Sept. 14, 2022

Midweek Mention... The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Midweek Mention... The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Garth Jennings's adaptation of THE HITCHHIKERS'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY starts much like the source material, when the Earth is unexpectedly demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass, before veering off on a contrived and underwritten love triangle which makes this 2005 sci-fi comedy only moderately successful. Hapless Arthur Dent (Martin Freeman) and his friend, the experienced galactic journalist Ford Prefect (Mos Def), find themselves aboard a stolen spaceship piloted by two-headed Galactic President Zaphod Beeblebrox (Sam Rockwell), depressed robot Marvin (Alan Rickman, and Trillian (Zooey Deschanel), the only other survivor of Earth's destruction.

Whilst some of the surreal humour and wit of Douglas Adams's original creation remains intact in glimpses, we're never made to feel the tragedy or sadness of Arthur's situation which was a key element of the books, and a plot which takes a long time to ago anywhere never really does. Freeman's Englishman everyman routine is perfectly suited, Mos Def is a surprisingly good alien but unfortunately Zooey Deschanel is awful and her character is thinly sketched at best.


Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Sidey: who did these nominations was ear rigs. Cause this was, this was an original nomination before our Hasley arranged rest of the week nominations, but this is still the original nomination that we went for.

Reegs: Yeah. I it's a shit show this


Dan: There's dogs around in the garden, right? You might hear some yapping.

Sidey: That's fine.

Reegs: It's well, it's a shit show this week. Let's be honest. The queen themed.

Sidey: Yes.

Reegs: Is

Dan: well it got hijacked. It hijacked my hitchhike.

Sidey: Yes.

Reegs: Yeah. And we've ended up with a merged hitchhiker slash queen. It's not the most elegant thing we've ever done chasing download numbers, is it?

Dan: for, for those that

Yeah, that's true. But for those that were listening last. Pod. They would've known that it was my noms and I didn't have anything ready. We put something together quickly on our WhatsApp. Not that quickly, actually, you, you bugged me a couple of times over it said noms, noms, noms. Then I came out with the noms, which were really

Reegs: Yeah It

Sidey: so


Dan: watching him

Sidey: Your norms are out Friday morning, let's say. And then something happened Friday afternoon and said, we decided on


spur of the moment

Pete: Thursday afternoon. I think it happened.

Dan: Well, we

Sidey: certainly

Dan: of it. Didn't we? Yeah. By

Sidey: Thursday, Yeah that's right That's right. So, and anyway, then we decided that we would, we would in a, an tribute and not at all in a jumping on the bad wagon way, change the rest of the week to queen stuff.

So this however is the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

Reegs: I looked desperately for some sort of queen connection to this, but there wasn't one, as far as I could tell it's it's not film, was it? No. Oh,

Dan: Did Douglas Adams ever meet the queen?

Pete: Mm

Sidey: Probably

Dan: I imagine he

Pete: so Douglas Adams. Yeah, yeah,


Dan: He would've done.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: That time she nearly chopped his head off.

Dan: it?

Sidey: So this is the 2005 movie adaptation of the books. Not. And then there was the radio show. Yeah. Then there was the BBC series mm-hmm and then along came the movie, which was in development health for a long, long time.

Dan: And this is my first ever foray into this world. I've not had any of the books not listened to the radio, obviously aware of it, but it was always one of those things that I thought lots of people told me it was really good. I should check it out. Oh, fantastic. I always just give it a bit of a wide berth, but then when I saw it come up there, I thought, right,

Pete: We weeks ago on this ferry pod, we were talking about the hitchhiker guide to the galaxy.

And your question was. What, what should be my like entry point into this world? And we all unanimously said the book and you fucking ignored that.

Sidey: And you are a book. You are a reader of books

Dan: I am. Yeah. I just don't have that book. So

Sidey: five

Reegs: would like it.

Pete: think you can, I think you can get hold of it. I think that they, yeah, there's definitely,

Dan: they they've still got it

Reegs: probably.

Pete: I don't think there's just one and everyone in the world is sharing it. There's definitely.

Dan: Okay. Okay So there's

Reegs: It is the sort of thing that might turn up free somewhere down as


Dan: It's my kind of price. Yeah. We'll, we'll see.

Maybe I'll look out for it, but let's see what I thought of the film first.

