Oct. 26, 2022

Midweek Mention... Next

Midweek Mention... Next

Based very loosely on "The Golden Man" by Philip K. Dick, NEXT (2007) tells the story of Chris Johnson (Nic Cage), cursed with the ability to see 2 minutes into the future, except for when the plot demands it. Using his gifts to make modest wins in Las Vegas casinos and hiding behind the façade of being a cheap stage magician, Johnson finds himself reluctantly drawn into solving a terrorist plot by FBI agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore).

One of the stupidest movies ever made, and I mean that as a compliment, this is 90 minutes of fun featuring a fairly subdued Cage - though his hair is magnificent - and committed and earnest performances from Moore and Jessica Biel as love interest Liz, who is so far out of Johnson's league they might as well be playing different sports. The true star here though is the preposterous screenplay, with its mix of sincere but silly and unintentionally funny.

Huge spoilers I guess in the sense that we discuss the fact that two-thirds of the films running time is devoted to a series of events that never happened because it was all a dream.

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Sidey: this was a, Without warning, Nicholas Cage shout.

Reegs: Yeah Yeah, I didn't know that.

No, I didn't wanna put you off. It's basic. It's sort of partly in keeping with the main, the midweek. No,

Sidey: yeah, I'd say so. Kind.

Reegs: I, I put it as a cheesy counterpart cuz I thought this would be easy watching an hour and a half.

I love this movie. It's dumb as shit.

Dan: I'd never seen this before, but I

Sidey: no, neither. I,

Dan: I, I can predict the future and I think people are about to be disappointed, But that's the, that's the the premise of this movie, isn't it, that it's called Next and Nick Cage is just it, where his mega acting can see, or is it two minutes into the future?

Sidey: Chris Johnson.

Reegs: Chris

Johnson. Chris Johnson

Sidey: or Frank Cadillac is his stage name. Oh, yes.

Reegs: Yeah. He can see two minutes into the future except for the times that he all, lots of times that he doesn't,

Sidey: And also when does the two minutes start from Yeah. Because surely that's, there's always like, like with gremlins after midnight, is this,


you're always, there's always a two minutes into the

Reegs: Well, we'll get into that because we do see lots of different permutations. This was directed by Lee Tama hri, who'd done a Triple X State of the Union. Once were warriors, which I know you are a fan of, Dan. Yeah. And die another day. How is that in the bond cannon? It's garbage.

Yeah. Uh He did one episode of The Sopranos. Gary Goldman was the script writer for this. He adapted it from a Philip k Dick novel or short story. The Golden Man. He did big trouble in Little China in total recall, both versions. So He's got some screenwriting pedigree. Yeah. But yeah, let's, let's get into it.

This starts with a ticking clock and some whoing, and then the credits in flashes. And then our hero, Nick Cage, Chris Johnson sitting in a diner, drinking a Martin. He checks his watch, looks at the clock, sets his watch, again, turns to look at the door, wipes his brow. He's definitely waiting for something.

And then we're on the Vegas strip and junkie xls that Elvis remix thing

Sidey: a little less satisfaction

Dan: a little loose conversation.


Reegs: Cage is a kind of low rent stage magician, Frank Cadillac, as you said. And he produces some doves from his sleeves, cheap tricks and some sort of low rent mentalism. He asks if anyone's from the Orient and he guesses the guys from North Korea or from Korea or whatever.

But then he takes his sort of young escort up on stage with him and correctly predicts that her necklace will break and then disappears it into his pocket and reappears it. Pretty budget fucking stuff really

Sidey: But what if. Nothing was gonna happen. That was what we would have to predict.

Reegs: Yeah. It might have just been a cheap trick cuz he is just a magician as well.

So and anyway, at the same time, FBI agents, Kavanaugh and Ferris, Julianne Moore and Tory Kittles, like this guy's name. I got that. They're watching the act. He's skeptical, but she's been following him for a while. And we get some narration from

Dan: Yeah,

Well, she's. She's thinking this guy is gonna be the answer to a problem in solving a case. Yeah. She has somehow worked out from, from watching Frank Cadillac on stage and,

Reegs: no she's been following. They do explain, They do explain. She's been following him. He's been at the top of fraud lists

Dan: Yes. Yeah. And he, he. Uses his magical gifts to win a bit of money in casinos

Reegs: Well, he's just about to explain what his magical gifts are. We get that narration.

