May 19, 2023

Operation Finale & Carmen Sandiego

Operation Finale & Carmen Sandiego
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Argentina week kicks off with us getting raw as we discuss the Top 5 Movie steaks. Whether they're used as symbols of the choice to willingly subjugate yourself to an artificial reality like they are in THE MATRIX, the manifestation of your burgeoning animal instincts as in MADAGASCAR or even doing something really odd with them like eating them as they do in GOODFELLAS, the well-seasoned Dads have probably got you covered.
OPERATION FINALE is the incredible story of the capture and extraction of Adolf Eichmann from Argentina to Israel to face justice for his crimes as one of the orchestrators of the Holocaust. What begins as a spy drama with a heist type feel gradually evolves to be a character study of the man who inspired the phrase 'banality of evil', Eichmann (Ben Kingsley) and the reputationally damaged Mossad agent Peter Malkin (Oscar Isaac) whose personal experiences of the horrors perpetrated by Nazi Germany drives him on the daring mission. AMERICAN PIE director Chris Weitz was the obvious choice to tell such a thrilling story and even manages to insert a toilet scene in amongst the many powerful discussions about the differences between justice and vengeance and sequences describing the devastating personal effects of the Nazi's genocide. Such a spectacular true story probably doesn't need a pointlessly fabricated for Hollywood romantic sub-plot but we're lucky enough to get one here.
We finish Argentina week where else but Indonesia in Netflix's 2021 animated series CARMEN SANDIEGO. In "The Sticky Rice Caper' the super thief repels a plot by VILE who have produced a bioweapon capable of devouring massive crops of rice in hours leaving the entire population liable to starve. Simple but striking animation and with an educational element cleverly integrated into the action this was a hit with all of us and not just because Carmen herself is super-hot. Peter provides a bonus review of the 1994 cartoon because he watched the wrong episode, the sweaty sausage-fingered ninnyhammer that he is.

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. If it hasn't been completely destroyed yet you can usually find us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Operation Finale

Dan: The floor is yours.


Reegs: Yeah,

there. Go. Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review, and if you are a mom or a dad, or perhaps just dad, curious, like our friend Chris here, this is the place for you to be as you joined a bunch of foolish fathers who get together to celebrate our love of cinema by talking absolute waffle about it once a week.

us on this pictorial pilgrimage is possibly the most amount of hairy man flesh we've ever crammed into one podcast. I think five of us starting with the perennial sidey. And some listeners won't know this but you once performed a sellout standup comedy routine entirely in Morse code.

Isn't that right?

Sidey: Yeah,

Reegs: yeah. And of course, the inevitable apology when you were canceled afterwards for the offensive jokes, you did that in remorse code, didn't you? So,

Pete: That's a good one.

Dan: dot dash dash.

Reegs: Next up is Dan, owner of the Magnificent Man Cave from which we broadcast basically live.

Really? I mean, it's quite hard on so Saudi's

Sidey: I don't really edit anything out anymore.

Reegs: And you are old enough to remember when Netflix and Chill meant cave paintings and clubbing, a tr laddy over the head and dragging it back to your

Dan: Good old days. Good old days.

Reegs: There's also Peter contributing impressively to population growth with growth with his ever expanding brood of children, turning the family tree into a full on forest, and they say confidence is sleeping naked, but with an nocturnally new Peter.

It's more like an exhibition of bravery, I

would say.


actually naked

Sidey: Yeah, I can, I can attest to that.

Reegs: Yeah. And what a horrible thought it is. And we also have former bar owner Chris, who serves up a potent mix of sometimes baffling accents with some dreamy brown eyes. And who also occasionally calls me uncle off air, which is odd and uh,

now, are they?

Pete: Yeah. Very, very

Reegs: oh yeah, they are really ble. Well, I haven't really stared deep into his eyes.

Pete: Well, you've missed, you've, you've missed out.

Reegs: I'm nagging him.


all. Now after we reviewed Operation Fortune last week Chris has chosen Operation Final for us this week. So that's next week's operation theme sorted. And I was pretty certain I knew where you were going somewhere else this week with this week's nominations. The first clue was in the title, of course, to our midweek of the fascinating legal drama, Argentina, 1985.

Then we had the top five stakes in movies to start tonight's pod. And then we're gonna follow up with the incredible story of the capture and extradition of Adolf Eichman from Argentina to Israel. Before we finish things up with a look at Globe Trotting Super Thief in an episode set. And what I was sure was gonna be Argentina but turned out to be Indonesia unless I watched the wrong

Cris: no. that

Sidey: No, someone did watch the wrong

one, but not you.

Reegs: Yeah. So, that would've been really strong if it had been Argentina and you'd picked a specific one as well. But there you go. Nevermind. Next time we do an Argentina theme week, we, we'll follow it all the way through. So how is everyone?

Sidey: Good.

Cris: Fantastic.

Reegs: All right, Dan?

Dan: Yeah, I'm hanging in there. I would say, you know, still got the tan a little bit. Yeah. But

Reegs: Clinging onto the tattered remains of your sanity.

Dan: holidays. Yeah, no, it's, it is all good. It's nice to be back in the, in the man cave and getting back into regular, everyday life again.

Make it sound exciting, don't I?

Pete: We've got a even bigger and more important return this week, which is cheese, which we'll talk about later on.

Sidey: we'll get into that.

Did anyone watch anything good this week?

Dan: I've started to watch, I watched Air.

Sidey: Oh, okay.

Dan: The Michael Jordan,

Sidey: any good

Dan: story, yeah. Sports drama. Had me straight away. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck

Sidey: just a trainer to, I was just a sneaker to my son for

Dan: into, into my son steps into it.

Yeah, and it's it is really good. It's a part of the, the Jordan story and I've, I've been watching the last dance again

Sidey: Yeah. I've watched it again.

Dan: So, it's part of the Jordan story that I didn't know before. And, and you know, how they. Really Nike were right at the bottom rung of the sports industry. They were brilliant athletics, but they had no one in basketball.

But they put the entire budget to go and get this guy based on a hunch and, you know, a, a, a guy's ability. And he did okay. But one of the things that I never knew about was that Jordan's mom, who was a massive influence and, and took, was, acted like his agent effectively had said she wanted a, a percentage of each shoe sold with her son's name on it, which set a precedent out of, you know, they, they'd given him already the whole budget, which was.

And they, she said, oh, Simon Young, if you do that. And he goes, oh, they'll never, they'll never say that. Like, you know, that's just not gonna happen. And when they went to Ben Affleck, who was the ceo, he goes, nah,

Sidey: Ben Affleck, was the CEO

Dan: b An Affleck was

Sidey: said, does all that acting as

Dan: Yeah, yeah. he's He's really

Sidey: nine to five at Nike,

Dan: busy. Really busy.

Pete: He's

gone up

in my

Dan: And yeah. And, and that made they said, oh, how much are they gonna sell? You know, normally $3 million, whatever, first year, 167 million every year after it's like 400 million that is just going into Jordan's pocket.

Sidey: Wow. the,


Dan: don't need to see that.

Pete: No, I was gonna say, yeah.

Cris: Thank you, Dan. Yeah,

Dan: Dayton.

Cris: I've watched I've watched the FIFA thing pretty much all of it.

I've only got one episode left. The FIFA On

Dan: on the documentary

Cris: The documentary.

Dan: It's how they

say it, isn't it?

Cris: exactly

that. Yeah. You, you, you've been there. You know how it is. Which I can't, again, I kind of knew this thing, but it's, it's. It's fucking disgusting, really. But they have the World Cup. So, so when you have the World Cup that generates so much money and so much interest, the biggest sporting event in the world.

You can have the Olympics, you can have the Super Bowl, you can have anything, but nothing beats the World Cup. So seen that, and I've watched the last,

I told you last week that I watched this, the Law, according to Lydia Poet, which is this Italian Limited series, six or seven episodes. And I watched that, I finished that, which if you want something to watch with your girl, and it's an Italian movie as well, which I, I love the, the swearing in Italian.

So it's amazing. That's highly recommended.

Pete: I'm up to date with yellow Jackets.

There's been a couple of re reasonably triggering episodes which yeah, that, that, that's for another conversation for another day. But yeah, it's,

Dan: I dunno, anything about this Yellow

Pete: It's, it's, it's really good. Watch it

Dan: I don't even know which channel is on.

Pete: Paramount are, you are watching it on. I've got Naughty box, but yeah, so that really, and nothing else. What I did, what I have started doing, I can't remember why, but I started revisiting that Mitchell and Web

Sidey: Oh, okay.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Pete: there's some fucking, I mean, there's a couple of like, you know, because it's a sketch

Sidey: I think I really, really hate Mitchell,

other times I find him quite insane.

I'm really on the fence with him.

Pete: yeah, he reminds me of someone that, that we know. He reminds me of Haywood. But anyway, that's, that's another, no one knows who that is, but yeah, that it's, it's got some really good stuff in it. And that's

Dan: pretty, I I imagine they're quite hit, miss now, aren't they?

A lot of the sketches or are they as

Pete: so yeah. Yeah. Some some of them are just like with every

Sidey: sketch they've got quite a famous Nazi one, haven't they?

Pete: yeah. Well that, that was like the very first, the very first

Cris: episode on your list

Pete: with the skulls. It's like I can't help thinking we're the bad guys. Like Yeah. But yeah, it's good.


Reegs: Yeah. Also, we we're on the Yellow Jackets train, so it's not very interesting to hear about. Yeah,

Sidey: I did that. I did the other guys for the millionth times. Still bucking great. And because I bought a new Apple product, I get three months free trial of Apple Plus or Apple tv, what the fuck their streaming thing is called.

So I've been watching the Boosty Boys thing. you seen that? No. Or know anything about it? It's them talking about their career. I hate saying that about musicians, their history but it's like on stage them sort of just talking about it to an audience. So at first I really didn't like the format and now I've got really into it.

But I'm mainly halfway through. But it's good. Yeah, it's good. And probably some other shit I can't remember.

Pete: Interesting.

Sidey: had, look, we've talked for ages, but we had in a top five last week. Yeah. About Eagles.


I think you've got a good eagle for

Pete: I do have even though the, the whole purpose of of that was just a troll craving and it wasn't a real theme.

I, it, it, I listened to it and I thought there was, there was quite a lot of good ones. A lot of variety. Variety. I, I specifically wanted to mention this one cause it gives me an opportunity to bring up fucking absolutely like Stellar series Vikings. And there's a hideous execution ritual that comes up a few times.

It's always safe for like the worst shits in it called the Blood Eagle. And it basically involves whilst the guy's alive,

Reegs: Oh, that's in mid-summer, isn't it? They


Pete: oh, I don't, I, I dunno. It might, because it's all, it's a Norse thing, but it basically involves like, whilst someone's alive, they're strung up and they, they cut into, cut into their back, get their lungs out, and like flat them over their shoulders to make it look like wings.

And that is an, yeah,

Reegs: we did that to a Clark. Do you remember after here,

Pete: just

Reegs: for Lolls after football.


Pete: a nasty way to go, but it's such a strong series. Is that in,

Sidey: that's in because all the ones that we nominated, that were nominated to be covered off I think,

Yeah. On air last week. So that's good. We've had loads of interaction already about this week's topic, so should we get into that?

Pete: Yep.

Sidey: Top five stakes and it's spelled S T E A K

Reegs: How does everyone like their steak

Pete: row.

Cris: If it's a ribeye medium, if it's a fill it medium rare,

Sidey: I would never order fill ribeye

Pete: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: Well, state, state tartar would be Chile.

Reegs: don't like fill it steak?

Sidey: No, it's, it's a fucking pathetic

Pete: I I, I won't always have a fill it, but if we're talking about, my favorite is a porter house, which has the fill it in it, but it's also got, it's got the best of both wells. She like, texture

Sidey: well I could go for a T-bone, T-bone as well.

