May 12, 2023

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre & Bravestarr

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre & Bravestarr
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Sometimes the Top 5 section of the show supports the theme of a particular week, sometimes it’s used to explore a specific aspect of or contribution to cinema and other times it is the consequence of the returning Dan's failure to understand a joke at his expense. We open this week with a chat about the Top 5 Eagles.
Who knows exactly how Sidey will cobble together something out of our ramblings about OPERATION FORTUNE: RUSE DE GUERRE, a title so forgettable it immediately induces retrograde amnesia. Guy Ritchie returns - did he ever really go away - with his take on a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE style globe-trotting spy caper, throwing in some inspiration from THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENT to bring us the story of Orson Fortune (Jason Statham) forced to recruit Hollywood Star Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett) in order to stop the sale of a deadly new weapons technology. Exotic locations, decent enough action, a story which movies along at a pace, some humour of both the weird and obvious style, in theory there should be a lot to like here. Aubrey Plaza for one thing, Cary Elwes for another or a terrifically pantomime Hugh Grant who mixes his PADDINGTON 2 villain with his turn in THE GENTLEMEN to great effect. Never settling too long to get boring but unfortunately never becoming remotely interesting either such that I was forgetting it as I was watching it which explains our all over the place review.
If it was released now we would almost certainly decry it as a shameless politically correct HE-MAN rip off, cynically calculated to sell toys but BRAVESTARR wasn't, it was released in 1987 and the most interesting aspect of it by far is how it was derived from traditions associated with the shamanic cultures of Native Americans and Old West stories except the horses are cybernetically augmented, the bar tenders are green-skinned, orange tashed HULK rip offs and the enemies include enormous demonic cattle and sexy snake women. We enjoyed this but was it just the nostalgia talking really?

We love to hear from our listeners! By which I mean we tolerate it. If it hasn't been completely destroyed yet you can usually find us on twitter @dads_film, on Facebook Bad Dads Film Review, on email at or on our website

Until next time, we remain...

Bad Dads


Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre

Reegs: Welcome to Bad Dad's Film Review, and after a four month absence, which I think we've all felt very keenly, we're finally back to provide the show exactly what we've been missing this whole time. Ancient, unusual smelling. I'm talking of course about the man cave.

And Dan's back as well, which is nice, isn't it? Hello

Dan: Nice to

be back. Yeah. Familiar surroundings, familiar faces familiar voices.

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: Listeners have missed you. I think my wife especially, she's my wife, she especially has said that she's missed your contributions on the pod. Probably would love, love to hear from you more than she'd love to hear from me, but

Dan: well, they're very kind. And I think the same could be said of my wife. And

Reegs: we're gonna start things off this week with a look at the top five Eagles in movies and TV because Dan didn't get a joke. And then we're gonna move on to review Guy Richie's latest. And those of you listened to last week's episode will have heard me describe Lucky Number Sleeving as having one of the worst titles of all time.

I think this one has one of the most forgettable titles of all time.

Sidey: Still. Dunno what it's called.

Reegs: Operation Fortune.


Deger. Wish we had Pete here to pronounce that one.

Cris: Yeah, that's, is that forgetful, forgettable? I

Dan: Well, I must

ask me again at the end

Reegs: Yeah, I'll ask you in about 15 seconds. You wouldn't be able

Dan: I won't remember.

Reegs: And then we're gonna round things off by taking a look back at Brave Star. So that's a nice one back from the wherever it's been. And all that's left to do is introduce the dad starting with Syk who, and I dunno whether, whether we've explained this before, but this is absolutely true, isn't it?

You are in fact a gifted psychic who can predict the exact moment when someone else will sneeze.

Sidey: Yep.

Reegs: So look out for that. Should it happen tonight? Sure. Is it gonna happen tonight?

Sidey: No. There's been no sneezing yet and I think it's gonna continue that way. All

Reegs: All right. Okay. Brilliant. And of course, Sidy is the third identity you've had after sp spending several years as a government spy.

You fake your own death and lived as a goat herder in the Andes in the late nineties.

Sidey: I might do that again. It just sound very appealing.

Reegs: Yeah, it's shame to reveal all your secrets here. Also revealing their secrets is the Bucharest booze Barron the Maldivian mixologist Chris. And whilst they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think we can all agree that when it comes to Chris, it goes all the way to the bone.

Yeah. And finally there's me res Hello.

Sidey: Hello. Good.

Cris: luck. Hi.

Reegs: Right.

Dan: Yeah,

Sidey: Dan, we've got four months of what you've watched to catch up on or are you too busy?

Dan: I, I haven't watched as much as you might think, but once I've had time to think about it. There are a few good ones that I've seen Elvis strikes.

Sidey: Elvis strikes straight

Dan: away

Reegs: you'd seen that before you went away.

Dan: I watched it again and still really good. What was the other one though? I've, I've watched a few on the airplane, including our main feature, which called, which is called Operation Fortune ru, the, yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Is that right? Ru The, yeah. Not, not quite.

And it's, it's like any film you watch on an airplane, Dave.


you remember them, they must be pretty good because otherwise they're you, you're just in a dream. I forget everything that's going on. There's so much else you've gotta remember. So what you watched on the, on the flight isn't necessarily at the front of your mind, but this one was, this was, this is decent, so I'm interested to hear what you guys thought of it.

And yeah, I didn't get a joke, did I? For, for Eagles because it was a little dig at West Ham the Mike West Ham. And we just got beat

Sidey: by

the, the Eagles.

Dan: the Eagles Crystal Palace. And I thought that was Pete's genuine, bizarre reason that he wanted to do an eagle an eagle top five. I thought he had something ready and waiting.

So now I've forced everybody to start searching for films about Eagles. Yeah. And we're gonna be really strict on it. Really strict.

Reegs: Are we?

Dan: No.

Sidey: Okay. I've a real struggle with menu paralysis this week. Just like Netflix is now like a no-go zone. I can't find anything to watch a Netflix. It's out. It's out. So


Dan: everything good on there.

Sidey: I think that's the problem. Yeah.

Dan: seen it, seen it. It's not that it is not good things. I've just seen them.

Sidey: my mom comes around in the week to look after the dog when we're at work and she likes people getting murdered. So she's watching a lot of like Scandinavian murder stuff and that's all that flashes up. And I'm like, I'm not really in the mood, but I did watch. Yellow Jackets. I won't spoil it because Rigs isn't up to date yet. But it was fucking

Dan: you've been talking about this on the

Sidey: It was fucking traumatic this week cuz there's been something building and building and it comes to a head in this one and you,

Oh my

Dan: I dunno this, I'm gonna have to

Reegs: I know what it must be because I've been saying to the misses, like,

Sidey: I would put this around. I was glad that I was watching it on my own. And I've got back into X Files, so I've been like watching

Dan: Ah, nice.

Sidey: Good. Yeah. Back in season one way

Dan: I've been watching Frazier and Cheers again, just because they've come up and they've such brilliant writing.

I try to get the boy into it and he goes, candle laughter. Can't do it. And you can concentrate on that and it does sort of, or if it not, but the writing is just fantastic. It's

Sidey: just,

never got into cheers. Never, barely even watched any of it.

I can't really tell you

Dan: Oh, they're really good. Really good.

Reegs: Frazier

was pretty good though Is that what did,

Dan: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I've started with season one

Sidey: best place to

Dan: all. Yeah. And going through again,

Reegs: Chris


Cris: I've watched the FIFA documentary, I've watched it before. The, the, I can't remember the actual name of it. FIFA Undiscovered or Uncovered or something like that.

The corruption and how it came to, to be so corrupt, and which I kind of knew most of it, but it was still a good watch and is good to kind of remember how it all went went down and everything. And I watched I, I, I watched because I wasn't available last week. I watched that. There's a series on Netflix called Taboo.

Sidey: Oh, right.


Dan: Tom Hardy. Hardy.


Reegs: seen

Cris: I watched that. And I really enjoyed that.

Reegs: that.

Yeah. It's all right. That,

Sidey: yeah, it was, yeah.

Cris: What

is it? Sorry,

Dan: was on BBC

Cris: was it? I I've

Dan: And what was it on now? Ah,

Sidey: Right. I, well, maybe

Dan: I'll revisit that because

Cris: was, I really enjoyed that and it saw eight episodes.

Very, very good.

Dan: Bingeable straightaway. Yeah.

They're talking about doing taboo Two. I dunno if it

Reegs: Two taboo.

Dan: Two taboo,

Cris: Well, they've left it kind of open at the end, so to, to, to be continued, let's say. So I really enjoyed that and I watched with my girlfriend this Italian. It's the same as like a limited series.