Dan: let's,

Sidey: He's quite clever though, with his gambling.

He's tries to keep it low and they, They're watching him on the cam. Yeah, on the spy cams in the casinos. They're like, Well this guy's got a system then why doesn't he bet big? And he's obviously just trying to stay under the radar. So keep a good living but not ever get himself in serious, is

Dan: really good.

Sidey: but he does

Reegs: And while they're talking about him in the security room, he does actually look right up at the monitor cuz he explains that he can see into the future for two minutes at a time.

He can see anything that impacts his life, but nobody else's. Except obviously this one time, this time that he saw her.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Presumably the girl he's waiting for at the beginning. Anyway he says he explains more about how all of this is supposed to work. That once you look at the future, it changes every time you look at it, it's sort of uncertainty or whatever.

And shrouding his cat and all, all that. And he goes to get his winnings from the casino and suddenly this guy turns up.

Dan: Yeah. And he knows from his magical gifts of two minutes in the future, this guy's gonna kill the, the teller and the guy next to him and then run off. So cage, being Cage won't let that happen and takes this guy down, takes the gun off him, but then everybody sees him with a gun. And as the people turn around the corner, he.

Drops, the gun runs off, says to everybody there, the bad guy. And again, using his, his brilliant gifts, he's able to get out of the casino with everybody looking for

Reegs: It's


cool moment. This, Yeah, cuz he sort of just walks along, stops. It's like he knows their choreography so he like turns at the last minute and they walk past him or he stops to tie his shoe or he likes a cigarette or whatever.

One more, at one point he likes. Ghosts in between them as they're actually looking for him and just kind of stroll straight outta the place. It's a good illustration of what he

Dan: It it is. And he is able to get into the car and speed away. And they're kind of ruining their luck

Reegs: Well, they chase after

Dan: Yeah.

Run out and chase after him.

Reegs: Yeah. And they chase him down, in fact. And he's, he's it's like a, it's a fairly competently shocked car chase. And then suddenly he's broadsided by a. Which hits him in super slow motion. We could have had it in our slow mo moments last week. And then as it happens, we circle round in the shop and we see that actually it hasn't happened yet, and he drives straight through

Dan: and he just puts his foot down a little bit harder.

So he speeds through the the past, the track where the, the train would've otherwise hit him.

Reegs: So we're probably

Dan: the time then to get. And and completely have blown his career in, in Vegas, I would've thought since he had about four or five cops after him. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And, and it's one of the moments where you think, Okay, so I've just watched something that didn't happen.

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: Which is a thing that's gonna recur over the movie. There's lots of, you watch things that don't happen

Sidey: big moments as well,

Reegs: like basically the entire film, which is amazing. Anyway, about,

Dan: you keep watching to find out what happens next.

Reegs: Yeah.


so back at the casino. Oh, go on.

Sidey: on. I was gonna say, what, What is going on?

There's the plot of the, The thing why the FBI getting involved is because there's some terrorists involved.

With a bomb.

Dan: They've got a big,

Reegs: Well, she doesn't actually say that because it, I think it's, it's important. She, she's back at the casino talking to her boss and she's like, Oh, we've gotta get him in and he's so important and all that. And he's like, Yeah, that's all well and good, but there is actually a bunch of terrorists.

You've got a 10. Killer ton nuclear weapon. That is probably a bit more important

Sidey: this. Yeah.

Reegs: But he is the one who gave her all the resources to try. And then this is their crazy idea, is not to go after the terrorists, but to go

Sidey: use him

Reegs: crazy, like on her hunch for this stage magician.

Dan: And, and we know now that the only way that Frank is gonna.

Involved is if or able to, to tell the future if he's personally involved. And then it's only gonna give him a, a two minute head start. So

Sidey: it doesn't seem like the best way

Dan: doesn't seem like the best way.

