Jan. 4, 2023

Midweek Mention... The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Midweek Mention... The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
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Henry Cavill has been in the news a bit recently. First up he gunned The Witcher. Presumably as he was donning the cape again as Superman. Then all of a sudden that wasn't the case. How quickly things change. 

Anyhow, Mr Cavill is from sunny Jersey. Just like your Bad Dads. Feels like the time is right to take about some of his filmography.

First up this week we're taking a look at the 2015 entry - The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Dan and Sidey love a bit of espionage, so hopes are high for the adaptation of the TV series set in the Cold War. However, it's a Guy Ritchie movie, so you never know how this will play out... 

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Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Man from Uncle

Sidey: Ah,

Dan: it's a cav. Love it. This week

Sidey: It is. Henry Kell's been in the news a fair bit recently because he, I dunno if you know, but he was in.

Af the post credits bit of Black Adam, the rock superhero movie. Oh. So they got him back as Superman for that. And, and the Rock made this big thing about how he, like, he had forced the studio to, to bring him back.

Like he wasn't gonna go ahead with the movie unless that was in. And then the studio DC hired James Gunn to take on the DC Universe and. It's a bit, a bit clunky and trying to transform it. And as part of that, his first thing we did was basically gun Henry


Dan: gone to Cav. Yeah.

Sidey: I think what happened as well is that Caval had said goodbye to the Witcher.

I dunno if you've seen that. On

Netflix. Yeah.

Dan: On Netflix.

Sidey: So he'd to to, to free up his, his schedule to do Superman. He'd gone to Witcher. So he was now his two like major roles. Gone. Gone.

So that was

Dan: had Warcraft that I heard That must have been talks in the background that

Sidey: So there's a, there's a well known thing about Henry Caval.

He is a super nerd, like he paints little models and he is, well, his gaming and he, he's got

YouTubes, him building,

like gaming PCs and he's really into War Hammer 40. Which is like a tabletop you know, futuristic Warf game. So he's with Amazon, got that green lit, so that's gonna be his new big thing.

It's quite niche. I mean, it's profit and nerdy stuff. It's like games, workshop, real

Dan: Yeah. I just wonder whether they'll go. Down a Games of Throne kind of epic.

Sidey: I hope so. And it's got really, I, I didn't play it that much. Some friends of mine were really into it and it has got a really well established law around it.

Like it's really in depth and Yeah, sort of similar in that way to Game and Thrones. So it's got potential. But because of all that, we decided that we would delve into a couple of movies that we kind of hadn't seen. I hadn't seen what we were gonna watch for our main feature. and this one is the Man from Uncle, which I rented and watched, but fell asleep halfway through. Yeah. So picking that up again, but I think this is your first time,

Dan: It's my first time. And Henry Cabal, as you know, he's the, actually the. he's kind of an ambassador. Yeah. For my work for, for Dory Wildlife.

And so I've met him a few times and he, he comes up and, I mean, we never chat or anything. I've just met him literally Oh hi, hello. And, and things like that. But you know, the people in and around him and he comes across as a decent guy.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: And I remember the misses said he ain't so good looking.

He ain't so good

Sidey: Oh, come on,

Dan: And then, She, we, we were doing the bar in it. We were kind of just behind the bar and he's come over for a drink. And I said, oh, could my wife get a, a selfie with you? Like, you know, didn't wanna put myself up there. And then afterwards she's looking and she goes, he is quite good

Sidey: Is he?


Dan: him. He's quite, and he's just shoes. He's a massive unit. Yeah. Well,

Sidey: he is quite fucking good looking in man from


Dan: Oh, well, the, so.

kind of avoided a lot of his films. Not purposely, just not things that ever really got me in and, and a lot of his films actually, I dunno if it's just haters or they are kind of. Takes a little while. They're just hyped up so much. Yeah. But a lot of the reviews for his films weren't that great. And I didn't like for Superman for this one at the beginning. I never got a good vibe from him. So I, I've not watched him for like 10 years or, or longer ever. This came

Sidey: out,

this is a 2015 and this one's Guy Richie, which would tend to put me off a little


I'm a bit like on the fence with him, but

A little bit removed from his normal cockney gangster way. It's totally removed from that. Yeah. It doesn't, cuz the source material, I guess is different.