Reegs: We start with a musical number.

Dan: And, and just before we start with a musical number, what's your, you've read the

Sidey: I've read the books at school and I had not heard the radio shows, but I have watched and enjoyed the TV. Adapt.

Dan: Oh there's a TV

Reegs: donation Yeah. Mines the same,

Dan: the same

Pete: Exactly the same. Okay. Yeah. Not the radio show, but everything else

Dan: right? Yeah. Away you go

Sidey: veterans you might say Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. By the most intelligent, you know, humans are the second, most intelligent creatures.

Sidey: Third, third. Yeah.

Reegs: Third of course.

Sidey: it. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah.

Dan: Dolphins And

what else is

Pete: something else? Yeah. Yeah,

Sidey: But it's the so long and thanks for all the fish


Pete: Which is, is that number, was that number created for the film?

Because I, I don't remember that before.

Sidey: Yeah. It's quite a heavy number

whilst picking up all this other stuff that I've seen and read about this. I

barely remember it all. So I think this was.

Like so long and thanks for the fish. I mean, I think it's, it is the name of the fourth, third or fourth

Reegs: Yes.

Pete: is.

Sidey: So it is is from, you know, it's Canon, if you like, but the musical side of it, I think is, is fresh on the

scene. for

Reegs: think the narration is straight out the book though.

Dan: And that song actually is played at the end of this film as well by a different singer. Isn't it? The guy from

Sidey: queen

Dan: No Neil

Reegs: that would've been good. Wouldn't it?

Sidey: is

it Neil


Oh yes. divine comedy Yeah.

yeah. Yeah.


Dan: singer

Reegs: yeah

Pete: let's get into the plot.

Reegs: Which is the Arthur dent, which is sort of every man Martin Freeman he wakes up one day to find that his house is being demolished.

There's a bypass coming through. He should have looked at the planning orders.

Pete: Yeah.

that we're in a basement somewhere in a council office. Of some description that he wouldn't have found.

Reegs: you know

He's doing everything he can to stop his house being demolished. He lies down in front of the bulldozers. The guy from league of gentleman is giving him loads of shit. And then his mate Mo Def turns up,

Sidey: He says, you can't stay there forever.

And he says, well, let's see who rusts first me or the bulldozer.

Reegs: Yeah. And must F is just like, oh yeah, everything's shit. Let's go to the pub

Sidey: Ford prefect.

Dan: Yeah. That's his friend Mo Moss Def.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: And they go off to the pub and it's, it's a little bit like the Winchester or something, isn't it?

It's just one of those quiet pubs that nothing's really happening. The same people are, are gonna be there. All the time and he orders from the barman. What is it? Three pints each or

Reegs: pints each and two shots each I think is,

Dan: and it's he, he looks at his watching it sort of 10 o'clock or whatever he's still is he still in his dressing,

Sidey: gown It's in his dress gown most Ford pre fact gives him a 50 pound note and says, keep the change.

And he's like, really? Don't worry, cuz the world's gonna end in 15 minutes anyway.

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Dan: So they knock back these points and Sure sure enough. As they get back to the house it's been demolished and he, he can't believe it. He's know what have you done What have you done is

Reegs: my life

Dan: It's all gone. And then the Workman all start running off because in the sky behind him we see one of the many.

Reegs: Vog on Spaceships. I love this shot as it zooms out forever. Dun dun dun dun like the start of that Biffy Clyro song, just zooming back out. Anyway, and we see loads of them. In fact,

Dan: yeah, they've, they've gone full independence day esque all around the world, but even more, it's just checkered the world.

Hasn't it.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: with these square shaped aliens

Sidey: one of the Vos makes an announcement over the PA to say your planet's been designated.

Destruction. It's, we're building a galactic by bypass a


Dan: which is much what they're doing with

Sidey: well it's. Exactly. And you should have checked the the planning application,

blah blah blah galactic planning. Yeah.

Reegs: And Mar Def we didn't explain. They've already had a conversation where he's explained that he's an alien. His name is Ford prefect. He once tried to shake hands with a car. That's how we met him. And he works for the hitchhiker guide to the galaxy, which is a. Sort of travel guide.

Yeah. Basically to the universe. And he, you know, ensures that Arthur has his towel must have your towel. It's there's one thing you learn from watching this movie to take a towel.