Reegs: She, she works out the two minutes thing by watching him bet for a while and he doesn't bet for two minutes. And she's like, Oh, I bet that means that he

Dan: she's

Sidey: the only explanation it

Reegs: the only explanation.


Dan: is so, so clever. And on it

Reegs: yeah. Anyway Chris goes back to his place, which has a garage run by Colombo.

Sidey: He's just like random in it for hi 90 seconds and then fucks off again. Did he die during the making of this

Reegs: I don't, no. He did two movies after

Sidey: this. Oh, did okay.

Dan: he may have just been shocked at at cage's hair cuz cage's hair. We should just talk about this for a minute. It's. Kind of,

Sidey: I thought it dreads at one point.

Reegs: Yeah. , he

Dan: swept back, but big and he, he's kind of got loads of hair but bald at the same time.

I, I dunno how he does it, but

Reegs: There's an amazing moment coming up that we ever got to at the Native American

Sidey: I wasn't gonna talk about that.

First of

Reegs: he looks at my, she looks at me.

He looks at you like my brother boyfriend looks at his girlfriend and Yeah.

Sidey: staring at her. Yeah. The one I was gonna say is when he goes, so he goes to the diner and he's obviously got this thing where. In a vision that he's had at this time of day. This girl walks in, so he's been going every day to try and meet her.

So this time she does walk in and he does that stare at her. She walks in, she's like, completely, I fucks her. It's so like, I dunno, threatening the way he looks her.

Reegs: Yeah

Dan: that's Jessica Beale. Yeah. Isn't it? Who Totally out ax him in every single scene. It's, it's just embarrassing for him at this stage. A hundred percent.

She is ev she is far too good an actor to be in this film, but she's anyway in it, and it's just because of Cage. He somehow gets away with it. He's like the, the Trump of acting or something. He, you know. You know his shit, you know, but you, you can't help but watch him and just enjoy watching him because he's cage and he's just

Reegs: actually.

Sidey: think he's really, he's mid cage

Reegs: inness Yeah

Sidey: really pared down.

Reegs: Yeah, absolutely. The, the, the bonkers thing in this is the fucking script is just off the rails,

Dan: but it's just a few times, like when he's staring. Oh, like my girl, you know, my brother

Sidey: gonna murder it.

Dan: Yeah.

He's completely crazy. Wild eyes, big hair, Like just fucking

Sidey: And the other thing is when they, so they meet. We should get back in that, cuz that s pretty cool, but when they walk into that reservation bit, he's wearing that jacket and he's sweating, like he's profusely sweating.

You can see it and like, why is he wearing a fucking jacket in the desert? It's

Reegs: It's about 110 degrees.

Dan: a suede and leather jacket or something? Yeah, he's, he's nuts.

Reegs: Well, we need to get back to it. There's a weird thing where Julianne Moore turns up at his place and they have a chat about everything that's going on, and he says he can't help her.

And then it didn't happen because it didn't happen, even though she seemed to be there for a lot longer than three minutes or two minutes in my lifetime. And then back in Vegas, the security chief who was helping, investigating that was. Some guy and , he, he gets shot by some obviously foreign, but not quite clear.

What shock?

Sidey: really badly dubbed

Reegs: Yeah. Terrorists. They shoot him in the

Dan: yeah I dunno which European countries getting the blame for

Reegs: Well there's some Chinese in there. It's like a un of terrorists, but we, I don't think we ever get to know what their fucking name is or, Or what they want.

Dan: or what they want.


Reegs: Yeah. And they're hooked into following cage just because the FBI.

So for

no reason whatsoever. Now they're like hooked into the plot of going up. There is literally no, They've got their own plans, but now they're following

Dan: Well I think they are so worried about this potential two minute seeing the Future

Reegs: They don't know about it

Dan: derail their plans.

Well, they know something is up and

Reegs: the only thing they know is the fbi.

Dan: And that's enough for them to just completely change their plans to,

Sidey: to So anyway, he goes the

Reegs: does go to the diner. Yeah.