Dan: So a man from uncle I remember as well from a show that I never really got into as a kid, it was always a little bit dated by the time they'd repeated it.

And it was Robert Vaughn. He was Napoleon Solo, the first one, and it had come off the back of a Rob a Fleming thing, isn't it? A bond?

Sidey: yeah, he was involved in the, the adaptation. Yeah. For the original series. I remember watching the original series, but I didn't get, I was just too young.

I would've been like probably nine, 10, some of that. And it was on at dinnertime, if I remember rightly. And I wouldn't really get all the Cold War stuff and like, you know, the US partnering with the Russians at that time. I just, it was over

Dan: no, that was it. I, I never knew any of that, to be honest, even going into this. So it was, it was, you know, stuff that I hadn't concentrated hard enough on to, to learn it. But

They had through the research find out the nemesis of uncle is thrush,


just wonder why they, they would've gone for that that kind of acronym. But they did. It's the technological hierarchy for the removal. Removal of undesirables and subjugation of

Sidey: Wow. Rolls off the tongue. yeah.

it's it's bef this is the outset of it. So they're not actually uncle at the beginning of this movie.

And it tells us that we're in the sixties. I can't remember what date exactly is 1963, something like that.

yeah. that's right. I mean

slap bang in the middle of the Cold War,

Dan: it's slap bang in the middle of cold door. And as, as. My uncle always used to say to me when one door closes, another opens.

He was a decent philosopher, but he was a shit cabinet maker. I say that much. But this doesn't go down that same route, does it? This is in your standard uncle. It it stands for, what is it? It's the you.

Sidey: Oh God. I

should, I should know this.

Dan: should have known what uncles stand for But I mean, I've got a couple of.

Uncle's, actually, I've got a Mexican uncle who takes anti-anxiety medication. It's for his Hispanic attacks. Um,

Sidey: I actually became an uncle for the first time. Yeah. Yeah. Last month. Yeah, I did. Yeah.

Thanks. Yeah.

So yeah, the start of this, we are introduced to Napoleon Solo. Napoleon Solo played by our friend, our Jersey compatriot, Mr. Caval. And he is looking fucking smooth.

Dan: He's looking

Sidey: really

This is East Berlin, so one side of the wall. Yeah. And we're introduced to Alice. well it's Gabby Teller and she's played by Alice Vender. I dunno if you ever saw the to Raider reboot things

crab, but she was in it. She's really hot and she's hot on this too.

There's just a lot of eye candy in this movie.

Dan: Yeah. Well, I mean, yeah, she's one of them. And she plays the daughter of Dr. Udo Teller, who's a missing Nazi scientist. Turned

Sidey: he's defective. collaborator. Yeah.


Dan: yeah, you know, these, these dodgy scientists, they'll work for whoever's not gonna kill him.

Sidey: Yeah, he's he's got the know-how and there's something of fir there's some sort of plot to build a bomb, but we don't know exactly what's going on at first.

So Napoleon's mission is to get her across the wall.

Dan: Is all opening credits, kind of opening scene stuff, and you, it's an elaborate plot and plan and chasing and, and we meet actually Arne Hammer

Sidey: straight, straight

away. Army. Yeah. Fire famous. Fantasy cannibal that he

Dan: is. Yeah. And, and I had no idea it was playing like this. I thought Henry Kall was the, the main man. The girl was gonna go with Henry Caval here. He's gonna save the day. And Army Hammer is just gonna be swatted aside, but that's not the case. Ar hammer's a, like a, a tough agent himself

Sidey: Well, they make match be almost like


He chases the car down and he just, like,

he's almost picking up the car as it's driving off.



Dan: back of the car off and slowed it down. I thought, oh, he must be under the influence of some kind of super power drug or something. Yeah. But no,

Sidey: double heart bastard.

Dan: sure enough Henry manages to or

Sidey: well, he's just sat in the back, so when we meet Gabby, is it? she's like working on a car.