Pete: well, it's a porterhouse is just a double deck of T-bone effectively. So it is better cuz it's two of them.

So yeah.

Sidey: Dan, what's your favorite?

Dan: I, I kind of like him in the, in the fields walking around, you know,

Pete: Well, yeah, no, that's

Dan: mirroring. That's

Pete: they had nothing to do with the things that end up on your plate. This

Reegs: but we, I did say tuna steak and all that.

Right? You would you eat that?

Dan: Yes. I've had tuna steak before. Yeah. I eat tuna steak. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I know, I know, but I, I don't eat. Yeah.

Pete: Fish have feelings too.

Dan: steak. They not, not the

Sidey: Native, native to our waters now as well.

Dan: Yeah, I know.

Yeah, yeah. No, I, I am having a a debate in my own mind whether I

Sidey: what size debate would it

Dan: Quite large, whether I eat meat and fish and things and then, yeah.

Sidey: Wow.

Pete: really?

Dan: Mm.

Sidey: Bacon.

Pete: is a revelation. Like bad dad's a revelation

Dan: Yeah. Not, not to eat them again, to like completely stop eating

Pete: eating, eradicate the

Sidey: fish.

Oh, I thought you were bringing meat in,

Dan: No,

Reegs: gonna be one of those?

Dan: I'm, I was gonna take fish out.

Sidey: Yeah. I think you should. Otherwise you're a, you're a fish

Dan: But so I'm a pescatarian. Yeah. But

Sidey: but,

Cris: also a massive dick.

Pete: Yeah, yeah,

Dan: yeah. I do.

Pete: Which is meat.

Sidey: is Right.

Reegs: so you're basically gonna just live on wine

Dan: And salt and vinegar

Reegs: cheese, sweets.

Pete: Christmas

Sidey: and sweets, yeah. Right. So yes, specifically spelt as in, so there's no margin for like,

vampires. and shit.

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: is meat or other stuff. So reeks off you go.

Reegs: Oh, it was hard to get really inventive with this. My first one that I thought of was Napoleon Dynamite with the great John Grees who was in the White Lotus. And it's the character, his uncle Rico talking about his pro s's quarterback back in 82. I used to be able to throw a pig squid, pig skin a quarter mile.

And he's talking to Kip

Sidey: it's a minging looking steak. Yeah. I watched it on YouTube today. It's like a just steak on a plate with some kind of gravy or, I dunno if it's just like meat juice.

Reegs: Yeah. he just helds it and Napoleon cycling past it's perfect comic timing. Yeah. I dunno how many times they had to do it.

And I dunno, I can't remember who he's got on the

Sidey: It's Pedro.

Pete: Pedro on the back. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: It like smashes his glasses off

Reegs: Yeah.

Pete: it, it, but it's his reaction. It's like a Oh, honestly, like, so I've watched that film with my misses and we rewound that scene.

Yeah. I, I'm like, close to 10 times, like tears of laughter. Yeah. It's so fucking good.

Dan: Dad's confession. Never seen it. Have

Pete: Have you not? Wow.

Dan: I, I started watch it and it,

Sidey: I reckon you. Yeah. I reckon you'd find it like too quirky,

But I think you should, we should watch

  1. all way through.

Pete: so good. It's so good. so weird, but so good.

Yeah. No, really, really strong start. Wow. Let's get it out there. The first one I thought of, and I'm, I'm sure this was on in everyone else's list, here is in the Matrix,

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Pete: Cipher. And I remember thinking, I've never seen that film and that scene without thinking, oh fuck, I really want a steak, because he, he does a really good job of describing it

Sidey: yeah.

Cuz he knows.

Pete: it's not real.

Yeah. So, so the scene obviously is cipher is, is been, well he's, he's, this is the reveal that he's, he's a wrong and he's, he's cutting a deal with Agent Smith in some

Sidey: because he'll definitely hold off

Pete: doesn't it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That, that's fully legit. But yeah, his, his deal is he got a steak on the table and when he's asked, oh, here, so do by Agent Smith, do we have a deal?

And he's like, before he answers it, he's like, the thing I know this steak is, is not real when I put it in my mouth. Like, my brain is gonna tell me that it's juicy and delicious. And you know, and then he kind of like, puts his mouth, saves it and everything. And then he's like, yeah, like ignorance is bliss.

Plug me back in and I'll give you, I'll give you Morpheus and, and

Dan: and I wanna remember nothing, nothing, nothing.

Reegs: I wanna be an

Dan: I've thought about that

Pete: be rich and famous and

Reegs: an actor, not


Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's important. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. I've thought of that scene just yesterday, actually.

Bizarre you should say

Pete: that.

Yeah. And it's, it was the first one I thought of when, when Stakes came out as the as the topic.

Reegs: So stake is a symbol of willing, subjugation to an oppressive regime.

Pete: That's what I read into

Dan: He's raised the stakes. Yeah.

Cris: Yeah, exactly. Well, the first one I thought of was the scene in Jackrabbit Slims in pulp Fiction when Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega go to Jackrabbit Slims.

And they both order a steak. And I, I thought, because obviously Pu Fiction is probably my favorite film out of all of them. And every time there's a topic, you probably will find it in there with anything you would really look

Sidey: top five gimps.

Cris: Yeah,

Pete: yeah.

Especially, yeah. Top five gay rape. Yeah. Yeah.

Cris: Yeah, And, and all sorts. But I, that was, I, I, I really, and obviously that kind of goes on to have the dancing and you have, that's Marilyn Marone.

Reegs: No, it's Steve Bohemi, right. Is Buddy Holly, because he says to


Cris: Yeah.

Pete: just,

Reegs: how do you want your steak burnt? Burnt as a crisp or bloody as hell?

Pete: Yeah.

Cris: Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: So,

Cris: So, yeah, Steve Busk, and again, it's, it's such a, such a great movie and, and I thought such a great scene and the whole diner thing. I've never been to America, but if I would ever see a place like that,

Pete: Well, there's, they've got like themed diners and stuff. I've been to an amazing one in New York,

Reegs: I, I'm gonna tell you about a place called Planet Hollywood.

Pete: Right, okay. So th this is, no, they do it way better than just planet Hollywood. There's, there's one in, in New York that you can, you go to and it's basically like the, the people who are like, I guess like extras and cast and everything from Broadway, they come down and so whilst you are eating they will st there.

There's like sort of like walkways all the way around behind you, in your, in your booths and everything. And they'll perform songs from like

Sidey: god. Fucking Kill Myself.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: fuck off.

Reegs: I'm thinking the same thing.

Pete: It's amazing.

Sidey: No, it's not

Pete: cuz it's so camp, it's, so, it's the campus experience I've ever fucking had in my life.

Apart from

Sidey: as well have my parents fuck right in front of me. No, I'm having my

Pete: so, okay, so would I, but I've never had the opportunity to do that, so, but no, it is, it is really, I you even, I reckon it could turn you.

Sidey: Oh, I forgot to say I did watch Eurovision.

Pete: Well, there we go. It's, it's basically like a, like live eurovision.

It's kind of like cringey, but also so like super, super camp and really enjoyable. And they got things like that.

Sidey: If you go out in, into the sticks, You

know, if you go out into like the middle of nowhere and go to like a diner on the road, then the real money shot, Yeah, yeah. Like

Cris: Well, you can also get shot.

Sidey: Well, I, I never have been shot, but I just had like,

like real small town American stuff.

It's quite cool.

Cris: Is it okay?

Pete: Dan, have you got any stakes?

Dan: I haven't got many. I've because I missed this section really? I was busy

Sidey: ethically I just say ethically. you you

Dan: missed it.

I mean, do you know why state puns are so rare?


they're never well done.

Cris: That is a dad joke.

Dan: conspiracy is the the one film I'll bring into this

Sidey: is it

a real one?

Dan: Have you never seen that documentary called Calper?

Sidey: Oh, okay. Right. No,

Dan: It's it's actually a shocking documentary on, on these, how the meat industry in particular, like, big.

Consumers of it, like the fast food industry, and that have ravaged forests and things for the area for cows, and then the methane that that produce and how it really is a huge driver extinction of lots of other species because of the amount of

Sidey: but can you eat those other

Dan: and everything. I imagine some of them that you probably could and some of them would eat you, but either way

Sidey: know the methane thing.

Mm-hmm. They've made, they, there's scientists, they have made a discovery that this enzyme produced by seaweed. Now, if you just give in the, in the cows feed, just a tiny, tiny amount of that, it cuts out all the methane,

Dan: amazing. It, yeah. Well that, that, you

Pete: Long live the

Sidey: give something to Pete.

Pete: Yeah.

Reegs: The um,

Dan: on the menu.

Reegs: Okta explored. Do you remember

that movie

that we watched for the pod?

It explored some of that territory as

Dan: Yeah, it did. Yeah. Did it Well, yeah.

But check out conspiracy if, if you haven't

Reegs: no, I, I, even though it sounds interesting, I'll refuse.

Sidey: The picture I used on the social post was a, it was Homer Simpson. I dunno if you recognized him there. That was taken from the 17th episode of the 10th season of the Familiar with that series? The episode is called Maximum Homer

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: Lisa is protesting about a steakhouse.

And Homer goes there because they have these massive steaks and he gets entered into, well, he gets challenged by Red Barky to eat. I think it's a. 16 pound steak, which he can only just finished, but the other guy dies. And so Homer Homer has to take over his his Laurie and he becomes a, a truck driver.

Pete: Cool.

Sidey: that,

Reegs: yeah.

Sidey: I'd like to get Simpson's episode in

Reegs: It's a good one.


Sidey: I should say, did I tell you it's called the Sir Loin a lot Challenge,

Reegs: Nice.

Pete: sir Loin a lot.

Reegs: Oh, there's a similar sort of scene in the great outdoors. So John Candy has to do the old 96 and he thinks he's finished and then they say, no, no, the fat, the fat and the gristle as well is pretty grim.

Pete: I'm all in for

Sidey: that. Yeah. I've, I'm,

Pete: Yeah. The, the plate is good. Only the bone is going

Sidey: People that,

Cris: the best bit.

Sidey: people that cut off a fat, what

Reegs: Well, he looked pretty minging the fat on

Sidey: But it gets cold and stuff. But even then, like port scratchings with that, like the fat.


Reegs: Mm-hmm.

 Couple of horrors for you. The fly he sends a steak through the teleporter, if you remember, and then cooks it afterwards and it doesn't taste very good.

And Poltergeist, do you ever seen that one? The Tobe Hooper? Was it Spielberg? Was it freaky horror movie? Where has a, like, at one point, I think one of the paranormal investigators sees like a steak kind of. Crawl across a count kitchen countertop and then erupt into kind of maggots and stuff, and then walk across the floor.

Good stuff.

Pete: Yeah.

I won't be watching those. Well, not a horror, but something that, that, a film that horrified me, I remember it, it, it stayed with me for a while was law abiding citizen. And particularly I just wasn't, they had Gerald Butler in it and everything. I just wasn't ready for the.

For the scene where he, he gets his kind of like revenge and fucking tortures that guy on the table. And like he's cutting him to bits and then there's like the, he, his head and his eyes are missing his blood and dripping in buckets out. It was fucking pretty brutal. If I closed my eyes for the next two, three weeks, all I could see was that.

But specifically in the film, this a scene with Jamie Fox is interrogating him about the whereabouts of a lawyer. And he said, listen, I, I'll tell you guys, I'll tell you what, I'll tell you exactly where he is. If, but I want something in return. I want this like slap up the meal from Mrs.

Megan's pie shop, whatever it's called. And so he basically a, he orders like a steak. It's porterhouse as well, which best steak. So he orders a porterhouse in and everything. He goes, but I want it exactly at a specific time. He gives a specific time. Obviously then they've gotta go out and get it and bring it into the prison and everything.

And it, it's th you know, it's delivered like three, four minutes late. But turns out that the lawyer guy is, is, he's basically like wide him up to something that's gonna kill him if it's not, if they don't find him within a certain time.