Sidey: Jessica Bill comes in and she's looking smoking hot. Of course she is.

She's, I think, been voted sexiest woman in the world or something around this time. And, and she just looked good. She walks in alone and we see a few it didn't actually happen. Moments of him approaching her and her rebuffing him and just at one point he just looks over and she says, no. Then her fella or a fella walks in

Reegs: her abusive stalker,

Sidey: and he just literally lists out all the ways you can stalk people that, and he's doing those things.

And she says, No, fuck off. You're a stalker. So this is Nick Cages in, he goes over. They have a pretty cool fight where he's obviously using his skills to,

Reegs: It seems to be the main benefit of being able to see two minutes into the future is you really good at dodging stuff.

Sidey: and it, it works well in this fight, but

Dan: apart


Reegs: apart from It didn't happen.

Yeah, because it still doesn't, you know, he's basically manipulating reality so he can sleep with Jessica Beal and he finally lands on the correct combination, which is to take a hit.

Dan: He Groundhog days there, doesn't he? He just goes through all these different combinations of that

Sidey: but it's, but it's more than two minutes of him going through the permutations.

So anyway.


Dan: never

Reegs: more it's like in when you play a computer game and you do like one step and then you save and then you go again and you

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: That's what it's like. Anyway, she's never met this guy who's just been beaten up, but she offers to take him to Flagstaff, which I think is fucking miles away cuz it's America and everything is so,

Sidey: well

it's, they certainly.

Somewhere near the Grand Canyon, which from Vegas is a good three hour drive.

Reegs: Oh, it's more than that. We did it by Oh yeah. It's a good, good drive that. Yeah. So fortunately the waitress overheard them having that conversation , so she could tell the FBI later that that's where they're going as well. And then at the non-specific European Chinese terrorist warehouse they're unloading the bits in piece to get the new cared.

And They decide to kill Johnson. It makes absolutely no sense. But that becomes, their plan is to go and get

Dan: Yeah Cause the f FBI want him, they've gotta kill him. And for some reason the head honcho who never really

Sidey: he's the one who's really dubbed it sounded so Yeah. So

Reegs: Thomas Frenchman, I quite like that.

Dan: And he makes them go and find him.

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Sidey: but their plan is,

Detonated nuke downtown, and there's no, like,

ransom. Or there's no demand. There's no demand or what their motives are. Why they've bit de peed. There's nothing.

Reegs: Yeah. Anyway, they keep driving. We've done the native American thing.

That's where we get the, the goofy grin. It's unbelievable moment. She falls asleep on his shoulder while they're driving, which is a huge no for me. I'd kill us all in an instant. And even though they both like rain, which they actually say they pull over to a motel because for some reason Nick Cage couldn't see the future at that exact moment, so wouldn't know.


Sidey: have sex.

Reegs: Well, first of all, they, they only have one bed and, and Cage tries to do the decent thing and sleep in the car.

Sidey: That was just a line.

Reegs: Yeah. So,

Dan: but he does that night, doesn't he? He sleeps the whole

Reegs: He does? Yeah. It's when he goes in, in the morning and she's just in a towel.

Sidey: She's like, What?

Reegs: and then she's just in a towel and then she starts talking about Italian painters and then they.

Sidey: what? She looks at him while he's staring at her and she's like, Unbelievable. Yeah. And she's just in this flimsy, at the town. She looks as him as if, like, what are you looking at?

Reegs: She was, Well, she doesn't know this guy. She, last night she was wary enough to make him sleep in the car, not even on the sofa or whatever,

Dan: And the, and well, but the fact is that he didn't beat down her door and rape her last night. So he must be

Reegs: He must be okay.

Dan: and so then she's rewarded

Reegs: It's important though,

Sidey: It gets weirder.

Reegs: This is, well, at this moment when he sleeps with her and post qually, she says, Chris, maybe there is such a thing as destiny and we zoom right into his eye and basically nothing that happens after this point happened in the movie. We can spoil it right now. It's fair to say, isn't it? Because there's still a good hour left of the movie to go, but it's gonna loop back into a dream to this part.