It's the, it's called Lydia Poet and it's about this, the first Italian lawyer lady the first woman that was a lawyer in Italy.

I've only, I'm only in three, three episodes in, so I've not finished watching it. But it's so funny because Romanian and Italian are quite similar as languages and I know most of the Swearings and when they, oh, it's, I find it so funny when they swear at each other because it just kind of reminds like my dad used to call us which means you're stupid, but he wouldn't wanna say it in front of us kids as you're stupid, which he probably thought we were, but he was ah, I was, ah, it's so funny.

So that was actually quite, quite good and at least my girlfriend is watching it with me, not just being on her phone with while I'm watching something. So

Dan: something you can watch together.

Sidey: What about

Reegs: well, yeah, I don't wanna talk about Yellow Jackets gang.

So we are banging on about that all the time. I watched us being enslaved on Saturday.

Sidey: coronation Station.


Reegs: Yeah, I missed the bit where, you know, the crucial bits. I had to go and pick up my eldest from wherever she was doing. And I missed the bit where you had to behead the horse and drink the blood.

Yeah. So, and the crown and all that. But I did see the bits either side of it, so yeah, that happened, didn't it? Did anyone watch it or No?

Sidey: I, I refused. And I didn't realize you refused. I didn't realize quite how strongly I anti it. I, I actually am to

did it

Reegs: were appalled?

Sidey: Not appalled. I just think fuck those cans don't like it.

Reegs: All right. I feel like almost completely ambivalent and confused towards the royal family, really?

Dan: Yeah. It's it's not for everyone is it? It's

Reegs: but it's tradition and stuff. Um, What does that mean? Yeah. I don't know. We are really good at like golden cloaks and carriages and like

Sidey: there was a an overhead shot where you could see the carriage parading through and they'd had to fill in all the potholes with sand and it was like a nice little metaphor for, you know,

up We're doing all this shit, but we're not actually gonna fucking, you know, look after you and

Cris: Yeah. There's no money for the potholes, but there's money to do all this. Yeah. That's where

Reegs: it's, or the, the rivers are running with shit, but yeah, but it's not the same money, so let's not go down that path.

But anyway. Yeah. So that happened

Sidey: We had a top five from last

week, Which was

very niche number plates. And Mav nominated a good one, but we didn't talk about, which was slave one

Reegs: from Bob

Sidey: Bob Fe's ship.


Reegs: had a license plate.

Sidey: Yes. Mav says, so said

Reegs: Oh, yeah. Well, to be fair, yeah.

Dan: Yeah. You mentioned Jaws. Did you?

Drawers, would they cut? Open out the Tiger Shark? First of all, they,

Sidey: yeah. Yeah, they do. Yeah, they do do that.

Reegs: Oh, that's good, Dan. That's good.

Sidey: Okay.

Right. Well, four,

Reegs: both of them. It putting both in.

Sidey: Yeah. Top six.

In fact, how many of us did? Oh, Matt me was there, wasn't he? Yes, there was four of us.

Yeah. Top six then.

Top six. Wow. Revelation. amazing.

Cris: Well


Sidey: Top five eagles. Now, I don't know if you know this, but any bird, any winged creature can technically be classed as an eagle. That's a

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah. So, yep. It's also, it's

Cris: Okay.

Sidey: It's

Reegs: That's gonna make this easier then.

Dan: Well it is. Opened the door right up with that. Brilliant. Okay.

Sidey: We've had quite a lot of nominations. This has really piqued everyone's interest. Yeah.


Reegs: Well you

basically forced people pretty much at knife point to nominate online.

Sidey: Well, because if we're getting like, sidetracked into what I think of Twitter Yeah. But

Twitter's the place where we've had the most engagement.

We have the most fun talking to people. Yeah. But as we know, Twitter's become like even more of a like burning dumpster fire. Yeah. Than February. And so because we refused to pay, it seemed like we were now becoming completely anonymous. So I have started tagging people Yeah. In, and people can ask, can very like, just say, please don't do that, and I won't do it.

But they've, you know, people seem to enjoy it. Yeah. So we've had loads of chats, so we'll get onto that after we've exhausted this in about 30 seconds.

Dan: Well, yeah. We, we are winging this, aren't we?

Sidey: Yes.

That's what we've been missing.

Reegs: Wow.


he's gonna go first. I mean, I know you are, but you've got so many eagles. Stan,

Dan: well, Eddie d Eagle Edwards. That was the one that I

Sidey: there goes Chris' only.

Cris: yeah,

that was, that was my only idea, so thank you.

Dan: Okay. I've never seen that first.

Cris: No, no, it's fine.

It's fine because I, I didn't really have time. I was away and I didn't have time to, to seriously do my research. And I was working yesterday as well, so.

Dan: Right. Well, I've, I've got it Anyway, cuz then I'm talking about Tarn Egg.

Sidey: tar Eggerton.

Dan: Yeah, Eggerton. And he played also Elton. Elton. Yeah. How I got there. Um, She's given us 10 minutes or so. I, I was there. So it was based on the.


ski jumper, Eddie the Eagle Edwards.

And it's is his life story. And he was a character when I was a kid. That was on day, you know, morning television. After he came back from the Olympics, he was a massive star. He finished like last but the fact that he was just having a go and he was falling short by about a hundred meters or something of everyone else.

So he was a spectacular failure. But he, he was a real personality as well, because there was real drive and there was

Sidey: real well he was funny looking dude, wasn't he? He didn't, he didn't look Particularly

Dan: No, No,

Sidey: And then he was, but he was just, you know, he had his dream and he was


Reegs: had his moment. Did it? Well, it was just this how, you know, how did this guy fulfill his dream of doing this

Dan: The, the 88 Winter Olympics in Calgary. So he, he heads off there and he makes it and he's, yeah. It's odds against him for one, he's, he's nowhere near snow in a ski jump plum.


Sidey: a good, fun movie. I enjoyed that

Reegs: I haven't seen it, but I do remember the story, him being like, you know,

Sidey: it's just like a huge, huge star.

Yeah. But it was

Dan: well, Hugh hug Jackman was his trainer and his coach that had some kind of spectacular ski jump in

Sidey: Yeah. He fucks the landlord. He doesn't need from his digs in the movie. I dunno if that happened in real life.

Reegs: Let's say it did.

Sidey: Yeah. But. I hats off to anyone who's willing to fucking ski down that hill and fucking jump off.

Cuz it

Dan: Exactly.

It's bravery, isn't it? You know?

Cris: Do you know what I've, I've, I've been on the top of, of two of them.

One back home in Romania. One in Poland. Yeah. And only by at the top. First of all, it's a climb. I dunno how they do it. I would imagine they have a lift or something, but honestly, when you look down from there,

Sidey: they have

yeah they have like a, they've lift I watched quite a lot of ski

Cris: Oh, do you? Okay. I used to watch it when I was a

Sidey: Poland had a guy called Adam Marish and

Cris: he Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sidey: Yeah, Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: And just the way that they lean forward and just bolt into,

Sidey: well you get the style marks. You gotta, You

gotta stay like

Dan: Yeah. Doing

Sidey: doing the pose. But you gotta stay very, very controlled.

Dan: Yeah.

Nice pose there. And anyway, there is in one of the training montages or, or scenes he's got a makeshift ski jump and an eagle can be seen flying high over as he practices. And

Reegs: is that how he gets his name

Dan: That is your No, no. He got his name because he flew like an eagle.


And his name was Eddie

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Dan: and Edwards.

Reegs: Yeah. No, it's good, isn't it?

Dan: They just wedged that. But he was, yeah. Fantastic.

Good movie.

Yes. Jason and a, and a great start to our top five.

Reegs: Unbelievable Eagle.

Sidey: Yeah, I've got one. It's from a movie that we, it's a Christmas movie that we reviewed. Is that

Reegs: okay?

Kiss, kiss, bang, bang.

Sidey: no Hudsucker proxy when Amy, isn't it, the journalist is trying to find out about him about Tim Robinson's character. And she claims to be from his hometown of Muncy, Indiana, and he's like, oh, would you believe it?

And Muncy girl. And then he sings the, the school anthem and she's trying to hood him and like just singing a little bit behind him and it finishes with the Go Eagles and he does this kind of thing and she's like looking at him like, you fucking weirdo. And she realizes that he's actually like an idiot and not this business genius that everyone's trying to be hoodwinked into thinking that.

But yeah, hard cycle proxy.

Reegs: Nice.


that'll be me then. What about Eagle Eye? Anybody seen that sort of she la birth thriller?

Cris: I've, I've seen that.

Reegs: Yeah. By an Icelandic guy actually. It's a kind of surveillance thriller thing. I think he's got a brother or something, an identical

Cris: remember, but I know it's a surveillance type thing.