Cris: he's in a hole with an oxygen tank. Oh,

Pete: that's see it, right?

So he's got a specific amount of of, of oxygen or whatever. And then even so, sorry he enjoys the steak and all the sides and so on, but then he, he hides the, the bone and la and later on when he goes into, into his cell, To again, cause another distraction of, part of his, like really over elaborate plan.

He he murders his cellmate with the, with the steak from the, from

Sidey: the Oh

Pete: as well. So That, that

Cris: Oh, it's brilliant,

Reegs: It's great.

Pete: I, I en I did enjoy it, but that I, I'm not used to that shit. Like, so, like that's sore type shit. Oh no. That's fucking really not my

Reegs: fault. It's, it is pretty shocking. But you know, it, it's not even clear the first time you're watching it. You think he's maybe the hero of the movie. Until, you know, it's revealed. He's completely not.

Pete: yeah.

Reegs: So, yeah. Good one that

Pete: yeah, I mean, what get what happens to his family, that's,

Reegs: mm.


Pete: it's all, the rest of it's kind of forgivable.

Although that's, that's quite, he's gone to some lengths and it's, it's quite,

Reegs: preposterous.

Pete: It's ridiculous. Yeah, yeah,

Cris: I've got a raging bull.

There's a steak scene where I can't remember their names anymore because I watched it a long time ago.

I watched it a couple of times, but I

Sidey: Robert De Niro?

Cris: Yes, thank you. Him, that guy. But the, the, the girl cooks the steak. You can see her cooking in the pan and, and he's like, oh,

Reegs: Irma, it's Irma and Jake, is


Cris: Irma. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. He's like, bring me my steak. Oh, you want your steak? You want your steak? And she just kind of takes it from the, from the pan. Carries it in the room with a fork and then throws it on his plate. And this is what you want. You're an animal and then your mother's an animal.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Sidey: Doesn't the table get

Cris: Yes. He, he flips the table and, and it's, it's a little bit of a, of a scene, but that was one of the first ones I've actually thought about because it's, it's almost the dialogue more than the steak itself being eaten or whatever.

But, and it's, it's a great movie

Pete: isn't it? Never seen it. Have you not? No.

Cris: No. Oh, it's brilliant.

Dan: It reminded me of the, the rocky scene is he's, Punching a load of meat or

Sidey: Yeah. I had that one here.

Dan: Yeah,

Cris: You should have, you should have seen this. You should remember this. It was in 1980 when you were 24.

Dan: I was just a young man then. Yeah. The, the one that I was just thinking when you were chatting about there was the old beef bandage, you know, where you

Pete: like a euphemism.


Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: it's, it's when you put on like a, a war meat on, on the eye or something. And I was thinking, who's done that? Who's done that? So I was just looking and I've got a Seinfeld and Kramer comes in with

Sidey: Pete Loves that. Pete loves

Pete: ah, it's Bocks like Frazier Bocks

Dan: steak on the eye and it's meant to sort of stop the swelling and, and draw a little bit of the bruising out.

But yeah, that was one.

Sidey: I've got King of the Hill. I'll keep it animated. Hank, he's a keen barbecue and he's very, very strict about how a steak should be cooked. And what's the little point next to, is it Bobby, the kid? He's like, dad, what if, what if someone comes along and says they want their steak well done.

He's like, son, we ask them clearly and firmly to leave. You know, it's like it has to be medium

rare. Yeah.

Otherwise you're fucking out. And there's other, there's like constant references to it. And then I've also got Parkson rec because we've got Ron Swanson, Nick Hoffman's character who's very, very I wouldn't say alpha male, but he's just outdoorsy type and is always go banging on about a steak.

We'll only eat at a certain restaurant and it's gotta be steak all, all the fucking I started that show, I dunno how many series there are, but I got about two series ins. Like, I've seen enough It's very, very,

Pete: I dunno what you're talking about

Sidey: Approximately you'd recognize loads of people out of it cuz they've all gone on to do other things.

So Ron Palm, a Aubrey Plaza.

Chris Pratt,

Pete: Okay. Yeah.


Sidey: There's loads of It's just quite

Pete: Mm.

Reegs: Parasite. Do you remember We went, we even went to, we had little bad dads outing to

Pete: did our last one.

Reegs: Yeah. And there was a movie all about the class divide in South Korea and how the park family sort of schemed to take over the jobs and lives of the affluent Kim family.

And there's a scene in it where like she asks the, the mother of the matriarch of the, of the park family, of the Kim family asks the park family woman to mother to make a noodle dish for her. And it's like these really cheap noodles, but it's served with this HW cubed HW steak, which was like a, it's like a really expensive elite product that you can only get in South Korea.

So like, basically like topping a pot noodle with like the most incredible stuff. So just a

Pete: Japa Gori is the

Reegs: yes. Just

the Yes. That's right. Or Ramon in is the other.

Yeah. You've

Pete: been rammed on before.

Reegs: the night is still young.

Pete: Yeah. That's a fucking excellent film. Yeah. And I had it on my list as well.

What else have we got? Goodfellas another, another Bobbi De Niro. Yeah, there's a, it's a, it's an amazing, see, it's, it's not one that you sort of like think about, it's like particularly iconic in the film necessarily. But there's a point in time where quite a few of the gang poorly and I think, is it Henry

that Henry, yeah. Yeah. They, they get, they get sent inside for a bit.


it's, it's like a, I dunno how long they're, they're inside, but it's, it's a token fucking, I mean, they call it Prism, but they're all there in there like bathrobes and pajamas, smoking cigars and drinking whiskey.

Sidey: done a few deals to

Pete: Yeah, definitely. And and that's the scene where you've got poorly with the razor blade, just like really

Sidey: But I thought that was more of a ball boic maze they were making or a

Pete: No, so someone, so there's a, a tomato sauce that's getting made, but it's, and someone's moaning that it's too oniony or whatever, but one of the guy Johnny Deer is, is frying up some steaks as well in,

Sidey: because there's an earlier one where they're having a barbecue or a cookout. and it's, they're setting the scene of who's who. And then They, they're

Pete: Yeah.

I mean, I, I know I'm bouncing back to you here, Reese, but it's got to be a million in million steaks in

Dan: a butcher.

Pete: completely forgotten the name of it,

Sopranos. Sopranos, Sopranos.

Reegs: Oh, Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Well I was thinking about that because doesn't he has his first panic attack Tony, when his mother is cutting steak.

Pete: right. And that's really, that must be the first episode or

Reegs: No, no, no. You find that out in

Sidey: the ducks, isn't very

Reegs: No, no. His first ever panic

Sidey: Oh, okay.

Reegs: as a child,

when they flash back to his first ever panic attack, it's when his mother is cutting steak after his dad's just bought it home.

I think it's like a real significant moment around a steak anyway, but there's, there's a 10 minute video on YouTube just of people eating meat in the soprano.

Pete: Didn't go. Yeah. Yeah.

Cris: from Italians now.

Pete: is, it is strong. Chris.

Cris: Last one for me is a movie called Chef. And Roy, the, the chef and, and the, the person that is the, based on who is a real chef, he visits in Texas, Franklin Smokehouse. And they go into the, yeah. And they have the brisket and they open the, the smoke out, the, the drum, the oil drums or whatever it's called.

And, and they open it and he's like, oh, I've got three on the go. How many do you want? I'll take three.

Sidey: Have you seen the Chef show on Netflix? because they go, they go there.

Cris: Oh, do they? Okay.

Sidey: becomes an actual cookery program. So John Favreau and Roy Choy.

Cris: Right. Okay.

Sidey: then

there's a whole episode where they're at Franklin and he's, he's doing this first like cookery festival like barbecue festival.

And they, they down there, he's a fucking cool guy.

I've got

Cris: it?


Sidey: I've

got his book, his

Cris: Really? Okay.


is when I've always remembered that I'm not even that much into the American barbecue style, like you are, like the cookout and, and stuff. But when I've, when I've remembered that, I, I always remember that when he opens it, he's like, yeah, I'll take all it.

Sidey: It's weird how they do it because they will cook it all night. And the barbecue, they have it like in the morning, so people will be queuing up from like five and they'll eat it at like

at breakfast

Cris: or, yeah.

Sidey: And you want that?

I could do, but it's just not how we roll generally.

It's just culturally different anymore. Dan,

Dan: No, I'm all done.

Sidey: Oh well I've got uh, one more film, which is the Irishman. And one of the first sort of deals that De Niro starts doing is supplying Bobby Bobby Canal, but she was also in. Chef, wasn't he? Yeah, he was the sous chef. Yeah. He, he's cuts the deal to supply him all his fine cuts and then a natural cookie.

One is Ugly Delicious, which is on Netflix, and they do episodes about various different things. So, kaba like spinning meat on

the stick and pizzas, blah, blah. But they do one about steak and a lot about what we spoke about at the start, like how do how do you like your steak cooked? And the, pretty much the whole episode is about being really snobby about saying it's gotta be medium rare, no, if someone comes to a restaurant, you should fucking, like, if they want it burn, well done,


Cris: Do it.

Sidey: how you should Do it. for them.

Cris: That's what they want.

Sidey: what the customer

Reegs: that's what he's paying

Sidey: Yeah. So there's a whole discussion about that. But they, they travel around the world and they'd look at sustainable farming and doing things differently and how you can have less, still eat meat, but just eat a shit load, less of it, just eat good, you know, sustainably produced stuff and stuff.

But the show is actually really, great. But it does have,

 can't remember his name, other Korean dude who was in.

Pete: Yeah, I know who you mean.

Sidey: David Cho. Yeah. David Cho is in it and he does have some really funny scenes. But yeah, canceled

Dan: Another one.

Reegs: Yeah, another one Bites the dust.

 Uh, I guess I had a couple more. Do you know what a sloppy Joe is? You ever heard of that? It's like, it's an American sort of sandwich that's

Sidey: grounded. Are they dip it? Are they, do they dip it in a sauce in a gravy?

Reegs: I think so. And that's the lunch lady in Billy Madison

is Dishing

out. Sloppy Joe's pretty memory. Have some extra slop slopping it on

there. And oh, I, what about some steak knives?

Sidey: Oh yeah.

Reegs: How do you feel about State knives.

Yeah, so a few good men. There's a reference to state knives in there and obviously in Glen Gary, Glen Ross

Sidey: Is it a prize for

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Closes

Reegs: exactly. Abc.


Dan: a couple of good movies there. We got Whittle it down. Do we,

Sidey: Well, should we go to the interwebs? Cuz we've had quite a lot of nominations

Yes, I, let's do that. There's one called the freshman.

Do you know

that Darren Lethally Matthew

brought it Marlon Brando comedy about a restaurant

Reegs: restaurant. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah.

Sidey: dishes. I don't know that one.

Darren, if he's also got chicken run, delicate testan, ENT green, and, and there's been quite a few shout for Hannibal Lecter and Texas Chainsaw Mascot and Alive different sort

stakes going on

Dan: but I guess in the official man steaks. Yeah, I mean, it's a, it's a cut, isn't it?

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Andy Jameson's mentioned Sausage Party. I guess there's a talking, I haven't seen that one. I guess there No,

Pete: yeah,

Sidey: I saw the trailer. I thought that's probably all I need to see. And then he goes rati and Joe Bes comes in and shoots him down hard and says Rati is a vegetarian

Reegs: Yeah,

but he probably prepares his steak, I would think

Pete: Yeah. They don't

Reegs: I don't explicit

Pete: like Rati in the film.

Sidey: I just like the

Pete: I think the, the only reason they call it that is cuz it gets the word rat into it.

Sidey: I just like the trolling

online. Yeah.

Dan: You telling bva

Pete: Yeah. I'm with jmo on that. Fuck off Beaver.

Sidey: then, and then Toes has mentioned a film called The Platform Horrific.