Dan: And if you weren't already there, then the world is about to get a little more bizarre for Arthur D and, and for the viewer. Really. So as I say, this is my first.

Foray into this world. Obviously I know it's gonna be a bit offbeat and everything, but there's a particular type of humor isn't there. That that is within the book and within the film, I guess


Reegs: I don't think we're really capturing it. It's yeah, it's a sort of, yeah, it's an eccentric, British style of humor is

Pete: surrealism

Reegs: Yeah. To

Pete: some extent

Dan: Kind of Goonies, Monty Python but a little more, it's different to

Sidey: that Goonies, You mean the


Pete: goon show,

Dan: the goon show and the goodies, the Goonies,

Pete: goon, right? For anyone listening now, they're like, they're thinking about like chunk and

Sidey: Yeah. not spike Milligan Harry SICOM

Reegs: It's, it's using sci-fi to explore ex absurd concepts. And yeah, so yeah, that's the humor.

so anyway. Yeah, so he waves his towel. So he could, that's why it's so important to have it towel becomes useful many, many times throughout the story waves, his towel, they get beamed up aboard the Vogan ship don't

Pete: but he hit he

Dan: with a

Sidey: He's

Reegs: Yeah.

He hitch you

Sidey: special ring paste

Pete: hitchhiker go to the galaxy, the towel.

Reegs: forgot the towel comes in at the end

Pete: Yeah. The towel gets used later on, but he has a ring on his thumb that he sticks up in the air and that sort of beams like a, a hitch hi king signal out into the, out, into

Reegs: into the bogans holds

Dan: onto him as.

Kind of beamed up and find themselves in inside the spaceship. And we, as we are flying off earth, we see it's completely destroyed. It just kind of gets

Sidey: we watch it. We watch it get older on effectively. It's

just it's vaporized in a

Pete: yeah, it kind of pops rather than just, there's not an explosion more than it's all contained. Yeah.

Dan: One kind of footnote is that I think it's happened at this. Arthur had gone to a party.

Sidey: I was just trying to remember what

sequence cuz he, he reminisces about the girl that


Dan: Yeah. And the girl that's got away is one that he met at a party and was a little bit mad in, in her

Pete: Quirky, Yeah

Sidey: the barely tolerable.

Zoe de Chanel and they're at a fancy dress party together.

She's gone as Charles Darwin and he is just a, like someone else, an Explorer

Dan: Yeah, Livingston. I presume,

Sidey: and

Reegs: the, movie wants you to think that he's like a real

Sidey: Dick

Pete: misfit

Reegs: No, that boring because he won't instantly drop his life

Sidey: to go to Madagascar

Reegs: with her. And you're like, okay, I get it. Like, maybe he's become a little bit comfortable in his life, but also dropping your entire life to just go and live in another country.

Dan: do it either. Would you? You're just like after then I'd be off Madagascar.

Pete: Yeah. Why? Yeah, but you are reckless. Yeah, but he is quite neurotic anyway. And, and even though that isn't like necessarily,

Reegs: he's literally just met her

Pete: Neurosis. No, but in general, like

Dan: hot RS. That's the point she's hot. And she wants to go to Madagascar with

Pete: Yeah. But he,

Dan: gonna

Pete: well, hang on a second.

Dan: have sex RS,

Pete: He, he hadn't had his

Reegs: It's not worth it though. One

Dan: worth course.

It is mad. You get a holiday in Madagascar and you have sex.

Sidey: Anyway. They barely, he barely has time to decide because then Sam Rockwell as, oh God,

Reegs: Zay for

Pete: ZFA beeble bros

Sidey: Turns up and he he's willing to do whatever and they, so they disappear and


Dan: rock and roll.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: like gone in the blink of an eye HES, like a he's a memory

because he wouldn't drop trousers.


Dan: next time we see her she's in his pants.

Reegs: Mm-hmm

Pete: Literally

Dan: could have been you.

Reegs: Well, he is the president of the universe as we are gonna later find out. And he only won because people thought they were voting for the universe's worst dress sentient being,

Sidey: which,

Dan: which he finds immensely funny. I love it. The fact that he just go ha yeah,

Pete: Well, what we should say is that they're on the Vogan ship. And then they find like another, they find they're in a room and they find like a, well, it looks like a drain pipe. And then he hitches a ride out of like sticks his thumb up the pipe. And then that then gets them hitched onto the ship.

