March 15, 2023

Midweek Mention... Rocky III

Midweek Mention... Rocky III

ROCKY III is a surprise smash hit for all the dads this week as we appreciate it's absurdity, excess and Cuban heel styling. Listen in to hear us discuss 80's icons, montages, our love of Eye Of The Tiger and a view of the movie from the other side of the iron curtain. 

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Rocky III

Cris: Rocky three.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yep.

Cris: That is what we're doing. Right?

Sidey: that's what we were asked to do.

Reegs: That is, yep.

Sidey: was an upgrade from Rocky one.

Reegs: Yes. I had remembered that there were a few connections between Rocky three and Creed, and so I thought, oh yeah, let's watch. Let's rewatch that one as well

Sidey: in case we ever watch Creed

Reegs: in case we ever watch

Sidey: Creed.

Yeah, yeah. Okay. And they are all available on Prime at this very

Reegs: Yeah. That was lucky, wasn't

Sidey: Mm-hmm. . Yeah. I had seen this before, but a very, very long time ago. Yeah. So was almost like watching it for the first.

Reegs: Okay. And Chris, you'd

Cris: Same. I, I, I, I know I've seen it before. You know, when you watch a movie anyhow, flashback.

a scene. Yeah. But generally it could have been the first time because it was, it's also when I was very young. So, and also I've discovered it very late because I think it was still communist Romania when this movie actually came out Yeah, definitely. Yeah. It was before I was even born, so yeah, it's,

Reegs: well that was before Rocky had won the Cold War.

Sidey: Yes. Yeah.

Reegs: So yeah. Different times then.

Sidey: Yeah. This is much more grounded in reality. This one.

Reegs: Yeah, for sure. For sure. Written and directed by

Stallone. Yeah. Back in the saddle. And Bill Conti continuing with the great music. And let's get right into it because we start with the climax of part two.

Yeah. Rocky and Apollo Creed duking it out for the heavyweight title. A sort of toe to toe standing brawl that finishes with Rocky just beating the count to win the belt. And then shaming his wife Adrian, at home who doubted him by shouting. Yo, Adrian, I did it.

Sidey: Almost calling him bullshit on that being the account as well cuz they were both like Yeah they were both fucking gone.

Reegs: Yeah. Well, the refs in the Rocky universe have a lot to

Sidey: yeah,

Reegs: for, I think.

Sidey: yeah,

Cris: Same like any other boxing match, really.

the refs are never there to help. They, they're just to make it,

Sidey: Well, I say he gets a fair share of help by that riff. I think he was,

Cris: No, but that's what I mean. They always make it worse in one way or another.

Sidey: Yeah. Anyway, he lets this go to his head.

Reegs: Well, there's no fucking about because it's straight into I of the Tiger, which was the day I, I think of this tune being almost as synonymous with Rocky as like the theme, the brass horn

Sidey: to

duh duh duh

Reegs: Yeah. It's almost as, but it ca this was its debut

Sidey: For this. Yeah. I would've sworn it had been in the first one, but

Cris: I thought so too. Really? But then, but then when I kind of looked it up, I was like, oh, okay. But it's a lot of reference.

Reegs: Yeah, well if you listen carefully to the lyrics, it basically tells you the entire story of what's gonna happen in Rocky three which is great.

And it's a brilliant banging montage, Rocky known for its montages, and this is a really good one. You were, you sent

Sidey: man, I was, I was, I was in the zone. Because you don't often get multiple montage movie. Yeah. And we are treated to one right at the start. So it's his kind of now having to own the world championship tag, you know, the world champ tag. So he's gotta go out and about, he's in Philly doing his thing, and there was one particular little shot of him.

wearing his, his hair is like

Reegs: It's amazing.

Sidey: incredible,

Cris: Some calm come whoever combed his

Sidey: he's like, like a BOF on thing going on.

Reegs: like a main,


Sidey: it's really incredible. And he is doing some official engagement or I think he was, maybe it was a child's hospital. I can't exactly remember cuz I was.

