Oct. 19, 2022

Midweek Mention... The War of the Roses

Midweek Mention... The War of the Roses
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Danny DeVito’s blackly comic THE WAR OF THE ROSES (1989) charts the disintegration of a marriage as Barbara and Oliver Rose try anything and everything to drive each other out of the shared marital home during a vicious divorce battle. Capitalising on the obvious chemistry between leads Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas as well as their shared cinematic history in 80's romantic comedies ROMANCING THE STONE and THE JEWEL OF THE NILE, director Danny DeVito chooses to frame the story by having his lawyer character Gavin D'Amato tell a potential client, at work, about multiple sexual encounters which occurred between the lead characters, their eventual deaths (spoiler alert) and also the time he got a footjob during their dinner party.
Whilst the dialogue is slick the tone feels uneven, veering from broad slapstick to darkly humorous fantasy, with a little film noir thrown in because why not. Coupled with some overly elaborate camera moves and a preposterous number of split-diopter shots, the stylistic overload will exhaust you just as much as the relentless and unpleasant bickering of the lead characters.

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The War of the Roses

Dan: The War of the Roses.

Sidey: Yes. Part three of the not at all. Trilogy.

Dan: Yeah.

Did you watch his first time round res?

Reegs: Well, I don't know about first time around. I definitely saw it in the early nineties.

Sidey: Same. I think this has been on and I've caught bits of it. I don't remember a specific watching

of it

Dan: I'm, I'm pretty sure I was in my old house with mom and dad and it was a film that came on and we all watched this together years and years ago, and I hadn't seen it since then.

 I was looking through TV the other day and the Misses actually suggested this, and I was surprised you'd even heard of it. And eventually we worked out, this was the film that she was thinking about. And so hence the nomination. Yeah

Reegs: this came out in 1989? Yeah.

Dan: Michael Douglas.

Reegs: Douglas and Kathleen Turner. So

Sidey: Kathleen Turner Overdrive. Yeah.

Reegs: Five years after Romancing the Stone and four years after the jewel of the Nile that

Dan: getting the band back together cuz DeVito's in it as well. Of course. And he's director?

Sidey: He is director and he, he kicks things off, is kind of a, a monologue about divorce and stuff and a relationship that he's describing to Did you catch who he

Dan: Yeah. So but

not until afterwards, I must say. And it's, what's his name?

Reegs: Dan. Dan Castel Anda

Sidey: Homer J.

Dan: Who,

Reegs: he doesn't say a word No. In the whole movie.

Dan: No. So it was interesting anyway to find out afterwards cuz I, I did know that, but

Reegs: he's telling this guy, he's a lawyer and he's just broken his last cigarette out of the case.

I was talking about it in the top five cigarettes in the, the week before. And he's telling this guy Dan Keis, Castella Netta, a story about this couple. It would've been in the papers, but he kept it out of it. He's gonna tell this guy's story and my time is valuable. So when a guy whose time is $450 an hour is gonna tell you his story for free, listen.

And he says I'll tell you about this couple. And there's like a weird zoom thing into DeVito and they cut earlier to Nan Tuckett in the rain. Kathleen turn and running along. And I have to say the first thing I noticed about this scene is that she doesn't have a bra on and

Sidey: Well, it's explicitly shown. Yeah. After the, Because they're at an auction,

Reegs: right? Yeah.

Sidey: They're having competing bids for some item

Reegs: some statue


Sidey: forgotten. I always, Yeah. Quite important. Only the statues in the story,

Reegs: Little Japanese statue thing.


three of them. There's the two of them bidding and an old man and she keeps hopping in by $1.

And anyway, eventually he lets her have it for $50 and they leave and she's still got her boobs out there, if you knows

Sidey: Well, it becomes a wet t-shirt thing

Reegs: Yeah. Douglas even tries to give her. Yeah, well he gives, he tries to be shivel risk to give her his coat, but then he does have a good long stare.


Sidey: right up close.


Dan: Yeah. Kind of bends down.

Sidey: And she, she goes on about being a gym gymnast.

And and that excites him a bit.

Reegs: She does the splits in front of him and a fog horn goes after and he says, I love n tucker. It's quite, it's quite amazing.