Reegs: and he's awoken and all that stuff.

Pretty forgettable

Dan: Right. Well recording the conversation type thriller

Cris: No, it's more the eagle eye. In the sky. In the sky. So it's like satellites and you are followed and stuff like that. Yeah.

Reegs: deep state surveillance, QAN on

Dan: Okay.

Sidey: 1984 kind of vibe.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. And then Eagle Fang Dojo

Sidey: Oh yeah. shit. Yeah.

Reegs: Combining the might of a eagle with the fangs of a snake.

Cris: Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Reegs: So yeah.

There's that.

Cris: Don't look at me.

Reegs: No, you've got nothing.

Dan: Right. Okay. Well, I I've got a one called the Big Year.


you ever hear of that? It's a 2011 comedy with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson as bird. Spotting bird watching kind of competitors twitches.

Sidey: Oh, okay.

Dan: And they're all

Reegs: good.

Dan: to, yeah, they're all trying to out bird watch each other out, twitch each other.

And it includes rare species including the Eagle. And they, they're all, they're all trying to, they're all very honest. The worst thing you can do is ever lie about having seen something so, or get accused of lying of, oh, you didn't really see that. Oh, I did. I would never lie about the. You know, the bald hot spotted Ren or whatever it is

Reegs: Oh yeah.

Dan: They've gone for, but it is a decent one. It was


Reegs: Like big drama.

Dan: It's I like Owen Wilton, you know, he's the main

Sidey: done a bit of a rain renaissance

Dan: it and and Steve Martin as well. I think they must all have a soft spot for birds themselves.

Cris: Yeah.

Sidey: Well I, we went to Pete and I I should say, went to watch the football the other day cause Chris was playing football.

So we went up to Trinity to watch and I've said, Pete, look over there. And there was a buzzard flying around like dead close to us. And they're pretty got, we've got, we we've got

Dan: what's dead? How is it?


Sidey: Ah, and we've got a family of them that live near us actually. And I always like to watch him and I was like, Pete, look at that. And he's couldn't give a fuck, honestly. He was

Reegs: he

wouldn't even look

Sidey: almost disgusted at me for pointing it out and

Dan: Yeah. Distract. Oh, that's nature,

Cris: Well, to be fair, he was watching me.

Sidey: sure. Did take distracted from Chris. And do you follow the the continuing adventures of Charlie Bingham on Twitter?

Reegs: Yes. I know she's a

Sidey: She's a

twitcher and friend of the pod. But there was some drama wasn't there because there was a particularly rare bird somewhere and a load of people had like hightailed it down there to get photos

and Charlie had been like disgruntled at.

The, there's a, like a, I guess like aggressive subset of twitches who will just cause carnage to go somewhere and tick the box that they've got

Dan: phone.

Sidey: and it's not what it should be about. It should be if you happen to see something around, then enjoy that, but don't be a prick about it, which kind of makes sense anyway.

Dan: Yeah, a little bit like that film the big year. So that's,

Reegs: yeah,

well that's probably why he brought up that exact story. I

Dan: Yeah, it could have been, there's a connection there somewhere.

Sidey: There's one that we mentioned all the time, which is the Lord of the Rings trilogy, where they could have just saved nine hours of film by just,

Reegs: no, I looked this up.

Apparently no nerds have debunked this. They couldn't, but basically there's the, they wouldn't be asked theory, which is they wouldn't do it unless blah, blah, blah. But I c honestly,

Sidey: why could they be asked to turn up at the very end and rescue them?

Reegs: I dunno, I don't care.

Sidey: So that one,


Reegs: we've got loads of nominations online that we're gonna talk about in a minute.

I guess some other interpretations of eagles before we get into some of those. The Desert Eagle. Can I have


Sidey: Yeah, of course.

Reegs: the most iconic guns in cinema history and the matrix in Universal Soldier in Crank Robocop ones pulled on him in the climax when he shoots the guy Boondock Saints. That was fucking awful.

Remember Eagle? I cherry, do you remember him? Save tonight. That mo, that's terrible. Terrible. Song was an E two Mama Tambien,

Sidey: Nina. Nina, Cherry's brother. It's one of those jokes that's actually true this time.

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah. It's actually true. Yeah. So that's a couple of different eagles for you.

I've got the Philadelphia Eagles now.

Sidey: the football team, the American


Reegs: football, right?

Dan: Yeah,

Yeah. Is that the Mark Walberg one?

Reegs: The Well, yeah. Invincible. Yeah. He's like a fan who plays for the

Dan: Depai or something and he's yeah,

Sidey: Is that what you're in The replacements

Dan: turns out As a trial? No, it's like a sports drama.

Where he, he has opportunity to go to an open trial and get selected to play for the, for the Philly Eagles and and makes a, a contribution. And they, yeah, he, it is, it is decent film actually.

Reegs: And in there's the Bradley Cooper one, which a Silver Linings playbook. Right. He's a big Philadelphia Eagles fan. And that's like a

Sidey: wondering about nominating that cause

Reegs: Yeah, we should, we should. I haven't seen it for a while. So that's some different Eagles.

Oh, and the Eagles that kick this all off. Crystal Palace fc. They were in the first series of only falls and horses, obviously. Their scarf being adorned in that

Sidey: Pete, Pete has nominated the highlights of that match as his


Reegs: And I think, I haven't watched it, but I think Ted Lasso is filmed at

Sidey: Sahu Park.

Yeah. Okay.

Dan: Yeah, I saw Gary Neville was interviewing him for some reason.

Reegs: Ted Lasso.

Dan: Ted. Ted lasso. Yeah. Paul Blot. Mo Cop. Did you ever see

that? I

Reegs: have

Cris: I've seen that.

Dan: I watched it. It was one of those films I would never have watched, but when my son was younger, he chose it.

And and I actually quite

Reegs: I don't think she does like this one. I think, well, I

Dan: Well, I actually, I quite enjoyed it. It was this first one. And there is a moment where a trained eagle is used to help catch the criminals. But it's not a, a, a bad film to watch with

Reegs: or, or a good one?

Dan: No, it was all right.

Sidey: Right. Mav posited online That Manal.

was had potential and I had already looked it

  1. Yeah. And Manal transforms into Hawk,


Reegs: oh.

Sidey: into an Eagle. And then


Dan: Star. Did me like that this week.

Sidey: I have on my list condo, man.

Did you ever, are you familiar with

Dan: comic? Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: It's what's his face? Michael Crawford. Some mothers do album.

Reegs: right.

Sidey: right. He's a comic book writer who somehow gets involved in like a KG B Sort of espionage plot. I really, really like this when I was a kid. I reckon if I watched it now, it'd be like almost unwatchably bad.

Dan: Right. I don't remember this actually. I don't

Reegs: got mid weeker written all over it.

Sidey: does, it really does. And then I'd, I did wonder if I could have condor man, so I started looking up about the species and the genus, et cetera. Condos are part of the family which contains the New World Vultures. Yeah. Uh, Whereas the 15 species of Old World Vultures are set in the family.

I can't even pronounce that. Acpi. That also includes Hawks, Eagles, and kites. So kind of think that it could qualify.

Reegs: So I can have Operation Condor then

Sidey: Absolutely. You can. Yeah.

Yeah, for sure.

Reegs: Brilliant.

Dan: Opens it up. Yeah. We've, we've extended the Eagle's

Sidey: want a list of films that have Eagle in the title?

Yeah, Some of which we've mentioned. Where Eagles dare. Yeah. That's, you know, like a dad favorite, that one. Certainly my dad's Eddie Eagle. You mentioned that Dan the Eagle has landed chasing Eagle Rock. The Eagle. That's a Chaning Taum movie. Black Eagle. That's John Club. Van Dam.


And then Iron Eagle

Reegs: Ah, yeah. No, I've, I've got that on my

Sidey: there's

three of them. I thought there might have been four, but it turns out there's just three.

Reegs: The first one is amazing. I've got a little bit on it here if you're interested. You're very

because it's like this weird hybrid of like Rambo and Karate Kid.

It's like a kid, like it's a Tony Scott sort of eighties classic. And it's, he's like, he, he ends up flying a plane like on a mission to find kill people in Libya. It's like crazy. Yeah. So that was definitely worth stopping for.

Sidey: Chris, Can I just,

Cris: Ask if the logo from Corn Air would that classifi as an eagle?

Reegs: you've got it there. Is that an,

Cris: It looks like an eagle. Can I have that?


Sidey: just say yes.

Dan: if

Reegs: I think that's, that's definitely a

Dan: an

Cris: Is always, it looks like the American eagle, right? So


Sidey: okay.

Cris: yeah. So then I'm having that. That's, there you go.


Reegs: go.

