May 4, 2022

Midweek Mention... The Thing

Midweek Mention... The Thing
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THE THING is John Carpenter's 1982 horror masterpiece, combining a simple but sensational premise with some of the most incredible special effects ever devised from legendary prosthetic makeup designer Rob Bottin. 
Crash landing on earth over 100,000 years ago, an unknowable alien entity has lain dormant in Antarctica until unfrozen by a doomed scientific team. It's unique ability is to precisely mimic any life it comes in contact with and this ingeniously paranoid idea sees the audience in the same predicament as our hero MacReady (Kurt Russell, THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES); not knowing which of our excellent ensemble cast might be the cosmic abomination until their face splits open to reveal some grotesque transgressive horror. As tension mounts and the team start to fracture, scenes of almost unimaginable awfulness unfold from a terror truly beyond human understanding and the ambiguous downbeat ending is an all-time classic.
Tune in to hear us discuss Ennio Morricone's Razzie nominated score, gather tips on how to spot which characters might be The Thing and unpack the unsettling existential implications of its terrifying central conceit. The iconic poster was conceptualised, painted and delivered to the studio in less than 24 hours by the wonderful film poster artist Drew Struzan and a copy of his artwork hangs on my office wall so if you can't tell already I'm a bit of a fan of this one.


The Thing


Page or big week this week You nominated the thing.

Is this your first?

Pete: This is my first time. Yeah. I'd never, ever seen it before.

Sidey: You



Pete: knew absolutely nothing about it to know. Didn't know who was in it didn't know anything about yeah. So you knew nothing about it. I'd heard of the film. I kind of knew it was like a.

Scifi horror type vibe, but yeah, this was completely brand new to me.

Dan: Did you know which one to watch?

Pete: Yes,

Reegs: there's a pre pre-qual. Isn't a

Sidey: pre

Reegs: well, pre pre pre-made call.

Sidey: well the 2011.

Dan: which is the one that I watched first. And then, and then, and then watch

Reegs: Oh that's interesting. Dan interest. I have seen that as well, but we're talking about the 1982 classic John Carpenter. What's his name? Kurt Russell and Keith David reteaming again, as they were in a, well, actually they go, that was in day live. That was 1985. Wasn't it. We watched that for our hundredth episode and this is.

It's like a who's who's got the music weirdly for a John Carpenter movie. Isn't by John Carpenter. It's by Ennio Morricone and famously carpenter does his own scores, but you didn't for this one. And Morricone then reused some of the,

Sidey: What kind of straight in with that. Cause he got Razzy yeah, he got Razzy for this. And they're like, you were about saying, I rudely cut you off the unused.

Some of the unused music was used in

Reegs: The hateful eight

Sidey: which won an Oscar

Reegs: and also started Kurt Russell in the snow. Yeah, so some, some, I just bring it up because this was like a real like coming together of great individuals because you had Rob Barton as well, who did the special effects, legendary special effects.

And they

Sidey: 22, when

Reegs: he was in this movie, you know, this movie had a serious toll on his.

I'm sure Yeah. He contracted pneumonia. He worked basically by himself. Like, you know, it was

Dan: a strong hair game.

Reegs: robot and yeah, well it's strongest hair game and this has got to be Kurt Russell, but we'll probably get into that bit.

Dan: Well, it's, it's funny because where this film begins is where the woman. Originally watched thinking actually it was the white film and then I purchased it on Amazon and then started to watch it. And I thought this isn't the light film.

So, but what was really good about it is that ended. And I thought I could watch more of this and then watch the thing, which is where the thing begins because they're

Sidey: all the noise

Dan: So it was all the it's the whole normal. Exposition, you get all that and how they found it in everything before.

And it, it literally just picks up in the

Reegs: Well, but

Dan: going over.

Reegs: I think one of the things is quite cool about this is that it actually starts, it there's like another story going on that you're not really aware of in the 1982 version, because it starts with this like really bizarre where you see the spaceship hurtling towards earth and crashing, and then the iconic.

which they did by burning beanbags, I think over stuff. Yeah. Cause it looks amazing the way And then it's really weird. It's just a Rocky outcrop and as a helicopter in the distance and he's fucking chasing a

Sidey: I thought you would like this bit, Pete cause

Pete: Oh, because he's shooting a dog. Yeah. I would say, you

Reegs: instantly heartwarming for me, he's throwing grenades at a dog.