Dan: And we we realize actually, They're still at school or they're coming towards the end of it.

They're quite young.

Reegs: a law scholar on a law scholarship. She's on a gym thing. She says she's late for a train or something, and he, and as she runs away, he says, I've got a great idea. And then it smash cuts to them fucking, basically. And she says afterwards, if we end up together, this is the most romantic day of my whole life.

And if we don't, I'm a complete slu. Which I was like,

Dan: Yeah. Well, and she said no, he, he goes, Oh, this is the day we we'll tell our grandchildren about

Reegs: Yeah. What, what a fantastic story that is for the grandchildren this day that we met and had a lot of sex.

When are you gonna tell that one?

Dan: that's the day how they met res?

That's all they mean to say. And and so we fast forward

Reegs: Yeah. Will we go to Christmas Eve a few years later and Douglas is in a terrible wig with the terrible mustache now.

Dan: Yes.

Sidey: Yeah. His hair was really freaking out in this movie.

Reegs: Yeah,

Sidey: was pretty bad.

Reegs: And the kid he's working, it's Christmas Eve, the kid steals some of his papers.

What a tw the kid is. He's working, I know it's

Sidey: it's short Aston, isn't it?

Reegs: Well not at this point cause it was a two year old, but it did turn into

Sidey: proto

Dan: Yeah. And we are starting to see a little bit of, of dad in the office at home.

Sidey: it's a sort of slow, it's a slow progression through his career of, you know, junior to more senior to inviting the, the senior partners around for dinner and humiliating his wife in front of them about a story and his progression through, you know, he's never, But the level of work never stops.

he's always working. He's always working at the expense of their relationship.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: So, so this once loving couple are, are slowly. Learning to unlove each other and become a little I dunno, they, they, they're kind of irritating each other.

Reegs: Well, the catalyst really is that dinner party where DeVito brings a fussy who's given him a foot job under the table.

Tarantino would've loved this movie, wouldn't he? There was a lot of foot job stuff going on, and they've, they've sort of rehearsed, He's trying to sort of impress. He's not, he's an associate, not a partner, and he's trying to impress the rest of the partners. And they've rehearsed this bit where she's supposed to tell this story.

I can't remember what it was,

Sidey: It's where they got their glasses.


Reegs: yeah. The glass, the

Sidey: The glassware here.

Reegs: and it doesn't really go right. Excruciatingly bad and he has to finish it off and it's really when it things turn after this. Yeah.

Dan: well they do it, but they try embed, He kind of can see, Gee, I might have gone over a bit or you know, I care what they think. I was acting a bit of a jerk, I'm sorry,

Sidey: consistently been acting a bit of a jerk and at one point she says, Well, come with me. I've got so. He's like, Oh, fuck off. I've got a lot of work to do. And he's really reluctant and she's bought him a car, his dream car, which is gonna be a restoration project for someone else to do him to pay for.

And that obviously becomes important later on. But even like, just the, the, the act of giving him a gift is really drawn out because he's a fucking douche. Yeah, Yeah.

Reegs: She puts her energy into, well, she finds this house that she's utterly in love with. And one day when her fat, awful kids are late for sports practice she goes to leave a card there asking if they'd ever consider selling this house an enormous suburban.

Mansion, the kind of place that everybody in America lives in in these movies. But when she turns up, there's a wake isn't there? And the owner is like oh, the door, you know,

Sidey: If only I could find someone to sell the house there. It's so contrived.

Reegs: it's got this like fairytale quality to it, which then DeVito then comments on in the next scene in the in between scenes as we go back to,

Dan: That's right.

You cut back to DeVito in the law room talking. Dan Castella.

Reegs: And, and the house is really a sort of character as much in the movie as, as either of the other two.

Dan: Because that's the next scene. They, after she's been at the wake, they cut to them moving in and there's load of boxes and he goes off to work and he says, You've got the fun bit.

You are gonna kind of put it all together. Somebody's gotta go to work and pay for this stuff. So,

Sidey: he kind of throws that in her face all the time as I'm the fucking breadwinner.


Reegs: you spend

Sidey: might have done stuff, but it's all my money that's paid for it. And that's a recurring slogan of his

Reegs: Yeah.