But very good.

Reegs: I've I've, we should watch this,

Sidey: okay. I was thinking it

Reegs: recommend this


Dan: horrific

is in Scary

Sidey: I dunno anything about it at all other than it's been nominated by Toes and seconded by Stevie Robinson. agreed.

Reegs: thing. I think it's foreign language. Might be Spanish. I think it's a bit sort of weird sci-fi e like high concept premise, you know, Cubi or something like that, but

Dan: Right.

Sidey: yeah, Stevie says, agreed. One of the first ones I thought of. One of the most original movies I've watched in

Pete: Ooh.

Reegs: Oh,

sounds like

Pete: it sounds like a strong recommend.

Sidey: Yeah. And then Hannibal again through them all.

Yeah. So, right. Let's will it down.

Pete: Okay. I

did, I did just have a couple, well, one more I wanted to mention before the, before we whittle it was in Madagascar. My, my chi, not necessarily myself, but my children, especially my eldest Rowan, big fan of the Madagascar franchise and Alex the Lion always eats the, we haven't even mentioned like Tom and Jerry cuz like, you always get like the, the, the, the cartoon hams, but there's also always the cartoon steaks that have just got that like round bone, just sort of like left at the, at the very end.

But yeah, Alex the Lion Eats, eats those steaks

and then tries to eat his friends as well. So, strong, strong.

Reegs: Well, his arc is, is about how he discovers himself as a real animal, right?


because Yeah,

Pete: right. that's what that's what he's built for. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway,

Sidey: are you putting in, Yeah.

Pete: Well, I'm putting in one that we haven't mentioned yet, and

Sidey: Ah, I've don a Riggs

Pete: and I was ho I was wondering, I thought if anyone's gonna mention his side, but in the e episode, captain

Sidey: Oh, shit. Yeah.

Pete: Blackhead, have the, the classic, so Baldrick becomes the, the, the, the chef.

It's a

Sidey: Cook.

Pete: obvious, it's a great idea apart from the fact that he's the worst cook in the entire world. But he serves up a dish that includes Philly min in sauce, Barnet, which are described as dog turds covered in glue. And yeah, blackhead is so strong. That's a fucking incredible episode. So that's my nomination for the top five.

Sidey: Nice. Chris,

Cris: Chef. The brisket

Sidey: nice.

Dan: I'll go Conspiracy.

Sidey: Hmm. I will

in the matrix, but we should have one from online. So I will defer

Pete: we'll do a

Reegs: No, no, no, no, no. It's fine.

It's, it's Todd

Pete: do a

Sidey: Okay. Matrix

Reegs: and Napoleon Dynamite.

Pete: Ah, it's a

Dan: So one more,

Sidey: in. And then I'm thinking that that one that Toes mentioned The The platform.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: That, that's got two strong recommends online. So it's in, we're done early this

Pete: Wow. We've never closed the book that early

Sidey: It's done.

Dan: had some cheese.

Sidey: Return of the cheese.

Cris: Yes.

Pete: of the cheese.

Sidey: subscription

Dan: that smell is.

Pete: It feels like it's been a while, Although

Sidey: the whole time.

Pete: yeah.

Sidey: The

whole time at dams were, I don't think we had,

Pete: we did.

We've definitely had it at least once or so. There was a week that I wasn't able to

Sidey: Yeah. But that was my follow up point, is that you've been hoarding the cheese and eating it

Pete: That's not happened my last month. I know it went to my work colleagues who, someone, one of the people that I work with just cut four pieces of cheese off really fucking good cheese, put it on a plate and squirted, sriracha all over it.

And oh, don't get me wrong, I love sriracha, but not, not with

Sidey: time and the place. yeah,

Cris: not

Pete: Have

Reegs: got

Sidey: tasting notes to

Pete: We

  1. We do indeed. I'm not gonna, this this's extensive notes. What I do know is that we, you know, we've been living dangerously. It's a little bit like Russian roulette in that two of them are unpasteurized,

Sidey: so Yeah.

Pete: only God knows what can, can happen to us with that. The, so there's no originals here. We've had all of these before. Mm-hmm. So just remind everyone of what they are. They, we've got a Tom Desir. This is a Fail mere, which is so it's like a hard Tom Deir,

Reegs: could you point at that one for the listeners

Pete: It's the hardest.

Sidey: That one

Pete: that one there. Yeah.

Cris: the hardest one in the room.

Pete: Yeah, it is the hardest one in the room.

Dan: looked around for you.

Pete: I guess that's probably fourth place that's most disappointing. The, the, the regular Tom Des South a bit softer, has a bit more about it, is pretty good. And I recently had it earlier this year in some soup, which was, it was

Sidey: I would prefer to have that in soup, but it's, it's doesn't offer a lot

Pete: No, it's, it's not, but we're still gonna eat it. Yeah. Probably the, like in third place I'd say is the,

Reegs: which


Sidey: that one

Pete: kind of like, it was like the half moon shape, which is like a soft one. And this is, this is,

Sidey: it fucking stinks that one. It, it, I mean you can't appreciate that because of what's coming later, but that one Yeah. Is a washed line in it fucking hums.

Pete: It's protected by strict a OOC regulations so

that the,

Sidey: obnoxious camel.

Pete: Yes.

Arthur's orange clam. So I guess it's, yeah, it's a bit, sort of more, it says here, in fact it's a bit more compact than soft cheeses. Like Bri and Common

Sidey: it does have a stronger tech

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Yes.

Pete: Yep. It's, it's delicious. Delicately sweet and fruity with a nutty finish. But that is pasteurized.

So we're, we're not Yeah. These,

Dan: were paired with some biscuits.

Pete: Yeah. Well, the,

Sidey: that's controversial, Dan.

Pete: There's a, there's a, yeah, it's a bit of a sore point that, so normally we go with toast for cheese, which is the absolute fucking God of biscuits for cheese and nothing else will do. But side, he managed to fuck it in the ear and get something else

Sidey: tonight, Now, I

asked about toast and the guy said, no, I've already paired it with the, the biscuits that go with this cheese.

He was wrong.

Pete: I'd, I'd have fucking wrestled that guy until he gave me toast. But anyway we're here now and we're having to make do with what we have. I, second place probably is the true deru, which is about a smelly out of the packet as you're gonna get.

Sidey: Yeah, it'll put, it'll put you right off. Unless you're, unless you're a committed cheese eater, you would, that would put you off.

Reegs: Is that that one?

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Yes. It's the one that

Cris: that was actually all right.

Pete: No, no, no. Sorry. It's, it's, we said it was the taste. The, the bark is definitely not as, is worse than the bite.

Reegs: Yes.

Sidey: It's not

Pete: as bad as,

Reegs: it's a tricky one. That one, isn't it? Yeah.

Sidey: the

Pete: upper hand is on the other foot.

Sidey: It comes in its own little hazmat suit thing. It is that bad.

Pete: yeah, it does, it, it definitely smells, I'd say like homeless guy's penis is probably what I'm going for.

Certainly that's the most recognizable smell to me. And yeah, it's for short, but it is, it's, it's a nice flavor actually

Reegs: Is that like juices swimming around in the bottom of it?

Sidey: No, it's the wrapper and I've also put the wrapper of the other one that we finished in

Dan: not quite as bad as that week, but I I know where you're going.


Pete: Yeah. But I always make the blues, the winners pretty much apart from the really creamy, soft on the triple cream ch but anyway Bert's blue. Yeah. Yeah, it is good. It's kind of like a soft blue really, isn't it?

Cris: Still packs a punch though,

Pete: tany. Yeah, it's, it's good.

Yeah. Is

Dan: that the one that you've fed me?

Sidey: Yeah. we've obliterated those already. They're both gone. Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. So we've had a,

Reegs: it was so seductive watching

you guys feed each each


Pete: and, I think probably worth mentioning is that because it's Argentinian night we've got some, we've got some Malbec we've got a, some Argentinian red wines to, to go with it.

And one is, is specifically called beef steak because it is in fact steaks as was the top five. So

Sidey: yeah, it's like, it's like nine and a half weeks in here.

Dan: Well, and, and gen generously to help kind of soften my blow from Thailand. You got me a singer as well, didn't you?


Pete: I did as well. I just wanted to remind you of what it was that you were doing a couple of weeks ago and now you're gonna work till six o'clock.

You fucking asshole. Yeah.

Sidey: And that segues very nicely into this week's main feature, which is Operation Finale.

Cris: Yes. Yeah. Again, the first one I thought about was obviously the midweek main, the RG 90 25. And then I thought, if I'm gonna go political, I might as well go all the way and that is an action happening in Argentina.

This is pretty much most of it happening in Argentina and it's another political movie, albeit. Not communists, but Nazis or fascists. Not fascists, but, but Nazis in this case. And I, I, I really enjoyed the movie and I thought I, I, I told you this before. I actually thought it was another movie that I watched with Daniel Craig and

Dan: Oh, the

Sidey: in the woods?

Cris: the one in the woods.


Sidey: that's it. Defiance.

Reegs: Defiance Defiance.

Cris: That's the one. And I thought, is that the one? But then the more I watched it, I thought I seen him before, but I don't think I have

Reegs: We did that on the pod.


Sidey: you'd really liked it. And I This has got,

Oscar Isaac

Pete: Pod Damron.

Sidey: Yeah.


really hot.

so I was keen when I saw he was in it, I was like, okay. He's, he's cool. Yeah. I mean, yeah. And other people as well. It's

Pete: well, Ben Kingsley, he's a fairly

Cris: Who, who, I think he's, he's been very good

Reegs: Well, a few weeks ago or whenever we recorded lucky number 11, I said, why didn't they get like a real Jew instead of Ben Kingsley? Why didn't they get a real Nazi instead of Nazi Ben

Pete: well, there's probably some still at large.

Reegs: could have got Kanye West, they could have got

Sidey: he's renounced it because of Jonah Hill.

Reegs: All right. Oh, that's once he met a

Jewish guy and it was

Sidey: that's Literally

he said, he said he watched 21 Jump Street. Honestly, honestly, I'm not even making this up.

I'm not making this up. That's how he, he renounces

antisemitism. because he thought 21

Pete: like, no one gives a fuck about his music anymore. So he is just finding ways to be fucking in the news, good or

Sidey: bad. Yeah.

Pete: Anyway, we digress.

Reegs: you

know, there's always Donald Trump as well, and,

Sidey: but yes, this it's start, I always get this wrong and something's happened before, but Po Damon and his crew go to a house.

Reegs: Well, we get, we do get a little bit of history.

Sidey: Yeah,

Pete: Yeah. You got it wrong. Yeah.

Cris: Go to a house.

Sidey: What they do,

Reegs: they do. That is the next bit.

But we just get a little bit of history, don't we, just to set the scene so we know what's going on about you know, what happened between 1939 and 1945, them Nazis murdering 10 million people 6 million of them European Jews, and how you know, several members of the hierarchy took their own lives.

Hitler, obviously famously, and Himmler. And Gering. They, you know, they were responsible in many ways for all of this. And then other members of the establishment were brought to trial at Nurenberg, but a few people

Dan: slipped

Reegs: there, slipped through Danette, the worst of which was the head of the SS Office of Jewish Affairs.

This is Adolph Eichman,

Pete: Hmm.

Cris: Yeah,

The architect of the final solution.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Which allegedly, which by the end of, when, when history tells us that he was the one that basically said that we should start making concentration camps and gassing people because just by shooting them, apparently the bullets were too expensive

Reegs: Mm-hmm. Well, he

argued, he argues at least in this, that he was responsible for transportation.

Sidey: But yeah. And that's what we see, isn't it? Over the credits, is the loaded lines and it's all the trains going to the


Cris: concentration camps. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So pretty cheery subject matter for our main thing.


Cris: yeah,

Reegs: yeah.

But we do start, like you say on Christmas Eve, I think it's a really wholesome affair. Just gotta hide the Nazi memorabilia when the door, you know, when somebody knocks at the door.