I'm like, yeah, definitely.

Pete: The

Sidey: It's beyond terrible.

I mean, it's

no, not even the same.

fucking country.

Reegs: But it's beautiful. It looks beautiful, great shots at the Antarctic. It was actually Alaska. I think wasn't it. And the dog running against the white and blue was at British Columbia, white and blue backdrop. And then we're at U us national science Institute station for where people are drinking and playing ping pong.

And the scientists are hanging

Sidey: So, yeah, you're like, well, why are they shooting a dog? Why.

what's going on? Cause

that's not normal.

Dan: just watched the pre-call, you

Sidey: no, but let's assume that we

Reegs: let's assume you haven't because that's what we're getting at the moment. There's shots of the guy leaning out and trying to sniper and throw grenades at a dog. And then these guys, and you get a Mac he's playing chess wizard. you see this? Which like, which I thought is a chess game, which was a pretty elaborate peripheral for computers back in 1982 with a female voice talking about it.

And then it's also a pretty wasteful use of resources, especially after Mac pause is bourbon into

Dan: Well the, the female voice is the only female in this as

Sidey: It's a John and his wife at the time.

Pete: There we go. Have we mentioned that the, the Norwegian fellows both die

Reegs: Well that's yeah, go for it. That's the bit that comes up.

Yeah. The dog makes it all the way to the station followed by the chopper. And then

Pete: yeah. And one of them blows himself up again with

Sidey: that's great. It's very clumsy,

Pete: of the grenades all the way through that opening sequence is pretty poor. So

Reegs: comical that moment where he

Pete: blows himself up and then the other one gets taken down because he is seemingly

Reegs: Well, this mad guy comes in trying to shoot things.

So they shoot, you know, Gary, this station commander, I think he is shoots the

Sidey: shot. right in the eye.


Dan: Well, he's the only one that can shoot.

Shot this dog for hundreds of meters through like this, all this snow they've they keep missing it.

They've got grenades, they've got guns. They keep, even when it's like five meters away, they end up shooting the guy's leg and the dog, which runs away. And finally. This guy is crazy and he can't speak any English. The other guy that could,

Reegs: Because if they could speak any Norwegian, he's saying, get the hell out of there.

That's not a dog. It's some sort of thing. It's imitating a dog. It isn't real getaway. You idiots. That's what you shouting at. And so if they

Pete: we knew.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Well, he,

Pete: a bit of a spoiler for people who can speak Norwegian.

Reegs: Yeah. How did, what did they do in Norway? Did they make him like

Sidey: well, the thing is that Scandinavian people are very good at speaking.

English. So I don't believe that he wouldn't have been

Dan: no laws, laws,

Sidey: everything else.

And this is totally fine.

Dan: all the rest of the Norwegian crew

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: I've been watched the pre-call the rest of the Norwegian crew speak, but laws is the one that can't speak English and for me, yeah, exactly.

Yeah. Laws and the real girl but yeah, so. He's taken out. One of them drops a grenade and blows up their helicopter and himself, and the other one eventually gets taken out because he can't be translated that explaining the dog's actually an alien.

Reegs: It's such a great star, isn't it? Because it's like inter it's interesting, straight away, like what the fuck is going on.

Pete: Yeah. I kind of almost immediately forgot about the very first thing, which is the, the, like the UFO. Yeah. It was because the next, that next sequence is really quite like intense and gripping and what the fuck's going on and why they're trying to shoot this dog. And you just completely. What's gone before

Sidey: So then they kind of bring the dog in because you would, you know, you're not expecting it to be a thing. And it, it, As it'll bite someone under the table, isn't

it? The ginger fella.

Pete: It gives them a net

Sidey: I fuck get that fucking dog, in with the others, you know? get em in. Cause they've got a whole what's the collective noun for dos.