There's a pretty, It's not, this is not a perfect marriage. I think it's fair to say.

Dan: No,

they, they're, they're not doing it very well. And eventually one day she's, she's had enough,

Sidey: isnt she? Well, Dto Nancy, he says once, once everything's done and everything's bought and everything's remodeled and redecorated what happens when you're finished?

And it shows her just walking around the house and kind of straightening a chair and just moving an ornament ever so slightly. But she's, she's completely unfulfilled. You. It's just, it's just material stuff. But they are both incredibly materialistic. I mean, in the, in the book that this is based on the pets, the two pets, the.

Don't we ever know the name of them in this, but in the book they're called Mercedes and Benzs. Because they are supposed to be both just incredibly materialistic.

Reegs: Well, she does find something that gets her fire started a little bit because she makes some pat at a dinner party and somebody comments on, Oh, wouldn't that be really nice


Dan: You should make this. Yeah.


Reegs: she, you know, she does. Then she makes a huge batch of it and sells it, and she's like proud of her business endeavor and he's

Sidey: but she also at the same time changes the car on a whim and he says, Well, how much was that? It's like, I dunno, $25,000 where he goes, Right. And how much was the deliver?

And he just like,

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: it again.

Reegs: humiliates her. Yeah.

Sidey: She's gonna go into the catering business.

Reegs: That's right. And she desperately wants him to read her contract. That's right. And he's a fucking dick about it.

You forget. Oh man, this was just like watching me. This was really annoying. But like when my misses asked me to do something and I've like put it off for ages and done it really badly or, and then at the

Sidey: Yeah. We've all done. And it's like, have you done? No, I'm gonna do it now.

Reegs: Oh. It's like cringing really badly at

Dan: I've been putting some time aside, especially for it later, I'm gonna enjoy it.

Sidey: Oh, you just flat that line. So yes, I've done it. And

Dan: Yeah, I was really good.

Sidey: I can't, I can't show you it now cuz obviously we're having dinner, but later on, you know, boy you've forgotten about it.

Reegs: So anyway, they do sort of get to it. Where's that little contract of yours?

He says, really patronizing, but she doesn't want him to read it. Now he's being such an asshole and he then he kind of pins her on the bed and it

Sidey: a bit rapier a couple times. Yeah.

Reegs: But then she uses her sexy gym, Na thighs to sort of squeeze at him. And it's, it's a kind of weird, stale mate, this wrestle that they have.

And then he goes in for sex, but she turns the light off and says, What the hell is wrong with you?

Dan: Yeah. And, and then very soon after he has what he thinks is a heart attack.

Sidey: Well, it's a very, very important business lunch. Yeah.

With some clients that he's really gotta wow. For work. And yeah, like I say, he does, he, he comes, there's a few nasty turns before he really.

Reegs: he ends up in the hospital next to this black guy who's been stabbed with a nail file

Sidey: There's like a weird race comment thing here.

Reegs: Yeah. And like her, her domestic abuse,

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: And he, and he gets, he gets to go in first presuming because he was white. White.

Reegs: Yeah, yeah,

Sidey: yeah.

Both, Both,

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Anyway,

Reegs: she anyway, he's there in the hospital waiting for her to pick him up after he's recover. and

turns she never turns

Dan: never turns up. And he, he's got message out, you know, that he's, he's written a letter. He's written he's screwed, you know, this last kind of dying words to her in case he shouldn't make it.

Turns out it's just a hernia or it's a erupted kind

Sidey: caused by her thighs

Dan: potentially. He asks

Reegs: asks, and the doctor says no, but he takes that no to me, and Yes. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah, he,

Sidey: he's, and he does that a few times in this

Dan: and and so he's really annoyed that she hasn't turned.

And she actually doesn't seem that bothered in even apologetic that she didn't.

She said, Well, look, I called I spoke to somebody and they said you were fine. You didn't speak to me. You know, I thought I was dying. I've written a Larry. I, you know, I thought that was it. I really thought I was on my way out. You didn't even get there.

Reegs: Well, he reads the note to her as well. Cause it is important.