And it's , what would they be, like a larder or something like that. But she's got it fine tuned and it's. Still

looks pretty fucking slow, but it's decent enough by LAR

standards. Yeah.

And so she's ragging this down the road, being chased by Mr. Curiak and Napoleon Sails just in the bat. Very fucking calm and suave, just dishing out turn left here immediate right.

But, you know, unruffled,

unruffled very James Bonds, if you

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. And Arne Hammer is absolutely tearing down the street with a gun and everything. And at one point he's using both hands to hold onto the back of the car, sliding along on the bo of his shoes, like their and.

UL's got the perfect opportunity just to let him have a mouthful of lead and shoot

Sidey: him. It's says, no, I don't think so.

Dan: no. It's quite ooof, isn't it? And we realize, okay, there's, there's a, a certain game these guys are playing and rules that they, they won't stoop below. And and actually the scene to, for them to finally escape over the wall involves a friend putting A truck on the other side of the wall, the good side of the wall, firing off a, a crossbo with a, a rope that goes around a chimley.

And then they kind

Sidey: of The zip wire? Yeah. zip wire Yeah. to

Dan: And as As they just get across, Arnie Hammer comes up as well, and they just reverse the van, which I thought was really clever because yeah,

Sidey: enough tension. in their world.

Dan: have enough tension and it sort of drops him down in the in the no man's land bomb area of east and West Germany.

Sidey: That's right. So then they, they both go off to their respective handlers. For a debrief. And we learn from Ilia Kins debrief about Napoleon Solo, and I didn't remember this or know this at all from the series. He's a crook, basically. He was in the arms services, but he knew a load of languages. He was very, very clever.

And he was just like nicking , doing what the narcissists were doing. He was nicking all the art. Yeah. And just, you know, screwing things away. And he got

Dan: oh, this is Napoleon. Yeah,

Sidey: yeah, So you think he's white than white? Is like, he's a bit rough around the edges himself.

Dan: he is absolutely been

Sidey: busted.

Yeah. So he's been sent down. He's, he's, he's been doing time and as part of the higher ups have realized actually this guy's got a skillset set that we could probably take advantage of. So we'll offer him a deal, he'll work for us to work off his time, blah, blah, blah. And he's getting the low down on Kriya about what he is.

His he's had psychotic episodes as a child. He's just a fucking double

hard bastar. Yeah.

Was in the kgb. He's one of the top men in the kgb, which means you've probably done some pretty fucking horrible shit

Dan: And, and then it gets to a potentially world ending crisis. And we are forced or the handlers are forced to kind of work together and, and pit our two

Sidey: know they're gonna have to, we're just waiting for the

Dan: Yeah. Well, I didn't know. I didn't know. I didn't, so I learned that this in a in kind of a restaurant next on a lake is full. It's really busy restaurant and it's just they're having a kind of chat and he goes, okay, I'll leave you to it then you two guys better get to know each other.

So obviously. They've just been introduced. He goes, what the hell is he doing here? He was trying to kill me last night or the night before. And then everybody in the restaurant gets someone going, you realize it's just all entourage between America and, and Russia. And these two guys actually compliment each other really well for the film and everything.

But on the, on the face of it, they're a different and they hate each other.

Sidey: Yeah, they're, they're both like alpha dudes, you know, and they're not, they can't lose, but Napoleon Solo's, handlers is right, common. We've gotta meet, we've gotta go meet and discuss, blah. And they go into like a urinal or a public lie. And he is been told about blah, blah, blah. And then he looks up and the Russians arrive and Ilia can stay with his man and they have a scrap.

 Go through a few walls. It's a bit super Manish also

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Well, it,

Sidey: And then the guys say, right, stop fucking about you too. This is the situation. There's some people. Trying to make a bomb to deliver to the what's left of the Nazi contingent. And we need to fucking work together to put a stop to

this. The people doing it are a husband and wife called. The Vinci Guerra. Yeah. Which is a Port Manto of, of Vinci and Guerra, which means win war. We'd like a Port Manto on this show. Yeah. So there you go. That's the first one of the year

Dan: early doors. Yeah. they need to team up, as we said, to, to stop this from happening.