Completely taken with the suit he was wearing. Yeah. Which was double breasted jacket fucking tight. Where he's, you know, built. Anyway, so it was, it was, dude, those buttons were working hard. Yeah. Then he had like flared trousers with a Chelsea boot, with a Cuban hill, and it was sensational.

I was all in. I knew I was gonna love it

Cris: I'll have to say he looked incredible,

Reegs: He

Sidey: did. Yeah.

Reegs: So, yeah, we get in this montage, we get, you know, Rocky defending his title against some questionable looking opponents while he enjoys the fruits of his labor, celebrity endorsements, appearances on the Muppet Show. And and yeah, there's an indication in the montage hand in the song lyrics that maybe he's taking his eye off the tiger.

Yeah. Uh, And slipping a little bit.

Sidey: Don't do that.

Reegs: And while he's enjoying his wealth and success and his marriage with Adrian and we see all the frolicking on the beach and all that, still in the montage cuz we're all getting told all this stuff. And there's noodling in a meadow isn't there? And then Pauly is slipping back into alcoholism.

Sidey: Yes. And the pinball machine takes the brunt of that.

Reegs: Yeah.

Yeah. And in this montage, that's not where it ends because we're introduced to a sort of Mike Tyson style up and comer called Cluber Lang, the debut of Mr. T.

Sidey: occasion.

Cris: What a guy, by the

Sidey: the way. He is, he is in even better Nick than Rocky.

Cris: Yeah. Yes.

Sidey: is looking incredible. And there's a couple of like completely illegal maneuvers where he's battered some guy. To the point where the guy is down like on his knees and he's still like,

Reegs: still covering away.

Sidey: kill shot. Like finish him. Yeah. like kills the guy and then cut to him watching Rocky fight. Just looking really disgruntled and and, and angry about not,

Cris: and he's, he's, it's also one of them that he always lurks in the background of Yeah. Of pretty much everything that Rocky does. Yeah. He's always there. Rocky fights in Germany. You see cla Lang in the background.

Reegs: It's like a

Cris: He fights, he, he fights in, in England. Ang is in the crowd,

Sidey: Yeah, he's flown out there Just to be annoyed in

Reegs: You go to the toilet club, Aang is

Cris: there It is. Honestly, it's such a,

Sidey: it's a great name, isn't it?

Global Lang. Yeah, it's a great name. Unbelievable. So this would be pre 18.

Reegs: Yeah, this was

his debut. He was found I've got it here, but I can't read it cuz my eyesight's getting real shit.

But he was found when he w won America's Toughest Bouncer. Which w which was a television program on

Sidey: You wouldn't want him like launching him out anywhere, would you?

Cris: No. Do you want him to speak to.

Sidey: No,

Cris: just the way he speaks. He's, even if he, I would imagine if he sit down and has a coffee with you, he's still angry.

Reegs: Yeah. He's pure aggression, isn't he? Yeah. So yeah, we get all of this set up in the montage, who, what's happening in Rocky's life, his excess the fact that he's maybe forgotten his friends Paul this new up and come. And that's what it's gonna be because this is a much tighter, leaner, rocky movie than the other Rocky movies.

Much less focused on quiet character moments. That the franchise is kind of famous for and much more about this crazy eighties

Sidey: tale

Reegs: So yeah, Paul's been arrested for hurling the bottle through the thing and he handily in the background. We'd also heard about his appearance against thunder lips.

That's coming up.

Sidey: Amazing.

This is an amazing sequence. Yeah. It's a charity I guess mixed combat style, like a mixed martial art thing.

Reegs: Yeah. Wrestler versus boxer,

Sidey: Yeah. And it's Hulk Hogan.

So, but like, he wasn't a hu as huge. As he would go on to become at this point. So to like just boxing fans. Yeah. They might not have ever seen this guy before. Yeah. Which is hard to believe watching it now cuz he is, you know, super famous rapist and all that sort of

Reegs: stuff. Yeah.

Sidey: And wrestler as well, I guess.