It comes up later cuz it's everything I have. I have because of you, I owe to you and all

Dan: this.

It's all yours. Everything I owe.

Reegs: And but she was like, Well you know, the reason I didn't come is cuz I thought you were dead and you know it, I ate, was pulled over and it's sort of like, oh, in grief. And then she's like, No, because I was so elated.

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah, I was

Dan: she really, both the gloves came off then and he still finds it a little.

Difficult to believe it seems through the course of this. He really does. I mean, he's an asked to her all the way through, but he loves her. Whereas she's

Reegs: no,

Sidey: I don't think, I think it's, I think he would see it as a failure if it's like he would be seen as a failure if his marriage broke down. Certainly in the eyes

Dan: he seems keener anyway, to,

Sidey: he's gotta, he's gotta present this image, and I think if that failed, he would be a failure.

Reegs: He's also completely oblivious to how his pattern of behavior has affected the marriage. I mean, you know, she's not innocent in this unfortunately will go fairly psychotic as the movie goes on.

But yeah, he, he, he is at least as guilty as she is for anything that happens. More so I. Over the course of the next bit of the movie,

Sidey: And it really does start to deteriorate from here on in.

Reegs: Yeah Yeah. It get gets pretty violent. He punches her and she punches him. Like both of them physically assault each other a few times.

Dan: Yeah. Well this is a dark comedy. Let's you know this is what is going for and some of the things that they're doing. At one point she's loosening. The bolt of the chandelier that she's planning to, to drop on him. Before that, there's been various other things, including

Reegs: Well, they go to arbitration, don't they?

They, they go to arbitration and you know, she doesn't want anything of his, she just wants the house.

Dan: That's right. And then she pulls out this letter and because he's, he's so incense that she's pulled out this letter he wrote when he thought she was dying. He says, whatever it takes you. And not getting that house knowing that it's the one thing that she wants,

Sidey: you've got a show that you are committed, you've gotta stay in the house.

Yeah. So he, he's been, I think he was out for a few days a week maybe, and he moves back in and they've kind of sectioned off the house. He's got like, you know, the floor plan and he's color coded it and like, this is our bit,

Reegs: you've got neutral territory.

It's an actual battle ground.

Sidey: yeah yeah,

Dan: That's it. That's how they begin to live with each other. She's, she can't believe it, of course, but he says, Oh, the law, paragraph 16, Section C tells you, Yes, I can. So he moves back in. Yeah. And loving it there.

Sidey: And he gets some,

Dan: he's, well, he digs his heels in and he

Sidey: just, Yeah. And we, we started to get some sort of tip for TA stuff where she has an important evening with all her, her best clients come around for dinner.

And he pisses . He just says, I'm gonna piss on your fish. Yeah. And then she, I think you see his dick very briefly. Yeah. But he, and then he pisses into the cooker. Yeah. And one of the guests says I think we should skip the fish course.

Dan: Yeah. I mean, things have really escalated by this

Reegs: there's a really horrible escalation, isn't there? Because they've both got pets. She has a cat, he has a dog. And when the housekeeper goes to ask for sleeping pills on his behalf and is denied the cat gets out into the outside world and Oliver goes to the pharmacy to get sleeping tablets and accidentally backs over the, the cat.

Dan: and it was an accident. He wasn't kind of aiming for the cat. But, but

Reegs: confronts him over it and basically nearly kills him in a sauna

Dan: Well, she doesn't, he doesn't say anything about it, does he? He doesn't go and say, so he just puts it in a Ziploc bag with the help of the

Reegs: Sandra, the German,

Dan: Sandra, the the help.

And you know, she's

Just asking kid, kitty kid, kid, kid it the next day and he is just like, Oh, you're talking to me. And he, he just avoids the question goes. Yeah. They're, they're really being, you know,

Reegs: will they get to the stage where they're just, they just sling vile insults at each other as they pass each other.

It's like horrendous. Oliver tries to bond with his son, Sean Asin, about women before he goes

Dan: It was nice to see Sean Austin come in. Wasn't it

Reegs: And Sean Asin as well. Yeah, they were

Sidey: Well, he says like, he wins him over by saying, Well, on then just hit me. And then, then they hug and i's like, Okay. It's weird.