I can't, there's probably got a name, but onto say for beeble Bro's ship that he has Well, yeah, he's stolen it, but everyone in the universe thinks that he's been kidnapped. But he in fact has stolen it. I dunno why they think he's been kidnapped because he, like, they show the footage of him.

He's about to like what's it called when you swing the bottle

Sidey: of the champagne?

like Chris and the,

the vessel And he he he just swings across on the road and

Pete: Yeah. And gets on the ship and Choughs off. So, anyway, he's far around the universe in this odds kind of like ball shaped ship. That's got like a hole in it and these go, our guys, Arthur and Ford end up on there, which is where they run.

Trillion Trisha McMillan, which is the girl's name. Yeah. And she is wearing X Ford's pants. So they, they got, they've got each other's pants on, which probably denotes sexy time.

Reegs: Yeah,

Dan: yeah,

Pete: yeah.

Dan: I mean, I dunno where they're Madagascar, but. She, she was up

Pete: heaven and back.

Dan: and he, he took it on and so we meet them and of all the places in all the world and all the girls.

Sidey: The one scarcely believable is it,

Dan: it took me by surprise.

Pete: But there is an improbability drive yeah. On the ship. So

Dan: does that do, Peter?


Pete: it makes improbable things happen or something.

Dan: And so that's a big button that occasionally they will hit. And

Sidey: So, yeah, if you imagine the millennium Falcon going into hyperdrive, you see all the, the stars become white lines, but in this, the ship just transforms into various random objects and then,

Reegs: moves through all possible places at

Pete: per mutations

Reegs: until it arrives.

And often unfortunately has a bit of a strange legacy at one point Ford and Aho D are briefly sofa. And another time he's sick and he's ball. He's like a puppet man and pukes a load of

Pete: yeah. Yeah. He's like it's wool or whatever.

Dan: Yeah. The whole kind of set becomes puppet. Doesn't it? And, and soft play. Yeah. So they, they play around with it a few times. But there's this kind of atmosphere within the ship because Arthur was really into this girl and he, he was kind of the

Reegs: well, he

Sidey: he met her about five

Reegs: tiresome, forced love plot. This I think in the movie. Yeah. Doesn't really need it. She sounds like she's reading her fucking lines off of script after time.

And yeah, I don't this all, none of this really works, but it's the driving force behind the rest of the plot. Really? Isn't it?

Dan: Yeah, because they, they have to give some motivation of why

Reegs: he's, which is a shame, because the stuff that we're not really talking about, the incidental details, which is sometimes really clever, like Babelfish or Babelfish or whatever, the thing that goes in their ears and lets people, it, it takes in sound waves and excretes actually shits out sound waves for you.


Pete: So it's a universal

Sidey: Yeah

Reegs: then these things entered the popular culture. There was obviously the translation engine bubble fish and there's loads of clever cool. Funny.

Dan: And, and these are kind of narrated by Steven Fry uh using well animations really only.

Sidey: Yeah And

he is the, you know, he is the hitchhiker guide.

He's, that's what he is is.

the narrator

Pete: Also

Reegs: yeah, but we,

Pete: also on the ship is Marvin. Yeah. Who's sort of a like manically, depressed robot voiced by Alan Brickman.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: So, and he's, he's quite paranoid and depressed. Yeah. This robot.

Sidey: the, the ship makes a noise when it's door open, the door's open,


we had the same thing when we were traveling to Belgium that time in a garage, like you know, like a mini Mart.


And the door would open go. Ah,

Pete: Yeah.

So, so any, anytime anyone complained about anything, we go, ah, like, and this door made exactly the same noise, which is we, we spent five minutes just waiting for people to open the door.

So we go, ah,

Reegs: So

where are we? I

Pete: So they're, they're seeking the ultimate question of life as Aho is seeking the ultimate question of life, because there has been a robot, many, many, many, many moons ago who had come up with the answer.

Sidey: 42

Pete: 42 as the answer to the, maybe the, the meaning of everything.

But now, but the, the, and the robot was called deep thought. But then the robot came back and said, well, you wanted to know the answer. And like, if you want me to find out the questions as well, it's gonna take another like 40 billion years or whatever it is. So then the. Proceeds to, to work that out.


sho has now found out that this is something that, that can be found out and that's what their kind of quest is.