Sidey: they do, but also on the side and like any espionage thing, it's like Right team up together, but also just fucking Nick that for us at the end, we want that. So, and they've both been given this, this secret instruction to, and if, if needs be, kill

Dan: it, kill the other guy. Pick up the, the secret film that

Sidey: it's a cassette isn't It's

Dan: it?

Yeah. It's, it's like all the projects for the atomic bomb, all the work that going into it. So they want all the details and plans but they have to

They have to get the girl involved as well because it's her father who is a Nazi scientist and he's not, he's not actually working quick enough or, or well enough and

They, they feel that she needs to be involved to get him on side and find out what they want to do, potentially put them off making the bomb or, or whatever.

So they go to Rome, they

Sidey: all, yeah. They rack up quite a few emails in

Dan: Yeah, they all travel to Rome. Where Gabby and and Annie Hammerer, who was it? Kuk.

Sidey: Kuk.

Dan: They have poses this engaged couple caval. I thought he'd be getting this gig, you see? But no, he, they've given it to Arne Hammerer and, and Kachin and Gabby, and they hate each other.

They're not really getting on very well. But there's a, there's definitely a. Something in the air. Little tension.

Sidey: They kind of parade her around in a few outfits for our enjoyment. Yeah, it's like at first she's quite demure and a quite sensible outfit. And kin's like, no, fuck that.

He makes her wear this roof like nice. I'm thinking, you know, remember Twiggy

from the sixties, that kind of vibe and sticks an engagement ring on her and they kind of,

Dan: Oh, she looks hot as, I mean, she's absolutely

Sidey: courageous and in the, in the actual story in it is Canon that after all this. The man thing stopped Riak and became a fashion designer.

Really? That's true. Yeah. So, you know, you can see


Dan: can

Sidey: can see

he's got an eye for, for ladies fashions. . Yeah. So yeah, the, the three of them are kind of working as a team reluctantly, I think. Definitely reluctantly.

Dan: Yeah. They, they, they don't wanna be in the, in the same place. And they've also got. In the back of their minds that they might have to do away with each other to get this point, but it's, they actually moved fast through this, actually, this film.

And there, there was always plenty going on and things that have annoyed me before in the past about these kind of films. , maybe just absolute obvious plot or or just stupid lines that you can hear coming a mile off or, although there didn't seem to be that in this film for me, and I was really enjoying it right away through all this kind of cast coming together, them going away, the little bit of banter between Gabby and Coron as, as they're kind of in the hotel and going out and you can, you can see.

You know, they don't want to admit actually, he's quite

Sidey: He's hot and so she Yeah,

Dan: saying the same they're trying to act professional through it all. And there is a bit of chemistry, I think between those two, probably more than they would've got the, with Caval who just stood next to him. He's a little bit shorter, but

Sidey: he, I've got some, I've got some height stats

for you. Huge. Do you want them now?

Dan: go on.

Sidey: Right. So here we go.

Napoleon Solo is supposed to be five 10, but Henry Cavalier is six foot Once is a three inch differential there. Right. Elizabeth Debecki, who plays Gabby, she is six foot three. No. Yes. Is she? Yeah. An army hammer is six foot five. So they

Dan: there's some height in this movie.

Sidey: there is. So they're, they are a better fit height wise. Oh, sorry.

Elizabeth. Elizabeth De is not the one who plays Gabby. She's the one who plays she is the actress

Dan: one who plays the Eiffel

Sidey: plays Eli. Eli who plays Victoria, The she is the war manger. Do you remember her? She was in 10.

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: I mean, she fucking looks so when you, when I read that her being six three, I'm like, yeah, obviously. She fucking looks, she

every inch of that. She's, she's huge.

And the Vin Vinci Guerra, they host some kind of racing event, like some race car thing. Yeah. Which is invite only.

Dan: That's right. And they, they're able to get an invite through. Is it an uncle

Sidey: yeah, her, her

Uncle on her father's side, I think he's the

Dan: man who will know where her father is.