Reegs: So Barbara then gives him a notice about exterminators coming round Oh yeah.

And this is when we

Sidey: have That's the, that's the meal. Yeah. And he, he tries to use that to say that she's using.

She's saying she's got no money and that's why she wants X, Y, Z of him. But he's saying she's taken money and using it to fund this business meeting, and so she is like defrauding or you know, bullshitting misappropriation. I

Dan: Yeah,

Reegs: but after they have that, he throws her down the stairs, doesn't she? And

Sidey: she, she gym gymnasts her way out of

Reegs: She does, but she's covered in bruises from, It's really shocking.

Dan: Well, she, she does roll over his car in her big car as well. I mean, there's lots going on.

The they, she rolls over.

Reegs: wants to talk about the

Dan: She rolls over him in the car with her big kind of monster truck with all the guests looking on and

Sidey: she just sort of looks to see if he's actually dead or not.

And then the door opens. But yeah, She leaves a post-it just out saying, Right dinner, dining room, nine o'clock meeting, and he leaves one saying, Mr. Rose will attend. Yeah. . And so they have this meeting and he brings the bottle of wine and it sort of has a feeling of like, maybe they're a gonna fuck. Yeah. B.

Some kind of reconciliation. Certainly from his point of view. She serves up some

Dan: I was thinking they're gonna poison each other

Sidey: well. Yeah, that was also possibly, So its all, you

Dan: talk about that because such as the mistrust now in their relationship. Yeah.

Sidey: he

seemed to me like he was willing to,

Dan: Yeah. This is what I say throughout the film, that he wanted to try

Sidey: back,

Dan: get back in and maybe there's still a chance,

Sidey: Anyway, she serves up her famed liver pat and after he's eaten it, It becomes clear that all is not well. Yeah, and she just goes. W Woo

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: and he freak. I thought he might have Ced like there and then, but he fucking freaks

Dan: well, he flips the table over well.

Reegs: they have this big scene where, you know, because the dog had gone missing in a couple of scenes before he'd been looking for him, and then he's like chowing down on it and he's like, Oh, no one who can make Pat this good can be bad.

And it's all sultry and seductive. And when he fu it's really fucked up, isn't

Sidey: Mm-hmm. . Well, the, the original. test screening and stuff. They didn't have the shot of the dog.

Reegs: All right.

Sidey: Barking afterwards. In, in, and they've like, No, we can't have like him eat a dog. Like, we just can't have that. So this was put in a

Dan: see yeah, like a, a one second clip of the, the dog

Sidey: Okay. The dog's there.

Okay. She's just trying to push his buttons

Dan: And she has, cuz she's chased up the stairs. Thrown down the stairs, he goes down the stairs. I mean now it's, it's a full on

Sidey: It gets

Dan: Or she starts smashing all the, the.

Sidey: well he,

Dan: Staffords, doesn't she? All these little kind of dog porcelains that he's got. And

Reegs: He says you love those and he is like, Yeah.

More than you. When she's smashing them and they're

Sidey: he, he eventually, he's sort of stalking her up in the attic. Yeah. Steps on a mouse trap and a million mouse traps go. Which I just thought was pointless cuz they don't do anything anyway. Then he's looking for her or looking for something and he's like, I know you're in here somewhere, or whatever.

And then eventually they grapple and he's gonna rape

Reegs: her? It gets all rapy again,

really her.

And then she's

Sidey: And then it's like responding to, Yeah. And it's like, Oh, she's up for it. Really? Yeah.

Reegs: But she does in fact just bite his dick really hard. So that

Dan: that, and then slams him through the loft down the stairs and like,

Reegs: and

then we see him like holding his bloody dick, washing it in the B day.

Dan: trying to put himself back together again.

Sidey: John Wayne Bobbit was the guy,

Reegs: Yeah. John Wayne Bobett. Yeah. Yeah. And then Susan or Sandra, whatever her fucking name is, comes back to the house. She almost gets decapitated. And she, he apologizes. I thought you were Barbara. And then she asks if Barbara is alright, and she shouts out that she is.

And then when she leaves, she can just see them both standing like a horror movie, like really creepy at the window.