But yeah, and he, they're trying to, I don't know, I was watching

Cris: he still had hair as well. Like

Sidey: how tall is. because they, they claim he's like eight foot or something in this

Reegs: foot tall. They say in this 390 pounds they call, he's the mountain of molten lust, continuing the franchise's. Great ring names cuz obviously Creed was the counter Monte fist. is pretty

Cris: good. Amazing. Really? Yeah.

Reegs: But he, he's dressed Hogan's dressed in thunder lips as he is in this, in this like red gown and white hat.

And there's a little bit of, maybe a little bit of racism in there as well. He's, he calls himself the ultimate male versus the ultimate meatball. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: He it's a charity thing, you know, it's for an exhibition to race the money for some whatever, some local thing.

But thunder lips, he's not really down with that. He's gonna, he wants to inflict some

Reegs: I quite enjoyed the way Rocky was like totally like, so what we gonna do then? We're gonna put on a good show for everyone right up until the moment he's getting tossed around like a rag doll.

Sidey: Yeah. There was some DoubleX handles a big leg SUEx in there.

Back breaker.

Reegs: Yeah. And Rocky's kids in the audience going, mommy is daddy having fun . And he's getting absolutely battered. He's eventually like lifted up into a, what is that? Monkey press

Sidey: It's a, yeah, it's just a full press. Yeah. Crowd.

Reegs: And then there's like absolute mayhem afterwards.

One of several like mass brawls that happened in this movie. Yeah. And Mickey starts complaining of her heart thing.

Cris: It's also what I actually think, and this is not necessarily in the, in the title of the movie or in the description, but Muhammad Aliif thought, Antonio.

in June 26th, 19 June 26th, 1976, which was labeled as the War of the Worlds. Mm-hmm. and Muhammad Ali. Ali was obviously the heavyweight champion of the world, and inchi was Japanese professional wrestler. So,

Reegs: yeah. So there's precedent for this

Cris: So, so in that movie it's almost like a ripoff between Yeah.

Obviously they did.

in a way, Ali, and, and you know, he did pretty much the same thing for charity, but they made it look like it was it was a, an actual fight. And I think that's pretty much a rip off from, from that a few years

Sidey: later. A nod too.

let's be generous.

Cris: Sorry, a nod to that.

Sidey: Rocky's like, he's getting pummeled, so he, he says he's gotta like, you know, like give some back. So he asks him to cut off his

Reegs: Yeah, take the gloves off.

Sidey: So he can he can dish out a bit of punishment, which he

Reegs: I think he eventually like gets him in a sleeper hold or something. And

Sidey: Yeah, I think once thunder lips are

Reegs: him up and sort of half, kind of, almost throw him out the ring, but

Sidey: Well, it's, yeah, it, it's supposed to demonstrate that he's super, super high, but it's obvious that he's not gonna be able to like body press, what the fuck it's called Hulk Hogan.

But they try and convince you that it's happening and he pushes him sort of over the top rope. He fumbles. Yeah. And then he comes over and, you know, they've got some sort of mutual respect and, and basically Rocky's still like, You know, he's the, the letter too, cuz he wants the Polaroids with thundered it not the, not the other way around.

He's still like the submissive one, you know?

Reegs: Yeah. Well he's image conscious. He's enjoying his celebrity life, isn't he? Yeah. Forgetting his friends

Sidey: And then he is got his statue unveiling. Outside of the, it's the museum, isn't it? Yeah. Cuz there was a whole hoo-ha about this after the, the, the shoot

Yeah. They wanted to donate the . This must have been a bit of a blow for his ego. They wanted to donate the statue to the museum. And the museum. We don't want it.

Reegs: We don't want it

Sidey: just a, it's a fucking film prop. So they're like, oh, . So they had to like, have it erected somewhere else. And then when they did Rocky.

I think that they had to get it back and like put it there and,

Reegs: Well, and it makes an appearance in Creed as well.

Sidey: Yeah. So that must have been a bit of a blow. But at the unveiling, this is where club Lang finally

Reegs: well, he's almost about to


his retirement, right?

Sidey: Well, actually, what we should say, what we should say is that Vargus marriage.

Reegs: Yeah. Mickey.

Cris: Mickey.


Sidey: He, he looked unwell during the wrestling match.