Dan: That's

right. They've got a couple of books, don't they? That they, they,

Pete: they hide.

Dan: They hide and answer the door to j Oscar Isaac, who is a Mossad agent and they He's a Malcolm.

Yeah. They're, they're hunting down the Nazis that have escaped. They, they don't forget and they're, they're coming for you. So they've knocked on the door and burst in. After they, he's been taken away, he goes into the room and he, he sees the family and she starts talking to him and he realizes, wait a minute.

Looking at the children and things.

Cris: he was meant to have two sons.

No. Yeah.

Reegs: He

says, yeah, he says,

your blah, blah, blah. He's the wrong Your,

Vera, your son, and your two sons. And the little girl comes out. I think she gives a little z Kyle. I'm not

sure. I

Dan: And yeah, and just, well, just as we kind of, establish that it's the wrong guy,

Sidey: bang.

we shot He runs off, doesn't he He says It's the wrong, it's right. They're like, fuck it. He is still a

Pete: well, that's it. He said he is probably on someone's list. So,

Reegs: well that's Marshe. Yeah. He

says that. yeah.

Pete: Yeah. Who, who establishes himself early on is, is the kind of like the loose cannon of the piece.

Reegs: Well, it's more they have this


Pete: than a Nazi's.

No, no, I'm

Reegs: they have this continuing dialogue about the difference between revenge and justice, basically, which is at the core of the movie. Yeah.

Dan: So th this is an operation anyway that has gone wrong, even though they justify it and say, well, it's

Cris: well, the, the idea behind it is that that's who they thought was Adolf Aikman at the time.

Dan: Right. Okay, that

Cris: So, that's the premise of it.

Reegs: I thought that when they said Vera, because they, yeah. Cuz it's, it's,

Pete: yeah. And two sons and everything.

Cris: so that's,

Dan: they got the wrong guy this time and that, that probably put him onto, to further alert. But as it, as it comes out, there's another Jewish family who are living in Argentina who aren't openly telling everyone they're, they're Jewish.

And one day the girl has met somebody a, a young boy she bit

Pete: at the cinema, don't they? She's, she's watching

Sidey: she was smoking

Pete: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She, she was easy on the eye and she's watching a film by herself in the cinema in this.


Reegs: watching imitation of Life, and it's a, it's, they recreate a scene in it later in this movie.

But yeah,


Pete: some, some fairly like, challenging language used in the, in the, in the film itself. Like in the film that she's watching within the film.

Reegs: Well, they're chuckling at a scene where sh the woman on screen is confessing that she has African American heritage, I think. And it's, there's a racial epi that used, but they're all sort of having a little chuckle about this, even including yeah, the girl, she was in the white lotus

Sidey: socially. Yes.

Pete: Yeah. So she, she looks over her shoulder at these, these boys kind of laughing. And one of these boys is like, you know, blonde hair, like, you know, I guess like easy on the eye to, to her And this

Dan: Arian.

Pete: Yeah, very arian. And they like, they hold a gaze that, that ends up tur like turning into a smile and then you see them outside the cinema and it's like, you know, we gonna see each other again. And this is the, the, the possibilities of a, of a burgeoning romance

Sidey: It didn't have tinder in those days.

Pete: No, exactly. I have

Cris: Or Grindr.

Pete: Yeah, no.

Reegs: We also see Malkin now sort of living, not in disgrace, but he is bit, you know, obviously his stock is low within Mossad because of this botched operation. And he, he, his, he has recurring thoughts that will start to understand our thoughts of how his sister or a woman died in different circumstances.

I think in the opening shot that one of them is hung later on you see bodies piled into a van that had been gased.

 And yeah, so he's having those thoughts and he comes to learn that they are, he, he talks to his mate about why he's not doing so well. He's like, was it antisemitism? And anyway, yeah.

So he comes to know about this, how, how do they come to


Pete: So the, so the, the, the daughter, so sorry. This, this girl and, and this fella who we learned to be known as Klaus, and she, I,

Cris: Eichman.

Pete: Yeah.

yeah. Well, we, we don't, we don't know that that's

Sidey: his

Pete: name just yet, but Sylvia is her name. So after this meeting at the cinema they, he goes around for dinner at, at her house.

Yeah. And there's, there's like a, an an odd sort of he's

Sidey: getting interrogated

Pete: with, with her. So the father's there, he's blind and his name is Loha.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Pete: But Klaus starts kind of like openly speaking, like fairly negatively about Jewish people and so on, because they're all of, of

Dan: Well, she, she doesn't, does she know she's Jewish at this stage?

Cris: She does, but she was raised Catholic.

Dan: She's raised Catholic. That's correct. Yeah.

Pete: And so then they, they, they basically engaged in this sort of like conversation about, you know, oh, the Klaus says sorry. Loha says like, oh, what, what was your What was your dad's name or your uncle's name?

Because he says that his dad, his father's dead, but he lives with his uncle. And he's like, oh, what, what was your father's name? Or, or what

Cris: would I recognize

Pete: Would I recognize his name? It doesn't actually say it there. And then, but then the next scene is that you say it's, it's Peter Malcolm in, in, you know, in Tel Aviv or wherever he is saying we've had some intel that we believe that that a family member or a a potentially a son of, of adult weckman has, has been discovered in BU Aires.

And we are gonna follow up on this. And so they, they, they do some intel to, to verify this story. So people

Cris: are, well there's the guy that comes in with rfi. Yeah. There, there's a guy that comes in and he says, we have all this information to, to the main mosad officer, let's say he comes in and he's like, oh, we have all this information.

It must be him. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And they're like, what are you based basing your accusations on? What are you, what's the evidence? And they're like, okay, well if you think this is, oh, I don't really think this is the one. Our efforts and our resources are somewhere else. We can't chase the past, whatever.

And then Rafi came back in, comes back in, and he just says, listen, if this is true,

and someone else finds out about it, Would you not

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Cris: our resources on that?

Reegs: Well, also they managed to prove it through conversations because she overhears

Cris: special day and

Reegs: the special, he's talking about his anniversary and they link it to the marriage certificate

Dan: the wedding anniversary that is coming up.

Cause she says,

Cris: But they do make, they do, they do make her go back. That's what I mean, that the, so the first meeting is we have a name. Klaus a one is

Dan: no, they're not, they're not sure are they? Because they've got it based

Reegs: Yeah, no, you're right.

Dan: guy who thought he heard it. It's, it's all a bit tenuous. They've got really

Pete: verify

Dan: they've got a really limited budget.

They can't just go off chasing things. The last guy he got was the wrong guy. They kind of level that against him. Mm-hmm. So he's, he's on the back foot and he needs more evidence. So they, they, you're right. They, they send the girl back in and she's to go

Cris: but before she goes in, this is one that we need to talk about.

Pete: Yeah. The scene, the, the, the

Cris: scene with the, with the gathering. Gathering,

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Cris: Which is,

fucking brutal. That as in all the expertss and

Pete: and

it's, it's

Reegs: there's a guy

Pete: revival like gathering, and it's a guy called Carlos Fulk.

Reegs: Yeah. That actor was brilliant. Pepe Rap. Yeah. I don't, that's probably a terrible pronunciation, but he was absolutely captivating as this sort

Cris: Yeah, he was good.

Reegs: Really awful.

Cris: he played the role really

Pete: Yeah. And he, he's drumming up a load of, of support for I guess like a, yeah, like a,

Dan: a revival, you know,

Pete: a Nazi

Dan: they,

Reegs: Well, they're all chanting it. And there's, so there's some really, I can't even actually remember. It's just a sea of really horrible anti-Semitic stuff.


you know, about how

they picture Jews and what

Pete: ex Exactly. And,

Cris: but not only that

Pete: it finishes with the Zeig. Hiles, they

Cris: take

Klauss takes the

Sylvia To the meeting, to the rally. And, and when they start all shouting Zig hele and, and going really Nazi, she kind of just runs away. Yeah. And even then you, you see Fuller saying your hair and your appearance.

Where are you from? Why, where are you born in Germany? He, he's straight away kind of is, is a little bit suspicious. And then obviously the, the Mosad finds the information and then they send her back to

Dan: Really dangerous situation for her. She's quite a young girl fighting to go back and she, she knows what's potentially waiting for who these people might be.

And yeah,

Reegs: oh, she has a show down with Max, is it Max? Is that his name? The,

Dan: That's right. She goes to the house and, and she says to the mother, oh, you are, you know, I'm Sylvia. And she goes, oh, you are Sylvia. Okay. Come in. And she says, oh, look, I had a bit of an argument with him. I'd just come to, to kind of clear the air.

She sees the flowers and tar stuff. Oh yes. It's a very special occasion. She gleans this little bit of information. And then max comes in. He's quite rude to her.

Pete: you say Max, you're talking

Dan: Klaus,

Pete: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reegs: That other

Dan: sorry, yes. Max

Sidey: Similar.

Cris: Well, first is the dad that comes out to the little


Dan: He, he, he comes in with the little boy and then Klaus comes in and he's still angry with her.

Cris: But we got the scene where the dad kind of pins him. right. And he's like,

Dan: he's

Pete: being

Cris: I didn't, you're being disrespectful. I didn't raise you like this. And he says,

Dan: And now he's a much older

Reegs: says, You don't have to

call me that. Yeah. In front of her then

Sidey: in, don't

Reegs: me that. Yeah.

Pete: So that, that, Sort of like culminates to provide the evidence back to like Maad that this is the

Dan: well this is still steer steering towards that. So they've, they want to go then get photographic

Cris: Well, no, they're outside.

Pete: outside taking the, taking the photos at the time because very sort of like, you know, it, it

Dan: oh, in the suitcase.

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So he is got like a suit a camera hidden in a suitcase that he's taking pictures of.

But obviously if you are you know, the, this fucking like hideous person that's, that's done all the things that you've done and you're now living in exile, but in this like, sort of like fake life with a fake name and everything. You're gonna still have your wits about you. So he goes outside, sees this person just kind of like milling about and goes inside and draws a picture.

Like draws a, you know, a fairly good kind of like caricature of the you know,

Dan: yes. It's A good drawing

Pete: sketch. Yeah. It's not caricature, but a sketch of the the guy that was milling about outside and

Cris: and straightaway he puts the David's cross on.

Yeah. Which is a, a person like that,

I, I don't hate anyone, but that guy could just smell or could just tell what kind of a person or who's,

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Outside

Cris: in the, in, in,

Dan: he's straightaway, he's straightaway sensed his enemy over there, didn't he? And but that information then goes back and there's talking about the ears being similar but it's still not enough to base you know, those photographs on and whether it's is surely him or not.

But then they piece it together and say, look, The marriage certificate 25 years. They said, this is him. This is him. So then finally they get the nod to go and put the resources into taking this guy. And they, they get a team together in a plan. And the plan is to bring him back. There's a celebration of a

Reegs: hundred 50 years.


Dan: years.

Cris: independence in Argentina.

Dan: So they're

Reegs: gonna

do like a big ambassadorial visit under the guise of that, they're gonna sneak people into the country

Dan: because this is all mosad. This is

Cris: and they also bring the girl in Hannah?

Dan: Yes. Who's a nurse

Cris: bring her on because the, the plan is the extraction has to be done. They're gonna be pilots. There's a flight going out. They're gonna be dressed and looking like, like pilots or at least some form of air crew. And he's the, the, the guy iCONN is gonna be sedated.

Dan: that's right.

Reegs: And her job is to keep him sedated.

Dan: the airline ai I think it is. Or a a l Yeah. Ai clever. They are gonna fly him back.

That's the plan

Pete: Initially she's not like enamored with this plan because they've done something similar in the past.

And I think that it suggested the guy died or something. Yes. Yeah. Because she wasn't able to control the dosages of the

Reegs: He was allergic.