Sidey: And then

Eagle versus Shark is a Tyco


Dan: is

Reegs: I've not seen that

A snake and Eagle shadow as well was the Yen Wing movie. Did you ever see that? No.

Sidey: Sounds good


Reegs: Chan early one with Yw Ping, the guy who choreographed the fight scenes in the Matrix.

Sidey: Cool. Dan, have you got

any more,

Dan: More, more Eagles than we, than we dare to.

Sidey: we go,

should the online should go to Twitter, the Twitter sphere. Andy Jameson. He could only think of David Attenborough talking about Eagles, which is weak. Uh, Mav you've mentioned Manal, Joe Bevi the Legend of the Mighty Eagle in the Angry Birds films.


Reegs: yes, I've got

Sidey: A big

fan of that.

Reegs: It's all right. Yeah, there's a lit, a few jokes about like masturbation and all sorts of stuff in that, so

Sidey: Cool.

Nice. Gav mentions Iron Eagle Brey has nominated the Eagle character from the

Muppets. Sam,

Reegs: Eagle Sam. I had him on my

Sidey: Who, who I reckon if you wanted to have a go at making a Muppet, I reckon he'd be one that would be quite easy to do.


Reegs: like a flat bald head and a

Sidey: a, yeah, it's just a cylinder with a uni brow and then obviously the beak. But I reckon if you wanted to cosplay, that'd be, that would be a good way to go.

Reegs: His thing was he wanted more like culture on the Muppets, so they'd like get Rudolph Nuri or whatever, but he'd end up like dancing with a fucking giant furry monster or whatever.

Sidey: Yeah. Da da. Andy Conley mentions the eagle has landed

Reegs: Yeah. Nice.

Sidey: Johnny Utah condo Man, what a legend he's gone for. Condo man.

Dan: That

first man eagle has landed as well. Did they say that?

Sidey: They must do. They must do. And then we get a few shout forley, which


Reegs: yeah. For peacemaker.

Sidey: you ever see peacemaker?

Oh, that's good.

Reegs: It's good.

Sidey: good. Really good. Really good. And

Reegs: list.

They've also, surely we're gonna talk about the Eagles. Is the

Sidey: Yeah. It's just about to get to that. Mav has nominated the Eagles cuz of the Big Lebowski.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: Because he fucking hates the Eagles.

Reegs: Hate the fucking Eagles, man. He gets thrown outta the taxi for confessing that, doesn't he? Yeah. How do you, you like the Eagles?

Sidey: No.

Reegs: Are

they the Eagles or are they Eagles?

Sidey: think it's their Eagles. And that's a shit song. Hotel California.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Dan: It's a lovely place though.

Reegs: California.

Cris: No.

Reegs: You wouldn't wanna live there, I don't think.

Sidey: Right.

Dan: the Eagle Glide would've got that

Sidey: I was there. Right. Shall we condense that down?

Dan: Yeah. Yes. Let's, let's go for your choice rigs.

Reegs: Well, it's, I, I'm sharing my choice with whoever nominated gly from Peacemaker because it's a great Eagle character.

Sidey: Great name as well.

Reegs: Yeah. And when they finally have a little hug, it's nice. It's a nice moment.

Cris: I'm just gonna say Don and edit Eagle

Dan: You, you can have the Eddie Eagle.

Cris: That's all I was.

Dan: I'm gonna go for the big year because there is actually Eagles mentioned and all other kind of birds as well.

Sidey: Cool.

I'm gonna have condo, man.

Reegs: Nice.

Dan: Strong.

Sidey: And

something else from, well, I'll see if we get a

Reegs: we've had all the nominations have we not? See if somebody else, somebody else tips in. Mel, we haven't heard from you, Mel, maybe you'll let us know your favorite Eagle.

Sidey: Yeah, Mel's. There's a time difference there. So, we'll, we'll wait, see we've got plenty of time. We've got plenty of time. So that's it.

Dan: Bang bang.

Cris: Great. Yeah. Yeah. Bang bang was up there. Top three. The, the coffee ones are my favorite though.

Sidey: Is this the snack selection that you've brought all the way back from 7-Eleven

Dan: Foreign climbs.

Yeah. There was a selection actually there. Some came from the Big Sea which is another supermarket in Thailand.

And there was these flaming hot ghost

Reegs: It's like a Pringle, it's like a black Pringle. Yeah. That is seriously spicy hot. No, well,

Sidey: I'd say it was like a madrass heat. I was hoping for like full on vue file.

Reegs: Was it? I think it's a bit hotter than a Madrass, wasn't

Dan: Well, I mean, we're normally talking cheese when we've got our A game,

Sidey: Yeah, we've got no cheese



Reegs: very well with the,

Sidey: yeah, there was some super sour suites,

Dan: olays.


Sidey: There were four bags of sweets and we had high hopes and so we did the sours and then we moved onto something else. No idea what the flavor is meant to be, but it was kind

Cris: of, well, one of them taste like sweets.

That tastes like

Sidey: The green ones. Yeah, they kind of had a cucumber,

Dan: a, a

Reegs: I haven't had

Sidey: like almost savory And

they really did chew for a long time. They were hard to, to like get down. And then we moved on to, I don't

Dan: what should have been orange?

Sidey: It was an orange flavored package

Cris: pepper, pepper chili

Sidey: an orange flavor.

orange colored sweet. But yeah, it was a savory.

And then Chili Spice kicked in. Awful.

Dan: They were, they were bad like joke,

Sidey: Yeah. All three of us spat 'em out. It were dreadful.

Dan: The copco, the coffee candy, that's, which

Cris: Yeah, that was good.

Reegs: It's like a coffee where there's original.

Sidey: Yes. yeah.


Dan: it's like an espresso in your mouth.

I guess so. And we did get some, some coffee as well, which is very, Kind of chocolatey is rich, isn't it?

Yeah. The Cambodian coffee with some curly wors

Sidey: Kees and some Oreos, which we ate before anyone even turned up

Reegs: was your trip? We haven't even, I don't think we've even

Dan: Yeah, it was, it was really good. Yeah. We had three months away and it went away and had lovely warm weather.

Reegs: You've been taunting us about not working, haven't you

Dan: Yeah, I have been working, I have been working

Reegs: Well now you're saying that on air now, aren't you? But,

Dan: but I did sort of send Theon photograph of, you know, by a pool and

Sidey: yeah. Yeah.

Dan: by a beach and that kind

Reegs: Just one or two. Yeah.

Dan: It's nice.

Sidey: And that segue is very nicely into this week's

movie. Can anyone remember what it was called?

Reegs: Dan, what's he called?

Dan: It's, no, no.

Cris: Operation Fortune. Yeah.

Reegs: Who

Sidey: Correct,

Reegs: Anyone? Does everyone know? Obviously everyone knows what R Deger means as a subtitle,

Sidey: No. Have

Cris: Yeah. Rules of War.

Reegs: It's about the sort of things that you're allowed to do in terms of subterfuge.

Cuz there's certain rules of war about, there's, you know, you're not allowed to pretend that you're gonna cease fire and then gun everybody down. Like that's like a war crime. But there is shit that you are allowed to do, which is like, A bit of sub diffused pretending shit and like they had a whole division.

I think it devoted to like making the enemy concentrate on operations

Dan: isn't outside. Isn't that strange though? Like I, you know,

Sidey: There's rules.

There's still

Dan: there's rules.

Reegs: There's rules to war cricket,

Dan: you know, you can't just pretend that, oh I'll give up. Oh boom, I've got ya. They must do that, but,

Sidey: that's,

Reegs: that's Rose together and this movie has been in like on the shelf for a million years. Really, hasn't it?

Sidey: yeah,


did a number on it, didn't it?

Reegs: Yeah, so it was I think 20 18, 20 19 originally. Guy Richie put this one together

Sidey: Yeah. Cuz when I saw it on Prime, I thought, God, he is only just on Roth of Manley. He's channeling, he is out pretty quick. But obviously it's been, yeah, it's been

Cris: Oh yeah. I didn't know that. I just thought this is brand new recently. Oh right. Okay. So he is, he's had it done and just kept it,

Reegs: I think probably what he thought was, now's a really good time to release a movie where the Ukrainians are the bad guys.

Sidey: That's why. So it did have a brief. Cinematic release, but not in the uk.

They were really cagey about putting it out cuz of the UK being supporter of the Ukrainian war effort and they didn't wanna then put a film out, which pay them as the villains. So that's why it went straight to streaming over here.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: Mm.

Interesting. Ah,

Reegs: So there you go.

Dan: I wonder that must have just been an unfortunate thing at the time then that he just chose the Ukrainians.

Sidey: was okay to s slag them off then.