Yeah. And she's gone to see him. And

Sidey: this is my fiance and he's like, who's this guy? You know, he's a bit suspicious, but

Dan: I think Caval ends up nicking an

Sidey: Caval bumps into Hugh Grand pick Ron and pick pockets his invite but still maintains that he doesn't have one, and gets into this altercation with the guy.

And embarrasses him and it all, whatever


Dan: eventually pulls it out after he is been hit down and then gets it like a big apology. Oh this is it. Oh, I'd hate to think what you could do without

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: a invitation. And he's then manages to, to get to where he needs to be and speak to the right people as they come over to help him up from the floor. Yeah, it's, it's a strange scene because you've got them working in different areas, really. She's with him at one point. She's with Keuring Gabby, and have I

Sidey: said that Well,

Dan: She's with Arne Hammer who's getting annoyed. He, you can press this guy's button so easy. You've just gotta say, oh, you look like an idiot.

And he just, you can see his

Sidey: Well, he wants to use the sink, doesn't he? He wants to get to sickness. Some fucking annoying. Yeah. Like little dudes like,

Dan: and that's right, he wants to wash, he wants to wash his hands.

Sidey: just watching again. just let him, let him

Dan: go to the ladies.

Sidey: Let him use the sink. He's gonna batter you

Dan: And then he, yeah. And he's so much bigger than them all.

Like, it's ridiculous. Why would you do that? So these little squirts just, he closes the door, doesn't he? Instead of going out, it's one of those

Sidey: look around, oh,

Dan: the. And look, I might try that one time just with people I've never been here. Just go, you motherfucker. It just, and then obviously open it and run for it really quick.

But just for a second, I might get him to think out on

Sidey: Solo and Gabby, they, they start flirting their way to get the information. Which they, they do manage to get some intel and Riak finds some evidence that the couple have been exposed to radiation. So they're starting to panic that the bomb is nearly ready.

Dan: That's right. Yeah. They, they bring out a few times over the film, these little Geiger counters and things, don't they just to say, oh, this is, this is close because it's a race against the clock.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: If this bomb should fall into the wrong hands both the east and the west will lose because there will be no east

Sidey: The. The villains of the piece. They've got a shipping yard which is where our action turns to next. There's some traces of uranium there. They set off the alarm and we get a, like pretty cool chase sequence through the shipping yard with 'em getting shot at. And they, they try to escape through the water, don't they?

But, Kak in can't how

bangs his head or something. this,

Dan: this where they go on the, on the boat and he's, or is that a little bit later where,

Sidey: this is where, this is where KAK nearly drowns and kale's got the, the choice that solo's got the choice of either leaving him.

Dan: Yeah. It's actually a real, another really good scene.

There's probably my favorite in the film because Al's thrown from the boat, they're escaping Arne Hammer's driving this boat, and they're zigzagging around this harbor trying to find the one exit as

Sidey: That's right. Yeah. as

Dan: they're closing them off. And just as they kind of find a possible way, he turns around and.

Henry Kell's been thrown off. He wasted no time and just started swimming to the shore. He got onto a boat and luck would have it. He's climbed onto a Laurie. And there's some lunches off a bottle of wine in there. Like, you know, he's got the radio on with his playing. Is it? Toco with his, the Italian singer.

He's like a, an Italian Sinatra. So he's playing singing and you've just got this scene of chaos going outside fires and bombs and shooting, and he's just in the van looking on eating a sandwich, drinking a, a glass of or bottle of wine and listening to this music and then cool as a cucumber, just as it looks like it's curtains for for Arne Hammer.


His foot down on the gas and, and just accelerates off the the sea wall right onto the boat that's just about to, to kill. And it just slowly like, starts sinking. He winds the window up and, and just waits until he can see through the glass of the cabin. Oh, there's a, there and picks him up from, saves him from drowning.

It was, it was probably the best scene to film this.

Sidey: There's another one that I really enjoy.