Yeah. Well a brood of dogs

And That's

when shit starts to starts to


Pete: did they do? They go to the no. Did they

Reegs: they do. Yeah. Yeah, because they have a chat about like what, what the hell is going on? They say like, you know, they put it down to, he's got cabin fever. They try to radio for help, but they establish, they haven't been able to contact anyone for two weeks.

They're completely isolated. One of the guys, the chef Niles now no, He's on roller skates, isn't he? And he said, I'll, we're at war with Norway.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah He, he, he walked in, but they decide look, it's an hour to go and check out where this camp was and let's go and see what the fuck's happened.

Cause they know there's seven or eight others there that should be there with this camp when they get there is completely bombed out. It's like there's fire everywhere and they start exploring and they find the evidence of.

Sidey: God knows what

Dan: of,

Reegs: Well, someone's committed

Sidey: Yeah, It's great.

it's really great.

Reegs: the blood is

Sidey: Yeah. He's got the, he's got the straight edge razor thing, in his hand, but then yeah, you could see the cuts and the blood freezing as it's come out. It's fucking cool.

Reegs: And there's sort of piles of burnt flesh, vaguely human.

Sidey: some sort of meeting,

Dan: and they've got this huge kind of ice barf that something has exploded out of and, and they find this twisted remains of kind of a hot.

Person or two people that have been in together. And and they bring this back anyway on the chopper and they'd lay it down on the table and

Reegs: It's still smoldering and

Sidey: I think that

everyone is

everyone is still quite chilled about.

everything. I would be like

beyond freaking out.

Reegs: Right. So

Sidey: I'm not going back

to that station or that station. I'm fucking

going Like,


Reegs: it's, it's like this grotesque mass of flesh and limbs, and it's part of it as two heads sort of melted together and they're like, oh, we should do an autopsy.

I, yeah, exactly. Like you're saying, yeah, let's all get

Dan: it, it, it wasn't, it wasn't that small, but he said, get me a shovel. Like he was just going to sort of like.

Onto their hot enter the, into the helicopter and he lays it down and think, God, what has he bought that there for?

Like, you know, but there,

Reegs: before all this as well, we've had the dog, just another shot. He's just wandering around listening to Stevie Wonder's superstition and

Pete: go

Reegs: yeah.

Yeah. Well, that's playing and the dogs wandering around, I always assumed he was this. Eat there's egos into the room and you just see a man in silhouette and then it just cuts. That's all it is, but it's already enough. So, you know, already you're suspecting somebody in the campus, the thing

Pete: already.

Reegs: it's just one of the great things to move.

He does really early on to put that pack, but you don't know who, because it was a silhouette and you can't work it out.

Sidey: And they, it, the silhouette was not one of the. actors. So even if you tried to pin it down from who

the shadow

was, you wouldn't be able to do it because they use someone who


part of the crew.

Reegs: brilliant.

Pete: like a shadow double.

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Well

Reegs: yeah,

Sidey: W w should we get into the


Pete: not really gone very far into this story. This is only

Sidey: Well, it does accelerate,

Reegs: it does. It does go pretty crazy.

Sidey: runtime, the runtime is about our fault or something like

that. Yeah. And yeah,

Reegs: it pounds along

Sidey: yeah,

Reegs: They're watching game shows and Palmers spoke, smoking splits, playing pool. And then the, the, the doc, some real good acting from the dogs here. I thought because one dog goes outside and the four dogs are kind of all on the floor and, but you see them kind of.

looking at him and being weird. And then the Norwegians dog's face splits open and opens up like a flower to reveal grotesque tentacles, and then long writhing tendrils emerged from its spine, which then splinters into numerous legs, like a spider. And then it sprays goo at the dogs, which go, can

Sidey: back to that one

dog in the corner.

Reegs: horrible winter.

Dan: I've never seen that species of dog before it, so yeah,

Reegs: it's a new one. Yeah,

Pete: I think it's what's it called? A hybrid? No.

Reegs: It's definitely not pedigree. I don't think. And Clark goes to investigate the BD guy and then all the dogs are silent suddenly and it's like yeah.

Clark goes back in and he says a great line to McCready. He says, he sees all the shit that's going on.

And he says, I don't know what's in there, but it's weird and it's pissed off. And and they go back in, they assemble the crew to get the flame thrower and all that fucking yeah.