Dan: Yeah, but not, not anymore. Yeah, well it starts with some footsteps.

Reegs: Mm-hmm.

Dan: It's A guy marching down the hall to see the big boss.


Reegs: the guy is Carrie Elwi, who you would know from. Things.

Dan: Yeah,

Cris: Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: From some stuff that you've seen. Princess Bride, I'm saying,

Yeah, yeah. It's

Dan: He, he was the buttercup he was the, the main kind of prince guy.

Reegs: This he's Nathan and he leads a team of special operatives working for the British government represented by Eddie Marsden.

Sidey: Yeah,

Dan: yeah, yeah. And and Jason Statham, who's who comes into it, he is, I, I wasn't sure what to think, you know, when, when it came on it was Statham again, you know, he is just known for these kind of real action films and crank and

Sidey: he doesn't have a huge amount of range, does he?

Let's be honest.

Dan: So

Reegs: how dare you,

Dan: you, you, you, you know,

Sidey: it works.

Dan: It works. You know what you're getting into though it with a, a Staten film that it's, as you

Sidey: I suppose it does cuz Roth of man to this, like, that's more gritty. And

Reegs: I loved r of man. I was gutted. I couldn't do that episode cause I really

Sidey: You did, didn't you?

Reegs: No, I, there was Covid

Sidey: Oh, right, okay.

Reegs: but yeah.

Sidey: But this is more the lighthearted violence. Yeah,

yeah, yeah.

Reegs: Oh, it's a kind of, yeah, it's a kind of a comedy spy Yeah. Drama. It's basically the unbearable weight of massive talent, but without Nicholas Cage. So, yeah. Yeah. Well, anyway, yeah. So we've, we're introduced to Nathan, Nathan meets, eddie Marsan he tells him about something that's been stolen from a factory in Odessa. Yeah. And they don't really know what it is. It's called the handle.

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: But everybody in the world, or the list of people who wants it, includes all the biggest assholes in the world.

And it's being fenced by this guy called, what's his name? It's

Dan: I'm not sure because at this

Sidey: point, Greg,

Reegs: Greg. Greg. Greg,

Sidey: the Greg Star.

Reegs: Yeah, Greg, the dark angel of death or something.

Dan: At this point, they were just coming through with the drinks trolley, I remember. So they're just coming down the aisle and I, I thought I'd have a beer. And it was,

Reegs: this on the way out or on the way

Dan: This

was on the way back. Yeah. So just

Reegs: dreams crushed, just back to reality?

Dan: No, we quite enjoyed the flight. So he was going through and say, watch a movie, and I was quite pleased and surprised that this was, was here because I like you, Chris. I, I wasn't aware that he'd done another one before that was ready to go. I, I thought it was a new one and I was like, oh, brilliant.

Right. Okay. So, it was you know, fasten your seat belts and, and carry on watching.

Sidey: Yeah. Well, anyway, Nathan is tasked with assembling a team, and this is the little montage of, of team building. And he says, oh, we are not gonna use him again, are we? And they start talking about Nathan's character.

Yeah. Yeah. Great name.

Reegs: It's a cool name.

Dan: Is

Sidey: he's quite particular. He's

Reegs: well they talk about him. They say, oh, he is something like, he's an acrophobic, so he has to have these three amazing bottles of wine. And he's claustrophobic, so he has to fly in a private

Sidey: jet.


Reegs: but then they never bring that shit up again.

Sidey: No. I think it was just a bullshit. He just likes,

Dan: well, no, they

Reegs: just how they justify his money, I

Dan: think they, they do tease him a little bit and they say, oh, I'll come with you in there. So I'll drunk some of the wine at different parts. So he still has his rider really, doesn't he? Wherever he has a gig. He, he's got these,

Reegs: he has to travel in luxury. Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: One of the team they mentioned has gone rogue or just like they've had to get rid of him.

Reegs: He's John. He's is, that was his

name. I think he's gone to a rival team led by of private contractors.

Led by Mike. Yeah. So that's the, the setting up that Nathan is the head of this private contractor. He is brought in because they can be like a motorcycle courier in a traffic jam, I think was his analogy, wasn't it? So there's no administration. They're a private contractor. They can come in this team and do the job, get the handle.

And Mike also has a team doing

Dan: shit. Yeah. And everyone that Austen likes is currently working for Mike who he doesn't like. And he's meeting his new team and he doesn't really like any of them for no reason whatsoever. Other than they've spoken to him or looked at him?

Cris: him?


No, I think it's just the girl. The other guys, I think he, he was pretty familiar with. Bugs him alone. He knew him already. And is just the

Sidey: Sarah

played by Aubrey Plaza, who is the new, is the new lady. She's the kind of tech one who ha has the laptop up and is doing all the surveillance while the guys are out in the field doing all the, the fighting. But she's able to like dial in to, and get the schematic of


Reegs: in the movie as well.

She does a thing that I really like in these movies where they loop a bit of camera footage so they don't know oh, what's really going on. And then they, somebody spots it through like a little frame or something.

Sidey: So they have to go in through this building and there's a hard drive, isn't there the first one?

Yes. With the data from the

Reegs: it's the, and there's some weak ass doctor is taking it through the airport and their job in Madrid Airport, I think. And the job is to follow him,

Dan: him, follow him. Get the hard drive. And they find out that they're not the only ones. There seems to be two or three groups all looking to, to get the doctor's information in his hard

Sidey: That's right.

Dan: And agents start falling. And he's saying, why, why? He goes, I dunno, it must be somebody really good.

I dunno who could do this. And he's like, well, I I'll tell you who could do it. John could do it. You, the, the guy that. I would rather have instead of you. And of course it is John because he is working in Mike's team. And Mike's team is bumping off his agents.

Reegs: Well, that, that's not happening yet though. That's

Dan: that's what airport. in, in the airport.

Reegs: yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. It

Dan: there? Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. It takes out two female team members that we'd never just

Dan: that's right. They, they're just kind of sleeping when they come round. And then it's kind of a, a, a little bit, the bag goes one way, the bag goes in the other hands, and they all sort of make a bit of a hash of it in getting what

Reegs: Well, they get and they, they bundle him into a van, don't they? And they, the arsons team.

And they take him off and they copy the hard drive in the van, as Mike's team tries to break into it.

Sidey: That's right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. They do do that.

Reegs: So Mike takes away the hard drive, but they've got the data already. And from this, they extrapolate that he's gonna give a big load of money. Greg, the arms dealer is gonna give a load of money at a charity thing that I've haven't gotten the name of Here is anybody.

Sidey: It's just some big charity gala that he's hosting in ca.

In Cannes?

Reegs: Cannes, yeah. War Orphans, I think. Something like that.

Dan: So the plot thickens because they've gotta go on now to, to Cannes and go and get various other,


Reegs: Well, the obvious solution, of course, is because Greg is a huge fan of Danny

Sidey: played by Ashton Kucha.

Reegs: Played by, yeah, played by Josh Hartner that we just saw last week in lucky number seven. Yeah. But he's like this huge action movie, does his own stunts

Dan: and the, the style of the film, it's you know, it's stylized, isn't it? You've got this larger than life characters and it's all a bit tongue in cheek. The dialogue's snappy and sarcastic back to each other. And when.

His character comes in, Josh Harnett, he's just fits in perfectly.

He's, he's like a pre Madonna kind of star. And needs to be told that he's, he's really good and they, they, they trap him into doing what he wants because he's having an affair with

Reegs: That's right. His sister-in-law, his

Dan: And when the, he's threatened with that. He, he says, right, okay. I'll go with you and we'll,

Sidey: but

he's the, he's the sort of action star as I recall it. But in reality, he's a bit more of a doofus. He's a,

he's not, you know, he can't do the driving, you know, and

Reegs: No, he does do the driving cuz yeah, he says there's a throwaway line of dialogue at the beginning about I

Dan: I think that's the one thing he does do. He, he does like, the, the driving in the stunts. But he is a

Sidey: there's a bit of a scaredy

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. He's, he doesn't really wanna get too, too involved. But he gets a little more into it as we go

Cris: And

also, the only reason why they want him to, to be part of this is because apparently Greg tried to get him to, to be a guest that his birthday.

That's right. And they wanted to pay him 5 million to jump, or $10 million to jump out of a cake. Yeah. And wish him happy birthday. That's

Dan: right.

Cris: he, he refused.

Dan: He's a

Cris: then he's a fan. So then he's a fan, but he is also someone that said no to him. Mm-hmm. And that's what makes

Something more like him appealing to, to Greg.