Sidey: Well, what happened with the bit that I, I particularly enjoyed was essentially.

The FBI are on the scene. They take her when the, when the brief moment where they're separated. Yeah. And they say, Right, this guy's a sociopath. He's a fucking liar. Like, you know, all this sort of stuff. We need him, we need to go and drug him, make, make sure he's fucked off for two minutes at

Reegs: least,


Sidey: and drug him and then we'll come and get him and you'll be fine.

You'll be okay. She's like, Oh my God. And she hears. And she's like, you know, totally rattled cuz she's just fucked him and it's got, obviously got trust issues cuz she's been in like a abusive relationship. Gone to this guy, got fucked in a motel. Now she's been told by the fbi he's gotta drug this guy, you know, a bit of a whirlwind.

She goes back in the room, Powers. Yeah. Goes back into the room. Drugs, his drink and then says, Don't drink that. And I completely write like Ren remains on the whole thing and like, trust him implicitly after just being told by the FBI that he's on there like most wanted, Like what the fuck?

Dan: she looks at him and goes, You, you're not like a, a psychopath, are you?

And he just doesn't say anything. He just stares out into the thing looking really mean. And you think

Reegs: just wants to believe in him?

Sidey: Yeah, she's very trust.

Dan: Yeah the

Reegs: the cage turns out, the volume on the TV real loud, Dr. Strangelove is playing and he works out his plan. He goes out onto the balcony just to drink his orange juice so the FBI can see him doing it.

And he gives her, he gives her a note and says, Wait 50 seconds or something before you read it. And then he explains the premise of the movie, presumably because she hasn't seen it. So he tells her all about

Sidey: in mansplain

Reegs: minutes and all that. And she doesn't instant, well, she doesn't instantly come to the conclusion that she's been manipulated, does she?

I can't remember, but she should have done. But

Dan: but she's well in.

Like full in after this, because she lets a car roll down the bank as he's escaped because his plan was to escape the police that waiting outside of the apartment. Now they've realized that he and Jessica be in this hotel room.

They've closed their net on him. They're gonna catch him, but that's where this letter comes out, isn't it? And he, he lets her read it and she's gotta roll a car off a, off a thing, and it hits like the water spout and a load of tree trunks and things rolls. Could have killed anyone. Yeah, I mean, absolutely.


Sidey: He knows

Reegs: matrix is out of the


Dan: Cage

Reegs: But it could have killed all those,

Dan: although I think he can see longer into the future when he is with her. Wasn't that some


Sidey: Yeah, there was a, there was a change.

Reegs: he once saw long enough. To see, to see her. But there is an amazing moment coming up when he does get captured and taken away, which is literally gonna happen in a minute actually, when Julianne Moore turns up at the bottom of the road and basically says, Well, I'm gonna kill myself unless you save me with your two minute power.

And anyway, she's seen a clockwork orange, so she takes him back to she takes him back to her place and pins his eyes open, goes, well, don't you? Why don't you just fucking try really?

Sidey: hard

Reegs: To see longer. And he's like, Oh, I'd never thought of that

Dan: It

Sidey: It does.

Reegs: So ,

Sidey: It

Dan: work like that. He says, And, and she eventually lets him go from this awful eye opening

Reegs: No but it does work. He does see further into the future

Dan: he sees.

Reegs: So why had he never just tried really

Dan: they just pinned him in front of a television, didn't he? But he said No, he's, he sees that Jessica is going to, what's her name in the film?

Reegs: Liz. He watches all the TV up

Dan: in In an attempt to, for the terrorists to get what they want and they, you know, they, they

Sidey: she's got bomb

Dan: yeah, they strap her to a wheelchair in a car park and, and blow up. And he sees this, so he wants to get out. Of course he knows as well that having seen it.


may then be not true, but he's gotta get um He's

Reegs: a reporter Yeah. Who, who talks us through it and she's like, really choked up on air. It's the best acting in the movie, I think.

Dan: Yeah, yeah.

Sidey: actually

Dan: that's right. The, the television reporter who's, who's reporting on this terrible death he's actually not happened because it's, it's another, It's inside a dream.