Dan: And all this time as they've got into this ship and they've escaped the VO, the Vogels, isn't it. The

Reegs: Vogan

Dan: The Vogan are well known for being.

Sidey: Bureau. Very


Dan: And and so

Sidey: but I like bureau

Dan: forms to, to,

Pete: Is that is that a word you just made

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: is fucking brilliant bureau

Reegs: Tic. It's like neurotic bureau bureaucratic. Yes. At the

Pete: time. What that

Dan: I'm just trying to make things

Sidey: I port Manto

Pete: I'm gonna, I'm gonna email Colin's dictionary right

Reegs: so

yeah, they're bureau

Dan: are

Sidey: tic

And we should also say that they. On screen in practical effects.

Yeah. They are suited up

people, I

Reegs: Yeah

Pete: wobbly, horrible

Sidey: people And I I think they look, they look good.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: They're sort of like grotesque minions in a way

Sidey: almost spitting image kind of

Reegs: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lifts.

Pete: they're like weebles, cuz whenever they fall over, they, they sort of like roll around,

Dan: and dribbling sort of raggedy hair

Reegs: They're the kind of everywhere. They're the kind of race that will order you to death. But if it goes over lunch,

Sidey: yeah. It's not gonna

Reegs: it's not gonna happen because

Dan: They, they. They will stop on the point and all the forms need to be filled. Which is proved a couple of times throughout. Sometimes they, for ex example, when they put the issue to follow him, they had to tick a form.

Didn't they? Oh, he's gone into hyperspace. He didn't have authorization for that. Right. We're gonna go through that. You can chase him now. And it gave him,

Reegs: you see a secretary vog on like running down the halls to exactly.

Dan: Yeah. It's all, it's all very


Pete: in the call and say, yep, you can go into to hyperdrive.

Reegs: We need to skip through some of the plot there's they have to go and get the point of view gun from Malkovich, Mavi, Malkovich. And he's a creepy little Droid thing that's quite horrible and bad CGI.

And then she gets abducted trillion and he has, they athe D and they go to the, the Vogan home planet to go and get her back. And this is my favorite scene in the movie by distance.

The thinking Yeah. Yeah. I've had an idea, which,

Pete: yeah. So there's like a, it's a bit of like, it's not a desert, but it's like sort of a bit of a wasteland as they're walking up to this, like building and, and as they walk along I think after dance, the first one to like, think something, as soon as he's he's like, hang on, I've got an idea and like a shovel type thing.

It's like a spatula. Yeah. On a big, long stick, like wax them in the face and they're. I think I know what's happening at whack like that. And then anytime they think anything, yeah. They get whacked in the face. They have to like, not think, but obviously they're, they need to think of a way of, of getting through this.

Yeah. Other than to not think about anything. So yeah. That


Dan: kind of run and keep going whack, whack, whack, as, as they get caught in the face. Yeah, I wasn't sure why that happened. That was for their ideas. Was it?

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah, because they were thinking,

Pete: Yeah. That's, that's exactly what it was. I mean, they basically just go in and

Reegs: would've happened to you right there, Dan, as you

Dan: whack.

Reegs: So yeah, they do go and get her back

Pete: that happens.

Reegs: BA people, bros has got two heads and also he signed up the planning orders to have the

Pete: yeah

Dan: the one

Reegs: earth destroyed

Sidey: thinking someone was asking for his autograph.


And yeah, we haven't even mentioned that he's got two heads, so it's, it's far more.

Explicit in the other versions. He's literally got

two heads his second head. on this one, he kind of leans back and he's got a really shit looking CGI face

where's double CHIBE I

Reegs: Where is that second head? When his normal head is.

Pete: Well, it's just like in, in, in kind of like his Joly sort of

Reegs: a neck pouch

Pete: Well, so again, like, is this the most, that's the most implausible part of the film?

Reegs: No, I just find it really disgusting.

Pete: And he's got a third arm as.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: Which seems to be removed when his head gets removed.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Pete: He leaves that behind with, with Malkovich. Doesn't he? Yeah. Whilst he, yeah. Insurance whilst he goes off and gets the,

Reegs: that's right. The

Pete: thingy point of view gun.

