted back or he takes

that back.


Dan:the walk. Yeah. Yeah.

DHL dad,


Dan:I don't know in

Reegs:wait, what does he do? He just keeps

Dan:It keeps the heart

And eventually when he, gets back home in? a box In a heart shaped box.

Reegs:Okay. So w and so that Samuel's gone

Sidey:Well, he gets, he gets, I think he gets discharged that doesn't it, because he, then he goes back out after they've got the body

Dan:got war

Sidey:he does the proper Warpaint.

He goes horseback out behind enemy lines is preposterous

Dan:he wants to start scalping

Sidey:kills, a load of Nazis. And then yeah, whether or not they're Nazis in the first one, and then he sculpts, and then he. Just trucks back into camp on the back of this horse with fucking scalps or dad. And they're like this guy's got issues.

We can't have him in there. Fucking

Dan:clear at S one.

Even, even if he's on our side, he's a bit too nuts. So they they send him back home. Yeah.

Reegs:So he and Judy Roman's character is back at home

Sidey:She just lived. So the the,

Reegs:and she was ETS bit of fluff the eighties dead. So Tristan's going to come home and console her, or is she falling into the arms of the other one?

Dan:Well, it's, it's all a little bit mixed. They, they do. He, he wants to then Tristan, Doesn't mind just going

And then,

you know, adding a bit of fun, doesn't want to take things too serious, but she's not that wouldn't be proper, you know, and particularly in the eyes of older brother Alford who.

Is infuriated is yeah, he is infuriated because he did they actually come in on them before the war, just having this

Reegs:Oh So

he knew

Dan:he knew that there was,

there was some chemistry, that he was very upset about. And then he calls into question how much he actually protected his brother. Knowing that she, So that kind of


Dan:where that kind of broke the friendship or brotherhood because he wouldn't take it back quick enough. and he carried on long those kinds of lines.

I though dad is saying, look, it's a war, soldiers die. He

chose to go. That's what happens. But

Sidey:fucking ruthless of this

Reegs:Yeah. Hopkins

Dan:yeah, he's

Reegs:That's his son he's

Dan:yeah, he's he's

Sidey:they weren't to guy really? I talked to him, touch them. Someone was dying at that. So the thing is just

Dan:I really

didn't want him to go. Yeah. But they ended up doing it anyway more for the fact because Samuel just

fought, it was big dishonorable if they didn't so they followed

him more

than anything else.

Yeah. But eventually Tristin and. Susanna do get together. And they're having a time of their lives for months, a season or two. But then things start to get on. Tristan's got a restless soul. He doesn't like to wait

Reegs:be a different world.

Dan:it? there is a different world. And eventually he just kind of cuts her off.


Reegs:We see him regularly going back to the sort of Indian tribe, the native American tribe, or not really as though it was just a thing that happened and

Dan:once he

leaves her, he starts exploring a lot of their head domestic side

of things

as well. and goes off to different places, he's just becomes, this, this traveler all around?

And she says, whatever it takes, I'll wait for I will wait for you forever.

Reegs:oh, well, I did slut-shamed Mara and it's turning out completely different. So I do apologize

Dan:Couple of years later, she's in bed with friends. she decides after a letter that he says, don't wait for me.

Sidey:Get married, someone

Dan:get married. someone else choosing other,

So she chooses our foot. Who's fallen in love with her from the moment he seen and has now become a us Congressman he's gone on


Reegs:achieved. She doesn't love him.

Dan:She doesn't,

Sidey:she convinced herself


Sidey:a while until because you get, you get a few cutaways to what. Tristan's up to, and you see him on some ship on a smoking opium on

Dan:pipe or something, Yeah.

Sidey:and he's just bit of a fuck up going around, causing trouble here, there, and everywhere. And eventually he does return home.

You get sort of him on horseback coming over the horizon day here in the sunshine. They're like, oh, I can't be

Dan:The Indian guy knows he's coming

just by the wind before, you know, he's like, he

looks up while they're do

Sidey:the old man's had a stroke. Which he didn't know about. Yeah. He can't talk. And the ranch has been basically left to go to shit.


Dan:No, not too bad. You got the Decker in there. The other guy there that, that helps around the farm. So,

Sidey:but as soon as she clocks eyes and he goes to, goes to visit. Brother where they, where it isn't as big GAF now. And you kind of know, as soon as she clocks clocks in,

Dan:you still got

Reegs:of course she does. She never didn't, you know, she never

Dan:No. she, she never stopped. to, It was just something that

was beyond

her. Powers to resist. So, you know, there's love there's adventure. There's loss, there's death.

Reegs:at the end of the

Dan:Why were we all the way through this? It's an epic, we're about 30 minutes in

Sidey:just the war we go into prohibition time. So he gets involved in bootlegging. He also ends up getting married to a girl called Isabel too.