Reegs: clutching his heart,

Sidey: doesn't, yeah. There's like sort of a little hint that he may be unwell.

Reegs: Yeah. . Yeah. Subtle.

Sidey: And so he's like, no, Rocky, you're not fighting this guy. You know, I've got

Reegs: got, he's hungry.

Sidey: This guy's cut off on the up and up.

You, you know, you've, you've, you've had your big fight. You

Cris: he pretty much tells him the truth, really, that he, you've been fighting cans

Reegs: bums. So I've been handpicking guys. Basically. I know you can beat, you've been living fat. This guy's hungry. He's tough. He's like, you were,

you can't beat And so Rocky's about to give it all. and he said that to his misses he's going to, and then Club Lang to turns up and just goads him into, into a fight.

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: At the unveiling of his tattoo.

Reegs: Yeah.

And he's a lot, he's comes in basically sort of saying about his opportunity, not having his opportunity cuz he's not white, which he's absolutely right about. And he's saying they don't want a man like me to have the title even though he's been just knocking people out for fun.

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: Yeah. And he is like the number one in the world. So Rocky instantly flip flops from retiring to Let's have a big fight.

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: just like that. Yeah. That

Sidey: but it's pure ego, isn't it? He just can't back down from a fight. And he, you know, you don't want to give up your world title, you know, just like, give it to the next guy.

You gotta, you know, he's, he's a fighter.

Reegs: Yeah. So Mickey copy man packs his bags. This is when it all comes out about yeah, I've been handpicking guys and blah, blah, blah.

Sidey: He got his, his training regime is not what it used to be. It's not, we're not in the backyard chasing chickens round and punching slabs of meat.

He's now in a luxury hotel suite. Yeah, with an orchestra plane. fucking blew me away. Is the guy

Reegs: eats like selling

Cris: and

you can see Mickey. Just looking around and in disbelief of what's actually happening.

Sidey: He's not gonna be ready for this. And that plays out, I think, you know, when the fight comes along, he, and this, I didn't remember, you know, I'm, I was just thinking it would, cuz I was kind of clock watching again.

Fuck. It's come around a bit a bit early.

Reegs: pretty quick, isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah, because he loses in round two. He gets fucking completely pummeled.

Reegs: Yeah,

Absolutely battered. I'm gonna beat you like a dog. He says to him, and he does. And Mickey's heart goes again and, and just before the fight as well.

And Rocky says he wants to abandon it, but Mickey's not having it. I'm gonna stay here

Sidey: and die.

Reegs: and die in your locker room without getting proper medical attention.

Sidey: Yeah. And they kind of keep him there long enough for Rocky to see him before he goes off. I think there were, there was an ambulance crew there,

Reegs: right?


Sidey: And they're like, yeah, okay.

Take, keep him here. We'll, we'll, we'll go to one side while you speak to him and he dies.

And we'll just, that's neglect, right? I mean, surely there's a lossy way to happen

Reegs: I don't know. It's not great. It's not a great look, and it's not great for Rocky's some good acting from Stallone here.

He gives it some like real ooh, like proper, rocky crying. It's good. I, and then Mickey turned out to be that rare Irish Jewish. Which was weird, right? Because in the next scene, Mickey, which I took to be an Irish name, right? He's Irish, Mickey and all that. They're, they're, they're, they're in abet, Al mean a Jewish cemetery.

And he's, and Rocky's doing caddish to, to, to, so yeah. Anyway he needs a devastated, rocky needs a little montage. Now to piano music to show just how devastated he is staring off of a bridge and that sort of thing.

Sidey: thing.

Reegs: Riding his bike at night to the statue of himself and throwing his helmet at it in a fit of rage.

Sidey: Yeah.

It's, it's not the, it's, yeah, I'd love a montage. This wasn't as strong as the first montage, but it did the trick.

Cris: But, but you can clearly see he was devastated

Reegs: after they cut where he has to go get off his bike and go and pick his helmet off again afterwards so he can cycle

Sidey: That moment after you've done something stupid, when you have to live with that stupidity. Oh, that's stupid.