Pete: Let's still, even after that, there's still more.

Normal about

Sidey: it

Pete: then. Cause I'd just be like, what the fuck

Sidey: I think I'd probably like killed myself

now at this point, it's already too much.

Reegs: Well, because at one point it becomes just a huge mass of flesh with just covered in eyes.

Sidey: and a

bit of a. I have a dog's head somewhere.

Pete: It's sort of like, it almost like jumps up and attaches itself to the rafters. I thought it was going to do like an alien where it gets up and starts running. You know, in the, you know, whatever in the attic and then drop down on people and shit like that.

But at this point, obviously you've seen like the, the big kind of like gelatinous massive limbs and stuff, but then the dog transforming is the first bit of like, I guess sort of like special effects animation of like these, the, you know, this, whatever the hell that is. And considering this is 1982 and some of the shit that has come out since then, there's been bollocks by call.

I've watched. I think June was, was out a couple of years after that.

And the, the animated, like special effects stuff or not animated, but you know what I mean? It's like, it's fucking terrible in comparison. This was fucking, the dogs, like face splitting, open it, and it

Sidey: top

Dan: used real

Pete: you know, it's, it must've been a real

Dan: They must have used real dog

Pete: It looked seriously.

Reegs: and the guy

Yeah, I think that's it. Isn't it. Because even if it, now some of it you can argue may be starting to look a little bit crude, but at the ideas behind it, it's so disturbing and unknowable and Very alien, you so yeah, they still hold up on that conceptual

Pete: It did for me. Yeah. It had the desired effect, which is like absolute fucking light. This is disgusted horror.

Dan: Well, Wallace horror is unfolding. We've got the doc, who's working out the fact what this alien does. And he, he brings everybody together when they have a moment of peace and, and say, It's is replicating this. It's not just you know, it's copying you. It could be any one of us.

Reegs: and then they start and then the paranoia starts, isn't it? Because he says to Clark like, well, where were you? You were with the dogs for an hour. Like what was happening then?

Dan: another half an hour later. He's taken people. He's trying to kill everybody. He realizes there's a, the, the computer says there's a 75% chance somebody in the camps got it. And it will take 27,000 hours for this to infect the entire world, which is around about 27,000 hours

Reegs: I was just three and a bit years. Yeah, just over 27,000 hours, which is 1,125 days. Just over three years. As Wilford Brimley, and I didn't have the time to do the research, but you know, his face, what stuff was he in?

Pete: I don't think I'd seen him before.

Reegs: oh, right. Okay. Well Blair does completely lose his mind at one point doesn't he? And he just decides to trash the radio equipment.

Pete: Yeah. Cause his, his ammo at this point is knowing that that basically killing this thing and everyone surviving is an exercise in futility. He's, he's basically saying that we need to kill this thing to stop it from basic, like tight fucking taken over the earth and everything. I'm a web based, you're going to die with it, like this whole thing ends here.

Yeah. So I don't know the thing is that over the course of the film, I, it didn't matter, but I kind of lost track of.

Who was rarely them. And at what point, maybe I know that a lot of it is unknown. It kind of happened off camera or whatever, but I think that's what it does. It builds up to almost like you get that sort of like, not a, not like a bit that kind of standoff scene where they're working out, who is the thing, or

Dan: right.

And there's also a red herring phone in there in the, in the way of clock. Cause at one point when the Trying to find out who it is and that the decision is to take blood sample samples and heat the blood, because the blood acts as its own kind of entity it's it's alien is going to defend itself. So you've got this fantastic scene then slowly going through each one.

And just before. To even get to the position where they agree to do it. Clark tries to take the gun and he gets shot in the head.

Reegs: Yeah. You've seen a lot of shots of Clark hiding a scalpel.

Dan: it it looks a bit suspect all the way through it. He's he's had been with a dog is been really close with the dogs and everything, and he's a bit of a little.

Reegs: though. They test his blood and he isn't

Dan: at the end. Yeah. After he's

Reegs: as well. Yeah.

Pete: Which

Dan: turns, which turns our hero, really? Kurt Russell, the guy who bought the alien they're into a murderer now.