Pete: Like the,

Reegs: he

Cris: well, she Peter was told that he was allergic. She said that

Raffi told me to just give him more, give him more,


she gave him so much that the guy

Pete: and And, to add another layer to this, this film is the, this certain intimate intimation that Peter and Hannah have formally been in a relationship together, although that became strained because of this, another botched like job where somebody ended up dying.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Yeah.

Pete: But they're all on board and yeah, they're,

Cris: and they all make it to, to Argentina, which is a really cool sequence where they show the flights. Yeah. They, they,

Pete: Indiana Jones style.

Cris: everyone, everyone comes from a different place. They all go to want to go to Australia. They wanna go the other one. Flights from France,

Reegs: Yeah, that's right.

Cris: from South Africa.

And they all end up in, in Buenos air

Reegs: Mm-hmm. Under forged documents. Yes. Which you see them making and that sort of thing. So, once they're, what do they do? They set up shop in an old farmhouse and they begin reconnaissance. And what we haven't really, and so what we haven't really talked about is Eichmann himself is living under an assumed name.



Cris: Ricardo Clement,

Reegs: And he works at a Mercedes-Benz factory, I think. And he, they

establish his. Routine that he takes this particular bus. Well, they established from his routine that the, the place to snatch him is after he's taken his bus on the short walk back to his house and they observe him.

And he's really just a picture of, you know, the phrase banality of evil. You know, he's just this sort of old man playing with his grandson and you know, running his house sort

Cris: Well, they, they labeled him as the hu a human metronome because every, that's what they say. He, this man is a human metronome. He just does everything.

He wakes up at this time. Yeah. Leaves the house at this time. Takes the same bus on his way to work, works at the factory, finishes. Pretty much a German

Sidey: My

life is a bit like that, just without all the,

Pete: without the,

Sidey: like,

genocide bit, but fucking, oh, honestly, I'm on the cusp of like some hideous midlife crisis.

Reegs: Another one

Pete: take, take me with you. Take me with you.

Cris: that's what they, they observe and then, They make a plan saying between the first and the second light pole, that's their, their chance to, to grab him where he is far enough from the house if he makes a sound.


Dan: a sweet spot, isn't there?

Cris: And it's in the dark between,

Dan: So,

Sidey: haven't we had the, is it at the very start when he's talking and he says not justifies, but he just says, oh, I'm I'm just good at organizing stuff. I'm just like, just an efficient sort of bureaucrat is how he sort of not justifies it, but

Reegs: he worked for the state

Sidey: It's

Reegs: is like the kind of his argument.

It's just Yeah,

Dan: yeah.

There, there, there's flashes isn't there? Where he, he tries to play it down and then there's flashes where you see that kind of true self of, of him come out.

Sidey: and the real crime his com over

Dan: Oh, he's, it is, it is terrible. But he's, he's then he's watched, he's, they, they've got the team in place. A bus comes, he's not on it. They think they've blown it. A second bus comes, he's on that one and he starts walking through.

Reegs: There's a bit of tension, isn't there? Because they're very paranoid. They're like, why is there a second bus?

Dan: Why is a going a bike? A guy on a bike come along and asked him if they needed a ha a hand when they were pretending the car was up with the hood and everything. But they do manage to get him because Yourman making goes up.

Cris: Peter, he's,

Sidey: he's

coming down the road with a flashlight isn't and he tries to subdue, but he's not very good at it.

Dan: No,

he's quite hard, isn't he?

Sidey: still shouting out. You know, he still makes

Dan: puts up a bit of a fight with it. He, he doesn't go as a, as an old man, he, he really kind of

Sidey: He should've got the million dollar dream on him.

Dan: And you see him earlier actually practice and moves, don't you?

And in the gym with other guys. So you know that

Reegs: he Yeah. That's the bit where he talks about waving the crotch in my face or

Dan: Yeah. You, you know that he's a bit kind of handy and he obviously does not that he was great in the gym there, cuz the other guy who he's fighting against, puts him on his ass.

But he, he manages to subdue him long enough where they get him into the car and get him to the, the safe

Sidey: They leave behind his specs.

Dan: They've. left the glasses, which,

Reegs: dun, dun dun,

Dan: which then kind of, it becomes a clue to his disappearance and where he is gone when his son's looking for him. But they've already had him in the room there for a little while.

And very quickly

Sidey: actually,

Yeah. He, he flips Danny

Dan: he goes, you know, he's obviously not up for, for any torture or anything. He, he just goes,

Sidey: it's like one denial and then he is like, ah, fuck it. The game's up,

Reegs: No, they, they trick him into it

Dan: well, they

poke him with the wrong number, but the wrong serial number of his German id, it's two or three digits off and he can't help but correct them.

Reegs: says He's

Pete: if not a pedant. So he yeah. Gives his, gives his identity away based on the,

Reegs: on he says He's

Jewish when he first meets them. It's really, oh man. It was making my skin crawl. Okay. And then he says to the Shamar as well.

Pete: Yeah, that's

Dan: Yeah, he's, he's,

Cris: he say he was born in Palestine as well, whi, which is,

Reegs: yeah.

Cris: but anyway, yeah. I mean, at the same time, a, a, a person like that,

Pete: Yeah, he's done worse things than lied about where he is from.

Reegs: Yeah,

Cris: yeah,

Reegs: true. It's true. And then it quickly becomes this, it's, it sort of changes gear into like a character study now between Malcolm eventually and just Eichman.

And it becomes sort of

Cris: and in a way the other interrogator as well. Yeah. Because you can see who the official interrogator is.

Yeah. Trying to get him to, to sign this paper, which,

Dan: well,

Reegs: so the, reason they need the paper

Dan: twist, isn't it? Because they think Right. We'll just jab him, get him in, you know, plan A is just to, we've got him, let's get on the plane dead quick.

We'll give him a jab and get him on. But Al won't take him without yeah, al they won't take him without. Assigned piece of paper saying he's willingly going to go to Israel. Yeah. And they're like, what? What the hell? We, that's not gonna happen. This guy is not gonna sign a piece of paper saying that he wants to go.

Reegs: And

they do have a debate about just forge it, but they don't know his signature just beat it out of him.

But they're not prepared to do that because that's not what this is about. Although there is a recurring thing that Marsha, and, you know, others are,

Dan: oh, bullet's too good for him. Let's do it now.

You know, let's, let's just kind of,

Reegs: the idea

Dan: him or whatever

Reegs: it is to

get him home for a, you know, not home.

It is plan to get him back to Israel.

Sidey: Well, that's what he said he was from.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

yeah. That's,

that's where he would, they would like to get him back to, because they want him to stand trial. They want him to, to, you know,

Pete: Yeah. And, and, and ekman's like stance is that he's not gonna get that fair trial. He would, you know, it should be.

Dan: Well, he's,

Pete: Like his crimes weren't committed in Israel.

Yeah, exactly.

Dan: should be tried by a German court. It should be tried in one of their European courts.

Pete: He,

Reegs: well, that becomes, this becomes the grind between the official communicator and eichman, this kind of dialogue where it's pointlessly, you know, just theoretical arguments and

Dan: Now what happens is, instead of the, the plane leaving as it should, there's some potentially hold up because of his disappearances now known and people are looking for him and, or, or potentially there's some other reason, but the plane isn't gonna leave for 10 days now.

Yeah. And,

Cris: And they're very effective. The, the, the local Nazi group

Dan: Yeah. They're, they're coordinated.

Cris: police, they have people searching houses.

They, they have all, they're under pressure in, in that safe house. And they also know because they paid in dollars.

For the rental cars, they know that someone is, this

Pete: carrying a lot of dollars.

Cris: There's,

there's basically saying that these Jewish guys came in, these two Jewish guys, they rent their cars and they paid with dollars.

Anyone that's paying with dollars,

Pete: I, I know this is coming away from the plot, but it's just a question this is where I was like starting to think, especially based on having watched the, the midweek and knowing the, the, you know, the challenging sort of dictatorships and everything that had been in Argentina.

It was, it was almost like the, I didn't know if it was a case of, right, well this is a guy who's gone missing. So the Argentinian police who get involved with the Nancy Revival group to, to try and locate everyone, whether they were just doing it because it's like, well listen, all that stuff that happened in Europe was nothing to do with us.

It's not our, that wasn't our war. And this is someone who's been like, kidnapped away from his family. So we're getting involved. Or whether there's like, you know, they were Nancy's sympathizers, whether it is like, well, we're actually fine. I know they obviously harbored a load

Dan: it was money and probably

Pete: but obviously Argentina didn't just, and South America, a lot of countries in South America didn't just harbor Eichman.

There was like Mangala and, and other people that, that were, that, that were, I guess, you know,

Cris: also what you have to keep in mind, Pete, is that as soon as the Nazi officials made their way to Argentina and and found a home there, most of them were hired by the government to create a structure.

Reegs: Yeah. They were gonna build a Fourth Reich.

They, that was the plan,

Cris: And not only that, it was, it is not only that the local government. Took them in because they had a lot more knowledge than what they had. And especially the Peron, the PERAs, they didn't have a, a way of politically sustaining their

presidency. Right. So they needed someone that knew how to build a structure within a government.

And these people were perfect.

Reegs: perfect.

Well, how to run a dictatorship.

Pete: Yeah, yeah,

Cris: Well, they weren't necessarily dummies, so, so they kind of knew. So it was very easy to integrate these people into, into a system. So I think it's kind of in the middle of

Pete: no, just, it was just that, that kind of like interested me as, as we were watching it, as to why there was such a strong, like I, I understand like the, the group why they were, but the, but the police were involved and

Dan: The, the Allied forces obviously couldn't get to people in, in South America as well. So that was the other big reason why they're all out there. But


Pete: like you

Dan: these were the groups. This is, this is what interesting about me is that these are the

Sidey: about you. Are you a Nazi?

Dan: no,

Cris: you're not

Dan: say that? No. This, this is what interests me about these groups like Mossad, who obviously the, the war is gone, but those, those criminals are still out

Sidey: Yeah. They've gotta answer for that

Dan: no, but their network as well, you know, down to the, the, the blind guy with his daughter being brought up as a Catholic in

Pete: Yeah. German.

Reegs: well, it's more incredible chance really, when you think about it. I

Sidey: No, no. It's like Specter. They've got people

Dan: yeah, I think they, they would've as well, you know, I mean the Mossad would've had people


in, these kind of

Reegs: but it is true that eichmann's

son went, you know,

Dan: know,

Yeah. He did yeah. This girl

Reegs: Jewish girl

Dan: which is luck.

Reegs: passed the details through via her father

Sidey: that must have really hurt

Reegs: to

maad is like

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: Yeah. But I mean, anyway, this, this, the film then become this, this act, the next act of the film is, is all about that.

Like you say that kind of like triumvirate of the, the interrogator, Peter Melkin, whose, whose job is not to interrogate, he's just one of the guys that's on, you know, duty to go in and feed him whilst he's blindfolded and everything. And then obviously Eichman himself and

Reegs: and a lot of attempts to humanize yeah. Eichman as well.

Cris: He is

clever though because he does say, I'm gonna get the signature from him because I'm gonna appeal to his ego. Mm-hmm. Yeah. It's the only thing that drives a person like that. If you torture him, you're not gonna get anything.

If you, if you, if you appeal to his ego is the only way to do it.

Reegs: And he starts, you know, gifting him, kindnesses that the others don't give him a cigarette. Yeah. Takes his blindfold off occasionally, gives him his real name, starts

Pete: ask him questions,

Dan: told him his

Reegs: told him his family was safe,


Cris: they go together for a shit.

Pete: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's always a good bonding

Dan: Well, they

Reegs: Affording him.

Cris: can I wipe helicopter

Pete: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: the luxury that was he, you know, so callously denied to so many others. You know, it is, it's an irony, isn't it? That's what justice

Pete: I, I also think some of the motivation of Peter is to find out, because as you mentioned at the beginning about his si, the, the, the woman that we saw who, you know, ended up being his sister, I think he also wanted to try and find out, this is a guy who might know exactly how her.