Reegs: Yeah. Anyway, so he heads back to Mickey's old gym, hits a speed bag and wouldn't you know it? Who's there?

Sidey: That guy built the rocket and went to the moon. Yeah. Apollo Creed.

Reegs: And he propositions him. He'll train him.

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: He says it's because he's too young to retire and he can promote this, but it's, it doesn't really make a lot of sense.

I can't, I wasn't really sure what Apollo's motivation was. Was it just because you beat me, so you need to beat Clubber or we're great friends after you knock me out, or, I

Cris: think he was be, because he, there's, there's a few, there's a few cuts before that when he watch. The, the, the, the feud between Rocky and clubber Lang.

Yeah. And, and he, in, in his eyes, in my opinion, it just, that doesn't sit right with him because now it's not how champions should behave. Okay. And then Rocky's still his friend, despite the fact that they have history and, and

Reegs: well, he was a brash, you know, trash talker in the first rocky music. It's almost

Sidey: that's almost forgotten. But he, he respects Rocky because Rocky wasn't that trash talker. Rocky was just, you know, out for doing as well as he could.

Cris: And he was a brawler and all that. And then,

Sidey: and he would never, you know, he would never back down, you know, no matter how. His face, like, cause they show you it again at the start of the film and the fucking state of his face at end, the second one. It's like,

Reegs: it's unbelievable, isn't it?

Sidey: incredible.

So I think it's just he respects him and plus that's just the way the script was written. So they just had to do that to do that. Yeah. So there's

Reegs: So anyway, creed takes him as mentor and takes him away from his Ted la mansion to some, oh no.

From his mansion to la the place where Apollo came up. Yeah. And Rocky does kind of stick out cuz this is basically a black only gym. And then we get to find out Paul, he's a bit racist, which is nice. I can't remember what he says, but he's just like, oh, I don't like these. It's like really explicitly clear, isn't it?

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: we don't belong here. Yeah. It's, it's something, it's not a, it's not a good look, but at the same time expecting nothing else from him.

Reegs: Yeah. And it was 1982, I suppose we should say. And we're introduced to Tim Burton's, Tony Burton's Duke, which was

Sidey: Tim Burman,

Reegs: Burton, Tim Burton's gonna train Rocky


Yeah. Tony Burton's Duke and his son is gonna make an appearance in Creed as well, which is pretty cool.

And now we get another montage.

Sidey: Yeah, a lot of beach running.

Reegs: Ah, the Tiger

Sidey: Yeah, it's so

Cris: proper, the full, the full song. Yeah. It's almost, it's almost two and a half minutes.

Sidey: They're, they're training in like a, it's more than a crop top. It's like a bralet type

Cris: Yeah, that is very, I have to say both of them at one point where it's something very

Sidey: similar on, on the beach.

Cris: dunno if that's, that was the fashion, but it was very cropped . It was, it was very,

Sidey: it was so horny.

Reegs: is absolutely insanely put together in this really,

Sidey: isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they're both in great nick. And they go, they, so there's the, the, the one consistent training thing which tracks his progress throughout the rest of the movie is the beach run where he cannot live with Creed. A creed like it smokes him every single time. Yeah, but just get a little bit better, just a little bit quick each time.

Reegs: Apollo, he says to him, you can't beat him.

You, you know, he's gonna train him to be more graceful. Turn rocky from sort of a heavy footed slugger to

Sidey: a, some of this

Reegs: one Twoo machine. And that's what this montage is about side.

Sidey: Some of it was so pathetic to me. I was loving it, but it's like he'd forgotten how to even move his feet. Like he's a boxer, right? He has boxed, he'd done like however many fights, but he, he'd regressed so far. Yeah. That he couldn't even like fucking

Reegs: he could throw a combo. Yeah.

I also think there's an amazing bit here, because Apollo's made out to be this master tactician, but his plan for going over. Club Aang, clearly the bigger and bigger puncture and trying to get rocky to slim down and be faster.

This seems like not a bad strategy, but Cluber Lang's never been over three rounds and he's like, oh, we've gotta bang this guy out quick. Like, no, run away, run away for 10 rounds, get him knackered, and then go for it. You know, that's, anyway. And then Apollo batters rocky in training as well, and he lament how crappy is and blah, blah, blah.