Sidey: anyway

Reegs: horrible surgery thing. So they, they escape don't they they have missiles fired at them, which they turn one of them into a bowl of petunias.

And one of them into a whale played by bill Bailey

Yeah. Which

Dan: Gives them, is it the same as his telephone number? Chances to

Reegs: watch? Yeah.

Pete: Yeah Something

Dan: like that, isn't it? Yeah.

And so that works out well and, and delivers them to the coordinates of the place that they needed to get

Sidey: to. deep thought Yeah.

Reegs: But deep thought spent most of its time watching cartoons and delegated the task of asking the question to a subprogram it built, which was the earth.

Pete: Yes, exactly. Right. And, but it does become, it's not a totally wasted journey because the, the point of view guns are like the artillery of the point of view guns is underneath deep

Reegs: So yeah

Pete: they let them have the point of view gun.

Which they then use practically to demonstrate how it gives you that person's point of view when you point in.

Dan: That's right. And that's what he wanted Malkovich Maich. So they, they somehow get that back to him. I think at some point,

Reegs: no, it, it plays into the climax because that's how they end up defeating.

Everybody because Marvin gets hold of it. makes everybody depressed.

Dan: Oh, that's right. Makes all the bogans depressed because bill nay has turned up in some

Reegs: point SL Barass. Yeah.

Dan: He is a architect and he builds worlds.

For fortunately, they made a earth mark two which is pretty much exactly the same as earth yet, this one's got Arthur D's house back he's it's all looking

Pete: as it was before the, the demolition.

Dan: Well, the, the guys had

Pete: he's, he doesn't build the whole world. He's part of a team, but

Reegs: he did Norway.

Pete: did Norway.

Dan: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: And there's there's it's mice or it was an experiment,

Pete: a run in the show.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: he, I think he talks about He says that, oh, the chance, you know, there's no point in worrying about whether there's anything going on, you know, you might as well just try and be happy. There's no point in worrying about any of this stuff. And Arthur says to him, are you, he says, no, of course not, but that's where it all falls down.

Of course. And I think that's gotta be the authors, like total worldview in that moment sort of thing. Yeah,

Sidey: definitely.

Did you enjoy this week?

Reegs: Have we finished? Is that

Sidey: dunno. Do we wanna, as much happened after that?

Dan: Well, he,

Reegs: no, probably not actually

Dan: there because they'd all split up at one point and they they'd gone through those big hair dryers and and spat out the other end, but he, he delayed his jump through and so he didn't see them again in this world until they got to the house. They were all eating food.

Do they, is the food drugged at that

Pete: Yeah, I think so there's something in the tea maybe. And again, like you learn that it's, the mice are in control. There there's a theme with animals in it. So mice and dolphins at the beginning where Stephen fries, Aon suggests that.

So the dolphins have been telling the humans for years. That the planet's gonna get destroyed by doing like back flips and, and like what, what the humans took as like entertainment, but it was all like messages to say, look, we told you a million times, so now we're just fucking off and leaving you idiots to it.

And again, the mice were, you know, oh yeah, but athe done saying well, they're, they're like stupid creatures and like run Tesla. It's like, no, no, no. That's, that's what, like what they wanted you to think. And cuz they're the ones that are controlling this show.

Sidey: So.

Reegs: Yeah,

Pete: Yeah

Dan: But then yeah, bill NAI goes, oh, look, I'm just on the phone to the engineer. Is there anything else you wanna change about it? He goes, well, just me leave me out of it.

And he goes off, doesn't he? Yeah. And travels the galaxy


Pete: was a, a, there was a, a big, quite a long protracted segment of where they. With SL bar fasts, where they get in like a, what's like one of those, like things at the top of

Sidey: a cherry picker,

Pete: cherry picker, there we go.

And it goes on fucking ages and they go through like, you know, almost like yeah, there's galaxies being built, like hangers that are building these things and the earth is at the end of it. And I think this is what 2005. So I think probably cuz like Martin Freeman is the actor, isn't it? Yeah. He's like, he's there kind of like completely like is, you know, it takes his breath away at how like incredible and magnificent it is.

And probably at the time that that segment was meant to kind of like blow your mind. I don't know if it

Reegs: what, where he goes out on the, yeah. I thought that was still quite

Pete: effective. Right. Okay. So that's what, but you know more about this stuff than I do. So I didn't, I mean, it's still sort of impressive, but that, that bit, I just found, it just went on for a really

Dan: when was the book written.