Dan: Yeah, he's dark inside and,

Reegs: and then he's like he's drinking and he's Ming the glasses. Isn't he

Sidey: playing a tune and hysterically

kind of Well, he is pissed, isn't he? Is really?

He's really, really drunk.

Reegs: Eat that little rimming fit hat. Yeah, that's good. That

rim Yeah.

Dan: they, they start playing around with the original little auction trophy. Prize that this ornament, this Japanese kind

Reegs: very first thing that they ever competed over

Dan: and he's balanced it at the top of the stairs, tempting her to, to just reach out and get it.

And it just, as she does, he pulls a bit of string and it flies into his hand. Yeah. And this is just like a, another series of, of wind ups and to each other and to, to hate each other. They somehow end up on the chandelier. They've fought again as they've gone and she's fallen through

Sidey: Yeah, he shoves her company.

Dan: They, they've shoved, they've pushed, they're fighting and she's fallen through and grabbed onto the, the chandelier and started swinging on that and pulled herself up safe on in the middle of it. It's a huge, big

Sidey: He's bigger than that. Downs large.

Dan: It's large.

Sidey: he's sort of straight away, comes to a realization that they've both gone bit OTT here, so he's like, Oh, well I need to save her.

So he basically jumps onto the chandelier and

Dan: saying Don't grab it,

Sidey: I fucked

Dan: heavy. It'll be too heavy for you.


sure enough, is it,

Sidey: Well, he's trying to swing it. I guess his plan was to get on it and swing it back to the landing so they could get off, but he, they both end up stuck and they're lying across the, the sort of dip of the, the chandelier if you like.

And Danny DeVito and the housekeeper are frantically trying to get into the house, to he's, And they do shout through the window. Get a ladder. Get a ladder, Yeah.

Reegs: She says to he, she hand solos him

because, he says, Oh, I always loved you. And she says, I know.

Dan: Yeah, she, she

Reegs: him the full hand solo

Sidey: and then they.

Dan: Well she does say,

Reegs: it's final destination first.

You get the sort of like thing of where it going up through the roof and twink, tinging and all the bits, and then they fall and, and die. And they don't die instantly. They're both dying there and he puts his hand out on her shoulder and you, and she moves her hand and you think she's gonna put her hand on his, and she just moves his away.

Dan: Yeah. That's the last,

Reegs: last

Dan: the last act of her life was just a

Reegs: just the strength, just to move

Dan: And and that's it. Then

Sidey: yeah, DeVito and thing. He'd come in and see, Oh fuck, they're, they're dead, you

Reegs: He says, what's the moral civilized divorce is a contradiction in terms,

Sidey: and he gives his final. Sum up to Hoa Simpson saying you know, if you're gonna get divorced and go fucking give her whatever she wants, give, you know, be can try either tell her you love her and be nice, or just fucking be gracious and give her whatever you want.

Because nothing ever fucking, you know, turns out Right. Otherwise, basically is the, it's like the worst divorce lawyer in the

Dan: Well, it's, it's a, is a, you know, maybe a caution tale rather than a comedy. But it, I mean, I dunno, I, I watched it. Laugh for it. Again, I, I quite enjoyed this. It wasn't the worst movie wasn't the best one, but since 1980, some of it's dated a lot.

You know, some of the jokes, some of the, the way

Sidey: I think some of the attitudes and the, like, the, you know, the behaviors towards the wife are like very. Of their time, shall we say,

Dan: of their

Reegs: There's a lot of stuff about gender roles and stereotyping, but they are still relevant. Some of the questions they pose. It makes you quite uncomfortable watching this film. I think, you know, to sometimes see a cartoonish version of some of your own bad behavior on screen or something like, you know, some parallel pitfall in your own relationship could be quite uncomfortable view.

Dan: Yeah. Particularly at the beginning when they're, they're just doing little things to kind of annoy each other and Yeah.

Maybe some stuff you recognize, you know

Reegs: Yeah, the petty wind up transgressions. Yeah. That sort of

Dan: of thing. Yeah. Just

Sidey: But did you enjoy it? Do you like it? Do you remember enjoying it when you

Dan: worked? I remember laughing a lot when I was a

Sidey: Okay And you enjoyed it the second time?