And we get.


Sidey: Well, it's Adrian that has to give him the ultimate pep talk. He, she's, he's down in, in the dumps.

He's like, well, maybe I'll just fuck it off and I won't be able to do it. And she's questioning, you know, what, what's changed? Like why, why you do it. And she breaks him down eventually to him saying, I'm afraid, you know? And I, he's never said that before. You know, he's, he's very, very scarred and open about why he, why he still feels he has to do it.

And so then, you know, his lowest point, he's able to, Build himself back up to Yeah. To have the confidence and the, and the

Reegs: to another montage as well, though, another montage to gonna fly now is, is the next montage and yeah, he gets better and better and better as you do over montages.

And now suddenly we're at it's fight night at Madison Square Garden. Club Aang is still talking trash to the reporters. I don't hate Balboa, but I pity the fool.

Sidey: first time he

Reegs: he'd said it. And when he's asked for what his prediction is, he.


Sidey: Yeah, it is really great. Yeah. Was the guy there that says, let's get ready to rumble? Or was that, is this pre him?

Reegs: That was pre He's not in this buffer. No. Cause he's, he's in

Sidey: Creed. He's in Creed, Yeah.

Reegs: And anyway, Apollo gives him a pep talk, Rocky a pep talk, and gives him his magic shorts that he wore when he got knocked out by Rocky before. So not that magic really, are they? And then he keeps banging on about the favor that he owe.

Because he, he says, Rocky, if I train you, you've got a favor that you own. We dunno what this favor is and we'll find out at the end And so anyway Rocky makes his entrance on Clubbers way in. He's actually racially abused by someone in the crowd. Someone shouts, Hey, club, or go back where you came from.

Sidey: Wow. Maybe they just met Chicago.

because that's where he's from

Reegs: anyway.

Sidey: They fight.

Reegs: They fight. Yeah. I mean, you know, it's, it's a lot

Sidey: like, how do you feel about the, the actual fight choreography in these movie. Because they start with just like an avalanche of punches just hitting in the face like constantly.

Reegs: It's not very much like real boxing, is it?

Cris: at the same time.

That's 1982. Yeah. So we have to be honest here. And, and those were, that, that was, I think for that time, obviously I wasn't even born that at, at that time, but for that time, that was incredible choreography because this was, these are all respected movies in the boxing world for whoever grew up in, in that time.

If we fast forward, To to recent.

Sidey: ever watched Creed, we

Cris: we ever watch Creed, yeah. Then we can see a different kind of approach and

Sidey: they've made strides with that.

Cris: a different kind of, of way of fighting. So I think it's almost like a cartoon,

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah,

Sidey: I was looking and thinking any one of these punches would be a knockout punch in an actual fight. I mean, they're

Cris: and, and we have to clarify that neither of us is a box.

Sidey: No,

Cris: we've washed enough.

Sidey: not with my nose.

Cris: we've watched enough fights or, or movies especially recently to know what training and how good these have become recently to, to know when it's a boxing movie or an MMA movie, or a kickboxing or whatever, to make it look more real.

They've used what they had at the time.

Reegs: Yeah. Also, there's very little tension and it's not like you don't, I know we've seen Rocky, like draw the lose the first one and just narrowly win this. He drew the first one, didn't they? They drew, they drew

Sidey: him. They drew. Well, it was.

Reegs: They drew him Rocky. Then Rocky beats Apollo in two. There's very little tension because you don't think he's gonna lose to Clubber again. That's not the story

Sidey: that No, they've already done that one earlier in the film, so, exactly. You, you know, the way this is gonna play out,

it's pretty thrilling Yeah. and

it's the first, it's the first and possibly the only one where they don't skip rounds because it doesn't go the distance.

Yeah. You see, you get a bit of every round.


than a lady holding up a card. Yeah. And saying, we're now I'm around 11. You're like, what? What, what? Yeah.