It's pretty sadistic. I suppose we'll get onto that right now. So, basically what happens next is that somehow or other solo ends up fucking Victoria. The, the villain, they

get it,

  1. And the, so there's been this whole parent, cuz this is espionage, you know, at it, at its peak. Really? Yeah. So everything's bugged and Riak and, and Gabby are like, right, well let's listen in

And they turn on the the bug to hear what's going on the room. Them

Dan: Sha

Sidey: So that was good. But she ends up later on she drugs and captures so, and we're introduced to this fucking, like, hideous, sort of tortured dude.


electrocutes. He straps people into this chair and electro basically torture them. And he, he gives this speech about, there's two way, you know, you either torture someone for information or you just torture someone cuz you fucking

want to,

Dan: it's for fun. It's an art, you know, it is just about seeing how far you can push somebody

Sidey: But there's, there's some

sort of loose connection. There's a wire that's not quite right, so he, he presses it. Nothing happens, say,

goes off

Dan: gone. Yeah, he hasn't gone digital. He is gone with the old school now.

He, this is the old

Sidey: Yeah. So he fixes that. And it does get tortured for a little while. And then eventually

he just, that's

Dan: bad, actually. He's like left on for a long time. He's got the strap around his head. You can see the smoke coming

Sidey: effectively an electric chair, you

know what I mean? He's getting Yeah. electric chair.

Dan: And this guy's like, oh, don't worry, we've got all night.

Like, you know, he's gonna take his time and torture.

Sidey: and then, Eventually Solo just looks up and said, I never thought I'd be glad to see you. And you're like, ah, here he comes. Yeah. And cur Atkins in the room and basically raw, reverse or torture.

Dude becomes the torturey. He's strapped into the chair and they, this is my favorite.

Dan: it is great.

It is great cuz he just gives himself right up. He goes, I'll talk, I'll say him. You don't need to torture me. I've got everything they do. Give him a little buzz or something. But then the, the circuit breaks down again. But Arne hammer.

Krak. He's like, I'll fix it, don't worry. I'll fix this.

Sidey: So they both go outta the room and actually the the guys said, the one job you'll laugh with me is getting me to stop talking

And they won't. So they go outta the room to fix it and they're chatting away and you can just see in the background.

They, it's, it's tripped on again.

Dan: Well, they're discu they're discussing what, what they should do with him, aren't they? They're discussing.

Look, He doesn't deserve to live this guy, and I know what happened. They'll just let him out in six months. He will, he'll be, he'll be out doing it again, but the information he's got can put, it could save his years. It can put people behind bars, all the rest, all the time. You see this glow in behind him as the, in the, the fuses gone circuit.

He's out the picture, he's

Sidey: on, he's on fire. He's literally burning.

Dan: then the whole room is just, is kinda

Sidey: and they just look around and Kevin's like,

Dan: That's that Then. Yeah, that

Sidey: Oh, I did enjoy that. That was good. It's very fucking sadistic though.

Dan: Yeah. So they, they've, they've then the, after this chair malfunctions,

Sidey: Well, there's a twist, isn't there? There's a twist because Gabby, when she goes even she, she, she gets on the phone and she arranges the meat that they need to, to find out what's going on with this bomb or, or

Dan: yeah.

And her and her dad. So she.

Sidey: she's

Dan: Then is has let everyone gone, isn't she? She's double crossed, caval and a hammer, and she said

They've, they've gone to this, this secret island, this secret location where her dad is, and as soon as she gets there, she says, I'll tell you how I got here. One with a CIA agent and the other one with a Russian agent, and they're both over there.

You, or lets them

know where they are. And so she's in the clear. Then I'll come back to her, I'll start working and everyone's happy. The Nazis are happy because she's managed to talk to dad but she's also been in his ear. Dad, you're not like this. And he goes, no, I'm not, but what can I do? And she says, look, just put in a different kind of lens for the, and it won't work the bomb, but they're onto that as well.