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: If there was an, there was an element of defense though, wasn't it? Cause he's coming. He, he baits, he turns to shoot him. He's coming at him with a knife. So he turns to shoot him. So it's not just, he's not just executed him for no reason or whatever.

Dan: It's a pretty scary

Pete: Anyone else? Totally shit. Their pants. When the blood jumped. Fuck. That was like

Dan: that was red wine. I've spilled on my shirt there. Yeah,

Pete: Yeah, I didn't. Cause I

Reegs: I've seen this film maybe like seven or eight times and I still

Pete: I knew something was going to happen, but I didn't know what, and it makes like a fucking, almost like a noise, like a scream kind of

Sidey: thing.

Pete: Yeah. It's far. Fuck. That made me jump because the tension that they build up to that point,

Reegs: And of course it's the, the character that you least suspect at this point of being, you know, and it's really clever the way they do that, because they don't make it obvious. You know, we already saw we've skipped over actually probably one of the great scenes where they're doing an autopsy on

Pete: oh yeah. Norris. This is the heart's attack. That scene is mental.

Dan: th they're doing the defib on him. They're trying to get him back to life. He's just passed out. And and as they kind of, you know,

Bryce the stomach just swallows the doctor's arms and becomes a mouth

Sidey: So, yeah, he's got his arms up in there and the head kind of comes


And Lassies its tongue.

around a chair And

scrubbers away. And then you've got the legs

come out. So you've got like spider head thing, Fucking

Reegs: and he says, you've got to be fucking kidding me. That's what he said. But it's the character who says that is Palmer. And he may have even been a thing at the time when he says that. So this is one of the great things about the thing as well. Do you know your, the thing, because the thing takes

Pete: I was thinking that because obviously, you know, I understand it, it takes on the physical form or whatever, but obviously it has to know everybody's names and it has to know the

Reegs: the conversation

Pete: the, of the character that it's becoming so on. But yeah, but just going back to, again, to that, that scene, what I liked about, I'm not a horror fan.

Right. And I know you're not either dumb what I liked about this film. Was even though it was, it made you jump, it fucking made you scared. It made it, it did all the things that a horror film should do, but it didn't it didn't over egg. It for me sometimes see like when the.

Crew that grew the fucking spider legs and everything.

Well, one it's preposterous, but too, as it's creeping out the door, which is quite funny in itself, I'm thinking, oh, this fucking thing's going to like go out. And then it's going to be like face hugger and it's going to jump and everything. And every point that I was terrified that are this, this is now going to be the bit that fucking like eats away at me.

It got killed

Sidey: regardless,

Pete: on fire or whatever.

Sidey: partially resolve things as they go. through it.

Pete: Yeah.

And that's what I liked about it. It was almost like just spoonfeeding me.

This is like medicine. I don't particularly like, but I know it's good for me. And it wasn't like fucking prolonging the agony. And that's what I don't like about horror films when the, you know, it's just like, you know, it's coming back at some point, but you don't know when.

And then again, and then again, and I'm fucking a and I am out after that, but this was just the right dose.

Reegs: brilliantly. That's why. And because you do have these moments of. Absolutely terrifying horror. And then it is back to like moments of tension and

Dan: it says as well. You know, you, you, you sat in Antartica is it's it's desolation, you've got this very small crew of people. And the, the tension of who to trust, even when you self, as the viewer, who's given some kind of scenes that obviously the other characters wouldn't see, you still don't know who it is.

So it's brilliant at that.

Pete: It's almost like some comedic elements to it and not like, you know, laughing out at all. That's ridiculous, but, well, I guess the spider had thing and everything, but there's light relief through this as well.

Yeah. It's so fucking well balanced.

Reegs: Everyone else passes the test after Palmer goes berserk and

Pete: Yeah. Turns into another grotesque thing. Yeah.

Reegs: Child is told to stay at the camp.