Sidey:Who is the daughter of the native American dude



Or the, the night if American woman and a guy on the ranch. Who's, ooze and outlaw himself, but is It's good outlaw And EG lives on

the ranch. And He takes the, every time they, the police or anybody from out of town comes, he just slides off into



Dan:But he's always there if they need any help with anything including the bootlegging and all that kind of thing. So


it she's a little girl.

She's a, she's a tiny little girl who lives on the ranch and has always been in love with twisting as well. And eventually she grows up who hasn't, We all were. And she grows up to become a beautiful girl and they ended up marrying when that news eventually gets to Susanna she's devastated.

and she she's just like. She can't believe it. You know, she's what I thought was going to be mine A life with trusted in a child is now with Isabel too. is She's she knew her as well from the


Dan:so they kind of don't get involved too much in each other's lives. So there is a chance in Canada encounter it a, a fair or a main street kind of carnival, where they meet the children.

And one of them is little Samuel named

after his brother and everything. And you think at this point, maybe they'll start to, you know, get together again or just become a family again, Cause they, they have a little interaction, brother on brother and says, yeah, it'd be nice to see

you again.

And, And that kind of thing.

This is my son. Cause these were really close

family. You know, the boys were

Reegs:where this is going down.

Cause I don't, I am not sure that they are going to end up being two happy

Dan:You didn't see this or you did

see it.

Reegs:What, so what is the, what drives a wedge between them then?

Sidey:Susanna kills herself.

Reegs:Right. Yeah.


is kind of going straight into the.


A resolution of how that ends.

Reegs:so she, she tops herself because she can't have twisted.


Dan:She cuts off her hair first and then does it like 30, 10 seconds off the cotton of hair? I was thinking maybe, you know, when you cut your hair and you think I'm going to do it myself and it really isn't good.


Dan:She's taken that to the next level. not waiting for

you to cut and, and she's, she's absolutely devastated.


kills herself

Reegs:What, because she can't live watching Tristen with his, with Isabel too.

Dan:Yeah. And all the time, you kind of think Tristan's going to have a short life he's, he's just

one of those people he's rare but


Sidey:he says that there's very, very start to Disney about a great warrior looks forward to death and because. Battle Yeah. Whatever. So it does set it up to make you think that, and the way he behaves and all that, but he he's now, cause he's got involved in bootlegging. He's a small time kind of think it's rum.

He was smuggling around, but you've got some big crews and they don't want them getting involved. And

Reegs:the mobs and all that.

Sidey:So ends up with a confrontation. They've also got the police with a mediator or paid off and they're just, they have their guns. Eventually the, the policeman ends up firing his gun and there's an unfortunate ricochet.

Dan:Yeah. He's just kind of spraying it to

to scare as they coming back from this, this meeting,

actually with

Reegs:who does the

Sidey:Isabel too is now gone.

Reegs:come on

Sidey:is out of the game. Yeah.


Reegs:Wow. The tragedy that's before in this


Dan:That's all after that is when she. Kills herself I think isn't it. You and shoot when he's about to dies.

It just,

she kind of, you know, the sun actually, Samuel is authentic. Outfit needs to look off the Samuel because Trista needs to go on the run, because he again, goes mad. on everyone and starts taking revenge And it actually has to do 30 days

in prison first.

Doesn't he?

Sidey:Yeah. If he beats up the police officer,

Reegs:Didn't scalp.


So But eventually it comes that he actually has a long life trusting, but it's all the people around him


die early or have tragic, tragic events, befall them and everything. And it kind of just,

Sidey:well, you have the, then the, the culmination of the bootlegging is when the, one of the main men goes to the house and you have a standoff.

He's got his gun out. You think it's all going to go to shit and then suddenly a shotgun blast basically goes off and takes out this dude. And it's, what's his face? The older brother.


Reegs:Aiden Quinn


Sidey:finally been able to,

Dan:just as they're staring down that twisted and Anthony Hopkins.

Aren't taking any shit from the

bootleggers, like, you know, or any of the place that

had done this,

So they're, they're ready for

a fight

Reegs:the war,

Dan:but it's over for them there. They the sites locked on him. They're about to be shot, but the Congressman Aiden from around the

corner, shoots him,

the older brother dad. then after many, many years of not even speaking to this son, because of things that have gone on and the tragedies and everything, and the blame that he's laid

on, him brings him in and gives

him a big hug at that point As you know,

my son, my son,

cause he say.

Oh, it's all going then. Isn't it,

like, you know, it's

Reegs:feels pretty

Dan:it was an emotional film. There was a few parts in this film, actually that really, Yeah, the music, the epic grand, jury of it

Reegs:era essentially made out of stone.

Sidey:I didn't know anything about this film really at all. So I wasn't expecting this amount of okay. Like death and misery is quite,

Dan:Yeah. There's an epic,

like that.