Pete: Oh

Sidey: fuck. Before 2005. Yeah. I wanna say


Pete: yeah, seventies. I was gonna

Sidey: cause the TV stuff would've been in the eighties.


Reegs: for that yeah.

Pete: But yeah. Other than that, we haven't really missed a great

Reegs: No

Pete: No, to get to the point, obviously the love. It thing

Reegs: kind of includes.

Dan: So, so again, like I hadn't seen. Any of this, I hadn't read any of the books, so I, I don't have that that comparison in my mind, I can only take it as the, the film went.

I enjoyed the film, you know, it was there was enough about it. I mean, it wasn't, it didn't take itself too seriously. You know, there was a lot of British hu humor in there and some people are really not gonna like that. And,

Sidey: yeah it's very British yeah.

Dan: And not gonna roll with it. I did though. It made me chuckle it.

Wasn't. The best thing ever, but I like the sci-fi twist on it. I don't know how much day and power I'd have to read the books on it, to be honest. But are you telling me they're, they're much better and obviously they, you know, this built off off those there's five of them. How much did you enjoy it after reading the books then?

And then getting that comparison?

Sidey: Well, I saw it at the cinema

Dan: Really right back

Sidey: And I think day

I think when I saw at cinema, I kind of, I think I enjoyed it, but watching it this time found it. Certain. Well, certainly part's a bit fucking excruciating.

I think also there was a time when I probably quite liked Zoe dash now, but I couldn't fucking stand to her in this. And also like, I really like Sam Rockwell, but he was like beyond unwatchable to me in this just fucking irritating from the get go. And his character is supposed to be like that. So he is effective, but I'm supposed to sit some through something and enjoy it and I just can fucking stand it and just, yeah, I just fucking got my nerves.

I didn't like it.

Dan: Right.

Sidey: Little bits of it, funny like the dolphins and all that sort of stuff. And making the point about humanity being fucking idiotic, which is fine. But no, just, it just really gum it


Dan: no, right. Okay. What about you weeks?

Reegs: Yeah, I, I quite enjoyed this. You know, it's not a bad adaptation but still for me, the best stuff is on the page rather than on anything on any of the other formats haven't listened to the radio thing, like you said, I think the problem is in this one, is that the romance stuff on it is so it's like more forced than.

Bill Cosby with a couple of

Dan: Yeah

Reegs: it's, so it, and it, and it you'd get little hints of Adams' world and all the cool stuff. Like the answer to the most profound question ever being really stupid. But the question itself being really profound and you know, just all of his like cool quirky details and his worldview about depression and stuff.

Just, yeah, all that stuff is kind of reasonably faithfully represented in the movie.

An American audience as well. You gotta, I guess you gotta remember that. So it's a sort of different version of it, but yeah, it's alright. I thought it's pretty good.

Pete: I was,

Dan: No, Pete, no. One's asking you.

Pete: Thanks. I was I was, I remember being really underwhelmed the first time I saw the film.

I really liked the books. Yeah. And I just, and, and I was even more underwhelmed this second watch. Cuz I, I never went back and watched it again after the first time. But. I, I just think that so much of the, the, the brilliance of the books doesn't translate to the, to the, to, or didn't translate to the big screen on the, I think it was done better in, in the TV show.

Albeit I'll be lying if I said I remember loads about it, but I remember. Finding it funny and interesting and, and, and there's that bit. And, and so on, it didn't have it wasn't grand. It was pretty low budget from what I can remember, but yeah, like the, the irreverent kind of absurd humor that that's in the books was I remember being funny.

But it kind of gets lost in, in the film. And like I say, the, the main sort of like themes and all the stuff you just spoke about there, res I think it, it, I can't believe that it, you just, you would never be able to put across in one kind of like one and a half, two hour film or whatever it is.

You can't put it across the way that Douglas Adams did, like in the, in the actual light books themselves.

So yeah, when we were saying like the, the entry point to this is the books, and then you could probably leave it there. That's, that would still be my advice to you, but we can't do that now.

Dan: Yeah. Well, haven't seen it.

I would still give hitchhike is the thumbs up to go and

Reegs: watch, ah,

Pete: Are we gonna finish on that?

Yep. Okay.