And they just gun him down and says, change back the lens. So the bomb is,


The villains seem to be on top and there's only a few minutes left. Save the World

Sidey: Yeah, she's, she's captured for, for trying to convince the old man to, to swap the thing out,

Dan: and he gets to finish it and then he is shot

Sidey: solo. Is able to retrieve the disk with the information. And he also finds, cause what has happened earlier is like a test of their partnership. They'd been, they'd been a mugging. because they knew they were being watched. And, and it was important because during the mugging they took Kin's watch, which was a sentimental thing.

It was

his, dad's

Dan: his dad's

Sidey: watch. And

he, but they find the watch later on and he retrieves that. So he's got that and he's got the disc with all the nuclear warhead information on that they wanted. So he's holding all the ACEs

Dan: Oh, that's right. Cuz he, he actually finds the watch, which pops up a couple of times because the one time he loses the watch is when he should be posing as a mild mannered

Sidey: architect That's right

Dan: on as a fiance.

So he can't just take these guys down. And eventually,


checking a few different watches. And I think even killing one guy who didn't actually have his watch, he, he just thought it might be his watch. Kall finds it, he's kind of steps on this guy's arm, doesn't he? He looks at the watch and he goes, oh, I love that.

And it becomes important later,

Sidey: but what, what turns out to have happened is the, the bomb that they're chasing is a decoy. Mm-hmm. . And there's a second bomb, which is the real bomb. That's right. On a boat. So they go back to see their bosses and it turns out that Hugh Ron cuz I was like, oh mate, he was just in it for just a minute just to get pick point.

It turns out he is the big boss of

Dan: MI six or

Sidey: m. I six. Yeah.

And Gabby is working for him. . And so the three are there and we, we get a run through then of, of everything that's happened with the different spin on it. Yeah. And how it's actually been played out is different to how it has been presented the first time


So when, when she gave, when, when Gabby gave them up, when she was speaking to old man, she knew that it was being bugged and she was giving them the chance cuz he said something like, Any, any decent agent would be able to have

Dan: to get out in

Sidey: And, and he says, and you are more than just a decent agent, so she knew you'd be fine.

And so they're like, all right, you were doing, doing him a solid. So there's a little twist on that. They go out basically follow, they're all, it's all at sea now, isn't it? They're all on a boat.

Dan: That's it. They've been,

Sidey: have to radio.

Dan: they've been picked up by this big, kind of war ship, but the, the bomb has got away on a little speedboat and it's about to be delivered onto a a submarine and then out of the reach forever.

But they, they managed to get a, a lock using a phone to Victoria. The, the. Evil villain thrush, I guess. And Victoria's Thrush, she's got she's on, she's on the phone and Henry Kava has to keep her talking long enough until they can get a fix. And then she's, she knows anyway, she's confident that.

I can literally see the submarine. There's no one else around. It is gonna take you over, you know, a couple of hours to get where I am. So this is going down and she's, she's then like all, all village, just spilling the plot and she's spilling kind of all the reasons why. And, and you can't stop me and all the time.

There's a, like a scud missile head in there her way or something. And and Henry Kall just kind of delivers that line to her literally as the fishermen are jumping out or the, the other guys on the boat are jumping out the boat, he's going about 45 seconds ago we launched missal. That's on his way.

And if you look up into the sky now and you just get that view of, oh, fucked.

Sidey: Yeah. And this wasn't as big a de you know, explosion that I was hoping for, for a nuke out at sea.

Dan: Well, I, I guess that the nuke wasn't active and it just kind of, it hadn't been armed.

Sidey: Right. Okay. Yeah.

The point they I try to see a big mushroom cloud. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: And then we, yeah, we get back to, I don't know where they are.

Dan: Well, they, they've still, they've still got the disk. They've still krakin is, has been ordered by his commander to get this bloody disc and he hasn't got it. And he's wandered. They're asking him, well, why has Solo got a disc and you haven't, mate?

So it gets to this point where there's in the hotel and they're staring each other down and he goes,

Sidey: well, at this point, no, he doesn't

wanna do it.

Dan: No, he doesn't wanna do it. He's mates. They've

Sidey: they, they've bonded, saved his life. They've gone through this

Dan: They've bonded a little bit, but he also knows what side of his.