So that's the only reason why they approach him. And then they corner him in on the private plane. And

Dan: I, I was just I finished reading this book called The Night Manager, John La and you got a character who's just like, Hugh Grant's character in this film. Have you ever seen it there,

Reegs: I watched the adaptation of

Dan: So you got Hugh what's Tom Hiddleston and

Sidey: Hugh. Laurie. Hugh.


Dan: Laurie, yeah. So Hugh, Hugh, Laurie. It, it was his name. Roper

the, And he's exactly like Hugh Grant. He's this billionaire who's got fingers in lots of pies, lots of deals going on arms deals and, and selling all kinds of things.

Sidey: He's got this kind of camp mannerism about him.

Reegs: I thought he was really good in this. I

Sidey: I didn't enjoy

Dan: Well, he was like that.

Reegs: did, he did kind of this thing in the gentleman. Yeah. Do you remember? And I didn't like that movie very much and I didn't like him in it. But he was great in this and I obviously brilliant in Pennington, but yeah, he was, he could have sk the movie, but he was really good.

Dan: No, he was his, his character was just on point.

I think he, he just stole the scenes because he was slimy and he was, he was confident in, you know, himself, the character and what he wanted to do. And when he first

Sidey: flash, isn't he? He's going on about

his money and he is got some bartender doing something where he is like, right, watch this, watch this.

I've paid him like 50 grand to do all this. And


constantly throwing that out. That sort of stuff. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. Well

when he, he sees da France, is it Danny Francisco?

Cris: Danny fco.

Sidey: that.

Dan: I'll just say it quickly

Cris: Danny Francesco,

Dan: when

he sees him on the yacht, when he, he go, ah, bloody hell, I don't even believe that is

Reegs: Yeah. He is sort of doing a Michael Canaan.

You were good doing a bit of Michael. He's sort of doing

Sidey: Michael Kaan.

Yeah, Yeah.

Dan: yeah. Ki that stroke only falls in horses.


Sidey: Danny Franchini is there with Aubrey Plaza as his fake wife or


Girlfriend, and that's their cover. And the rest of 'em are there just kind of milling about and.

AUB Plaza is supposed to kind of infiltrate the place. Yeah. And so she goes behind the scenes and

Cris: and Orson is the manager. Jason Staff's character. He's the manager.

Sidey: Yeah.


Reegs: He's the manager. Exactly. Yeah. He's managing Danny Fran Francisco.

Sidey: right. Yeah. And so she's trying to find, she's,

Dan: she's gotta get close to

Sidey: she's

Cris: to his phone,

She needs to be close to his phone to get into the phone, let's say.

Yeah. And she manages to put a, a wire into the desk.

Reegs: didn't notice this cuz I was more noticing the great dress she was wearing. It was a good, good, a solid number. A green, was it green? Was she

Sidey: I was red, wasn't it? I, I


Cris: it was red the first time. Yeah.

Reegs: Yeah. She's got some great outfits,

Sidey: Yeah. I really fancy. Yeah,

Reegs: I know you do. Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Sidey: there's a sort of tense moment where someone rumbles her and she took, she pretends to be into the art collection that she's got down there. And so eventually the guy's like, sort of

Reegs: makes a number of like really astute observations about the art. Could you do that under pressure

Sidey: not at all. it's,

Dan: No, it's, it's, no it is ticking along though at this time. The film flights going well. We're, we're cruising around about 30,000. Yeah. At this point,

Sidey: lights off,

Dan: lights are off. I've,

Reegs: tell me who's, who's sitting next to you in the, are you

Sidey: whaf?

Dan: the no.

Nelly's next to me.

Reegs: Small, then you can invade her space quite

easily. Yeah.

Dan: And her mine and that's kind of what happened and was, no, I think I was in the middle, so I,

Sidey: oh God. I would never do that.

Dan: no, well, it's, it's just what you get in my house. But


this point there's, there's pretty, it remind me a bit of like Oceans 11.

It's got that

Sidey: it's got that kind of vibe, that kind of that heist, but it's still

kind of comedic quite a lot of times anyway. Greg invites them. He's so taken with them

Cris: and especially with her. Yeah,

Sidey: of course. Yeah.

Dan: Well

Sidey: to his Turkish villa, isn't it?

Cris: Yes.

Reegs: I think so. Yeah.

Sidey: Yeah.

Dan: he's obsessed with Danny still and and what he can't have his Danny's girlfriend, so that's what he wants.


Sidey: But they, they, most of them, because the phone's been hacked, they can infiltrate a call. He makes, yeah. Like almost immediately. Brokering the sale of the handle.

That's right.

10 billion. I think

Reegs: 10 billion side. It's big money.

Sidey: bigger than that. Rigs. It's huge.

Dan: He's a middle man and often kind of justifying him himself to, you know, well, if I don't do it, somebody else will.

Or I, I need to make my money. And this deal's going on, isn't it? This is behind the, the, the scenes and Mike's involved. I'm, I'm probably just getting ready for dinner now

Sidey: now as

Dan: the, the airline stewardess comes

Reegs: vegetarian. So do you get yours first or last? First?

Dan: Yeah. I, I always choose that, and if I can eat it and hide it, I'll get another one,

Reegs: Nice. Past

Dan: is quite nice, but

Sidey: I always like airplane food. For

some reason it was

Reegs: yeah, of course.

It comes in little stuff. That's

Sidey: Yeah. And I really like go big on sot and pepper on it as well.

Reegs: well. Yeah,

Dan: They've, they've got this really kind of tr tr clever triangle design

Sidey: triangle sadness,

Dan: where. The, the food little fruit corner and, and yeah. And then it gets into the main meal at the bottom and a bit of a salad and a bun. Oh,

Cris: you'd love prison then.


Sidey: For, for more of them. That reason

Reegs: The

sex is better.

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: Anyway,

back to the movie.

Reegs: Well there's some tech billionaires get introduced at some point, don't they? When does that

Dan: They're all

Cris: on the boat as well. Yeah. Yeah, they're on

Dan: I, I'm getting a little bit confused now because I, I watched another three, four films on this flight, but I don't remember them.

Reegs: It's quite a lot of plot as well. I was kind of forgetting it as I was watching it, which

Dan: Yeah,

you don't really need to know the, the plot too much in, in each

Sidey: thing because

well, they, they, they go to the villa.

Yeah. And There's more hacking. There's more hacking goes on. And they've done the thing you mentioned reads with the loop video, and they're just, there's more like kind of espionage and hacking going on, and eventually someone twigs at the video's been looped and they realize that it, it's it's Greg's

second in command.

It's always been suspicious.

And that's

Reegs: Ben Harris is the

Sidey: No, there's a lady,


Cris: there's an Asian lady.

Sidey: she's really suspicious and she rumbles and they, they have to do a runner.

And kind of all up until this point, certainly for me, you kind of, I got the impression that Hugh Grant was still that kind of like bit of an oath.

Yeah. Like, was doing brokering deals, but was just kind of a bit of a fucking doofus, really

Reegs: lovable rogue.

Sidey: Yeah.

Cris: He breaks into the house to, and he makes it looks like a, look like a robbery just so he can infiltrate their phones,

Reegs: him. Yeah. Yes. Because he does it to a needle drop of raindrops. Keep falling in your head. I think he

Sidey: stops They're watching it. They're watching Butch Cassidy, aren't they? Yeah. Yeah. They're basically getting like a long sequence here and maybe the whole film really it kind of like a big mission impossible thing with like loop video and disguises and big set pieces and stuff, but never quite as good as Mission Impossible, I'd say.

Reegs: no.

Cris: But yeah, anyway, they leave the, the bolt. They go through the, all this with the Ukrainians, they go through and they make it back to the, to the villa. They keep trying to search for, for whatever it is they're looking for

Reegs: handle to,

Cris: for the handle.

And then Asian lady realizes that the video is frozen. Yeah. And there's actually someone in the room, but at the same time, if I remember correctly the girlfriend's in the house and Jason Sta the manager is away with Danny Francesco, Danny Francesco's in the car with Greg when they drive fast and he tells him, you can keep the car and all that.


Reegs: Yeah. It's got a bulletproof rear something or other.

Cris: And then upon their return, they've been found out. So they have to make a quick getaway and they've drive out in the car.

Reegs: That's right. Yeah.

Cris: Is that, am I Yeah. There,

Dan: there, you're right, there's, there's loads of plot.

And I, I think,

yeah. Where are we gonna, well,

Sidey: it emerges that is it Mike in charge of the other team?

They're working for the tech billionaires. Yeah. And they're, and the, the ultimate plan is that they have all the gold.

Reegs: No, the handle is a programmable ai that can do some shit.

Sidey: chat. G p t

Dan: Dear me, can we just, it's like a, a tennis spaghetti, isn't it?

Reegs: Well, this is what, how I bit felt about this movie a little bit.