Dan: not out loud laughing, you know, or anything, but it was, yeah, enjoyed it.

I, I like Michael Douglas. Those two do have brilliant chemistry or, or certainly did have Kathleen Overturn, No driver um you know what I mean? Dto never a brilliant director or anything, but I think this is probably one of his better ones.

Reegs: Well, he went on to do Hoffa and

Sidey: this is his second directorial effort, I

Reegs: Matilda, He did. Which is pretty decent.

Dan: Good as well. Family film.

Reegs: Yeah. I, I dunno, I sort of, the cinematography, the direction in this, it was, there was a, it was showy offy, and I couldn't get whether that was like part of this sort of almost comic booky type nature of the story, the fantasy fairy tale element, or if he was just, A guy who was showing off like, Oh, I'll just try and do a load of different weird shots.

And like the whole bit of the end with the chandelier is like really clunky and it sort of falls apart. But yeah,

Dan: the Chandel lady did. Yeah.


Sidey: Do you want some car stats?

The make and model of the antique sports car that Oliver owned

Dan: The Morgan

Sidey: she bought from? Yeah, the Morgan was a black top cream colored 1960 British Morgan Roadster plus four convertible known to collectors as the Morgan four four ob. I know you know that

Reegs: Yeah, of course.

Sidey: It was really crushed in the film and when then was purchased by a man named Bill Caruso of Hartford, Connecticut, who restored it with the intention of racing it.

But he died before it. He could, and it was then purchased by an auto enthusiast, Wayne Ka. For his show Chasing Classic Cars, which you may have seen on this, The History Channel. her suv.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Riggs, I know you're a big SUV fan, so this is like, you know, this is, this is old news for you.

But this is the Red 1989 GMC Jimmy. 1500 V eight.

Dan: Jimmy 1500 v8.

Sidey: v8, not the V6 that you were thinking, Dan. I thought this was fucking crap. Yeah, I, I hated it. Hated it. I've seen Kramer versus Kramer. I hate films where the premise is just people bickering and like,

Dan: Well, you wouldn't like this

Sidey: I don't like this. It's just fucking excruciating. It's just went on forever. The first cut was three hours, four minutes. Can you imagine? How I wouldn't have got through it. I mean, I would've

Dan: turned off. No, no.

Reegs: I bet this was a pretty good book

Sidey: it not been for watching it for this, but it just, the premise of it is just misery and I don't wanna watch stuff like that.

I actively avoid it. Like there's that fucking aniston Vince for breakup one. There's,

Reegs: I suppose it's whether you find any of it funny, you know, And

Sidey: just don't like that. I just, it's don't find that entertaining. Like I've seen my parents argue. I wouldn't wanna watch that

Dan: Yeah, yeah. Right.

Sidey: So, no, it's not, it's not for me, but I do like the people in there.

I like, I always sort of, I enjoy watching Michael Douglas C turn over Drive

Dan: watch people argue. So this was right on ? No, it was, I, I'll take your point.

Sidey: mean, let's, I'll put, put it this way, it's not the worst thing I've seen this week.

Dan: Okay.

That's good news.

Reegs: I, yeah, for me it was really quite an uncomfortable watch and quite often I was watching it and not enjoying it, but they certainly gave me lots to think about and you know, not uncomfortable because everything on there is so accurate or anything. It's just watching a ma like a marriage fall apart like that is not very nice.

And then

Dan: Well that, I mean, it's an extreme case, isn't it? And it is a dark comedy. That's, that's what

Sidey: was. Light on comedy for me. I mean, of all of the three that they've combined for, to pick this one seemed especially cruel,

Reegs: cathartic for him though I think this one, you know, he must have wanted to smash around all of his ex-wives or Has he even got any ex-wives?

Sidey: Don? Yeah. He must do

Reegs: See it Jones?

Sidey: No, they're still, they're still going strong. Aren't they?

Reegs: getaway, are

Sidey: did they? Maybe if they have

Dan: No, they're still together.

Sidey: Like true life does exist even in Hollywood. Rs. Such a

Reegs: we're 900 years old.