Sidey:And then what, what happens after the, this shoe out of the house? They said, you gotta know, notice you, or that you're involved. They're coming for you. So. You can't stay here. So they have to just ship him off, you know, that's, that's the agreement. They come up with a pin that they basically say, yeah, it was him a short oven.

Yeah. And he just has to go. And then

Reegs:oh, it was the black sheep of the family.

Just blame it all on here. Murphy's so basically he's gorgeous. Troubled. He's a traveling free spirit. now taken the blame for

Sidey:Killed by a bear.

Reegs:He gets killed by a bear, a ripe old age, or?

Sidey:Yeah, they do say, I think he's in his sixties and he's like fighting a bear. Just fucking eats him.

Dan:the same

Reegs:what do you do? Is it Brad Pitt

Dan:but he's missing a finger,

Reegs:Brad Pitt Brad Pitt in like old man,


Dan:You don't see much of


Like the Jason Bourne films, when the camera gets really fast and wear the jacket, it's like that. But it's narrated by one stab and he said he had a good death. So you'd know

that's one of the native chaps knows.

Dan:chaps. So

it was

a absolute epic you've missed out on their race.

I remember first watching this probably around 94, 95 when it came out. Yeah. And really enjoying it, you know? So it's been that long since I've seen it. And

this time

Fu I enjoyed it again, I

did it. I mean, it's, it's

one of those films you have to be in the right frame of mind for,

I think

you know, if you're in the, in the mind for zombie

tigers. as you clearly were the other night, then this isn't your go-to.


I think

certainly there's a time and a place Sunday off the dune, a nice long kind of, it's a


Reegs:I've enjoyed hearing the story. I think much like you, even in this condensed version, I wasn't prepared for all of the,

Sidey:I thought it was going to be some sort of like romantic fucking bollocks. That was a very long film for that sort of topic.

Like a kind of

No, I thinking if I'm


Sidey:Clint Eastwood plays a pervert, taking pictures.


Over Madison

Dan:right? Yeah, yeah.

Sidey:I thought it was gonna be like that. I didn't realize it was going to have, you know, the war, people, dying, people, having their heart cut out, people, carrying themselves and people getting shot and,


Sidey:and, and bad fighting and stuff like that.


Reegs:What age rating is it?


Sidey:there's nothing, there's nothing particularly

Dan:it's 15, maybe a 1215, because there's a little bit.

  1. Yeah, themes. I guess

Reegs:you guys have kind of sold me on much in this way.

What's your

Sidey:No, cause he's really good in it.


Sidey:Pitt is obviously great. I haven't quit. It's good.

Dan:you know it, but I say young is, is not old

Sidey:is a father of three and he looks like the right age to be a father of three.

Dan:yeah. And Brad Pitt is never, ever looked so Good

Reegs:Yeah. there any good scenes of him without showing.

Sidey:Well, they they had a real connection, apparently Brad Bradley and Julia Ormond. They lived in the same house while shooting Pitt recalled it, added to the sexual tension and I'll leave it at that, which sounds like they were doing it.

Reegs:I'll leave it at that. You haven't left it at that. I don't think I think you've, you've just slightly gone.

Sidey:There was also a rumor. And therefore, because I'm saying it it's fact that during their sex scene they waited until the cast and crew all fucked off and then they actually did have sex.


that's a


He's just

Reegs:Wow. Exclusive. If you're listening,

Dan:if you can see the the X-rated version where. They've got a

Reegs:the penis is actually inside

Sidey:in, in completely unrelated apart from it. It's a sexy view to a kill, With Mayday Grace Jones. And. Watch your more, they have a sexy, he fucks for women in that film and he was 57 when he made it, when they were in bed, filming their scene, she had got a massive black deal.

Dan:Grace Jones. Yeah.

Reegs:nice. Who's the director,

Sidey:Edward Zwick.


Sidey:it did glory,

Reegs:Give me more kind

Dan:of epic.

to be fair once he'd done this, I think you know, this is what he's known for.

Reegs:This is,

Dan:this is right up there in



best role. I think. So. No, he's done a few to be fair, but this, this would hold It's

Sidey:one to watch with a message as well.

Dan:Yeah. Yeah. I think it's a nice one to watch with a Mrs.

Reegs:And this holds up against his later work because he's, he's definitely become a very interesting actor as he's got older, isn't he bird pit. So this holds up against

Dan:he's a good character actor.

you know, he, he can certainly play interest in parts. He can choose interests in parts. I bet he gets offered some fantastic parts and it's just choosing

which ones Well interest him the most.

But I'm glad he took this on. I,

You know, I really liked it.

I think it's a it's well worth watching

If you haven't already seen it, rigs.

Sidey:Yeah. You should say I would recommend it to you.

Reegs:I might, I might.