You know the bread's buttered on, so he goes down

Sidey: into don't mess with the Russians.

Dan: you don't mess with the

Sidey: mess with the

Dan: So he goes down to the room and you just think they have this kind of Henry Kale's backs to to him. And he's not saying very much, although he never said a lot anyway, and they're like a little bit, something's on him.

You think one of them's gonna turn a gun on? on the other one really quick. But what happens is, instead of drawing a gun, he draws the watch and he just kind of throws it over to him quick and goes, thought you might like that. And he, my, my father's watch and you know that there's

Sidey: no, and he,

Dan: there's no gun in down today.

Sidey: He, yeah. He says they both admit that they had the same order, you know, to kill the other one and, and keep the,

Dan: well, they go up and have a drink

Sidey: so, so instead they balcony Yeah. They go and have a. I dunno what it was. Whiskey, sour or something, let's say. And they just burned the disc instead. So no one's gonna have it, which is probably for the best. And then it's Hugh Grant comes out, doesn't he? And say, right, you look, we are basically, this is it. You are now the blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, uncle.

And it's sort of like the three of them are on the balcony and it's nicely framed and you're thinking, oh, they're setting up a sequel. But we never


Dan: never got on 10 years down the line.

We're still waiting for that sequel, but this actually wasn't a bad film. I was, I, I could understand why they. Well, they would've talked about a secret after this one because you felt there was enough there to have built a better film going into a second one. The first one was okay, but it seemed to have the component parts.

I thought the chemistry actually between a hammer, caval, and and Gabby as it were was all really good. I, I,

Sidey: really

I really liked it.

I really


Dan: it. Surprise me. Surprise.

Sidey: There was so many people attached to this to play Napoleon solo or certainly that they wanted, not a lot of them were attached at one point. It was Tom Cruise, but he had to pull out because it

Dan: COOs tries to get into everything,

Sidey: it ended up clashing with Mission Impossible, so he couldn't do it.

And then just about you, you name some like, you know, handsome leading man, they're all fucking attached to it. At one point caval stepped in after George Clooney couldn't do it because he had he had a back injury that, so he couldn't do it. So, I imagine that he would've been pretty good at

Dan: it.

The substitute bench for Hollywood's brilliant, isn't it? You know? Oh, Cavs out or what? Let's bring in Clooney. All CLOs out. Let's bring, yeah. Geez.

Sidey: But I thought he cow was really good in it. And army hammer as Ilia Kak and I


Dan: I, yeah. I, I would say this is one of the favorite things I've seen, Henry Caval.

My favorite things

Sidey: decent as, and as a guy Richie thing, I, I enjoyed it.

Dan: Not too Guy Richie,

Sidey: No, exactly. It's not his normal cockney gangster nonsense that I find quite irritating. This was just, I'm not, I am a sucker for ESP espino stuff. I really do

Dan: I love that.

Sidey: So this was right up my street. It was, it was good. The budget for it was 75 mil.

Dan: I made money with their names.

Sidey: It did, it made it 107, which is not stellar. And once they've marketed it, probably that's why maybe it didn't, it didn't end up getting a

sequel, but

Dan: that 32 million. Yeah. They might have thought that's not worth it.

Sidey: I would watch, but I would watch more of this. I mean, the thing is cable's probably expensive Army hammers.

They'd probably army hammer fucking Dodgers. Fuck you. They'd probably have to recast him now.

Dan: I, it, it reminded me a little bit and in fact it wasn't quite as good as the other guys. You remember they had that kind of buddy cop thing going, that's brilliant and much better than, than

Sidey: This wasn't as funny as that. I did have a few funny lines, but it was played more straight and I'm glad they kept it in the sixties in the Cold War period as well. Cause that's proper espionage time. Yeah. And otherwise it would just be like another bour Well, it would be just like another James born type thing.

Do you know what I mean? Jason Bour rather. So I was, I was pleased with this. It was a, it was a win. It was a winner for me.

Dan: Well, if you didn't see it 10 years ago or so when this came out, I would recommend you go down and check it out now.

Sidey: big time.