That's Keith David's character, which he doesn't like. And he, his, what happens to Childs is a good thing for speculation because he's kind of out of the movie now until the very end Blair thing who was a well, Blair was put in a tool shed outside and I go, this is one of the like really baffling moments, really, when you start to think about it, but they'd go out there and Blair has tunneled himself a fucking spaceship underneath the,

Pete: is making a spaceship, isn't it? Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. So Blair thing is yeah, been busy. And so they, they realize now Mack Niles and Gary are the only ones who are left. I think they realized just how destructive it all is. And they resolve to just basically blow absolutely everything

Pete: Well, they, they did use that. The thing wants to basically like freeze itself again until like, I guess help would arrive at its fellow species would come because we don't know how long it had been previously

Sidey: Yeah. They think that

they were because we didn't, I think

We mentioned it, but they go and find the space. the original.

spaceship has crashed and they reckon it's been about a hundred thousand years till the

Norwegians found it. Yeah,

Reegs: Yeah, that short was done.

The exterior of the bit where they're outside, it was just done on like some tiny backlot somewhere or whatever, even though it just looks amazing. What happens at the end? Well, they they're on the underground. Kevin set in the explosives. Gary is killed by Blair thing. He pres he presses him against the wall and his fingers

Sidey: become

Reegs: part of his face.

It's disgusting. Yeah. And he's dragged off screen and Niles is dragged off screen and somewhere and killed as well. And then it's Mac. Against a huge, disgusting DentiCal

Dan: was that classic thing. They're all sticking together until they needed to lay the lines for the dynamite to bring down the entire kind of, and then they will go off instead of saying let's all go and load that one.

And then we'll all go and lay the other one. No, they all go. And of course they will get picked off one by one. We've got Curt left and he's got a sticker dynamite and a huge alien, which it becomes the mother beast. Then doesn't it, it becomes this yeah. So it's, it's underneath the floorboards and it's like a tsunami, a wave coming towards him, is it?

And he LOBs in a dynamite stick, which ignites everything else and he made it. Somehow to get out of this. Cause it's, the explosions are everywhere. They're not, they, he, he meets Childs outside. And they're both kind of fucked. They're both. Fuck. They're both. But both suspicious of each other as well.

And yeah, they, they just kind of close out then don't

Reegs: It's just the end. Yeah. I, the last line he says, well, they just kind of laughed don't they? But I can't remember what he says. Yeah. But it's just like

Dan: going to sit here in a while and see how things go

Pete: I think they kind of, cause they are suspicious of each other.

And Charles has been like behaving in a way that probably

Reegs: basically don't see him.

He runs away.

Pete: To, to what, you know, the others are kind of doing and so on. And so

Reegs: But that's been his character, the whole movie,

Pete: Yeah, exactly. So I think you're, you're meant to suspect him, but obviously he's, he's there at the end and he's in seemingly

Sidey: neither of them are things

Pete: well, we w

Reegs: is,

Sidey: Yeah

Pete: we don't, we don't know, but I think that they don't, they kind of like, they basically agree that it's like futile to even suspect each other, because they're just the last two fucking things, like little people, things, whatever they are, and they're going to die.

Or maybe not, maybe they get frozen and yeah,

Dan: was set up for a second one, but the second one they've made is the pre-call. and in the prequel, actually, it's interesting because. Obviously use lots of mobile phones or anything like that, that would take it.

So it leads, they've obviously seen what they've got to lead into being the 82 1, but then cleverly made it look a modern film, but you don't question the fact that they don't have all the technology and things. So I was watching. Not really knowing the year. And then it comes into that. But the they found out in that one, the Norwegians have found out that things like fillings they can't absorb the metallic, so they asked everyone to open their mouth.

And if you had a filling, you okay, but anybody with perfect teeth. Could potentially you said that that was the other way. And obviously Kurt, Russell IDs tested doing it with, with the blood and doing it that way. So it was I'm watching it. Like I watched it one after the other was, was really good actually.

Cause I was, I was in the mood for more. The thing after watching the first one. So, so I got it and I say it leads straight into the helicopter ends with a helicopter leads in with the helicopter.

Reegs: Yeah. But you ha you had seen the original thing

Dan: had, but many, many years ago. So this was well worth the visit for me.

I really, really

Sidey: well let's, Let's talk about what happened on its release because it was not a hit.

It it was savaged, critically

Bombed. Which

Pete: I've read. I've read that and I can't understand why, what was the, what were the criticisms

Reegs: I think the biggest problem was it went up against ITI

Sidey: 18th came out about

two months before

Reegs: or something ridiculous. So, I mean, ITI just buried it, obviously I'm at the box office, the critical response. I don't know.