I did enjoy bits and pieces, but it was just kind of happening and I, I don't know, it was like,

Dan: I, I really enjoyed it. I couldn't tell you the, the plot or

Reegs: well, none of us

Dan: No,

Reegs: we are trying.

Dan: It's but the, it did make sense at the time. It was far fetched enough that it was all tongue in cheek, you know, it wasn't trying

Sidey: to

it all comes down to Greg. Is being double crossed. And Mike, they're, they're just stealing the handle. And, and it's gonna go to these tech billionaires who are gonna use it for their ends to become

Reegs: Yeah. They are doing something with gold, but it's a bit, it is an ai,

Sidey: yeah. Are they gonna

like, depress the market so that all, so that the financial market's gone and the only thing that's still valuable is gold, which they've gotta load up or something like that.

Yes. But this is where I thought it, this is my favorite bit, and I, this is from someone who's in the past, not been a big fucking fan of Hugh Grant, but he comes into the, they're in this kind of like, It's almost like a fucking air traffic control building cuz you can just see like the view out of everywhere.

And then they're watching everything and he comes in and he sort of

Reegs: turns, they've got their satellite dishes


Sidey: right. Yeah. They're array of satellites and he turns from being this kind of like flash sort of pretentious idiot into like fucking ruthless. Yeah. And really like,

Reegs: like, don't fuck with me.


Sidey: Plays all

Dan: did you not think I'd have insurance?

Sidey: Yeah. And you're right. Fuck this guy's for real. And then there's a big action set piece of people getting shot

Reegs: it's quite a good one actually. We get some in innovative stuff with Statham, got a camera attached to the gun and it's sort of a bit video gamey.

It's it's a pretty cool sequence, but it's largely, even though it is a kind of slick thing, it doesn't quite have the rhythm of his other movies. I wouldn't say Guy Richie,

Dan: No, it's, it's different cuts, isn't

Reegs: Yeah. It's not

Dan: quite as sharp

Reegs: I found some confusing editing as well, because they sort of show one fight where they show the aftermath and then they show later what happened during it.

And you're like, well, why, why? It's, yeah. So anyway yeah. Anyway, what, so after he blows up the, he blows up that building and then he, does he blow up all the arrays

Sidey: does. Yeah.

Yeah. yeah.

Greg and I think Greg gives them photos of all their family and says they'll all fucking be dead if you if I don't get my commission.

Dan: Are these your personal? Yeah, these, your, your loved ones. And they all then say, right, let's get 'em the fucking money. But they don't all say it actually, because some people are going well, No,

Sidey: Well, the, the two, the two tech guys are, they basically dunno what to do. They're, they're in over. So when it all starts to get very violent and very dangerous, they say, well, we'll just pay him.

And, and so then like all hell breaks loose. And Danny and Greg managed to, to just get out there and let the fucking carnage ensue. Yeah. And

Reegs: that's when it, the thing comes into play that he can't actually drive and blah, blah, blah. Cuz he does a big chase sequence in a cool red Ford Mustang, I think it is.

Sidey: yeah. And Austen arrives and he, he is the one who kills Mike and retrieves the handle.

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: It's kind of setting themselves up to make a little team and

Sidey: it looked like it was trying to set up a franchise, this film. Yeah. But I don't think it's gonna work.

Dan: I don't think it's quite strong enough based on, on this for a franchise, but it was a, a good one off film. I always thought Nice Guys was a better franchise.

Sidey: Love that film.

Dan: Yeah, but never went off. I he saves a day, doesn't he? They, they managed to get the, the data they managed to stop the, the gold yeah.


Sidey: as a thank you, they financed Danny's next movie.

Reegs: yeah.

Which we see sort of played out over the credits. It's a meta thing, isn't it? With Guy Richie is indicated to be the director

Sidey: Right. Okay. Yeah.


So I, yeah, it was okay. I

Reegs: It was like, it wasn't really boring while I was watching it, but it is really forgettable as you've no doubt.

Sidey: Yeah.

I'm gonna have to try and piece something together from all this.

Reegs: Yeah. Good luck. Yeah.

Cris: I think it's more, it's more complicated than just you watch it once and you remember everything because there's so much going on and the dialogue is so brief.

I like John, what happened to John? Where is John? Well, he's off. Why?

Dan: Yeah, it's snappy.

Cris: it's

Reegs: a lot of character work or anything really huge. Gra he's really the only reason to watch it,

Sidey: Yeah. He's good, isn't it? Statham is doing sta things.


Aubry Plaza is always really watchable, I think, and not, not, I mean, not just cause I fancy.

I think she was, this was like a different role. She's not her snarky normal character that she plays in

Reegs: I'll tell you what it felt like. It felt a little bit, you know, we were talking about chat g p t earlier. It felt a little bit like a movie that might have been written by chat, G P t.

Sidey: Mm-hmm. Oh wow.


Reegs: what it felt a bit like.

Sidey: Yeah.

I mean,

Cris: I wouldn't go that far.

I, I thought it

Reegs: that far. Well, watch me look.

That's how far you show me how far I've gone that far.

Sidey: I got enough out of it to say that. It's a strong recommend.

Dan: Yeah. I, I would recommend for sure I

Reegs: was all right.

Cris: Yes. It's a Jason St movie. That's the first thing you want to know. And then the second one is Guy Richie.

If, if you don't know what to expect with these two, then

Reegs: but I don't actually, he's his, are like massive hits or, or misses for me because I hated the gentleman loved wrath of man.

Wow. This was, I kind of, okay.

Dan: No, this, this was one of his, his better ones.

Sidey: This is like a huge

Dan: grant is super in it. So

Sidey: yeah.

If you've had a, yeah. Long week, Friday night, this is a good movie to stick on on a Friday night that's sort of, just a dumb entertaining movie. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah.


Cris: Strong. Recommend

Dan: I asked everyone to watch Brave Star.


Sidey: Yeah, we're into brevity recently with our kids things, but this was like 21 minutes. So

Dan: Is that a slog? Was that long

Sidey: No, cause It's

fucking awesome.

Dan: Yeah. Okay, good. Well, this was, as everyone would know, it's a 65 episode cartoon series that ran from about 87 to 88. Yeah.


Sidey: February 88, I think it

Dan: Yes. Approximately.

Sidey: I remember rightly,

Dan: around the, the 17th. About five o'clock. They just wrapped you up

Sidey: approximately.

Reegs: and it's sort of set in the future.

Dan: Yeah. But the show was created by Film Tron. Which, you know, it's the same studio

Sidey: Filmation produced,

Dan: Hill Heman. Filmation. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's what I didn't say. And masters of the Universe.

Sidey: Yeah. Mattel is the Mattel toy, toy line factory production

Dan: And it is designed to be a space western

Sidey: Yeah. So I meant, you know how much I love westerns.

Dan: it is it set on a distant future on the planet of New Texas where That's right. A new breed of lawman named Brave Star is charged with keeping the peace.

Reegs: Yeah.

And it's like a sort of old westy, old Western


West Frontiers

Sidey: Yeah.

Yeah. But with like flying motorbikes and stuff.


Dan: Brave Star possesses a range of superhuman

Reegs: Well, he's a Native American, isn't he? And that's the most remarkable thing really, isn't it? They based his whole character about him being a, a Native

Sidey: very woke, isn't


Reegs: that, are you allowed to say that actually? Is that or have

Sidey: Yeah, I think so.


Dan: Well, he, he was he called on the shaman for his powers and

Sidey: yeah, he was

Dan: able to get the Strat of the bear speed, the boom breathe

Reegs: knuckles of a sheep,

Dan: Eyes of the hawk.

Sidey: Yeah. So there's a, there's a danger. He's out with what's his horse

Reegs: 30 30.

Sidey: 30 30. And they hear a cry for

Reegs: Yeah. Yeah.

Sidey: And some edge.

Lord, it's a rock slide. I thought it was, were gonna be ambushed at first, cuz the, it's like a lizard man. Yeah. I instantly thought villain. Yeah. And he's like, he's shouting for heart because his friend has got trapped down the mine shaft.


Dan: Yeah. And you're thinking, don't fall for that

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: Well, you're thinking it's gonna be no problem for Brave Star because he has the strength of the bear.

They tell you several times in the fi tune.

Dan: so he's simply just gonna,

use his bare strength, summon that up, and pull away the boulder and clear the, the

Reegs: Yeah.

But he can't,

Sidey: the animation doesn't work.

Reegs: Yeah. No. It's like,

Dan: they've run out of

Reegs: perform, he can't get it up, basically.

Dan: Yeah.

Yeah. And

Sidey: Was this a whole metaphor about sexual

performance? Of course

Reegs: it was. Yeah.