Death might have panned out or whatever. And so he's, he's using, he's having conversations

Reegs: one point he starts to explain that and he shuts him down and says he doesn't wanna know. Yeah. Because he does start to tell him, and then later, obviously there's a horrible story.

Pete: Yes. Yeah, yeah.

Absolutely. Absolutely. But well, anyway, do we, we don't need to, to, to draw it out. He manages to, to get the, the signature out of

Reegs: One of two paperwork based incidents in this movie. Yeah. Which was like, really? If you're a paperwork fan

Sidey: Yeah. This'll be right up there for you.

Dan: Yeah. Getting that signature and then he just kind of sat it there and slowly took the pen and then the paper and took it down.

Much to like the surprise and celebration of, of everyone there. They were just so happy. This was a major win. They were not getting him on the plane

Cris: Well, no, the plane wouldn't come.

Dan: The plane wouldn't come without him. And, and so they've, they've managed to do this. I wonder how much he regretted doing that.

He's just been absolutely mugged into doing it. Because, you know, they were, as far as the film said, they were pretty screwed without that. They'd, he, he was on his last sort of thread of a, a job as well. Everything had bet on him going up to get his signature and they were expecting to do it, or he had made too

Cris: they also, they also had a close call with the, the people searching the house.

Because Klaus, the son and some other people on, some other police officers and some other people on the mo on local Nazis. On the motorbikes, they start searching suspected houses or suspected streets or abandoned

Dan: aren't they?


Cris: they're getting really close because there's the guys peeping through the windows and at the same time when they're taking,

Reegs: Oh. Side peeping through the window, I think

Cris: All right. Okay. Farting through the windows, some of us. But the guy looks through the window and is the same moment almost when they take a picture of him dressed as a pilot.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: With a fake mustache and everything. So they hide him through the closet and they keep him.

Reegs: was it a fake mustache or did they make him grow it? I

Cris: No, no. It's a fake

Dan: Yeah. They

Reegs: did they show it play?

Cris: Because you can see, you can see the day before he gets shaved.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Peter. So he can't grow that much of a

Reegs: Oh, was that just the day before? Cause that was great. That scene

Sidey: I know

Reegs: he's shaving him.

Cris: Yeah. he was, he was good with it. With a, and it's a sogan, it's a Sogan blade, which is the, the, you know, the Soan steel.

Sidey: Great Razor

Cris: Yeah.

And it's also the, the place is the, is the, because it's one of the biggest mining cities in Germany

Sidey: bigger than that,

Cris: and also they, that's where he was born.

Reegs: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Cris: Eichmann was born in Suan.

Pete: again, the, the message being that Nancy's won all bad, so they, they deliver a lot of good stuff as well. So,

Reegs: So yeah, then I mean, it was ticking clock because they find, I can't exactly remember how, but they find a girl who was

Pete: she she was like a maid who had seen where they'd hidden the, the dollars. So she'd stolen some dollars and then gone into the town to meet with a family member or whatever. And then the, that, but obviously the police have been on guard to, to, to notice anyone who's moving a load of dollars or using a lot of dollars to pay for things.

And that's how she becomes involved. So one minute you see her, Basically like spending them and the next minute you see her being like hung from a stairwell and, and tortured and she's had like, you know, knives, she's been, had stuff carved into her and so on. And cl syman he comes in and, and, you know, stops them from doing it and shows a bit of kind of like pity and mercy and everything, but then eventually manages to get the location of the safe house out of her.

Mm-hmm. And then that's where the, you know, the, the clock is ticking. Mm-hmm. Because yeah, now they've, they've got the signature, they've got the document they need to get him out the country, but the, you know, the, the the local police and, and the, these Nazi guys are, are, are all coming to, to find them in the, in the safe house.

They leave a couple of the

Sidey: guys

They have to, yeah, they have to ditch a couple of people. Yeah.

Pete: Just before that though, I think when, just when they're starting to administering administer, sorry. The, the, like the, the sedatives that's when

Cris: a great scene.

Sidey: in the car.

Cris: no, before that, when they

Pete: So, so, so again,

Cris: and he gets

Reegs: it's a hot,

Cris: you can see who he really is.

Reegs: Well, it's, he tries to provoke,

Pete: I think he tries to provoke Peter to kill him or something like that. Cause he knows he where he is going. It's it's end

Sidey: one way. Yeah.

Pete: Anyway, so I think what he does, he then tells the story about the, all the people that he keeps in this like, flashback of a load of people in a trench all just getting like gunned down.

There's a woman like begging and

Sidey: She holds her baby out us. It's

Pete: and he's like saying like, oh, I, you know, that might have been your sister holding up your nephew and, and everything just trying to provoke him to,

Sidey: Yeah.

Pete: you know, effectively react. And he he nearly does because he, he, he asked Hannah to get out the room.

He's, he's about to, but because I think it obviously, like you press the plunger on that, on that on the, the drugs. And he's, he's a gunner, so. She, he manages to keep it together enough so that they get him in the car. And then he's like, he's basically looks like a drunk person, doesn't they? They, they take

Sidey: they joke about it, don't they?

Pete: Yeah.

Sidey: Oh, he is had too many bloody

Reegs: he's dead

Sidey: bombs or


Dan: much snaps.

Reegs: He's dead tired. That's what I think, that's what they said on the way up.

Pete: exactly that. Yeah. So you go to, you go to the airport was like a set up, like a military, kind of like airfield. They all managed to get onto the plane. But then the, you know, the, one of the guards at the, you know, the entrance of the military airfield

Cris: has a sketch.

Pete: recognizes the, the, the guy in the car from the sketch that Iman had drawn.

And, and so he doesn't immediately like stop them, but he, he goes in and steals the, like the landing permits or whatever Yes. From, from the, yeah, from the air traffic building. And so then they can't take off, so they've obviously got a copy in the, in the cockpit. So someone has to heroically go and deliver that back to the

Dan: just sets up like a Yeah.

Bit of

Pete: It does set up a lot of tension because it runs

Reegs: the permit to the air

Dan: He runs a permit, takes

Pete: he runs it. The

Reegs: rate permit

Dan: He, they say, you going to, you know, do you want to run back and there's another slot in 15 minutes, or should I just send the plane now? And that the Germans they, they're coming up and the police are coming up and he, but he still has a little think about it, doesn't he?

He's like,

Pete: He's like, yeah.

Oh, there's, there was some

Reegs: film.

Pete: and champagne on the flight. Like, yeah.

Dan: Oh, send it, send it Go. And they do. And the, the Bird Fliess

Pete: a film he wanted to watch

Dan: That's right. Yeah. And then it's well, Eichman is, is back in in Israel.

Pete: Yep.

Dan: And they, they release that news through the, the Prime Minister and say, look, one of the worst guys, we found him, we've apprehended him and he's in Israel.

He's gonna be moved to Jerusalem on Tuesday or something. And they're like, you can imagine the news then at the time, you know, so Yeah. I mean, still, still so raw, wouldn't it? You know, it, it's and yeah, to, to have him there then on trial

Sidey: broadcast globally.

Cris: Yes. Yeah.

Reegs: And we see some of them made it back at least Raffi was there.

Cris: all of them. Yeah. All, all of them made it back. Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And I think we see that

Cris: Moche, everyone, yeah,

Reegs: Hannah's pregnant as well as wife. We see that as well. Yeah.

Cris: you

can see, you can kind of see, I dunno, it could have been just me, where you can see the trial. Obviously this is more for the movie rather than real life. But you can see, because they had a conversation, Aquan and Peter that why do you not have kids? What, what's going on? Are you afraid that history's gonna repeat itself and you're gonna lose your children like your sister did?

And then he kind of looks at him, Aquan looks at Peter, and then to the side, looks at at Hannah and she's pregnant and her fella's hand is on her knee. So, so they're already kind of,

Together. She's gonna have babies and she's gonna have a family. And he's kind of there just still by himself. But I guess the demons are still there and,

Sidey: well, he's found guilty.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: Shocking.

Sidey: Yeah. Shock, horror.

Reegs: But the promise that Peter made him, that he would be allowed to see his wife that was honored.

Cris: Yes. Yeah.

Reegs: And yeah, he was hung and then cremated and then had his ashes disposed of in the

scene. I

Sidey: approve of that. So there's no final resting

place for

Pete: yeah, yeah.

Cris: yeah. You don't want people to, to have a pilgrimage to

Sidey: Somewhere to go and

pay homage. Say, fuck

Cris: shouldn't be, these people shouldn't be

Reegs: not a big fan of capital punishment though.

That's so, but

it was the six, it, was 1962, so

Cris: I think he deserved it. And hanging was also for that time, You would probably know better what happened to Jewish people more than I did. But hanging was one of the, the low ways of killing people that, because it didn't involve wasting any money, that's why they would hang people, especially Nazi Germans would hang people because they said that gun powder cost money, bullets cost money, everything else any other way, cost, money, a bit of rope, you cut it and you can use it again.

Apparently. So I think that was a symbolism there.

Sidey: I think we could get into a endless

Cris: Sorry.

Sidey: capital punishment. Sorry. But that is what happened to him. He was hanged and then, you know, his ashes distributed into this, see, fuck him.

Anyway, so, you know, I can't really offer an opinion about the film cuz I didn't catch it defer.

Pete: Oh.

Right. Why I fell asleep. Yeah. Okay. I mean, the end, the end credits show a lot of the, you know, like summarize it, they show actual footage of the, of the trial and how they like, you know, reenacted a lot of the, the scenes in the trial and everything is the, the, the one that I remember is like, you know, picture of a skull and, and, and everything that, that like had a bullet hole in it.

Am I talking about a different film the

one. Yeah, that is yeah, I've just got, I've got some blank faces back

Reegs: No, no,

Cris: no, no, no.

It's, it's either in the trial when, when they show him the

Pete: they show it cause Yeah. But yeah, it just kind of, you know, closes it down with the I guess the end of, of that you know, the ending of that story and, and the impact that it had.

And I guess like the, the, the global impact that it had given the, the magnitude, like you said, it was like televised and, and you know,

Dan: ho hopefully really scared the shit out of any other Nazis hiding away. At least to the point if they weren't caught, they were just scared their whole life. That something like that might

Pete: yeah, at the, at the very early.

I mean, some

Dan: the very least. Yeah. No, it's, it's

Pete: think Mangala like lived a a lot longer and died in the seventies or something albeit always on the run and having to, you know, move and, and everything. But yeah.

Dan: No, is

Pete: did we think of it?

Dan: Well, I, I thought so Ben Kingsley's performance was fantastic.

Again, asn. Yeah. He was really almost, you know, just like this old guy, but he snaps and he does that so well. We've seen him in other similar roles where he, he'll play like that, that guy

Pete: almost like Meek.

Dan: Yeah, meek or, and, and quiet and you're not sure what he's thinking. And then he just snaps and it's in his face and in

Sidey: Gandy,

Dan: whole body.

It is. Yeah. Just really frightening. And a couple of scenes in, in this where he does that, he, he just came across as, you know, that evil that, that just oozed

Pete: go from, yeah.

Almost like you feel sorry for him to like

Dan: knowing both these, the, the films we watched this week, the midweek and, and this one at. True as well.

Obviously there's a Hollywood twist. Not everything that happened happened, but the gist of this is obviously the the, the facts of, of his horrors and everything are there I really like this film. I, I thought that, again, the dialogue was really good. It was a story I didn't know anything about, but really interested in this kind of, well, particularly when the bad guy gets caught.

Like, you know, when it, it goes tits up for him, but there's a lot of tension. And even though you know that he went on trial maybe before and you know that he end up hanging because of the way that it's written and because of the pace of the film there's some real kind of high tension moments. And I was relieved when that plane left, like, you know, was taken off.