Inside a dream now. Yeah. Yeah. We're, we're really going for it, aren't we?

Reegs: we? Yeah. We don't know about that huge spoiler that I dropped before either.

Dan: not at this

Reegs: is continued.

Yeah. But it is, that is what happened,

and so he just decides sort of fairly arbitrarily. Right. Okay. Now that you've tortured me for ages, I'll probably help you. And they. Leave. Oh, there's an utterly ridiculous scene where it's implied. There's a guy who was watching the police to tell the terrorist guys what to do, and they say he wiped down the whole room, but he left the corpse in a bottle of radiation sickness pills.

So he got rid of all of his fingerprints and everything else, but just left a body,

incredible Yeah.

radiation sickness pills. Amazing. Oh, he, he escapes using some magic in his, like he, he throws a night stick. It hits somebody in the head.

And he just there's like a foot chase through the city and he leads them up the parking garage and you're like, Ah, this is where it's all gonna play out.

Where Beal's gonna die.

Dan: Yeah.

And of course she isn't there because the future is changed again. It's quite a good scene actually. Lots of action going up into the car park and, and.

Double backing and punching and getting through and using his powers. He'd become like a world, world fighting champion and everything.

Sidey: well unloads like a full clip.

Yeah. And he does like neo, he

Reegs: the way. That's right at the end. That's right at the end. But he is al he does also dodge a sniper bullet as well, doesn't

Sidey: he? Yeah.

Reegs: and then they don't, they don't try and arrest the guy at all. They just go up and blow him away with, with machine guns,

Dan: Oh. He, he

Reegs: the only person who could tell them where the bomb is and they just gun him down from helicopter.


Dan: was shooting at him

Sidey: I like the way that, I don't know, like the physics of how a helicopter works, but you can't hear it until it's five foot away from you, . That's right.

Reegs: just around, Yeah. Oh, a helicopter.

Sidey: that helicopter come from?

Reegs: totally

Dan: sneaked up on him.

Reegs: Oh fuck it. El where are we going now? Yeah, so we end up back at the warehouse now cuz they track it down to their,

Dan: le the villains Le

Reegs: bes there.

She says, Who are you people? And it's a fucking good question because we dunno their name or what their motives are. Yeah. So the now he kind of neos his way through absolutely everything, leading the team and all this, that, and the

Dan: Oh that's right. She's.

Been taken hostage and manages

Sidey: Has he got, has he got G Moore with

Dan: She's, he's walking

Sidey: I was one where he says there's, they look, they look around, he says, No, there's a guy up there in that viewpoint, you know, eight inches above the, the, like the door

Reegs: the handrail

Sidey: the hand rail.

And rather than let the guy with the gun to shoot him, like g Moore just snatches it off him. And like, he's like, I'll do, we could done. So anyway, he gets gone.

Reegs: There's the, she, they tried to get out in the van. I thought the van had the nuclear bomb in it and they were firing on it, but it didn't, thankfully. So that was just me. But,

Dan: They end up going through all the gobbing of the inside of the building. There's little. Dirty bombs left for them to walk into and everything.

Of course, he knows they're all coming and he stops. A couple of the team who don't really accept that he knows as much as he knows, and he's been giving all this power straightaway, but he saves their life a couple of times and they're giving, they give him those knowing. Yeah.

Reegs: you're one of us.

You're one of us.

Dan: Thanks. Now I know that you are really cool

Reegs: And then he, they have to search the place for the bomb. So Cage, now we get to see the full extent of his powers because he splits into like multiple copies of himself, each of them all starting their own two minutes to go and search their way.

And then it sort of all collapses back onto one place where he searches this whole warehouse. And

Sidey: this way he says, I've made a mistake.

Reegs: he's made, Says I've made a mistake. Yeah. And

Sidey: what you mean? He said, It's

Reegs: It's happening.

It's happening. Now

and then the bomb goes off and everybody dies.

Sidey: wish

it had ended

Reegs: there.

It would've been amazing, wouldn't it?