Dan: He, that's why I chose it. Yeah. Then he, he goes, oh, maybe my other powers don't work. And gimme speed of the puma not

Sidey: well before the, he is 32 5 where his name

is he,

Reegs: armpits of a jackal.

Sidey: He guns down with his massive gun bazooka thing.

Dan: Jane.

Reegs: Yeah, well

Dan: No, it's it's not Mary Jane. It's yeah,

Sidey: I think it's Mary Jane.

Dan: No, it's

Reegs: JB or something, isn't it? The shit

Dan: something else. He'll come to me. Well

Sidey: Well he just shoots the boulder in it.

Dan: Sarah Jane.

Sidey: That problem is resolved at least.

Reegs: But he can turn from a regular horse

Sidey: be


Reegs: muscular sort of

Sidey: horse dude.

Reegs: Humanoid horse.

Sidey: Who

Dan: Who fires a gun

Reegs: so he writes on his back and when he is not a

Dan: a Mary Jane

Reegs: horse.

Sidey: Yeah.

Reegs: did the toy turn from a humanoid, like from a horse into a human?

Sidey: human? I dunno. I didn't have any brave star toys. No. I don't remember ever seeing anyone

Reegs: No.

Dan: a brave star feature film had been mentioned, you know, really. But

Sidey: well let's cover off the plot cause it is good.


Dan: It is really good. So yeah, we've managed to not only free the guy in the shaft with the helper 30 30 and Mary Jane we've. Also realized that brave star needs to go on a real soul journey.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: We goes to visit the Charman, doesn't he? Yeah, he

Reegs: he does.

Sidey: And he says,

Dan: I knew you were coming.


Sidey: gonna happen because

Reegs: it's time for you to renew your

Sidey: Yeah. Like renew your wedding vows. He has to go and there'll be a task and when you most need it, you'll know or some shit like that.

Reegs: Yeah. And he's sent out into the darkness. He's not allowed to take his weapons or any of his like shit with him.

Into the Badlands. That's right.

Dan: Yeah. The, the Badlands are exactly that. And there's, there's hoodlums and villains out

Sidey: Literally just watching him from about 10 feet away, it looked like maybe the perspective was off, but there's a gang vira. Yeah. She was Fit

Reegs: There's a

weird guy in a sort of, he's got like little scuttle legs in a mechanical cactus.

Sidey: Yeah. Like an orco, you know, they always had those

Dan: Yeah.

Sidey: silly sidekick characters in these and a giant


thing. Yeah.

Reegs: Of a sort of a bull with like

cybernetic horns on it.

Sidey: It was called Stampede or something

Reegs: that. Yeah. Yeah. And his eyes sort of glow horribly.

Sidey: telling them what to do.

And their main boss guy wasn't there.

Reegs: No. business. Yeah. He wasn't in the whole episode, was he?

He was. So I keep wanting to call him Texas Pete. But it wasn't,

Sidey: there. No. So they're gonna take this opportunity because they've been spying on Brave Star. They realize he hasn't got his powers.

Yeah. And so they're gonna strike now to take him out while the boss is away. Yeah. To look cool.

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: But

it, while they

Reegs: him out in the Badlands where they know he has no powers.

Sidey: Yeah. But,


brave star stumbles across some dude Yeah. Who is blind. Some old man who's blind and needs his help.

Dan: Yeah. And Michael

Reegs: Sian.

Sidey: Yes, that's right.

Yeah. His

Reegs: was Michael Es. It was Sian or something, wasn't

Sidey: Yes, it was.

Reegs: Something like that.

Dan: And obviously he's you know, he had a decent career at Chelsea,

Reegs: Yeah. But

Dan: stumbling around the Badlands. Now,

Sidey: and everything.

Dan: he's, he's looking in a different shape.

Reegs: They the bad guys, like a whole rogues army is assembled the red skinned guy, sandstorm, and the green.

She was quite fit, the vira and and they're all on these sort of, Metal hover cows that are like a mobility scooter thing. And they and they Yeah. That's when Sian takes him back to his cave.

Sidey: Yeah.

And they have sex.

Reegs: Yeah. That is what happens. Yeah. Anyway, he bravely decides to draw them off from Sian even though he hasn't got his

Sidey: Mm-hmm.

Reegs: And his team then suddenly turn up and they're like well you've got the mechanical horse and there's a, like a green skinned orange mustachioed, old timey bartender Hulk type character.

Sidey: I think he was called handlebar.

Reegs: All right. Because

Sidey: Because he had a hand by mustache

Reegs: And there's a black widow esque judge lady also fit,

Sidey: They're breaking the rules because they have been told by Brave Star, do not fucking come because I've got to pass this

Dan: this. And they all kind of realized this was heavy shit.

The shaman had obviously guided brave stars so many times, and when he says, look, I need to do this stuff by myself, you can't help me. Yeah. Then they're, they're saying no, but 30 30 ain't taking that.

He thinks he's in in

Sidey: Yeah. Yeah. When He's So they, they go and they

cause enough, they cause enough of a disruption that brave star's able to,


jumps off

Dan: the defend.

Michael Sian,

Sidey: he kicks.

Sandstorm off his

Reegs: Yeah. he does. Yeah.

Sidey: then flies it around the loop and gets Michael Sian and they go off and Michael Sen says, oh, that

was really good.

Um, Really like that, that was really brave of you. And he kind of, he evaporates into thin air, but also at the same time gives him back his

Reegs: Yeah.

Dan: But he becomes like the, the

Sidey: he's sort of the shaman Yeah.

In, in spirit form.

Reegs: he's the spirit of the powers themselves, I think.

Yeah. And yeah, I mean instantly basically the plot is like, I love how they do this in kids stuff. It's like they get to like the climax thing and then they end it about five seconds after they've done it. Yeah. And then,

Sidey: it does that

Reegs: a sort of weird self-improvement, self-help

Sidey: Yeah. It's like, captain Planet and also I

Dan: think real close up brave star.

Sidey: Oh,

what was the thing with Thes snare?

Reegs: Yeah.

Sidey: They do that thing where they lecture you at the end.

Dan: My

Mind's Gone.

the Raccoons. The

Reegs: raccoons. Of course it was. Yeah. Cy sneer in the

Sidey: So yeah. And it does, so it tells you how you're supposed to behave, which I think

Reegs: no, it says something about if you don't have any courage, look deep inside to find a person with strength and courage.

It's you. It's what he does. Like

Dan: I look by

Sidey: done this 65 times because we didn't jump in at series one, episode one, we went in at the end. Cause this was the very last ever episode of this. This

Dan: is one which is also Yeah. Gives you all the more reason to watch them all from the beginning again, because this is good.

Sidey: Yeah. I got a kick out.

This still? Yeah.

Dan: I remember it being good. I was looking for an eagle connection. I found strength of the bear. And I, I thought it was, my mind had played tricks on me. I thought it was an eagle, but it's a hawk. Yeah.

Reegs: yeah. But what did you said hawks and eagles were basically the

Dan: same?

He said All,

Sidey: Yeah. They fly, don't they?

They all fly.

Dan: All birds are the same thing he said.

Sidey: Yeah. So that's fine.

Dan: Yeah. Strong recommend. I watched this alone, though. The kids weren't interested.

Sidey: Mrs and I watched it. I don't think she cared about it too much, but I, I was into it.

Reegs: It

was, it was better than whatever that movie was called,

Sidey: Nom de

Dan: the operation Fortune, non Deua Close.

Sidey: Strong recommend. Yeah. Strong Recommend

for me. strong.

Dan: strong Week. Been really good this week. I mean, one, probably one of the best pods we've done

Sidey: numbers wise. It's been

Dan: five or six months. Yeah, I I I it is gone right up since I, I was away for four months. Yeah, it was good numbers

Sidey: Another podcast episode done. We had a, did you see the emails this week by Buzzsprout told us we'd done our 250th episode of like, yeah.

Ages ago

Reegs: 70 episodes

Sidey: Yeah.

So that's good. I don't know what's happening next week,

Reegs: Things

Sidey: It'll, it'll

Dan: More

Reegs: at some point

Sidey: When are

you away,

Reegs: nice for everyone, wouldn't it?

Sidey: When are you away?

Reegs: May

the 24th for a week.

It's a Wednesday, I

Sidey: Is that half time?

Reegs: I think it's the week before.

Sidey: Okay.

Dan: Maybe we could do the Maira again. Cuz you're off to the Greek islands, aren't you? Yeah,

Reegs: Didn't enjoy that the first time. Man.

Dan: Me too too.

Sidey: Cool. Well, all that remains is to say sad signing out.

Reegs: Reeks. No res out.

Cris: Chris


Dan: Dan's gone.