So, yeah, really enjoyed this and I, I'd started, I'd looked at Netflix and it, it'd seen that I'd started to watch it before, but it must have been years ago and I couldn't remember any of it. I'm glad that we visited this time.

Pete: Any,

Sidey: What do you think?

Pete: thoughts?

Reegs: Yeah, it was really good. I really enjoyed this and watch it. Highly recommended.

Pete: you know, both films this week, over two hours, but neither of them dragged in any way, shape or form, though are both kind of gripping and, and Yeah.

Dan: dialogue heavy. Not much action in that sense of things, but

Pete: high, both like, seriously high stakes because they're, you know, real

Sidey: stories.

Pete: Epic kind of like moments in time in, in, you know, globally as much, you know, not just in the, in the individual countries and everything. And so, yeah, they're, I think they're, they're really strong portrayals of those. Individual in like, you know, stories in time and yeah, definitely

Dan: educational

Pete: for both.


Dan: Go and educate yourself.

Pete: done Chris.

Cris: All right? Yeah. Yeah. Thank you.

Sidey: Carmen San Diego?

Everyone see this? Everyone see the right one?

Pete: Nope.

Dan: this was sticky rice.

Pete: I watched. Yes, I managed to do a craven and watch the wrong one. I dunno why I could have just clicked on the link that you sent Chris, but what I did instead was look it up and it was like season one, episode three and it was called Where on Earth Is Car?

The same name Carmen, I forget.

Cris: San Diego.

Sidey: think there was a crossover. I think the, the voice actor from that one does a cameo in the new one.

Pete: So I watched season one, episode three of the Dear Original in from 1994 or five

Sidey: So way back when we watched the Netflix one.

Cris: Yes. Netflix, Carmen San Diego, season one, episode three, because the first two are longer and they're introduction to Carmen San Diego and it's, it's, I think the, the second one was 32 minutes.

Sidey: Wow. This is

Cris: Yeah.

Which I thought was long enough.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. It was long enough.

Dan: Long enough

for the kids.

We'll watch movies that are two hours long, but

Sidey: So it's

Stylistically kind of fairly,

how can I, describe the animation? How's

the look of something that you could put out quite quickly? Quite often. Yes. But doesn't mean say that. I didn't like the look of

Reegs: it.

It's got a simple aesthetic. Yeah. But it is because it's

Sidey: got it works.

Reegs: lines and bold colors.

Dan: Carmen's

Sidey: hot. she's fucking hot.

Dan: drawn really hot. Her eyebrows are great. She's got a strong eyebrow going.

Sidey: great outfit. Yeah, Strong

Pete: Carmen's fucking smoking in the original one as well? Okay.

Sidey: So that's a win.

Cris: Thanks.

Dan: Okay. I'm there with Jessica Rabbit.

Reegs: She's a, it's

Pete: hot, but


Reegs: she's a, a thief I think.

Cris: think. Yes, yes. Well,

Dan: a sleuth, a

Cris: Do, do right or do good thief. Is that, does that make sense?

Reegs: Well, the

only in the sense that you can put those two words together, but yeah. She steals, she steals from the bad guys to

Sidey: well, I think she was originally trained up by vile is the,

Cris: the Yes.

Sidey: the name of the, I think she was originally, she was an orphan girl who was trained up by them, but now opposes their

ideology. Yeah, yeah. yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: And they are not good

Sidey: They're bad guys

Cris: Really? Yeah.

Reegs: Despite the

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Cris: Yeah, exactly. So in this episode, she's basically that thief that gets this name and I, I can't remember actually how it all starts really.

Reegs: She's in a boat

Cris: touched. Oh, yes. Yeah. Suits. Yeah. With the Ginger boy.

Reegs: Yeah. There's Zach and Ivy, I think


Dan: they kind of just float along, you know, when they walking and they've got an action scene, they just kind all bubble along.

Sidey: yeah,

they've got a guy kind of promoting in and giving them Intel. He's called Player. He's voiced by Finn Wolfhard, which is one of the great names.

Yeah. You would know him from Stranger Things

Dan: I,

I have watched it. But

Cris: He's got a great name

Sidey: He's the,

Reegs: he's elevens

Sidey: Wolfard. He was also in Ghost. He's the new Ghostbusters.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: So he's does that and they, they kind of go on a, an adventure and it's takes them out to God knows where and they

Reegs: Well, Indonesia

Sidey: Yeah. And

they talk about durian. And so what I liked about this, cause I did really like this, I really, really liked it. I thought it was

Reegs: Did you know Indonesia has the fourth biggest population in the world? No.

Sidey: not until I watched this

Reegs: after China, India, and

the United States?

Dan: I did know that

Reegs: I did

Sidey: because they, they find a way, and it does, it kind of is a bit ham-fisted as an adult when you're watching it. But if I, this is my daughter watching it, she wouldn't realize that she was being taught a lot of facts about different places around the world, the way that they


Cris: think they've done it really clever

Sidey: I thought that was really good.

Cris: children.

Yeah. Yeah. That was, and the, the sea, well, the, the, the canal, whatever. I think it's based in Paris. At the beginning. Yeah, I, I'm pretty sure it's based in Paris because they, there's the Eiffel Tower at one

Reegs: Yes. And they a de triumph as well.

Cris: Pardon?

Reegs: And the arch de

Dan: Blackpool Tower.

Cris: And the Art Triumph. Okay. Yeah. No, not, not, no.

Yeah. No, not

Sidey: So they do do that. They get, they, they kind of have like, and you, I was kind of watching it, oh, here's the educational bit. But my daughter wouldn't recognize that as being a explicitly, we're gonna like, bombard you with facts. So they did it quite well. I really like that

Reegs: So basically set up vial have got a scheme to poison the

Cris: well, they say that the, because it's such a big population, their main source of food is rice is the biggest 7 million tons of rice produced every year, which is apparently a fact. And then

Sidey: you're casting

doubt on that. Are you,

Cris: Well, no, no, it could be one or two tons less, but let's just leave it like that.

And then they kind of changed the subject and it's like, oh yeah, but what can you tell me about vial? And we still didn't get the perfect location or something like that. Because they're looking for something.

Reegs: Yeah. I mean, yeah, they're looking for, oh, I dunno. There's a bit, there's a lipstick USB hacking device thing at one point and a matrix reloaded style fight on top of a speeding truck as they're going along. And a sort of sexy villains.

Sidey: Yeah, she was hot. They progress. Yeah. They, they have a fight, which is really well done to the shadow puppetry, which they make a point of educating you about in Indonesia's.

Reegs: the name of it here cuz it was really cool. It impressed me. I can't remember what it was called. It's brilliant. I haven't got it. It was amazing.

Pete: Great input.

Sidey: But the, the two, the two puppet masters get volleyed and the, the two women have the fight behind the screen and it, and all the crowd go. Oh wow. It's amazing.

And there's a whole thing about Dion Fruit, about how it smells. Probably like that cheese that we had, I

got sick. Yeah.

But tastes really good. I've never tried

Reegs: Yeah. About it. Yeah.

Dan: We, we had it in Thailand. No, it's not it's not a nice smell and it's a strange texture to me, but it

Sidey: like a cream, like


thick cream or something,

Pete: thick.


Reegs: Is

it one you could have sex with

Dan: Oh yeah. No, that's what it's for.


Sidey: But they do, you know, I mean, they kind of like fairly linear. They, they have the fight and she wins, but there's this ongoing, they're kind of like a specter proxy, aren't they? Vial? Yeah. It's that kind of thing

where they, week after week or episode, they'll just keep going up against them with their latest scheme.

I think in this, what it boils down to is they've, they've put something in some fireworks. Yeah. Bevis will like this episode. And they, they're gonna, as soon as something happens, I think that was the, that was the whole point of the shadow puppet thing, is that as soon as that is over, they'll set off the fireworks and that's gonna fuck everything up.


Cris: they're gonna

Sidey: literally walk over, we're

Cris: gonna have this fungus, which will explode and cover all the rice.

Sidey: very last of us. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Cris: And, and they'll cover all the rice. And then the vial had a factory. Yeah. Where they grew all this fake rice. So they would sell all the fake sticky rice rather than the actual sticky rice.

Reegs: I hear Nestle are planning on doing exactly this.

Sidey: but the way rice

Dan: is just a mention sticky reco called in Thai. It is the

Sidey: That's great. It is really good. Yeah,

you're right.

Cris: You can, you can tell us a story that you told me earlier with Nelly,

Dan: Yeah. She,

she was such a sticky rice fan.

She like had it every day when we were in Bangkok and. In the end, you know, she, she was running down to the shop, getting there county hour and she'd be asking for it all in Thai, but they gave her like two bags of it when she left because they, it was

Sidey: oh, what'd you bring home?

Dan: take home and go for the plane and everything.

And so she was still munching it all the way through the airport.

Sidey: it's great for chopsticks obviously, cuz it's sticky, it

Dan: That's

Sidey: together. that's

right. It's great. And they resolve the plot by literally just picking up the fireworks and moving them a little bit to the side so that the other ones the original good fireworks block and then they get the fancy firework display and everyone's

Reegs: Yeah, it's

Cris: and, and the vile headquarters

Sidey: Well they're actually fairly sinister because they're putting things almost like the bog they're putting like visors and shit onto people to

Reegs: crackle. Yeah. There's a scene with a guy called Crackle at the end who just turns up and he gets the

Sidey: Yeah, he gets the

Cris: Yeah. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: I would watch more of this.

Certainly if my daughter was into it, I would be happy to sit and,

Cris: Apparently each episode has a, has a fact about something. So, so you'll get, like we had this time with Indonesia being the fourth highest population, the biggest production is rice. A hundred and however many or thousand archipelago with all these

Sidey: Yeah, yeah.

Cris: 17,000. So, so you get all these facts that even to be fair, I, I knew it's a big archipelago, but I didn't

Sidey: bigger than that, Chris.

Cris: Sorry.

Dan: It's large.

Pete: I, I'm gonna throw into the mixes. I've, based on what you've just described and you all seem to enjoy it, I think that the original was even

Sidey: Wow.

Reegs: Oh Wow.

Pete: I strongly, strongly recommend that you watch exactly the same

Sidey: Animated.

Pete: Animated, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Dan: this come from Argentina then, or Spain, or is it a US

Pete: was,

Reegs: it would've been good, wouldn't it?

Pete: It it

Reegs: or if it had been set in Argentina

as well, that

Pete: a US originally it was a US thing, but what it did, what it did, it, it had a, you know, all the different country.

It went to loads of different countries in, in the, the one that I watched, and it had all the like, original languages with the

Dan: the one that I watched.


Pete: had way more like

Cris: how many, how, how long was that?

Pete: The episode. Yes. 22

Cris: Oh, right, okay.

Sidey: we won with 24.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Well thi this is

shorter, This is something, certainly this sticky rice episode. I definitely wanna watch with my daughter and like you side, if she's into it, I'd be keen to watch more.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Oh

yeah. Strong recommend. And I asked my youngest about this and she was aware of it and was

Sidey: that's a win.

Reegs: gave it a strong recommend.


Sidey: boom.

Pete: strong.

Cris: So there you go guys.

Pete: the original

Sidey: multi-generational something. about ending a podcast.

Reegs: Well, it's gonna be operations next week, isn't it?

My last week before I go on

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: you can

nominate them. Yeah. Okay. Rigs is gonna nominate something about operations.

Dan: Is he gonna keep that theme all the way through?

Reegs: Probably

Sidey: Top

five operations.

Reegs: Yeah, exactly.

Sidey: Yeah. Okay. That, I'm looking forward to that. I dunno who's gonna be here or what we're gonna do, but it's gonna be fun.

Cris: Yeah.


Dan: But I'll be here.

Sidey: Yeah. All the remains is to say society signing out,

Reegs: Riggs out.

Pete: I'm out.

Cris: Out Chris

Dan: Dan's gone.