Dan: flip

Reegs: Now, but now we zoom back into that scene where I spoiled it earlier after, just literally after they've had sex. So in his post-coital rry,

Dan: He has seen the entire future. He knows that that this just can't be right now.

Reegs: He tells her he has to go.

He'll find her if it's a day, a week, a month, a year, he'll find her

Dan: 10 years, 20 years, hundred years.

Reegs: And then he meets up with Julianne Moore to go about solving the nuclear bond threat in a film we'll never see

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: the end. Do you know what?


Reegs: this is completely stupid, but I love this movie. I think it's amazing.

Dan: It was, it was highly watchable. Yeah. I will say that it's an hour and a half long. I think I put it on about half past 10. And so I wasn't concentrating a lot of that time, and I You don't have to Perfect, perfect.

For this acting is Nick Cage and other people.

Sidey: but it's not Nick Cage at his most wild.

Dan: No,

but he's still so Cage, I mean, compared to everybody else. He's just. He is Nick Cage mega acting. I mean,

Sidey: I wouldn't say there's any mega

Reegs: there's no mega

Dan: acting. Oh, he can, I can't see him and not, he's not mega acting because I just watch him, his looks, his, the way

Sidey: There was a couple of looks that were just wild.

Yeah. Martin, but no dialogue

Dan: the, in the diner in that,

Reegs: all the look, there's a few cage touches. But No, I agree with side. It's not a big cage performance. It's the, the screenplays just absolutely mental.

Dan: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: You just can't believe that they all did it.

Dan: got some. You know, I mean, Julianne Moore,

Sidey: love

Dan: What's that?

Jessica Beal. There was the other guy who was in the,

Sidey: film.

Dan: in the film. He was good. Loads of people.

It was the guy in the casino.

Reegs: yeah,

he, there

Dan: seen him in a few different things.

Reegs: I think one of them was a former bond villain as well. And yeah,

Sidey: I could have done with like, I really could have done with the ending with the Bomb Girl.

I thought that would've been great.


Reegs: Wouldn't it?

Sidey: It, it was just weird. I was watching it going Christ, and then I thought, Oh, this must have been like a nineties movie. Just had that kind of aesthetic and that kind of shitty like quality about it. It's 2007, I can believe.

Reegs: it. Yeah.

Sidey: but it was, I, I really

Reegs: enjoyed it,

I know it's the stupidest shit I, I really, you know, can never think of seeing, and yet I recommend it to everybody.

Dan: Yeah. Really easy to watch. Fun, lighthearted cage shaves the day. Or probably will do. What more do you want?

Reegs: if you've not seen it and you want something silly to action? Stupid e stunting.

Sidey: Do you want, Do you want a diner fact? Yeah. It's the same diner. That diner where Nick Cage runs into Jessica Be's character. It's the same diner from Triple X with Vin Diesel.

Reegs: Oh, that was also a lead Tego movie.

Sidey: located in Los Angeles. It's not in Las Vegas. It's Pan's Restaurant 67 10 La Tiara Boulevard.

Reegs: Not even in the, Yeah, so it's just one of the number of liberties they took with truth. In fact,

Sidey: apparently his gold jacket is a nod to it being called the Golden Man, the Philip k Dick novel.

Reegs: I haven't read it, but I read a synopsis of it and they are completely different.

Sidey: Right?

But apparently it's also full of plot holes, so that's,

Reegs: Well, most of his stuff is,

Sidey: yeah.

Dan: What do you call a morbidly obese person who can predict the.

That's a four chin Heller

Sidey: would you like a camera?

Reegs: Yeah, A camera one. Come on.

Sidey: Yeah. Most of the film was shot in HD with a Pan Vision Genesis camera. But about a week of shooting was done on 35 mil film because it was shot in the desert over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. And they were concerned that the relative in you and untested Genesis would overheat and fail.

Reegs: Well, it, it looked like he'd overheated and failed at, at some

Sidey: some point,

Dan: but not enough points to make this unenjoyable because it wasn't, this was decent and it's a, it's a recommend, isn't it?

Sidey: Big time.