Reegs: But anyway, it's ecstasy is rocky wins, bang, sparks him out. He can't beat the count, in fact. So not sparked out, but he can't beat the count. And then afterwards we find out what Apollo's favor was.

It wasn't a reach around as I was

Sidey: That would've been amazing if they just had sex. I would love that ending.

Reegs: Well, they basically do, cuz it's a

Sidey: do a little bit

Reegs: He beat him by one second, he says in Rocky two. That's all it

Sidey: It's taken me, so it's taken how many years it takes man to get over something like that.

I think he says. And then the freeze when they

Reegs: well, they, the, the bell rings, he, he says, and he does the, like, campas like ding, ding, ding. And then they flirt a bit like, well, you looking good and all this sort of stuff.

Sidey: Yeah. And then, but then they both throw a punch and it freezes and looks fucking great.

Yeah. It looked fucking absolute money.

Reegs: It does.

Cris: I have to agree. I, I did enjoy the, the ending. And I have to say, I was very curious, even though I've watched a movie before, I was very curious what the ending would be, what the favor would be.

I was hoping for a wink or something, but

Sidey: As as good as, as good as, and if we ever see Creed.


Reegs: We might find out

Sidey: find out. Yeah.

Reegs: maybe, but it could be also through the prism of Rockies, like you know, the lens of

Sidey: That's true

Reegs: experiences since then as well.

Sidey: it's very true. Did you enjoy this?

Reegs: I did. I thought this was great. And more than anything, I mean, it's a great slice of like eighties stupidity. And it's pretty lean, like 90 minutes, maybe a little more than that.

Good fun. And more than anything, what I really remembered was how much I fucking loved I of the tiger when I was a kid. What a tune that

Sidey: yeah.

when you're a kid. I fucking love it now.

Reegs: Yeah. Well,

Cris: I love it more now than when I first heard it.

Reegs: Is it better than? Best around, you know, Jose Espositos, karate Kid Montage song.

Sidey: Hang on cuz there's trivia. I have trivia for you. Do So The Song, you Are The Best Performed by Joe s.

Poto recorded for this film, but Stallone rejected it in favor of survivors either. You are the best, was later used in the karate kit as we know. Coincidentally.

Reegs: how good the song would have to be of a montage of Stallone picking between those

Sidey: songs. well

Cris: much of a dick stall alone is

Sidey: This

is, I think, I don't know this, but it has to be true. The most montages we've seen in a single movie for the podcast

Reegs: could be cuz Rocky Four has got the most, I think, the most montages of any movie I've ever

Sidey: it just continual,

Reegs: Nearly a third of its runtime is montages. It's amazing.

Sidey: This is.

I'm gonna say better than Rocky. I really enjoy Rocky Force as well. But this, like, this had a freshness to it. Cause I haven't seen it for so long and it's just awesome. Yeah. Like Mr. T, it like, it's like really bad, like it by any sort of measurable metric. Like, he's terrible and they acknowledge that and they were gonna send him to like, acting school and Sloane's like no.

He needs to be like, like above, you know? He needs to be believable. As, as what, like someone who can't act.

Reegs: thought he was great in

Sidey: he's still good. I still loved him. The whole thing is great. It's just perfect run time, you know what I mean? He doesn't need to be two and a half hours, you know, films. You can be 90 minutes and still be great.

And this is, it's just fucking bang on.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Yeah. I, I, I, I, I, I, to halter agree. I think it was an amazing movie and I remember watching it bits and Bobs of it, and I remember the first time I've seen it, I was so impressed with the choreography and, and the violence and how it was and full and this and that.

and, and we were talking about this earlier, I actually think that this is half comedy, half movie, half action movie or, or boxing. Yeah. Because after so many years, you know, when you watch a movie back and, and it made an impression on you, but then you look back on it and you think this is actually cartoon Yeah.

Rather than, than an actual movie. I, I,

Sidey: That's, that's the eighties for you though,

Cris: though. Yeah. That's the eighties. And, and, and again, that's what you had at the time. I, I think whoever hasn't watched it, you should watch it.

Reegs: Yeah, I agree.

Cris: especially with Mr. T. Strong recommend.