It's all been rewritten now because everybody agrees. It's a masterpiece because it

Sidey: Vincent can be called it too phony looking to be disgusting. It qualifies only as instant. junk Dave care row. hard to tell who's being attacked and hard to care Roger Ebert's had superficial characterizations and the implausible behavior.

Reegs: yeah.

Even IPA. And he really got Sean

Sidey: Yeah And he dismissed it as nothing more than an alien.

Reegs: well,

Sidey: And that it was it was slagged off Mo this really upset at carpenter by the director of the original, the thing from another world, the 1951 adaptation of this source material who denounced copters version saying if you want.

blood go to The

slaughter house

all in all it's terrific commercial for JMB

Which was pretty damning. So no, one can just, no, one got it at the time It, where I just don't

understand that

Reegs: Yeah. Well, they were all wrong because it is brilliant and there's many scenes of great tension. And like, because there's a scene where Mac is kind of suspected by everybody else. So he does, he breaks into the store room with dynamite in one hand and a flair in the other.


And then everybody suspected brilliant loads attention in this. The special effects are amazing. The pace is brilliant. The score is great. I can't believe it was a Razzie. Yeah. I like This, one

Dan: this is worth checking out.

And if you've if you are going to check this one out, check out the pre-qual as well. Cause

Reegs: There's a little

thing Dean Condi was the director of photography and apparent. And I do look for this now that he lit it so that people who were the thing didn't have light reflected back into their eyes, but people who weren't the thing do. it is a little thing to look out for in the movie.

Dan: Well, I, I imagine somebody's gonna make the next one. After this as well

after this pod probably inspired to go and follow up what


Sidey: cut.

It's kinda his top tear as well. I

don't think he

gets a lot of like kudos, but I don't think like enough He's fucking great

Reegs: it's similar. Look here to to father Christmas or what is it? The Christmas Chronicles. It's a similar it's on


Dan: hair,

Reegs: Yeah I love the idea that you don't know that you're the thing.

I just love that. Like, imagine if it got its to its end goal and replicated everybody in there, but then it could just be this continuing functioning society of not humans, but everybody pretend. Yeah.

Dan: on the wall, they were there. I was looking at the, the documentary on this as well. And they were talking about how they experimented with the ideas of the thing and everything. And they said it invaded all these other worlds and things. So the creature could be any of these other things

Sidey: That's

Dan: a bit suppose why you see this kind of flower, that eats stuff.

And, and the dog also in. Different people coming into it, but they're just such horrified fate. I mean, it's really disturbing in it, the faces and the, and that just the gore, the pain of the people and the dogs and everything, and Ooh,

Sidey: uh It's a Tradition in British art Antarctic research stations

to watch the thing as part of their mid-winter faced and celebration on the 21st June.

Pete: Fuck that I would not where I would be. I'd take my chances out in the Tundra rather than

Reegs: than

Pete: hanging around in there. But honestly, so

Reegs: I'm trying to think what was the mighty Boosh Tundra?

Pete: Oh yeah,

Sidey: The blinding whiteness of the Tundra.

Pete: So, yeah, no, not a horror fan, but over the years, the

alien, this is obviously Saifai horror as well.

If it's fucking goods, then the fact that it's horror and it's really not, my genre necessarily is by the bike. Is this, I thought this was fucking brilliant. I really, really glad that I've watched it. I, I don't, I wouldn't say I'm ready for, for more horrors necessarily, but if they're like this, where, to me, it there's justification for the disgustingness and the fucking, the shock and you know, the fare and everything like that.

It makes you feel something, but you also are on your. On board with the, the journey and the plot and the, and all of this. Yeah,

Reegs: of the story though. The awfulness

Pete: Yeah. Not just like, not just like, oh, how, how can we like, just get disgusting things into a film night with a sore shy and everything like that. So this is a proper fucking, you know, and I know it's preposterous, but it's also like done in a way that fucking makes you think, like something like this, not that it could happen, but.

Sidey: practical effects


every time.

Pete: Yeah.